nikolamzoredache, terminating gui of an app does not kill app on most cases.00:16
nikolamone should use ps -A | grep app to find app (or in top) and use kill or kill -9 command to kill it00:17
nikolamor with system monitor gui00:17
kahrnhas anyone checked out the ubuntu pocket guide yet?00:25
sml1226favorite file manager???00:41
sml1226other than thunar?00:42
sml1226bsc sucks and thunar is screwed up on my machine00:44
zoredachevifm?  I suppose you where looking for a gui though00:44
sml1226going to try nautilus00:44
sml1226what do you think of that?00:44
sml1226yeah needs a gui00:45
zoredacheI don't really have an opinion00:45
sml1226have you tried nautilus?00:46
zoredachenautilus is the standard file manager you get with a gnome install of ubuntu isn't it?00:47
sml1226think so00:47
sml1226havent used ubuntu though just xubuntu00:47
sml1226i think nautilus will be fine (still not fully installed) so how do you set it as the default file manager00:49
zoredacheif it is the only one running, then it is the default00:51
sml1226well thunar is installed and default now so how do i change that???00:51
sml1226it might do it but it hasn't yet00:53
sml1226nautilus doesn't work either00:59
nikolamsml1226, pcmanfm01:02
nikolamstarts in a second01:02
nikolami start pcmanfm and other apps with one click with quicklauncher xfce panel plugin.01:03
nikolamof course01:04
sml1226cool will try01:04
sml1226how to set as default01:04
nikolamwhy should you set it as default?01:05
nikolamStart it with on eclick from quicklauncher01:05
sml1226thunar is screwed up and won't work01:06
nikolamit works but have issues.01:06
nikolamwhat is your main problem with thunar01:06
sml1226there is a bug in my ver that keeps it from starting01:06
nikolamonly catch with pcmanfm is that it does not support trash can01:07
sml1226cant access anything with it01:07
nikolameverything you delet is like using rm01:07
nikolamsml1226, what xubuntu u use , version and 32/64bit?01:07
sml12268.10 ppc+ps301:07
nikolamsml1226, also try to use krusader.01:08
sml1226isnt krusader for kde?01:08
nikolamppc :) nice i didnt know they still make one, since i heard that ppc in not supported yet01:09
sml1226dont really need or want to column01:09
nikolamsml1226, did you find soulution to expand RAM to more then 256Mb?01:09
nikolamu can try it. it pulls just kde libs upon install etc.01:10
sml1226and actually the ps3 restricts your use to 192MB01:10
nikolam? 192 ??01:10
sml1226it keeps the rest for itself01:10
sml1226not really sure01:10
nikolamI know about other 256mb ati restrictions and 2 spu restrictions but 192?01:10
nikolamdo you have some software builded espacially for cell?01:11
sml1226yeah it keeps the 9th spu and all but 192mb for running the ps3 w/o apps or oses01:11
sml1226nothing special for cell yet01:11
nikolamI was thinking of using ps3 as main machine 3 years ago. but since there was no way to expand ran i abandoned idea. But it is great to use ps3 that way01:12
sml1226even with the minimal RAM it blows my pc away01:12
nikolamps3 could be even greater machine if one could use more ram with it. etc01:12
sml1226granted the pc is total crap01:12
nikolamyes, shure :)01:13
nikolamok so,01:13
sml1226yah gpu access and 1gb of RAM and this thing would fly01:13
nikolamI use 8.04 LTS 64bit with amdx2 and 2gigs01:13
nikolamyes but i was thinking more 4 gigs and full gpu access, yes01:14
sml1226had 8.04 on my pc but went back to xp because i needed to print01:14
nikolamlike home computer it would blow away01:14
sml1226well those 8 cores at full speed can render some crazy graphics w/o the gpu01:15
nikolamBUT Sony pricks did what they did. But XB360 loosers even can`t start linux. microsoft coded it so it can use only approved software by microsoft01:15
nikolamyes but 192 mb..01:15
sml1226yeah that sucks01:15
nikolambut even with it, it is ok to use linux for office, media, surfing and everything01:16
sml1226yeah ps3 browser sucks ansd isn't fullscreen so 1080p firefox is amazing01:17
nikolamI was using p3-733 with 256mb with xubuntu before. I was content with it.01:17
