altf2owhen working w/ NIS + NFS + autofs , anyone ever seen it take a /local/ (to the client) user account and do weird stuff with it? My admin account was just 'user' but today when booting back up the owner was 1004 and group 1005. I could not log in nor do i have ANY account named 'user' being exported in NIS i wanted that admin account local only?01:04
altf2oi'm also getting 'permission denied' errors when trying to install software on my clients. Permissions for /home/<user> on the server are: 750 , didn't have issues yesterday either.01:06
kansanquestion:  how do i a command so that on every startup it gets executed?01:15
maxbkansan: Given the channel we're on, I assume you mean in the context of a server. But, do you mean a "command" that does something and then quits, or "command" as in starting a long-lived server process?01:21
kansanspecifically i want to add a command to /etc/rc.local ... "wget; chef-client -J user-data;' .... how can i do that from the command line?01:22
kansani want that to be run on every startup01:22
kansanso the latter01:22
* altf2o_ things his server is going kaput?!01:23
sommerkansan: I'd place the command into a shell script in /etc/init.d/ then do sudo update-rc.d script_name default01:24
sommerkansan: least I think that should work01:24
kansansommer, is it not enough to add it in /etc/rc.local ?01:25
kansanand if not, why not?01:25
maxbkansan: Wait... if you know you want to put it into /etc/rc.local, why are you asking what to do?01:25
sommerkansan: that should work too01:25
kansanmaxb, cuz i worry that because its launching a daemon of sorts01:25
kansanthat /etc/rc.local might not be the right place?01:26
sommerrc.local will only launch a deamon if the contents are deamon applications... so your wget command will run then stop, and the system will continue with the boot process01:26
kansansommer, but if i put semilcolons in between;  it will still run chef-client -J part01:27
sommerit should... you can also to && which will only run if the first command is successful01:28
kansanis it good/bad idea to put pre authorized public keys of machines we want to be loggin in from into a server image?01:28
sommershould be fine... I mean they're "public" keys :)01:29
kansanhah ;p01:29
sommerI actually load my ssh key into cloned vms without any issue, it's a nice convenience01:30
kansani'm trying to figure out how to do it from command line01:30
kansani.e. echo 'ing and >> to authorized_keys01:30
kansani'm not sure how that command looks like01:31
sommeryou could just create a standard authorized_keys file and copy it where needed01:31
kansanyes thats much easier01:32
kansansommer, what should permissions me01:46
sommerfor /etc/rc.local?01:46
kansanno for authorized_keys01:46
sommerkansan: something like that, mine are 64401:47
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kansanchroot '/mnt/build/ubuntu' apt-get install -y ruby ==> chroot: cannot run command `apt-get': No such file or directory .... ideas on how to fix?02:38
owhkansan: I suspect that you might need to specify a path to apt-get.02:44
altf2o_quick question: anyone know why i'd be getting a: Error reading /home/altf2o/.nano_history: Permission denied , when simply launching: nano foo.c , ? I do launch 'nano' while 'sudo'ing for editing files, could that have messed with me?02:48
erichammondaltf2o_: quick answer: yes02:51
erichammondaltf2o_: See also: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=1185470&postcount=402:52
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JanCaltf2o_: the first time you launch nano, it should be as your own user, then you'd prevent this from happening03:01
JanC+ the ubuntuforums post03:02
kansanowh, is there a place i can specify the path so it'll work with ch_root?03:13
maxbkansan: What are you trying to do with this chroot?03:18
maxbBeware that chroots, whilst not *hugely* complicated, aren't as simple as they may seem, either03:18
kansanmaxb, build an ec2 image03:19
kansanin /mnt/build/ubuntu03:20
kansani'm really getting frustrated with it :(03:20
maxbI don't know anything about ec2. Can I assume that it's roughly like building an image on a second hard drive to later boot it directly in other hardware?03:20
maxbHow did you create the basic stuff in the chroot?03:21
kansanah thats the issue03:21
