davidstrausslifeless: record gives me an internal error00:00
davidstrausslifeless: I'm using the 1.11 package for OS X00:01
lifelessdavidstrauss: thats odd00:06
lifelessdoes 'bzr selftest loom' pass?00:06
davidstrausslifeless: Also on very late code on CentOS 500:06
davidstrausslifeless: i'll try00:06
davidstrausslifeless: All tests pass00:09
lifelessfile a bug please00:09
lifelessjelmer: reviewed your patch - I don't think it works00:19
jelmerlifeless, it seems to work fine here - or do you mean it's not lazy?00:20
lifelessI don't think it achieves your goal00:21
lifelessbecause formats are probed00:21
lifelessit will be probed anytime a miss occurs on a .bzr dir00:21
lifelessI think that bzr-svn has to provide a lazier format object00:21
lifelessjelmer: do I make sense?00:25
jelmerlifeless: yeah, I see your point00:26
jelmerlifeless, The probe functions are pretty lightweight already though00:27
sohaillifeless, in the instructions you gave me for branching, do I always have to log on to the server to create a branch in that manner?00:27
lifelessthen what would be gained by this?00:27
lifelesssohail: not at all, I wanted ot check the repo because of your size concerns00:27
lifelesssohail: just 'bzr branch url_to_master url_to_new_branch'00:27
sohailand then remove-tree?00:28
lifelesswon't be needed remotely00:28
lifelessjelmer: so, you said in your mail that this would let us not load all of subversion00:30
lifelessjelmer: do your probe functions check that svn is _possible_ before loading svn?00:30
lifelesse.g. t.has('.svn')00:30
jelmerlifeless, hmm00:31
lifelessirrelevant for http00:31
lifelessbut for local..00:31
jelmerlifeless, yeah, my patch just saves an imports in some cases00:31
jelmerlifeless, they actually check for isinstance(transport, LocalTransport) and transport.has(".svn")00:31
lifelessjelmer: and the import that is saved, is it of svn itself, or bzrsvn ?00:31
jelmerlifeless: bzr-svn/subvertpy00:32
lifelessso you could move the probe pre-checks into __init__, avoiding that import always except when it may really be a svn tree00:34
jelmernot sure I follow00:35
jelmerwhat do you mean by pre-checks?00:35
jelmerah, sorry00:36
jelmerthe import that is saved is just the import of the file that the BzrDirFormat derivatives are in00:36
lifelessI've bb:rejected based on this conversation00:45
lifelessI think that if bzr-svn is importing to much still, the change at this point needs to be in bzr-svn00:45
lifelessthe change to the format code would need to be rather different00:45
davidstrausslifeless: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr-loom/+bug/32255700:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 322557 in bzr-loom "Missing revision error on pushed loom" [Undecided,New]00:48
davidstrausslifeless: enjoy :-)00:48
lifelessjelmer: basically the probe code has to be assumed to be executed; the bzr-svn probe is 'is it local, and is there a .svn, and does svn recognise it'00:49
lifelessjelmer: the first two checks do not need to import subvertpy or anything; only the last check does00:49
jelmerlifeless, Yeah, I see your point, I'm still just wondering whether the change isn't worth it00:49
lifelessI think the change adds complexity without gaining anything in general00:50
lifelessand its misleading to people because it will claim to be lazier than it really is00:50
lifelessdavidstrauss: looking00:51
jelmerlifeless, it seems like my real beef is with bzr-hg anyway00:51
jelmeras 75% of the time of running "bzr ls" is in mercurial00:51
lifelesswell, all-in-__init__ is maybe not such a good idea :P00:52
lifelessotoh is it import time00:52
lifelessor something else00:52
jelmerreadconfig() is apparently 62%00:53
jelmerfrom mercurial.ui00:53
jelmerlifeless, other than that, I now seem to have a bzr-svn that loads just __init__ and format01:01
lifelessjelmer: excellent01:01
jelmerlifeless, is there any reason we're *disabling* mercurial's demandload thingie?01:02
lifelessjelmer: yeah, it broke01:02
lifelessjelmer: there is a bzr-git thread on the list01:03
lifelessfrom Timmie01:03
lifelessspiv: bug 322299 smells like server autopack to me01:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 322299 in bzr "bzr starts raising error on all actions after usin repo for a while: # ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: 'None'" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32229901:13
spivlifeless: yeah, it does seem like server-side autopack is failing, but the root cause still isn't obvious01:17
davidstraussIs it possible to pull a set of branches at once?01:30
lifelessmultipull I think01:31
* jelmer pulls bzr-foreign into yet another bzr plugin01:37
thumperjelmer: what's the bzr-svn command to push back to svn?01:45
jelmerthumper, pushing into an existing branch: "bzr push"01:46
jelmerthumper, to a new branch: "bzr svn-push"01:46
thumperjelmer: docs say that http is supported for svn writes using webdav01:50
jelmerthumper, yep01:51
thumperjelmer: does bzr-svn support https webdav writes?01:51
jelmerthumper, yep01:51
thumperI'm trying to help someone on #nzpug01:51
thumperjelmer: could I get you to pop in perhaps?01:51
spivigc: I just got hit by the same unrelated test failure on PQM (LockableFiles.__del__ in blackbox.test_shelve) as you.01:58
jelmerspiv, fwiw, I've seen that issue as well02:00
jfroy|workI have an existential question.02:00
spivjfroy|work: There is no spoon.02:01
jfroy|workWhy does bzr encode ~ as %7E?02:01
jfroy|workThat is all.02:01
spivjfroy|work: hmm, probably because urllib.quote does.02:03
* jfroy|work wants prettier URLs.02:03
jfroy|workTime to write a patch.02:03
spivjfroy|work: although bzrlib.urlutils explicitly tries to declare that ~ isn't to be escaped I guess there are some places that don't go through those code paths.02:03
spivHmm, actually, bzrlib.urlutils.escape will do that too, it doesn't take the _url_dont_escape_characters/_url_safe_characters sets into account.02:05
spivIt basically just relies on urllib.quote.02:05
spivSo I guess that's why.02:05
spivigc, jelmer: I guess it's to do with the UserWarnings that I get from blackbox.test_shelve when I run the tests on my laptop02:07