nikolamI still have it running on 8.04 lts now.01:17
sml1226wish it gave access to the music and pic folders on other partition though01:17
sml1226mine was a celeron-600 with 384MB01:18
=== j1mc is now known as j1mc_
sml1226got to go01:20
sml1226file manager like thunar?01:29
sml1226like pcmanfm but no trash access01:31
sml1226know any file managers like thunar01:39
Hellwireah, i just use thunar. sorry01:40
sml1226got probs with mine and cant do much01:40
Hellwiredid you try uninstalling/reinstalling?01:40
sml1226yep same prob01:41
sml1226i know01:41
Hellwirei'm not an xubuntu expert01:41
Hellwirei just use it :P01:41
sml1226tried pcman but no trash access01:41
Hellwirethat sucks01:41
sml1226will use it until they patch it01:42
HellwireI like xfce a lot better than gnome. its not because i dont have much ram or anything, its just a nice clean interface01:42
sml1226thinkt ts with  ppc+ps3 version01:43
Hellwirehow do i hide my host?01:44
sml1226there were a few on bugzilla with the same prob01:44
Hellwirei know it doesnt show my ip in it, thanks to my isp, but still01:44
Hellwire* [Hellwire] (n=cody@mnpl-04-1888.dsl.iowatelecom.net): Cody Mitchell01:44
sml1226oh not sure01:44
sml1226says my real name is purple???01:45
sml1226how do i set that up right?01:46
sml1226all i did was use my username01:46
Hellwirewhats your client?01:47
Hellwirexchat, kvirc, etf01:47
Hellwirenever used pidgin for irc... sorry01:48
sml1226what u using?01:48
sml1226xchat works with my name01:52
sml1226pidgin says purple though01:52
Hellwirepurple pidgins... they just dont make em like they used to01:52
sml1226yeah its weird01:53
sml1226anybody use pidgin01:54
sml1226guess not01:56
Hellwirehmm, i had to use this nick because my usual is taken... what's my bot's name gonna be? or does freenode even allow bots? (just a channel bot, changes topic and stuff)01:57
sml1226this is my psn id so thats why i use it01:58
* Hellwire usually uses Cody... ><01:58
sml1226cant use that?01:59
Hellwirenope. someone has it already01:59
Hellwireobviously. this network is huge01:59
sml1226there he is01:59
=== Hellwire is now known as Iowa_Cody
Iowa_CodyI like hellwire better01:59
* Iowa_Cody set a timer to change his nick back02:00
Iowa_Codyxchat timers confuse meh02:00
sml1226how do you set a quit message???02:01
=== Iowa_Cody is now known as Hellwire
Hellwire/quit [message]02:01
sml1226ok thanks02:02
Hellwirebbl, :)02:02
sml1226see ya02:02
devincan someone help me with a broadcom card?02:02
sml1226no idea02:03
devinI need to get it working, my only connection is wireless02:03
sml1226i just started using linux02:03
devinme too02:03
sml1226my drivers are all included (ps3 version)02:04
devinnice, I want a ps302:04
devinso does it run good?02:04
sml1226linux on it?02:04
sml1226it should but you must get an older version cuz 8.10 is buggy02:05
devinyeah, that's only expected02:05
sml1226i got 8.10 with a lot of probs02:05
devindoes video work good? considering the graphics card issue02:06
sml1226thunar has a major bug in it02:06
sml1226cant open folders with it02:06
sml1226havent tried any video02:06
devinwhat do you use it for?02:06
sml1226ppl say they watch bluray on it02:07
devinreally? I didn't think there was bluray support yet02:07
devinlast I read anyways02:07
sml1226i use it for internet and minimal media02:07
sml1226word processor too02:07
sml1226not sure bout blu-ray but i thought it did02:08
devintoo bad sony went all corporate and blocked out the graphics card, it would have been a sick machine for linux02:08
sml1226yeah but it only can use 192mb of ram02:09
devinseriously? or 192mb of the video ram02:09
aquatone282Hi - can anyone tell me where desktop wallpaper images are stored?02:11
devinahh, not sure, I think it's somewhere in /usr02:11
sml1226devin: actual ram02:15
devinthat's really shitty02:15
sml1226quit/ [bye]02:15
devinbut I guess you could use a usb key or something02:15
aquatone282FYI: /usr/share/xfce4/backdrops02:30
devincan someone help me with a broadcom card?03:02
