JesperHansenbrb in 8 hours. 1GHz compiling netbook ftw.00:01
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JesperHansenmaxb: thanks00:21
dandelhmm, my acpi bug might of been worse than i thought.00:30
dandelwhen i try to suspend the whole system tries to suspend and then just flat dies ( can't even ssh in to it, only fix is to hard boot it )00:31
dandel@bug 29432300:31
ubot3Malone bug 294323 in linux "Special Function keys broken after upgrade ( Toshiba Satilite P305D, 2.6.27 kernel) (dup-of: 261318)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/29432300:31
ubot3Malone bug 261318 in linux "Regression: new Toshiba Laptop Support (tlsup) driver breaks Toshiba hotkeys; input device does not support 'kbd' input handler" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26131800:31
dandelthat was mislabeled, and got marked as the tlsup regression, however the issue is even further issues.00:32
dandel2.6.24 kernel had working acpi (without the tlsup package. )00:32
dandel0o' ok... this is new. can't even mout the loop back.00:33
JanCJesperHansen: eh, I compiled a linux kernel on a Compaq Armada Pentium MMX 166MHz in (much) less than 8 hours?   :P01:02
JesperHansenJanC: I am guessing you selected what you wanted or already had a compile complete.01:03
JesperHansenBut I am lazy here and just selected the ubuntu defaults along with kernel default01:03
JesperHansenBut I see I already had a compile, so I only had to compile the ath module01:04
JanCI only compiled what I needed (more or less, I didn't investigate every single option that I didn't understood 100%)01:04
JanCbut still, that laptop had 64 MiB of RAM and a very slow hard disk01:04
JesperHansenBut its complete compiling and installed, so I'll try and reboot01:05
JesperHansenhmm.. that didn't go well02:38
JesperHansenhmm.. compiled the kernel with ext4 along with fakeroot make-kpkg --initrd kernel_image kernel_headers. Installed it, along with grub (0.97-29ubuntu48). And booting into the kernel then doing tune2fs -O extents,uninit_bg,dir_index /dev/sda1, and fsck -pf /dev/sda1, then rebooting, only to see grub fail. I am guessing I forgot to change fstab. 02:57
JesperHansenThe msg. given is: mount: mounting /dev/disk/by-uuid/that-long-uuid on /root failed: Invalid argument02:58
JesperHansenwhich file in the busybox directory tree contains the information about which arguments is passed to mount?02:58
maxberm.... I'd be very surprised if the grub shipped with intrepid could boot off ext403:04
JesperHansenit doesn't03:04
JesperHansenthat's why i took... the one in 9.0403:04
JesperHansenhttp://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs/pool/main/g/grub/grub_0.97-29ubuntu48/changelog was added in 0.97-29ubuntu47, the one in 8.10 is 0.97-29ubuntu4503:06
maxbplaying mix-and-match between distroversions scares me03:09
maxbbut if you were going to have done that all along you might as well have grabbed jaunty's kernel rather than building your own03:10
JesperHansenwell, not gonna help much now :)03:12
JesperHansenwonder if I should have grub updated first, then initramfs03:14
maxbI don't really know about the boot process in-depth03:16
maxbbut I'm wondering if there's a program in the initramfs that needs ext4 support to be able to find the uuid03:16
maxbSounds like falling back to a good old /dev/sdXY would be worth a try03:17
JesperHansenhm, says the same as with the uuid format. The uuid also links back to the /dev/sda1 device node. But it still tries to mount it as ext3 and erroring because of unsupported optional features.03:22
kaimerraI am running Hardy and checked that my kernel config has AHCI module support.  How would I use that instead of the default ata_piix?03:39
JesperHansenkaimerra: you could blacklist it? Probably someone will come with a better suggestion03:44
kaimerraits worth a shot :)03:47
JesperHansenI wonder if I compiled ext4 into the kernel or as a module by now... 03:49
JesperHansenah, grub finds out its ext403:51
kaimerrablacklisting ata_piix did not work, it still loaded03:53
JesperHansenseems like I did compile it as a module and not into the kernel. Didn't even notice what I selected :/04:23
JesperHansenext4 is in the daily build, right?04:24
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* domas kicks hardy kernel09:35
domasit doesn't print full stack traces, I had problems in interrupt handler, and kernel was complaining about FS code09:35
* JesperHansen beats up grub error 1309:54
booxterhello guys! are you interested in fixing SD/MMC card functionality on laptop models with latest Ricoh card controllers? There's an upstream fix you can cherry-pick into intrepid and jaunty10:04
booxterhere is a corresponding launchpad bug with fix instructions and custom PPA kernel: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/31193210:06
ubot3Malone bug 311932 in ubuntu "SD card insertion is not detected on HP EliteBook 6930p" [Undecided,New] 10:06
smb_tp_booxter, Thanks for the report. We will look into that. It looks simple enough to be suitable for intrepid.10:09
booxtersmb_tp_: tnx10:10
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JesperHansenmaxb: got grub2 installed and got ext4 to working13:20
JesperHansenthe mouse is seriously laggy though13:32
ion_According to http://marc.info/?l=linux-kernel&m=114539842118897&w=2, seccomp causes overhead. If that is still true, perhaps it should be disabled in Ubuntu kernels.17:24
ion_Ah, commit cf99abace7e07dd8491e7093a9a9ef11d48838ed: “make seccomp zerocost in schedule”18:05
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proppyHi, what does SAUCE: mean in ubuntu kernel update context ?22:53
pwnguinit means the patch isn't upstream for some defintion of upstream23:03
pwnguinthink the "special sauce" that makes ubuntu burgers great23:04
proppythanks for the clarification23:05

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