spiv("was gc'd while locked" warnings from test_shelf_order, test_shelve_no_message, test_shelve_one)02:07
jfroy|workspiv: I didn't expect you to dig that deep. Thanks for the info.02:07
spivjfroy|work: not a problem02:09
thumperjelmer: thanks for your help02:23
jelmerthumper, np02:27
spivigc, jelmer: I think I've figured out the cause of the intermittent pqm failure, patch sent.02:33
igchi all04:12
spivigc: I sent a patch that should fix that odd PQM failure.04:14
spivigc: it happened to me too :)04:14
igcspiv: awesome. just approved the patch btw04:17
spivYay :)04:19
sohaillifeless, there?04:52
sohailmore branching questions04:53
sohailso now I am on another machine and did bzr switch next04:53
sohailbut I don't seem to have the latest changes...04:53
lifelessis the commit you want listed in 'bzr log' ?04:53
sohailok... sorry for pinging you, pebkac04:54
sohailbug in the code04:54
sohailhee hee04:54
spivHooray for easy questions :)04:54
lifelesssohail: np05:16
Peng_jelmer: Do you still support running bzr-svn 0.4 with bzr.dev? If so, could you fix the SPEC_TYPES warning? (I think I'll switch to 0.5 anyway though.)05:40
vilahi all06:58
vilaigc: did you see my ping about usertest ?07:35
vilaspiv: Yeah for your fix regarding test_shelve, got bitten by it yesterday too07:41
spivvila: that makes lots of us, then :)07:43
vilaI re-submitted immediately in anger and it went through :-)07:44
vilaSo I knew it was transient but I had no time to go further...07:44
igcvila: I missed that ping sorry07:49
vilaigc: ping, I have bzrlib.plugins.usertest.tests.test_blackbox.BlackboxTests.test_usertest_strict failing since a couple of days/weeks and no idea on how to fix it (the test is 3 lines long but the failure output is 800 lines long giving me little hints :-/)07:49
vilaigc: no problem, I have an history at my fingertips :)07:50
igcvila: I'll take a look soon07:51
vilaigc: thanks in advance :)07:53
igcvila: thanks for the reviews btw08:00
vilaSince jam gave a tweak for faster log, I didn't review, but I agree with him globally08:01
vilaigc: Especially the part where he said: "it seems like it would make sense to create a class08:01
viladefinition, and turn them into 'self.XXX'." mwhahahahaha08:01
Peng_2899 KB to download the latest ~25-30 revisions of bzr.dev. I wonder how much bandwidth btrees would save overall?08:08
* igc dinner08:15
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Lo-lan-doUm, why does bzr viz on a bound branch try to contact the server?10:14
Lo-lan-doShouldn't it only use the local history?10:14
luksprobably to check what's the latest revision of the branch10:18
spivLo-lan-do: someone else reported that bug recently, I think10:22
spivIt might also be something silly like looking up the branch nick.10:23
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bialixLarstiQ: I was over optimistic yesterday. Morning is smarter than evening. I'd prefer to implement subprojects for scmproj on top of new format and new layout. That said subpprojects will be there in a couple of weeks. Sorry. I hope you can play with scmproj without subprojects some time.10:57
fullermdThat's why I do all my work in the evenings; things are so much easier and get done faster  ;)10:58
bialixyou never sleep, do you?10:59
fullermdSleep is for wimps.10:59
fullermdHappy, healthy, well-rested wimps, but wimps nonetheless!10:59
beniwtvhi.. is bzr:// read-only? It complains it can't commit because of that :(11:17
bialixbzr server --allow-writes11:17
fullermdBut it's ususally used pure read-only since there's no access control on it above the IP layer.11:18
beniwtvfullermd: Access control doesn't matter really, it's just a small office server, and you can only access it from the office11:19
fullermdWell, strictly speaking, it DOES matter; you've just got it taken care of   :)11:23
beniwtvbialix: Works, thanks :)11:25
olliehello I have done a bzr push to a remote server. the  ssh'd in and done bzr st and get bzr: ERROR: No WorkingTree exists for12:45
olliehow do i turn this into a working tree12:45
luksbzr checkout .12:46
olliei have done this before but can't remeber what i did12:46
ollieluks: perfect thanks12:46
ollieif i now do some changes on the server e.g. the config file then do a bzr push later from my laptop will my server changes be overwritten?12:47
luksno, the working tree won't be overwritten at all12:48
luksand bzr push will complain that it can't update the remote working tree12:48
ollieok so then i could do bzr up right from the server12:48
ollieah ic12:48
ollieso bzr push is really only for a one off12:48
olliewhats the best way to deploy to a live server then?12:48
luksbzr push is for pushing bzr data12:48
luksyou can use the bzr-push-and-update plugin if you are using bzr+ssh and you want to automatically update the checkout12:49
luksand there is a bzr-upload plugin to just upload the actual files, not bzr data12:49
ollieyeah i remember seeing that before12:49
olliei have the situation where i have a dev server and then a live server where clients add files via a cms.12:50
olliedevelopers work on dev clients works on live via cms12:50
olliebut i need to take developers changes to live12:50
ollieat the moment i have dev and live as checkouts of a repository but i am sure this is not the best way to do it12:51
olliei can't find all that much info about web dev workflow using bzr via google12:52
olliewhich is odd12:52
santagada_webollie: there is some info on bazaar wiki12:52
santagada_webollie: I think that your production server should be deployed with bzr-upload...12:58
ollieis there away to get rid of bzr push info e.g. bzr info shows related branches13:25
olliewhich i no longer want13:25
Lo-lan-doI didn't find a proper way to do that, you'll need to edit the .bzr/branch/branch.conf file and remove the lines.13:26
awilkinsHey, anyone else notice that bzr ls --unknown is listing paths to STDERR or is that just me?13:57
phinzei heard that loggerhead has no way of displaying information about tags... is this true?14:43
phinzewhoa; just realized that if i have a branch diverge while i'm running tests, and i'm forced to merge the commits that slipped in with myself (therefore making them subrevisions of my commit) that when I push I can actually *reduce* the overall branch revno14:52
