cbwcjw2gLAsgowMonkey: How is the offical release on juanty anyways?00:00
gLAsgowMonkeycbwcjw2: hmmm, I had a bot of a tantrum at it last night, because a failed mysql update brought down Kde00:00
roconnorI swear akgregator gets worse and worse every system upgrade00:01
cbwcjw2gLAsgowMonkey: Ouch. Ive been using the intrepid experimental, with some bugs. However, I just ran an update, and im definitley seeing less bugs, but theres still some little problems00:01
gorgonizercbwcjw2: I is here yes, just been wathing Tokyo Gore Police..00:01
gLAsgowMonkeycbwcjw2: I haven't used kde4 for ages and the difference is huge I really like 4.200:02
cbwcjw2gorgonizer: Ive found less bugs now that I just ran an update.00:02
gorgonizeroh, is there an update.. excellent..00:03
hvgotcodessorry lost my connection -- how do i install the stable version of kde4.2 on ubuntu?00:03
gorgonizerhurray, updating now.. :)00:04
cbwcjw2gorgonizer: So from now on, ill probably just do updates daily or so, to see if that works.00:04
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gorgonizerI usually do, if I remember to run ap-get, as the Adept Updater seems to be a bit slow at recognising updates..00:04
BluesKajclock is stuck ...still at 5:56pm00:05
cbwcjw2Synaptic is too. I was using GNOME for about 3 hours, and it didnt see a thing.00:05
gorgonizerbloody update notifications..00:05
gorgonizeroops, apoliges for the language..00:05
cbwcjw2gorgonizer: They never will work eh? :P00:05
gorgonizerthey probably will, just as the next version comes along ;)00:06
cbwcjw2gorgonizer: try kdesudo dolphin (or kdesu dolphin). It doesnt want to work00:06
hvgotcodesanyone on how to get 4.2 stable on ubuntu? I have the neon repo but it is a nightly build00:06
cbwcjw2hvgotcodes: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.200:06
hvgotcodescbwcjw2: thanx00:07
carpiii have mails in my outbox in kMail, they wont seem to send but I dont get an error either. How can I trobleshoot this ?00:07
gizmobayhvgotcodes: http://www.blog.arun-prabha.com/2009/01/27/upgrading-kubuntu-810-to-kde-42/00:07
gorgonizercbwcjw2: kdesudo dolphin (from krunner) worked for me.. nice empty root home directory :)00:07
hvgotcodesgizmobay: i have normal ubuntu not kubuntu.  will those instructions work?00:08
legodude_what is the deal with packages kept back in adept?00:08
gizmobayoh, i'm not sure00:08
jarcoin gnome i had the option extract here when i right clicked a rar file. What must i do to have the same option in kde?00:08
cbwcjw2gorgonizer: www.mxclan.org/ss.png00:08
gizmobayI just did this with kubuntu and it worked00:08
gLAsgowMonkeylegodude_: partial upgrades, things like deps which can't be resolved yet I would assume00:09
gizmobayaccept the key import command needs to be changed –keyserver --keyserver as well as the rest of the options00:09
cbwcjw2gorgonizer: see my issue? Wont work. It also wont acsess other folders.00:11
gorgonizercbwcjw2: that is strange, I do not get that error message at all...00:11
cbwcjw2gorgonizer: :( sadness. Ill google it up00:12
gorgonizercbwcjw2: I tend to use Konqueror though, or Krusader if all else fails..00:12
gorgonizerI am not that big a fan of Dolphin tbh..00:12
marcelhow can i acces <curses.h> functions from C // i get message undefined reference to 'beep() ??00:12
cbwcjw2gorgonizer: being a fan of nautilus, i LOVE dolphin, seeing it fail saddens me. Also, konquerer in kdesudo does root settings, so everythings one click. I hate one-click :D00:13
PSiL0hmmm sudo dolphin works for me.. kdesudo dolphin fails every time00:14
carpiidolphin is ok, but pretty ugly and primitive00:14
cbwcjw2PSiL0: Really?00:14
cbwcjw2carpii: I like it, dont ask why :D00:14
