remix_tjwewewe filooooooooo09:31
filo1234remix_tj: o/09:32
jpdsjester-: Pong.10:21
jester-jpds: pang10:21
jester-jpds: had a problem but solved thank10:22
jpdsjester-: No problem.10:22
jester-:D freenode is very upsetted10:24
emmajanehey all :) I don't seem to be cloaked yet. Am I missing a step to get this set up?14:08
* Myrtti prods Pricey and nalioth 14:09
emmajaneMyrtti, thanks :)14:11
Priceyemmajane: ubuntu/member?14:35
emmajanePricey, yes?14:35
Priceyemmajane: All done.14:38
emmajanePricey, do I need to log in and out for it to take effect?14:39
Priceyemmajane: nope, you should see a message saying it was changed.14:40
Zic* [emmajane] (n=emmajane@ubuntu/member/emmajane): Emma Jane Hogbin14:41
Ziccongrats ;)14:41
emmajanecool, thanks :)14:43
emmajanewhen I right-click my name I still get my IP address, so I was confused.14:43
Zicit sounds like a bug of refresh of your IRC client, just do a /whois emmajane and look at your server messages14:44
Priceyevil xchat?14:45
Pricey(i don't mean it)14:45
emmajaneit is xchat, but not the gnome xchat14:45
* popey is jealous of emmajane going to fosdem14:57
Myrttipopey: neener neener14:58
popeynot quite so jealous of you having to share a room with Myrtti :)14:59
* emmajane grins at Myrtti 14:59
emmajanepopey, ?14:59
Myrttiwe have our own rooms, thank you very much :-P14:59
popeythought you were sharing from your farcebook entry14:59
emmajanepopey, same hotel.14:59
emmajanethat's all.15:00
* Myrtti notes her English hasn't actually developed during the past week and half15:00
Myrttithough, have learnt new words which is always nice15:00
=== jester1- is now known as jester-

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