AmanicAphinze: in the version of loggerhead I run, I don't see tags14:54
bialixphinze: you would be interested in using append-only branches14:55
Lo-lan-dophinze: Yeah, non-linear history can lead to interesting results :-)14:55
Lo-lan-do(And you don't want to trust the revno anyway)14:56
bialixgrrr, why launchpad still cannot upgrade hosted branches?14:56
bialixbzr: ERROR: The branch format Bazaar-NG meta directory, format 1 is already at the most recent format.14:56
bialixI should use sftp URL?14:57
AmanicAphinze: it seems tag support is still under development: https://bugs.launchpad.net/loggerhead/+bug/24673914:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 246739 in loggerhead "tags are not available" [Wishlist,Confirmed]14:57
Peng_bialix: sftp should work. bzr+ssh might with a new enough bzr?14:57
bialixsftp does not work either14:58
bialixI'm running official bzr.exe 1.1114:58
bialixrats rats rats14:58
Peng_Ah. Sorry, then.14:58
Lo-lan-doDid you specify a format explicitly?14:59
AmanicAhi bialix, don't you ever work/sleep :)14:59
bialixbzr upgrade sftp://bialix@bazaar.launchpad.net/~bialix/bzr-x-bit/trunk14:59
Lo-lan-doI suggest you give it a try :-)14:59
bialixyou know something?14:59
Lo-lan-dobzr upgrade --format=1.9-rich-root sftp://qjsdfq14:59
Lo-lan-doI know nothing, but I suspect that upgrade without an explicit format might try to upgrade to the most recent *default* format, and the newer ones haven't been made the default yet.15:00
bialixyep, my bad15:00
bialixthis branch is already upgraded15:00
bialixbut my local branch was not15:00
bialixhence my confusion15:01
bialixbut error message is confusing15:01
bialixwhy it told me about meta-directory?15:02
bialixAmanicA: hi15:02
bialixAmanicA: here 17:0115:02
AmanicAhere too15:02
bialixwhy I should sleep?15:02
AmanicAbecause you didn't last night?15:03
bialix:-) no, I fall asleep after conversation with LarstiQ15:03
bialix!summon LarstiQ15:03
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about summon LarstiQ15:03
AmanicAand I hear he also fell asleap after that conversation15:03
bialixscmproj is better soporific ever15:04
bialixwhat you think about my latest subproj idea?15:04
AmanicAsounds good15:07
AmanicAI'm glad I could convince you :)15:07
AmanicAan I didn't even have to build a prototype15:07
AmanicAI'll really try to get some of those lp-bugs ticked off soon15:08
AmanicA(to get then new format out sooner)15:08
bialixI'm working on new format today, have some free time15:09
bialixthe main problem is rewriting of docs15:10
AmanicAgreat thanks15:19
sewmyheadon1Hi Folks, anyone here use bzr with Dropbox?15:40
sewmyheadon1Or, can you think of any reason why bzr wouldn't work with Dropbox?15:42
santagada_websewmyheadon1: you plan to use it for yourself or to share the data with other people?15:45
sewmyheadon1santagada_web: Myself, basically. I access my Dropbox from both a desktop and laptop and wonder if I'm using bzr on both, could I have my branch/repo setup in Dropbox?15:46
rockstarCan someone please get the bzrtools package for 1.11 into the PPA?15:48
santagada_websewmyheadon1: I can't think of anything that might go wrong, if you are not in the middle of a commit while dropbox is copying stuff15:48
santagada_webI don't know how bzr does locking during commits15:48
santagada_webbut I would guess dropbox would not copy them correctly15:48
sewmyheadon1Thanks santagada!  I think we'll give it a spin and see if/how it works.15:49
santagada_websewmyheadon1: dropbox copying is manual right?15:53
santagada_websewmyheadon1: it doesn't start the backup automatically right?15:53
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sewmyheadon1santagada_web: It's strange.  Dropbox creates a folder in your home dir and, when you copy files into it, it uses WebDAV (I think) to copy these files into 'the cloud,' which is the storage they use on Amazon servers.  When you use another machine that's connected to the same DBox account, Dropbox checks periodically to make sure your files on the new machine are up to date, and will copy down any changes automatically.15:56
sewmyheadon1So you could use Dropbox on twenty machines all connected to your Dropbox account and each machine will poll your local and remote Dropbox folders periodically looking for changes and auto sync.  Make sense?15:57
sewmyheadon1You end up with local files on each machine connected to Dropbox.15:57
kfogelhunh.  Can't install bzr in home dir, using exactly the instructions in INSTALL:16:12
kfogelAnd this grep finds no results in the tree:16:14
kfogelfind . -type f -print | xargs grep "must supply either"16:14
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bialixkfogel: "must supply" error from python distutils lib16:20
=== dereine[OFF] is now known as dereine
kfogelbialix: thanks16:21
bialixkfogel: though I don't have enough experience with linux home install16:21
bialixtry to read: python setup.py install --help16:21
kfogelbialix: exactly what I'm doing now :-)16:21
* bialix shuts up16:22
kfogelbialix: what does "khm" stand for?16:22
bialixnever mind16:23
kfogelbialix: ?? :-)16:23
kfogelbialix: if it's offensive, I won't take offense.  I just like to keep my acronym collection up to date.16:23
bialixmy native language is russian16:23
bialixI don't want to say something bad16:24
kfogelbialix: heh.  Okay.  Well, thanks for the clue about distutils lib.16:24
bialixit was translations from russian16:24
kfogelbialix: now you've made me *really* curious16:25
bialixI guess in English you using only hmm16:25
kfogelvariable number of "m"s16:25
bialixkhm it's hmm + cough16:25
kfogelgot it16:25
bialixwhen you don't want to say something16:25
kfogelslightly more sarcastic, maybe, than "hmm"?16:26
bialixit depends on context I guess16:26
bialixin this case it was harmless, my hint about --help was too late16:26
kfogeloh, nothing to apologize for16:29
kfogelMy debugging is not going very well.16:29
kfogelArgh, why is it that every time one tries to do X, one must first debug three prerequisites of X?16:30
kfogel(I'm just whining, you can ignore that.)16:30