carpiiwell, i use it as default too. I just think it could use a few minor tweaks to make it a lot better00:14
gorgonizeryeah, kdesuo konqueror gives me the same issue cbwcjw2, which is why I use Krusader when I need to do things as root in a GUI..00:15
carpiiid consider doing them myself if it wasnt for the fact kde 4 version is out, and ive no plans to go to kde 400:15
PSiL0cbwcjw2: yup00:15
gorgonizerotherwise A commandlining I do go..00:15
PSiL0cbwcjw2: just letting you know so that you don't feel so alone :)00:15
cbwcjw2I like it, except for my broken kdesudo dolphin :(00:15
cbwcjw2and thanks :D00:15
cbwcjw2PSiL0: do you get this message: http://mxclan.org/ss.png00:16
jarcoin gnome i had the option extract here when i right clicked a rar file. What must i do to have the same option in kde?00:16
cbwcjw2jarco: open with ark then drag and drop?00:16
PSiL0cbwcjw2: exactly the same one00:17
cbwcjw2PSiL0: Well im not crazy then. Ill stick with gksudo nautilus and sudo dolphin until then. Thanks00:17
gorgonizercbwcjw2: if you do kdesudo dolphin from the command line, do you get any errors?00:17
jarcocbwcjw2, doesnt work here... perhaps i am missing a package what i cannot remember the name of?00:17
cbwcjw2gorgonizer: It works fine as sudo nautilus in konsole00:17
cbwcjw2jarco: im not sure00:18
carpiijarco, try unrar package00:18
cbwcjw2gorgonizer: PSiL0 gets the same issue I do. So im not crazy.. yet.00:18
gorgonizerjarco: I have a similar option to extract here in Konqueror...00:18
PSiL0cbwcjw2: np... strange that I can't find any bug reports off the bat00:18
cbwcjw2PSiL0: Well it did come out yesterday.00:18
jarcoi already did apt-get install unrar00:18
gorgonizercbwcjw2: perhaps I am the one that is crazy... and most of my friends would agree with that sentiment..00:18
jarcodid installed it00:19
jarcobut the option did not apear00:19
PSiL0been that way for me since 4.1.2->4.1.3->4.1.4->now 4.2.000:19
jarcoand still ark cant work the file00:19
cbwcjw2gorgonizer: Im one of the only people in this tiny city that mess around with linux. I figure i have a screw loose also for being 15.00:19
PSiL0cbwcjw2: so, as you can see, I've experienced the kdesudo error message for quite awhile, since 4.1.200:19
gorgonizercbwcjw2: which tiny city is that?00:19
cbwcjw2PSiL0: Wow! Yea, thats crazy00:19
cbwcjw2gorgonizer: middle-of-knowhere ohio00:20
gorgonizerI live with two other Linux users, but they use Gnome, and they dislike my love of KDE..00:20
gorgonizerIs that near Nowheresville?00:20
PSiL0cbwcjw2: it worked fine after a clean install, but just that once... I forgot what I was trying to do.. maybe it failed after I installed extract and compress context menus from kde-apps00:20
DaSkreechArgh konqueror is buggy as hell00:20
Zorixlebanon ohio00:20
cbwcjw2Yep. Most linux users do dis-me for KDE, especially after 4.0, but its great.00:20
* PSiL0 steers clear of konqueror00:21
cbwcjw2Zorix, thats pretty easy :D00:21
* cbwcjw2 uses firefox 75% of the time00:21
cbwcjw2As you live in florida and use comcast :P00:21
gorgonizerPSiL0: what issues do you have with Konqueror?00:21
Zorixcbwcjw2, nowhere near as specific as i was00:21
PSiL0gorgonizer: I don't really.. I just use firefox and dolphin for my daily needs00:21
cbwcjw2zorix: your ISP is too big. I do local :D00:22
gorgonizerI looked at dolphin once..00:22
PSiL0gorgonizer: maybe my words were too harsh, I should have said that I ignore konqueror ;-p00:22
Zorixcbwcjw2, quitter.. you can find out easily00:22
gorgonizersame as what I do to dolphin ;)00:22
cbwcjw2zorix: well sure, except the lazy part eh?00:22
Zorixsure lazyness is bad00:22
PSiL0gorgonizer: at least we can agree on disagreeing our choice in file-managers :-D00:23
gorgonizerI agree to that PSiL0 :)00:23
