asacdont mind if you run them or if we run them on some server ... just so we dont need to reinvent the wheel00:00
asacin case you get hit by a paris-bike ;)00:00
asacwhat was the name of the bikes?00:00
ftamy ppa branch is close enough00:01
ftaparis bikes00:02
asacah cool00:02
ftavelo (bike) + liberté = velib00:03
asaccool ;)00:03
asacis that the name of the model?00:03
ftathe name of the system, and of the bike by extension00:03
ftait's velo'v in lyon (vélo + love)00:04
ftaeach city has a name00:04
ftaand a color00:04
asacyeah right ... so they dont get swapped ;)00:05
ftaparis is grey, lyon is red00:05
asacwonder who has pink bikes ;)00:05
asacferrari red? ;)00:05
ftagrey+red: http://jean-christophe.dubacq.fr/public/photos/actualites/2007-06/velov-lyon.jpg00:05
asacso this tag feature of gwibber opening stuff in tab i nice00:06
asaci guess it really misses adding those tabs manually though00:06
asachmm #ubuntumozilla tag doesnt work here :(00:06
asacprobably just the old version that i am running ;)00:06
asacheh ... yeah those are the ones i remember00:07
asacso they have pink seats ;)?00:07
ftano, it was an ad00:08
fta"what are you doing to protect yourself?"00:08
ftafor aids00:08
asaccondoms adv00:08
asaci posted it on identi.ca ;)00:10
asaci should really stop using that00:10
asacfta: tags dont work for me in gwibber anymore from trunk00:14
asaccan you confirm that00:14
asacmaybe its identi.ca that is broken?00:14
ftaright click00:15
asacfta: yes. but it doesnt work in gwibber anymore ;)00:15
asaci mean the tab that opens stays empty00:15
ftawell, iirc, it has been mentioned in the merge request00:16
asacthat it doesnt work anymore?00:16
asaci mean it didnt even work for the packaged version for me00:16
asacmaybe its my laptop or identi.ca is broken or i had just bad luck with both: package version and current trunk00:16
ftalines are not wrapped in this lp page00:17
asacfor me it looks ok00:19
asace.g. nothing where i need to scroll00:19
asaceven on 12"00:19
whiteasac: ping :)00:24
asacwhite: can we do that when doing next sec round?00:25
asacwhite: its probably just 10 days or so away00:26
asacwhich reminds me that  - as usual - sec updates usually get rolled into my sprint/conference weeks :(00:26
ftaasac, http://www.sofaraway.org/ubuntu/tmp/lp-merge.png00:27
asacfta: oops00:28
asacfta: 3.2 regression?00:28
asac(runnint 3.0 here)00:28
asacfta: if you have 3.0 maybe check00:29
ftalines are wrapped in 3.0, but the text is still as big00:31
fta[reed], ^^00:32
whiteasac: ok00:32
asacyeah but line wrapping probably is a layout engine thing00:32
[reed]do ctrl-000:32
ftano change, i always reset the zoom when i no longer need it00:33
[reed]I can confirm lines not wrapped00:34
[reed]on trunk00:34
asacsize fixes zoom :)?00:34
asac[reed]: you have 3.1 at hand?00:34
[reed]I skipped 3.100:34
asaci know that trunk is 3.2 ;)00:34
asacjust asked if you have a build at hand right now ;)00:34
[reed]not an updated build00:34
[reed]could get one, I guess00:34
ftaMozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv:1.9.1b3pre) Gecko/20090122 Ubuntu/9.04 (jaunty) Shiretoko/3.1b3pre ID:20090122234936 => NOK (not wrapped)00:36
asacwhite: ok sent mail00:39
ftaJan 27 15:31:22 cube kernel: [ 3816.472749] firefox-3.1[11603]: segfault at 7ffa27a01c1d ip 00007ffa2931cff8 sp 00007fff326ddb80 error 4 in libc-2.9.so[7ffa292a4000+168000]00:43
ftaJan 27 15:32:27 cube kernel: [ 3881.672497] firefox-3.1[11703]: segfault at 7f651b701c1d ip 00007f651d039ff8 sp 00007fff263fa890 error 4 in libc-2.9.so[7f651cfc1000+168000]00:43
ftaJan 27 15:35:53 cube kernel: [ 4087.129213] firefox-3.1[11933]: segfault at 7f5d36201c1d ip 00007f5d37b1dff8 sp 00007fff40edf360 error 4 in libc-2.9.so[7f5d37aa5000+168000]00:43
ftaasac, didn't you say you had an idea for that?00:43
asacfta: those are the jemalloc things right?00:43
asacno i dont have them. i thought it was at-spi issue back00:43
ftawhen i click on a link in evo00:43
asacbut if its jemalloc i am pretty clueless ... have to check out on my own to tell something00:43
asacfta: but also when you close firefox altogether right?00:44
asacso how is jemalloc now linked?00:44
asacstatic into the stub or what?00:44
asacseems so00:46
[reed]yeah, in the stub now00:54
asacactually thats why i never submitted the patch that put that into the stub ;)00:55
asacnow that i think about it a bit ;)00:55
asacodd that it doesnt happen with pure ffox builds00:55
asacfta: do you still maintain the "pure ffox" packages?00:56
asacfta: can you try to disable symbolic functions optimization?01:00
asacfta: ^^01:02
asaci think thats ubuntu specific and should be tried first to be eliinated01:02