santagada_webkfogel: yak shaving16:30
kfogelsantagada_web: sigh, yeah16:31
kfogelSo does 'python setup.py install --home ~' work for you?16:31
james_wkfogel: it might be that bzr's use of distutils breaks --home16:31
james_wyou could perhaps use --prefix instead, but I imagine that leaves a less desirable structure16:31
vilakfogel: I think I use $HOME instead of ~ (but never tried for bzr though....)16:31
vilaI used --prefix $HOME too16:32
kfogeljames_w: --prefix errored too, though in a different way16:32
kfogelvila: I tried with "/home/kfogel" already, which is what $HOME and ~ both expand to16:32
bialixkfogel: just to be sure, what say: `python -V`16:32
kfogelbialix: Python 2.5.216:32
bialixIIRC bzr's C-extensions required explicit options16:33
kfogelvila: in theory, it should *never* make a difference whether you say ~ or $HOME or /home/yourdir -- the program can't tell the difference, since the shell expands it.16:33
bialixsomething like python setup.py build_ext ... install ...16:33
bialixI guess jam can say more16:33
bialixjam: ping16:34
vilakfogel: I agree with the principle :) I was trying a cheap shot... just in case16:34
kfogelvila: heh16:34
bialixkfogel: why you need to *install* bzr?16:34
kfogelvila: let me put it this way: if that made a difference, I'd have something much, much larger to debug.16:35
vilakfogel: just for perspective, why do you want to install in your $HOME ?16:35
kfogelbialix: so I can use it from anywhere16:35
kfogelvila: because it's a shared system and we'd prefer not to install dev code system-wide16:35
bialixyou can just make symlink for bzr script16:35
kfogelbialix: I think I'm about to back down to that.  But will it load the right libs?16:35
vilakfogel: I was just about to say the same than bialix :)16:36
vilakfogel: it should16:36
bialix"the same than bialix" -- English is hard language16:36
kfogelI.e., if /home/kfogel/bin/bzr is a symlink -> /home/kfogel/src/bzr/bzr.dev-trunk/bzr, when I run it will it load the right libs from the latter dir, instead of from the system dir (which will be bzr 1.11)?16:36
vilaI have 4 or 5 such symlinks in my ~/bin16:36
vilabialix: I wanted to recommend symlink, just like you :)16:36
vilakfogel: yes16:37
bialixvila: yes, I understand16:37
kfogelvila: it seems to yes (once I did 'hash -r')16:37
kfogelI guess I'll just do that.16:37
vilahash.... I hate it16:37
bialixkfogel: what say: python -c "import sys; print sys.path"16:37
kfogelbialix: ^^16:39
bialixfirst entry '' -- IIRC it means current script dir16:40
* bialix mutters: kfogel can try to install bzr at home with easy_install16:40
kfogelbialix: oh, I've got a working solution now, so I've timed out :-(.  This was all on the way to doing another more important thing.16:43
kfogelIt's a pity bzr's homedir install recipe is (apparently) broken, but if I stop to fix that, then something else doesn't get done.  You know how it is.16:43
bialixit's ok16:43
fullermdkfogel: Err?  Shells don't always expand ~.  Only when it's at the start of a word.16:45
fullermd% echo --prefix=~/foo16:46
kfogelfullermd: yes, but barring that16:47
kfogelfullermd: there are ways to suppress ~ and $ expansion.  But assuming they *are* expanded, the program cannot tell.16:47
maxb_kfogel: oh dear, have I coaxed you into venturing into problematic territory?16:47
kfogelmaxb_: heh!  Hi there.16:47
kfogelYes, but you were still right.16:47
kfogel(didn't know you hung out here, maxb_)16:47
maxb_Only recently. Ubuntu's incredibly keen on bzr, I figured I'd see what all the fuss was about :-)16:49
kfogelmaxb_: it's good.  I'm not an expert yet, but starting to grok it.16:54
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=== fawek_ is now known as fawek
jelmerrockstar, nice work on the graphstats command :)16:59
rockstarjelmer, Thanks! http://media.theironlion.net/etc/graphstats-bzr.dev.png16:59
bialixAmanicA: finished rewrite of the project.cfg doc16:59
rockstarThat's bzr.dev  It's a godo demonstration of the obvious shortcomings of the prototype.16:59
jelmerrockstar, It would be nice if it could not print labels for people who have contributed less than 0.5 % or something16:59
rockstarjelmer, yea, I plan on doing something like that.17:00
jelmerrockstar, since I get a lot of text that overlaps for some projects17:00
bialixAmanicA: format-change branch revno.180. If you will want to look17:00
james_wthat pqm chap looks pretty useful prolific17:00
rockstarjelmer, I think what I'd like to do is create a new project and use the same concepts from bzr-stats, but implement them differently.17:00
rockstarjames_w, :)17:00
jelmerrockstar: I don't think this would be bad to have in bzr-stats actually17:01
rockstarjelmer, I'm more interested in an API for generating statistics and less of a plugin.17:01
rockstarI assume I'd make some sort of plugin ui for it, but that's not something I much care about.17:01
rockstarjelmer, so unless you (and jam) aren't opposed to be going to town on bzr-stats itself, it might be better to start a new project.17:02
jelmerrockstar: I'm certainly not opposed to that17:03
rockstarjelmer, I also noticed that the API needs some updating.  It's got a lot of code that broke in 1.6  :)17:03
rockstarI guess it's a plugin that not many people use.17:04
jelmerrockstar, which branch of the plugin are you using?17:04
jelmerI'm not seeing any problems and I use it regularly with bzr.devc17:04
rockstarjelmer, trunk.17:04
rockstarjelmer, try `bzr ancestor-growth`17:05
jelmerah, yeah17:05
jelmerthat breaks here as well17:05
jelmerthe only commands I use are stats and credits17:05
* fullermd thinks he filed bugs around there...17:06
rockstarjelmer, I have breakage on credits as well17:06
rockstarjelmer, nevermind, I thought I did.17:06
fullermdOh, not on a-g.  Just on credits and committer-stats.17:07
jelmerlp:bzr-stats is what I package for Debian/Ubuntu17:08
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pdragoni just did an update from launchpad to my local repository and it found a conflict in a binary file. Which of the files (BASE, OTHER, THIS) is the new file from launchpad and which is the original I had locally before?17:14