spot_How do i get my webcam to work in "Kopete - Kubuntu" ? I can see it works when im in options for the cam in kopete, but when i leave options in kopete, the cam turns off again00:24
WalzmynAnybody know why gambas2 is broken in 8.04?00:24
PSiL0Well, kde 4.1.2 was the first version of kde I used, so I'm used to dolphin.. vice versa for earlier users of kde...  The last time I used any form of unix was way back in 1993.. I wandered in the wilderness for awhile, hehe00:25
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ARTS is running, by going to K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System and making sure "Enable the sound system" is checked. If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP300:25
spot_KDE 4.2 out officially?00:26
gorgonizerPSiL0: Used Konqueror Since KDE3.3, having a new file manager was a bit inconvenient for me..00:26
Walzmynspot_, from KDE yes, from Ubuntu, no00:26
gorgonizerspot_: yes, though is in an experimental repository for Intrepid..00:26
anom01ydoes anyone know why alsamixer fails to open ?00:26
spot_Walzmyn: That will say?00:26
WalzmynWhat I never liked about konqueror was it couldn't make up its mind if it was a web browser or a file browser - I like 'em seperate00:27
Walzmynspot_, what?00:27
spot_gorgonizer: Ok, that means its not completely finish right?00:27
spot_Walzmyn: I just wonder what that means, im new in linux00:27
BluesKajkonq is a vg web browser00:27
gorgonizerspot_: I think it is to allwo people to remain on KDE 4.1.x, as KDE 4.2 will overwrite the KDE 4.1 files..00:28
Walzmynspot_, the KDE team has finished it, the Kubuntu team is making sure it works with evertying else in their system before putting their stamp on it for us users00:28
spot_Walzmyn: Will that say it will be in the new release of kubuntu when that is out? or?00:29
gorgonizerspot_: it is the default for Jaunty, yes..00:29
spot_Ok, thanks to both of you ;-)00:29
gorgonizerspot_: no problem00:30
Walzmynspot_, it'll probably be out next week00:30
Walzmynspot_, for 8.1000:30
spot_The new release?00:30
cbwcjw2spot: Its out though if you REALLY want it.00:30
spot_Walzmyn:  Ok, but how to get it, when it arrives?00:30
Walzmyncbwcjw, if he's new to linux, i'm betting he dosen't - i'm not new and i don't want it until it's in the regular repos00:30
cbwcjw2Yea. Point taken00:31
Walzmynspot_, your package manager will tell you that you have updates - and you'll update00:31
PSiL0gorgonizer: yeah, I can see where you are coming from...00:31
spot_Ahh, ok! Thanks! :-)00:31
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ARTS is running, by going to K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System and making sure "Enable the sound system" is checked. If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP300:31
gorgonizerPSiL0: I used Gnome for a while, and I didn't like Nautilus in comparison to Konqueror (KDE3 version).. at least most the the KDE3 functionality has returned to Konqueror in KDE4..00:32
cbwcjwgorgonizer: Being 15, I never really get to use KDE 3. I just thought GNOME was easier, however, moving to KDE 4.2, its been great00:33
PSiL0gorgonizer: that's good hear.. I think that was one of the main complaints with the earlier releases of KDE4, the crippled konqueror00:33
WalzmynI tried gnome for a while, and i didn't like... well, anything00:33
fyrfaktryi just updated my 4.1 to 4.2 in 8.10. No issues so far...00:33
PSiL0heh, I ran back to kde4 after test driving gnome for a day in fedora1000:34
Omikane_How do you toggle the mouse wheel in ubuntu?00:34
gorgonizerapologies, I think the Zombie Movie I am watching murdered Konversation..00:35
gorgonizergood to know there are others who share my dislike of Gnome..00:35
