gnufshello all (again)00:00
gnufsany ideas on doing a free (gobuntu style) with intrepid?00:00
BLZjedimindlappy:  hmmm that is odd...00:00
Until_It_SleepsBut I will take the easy fix for now until I can nail down how to use Terminal00:00
jedimindlappyBLZ: could it be because im connected wirelessly? i dont see why that should matter though00:00
BLZgnufs:  i guess the dirty hack would be to install ubuntu and remove everything you don't want00:01
BLZjedimindlappy:  maybe that's just to configure vpn servers?  i dunno00:01
nempcan someone help mi with compiling driver for graphic card?00:01
BLZUntil_It_Sleeps:  oh you'll definitely want to be familiar with the terminal lol00:01
skinofstars1gnufs: or to do a minimal install and build up from there00:01
jedimindlappyBLZ: well its to connect to VPN Since all the other options are networking options as opposed to daemons...00:01
BLZjedimindlappy:  right.  i really don't know00:02
jedimindlappyBLZ: fair enough, thanks00:02
BLZjedimindlappy:  yeah np00:02
gnufsskinofstars1, BLZ: there is a way to do a free and complete install with ubuntu hardy00:02
jedimindlappyanyone else have any ideas on why i cant seem to add a VPN connection?00:02
gnufswhat happened to that?00:02
nempcan someone help me with compiling driver for graphic card? x)00:02
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fonzarellinemp: what kind of graphic card do you have00:03
BLZgnufs:  then do the hardy install and then upgrade it00:03
nempvia chrome900:03
nempi have openchrome driver00:03
nempbut i have trouble compiling00:03
FlareDS!repeat | nemp00:03
ubottunemp: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience00:03
exodus_msI need to convert some html documents to plain text. I've been using html2text to convert downloaded web pages to plain text. Is there a way to use wget, w3m or lynx to download a web page as a text file?00:04
gnufsBLZ: i'd like to know what happened to the free install option in newer releases?00:04
gnufsbut i can't find any info online00:05
BLZgnufs:  yeah i have no idea... sorry00:05
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ryanpriorgnufs: They decided to keep it to the LTS releases, for now.00:05
grendal_primeis there a way to get vnc to work with compiz?00:05
Until_It_Sleepsyeah. I've used Windows XP for quite a long time. I've only used ubuntu for a month or 2, and even then, I still have a laptop with both versions of XP on it.00:06
YankDownUnderAnyone know about how much of a d/l it takes to apt-get all the KDE stuff?00:06
jedimindlappythis much |----------------------------------------|00:06
ryanpriorgnufs: The Free Software Foundation's gNewSense project has spawned a collection of scripts which can be used to remove non-free bits from Ubuntu, however.00:06
YankDownUnderjedimindlappy, Wow...way cool... ;)00:06
carpiiYank, its not a huge amount00:07
ryanpriorgnufs: Get in contact with them to get a sense of how up-to-date it is with the latest Ubuntu releases.00:07
carpiiim guessing maybe 140 meg or something00:07
jedimindlappyin 8.10 in the network manager at the top i click and goto VPN Conntection > Configure VPN - and it pops up the Network Connections dialogue, except that i cant click "Add" in the VPN tab, its grayed out - all the other networking options let me Add connections .... am i missing something ? anyone want to venture a guess?00:07
YankDownUndercarpii, Not huge - er...ok...I'm not huge...so in relation to er...?00:07
gnufsryanprior: i _am_ a gNewSense user and contributor :-)00:07
YankDownUnder140mb is alright...200mb is actually all right...more? Nah...not all right...00:07
jedimindlappyyou draw the line at 200mb?00:08
Burlynnits a 100 megs just for the kde libs00:08
[kEvn]can someone put about:plugins in their firefox and tell me what you have under Showkwave Flash00:08
ryanpriorgnufs: Alright, you've got the idea then. :-)00:08
YankDownUnderjedimindlappy, I draw the line with crayons, really...00:08
timobwho needs help...00:08
jedimindlappytimob: pick me!00:08
YankDownUnderI need help, but this ain't the psych ward...00:08
khaled#join #screen00:08
timobwhos got issues...00:08
jedimindlappytimob: i cant seem to add a vpn connection00:09
YankDownUnderkhaled, Mate, it's "/join #screen"00:09
jedimindlappywhen i get to the network connections dialogue, under the VPN tab, Add is grayed out00:09
khaledYeah, sorry about that :)00:09
timobjedimindlappy: in network manager?00:09
jedimindlappybut its the only one, all the other connections are fine00:09
jedimindlappyi can add at will00:09
jxanderi am using moblock... is there any way to use it without root access, so that it won't prompt me for root password each time i start or stop it?00:10
jedimindlappydoes vpn have any dependencies im not aware of ?00:10
timobjedimindlappy: maybe you need some extra packages ...00:10
jedimindlappytimob: any idea what those might be ?00:10
timobjedimindlappy: whats the vpn software you are trying to connect to?00:10
* YankDownUnder is getting decaffinated00:10
YankDownUnderY'all have a good one...ciao00:10
jedimindlappytimob: does it matter? its some corporate one from work - no idea ; but it wont let me click on "Add" at all so i havent even gotten that far00:10
timobjedimindlappy: i think there are packages for each ie, you could add the openvpn package ...00:11
trimetaI'm about to do something dangerous that might wipe my system. My /home partition is backed up, as is my /etc folder; is there anything else I should save? If I lose everything, what would I need (in addition to /home and /etc) to recreate my system? In particular, how do I back up my list of installed programs?00:11
timobtrimeta: /var/log/dpkg has a log of installed packages00:12
phasegenanyone running intrepid x64 and and have problems with a persistent search bar?  I try to remove it, and every time I restart firefox, it reappears...00:13
FlareDStrimeta: get a list /usr/bin too00:13
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kitchephasegen: you mean the google search bar?00:14
carpiitrimeta, you might like to install FEBE firefox extension, so you can easily restore all your fx extensions, saved passwords etc too00:14
trimetatimob: I'll grab that.00:14
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trimetacarpii: Those are in my profile directory, aren't they?00:15
phasegenkitche: that's the one00:15
trimetaWhich is in ~/.mozilla/firefox/whatever00:15
ryanpriorI want to run an application and restrict it to just one of my CPU cores. How do I do that?00:15
carpiiyes trimeta, but personally ive not had that much luck restoring them all properly just by copying them00:15
trimetacarpii: Fair enough. I'll try that.00:15
Guest16389Would someone please point me to the solution of "Authentication required by wireless network". Ever since i updated my system i keep getting wireless connection authentication comming on00:15
kitchephasegen: hmm mine is gone once I remove it how are you trying to remove it exactly?00:15
Guest16389i looked all over but was unable to find it00:16
[kEvn]can someone put about:plugins in their firefox and tell me what you have under Showkwave Flash00:16
jedimindlappypudly@lapper:~$ sudo apt-get vpnc00:16
jedimindlappyE: Invalid operation vpnc ... what the?00:16
JesperHansenjedimindlappy: forgot the install?00:17
phasegenkitche: right click on the navigation bar, click customize, and drag it into the box of goodies and off the bar00:17
kitchephasegen: yep mine stays away on a firefox3 restart00:18
JesperHansenjedimindlappy: sign 1 of "you need a break"00:18
Guest16389anyone willing to help>?00:18
FlareDSjedimindlappy: sudo apt-get install cpnc00:18
phasegenkitche:  mine comes back every time00:18
kitchephasegen: wonder if it's a permission issue on the .firefox directory what's your permissions for the firefox directory oin your home ls -l00:19
OrphisIs there any autofs/automount guru here ? I've got a bug with it that occurs in Ubuntu and Debian even though it seems I'm using it in a regular and simple way00:19
usr13[kEvn]: Shockwave Flash  See: http://pastebin.ca/132009200:19
OrphisEven the guys in #debian couldn't solve it, maybe you can ?00:19
phasegenkitche: it says I own it and can edit and delete files00:20
JesperHansenOrphis: state the bug :)00:20
OrphisSo JesperHansen, I'm trying to access to my Win box through Samba and autofs00:21
[kEvn]usr13, thanks....weird thats exactly what i have..but my flash player won't play flash objects :(00:21
kitchephasegen: well something like this drwx------ for the permissions?00:21
usr13[kEvn]: May need java as well, not sure tho.00:22
OrphisI've created my credential file in /etc/auto.smb.hostname and it works fine (like running mount directly and supplying the credentials option)00:22
phasegenkitche: I even deleted the whole .mozilla directory once and logged out, logged back in, and restarted firefox to be sure...00:22
usr13[kEvn]: Are you current with updates?00:22
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[kEvn]usr13,  yea i've sudo apt-get update00:22
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OrphisThe problem is JesperHansen that ls /smb/myhost/sharename doesn't work... I've looked at the debug output but nothing seems to tell what's the problem00:23
usr13[kEvn]: Did you let it get behind and just caught up?00:23
carpiiwow i cant believe i used evolution under kde for past 6 months. KMail is sooo much nicer00:23
[kEvn]usr13, i just installed ubuntu yesterday... so ...00:23
* JesperHansen hates people without a letter as the first character of an irc nick. Makes it harder to tab nick :P00:23
usr13[kEvn]: 8.10 ?00:24
OrphisAnd weird thing, autofs works if I put a static file with the smb mapping (edited a little)00:24
[kEvn]usr13,  yea00:24
walbertNow that I've gotten rid of windows, how do I increase the size of my root partition for ubuntu?00:24
rodsAnyone know how to install morrowind? I'm a WINE newbie00:24
phasegenkitche: I should note that this is a clean install as of yesterday, with all the updates...00:24
JesperHansenOrphis: My brain is currently unavailable, but I am thinking00:24
carpiirods, just run the installer00:24
carpiiwalbert, try gparted00:25
usr13[kEvn]: What happens when you try to play flash video?00:25
Tozarianhi, I am having some problems with getting aircrack to work00:25
rodsCarpii you mean the autorun when it starts?00:25
usr13[kEvn]: What happens when you try to play youtube video?00:25
[kEvn]usr13, the object does not appear on the page00:25
carpiirods, or find the setup.exe yes00:25
[kEvn]usr13, as if the actual <div> containing the object is filtered out00:25
usr13[kEvn]: Does it give an error?  Or just blank white space where the video should be playing?00:25
puntohi.. will I have to upgrade my ubuntu version to have the new KDE?00:26
[kEvn]usr13, well the page collapes around where the <div> object should be00:26
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noonlooking for a lightweight mp3 player, any suggestions? rhythm box is locking up on me (5000+ mp3s, older pc)00:26
[kEvn]usr13, is it possible to reinstall firefox?00:26
[kEvn]usr13, or that wouldn't help?00:26
JesperHansenOrphis: will try something when kernel compile is done00:26
geoffriancan anyone help with a technical problem?00:27
[kEvn]usr13, maybe its just a ubuntu v10 thing00:27
cypher1hi is the logitech audiohub has any problems in using with ubuntu ? This is because i am thinking of buying one00:27
HormonaDelCrecimHello everybody. How I do in order to get my Ekiga SIP VoIP working with pulseaudio?00:27
julian2495322are there any gpu accelerated programs available for ubuntu00:27
ubuntuuser234234noon, I use mpd and an mpd client :)00:28
usr13[kEvn]: I had a friend that was behind on updates that reported similar behaviour. She was running 8.04 and was behind on updates.  I told her to catch up, and it did not help.  She upgraded to 8.10 and that fixed it.  She didn't even need to install flash, was already working.00:28
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geoffrianI have a Via processor in my netbook which has 1.2Ghz, but Ubuntu only uses 599Mhz and says its 100%00:28
[kEvn]usr13, so you're saying that if we were friends my problem would be solved?00:29
[kEvn]usr13, hehe00:29
usr13[kEvn]: So I do not think it is 8.10 thing.00:29
ubuntuuser234234geoffrian, it is often easier to just ask the question. Don't know if I can help until I know what you need :)00:29
[kEvn]usr13, hmm k i'll just keep trying stuff..its not the end of the world00:29
JesperHansengeoffrian: try cat /proc/cpuinfo and see what it says there00:29
ubuntuuser234234geoffrian, seems I was late in my response00:29
puntoor if you were a chick00:29
usr13[kEvn]: Yes, that is correct.  All of my friends have perfect systems.00:29
[kEvn]usr13,  the youtube and hulu withdrawls havn't set in yet00:29
grendal_primehas anyone used and "on mount fail" type script with nfs...00:30
grendal_primeim trying to build a reduntant nfs server.00:30
fluitfries_i've installed xubuntu fine on my SATA drive, but when i hook up my IDE drives afterward, i can't boot into xubuntu anymore.  what gives?00:31
matt____When can I apt-get upgrade to KDE4.2?00:31
holyguyverI started this 20 hours ago & this is what it says now: Checking for blocks (read-only test): 12999928/12209599900:31
usr13fluitfries_: Sounds like a hardware issue.00:31
geoffrianI did that.  It said 599Mhz00:31
puntoyour bios thinks that the IDE drive is hda00:32
usr13fluitfries_: Make sure your PC is set to boot the correct drive.00:32
walbertmatt: probably when kubuntu 9.4 comes out00:32
puntothey usually have an option to swap them00:32
fluitfries_punto: my BIOS is set to boot the sata master with xubuntu as the first boot device.00:32
matt____walbert: What? No way...I don't know if I like the way this works...00:32
cypher1does anybody use logitech audiohub with ubuntu ?00:32
JesperHansengeoffrian: And you're bios info also says 1.2GHz or 599MHz?00:32
puntofluitfries_: yeah, but when there's an ide present, it shows up as hda, so even if you boot from the sata one, it'll think the ide is hda00:33
fluitfries_punto: how can i change that?00:33
puntofluitfries_: you should check if the bios has an option to invert them, they usually do00:33
robertzhow do i make my webcam framerate faster? is it possible?00:33
walbertmatt: You can download/install Kubuntu 9.4 right now, it's still alpha and probably not entirely stable, but it has kde 4.200:33
ubuntuuser234234robertz, it is never going to be faster than it says on the box...00:33
geoffrianThe BIOS says that it is a 1.2Ghz processor along with the Gnome System Monitor, but typing that code into the terminal says 599.8Mhz00:34
usr13fluitfries_: You may have to unplug the drives and change the grub menu list and more than likely a bunch of other stuff too.00:34
matt____walbert: Hmm..when is it supposed to come out?00:34
fluitfries_punto: ok, i'll look again, thanks.00:34
robertzoh man. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr00:34
walbertMatt:  8.4 is 4/2008, 8.10 is 10/2008, 9.4, therefor, is 4/200900:34
fluitfries_usr13: when i first installed linux i tried to install grub to the first boot device, but it never worked until i unplugged all the ides and just installed grub to the sata.00:34
usr13fluitfries_: In other words, unplug the new drives and make the changes and then plug them back in.  But be suer and take a snapshot of the current configuration to see what needs to be done.00:34
matt____walbert: sO NOT MUCH LONGER...I'LL WAIT!00:34
JesperHansengeoffrian: I am thinking it was just a fluke00:35
usr13fluitfries_: That's interesting.00:35
fluitfries_usr13: is there a way i can just reinstall grub from the xubuntu cd without reinstalling everything?00:35
fluitfries_usr13: that way i could try putting it on all the drives until i find one that works.  :P00:36
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usr13fluitfries_: Well, you may only need to boot from a live boot CD and fix grub.00:36
geoffrianThe gnome applet CPU Freq Scaling Monitor says 599Mhz.  That is when I first discovered it00:36
fluitfries_usr13: ok, so if i boot off the live cd, i can use the gui to manage grub?00:37
usr13fluitfries_: You may have a hardware issue.  Something configured wrong, jumper in wrong place,  defective hardware, etc.00:37
geoffrianJesperHansen: It's confusing why Ubuntu doesn't use the full power.00:38
fluitfries_usr13: possibly, but i'm pretty sure it's not that.  i haven't tinkered with it enough to declare a hardware issue, since i don't even know how to reinstall/manage grub.  :)00:38
usr13fluitfries_: Try the recovery option and look at the situation, see that all the drives are accessable and what order they are in and how they are named, etc and just go from there.00:38
occynothing in topic about kde 4.2 ?00:38
fluitfries_usr13: recovery, ok will give it a shot.  thanks!00:39
usr13fluitfries_: Try the recovery option and look at the situation, see what is different.00:39
mysteryHello everyone00:39
JesperHansengeoffrian: does the Via processor scale speed?00:39
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about kde4.200:39
geoffrianThe Via website says it does.00:39
ubottukde4 is KDE 4.1.3 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. Packages can be found at  http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.1.3 |  4.2 Beta 2 packages http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.2-beta-2 | Support in #kubuntu00:39
geoffrianUbuntu does not support it though, or I have the wrong kernel.00:39
geoffrianJesperHansen: Maybe there is a system library I need or a different kernel or something else...?00:41
mysteryI am having weird problems in firefox. for some reason my search button in google wont click and my back button has disappeared00:41
JesperHansengeoffrian: uhmmm... can you pastebin your entire cpuinfo?00:42
ubundudei need a working link for 8.04.1 alternate amd6400:43
v21question: where does gnome-mount mount things? I have mounted an iso to install something, but it is a script that should be ran from the commandline, and i can only see it in nautilus00:43
ubundudeall the ones on the site are 404ing for me00:43
geoffrianSure.  I'll IM you.00:43
geoffrianJesperHansen: Did you get it?00:45
luke_Hey, I am wondering how to expand my linux partition.00:45
JesperHansengeoffrian: yes, left a comment00:46
JesperHansengeoffrian: gotta check something though with my statement00:46
revilodrawHi! any way to make firefox display the page as it's loading, instead of waiting for everything to load before displaying the page?00:47
scientescan i suspend and resume from a file?00:47
poizinrevil i think mine does display while its waiting00:48
JesperHansenrevilodraw: please try irc.mozilla.org #firefox00:48
revilodrawJesperHansen: they are asleep00:48
JesperHansenrevilodraw: really?00:49
mysteryDoes anyone know how to fix flash issues with firefox in ubuntu 8.1000:49
revilodrawJesperHansen: my mistake, ubuntu #firefox are asleep00:49
fluitfries_is there a decent little gui app for mounting ntfs?00:49
JesperHansenrevilodraw: try the official irc server. They'll know.00:50
scientesrevilodraw, its on irc.mozilla.org00:50
JesperHansenrevilodraw: I would know because I hang out there :P00:50
Bizzehhi... i read that ubuntu has teamed up with arm to bring a fully functional version of ubuntu to "low power" devices. would this include any telephony stuff, so ubuntu could be used as a replacment for windows mobile?00:51
revilodrawJesperHansen:  thank you00:51
Tozarianthere is an ubuntu mobile edition00:51
Bizzehis t hat like a "windows mobile edition"?00:52
unr3a1hey all00:52
Bizzehwhere the only thing in common with the main product is the name00:52
unr3a1I have a disc that I am trying to copy00:52
unr3a1I am using brasero burning utility, and it recognizes the original disc as a DVD-RAM disc.... does this mean that if I want to copy it, I have to copy it to a DVD-RAM?  Or can I use a regular DVD+R?00:53
Bizzehdepends what your trying to copy00:54
unr3a1Bizzeh:  alright... thank you00:58
iPeter-Damn, theres none fan controller / overclock controller on Ati drivers : <00:58
asdHi, my linksys usb wireless card isin't being recognized (on) by ubuntu, when I go suid lsfw -C it shows that it's disabled, and when I lsusb the wifi card is there it just isin't turned on, does anybody know the command line to turn my wifi card on?00:59
jonathanmilleris this where I can get help?00:59
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:59
jonathanmillerE: /var/cache/apt/archives/linux-image-2.6.27-7-generic_2.6.27-7.16_i386.deb: unable to make backup link of `./boot/vmlinuz-2.6.27-7-generic' before installing new version01:00
letaliswoudl it hose my system if i used the 64 bit kernel on a 32bit setup of ubuntu?01:01
uniquedoes anyone know how can i pick which files to download using rtorrent if the torrent has lots of files?01:02
neuraletalis, I have no idea, but I would guess it can't be done01:02
neuraSimply because don't all the applications have to be 64 bit?01:02
neurabut maybe I'm wrong, I have no idea01:02
letalisi just noticed even a 32 bit setup of ubuntu has the lib64 folder, i wasnt sure if perhaps it could be doe or not since it appears to have the environment setup for it.01:03
jonathanmillersorry, if that was not clear... when I am updating I get the following error E: /var/cache/apt/archives/linux-image-2.6.27-7-generic_2.6.27-7.16_i386.deb: unable to make backup link of `./boot/vmlinuz-2.6.27-7-generic' before installing new version01:04
jribjonathanmiller: pastebin the entire input and output01:05
Uplinkhow can i install ArchLinux from my ubuntu?01:05
v21unique: can't remeber the command, you you change the priority of all of the files recursivly to "don't download" then you go up the priority of the ones you want01:05
jonathanmillerI am using the Update manager, for the first time it had 300 or so updates. I told it to install all. One of them is a kernel image. I hit the button to install it. It attempts to install it and gives me that message.01:07
Louishow can i access the cups web interface from a remote machine on the local network?01:07
fu[h]ryhey, i'm having a few issues with named on Hardy. it's crashing with an "assertion failed" message dumped to daemon.log01:07
fu[h]ryJan 27 14:50:49 apollo named[30349]: adb.c:920: INSIST((((namehook) != ((void *)0)) && (((const isc__magic_t *)(namehook))->magic == ((('a') << 24 | ('d') << 16 | ('N') << 8 | ('H')))))) failed01:08
LouisI kow i have to edit cupsd.conf... but what's the line?01:08
fu[h]ryJan 27 14:50:49 apollo named[30349]: exiting (due to assertion failure)01:08
iPeter-fu[h]ry, use pastebin next time.01:08
fu[h]ryLouis, make sure it listens on (not
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)01:08
fu[h]ryi'm familiar with pastebining, generally that's for 3 lines and more but i get your point.01:08
Louisfu[h]ry:  thanks!  So it's listen
fu[h]ryLouis: yes01:09
Louisfu[h]ry:  thanks!01:09
iPeter-does someone have an ati radeon hd 4870 OC on ubuntu?01:09
fu[h]ryLouis: make sure that it's also set to allow requests01:09
Louisfu[h]ry:  how do i do that?01:09
fu[h]rysomething along the lines of Order allow, deny and then Allow from ....01:09
fu[h]rynamed issue.01:11
devincan anyone help me with a rogers rocket mobile internet stick?01:11
iPeter-Oh, i hope my ati wont blow when im sleeping, i changed fanspeed and for now the temperature is ~60'c01:11
iPeter-i'd just would know how to set it back to auto :D01:11
iPeter-aticonfig --pplib-cmd "set fanspeed 0 40" i used this command to get fan speed on 40 %01:12
calliopehi there, after upgrading to 8.10 i seem to be having a few issues with the gui. this is Gnome. I have windows not refreshing thus I cant see the contents if anything moves and a few times the desktop crashed and restarted and a few times the whole system hung. even when I booted to an earlier kernel like my 7.10 install.01:12
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience01:12
devincan anyone help me with a rogers rocket mobile internet stick?01:13
iPeter-Who is repeating?01:13
jonathanmillerI am not, but I wanted to01:13
ubottuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines01:13
calliopewas there a gnome version change from 8.04 to 8.10? can I go back to an earlier version of gnome using synaptic or something else?01:13
StikI demand answers pronto01:14
devincan anyone help me with a rogers rocket mobile internet stick?01:14
kansanquestion:  how do i a command so that on every startup it gets executed?01:14
iPeter-devin, We heard already, don't spam.01:14
devinsorry, I didn't think I was noticed01:14
Louisfu[h]ry:  sorry not to be a n00b or anything, but how exactly do i allow access?01:14
ubottuThere are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning01:14
ubottuTo replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude --disable-columns --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate01:14
iPeter-Damn, i assume no one ati user isnt here online now, gotta go to sleep.01:16
x-ip hi! i'm on ubuntu 8.10, followed this guide http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.2 and added deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-experimental/ubuntu intrepid main to my repositories but what packages should i install to get kde4.2Released ?01:16
david_hi all01:17
kansanquestion:  how do i a command so that on every startup it gets executed?01:17
_Vi_How would the info on !clone be any different really that of !aptoncd?01:17
david_Im having a problem getting my DLink wireless USB adapter to work, I dont know of any native support, and ndiswrapper is not working for me, I need a little assitance01:17
binarymutanthow can I highlight something on paste.ubuntu.com?01:18
iPeter-kansan, Go to System -> Perfences -> Sessions01:18
kansaniPeter-, cant, need to do it from command line01:18
Stroganoffx-ip do you have the old kde installed?01:18
shizumasa14does anyone know how I can connect IRC to yahoo messenger so I can talk with other friends?01:18
iPeter-oh, cant help you then, sorry.01:18
binarymutantshizumasa14, use bitlbee01:18
david_anyone good with usb wireless?01:18
x-ipStroganoff, nop01:19
devincan anyone help me with a rogers rocket mobile internet stick?01:19
kitcheshizumasa14: yep just do /connect im.bitlbee.org and type help to learn how to use it01:19
_Vi_!bum | kansan01:19
ubottukansan: Boot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto01:19
_Vi_one of those has to be cli ^^^^^^^^^^01:19
thomas1978chello, i have done several things to get audio on my new hp pavilion dv41220us and cant get audio. can anyone help me with this issue? i am a little confused.01:19
david_Hmmm anyone Bueller Bueller?01:19
jimi_hendrixto downgrade to 32-bit from 64-bit i need to reinstall, right?01:20
iPeter-thomas1978c, Do you have pulseaudio  installed?01:20
Stroganoffx-ip i'm hoping you followed the instruction precisely. now just install the metapackage: kubuntu-desktop01:20
_Vi_jimi_hendrix: yes01:20
thomas1978ci have removed pulseaudio once already01:20
iPeter-thomas1978c, what program you use to listen music?01:20
thomas1978cbut im new, and unsure01:20
david_I have an old Dlink usb wireless I just need help with Ndiswrapper01:20
iPeter-what programs you have tried to get audio out?01:20
x-ipStroganoff, ok, thanks :)01:21
thomas1978ci would like to use winamp via wine01:21
jimi_hendrixanyway i can save all my settings before reinstall (also, is there any advantage to 32-bit over 64-bit if i have 4GB of RAM (thats the max for 32-bit, correct?))01:21
binarymutantthomas1978c, audacious is just like winamp01:21
david_thomas1978c,  no winamp sucks01:21
iPeter-Cant help with it, never tried.01:21
david_audacious is the way to go01:21
david_or rythum box oops typo01:21
iPeter-audacious sucks too..01:21
thomas1978cwhatever, i just need to hear system sounds first off01:21
david_rythum works for me01:21
david_thats what i use01:21
binarymutantthomas1978c, what are you using?01:22
iPeter-I dont know yet what i should start to use, Audacious looks great but works crappy.01:22
x-ipStroganoff, i did a apt-cache show kdebase-plasma and said its vs Version: 4:4.1.2-0ubuntu401:22
thomas1978ci cant get audio with my hp laptop right now, so nothing01:22
david_Ok I need help with Ndiswrapper01:22
x-ipseems that in metapacka kubuntu-desktop still is the 4.101:22
iPeter-Amarok, is just amarok, so it sucks, rythmbox is ugly..01:22
thomas1978calsa is the sound program installed<linux noob01:22
david_rythum box is ugly01:22
binarymutantthomas1978c, try with audacious and change the sound output to ALSA01:22
david_but plays well01:22
Stroganoffx-ip did you run apt-get update?01:22
x-ipyes Stroganoff01:23
_Vi_!players | thomas1978c (theres a few more here...)01:23
ubottuthomas1978c (theres a few more here...): Audio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS2 (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs01:23
thomas1978ci have my sound output configured to alsa already01:23
david_NDISWRAPPER ANYONE? lol01:23
thomas1978caudacious supports ati sound drivers?01:23
thomas1978clinux recognizes my hardware01:23
iPeter-thomas1978c, Did sounds work on other operating system?01:23
shizumasa14how do I install bitlbee?  I downloaded it and extracted it to my desktop.01:23
cdeszaqHow can I have a bash command descend into all folders? Basicaly, what is the directory equivalent of *.[extension] ?01:23
iPeter-thomas1978c, What ati you got?01:23
binarymutantthomas1978c, make sure your player is using alsa as well01:23
thomas1978cyeah, vista came on this machine01:23
iPeter-thomas1978c, What ati you got?01:23
thomas1978cradeon hybrid01:24
shizumasa14how do I install bitlbee?  I downloaded it and extracted it to my desktop.01:24
iPeter-is it HD?01:24
thomas1978c2 gigs vid processing01:24
thomas1978cyes its hd01:24
jribshizumasa14: delete what you have download.  Use Synaptic01:24
chetnicki dont have anymore wine menu, when i click edit menus, cant find it there. How can i get it back?01:24
shizumasa14k.  thanks.01:24
thomas1978ci will attack gaming later01:24
Stroganoffx-ip maybe you forgot the "intrepid main" in your third party software repo line?01:24
thomas1978cright now i just want to be able to boot and get audio01:24
cdeszaqBasically, I am trying to get javac to descend into the package directory hierarchy01:25
david_ok I just need to get my wirless working folks and Ill stay and help with other issues01:25
shizumasa14how do I use synaptic for bitlbee?01:25
x-ipnop Stroganoff deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-experimental/ubuntu intrepid main01:25
thomas1978ci have pulseaudio device chooser open01:25
cbwcjwdavid_: You try this? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/Ndiswrapper01:25
x-ipas the documentation said01:25
iPeter-thomas1978c, Go to check out from bios is integrated soundcard on [auto] or [disabled] enable it if it is on auto or disabled01:25
thomas1978ci have, it is enabled01:26
asddoes anybody know the command to turn on a usb device01:26
shizumasa14how do I use synaptic for bitlbee?01:26
asdim trying to get my usb wireless working01:26
binarymutantthomas1978c, is your player using alsa?01:26
Stroganoffx-ip i don't unterstand then. ask in #kubuntu or #kde01:26
thomas1978ci think my problem stems from some other program ontop of alsa01:26
kitcheshizumasa14: you don't you, well you can but I just use their own servers01:26
x-ipthanks anyway Stroganoff :)01:26
thomas1978chow do i configure totem to use alsa?01:26
cbwcjwCan anybody help me out here, I dont get why it wont add the key :D01:26
x-ipi'll check tomorrow01:26
x-ipbye all :)01:26
shizumasa14How do I install it tho?  I am confused.01:26
iPeter-thomas1978c, So you dont hear system sounds?01:26
cbwcjwOh whoops, wrong channel. Sigh.01:26
x-iphave  a good night!01:27
thomas1978cno system sounds01:27
shizumasa14and how do I get on their servers for that matter01:27
david_cbwcjw, yes ofcourse and many others, the problem is if I give ndiswrapper the correct directoy and .inf file name it says invalid driver, but then I was reading that Ibex has native support for this, I go to the blacklist and its not there,  so Im confused, I just want to get ndiswrapper to use the driver I have, so I can run this crappy old usb wireless01:27
thomas1978c<brand new machine01:27
binarymutantshizumasa14, go System->Administration->Synaptic Package Manager01:27
grendal_primehey by the way i got that to work...x11vnc with compiz01:27
asdDoes anyone know the function key to turn on a usb wireless?01:27
grendal_primenext bit though..i cant see the mouse cursor. hmmm01:27
iPeter-Thats weird though.01:27
LouisI'm trying to enable the cups web interface across any machine on the local network... here's the cupsd.conf file:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/110612/01:28
Louiswhat am i missing?01:28
iPeter-anywayz, smoke and sleep, cu.01:28
david_asd network manager try there first01:28
cbwcjwdavid_: nevermind then :P sorry, ndiswrapper has worked in most situations ive had01:28
=== chaky_ is now known as chaky
david_cbwcjw, ok you give the command sudo ndiswrapper -i ~/directory/thenfilename.inf right?01:29
binarymutantthomas1978c, go System->Preferences->Sound01:29
thomas1978ci can get to pulse audio manager and stuff.....01:29
thomas1978cok system preferences sound, im there.01:29
binarymutantthomas1978c, what mixer are you using?01:30
thomas1978cty binary mutant01:30
thomas1978coh man how do i find out? im new to linux01:30
binarymutantthomas1978c, should say device: with a drop down box01:30
thomas1978ci have to learn this system.01:31
binarymutantyou want alsa01:31
jedimindlappyhow would i go about viewing details for my video card? memory, gpu speed, model, etc ?01:31
thomas1978cok, im in the dropdown01:31
thomas1978ceverything is set to alsa01:31
binarymutantthomas1978c, you want one with alsa in it01:31
LouisI'm trying to enable the cups web interface across any machine on the local network... here's the cupsd.conf file:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/110612/  what am I missing?01:31
phorensicjedimindlappy: i think u can get model by something like lspci | grep VGA01:31
thomas1978conly one?01:32
wolterif i use a virtualbox with a 32bit windows, will i be able to use my 4gb ram?01:32
carpiiis there a kde/gnome app which will show a list of choices (buttons, listbox etc), than i can script from bash for simple interaction?01:32
asdphorensic: Hey, do you know the command yet to turn my wireless card on LoL :)01:32
phorensicasd: is it a laptop or something?01:32
binarymutantthomas1978c, then click test01:32
asdnope desktop01:32
ussercarpii: something like zenity maybe?01:32
carpiithanks, ill check it out01:33
thomas1978ci have and it just keeps on testing and i get no sound01:33
phorensicasd: hmm lemme think01:33
thomas1978cdoes it take a while or something?01:33
asdphorensic: when I lsusb it's there, so it recognized it, but for somereason it wont turn on.01:33
binarymutantthomas1978c, do you have a speaker? It happens immediatly01:33
thomas1978ctesting pipeline....01:33
david_phoresnice I need help with a usb wireless older dlink adapter too if your have a moment01:33
thomas1978cyeah i have the speakers in this laptop01:33
jedimindlappyany easy way to check what RPM this harddrive is ?01:34
thomas1978cthey are on, volume is cranked01:34
binarymutantthomas1978c, open a terminal and pastebin the output from this command:  lsmod01:34
david_when I use lsusb mine is there01:34
phorensicasd: I can't remember the commands01:34
usserhow would i go about starting x server upon login on ubuntu server without installing gdm/kdm/xdm?01:35
thomas1978cthomas1978c@portablerepair:~$ lsmod01:35
thomas1978cModule                  Size  Used by01:35
thomas1978cipv6                  263972  1801:35
thomas1978caf_packet              25728  401:35
thomas1978cbinfmt_misc            16904  101:35
phorensicasd: do you see it in ifconfig?01:35
binarymutantthomas1978c, pastebin01:36
thomas1978copops* sorry everyone01:36
_Vi_any VI  Users, Vi/M got a security update just now O.o01:36
binarymutantthomas1978c, http://paste.ubuntu.com or pastebin.com01:36
_Vi_use ubuntu's if you can thomas1978c01:36
shiloh7has anyone usedcricket wireless as an isp?01:36
jiffe20for some reason I have been unable to open kdevelop after a while of runtime without rebooting, I run 'kdevelop --profile CandCppIDE' and it does nothing, I killed all the instances of kdevelop that were running from me trying to open from the menu, but no luck01:37
shizumasa14sorry for being so stupid but,  What do I need to do with bitlbee to be able to chat with yahoo contacts?01:37
jonathanmillerhow do I make links from the graphical area?01:37
thomas1978cok, i posted01:38
binarymutantthomas1978c, whats the url?01:38
kitcheshizumasa14: connect to it from your irc client and type help once connected and it tells you what you need first you need to add your yahoo account to root01:38
asdphorensic: i havent checked ifconfig01:38
shizumasa14how do I download and install it?01:38
asdphorensic: how do i go about doing that, just ifconfig in terminal?01:38
phorensicasd: if you see the device there try ifconfig <device> up01:39
asdok dokey01:39
phorensicasd: yes01:39
asdill give it a try01:39
ChousukeMy external USB hard drive is being used by Linux in USB1.1 mode, instead of full-speed 2.0 mode, rendering it utterly slow. What can I do to fix this?01:39
