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davmor2Good Morning All09:12
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persiaara_, Do you have a good link for the automated testing framework stuff?11:24
ara_persia: what do you need exactly11:24
persiaara_, I'm writing an email, and want to tell people who want to do automated testing where to contribute.  A landing page or overview page would be best.11:26
ara_persia: this is the best landing page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Automation/Desktop/11:26
ara_persia: no problem :)11:28
persiaara_, https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-motu/2009-January/005346.html if you're interested.  It's probably a thread that would benefit from input from testing.11:35
ara_persia: thanks :)11:36
davmor2-awayara_: schwuk: are either of you guys running a jaunty box now?12:56
ara_davmor2-away: I am12:56
davmor2-awayara_: you know when you do updates and the restart icon appears does it restart when you click on it or does it just log out?12:57
ara_davmor2-away: I haven't try, sorry12:57
davmor2-awayara_: Okay if it appears tomorrow can you try it please I'm not sure if it's a bug or just an issue with my machine12:58
ara_davmor2-away: ok12:59
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davmor2hey guys is apport on the fritz I got a crash with bluez on jaunty and it's trying to send the bug to file:///ubuntu/+.....  I'm guessing it should be something like https://launchpad.net/........14:51
davmor2Henrik Omma: What time tomorrow do you want to chat ?17:32
henodavmor2: 11.00 would be good17:32
davmor2np's sounds good I should of moved all the installer stuff by then and got the rest added to with any joy17:33
davmor2right tea17:34
_MMA_slangasek: Sorry if you're not the right guy to chat with but the Studio dailies aren't there today. DO I talk to you or Colin?18:22
slangasekdebian-installer has kernel ABI 2.6.28-4-generic, but no corresponding udebs are18:23
slangasek on the CD!18:23
slangasek_MMA_: ^^ that's in the log; I think cjwatson has already addressed that in d-i+platform.jaunty, so the next build should run ok18:23
_MMA_Ahh.... gotcha. I see now. I have a script that grabs the Studio images but now that I look at cdimage I see whats up.18:24
nagappanara, ping18:41
nagappanara, I get something like this http://pastebin.com/d6eeb513a18:41
aranagappan: pong18:41
aranagappan: give me 5 min and then I will review, thanks18:42
nagappanara, sure18:42
aranagappan: why all those errors?? I don't understand them18:50
nagappanara, ya me too, debugging it18:50
nagappanara, I have logged in with the ldap user and in the top panel all the list of VMware users stored as menu item !18:54
nagappanara, and it takes long time to lookup18:54
nagappanara, and there is a socket timeout18:54
nagappanara, which returns just -118:54
aranagappan: :-)18:54
nagappanara, so the failure at my end, will remove the applet18:55
aranagappan: ok18:55
aranagappan: thanks18:55
nagappanara, http://pastebin.com/d4007d6b919:05
nagappanara, shall I remove screenshot / log for getobject* ?19:06
arabut why are you getting the error?19:06
arait should work19:06
aranagappan: ^19:07
nagappanara, Window: frmTopExpandedEdgePanel Object: mnuCalculator Property: label_by19:07
nagappanara, they will fail, as there will be no label_by property19:07
nagappanara, for this widget19:07
aranagappan: it worked before19:08
aranagappan: what changed?19:08
nagappanara, earlier the getobjectproperty didn't have logFailures, in the recent change I have added, I guess19:08
* nagappan checking the previous uploads19:08
nagappanara, it had log earlier, but the argument was screenshot = False19:10
nagappanara, shall I do that way now ?19:10
aranagappan: but before (before), I didn't get an error (nor a screenshot) for those19:11
aranagappan: try running that using the released version of LDTP 1.419:11
aranagappan: you won't get the errors19:12
nagappanara, oh ya, this is done based on your bug report :)19:12
aranagappan: which one?19:12
nagappanara, http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=56758919:14
ubot4Gnome bug 567589 in pyldtp "get_screenshot functionalty needed" [Enhancement,Resolved: fixed]19:14
nagappanara, earlier there was no log on failure19:14
aranagappan: but my question is not why I am getting the screenshot, but why I am getting the error19:14
nagappanara, now based on this report, I have added log and screenshot19:14
nagappanara, I get both screenshot and error now19:15
nagappanara, I'm confused :)19:15
nagappanara, you mean to say with the released version of LDTP, you don't get any screenshot and error, correct ?19:15
aranagappan: the only thing that was needed is that common errors (the ones that I had before) had a screenshot. now I get too many errors for things that are not errors19:15
aranagappan: yes19:15
aranagappan: now I get far too many errors (for things that are not errors)19:16
nagappanara, the error logging was not part of LDTP 1.4.0 release, based on your bug report, I have added this19:16
aranagappan: I don't understand19:16
nagappanara, yes, I agree, will remove them, which ever is not required19:16
nagappanara, for getobject*, the error / screenshot should not be there19:16
nagappanara, will do it19:16
nagappanara, I mean, will fix it19:17
aranagappan: ok, thanks19:17
aranagappan: it is a bit confusing through emails/irc :D19:17
nagappanara, :)19:17
aranagappan: I have to go off now. Please, email me if you have any further questions19:17
aranagappan: thanks19:17
nagappanara, sure19:17
nagappanara, thanks :)19:18
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