gorgonizercbwcjw: I got bored of Windows, and as I never played games at the time, I just took the plunge and went for Fedora Core, then Gentoo, then Kubuntu..00:36
PSiL0fyrfaktry: good to hear... I almost borked by 4.1.4->4.2.0 upgrade... thank god for CLI00:36
PSiL0gorgonizer: The longer I used Nautilis, the more pissed off I got, :D00:36
cbwcjwgorgonizer: i started with win98 when I was like 8, then when I was 12 I experimented with ubuntu, and then when I was 14 I sort-of got into it, then this year ive gone crazy.00:37
gorgonizerI am not sure of the logistics of it, but I tried wishing cancer upon Nautilus more than once..00:37
PSiL0gorgonizer: lol00:37
beachsurfinhttp://bayimg.com/IAnAfAabe -- i can't find any languages to install, this picture explains00:37
gorgonizerI started with an Oric 1, shit I feel old ;)00:37
cbwcjwgorgonizer: Well, when I was 13-14, my computer crashed and I lacked an XP cd, so I messed around on ubuntu, and it was great00:38
fyrfaktryhmm.... now to update to nvidia 180.25 :/00:38
gorgonizerbeachsurfin: just cancel the window...00:38
gorgonizerbeachsurfin: it will leave you alone after future reboots, I got the same thing, and it annoyed me as it seemed useless, but it never came back..00:39
beachsurfinwhat will leave me alone? i want the option of using chinese characters00:40
gorgonizercbwcjw: I always prefered Windows 2000, XP seemed to be a few extras bolted on the less access to the more interesting stuff..00:40
gorgonizerbeachsurfin: cancel that window then, and install the KDE package for Chinese...00:40
cbwcjwI never had win2k, i went from win98 to xp in 200400:41
beachsurfinthrough adept i'm assuming since system settings>regional and language dialog isn't doing this...00:41
gorgonizerbeachsurfin: tbh, I never figured out what that window was for, I assume it is to select the standard language you want, but by default only English is there (though I has British English) :)00:41
beachsurfinit's supposed allow you to chinese diff. languages to install, i've used it in earlier kde versions00:42
gorgonizerbeachsurfin: I am unsure what program is doing it, but I agree, I doubt it is the language dialog that produces that window..00:42
gorgonizerbeachsurfin: as I only use British English, I have never had to install a different language, though I should learn Japanese (perhaps one day)..00:43
beachsurfinthe screen which is selected is supposed to allow me browse diff. languages and select one to download font support for it00:43
beachsurfin(off-topic:japanese is quite simple to learn)00:44
gorgonizerbeachsurfin: is the 18n packages are installed, they are listed in that window, I believe.. but don't quote me on that ;)00:44
gorgonizerbeachsurfin: even more off topic, I only want to learn is because I watch a lot of Japanese cinema00:45
cbwcjwgorgonizer: So then it would actually... make sense? haha00:45
gorgonizercbwcjw: not realy,a s they all have subtitles, or English dubbing...00:46
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto00:46
cbwcjwgorgonizer: ah :P I was just joking with you00:46
gorgonizercbwcjw: I am careful to guard my lack of sense..00:47
cbwcjwgorgonizer: haha00:47
yogocan anyone help with some kde 4.2 login problems ?00:48
gorgonizeryogo: what problem you having?00:48
wesley__what the problem then ?00:48
yogoupdated via the kubuntu.org website instructions00:49
yogoto 4.2 using the experimental ppa00:49
yogokdm greeter comes up00:49
yogologin ok, password accepted, splash screen shows first 4 icons00:49
yogobut no K icon at the end00:49
yogothen nothing, just the background00:50
cbwcjw2so thats KDE, not KDM00:50
Omikane_How do you toggle the mouse wheel in ubuntu? I have a MS 2000 laser mouse and the scrolling is very slow. I can't find the option to adjust the wheel speed00:50