thomas1978ctyvm for your help binarymutant:)01:39
binarymutantthomas1978c, whats the sound card you have again? ati ?01:39
thomas1978cyes its a radeon series 3200 i think hd integrated01:40
sweetgumhello i have a major graphics problem, when i try to boot into ubuntu the screen is just "fubar" ubuntu has been working up until this morning, i really need to access my files does anyone have an y ideas about how to fix this, ive tried booting with fail safe mode and it doesnt work01:40
LouisI'm trying to enable the cups web interface across any machine on the local network... here's the cupsd.conf file:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/110612/  what am I missing?01:40
thomas1978cits their new card that feeds of of system ram for video01:40
thomas1978cnice card!01:41
thomas1978cmy sli system outperforms it and makes it look weetawded tho01:41
phorensicsweetgum: have you tried to reconfigure x01:41
sweetgumphorensic: yes, from the recovery menu?01:41
thomas1978ci just got this laptop yesterday01:42
sweetgumphorensic: the login screen works fine, after that it doesnt work01:42
thomas1978chad to dump microshaft at the curb01:42
LouisI'm trying to enable the cups web interface across any machine on the local network... here's the cupsd.conf file:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/110612/  what am I missing?01:42
phorensicsweetgum: from the console, sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg, then try to relog01:42
sweetgumphorensic: how can i access the console01:42
phorensicsweetgum: Hmm im not sure what would change between then01:43
carpiisystem -> Konsole01:43
binarymutantthomas1978c, run this command in a terminal:  cat /proc/asound/card0/codec#* | grep Codec01:43
sweetgumcarpii: i cant access the ubuntu menu, the graphics are messed up, only my login screen works01:43
sweetgumphorensic: at the login screen if i press ctrl alt f1 will it switch to console?01:43
carpiiok then after logging in, youre already in a console01:43
sweetgumcarpii: that way?01:44
carpiiyeah or use a different terminal using ALT FKEYS01:44
sweetgumalright brb01:44
phorensicsweetgum: ctrl-alt-f401:44
binarymutantwait nm01:44
thomas1978cCodec: IDT 92HD71B7X01:44
thomas1978cCodec: LSI ID 104001:44
thomas1978cwaiting happily and patiently;)01:45
phorensicsweetgum: ctrl-alt-f7 to return01:45
sweetgumphorensic: alright gonna try it01:45
thomas1978ci love that this vers of linux has vmware in it01:45
binarymutantthomas1978c, k, pastebin this command:  dmesg01:46
phorensicWould anyone like to give me a brief conceptualization of runlevels?01:46
binarymutantthomas1978c, I don't think I've ever seen a sound issue :/01:46
=== rachel is now known as Guest27446
carpiiphorensic, its the stages the OS goes through as its booting up. run level 3 is typically what its at when its booted. You can set tasks to start at various runlevels, to determine when they should be started/stopped01:47
thomas1978cbinary: http://pastebin.com/m7d4e8e7101:47
thomas1978cyeah, i kno01:47
thomas1978cthis is weird01:47
thomas1978ci have been an mcse for years01:48
thomas1978ci just started linux01:48
thomas1978cgetting the hang of things....01:48
Azazel-AZI am having trouble printing from open office in ubuntu01:48
phorensiccarpii: Thanks, so what would be an example of how this can be helpful in managing your system?01:48
thomas1978ci havent had a problem with anything other than sound yet01:48
Azazel-AZIs there anyone who can help trouble shoot a printing problem?01:49
thomas1978cand it is making me cranky01:49
=== chris4585-2 is now known as chris4585
thomas1978cabout to pick up some anti technology for a while like my 1947 harmony broadway archtop.01:50
thomas1978cthe guitar saves the computers life on the regular01:50
Enissayhow to get to the "Backgrounds and Emblems" options under intrepid please?01:50
phorensicthomas1978c: hahaha01:50
carpiihow to change firefox about:config so that hitting backspace is same as clicking Back button?01:50
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:50
Geoffrey2is there any straight forward way to move the /home folder to a different partition?01:50
david_quick question in gnome how can I add 4 desktops?01:50
Jack_SparrowGeoffrey2 yes01:51
Pascal[Quebec]david_ look the doc01:51
grindkingi just installed a geforce fx 5200, i try to install nvidia restricted drivers and when i click on activate it tries to download and install and then shows a blank box with a big MINUS icon and an ok button01:51
david_Pascal[Quebec],  ?01:51
_Vi_grindking: 5200 works great in 8.04 thats what i have :)01:51
Azazel-AZI need help printing in Ubuntu01:51
thomas1978chello phorensic, glad to meet you all here on this ubuntu chat forum!01:51
phorensicthomas1978c: likewise01:52
rafase282Hello, anyone can help me making up a script ?01:52
phorensicthomas1978c: Too bad about your audio issues .. i no nothing about that01:52
thomas1978cyeah, it has me puzzled01:52
jtaji!home | Geoffrey201:53
ubottuGeoffrey2: Your home folder is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home folder to a separate partition, please see: http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/separatehome01:53
thomas1978ci think i may have to load a different version, or ewwwww....go back to windows01:53
thomas1978ci refuse01:53
phorensicthomas1978c: yah dont do that, keep trying someone will know how to fixit01:53
thomas1978ci kno01:53
phorensicI actually use it every now and then and I run back to linux haha01:53
cdeszaq /join #eclipse01:53
thomas1978cim getting impatient though01:53
Jack_SparrowGeoffrey2  Do you already have the partition ready01:53
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=== Owner_ is now known as smmagic
thomas1978ci have been reading all day01:53
_Vi_Please try 8.04 LTS before rushing back to windows... :)01:53
thomas1978cand inserting text01:53
etix_hello all01:54
thomas1978cim not going back<you look scared>01:54
phorensicthomas1978c: does the audio work in the livecd?01:54
carpiiyeah i recommend 8.04 for anyone. 8.10 is a disaster IMO01:54
sweetgumphorensic: ive managed to enter the terminal and run that command, then when i try to login to a gnome session the screen is fubar01:54
_Vi_ty carpii i was trying to put it kindly ;)01:54
thomas1978ci am so impressed with this system that microsoft will never get another dollar from me01:54
phorensiccarpii: hmm I haven't had any issues with 8.1001:54
sweetgumphorensic: pressing ctrl alt f4 also casues the screen to go fubar01:54
binarymutantthomas1978c, k, add this line to /etc/modprobe.d/options  :    options snd-hda-intel probe_mask=101:54
thomas1978cno system sounds01:54
carpiiwell my main issue is that it removes kde 3.501:54
thomas1978calsa is enabled01:55
cbwcjwcarpii: no issues here. Oh. That one01:55
carpiiand kde 4.x is still very much an abortion01:55
Jack_Sparrowthomas1978c We have a different set of channels for chats and discussions01:55
thomas1978cthanks jack01:55
TheFunkbombWhen I enable UFW, sometimes I get this message from Gmail "Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete."01:55
phorensicsweetgum: hmmm this is after you installed video drivers or what?01:55
cbwcjwcarpii: im installing 4.2 now. Who knows eh?01:55
TheFunkbombHow do I fix that?01:55
ludditei have eclipse running in ubuntu and have a problem. when im at work on the intranet i use as the CVS repo. but i use a qualified domain thats cvs.ourdomain.com when im working at home.  I have to keep overwriting the work which sucks. is there a way i can get those two address to be used at once depending upon my location(work or home)?01:55
_Vi_I hear 4.2 rocks01:55
carpiiyeah maybe 4.2 is better, I havent tried it yet01:55
sweetgumphorensic: no nothing new has been done, it just randomly stopped working01:55
calliopehey there I had another crash. having just upgraded to 8.10 with nasty gnome problems, I need to revert back to 8.04. Would it work to change the sources.list to show HardHeron instead of Intrepid entries? and perhaps run it with apt-get isntead of graphically?01:55
carpiibut i just dont like the direction its heading in personally01:55
sweetgumphorensic: i had it working just fine before shutdown last night, teh thing is i didnt properly shut down i just closed my monitor (laptop)01:55
carpiiwith all the plasma crap01:55
binarymutantthomas1978c, I don't know if it will work, but it's worth a try01:55
ubottuAttempting to downgrade to an older Ubuntu version is explicitly not supported, and may break your system.01:55
grindking_vi_: wow, i had my network cable unplugged :D, that's why it wouldn't work01:55
Azazel-AZError during CUPS operation client error forbidden, any help?01:55
_Vi_cbwcjw: how do you get 4.2?01:56
cbwcjwvi+carpii: Ill tell you what I think, and yea I agree carpii. If it does work, im using the old-style desktop. Meh.01:56
sweetgumphorensic: is there a way to reinstall ubuntu and keep all my files?01:56
thomas1978cwether it does or not, tyvm binary01:56
cbwcjwvi: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.201:56
jtajiluddite: we have a pfsense router at work, and I just set it's dns server to resolve whatever.ourdomain.com to the proper internal IP01:56
etix_need help understanding how to make an ext3 drive i just created, seen in places.01:56
Jack_Sparrowsweetgum Yes if you created a separate /home partition it is very easy01:56
jtajiluddite: so it works inside or out with the domain name01:56
James_AHello, everyone01:56
sweetgumjack_sparrow: maybe you can help me out, m screen is fubar if i try to press ctrl alt f4 or attempt to login, all i can access is the login screen and the terminal, id like to try fixing this before i reinstall01:56
carpiii had to reinstall from scratch today after upgrading to 8.10. I didnt realise it removed the ability to run kde 3.5, so maybe im a bit biased right now :p01:56
ConstantineXVIsweetgum: you could try booting from a livecd and rm -rf'ing everything but /home, and reinstall from there.  no guarantees though01:57
thomas1978chow do i get to edc modprobe options?01:57
cbwcjwJames_A: Morning and welcome to #ubuntu01:57
_Vi_carpii: slackware is going KDE 4.*  next release :/01:57
D3RGPS31i cant ssh remotely to my linux box; it's on, it can be pinged, & it's not a firewall issue01:57
Jack_Sparrowsweetgum Did you try the nvidia 180 driver .. I am not suggesting you do, asking if you have01:57
calliopeoh i know a guy named jonathonmiller in asutralia I wonder if it is the same guy or not01:57
sweetgumJack_Sparrow: nope, never tried a driver other then the default configuration01:57
carpiiheh, my first linux distro was slackware01:57
sweetgumConstantineXVI: run a rm -rf for every folder but home?01:57
carpiiprolly the most difficult distro ive tried01:58
disappearednghow do I find out which version of ubuntu am I running?01:58
binarymutantwhats the gtk sudo thing everyone tells me about?01:58
sweetgumConstantineXVI: is that the literal command?01:58
James_AThanks, cbwcjw01:58
cbwcjwcarpii: Im 15, so I really wish I was alive for some of this stuff. My first thing was win 98 :(01:58
ludditejtaji : mmm- our router is not as good as that01:58
phorensicsweetgum: Jack_Sparrow is a wizzard so listen to what he tells you ;-)01:58
rafase282can anyone help me make a shell script?01:58
jtaji!gksu | binarymutant01:58
ubottubinarymutant: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)01:58
thomas1978cis that in the text editor or terminal?01:58
ludditeit results in a loopback issue01:58
binarymutantthomas1978c, gksu gedit /etc/modprobe.d/options01:58
Jack_Sparrowphorensic Thanks for the compliment, but I am winding down for the day01:58
ConstantineXVIsweetgum: yes, and make sure you've mounted your HD first.  and BE TOTALLY SURE WHAT YOU'RE DELETING before hitting enter01:58
D3RGPS31i cant ssh remotely to my linux box; it's on, it can be pinged, & it's not a firewall issue; what do i do >.>01:59
calliopehow can I downgrade from 8.10 to 8.04? I have this asus video card S3 something so I need to go back to 8.0401:59
sweetgumphorensic: im very much so listening :) just waiting for an answer01:59
phorensicdisappearedng: system - about ubuntu01:59
Jack_Sparrowrafase282 Join the right room  bash, python, java C  etc,01:59
=== Bllasae is now known as Bllasae-Away
carpiicalliope, you cant. I wouldnt even try personally01:59
_Vi_!away > Bllasae-Away01:59
ubottuBllasae-Away, please see my private message01:59
Jack_Sparrowsweetgum Do you have a usb or removeable drive to use as backup of /home so you can nuke the rest01:59
=== Guest73961 is now known as jackal
thomas1978cbinarymutant: # Enable double-buffering so gstreamer et. al. work02:00
thomas1978coptions quickcam compatible=202:00
thomas1978c# Default hostap to managed mode02:00
thomas1978coptions hostap_pci iw_mode=202:00
thomas1978coptions hostap_cs iw_mode=202:00
thomas1978c# Stop auto-association.02:00
FloodBot1thomas1978c: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:00
cbwcjwhey hey hey! 4.2 just finished. Restart time.02:00
etix_how can i get windows xp to see my drives on the local network02:00
Jack_Sparrow!paste > thomas1978c02:00
ubottuthomas1978c, please see my private message02:00
_Vi_good luck cbwcjw :)02:00
disappearednghey is there a way to upgrade my ubuntu from 8.04 to 8.10?02:00
ConstantineXVIsweetgum: yeah, a backup would be a Really Good Idea just in case02:00
binarymutantthomas1978c, you dont need to pastebin it02:00
=== jackal is now known as Guest38105
binarymutantthomas1978c, just add this line:02:00
calliopecarpii well perhaps I go to the shell to use apt-get to uninstall the gnome desktop and then install an early gnome desktop02:00
david_has anyone used the Windows wireless driver tool before?02:00
phorensicsweetgum: He says that you can copy your home folder and be pretty safe, there are some items that don't install there i think. I wish I knew a little more aboutlooking through the logs to see if your screens are crashing or whatever02:00
Jack_Sparrowdisappearedng yes, easy.. open synaptic and look top right for upgrade icon02:00
carpiidisappeared, run sudo apt-get update then sudo apt-get dist-upgrade02:00
ludditei have sda2-ext2 and sda5 - ext3. I want to combine them. can i?02:00
binarymutantthomas1978c, options snd-hda-intel probe_mask=102:00
cbwcjwdavid_: Yes.02:00
sweetgumJack_Sparrow: I do, how can i access these files, from the terminal?02:00
calliopecarpii  so perhaps install over top with a cd for 8.0402:01
Jack_Sparrowsweetgum livecd or from a terminal will work   but up to you02:01
_Vi_cbwcjw: i will wait for your results before trying 4.202:01
david_cbwcjw,  Ok I just added my driver it there and it said hardware found, but when I click configure netwrok it says it cannot02:01
disappearedngJack_Sparrow I don't see it02:01
cbwcjwdavid_: Restart after adding.02:01
carpiicalliope, maybe, although I dont know whether yu can install over top. I did it earlier today and ended up reformatting02:01
david_gotcha brb thank you02:01
thomas1978cok i added, now do i close?02:01
sweetgumJack_Sparrow: thakn you kind sir, off i go02:01
binarymutantthomas1978c, ya save and close02:01
Jack_Sparrownight   all02:02
binarymutantthomas1978c, then reboot and see if it worked02:02
Geoffrey2Jack_Sparrow, actually, what I'm trying to do is delete a number of partitions, including the /home partition, and then create new partitions, including a new /home partition02:02
thomas1978cis that it?02:02
carpiicalliope, backup your home dir, you may well be thankful you did :p02:02
D3RGPS31i cant ssh remotely to my linux box; it's on, it can be pinged, & it's not a firewall issue; what do i do02:02
James_Ado you have ssh enabled, D3RGPS31 ?02:02
thomas1978cok, ill be back, thanks binarymutant. sorry for flooding you all. i wont do that again. *02:02
_Vi_D3RGPS31: is it on a router?02:02
D3RGPS31James_A yes02:03
binarymutantthomas1978c, tell me if it worked02:03
thomas1978ci will02:03
thomas1978cgimme 2 minutes02:03
=== Guest38105 is now known as jackal
Geoffrey2and I missed him.....02:03
James_AIndeed, D3RGPS31 are you using a router?02:03
James_AIf so, is it properly configured for SSH traffic forwarding?02:04
D3RGPS31_Vi_: yes, but a test site can be seen remotely02:04
_Vi_routers are a necessary evil02:04
James_AWhat do you mean when you say a "test site can be seen remotely"?02:05
phorensiccarpii: Do you recommend having your home directory on a seperate partition?02:05
_Vi_yeah just cause you get a website test page "IT WORKS!" doesnt meant ssh will work02:05
carpiiyes phorensic02:05
D3RGPS31_Vi_: i,m typing on a dvorak keyboard, i'll be slow02:05
_Vi_no hurry D3RGPS3102:05
aquatone282Hi - anyone know where desktop wallpapers are stored?  I want to copy one from Xubuntu 8.0.4 to Ubuntu 8.0.4. . .02:06
carpiithen if you need to reinstall, you can fetch everything you need from the repos and keep your settings02:06
asdphorensic: didn't work.02:06
phorensiccarpii: So most packages you installed would be available to you if you mounted this on another system?02:06
carpiiwhat package provides nfs support in fstab ?02:06
D3RGPS31James_A: a site hosted on the computer02:06
Peddy #How do I install nvidia-glx-173 from apt without uninstalling xorg? I mean like this: http://pastebin.com/m549450a602:06
carpiiphorensic, yes,02:06
phorensicasd: did you see your device listed?02:06
carpiiphorensic, although on another system you might need to fetchthem again from the repo02:07
etix_how can i get windows xp to see my ext3 drive on the local network02:07
carpiietix, share it with samba02:07
phorensiccarpii: what about stuff such as mysql and phpmyadmin and such.. different??02:07
binarymutantPeddy, did you hit y ?02:07
James_AJust because you can access the computer via the HTTP protocol doesn't mean that SSH is forwarded correctly. Are you sure you've setup SSH forwarding D3RGPS31?02:07
carpiiphorensic, well im not sure mysql would keep its database in your home dir. You probably should have additional backup routines for those02:07
D3RGPS31James_A: no' but all ports are open02:08
etix_what is samba?02:08
phorensiccarpii: I see, if only I knew about this kind of thing02:08
etix_3rd party app?02:08
James_AOne moment, D3RGPS3102:08
=== elpinchazo is now known as Kanogeni
carpiiphorensic, well its just things you learn through trial and error i guess02:08
fluitfries_i added lines to my fstab for my ntfs device, but it's not auto mounting.  how can i mount it?02:09
carpiiphorensic, personally id always backup all files to another machine before reinstalling. you can guarantee youll forget something if you backup dirs and then format02:09
phorensiccarpii: I think a lot of it is being aware of things02:09
thomas1978cbinarymutant: still there?02:09
_Vi_D3RGPS31: i'd google "Shields Up!" and see if port 22 is open or not02:09
R0b0t1How do I add highlighting schemes to vim? The page tells me to put them in ~/.vim/colors, but that dir doesn't exists and It's giving me doubts.02:09
thomas1978cguess what?02:09
carpiir0b0t, just create the dir02:09
bartekHi there, I added a second user to my system using useradd but when I switch to that user (su username) the command line is all messed up, despite having the same .bashrc file, and things just seem .... off. Did I forget to do something else after adding the user? My main admin account doesnt have much modifications02:09
thomas1978cno sound still02:09
binarymutantthomas1978c, :(02:09
R0b0t1carpii: And do I invoke the .vim file with colorscheme NAME?02:10
_Vi_R0b0t1: you create the missing directory02:10
binarymutantthomas1978c, best thing to do would be file a bug report now sorry :/02:10
thomas1978ci think this machine is too new and doesnt have support yet02:10
phorensiccarpii: Of only there was a good way to clone your system, even better clone it so that you could install from that onto another computer and have the same setup02:10
thomas1978ci know, ugh02:10
asdIs there support on Ubuntu for wireless-n cards by linksys?02:10
_Vi_VIM also has /home/R0bot1/.vim/plugins  too R0b0t1 yo uhave to make it though02:10
linuxman410is there any thing new in 8.04 lts that was not in 8.0402:11
thomas1978ci came here because thats what i feared and now that ive had someone with linux skill give it a shot, i now know that im screwed.:(02:11
phorensiclinuxman410: no everything in 8.04 is the same as 8.0402:11
carpiiphorensic, yes i agree. there may well be a way, I dont know, but im not an expert02:11
thomas1978ci have 8.0102:11
carpiiid like to know if there was, too02:11
linuxman410just thought i would ask02:11
_Vi_there is no 8.01, you mean 8.1002:11
R0b0t1Is there a color-picking utility for Ubuntu?02:11
phorensiclinuxman410: 8.04=8.0402:12
thomas1978cdoes 8.04 have supprot for hps new line of laptops??? anyone?02:12
cbwcjwVi: I failed, I updated, just not to KDE 4.2. Installing THAT now.02:12
_Vi_cbwcjw: ok keep me posted,,,,ummmm im on 8.04 will that matter?02:12
thomas1978ci really would like to hear my new laptop. ;(sniff sniff...02:12
phorensiclinuxman410: did you really mean 8.04 and 8.10?02:12
cbwcjwvi: eek. Yea. The packages are for jaunty and intrepid only I think :(02:12
_Vi_i havent had time to read up on that site you gave me cbwcjw02:13
ubuntu__hey im having a problem, i have to use the command pci=nomsi for ubuntu to even run how to i enter that so i dont have to do it everytime?02:13
binarymutantthomas1978c, whats the model of that laptop just so I know?02:13
redvamp128thomas1978c:  what I probably try the live version of is !eee02:13
ubottuInformation about installing Ubuntu on an Asus EeePC can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EeePC02:13
=== Bllasae-Away is now known as Bllasae
asdthomas1978c: Did u go through the different audio options?02:13
_Vi_cbwcjw: ill put it in a Vbox! :)02:13
thomas1978cbinarymutant: its an hp pavilion dv4-1220us02:13
cbwcjw_Vi_: Haha! Ok.02:13
redvamp128thomas1978c:  though I think they changed the name to easy peasy -- try out the live version first.02:13
thomas1978cbinarymutant: of 8.0f02:14
ubuntu__does anyone know how to do it?02:14
redvamp128thomas1978c:  Yes I know it says Asus but they are trying to tailor the distribution to work well on all laptops.02:14
thomas1978caaasd: i am too unfamiliar with linux to know.02:14
bartekHow can I restrict a user account to only their home dir, and not be able to browse around anything else02:15
thomas1978cyes asus sucks, i know02:15
LouisI'm trying to enable the cups web interface across any machine on the local network... here's the cupsd.conf file:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/110612/  what am I missing?02:15
thomas1978ci have 2 sli boards of theirs that have failed because of defective bios02:15
ubuntu__anyone know what i need to edit so i dont have to run pci=nomsi everytime i want to run ubuntu?02:15
AspireI believe I have an issue with dbus/hal.  Anyone good at troubleshooting those issues? http://paste.ubuntu.com/110625/ for my .xsession-errors02:15
redvamp128thomas1978c:  the neat thing about ubuntu and most of all its variants is the ability to test the live version before install (That version is supposed to run most laptops)02:15
cbwcjwubuntu__: systems -> Preferences -> settings02:16
cbwcjwubuntu__: systems -> Preferences -> sessions ***02:16
Aspireubuntu__: that's a boot loader kernel option02:16
thomas1978credvamp: i did test it through vista first, everything worked fine02:16
ubuntu__im in the live cd now02:16
binarymutantthomas1978c, might be fixed in the next upgrade, but here's a link to what I'm seeing https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Gutsy_Intel_HD_Audio_Controller02:16
ubuntu__can i change the main filesystem02:16
KidforkExcuse me, ubuntu users, i have a quick partition question, i was wondering if A.I could allocate more HDD space to the partition in which Ubuntu is currently on?02:17
redvamp128thomas1978c:  here is the wiki about easy peasy -- Main Page - Easy Peasy wiki <http://www.ubuntu-eee.com/wiki/index.php5?title=Main_Page>02:17
thomas1978cbinarymutant: as you can see my model is not on that bug report list? any ideas?02:18
AspireKidfork: probably, you'll need to research resizing file systems and resizing partitions02:19
thomas1978credvamp: will i still be able to load programs like vmware and pcanywhere on that version using wine?02:19
binarymutantthomas1978c, you can add that model to the list :) Maybe try the work arounds on that page not sure.02:19
thomas1978cbinary: hahahahahha02:19
powertool08thomas1978c: Its the sound not working right? Have you tried booting a live cd? If the live cd picks up on it then its possible and start comparing configurations, if not I'd submit the bug reports, hit the mailing lists, and keep searching google with different keywords while you wait on responses.02:20
ubuntu__how would i edit the settings fro ma live cd to make ubuntu boot with the boot option pci=nomsi02:20
ChungwaGood evening! Anyone know an easy way (I'm a newbie to Ubuntu/Linux) to conver .aa files to .mp3? I have legally downloaded the aa file but the darn Audible Program will not recognize my MP3 player in Ubuntu (it will in Windows, but I want to be able to do what I want to do with my Ubuntu machine)02:20
thomas1978cpowertool: the live cd worked just fine.02:21
thomas1978ci have the pulseaudio outlet at the top of my screen02:21
Peddybinarymutant, pressing y uninstalls xserver-xorg.02:22
binarymutantthomas1978c, the live-cd had sound?02:22
thomas1978cyes it did02:22
thomas1978cthats why im so confused02:22
binarymutantthat changes everything02:22
powertool08thomas1978c: Then I'd boot into it, take notes on modules loaded and anything else related to audio which may be of use then compare to your settings.02:22
thomas1978cthis is killing me02:22
MikyMouseHi ALL02:22
BLACKthroatdoes anyone here use wbar?02:22
thomas1978cok, thats going to take a while02:22
thomas1978ci guess ill do it all again02:22
thomas1978cbut there has to be another option02:23
MikyMouseI am trying to install KDE in my Ubuntu laptop, and Synaptic is telling that it is necessary to uninstall Quanta, which I use for programming. Whay is this happening?02:23
cbwcjw_Vi_: Its done :D Restarting it now. Sorry if I miss you, im in #kubuntu as well x_x02:23
fluitfries_thomas1978c: my sound was muted by default after install.02:23
powertool08thomas1978c: Ya, but if the live cd has audio then its a configuration problem and not a lack of support problem.02:23
thomas1978cfluitfries: my volume is cranked,02:23
fluitfries_thomas1978c: just went into the mixer and played with the switches.02:23
fluitfries_thomas1978c: not volume, mute switches.  separate controls on the mixer bro.02:24
carpiican anyone help me mount a nfs share in fstab please....   http://pastie.org/37283802:24
powertool08thomas1978c: Also see if you can play sound with sudo, I'm currently working on a laptop that plays with root privileges but non-root users can't.02:24
thomas1978cpowertool: thats what im saying, im too much of a linux noob to know what im doing02:24
root______MikyMouse just continue with the install then reinstall quanta02:24
MikyMouseroot______, but is there any reason for this?02:24
binarymutantthomas1978c, pull up a terminal and do alsamixer, are there are [M] at the bottom?02:24
* IceGuest_75_ says bye to all02:25
thomas1978cpowertool:i know that pulseaudio is part of the problem02:25
pschulz01How do I turn off the terminal bell in ubuntu 8.10? (Its changed from 8.04)02:25
powertool08thomas1978c: Well I haven't had too many sound related issues so I probably can't help much.02:25
root______MikyMouse yes conflicting deps02:25
powertool08thomas1978c: Try removing it and use alsa?02:25
fluitfries_i use alsa on my audigy.02:25
fluitfries_ubuntu set it all up fine there was just one switch i had to hit in the mizer.02:26
thomas1978cbinary: this isnt much text, is it ok if i paste it on here?02:26
binarymutantthomas1978c, ?02:26
binarymutantthomas1978c, text for what?02:26
BLACKthroatpschulz01, are you talking about the system speaker?02:26
thomas1978cALSA lib pulse.c:272:(pulse_connect) PulseAudio: Unable to connect: Connection refused02:26
thomas1978calsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: Connection refused02:26
MikyMouseroot______, and what is the diference of installing KDE or starting from scratch with Kubuntu?02:26
aresnickHi!  I was wondering where the appropriate place to report a bug with deleting files off the desktop in Ubuntu is?  gnome-desktop[-environment], metacity?02:26
thomas1978cbinarymutant: see?02:26
WebcamWonderLogging into a ttyl, I get "You have new mail". What is the file that stores this info, so I can rm it?02:27
redvamp128!launchpad | aresnick:02:27
ubottuaresnick:: Launchpad is a collection of development services for Open Source projects. It's Ubuntu's bug tracker, and much more; see https://launchpad.net/02:27
root______MikyMouse kde and kubuntu-desktop are both meta packages that depend on a lot of packages (mostly kde stuff)  but their dependancies are quite different.02:27
pschulz01BLACKthroat: This is on a laptop.. but probably.. yes. It used to be in System->Sounds02:27
binarymutantthomas1978c, that was for alsamixer?02:27
redvamp128!launchpad | aresnick02:28
ubottuaresnick: Launchpad is a collection of development services for Open Source projects. It's Ubuntu's bug tracker, and much more; see https://launchpad.net/02:28
aresnickubottu: Yep, I meant more along the lines of which package on Launchpad.02:28
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:28
thomas1978cbinarymutant: yes.02:28
dmsusedoes anyone know how i would install ubuntu onto a raid 5 software raid (specifically grub) ?02:28
aresnickubottu: I see =)02:28
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about I see =)02:28
AspireIs anyone here technically skilled enough to assist with dbus/hal/networkmanager troubleshooting?02:28
Geoffrey2ok, if I want to save the contents of an entire partition to cd, what app would I want to use for that?02:28
root______MikyMouse the kde package will pull in all of the pure kde apps while the kub.*top file will pull in all the kubuntu specific packages but not all the kde stuff02:28
redvamp128aresnick:  though if you sign into launchpad you can post it in the main and also add keywords to your bug --02:28
Aspiredmsuse: you want to boot a software raid5?02:29
thomas1978cbinarymutant:ive tried using an exterior stereo headphone jack too. just to see if i had output02:29
ubuntuwhat is the command to create an ext4 filesystem?02:29
MikyMouseroot______, so am I doing well installing the KDE meta package?02:29
binarymutantthomas1978c, you said some pulseaudio thing running?02:29
thomas1978cbinarymutant: yes02:29
aresnickredvamp128: I see; OK, I was just posting the bug on launchpad and I realized I didn't know what the most appropriate package was.02:29
binarymutantthomas1978c, like an icon or something?02:29
aresnickrevamp128: Thanks!02:29
thomas1978cbinary: its an applet02:29
dmsuseAspire: well from searching google most people say that is not possible... so i was wondering if there was an alternative?02:29
root______MikyMouse that falls under the heading of "personal openion"   as for mine  yes.02:29
binarymutantthomas1978c, destroy it, kill it, quit it02:29
redvamp128aresnick:   Bugs in Ubuntu <https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu>02:30
base10k'ning all, Can anyone help me with scponly? I'm trying to use it to chroot scp/sftp users into their home directories but its inconsistent (sometimes it lets me login, other times it disconnects me immediately) http://paste.ubuntu.com/110629/02:30
binarymutantthomas1978c, then try02:30
MikyMouseroot______, ok, thanks02:30
thomas1978cok, i quit the applet02:30
thomas1978cnow what?02:30
binarymutanttry alsamixer again02:30
thomas1978cbinary: ok trying\02:30
redvamp128aresnick:  though one thing to note-- the site gets heavy traffic and at times will seem like it don't load -- but it does--02:30
binarymutantthomas1978c, same error?02:30
BLACKthroatpschulz01, i have been trying to figure that out as well. let me know if you do and i'll do the same02:30
pschulz01BLACKthroat: ;-) Ta.02:31
root______MikyMouse if you want the "kde" experance then install the "kde" meta package, if you want the "kubuntu" experance, then install the "kubuntu-desktop" package.   it's really just personal likes and dislikes02:31
thomas1978cbinary: it says the same in the terminal as last time02:31
MikyMouseroot______, ok02:31
binarymutantthomas1978c, k, pastebin the output from this command:    ps aux02:32
pschulz01BLACKthroat: ..also.. when opening the 'Volume Control' there is the chiose of several different devices.. what does this mean? Are they independend or work together some way?02:32
thomas1978cbinary: ok02:32
LouisDoes anybody know how to get access to the cups web interface from a computer other thhan the localhost?02:33
root______Louis browser http://ip.of.remote.host:63102:34
root______Louis of course cups has to be listenint on that box and the port can't be blocked02:34
Louisroot______   right.  I'm trying to do this via the local netowrk, but the cupsd.conf file isn't allowing it.  I don't know which parameter to change02:35
root______Louis ummm i think there is a #cupsys or #cups channel here on freenode02:36
root______i haven't messed with cups in a while.02:36
Louisroot______   yeah not much help there, but thanks02:36
Louison #cups i mean02:36
=== doppler_ is now known as dopplerdeffect
thomas1978cbinarymutant: getting up for a second, brb02:36
root______yeah patience is a must there, #alsa and #kernel  also.02:37
=== mentar is now known as outoflaw
cbwcjwVi: You there?02:38
thomas1978cbinarymutant: im back02:38
prahal_hi . On ubuntu hard /var/tmp is 1755 instead of 1777 !02:39
prahal_this breaks cups-pdf02:39
root______prahal_ it should be 177702:40
shizumasa14I need help with bitlbee.02:40
binarymutantthomas1978c, idk02:40
shizumasa14How do I download and install it, and how do I use it with XChat?02:40
binarymutantthomas1978c, if you search pulse in synaptic what do you have installed?02:40
prahal_root______, it should or did you experimented it to be 1777 ? this is a kind of fresh install (no source installed application on it , only a month old)02:41
binarymutantthomas1978c, is pulseaudio installed?02:41
thomas1978cbinarymutant: looking for synaptic.02:42
binarymutantthomas1978c, System->Administration->Synaptic Package Manager02:42
root______prahal_ i mean proper perms is 1777 i dont have hardy, still dapper here.02:42
mysteryпривет народ!02:42
ubottuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke02:42
scienteswhat ubuntu kernels support ext4?02:42
ubuntu_is_dabestis there a stream video server for linux?02:43
scientesubuntu_is_dabest, vlc02:43
carpiired5 is a streaming server02:43
prahal_root______, then I bet if you upgrade it won't change the permission . You are safe02:43
ubuntu_is_dabestok :) thanks02:43
root______prahal_ probably right.02:43
thomas1978cbinarymutant: i was alreaady there, theres a bunch of stuff coming up when i searched for pulseaudio02:43
root______pro-bob-ably correct i say, i say.02:44
shizumasa14I have bitlbee downloaded so what do I do now to use it?02:44
binarymutantthomas1978c, is pulseaudio installed? I would say remove it if it is02:44
binarymutantshizumasa14, did you configure it?02:44
shizumasa14no, how do I configure it?02:44
thomas1978ci just marked it for complete removal02:44
root______did you unpack it02:44
shizumasa14binarymutant, how do I configure it?02:45
ortsvorsteher!info bitlbee02:45
ubottubitlbee (source: bitlbee): An IRC to other chat networks gateway. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.2.3-1 (intrepid), package size 322 kB, installed size 796 kB02:45
thomas1978cbinarymutant: do i remove all ?02:45
binarymutantthomas1978c, just pulseaudio02:45
russ5811hi all, I'm having a problem getting my built-in mic to work on my laptop. It won't work for skype and I can't figure out how to tweak the setting02:45
binarymutantthomas1978c, and apply or what not02:45
binarymutantshizumasa14, gksu gedit /etc/bitlbee.conf        I think02:45
russ5811not skype settings, but volume control panel settings02:46
root______!skype > russ581102:46
ubotturuss5811, please see my private message02:46
shizumasa14binarymutant, what do I go to to enter that?02:46
outoflawHow does Gnome draw pixels on screen? Is Cairo used for that or is it OpenGL?02:46
thomas1978cbinarymutant: pulseaudio going byebye02:46
devincan someone help me with a broadcom card?02:46
dportHey, does Ubuntu come with a partition creator?02:46
root______russ5811 oh.   (alt+f2) run  alsamixer02:46
binarymutantshizumasa14, in a terminal Applications->Accessories->Terminal02:46
thomas1978cbinarymutant: changes applied.02:46
dportI'm trying to duel boot and I installed ubuntu first rather than XP02:46
thomas1978cbinarymutant: now what?02:47
root______dport cfdisk02:47
binarymutantthomas1978c, k, if you do alsamixer now, what does it say? same error?02:47
root______dport or gparted02:47
thomas1978cbinarymutant: connectionfailed02:48
russ5811root, i have volume control open, I have everything checked. and off mute. still no dice. ??02:48
devincan someone help me with a broadcom card?02:48
alff21where it the repos?02:48
shizumasa14binarymutant, after  typing that, what do I do?02:48
thomas1978cbinarymutant: same error02:48