asacand its always a good scapegoat for breaking stuff when trying to mess around with overloading glibc stuff01:03
asacfta: would be a bit of dejavu thing ;)01:14
ftathere was a comment added in my bug01:16
ftamozilla bug 47362901:16
ubottuMozilla bug 473629 in jemalloc "crash on exit" [Normal,New] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=47362901:16
ftaselinux / jemalloc / glibc01:17
jcastrogears is uninstallable in the FF in jaunty, is that normal/expected?01:19
ftajcastro, ppa builders are slow as hell today, gwibber still not built, i'll see tomorrow and push to the team if it's fine01:20
jcastro! yikes01:21
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about yikes01:21
jcastroI mean, yikes!01:21
ftajcastro, btw, chromium/upstream wants to start publishing debs for chromium, they asked my help so we'll start from my branch and see how to move from there.01:23
asacjcastro: what is gears?01:24
jcastrogoogle gears, the offline thing01:25
ftajcastro, btw2, if you have some contacts with openkomodo, i have started a package, but i'm stuck with their siloed python (which we don't want), help needed (from upstream or from ubuntu)01:25
asacjcastro: what happens?01:25
jcastroit says it's not for that version, let me try again and get the proper message01:25
jcastro"Google Gears" could not be installed because it is not compatible with your Firefox build type (Linux_x86_64-gcc3). Please contact the author of this item about the problem.01:26
jcastrohttp://gears.google.com if you want to try it01:26
ftagears is an addons with a binary in it, it's open source, you should build it01:26
asacjcastro: thats 32-bit build01:26
asaci would say01:26
jcastroduh, it says 64 bit not supported on the page01:26
asacjcastro: unzip -l /path/to/xpi.xpi | pastebinit -i -01:26
asaca shame ;)01:26
jcastrofta: is chromium working?01:27
jcastroopenkomodo is the ide thing right?01:27
asacso google seems to be a bit 32-bit addicted ... chrome, gears ;) ...01:27
jcastroI think I know a guy there01:27
ftajcastro, still test_shell but since it has been announced, they feel the pressure to release something, even just that01:27
asacrelease something? to where?01:28
ftajcastro, no hurry for openkomodo, i just have a base, nothing working so far.01:28
jcastrojust have the test shell in the ppa?01:28
ftai think they want to daily build a deb01:29
ftafrom their buildbots01:29
jcastroah so you're talking about helping them make builds01:29
ftabut we'll start from my branch, so from lp01:29
jcastrofor their own distribution01:29
ftahopefully, we'll try to stay in sync for the packaging, at least, that's my goal01:30
asacfta: same prob for all upstreams: you cannot stay in sync because we have different build targets01:30
ftawe've discussed about importing my branch into their svn01:31
asacfta: thats a solution01:31
asacthey should import .hardy, .intrepid, .jaunty etc.01:31
asacdepending for what they build01:31
asacbut usually they want to publish a one thing fits all01:31
asacwhich probably also means that they start to ship stuff in-source rather than system or even statically linked in01:32
asacbut well. lets see ;)01:32
ftaat least they are cooperative, that's refreshing01:33
asacheh yeah.01:33
asaclets hope they don stop when it comes to push stuff in the archive ;)01:33
jcastroyeah you should convince them to push into a ppa or a devel release01:33
asacits important to explain to everyone that "ubuntu" is the distribution platform they should target01:34
asacand not their own thing ;)01:34
jcastroyeah let's just have them join mozilla-team01:35
ftathey never mentioned their own thing to me01:35
jcastroor webteam or whatever we call it01:35
asacfta has setup a chromium team01:35
ftathere's a chromium-team already01:35
ftahttps://edge.launchpad.net/chromium-project is the umbrella page01:36
ftajcastro, bug 18349201:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 183492 in ubuntu "[needs-packaging] Open Komodo Edit" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18349201:37
fta(just for reference)01:37
jcastroso hey what's the status of songbird?01:38
ftano progress since uds i'm afraid01:38
jcastroare they waiting on us or the other way around?01:38
ftabtw, i should read the minutes of the needs-packaging session from uds, i was not able to attend this one. is there such a thing? (minutes)01:39
jcastromight be in there01:40
ftafor sb, i'd say it's our call, push to universe and maintain ourselves, or give up until they commit on supporting us, which will probably never happen01:40
ftabug 8090201:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 80902 in malone "Allow bug retargeting from project to distribution, or vice versa" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/8090201:41
