alkisg!info system-config-users06:34
ubottuPackage system-config-users does not exist in intrepid06:34
alkisgFor LaserJock (later), evaluation of system-config-user: http://www.mail-archive.com/ubuntu-desktop@lists.ubuntu.com/msg01544.html06:41
alkisg!info libuser10:29
ubottulibuser (source: libuser): user and group account administration library. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:0.56.9.dfsg.1-1ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 381 kB, installed size 2388 kB10:29
alkisgnubae, system-config-users depends on this ^10:30
alkisgApparently it's a redhat lib, but it's been ported to debian also (if I got this right).10:31
ograwell, system-config-users is *the* redhat tool10:31
ogra(which they are about to abandon because its so awful i was told)10:31
alkisgogra: them, too?10:32
alkisgSo what should gnome people be using?10:32
ograwell, thats what warren said10:32
ogragnome uses users-admin and sadly sticks to it afaik10:32
alkisgWe were talking with nubae about porting system-config-users to debian/ubuntu...10:32
alkisgogra, there was some discussion this summer by ubuntu people looking to dump users-admin and all of gnome-system-tools10:33
ogratalk to pitti in #ubuntu-devel he did a review of it during hardy iirc and didnt find any positive things10:33
ograi'm sure he is all with you that something new is needed, but s-c-u wasnt really advanced beyond users-admin ...10:34
ogra(note this is all not from me, only the stuff i heard from him)10:35
ograi never tried s-c-u myself10:35
alkisgogra: http://www.mail-archive.com/ubuntu-desktop@lists.ubuntu.com/msg01544.html10:36
ograusers-admin isnt bad, it just has this awful frontend backend split which is perl vs C ... so its very hard to patch and change10:36
alkisgWere were looking for a python based tool, which would also allow scripting for admins to do stuff10:36
alkisgAnd system-config-users looked like a good option...10:37
alkisgLet me talk with Pitt10:37
ograi'm sure the desktop team would be happy with an improvement, though i'm not sure they still aim for s-c-u i suspect they rather down10:38
alkisgogra, do you know if Debian/Ubuntu has a library that we could use for developing a new user management tool? Something like libuser?10:40
alkisgCause it would be much easier if we had a solid backend...10:40
ograif you want solid, use adduser, getent and firends and write a wrapper python module10:40
alkisgThis would work for ldap/nis also?10:41
ograiirc they sit on top of pam/nss10:42
ograso whatever that uses10:42
alkisgThat would be a good solution then... thanks!10:42
alkisgAh, no, `man useradd` says " You may not add a user to a NIS or LDAP group. This must be performed on the corresponding server."10:45
alkisgSo this would be read-only10:46
alkisgAh, it's only for joining groups, it _can_ create ldap users but has some limitations. OK then.10:46
nubaealkisg: have u visually used the fedora user management tool yet?10:53
alkisgYes, on the live cd10:53
nubaeand what were your thoughts?10:54
alkisgIt's really simple, I was looking for something more advanced10:54
nubaeoh... shame10:54
nubaewell, I guess its make something from sratch then10:54
alkisgBut it would be a good start (the code), as I'm not experienced in python nor gtk... :10:54
nubaeor... look at other distro adduser stuff10:54
alkisgSo I was thinking of using parts of it for the main code base, and build on top of that. In the end it wouldn't be ...recognisable, though :)10:55
alkisgI hope we can persuade sbalneav to mentor us! :P :D10:59
T1loci can't download the edubuntu version 8.0.4 ?11:02
nubaealkisg: yeah indeed, and maybe Gadi11:04
alkisgnubae: do you have experience with bazaar / branches / ppa etc?11:04
alkisgThat's a relief! I don't! :D11:05
alkisgI can code, though, so I won't be totally useless11:05
nubaeI do the ltsp-docs pushes sometimes11:05
nubaeusing bazaar is really easy11:05
nubaejust make sure u create your ssh keys and upload them to the server, then u can begin pulling and pushing11:06
alkisgOrganizing the package / registering the branch is my concern, I'm sure I can use bazaar later on.11:06
nubaetake a look at that, I used that to get started11:07
nubaeas its upstream, it will just be a code repository11:08
nubaethe PPA is made in your personal files area11:08
alkisgOK, looks easy enough. What about the needed makefiles / readme / authors and other standard files?11:08
nubaesure, they all get put in the trunk11:09
alkisgI mean, I've (almost) never created a Makefile myself11:09
nubaedont think we'd need a makefile... that can be put straight into deb11:09
alkisgAh, fine then11:10
sbalneavMorning all14:42
HedgeMagegood morning14:43
calimer:D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oiZ9-l-DxFs16:52
nubaenice calimer16:57
calimerthat thing took forever, geez16:57
calimerdidn't realize how much work would be required16:57
Ahmucki don'g get sandbox17:01
nubae3d game maker17:02
nubaewhats not to get?17:02
Ahmuckdo kids just place stuff?17:02
Ahmuckor they need to know scripting?17:03
calimerahmuck depends what you want to do17:56
calimerbut a ton can be done without scripting17:56
calimercheck out the tutorial video17:56
calimerjust about all the stuff in the gameplay trailer was done in game18:02
calimeronly the dialog stuff really is scripting18:02

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