redvamp128dport:  How to dual boot Linux and Windows XP (Linux installed first) -- the step-by-step guide with screenshots <http://apcmag.com/how_to_dual_boot_linux_and_windows_xp_linux_installed_first.htm>02:48
root______russ5811 volume up ?   mic boost off ?02:49
binarymutantthomas1978c, do this in a terminal:  sudo /etc/init.d/alsa-utils restart02:49
binarymutantshizumasa14, did it pull up a text editor?02:49
russ5811volume up, "front mic boost all down, but not muted.02:49
root______russ5811 mic selected as input device ?02:49
shizumasa14no.  hang on.  let me try again.  When it does what do I do.02:49
russ5811input source: mic02:49
devincan someone help me with a broadcom card?02:50
binarymutantshizumasa14, you can pastebin it or wait for me to install it02:50
thomas1978cbinarymutant: shutting down, starting up.02:50
binarymutantthomas1978c, I guess one last try, do alsamixer02:50
root______russ5811 raise boost until you can hear it ?02:50
=== austinalvis is now known as Elite
thomas1978cbinarymutant; said ok, ok02:50
russ5811ok...i'll give it a shot and let you know. thanks02:50
thomas1978cbinarymutant: no love;(02:50
binarymutantthomas1978c, :(   I'm so glad I've never had a sound problem02:51
thomas1978cbinarymutant: thanks for spending all this time to no avail02:51
shizumasa14binarymutant, I'm confused.  I hate the text document opened now after typing it.  What do I do?02:51
shizumasa14binarymutant, I ment that I have the text document opened.  not hate.  Sorry02:52
binarymutantshizumasa14, :)02:52
binarymutantshizumasa14, did it work? I think I gave you the wrong file name02:52
thomas1978cbinarymutant: i think im going to officemax and trading this one in for something that takes linux with sound.02:52
root______russ5811 iirc. the controls are a little misleading, in that, mic boost or powered (which ever it says) means that if that is "on" it expects the mic to have it's own power amp.  quite backwards to what one might think.02:52
binarymutantthomas1978c, :/ sorry02:53
thomas1978cill see if i can find some kind of fix02:53
Droopsta915whats the command to get the ms fonts?02:53
shizumasa14binarymutant, well it opened at text document called:  bitlbee.conf (/etc) - gedit02:53
thomas1978cbinarymutant: im going to give it up for the night02:53
root______russ5811 i.e. turning mic boost off may make it more sensitive02:53
thomas1978cbefore i go: does anyone know aof a version of linux that will be supported on my laptop?02:54
binarymutantshizumasa14, copy and paste everything into http://paste.ubuntu.com02:54
binarymutantthomas1978c, it might be fixed in a newer kernel02:54
root______russ5811 ah and "capture" up ?02:54
binarymutantthomas1978c, so if your on a LTS I would upgrade to the newest02:55
thomas1978cbinarymutant: im currently on 8.01, is 8.04 out  ??02:55
binarymutantthomas1978c, I dunno whats the name of it? Ibex?02:55
thomas1978cin talking about ubuntu02:55
binarymutantthomas1978c, hardy?02:55
thomas1978cBinarymuthnt: whats hardy?02:55
root______russ5811 just revisited alsamixer and yes mic boost needs to be off/muted if you don't have an amplified mic02:56
shizumasa14binarymutant, This is what I got:02:56
binarymutantshizumasa14, copy and paste everything into http://paste.ubuntu.com02:56
thomas1978cbinarymutant: what is hardy?02:56
shizumasa14Okay, once I do that then what?02:57
khaled#join #perl02:57
binarymutantthomas1978c, nm there's going to be a upgrade soon to ubuntu, you could try that. They name the versions like 8.10 Ibex and 8.04 Hady, etc02:57
root______thomas1978c honeysuckel is hardy    so is prickly pair02:57
binarymutantshizumasa14, give me the url link to it so I can see02:58
devincan someone help me with a broadcom card?02:58
root______!hardy > thomas1978c02:58
ubottuthomas1978c, please see my private message02:58
binarymutantshizumasa14, and i'll edit it and give you a link to the updated version02:58
shizumasa14binarymutant, Okay, thanks02:58
quik___hey folks02:58
binarymutantshizumasa14, lol02:58
thomas1978cbinarymutant: thanks, im using 8.01 now, i guess im off to download and insall 8.0402:59
quik___how can I set the username of my user so that cron output is delivered to it?02:59
bobbyygI have connected to XP machine on my network..........how do I find the printer02:59
shizumasa14binarymutant, what?02:59
thomas1978cty ubottu02:59
binarymutantshizumasa14, gksu gedit /etc/bitlbee/bitlbee.conf02:59
binarymutantshizumasa14, do that in a terminal and hit enter02:59
thomas1978cgoodnight all.02:59
binarymutantsorry thomas1978c02:59
root______quik___ ?   you can have things that are running via cron to output to tty002:59
thomas1978cwin lose some....03:00
fluitfries_arg, why can't i authenticate on network shares that i set up with system > shared folders ?03:00
fluitfries_tried both nfs and smb03:00
quik___root______: I want it emailed to me03:00
asddoes anyone know how to turn on a linksys wireless-n usb wireless card?03:00
root______quik___ ah,  i think there is a setting for that.    umm in it's configs03:00
etix_how do i get samba to add a drive?03:00
etix_ie i have a secondary drive scsi1 (0,1,0) SDB ext3 but I don't know how to tell samba the path03:02
shizumasa14binarymutant, http://paste.ubuntu.com/11064003:02
thomas1978cbinarymutant: i came back because when closing out, i noticed in synaptic that theres a lot of pulseaudio stuff still there.03:03
dmsuseetix_: in /etc/samba/smb.conf i think03:03
=== dzup is now known as dzup-beback
etix_do i type that in a terminal?03:03
russ5811root, the problem is fixed! thank you03:03
binarymutantthomas1978c, yeah the libraries are okay I just trying to get alsamixer to connect to the alsa server, but if it didn't work, it didn't work03:04
Aspiredmsuse: I'm back.  Your boot device is usually managed by grub or lilo.  These do not support reading linux software raid devices.  However, you can use a usb boot stick or similar to get into an early boot environment that ubuntu could use to start up the software raid 5 and finish booting.  Essentially its a similar problem to the encrypted root partition03:04
linuxman410asd what is model03:04
root______russ5811 welcome03:04
redvamp128binarymutant:  pm?03:04
thomas1978cbinarymutant: not libraries03:04
dmsuseAspire: thanks03:04
binarymutantthomas1978c, like what?03:05
root______quik___ i'm not seeing it right now.     the anacron docs might list a way....   i remember vaguely seeing something about that some place in a config file in /etc   i think...03:05
redvamp128binarymutant:  Private message?03:05
Aspiredmsuse: you're welcome, feel free to direct any specific questions at me and I can help you more03:05
root______but alas it escapes me03:05
binarymutantredvamp128, sure03:06
vermontI want to delete Cairo-Dock, but I can't find it anywhere except in usr/bin, which I can't access because I'm not the owner.03:06
quik___thanks root______03:06
laughyn1nj4i want to be using bitchx right now....but i can only use pidgin03:06
binarymutantshizumasa14, you see in that file where it talks about passwords? Your going to want to change those. I would change them for you, but I would know the pass :)03:06
thomas1978cbinarymutant: modules , pulseaudio utils, gstreamer03:06
root______quik___ i'll look some more in a few minutes if you don't find it first,  have to run an errend03:06
shizumasa14I'll give you the password.  it is 15281561.03:07
laughyn1nj4tried apt-get install bitchx   ... to no avail03:07
shizumasa14binarymutant, the password is 1528156103:07
root______laughyn1nj4 epic*03:07
binarymutantshizumasa14, lol, no03:07
linux_guywhat should I do (other than restart) when my wireless doesn't work on startup?  I have two threads on the forum too about this.03:07
binarymutantshizumasa14, having bitlbee installed and giving out the password is a very bad idea03:07
root______laughyn1nj4 bx is again epic   may be called epic2 so i included the *03:07
shizumasa14binarymutant,  what do I change then?03:07
jrib!bitchx | laughyn1nj403:07
ubottulaughyn1nj4: A list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines03:07
fluitfries_what's the best gui for network shares?  particularly smb on Xfce.03:08
jriblinux_guy: bitchx isn't in the repositories any more (see the debian bug about it).  Use irssi or weechat which are similar03:08
binarymutantshizumasa14, you see where it says ## OperPassword   ?03:08
Doonzhey guys im having problem with "screen" in my shll03:08
root______jrib "epic"03:08
linux_guyjrib, you meant laughyn1nj403:09
Doonzi think bash is broken within shell03:09
jriblinux_guy: yeah :/03:09
jriblaughyn1nj4: bitchx isn't in the repositories any more (see the debian bug about it).  Use irssi or weechat which are similar03:09
binarymutantshizumasa14, you see where it says # OperPassword = ChangeMe!    ?03:09
Doonziv tried uninstalling and reinstalling screen but the problem persists03:09
binarymutantshizumasa14, change it to:        OperPassword = ChangeMe!03:09
binarymutantshizumasa14, that makes your password ChangeMe!,  and you really do need to change it03:10
thomas1978cthomas1978c: binarymutant: modules , pulseaudio utils, gstreamer03:10
ubottuFor discussion on Microsoft Windows, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents03:10
ubottuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot03:10
shizumasa14okay, thanks.  So just remove the # symbol?03:10
linux_guyif network manager shows no networks available... but there really are.... is that a driver problem?03:10
binarymutantshizumasa14, ya03:10
binarymutantshizumasa14, and change the password03:10
binarymutantshizumasa14, then start it by doing this in a terminal:   /etc/init.d/bitlbee start03:11
shizumasa14k,  thaks03:11
laughyn1nj4so no bitchx ... K03:11
letalishas there even been an update to BitchX in years?03:11
shizumasa14http://paste.ubuntu.com/110643             I fixed that.  Now what do I do03:12
binarymutantthomas1978c, can you give me the exact names?03:12
thomas1978cbinarymutant: yes03:12
binarymutantshizumasa14, then start it by doing this in a terminal:   /etc/init.d/bitlbee start03:12
TheFunkbombdoes UFW block cookies?03:13
shizumasa14okay, but how do I save the new thing and change the password?03:13
thomas1978cbinarymutant, do yo uwant any that begin with the characters "lib"03:13
binarymutantthomas1978c, nope03:13
binarymutantshizumasa14, there is a button that says save, and your supposed to change the ChangeMe! to whatever you want your password to be03:14
binarymutantshizumasa14, by typing it in03:14
shizumasa14okay, thanks03:14
linux_guyif network manager shows no networks available... but there really are.... is that a driver problem?03:15
dazvidHas anyone had success using the x-fi beta drivers with kernel 2.6.7 ?03:15
shizumasa14sorry for being so stupid about ubuntu.  I just got it 2 days ago.  lol03:15
tsuna27did any1 here try epidermis03:15
carpiidazvid, not me03:15
carpiii ended up getting so sick of the whole mess of X_Fi i went and bought a basic soundblaster03:15
carpiino trouble since03:15
linux_guylol epidermis?03:15
carpiithe irony is, I then noticed i had an onboard sound device :p03:15
laughyn1nj4anybody know anything about openoffice?  wondering if one can install just the word-processor, and spreadsheet ... leave the rest uninstalled  this possible?03:15
carpiiyes, its possible03:16
tritiumlaughyn1nj4: they're all installed by default, so it would involve uninstalling, not intsalling.  It is possible.03:16
dazvidcarpii, i have onboard sound, but I prefer using my soundcard. Unfortunate I guess03:16
shizumasa14when trying to open it, I get an error message03:16
tsuna27linux_guy: yes it is a one-click app that changed the "skin" of your comp03:16
carpiiyeah onboard sound is a bit sucky anyway03:16
solexiousHow can I install a .deb from the commandline?03:16
carpiibut better than no sound i guess :p03:16
binarymutantsolexious, sudo dpkg -i03:16
tritiumsolexious: sudo dpkg -i <file.deb>03:16
linux_guytsuna27, haha funny name03:16
carpiisolexious, use dpkg03:16
ProseI mounted a hdd and when I  cd into it and use 'ls' it lists nada but 'du' says 20GB are used03:16
binarymutantoh crap brb gtg03:16
solexiousty all03:16
fluitfries_any suggestions on a samba gui?03:17
carpiiProse, try ls -a ?03:17
linux_guywhy is my network issue 'the impossible question?'  two weeks on the forum and no luck in #ubuntu.... is it THAT complicated?03:17
bobbyygNeed help getting to network printer03:17
Prosecarpii: ls -la03:17
Prosetotal 803:17
Prosedrwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 2009-01-27 22:15 .03:17
Prosedrwxr-xr-x 6 root root 4096 2009-01-27 22:08 ..03:17
FloodBot3Prose: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:17
WebcamWonderlinux_guy: Are you talking about wireless?03:17
PB_G3I'VE GOT a Lucent Technologies ORiNOCO Silver 802.11b card, and If I have it plugged in at startup I go to tty1 seing this: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/110644/03:18
Prosesorry FloodBot3, you're always here to remind me of ymy sins, thanks you03:18
jetsaredimif I don't care about keeping it boot-able, what is the easiest way to squeeze down an old Windows install to make way for Linux03:18
carpiiProse, i had a similar problem on one of my servers03:18
linux_guyWebcamWonder, yessir03:18
carpiiit was due to a process that had been killed while it still had a file open03:18
jetsaredimI just need to keep the Windows install around with the data, don't need it to be bootable03:18
linux_guyWebcamWonder, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=6540617#post654061703:18
Prosecarpii: me also server problem ugh ugh03:18
carpiiis it a mysql file by any chance ?03:18
WebcamWonderlinux_guy: sudo iwlist <device_name> scan; to list all the netwrosk03:18
Prosecarpii: we also process killed! ugh ugh! timevault!03:18
Prosecarpii: noooo03:19
carpiiok, try restarting whatever service you killed, maybe itll fix itself03:19
alien_guys, I got a problem, lets say I start FireFox and then I minimize it and instead of it going to taskbar it dissapears, I can get back to it by alt+tab, but no single program goes to the taskbar when minimized, how do I fix this?03:19
carpiithe space isnt being used, it just thinks it is03:19
linux_guyWebcamWonder, what is my <device name?>03:19
Prosecarpii: nah, I apt-get remove it's buttom03:19
root______!gparted > jetsaredim03:19
ubottujetsaredim, please see my private message03:19
WebcamWonderlinux_guy: usually wlan0, or ath0, depending on your card and drivers03:19
ubottuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke03:19
ubottuThe #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat03:20
linux_guyWebcamWonder, wlan0 is mine03:20
prahal_hi could anyone help me check a bug is reproducible before I submit a bug request ? http://www.ubuntu.com/community/participate in firefox 3 File>"print preview" I have http://prahal.homelinux.net/~prahal/ff3.0.5print.png grey lines around the logo and such .03:20
laughyn1nj4firefox ssometimes does not shut down correctly.  like it's been hours since i've had firefox up, but when i try to fire it up ubuntu reports that it's still running... wtf03:20
thomas1978cbinarymutant: pulseaudio-utils, pulseaudio-module-gconf-dbg, pulseaudio-module-lirc-dgb, puilseaudio-module-x11-dbg, pulseaudio-module-hal-dgb, pulseaudio-module gconf, pulseaudio-module-zeroconf, pulseaudio-module-hal, pulseaudio-module-lirc, pulseaudio-module-x11, pulseaudio-module-zeroconf-d, pulseaudio-utils-dbg, gstreamer0.10-pulseaudio, audacious-plugins-extra. thats all of em.03:20
=== dzup-beback is now known as dzup
jetsaredimroot______: thanks03:20
carpiilaughy, ps aux | grep firefox03:20
WebcamWonderlinux_guy: Can you see any networks with that command?03:20
prahal_laughyn1nj4, first thing to check is that there are no very small window left (via alt+tab)03:21
linux_guyWebcamWonder, while experiencing the problem, wlan0 isn't even listed03:21
WebcamWonderlinux_guy: Ahh, I see. So, that is a problem with drivers not loading up properly03:21
WebcamWonderlinux_guy: Do you have the b43-fwcutter?03:21
laughyn1nj4carpii ... ok i did that and got some output03:21
Sylphidlinux_guy, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=95945103:21
=== justin_ is now known as jsmith
redvamp128laughyn1nj4:  easy way it through -- system -- administration then system monitor and find firefox in that -- and kill the process03:22
carpiiok find the PID (usually a 5 digit number), and do  kill -9 <pid>03:22
=== jsmith is now known as chicken
laughyn1nj4redvamp128 ... but i don't want to do that ... it should shut down03:22
carpiior maybe just try killall firefox03:22
WebcamWondercarpii: pgrep03:22
StarheroIs there any reason I haven't heard of that doesn't let the noticiation sounds in gnome to work?03:22
redvamp128laughyn1nj4:  sometimes for example when you clear private data the process goes to sleep instead of terminating...03:22
StarheroThe only working ones are startup logon shutdown/logout03:22
carpiiWecam: nice, I didnt know that03:23
bobbyygAlien, I had same problem.  click on the top panel and "add panel" it should go to the bottom of the screen03:23
linux_guyWebcamWonder, how can i check for b43-fwcutter?03:23
WebcamWondercarpii: For making life even easier, kill -9 `pgrep <app_name>` :)03:23
linux_guyWebcamWonder, to see if i use that?03:23
ATAThi everyone03:23
alien_bobbyyg, thats what I did, but it doesnt solve the problem03:23
laughyn1nj4redvamp128: seems a bit unsecure to me ... not being able to clear private data03:23
oculusi used wubi to install xubuntu, where do i access my home folder if i am in windows?03:23
ATATi installed compiz but when i reun command compiz --replace in terminal i got error message on xgl not present what should i do?03:23
thomas1978cbinarymutant: still there?03:23
jtajiwebcamguy: I like 'killall <app_name>' ;)03:24
WebcamWonderlinux_guy: Hold up, I think you are using them from your lshw otuput, let me check03:24
root______WebcamWonder & carpii also "/bin/pidof"   pidof bash03:24
Starhero2 problems in ubuntu I am still havine that i can't make sense of, flashing of the desktop(more like the whole xserver) and the notification sounds.03:24
carpiiroot, nice :)03:25
=== PB_G3 is now known as AT
bobbyygAlien,  Did you get a new panel at the bottom if so right click on the new panel - add to panel - window list03:25
AspireCan I get any assistance with a general failure of hal/dbus from anyone here?03:25
redvamp128laughyn1nj4:  Actually no insecure there-- just that for me sometimes hangs firefox (and I have reported that bug already to Bugzilla)03:25
alien_bobbyyg, , let me try03:25
oculus i used wubi to install xubuntu, where do i access my home folder if i am in windows?03:25
laughyn1nj4redvamp : m'kay03:25
=== AT is now known as PB_G3
WebcamWonderlinux_guy: Yeah, you are using the b43-fwcutter firmware03:26
redvamp128laughyn1nj4:  that is when it hangs for me-- and the bug has been confirmed though with hours of websufing and a lot of flash sites.03:26
WebcamWonderlinux_guy: So, the only thing I can think of is to reload the module when that happens03:26
WebcamWonderroot______: my pgrep is better than your pidof :P03:26
redvamp128laughyn1nj4:  though after you kill firefox and restart it -- it will ask you to clear again and then the resume prompt --- (that is if you have it setup to clear private data upon shutdown.)03:27
linux_guyWebcamWonder, how can i reload the module?  is there a terminal command i can run to jumpstart the wireless?03:27
ATATshould i download xgl? then03:27
laughyn1nj4yea... just a bit clunky.  no biggie.  it's nice to be using linux again03:27
alien_bobbyyg, works! thanks!03:28
WebcamWonderlinux_guy: I believe the link from Sylphid had the commands, wait03:28
root______WebcamWonder depends on how you want to use it i guess.     maybe pico is better than emacs    idk03:28
bobbyygalien, yur welcome........do you now how to attach network printers or are you a newbie like me03:29
laughyn1nj4* is now hoping for a nice slim install for an old laptop!03:29
* werdnum wonders what else WebcamWonder does on IRC.03:29
oculusdont want to flood am i asking my question in the right channel?03:29
WebcamWonderroot______: Arghh... re-read that line in a nagging high school girl's voice :P03:29
NecrosanI like to kick it with friends, fam, listen to music, draw, sleep, sex, watch porno, play games, watch stand up comedy, and please others.03:30
Necrosanmy bad.03:30
WebcamWonderGuys, what is the command to reload the b43 module? Please forward it to linux_guy :)03:30
tritiumNecrosan: please, not here.03:30
tritiumWebcamWonder: modprobe to load modules03:31
LinEwbie:) :) :) Hello (: (: (:03:31
kaimerraCan anyone help me change my libata driver from ata_piix to ahci?03:31
redvamp128WebcamWonder: sudo modprobe ***** - Loads the kernel module **** .  (Example usage - sudo modprobe ndiswrapper, sudo modprobe r818x, sudo modprobe ath_pci)03:31
redvamp128sudo modprobe -r **** - Unloades the kernel module ****.  (Example usage - sudo modprobe -r ndiswrapper)03:31
LinEwbieI'm so happy! :)03:31
ryanpriorI want to run an application and restrict it to just one of my CPU cores. How do I do that?03:31
linux_guytritium, sudo modprobe b43-fwcutter?03:31
alien_bobbyyg, im too green sorry03:31
tritiumlinux_guy: if that's the module name, yes03:31
[kEvn]Ubuntu 8.10 flash plugin enabled but not functioning03:32
[kEvn]  I'm able to view the page without errors (say Youtube.com/ video_suchandsuch) but it will display as though the <div> containing the flash object has been collapsed03:32
Sylphidlinux_guy, modprobe -r b43 && modprobe b4303:32
WebcamWonderlinux_guy: It is just b43 IIRC03:32
redvamp128linux_guy:  found on this page How To: Manual Network Configuration without the need for Network Manager - Ubuntu Forums <http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=684495>03:32
root______redvamp128 modprobe -r doesn't unload anything in use by other modules though03:32
WebcamWonderlinux_guy: Sylphid: Yuyp, that should do it03:32
oculus i used wubi to install xubuntu, where do i access my home folder if i am in windows?03:32
redvamp128root______:  I think what is missing is the **** (module name)03:32
LinEwbieDo you know what? I've got installed Ubuntu 8.10 LiveCD (with USB Creator from CD) and I linked it with Hiren's Boot CD recovery tools :))) Now this two things I can boot from pendrive! :) :) :)03:33
un_davecan someone tell me if it is possible to have my laptop wake up automatically from a suspend, so it can hibernate?03:33
root______redvamp128 "nameS" ?03:33
Aspireun_dave: can you externally ping it?03:34
redvamp128root______:  at the bottom of this page is where I got those commands from (useful commands) How To: Manual Network Configuration without the need for Network Manager - Ubuntu Forums <http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=684495>03:34
FloodBot3mystery: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:34
linux_guySylphid, what is the purpose of && (out of curiosity)03:34
un_daveAspire: not nessisarily no.03:35
WebcamWonderlinux_guy: It executes the first command, and then the second command, if and only if the first command executed properly03:35
mysteryлюди помогите решить проблему03:35
jef_buntuI am presently setting up a dhcp client and i was wondering if the "#" at begining of lines in the dhcpd.conf mean comments ?03:35
Sylphidlinux_guy, && signifies that the following command will only run if the previous completed successfuly03:35
WebcamWonderjef_buntu: Yes03:35
redvamp128!ru | mystery03:35
werdnumjef_buntu: usually they do, yeah03:35
ubottumystery: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke03:35
* Starhero is still waiting patiently for anyone that might be able to help.03:35
atatcan someone help me with compiz please03:35
linux_guyWebcamWonder, Sylphid, Others, THANK YOU I'll Try it03:35
ryanprior!anyone | atat03:35
ubottuatat: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?03:35
un_daveAspire: it's for my laptop. with windows xp, i can make it sleep, then after 30 mins, if still unwoken, wake up, and hibernate, so i dont waste all my battery in a suspend state.03:35
jef_buntuok thanks03:36
LinEwbieThis linux is great! :) And with toolbox from Hiren's CD... just wonderful! :)03:36
root______redvamp128 yes modprobe -r is a good and useful command   but i was only saying that in that particular application it will probably fail unless he lists all the modules dependant on ...   didn't mean to start a cli howto proper methood argument03:36
Aspireun_dave: I'm not aware of any feature like that for linux03:36
=== eric is now known as talntid
atati installed compiz every time i try to run ccsm or compiz-replace i got message that Xgl is not present or there is an unsupported value at path /apps/compiz/plugins/scale/allscreens etc what should i do and is there whay to fix it03:37
ryanpriorun_dave: If Windows can do it, Linux can do it -- the question is, how deep will you have to dig to get it working?03:37
redvamp128root______:  is ok -- WebcamWonder asked what the commands were to reload the module-- so I just directed him to the page and stated the command03:37
ryanpriorun_dave: If the hardware feature allowing it is undocumented, it may be black magic trying to get it to work.03:38
un_daveAspire: neither am i so far, but the fact that windows can do it, while linux cannot, annoys me. as far as i can tell, the issue is waking up a suspended system.03:38
regeya!ask | Starhero03:38
ubottuStarhero: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:38
redvamp128atat:  == First I would suggest running the compiz check to make sure comiz works.. Forlong's Blog - Compiz-Check <http://forlong.blogage.de/entries/pages/Compiz-Check>03:38
Starhero2 problems in ubuntu I am still havine that i can't make sense of, flashing of the desktop(more like the whole xserver) and the notification sounds.03:38
un_daveryanprior: it does seem like voodoo03:39
StarheroSound works in everything. After getting rid of PA that is, since that really mess things up it seems.03:39
StarheroJust that the notifications (or sound themes as you might know them) don't seems to work03:39
un_daveryanprior: windows xp can obviously tell the hardware to suspend for a predefined time, then wake up, whereas in linux i've not yet found any way of doing this03:40
redvamp128atat:  I would start there as well as the main page which shows how to configure compiz== run the compiz check to make sure compiz is installed properly--- Forlong's Blog - Compiz-Check <http://forlong.blogage.de/entries/pages/Compiz-Check>03:40
StarheroI can test them, and they work just fine  in the settings window, but only login and logout work.03:40
PB_G3I'VE GOT a Lucent Technologies ORiNOCO Silver 802.11b card, and If I have it plugged in at startup I go to tty1 seing this: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/110644/03:40
root______Starhero the flashing is most likely related to the vidio driver.   the other i haven't a clue.03:40
Aspireun_dave: I bet windows is waking up lots more than linux is03:40
atatok thanks03:40
kaimerraI am running Hardy and checked that my kernel config has AHCI module support.  How would I use that instead of the default ata_piix?03:40
KungfuJoeHey, I'm having issues with my dual monitor. When the X is reset, it loads my panels on the secondary monitor, also, fullscreen apps like to start on the secondary, any fix?03:41
ryanpriorStarhero: make sure that you put all your information on one line, making it easier for us to follow you. What does the screen flickering look like? Does it also flicker during boot-up (before X starts)?03:41
solexiousIs there a way I can have a print server for ubuntu, i.e. accounting so i can tell who has printed what?03:41
=== PB_G3 is now known as eSATA
exodus_msare there specific drivers I need to install if I want to mount an external hdd via eSATA on Ubuntu 8.1003:41
Aspireun_dave: I imagine that a suspend to ram system should last hours to days on minimal battery.  technically only the dram should be refreshed during this time, if you're waiting for some timer to expire, you're waking up the processor or some special logic circuit to do the calculation to wake-up03:41
root______kaimerra maybe blacklist ata_piix and rebuild the initramfs ?03:42
ryanpriorun_dave: If you feel like digging, mess with the WinXP driver and see what signals it sends when you suspend, then try duplicating them in the Linux driver and see what works.03:42
ryanpriorun_dave: That's the black magic way to do it, anyway -- you could always email the vendor and ask if documentation is available, or could be made available, for that feature.03:42
KungfuJoeHey, I'm having issues with my dual monitor. When the X is reset, it loads my panels on the secondary monitor, also, fullscreen apps like to start on the secondary, any fix?03:43
un_daveryanprior: that sounds interesting. how would i check what signals my xp system is sending the system03:43
hanasakithe old X copy to clipboard by highlighting with the mouse seems to be gone.. now it requires ^Shift C  why is this and how can I get the old behavior back?03:43
ryanpriorun_dave: I'm not a very knowledgeable Windows hacker, but you might find one in ##windows.03:44
StarheroThe flickering, seems to look like a refresh as in it lasts only maybe 100 to 300 milliseconds. It has no obvious cycle (not repeating in any logical order) just that is repeat between 30 seoncds to 1 min. It does not do anything like that before boot or at the login screen(least I haven't really noticed it at the login screen) The device is a nvidia 7700 GO in a Asus G1,and the drivers in use are the recomended (177).03:45
ryanpriorStarhero: are you using Compiz? If so, does the flickering still happen in Metacity?03:46
StarheroYes I am using compiz, but what exactly is metacity and how do I test that. (assuming that it is x server with out compiz?)03:47
ryanpriorStarhero: Metacity is the default, non-glitzy window manager for Gnome. To use Metacity, disable Desktop Effects in System -> Preferences -> Appearance03:47
ninjabuntuI have a Cool SWF File i would Like to turn into my Desktops Screen Saver... Is there a way to do this?03:48
binarymutantninjabuntu, you can use mplayer to change video format03:49
Starheroryanprior: Testing that now.03:49
=== IntrepidOne is now known as IdleOne
Starheroryanprior: The flashing is still continuing.03:50
ninjabuntuBinarymutant: change the video Farmat? does it have an option to turn it into a Screen Saver for Ubuntu? And after that what do i do to make this my screen saver?03:51
AspireI think I broke udev/hal communication03:51
ryanpriorStarhero: I hate to sound like a Windows help desk, but have you tried rebooting? If it were a gfx card issue, a power cycle might make a difference.03:51
Aspireanyone know how to fix it?03:51
KungfuJoeHey, I'm having issues with my dual monitor. When the X is reset, it loads my panels on the secondary monitor, also, fullscreen apps like to start on the secondary, any fix?03:51
binarymutantninjabuntu, let me find out what screensavers use03:51
bobbyygHELP = I can't connect to network printer03:51
faust737Haven't been on IRC for a while... How come half of the channels on this server have two # instead of one?03:52
ninjabuntuBinarymutant: okay... thanks03:52
jef_buntuim doing everything told on a howto install dhcp but starting dhcp always fail and the syslog they say to look at cant be found by "search file"03:52
Starheroryanprior: Yes, I have rebooted many times and have even shut down, this problem has been going on for 3 weeks but I just ignored it while I fixed other things that seems more system critical. Now it is just plain annoying03:52
binarymutantninjabuntu, looks harder than I thought03:54
bobbyygStarhero, could you swap out the video card. When I changed from Nvidia to ATI everything got better03:54
SylphidStarhero, are you using a proprietary driver?03:54
|Zippo|anybody is having troubles with DVD/CD recorders on kernel 2.6.27?03:55
KungfuJoeHey, I'm having issues with my dual monitor. When the X is reset, it loads my panels on the secondary monitor, also, fullscreen apps like to start on the secondary, any fix?03:55
Starherobobbyyg: I believe that would be impossible if not a big hassle since this is an Asus G1 laptop :)03:55
StarheroSylphid: I am using the restricted drivers ubuntu recommended.03:55
ninjabuntuBinarymutant: Yeah I figured it would... Huh03:55
StarheroSylphid: Sorry for not specifiying, the drivers are version 177.03:56
ptcis there an app for gnome to create a keybinding that will type out whatever characters i specify?03:56
ptclike Win+H would print out "http://"03:56
ninjabuntuBinarymutant: Plus mPlayer doen't want to open the SWF file nor does media player... the only thing that opens the file with out a hitch is, firefox...03:57
cypher1is there any reason for the packages like vlc not being the latest in Hardy eventhough it is an LTS !?03:57
SylphidStarhero, you may want to try the vesa drivers to see if you have the same problem03:57
binarymutantninjabuntu, oh ya and it's swf instead of flv too...wow I jumped into this conversation way too quick03:57
alienis here any way to make double taskbar like in windows, so I could fit more programs here?03:57
jef_buntuim doing everything told on a howto install dhcp but starting dhcp always fail and the syslog they say to look at cant be found by "search file"03:58
ninjabuntuBinarymutant: Bummer... i would really like this as my Screen saver...03:58
sumpygumpninjabuntu: try this http://www.jwz.org/xscreensaver/faq.html#mpeg03:58
cypher1jef_buntu, right click on existing panel and say new panel03:59
cypher1sorry it was to alien03:59
binarymutantlol I was just looking at that xscreenserver page03:59
cypher1alien, right click on existing panel and say new panel03:59
binarymutantmplayer needs an flv to convert to mpeg but thats the way I was going03:59
ryanprioralien: Right-click on an existing panel, click "New Panel", then drag that new panel down to where you want it.03:59
ninjabuntusumpygump: Umm huh? Okay I'll try it...04:00
=== JulianC93 is now known as JC|brb
sumpygumpbinarymutant: the option right below mpeg describes how to get xscrensaver to launch a swf file04:01
aliencyphase, yeah but it makes another panel and just repeats open programs in here04:01
binarymutantsumpygump, lol :)04:02
LouisI'm still having trouble configuring the cups web UI such that I can access it from a client on the local network.  My cupsd.conf file is here:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/110652/04:02
=== JC|brb is now known as JulianC93
judgetHi is there an ffmpeg channel?04:03
ryanprioralien: Ah, true that. Didn't think about that one... interesting problem.04:04
StarheroSylphid: I did a bit of research and finially got some results, this may be a bug thought I am using intrepid so I might be wrong. I am basing that off of the date fro the last post and the fact that it is not solved.04:04
mysteryпомогите решить проблему04:05
ubottumystery: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke04:05
rodsSo I'm fairly new to Ubuntu. How do i install the latest version of Wine? The one in the Ubuntu repositories is version 1.0.104:05
Prosehi there04:05
Louisrods:  you have to add the wineHQ repository04:05
Proserods: you can to that via command line or gui04:06
rodsHow do I add repositories, Louis (thanks btw).04:06
redvamp128rods WineHQ - Wine for Debian based distributions <http://www.winehq.org/download/deb>04:06
frankS2how do i get a tun0 device in ubuntu i have tried to modprobe tun04:06
roger_prose: i m not able to see youtube videos on firefox04:06
StarheroSylphid: That is also not the same video card I am using. In other channels I have stated this issue and others with 6 series card have said they are not getting that issues ither (but he said he compiled the drivers him self and was using 180 drivers, I may go this route.04:06
redvamp128rods check the bottom of the page04:06
Proseroger_: you must download flash04:06
Louisrods:  np.  You do it either at the command line or via software sources (in the Admin menu)04:07
Proseroger_: firefox should provide a link04:07
Louisrods:  the wineHQ website will have specific instructions04:07
rodsthank you all04:07
tritiumroger_: flashplugin-nonfree, specifically04:07
Louishang on actually04:07
roger_prose : give me a link04:07
redvamp128rods: WineHQ - Wine for Debian based distributions <http://www.winehq.org/download/deb> at the bottom of that page-- and you will then have the latest development release.04:07
rodsI appreciate the help!04:07
carpiiis there a nice 'personal wiki' app for kde ? (non web-based)04:07
roger_prose:i m not getting one04:07
Terhanq: Anyone have any suggestions on a good all purpose ISO software for linux? Interested in making images of entire hdd's and stuff so I need one thats reliable.04:07
Proseroger_: one sec04:08
Louisrods:  http://www.winehq.org/download/deb04:08
binarymutantTerhan, you mean like k3b ?04:09
binarymutantTerhan, or you mean like dd ?04:10
TerhanI dunno man thats what I'm kinda asking you (=04:10
roger_prose: are u there?04:10
jef_buntuCould someone help me setting up a dhcp server please04:10
Proseroger_: http://screencasts.ubuntu.com/Installing_Flash_on_Ubuntu_i38604:11
Terhani'll look into em both though since you mentioned them04:11
Proseroger_: yeah, sorry, trying to find the actually link04:11