Lo-lan-doI think OTHER is the one from the repo, THIS is yours, and BASE is probably their latest common ancestor.17:15
pdragonok. i was leaning towards OTHER as the new one since it has the largest file size. wasn't sure on the original though17:16
Lo-lan-doBut don't trust me, I try to avoid binaries and conflicts when I can.17:17
pdragonyeah, i'm really not sure why there is a conflict17:17
fullermdVery complex geopolitical forces were at work.17:18
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dwtjelmer: Hey, are you there?18:16
jelmerdwt, yes18:16
dwtGreat. :)18:16
dwtI am trying to check out a directory from my svn server at https://ipx11390.ipxserver.de/svn/mhaecker/open-source/nsNet/trunk/ with the newest version of bzr and bzr-svn (just branched from http://people.samba.org/bzr/jelmer/bzr-svn/stable/18:16
dwtIt works fine, but when I run bzr check afterwards in the checkout it dies with an exception18:17
Peng_Oh, wow. I was just thinking about pinging jelmer too. :P18:17
dwtDo you want to take a look at it directly or should I just file it as a bug?18:17
dwt(It seems pretty reproducibly as I just created a new user, installed a new bzr and gave my repo a try after somebody complained to me that he was unable to work with the repo he had after pulling from my svn)18:18
dwtOh, and I did a checkout of this repo with an older version of bzr (1.09 I think) and that one works fine, so this looks like a regression18:19
jelmerdwt, seems to work fine here18:20
jelmerwith bzr-svn 0.518:20
dwtI just branched from http://people.samba.org/bzr/jelmer/bzr-svn/stable/18:20
dwtmaybe that is the wrong location?18:20
jelmerdwt, that's the 0.4 branch18:22
dwtI see18:22
dwtLet me check for the new url on the website, then I can retry with the new branch18:22
Peng_dwt: http://people.samba.org/bzr/jelmer/bzr-svn/0.5/ for 0.5 (and you need subvertpy)18:24
Peng_dwt: http://people.samba.org/bzr/jelmer/subvertpy/trunk/18:24
jelmerPeng_, what were you about to ping me about?18:24
dwtOh, that is no longer included?18:24
Peng_jelmer: Well, for one thing, I was gonna file a bug about the svn-v4 revision IDs being used in tags on that svn-v3 branch.18:25
dwtthanks Peng_18:25
Peng_jelmer: Also, one one branch (lighttpd-1.4.x, as always), bzr-svn 0.4 gives the latest revision an svn-v3 ID, but 0.5 gives it an svn-v4 ID. Is that supposed to happen?18:25
jelmerPeng_, yes18:26
Peng_jelmer: ...Why? :P18:26
jelmerPeng_, What would you suggest would happen?18:26
Peng_jelmer: About what? The tags or the second thing?18:27
jelmerPeng_, the second thing18:28
Peng_jelmer: Well, I wouldn't expect it to create 1129 svn-v3 revisions and then one svn-v4, when past versions created all svn-v3.18:29
jelmerPeng_, it created svn-v3 revisions because those were revisions pushed from bzr-svn18:30
Peng_jelmer: So 0.5 will create svn-v4 IDs, except for revisions created by bzr-svn 0.4? And it just so happens that 99.9% of this branch falls under that?18:31
jelmerPeng_: Yes18:31
jelmerPeng_, revisions created by bzr-svn 0.5 and their ancestors18:32
AmanicAbialix: thanx, I'll look a little later (I was away a while)18:35
bialixAmanicA: ok, it's already there18:35
bialixI'm starting working on everything is optional part18:36
Peng_jelmer: Well, I filed bug 322856. I hope it's coherent, and you don't mind. :P18:41
ubottuError: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: timed out (https://launchpad.net/bugs/322856/+text)18:41
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Peng_Nice, ubottu.18:43
=== EdwinGrubbs is now known as Edwin-lunch
dwtjelmer: I have some trouble getting the bzr-svn 0.5 branch to work here... Maybe you could help?18:55
dwtI installed subvertpy via easy_install18:55
dwt(after I failed with the direct checkout and install)18:55
dwtbut it seems it is not recognized by the svn plugin18:55
jelmerwhat doesn18:55
jelmert work18:55
dwtbzr selftest svn18:56
dwtfails with this line18:56
dwtcannot import name revspec_registry18:56
jelmerdwt, you need bzr.dev18:56
dwtwhich I am pretty sure belongs to subvertpy18:56
dwtIs there a version of bzr-svn 0.5 that I can use against bzr 1.11?18:57
dwtIt's no real problem for me to go to bzr.dev18:57
jelmerdwt, not at the moment18:57
dwtbut my collegue is not very versed in shell. :/18:57
jelmerI guess I could make that bit optional18:57
dwtthat would be super awesome. :)18:58
dwt(I'm going to fetch something to eat, and will be back in about half an hour)18:58
Lo-lan-dodwt: I use r2420, seems to work19:02
Lo-lan-do(Last commit before 1.12 became mandatory :-)19:02
=== dereine is now known as dereine[trauer]
dwtLo-lan-do: :) Well, that's an option19:14
jelmer1.11 should work again now as well19:16
dwtThanks a lot jelmer!19:19
dwtis this http://people.samba.org/bzr/jelmer/bzr-svn/0.519:20
dwtthe right location to pull to get 1.11 compatibility?19:20
dwt(because I only get "no revisions to pull." when I try to)19:20
jelmerdwt, sorry, my link went down19:34
jelmerpushing again now19:34
dwtThanks  a lot19:35
davidstraussIs there a way to clean up storage of revisions from deleted branches from shared storage?19:39
Lo-lan-doHmm.  I don't know if it's the lazy loading or whatever else, but I am now able to get bzr info results in 0.6 seconds.  Nice speed improvement :-)19:40
Lo-lan-doAnd bzr status in 1.1 seconds in a large-ish tree.  Congrats!19:41
jelmerLo-lan-do: bzr-svn will also do complete lazy loading if you have bzr.dev19:43
Lo-lan-doNot yet, but I'll be expecting 1.12 with great enthusiasm :-)19:44
Lo-lan-do"using experimental bzr-svn mappings; may break existing branches in the most horrible ways"19:47
Lo-lan-doShould I rollback to r2420?19:48
jelmerLo-lan-do, it should've always printed that19:49
Lo-lan-doI never saw it.19:49
jelmerLo-lan-do, perhaps the new lazy importing fixes have just fixed the warning printing19:49
jelmerbut nothing has fundamentally changed19:49
Peng_Yeah, I don't think it's been printing the warning for a while now.19:50
Peng_(And it is now.)19:50
orev_hi, trying to get my head around the bzr concept.. if I make a bunch of changes in a branch, and commit each one along the way, then push those changes to a central server, will the central server see all of the commits individually, or does it only see the push as one commit?20:02
