jblackhallis anyone around?00:06
dsasjblackhall: yes00:13
jblackhallwell I'll just leave a message.  I'm interested in getting involved with the documenation in ubuntu.  I'm not sure how much time I'm going to have over the coming months, since school is getting pretty hectic for me, but I'm curious as to what plans you all have for documentation and if there's something I can do00:14
jblackhallcaught me at the end of that00:14
dsasjblackhall: Yes, there's plenty of work to go around00:17
dsasjblackhall: Have you saw wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationTeam/SystemDocumentation/Tasks ?00:18
jblackhalldsas: I was browsing the documenationteam wiki but i hadn't seen that00:19
dsasIt's got links to some bugs which may be suitable for people starting out00:20
dsasMy advice would be to pick a bug, (or find a new one), and fix it. Just to get an idea of what it's like and what the processes are.00:21
jblackhallI think that sounds good.  this page is good too, what i was looking for00:22
dsasyou can stop in here and ask any questions you may have. Or you may wish to use the mailing list (you might want to introduce yourself on their anyway)00:22
jblackhalloh ok, i'll have to check that out00:22
dsasuhm 'there' rather.00:24
jblackhalli got ya :)00:25
jblackhalldsas: well this is pretty much what I was looking for, thanks a lot00:31
jblackhalldsas: do you know if there's ever been a push to pull helpful members from the forums to contribute to documentation?00:32
dsasjblackhall: Yes there has.00:33
dsasjblackhall: There was some discussion and some volunteers to pull tutorials from the forums into the wiki for example00:33
dsasjblackhall: As far as I know people from the forums tend to work on the doc wiki rather than the system docs. though that's likely a sweeping and wrong generalisation00:35
Rocket2DMndsas, that is a sweeping and wrong generalization00:48
dsasRocket2DMn: I feared it may be00:48
jblackhalldsas: I think I'll probably be more likely working on the wiki as well, since I have little/no programming experience and don't really have time to learn much unfortunately00:49
dsasI don't keep in touch enough to know everyone00:49
dsasjblackhall: all help appreciated.00:49
dsasjblackhall: the wiki lets us cover great breadth.00:49
dsasjblackhall: You don't need to know programming though. It's just like writing a web page really.00:49
jblackhalldsas? oh really?  now that i can do00:50
dsasjblackhall: yes. just a different set of tags. para rather than p etc etc.00:51
jblackhalldsas: oh ok.  that should be easy enough to adapt to00:51
dsasjblackhall: There are quite a few different tags. Just follow the previous examples and you'll soon pick it up.00:53
dsasand come ask if there's any problems.00:53
jblackhalldsas: okedoke00:53
dsasjblackhall: There's a document about it on the DocumentationTeam part of the wiki... I think it makes it look scarier than it is though.00:54
jblackhalli'm just looking at that now, i think00:54
dsasanyway my battery is dying and it's 1am. good luck! hope to see you around again00:55
jblackhalldsas: sure, thanks a lot for your help!00:55
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treachello there - any folks here involved in mythbuntu docs?11:29
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