eternaljoyhow can I get my wireless internet to work on ubuntu please?04:11
binarymutantTerhan, are you trying to burn ISOs or trying to make an ISO from your hdd?04:11
tritiumroger_: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree04:11
TerhanThe latter..iso from hdd04:11
TerhanI can use anything to burn if I need to04:11
binarymutantTerhan, dd if=/ of=/home/terhan/some.iso   I think04:11
aclonedsheephey, is there anyway to stream to a xbox 360 from ubuntu?04:12
=== MR is now known as Guest43013
NamelessFraggerGah, this is getting irritating...why must Xchat-GNOME insist on ALWAYS connecting here?04:12
binarymutantor it's something like thatr04:12
eternaljoyhow can I get my wireless internet to work on ubuntu please?\04:12
NamelessFraggerThere, unchecked a few things.04:12
zelrikriandoNamelessFragger, you have to change the setup04:12
tritiumNamelessFragger: you can change the default settings04:12
zelrikriandoI think xchat is better than xchat-gnome by the way04:13
zelrikriandobut that s a matter of taste I think04:13
_Andy_Hi Can anyone help me with this?04:13
nickrud!wireless | eternaljoy (should find info about your wireless chip here)04:13
ubottueternaljoy (should find info about your wireless chip here): Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs04:13
aclonedsheepIs there a way to stream to a360?04:13
eternaljoynickrud: ok04:14
Proseroger_: fianally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/04:14
nickrudeternaljoy, for most it's pretty straightforward (if you can wire up the computer for a bit)04:14
eternaljoynickrud: no wiress.. its a USB wireless modem04:14
nickrudeternaljoy, it may be harder then.04:15
eternaljoynickrud: yeah.. I dont think its possible for ubuntu to access internet using my USB wireless modem.04:15
zelrikriandohello nickrud04:15
tritiumProse: not necessary.  It's in the repositories.04:16
nickrudzelrikriando, hi.04:16
Prosetritium: well, roger_ isn't getting a cool simple link from firefox and I don't know what the correct flash player has as a name in the repos, mixed with the open source ones04:17
tritiumProse: I've told him.04:17
roger_prose: i will get back to u04:17
Prosetritium: ok cool :)04:17
tritiumProse: see above (roger: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree)04:17
Prosetritium: yes yes you did.04:18
nickrudProse, apt-cache search <term> is your friend, you should get better acquainted ;)04:18
Proseroger_: if you can go to Applications - Accesories - Terminal04:18
Proseyou can copypaste what tritium said04:18
Prosenickrud: I didn't know old apt had an apt-cache search command04:18
Shinjin/MSG shinjin hi04:18
lepassivehow can i install KDE 4.2 on ubuntu ?04:20
_Andy_Hello? can anyone help please? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=105176704:20
carpiilepassive, go to kde.org im sure it will tell you04:21
mishuHi... How do I set a python script (.py) to open in terminal, and on right click, to have some option to open it in an editor (IDLE pref.)04:21
lepassivecarpii, I mean deb packages04:21
Gnealepassive: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=98272604:21
aclonedsheepshould I just run a windows VM to stream to my xbox?04:21
Gneacarpii: ^^^04:21
ryanpriorI want to run an application and restrict it to just one of my CPU cores. How can I do that?04:22
mishuHi... How do I set a python script (.py) to open in terminal, and on right click, to have some option to open it in an editor (IDLE pref.) ?04:22
Prosehey guys, I'm wtfed! a mounted hdd is empty but df says it has 20GB used04:22
carpiiProse, i thought wed been through all this04:22
Prosecarpii: me too04:22
GneaProse: did you use ls or ls -a?04:22
Prosecarpii: I removed, rebooted and all04:23
carpiihm, ok after a reboot, that is odd04:23
ProseGnea: yeah, ls -la  ls -l         ls -wth04:23
lepassiveGnea, thanks alot, but the date kinda old 4.2 is stable now04:23
GneaProse: the profanity is not required nor appreciated here, thanks.04:23
ProseGnea: sorry I guess04:24
carpiii appreciate it!04:24
Prosein times of amazement, I do devlish things04:24
Gnealepassive: no idea then...04:24
carpiiswearwords were invented for times when your OS is screwed up04:24
Gnealepassive: that's the only way I've found to do it04:25
Cpudan80tis not a smart idea to notice a channel ;-)04:25
GneaI noticed that, too ;)04:25
mishuHi... How do I set a python script (.py) to open in terminal, and on right click, to have some option to open it in an editor (IDLE pref.) ?04:25
Gneamishu: uhm, what? in a terminal?04:26
lepassiveGnea, No problem. thanks alot for your help04:26
Gnealepassive: good luck04:26
Prose..so what's that command to quick format a drive then..?04:26
primeHello, I got a odd issue with installing VIsta on top of my dominanting Ubuntu setup. Just can't get vista to take the partition I set aside from it regardless if its ntfs or whatever.04:26
_Andy_Heya any suggestion here guys/Gamers?? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=663002404:27
primeseems vista won't install on a extened-logical partition? is this correct?04:27
GneaProse: they usually start with mkfs, so if you type:  sudo mkfs<tab><tab>  it should list them for you04:27
ProseGnea: thanks ;)04:27
mishuGnea ... when i double click it, i want it to open in a python terminal .. and i would also want to have a way to open it in IDLE, from the drop-down of the file04:27
Flannelprime: That may be accurate, yeah.  ##windows will likely know for sure04:27
primeok cheers04:27
Gneamishu: okay, I don't know what IDLE is... also, python doesn't have a terminal... are you talking about having it run in a debugging mode that uses the terminal as an output of the debugging info?04:28
somethingcleverhey, my video flashes a lot, all videos, on the net or on the HD, how do i fix it so it doesnt flash anymore?04:30
Arrickhey all, through terminal, how do I tell what the current permissions are on a file?04:30
mishuGnea .. uhm .. i guess? in windows, python runs in a terminal of it's own, not os terminal (not by going to os terminal and typing "python script.py")04:31
mishunvm .. i know i'm being rather confusing04:31
Gneamishu: ah, okay - i've never used python in windows before. :)  I suppose it depends on the program that you're trying to run... is it fairly well-known or a project you're working on?04:32
erlnoobhello, I'm on a vps and need to configure bind9, how do I find out my network address?04:32
kupesoftBy any chance is anyone running Ubuntu on an HP mini 100004:32
bahatiganybody knows how to compile java in kate?04:32
bahatigi can't run in terminal04:32
Cpudan80javac *.java04:32
Cpudan80java myMainClassFile04:32
ptcis there an app for gnome to create a keybinding that will type out whatever characters i specify?04:33
mishuit's a simple script i wrote .. worked in windows perfectly.. it's not platform dependent ...i just changed to ubuntu today, and i can't get it to work04:33
bahatigi can't even type in teminal04:33
ptclike Win+H would print out "http://"04:33
ArrickCpudan80, what you doing in #ubuntu?04:33
mishuthanx for the help04:33
Cpudan80Arrick: I use Ubuntu thanks very much04:33
Cpudan80Arrick: same to you?04:33
Gneamishu: did you try running it like this?  chmod 700 script.py && ./script.py04:34
Wickedim trying to use the network manager in the system tray...its saying device is unmanaged...how do i set it up to manage network connections? i originally manually edited /etc/network/interfaces04:34
ArrickCpudan80, im messing with you lol04:34
mishui'll try now04:34
ArrickCpudan80, you have an answer to my question?04:34
somethingcleverhey, my video flashes a lot, all videos, on the net or on the HD, how do i fix it so it doesnt flash anymore??04:34
Cpudan80mishu: the first line of the script should be #!/usr/bin/python04:34
mishuit is04:34
Cpudan80oh ok04:35
nickrudWicked, do you still have it defined in the interfaces file?04:35
Wickednickrud, no.04:35
Wickednickrud, only thing in there now is for lo04:35
nickrudWicked, try   sudo killall NetworkManager && sudo NetworkManager04:35
roger_prose: u there?04:35
Proseroger_: still am04:35
Wickednickrud, nothing04:36
roger_prose: sorry had to leave the discussion04:36
nickrudWicked, hm. Works for Me™04:36
roger_prose: can u help me out again04:36
Wickednickrud, could you possible paste your interfaces file for me?04:36
Proseroger_: sure04:36
fight hi,all , How can I change my system langue04:36
Wickednickrud, should there be anything in the interfaces file other then the lo interface?04:36
Cpudan80Arrick: one way is in the directory with the file do :: ls -l | grep fileNameHere04:37
roger_prose: tell me how do i install flashplayer04:37
nickrudWicked, no, I only have that besides my current static connection.04:37
Cpudan80Arrick: ex output: -rw-r--r--  1 dan users 30425 2009-01-26 23:01 test04:37
Arrickthanks cpi04:37
nickrudWicked, and, no NetworkManager either04:37
carpiisudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree04:37
ubundudeI need some help with LVM during an install (using an alternate live cd fyi)04:37
Proseroger_: okay do you know what a terminal is ?04:37
Arrickheya nickrud long time no talk04:37
bahatighelp somebody, i can't type in kate terminal04:38
nickrudArrick, hi there04:38
roger_prose : go on..give me the command04:38
Proseroger_: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree04:38
Proseroger_: it's the one tritium gave you a while back04:38
somethingcleverhey does anyone have a flashing video problem?04:38
Gneabahatig: what?04:38
roger_prose: i guess its working04:38
apology_yeah i do firefox flash plug-in has a ton of problems04:39
bahatigwell im trying to compile java04:39
EnKiehi all!04:39
bahatigbut i can't run terminal from kate04:39
Gneabahatig: why?04:39
Proseroger_: restart firefox and surf to youtube again04:39
bahatigit's not available04:39
roger_prose: roger that04:39
Proseapology_: I've had none.04:39
Gnea!java | bahatig04:39
bahatiglike i click terminal but it's blank04:39
ubottubahatig: To install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository04:39
Gneabahatig: i bet to differ :)04:39
apology_prose: really? i do the stumble video search all the time and after a few videos firefox just crashes04:40
bahatigim sure i have it already cause i run java in jgrasp04:40
kazagistarubuntu is not detecting my xbox controller or something, even though the xpad driver should apparently be plug-and-play04:40
Proseapology_: interesting.. ff 3 ?04:40
EnKieI have a problem - if anyone's interested:  I downloaded the "updates" list and after all was said and done, it won't reboot past the logon.  It hangs after it accepts my password.  Suggestions?04:40
apology_prose: yeah hold on and let me see if I can get the error again04:41
apology_prose: it's usually this --> (firefox:17350): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: g_object_unref: assertion `G_IS_OBJECT (object)' failed04:42
apology_Segmentation fault04:42
Proseapology_: I do agree that recently, for me, ff3 has had some stability issues but not particulary on flash videos04:42
Proseapology_: if I were smart, I might downgrade...04:42
ubundudeTrying to use LVM during install to manage partitions, not sure how to work it....04:42
apology_prose: i've read that it's something to do with a windows font that certain websites are running04:42
Proseapology_: that's insane04:42
Proseapology_: that's monstrous04:43
roger_prose: no change04:43
Proseapology_: Megatron wouldn' stand for that04:43
apology_prose: and it sucks because I was really looking forward to chrome but that was pushed back till june or something04:43
roger_prose: i m not able to see videos04:43
apology_just like the new harry potter movie04:43
Joker_-_stupid question: is there something like a "search for files" link somewhere in the file browser or somewhere else in Ubuntu?04:44
ptcis there an app for gnome to create a keybinding that will type out whatever characters i specify?04:44
ptclike Win+H would print out "http://"04:44
Proseroger_: this is weird.. did you go see the site  I linked earler?04:44
Tozarianhi, I need some help with aircrack04:44
apology_joker_-_ it'04:44
apology_joker_-_ it's under places in the menu bar04:44
Joker_-_apology_: it' ?04:44
Joker_-_apology_: ok, no right click on a directory "search"04:44
parrotheadcan somebody please tell me how to force a Hard Link04:44
roger_http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/....this one?04:45
parrotheadi keep getting told its not allowed for the specified directory, and I really need a hard link there04:45
Proseroger_: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/04:45
Tozariancan someone help me with editing kismet.conf?04:45
ubundudecan someone help me use LVM?04:45
apology_joker_-_ there's a script for the nautilus for a right-click menu but I haven't used it04:45
Joker_-_apology_: ill google for that, thx04:46
ProseTozarian: cheap tip. try backtrack304:46
apology_joker_-_ yup04:46
Joker_-_apology_: thx04:46
Tozarianisnt backtrack 3 a whole bootup cd?04:47
Tozarianlike an environment for cracking wep and such?04:47
EnKieI downloaded the "updates" list and after all was said and done, it won't reboot past the logon.  It hangs after it accepts my password.  Suggestions?04:47
trimetaMy cat just walked across my keyboard and now my colors are inverted. What buttons did she hit, that I may hit them again to reverse the effect?04:48
apology_tozarian: there's a ton of apps included on the backtrack os which do include those types but also has a bunch of common apps: document web email. A friend actually installed it on a flash drive really cool04:48
Tozarianok will tryout, this whole aircrack thing has been way to hard for me to understand04:48
parrotheadcan somebody help me force a hard link04:49
ChungwaGood evening! I'm trying to convert some audio .aa files to .mp3 so that I can play them on my MP3 player. I legally downloaded them fine on Ubuntu using WINE but now I can't seem to convert them in ubuntu to mp3 files. Any suggestions?04:49
ProseTozarian: yeah, I was assuming..04:49
nickrudtrimeta, super<n> or <m>04:49
roger_prose: i downloaded the .deb package04:50
roger_but it says wrong architecture04:50
trimetanickrud: Yea, looks like win+m did it. Thanks.04:50
gimblihow can i disable the dual desktop option ? my laptop i switching betwen them all the time , making me crazy04:50
Proseroger_: do you have 64 bit ubuntu or something ?04:50
trimetaShe also closed my torrents...I'm not sure whether to be mad at her or impressed.04:50
nickrudtrimeta, ewwww, we never call that the <censored> key here, it's Super :)04:50
roger_prose: how can i check it04:51
trimetanickrud: Why not, it's the key I've bound to all of my window management functions.04:51
apology_nickrud: haha04:51
Proseroger_: good question!04:51
carpiiwe dont call them windows either, we call them uh ubuntus04:51
Proseroger_: isntalling stuff isn't usaully this complicated..04:51
roger_prose : i m new to ubuntu04:51
parrotheadi cant believe that nodbody knows how to force a Hard Link :(04:52
trimetaparrothead: Why do you want to force it?04:52
roger_prose: sorry if it bothered u04:52
parrotheadI need to redirects to point to the same file04:52
Proseroger_: I think I may have to leave this to the rest of the channel since it maybe involve taken-by-the-hand procedure and I have to sleep or I'll die04:52
carpiii cant think of a time ive ever wanted to use a hard link04:52
fogelhow to get c++ suntax in vim in ubuntu?04:52
Proseroger_: no problem, sorry I gotta sleep :P04:52
parrotheadand a symlink isnt enough04:52
trimetaparrothead: And a symlink doesn't do the trick? They're safer.04:52
Proseroger_: good luck, this shouldn't be too painful :)04:52
roger_prose: sweet dreams04:52
nickrudparrothead, ln without any modifiers defaults to a hard link04:52
carpiiwell you create a symlink with ln -s04:52
Proseroger_: thanks you also (at the apropriate time)04:53
carpiiso maybe a hard link without the -s ?04:53
trimetaparrothead: Well, running the ln command without the -s modifier should do it.04:53
parrotheadi did04:53
parrothead"hard link not allowed for directory"04:53
roger_nickrud : can u help me04:53
jtajiparrothead: that's right, only files can be hard linked04:53
carpiiwell then, its telling you what the problem is04:53
nickrudroger_, flash on 64bit? (haven't really been watching, but did catch the 'wrong architecture' line)04:53
parrotheadjtaji: so theres NO way to hard link a directory?04:54
roger_nickrud : yes04:54
bahatiggnea: i have java installed04:54
fogelhow to get c++ syntax in vim in ubuntu?04:54
xjkxwhat about the backports repository04:54
jtajiparrothead: only files can be hard linked04:54
roger_nickrud : it says wrong architecture i38604:54
bahatigbut i still can't run in terminal04:54
m0zoneflash 64 is on adobes beta page04:54
nickrudroger_, I don't have 64bit so I can't say for sure. but,  sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree should install it correctly04:54
trimetafogel: type ":syntax on" while editing a file that ends in .cpp.04:54
bahatigthere is not window to type in04:55
jtajiparrothead: just symlink for directories04:55
trimetaNote the leading colon.04:55
bahatigsomebody help04:55
roger_nickrud : i did that..but in vain04:55
m0zoneflash 64 to install    put a plugins folder in .firefox04:55
fogeltrimeta: thx04:55
m0zoneand copy it04:55
nickrudroger_, if I had a 64bit I could say for sure, sorry04:55
roger_nickrud : can u tell me the command to check what bit a machine is04:55
m0zonei have 64 bit with flash workin good04:55
jtajiroger_: uname -m04:56
nickrudroger_, uname -m , i686 is 32bit, x86_64 is 64bit04:56
EnKieI downloaded the "updates" list and after all was said and done, it locks immediately past the logon.  It hangs after it accepts my password.  Suggestions?04:56
parrotheadjtaji: thanks04:56
roger_nickrud : i guess i have a 64 bit machine04:56
m0zonethe flash in repo sucks for 6404:56
m0zoneu have to use beta  to be stable04:56
ptcis there an app for gnome to create a keybinding that will type out whatever characters i specify?04:56
ptclike Win+H would print out "http://"04:56
nickrudroger_, not just a 64bit machine, but a 64bit os install. I use 32bit install on my 64bit myself04:57
ubundudeattempting to use LVM, please help04:57
jtajiubundude: what's the problem?04:58
roger_nickrud: can u temme where can i get a flashplayer for a 64  bit machine?04:58
ubundudejtaji: well i'm using an alternate live cd and i'm just trying to work on setting up the partitions04:58
m0zonedownload beta and copy into .firefox  folder in plugins04:58
nickrudroger_, you could try what m0zone is saying. But it's not the supported method.04:58
m0zoneu may have to make folder plugins i did04:59
trimetaroger_: Also, you could try using the nspluginwrapper to use the 32-bit Flash plugin on your 64-bit system.04:59
m0zone64 one works real good04:59
roger_m0zone : temme the instuctions04:59
ubundudejtaji: theres one free physical volume but i can't seem to split it into anything04:59
trimetaroger_: On my system (a 64-bit install, flashplugin-nonfree (in the standard Universe repository) pulled in nspluginwrapper, and it works fine in Firefox.05:00
m0zonedownload flash 64 beta   untar    click show hidden  files in home folder  find  .firefox  click it  make a folder called plugins copy files into dir05:00
m0zoneopen firefox and u have flash05:01
monjaroHey.  The other day I changed my shell to rc (I was working in rc, so I just wanted to save some time and change it back once I was done), but now I can't change it back to zsh (or bash, or anything).  I do chsh and choose a different shell, it shows up right in my /etc/passwd, but whenever I start up a shell, it's still rc05:01
EMPulsehey guys05:01
Flannelubundude: You need to make a volume group ontop of the PV.  PVs go into a VG which gets split up into LVs (Logical Volumes)05:01
EMPulseDoes anyone know if there's an gnome client for TOR?05:01
ubundudejtaji: after i select "create volume group" it shows me the only current volume and i can't select it. i try pressing enter and it just says i haven't selected a volume and it aborts and brings me back to the previous menu05:01
m0zoneno wrappers or grey box's  works  like 32 bit05:01
monjarowhy would this be ($SHELL is also /usr/local/plan9/bin/rc)?05:01
trimetam0zone: The profile directory is in ~/.mozilla/firefox/<random string>.default/, at least on my computer.05:02
trimetaNot ~/.firefox/05:02
m0zonetrimeta  i just did what betapage said05:02
ubundudeFlannel: could i get the acronym-less version of that?05:02
roger_m0zone : gimme a link05:02
roger_to get flash 6405:02
m0zoneroger google flash 64 beta linux05:02
trimetaubundude: PV=physical volume. VG=volume group. LV=logical volume.05:02
Snipes44anyone know how to get vnc to start at boot, before local login. Trying to be able to login to my file server with out having to do a local login. I have done some searching and most of the guides seem to be old (2006).05:03
dubihey gud day all, anyone nice enough to tell a newbie what the reverse of ripping is? see, i got a couple a mp3s i want to play on my old fashioned car cd player. thanks05:03
trimetadubi: Probably best to use the CD burning program to create an audio CD.05:04
carpiiSnipes, try starting vncserver in your init.d/rc.local maybe05:04
carpiibut i think it wants to start after x server starts, so maybe you need to find a kde way of doing it05:04
carpiior a gnome way05:04
jtajiubundude: easiest thing is probably to point you to this guide, but feel free to ask me again if there's something you don't understand http://linuxbsdos.com/2008/11/11/lvm-configuration-in-ubuntu-810/05:04
dubitrimeta, thanks, does brasero or any of the other ones convert the mp3s automatically?05:04
roger_m0zone: can u temme the command to untar the file05:04
carpiitar xzvf filename.tar05:04
m0zonei just clicked file05:04
carpiior drop the z if its not a tar.gz05:05
trimetadubi: I believe Brasero will convert them into a format your car CD player can use, if you select an Audio project.05:05
Louishow do i figure out a particular group id if i want to use the usermod command?05:05
monjaroTo phrase that in a simpler way, does anyone know how my /etc/passwd could say that zsh is my default shell, but whenever I start a shell rc comes up (with $SHELL set to rc)?05:05
Flannelubundude: You make LVM partitions on your physical harddrives (formatted as LVM), those are Physical Volumes.  You group Physical Volumes into Volume Groups (which because 'pretend' hard drives) and then you can partition the VGs into Logical Volumes, which are akin to regular partitions (which you then format as ext3, etc)  http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/linux/library/l-lvm/  explains it in paragraphs (more importantly, with pictures)05:05
dubitrimeta, aight thanks man will do so now :)05:05
trimetadubi: No problem.05:05
Snipes44carpii I have the server setup to shoe a gui login screen. Is that not x server showing that?05:06
trimetaLouis: What are you doing with usermod? Adding someone to groups? Changing their default group?05:06
ubundudeFlannel: YES I GOT IT, I didn't notice i had to use the spacebar to mark which volume i wanted to use. now that its selected i -think- i'm good so far05:07
Louistrimeta:  i want to add a user to the group "lpadmin"05:08
ubundudeFlannel: actually that page does make more sense of it too, thank you05:08
trimetaLouis: Probably best to use gpasswd instead of usermod for that.05:08
Louistrimeta:  what would the syntax be for that command?05:08
trimetaTo add user "foo" to the group "lpadmin," you'd run "gpasswd -a foo lpadmin"05:08
roger_m0zone : it says tar: You must specify one of the `-Acdtrux' options05:08
roger_Try `tar --help' or `tar --usage' for more information.05:08
Louistrimeta:  thanks a bunch05:09
trimetaLouis: No problem.05:09
ice_creamlo; i've noticed when aptitude prints out dependencies and confirmation to install some package, all the depends  have an  {a} next to them.. is this supposed to be some sort of color code?05:10
BattleStarJesusHow do I fix dependancy problems?05:10
ennteeHello all, I'm building a server to run Ubuntu 8.04 LTS and am trying to choose a motherboard with support onboard LAN. Is there a website I could check or can anyone recommend a motherboard that works well?05:11
trimetaenntee: You mean, just to make sure that the onboard ethernet will work with Ubuntu? Pretty much any modern board would work, I'd think...05:12
trimetaOr are you looking for wake-on-LAN or something fancy?05:12
kazagistarmy joystick has the proper module installed, but jscalibrator does not see it, and it does not show up under /dev/input/... what could be wrong?05:12
ennteetrimeta: I thought so too, but there seem to be certain realtek chipsets that are flakey05:12
BooNGala2Bah, for some reason I can't apt-get install linux-headers-`uname -r`05:12
ennteetrimeta: no, nothing fancy. just need it to work :)05:12
BooNGala2it says linux-headers- has no installation candidate05:12
trimetaenntee: I built a server from scratch for my 8.04 LTS box, and the cheapest mobo I bought worked. I might have gotten lucky, I guess.05:13
BooNGala2maybe I don't have the right apt source enabled?05:13
cellofellowBooNGala2: it's linux-headers-2.6.24-22-generic05:13
ennteetrimeta: what motherboard?05:13
BooNGala2yeah, that comes with the `uname -r` part05:13
trimetaenntee: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E1681313505705:14
trimetaIt came with CPU, total of $60.05:14
BooNGala2oh right05:14
plythemanCan someone help me reset all the settings on Samba?  I thought I could do something and fucked up and now I'm stealing my neighbors wifi to connect05:14
BooNGala2the dash vs period. Typo on my part05:14
ennteetrimeta: nice05:14
perlsyntaxhey does anyone have prob with att adsl?05:15
BattleStarJesushow do I install gflashplayer05:15
BigJoeI have a Thinkpad A30 (2652-34A) with a Radeon Mobility M6 LY, but I can't get fglrx to work so the GUI is real choppy and I can't play fullscreen videos. Any ideas?05:15
plythemani followed this guide ( http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=202605 ) and realized that that wasn't what I wanted to do and now my laptop doesn't connect over my wired network05:15
jef_buntuhi, its me again a:P05:15
ice_creamddr1 memory?05:15
robert_85has anyone had problems with Shockwave Flash 10.0 r15 in Ubuntu 8.1005:16
jef_buntuI really cantget that dhcp server to work and I dont see anything saying about that kind of error05:16
trimetaice_cream: Like I said, not a very fancy machine. Currently it's acting as my home file server, with Samba and ssh the main applications.05:16
robert_85my problem with it is i don't always get audio with the flash media05:16
nickrudman, I love it when someone asks a question then leaves one minute later. is there no patience left?05:17
jef_buntuanyone have few minutes to help me?05:17
rdw200169jef_buntu, what was the error again?05:17
plythemananyone good with samba?  I lost connection over wired network and am stealing neighbors wifi right now05:17
jef_bunturdw200169: well I followed the howto but the server wont start and its saying me too look in a syslog which i havent found a clue where it should be05:18
trimetaplytheman: Samba is a file-sharing protocol...it shouldn't be preventing your computer from connecting to your wired connection.05:18
geniiplytheman: You can restore the "factory" smb.conf file by:    sudo cp /etc/samba/smb.conf /etc/samba/smb.conf.old ; sudo cp /usr/share/samba/smb.conf /etc/samba.conf                      But it sounds like something other than just a messy samba conf file.05:18
willy_I can't get my Radeon Mobility M6 LY to work, fglrx crashes to safe mode, the GUI is real choppy and I can't play fullscreen videos. Any ideas?05:19
plythemantrimeta: I followed this howto http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=202605 and realized halfway through it wasn't what I wanted to do05:19
rdw200169jef_buntu, can you post your dhcpd.conf, and the output of 'ip addr'?05:19
rdw200169jef_buntu, also, you set the interface in /etc/default/dhcpd?05:19
geniiplytheman: Apologies, the second command path should be /etc/samba/smb.conf   and NOT /etc/smb.conf05:19
trimetaplytheman: So the wired connection goes where, a windows machine? Anyway, try the command genii suggested and see if that helps.05:19
robert_85robert_85> has anyone had problems with Shockwave Flash 10.0 r15 in Ubuntu 8.1005:20
robert_85<robert_85> my problem with it is i don't always get audio with the flash media05:20
jef_bunturdw200169:  posting a script in here?05:20
rdw200169jef_buntu, no, heh, paste.ubuntu.com05:20
rdw200169!pastebin | jef_buntu05:20
ubottujef_buntu: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)05:20
plythemanokay, I'll punch that command in and see what happens05:20
geniiplytheman: You will nedd restart of samba after too. eg:  sudo /etc/init.d/samba restart05:20
carpiiif a package has the same name in two repositories, which one will it choose to install?05:20
carpiieg, i added win repo's, but i think it may have installed the normal ubuntu rls05:21
nickrudcarpii, it will take the highest version number05:21
monjaroWhat could cause $SHELL to be set to something different than what I have in my /etc/passwd file05:21
EMPulsehey does anyone use Tork here? I think I need help configuring it05:21
rdw200169jef_buntu, you can also do that with the program pastebinit; i learned about this a few days ago i think; very useful!05:21
carpiinickrud, ok thanks. i thought maybe the order in sources.list mattered05:22
jef_bunturdw200169: ok! i see, thanks for the tip05:22
nickrudcarpediem, if the version numbers are identical, the first repository wins05:22
carpiiok thankyou05:22
rdw200169jef_buntu, for example, i did pastebinit /etc/default/dhcp3-server and it returned a link: http://pastebin.com/f333a621705:22
carpiipretty amazing that a google for 'wine' returns winehq first, then a wiki article about wine :)05:23
jef_bunturdw200169: the hcdpd directory you told me is in fact named dhcpd3-server in my conputer05:23
nickrudcarpediem, apt-cache policy <packagename> will show you the versions available, and where from05:23
carpiioh useful05:23
carpiiok its taken it from the winehw repo's05:23
carpiinow to figure out why nothing works :/05:23
JacroeWhen I plug in my iPod it will automatically open Rhythmbox. Where can I set it to open a different program?05:24
rdw200169jef_buntu, yeah.... i knew you'd catch it05:25
nickrudJacroe, try opening a file manager window, then edit->prefs media tab05:25
Shanixwhat is the correct driver needs to be used in Hardy for Ath242x ??05:25
ShanixNdiswrapper only??05:25
Shanixif the driver is ath_pci or ath5k, which package do I need to use ??05:26
FezzlerI need to "make" a program and I don't know how http://wissrech.iam.uni-bonn.de/people/garcke/pms/05:26
FezzlerIt is not clear in the instructions05:26
jessieShanix: do, "lspci" and post the output to pastebin05:26
trimetaFezzler: You have the source for this program?05:27
linux_guyWhere can I download a modified hosts or hosts.deny file for Ubuntu?  I would like to redirect adservers and other sites to
Fezzlertrimeta: Yes05:27
linux_guyTheres no place like
Fezzlertrimeta: see link05:27
Shanixjessie, http://pastebin.com/m7488035e05:27
trimetaFezzler: OK. First, untar the source into a directory; then cd to that directory.05:27
nickrudouch linux_guy05:27
Jacroenickrud: thanks05:27
Fezzlertrimeta: done05:28
trimetaNow, check to see if there's a file called "configure" in that directory.05:28
linux_guyThere are 10 types of people in the world, those who understand binary, and those that don't05:28
trimetaThe unpacked source, that is.05:28
werdnumlinux_guy: lame05:28
nickrudwho does a good bada boom here?05:28
werdnumlinux_guy: that's only two types. If you meant binary you should have said 0b1005:28
Fezzlertrimeta: yes and several configure.* files05:28
rdw200169!ot | nickrud wednum05:28
* linux_guy is absolutely hilarious05:28
ubottunickrud wednum: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!05:28
linux_guyseriously, where can i get a modified hosts file for ubuntu?05:29
nickrudouch rdw200169 :)05:29
trimetaFezzler: Don't worry about the configure.* files. While you're in the source directory, type "./configure" Note the leading . and /.05:29
werdnumlinux_guy: Step 1. sudo nano /etc/hosts, Step 2. Change it. Step 3, you have a modified hosts05:29
jessieShanix: So which version of Ubuntu?05:29
Fezzlertrimeta: sudo?05:29
Shanixjessie, hardy05:29
trimetaFezzler: The ./configure line doesn't need to be sudo'ed.05:29
chronofirehey my sound was working fine the other day now it is not. What are some possible causes?05:29
Shanixjessie, I know it has better chance to work in Intrepid, but does it have to ?05:30
linux_guywerdnum, are you suggesting that I edit it manually?05:30
Fezzlertrimeta: "Error, bison needed to build pilot-mailsync"05:30
jef_bunturdw200169: http://paste.ubuntu.com/110676/05:30
werdnumlinux_guy: I'm suggesting that your question is way too vague.05:30
werdnumWhy do you want a modified hosts?05:30
lstarnesFezzler: sudo apt-get install bison05:31
trimetaFezzler: You'll need to install bison before you can install this package, "aptitude install bison"05:31
trimetaWell, sudo aptitude install bison.05:31
NimbleRabitA bit new to linux here, if I put files into a folder say /home/myuser/Music, and then later on I mount something to that folder what happens to the files05:31
|GaiJin|anyone else here using nzb's to do your downloads with? What program are you using, and do you have a problem with the download being some empty folder not playable??05:31
jessieShanix: Sorry bout that last one. lol. anyways, check out this link: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=5703118&postcount=305:31
trimetaNimbleRabit: They're hidden until you unmount the folder.05:31
prahal_NimbleRabit, they are hidden05:31
linux_guyI would like to block adservers and other crap in my web browser05:31
NimbleRabitokay, is there a way to get them to automatically get transferred to the mounted location?05:31
FifeAnyone use picasa out there (not through WINE)... It seemed to index my files weird.  I'm new to linux and a little confused.05:31
prahal_linduxed, adblock extension05:32
jessieShanix: That should be what you want. If you need help compiling, I'll give you some help05:32
rdw200169jef_buntu, in short; the dhcpd server will *not* start if there is not a) and entry in /etc/default/dhcp3-server that matches b) the subnet existing on the device05:32
Fezzlertrimeta: bison done, ./configure run again, error05:32
trimetaFezzler: Pastebin the output of the ./configure script.05:32
=== dzup is now known as dzup-beback
Shanixjessie, I was more looking for a native way to get it working05:32
linux_guyI always downloaded a modified HOSTS file from these guys: http://www.mvps.org/winhelp2002/hosts.htm for use in windows, and it worked nicely05:32
Fezzlertrimeta: Need pilot-link05:32
rdw200169jef_buntu, you need to assign the gateway to the interface; i.e. ip addr add dev <device_name>05:32
chronofirehey my sound was working fine the other day now it is not. What are some possible causes?05:32
trimetalinux_guy: You can just edit their modified hosts file to work in Linux.05:32
Shanixjessie, cuz I know it works under Intrepid... so it might be backported to Hardy05:32
prahal_Fezzler, you should install build-essentiel05:32
rdw200169jef_buntu, then the dhcp server should start05:32
=== dzup-beback is now known as dzup
Fezzlertrimeta: So sudo apt-get install pilot-link?05:33
werdnumlinux_guy: well, hosts files are the same format, but you should probably just use AdBlock in Firefox.05:33
NimbleRabitwhat I would like to be able to do is put things into a folder and then when I mount something have all that stuff automatically get added to the mounted directory, is that possible?05:33
Shanixjessie, that was the answer I was hopping for...05:33
jef_bunturdw200169: ok05:33
trimetaFezzler: Try what prahal_ said, installing build-essential.05:33
rdw200169jef_buntu, think about it... the gateway needs to exist, right?05:33
thomas1978cha! i got it!!! i did it on my own too. this os aint so tough!05:33
otarasomebody can help me?05:33
jessieShanix: I don't think there's any backports. It's more kernel stuff than anything.... :( Sorry.05:33
Fezzlertrimeta: how05:33
otarai just install ubuntu 8.1005:33
linux_guyAdblock does the trick, but does not satisfy my thirst for knowledge05:33
prahal_chronofire, another program is using it , the volume is muted in one of the channel05:33
GpHi all, I recently just got the 1.5 tb seagate and i can't install linux onto it, wondering if you know what i should do to get around it?05:33
trimetasudo aptitude install build-essential pilot-link05:33
Shanixjessie, it's okay, thanks tho05:33
Fezzlertrimeta: sudo apt-get install build-essential?05:33
otaraand i facing wireless driver problem05:34
jessieotara: Shoot away.05:34
nickrudNimbleRabit, you can write a simple bash script that mounts the device and then copies over the data; or polls mount occasionally and copies over if it's changed state05:34
prahal_chronofire, sudo lsof /dev/dsp and gnome-volume-control05:34
trimetaFezzler: Yep. And you're probably going to need pilot-link too, so you might as well install both at once.05:34
otarawho's can send me the driver?05:34