jcastrothey fixed most of the problems right?01:42
jcastroI mean, it's running on the system xulrunner and stuff?01:43
ftanot at all, no change for that since day 101:43
jcastroiirc at least a bunch of their patches got integrated upstream01:43
ftaintegrated ? i don't think so, posted maybe01:44
jcastrowe've got something like 3 weeks until feature freeze01:44
[reed]if there are patches upstream that need review, let me know01:45
ftathat's Stevel's call, not mine01:47
jcastrothe url for their patches in the needs-packaging bug is 40401:48
jcastro[reed]: can you subscribe to bug 9449401:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 94494 in ubuntu "[needs-packaging] Songbird" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/9449401:49
[reed]jcastro: done01:50
jcastro[reed]: I guess ask him where the patches are sitting right now?01:50
[reed]I'm always happy to help downstream01:51
[reed]helping downstreamers means upstream gets better01:51
jcastrook, assigning all xulrunner bugs to you.01:53
ftadebian bug 41243701:53
ubottuDebian bug 412437 in wnpp "ITP: songbird -- desktop Web player, a digital jukebox and Web browser" [Wishlist,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/41243701:53
ftaseems to be moving too01:53
jcastrohey [reed], I don't want to sound like a smart ass, but, how serious is mofo about xulrunner being used by non-FF applications?01:55
fta(not much apparently)01:56
[reed]<jcastro> ok, assigning all xulrunner bugs to you. <-- don't make me give you my unhappy face!01:58
ftaeheh, debian wants to rename songbird like they did for firefox01:58
[reed]jcastro: xulrunner isn't a priority, but it's being used for things, and it does get love (fennec seems to be helping this somehow)01:58
[reed]if there are specific issues with xulrunner, please let upstream know01:59
[reed]I know mfinkle really wants to make sure downstreamers like Ubuntu can do what they need to do01:59
jcastrowell, if the other xulrunner-using apps have what they need with it then I guess it would fix our concerns02:00
asacfrom what i understood they had a few patches against layout or something02:01
asacwhich got rejected because of performance concerns02:02
[reed]and that seems like a reasonable thing02:02
asacprobably they got demotivated to push for upstream inclusion  ;)02:02
[reed]if a patch isn't good, it will be rejected02:02
[reed]can't stop that02:02
asacyes. just wanted to state why i think the upstreaming isnt moving that quick anymore02:03
asactheir app is quite nice. its kind of a pity that we cannot include it because of this02:04
* asac checks out their patches again02:06
jcastroasac: yeah 1.0 is quite nice, we can do this.02:07
jcastroit's all up to you reed.02:07
asacits defintly huge to checkout02:11
asacjust to get the patches (i couldnt find them in web interface)02:11
asacseems it was all for nothing02:16
asacno patches in trunk dir02:16
asacfta: where are the branches?02:16
asacerr patches02:17
asacsongbird that is02:17
asacbetter http://wiki.songbirdnest.com/User:Stevel/XULRunner_Patches02:25
jsmidtpinf asac03:25
BUGabundogood morning09:19
BUGabundoneed an advice09:19
BUGabundowhen my webcam is turned on by Flash in Firefox09:20
BUGabundoit won't turn off again, until I restart the browser09:20
BUGabundois that a bug in FF, Flash, webcam driver?09:20
cabeWhich version of ubuntu you think this fx related bug be fixed?   https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox/+bug/5871010:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 58710 in firefox ""Open with" dialog for unknown file type should be same as gnome's" [Unknown,Confirmed]10:35
=== asac_ is now known as asac
ftabug 41243711:49
ubottuError: Launchpad bug 412437 could not be found11:49
ftabug 41243711:51
ubottuError: Launchpad bug 412437 could not be found11:51
ftabad bot11:51
BUGabundo /me slaps ubottu11:51
[reed]mozilla bug 41243712:49
ubottuError: Error getting Mozilla bug #412437: NotPermitted12:50
BUGabundostill down12:51
BUGabundohumm n sera privado?12:51
BUGabundogrr Portuguese thinking... I said isn't it private?12:51
ftaW: gwibber: embedded-javascript-library usr/share/gwibber/ui/themes/default/jquery.js13:05
ftaW: gwibber: embedded-javascript-library usr/share/gwibber/ui/themes/shine/jquery.js13:05
asacwhy is that worse a warning?13:07
asacis there any comment on the rational in lintian source?13:08
asacfta: where did you get 412437 from?13:10
asacfrom a commit? which one?13:11
ftafrom launchpad13:11