kansani'm trying to run a scirpt that was meant to be used at the end03:21
kansanonce stuff in the new chroot was installed03:22
kansanand it cant find it03:22
kansani was trying to test the script if it worked on its own03:22
kansancuz dloading all the packages takes time03:22
kansanok i'm using eric hammonds script:  wget http://ec2ubuntu-build-ami.notlong.com  to build an buntu server image.  how can i ensure that the resulting /etc/rc.local has:   wget; chef-client -J user-data;   inside it?03:41
kansanit uses debootstrap i believe03:41
kansanmaxb, ?03:41
maxbkansan: so, it looks like you're supposed to hook into it by writing a customization script for the --script option04:13
kansanwell i did04:14
kansanwe'll see if it works ;p04:14
jef_buntuI have configured a server that is supposed to boot diskless clients but the client i have to boot now doesnt have a screen and its not booting with it06:56
jef_buntuI have configured a server that is supposed to boot diskless clients but the client i have to boot now doesnt have a screen and its not booting07:04
jef_buntucan someone help me?07:08
kaushalis there a step by step guide to install Oracle9i Release 2 Database Server on Ubuntu 8.10 server ?07:48
domasthe best method is: apt-get install mysql-server07:54
hadsI think you mis-spelled postgresql07:56
domasno, no, indeed, it is mysql :)07:56
hadsOh, sorry, I thought you were talking about an Oracle substitute :)07:57
domasI'm talking about next generation database! :)07:57
domasnot about substitutes07:57
hadsSo I was right.07:57
domasin a way :)07:58
frippzkaushal: I'm guessing that you've already tried Google?07:58
geniipostgres has it all over mysql07:58
kaushalfrippz, yes07:58
geniikaushal: You could try https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Oracle10g   The author asserts he has tested it with LTS (8.04)08:08
simplexio:) mysql vs postgresql is allways fun. but you can ( ithink) convert oracle pgsql and tables easily to postgresql compatible form08:31
simplexionot so long ago i found page where someone used same dataset in oracle and pg8.3, without any optimizations pg was 5-10x faster per query (both db didnt have load there).. too bad that i dont have that link08:32
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AnRkeywhat is the correct way to set /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward to 1?08:49
hadsecho 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward08:50
AnRkeyi have logged in to a client's server a couple times now to find it off and the box has not rebooted. Is there a reason why this would be?08:50
_rubenedit /etc/sysctl.conf08:50
hadsIf you want it done on reboot, what he said.08:50
_rubennothing will prevent it from being changed by whatever service/script/etc though08:51
_rubenthere's several ways to get the same result .. investigate what changes the value remains an issue i'd say08:51
AnRkeythanks _ruben that seems to be the elegant way to do it08:51
AnRkeyi had echo 1 > ... in the rc.local file08:52
AnRkeythen i added my own cron08:52
AnRkeyand now /etc/sysctl.conf08:52
hadsUse a hammer too? :)08:52
AnRkeynaa :) i think i got it now thanks08:53
AnRkeyi need this client, still it would be damn funny to see his face when i cruise in there with a 4 pounder :)08:53
milestonehi all10:16
milestonei think it might be good to keep my server configurations inside a subversion repository. is there a tool which provides the management of such a task? Most importnant that hooks in with apt-get to merge configuration changes by that back into the repository? something like etckeeper10:18
henkjanmilestone: its being worked on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EtcUnderRevisionControlSpec10:19
milestonehenkjan: great thanks. Although i want to use my subversion repository and etckeeper does not support svn10:20
milestonewill the stuff being worked on support svn as well?10:20
Deeepshaving read the page10:22
Deeepsi'd say no, given that it's build on etckeeper and using bzr10:22
Deeepsgiven that there's absolutely no mention of svn anywhere on the page either, i'd highly doubt it10:22
milestoneDeeeps: i think its in the nature of the VCS internal structure10:22
milestonebzr and git are distributed repositories10:23
milestonesubversion is a central repository10:23