otaraAztech WL635USB05:34
GpNeed some help installing ubuntu05:34
^CheekyGp, hey dude, be more specific05:35
plythemanoh yeahhh... i fucked my computer up somehow05:35
chronofireprahal_ what does that mean i am new to ubuntu do i type that in a terminal?05:35
GpI recently just got the 1.5 tb seagate and i can't install linux onto it, wondering if you know what i should do to get around it"05:35
otaraplz show me the way to install Aztech WL635USB wireless USB05:35
trimetaGp: Did you put the drive into a computer and boot a LiveCD on that computer?05:35
Fezzlertrimeta: done05:35
^CheekyGp, its not detailed.......05:35
nickrudplytheman, please think disney cartoons for language, please ;)05:35
Fezzlertrimeta: ./configure again?05:35
prahal_linux_guy, then you could learn xpcom/xul and write an extension that block all traffic  that does not come from the same domain05:35
trimetaFezzler: OK, with all that installed, try the ./configure script again.05:35
=== slaytani1 is now known as slaytanic
jef_bunturdw200169: yes... i read somewhere it was configured by default as eht0 so i didnt change it but now that I look it wasnt configured05:36
otaraubuntu 8.10 can't support Aztech WL635USB05:36
rdw200169jef_buntu, well, that'll do it too!05:36
linux_guyprahal_, that sounds like a great way to do it05:36
otaraany solution?05:36
prahal_chronofire, gnome-volume-control is available via double click on the volume applet . sudo lsof /dev/dsp is to run in a terminal05:36
Flannel!repeat | otara05:36
ubottuotara: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience05:36
thomas1978ci have to thank everyone in this room who tried to help me with my no audio problem earlier. (no audio on hp pavilion dv4-1220us) so thankyou for your effort and frustration. no bug report from me!!!! yay! now all i have to do is configure wine to play all my stuff!!! woohoo! its all downhill from here. thanks again_thomas craddock05:36
Halobecguys, what's the command to install the nvidia driver?  sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-new ?05:37
plythema1so yeah, I tried following this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=202605 and now I can't connect over my wired LAN05:37
trimetalinux_guy: Seriously, if you've already got the hosts file from that site, you can run it through sed to change it into the format used by Ubuntu. Then just copy it over directly.05:37
jessieotara: That's a bad card for linux. Do "lspci" in a terminal and paste the output to pastebin.05:37
jessieotara: !pastebin05:37
rdw200169Halobec, it's only nvidia-glx in intrepid, i was told05:37
jessie!pastebin, otara05:37
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about pastebin, otara05:37
Halobeclemme try that that05:37
chronofireprahal_ alrite thanks lemme look05:37
Fezzlertrimeta: "If you already have pilot-link installed, try passing --with-pilot-link=PATH to configure." ????05:37
rdw200169jessie, hah, the comma got you05:37
prahal_linux_guy, or if you want something more hardcore and not really done you can take maintenership for prahal.homelinux.net (three components to get all our beloved browser bookmarks in an applet . The added value of those are FF3 support05:37
rdw200169!pastebin | otara05:37
ubottuotara: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)05:37
HalobecI'm getting an error saying the driver is not found using sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx and sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-new05:38
jessierdw200169: ahh... | eh? lol05:38
rdw200169jessie, no offense of course05:38
trimetaFezzler: Hmm, it still doesn't think you have pilot-link installed? And you did install it? You could try typing "which pilot-link" and passing it the returned path...05:38
jef_bunturdw200169: wow...suddenly it says [OK]05:38
jessierdw200169: none taken. that's much better... i knew there was SOME way. lol05:38
otaraubuntu 8.10 can't support Aztech WL635USB, need solution plz05:38
Gpill boot it up again05:38
Gpand tell you what errors i get05:38
Gpbooted from the cd, chose install linux05:38
Gpthe bar moved from side to side, then the next screen i get is this....05:38
GpLoading, please wait....05:38
FloodBot3Gp: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:38
jessierdw200169: LOL05:38
otaraubuntu 8.10 can't support Aztech WL635USB, need solution plz05:39
rdw200169jef_buntu, fantastic! just remember, you gotta put the network on the interface, or nothing works; dhcp3-server doesn't do that for you05:39
d0netsFNhey why doesnt my weather map work in avant?05:39
Fezzlertrimeta: which pilot-link does nothing05:39
NimbleRabitHow do I add a samba mount into fstab correctly?     I tried xxx.xxx.x.xx/foldername /home/myusername/foldername smbfs05:39
jessieotara: did you put the output of lspci in a pastebin post?05:39
rdw200169jef_buntu, the gateway has to actually be reached correctly, where-ever that is05:39
d0netsFNit hasnt worked since i switched from 7.1005:39
chronofireprahal_ i get this error   WARNING: can't stat() fuse.gvfs-fuse-daemon file system /home/nate/.gvfs05:39
chronofire      Output information may be incomplete.05:39
chronofirelsof: status error on and: No such file or directory05:39
otarayup.. <jessie> otara: did you put the output of lspci in a pastebin post?05:39
trimetaFezzler: Hmm...do "ls /usr/share/pilot-link" or "ls /usr/lib/pilot-link" show anything?05:40
Louisanybody know how to configure the cups web UI to be accessible by clients on the local network (by computers other than localhost)?05:40
prahal_chronofire, bewar enot to paste too much or you ll get kicked by the bot05:40
jessieotara: okay, send me the link for pastebin, please05:40
plythema1genii: I hit punched those commands in but it didn't help05:40
jef_bunturdw200169: you mean the ip of my ISP ?05:40
linux_guytrimeta, I'm not familiar with 'sed'05:40
Fezzlertrimeta: first one returns two files pix and prc05:40
trimetalinux_guy: It's a stream editor; it'll let you write a short description of how to change each line, and then apply that to every line in the file.05:41
Fezzlertrimeta: now I'm in the pilot-mailsync directory05:41
prahal_chronofire, .gvfs error is harmless . As there are no lines with /dev/dsp inside it the conmponent is not taken by anything (which could be good or bad . We'll see after the volume muted  control)05:41
geniiplythema1: I already figured you have some other issue. Samba alterations won't all of a sudden make your computer start using the neighbour's wifi for instance.05:41
jessie!pastebin | otara05:41
ubottuotara: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)05:41
trimetaFezzler: Yea, stay in the directory of the source.05:41
plythema1genii: I followed this: I tried following this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=202605 and now I can't connect over my wired LAN05:41
linux_guytrimeta, ok i will check it out.  thanks05:41
rdw200169jef_buntu, well, i don't know the topology of your subnet, but the gateway 'goes to the internet'; this correlates to the option routers line05:41
Fezzlertrimeta: second report no such directory05:41
linux_guyprahal_, thanks to you also05:42
plythema1genii: not sure why it knocked out my wired connection05:42
trimetaYou could try running "./configure --with-pilot-link=/usr/share/pilot-link" and see if that works.05:42
rdw200169jef_buntu, this is the same ip you set manually for gateway05:42
nickrudLouis, iirc edit /etc/cups/cups.conf and edit Listen localhost:631 to :63105:42
* linux_guy will no longer make lame jokes05:42
Louisnickrud:  ooh... not *:631 ...05:42
jef_bunturdw200169: ok05:42
KeLaGood time, Give me how to make changes to sudoers05:42
rdw200169jef_buntu, it's the ip that points to the router that gets out of the LAN subnet into another network; which could be the internet or something, doesn't really matter05:42
chronofireprahal_ i think i had just entere the informatiion in to the terminal wrong. now it says /dev/dsp: permission denied05:42
nickrudLouis, an old memory, it may be bitrotted05:43
prahal_chronofire, that because you forgot the sudo in the last attempt05:43
Louisnickrud:  sorry, what?05:43
ohzieWhat's the easiest way to share my printer with samba? :|05:43
ohzieI'm bad at this stuff.05:43
Fezzlertrimeta: pilot-link is in usr/share05:43
nickrudLouis, just a caveat that it might not work. I haven't set that up for a few years. Have done so, looking at docs in case05:43
jef_bunturdw200169: default route in ubuntu connection information?05:44
mnguyenWhat's a good application to use to burn an ISO image?05:44
prahal_sudo is switch user (and do ... well I don't know, probably it was cool) . By default it switch to admin (root) user05:44
trimetaFezzler: Try both and see which makes the ./configure script stop complaining.05:44
Fezzlertrimeta: How do I pass the path to ./configure when I run it05:44
Halobecbrasero works for iso's05:44
jtajimnguyen: right click in the file manager, and select write to disc...05:44
rdw200169jef_buntu, yeah, sort of; you have to point the gateway to the ip assigned to the *other* interface, the LAN interface05:44
trimetaFezzler: "./configure --with-pilot-link=/usr/share/pilot-link"05:44
otarajessie: http://paste.ubuntu.com/110678/05:45
mnguyenjtaji: you mean in nautilus?05:45
mnguyenjtaji: not using gnome...05:45
chronofireprahal_ well i tried with the sudo stillg ot an error i see the volume controll in ubuntu system try but nothign is muted05:45
trimetamnguyen: If you're using KDE, the K3B burning program can also burn iso's.05:45
rdw200169jef_buntu, let linux deal with routing LAN -> WAN; the clients don't know and don't care how to get to the WAN; they set THEIR default route pointing to your LAN interface... make any sense?05:45
Louisnickrud:  oh okay.  would you mind glancing over my cupsd.config file ... i think i'm missing something dead simple05:45
jtajimnguyen: indeed, I see, we usually assume ubuntu-desktop here unless otherwise indicated ;)05:45
mnguyentrimeta: not using kde either :) just OpenBox WM05:45
Flannel!burn | mnguyen05:46
ubottumnguyen: CD/DVD Burning software: K3b (KDE), gnomebaker, brasero, serpentine, graveman, Nautilus-CD-Burner, GToaster, xcdroast (GNOME), wodim (terminal-based). Burning .iso files: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto05:46
=== prince_j1mmys is now known as prince_jammys
mnguyenwodum, perfect05:46
nickrudLouis, sure. No promises like I said it's been a while since I've used anything but the default installation05:46
mnguyenFlannel: thanks05:46
trimetamnguyen: I have a good wodim tutorial somewhere...let me find it.05:46
Louisnickrud:  sure, i understand.  let me pastebin it.  and thanks!05:46
cast|lir///join ##engineering05:46
rdw200169jef_buntu, imagine you're a client on a subnet; for example, you just set up a new linksys wireless router... what ip do you get?  what ip did your router tell your computer was the default route (gateway)?  same subnet.  make sense?05:46
Fezzlertrimeta: error "You must install pilot-link including its development files to use pilot-mailsync."05:46
trimetamnguyen: http://www.yolinux.com/TUTORIALS/LinuxTutorialCDBurn.html05:46
otarajessie: i paste oledi05:46
prahal_chronofire, set sound to low and try cat /bin/bash > /dev/dsp. (those will be crackling noises if any)05:46
Fezzlertrimeta: maybe development file is missing?05:47
geniiplytheman: Unfortunately I am not going to be around long enough to assist properly. But you should use the pastebin to post results of commands:  ifconfig         and: route         so that someone can study what interfaces you have, which is being used, and which one the computer thinks it should direct traffic through05:47
rdw200169jef_buntu, then the router figures out how to get that traffic to the internet.  first, though, the client has to know how to get to the router (gateway IP address.)05:47
trimetaFezzler: Yea, normally I'd advise installing pilot-link-dev, but that doesn't exist.05:47
prahal_chronofire, if you get permission denied. type : "groups" annd check you are in the audio group05:47
rdw200169jef_buntu, the trick here is that the gateway IP address can be *anything* that fits within the available IP range.  it's just customary to use the first available IP05:47
Louisnickrud:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/110679/     as of right now, that's not allowing me access from a client on the local network05:48
Louiswhich is what i'm trying to do =)05:48
plythemangenii: so just type ifconfig, paste results, then route into the terminal?  should it be connected to my wired network or while on my neighbors wifi?05:48
trimetamnguyen: Note that the page I cited refers to a command-line program "cdrecord," but that's been renamed to wodim in newer versions.05:48
Fezzlertrimeta: we're so close!05:48
mnguyentrimeta: thanks05:48
jef_bunturdw200169: well i forgot to tell you that the server will work online when disconnected from internet and will supply for now only one client....so my laptop will be directly connected to an old desktop.  So the router should be my laptop right?05:49
chronofireparahal_ it says nate adm cdrom plugdev lpadmin admin sambashare when i typed groups05:49
Halobecanyone having trouble downloading from repos ?05:49
rdw200169jef_buntu, wait, wouldnt' the router be the desktop?05:49
jef_bunturdw200169: the desktop is a client05:50
jef_bunturdw200169: and the laptop is the server05:50
trimetaHalobec: To check, I just ran an update && upgrade, and everything's working fine for me.05:50
geniiplytheman: The one it's supposed to be using. And do not paste results here. Use pastebin05:50
genii!paste | plytheman05:50
ubottuplytheman: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)05:50
plythemanright right, thanks05:51
rdw200169jef_buntu, well then, yes, (just making sure we weren't backwards).  you have your (i'm assuming) wlan0 plugged into the internet.  the ip's there don't matter05:51
macordw200169: wlan0 would be wifi05:51
macordw200169: eth0?05:51
HalobecI've installed the nvidia drivers before, but it's not working this time05:51
nickrudLouis, nothing jumps out at me.05:51
rdw200169jef_buntu, what DOES matter is that, for internet to work, you have to set ip_forward, and NAT, (you know all this, right?)05:51
trimetaFezzler: Short of finding the sources to pilot-link and installing it manually as well, I'm not sure the best way to get the necessary development files.05:51
Louisnickrud:  okay.. back to square one.  lol thanks though05:51
trimetaAnd it's really messy to have more than one or two things installed like this.05:51
Fezzlertrimeta: :(05:52
rdw200169jef_buntu, well, let's play with this scenario, i'm assuming it's yours.  don't let me make this too complicated ;)  internet -> wlan0 -> eth0 -> client05:52
rdw200169jef_buntu, right?05:52
nickrudLouis, ubuntu has made me lazy. I haven't had to actually configure much of anything in years.05:52
Louisnickrud:  haha ubuntu is still a challenge for me at times05:53
jef_bunturdw200169: i wont push that far for now, since i cant be connected to internet and my new network at the sametime05:53
rdw200169Louis, anything is easier than trying to dubug windows regedit problems...05:53
jef_bunturdw200169:  unless i find a way to make a diskless server :P05:53
Louisrdw200169:  why do you think i'm on ubuntu =)05:53
maodunany idea how i can count many times a character "a" appears in a text file? i can't open the text file with an editor like vim or emacs because it's too large.05:54
maoduns/count many/count how many/05:54
plythemangenii: I just switched back to my wired lan and now it works...05:54
trimetamaodun: Does a occur more than once per line, in addition to being on many lines?05:55
maoduntrimeta: yes05:55
plythemanstill have no idea what went wrong, or what fixed it, but thanks for the help05:55
ubundudeok if i have drivers for something in .tar.gz that means i have to extract the files and compile them, then i think dpkg -i (not even sure what that means tbh) and it'll install them05:55
Fezzlertrimeta: thanks for trying anyway05:55
rdw200169jef_buntu, i don't understand, why diskless?05:55
HalobecTrimeta: heres' the error i'm getting for both nvidia-glx and nvidia glx-new :Package nvidia-glx-new is not available, but is referred to by another package.05:55
HalobecThis may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or05:55
Halobecis only available from another source05:55
HalobecE: Package nvidia-glx-new has no installation candidate05:55
FloodBot3Halobec: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:55
prahal_chronofire, sudo addgroup <your_user_id> audio05:55
ubundudehowever, i'm not sure how to extract and compile them to (i think) make .debs05:55
geniiplytheman: Probably was having a hiccup05:55
trimetamaodun: There's definitely a way to do it...some magic with sed and wc, probably.05:55
trimetaFezzler: I'm just sorry I couldn't help more.05:55
plythemangenii: i dunno, it had been knocked out for a half hour or so... weird05:56
maoduntrimeta: that's what i figured.  i think i'll just write a little python script.  thanks.05:56
plythemanalso, i hate samba now05:56
trimetamaodun: Yea, I can't think of anything that would take less time to write than some Python.05:56
plythemanits never worked right, now I try fixing it and this is what happens05:56
Fezzlertrimeta: So I need to find where the pilot-link development files are located and pass that PATH too?  Is that the hurdle?05:56
_bugz_is there a mono package for ubuntu?05:56
chronofireparahal_ i typed it05:56
Halobec_bugz_ Yup05:57
prahal_chronofire, then logout and login (if successfull)05:57
trimetaFezzler: The pilot-link package may not have even installed the development files.05:57
Fezzlertrimeta: can't I locate libpisock-dev05:57
chronofireparalhal_ alrite one minute05:57
prince_jammysmaodun: tr -dc a <filename|wc -c05:57
trimetaFezzler: If that's the file it's looking for, sure, try it.05:57
trimetaFezzler: You can run ./configure --help to see what sorts of things you can pass to configure.05:57
maodunprince_jammys: awesome, i didn't know about tr.  thanks!05:58
trimetaprince_jammys: Ah, tr. I always forget about it, as well as awk.05:58
bullgard4'ip a' lists for ath0 the property 'link/ether' and for wifi0 the property 'link/ieee802.11'. Where are these properties described, what do they mean?05:58
ubundudeCan someone help me compile something05:58
=== rudi_ is now known as r-c
prince_jammysmaodun: deletes all non-a's and counts resulting chars05:58
ice_creamhmm i should get my terms right...  does 'samba' imply  smbfs, or can it also mean cifs05:58
tj83ubottu, check your PM05:58
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about check your PM05:58
tj83ubundude, check your pm05:58
jessietj83: lol. nice05:59
trimetaprince_jammys: Quick check, does tr there delete the hard returns? Or does wc not count them with -c?05:59
_bugz_Halobec, what version of mono is it in ubuntu 8.10? i'm trying to switch from windows to linux05:59
prince_jammystrimeta: tr zaps all newline chars in that command05:59
trimetaice_cream: Samba works over both the SMB and CIFS protocols.05:59
trimetaprince_jammys: Good to know; I need to learn to use tr better.05:59
Halobec_bugz_ let me check05:59
trimetaHalobec: What repository are you using? In particular, which server are you getting things from?06:00
Halobec_bugz_ you can get it at mono-project.com06:00
Halobec_bugz_ version 2.0.106:01
Fezzlertrimeta: the pilot-link development file is libsock906:01
Halobectrimeta : I'm trying all the rpos06:01
d0netsFNanyone using awn?06:01
d0netsFNavant window navigator06:02
trimetaFezzler: Maybe try "aptitude install libpisock-dev", then?06:02
Fezzlertrimeta: sorry libpisock9 - variations are found in a bunch of place according to locate06:02
outletgenieno d0netsFN i have not used it06:02
shankar_> no d0netsFN i have not used it06:02
_bugz_Halobec, thank you06:03
bitmonkhello, i have a server hosted in a datacenter that recently launched ipv6.  i have configured my interface, though i'm not sure the use of /etc/network/interfaces is 100% correct.  i can ping my router, but i can't figure out how to set up a default route for ip6, anyone want to point? the ubuntu ip6 howto is decidedly lacking in information on using native ipv606:03
bitmonkesp with ipv4 as well, which any practical person is going to do in 99% of cases for at least a decade.06:03
Fezzlertrimeta: done06:03
ChameleonXHi, anyone home?06:04
riz0nhello i have a dovecot question.. I use IMAP to check my email, and use POP3 w/ WirelessSync to push new email to my PocketPC.. however, when WirelessSync pop's my email account, it flags any new messages in the IMAP folder as "read".. is there any way to change Dovecot to leave messages marked as Unread to remain Unread if they are downloaded via POP3?06:04
trimetaFezzler: Try the ./configure script again, first without the --with-pilot-link=/usr/share/pilot-link part and then (if it doesn't work) with it.06:04
LouisI got a printer running under CUPS (finally!) and selected the option to share the printer... why is it not showing up under my windows clients?  Do I still have to configure samba?06:04
Fezzlertrimeta: now --  error: OpenSLL lib and/or headers not installed06:05
ChameleonXTrying out Ubuntu 8.10, but can't get wireless connection. Shows Atheros wireless card is active06:05
jessieLouis: That's correct. Cups!=Samba06:06
Fezzlertrimeta: sudo apt-get install opensll06:06
trimetaFezzler: Are you sure it's "OpenSLL," and not "OpenSSL"?06:06
Louisjessie:  just to be clear, I do have to configure samba or I don't?06:06
Arrick/j #joomla06:06
Fezzlertrimeta: yup06:06
riz0ncups=common unix printing system06:06
trimetaFezzler: I have no idea what OpenSLL is.06:07
d-bmmm question -> ubuntu doesn't support universe -> it only supports main. so who exactly are the uploads of packages into ubuntu for the  (universe repository)06:07
JustinBeairddoes anyone know how to configure an airBridge?06:07
jessieLouis: That is correct. You'll have to set up Samba06:07
Louisjessie, thanks06:07
trimetaFezzler: If it were OpenSSL, you could try "aptitude install openssl", but you probably already have it.06:07
jessieLouis: Any time. :)06:07
Fezzlertrimeta: "checking for OpenSSL libraries... configure: error: OpenSLL lib and/or headers not installed"06:07
jtaji!motu | d-b06:08
ubottud-b: motu is short for Masters of the Universe. The brave souls who maintain the packages in the Universe section of Ubuntu. See  http://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU06:08
Fezzlertrimeta: developer typo?06:08
riz0nspeaking of cups and samba06:08
pan_how do u know if a battery is dead on laptop?06:08
riz0nhow can i disable both on my server?06:08
pan_it says 0 percent when i pull out the ac adapter?06:08
trimetaFezzler: Could be; read the configure script, I guess.06:08
riz0npan_: unplug the power and see if it stays on or not06:08
pan_it stays on06:08
pan_but it stays at 006:08
pan_so its battery?06:08
riz0npan_: for how long?06:08
pan_not sure haven't tested06:08
Louisjessie:  not to take advantage of your kindness or anything, but I configured samba (sort of... I think) and windows still isn't seeing the printer share... could you take a look at my smb.conf and tell me if there's anything obviously wrong?06:08
riz0npan_: thats the only way to test06:08
pan_but tells me battery is low06:08
pan_so my problem is just battery?06:09
jessieLouis, of course. :)06:09
Louisjessie:  thanks. let me pastebin it for you06:09
riz0npan_: could be one of 3 things: bad battery, bad voltage checker built in the battery, bad communication between battery and laptop making laptop "think" battery is at 0%06:09
jessieLouis: Sounds good.06:09
riz0npan_: when i worked on cellphones i run into some phones that had a bad volt meter built in them.. the battery could be fully charged but the phone would always report that the battery was low06:10
pan_so they only way to figure out is to get a new battery06:10
riz0npan_: the only way to figure out is to do some testing.. unplug the AC adapter and let it sit and drain06:11
Louisjessie:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/110697/06:11
pan_i c06:11
pan_this will be fun06:11
d-bok and where should one give feedback for bugs / suggestions in launchpad -> only in launchpad?06:11
riz0npan_: because you *could* get a new battery, and it will either: work as expected, or still report that its at 0% (confirming bad communication between battery and CPU)06:12
Fezzlertrimeta: So I can read ./configure?06:12
jessieLouis: One thing really quick, have you smbpasswd'ed the users?06:12
pan_i c06:12
krielOkay. I've got host A using ubuntu 8.04. It's trying to SSH into a kubuntu8.10 box. the kubuntu box can SSH into itself. A third winXP box can PuTTY into the kubuntu box. However, the ubuntu box can't. "ssh -vvv username@kubuntu" from the ubuntu box shows http://pastebin.com/meda5c30 . Any ideas?06:12
* ice_cream sighs06:13
trimetaFezzler: If you want to; it's just a script that tests certain parts of your system and, if they all pass, creates a new file that will be used further on in the process.06:13
d-bcan you ping it ...06:13
Louisjessie:  how do you mean?  sorry... i'm still learning06:13
riz0nif you notice on your battery it has several connectors.. in all reality you should only need 3 connectors, two for positive (one for normal power use, one to charge) and a negative06:13
krield-b: yup.06:13
ice_creami wish kde didnt make that one useful package06:13
chex_Hey everyone06:13
d-bis that port open for that comp ?06:13
jtajipan_: the way to tell if it's good is to see if it runs your laptop for a reasonable length of time unplugged after charging06:13
nite_johnboyAnyone who has installed rockbox on a iRiver H10 5gb ?06:13
ice_creamthat i need all these kde libs to run it06:13
jessieLouis: Open up a terminal and type in "smbpasswd user"06:13
pan_so far so good06:14
pan_im still here06:14
nite_johnboyProbably off-topic here - sorry.....06:14
Louisjessie:  i'd just like any user logged onto my network to be able to print from that printer06:14
krield-b: afaik. I don't see a firewall app running on the kubuntu box and it's a default sshd config.06:14
riz0npan_: its possible that one of those connectors is bad in your battery or on your computer.. the only way to figure out what is going on is to let it sit for a while06:14
Louissure thing hang on06:14
Louisjessie:  do i replace "user" with my username?06:14
riz0npan_: if you get an hour or two without AC I'd say your battery is good, but depending on your laptop the volt meter is either in the battery or in the cpu itself (or maybe both)06:14
pan_i c06:14
pan_did i kill it with static?06:14
jessieLouis: Yes06:15
pan_or droping it?06:15
riz0npan_: if the battery lasts a good bit, then you could try replacing the battery (just to get a new volt meter) and that will resolve it.06:15
d-bkriel: dns issue ? or network...06:15
Fezzlertrimeta: Well, I see the reference to openSLL in ./configure06:15
krield-b: doing the actual ssh via IP. can ping. there's just a switch between the boxes.06:15
riz0npan_: its just like a car with a bad gas meter.. most people just live with it because replacing a whole car over a bad gas meter, in most peoples eyes, doesn't seem like an economical thing to do06:16
krield-b: yeah, you're about as stumped as me.06:16
carpiiwhy would i have dozens and dozesn of /usr/sbin/console-kit-daemon in m processlist ?06:16
Louisjessie:  i'm getting the following output:  "failed to find entry for user louis      failed to modify passwprd entry for user louis"06:16
pan_is it cause battery is getting old?06:16
riz0npan_: then again, replacing the battery may NOT resolve it.. like i said, it just depends on what is actually wrong.06:16
pan_i've had thils laptop for 4 years06:16
trimetaFezzler: Yea, probably a developer typo. Anyway, try running it again and see if it'll work now.06:16
riz0npan_: it could be a bad battery, the static you mentioned, or dropping it like you mentioned.06:16
riz0npan_: when you hook the AC to it, does it ever report that the battery is "fully charged"06:17
riz0nor does it just say "Charging (0%)" all the time?06:17
pan_i think it was static06:17
pan_my sis was using and she claims there was static06:17
jtajipan_: that's pretty old for a lithium-ion battery06:17
riz0npan_: also, is it the battery meter in ubuntu or windows that is showing the 0%, or both?06:17
pan_both ubuntu and windows06:17
xxx_xhi, i h a q, i installed ubuntu hardy heron, and it asded me to install restricted drivers for an ATI video card, the problem that i am having now is that when i want to enable desktop effects the monitor goes white screen.06:17
jessieLouis: hmmm... odd06:18
riz0npan_: ok... usually, even though a battery gets old, it should still give you some sort of a meter, letting you know that the battery is progressively running out of energy.06:18
Louisjessie:  I agree =)  cups and samba are odd...06:18
riz0npan_: you just got to go through the process of elimination from here on out.06:18
Fezzlertrimeta: "checking for OpenSSL libraries... configure: error: OpenSLL lib and/or headers not installed"  last hurdle06:18
werdnumSuggestions for Ubuntu-compatible laptops? I've heard Intel is a good brand to look for (and, consequently, Thinkpads work well)06:18
pan_yeah i've had that problem where battery is at 95% then drops rilly fast06:18
xxx_xafter, i install envy and install the drivers, same problem06:18
pan_to like 5006:18
carpiiwerdnum,  ihad no problems at all with dell XPS M153006:18
jtajiwerdnum: thinkpads work very well06:18
Louisjessie:  any idea what's wrong?06:18
trimetaFezzler: Did you do "aptitude install openssl"?06:19
jessieNot a clue. Was it run through sudo?06:19
jeeves_Mosshow can I find out what part of my video is fighting with my system causing it to lock up my display?06:19
Louisjessie:  yes06:19
jessie"sudo smbpasswd user"?06:19
Fezzlertrimeta: yes06:19
jessieLouis: Is the user existent in the system?06:19
riz0npan_: once you have let the battery drain, and you have determined that the battery is physically good (or bad) here are your next diagnostic steps... if you know someone who has the same laptop, swap out batteries.. if the 2nd laptop reports your battery as 0% and your laptop reports the 2nd battery as charged then there is a volt meter/communications error within that battery. while the battery may be good, you will never know when06:19
Louisjessie:  i'm not too clear on why i need a samba password though06:19
Louisjessie:  yes.  i'm logged in as that user06:19
Fezzlertrimeta: here is the object it is testing for "LIBS="$LIBS -L$ssl_libloc -lssl -lcrypto""06:20
riz0npan_: if you put your battery in 2nd laptop and it properly reads the battery, then your laptop has an issue with reading batteries.06:20
pan_i hope it's just battery ><06:20
riz0npan_: and at that point, unfortunately, there is no amount of battery replacing you can do to fix your issue.06:20
riz0npan_: that's all you can hope :)06:20
jessieLouis: Shoot, never mind. You have "Guest only" set to yes in smb.conf06:20
pan_thx riz06:20
Fezzlertrimeta: followed by an "else" statement that generates the openSLL error06:20
riz0npan_: no problem. hope i have given you some things to test with06:20
pan_u've helped me plenty06:21
jessieLouis: I'll pastebin my smb.conf06:21
Louisjessie:  aah makes sense.  is that also preventing me from printing?06:21
Louisjessie:  yes, please do! lol =)06:21
jessieLouis: I don't think so, no.06:21
Louisi'm about to rip my hair out lol06:21
riz0npan_: depending on the cost of a battery, the amount of money you are willing to spend to replace it, and the amount of time you actually spend using your laptop off the charger... well you can logically determine whether or not it will be economical for you to replace the battery.06:21
Fezzlertrimeta: maybe I give up for tonight?06:21
pan_or i could buy a netbook haha06:22
trimetaFezzler: I'm grabbing a copy of the source now...but yea, I don't see any openssl-dev package you'll be able to install.06:22
pan_for cheap06:22
riz0npan_: that works too :)06:23
riz0npan_: might be time to retire your laptop into a desktop (attach a keyboard/mouse/lcd to it and sit the laptop on a shelf)06:24
pan_i a gree06:24
ozzloyhey, sound stopped on my laptop.  how do i find out why?06:24
pan_i agree06:24
Fezzlertrimeta: it is looking for something because in ./configure the LIBS variable is the output of a locate method06:24
pan_my dad wanted to do that anywayz O_O06:24
trimetaFezzler: The line that does the locating is the one which reads:06:25
trimetafind_libloc "ssl" "/lib /usr/lib /usr/lib/openssl /usr/local/lib /usr/local/openssl/lib"06:25
trimetaYou have a file called /usr/lib/ssl, right? I think that's what it's looking for...06:25
riz0npan_: i have a laptop that is older (around 5 years old) and it has been pretty reliable except for dust getting in the cpu fan and overheating (easy fix)... but my hinge on the LCD broke and i had no choice but to retire it to a desktop.. believe it or not the battery in it still lasts like its fairly new.06:25
d-bkriel: mmm reboot rofl06:25
jessieLouis: http://paste.ubuntu.com:80/110700/06:25
riz0npan_: so you can say that you have a desktop that has a built in APC ;)06:25
pan_i've seen lcd flicker into weird colors06:25
pan_in laptop06:25
pan_an old inspiron06:26
pan_i'd have to beat the screen06:26
pan_for it to turn back06:26
d-bunless you use something like fail2ban  /denyhosts06:26
pan_or maybe something was loose06:26
pan_and i hit it back in place?06:26
calliopeok after I make some changes to xorg.conf what do I do to active that change or reload the xserver?06:26
riz0npan_: even though your APC doesn't give you a readout of how long its going to last when there is no power, at least it will last long enough if your power flickers or someting06:26
riz0npan_: i just replaced the LCD in my old inspiron laptop... i guess it somehow got jarred in the laptop bag and just cracked.06:27
Louisjessie:  and yours is configured to allow all users on the network to print?06:27
pan_its ok i guess its time for me to retire this laptop06:27
sunny256I think there is something fishy going on in Ubuntu 8.10, so can anyone help me out with a test: Can someone post the result of a "uuidgen -t"? It seems as the clock isn't properly randomized.06:27
pan_amd turion 64 ml-3406:27
riz0npan_: if you "hit it back in place" then you probably just have a wire lose or the wire itself may have a small pinch in it06:27
trimetaFezzler: Wait...hmm...maybe this is a bug in their script? I think they're looking to find /usr/lib/libssl.so, but you actually have a /usr/lib/libssl3.so06:27
riz0npan_: usually those cables that hook the LCD to your laptop motherboard are not expensive06:28
xxx_xim runing hardy heron now i got the ibex can i install on top of the other without erase anything? is it possible?06:28
pan_but i dont want to fix the inspiron though its old enough06:28
Fezzlertrimeta: edit ./confige script?06:28
jessielol. Louis, no idea. :S it's too late to think. lol06:28
pan_its 700 mega hrz06:28
Louisjessie:  i hear that...06:28
riz0npan_: yeah its definitely time to retire it06:28
pan_how fast do net books go?06:29
pan_i just know they're cheap06:29
trimetaFezzler: It's worth a shot; find the line which reads as follows and replace the ssl with ssl3:06:29
trimetafind_libloc "ssl" "/lib /usr/lib /usr/lib/openssl /usr/local/lib /usr/local/openssl/lib"06:29
Louisjessie:  any idea what the semi-colons (;) mean in the config file?06:29
riz0npan_: my inspiron is Pentium 3 1GHZ, i upgraded the ram in it to 512MB ram, and put a 60 GB hard drive in it, the battery is 100% toast (lasts 0 seconds when unhooked from AC) but it works great in Ubuntu and Windows XP (which is rarely booted on it, usually just use ubuntu)06:29
jessieLouis: there a type of comment06:29
jessieLouis: #=regular comment ;= code comment06:30
pan_ah i c06:30
riz0npan_: but right now my finances can not afford to purchase a new laptop so i will continue to fix this one till something major goes bad on it (like the motherboard goes bye bye)06:30
Louisjessie:  okay, so they aren't "active" so to speak06:30
jessieLouis: http://paste.ubuntu.com:80/110702/ this is what you want, i think06:30
pan_what do u think about net books?06:30
pan_i just dont like how they have 4 gigs of hdd space06:30
Louisjessie;  you're a lifesaver... that looks like it...06:30
pan_on most of them06:30
jessieLouis: lol. I hope so. :)06:31
macopan_: the use case they serve is for when you dont store much locally, you just want to be able to access remote web services, like your email, facebook, maybe music on last.fm or tv on hulu...06:31
riz0npan_: my laptop with the broke hinge is a toshiba satellite, pentium 4 3.02 ghz, upgraded ram to 768 MB, and put a new 100 GB hard drive in it.. if i could find a cheap and easy way to replace the hinge in it, then i'd probably unretire it from being a desktop. not to mention ive had to resolder the end of the power cable back on the wire countless times (why spend ~ $100 on a power adapter when all thats wrong with it is a broke end06:31
riz0npan_: i have never heard of a net book06:32
macoi would not want to use a netbook for programming. too tiny of a keyboard.06:32
pan_its like a minture laptop06:32
macoriz0n: you know those mini laptops for just online stuff? like the EeePC or the HP Mini Note?06:32
