afmis the mythtv usb recording feature in trunk AND -fixes?  more specifically for the hdpvr00:02
MezBLZ: thats a link to a video of Daviey doing a talk about mythbuntu00:04
BLZaah cool00:07
BLZtgm4883:  you still there?  I have a slight issue with the new poster directory00:13
BLZI changed the poster directory from /home/mythtv/.mythv/etc... to /var/lib/mythtv/posters.  Everything works, except that mythweb's video section doesn't show movie posters... what gives?00:18
afmare the mythbuntu default directories the same as upstream svn?  such that a ./configure wouldn't need any crazy flags?00:23
afmfresh install...reboot...updated fully..reboot...upgraded to trunk....00:41
afmdist-upgrade....moving along00:52
afmUnable to load window 'mainmenu' from menu-ui.xml01:13
wjs_ltop_Hello, I'm having a problem with one of my front ends when I try to go into MythVideo.  I tried the FrontEnd on the Backend, and it worked ok. The pastebin from yesterday is http://mythbuntu.pastebin.com/fc96bb9703:01
wjs_ltop_I have disabled vsync in nvidia-settings, and set UseEvents to true in xorg.conf I have done a repair and optimize on all the tables in the database.03:02
wjs_ltop_I have verified that the directory is mounted on the frontend in question, and I can play videos from a command line.03:02
wjs_ltop_I think I'm using the OpenGL painter.03:02
Shadow__Xhow do i allow more memory to php03:06
Shadow__Xi am getting this error03:07
Shadow__XFatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 24 bytes) in /usr/share/mythtv/mythweb/modules/tv/includes/objects/Program.php on line 29103:07
Shadow__Xi adjusted the value in /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini03:07
Shadow__Xand restarted apache203:07
Shadow__Xbut still does the same thing03:07
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MythbuntuGuest53anyone here?04:36
MythbuntuGuest53wondering if anyone know what manager mythbuntu uses at boot (login screen). Trying to get vnc to start before a local login and the guides don't seem to be for the one that I have since I'm missing folders that they say I need to go into.04:43
gomikewhat nvidia driver should I install to get higher resolutions?06:21
Chomhi all12:26
afmhmm after a fresh reboot...i get Node 1 active for firewire plugreport.  all tests for p2p and bcast fail.  after a bus reset, i get Node 0 and all tests fail..yet myth actually picked up the GUID and STB model, channel changing works...no video14:40
gomikeI am using a nvidia video card but do not know how to get higher resolutions, can someone help me with what to install14:44
sven_hello all, does anyone knows how I can shutdown my pc when I quit mythbuntu?14:45
gomikedo you mean when you leave the frontend?14:46
sven_gomike: yes, in fact the question is how configure a button (power off button on my ati remote) that the pc shuts down completely14:46
sven_neither the button, neither the shutdown works now14:47
gomikedo you know about irw?14:49
sven_I know there is a file where you can add buttons14:50
gomikego to a terminal window and type in irw14:50
sven_and then I press the button14:51
sven_so I know the name14:51
sven_and after?14:51
gomikewhat is the name14:51
gomikeok so i think you can add this to your lircrc14:52
gomikebegin  button = Power  prog = irexec  repeat = 0  config = sudo /usr/sbin/hibernate-ram end14:52
gomikehold on i will pastebin it14:52
sven_are you sure the sudo command will shut down the system completely?14:53
afmrun it manually and find out :)14:54
gomikewhat afm said14:54
gomikei think this will hibernate your system, which uses no power14:54
sven_why hibernate?14:55
gomikebecause thats all i could find :-D14:55
afmmakes booting back up faster14:55
afmyou can sudo /sbin/shutdown -h now14:56
sven_and I use only a remote, will sudo not ask for my pwsc?14:56
gomikewhat happened when you ran that command from terminal?14:56
sven_dont now, I am not at that pc now14:57
sven_will have to test it14:57
gomikeafm are you using nvidia?14:58
afmi got trunk installed finally last night.  drivers compiled for the hdpvr...can't wait to get back to hacking at it tonight14:58
afmno on the nvidia....mac mini14:58
gomikewhats trunk?14:59
afmthe svn weekly builds14:59
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afmhave to run trunk for the hdpvr for USB recording support apparently15:00
* afm is trying to remember how to obtain the vendor and model id to add to the 6200ch.c code15:04
afmi need to add my qip7100 STB to it....15:04
gomikeso i just put a 1.5TB drive in my myth yesterday :-D15:06
sven_gomike: sudo /usr/sbin/hibernate-ram doesnt work15:13
gomikeok i dunno then15:15
afmthe only hibernate i find is /etc/acpi/hibernate.sh15:15
gomikedid you try that?15:16
afmi didn't...not local to my machine either....15:17
sven_the acpi?15:17
gomikei just tested /etc/acpi/hibernate.sh15:17
gomikenow i have to go downstairs to see what it did :-D15:17
afmyou hibernated it most likely15:18
sven_etc/acpi/hibernate.sh does the job here15:20
gomikeme too15:20
sven_i'm only curious if mythtv doesn't need my sudo-psw...15:20
gomikejust put it in the config and find out, let us know15:21
afmjust run the command in a terminal as mythtv and see if ti works or says permission denied15:21
gomikeit doesnt ask for my pass when i run that from perminal15:22
* afm curses firewire :|15:24