milestonewhich has control of what is being out there, while git allows for managing the repository locally10:24
milestoneanyone aware of http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2005/02/msg00495.html10:27
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domasmilestone: I use bzr :)10:37
spchi anibody uses ESMTP ? i have problems settin it up.10:44
spcon one location work ok on other no10:44
davmor2Guys I've been using webmin to configure my ubuntu hardy server.  However being that I'm an Ubuntu tester I thought it would be more prudent to use the ebox platform instead.  To that end I have set up a test box so I can play about with ebox and get the server the way I'd like it.  In the doc for 8.04 is says if you want to install all the packages use ebox-all meta package this doesn't seem to exist or am I doing s10:54
Deeepsdavmor2: try apt-get install ^ebox-.*10:56
Deeepsto install all modules10:56
davmor2Deeeps: Thanks I was going to do that after, I found a howto but wanted to check if the docs were correct or not first.10:57
Deeepslooks like the docs may be wrong if the ebox-all package doesn't exist10:59
Deeepsrecommend filing a bug report!10:59
davmor2Deeeps: Thanks anyway :)11:02
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frippzI'm not really sure if I understand the concept of ebox. is it possible to administer several server from one ebox installation?11:41
_rubeniirc you'd install ebox on each server you'd want to manage11:44
frippzhmm, ok. a little unfortunate for some servers that would otherwise be very lean (i.e. a pure DNS-server) if Apache and other stuff has to go there as well11:45
_rubenyou'd use solutions like cfengine for that .. we use own script for it actually .. bash+cvs11:48
_rubenwhich is kinda like etckeeper i think11:48
dayo__i'm trying to set up a server. i've installed openldap and, now i need to install powerdns and dhcp3-server. which of these two do i install first?13:50
_rubenno apparent order .. you could install em all at once if you want13:51
dayo__ruben: ok, thanks! i was wondering, because the instructions i'm following talked about setting dns servers in /etc/resolv.conf, which made me think maybe the order of installation mattered.13:53
dayo__that is the dhcp installation instructions13:53
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cjwatsondayo__: worst case you get to restart both of the servers after you've configured everything *shrug*14:08
* _ruben takes a stroll down to the serverroom .. server isnt coming after a (what appeared to be a successful) remote install .. sigh14:09
_rubencoming up that is14:10
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dayo__cjwatson: well, i've installed and configured dhcp3-server. now on to install pdns-server and pdns-ldap-backend14:15
dayo__that's pdns-backend-ldap ...... maybe that's why tutorials have been hard to google. hmmm14:29
AnRkeyI have a backup of /var/spool/mail and I want to know how I can get the restored files to be processed and delivered to the maildirs?14:32
dayo__AnRkey: this is what i use: http://www.howtoforge.com/linux_backuppc14:36
dayo__does anyone know any good tutorials for installing powerdns with LDAP as backend?14:42
cedeelHi. Does somebody have experience in getting MPD to work on the server edition?14:53
sorencedeel: What's the problem?14:58
cedeelseems to have resolved itself... was a permission problem with the default user not being in the audio group14:59
rdw200169dayo__, you're talking about the same thing bind does; it *can* (though few do) store records in ldap; is this what you're talking about?  like the A records, etc...?15:01
rdw200169dayo__, there's are examples in /usr/share/doc/pdns-backend-ldap15:06
rdw200169dayo__, and there's a manpage that's installed: zone2ldap15:06
rdw200169dayo__, and you have to add the schema dnsdomain2 to openldap; i can't remember how to do this, because ubuntu uses the dn=config configuration storage method15:07
rdw200169dayo__, but it did install that for you, so that step is done... in /etc/ldap/schema15:08
MatBoyare people using here seperate MySQL servers to authenticate ProFTP or is running it locally a wiser idea ?15:08
rdw200169MatBoy, security-wise you mean?15:09
