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Mez@mark Chris` #ubuntu-uk chanflood - talked to about it00:50
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Seeker`its a pain that we cant get the bantracker in -uk00:58
Mezanyone here on linkedin that I havent connected with02:01
pleia2yes, but I probably don't count :)02:02
* genii sips04:27
tritiumCoffee, no doubt.  :)04:27
nickrudgenii, how's the cig thing going? 14th patch today04:28
geniitritium: Actually a nutrition shake today since it's 11:30ish PM04:28
geniinickrud: About 4-6 a day currently04:28
tritiumgenii: ah, good deal04:28
nickrudnear the point of not physically addicted :)04:29
nickrudor at, even04:29
geniinickrud: I've been cranky as all hell04:29
nickrudgenii talking to the choir here. 04:30
FlannelGah.  Why must people act so silly?04:31
nickrudthere'd be nothing to define sanity04:33
* Flannel notes that sanity is actually pretty topical.04:34
geniiFlannel: Perhaps they're not acting.04:35
Flannelwell, sanity is defined as doing the same thing/expecting different result.04:35
Flannelor, insanity, that is.04:35
Flannelsomeone;s running something, it displays that its done 12 out of 120, and its taken about 20 hours.  How many more hours would *you* think it would take?04:36
genii180  hours?04:38
* nickrud gets to be silly, he's old04:38
Flannelnickrud: 12 units out of 120 units04:38
Flannelgenii: Exactly!04:38
Flannelso, I answer him, "about 180", and... apparently he's asked a few other people already.04:38
nickrudFlannel, you really think I gave that answer with a sane mind ??!04:38
FlannelI reminded him that unlike parents, technical problems don't tend to change estimates each time you ask them.04:39
nickrudstory problems trip up a lot of people.04:39
geniiFlannel: I suspect the prospect of 180 more hours is just so un-faceable they want to keep making sure those numbers are really correct04:41
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ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about sanity05:28
Amaranth!sanity-#ubuntu-offtopic is <reply>The statistics on sanity is that one out of every four persons are suffering from some sort of mental illness. Think of your three best friends — if they’re okay, then it’s you.05:28
ubottuI'll remember that, Amaranth05:28
Flanneloooo, more vanity factiods!05:28
nickrudvery good one too05:28
ubottuLove is like racing across the frozen tundra on a snowmobile which flips over, trapping you underneath. At night, the ice-weasels come.05:29
FlannelI won't feel bad about05:29
ubottusee: !recursion05:29
* Amaranth has a bunch05:29
Amaranthor had, people keep changing them05:29
ubottusigh... again? I'm busy here, I already told you it failed.05:29
FlannelNah, I know.  I just feel bad about adding too many05:29
ubottuping yourself ;-) really the diodes all down my left side are sore05:29
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AmaranthFlannel: ^ ;)05:30
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nickrudbits are cheap Flannel 05:31
nickrudlaughs are precious05:32
FlannelAt one point I was warned about it due to processing time for factoids05:32
Flannelbut, maybe thats not an issue anymore05:32
FlannelIf anyone asks, the first one should've been a ban, but he came back and saved me from having to set it manually.08:12
FlannelMmm, should've been a forward.  Bother on my slow thinking.08:13
FlannelThere.  forward set.08:17
* Flannel goes off to comment on BT since... confusion abounds!08:17
Tm_Thi kids and scray gary08:17
Tm_Tscary even08:17
Flannelscray gray?08:19
* genii pops in for a sip and contemplates what "diFlannellayed" might be08:25
Flannelgenii: I'm sort of wondering that too.  how "sp" expands to me...08:25
geniiYeah I thought that was weird08:25
Myrttigood morning09:00
Myrttiubottu: tell marcino about pm09:55
Tm_Thi Myrtti 10:13
jpdsjussi01: It makes nice company.10:21
SlartCan someone please tell me if Keal in #ubuntu is really just a troll or a bit slow.. my vote is for troll but so far he is kind of amusing11:26
MyrttiI'd vote for a troll as well with the last glance at /lastlog, but let me check again11:28
Slartseems he/she found something else to do.. thanks anyway11:32
ubottuSlart called the ops in #ubuntu (Keal)11:39
Myrttishould invite him here11:41
Myrttin'est pas?11:41
Myrttiit seems that he's out there like a snowman11:44
elkbuntuhe came back for more?11:47
bazhangnever left afaik11:47
bazhanghi i china who you ?11:47
elkbuntubazhang, i meant keal. i told him off after the ops call, and he went quiet11:56
bazhang[Keal] (n=jargon@unaffiliated/jargon): HI I CHINA WHO YOU11:57
bazhangelkbuntu, ^^ just referring to that last bit11:57
stdinmulti-byte latin characters, wooh11:58
bazhanghave him in PM now11:58
bazhangchange to 4bit color?12:00
bazhangalso in -ot; may want to keep an eye as PM has offered zero response12:10
bazhangie Keal12:10
