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gfatherhello guys12:54
gfatheron wich devices mid edtion run on ?12:54
gfathercan i port it to freerunner ?12:55
playyagfather, good idea13:01
gfatheryes , i dont know what devices it could run on , maybe 7inch stuff , not sure13:01
playyai started to bring some parts in a lokal bitbake archive but deleted my whole work :(13:01
playyaits hard to run it on 800x48013:02
playyaand i think most of the programs won't fit on the screen resolution13:02
gfatherweould if it can be customized , i think it could be great to run on freerunner , good cpu , good ram , and touch13:03
playyamost apps are designed for 4:3. freerunner has a 3:4 screen13:03
gfatherso it could look very nice13:03
gfatherwell we can rotate that , right13:03
gfatherso it will ve 4:313:04
playyathats why mickey is working on UMAF13:04
gfatherplayya where i can find documentation that could help me port it ,13:06
gfatherand maybe someone to help :)13:06
playyabut it is not even implemented13:07
playyaand in the begin it will be based on elementary13:08
playyado you know any packages in the ubuntu repo base on enlightenmen?13:08
gfatheri didnt understad what u mean ?13:08
playyayou might want to read the bitbake manual13:09
playyagfather, ever used bitbake/mokomakefile before?13:11
playyathe you have a lot of examples in the openembedded/packages directory13:13
gfatherplayya yes , well i thought becouse debian is ported to freeruner , we can sue the same kernel patches and drivers13:14
playyait think they use the OM kernel13:15
playyathe .2613:15
gfatherplayya gonna read more on the subject , if u know someone thats interested to help , tell me pleas13:22
playyame and another guy13:23
playyabut i do not have really the time to do alot for it :(13:23
persiaUbuntu can't run on the freerunner: the Ubuntu armel port requires at least armv5t, which the freerunner doesn't have.13:24
playyabut it might be possible for n80013:25
persiaYeah.  The n800 ought just work.  Main issue is kernel.13:25
gfatherbut couldent work even if we used some debian files ?13:25
persiaSure.  I think Debian runs on the freerunner.13:26
gfatherdebian runs of the freerunner, thats why im sure it can ubuntu mid could work also13:27
Celtiorepersia, do you know if we can find how-to concerning mods for desktop ?13:27
persiaCeltiore, What sort of mods?13:27
ograplayya, i'm driving to berlin on sunday ... should i drop off the debug board somewhere on my way ? 13:27
gfatherogra i want a test device and debug board to pleas :)13:28
Celtioremods, for display new icons13:28
Celtioreand about hildon-navigator ...13:29
gfatherpersia could you explain more pleas13:31
persiaCeltiore, I don't know about hildon-navigator, and I only know about displaying icons for intrepid & jaunty.  I don't know of any guides.13:33
persiagfather, The compilation for Debian and Ubuntu differ for armel, with the result that Ubuntu binary packages can't run on the freerunner.  You may be able to recompile some of them locally, or you could work with Debian folk to integrate some of the changes (if they work).13:34
playyaogra, wrong direction :(13:34
playyai could ask a prof. if you can drop it in brandenburg :P13:35
ograplayya, you moved from GÖ ?13:35
gfatheri see :(13:35
playyai never lived in GÖ13:35
gfatherand it may need more ram than what freerunner has13:35
ograoh, i thought you study there13:35
playyai live in villinge/offenburg13:35
persiagfather, Maybe, but the processor is really the issue.13:35
ograah, crap13:35
playyaare you going to visit linuxtag/cebit?13:36
ogranot sure about either13:36
playyai try to be there in the ubuntu booth13:36
ograi'm very likely going to FOSDEM as many/most of us after the sprint13:36
playyajulius and i figured out that belgium is really expensive13:37
ograits the greatest european event 13:37
playyaand my exams start on monday13:37
ograworth spending some extra money13:37
ograah, thats bad indeed13:38
playyaI'm broke, too13:38
playyaneed a GSoC project to finance this years congresses :P13:38
playyaor a paid bachelor thesis13:39
playyapersia, i don't see a arm kernel on http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git13:47
playyawhere can i find it?13:47
playyagfather, btw. the glamo sucks13:47
ograplayya, its the normal ubuntu kernel ... 13:48
ograthere is no specific arm tree13:48
ogracurrently iop32x, ixp4xx, orion5x and versatile are built 13:49
ograwe're waiting for the kernel team to merge the linux-omap tree for soe omap arches 13:50
persiaplayya, http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git/ubuntu/ubuntu-jaunty.git13:50
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ogra(and this whole conversation is totally off topic in this channel :P we should switch to #ubuntu-arm)13:50
ograbefore persia gets a heart attack :P13:51
gfather[a]one question , is ubuntu mid been localized to arabic ?13:53
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persiagfather[a], Probably only partially.  More translations welcome.13:54
gfatherwell if u need just tell me , and on what device i could run it to test and localize , though i have only a desktop13:55
persiaYou can test on a desktop in a virtual environment.  It works in kvm or qemu.13:56
persiaBeyond that, I don't know of any devices with full hardware support right now.  Maybe some UMPCs.13:56
gfatheri see13:57
ograwell, the Q113:57
persiaI thought I heard of issues with the Q1U touchscreen for jaunty.  Are they sorted?13:58
ograat least *most* HW of it is supported13:58
ograno, just writing the netbook image to USB to test 13:58
persiaWell, the D4 seems to work fairly well, excepting networking.13:58
persiaOh, yeah, I was specifically meaning MID devices.  There's fairly good HW support for a fair number of netbooks and UMPCs for the netbook image.13:59
persiaEven the MID image ought run on a fair number of them.14:00
ograi didnt have a rsyncable MID image 14:00
ograunr was faster for testing the touchscreen issue14:00
ogratimo wants logs ... 14:00
persiaOf course :)14:00
* ogra would prefer to do arm work today, but that seems critical14:01
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