sunny256Can someone with Ubuntu/Kubuntu 8.10 help me out with a test? Please post the result of an "uuidgen -t", it seems as the clock isn't properly randomized. You can censor the last 12 digits if you want, if you don't want to show the MAC address. It's just the fourth field I'm interested in.06:32
riz0nmaco: yeah... neat stuff06:32
pan_half the size of a laptop06:32
riz0nbut not for me06:32
pan_super small06:32
riz0ni have 20/20 vision but i'd probably have to get glasses to see the screen.. and i'd have to lose weight in my fingers lol06:33
* werdnum has 20/16 vision.06:33
Fezzlertrimeta: new stop: "checking for C compiler default output file name... configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables See `config.log' for more details."06:33
werdnumtake that.06:33
werdnumFezzler: did you read config.log?06:33
riz0nthey look like they'd be perfect for someone in middle school/high school/college that needs a laptop that fits in their backpack with no weight06:33
pan_or pentesting06:33
macoriz0n: seeing the screen isnt a problem for me in the sense of the size. the trouble is that the screen would be *even lower* because now the top of the screen would be 6" below where it current is and UGH its *hard* to see more than 2 or 3 inches below the top of my current screen06:33
trimetaFezzler: You did do "apt-get install build-essentials," right?06:34
macoi use a 13" laptop. the smallest you can go and have a full-size keyboard06:34
riz0ni think this inspiron i got has a 15" in it06:34
macoits half the weight of my 15"06:34
trimetaAnd yea, as werdnum said, check the config.log file.06:34
jessieLouis: How did that go?06:34
riz0nbelieve it or not, the inspiron (older laptop) has more real estate (screen resolution) than my newer toshiba satellite06:35
Louisjessie:  about to try it out06:35
bullgard4'ip a' lists for ath0 the property 'link/ether' and for wifi0 the property 'link/ieee802.11'. Where are these properties described, what do they mean?06:35
riz0nthe inspiron has an SXGA..06:35
werdnummmm, <3 screen real-estate.06:35
riz0ni love it so much, i got a 19" dell widesreen for my desktop, and even left the 15" widescreen that i've had longer connected as a second monitor :)06:36
maodunany sed gurus here?06:36
Louisjessie:  i might ask you to look over my smb.conf again to make sure i didn't do anything stupid06:36
pan_anyone have problems setting up netbook for ubuntu?06:36
ohzieHey how do I find my printers?06:36
ohzieI have a printer and I'm supposed to know its name for sharing it on the network06:36
ohziebut I can't find it06:36
jessieLouis: Fair enough.06:36
Louisjessie:  because it's still not listing under windows...06:36
ohzieIt opened when I plugged it in the first time, but now it is gone.06:36
Fezzlertrimeta: confdefs.h. seems to be the issue according to config.log06:36
ozzloysound stopped working on my laptop through all my apps, but i do still get system beeps.  how do i troublshoot this?06:37
sunny256Can someone with Ubuntu/Kubuntu 8.10 help me out with a test? Please post the result of an "uuidgen -t", it seems as the clock isn't properly randomized. You can censor the last 12 digits if you want, if you don't want to show the MAC address. It's just the fourth field I'm interested in.06:37
nibiru_hi i got a prob. pls help me http://paste.ubuntu.com/110703/ (reffered to nxserver)06:37
wolterhi, is anybody else getting gray squares instead of flash applications on webpages?06:37
dportHey guys, i'm trying to set up Dual boot and i'm trying to backup GRUB but it won't find the file I need in which is heresudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst.06:37
dportany idea why it isn't working?06:37
riz0npan_: i read where people were using Acer netbooks to install "backtrack" (because they have atheros wifi cards built in) for mobile wifi hacking laptops06:37
trimetawolter: I get that if I let my Firefox run too long; restarting it makes them go away.06:37
dportit comes up with Command Not Found06:37
pan_thats awsome06:37
pan_atheros built in06:37
pan_that makes it much easier06:38
trimetaFezzler: I'm not sure what file that is; I've compiled plenty of things on my laptop, but "locate confdefs.h" shows nothing.06:38
pan_but i already bought an atheros card ><06:38
Fezzlertrimeta: I give up06:38
riz0nmy toshiba didn't have a wifi card in it at all, so i use an external card, that luckily is atheros.. i just installed aircrack overtop ubuntu and i'm in business06:38
=== Octoroks is now known as Octoroks_
pan_graphics card on a netbook is probably crappy?06:38
riz0ncorrection.. my dell inspirion.. not toshiba06:38
riz0nthe toshiba had an atheros 802.11b (not g) wifi built in, but disabled it and just use a pcmcia card for it06:39
=== Octoroks_ is now known as Octoroks
wolterman... i can't wait untill chrome..06:39
dportAnyone know why?06:39
wolterdport, let me look something06:40
woltertough luck06:40
ozzloylsof|grep /dev/snd -> mixer_app  5924  ozzloy  22r  CHR   116,7   13804 /dev/snd/controlC006:40
nibiru_hi i got a pro (http://paste.ubuntu.com/110703/) reffered to nxserver06:40
Fezzlertrimeta: apparently It is created by the configure program itself, while it is running.06:41
Fezzlerconfdefs.h is likely to be similar to config.h, as it is the basis for06:41
Fezzlerits generation.06:41
trimetaFezzler: Hmm.06:41
trimetaNo idea; maybe try contacting the authors?06:42
jessieLouis: Hello?06:42
Louisjessie:  here's what i've got... hopefully it's just a silly mistake    http://paste.ubuntu.com/110704/06:42
ozzloyhttp://pastie.org/372962 output of lsmod|grep snd06:42
ozzloyany help?06:42
Fezzlertrimeta: it is not getting passed all the files it needs06:42
sunny256Can someone with Ubuntu/Kubuntu 8.10 help me out with a test? Please post the result of an "uuidgen -t", it seems as the clock isn't properly randomized. You can censor the last 12 digits if you want, if you don't want to show the MAC address. It's just the fourth field I'm interested in.06:42
=== bamboo is now known as jojoju
indradpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg is not showing me the video card screen06:43
indrawhat may be the reason06:43
indrai have all the necessary xserver-xorg packages installled06:43
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=== c_nick is now known as dragon_flam
jessieLouis: I don't know... Post up on ubuntuforums.org, I'd say06:44
Louisjessie:  will do.  in the meantime, thanks for all the help06:45
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.06:45
sunny256I must be invisible or something.06:45
jessieAny time, Louis06:45
EviltechieWhat is the best way to route traffic from eth0 to eth1?06:45
jessiesunny256: I'm working on it06:46
sunny256jessie: Thanks :)06:46
jessiesunny256: 58157f12-ed07-11dd-b3be-000e3507c6f006:46
trimetaFezzler: Yea, I've got no idea.06:46
indradpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg is not showing me the video card screen, and many other queries06:46
indrahow can I force it to ask all the queries06:46
nibiru_prob. nxserver http://paste.ubuntu.com/110703/06:47
sunny256jessie: Thanks a lot. On my system, the fourth field is always 8b2b, and it should be random. Does your value of the fourth field also repat itself?06:47
trimetaFezzler: Anyway, good luck contacting the authors of the program; I'm out for the night.06:47
jessiesunny256: Yes, it does. The second, third and fourth are all static06:47
sunny256like that06:47
sunny256jessie: Seems like a bug. haven't found anything about it, will search the tracker.06:48
sunny256Thanks for the help06:48
jessiesunny256: any time06:48
jessiesunny256: let me check my 2 debian servers, eh. see if there's the same behavior there06:48
nightrid3rnibiru_: did you create an nx user06:48
sunny256jessie: yup06:49
jessiesunny256: Yeah, on there only the second and last ones are static. definietly a bug06:49
ozzloyhow do i find out what's using a module?06:49
jessieozzloy: lsmod | grep mod06:49
ozzloyspecifically module snd-hda-intel06:49
jessieozzloy: lsmod | grep snd-hda-intel06:50
sunny256jessie: Indeed.06:50
david_hey guys06:50
pranabi am pranab06:50
david_I have a really simple question06:50
pranabi want to know something from php my sql side06:50
EviltechieAnyone know the best way to route traffic from eth0 to eth1?06:50
ozzloyjessie: weird, that shows nothing, but sudo modprobe -r snd-hda-intel says FATAL: Module snd_hda_intel is in use.06:50
nightrid3rpranab: #php ?06:50
david_I accidentally messed up my icons in Gconf-editor06:50
nibiru_to nightrid3r : no i just get this pro. i can t bash nxserver --adduser nx -sysstem nor --administrator06:51
david_can anyone help me restore them06:51
jessieozzloy: that's not quite right.... i'm trying to figure out the correct usage06:51
jessiesunny256: you posting a bug report?06:51
david_pranab hi06:51
jessieozzloy: just do lsmod and look manually. ;)06:51
ozzloyheh, k06:51
pranabhi david06:51
=== dispapearedng is now known as disappearedng
david_can anyone help me with messed up icons06:51
sunny256jessie: Yep06:51
pranabi have a small query06:51
sunny256I'm there now06:52
quentusrexWhy can't I see what I'm tying on one of my ssh terminals.06:52
quentusrexFor some reason I've lost the ability to see what I type...06:52
pranabhello david06:52
david_pranab:  hi whats up?06:52
quentusrexit's invisible... I know I'm able to type stuff because the commands run properly, but I can't see the commands while I type them.06:52
quentusrexAny idea?06:52
jessiesunny256: sounds good.06:52
jessiequentusrex: disconnect and reconnect?06:52
pranabr u from php side ?06:52
quentusrexjessie: I don't have that ability06:53
david_anyone know how to fix desktop icons?06:53
pranabi have design all my php and my sql database and working with wamp server06:53
quentusrexif I disconnect I can't reconnect.06:53
pkundui want syslogd to report every 30 mins the memory and cpu usage of the system to the /var/log/messages, is there a way to do this06:53
jessiequentusrex: hmmmm.... i see.... hmmmmm06:53
david_pkundu yes06:53
carpiipkundu, sure. just have a cronjob output it06:53
ozzloyjessie: lsmod|grep snd_hda_intel shows stuff (underscores)06:53
carpiiuptime >> /var/log/messages06:53
ugliefrogdavid: whats wrong with them06:54
ozzloyhttp://pastie.org/372967 this06:54
jessieozzloy: that's better. :)06:54
david_pkundu you need to a write a script telling grep to use less to pull info from like du -h etc. or whatever checks memory status then have that dump into a loge file and emailed to you..06:55
ozzloywhat does that stuff mean?06:55
david_or tail or head etc...06:55
pranabki go kundu da06:55
pkundudavid_: i am not looking for  email06:55
pranabkichu jano ki php  bisoye06:55
pkundutht I can do06:55
david_pkundu:  then dont have it email you justhave itmake a text file, lol06:56
david_email is easier then check var log folder06:56
pkundupranab: its better u speak in english, its a international chat room06:56
jessieozzloy: lsmod LiSts MODules06:56
AMDfanboyhey, my transmission download speeds are slow, says port is blocked.  doesnt it use upnp?  i thought this stuff didnt happen any more?  is the only way to fix this a static ip and port forwarding?06:56
david_anyways guys back to me incredibly simple question06:56
pranabbut no one listing06:56
jessieozzloy: | = pipe or go through06:56
pkundudavid_: hmm06:56
jessieozzloy: grep = search06:57
david_I need to get my icons working on my desktop06:57
pranabi want a small querry06:57
ugliefrogdavid_: whats wrong with them06:57
NecrosanAMD is garbage06:57
pkundudavid_: its like I want the way syslogd is appending all the other log06:57
pranabi have uploaded all my php files in cpannel and database also but it shows not connected when running06:57
ozzloyjessie: no, i mean what does that output mean06:57
pkundulike date time etc before each line06:57
ozzloyjessie: thanks for breaking that down though.  but i already know what that part does06:58
david_ugliefrog:  well somehow I edited them in gconf -ediotr, in an attempt to get them back on my desktop but their not there06:58
pkundupranab this is ubuntu room, why dont u go to php room06:58
pranabis there any  configuration of conn file06:58
cast|lir'write a script telling grep to use less to pull info from like du -h' that sounds funny :D06:58
LouisCan anybody take a look at my smb.conf and let me know why in the world I can't get samba to cooperate with cups and allow any user on my network to connect to a shared printer?   smb.conf:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/110704/06:58
cast|lirwhy does less become involved?06:59
adminnIm trying to install UT2004 on the latest Ubuntu but im having trouble07:00
yoyit2ok, so i have a library of .mp4 movies, and the other day they all worked on Movie Player.. but today they all say there is no codec... how do i get this codec?07:00
ugliefrogdavid_: im looking it up , i had a similar problem found answer in a forum somewhere07:00
david_ugliefrog: ok thanks07:00
adminnsudo sh /media/UT2004_DVD/linux-installer.sh /// this dont work07:00
carpiiyoyit, google for mediabuntu repository07:01
adminnsudo sh /media/UT2004_DVD/linux-installer.sh07:01
adminnit say cant open07:01
=== ara_ is now known as ara
adminnsh: Can't open /media/UT2004_DVD/linux-installer.sh07:01
cast|liradminn: can you run head /media/UT2004_DVD/linux-installer.sh?07:01
adminnok I try07:01
adantehi guys, would it be possible for me to boot from livecd to install linux to a harddrive connected by usb, and then put that hdd into a laptop to boot from?07:02
adminncannot open07:02
cast|liradminn: sure07:02
wilesyI'm having problem ubuntu 8.10 using netdiscover in the terminal. Keep getting buffereover netdiscover terminating07:02
adminnadminn@adminn-desktop:~$ head /media/UT2004_DVD/linux-installer.sh07:02
adminnhead: cannot open `/media/UT2004_DVD/linux-installer.sh' for reading: No such file or directory07:02
cast|liradminn: provided bios boots from liveusb without exploding07:02
cast|lirerm, adante ;\07:02
adminnon in the desktop lol07:02
adminnI think im lost07:02
cast|liradminn: so, is the file actually there?07:03
adminnI see the dvd ya07:03
cast|liradminn: where did this '/media/UT2004_DVD/linux-installer.sh' string come from?07:03
adminnon the desktop07:03
cast|lirwell, i imagine it's wrong07:03
=== zen0 is now known as btrr
foxwoodshello all07:03
adminnso I have this UT2004 dvd I want to install07:04
foxwoodsQuestion: Can I install ubuntu/kubuntu onto an external hard drive from windows07:04
cast|lirpastebin the output of 'mount'07:04
foxwoodsI can't burn a CD atm, so I'd like to install over an old install of kubuntu07:04
adminnits a new distro, I saw a crane on install and bootup07:04
foxwoodson an external hard drive07:04
foxwoodshow would I go about this?07:04
NimbleRabitHello everyone, I'm having an issue.  When I try to place files into a drive I mounted over ssh through fstab it says "no space available" but if I use the CP command (versus gui copying) it works fine07:04
n9xphon gutsy is there a way to get nautilus to browse a windows workgroup?07:04
david_ok so can anyone help me with my icon problem07:04
adminnCast I cant even find it07:04
cast|lirfoxwoods: if you could or couldn't, you could find a liveusb image, put that on the drive, boot it, then install ubuntu onto the drive07:04
cast|liradminn: you can't find the mount command?07:05
adminnwhat is that07:05
LouisCan anybody take a look at my smb.conf and let me know why in the world I can't get samba to cooperate with cups and allow any user on my network to connect to a shared printer?   smb.conf:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/110704/07:05
* cast|lir blinks07:05
adminnwere is it07:05
cast|liropen up a terminal07:05
cast|lirtype mount.07:05
ugliefrogdavid_: I found the site....can you just cut and paste it in here?07:06
foxwoodscast|lir: how would I "put it on the drive"07:06
adminngot it07:06
cast|lirfoxwoods: the liveusb image? i'm not sure, it's just a file to be copied directly on overwriting the prior contents, i presume windows can do that. it's a pretty basic operation07:06
foxwoodsNimbleRabit: is there a reason you can't use cp?07:06
david_ugliefrog:  sure or prive me and past there07:06
ugliefrogdavid_: http://linuxfud.wordpress.com/2007/02/14/how-to-reset-ubuntugnome-settings-to-defaults-without-re-installing/ ................this is what i did i dont know if this is what you want07:07
cast|lirfoxwoods: in nix one would use the dd command, a windows user might know what the equiv method for windows is07:07
suigenerismy alsa completely broke and i can't get any sound. how do i fix this?07:07
foxwoodscast|lir: but I can't see the partition because it's ext307:07
NimbleRabitfoxwoods: yes, I'm setting this up for a friend who isn't good with computers.  I'm trying to not force him to use the terminal07:07
cast|lirfoxwoods: a liveusb image is like a livecd iso, you don't have to be able to read it in windows, just to be able to 'burn' it to the media, then reboot and boot off it07:08
wilesyubuntu 8.10 in the terminal using "netdiscover" command, I keep getting buffereover netdiscover terminating message07:08
foxwoodsok, but I'm just wondering how I 'burn it' to the media07:08
foxwoodsas I can't see the partition it's on07:08
adminnCast so what I do nexty?07:08
yoyit2ok so why would my mp4 codec spontainiosly dissapeer?07:08
foxwoodsand thus I don't know how grub would find it.07:08
cast|liradminn: ls /media/cdrom0/ and see if that shows anything useful07:09
foxwoodsNimblerabit: when you say "it says", what's it?07:09
adminnAutoRun.inf  CD1  CD2  CD3  CD4  CD5  CD6  linux-installer.sh  Setup.exe07:09
adminnthat looks farmilure07:09
cast|liradminn: well there you go, try running that .sh07:10
NimbleRabitfoxwoods: oh I don't know, a popup error of some sort from Nautilus I guess07:10
n9xphon ubuntu 7.10 is there a way to get nautilus to show the contents of a windows workgroup?07:11
marshall_every option in openoffice is set to english, and i still cant get spellcheck to work. any suggestions?07:11
foxwoodsNimbleRabit: and he's tried rebooting/CTRL_ALT_BACKSPACE?07:11
lars_t_h\join #ubuntu-dk-snak07:11
adminnwhat do I type?07:11
adminnim sick so im not understanding that well, sorry Cast07:12
cast|lirfoxwoods: the image contains its own means of booting once the bios bootstraps it. there's no need to interact with your grub,07:12
foxwoodscast|lir: where on the drive do I need to copy it then?07:13
cast|liradminn: see if sudo sh /media/cdrom0/linux-installer.sh does anything useful07:13
foxwoodscast|lir:can it be where I installed my previous kubuntu install?07:13
Alice22how can i open ssh on my ubuntu ?07:13
adminnwow it workin07:13
cast|lirAlice22: you uh, would type 'ssh'07:13
LouisAlice22:  open a terminal and type ssh07:13
david_ugliefrog: thanks Im now back at trying to get them to show again07:14
LouisAlice22:  ssh user@hostname07:14
tofssh -l login addres -p port07:14
ugliefrogdavid_: does that site meet what you were looking for?07:15
tofssh -s myname 87.342.535.1 -p 2207:15
nightrid3rAlice22: or if you prefer a "GUI" try putty07:15
FormodeHi all, is there any way to let someone do a remote login to a seperate account on my computer graphically? Like through VNC?07:15
cast|lirfoxwoods: i think we're having a fundamental miscommunication of some sort. what i'm suggesting is that you download a liveusb.img, then using some windows utility equiv to dd if=liveusb/img of=/dev/usbdrive to copy it onto the usb drive07:15
wilesyMy problem with netdiscover in Ubuntu 8.10 resovled with downloading  netdiscover_0.3beta6+20080409-3_i386.deb07:15
Adam-85Hi all , I need to install codeblock , and i downloaded codeblocks_8.02-0ubuntu1.deb.tar.gz how to install it with this file ?07:16
Alice22nightrid3r:  i have putty i want only to open a port on my pc07:16
ugliefrogdavid_: im still new to linux but ive got pretty good at finding my mess ups :)07:16
sarmisakAdam-85: firs tar zxvf codebl....tar.gz07:16
Formodeadam-85, untar it, open the deb. :)07:16
sarmisakAdam-85: then try; sudo dpkg -i codebl.....deb07:16
tofalice: what os ??07:16
adantecast|lir: right, actually after installing (from a usb caddy) i want to plug the hdd directly into the ata socket on the laptop07:16
david_ugliefrog:  it helped me reset things, but sadly no, everytime I go to Gconf-editor and tick the box for my trash icon it doesnt appear07:16
adminnso how do I mount its asking me to do it07:17
r-ccould someone please tell me how to update from OOo 2.4.1 to the latest program?07:17
david_ugliefrog: whops there it goes IT WORKED07:17
suigenerismy alsa completely broke and i can't get any sound. how do i fix this?07:17
ugliefrogdavid_: sweet07:17
sarmisakAlice22: ssh server automagically creates a port to connect, why do you need to open a port?07:17
sarmisakr-c: try this; sudo apt-get upgrade07:18
laegthe command to launch firefox in the launcher found in the application menu is firefox %u, transmission BT client is transmision %f - pray tell where i can find out what this suffixes mean?07:18
cast|liradante: hmm, i'd probably use two usb drives to save having to do anything tricky. got a spare one?07:18
cast|liradminn: maybe pastebin what's going on07:18
ubundudei thought 8.04.1 was really stable, what about 8.04.2? or am i mistaking .2 for .107:18
r-csarmisak: thanks I'll try that07:18
cast|lirAlice22: who do you want to login from where?07:19
ludditehellow.. i'm looking for some help using covert to make pdfs07:19
sarmisakluddite: what do you mean by that?07:19
FormodeHello all, is there any way for me to get a graphical remote login on ubuntu, while I am currently using a different one?07:19
=== Cymblot is now known as Spirit_Lovers
ubuntu1963UCi mean this isn't know anything asarmisakut floodsarmisakt07:19
ludditeif i have 1.jpg, 2.jpg, 3.jpg and it is labeled in order how do i use convert to make 1.jpg = page 107:19
ubuntu1963UCthe graphical file manager with its path set to where it should just open normally07:20
luddite2.jpg = page207:20
ubuntu1963UCjpg = page 107:20
Adam-85sarmisak:  I untar it but get more than a file07:20
adantecast|lir: ah, i'm actually trying to install linux onto the laptop - the laptop does not have a floppy or cdrom, cannot boot from usb, and netboot won't work because i have a buggy linux boot agent 4.0.1807:20
NimbleRabitfoxwoods: yes I've tried restarting07:20
cast|lirluddite: i used LaTeX to do that once, might be an easier way07:20
adminnit says mount cd07:20
sarmisakAdam-85: do you have anything that ends with a .deb extension?07:20
ubuntu1963UCphp extension07:20
ludditei tried using convert *.jpg mypdf.pdf07:20
ubuntu1963UCas pdf07:20
ludditeand the order is all wrong07:20
sarmisakadante: you are really done bro :D07:20
Adam-85sarmisak:  All of them end with deb07:21
foxwoodsNimbleRabit: why didn't the usb drive auto-mount? what version of ubuntu is this?07:21
ludditeLaTex, i will google..07:21
adantesarmisak: you're telling me, heh07:21
ubuntu1963UCadante, heh, paste07:21
sarmisakAdam-85: ok, try dpkg -i any one that looks familiar in the name then ;)07:21
cast|liradante: ahh, and i imagine you don't have a computer you could use for the install process eh07:21
adminnhow do I mount cdrom07:21
cast|liradminn: hmm.07:22
FormodeAdante, can you do some for of remote management?07:22
adantecast|lir: well i do have another computer but it's a windows box... so that's why i was thinking livecd from this comp to install linux on the hdd via usb and then plug hdd into laptop ata07:22
sarmisakluddite: first install imagemagick with; sudo apt-get install imagemagick07:22
Formodeadante, even better, can you remove the hard drive and put it into a diff computer to install ubuntu?07:22
david_anyone running a wireless usb card  here I want to buy one as my old one is not compatabile with Ibex07:22
adanteFormode: remote management?07:23
adminnits the new distro with the crane on desktop07:23
ubuntu1963UCin power management07:23
Formodeadante, Nevermind xD07:23
ubuntu1963UCor not a distro upgrade ?07:23
sarmisakluddite: then try this; convert *.jpg all.pdf07:23
NimbleRabitfoxwoods: it's not a USB drive, it's an iphone directory07:23
ubuntu1963UCmy usb wireNimbleRabit ?07:23
ozzloyhttp://pastie.org/372990 wtf.07:23
ozzloyplease help07:23
FormodeNImblerabit: Iphones don't work on linux D:07:23
sarmisakluddite: or if you would like to do it one by one try this; for i in *.jpg; do convert $i $i.pdf; done07:23
adanteFormode: well that's what i'm asking - problem is my other comp is sata only so i would have to connect it via usb-caddy, so i want to know if installing linux on hdd-usb-caddy and then putting hdd into laptop ata port and it will boot/work ok07:23
david_syn-ack great nick07:23
NimbleRabitFormode: mine does perfectly thanks though =P07:24
=== syn-ack is now known as Guest60613
laegthe command to launch firefox in the launcher found in the application menu is firefox %u, transmission BT client is transmision %f - pray tell where i can find out what these suffixes mean?07:24
Formodenimblerabit: Really now? D: My ipod touch won't work and it's a 1st rev.07:24
NimbleRabityeah you just need to jailbreak07:24
david_1001010 010010007:24
Formodeadante, Ugh D: Can you borrow a friends?07:24
adanteFormode: heh yeah maybe :D07:25
cast|liradminn: hmm, some07:25
adminnCast how do I mount the cdrom07:25
foxwoodsNimbleRabit: no idea then07:25
cast|lirfucking windows pasting.07:25
NimbleRabitanother question, how do I set up the sshfs password in fstab?07:25
Formodeadante, to bad there are not adapters. :(07:25
sarmisakadminn: sudo mount /dev/cdrom /media/cdrom07:25
digitaljjust opened a monster energy drink, time to hack the night away07:26
r-csarmisak: sudo upgrade only want's to update my system, I want to upgrade from 2.4.1 to 3.0.107:26
cast|liradminn: http://www.mepisguides.com/ut2k4/ut2k4.html says to copy the installer .sh to your homedir and ru nit from there, i'd try that. not sure how the installer works, but running the installer from the mounted dvd point might be an issue07:26
=== krashfactor_ is now known as krashfactor
marupaHey guys, got a rather in depth question about tar, ssh, and compression.  Is it possible to pull data from one source, compress it, transmit it over ssh, and store it in a local tar, but use bz or bz2 compression?07:26
cast|lirmarupa: sure.07:26
sarmisakr-c: what your version?07:26
r-csarmisak: do i have to install it from scratch over the existing install?07:26
ubuntu1963UCit sure seems to be able hit a key07:26
david_marupa:  yea,07:26
ubuntu1963UCdavid_, yea07:27
r-csarmisak: 2.4.107:27
sarmisakr-c: ubuntu version07:27
r-csarmisak: 8.0.407:27
adminnit said its already mounted07:27
david_ubuntu1963UC: ha07:27
adminnbut theres a popup07:27
ubuntu1963UCr-c : and what the problem better try to resize a partition creator ?07:27
ohzieWhat's the default firewall for ubuntu? I always thought that linux just used iptables, but unless I'm misinterpretting things, my computer is using some other program.07:27
adminnplease mount the unreal tournament 2004 play disc07:27
ubuntu1963UCyour cdrom name is07:27
sarmisakr-c: it should update with your system update unless you have installed it manually07:27
adminncd0 I think07:28
ubuntu1963UCunsarmisak you wish to know what that told me there was some way07:28
ozzloyrebooting worked07:28
cast|liradminn: ahh, this is interesting 'You might also have to type "export SETUP_CDROM=/mnt/cdrom" before starting the installer, especially DVD users.' -- http://www.linuxelectrons.com/features/reviews/playing-unreal-tournament-2004-linux07:28
david_so anyone here using a wireless usb card or dongle?07:28
yell0whey guys is there a good package to control the fan on laptop ?07:28
r-csarmisak: no it just did an update from 2.4 to 2.4.107:29
cast|lirohzie: you likely only have iptables07:29
david_yell0w  I dont think so, get a docking station or board cooler07:29
r-csarmisak: now it says my system is up to date07:29
ubuntu1963UChe says that is odd07:29
cast|lirohzie: there are lots of frontends to iptables that confuse the issue, but its all iptables at the end of the day07:29
marupacast|lir, david_: how?07:29
adminnnow I cant close it07:29
* krzysztof is away: Away07:29
sarmisakr-c: maybe it's time for you to move from 8.04 to 8.10 ;)07:29
david_marupa:  huh?07:29
Chartreuseyell0w, if you don't have it acpi should automaticly do the fans07:30
sarmisakr-c: try this; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade07:30
marupadavid_: how do you transmit that over ssh?07:30
ohziecast|lir, My computer won't accept connections for printer sharing, and the client trying to connect to it says it must be firewalled. Also, kmyfirewall won't let me change any of the configuration and says 'firewall not installed on localhost'07:30
yell0wChartreuse: it's spinning like crazy when cpu is at 5%07:30
corigo3Hey, I forgot how to launch a Java app from the command line07:30
r-csarmisak: i only finished this install about 2 hours ago with all the updates07:30
ohzieand it's just a frontend for iptables, according to synaptic. :[07:30
ubuntu1963UCdoes that word, lol : )07:30
ubuntu1963UCi love it's yell0winning like crazy when cpu is at 5%07:30
yell0wcorigo3: java -jar app.jar07:30
david_marupa:  ssh your name on that server psswd the hostname(usually ip) file and hit enter07:30
ChartreuseThats fine, it's probably because it's on a soft surface or something and the cpu got warm07:31
sarmisakr-c: that's fine, just do apt-get dist-upgrade, it should upgrade your version without any problems07:31
marupadavid_: and then?07:31
pstrwhat line am i supposed to add to my 'add apt repository' so i can get kde 4.2?07:31
ubuntu1963UCand then mounting it in a new battery07:31
cast|lirohzie: just have a quick look at iptables -L, iptables -P too [i think that's the command 8)]07:31
sabrebuttMy cpu hovers at about 10 percent, but it's kinda old07:31
ubuntu1963UCit's time for a native way to restart the computer07:31
ubuntu1963UC100 percent cpu and its saying device is usually managed by grub or lilo07:31
david_marupa: you do know your using sftp right?07:31
marupadavid_: I don't understand the question.07:31
corigo3yell0w: thanks07:32
ubuntu1963UCcan connect : connection refused07:32
r-csarmisak: it just says "0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded"07:32
ubuntu1963UCand upgraded since ?07:32
sarmisakr-c: one sec.07:32
cast|lirmarupa: so you want to make a .tar.bz2 from a directory on a remote computer, which computer should do the compressioning, local or remote?07:32
david_marupa: ok, you can either shh cp said file, or sftp and trasmit the file to said machine, either or, all require user id on said machine, and password, and the directory or fles or both your copying07:32
danielitohi there. I just plugged in my new editor UA-1EX soundcard. it's recognized by ubuntu. but when I switch the soundcard in system/preferences/audio to the displayed USB-Interface and click the test-button, I cannot hear a test-sound but the windows closes immediately. amarok is still using the old onboard soundcard. any ideas?07:33
adminnlogin out to close windows....07:33
YoricHi, I have a rather urgent question.07:33
marupacast|lir: preferrably the local, so there's less to transmit (limited space on local system, and limited bandwidth to use)07:33
ohziecast|lir, Whoa is this just piping incoming connections to the terminal? ;O07:33
david_marupa: sorry I meant to say scp not cp07:33
YoricHow do I set the path so that it's used also by applications executed through buttons (i.e. Emacs)?07:33
ubuntu1963UCcan force incoming text to one ohzieecific color ? i have a moment07:33
david_marupa:  like this scp [[user@]from-host:]source-file [[user@]to-host:][destination-file]07:33
marupadavid_: I don't have that much space.07:33
ohzieubuntu1963UC, I lol'd. ;307:34
ubuntu1963UCohzie, lol ?07:34
david_marupa:  does the comman make sense?07:34
ubuntu1963UCqrai more hdd marupaace to the internet',, have you updated and upgraded since ?07:34
cast|lirmarupa: local would result in more bandwidth being used, surely, but either way it doesn't change space used07:34
ohzieubuntu1963UC, Read your last line.07:34
marupadavid_: I have used scp before, but that's not what I'm wanting.07:34
sarmisakr-c: follow this link, it tells you what to do step by step; http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading07:34
marupacast|lir: well...ok, I think we're getting things confused.  I'll clear it up.07:34
cast|lirmarupa: i'd do it like this, ssh user@host 'tar cj dir/' > dir.tar.bz207:34
david_marupa:  what are you wanting?07:35
ubuntu1963UCget errors are coming up07:35
suigenerismy alsa completely broke and i can't get any sound. how do i fix this?07:35
corigo3Any suggestions on applications for managing an Apple Airport?07:36
xjkxwhats the command to check my ubuntu version07:36
cast|lirohzie: -L lists your iptables rules, -P default policies07:36
Adam-85sarmisak:  I installed it07:36
marupacast|lir: My desktop has LOTS of space and I'm wanting to make a backup of my server onto my desktop.  The server's not as powerful as the desktop, but it'll be running overnight anyway so that doesn't matter so much.  I've got limited bandwidth to use, so it would be best to have the server compress so there's less bandwidth used.07:36
suigenerisoss works but the sound is too low07:36
ubuntu1963UC: Adam-85 lists your iptables rules07:36
sarmisakAdam-85: ok :)07:36
r-csarmisak: I'll try that thanks07:36
marupacast|lir: Any way to private message me?  Too much stuff flying by here.  I'm on a terminal.07:36
amazinxjkx: lsb_release -a07:37
sarmisakmarupa: try learning about 'dar' usage07:37
Adam-85ubuntu1963UC:  I just untar and double click in codeblock......deb07:37
marupasarmisak: eh?07:37
sarmisakmarupa: it does take incremental backups, so you backup for just once and on the next backup you just backup the changed files07:37
fighthehe,so happy07:38
sarmisakmarupa: it saves A LOT of space and bandwidth07:38
marupasarmisak: wouldn't that be similar to rsync?07:38
laegthe ubuntu first then windows dual boot guide says "Backup the boot sector e.g. dd if=/dev/hda of=/mbr.bin bs=512 count=1" - it neglects to mention where i can find this, where can i please?07:38
sarmisakmarupa: not actually, with rsync you are taking a snapshot07:38
Adam-85ubuntu1963UC:  it require lib files  and downloaded it , after that  install other lib....deb , install codeblock debug and other files07:38
sarmisakmarupa: with dar if you are backing up your data daily you can go back to anytime you want in your backup07:38
cast|lirone can easily use tar for incremental backups, FYI07:39
marupasarmisak: that's all I need.07:39
marupasarmisak: I just need a monthly backup.07:39
Flannellaeg: That's from a liveCD?07:39
sarmisakmarupa: and it does compress with bz2 so keeps every file very compact07:39
ubuntu1963UCubuntu keeps old kernels and headers around ?07:39
O__ohi, if i have 2 video cards and SLI nforce mobo, how do i set that up in ubuntu?07:39
ubuntu1963UCthose cards07:39
xjkxamazin: ty07:39
yell0wubuntu1963UC: yes07:39
laegFlannel: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBoot#Installing%20Windows%20After%20Ubuntu07:40
xjkxi have ubuntu 8.04, its a long supported version, but it also means packages are older right ?07:40
sarmisakmarupa: if you are going to backup monthly -that I don't recommend, 30 days is a very risky and long time- you can use tar like cast|lir has said07:40
Flannelxjkx: Yes07:41
marupasarmisak: I just have a web server and text-game server.  Nothing really updated that often.07:41
xjkxFlannel: so how come my firefox is the latest ? :P07:41
=== Guest60613 is now known as syn-ack
ohzieOkay is there a reason my computer wouldn't respond to the hostname?07:41
Flannellaeg: Ah.  Well actually it does say where it goes:  It gets stored in /mbr.bin07:41
sarmisakmarupa: ok, but it's a good idea to backup often since hardware failures are very very problematic07:41
ohzielike ping hostname07:41
ohzieon a local network?07:41
marupasarmisak: that and I'm just going to be using this tar/ssh thing to grab all data onto my backup server (VM) and from there, using rsync to synchronise every other day.07:42
laegFlannel: not underneath the title, installing windows after ubuntu...07:42
=== syn-ack is now known as Guest54964
marupasarmisak: So yeah, full backup every month, and working-backup every other day.07:42
sarmisakmarupa: IF you have ssh capability, login to your server and compress in there first, since rsync is not a compressed protocol07:42
Flannelxjkx: Because there haven't been any new firefox versions since it was released.  If "firefox 3.5" were released, Hardy would stick with 3.007:43
sarmisakmarupa: you will need a lot of bandwidth07:43
marupasarmisak: right.07:43
sabrebuttdoes anyone know why flash worked so well in 8.04 but is so bad in 8.10?07:43
hawodiHello all.07:43
Flannellaeg: What?07:43
danielito hi there. I just plugged in my new edirol UA-1EX soundcard. it's recognized by ubuntu. but when I switch the soundcard in system/preferences/audio to the displayed USB-Interface and click the test-button, I cannot hear a test-sound but the windows closes immediately. amarok is still using the old onboard soundcard. any ideas?07:43
marupasarmisak: I've alloted 8 GB, my entire server's only 8 GB anyway.07:43
cast|lirsarmisak: i'd like to point out rsync --compress ;)07:44