orev_not sure if my terminology is right, I'm mostly familiar with svn20:03
jpdsorev_: The former.20:03
jpdsYou can make as many commits as you like, it'll appear on the server exactly as 'bzr log' shows it.20:03
orev_ah, cool.  so if I were to have a job that committed every hour, for example, then push to the central once a day, from the central I will be able to see commits from each hour?  just wanted to clarify with an example20:04
jelmerorev_: Yep20:05
LarstiQbialix: I'm home20:06
bialixLarstiQ: good evening20:07
=== bac is now known as bac_afk
bialixI wrote you in the morning, I can repeat if you don't have log20:07
bialixin short: subprojects will wait some time20:09
LarstiQbialix: I'll check my backlog. Ok, I'll write out the components then.20:11
bialixin the irclogs it's around 10:5720:11
bialixsorry for inconvenience, but I think I should finish new format stuff first20:11
LarstiQthat's ok20:12
bialixso I don't to rewrite subprojects support twice20:12
LarstiQbialix: I have aline from you around 11:57 in my away log, was that it?20:12
* LarstiQ nods20:12
LarstiQbialix: that makes sense, and I can wait.20:12
LarstiQI just wasn't sure if they were supposed to work or not, before we talked yesterday.20:12
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bialixsubprojects should help to make very big hierarchical projects20:13
bialixLarstiQ: they planned, but not implemented yet20:13
=== fawek_ is now known as fawek
* LarstiQ goes make some dinner20:14
bialixbon appetite20:15
bialixand perhaps bye20:15
jamvila: ping20:22
jamI want to chat quickly about your fix for bug #27753720:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 277537 in bzr "annotate says revision modified file, "bzr diff -c" widly contradicts" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27753720:22
vilajam: pong20:22
davidstraussThis gives me an error: bzr branch bzr://vcs.fourkitchens.com/drupal/7-fic 7-fic-cvs-patch20:25
davidstraussbzr: ERROR: No such file: ('trigger.info-20081206090157-hohh42o0mhstvdpe-503', 'bzr@web3fourkitchens.com-20081206090158-z4ejks27ylqpj0py')20:25
vadi2Is there a way with bzr-gtk to browse the revisions of one file?20:28
jelmervadi2, not at the moment20:34
lukstime to install qbzr :)20:35
luksme hides20:35
vadi2what is the command there?20:36
luksbzr qlog path/to/file20:36
luksor bzr qblame path/to/file20:36
vadi2luks: thanks for the tip, but it doesn't display the file at that revision, only the commit notes and affected files20:39
vadi2but, I did find out what revisions was it changed at, so that helps.20:39
luksoh, maybe I misunderstood the original question then20:40
vadi2yes, I'd like to browse the file as the different snapshots20:40
luksthere is qbrowse for browsing the whole tree at any revision20:41
vadi2yes, but I want a specific file only20:41
luksand it can launch a window that shows the file in that revision20:41
davidstrausslifeless or jelmer: can you help me with the error I posted above?20:42
james_whi lifeless20:42
davidstraussIt is making our Drupal developers not so happy.20:43
kfogelwhoa.  On my brand-new ubuntu box, 'cd bzr.dev-trunk; sudo python setup.py install' fails, ending in:20:51
kfogelbzrlib/_patiencediff_c.c:1239: error: expected ‘=’, ‘,’, ‘;’, ‘asm’ or ‘__attribute__’ before ‘init_patiencediff_c’20:51
kfogel  Failed to build "bzrlib._patiencediff_c".20:51
kfogel  Use --allow-python-fallback to use slower python implementations instead.20:51
kfogelerror: command 'gcc' failed with exit status 120:51
kfogelI can use the suggested flag, but... I wonder why it won't build on this box, yet builds fine on my debian box.20:52
ronnyjelmer: when will subvertpy hit the ubuntu pkg repos and can it use replay?21:03
jelmerronny, it can use replay21:03
jelmerronny, It's in Debian's NEW queue at the moment, I hope to get it into jaunty21:03
ronnyany chance to get it into intrepid?21:03
jelmerronny, intrepid is already out, it's hard to change now :-)21:04
jelmerthere is a PPA with the latest subvertpy though if you want to install it on intrepid21:04
ronnyjelmer: is there a win32 port somewhere around?21:05
jelmerronny, there isn't one published, but it should build on win3221:05
jelmerit built on Windows when it was still part of bzr-svn21:05
ronnyim considering porting anyvc's svn support to it21:06
mwhudsonvila: you still here?21:07
vilamwhudson: yup21:08
jelmerdwt, any luck?21:10
dwtIt worked great21:10
dwtNow I need to convert my collegue to the current version and the trunk of the plugin21:10
dwtand we should be able to run with it. :)21:10
jelmerdwt, bzr-svn should work with bzr 1.11 again now fwiw21:11
* awilkins just changed the version requirements and it worked21:12
awilkinsjelmer: Who's built subvertpy on win32 so far?21:14
jelmerawilkins, not sure if anybody has tried since I split it out of bzr-svn21:14
awilkinsjelmer: The win32/python installers still don't have the extensions built, I have to delete the svn plugin after it runs or my users will moan :-)21:14
LarstiQdavidstrauss: does that happen for everyone branching it?21:15
davidstraussLarstiQ: yes21:15
davidstraussLarstiQ: Revision 521 introduced the corruption21:15
davidstraussLarstiQ: He's using the Windows client21:15
LarstiQdavidstrauss: ok, it happens here too.21:18
LarstiQdavidstrauss: it seems to happen in the working tree creation stage.21:19
* LarstiQ runs reconcile21:20
davidstraussLarstiQ: reconcile runs fine21:20
davidstraussLarstiQ: even on the server branch21:20
LarstiQdavidstrauss: indeed. Next up, check.21:23
dwtjelmer: Yes I was very happy to be able to upgrade to head again21:23
davidstraussLarstiQ: That fails.21:23
dwt:) Thanks for that21:23
jelmerawilkins: Is anybody aware those extensions aren't built?21:24
jelmerdwt, you're welcome21:24
LarstiQdavidstrauss: I'm not well versed enough in inventory to debug this.21:25
awilkinsjelmer: I would imagine that anyone who ever installs the win32/python build is aware, because it bugs you for every command regardless21:25
awilkinsjelmer: But in terms of build team, probably not.21:25
