tjaaltonjcristau: prevents upgrades, says slangasek07:03
tjaaltonjcristau: sorry for not mentioning that in the first place :)07:04
jcristauso what should i do to get the package manager to remove the obsolete package?07:05
tjaaltonReplaces should do according to him07:09
jcristauhrm. i thought replaces was about replacing files. /me goes read policy.07:10
RAOFI've missed the first part of this, but Conflicts+Replaces sounds like what you want, I think.07:11
jcristauReplaces: libxcb-xlib0 is enough, or do i add the -dev?07:17
tjaaltonif libxcb1-dev replaces libxcb-xlib0-dev, then perhaps07:20
jcristauinstalling the new libxcb1 breaks libxcb-xlib0, and thus also libxcb-xlib0-dev07:21
jcristauso i'm not sure explicitly replacing is needed. and if it is where it should be.07:23
jcristau(also fwiw 'apt-get -t experimental dist-upgrade' does remove libxcb-xlib0)07:23
jcristaugah, s/explicitly replacing/& libxcb-xlib0-dev/ above.07:24
tjaaltonworks here too, but I'm just the middle-man :)07:27
jcristaubad vorlon.07:28
tjaaltonmaybe prod him on #debian-x :)07:28
jcristauthat worked :)07:53
tjaaltonyeah :)07:54
tjaaltonturns out to be quite hard to debug a crashing xserver on acpi resume08:26
jcristaulast time that turned up, screen came to the rescue08:27
tjaaltonmaybe I didn't use the correct options for gdb08:27
jcristauyou told it to not stop on sigusr1?08:28
tjaaltonI did now, let's see08:29
tjaaltonhey, I've got a backtrace08:31
tjaaltonlet's try with -dbg08:31
ogratjaalton, seems ouchscreens with the new evdev infrastructure dont work at all ... (just got some user feedback, didnt look myself yet)13:34
tjaaltonogra: that's unfortunate13:38
tjaaltontseliot: new nvidia*.. but you probably knew that already :)13:39
ograyes, StevenK tested it today and he sees no motion at all tapping or touching the screen13:39
tjaaltondoes evdev pick the device?13:39
ograit should at least show some miscalibrated movement 13:39
tjaaltonlogs etc in a bug report would be nice :)13:40
jcristauand evtest output probably13:40
tjaaltontseliot: oh, they still don't support the current ABI13:41
tjaaltonseems that aaron didn't get his message through13:42
tjaalton(or the got problems)13:42
tjaaltonhmm, legacy drivers apparently do support the new ABI13:43
tseliottjaalton: maybe he forgot to add a note about the new ABI in the changelog13:48
tseliotI'll test them13:48
tjaaltoncould be13:48
tjaaltonMaple v12 crashed my jaunty today.. after I resized the window. I blame nvidia :)13:49
tseliotwell, running drivers with IgnoreABI is not recommended ;)13:49
tseliotbut I do it13:50
tjaaltonI'd like to listen to my music though13:50
tjaaltonno sound on the desktop or the laptop..13:50
tseliotdon't resize the window then13:50
tseliotor is it pulseaudio?13:51
tjaaltonof course it works now, can't reproduce it :)13:51
tjaaltonI've had issues with sound since pa 0.9.14 was uploaded13:51
tjaaltonwell, no sound13:51
tseliotaudio is choppy here e.g. when I switch between windows13:52
tjaaltonfor instance the playing doesn't even start, it just hangs there13:53
tjaalton+in rhythmbox13:53
tjaaltonand if I kill pa, no sound13:53
tseliotdid you talk to theMuso about it?13:54
tseliotno solution?13:55
tjaaltonhe could reproduce some of the issues, but no solution13:55
tseliotok, then13:55
tjaaltonfor instance alsamixer fails to start13:55
tseliotbut isn't that a bug in alsa?13:55
tjaaltonthat too13:56
tjaaltonbut I'm hopeful that the commits he requested for the kernel might help13:57
tseliotkeep your fingers crossed then14:01
tjaaltonI will..14:12
ogratjaalton, hrm14:15
ograso i'm trying out the samsung Q1 with the new ubuntu-netbook-remix image ... it still includes evtouch ... lshal shows me though that "synaptics" is forcefully used for the touchscreen14:16
ograwhile the evtouch initscript seems to have run and all calibration data is applied14:16
ograshouldnt it use evdev ? 14:16
ograinstead of synaptics14:17
tjaaltonbut that depends what the new image holds14:17
jcristausounds like it shouldn't be reported as a touchpad..14:17
ograwell, lshal shows capabilities input and input.touchpad ... where does touchpad get set  ?14:18
ograis there an fdi i can mangle ? 14:18
jcristauprobably hal source14:18
tjaaltonogra: what version of hal?14:19
jcristauand probably based on what the kernel reports about the device14:19
tjaaltonI bet it's too old14:19
ograits todays image build 14:19
ograso whatever is in the archive atm14:19
tjaaltonok, maybe hal is still missing something.. bug pitti :)14:19