nikolamwhat program u usually use to edit MP3 ID3 tags03:04
nikolamfor multiple files etc03:04
mental14can someone help me?03:11
forceswhat's your problem?03:12
forcesjust say it03:12
mental14i just build a new comp, asus m2a-vm mobo with a amd 64 6000 x2 cpu 3.1ghz and xubuntu only detects 1000mhz03:13
forcesthat's the front side bus03:15
forceslike this03:15
forcesSysInfo: Linux | Dual Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU N270   @ 1.60GHz 1600.000 MHz | Mem: 398/1021M [||||||||||] | Diskspace: 141G Free: 79G | Bogomips: 6384.01 | Screen Res: 1024x600 | Procs: 140 |   | Up:  | eth0: In: 0.00M Out: 0.00M03:15
mental14ok so /proc/cpuinfo only reports fronside bus?03:16
forcesuse pastebin and show me the reports03:17
mental14how do i do that?03:20
forcesmental14, cat /proc/cpuinfo03:21
forcesthen paste in pastebin03:21
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)03:21
mental14ok i pastebin'ed it03:26
forcesmental14, it's ok03:29
forceslook mine03:29
mental14ya i have a acer aspire one 1.6ghz 2 x 800mhz atom cpu, but the laptop shows two 800mhz cores, therefore my anthlon 6000 should show 2 3100mhz cores but only shows two 1000mhz cores03:33
nikolamI am interesting in that how I can update CPU speed to Xfce (and gnome) panel plugins to display actual CPU speed. I overclocked CPU and I want to see real info on panel instead of CPU default info.03:37
nikolamI have amdx2 cpu03:37
forcesI thinks everything is ok, I have another laptop with a centrino duo 1,83 Ghz03:40
forcesand /proc/cpuinfo show me 1000mhz too03:40
forcesbut it's ok03:40
nikolamI guess I should change some cpu info somewhere to reflect new frequencies but I am supprised that MHZ cpu speed was not read from actual machine but from that what cpiud says03:41
nikolamforces, That mught be due to speed  stepping enabled.03:41
mental14cool thanks forces03:42
nikolamIt actually works on lower cpu speed and if it is needed, cpu spid gets higher (ondemand)03:42
nikolammental14, install xfapplet and use it to put cpufreq monitor to panel. displays temperature, cpu speed and you can change speed you want or put it on default`s ondemand or powersave03:44
=== j1mc_ is now known as j1mc
ubuntuXubuntu seems to run beautifully on this Dell laptop04:09
ubuntuI may install it permanently.04:09
ubuntuj1mc: Sadly I don't get to keep the machine.04:11
ubuntuIt's going to be shipped to Haiti04:11
j1mcfor a friend or something?04:11
ubuntuI didn't see Creole in the list of translations.04:11
ubuntuj1mc: it was donated to a non-profit that does work out there.04:12
* ubuntu nods04:14
ubuntuoops, my nick is wrong :-)04:14
=== ubuntu is now known as ball
ballI'm still in the livecd04:15
ballLet's see, I could install OpenOffice.org and the educational apps.04:16
ball...perhaps Ekiga too.04:16
andy12345Hello can anyone help me with this? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=105176704:18
ballback in a while, it's time to install.04:23
ballI'm having another go at installing Xubuntu06:31
blankthemuffinWhat's the command to create a symbolic link?09:02
blankthemuffinnvm gewgle09:02
knomeln -s ;P09:05
knome(just if somebody else wanted to know)09:05
blankthemuffinI hate it when time messes up in linux10:25
blankthemuffinconfigure: error: newly created file is older than distributed files!10:25
blankthemuffinI changed the system clock because it was wrong, is there an easy way to bump the times on the files in a source structure?10:26
TheSheepsure, just touch them10:27
TheSheepwith the touch command10:28
blankthemuffinIs there an easy way to do that over an entire directory structure10:28
TheSheepwith find10:28
blankthemuffinAnd how would I pipe that10:29
blankthemuffingot it10:30
TheSheepfind . -exec touch '{}' \;10:30
GINZI am trying to install LAMP11:18
GINZI was told >Copy and paste into terminal 'sudo apt-get install apache2 php5 mysql-client-5.0 mysql-server-5.0 phpmyadmin libapache2-mod-php5 libapache2-mod-auth-mysql php5-mysql' (without quotes)11:18