loosepartsHello, I'm trying to set up samba on my Ubuntu server, so I can map a drive from my windows boxes and store files on the server. I've a problem in the smb.conf (?) where the username in the windows logon box automatically adds the windows macnine name to the login name - like this. I type <bobby> <passwd> and click OK, it immediately pops back up with <MACHINE-NAME\bobby> <blank> and of course won't let me succeed in logging in15:11
rdw200169looseparts, you don't need samba for that; you can just mount a samba share using mount; i.e. cifs15:13
loosepartsfrom the windows side?15:13
rdw200169looseparts, ah, i got it the other way around15:14
loosepartsi want to store windows files on the linux server15:14
AnRkeydayo__, that does not help much i'm afraid15:14
AnRkeyi have the files restored, but the mails are not being delivered15:15
rdw200169looseparts, so you're talking about windows -> linux, right?15:15
loosepartsrdw200169, yes15:15
rdw200169looseparts, yah, just mount the windows share on the linux server15:16
Deeepsi think he wants to store the files on the server15:16
Deeepsand thus, mount a share from his linux server on his windows clients15:16
loosepartsuh. shouldn't i be mounting the linux share on my windows boxes?15:17
Deeepslooseparts: what version of ubuntu are you using>15:17
rdw200169looseparts, that's what i'm been asking; trying to figure it out15:17
loosepartssee, i want to run Robocopy and incremenatlly backup my wife (unending) work on my linux server for safekeepping.15:18
Deeepsrdw200169: 1514.37 < looseparts> i want to store windows files on the linux server15:18
loosepartsit's 8.04 lts15:18
loosepartsand xp15:18
Deeepslooseparts: see https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/serverguide/C/configuring-samba.html, scroll down to the section headed 'user accounts'15:19
looseparts(sorry - I meant my wife's unending work - she's doing a lot of writing...15:19
loosepartsDeeeps, i'll look there - thanks15:19
loosepartsDeeeps, et al. I'm off the work - I'll (re)read the configuing-samba.html and touch back in an hour or two. thanks for your help.15:21
refnumzxI am trying to get the version of kvm available in jaunty to run on intrepid.  The  amd64 version available on the packages pages makes dpkg produce an error that udev will break and fails to install.  I do not know how to build debian packages from source, i did try exploring that yesterday.  Does anyone have any suggestions?15:22
Deeepsrefnumzx: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Prevu may be relevant to your interests15:23
Deeepskirkland: loving the new dark theme16:33
kajeI have a script I want to run whenever someone logs in (via ssh, gdm, whatever)... I though I could just put it in /etc/profile.d/, but that didn't seem to work. Any suggestions?18:39
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pmatulisshell-dependent i would say18:48
andolkaje: The content in /etc/profile.d/ is sourced not run.19:30
thehookHello everyone :) I have made a script that updates the system and installs Nginx with PHP support and MySQL with minimal user-interaction (only asks for mysql root password pretty early). If anyone could please check it out and give me some feedback it would be great! http://insecure.no/2009/01/easy-nginx-php-and-mysql-installer-script/19:46
thehookAnd if anyone knows how to suppress the big blue screen asking for MySQL root password so i can set it manually later? Hope anyone has a tips or two for me :)19:49
kajeandol: Where should I put a script that I want to run whenever someone logs in?19:55
jmarsden|workkaje: I'd say that /etc/profile.d/ is the right idea; just do it as a shell script fragment that will be sourced (executed in the current login shell) not executed in a separate process.19:56
jmarsden|workkaje: So you can do   echo 'echo Hello shell user' |sudo tee /etc/profile.d/hello.sh   and then log in and it should display that little message to everyone who logs in.19:59
maxbkaje: Define "logs in" - console? ssh? X? What about the difference between interactive and non-interactive ssh?20:00
* domas points to 'sudo bash' ;-)20:01
domasthehook: you can specify dpkg 'noninteractive mode'20:01
domasthehook: the easiest way is just sending to background :)20:01
thehookdomas: will the script continue then?20:02
domasthehook: you can also put in < /dev/null20:02
domasso dpkg notices it doesn't own terminal20:02
domasdunno :)20:02
domasI wouldn't use mysql package from ubuntu20:02