tseliotseb128, mvo: can you merge from my branch, please? https://code.launchpad.net/~albertomilone/gnome-control-center/randr-virtual14:43
tseliotseb128, mvo: this adds the DontZap checkbox to enable users to decide whether Ctrl+Alt+Backspace can restart X or not15:02
superm1tseliot, while you are getting the upload ready for the new drivers, did you have a fix queued for https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers-180/+bug/309116 ?15:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 309116 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-96 "when removing nvidia-glx-177 /usr/lib/libGL.so is gone" [Medium,In progress]15:44
tseliotsuperm1: I won't upload the new drivers without fixing that first15:45
superm1tseliot, okay :)15:45
bryceI spoke with amd this morning and asked them for a date on when they expect to provide a 1.6/.28 compatible fglrx17:43
brycethey didn't have that info currently but will try to get it by the end of the week17:44
tjaaltonnvidia released new versions of the legacy drivers17:47
bryceyeah amd seemed a bit surprised that we were planning on 1.6 for 9.04.  I had to remind them I emailed them a month and a half ago that this was our plan17:48
superm1bryce, any indications from them if a driver will be coming more than 1 month prior to release this time around?18:02
brycesuperm1: I pressed them on giving us a date.  they said they'll get back to us after they've "scrubbed their schedule"18:04
bryceI would be feeling frustrated if the deja vu feelings weren't keeping me in such mirth18:06
federico1mister bryce18:13
brycesuperm1: anyway, so I sense we're going to be in about the same situation as last time, despite our efforts.18:13
federico1I resurrected the 10-second confirmation dialog for the RANDR tools and committed it to gnome svn18:13
brycefederico1: oh interesting18:13
superm1bryce, oh that's too bad :(18:14
federico1bryce: http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=54511518:14
ubottuGnome bug 545115 in Screen resolution "should ask for confirmation before writting the changes" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]18:14
superm1bryce, well at least this time, all the packaging is ready and it's at least easy to update new drops etc18:14
federico1bryce: are you or anyone here in distributor-list?18:15
federico1I'll post an evil patch to deal with wacom tablets and RANDR18:15
brycefederico1: "distributor-list"?  first I've heard of that; what is it?18:15
brycefederico1: thanks for committing that revert dialog patch; I'd been disappointed that it hadn't been taken previously18:16
tseliotfederico1: what's the plan on wacom tablets?18:16
brycesuperm1: yep.  18:17
federico1bryce: distributor-list@gnome.org18:17
brycefederico1: ah, I bet seb128 is on that list, he usually handles the gnome interfacing18:18
federico1ah, ok18:19
federico1tseliot: one sec, meeting18:19
kees[ 6009.433242] mtrr: no MTRR for f0000000,100000 found21:28
kees[ 6009.604066] Xorg[12735] general protection ip:4961b6 sp:7ffff1fccde0 error:0 in Xorg[400000+1c2000]21:28
kees64bit jaunty under kvm21:28
superm1kees, i've been seeing mtrr: no MTRR for e0000000,10000000 on real systems, is there any significance to what that's representing?21:31
keessuperm1: not sure.  :(21:41
superm1kees, oh okay.  just wasn't sure what MTRR was an abbreviation for.21:41
bryceI've seen reports about that21:44
brycebtw speaking of acronyms I finally learned what fglrx stands for...  "FireGL and Radeon for X"21:45
bryceMTRR == Memory Type Range Registers maybe?21:45
keesbryce: ah! I've always wondered wtf fglrx stood for.  :)21:57
tormodwell we always knew it was an f-word21:58
tormodbryce: landslide in radeon git today - what are your plans for updating jaunty? There's some agp quirks etc that otherwise could be cherrypicked22:00
tjaaltonbryce: got a patch from jesse for the interrupt loss when using vblank, will try it out tomorrow22:01
tjaaltonagainst the kernel(drm) though, so a bit harder to get through if it works22:03
brycetjaalton, ok22:17
brycetormod: I anticipate updating -ati at least once more before we're done with jaunty22:17
bryceeven if that might mean shipping a git snapshot.  A release would be nice of course, but we've shipped git snapshots before22:18
tormodbryce: good22:25
brycetormod: at some point post-beta I also will be pulling any outstanding quirks for both -ati and -intel22:26

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