fta(from bug 94494)13:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 94494 in ubuntu "[needs-packaging] Songbird" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/9449413:14
ftaasac, diet? why?13:43
asacfta: more like a diet due to lack of supply ;) ... not a plan :)14:13
ftaasac, major strike in france tomorrow, for paris, some recommend to use the velib: http://news.idealo.fr/news/5431/greve-du-jeudi-29-janvier-comment-sorganiser.html  :)14:16
fta3 guys on the same bike, the bike is ruined afterwards14:19
asacyou have strike right now14:22
asacfta: lol. i was not the first one tagging #velib as it seems ;)14:37
ftaasac, did you file a bug for gwibber and the tag bug?14:37
asacfta: no. wanted to look and fix14:37
asacfta: i assume it was gregs or even my patch ;)14:39
asacfta: wierd thing is that it doesnt work on the packaged package either14:40
asacwhich is even before group landed14:40
asaci am also quite sure it worked with that version before14:40
asacso maybe identi.ca broke it14:40
ubottuCurrent time in Etc/UTC: January 28 2009, 14:52:44 - No meetings scheduled14:52
ftaasac, GET 'http://identi.ca/?action=tagrss&tag=ubuntu'14:53
ftaindeed, no result14:54
asacso yea14:54
asacbroken stuff14:55
asacon website14:55
jcastrofta: ppa's still backed up?15:13
ftajcastro, last gwibber has a regression15:13
ftatags are broken15:14
jcastroyeah I saw that part15:14
asacfta: but is it really gwibber?15:17
asachttp://identi.ca/?action=tagrss&tag=ubuntu ... is that syntactically wrong or what?15:17
ftaserver side issue15:20
ftaasac, http://paste.ubuntu.com/110877/ is that you ?15:25
ftaand since when do we get debug for that?15:26
asacfta: i have no clue. i retried. did it fail again15:26
asacwhats going on15:27
fta2009-01-28 15:25:39 ERROR   Exception while accepting:15:28
fta 'Description'15:28
fta -> http://launchpadlibrarian.net/21722334/ej12j3OPn9QY9knVGG3sWhkVO3S.txt ('Description')15:28
fta2009-01-28 15:25:39 INFO    Rejection during accept. Aborting partial accept.15:28
fta2009-01-28 15:25:39 WARNING Upload was rejected:15:28
fta2009-01-28 15:25:39 WARNING     'Description'15:28
ftathe purpose of debug logs is to read them :)15:30
asacPPAs shouldnt be that picky ;)15:34
asacwho needs a package description - realistically ;)15:34
ftaasac, jcastro: just added a comment to bug 9449416:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 94494 in ubuntu "[needs-packaging] Songbird" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/9449416:23
asacfta: what is moving?16:34
asaci mean in which way16:34
asacis there really some work done?16:35
asacfta: i think the idea was to get sonbird packaged by us ... then hand over to stevel and crew to see if they can maintain their stuff with security updates and so on a ppa16:35
asacfta: if that works sponsor to universe and see how well it works out16:35
ftaasac, where is you sprint?17:01
asacgood luck for me17:11
fta+r (obviously)17:12
ftaix:~/tmp$ mkdir fdfd17:56
ftamkdir: cannot create directory `fdfd': File exists17:56
ftagrrr, bad random dir, not enough entropy in my fingers17:56
ftaasac, could you explain the pet-bug tag?21:04
asacfta: pet-bug? i was forced to tag 10 bugs as pet-bugs23:04
ftasaw that but what is so special about those?23:04
ftaasac, do you have to commit on fixing them in a given time frame?23:05
fta"Important: after the release of Launchpad 2.2.1, on January 28th,23:06
ftawe will start removing any packages that have been in the deleted23:06
ftaor superseded state for more than 30 days."23:06
asacfta: well ... i think its pittis ideea23:17
asacfta: this cycle not much feature work is done ... so he says we should use time we have left over for bugs23:18
asacthat we usually wouldnt have time to fix23:18
asacso important but a bit work intensive bugs23:18
asacthat we plan to work on23:18
asacso in general the idea is to get them fixed this cycle ;)23:18
ftaok, so it's not 10 per week23:19
asaci hope not ;)23:24
asacotherwise i would start filing individual security bugs23:24
asacpet bugs are bugs too work intensive that you usually couldnt do them ;)23:25
ftaok, not my definition of pet then, i use pet-projects for projects that i do for pleasure, mostly outside of my work hours23:28
asacfta: that was my argument and thats why i said that i didnt have any pet-bugs ;)23:39
Nafalloasac: go feed the bugs? ;-)23:40
[reed]fta / asac: mozilla bug 46091323:50
ubottuMozilla bug 460913 in Build Config "Installer shouldn't copy xulrunner files into Firefox install directory" [Normal,Resolved: fixed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=46091323:50
[reed]commetn #1923:50
ftaforget it, we'll keep the patch downstream, as asac said yesterday23:51

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