GINZ< But when I did so I got told >Invalid operation spsche2<11:19
GINZCan you tell me what I should have typed?11:19
GINZI have just installed and updated Xubuntu11:24
blankthemuffinYou seem to have copied the command incorrectly11:24
GINZPlease tell me the correct version11:24
blankthemuffinThat is correct11:24
Myrttino spsche211:25
GINZOh  I see.  They typo was here but now I studied what I copied... cos it is on a different computer from this, I see I missed out the word install.11:26
GINZAh  that is working now11:28
GINZhey  the terminal has got to >processing triggers for libc6 . . .11:43
GINZldconfig deferred processing now taking place<11:44
GINZthen given me a prompt11:44
Myrttiso you're well on your way11:44
GINZ Does it want me to do something?11:44
GINZIt does not have [ OK ] at the end of that line11:44
Myrttiit's installed everything.11:45
GINZThanks. having the prompt there put me off11:45
GINZDo I have to keep waiting for an [ OK ]11:45
GINZI expect it will want me to restart the computer some time11:47
Myrttiwhy whould it?11:47
GINZusual process after installation11:47
Myrttiit hasn't installed a new kernel that would require reboot11:47
GINZOh  OK11:47
Myrttireboot is usual process if you've used Windows11:47
GINZSo do I need the terminal kept open now?11:48
GINZYes I am pretty new to Linux11:48
Myrttino you don't need that terminal open11:48
GINZThank you11:48
GINZ Goodnight11:48
Myrttiapache2 and mysql are ran in the background11:48
Myrttiall you need is to configure them etc.11:48
Myrttiif you didn't already.11:48
blankthemuffinYou should be able to point your browser to localhost and it should work alreadu11:49
GINZOh  configure them?11:49
GINZright  I think I will leave the rest till tomorrow as I have a headache11:49
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats12:37
HellwireHey all :)12:54
wired925hi is any german here who could help me?13:08
Myrttihave you tried the German channels?13:09
Myrtti!de | wired92513:09
ubottuwired925: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.13:09
Hellwirethats a cool bot13:10
wired925@myrtti didnt found a german channel but thx =)13:10
=== Hellwire is now known as Hellwire_
charlie-tcaAnybody know how to login to gutsy 7.10 after the last updates?13:48
charlie-tcalogin window is in an endless loop, type in name, type in password, never leaves the login screen. It just requests name again.13:49
TuxDoes anybody know why when I boot into Xubuntu why it could be going into what I call DOS like and my brother calls "Text based"?14:14
charlie-tcaIt is probably giving some kind of messages?14:17
TuxNo. It just  boots up text based.14:25
alienkidhi guys Tux os my brother14:26
TheSheephow do you know if there is no text?14:26
TuxThere is text.14:26
alienkidthere is text14:26
charlie-tcaWhat does the text say?14:27
alienkidit says things  then over on the right of the screen it says "[ok]"14:27
TuxToo much to say. It says it's booting process.14:27
alienkidnext to everything14:27
TheSheepwhat's the last thing it says?14:27
alienkiddon't know don't pay much attetion14:28
charlie-tcaOff the top of my head then, I would say let it sit, it may be in the middle of the startup14:29
alienkidwe could reboot his computer and find out14:29
alienkid\it is14:29
alienkidit gets to the middle of the bar then goes text based14:29
charlie-tcaYou might need to let it complete14:29
alienkidwe do14:29
TuxWe do. That's how I'm booted into Linux.14:30
TuxIt's just it's weird booting process that would make our mom scream her head off.14:30
alienkidit goes to the login screen and sometimes freezes with blue particles all over the screen and an "X" mouse cursor14:31
alienkidbut not always14:31
TuxIs there a way to make it stop? It's doing it with the normal boot up screen then changes to text based.14:31
TuxThe freezing only happened once.14:31
charlie-tcaAnd the text goes away and you get a login screen?14:31
TuxOnce it just froze when loading the login screen like Windows does sometimes.14:32
alienkidhes in right now actully14:32