bazhanggoing to remove from ubuntu12:10
bazhangonce removed now he is responding with some rather colorful language12:15
topyliyes i see him on -ot. doesn't make much sense so far12:35
bazhangright; he was doing the same in PM, how he is the only one who understands things that ubuntu does not support etc12:39
bazhanghaha he admits to making no sense12:40
topyliwonderful character12:47
topyligoing to the bank, can't babysit him12:51
bazhangseems to be out and out trolling in -ot now13:04
bazhang<Keal> dougsko then tell me, how is unix in any way more secure than any other operating system?13:05
elkbuntujust move him along13:25
elkbuntuhe's annoying too many people and wasting far too much op time13:25
jussi01its amazing, I found salt and vinegar chips in finland! from a finnish brand!! :D13:28
Myrttijussi01: I saw them two years ago13:28
jussi01Myrtti: shut up. 13:28
* Myrtti shuts up13:28
jussi01Myrtti: but they say "new" on them...13:29
jussi01Estrella brand...13:29
PiciToo much trolling in -ot lately for my tastes. 13:29
* jussi01 trolls Pici13:29
PiciI have a meeting to attend, can't watch -ot13:51
Myrttithanks for the heads up13:52
popeywho runs pastebin.ubuntu.com these days? is it still Dennis?14:57
jpdspopey: Canonical.14:59
jpdstraceroute confirms.15:00
Jack_SparrowI thought that got handled quite awhile back15:12
Jack_SparrowHe is thinking of reviving the source.list generator page.. which is very cool15:12
ubottuThe operation succeeded.15:13
* jussi01 really likes the !offline link fron Lj-L15:27
Myrttifosdem fosdem tralalala16:04
Tm_TMyrtti: yeah, that's more important than young baby girl for you...16:04
* Tm_T hides16:04
* Myrtti hides as well16:05
* Tm_T drags Myrtti from hide16:05
Mez kinky16:12
Tm_TMez: if you knew how kinky...16:12
Myrttiok, here's a riddle16:13
MyrttiI have a pack of microfiber cloths16:13
Myrttithe package has four cloths: "taupe", "brown", "red" and "cream"16:14
Myrttiwhat I see in the package is "light brown", "brown", "red" and "nearly white"16:14
MyrttiI can rule out "red" and "nearly white" out of the equasion16:15
Myrttibut which is "taupe" and which is "brown"?16:15
Mezis one "greyish"?16:15
Mezand taupe is probably the darker one16:16
* Myrtti takes a picture16:21
MezI'd say that the one between red and cream was taupe16:23
Myrttiand I myself would pick the lighter one...16:24
Mezcall it what you want :D I'd personally call the dark one "chocolate" and the light one "light brown"16:26
Mezbut I didnt name the colours16:26
Myrttineither did I16:26
Myrttistupid Dunelm16:26
Mezargh, broken written english ... I hate it, I cant tell if a comment was sarcastic or not16:27
MezMyrtti: lol @ space invaders. The game? or the crisps?16:29
Myrttithe t-shirt16:30
Mezah, aw :(16:31
Mezooh, tis a wednesday16:32
* Mez goes and checks webcomic16:32
ubottuscunizi called the ops in #ubuntu ([ULTRA_FROM_USA])16:39
jussi01Jack_Sparrow: hehe16:40
nickrudeveryone in sync now :)16:40
Piciikonia: fyi, my linode (VPS) uses a custom kernel, but runs 8.10 otherwise.17:09
PiciLinux li15-147 #1 SMP Thu Nov 6 09:22:58 EST 2008 i686 GNU/Linux17:10
jussi01ikonia: !!!! :D17:16
jussi01ikonia: pm?17:16
Seeker`wow, ikonia is back!18:26
ubottuIn #ubuntu, Pentaton said: ubottu: noone is online at #whinehq :(18:57
Flannelgenii: He did it again!19:22
topyliannaimkonki on -ot is beginning to annoy everybody. i wonder if i should call it a troll20:51
* genii brews a fresh urn of coffee20:52
topyliah not a troll, left all by itself20:52
Seeker`topyli: doesn't mean its not a troll20:53
topylicould be it got tired because there was no feeding20:53
mneptokit's Pushbutton Pete, the evil genius! who do we call?!20:56
mneptokTHUMB-BOY! - http://twitpic.com/186fc20:56
Seeker`mneptok: what on earth are you on20:56
PiciSeeker`: psst, probably not earth20:57
topylilookin' sharp there!20:57
mneptokSeeker`: did you click the URL?20:57
Seeker`sadly yes20:58
mneptokSeeker`: does he not look like a thumb?20:58
mneptokthen there ya go.20:58
ubottuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, dmsuperman said: !-2$ is the last word from the second to last command21:52
ubottuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, dmsuperman said: !-2:3 is the third word from the second to last command21:52
ubottuIzinucs called the ops in #ubuntu (DVA)22:23
Seeker`jussi01: pm22:25
Seeker`did anyone speak to ubuntu__ in #u23:41
Seeker`note _ _ not _23:41
ubottu_Vi_ called the ops in #ubuntu (ubuntu__)23:42
Seeker`jrib: do a /lastlog ubuntu__, looks like a bit of a troll23:43
jribnot even going to bother after seeing that23:43
Myrttiholycow in #ubuntu?23:43
ubottuThe operation succeeded.23:44
Seeker`eugh, people should really mark bans on ip with the persons nickname23:45
Seeker`tis a PITA to find bans on people23:46
ubottuThe operation succeeded.23:48

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