domasI'd use one from mysql.com :)20:03
thehookhehe, i dont think it will work with > /dev/null at leaast but maybe the noninteractive mode20:03
domasthehook: < /dev/null20:03
domasthehook: not > /dev/null20:03
domasanyway, there's a way to set batch behavior somehow20:03
thehookand that's the way im looking for :P hehe, but i cant find it though :s20:04
domasI told you, try redirecting input20:05
thehooksome guy said something about search google for "dpkg default priority" but all i find is dpkg-reconfigure --priority="low"20:05
domasor running with & :)20:05
thehooki am trying :) but i think the script will hang if it isn't getting any input20:05
domasyou have limited thinking then!20:06
jmarsden|workthehook: Read the debconf(7) man page, look at the non-interactive front end option...20:06
domasanyway, I'll reiterate, I wouldn't use ubuntu package myself20:06
domasor at least I'd do considerable changes to it20:07
domasafter I install it20:07
domasit has at least 3 major mistakes20:08
thehookdomas: like what then? the only reason i'm using apt-get is because it will get updates automatically later :)20:10
thehookjmarsden: thanks, i will :)20:10
thehookjmarsden|work: thanks, i will :)20:10
jmarsden|work:)  I should have /away'ed before I left for work... I forgot to do that today!20:11
thehookjmarsden|work: how do i get the debconf(7) i just seem to get debconf(1).. im not to familiar with the man :P20:14
jmarsden|workman 7 debconf20:16
jmarsden|workBTW, you should also do man man and read that :)20:16
thehookhehehe, i tried man debconf 7 actually :P20:17
thehookdomas: would you please tell me what the 3 mistakes with ubuntu package of mysql? :)20:24
thehookim trying to make the script as secure as possible so i would love to hear what.20:25
domasthehook: 1. CHECK TABLE on every restart 2. ~mysql permissions20:25
domas3. old mysql version20:25
thehookmysql permission?20:25
thehookand is it bad that it does CHECK TABLE on every restart?20:26
domasthehook: if you had any 300GB innodb tables, you wouldn't like that ;-)20:27
domaswell, even 10G is noticeable20:27
thehookis there any way to fix this with configuration after install?20:27
domasyou have to edit the file installed by package20:27
thehookthe config files right? what about the permissions? i will try to add this in my scripts :)20:28
domasjust change mysql userdir to /nonexisting20:30
domas~mysql should never be writable by mysqld20:30
thehooki'm not that into mysql configuration and would love if you maybe could help me a little bit to make a secure configuration :)20:30
domascome to my talk at mysql conference!20:31
thehooknice :) but too bad im living in norway :s20:32
thehookbut i would love to if it was possible20:34
domasit is a good conference20:35
thehookim sure it is, i want to go already20:35
thehookbut brb, i think i need some food :P20:36
jef_buntu_i was able to makeup a NIC by sending an handmake frame but now my dhcp tftp servers dont boot the wakeup client...20:52
toehioCan someone please give me some guidance for installing sound on my server?21:03
kajeI'm trying to get ssl working with apache on my ubuntu server. I've followed the instructions in the documentation on the ubuntu site. Now I'm getting this error when I try to look at the page in my web browser: ssl_error_rx_record_too_long21:10
kajeAny thoughts? I'm not seeing any message in the apache error log21:10
geniikaje: Perhaps see http://kainotes.blogspot.com/2008/08/creating-ssl-certificate-for-apache-on.html21:28
kajeThe way I fixed it was to add NameVirtualHost *:80 \n NameVirtualHost *:443 to the top of my defaul vhost21:34
kajeThen every vhost had to be <VirtualHost *:80> or <VirtualHost *:443>21:35
kajenot sure why that was necessary, but it worked...21:35
kansanis this a valid /etc/rc.local file?  : http://pastie.org/37367222:19
erichammondkansan: You may wish to be explicit in where you expect the user-data to be downloaded (what directory) and perhaps even remove the file afterwards.22:21
kansanerichammond, where would you recommend?22:21
kansanto put it that is/22:21
erichammondkansan: /tmp is always convenient for temporary files :)22:22
kansanerichammond, once i invoke with user-data;  is it safe to delete at that point?22:22
erichammondkansan: I don't know how chef-client operates.22:23