sven_gomike: it didn't do a thing here15:26
sven_gomike: the command works in terminal but does nothing in mythtv15:33
gomikeok i dunno sorry15:35
Zinnsven_: Please watch your language.15:35
gomikeyeah man, kids are present15:36
sven_do you know how to run nvidea config?15:37
sven_via terminal15:37
gomikethats what I am here for to get help with nvidia drivers/config15:40
sven_my prob is that I needs to be sudo so I must start the Nvidia Control Center via terminal but dont know the command15:41
gomikeim just trying to get a higer resolution15:42
gomikewhat commmand did you use to install the driver?15:42
afmlame-o bot...damn is not a bad word...these things really should be fcc calibrated15:43
Zinnafm: Please watch your language.15:43
gomikesven_ do you know how to change resolution?15:49
ZinnSorry I don't know about pcm17:27
ZinnSorry I don't know about mixer17:27
selinuxiumCan anyone recommend a USB TV preferably with aerial socket... or PCMCIA ...17:43
Thraeselinuxium: Take a look at MythTV's hardware wiki. There's a link on the main Mythbuntu page.17:44
NeoMatrixJRcan anyone help me properly configure alsa/pulse/mythtv?18:07
oobedoes anyone know what replaces sudo dpkg-reconfigure lirc in 8.10 apparent that wont work and im still using 8.04 and cannot update a guide i wrote18:13
Louis_I moved my video posters directory to /var/lib/mythtv/posters.  Everything is working fine except that now when i got to the video section of mythweb, i don't see any of my movie posters... what gives?18:42
Louis_anyone here?18:48
rhpot1991Louis_: check the mythweb data directory, you prob need to fix the symlink to point at your new location19:16
Louis_rhpot1991 what's the mythweb data directory?19:16
Louis_/var/www ?19:16
rhpot1991Louis_: /var/www/mythweb/data19:18
rhpot1991you need to fix video_covers19:19
Louis_aah okay let me have a look19:20
Louis_okay there's a symlink for video_covers, but it points to /var/lib/mythtv/videos19:21
Louis_how do i change whre it points?19:21
rhpot1991delete the old and make a new one19:22
Louis_what's the command for that?  i've never really dealt with symlinks19:24
rhpot1991ln -s target link_name19:25
Louis_okay so ln -s /path/to/target video_covers ?19:26
Louis_i just want to double check, sorry19:26
rhpot1991might need to run it as sudo19:28
Louis_aah. right19:28
Louis_lol good thing i asked =P19:28
Louis_okay. do i need to restart apache?19:29
Louis_nvm.  win!  thank you!19:30
rhpot1991your welcome19:31
Louis_Ahh, but another question... when i click on a video, my browser switches to the VLC plugin, but I get an indefinite "video is loading" message and the video doesn't play19:31
Louis_i'm on the local net so i should be getting a beastly connection...19:31
Louis_and the other thing that's weird is that if i right click on the movie title and select "save link as", i can download the movie19:32
Louis_so i'm guessing it's either a problem with the vlc plugin, or the streaming from mythweb?19:32
rhpot1991Louis_: can't help you there, I use the flash player for streaming when I need to19:36
rhpot1991I know I tried to stream the ascx at some point and it didn't play nicely19:36
Louis_rhpot:  a flash player would be fine. how is that done?19:38
Louis_rhpot1991:  ^19:42
rhpot1991Louis_: you have to enable it in the mythweb settings19:45
Louis_rhpot1991:  yeah I looked for it there, but i can't find it... maybe i need glasses19:46
Louis_ah nvm i found it...19:48
Louis_how stable is it?  it says it's proof-of-concept only19:48
Louis_hmm it's still trying to stream to vlc19:49
rhpot1991stable, but only does 4:319:49
rhpot1991to use it you go into the recordings, choose one19:50
rhpot1991and the player will be on the next page19:50
Louis_by chose one, you mean click on the title?  because that's still streaming to the vlc plugin19:51
rhpot1991mythweb > recorded programs > click on the title or image > thie next page should have the flash player19:56
Louis_oooh recorded programs...19:57
Louis_i was on the video page19:57
Louis_there's no way to stream the videos via flash player?19:57
rhpot1991Louis_: I don't think so19:58
Louis_at least i can download them19:58
rhpot1991might be able to do them if you hack some code together yourself19:58
Louis_haha that's funny =)20:01
Louis_no but this is a good start20:01
Louis_at least i can download the files20:01
fernando__hi guys, i have the MS USB IR Blaster/reseaver , i tell the system that i have it but i dont know what to put in for externil channel changer, any help would be great..20:26
Zinn!help Use ! followed by a topic to get help on the topic (if it exists) example: !logs.  Other available commands: !status, !about, !bug [bug_number].  For a  complete list of my knowledge visit: http://www.baablogic.net/Zinn.cgi20:28
fernando__hi guys, i have the MS USB IR Blaster/reserver , i tell the system that i have it , but i don't know what to put in for external channel changer. i dont know what script to use.21:31
fernando__hi guys, i have the MS USB IR Blaster/reserver , i tell the system that i have it , but i don't know what to put in for external channel changer. i dont know what script to use.21:41
afmHOLY CRAP, I'VE done it....hdpvr working in mythtv with optical audio22:37
afmgooo me22:37
fernando__any help with the channel changing script23:10

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