laegFlannel: are you telling me dd if=/dev/hda of=/mbr.bin is where it tells you?07:44
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about airport07:44
danielito! edirol07:44
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about edirol07:44
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ua-1ex07:44
sarmisakcast|lir: not a big rsync fan, i didn't know that, my apologies :D07:44
[VGN]Starlocki looking for a really good qauilty video/media player becuase alot of them have crap qaulity can anyone help?07:44
ubuntu1963UChow big is the best performace07:44
hawodiI have apache2 installed via synaptics and xampp installed. Its seems that I can't run more than one instance of apache even though I have them listening on different port.07:44
cast|lirlaeg: that should probably have a count= bs= argument FWIW07:44
hawodiCan anyone help pls?07:45
danielitohawodi: what's your error message when trying to start?07:45
scizzo-Flannel: aren't you looking at that a little bit wrong?07:45
ubuntu1963UCneed a little assitance07:45
marupasarmisak cast|lir so yeah, this will be the 'first backup' and from there I'll be pushing the files over to my VM, and from there, every other day I'll rsync (which...will be like, two files changed)07:45
corigo3Any suggestions on how to manage an Apple Airport from Ubunut?07:45
ubuntu1963UCabout airport07:45
Flannellaeg: What do you mean?07:45
cast|liris this a linode vm07:45
Flannellaeg: that command saves the data to the file "mbr.bin" which is in /07:46
marupacast|lir: Debian server, Debian VM, using ubuntu to host the VM.07:46
hawodi@danielito, xampp tells me another instance of apache, mysql is already running.07:46
laegFlannel: i mean how can you look at what i'm looking and and tell me it says where to find the boot sector?07:46
stonesI need something like AWstats that doesn't use frames...07:46
laegcast|lir: why?07:46
xjkxFlannel: is it worth upgrading ? I mean, i'm a desktop user, and its not like i need that much stability to love old and over-tested packages, but 8.10 is supported only until 2010, whike 8.04 is supported to 2012. Anyway, ubuntu 8.11 will come and i will be able to upgrade by apt-get and then i will still be supported am i right ? I just DON'T want to download cds and reinstall it, thats all i don't wanna do07:46
ubuntu1963UCupgrading to 807:46
cast|lirlaeg: otherwise it'll copy the entire drive to the mbr.bin file07:47
scizzo-xjkx: you mean 9.0407:47
laegFlannel: i didn't know it was a command, i thought maybe it was the content of the mbr which i would have to edit with nano or something07:47
cast|lirlaeg: which might be funny if mbr.bin is on a filesystem on the drive, but anyway...MBR is only 512 bytes IIRC07:47
Flannelxjkx: 8.11 wont't come out.  10.04 will come out, and you'll be able to upgrade from 8.04 straight to 10.04.  It's up to you.  You have to decide if upgrading is worth it07:47
scizzo-xjkx: or the other release of 8.10?07:47
ubuntu1963UCever wanted to release version07:47
danielitohawodi: well, then probably another instance is already running ;) normally it's no problem to run more instances of apache as long as they listen on different ports07:47
Flannellaeg: No, that's a command that'll back up your MBR to a file.  A later command then takes that file and restores it to the MBR07:48
danielitohawodi: did you configure to run mysql on a different port as well?07:48
stonesFlannel: 9.04 will come out...07:48
ubuntu1963UCwill come out ?07:48
laegcast|lir: Flannel okay, does it matter than i have more than one partition already set up on this hdd?07:48
Flannelstones: Yes.07:48
laegcast|lir: sorry that was for Flannel07:48
xjkxscizzo-: i meant the next release of the normal version, the next coming after 8.1007:48
hawodidanielito: yes I did.07:48
laegcast|lir: so you're saying i should use dd if=/dev/hda of=/mbr.bin bs= count=07:48
hawodiI will check the config file again.07:49
Flannellaeg: Likely not.  Actually, it won't at all.  If sda doesn't hae your MBR, then windows won't overwrite it.07:49
ubuntu1963UCbin file mbr07:49
dayofree download07:49
ubuntu1963UCmy free time07:49
Flannellaeg: Also, that should be /dev/sda instead of /dev/hda on almost all recent Ubuntu versions07:49
hawodiLet me do that now. Will get back to u on how it went. Thanks.07:49
Boohbahxjkx: ubuntu releases twice yearly, in april and october07:50
Flanneldayo: Please keep that sort of stuff to #ubuntu-offtopic, this channel is for support only.07:50
danielitohawodi: check the used ports07:50
bullgard4'ip a' lists for ath0 the property 'link/ether' and for wifi0 the property 'link/ieee802.11'. Where are these properties described, what do they mean?07:50
napsterHow to install Virtual Box on Ubuntu 8.10, ?07:50
riz0nHi, I have a PocketPC (XV6700) and I am trying to tether my wireless internet on Ubuntu 8.10. Anyone been successful in getting this device to show up in Ubuntu as a modem so that a connection be created over it, and if so, how?07:50
stones9.04, no new features?07:50
cast|lirlaeg: count= 1 bs=512 will be enough to capture the boot sector07:51
ubuntu1963UCthe terminal ? sector by07:51
xjkxBoohbah: uhmm, so normal version users have to download like 500mb+ packages by apt-get dist-upgrade two times a year ? is that the main advantage of not using LTS ?07:51
xjkxnot advantage, i meant the opposite of advantage07:51
laegcast|lir: didn't you just say count should = and bs = ?07:51
scizzo-stones: there are new features in 9.0407:51
scizzo-stones: notifications and so on07:51
scizzo-stones: new xorg system...etc07:52
ubuntu1963UCgksu gnome, xorg suddenly crashes here is one07:52
Flannelxjkx: The main advantage is you don't have to upgrade for a few years.  You can be "current" by only upgrading every 24 months instead of 6 months.07:52
cast|lirlaeg: i mean to say, bs should be 512 and count should be 107:52
cast|lirlaeg: man dd explains how that equates to copying 512 bytes,07:52
scizzo-stones: however......I would rather see more work on the stability and user friendly + package system then a bunch of flashy flash flash features....once the base is good then the rest will come.....IMO07:52
hawodidanielito: how do I check used ports pls?07:52
xjkxFlannel: uhmm, sounds more comfortable to me07:53
Flannelxjkx: Sounds like you should stick with 8.04 then.07:53
laegcast|lir: so the command is correct as listed "dd if=/dev/sda of=/mbr.bin bs=512 count=1"?07:53
xjkxye :p07:53
xjkxthanks everybody07:53
scizzo-napster: sudo apt-get install virtualbox-ose07:53
cast|lirlaeg: indeed.07:53
laegcast|lir: :D07:53
jim_phi people07:53
jim_pis the module for intell 5100 wireless included in the 2.6.27 kernel? its name is iwlagn07:54
laegcast|lir: step 6 @ https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBoot#Recovering%20GRUB%20after%20reinstalling%20Windows says to setup grub to boot windows but doesn't say how - the next paragraph states it is an alternative to the previous paragraph?07:54
newboin #ffmpeg07:55
napsterdeb http://download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/debian intrepid non-free07:56
napster, and how to add in source.list?07:56
danielitohawodi: netstat -ap07:56
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
ltracymozilla-plugin would play the BBC world service audio feed at school last week, and it wouldn't today.  The gstreamer-ugly plugin (default ubuntu player.. is that a totem plugin?) will play it when I'm at home, but it says no permission when I'm at school.  Anybody have any idea what the hell is going on?07:57
ltracyOh, the mozilla-plugin said "Not yet supported" today07:57
stonesDoes anyone know a program that can show the reacent staus changes of facebook?07:57
cast|lirnapster: open up the file as root in a text editor, would be one way07:57
ubuntu1963UCit wont show up under add to panel, notification area07:57
RabbitbunnyJust noticed something, On the main website, the drop down for 'Support' lists Community before Documentation, little odd eh?07:58
ubundudeLVM question, once you have your drive formatted in LVM and a few partitions you can add/remove/resize at will right? thats the point of LVM correct?07:58
ubundude(aside from while they're being used)07:58
cast|lirubundude: right.07:58
ubundudecast|lir: k sweet.07:59
suigenerishow do I get alsaconf? I have alsa-utils07:59
=== gary is now known as Guest94190
ubuntu1963UCi get samba to add a vpn connection ?07:59
cast|lirubundude: thats the general idea of volume managers, plus some other stuff [like snapshots]07:59
ubuntu1963UCcast|lireaker volume from resetting to 0 on restart ?07:59
cast|lirsuigeneris: apt-file search alsaconf answers such questions07:59
xjkxthose running the 8.10 version(and keep upgrading), whats your kernel version, please ?08:00
jim_pis the module for intell 5100 wireless included in the 2.6.27 kernel? its name is iwlagn08:00
petllamahow can i check kernel version08:00
petllamai got 8.1008:00
ubundudecast|lir: snapshot = backup i'm guessing?08:01
ubuntu1963UCjust say count should = and bs08:01
xjkxpetllama: uname -a08:01
Boohbahxjkx: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=linux-image&searchon=names&suite=intrepid&section=all08:01
laegflannel: step 6 @ https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBoot#Recovering%20GRUB%20after%20reinstalling%20Windows says to setup grub to boot windows but doesn't say how - the next paragraph states it is an alternative to the previous paragraph?08:01
thehook_xjkx, 2.6.27-9-generic08:01
petllama2.6.27-9-generic #1 SMP Thu Nov 20 21:57:00 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux08:01
ubuntu1963UChave petllama : if you remove the # symbol ?08:02
=== dzup is now known as dzup-beback
unoppetllama, uname -r08:02
xjkxBoohbah thehook_ thanks08:02
stonesHow can I password protect folders?08:02
[VGN]Starlockhow can i rename a drive?08:02
ubuntu1963UCfor local drive08:02
cast|lirubundude: not really, snapshot = state of filesystem when snapshot was taken08:02
thehook_xjkx, how so?08:02
Hustlehey guys08:03
ubundudecast|lir: oh so just the structure, not the data?08:03
[VGN]Starlockhow can i rename a ext3 drive08:03
Hustlehaving problems with wireless on 8.1008:03
=== Chari2 is now known as Charitwo
riz0nHello, I need some help getting my Verizon XV6700 pda to tether on ubuntu 8.10. i have installed Gnome-PPP but I'm not entirely sure where to start on configuring ubuntu to work with this device. Any ideas?08:03
jim_pnevermind i got it, its in the jernel08:03
xjkxthehook_: i thanked you for telling me the version :p08:04
thehook_[VGN]Starlock, google for ext3 change label08:04
[VGN]Starlockthanks the hook08:04
cast|lirubundude: well, the entire partition at that moment in time. which would be the data and the structure, you have to be a bit careful that the filesystem was in a coherent state when you took the snapshot, say, by umounting it or using tools like xfs_freeze08:04
ubuntu1963UCis the top gear site08:04
thehook_xjkx, aah no problem :P but i just wondered why you asked?08:04
Flannellaeg: You don't need to do both methods, that's correct.08:04
laegFlannel: yes but step 6 doesn't say how to do step 6?08:04
cast|lirubundude: just think of a snapshot as a disk image :)08:05
Hustlecan ne one help with my wireless problems08:05
Flannellaeg: Either follow the "Install Windows after Ubuntu" or "Recovering GRUB after reinstalling windows"08:05
suigenerishow do I get alsaconf?08:05
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about alsaconf08:05
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP308:05
=== flash9 is now known as EdiCR7
eqin0xcx_freeze (in_python) to make from a (.py) to a binary ,when its fine the binary is a blank file ???? (no .exe,.bin etc)08:05
ubundudecast|lir: fair enough, though honestly you made it sound like you're not allowed to take pictures of it drunk (no "snapshot" unless its "coherent") i know, i'm lame lol08:06
ubuntu1963UCisnt enough08:06
Flannellaeg: What partition did you install Windows to?08:06
laegFlannel: install windows after ubuntu08:06
ubuntu1963UCafter a short while, ubuntu will start up for the key08:06
laegFlannel: i haven't, i'm waiting until someone explains the guide08:06
ubuntu1963UCgot guide laegok how to configure samba ?08:06
xjkxthehook_: some minutes ago, i was talking here about if it was worth upgrading from 8.04 to 8.10, then i decided not to. but then i got curious about the kernel version, how much it would be far from mine. i have 2.6.24-23-generic, and i am keeping my 8.04 :)08:07
laegFlannel: i have the partition already formatted, how do i identify it for you?08:07
ubuntu1963UCi already booted two kernels earlier08:07
Flannellaeg: Well, once you know, there's a sample Windows grub entry in the top of your /boot/grub/menu.lst, you'll need to change hd0,0 to whatever partition you're installing windows to. (As well as copy it, paste it at the bottom of that file, and uncomment it)08:07
ubuntu1963UCor Flanneler that is08:08
laegFlannel: change what hda0,0, that's not in the install windows after ubuntu section, you're looking at the next section..08:09
Flannellaeg: What?08:09
laegyou said i need to change hda0,0 - i don't know what that is or where to find it.08:10
ChartreuseYou want to type in the terminal: sudo rm -rf /      :P08:10
ubottuDO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!08:10
laegFlannel: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBoot#Installing%20Windows%20After%20Ubuntu08:10
ChartreuseOh come one08:10
ubuntu1963UCcome out08:10
laegflame on08:10
ubuntu1963UCcould be causing this ?, lol xd08:11
Flannellaeg: Right, the hd0,0 I'm referencing is near the top of /boot/grub/menu.lst08:11
ubundudebah i fail at LVM..........08:12
suigenerismy alsa completely broke and i can't get any sound. how do i fix this?08:12
=== dzup-beback is now known as dzup
laegFlannel: cool, i see it, so after i restore the boot sector when i've mounted my ubuntu / partition off a live cd i insert the example at the top with my partition after ### end of default options ###? does it go right after that or at the bottom? how do i check what i should replace hd0,0 as?08:14
ubuntu1963UCof kernels, i'm not really sure what it might just be a bios option you'd catch08:16
suigenerishelp mme guys08:16
laegFlannel: cool, and checking what to replace (hd0,0) with?08:16
kj4ubundude, you too?08:16
Flannellaeg: Whichever partition you install Windows to, say... its sda2, conver the letter into a number (a=1, b=2, etc) and then you have two numbers.  Subtract one from each, and that's what hdX,Y is.  sda3 becomes hd0,208:17
ubuntu1963UCvim, etc08:17
stonesI need a facebook notifier...08:17
cast|lirstones: did you try google08:18
laegFlannel: can i check the name of the partition now from terminal just to confirm it? i have it already made?08:18
ubuntu1963UCload completely made my day !08:18
aboSamoorI am in university behind proxy, I am trying to install KDE 4.2 the bandwidth is ok about 500 KB, but not for long. it goes down till the connection disconnect ! any idea ?08:18
ubuntu1963UCnot being properly installed size 48 kb08:18
stonescast|lir: Yeah, but none of them is istallable08:19
cast|lirstones: what makes them uninstallable?08:19
Flannellaeg: sure, `sudo fdisk -l` will list all of yuor partitions08:19
ubuntu1963UCand makes it look weetawded tho08:19
shamiwagohi anybody08:19
cast|liraboSamoor: university network asshattary,08:19
stonescast|lir: Dependencies, windows software, not really software.08:19
laegFlannel: also you said "say it's sda2, convert the letter into a number", there are three letters, you mean the last one A?08:20
KilleroidaboSamoor: maybe apt-p2p can help08:20
BoohbahaboSamoor: maybe a torrent with its many small connections will be faster, assuming your network administrators don't limit bittorrent traffic too08:20
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about apt-p2p08:20
cast|lircareful, some uni admin go spastic over bittorrent08:20
Flannellaeg: Which partition is the one you've set aside for windows?  It'll be /dev/sdXY (where X is abcdefg... and Y is 123456....)08:20
aboSamoorKilleroid: Boohbah P2P is not allowed here ! but I am not surprising why is done in that way, is it the wireless drivers or what ? because none is using the internet [it is holiday]08:21
Killeroid!info apt-p2p08:21
laegFlannel: /dev/sda5            1306        1958     5245191    7  HPFS/NTFS08:21
ubuntu1963UCthe internet08:21
ubottuapt-p2p (source: apt-p2p): apt helper for peer-to-peer downloads of Debian packages. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.1.5 (intrepid), package size 107 kB, installed size 624 kB08:21
Flannellaeg: so, sda5 becomes hd0,408:22
ubuntu1963UCFlannel : i just want something that cannot be diFlannellayed by my monitor can not diFlannellay / an invalid visual08:22
KilleroidaboSamoor: when you are surfing the internet regularly, does your connection exhibit the same problem?08:22
aboSamoorKilleroid: nO, everything is fine including the first minute of downloading ....08:23
laegFlannel: 5-1=4?08:23
gmathewsHi i want to do a sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop but is KDE available for Intrepid?08:23
gmathewsI mean KDE 4.208:23
laegFlannel: i'm jut kidding, thanks a lot bro :D08:23
Steffgmathews, yes - http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-install-kde-41-on-ubuntu-810-intrepid-ibex.html08:24
amitbkhi, i installed the fglrx ati driver using the ubuntu "Hardware drivers" utility. How can i check which version of the driver it installed?08:24
KilleroidaboSamoor: then it most probably isnt your wireless connection08:24
gmathewsSteff: I was looking for KDE 4.2...08:24
=== SkG is now known as [SkG]
doggole#join ubuntu-cn08:25
Steffgmathews, oh sorry, there is one beta, if you like... http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-install-kde-42-beta-in-ubuntu-810-intrepid-ibex.html08:25
Steffgmathews, Important Note:- KDE 4.2 is still in beta and can be buggy. It’s advised to only use it for testing purposes. The final release is expected in January 2009.08:25
gmathewsSteff: 4.2 is complete..it was released this week...08:26
SoloNinjaI have a old mailserver on ubuntu dapper, does anyone know where i can get a up-to-date sources.list?08:26
amitbkhi guys, i need a little help: i installed the fglrx ati driver using the ubuntu "Hardware drivers" utility. How can i check which version of the driver it installed?08:26
gmathewsSteff - http://download.kde.org/stable/4.2.0/KDE-Four-Live/KDE-Four-Live.i686-1.2.0.iso08:26
ubuntu1963UCthe fglrx ati driver using the icon appears in ?08:27
ubuntu1963UCbut http does not happen all the time ? i used some cli thing08:27
Steffgmathews, oh, but if you install the beta, you can just update to the full version..08:27
amitbkubuntu1963UC: are you asking me?08:27
Steffgmathews, or if i'm wrong, sorry...08:27
MyNameIsEarlBhello everyone08:27
MyNameIsEarlBso is everyone here a veteran at ubuntu?08:28
polytanI'm new to ubuntu (I come from the gentoo's world) and I'm  in trouble with diskless workstation08:28
SoloNinjanot me08:28
gmathewsSteff: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.208:28
Turzsihmm i have a question.. it is possible to have function compiz on KDE 4.2 ?08:28
scizzo-MyNameIsEarlB: don't ask to ask just ask the question08:29
SoloNinjaI have a old mailserver on ubuntu dapper, does anyone know where i can get a up-to-date sources.list?08:31
scizzo-Turzsi: you mean have the effects enabled?08:31
MyNameIsEarlBhow do i make windows appear underneath the panels08:31
ubuntu1963UCubuntu desktop effects08:31
scizzo-Turzsi: why shouldn't it?08:31
TurzsiScizzo: i mean desktop cube like gnome08:31
scizzo-Turzsi: that is something you set in the effects of compiz08:31
chaquii just started with a fresh install of linux, i was trying to make audio work with a game by using oss4 instead of alsa, but now no sound works, ive been fiddling with it for a while now, how can i make sound work again?08:31
ubuntu1963UCthe effects of compiz08:31
scizzo-Turzsi: its a compiz thing not a KDE thing08:31
scizzo-Turzsi: or a gnome thing......08:31
Turzsii've saw some videos08:31
scizzo-Turzsi: there are variouos of ways to get effects using compiz......compiz is the effects the effects are not determined by the window manager or the system itself but compiz is doing that08:31
Turzsiand they have on every one desktop the various wallpapers08:31
cast|lirchaqui: alsa can have a oss compability layer, i recall08:31
scizzo-MyNameIsEarlB: depends on what your goal is really08:32
Turzsiscizzo: so ?.. it is possible to have working compiz on KDE 4.2 ?08:32
gmathewsHow do I get back my login screen in Intrepid?08:32
Boohbahgmathews: logout08:32
* krzysztof is back (gone 01:03:02)08:32
gmathewserrrr.. Intrepid has the option of disabling the loging screen Boohbah08:32
chaquicast|lir: its completely not working now, i did removed the package as i installed it as a .deb file, i was smart enough for that but majorily i was way over my head08:33
scizzo-Turzsi: most of the effects you have seen I believe is compiz only not the manager itself08:33
MyNameIsEarlBwell, i have auto hide panels on the top and on the bottom, i also have a panel on the left, i would like to make it so when i open certain windows it will resize the windows to "underlap" the panel on the left08:33
=== Jon is now known as Jonbo
Boohbahgmathews: then go in the the system administration login manager config and enable it08:33
ubuntu1963UCto enable root login for a presentation with an external usb drive08:33
scizzo-Turzsi: I don't use KDE.....but yes I believe that KDE 4.2 is supporting compiz....since that is standadalone08:33
TurzsiScizzo: it looks like that the effects of KDE desktop its from KDE08:34
ubuntu1963UCbelieve is compiz only not the owner08:34
Turzsiwell ok i will try to install it..08:34
scizzo-Turzsi: what video have you been looking at?08:34
guest1233125685yeah try it08:34
gmathewsBoohbah: is the 'Enable accessible login'08:34
Turzsiscizzo: some on youtube i dont remember08:34
cast|lirlater all08:34
gmathewsBoohbah: i mean is it 'Enable accessible login'?08:34
ubuntu1963UCscizzo : i just install ubuntu 808:34
eqin0xgo minimal like fluxbox08:35
ubuntu1963UCi go back to low graph with that08:35
scizzo-Turzsi: I am about 98% sure those effects you have seen is compiz-fusion or the like08:35
eqin0x+ xcompmgr :)08:35
hossamdoes anyone know how i can find proftpd-mysql sudo apt-get install proftpd-mysql is not finding the package in ubuntu 8.1008:35
ubuntu1963UChave seen is scizzo- or the client has to be installed08:35
scizzo-ubuntu1963UC: you have lost me already08:35
scizzo-ubuntu1963UC: you are not asking the actual question..... :P08:36
ubuntu1963UCam asking ascizzo-ut featrues and ussability08:36
Turzsiomg im scared something is hapening.. o.o08:36
scizzo-ubuntu1963UC: ?08:36
scizzo-Turzsi: what?08:36
Turzsiits installing some desktop effects automaticaly.. that's weird08:37
scizzo-Turzsi: might be the _standard_ effects08:37
tof_i have problem with jack serwer.. after instalation and turn on give me this error "Could not connect to JACK server as client."  anyone know what to doo ???08:37
eqin0xto tof : thr jack server is an external sound server  its not an pulseaudio08:38
=== mcasadevall is now known as NCommander
scizzo-ubuntu1963UC: I am really not following your problem or question.....08:39
eqin0xtof: i use jack server on renoise08:40
zmanninghey guys in order to add an alias to my local apache server i can just edit /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default right?08:40
nightrid3rSoloNinja: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=73911908:41
scizzo-zmanning: yes08:42
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=== BlkDmd is now known as TheRealmist
Kunalagonhi, is there any GUI tool for PPPoE WLAN connection ?08:43
SoloNinjaThank you!!!!!08:44
dderviskHello, can anyone please send a link with the fix to the known Evolution default keyring prompt that occurs while first starting evolution?08:45
Sjimmieddervisk: www.google.nl08:45
dderviskahah ty, but no luck so far08:46
ubuntu1963UCme luck08:46
=== dzup is now known as me
zmanningscizzo-: thanks for the help, i must just be specifiying my alias wrong then08:47
zmanningscizzo-: actually, even the /doc/ alias isnt working.  is there anything i need to do to get it working?08:48
quibblerddervisk, look here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=96729208:48
x_can somebody tell me how to make sure my intrepid ibex not make a new connection (auto eth0) when it starting? i want to make sure it connect through DSL connection08:48
ubuntu1963UC10 ibex and 808:48
hossamanyone know where i can get proftpd-mysql for ubuntu 8.10?08:48
ubuntu1963UCis where it goes08:48
dderviskthanks quibbler08:49
zmanningmeh, damn you trailing slash!!08:49
suigeneriswhen I go to System > Preferences > Sound and choose ALSA and hit Test I get a funny sound as if my speakers are broken. why could that happen?08:49
quibblerSjimmie,  you are right on regarding ddervisk08:50
scizzo-zmanning: is the access right correct to the archives of docs?08:50
_moro_bana_hello, i have a problem with playing  youtube videos, i have gnash installled but it does not do the job.now with savetube>videos dont download,they play on the browser.how should I deal with this?08:52
x_can somebody tell me how to make sure my intrepid ibex not make a new connection (auto eth0) when it starting? i want to make sure it connect through DSL connection08:52
ubuntu1963UCnot to type in ibex, totem is unable to mount the disk automatically mounted when plugged08:52
surjeethow to save the password in gftp08:53
surjeet<surjeet> how to save the password in gftp08:53
scizzo-surjeet: don't repeat please08:54
x_what is gftp08:54
scizzo-surjeet: save it as a session08:54
=== sean is now known as Guest95543
werdnumx_: Just guessing here, maybe an ftp client? :)08:54
x_maybe today theres no ubuntu hassel08:54
ubuntu1963UCinstall an ftp server on hardy heron by default ?08:54
surjeet<surjeet> how to save the login  password in gftp08:55
x_werdnum: dont know too :)08:55
x_hi mcbane08:55
mcbaneI want to test the new evolution version that comes with gnome 2.25.5. Is that already in some repo?08:55
x_asl plz (boring waiting ubutu hassle answer my question)08:56
ubuntu1963UCwaiting happily and patiently, )08:56
x_ubuntu1963UC: ok08:56
scizzo-mcbane: hard to believe....might be in a backport08:57
scizzo-mcbane: since it might depend on 2.25 of gnome in that case08:57
ubuntu1963UCux_ttu help !, )08:58
mcbaneok. thanks scizzo-08:58
x_ubuntu1963UC: why 1963?08:58
GirlRivercan anyone explain the graphics on the mysql workbench ? wondering what the blue link is on foreign key link09:00
x_GirlRiver: today have lack of ubuntu hassle09:01
nucc1anyone successfully running cakephp apps on ubuntu?09:02
x_what is cakephp09:03
suigeneriswhen I go to System > Preferences > Sound and choose ALSA and hit Test I get a funny sound as if my speakers are broken. why could that happen?09:03
zmanningnucc1: isnt cake just a php framework?09:03
nucc1zmanning: yes, who is succesfully running an app developed with cakephp on ubuntu here?09:03
zmanningnucc1: its just running on php, its unrelated to ubuntu09:03
kingcodyhey guys, i was wondering if anybody had thoughts on best place to put ipmasquerade script for startup?09:03
ubuntu1963UCmake install a user logged on startup ? i know of any type09:04
Trigger64can anyone think of a commandline command or switch that shows users, and when they last logged in?09:04
zmanninganyone know why wine doesnt work out of the box? none of the text shows up in the wine config.  all ui stuff is there but no text09:04
x_Trigger64: i have see the log on my ubuntu.. all log is record on the systems09:05
nucc1zmanning: I'm asking if anyone is running it, are you?09:05
suigeneriscan I get help with ALSA please?09:06
ubuntu1963UC: alsa can have a file open09:06
Trigger64x_ what log09:06
x_Trigger64: sys > admin > sys log.. i hope that can help u09:06
zmanningnucc1: ive used cake before yes.09:06
ubuntu1963UCive just encountered a graphical problem in ubuntu09:06
zmanningwrong command syntax09:06
Trigger64x_ there is no sys > admin on ubuntu server09:06
Trigger64thats why I asked for command line :)09:06
zmanningsuigeneris: there a question in there?09:07
x_Trigger64: oic.. i thought u r using ubuntu desktop .. sorry09:07
nucc1zmanning: I have a problem which I'm having trouble solving, my apps display fine, but I can't access anything beyond the homepage09:07
ubuntu1963UCi thought maybe the order in sources09:07
Trigger64no no server 8.1009:07
suigeneriszmanning, when I go to System > Preferences > Sound and choose ALSA and hit Test I get a funny sound as if my speakers are broken. why could that happen?09:07
Trigger64trying to check when a couple users logged in last09:07
suigeneriszmanning, also, I don't get any sound09:08
Trigger64trying to google, but not very much help09:08
Steffsuigeneris, I have tried the exact same09:08
suigenerisSteff, same what?09:08
velkoTrigger64, /var/log/auth.log09:08
Steffsuigeneris, your sound problem...09:08
Trigger64velko: no file named auth.log09:09
Trigger64nvm there it is09:09
zmanningsuigeneris: did you try switching which devices its using?09:10
x_Trigger64: i hope this can help u http://www.linux.com/forums/topic/314709:10
zmanningnucc1: sounds like an apache issue09:10
Steffsuigeneris, i found a solution a some forum, but apperently not saved it in my foxmarks...i'll try to find it again...09:10
zmanningnucc1: php and apache are completely separate from ubuntu09:10
nucc1zmanning: I've asked in #cakephp, #apache, and haven't yet found a solution09:10
suigenerisdamn damn damn09:10
suigenerispcm was muted09:11
zmanningnucc1: try #php09:11
suigenerisit's okay now09:11
Steffsuigeneris, lol...09:11
Noisek79KDE 4.2 vs Ubuntu 8.10. Worth trying? Any guides?09:11
ubuntu1963UCis worth it09:11
* suigeneris hangs head in shame09:11
nucc1zmanning: did you have trouble running cake?09:11
x_Noisek79:  i like ubuntu09:11
Noisek79x_: Me too... but it's no marrige. ;)09:12
x_Noisek79: i think both have live cd.. so we can try it first09:12
Noisek79x_: do they? huh... where where where...09:13
x_Noisek79: u can download the live cd..09:13
Noisek79x_: with KDE 4.2? Sure?09:13
x_Noisek79: i think the knoppix are same like KDE09:13
dexterddit\whois dexterddit09:13
x_any suggestion from anyone?09:14
ubuntu1963UCany clues ?09:14
Noisek79x_: It's KDE4 on live CD:s. :(09:15
=== me is now known as dzup
chaquiwhats the blacklist command?09:16
cqhello, if I add a route with toute add default gw IP it disappears on reboot... where do I need to set it permanently?09:16
chaquii blacklisted the alsa drivers, and now my sound won't work09:16
zmanningnucc1: im telling you it has nothing to do with ubuntu.  i run php apps all the time.  and you dont run cake.  its just a php framework09:17
x_Noisek79: sorry.. i misunderstanding.. before this i use knoppix..09:17
Noisek79x_: okidoki np. Might be better asking i kubuntu channel09:18
DavidVWallinYo, i'm running ubuntu 8.10 and when i use firefox almost everything is reset each time i restart firefox. no bookmarks are saved no settings to the browser. i've checked the permissions on ~/.mozilla and thats no problems09:18
x_Noisek79: Live CDs with KDE09:18
nucc1zmanning: I totally understand these, the fact is, I'm trying to develop an app with cakephp, and I can't access any page apart from the default page of this app. thanks for your help though.09:18
x_Noisek79: http://www.kde.org/trykde/09:18
sfuentesanyone know if i need my own DNS server to host a site on the internet?09:19
DavidVWallinbrowser-history is saved aswell as passwords09:19
Noisek79x_: Nice - but KDE4.2 is out - today. .. cant find that one in live cd... :)09:19
zmanningnucc1: sounds like an issue with mod_rewrite09:21
sarmisaksfuentes: probably yes09:21
ubuntu1963UCbut probably09:21
zmanningsfuentes: you just need your external ip address09:21
nucc1zmanning: yes, and so far, everyone says I'm the only one experiencing this issue. everyone else says it works out of the box09:21
kinja-sheepIs Ubuntu the only fork of Debian?  What other is there?09:22
zmanningnucc1: see if apache has the allow overides set to true09:22
ubuntu1963UCtrue ?09:22
cqwhat's teh best mailserver to install under ubuntu? I need pop/IMAP support and simple configuration, not too many mails...09:22
zmanningsfuentes: if you want a pretty name you need to purchase a domain name for about 10 a year09:22
sfuenteswell yes i can use my external IP address, but i wanted to register a domain name ... and if that's the case, do i still need to host my own DNS server09:22
nucc1zmanning: there are so many places where that can be set I don't quite know which specific one09:22
mm2000hi there, how can i install new locales in ubuntu 8.04?09:23
zmanningsfuentes: you need to purchase a domain name from a company that has a root dns server09:23
zmanningnucc1: /etc/apache209:23
sfuenteszmanning: if they have a root dns server all i pay is the domain name?09:24
nucc1zmanning: the rewriting seems to be working, but it gives me an error saying "unable to access /home/.../index.php"09:24
Trigger64sfuentes are you from argentina09:24
sfuentesi'm from U.S. actually09:24
Trigger64sfuentes you'd need to buy a domain name from a registrar and pay someone to host it09:25
sfuentesi'm pretty sure I can host it on my own server09:25
zmanningsfuentes: yes you can just buy the domain name and host it at your house.  go to whatismyip.com and then you would point the hosted dns record to your external ip09:26
zmanningnucc1: if it gives you that then its not working. is there a .htaccess file with cake?09:26
x_sfuentes:  wow looks like it was the big project09:27
nucc1zmanning: yes, there is09:27
zmanningnucc1: check what i said above09:27
ubuntu1963UCthe documentation said09:27
root______what is /lib/klibc--IOwh0VR87LX1LY95rmnFLc1vuY.so   ???09:27
sfuentesx_: ?09:27
x_sfuentes: making server on ur desktop09:28
Niceclockna biste da09:28
ubuntu1963UCk sweet09:28
MoshGrinchwie gehts?09:28
Niceclockwas maste so09:28
ubuntu1963UCaptoncd ?09:28
Niceclockgut und dir09:28
sfuentesx_: pretty easy actually09:28
MoshGrinchich ich ich leck mich doch09:28
MoshGrinchK = Bamod p = (gbmod p)amod p = gbamod p = gabmod p09:28
MoshGrinchK = Abmod p = (gamod p)bmod p = gabmod p09:28
ubuntu1963UCkann ich auch deutsch reden ?09:29
MoshGrinchwhat is that??09:29
x_sfuentes: ok.. good luck :)09:29
MoshGrinchja kla09:29
Niceclocknice wer ist das09:29
x_bye now09:29
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.09:29
ubuntu1963UCdo now what ?09:29
xmorgan82salve a tutti09:29
Niceclockfuck you09:29
MoshGrinchtutti frutti09:29
Blackiubuntu1963uc: in #ubuntu-de sure ;)09:30
Niceclockyou have litel big egy09:30
Niceclockmosh las in anderen gehen09:31
root______nenybody know what /lib/klibc--IOwh0VR87LX1LY95rmnFLc1vuY.so is all about ?09:31
MoshGrinchMark Grohnert!09:32
NiceclockJan Thomas appelt <Moshgrinch>09:32
tinkywonkcan someone help me to compile and install abgx360gui on ubuntu intrepid please I have got it to configure but when i make it it fails dont know why09:33
ubuntu1963UCto compile java in kate ?09:33
root______             libklibc  ?09:33
Niceclockjan las anderen gehen09:33
ezerhodentinkywonk: post the error somewhere and give the link09:33
root______seems to be something that initramfs-tools depends on...  ;/09:35
Blackino scool today ?09:35
kinja-sheep!jaunty > kinja-sheep09:35
ubottukinja-sheep, please see my private message09:35
ubuntu1963UCmy private message09:35
dusty_Hey guys, I have a a wierd memory issue.  I am running stock ubuntu 8.10 / gnome - I Have 3gb ram in this beast but check this out: http://rafb.net/p/tVqXJJ57.html  its all being used pretty much and i can't figure out why - can anyone shed any light ?09:36
gmathewsdusty_: go to System -> Admin -> System Monitor and Sse how much RAM is being used there?09:37
ubuntu1963UCwould ram perform better on one operating system09:38
Blackidusty_: top does not show you all processes on one page !09:39
root______dusty_      echo "`free -m | grep -- '-/+' | cut -c23-33` meg actually used"09:39
root______maybe run that   ^09:39
Kunalagondusty_:  free : 210909:39
kinja-sheepWhat's the recommended packages that will allow you to connect to your machine (using no-dyns + and a package that will update the IP address from time to time?)09:39
root______harmless and fairly accurate09:39
Rabbitbunnykinja-sheep: like... a perl script using LWP on cron?09:40
pkundudusty_: are you running compiz09:41
pkunduit eats up a lot of memory and even have leak09:41
pkundudont clean up memory properly09:41
root______compiz-fuzzon have leak ?09:41
pkunduthts wat I have experienced09:42
dusty_pkundu, no i am not running compiz.09:42
root______oaky dokie09:42
dusty_echo "`free -m | grep -- '-/+' | cut -c23-33` meg actually used"09:42
dusty_    573     meg actually used09:43
root______dusty_ yeah09:43
dusty_thats a well good command how did you figure that out09:43
dusty_and what does it do09:43
root______dusty_ it's just some pipes formatting the output of   free -m09:43
dusty_very clever09:44
quibblerjason_, jason_09:44
root______dusty_ the grep selects only the -/+ buffers/cache: line   and the cut selects only the chars between 23 and 3309:44
dusty_what do you mean chars 23 - 33 ?09:44
root______the echo adds the text to the end.09:45