awilkinsjelmer: 'cause it's been like that since it started to be included in the win32 package21:26
davidstraussLarstiQ: Is there someone else who could look at it?21:26
awilkinsMaybe I'm the only person who uses the python build?21:26
awilkinsI like it because I can hack my live Bazaar, which is naughty but functional21:27
* awilkins sumbits a bug21:27
LarstiQdavidstrauss: I agree lifeless would be a very good candidate. It's around his wakeup time now.21:27
=== bac_afk is now known as bac
LarstiQdavidstrauss: there are some extra revision after 521, how did people manage that?21:30
* LarstiQ tries a lightweight checkout21:30
davidstraussLarstiQ: I'm going to move my repaired branch to 7-fic and move the broken one to 7-fic-broken21:31
LarstiQdavidstrauss: repaired?21:31
davidstraussLarstiQ: I took a good branch, merged changes to 520 and patched in changes 521-52521:32
davidstraussLarstiQ: Merging anything 521 or later corrupted the branch21:32
davidstraussLarstiQ: I've moved the branches now21:33
davidstraussThe corrupted one is at bzr://vcs.fourkitchens.com/drupal/7-fic-broken21:57
lifelesshi davidstrauss22:11
davidstrausslifeless: hi22:11
lifelessdavidstrauss: I have a little analyser I may get you to run22:11
davidstrausslifeless: great22:11
lifelessbut first, I need some food - will you be on in 15 ?22:11
davidstrausslifeless: yes22:11
davidstrausslifeless: I PMed you with my email address so I can get the utility.22:27
jelmerlifeless, when you're back22:36
jelmerlifeless, any idea what fs encoding pqm has?22:36
lifelessI think22:36
lifelessor utf822:36
lifelessit runs in cron22:36
jelmerSo I guess I can't test os.readlink() with non-ascii characters there then..22:37
lifelessdavidstrauss: http://paste.ubuntu.com/111461/plain/22:37
jelmer(it's definitely not utf8)22:37
lifelesschange the path at the top appropriately22:37
jelmerlifeless, thanks22:38
lifelessjelmer: well the test should be guarded for windows etc too :P22:38
lifelessjelmer: see other non-ascii tests22:38
davidstrausslifeless: do i run this from the branch root?22:41
lifelessedit the 'ccan' string to the path to the branch22:43
davidstrausslifeless: ok22:51
davidstrausslifeless: I get ": No such file or directory", even after configuring ccan22:54
lifelesscan I see the full error please22:54
davidstrauss[straussd@web3 ~]$ ./check_repo.sh22:55
davidstrauss: No such file or directory22:55
davidstraussThat is the full error22:55
lifelessits a python script :P22:55
lifelesstry 'python check_repo.sh'22:55
davidstraussah, ok22:55
davidstraussthere we go22:55
davidstrauss[straussd@web3 ~]$ python check_repo.sh22:56
davidstraussChecking 645 revs of 64822:56
davidstraussghost revisions: set([])22:56
davidstraussmissing texts(altered by) total: 3186 set([])22:56
davidstraussrelated file details for missing keys:22:56
davidstraussscanning for all references to missing keys22:56
davidstrausslifeless: that's it22:56
lifelessit finished?22:56
davidstrausslifeless: yes22:56
lifelessand this was the problem branch ?22:57
davidstrausslifeless: yes22:57
davidstrausslifeless: would you like a tarball of the branch?22:57
lifelessno thanks :)22:57
lifelessdoes 'bzr check' pass in the branch?22:57
davidstrausslifeless: no22:57
davidstraussif (self.text_sha1 != tree._repository.texts.get_sha1s([key])[key]):22:57
davidstraussKeyError: ('trigger.info-20081206090157-hohh42o0mhstvdpe-503', 'bzr@web3fourkitchens.com-20081206090158-z4ejks27ylqpj0py')22:57
davidstraussthat's what i get from check22:57
davidstraussyou can download the branch from http://straussd.fourkitchens.com/7-fic-broken.tgz22:58
lifelesswhat that discrepancy means is that there is a revision in the repository, *not* referenced from the branch, which for some reason does not have that file delta22:58
lifelesswhat format is the branch?22:59
davidstrausslifeless: [straussd@web3 7-fic-repaired]$ bzr upgrade22:59
davidstraussbzr: ERROR: The branch format Bazaar-NG meta directory, format 1 is already at the most recent format.22:59
lifelessdavidstrauss: 'bzr info'23:00
davidstraussStandalone branch (format: pack-0.92)23:00
lifelessdavidstrauss: in what way is it broken23:07
lifeless[I know check fails, but what user operation fails/goes wrong]23:07
davidstrausslifeless: Try branching from bzr://vcs.fourkitchens.com/drupal/7-fic-broken23:08
lifelessinteresting, thats in tree building23:08
lifelessI think I can tell you what has gone wrong in the past23:08
edgimarIf I branch a trunk repository, make some changes to it, and then pull new changes from the trunk (merging), then it looks like the new-changes get merged into my changes, and not the other way around (from the revision numbers in the log command).  Is that right?23:09
lifelessedgimar: thats because you merged from the trunk23:09
lifelessedgimar: so of course they should show as merged into your branch23:10
edgimarHow do I make it so that I am merging into the trunk, instead of the other way around?23:10
lifelesshang on23:10
lifelessyou said trunk -> your branch23:10
lifelessdo you mean your branch -> trunk ?23:10
edgimarI guess I mean that it's my branch of the trunk -- but..23:11
edgimarI thought you could have multiple branches in the same directory with bzr.23:11
edgimarOr not?23:11
davidstrausslifeless: ping me when you're ready to talk again23:12
edgimarSo, in principle, I could switch from one branch to another, which would just update the working-directory contents.23:12
lifelessyou can certainly have one working dir and use it to edit different branches, using the switch commands to switch between them, or using pull --overwrite to turn one branch into a mirror of any other23:12
davidstrausslifeless: I have to get back to Drupal.org upgrading stuff23:12
lifelessdavidstrauss: yeah sorry, back with you asap23:12
lifelessedgimar: yes - 'bzr help switch'23:13
lifelessedgimar: 'push' and 'pull' make mirrors23:13
lifelessedgimar: so if you 'push' somewhere, it will end up an exact mirror of what you had in front of you23:13
edgimarlifeless: ok, so let's say I have 'my branch', which shares the same history as the trunk up until rev. 100, where I have made a change.  I want to merge that change into the trunk, and push it to the trunk.  So, what are the logical steps I need to follow to do that?23:14