charlie-tcaSounds like a slow system to me.14:32
alienkid512MB RAM?14:33
charlie-tcaMy 400MHz and 866Mhz both show that text before login14:33
TuxI'm running Xubuntu.14:33
TuxHow do I find my system specs in Xubuntu?14:33
charlie-tcaIt's part of the startup process14:33
alienkidhow do we cheek system specs in Linux14:33
alienkidok so nothing like "dxdiag" in windows?14:34
TheSheepalienkid: lshw14:34
charlie-tcalspci gives the hardware14:34
TuxIntel Celeron 2.70 GHz.14:38
alienkidmine is intel celeron CPU 440@2.00GHz14:39
alienkidcould that be it or is it his RAM?14:39
TuxAlso, does anybody know why when I use the Mac4Lin Metacity theme it doesn't change my header?14:41
TuxIt says 494 MiB of RAM.14:41
rattisanyone here that can help?15:24
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)15:25
rattishaving problems with rtl8185 wireless network card. newb to linux in general so need lots of help15:27
likemindead@Pres-Gas: running hardinfo told me everything I needed to know about my PC Card slots. :)15:29
Pres-Gaslikemindead, awesome, thanks for the pingback15:32
likemindeadQuery: How many folks in here are involved in a LUG?15:32
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs15:33
Pres-Gasrattis, this link may be a good start...search for your card.  Are you getting online at all with it?15:34
likemindeadNew, cheap cards from Hong Kong, FTW. ;D15:35
likemindead(via eBay)15:35
rattisIt worked for bit when i first installed yesterday. after running the updates it just doesn't turn on when the card is plugged in (unless drivers are absent from the winders wireless driver app). currently running internet on it through an ethernet card15:42
likemindeadWhat's the model? lspci15:42
likemindead(It is PCI?)15:42
rattisSAFECOM swlpr-5400 PCI card15:43
rattisrtl8185L chip15:43
likemindeadNew to me.15:45
rattispretty lame model i think15:46
likemindeadI just bought a new mini-PCI Intel PRO 2915 from Hong Kong via eBay for $20 shipped. :)15:47
likemindeadWorks great.15:47
rattisgives a soft lockup on boot15:47
rattisnice. bet it doesn't work!15:47
likemindeadI'm on it right now!15:48
likemindeadI've actually had quite a bit of luck with cheap parts from Hong Kong.15:48
likemindeadNever any problems.15:49
likemindead(That's where everything's made anyhow!)15:49
rattisno idea what to try next15:54
* likemindead is away: Fear not--I shall return! ^_^15:56
mrbichel1Hello! - I have a problem getting a third level chooser to function on macbook pro efter I changed to xfce. I have tried to configure xmodmap following guides I could find on the web but so far with no results.16:06
mrbichelHi I lost my connection - did you see my question?16:16
nikolamhi. I am using crypttab line: cswap  /swapfile   /dev/random swap    and   fstab line:/dev/mapper/cswap   none    sw   0    0   to have encrypter swap-file.  But on boot it takes a long time to start, saying: Starting cryptmount targets (hit shift/ctrl if short on entropy)  Hi can I speed up crypttab initialization on boot?16:19
likemindead^ Boobs... lawlz... ::)16:59
nikolamIs there HCL database for out-of box hardware support17:03
nikolamfor X/Ubuntu 8.04.2 and newer etc ?17:03
nikolamHardware Compatibility List database17:03
alienkidis there a panel plugin to use search engines form the panel?17:09
nikolami have search button inside browser in seamonkey. and fitrefox have integrated box17:15
alienkidi know but I want it up in the panel for easy access when not having firefox open17:16
rockocould someone give me there sources.list file I forgot to make a backup of it for 8.10 please :D17:18
rockoplease use pastebin17:19
nikolamrocko. Doesn`t it regenerate itself when using software sources in selecting country/mirror in gui?17:21
charlie-tcanikolam: to the best of my knowledge, there is not a HCL specific to 8.04.217:21
nikolamChanServ, but for 8.04 ubuntu in general17:21
nikolamHCl for Ubuntu17:21
rockonot sure I will try that nikolam17:21
nikolamcharlie-tca, Ubuntu in general HCL17:22
charlie-tcanikolam: you mean like this: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport ?17:22