kansanwill wget overwrite the file if it already exists?  if not how can i make sure to?22:25
erichammondkansan: If you are starting with the Ubuntu AMIs I list on http://alestic.com then you can simply pass in a script to user-data and it will automatically be run on first boot.  That script could save the data file and run chef-client.22:25
erichammondkansan: I don't know how much other custom configuration you are doing, but it might even be possible to not have to build your own AMIs.22:26
kansanerichammond, i'm close to not having to build one22:26
erichammondkansan: Do you want to run chef-client on every reboot of the server? or just on the first boot?22:26
kansanerichammond, i'm now usuing chef which automates things22:26
kansanerichammond, every reboot22:27
erichammonduser-data cannot be changed after the EC2 instance starts, so why does it need to be run on reboots?22:27
kansanerichammond, chef-client needs to start up22:27
kansanupon boot22:27
kansanand if it cant be changed22:28
kansani dont need to rm it22:28
kansanproblem solved22:28
erichammondso /tmp is not the best place for that22:28
kansanah you're right22:28
kansani think it gets auto cleaned22:29
kansanwhere should i put instead?22:29
kansani'm thinking /etc/ ?22:29
erichammondkansan: I would expect the chef documentation to have example locations under /etc or the like.22:30
kansanwait better22:30
kansanalong with chef config22:30
kansanerichammond, it doesnt really document how to start it up with ec222:30
kansanfolks in #chef are helping22:30
erichammondkansan: If you choose to use the user-data script hooks in the public Ubuntu AMIs, you will want to have that script install a chef-client startup program under /etc/init.d and symlink from /etc/rc4.d so that it gets started on reboots.22:32
kansanerichammond, isnt it enough to put this cd /etc/chef; wget; chef-client -J user-data;22:33
kansaninside /etc/rc.local ?22:33
kansani thought rc.local gets run on every boot22:33
kansanoh you're saying if i choose not to bundle an ami?22:33
erichammondkansan: right on the last q.  (out to lunch, be back later)22:44
uvirtbotNew bug: #322503 in samba (main) "smbd crashes  __kernel_vsyscall ()" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32250322:57
uvirtbotNew bug: #322337 in samba (main) "package samba-tools None [modified: /var/lib/dpkg/info/samba-tools.list] failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite `/usr/bin/nsstest', which is also in package samba4" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32233723:04
RediXeWhat is the terminal command to remove a user from a group? Specifically to remove a user from being able to use sudo. (admin group I think)23:32
dayo__RediXe: check the man pages for usermod23:34
dayo__RediXe: personally, i just edit the /etc/group file in vim23:34
* altf2o_ wonders why his first 'sudo' command takes /forever/ to run. Subsequent ones are fast.23:35
RediXedayo__, okay that just seems like the best way i guess. I thought there would be a more "accepted" solution using something like usermod.23:35
dayo__RediXe: imo "accepted" is whatever works and  u're most comfortable with23:38
Deeepsfor auditing purposes, using sudo usermod is probably better23:39
Kamping_KaiserRediXe, also look at gpasswd23:39
JanCaltf2o_: probably because the second time all the files it needs are cached in memory?  ;)23:40
RediXedayo__, okay :D I have used that method before I am just writing a wiki entry for setting up new machines for new employees (small office) I'll looking into usermod and gpasswd thanks :)23:40
altf2o_that's my guess, it's just annoying, i have no idea why it's starting to do this out of nowhere. One day it took 3 seconds for the first one, now it takes 3023:40
Kamping_Kaiseriirc the command would be `gpasswd -R $username $groupname`23:40
JanCaltf2o_: oh, that sounds like something else is wrong23:41
DeeepsRediXe: probably better off having them use one of those tools for your office environment then, rather than vi, as the change can be logged then23:41
altf2o_JanC: yeah and i've been messing with so many things i have no idea where i could've jacked something up.23:41
RediXeDeeeps, okay.23:41
MatBoyI have some weird issues with proftpd and mysql... my quota is not updated in the DB...23:52

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