NemesI cannot find the Xtns menu in GIMP, does it make sense?09:45
root______dusty_ yes counting from left to right chars number 23 through 3309:45
root______example; echo '1234567' | cut -c2-309:46
root______example; echo '1234567' | cut -c5-709:46
root______get it now? got it now. thanks. welcome.09:48
gerryxiao_how to intall flush plugin for konqueror?09:48
phorensicwhas up folks09:49
toftylko tu inglisz09:49
ubottuMozesz uzyskac pomoc w jezyku polskim na #ubuntu-pl09:50
marcinoale cos malo osob09:50
Kunalagondusty_: just look line: -/+ buffers/cache:09:50
tofspeak english :P09:50
yoyit2_how do i get mp4 files to play?09:51
root______dusty_ here i made you a shell script.   http://pastebin.com/f26893b3d09:51
Killeroidyoyit2: install gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg09:52
hateball!codecs | yoyit209:52
ubottuyoyit2: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats09:52
Killeroid!info gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg09:52
ubottugstreamer0.10-ffmpeg (source: gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg): FFmpeg plugin for GStreamer. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.10.5-1 (intrepid), package size 94 kB, installed size 280 kB09:52
marcinoI've a problem with watching movie on youtube.pl ---09:52
marcinoi've got instal flash player but movies still don't run09:53
marcinoi've ubuntu 8.0409:53
Myrttimarcino: have you restarted your browser?09:53
yoyit2_Killeroid: thx.. cuz they all played a few days ago, and now they wont09:53
quibbleryoyit2, vlc, mplayer,totem take your pick09:54
yoyit2_quibbler: yeah i know.. i use all of them.. and NONE will show video, only audio.. but the other day (and for the last month) they have all played mp4 just fine09:55
d-b1hi i have a problem -> i just installed and i'm geting this error "Backends system-tools-backends       invoke-rc.d: initscript sy09:56
d-b1bash: Backends: command not found" what do i do ?09:56
=== eric is now known as Guest28165
edgyHi, scp user@host:file user@host:file don't work, why?09:56
yoyit2quibbler: have any ideas why?09:58
edgyI mean host1 and host2 are different09:58
JesperHansenWhat's up with the default ubuntu desktop background image in 8.10? It seems... More pointless than usual?09:58
quibbleryoyit2, just what hateball suggested check your codecs09:58
Staale-I have set logrotate.conf to rotate 8 weekly, and specifically /var/log/auth.log to 26 weeks, but still all log files older than 4 weeks get removed. What am I missing?09:59
root______edgy username correct on both ?    write permission on the dest ?    and sshd running on both ?       also use -v (--verbose) might tell you why.09:59
quibbleryoyit2, have you installed something lately that could cause a conflict?09:59
yoyit2quibbler: how would i go about doing that.. just looking through add/remove?10:00
=== nbeebo is now known as ImAgIRlLookAtmEp
yoyit2quibbler: i had issues installing a dvd rip program (still never worked)10:00
root______Staale- not sure.   you did check that they are not just being moved to /var/backup/  didn't you10:01
Staale-I have no /var/backup, and /var/backups doesn't contain any auth.log files10:02
quibbleryoyit2, did you uninstall the rip progam?10:02
Staale-root______:  locate auth.log only finds them in /var/log10:02
yoyit2yes.. but i had to change somthing in symnaptic.. and i dont know what i did (some guy told me how to do it on xchat)10:03
root______Staale- yes plural.   anyway.   that was my guess.   someone else maybe.10:03
O__ohow to upgrade VLC in hardy?10:03
edgyroot______: yes all the info is correct but it asked me for the first server password only and then exit with Permission denied (publickey,gssapi-with-mic,password).10:03
ubuntu1963UCto you asked ?10:03
bonyi tried creating a cd image through jigdo using the local cache but few files are not getting downloaded though they exist in the cache like openoffice etc can any one help me out?10:03
edgyroot______: it never even asked for host2 password10:03
ubuntu1963UClikely not exist in intrepid10:03
yoyit2quibbler: i dont think thats the cause ..cuz i played movies after that10:03
root______edgy ok.   did you run it with -v prepended ?10:03
root______edgy sounds like you need to just ssh into host2 to test the sshd config on that box10:04
VeidIs it possible to install Ubuntu on an external USB drive?10:04
VeidOr is it just not worth it.10:04
root______Veid i have it on a usb stick    does that count ?10:05
edgyroot______: i did and the config is ok, some one told me now scp cannot do copy remotely using passwords but can do with keys!10:05
ubuntu1963UCmy usb wireroot______ ?10:05
quibbleryoyit2, have a look here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=43762410:05
bullgard4'ip a' lists for ath0 the property 'link/ether' and for wifi0 the property 'link/ieee802.11'. Where are these properties described, what do they mean?10:05
Veidroot______, how does it run?10:06
root______edgy oh.  if that has changed, i don't know it.  but i'm still using dapper10:06
ubuntu1963UCrun mysql on a flash disk10:06
root______Veid like linux10:06
Veidroot______, I mean, is it slow.10:06
ubuntu1963UCis very slow10:06
dusty_Kunalagon, how do i see the -/+ buffers/cache ?10:06
ubuntu1963UCsee what it says10:06
root______Veid no.   but i'm a console user.   p1 is not slow for me.10:06
dusty_root______, cool script where can I learn about writing scripts like that ?10:07
Veidroot______, ok thanks. I think I'll just test it out for myself.10:07
root______!cli > dusty_10:07
ubottudusty_, please see my private message10:07
root______Veid good call.10:07
ubuntu1963UCmating call of the driver it installed10:08
edgyroot______: are you sure you can do it with dapper?10:08
root______dusty_ heh  ooops  missing one ( in the script i wrote. only in the commented out  "shell way"  of figuring the precentage.  here's a correction. http://pastebin.com/f3b7da80d10:09
root______edgy indeed.10:09
quibblerO__o, http://www.videolan.org/vlc/download-ubuntu.html10:09
edgyroot______: strange!10:09
yoyit2is there a way to make all windows transparent?10:09
edgyroot______: do you have an intrepid box to confirm this bug?10:10
dusty_root______, that link talks about general shell useage - im after writing scripts like yours?10:12
root______dusty_ that's what you do in a script.  you issue shell commands10:14
root______edgy i have a debian lenny box i was just testing and you are right  that doesn't work in newer ssh10:14
root______edgy rsync ?10:14
O__oquibbler, but that will only install 0.8.610:15
paul68what is the best way to install the black-white_2 icon theme in ubuntu?(first timer on this one)10:15
O__oubuntu hardy repos never update to the latest10:15
O__oquibbler, the latest is 9.410:16
ubundudeI'm following a guide to configuring LVM and i don't understand why its making 6 LV's instead of the 3 essential plus any extra one might want10:16
quibblerO__o, than you will have to compile from source10:17
root______dusty_ also if you are serious about "shell scripting"  read (or at least skim)   man bash10:17
edgyroot______: no I just use scp10:17
ashvalahello ppl10:18
ashvalaIs it possible to install  Compiz fusion on a stockk Xandros eee pc?10:19
root______oh. dusty_  /join #bash    and ask about the bash faq    very handy.10:19
root______edgy i was suggesting rsync10:19
quibblerO__o, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/intrepid/+source/vlc/0.9.4-1ubuntu110:19
=== Thomas_ is now known as eth01
ezerhodenashvala: this is an ubuntu support channel10:20
jason_hey root, can I ask something?10:21
O__oquibbler, i am using 8.0410:21
tofhave u known a webpage with some conky configs ??10:21
jason_I am using ubuntu for the first time in my life..10:21
tofi need a fresh idea..10:21
root______jason_ if you are addressing me.   yes ask.10:21
ubuntu1963UCask me that too10:21
O__ojason_, how was it?10:22
ashvalawrong channel :P10:22
ezerhodenashvala: it's ok, just you have a better chance of getting an answer if you ask somewhere more appropriate10:22
paul68what is the best way to install the black-white_2 style  icon theme in ubuntu?(first timer on this one) this is their howto  http://paste.ubuntu.com/110774/10:22
jason_and i am trying to connect using ssh....but every time I try to connect i got notice reading as follows....connection refused10:22
root______jason_ you installed ssh ?10:22
jason_i checked sshd_config...and could not find what to do..10:23
jason_I think so..10:23
ubuntu1963UCyou checked their site ?10:23
root______jason_ sudo apt-get install ssh    # just to make sure10:23
O__ojason_, sudo apt-get install openssh-server in the server10:23
edgyroot______: rsync cannot do from remote to remot10:24
root______O__o ssh depends on that.10:24
root______edgy that change to ??   bah.10:24
root______edgy i give up.10:24
jason_i did what you have told me to do...10:25
jason_and seems like ssh is installed fine..10:25
Kealhow do i get the net and office to work on a mini-dell inspiron?10:25
dusty_Anyone that uses virtualbox is there a way to switch installation disks during installation like vmware ?10:25
root______jason_ you are not behind a firewall blocking port 22 are you ?10:25
edgyroot______: normally software changes to better. Now we are going backward!10:25
root______edgy i agree.10:26
=== lakitu2 is now known as lakitu
Keali can't get the internet nor microsoft office to work, they said it was like windows, i had to drop out of two semesters, i bought this computer for college, i wish i never got it10:26
stdinjason_: have you installed the ssh server?10:26
ubundudefollowing a guide to configuring LVM and i don't understand why its making 6 LV's instead of the 3 essential plus any extra one might want10:26
stdinpackage name openssh-server10:26
cwilluedgy, what's the problem?10:26
jason_actually..i am trying to connect my Ubuntu from inside of my network..10:26
root______edgy ask stdin if he knows a good way.10:26
root______stdin i had jason install ssh   yes.10:27
ubundudeKeal: copy paste for the lose10:27
O__ojason_, did u install openssh-server in the server?10:27
jason_yes i did..10:27
Keali had to drop out of the spring and summer semesters because of ubuntu!10:27
ubuntu1963UCdo u know if a sound tries to boot and its just like the way i knew you'd really10:27
ubuntu1963UCcool stuff happening because it gives you a year of transition time between release and end10:27
edgystdin: scp used to be able to copy from remote to remote now it's not10:27
edgycwillu: ^10:27
O__ojason_, try ssh localhost in the server see if u can get in/?10:27
Kealnaw i am just making fun of an anti-ubuntu article that was most likely satire10:28
cwilluedgy, never been able to do that to my knowledge10:28
root______stdin if you can reccomend to edgy a good replacement methood for   scp user1@host1:file user2@host2:/path10:28
stdinedgy: any error messages?10:28
root______stdin or a way to get that to work for him.10:28
Kealbut seriously, ubuntu doesn't run on my laptop10:28
cwilluedgy, (it'd have to copy through your local client anyway, as you can't guarentee that the machines can reach each other just because you can reach both)10:28
jason_i can connect localhost10:28
ezerhodenKeal: lol10:28
jason_i think it works now..10:28
edgycwillu, stdin: root______ confirmed it's working in dapper but not intrepid, the error is permission denied10:28
root______jason_ cool.10:28
El_Santocabeza de pene10:28
cwilluedgy, what's the command line you're invoking?10:28
ezerhodenKeal: user error :P10:28
FloodBot1El_Santo: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:29
El_Santopeguense un baño10:29
El_Santosucios de mierda10:29
Keali actually have either xubuntu or debian or gentoo on my other machine or else a double boot of xubuntu and one of the two others10:29
edgycwillu: scp user@host1:file user@host2:file10:29
jason_i solved problem...due to you guys...thanks...^^*10:29
cwilluedgy, actually, I'm confusing scp with rsync, give me a sec10:29
Keali don't remember because the cpu in it is a screwed up pentium 4 socket 478 with gold pins10:29
O__oedgy, what are you trying to do?10:29
ubuntu1963UCi'm trying to compile java10:29
O__oedgy, copying file with scp?10:30
Kealthe only reason the machine doesn't run is because they lasered the pins shorter because they were bent and now it is random whether the machine powers up or not10:30
edgyO__o: yes from remote to remote10:30
El_SantoPegate a dirty cajetudo excrement bath absorbs penises10:30
El_SantoPegate a dirty cajetudo excrement bath absorbs penises10:30
El_SantoPegate a dirty cajetudo excrement bath absorbs penises10:30
El_SantoPegate a dirty cajetudo excrement bath absorbs penises10:30
FloodBot1El_Santo: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:30
cwilluedgy, need the command line you're running10:30
ubuntu1963UCuse a hard link10:30
stdinedgy: what's the exact error message?10:30
Keali gave up after 6 months of not being able to power up, then powering up for 3 straight days then being dead again :/10:30
Kealbut other than that the machine ran fine as long as the cpu was able to power up10:30
Keali think it was a dual boot with xubuntu and either gentoo or debian10:31
root______edgy oh. i have passwordless key.  it may be the sshkey password causing the error if you use passwords   i just noticed that from the debian box the verbos output says can't open /dev/tty10:31
* O__o goes back to watching movie10:31
Kealdoes this channel support xubuntu as well btw?10:31
shay26Hello , i installed on my computer Ubuntu 8.10 64 bit , what package do u recommend to install in order to view good flash at firefox mozilla ?10:31
root______edgy when it's asking for the "second" host password.10:31
ubundudei don't understand why this guide is making 6 LV's instead of the 3 essential plus any extra one might want in LVM10:31
edgyroot______: it's not asking me for the second host password at all10:32
cwillushay26, the normal flash plugin from the repo will work fine10:32
Kealis there a ubuntu like xubuntu that uses either gnome or kde by default instead of xwindows?10:32
cwillushay26, apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras will install that and a bunch of other useful stuff automatically10:32
jason_too many things to learn for me to use ubuntu.....10:32
jason_frustrated......for now..10:32
edgyshay26: I think there is now a 64-bit flash available10:32
cwilluKeal, um, ubuntu?10:32
Keali want to use ubuntu with gnome or kde because x isn't compatible with this laptop10:33
cwillushay26, edgy, flash 10 (with 64bit support) is in the repository10:33
petskiKeal: ubuntu used Gnome, kubuntu used KDE10:33
wodenHow do I mount an ISO file?10:33
edgywoden: mount -o loop file.iso folder10:33
Kealalso what does it mean when xubuntu boots at the wrong aspect ratio in sepiatone?10:33
wodenedgy: I get an error mount: could not find any device /dev/loop#10:34
Kealsorry unbuntu not xubuntu10:34
ubundudei don't understand why this guide is making 6 LV's instead of the 3 essential plus any extra one might want in LVM10:34
cwilluubundude, -> #lvm10:34
Kealon this laptop unbuntu boots in sepiatone in a vertically squished aspect ratio10:34
edgywoden: run it as sudo, you should have /dev/loop010:35
stdinedgy: scp me@host1:/file me@host2:/file works fine for me, what's the exact error you get?10:35
wodenedgy:  Apparently I don't10:35
Kealalso almost no modules are able to initialize when i use the live cd10:35
jason_thanks very much guys and hope u have good day......bye...^^*10:35
quibblerO__o, look here: http://yabblog.com/2008/09/16/updating-vlc-to-092-for-ubuntu-users/10:36
JesperHansenIf I have the (daily) live cd on an boot USB (and working). Where on the "CD" do I find the .deb  packages?10:36
cwilluedgy, make sure you're including the username on the target host, else you'll probably be trying to log in as root10:36
oCean_woden: does "lsmod |grep loop" output anything?10:36
edgycwillu: did it ask you for two passwords?10:36
ubundudecwillu: #lvm is very unactive and right now i'm using the LVM manager built into the alternate install disk so its ubuntu related and i'm just trying to get any help i can10:37
cwilluedgy, I just scp'd remotely from my laptop to my server10:37
Kealthis is actually a police model laptop10:37
cwilluedgy, scp cwillu-acer.local:test cwillu@nokia.cwillu.com:10:37
cwillued_, scp cwillu-acer.local:test nokia.cwillu.com: just gave me an error10:37
Keali can't get anything other than vista, 98dn, and xpsp2/3 to run on it10:38
AlexD731hi all, i would like install openoffice 3 on amd64 and hardy heron...my question is: I need install sun jre? i must unistall openoffice 2.4 first? PS: i can't upgrade intrepid because there is an official bug on x64 machine during installation.I've found this repository: http://ppa.launchpad.net/openoffice-pkgs/ubuntu/pool/main/o/openoffice.org10:38
Keal98se doesn't work, theoretically 98dn would10:38
cwilluubundude, give me 15 minutes and I'll help you10:38
cwillujust finishing some stuff up10:38
ubundudecwillu: sweet thankyou10:38
cwilluedgy, ubuntu server?10:39
edgycwillu: the problem is when you try it from remote to remote not from local to remote10:39
cwilluedgy, did you read what I just wrote?10:39
cwilluedgy, it _was_ remote to remote10:39
Kealhow do i get ubuntu to run on a police model laptop?10:39
edgycwillu: ah! the client is ubuntu but the servers are redhat10:40
Kealit seems none of the police model drivers exist for linux10:40
Kealer... as .deb rather10:40
cwilluedgy, make sure you're including the username on the second hostname10:40
cwilludon't count on it using the obvious choice10:40
JesperHansenKeal: police as in "I arrest you" police?10:40
root______edgy success.    mc can do it remote to remote.10:40
cwilluroot______, so can scp :p10:41
KealJesperHansen what other kind is there?10:41
root______cwillu not when your sshkeys have passowrds i think10:41
JesperHansenKeal: just wondering what makes police laptop models "special"10:41
kattollikisdhello there, I would like to record a Fm Radio of the Rhythmbox but I don't know how to do it, can someone help me out pleases?10:41
cwilluroot______, the remote machine needs to be able to log in, etc, and you need to specify user names10:41
cwilluroot______, re: keys, it may just be looking for an ssh-agent10:41
Keali can broadcast on police frequencies up to 5 to 20 miles away assuming good conditions and the correct .deb10:42
edgycwillu: I now tried it between two ubuntu servers and still same problem. I put usernames and password properly!10:42
oCean_!hi | brie10:42
ubottubrie: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!10:42
AlexD731hi all, i would like install openoffice 3 on amd64 and hardy heron...my question is: I need install sun jre? i must unistall openoffice 2.4 first? PS: i can't upgrade intrepid because there is an official bug on x64 machine during installation.I've found this repository: http://ppa.launchpad.net/openoffice-pkgs/ubuntu/pool/main/o/openoffice.org (it's right?)10:43
briei need some help! n))b i know10:43
edgycwillu: are you asked for password twice? I only asked for password for the first host10:43
root______cwillu the error is can't access /dev/tty on the second remote box when it should be asking for the password for the sshkey   it just errors out.10:43
Kunalagonhttp://www.shipmentoffail.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/02/police-laptop.jpg   Keal10:43
Keali need the .deb for the triple-trunker in this laptop10:43
root______cwillu i tried it both ways   host1 to host2  and host2 to host110:43
Kealit is part of the mobo10:44
root______but using mc works flawlessly10:44
briemy BF has a mac, so how can i see his webcam on ubuntu?10:44
cwilluroot______, you wouldn't be using the keys from the remote box, you should be using a ssh-agent I believe10:44
cwilluRoosterJuice, so that the remote box is forwarding key challenges to your root box10:45
Kealthis laptop has a emergency/police frequency 2-way triple-trunker built into the motherboard10:45
oCean_!webcam | brie10:45
ubottubrie: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras10:45
cwilluubundude, what guide are you reading?10:45
Keali need the .deb for it10:46
ubundudecwillu: 1 sec10:46
oCean_!hi | industrial_10:46
ubottuindustrial_: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!10:46
industrial_hi thk10:47
ubundudecwillu: http://linuxbsdos.com/2008/11/11/lvm-configuration-in-ubuntu-810/4/10:47
industrial_is first time10:47
edgycwillu: are you using keys or passwords?10:47
oCean_industrial_: no problem. If you searching support in italian join #ubuntu-it10:47
ubundudecwillu: thats the 4th page but also the first time he mentions all the extra partitions10:47
oCean_!it | industrial_10:47
ubottuindustrial_: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)10:47
shamshi there10:48
briewill the integrated mac cam work??10:48
Prisla-Chanalguem ai fala portugues?10:49
edgyroot______: I get lost and now understands nothing. if you managed to summarize the situation please do,10:49
cwilluubundude, keys10:49
oCean_!pt | Prisla-Chan10:49
ubottuPrisla-Chan: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.10:49
Prisla-Chanok! :D10:49
oCean_shams: welcome to #ubuntu, if your looking for support in russian, join channel #ubuntu-ru10:49
ubundudecwillu: keys?10:49
Prisla-Chanbye bye guys :)10:49
cwilluubundude, so that you can put each of those folders into a different partition, and handle their fs's seperately10:49
cwilluubundude, it's a fairly standard approach, although overkill imo :p10:50
shamscould you help me plz. i can't install driver to my usb tv tuner aver volar ax on ubuntu, cause there is no support on avermedia10:50
Kealyo holmes whadup dis shiznik gots da ebonics chan?10:50
cwilluubundude, sorry, wrong user :p10:51
cwilluedgy, keys10:51
edgycwillu: aha! the problem is when  you use passwords10:51
ubundudecwillu: i was thinking i could just do the main three "/, swap, /home" and then add ones specifically for like "storage" and such. does that make sense?10:51
nibsa1242bmy Firefox crashed and took pulse audio down with it, how do I restart pulse?10:52
cwilluubundude, probably fair enough10:52
oCean_!hcl | shams10:52
ubottushams: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection10:52
cwillunibsa1242b, pulseaudio -D10:52
cwilluedgy, ah, k10:52
cwilluedgy, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openssh/+bug/3690710:52
=== andre is now known as Guest46978
cwilluedgy, status: won't fix, read the bug for the rational10:52
nibsa1242bcwillu: Failed to find orginial dlopen loader; daemon startup failed10:52
Keal!sed | Keal10:52
ubottuKeal, please see my private message10:52
=== rebel_kid|zZzZ is now known as rebel_kid
cwillunibsa1242b, ps aux|grep pulseaudio10:53
ubundudecwillu: though if i name one "storage" that would just be the description and not the drive name or would it10:53
cwillunibsa1242b, verify it's not still running (in a broken state?)10:53
ubundudecwillu: i'm used to windows drive letters...10:53
cwilluubundude, it's just the lv name, says nothing about where you mount it, or what you use it for10:53
brieim really new at this...how do i make it so i can just SEE his mac buitl in webcam?10:53
briei have vlc....10:54
ubundudecwillu: awesome, thanks for the help, i should be fine from here on out10:54
nibsa1242bcwillu: looks like its still running, which is odd... I did a sudo killall pulseaudio, and a pulseaudio -k before I asked how to restart it10:54
cwilluedgy, the problem being that you can accidently expose your password to machines you didn't intend it to10:54
cwillunibsa1242b, "killall -KILL pulseaudio"10:54
cwillunibsa1242b, try that10:54
shams<ubottu> ок i'll try thks10:54
cwilluubundude, :p10:54
nibsa1242bcwillu: that killed it10:55
cwilluedgy, really, ssh password login should be disabled by default anyway :p10:55
SlartHey, I'm having problems pairing devices (bluetooth) with ubuntu 8.10 64-bit. It worked nicely in Hardy but it just silently fails with intrepid.. someone mentioned that switching to a bluetooth 2.0 adapter might help and I just thought I'd check if anyone else has bluetooth working before I go and get one10:55
alpakaThe Tajiki keyboard layout has two different letters on one key, how do I enter the 2nd letter?10:55
cwilluedgy, it's just asking for trouble (installing openssh-server immediately exposes user accounts, you can't have any weak passwords at all, without having to further configure openssh)10:56
nibsa1242bcwillu: that and pulseaudio -D worked to bring my sound back up... thanks so much!10:56
cwillunibsa1242b, np10:56
edgycwillu: thanks a lot for this nice explanation and the bug report10:57
hateballbrie: how do you mean SEE it? over some chat protocol?10:58
edgycwillu: but I don't understand why you think password login is risky10:58
edgycwillu: and should be disabled10:59
cwilluedgy, it's not risky for people who use strong passwords10:59
brieahh! why cant i make this work?10:59
edgycwillu: ah10:59
cwilluedgy, but that's not everyone10:59
briei just wanna see a mac webcam10:59
sarmisakcwillu: you can disable ssh logins easily10:59
cwilluedgy, more importantly, the usual ubuntu login isn't terribly security critical, as there's no remote services that are enabled by default10:59
sarmisakcwillu: actually why should you install any ssh server on a desktop machine?10:59
cwillusarmisak, I prefer sftp over samba11:00
cwilluremote access to files, mostly11:00
cwillusftp:// in nautilus is a wonderful thing :p11:00
sarmisakcwillu: I use nfs for it ;) much faster in my experience11:00
oCean_!enter | cwillu11:01
ubottucwillu: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!11:01
Slartsarmisak: and of course.. for those times when everything just freezes.. usually you can connect usign ssh and kill whatever is behaving badly =)11:01
edgycwillu: thx again. I appreicate your help very much. thanks root______ and the others too11:01
Kealhow do i install ubuntu on a machine with only 16kb or ram?11:01
cwillusarmisak, edgy, it's more that installing a single package (...-server) can easily cause a broader security exposure than expected11:01
SlartKeal: you don't.. that's an awful small amount of ram11:01
Kealit is a PET4026-N11:02
Kealit is a PET4016-N *11:02
=== Snigepige_ is now known as Snigepige
Keali wondered if there was an ubuntu that small11:02
=== SkG is now known as [SkG]
SlartKeal: it could be a small spanish car for all ubuntu cares.. 16 kb of memory won't let you do anything11:02
sarmisakSlart: ctrl+alt+f1, the old friendly terminal window ;)11:02
Kealare you sure?11:02
cwilluoCean_, I was replying in different conversations.  A single line for all three would have been inappropriate11:02
Kealbecause the original version of x only used 2kb of machine code11:03
cwilluoCean_, or at least, I thought I was :p11:03
Slartsarmisak: oh.. does that work these days? my nvidia drivers used to mess that up but perhaps it's fixed now11:03
cwilluKeal, linux was written originally to take advantage of the abilities of a 386, a system noted for being able to use more than 640k on a pc :p11:03
SlartKeal: I think the system requirements for any ubuntu these days are more in the range of 64 MB or more11:04
cwilluKeal, a 16kb system is a different problem11:04
sarmisakSlart: it had major problems with my old ATI card connected through DVI, but now its gone.11:04
Kealanyone want to hop on a retro project of mine to make a unix that runs in 16kb?11:04
cwilluSlart, it's worked for me for the last couple releases, presuming you're running a recent'ish driver11:04
sarmisakSlart: nvidia is a better choice in my opinion11:04
alpakaon the keyboard what's the "third level modifier"?11:05
Slartcwillu, sarmisak: oh.. it works.. how nice =)11:05
aoupi_hi, my keyboard 5etting5 are very wrong. keyboard work5 fine in gdm but after 1ogin it'5 1ike the fn key i5 5tuck. If I ho1d the fn key down i can type mo5t 1etter5. i5 there 5ome config fi1e5 i can de1ete to fix thi5?11:05
briecan anyone help? i need to see i man integrated webcam on ubutu11:05
cwilluaoupi_, find the numberlock key, and hit that and fn- at the same time11:06
Slartaoupi_: laptop?11:06
oCean_cwillu: np, I haven't had enough coffee yet, and it seemed a lot of lines. Sometimes I think, who am I to judge, let the floodbots sort'em out! :)11:06
aoupi_ Slart ye511:06
Slartalpaka: hmm.. one of the windows keys?11:06
KealSlart how many ctrl, alt, shift, numpad keys do you have?11:06
Slartaoupi_: sounds like you've got numpad enabled11:06
aoupi_cwillu: :D awesome11:06
Kealalso do you have 2 windows keys or 1?11:06
alpakaSlart: thank you11:07
aoupi_Slart: yea, now it's fixed :)11:07
aoupi_cwillu: thanks!11:07
cwilluSlart, Keal, aoupi_, why ask for more info when you can just guess right the first time? :p11:07
Kealthis problem often happens on laptops that don't have both left and right of all keys11:07
root______well i'm totally at a loss,  i have a user account that i can not ssh into, and the username is in the  AllowUsers  line of /etc/ssh/sshd_config  the private and public keys were copied over from one box to the other.   the ownership and permissions are correct on .ssh and .ssh/*         ?11:07
SlartKeal: 2 ctrl, 2 shift, one alt, one altgr, 2 windows keys (with flags), 1 weirdo key with some kind of menu on it11:07
cwilluroot______, passwd -u <username> on that machine?11:07
root______it keeps asking for a password.   and there isn't one.11:07
cwilluroot______, account might just be locked11:08
sarmisakcwillu: S key is on the left of the keyboard, the messages were mixed with 5, it's on the letter I usually11:08
root______cwillu of course it's locked11:08
Kealwhere is the 'altgr' located Slart?11:08
root______cwillu all accounts are locked on all my boxen.11:08
SlartKeal: right side of space11:08
Kealis the other alt left side of space Slart?11:08
cwilluaoupi_, dvorak, or other non-qwerty layout?11:08
aoupi_cwillu: yea dvorak :)11:09
cwilluroot______, check /var/log/auth.log on the box11:09
cwillusarmisak, ^^^ I win :p11:09
SlartKeal: yes.. (one more question and I'm googling for "keyboard" and sending you the url)11:09
asadhackeri have a problame in iptable11:09
asadhacker-bash: iptables: command not found11:09
KealSlart: you have "left-ctrl, fn, windows, space, left-alt, menu, right-ctrl" correct?11:09
sarmisakcwillu: applause :D11:09
Kealerm Slart i mean...11:09
KealSlart: you have "left-ctrl, fn, windows, left-alt, space, alt-gr, menu, right-ctrl" correct?11:10
asadhackerno body answer me11:10
root______cwillu ah i see it.  the change in  /etc/passwd is not updated.   it's looking for a non-existant shell11:10
SlartKeal: I have no keys marked fn.. Ctrl Windows Alt Space AltGr Windows WierdMenuKey Ctrl11:10
KealSlart that is a really messsed up layout11:11
Kealthat layout was only used from 92 thru 9611:11
Keali think if i recall correctly11:12
Keallook up your layout by year for ibm keyboards11:12
Kealit is either an ibm or memorex layout11:12
Kealif i recall correctly11:12
SlartKeal: that's the way it came from the store.. here's a pic http://img.hexus.net/v2/gaming/steel/s6g_large_1.jpg11:12
shams<oCean_> there is no support of this type of tv tuner. I've tried to install other device of aver, but no solution...any idea, how to get that work?11:13
Kealyeah that isn't a 102us keyboard11:14
Kealyou are using the 102us driver11:14
SlartKeal: nope11:14
Kealyou are either using the 102us or the 135us driver11:14
Keali forgot what the actual number of keys is for the '135' us tho11:14
Kealyou want to use a british driver11:15
SlartKeal: and googling for "keyboard" and looking at the pictures they all use the same layout as I have..11:15
SlartKeal: and I lied a bit.. my keyboard doesn't look exactly like that.. it's a swedish keyboard11:15
oCean_shams: If there is no support.. that's about it. You can try to get it to work, sure, but it might take a long time before you find anyone that has a working configuration.11:15
Kealthe tilda key is missing and it has a british pound sterling instead of a $11:15
Kealit has 3 alternate keys instead of tilda11:15
Kealin te upper left below esc11:15
Kealin the* Slart11:16
Kealalso it has a different bottom row layout11:16
Kealalt gr could mean grave11:17
shams<oCean_> thks11:17
root_____hmmm no joy.11:17
Keal` <- is a grave, this is the tilda -> ~ they are the regular and shifted versions of the upper left key below esc11:17
SlartKeal: are you going somewhere with this?11:17
root_____i seem to have somewhere disarmed one account in sshd on three boxes   ;/11:18
Kealalso the 3 keys in the row that notches into the carriage return / enter key are wrong, Slart11:19
Kealthey are supposed to be ;: '" and the third key on the right isn't even supposed to be there11:20
Kealthe numeric row should be: `~ 1! 2@ 3# 4$ 5% 6^ 7& 8* 9( 0) -_ =+11:20
Kealalso Slart, your numpad lacks a = key11:21
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!11:21
SlartKeal: is this going to end up in a question about ubuntu? if not I'm going to have to ask you to continue in #ubuntu-offtopic11:21
gmathewsHow do i know which servers my Ubuntu downloads from?11:22
Slartgmathews: you mean updates?11:22
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BombeNissenAnyone got experience iwth Logwatch ? Need to grab data from it from a shutdown sequence...11:23
KealSlart don't bait people about bogus keyboard layouts if you don't want help then :/ if you don't actually want the .deb for ubuntu for it11:23
yeniklasorrHow can I change my locale time with ssh ?11:24
BombeNissenOn your ssh connection ?11:24
BombeNissendate should do it11:24
yeniklasorrsays operation not permited11:24
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coobei need some help with octave :(11:24
SlartKeal: I promise I won't.. I'll be on my best behaviour11:25
edmondscommercehey all11:25
edmondscommercejust wondering what FTP programme you guys are using?11:25
KealSlart i was going to tell you the last key you need to modify in order to making a working .deb for ubuntu for your keyboard but apparently you are just a troll11:25
coobecan someone tell me why i cant type an exponent in octave ?11:25
ubottuFTP clients: !Nautilus, !gFTP (for !GNOME) - !Konqueror, !Kasablanca, !KFTPGrabber (for !KDE) - See also !FTPd11:25
BombeNissenAny of you got experince with getting system logs running for the shutdown/boot process ?11:25
edgyHi, if I used dsa instead of rsa for ssh is the connection still encrypted?11:26
ubundudecwillu: you still here?11:26
Slartedmondscommerce: myself I use gFTP11:27
edmondscommercegftp just bugs me11:27
edmondscommercetrying filezilla which seems nice but not stable :-(11:27
SlartKeal: yes.. I'm so sorry for my trollish ways.. I'll go to bed without dessert tonight.. now can we just not continue this discussion?11:27
Slartcoobe: does octave use ^ or ** for exponents?11:28
christheferal_can somebody help me with flash player?11:29
christheferal_kinda new to ubuntu :-s11:29
mclurehow do I enable spell checking in abiword? what is rekommended? myspell? what is the best spell checker?11:29
Slart!flash | christheferal_11:29
ubottuchristheferal_: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (a recent version for !Dapper is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash11:29
christheferal_I need to install flash player for ubuntu amd6411:29
Slartchristheferal_: same procedure11:30
christheferal_ah k11:30
christheferal_thanks :)11:30
ubundudecwillu: trying to figure out what mount point i need to set my other partitions to11:30
Slartchristheferal_: you installit from the repos.. the package is called flashplugin-nonfree if I remember correctly11:30
treacany folks here from the doc team?11:30
ubundudecwillu: such as my "Windows XP" partition or "storage" partition11:31
nellhi..anyone know to disable dsl connection/pppoe in ubuntu hardy, and connect using cable from router?11:31
christheferal_slart: im in terminal now downloading it11:31
cwilluubundude, generally in /media unless you have a particular purpose that a standard folder already exists for11:32
cwilluubundude, /media/windows11:32
Slartchristheferal_: don't forget to restart firefox11:32
Myrttitreac: #ubuntu-doc11:32
ubundudecwillu: so they go -in- the mount points?11:32
christheferal_opening firefox again11:32
treaccheers myrtti; none there at the moment.11:33
treacnot mythtv doc guys anyhow11:33
christheferal_there is no "You don't have flash enabled" error on youtube, just no video11:33
ubundudecwillu: i'm trying to choose which of these options to set each of my non-LVM related partitions to11:34
Slartchristheferal_: hmmm... no error messages when you installed it?11:34
christheferal_dont think so11:34
christheferal_hold on11:34
nellhi..anyone know how to disable dsl and connect from cccable like normal??11:34
Slartchristheferal_: and you don't have noscript/adblock/flashblock or such hiding it?11:34
christheferal_can't see any errors11:34
cwilluubundude, look up the debian policy guide, the section on the folder structure, it's good information11:34
christheferal_nope, don't have any extensions installed11:34
christheferal_let me double check though11:34
Slartchristheferal_: and you're using the latest ubuntu? 8.10?11:35
ubundudecwillu: where do i find that?11:35
christheferal_slart: yes11:35
cwilludon't have the link handy11:35
nellchristheferal_:what i do was download flash plugin from adobe n installed from terminal11:35