nikolamcharlie-tca, Yes, AND: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport/Components/Modems?action=show&redirect=HardwareSupportComponentsModems17:22
nikolamsome pages are empty17:23
charlie-tcaI know, so is http://hwdb.ubuntu.com/17:23
charlie-tcaAppears broken today17:23
charlie-tcaBut, those are the HCL for ubuntu17:24
nikolamSo Ubuntu users in general don`t have Hcl..17:25
charlie-tcanot today17:25
nikolama-ha. so site is temporarely down i see17:26
charlie-tcaThat´s it!17:26
nikolam:) ok17:26
ohgodnotanother1hello there. I just installed xubuntu and my wlan card wasn't detected. so I installed ndiswrapper but it doesn't work with wpa_supplicant and I dunno why18:10
ohgodnotanother1udo ifup wlan0 --> wpa_supplicant: "ndiswrapper" wpa-driver is unsupported. why? how can I solve this?18:10
=== rocko is now known as rockanta
ballIn the Add/Remove Applications tool, can I just choose a single Metapackage to install all of OpenOffice.org?19:07
Pres-Gasball, if you search for19:11
zoredachethe package named 'openoffice.org' seems to depend on everything19:12
Pres-Gassuite, ball, you should find a package called Openoffice.org suite should depend on everything19:12
Pres-Gasgerr on this Inspiron Mini9 keyboard19:13
=== rocko is now known as rockanta
ballI'll give that a try.19:16
jeremeyim having a hard time installing xubuntu on my desktop,19:26
Pres-GasDo tell, jeremey?19:27
jeremeywell, it gets to where the x server starts up, and just hangs with a mousable "x", ctrl+F8 shows X server failed and its hung after checking battery state19:29
jeremeythanks for helping, by the way :}19:30
jeremeylet me try it with safe graphics mode....19:32
jeremeynope, "X server failed to start after 60 seconds"19:39
dumiweet er iemand een MAKKELIJK progama om van uit xp/vista mijn Xubuntu te bestuuren?19:39
dumiknows some body a program to control Xubuntu whit a xp.vista pc?19:40
Pres-Gasjeremy, what graphics card do you have?19:40
balldumi: VNC viewer19:41
Pres-Gasdumi, putty http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/19:41
ballThough Xubuntu's VNC support seems not quite complete19:41
dumiworks it good on lan?19:41
balldumi: yes, I use it every day.19:42
Pres-GasI used to use it but would tunnel it through ssh19:42
Pres-Gas...on the outside19:42
dumiokay and the grafies? and easy to install19:42
ballPres-Gas: I do that too19:43
balldumi: yes and sure.19:43
dumiwhich of the 2 or putty vnc?19:43
Pres-GasNow, I just shell in, though....I love ncurses19:43
jeremeyits an integrated Compaq Presario Intel 845GV Chipset19:43
balldumi: both19:44
jeremeyCompaq Presario SR1103WM19:44
jeremeyI have an ATI Radeon 9250 that I had just taken out because I was running into problems with it19:44
dumibut which of the two should I take?19:45
Pres-Gasjeremey: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=922319:45
dumiand which is graphic19:46
balldumi: you can use them in combination.19:46
balldumi: over a LAN, if it's not insecure, you can use VNC on its own.19:47
dumiand where can I get that program come from?19:48
dumiand use it on a long19:49
balldumi: for the viewer?  There's a free version available from realvnc.com I believe19:53
Pres-Gasdumi, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=12240219:53
ballIs Xubuntu's support for French fairly complete?19:56
dumiI do not know come from the netherlands19:57
balldumi: I guessed as much, but I'm in the process of adding French to a laptop because I can't find support for Creole19:58
ballSorry dumi, I do not understand.20:01
dumiwas a mistake by the vertalling chat20:01
dumiI do not know whether he has translated20:02
dumido you know where I have a VPN server can find Xubuntu20:03
ballVPN or VNC?20:04
ballIt's probably available via your package manager.20:08
ball...though you may need something extra if you want to be able to control the X that is running on the console.20:08
ball(I've yet to find that)20:08
dumiso there is no VNC for Xubuntu? or xp / vista20:09
ubottuVNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX20:10
The-KernelWhat's the best method to remote desktop into Xubuntu?20:10
The-KernelI guess you answered before i asked!20:11
Pres-GasI have been told I am prescient20:11
The-KernelMinority Report stuff eh?20:11
Pres-GasThere is another person here asking the same thing20:11
The-KernelI see20:12
dumi: D I do not20:12
Pres-Gasdumi and The-Kernel, you can also look at this:20:13
ubottuFreeNX is advanced remote desktop technology. For more information and install instructions, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeNX20:13
balldumi: yes, there is20:13
ballVNC works well for me.20:14
ballokay, got this archive squished down to 10 Gbytes.20:14
dumiI know nothing about it: P20:15
dumiI need only 1 easy solution for beginners to get Xubuntu to drive with xp / vista20:17
balldumi: VNC is a good choice.20:18
Pres-GasOkay, then, dumi this is the best documented online...hence:20:18
ubottuVNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX20:18
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dumiI will try20:19
Pres-Gasdumi, sorry there is not a dutch translation20:19
ballThere doesn't seem to be a Creole one either.20:20
dumiI will, just have to try: D20:24
The-KernelXubuntu takes FOREVER to install on a 512 MB system with only 300 MHz of CPU power20:28
The-Kernelhi slow-motion20:28
slow-motionhi The-Kernel20:28
The-Kernelhow's life?20:29
mnemochi, how can I tell xfce (deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/xubuntu-dev/ubuntu intrepid main) I plugged an external monitor to my laptop? xrandr sees it20:30
TheSheepmnemoc: xrandr --auto20:38
mnemocTheSheep: great!20:41
mnemocTheSheep: can I have both showing different content (and at different resolutions)?20:44
mnemoc(Display Settings still shows one screen)20:45
ubottuxinerama is an extension to !X to use two or more physical displays as one large virtual display. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XineramaHowTo - See also !DualHead20:45
ubottufluxbox is a lightweight and responsive window manager for GNU/Linux. For how to set it up and more information see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fluxbox20:45
mnemocTheSheep: thanks for the hint :)20:46
mrbichel1Hello I am looking for some help troubleshooting xmodmap getting my Super_ARE key to work as third level chooser - I have tried a bunch of different configurations but I can't really see it changes anything.20:56
princeduganhello, I have two problems. S-video out and USB soundcard works in windows not in ubuntu.21:08
forceswhat's soundcard do you have?21:11
princeduganUSB TurleBeach with hedaphone jack out and optical. The interneal card is some sort of Intell I think21:12
forces00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801G (ICH7 Family) High Definition Audio Controller (rev 02)21:12
forcesI have intel too and everything works21:13
ronnilhi, i'm trying to install xubuntu 8.04 from an usb pin, but instead of the install screen i get a busybox prompt, does anyone know why?21:34
princeduganxrandr shows I only have one screen21:41
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Guest8478hi is someone there? sorry, don't think i've used irc before22:07
InvaderZimall: hello!22:09
charlie-tcaYes, many are here. Just type your question or issue in and if somebody can help, they will. Many of us are working all the time22:09
charlie-tcahello InvaderZim22:09
InvaderZimall: I was wondering if anyone knew if the Listen Music Player in Xubuntu 8.10 can play FLAC?22:10
InvaderZimcharlie-tca:  hi charlie22:10
Guest8478Thanks charlie. i hope someone can help me. i'm trying to install xubuntu and i get the boot options of safe graphic mode, or non-acpi. i think i need both at once!22:10
charlie-tcaYou might need both, Guest847822:11
Guest8478non-acpi works for a few minutes, a crosshair cursor appears after a while, but then the screen goes blank and never returns22:11
Guest8478can you tell me how to enable both options at once charlie?22:11