lifelessedgimar: imagine that I own trunk23:14
lifelessedgimar: I would 'bzr merge your_branch; bzr commit -m"merged edgimar"; bzr push <public_mirror>'23:15
ronnyanyone aware if bzr can run on ironpython/jython/pypy?23:15
dashronny: quite unlikely23:15
LarstiQronny: jelmer though there was some ironpython going on with monodevelop iirc23:16
dashronny: very few python programs run unmodified on them.23:16
lifelessedgimar: so, if you are owning trunk as well, you would do the same thing - cd $trunk, mege, commit, push-to-public23:16
lifelessedgimar: the complication is you want to have only one working copy at a time; this is easy, and there are two ways to do it: I'll describe the fully manual way so you can see the bits, then the shortcut23:17
edgimarlifeless: ok, but if I don't have 'the trunk' repo on my machine, does it make more sense to branch it into a new directory, or is there a nice way to use my existing branch and just create a new 'trunk' branch within that directory?23:17
dashedgimar: bzr keeps each branch in a separate directory23:17
dashbut branches and working copies aren't the same, as lifeless appears to be about to explain :)23:18
lifelessedgimar: so if you do push your current branch somewhere (could be in the same repo, or $wherever), you can do the following sequence, starting from 'I'm done and I want to get this in trunk'23:18
edgimarlifeless: quite honestly, I say this because it is painful sometimes having to wait so long to branch something from launchpad, and if I can share the common history in my existing branch, it'd be fabulous...23:18
edgimarlifeless: ok, go ahead with what you were planning to say.23:19
lifelessedgimar: bzr push $my-branch; bzr pull --overwrite $trunk; bzr merge $my-branch; bzr commit -m 'merge my-branch'; bzr push $trunk23:19
edgimarlifeless: ok, got it.  So, the trick is to first duplicate my branch locally, then overwrite it with the trunk.23:20
lifelessnow, like I say there is a shortcut23:20
lifelesswhat it needs is that local duplicate to start with23:20
lifeless(doesn't even have to be local)23:21
lifelessso starting from the same point you are at today, with trunk on lp, and your local diverged copy23:21
lifelessbzr push ../$my-branch23:21
lifelessbzr bind $trunk23:21
lifelessbzr update23:21
lifeless(this will do a merge). resolve conflicts if needed23:22
lifelessbzr commit -m "Merged my-branch"23:22
lifelessthen, to go back to your local copy, bzr switch ../$my-branch; bzr pull $trunk23:22
lifelessthis converts your current local branch into a 'checkout' which can act like cvs/svn with a master location changes are pushed to on commit, and knows about mainline commits etc23:23
edgimarWhy do you need to go back to your local copy in this case?  Can't you always just use bind?23:24
lifelessyou can bind and unbind23:24
edgimarok, I'll look more into it for the details.   Thanks for the help.23:26
ronnyhmm, the reexecute setup wont work on jython - no os.execvp (bzr line 45)23:28
lifelessdavidstrauss: so23:30
davidstrausslifeless: back23:30
lifelessdavidstrauss: that revision isn't in your repository23:30
spivronny: and it'd try to execute a non-jython python anyway...23:30
lifelessdavidstrauss: but there is a text compressed against one of the versions of it23:30
davidstrausslifeless: ok23:31
lifelessdo you have other branches?23:31
lifelessones you might have been editing on 2008/12/0623:31
lifelessif we can find the branch with rev bzr@web3fourkitchens.com-20081206090158-z4ejks27ylqpj0py23:33
lifelesswe can fix this trivially23:33
lifelessyou can use 'bzr cat-revision bzr@web3fourkitchens.com-20081206090158-z4ejks27ylqpj0py' as a quick test for whether a branch has that revision in its repo23:37
lifelesswhile you look I'm going to peek a little more deeply23:40
_AndrewI've checked out a copy of my project and I have modified it for a completely new project, how do I make sure this different project is no associated with the old project?23:41
lifeless_Andrew: what do you mean?23:42
_AndrewWell I modified the old project for a new project however when I make a commit on this new project it's asking me for my password I use to upload to launchpad.23:43
lifelessif you did 'bzr checkout FOO' then when you commit it will commit to 'FOO'23:44
lifelessyou should use 'bzr branch' if you want to make a new branch of something23:44
_Andrewis there a command I and use to "branch" it now?23:44
_AndrewI can use**23:44
lifelessyou can convert the checkout to a normal branch by running 'bzr unbind'23:44
_Andrewah thanks, that's what I am looking for. Is there a command to use which can check this information?23:45
lifelessbzr info23:45
_Andrewok, it says stand alone tree, is this correct?23:46
lifelessthats our default, yes23:47
_Andrewok, thanks a lot23:47
davidstrausslifeless: I get this from catting the rev: "bzr: ERROR: The repository file:///srv/bzr/repo/drupal/7-fic-broken/.bzr/repository/ contains no revision bzr@web3fourkitchens.com-20081206090158-z4ejks27ylqpj0py."23:52
jelmerabentley: Hi23:55
abentleyjelmer: hi23:55
jelmerabentley: All my submissions to merge@code.launchpad.net seem to be causing trouble for launchpad23:56
jelmerAm I doing something wrong?23:56
abentleyDo  you have an oops id?23:56
awilkinsdavidstrauss: Suddenly missing repository?23:56
jelmerabentley, e.g. OOPS-1125CEMAIL223:56
davidstraussawilkins: pardon? it seems mostly just like some corruption23:56
awilkinsdavidstrauss: Ok, I had a problem recently where the entire repository vanished - might have been a stray shell command but I never pinned it down23:57
abentleyjelmer: Do you have an older one?23:57
davidstraussawilkins: I have not encountered that issue.23:57
jelmerabentley, yes, OOPS-1118CEMAIL923:57
abentleyjelmer: It looks like your merge directives have no source branch.23:58
abentleyjelmer: LP currently can't use the bundle from a merge directive.23:59
abentleySo you should use --no-bundle.23:59
jelmerabentley: Ah, ok23:59
jelmerabentley: Thanks!23:59
abentleyjelmer: Fixing that is my current task.23:59

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