charlie-tcaJust hit F6, cursor to the end of the line and type in acpi=off then hilite safe graphics22:12
Guest8478thanks! when do i hit f6?22:12
charlie-tcabefore you type that, I think you need f6 to bring the options line up on screen. Esc gets rid of any extra stuff in the way after you hit it22:13
Guest8478well thanks a lot, i'll go and try that now22:14
charlie-tcaGood luck22:14
InvaderZimdoes anybody know if Listen Music Player in the latest Xubuntu release can play FLAC audio tracks?22:14
charlie-tcaInvaderZim: I don't know enough to answer you22:14
InvaderZimanyone else?22:16
zoredacheI don't know about the version installed on intrepid, but the main project appears to support flac - http://www.listen-project.org/wiki/Features22:20
zoredacheis there some reason why you can't just try it and see what happens?22:21
InvaderZimzoredache: thank you!22:24
R1cochetplz help went to update system just now and during install i have this popup that asks: What would u like to do about menu.lst?22:35
R1cochethas a drop down menu and multiple choices22:36
charlie-tcaReplace it so you get the new one22:36
R1cochetinstall package maintainers version?22:37
DaSkreechHello does xubuntu ship with OO.o ?22:55
Odd-rationaleDaSkreech: no. it does come with Abiword and gNumeric though.22:55
DShepherdhey . does xubuntu ship with openoffice.org by default?22:55
DaSkreechThank Odd-rationale22:56
DShepherdoh ok22:56
TheSheepjust abiword and gnumerica22:56
DaSkreechDShepherd: no it doesn't22:56
DShepherddarn it!22:56
R1cochetu can still get it22:56
TheSheepyou can isatll it from the repos easily22:56
DaSkreechDShepherd: ok. It can be installed :)22:56
Odd-rationaleDShepherd: it is easy to install22:56
DaSkreechNot that hard22:56
DShepherdits easy for you to say22:56
DShepherdthanks anyways22:56
DaSkreechand you can repurpose a seedee if you like with 00.0322:56
R1cochetLaughing My Ass Off22:56
R1cochetthere r a ton of tutorials22:57
DaSkreechDShepherd: Want remastering help?22:57
DShepherdi dont have access to the machine just now22:57
R1cochetyes i have OOo322:57
DShepherdwill have it in a hour or so22:57
DShepherdbut that maybe too late22:57
DaSkreechDShepherd: which meand no net?22:57
Odd-rationaleDShepherd: just open add/remove, search for office, select openoffice, and click apply! :D22:57
DShepherdthanks again. gots to run22:57
DShepherd128mb machine22:57
DShepherdyeah ... :-) ,... i know22:57
DaSkreechWell you are nettish now I can send you the OO.o 3 deb or you can grab it yourself22:58
DaSkreechDShepherd: You probably want Abiword then22:58
DaSkreechAre you doing .doc work ?22:58
Odd-rationale!software | DShepherd22:58
ubottuDShepherd: A general introduction to the ways software can be installed, removed and managed in Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoftwareManagement - See also !Packages, !Equivalents22:58
R1cochetdid OOo3 get added to repos?22:58
DShepherdno .. i need presentation tool22:58
Odd-rationaleDShepherd: tried google docs?22:58
DaSkreechThat's my next question22:58
Odd-rationaleit can do presentations...22:59
DaSkreechwhat's Gnome Offices prestenation software?22:59
DaSkreech is it all lateX ?22:59
Odd-rationaleDaSkreech: there is really no "Gnome Office"...22:59
DaSkreechOdd-rationale: You know what I mean ;-P22:59
TheSheepfor presentations Beamer is pretty nice :)22:59
DaSkreech!info beamer22:59
ubottuPackage beamer does not exist in intrepid22:59
TheSheepDaSkreech: a LaTeX package22:59
DaSkreechYeah I figured that out :)23:00
TheSheep!info latex-beamer23:00
ubottulatex-beamer (source: latex-beamer): LaTeX class to produce presentations. In component main, is optional. Version 3.07-1ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 2140 kB, installed size 3136 kB23:00
Odd-rationaleand there isn't any good app for presentations besides OO present23:00
DaSkreech!find beamer23:00
ubottuFound: latex-beamer23:00
TheSheepwell, javascript apps will soon replace that niche :)23:00
* DaSkreech used KPresenter23:01

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