wesley__you know first start takes longer than all the others ?00:50
cbwcjw2omikane: KDE or GNOME (kubuntu or ubuntu)00:50
yogoif I hit alt-f2, krunner comes up, I can run an app but there are no window decorations00:51
gorgonizeryogo: did the update complete correctly?00:51
yogoyep, there are no more packages left to update00:51
cbwcjw2omikane: IF your using kubuntu, go to System Settings -> Keyboard and Mouse -> Advanced -> Mouse wheel scrolls00:52
gizmobayHas anyone noticed with KDE4.2 that when you add the folder view widget onto the desktop and you have to scroll that it messes things up?00:52
yogoi can run adept manager, but there are no window decorations, no panel either.00:52
gizmobayWith filenames and icons00:53
gorgonizerit sounds like some of the kde-workspace packages are not installed is kde-window-manager installed?00:53
gorgonizerno, that was for yogo00:53
yogogorgonizer: i checked with aptitude, as I've switched to another run level. aptitude shows that package as installed "i A kde-window-manager"00:54
gorgonizergizmobay: I have the Folder view sized so I don't have to scroll..00:55
gorgonizeryogo: are the plasmoid pakcages installed?00:55
gizmobayi got all my music in a folder so I have to scroll00:56
gorgonizergizmobay: oh..00:57
yogogorgonizer: all the plasmoid packages are marked as "p" in aptitude search00:57
yogoi purged them all00:57
yogogorgonizer: i had the same problem updating to 4.2rc2 - can't remember the solution though... was something to do with a bad artwork package from memory00:59
gorgonizeryogo: I have had the problem before, on a version of 4.1, but I cannot remember what I did to fix the issue either..01:00
gorgonizeryogo: what kde-icons-* pakcages do you have installed?01:02
yogoand -mono01:03
gorgonizeryogo: those are the ones I have installed...01:04
yogowhat kwin-style packages do you have ?01:05
yogoI can't see and oxygen or ozone on in the list, I think that was the name ?01:05
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gorgonizerI have none of the kwin-style-* packages installed..01:07
yogois there a way to list any uninstalled packages from a repo ? wondering if there are some missing..01:07
beachsurfinjust wondering... why is skim not being shown in my repository?01:08
beachsurfinscim is, but not skim01:08
beachsurfinfound it on packages.ubuntu.com01:08
beachsurfinhere's my sources.list: http://dpaste.com/114128/01:09
saggihi, just installed kubuntu 8.10 with kde 4.2. after that i installed the kdegames package. the files are installed but they don't appear under the kmenu. what might be the problem?01:10
gorgonizeryogo: I do have the kdeartwork metapackage installed..01:10
yogogorgonizer: i purged the kwin-style packages, no luck post-login01:10
Szadektry bespin =)01:10
Szadekhttp://ftp.riken.go.jp/Linux/ubuntu/pool/universe/k/kde4-style-bespin/ here : download the last updated deb's here01:11
yogogorgonizer: got that installed as well, kdeartwork01:12
gorgonizeryogo: hmmm, that is a bit baffling..01:13
yogoyeah, I can't start systemsettings either - via alt-f201:14
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gorgonizerbeachsurfin: my sources.list is here: http://dpaste.com/114130/01:15
gorgonizeryogo: does systemsettings show up in the application list, after typing system?01:16
gorgonizeryogo: do any applications show up?01:17
yogogorgonizer: yes, all normal01:17
yogogorgonizer: i run systemsettings from konsole01:17
yogogorgonizer: sorry, typing on another PC at the moment... gives a Dbus error no reply.01:18
yogoCommunication problem with "systemsettings", it probably crashed01:18
gorgonizeryogo: I am unsure at this point what is happening with your system..01:19
beachsurfingorgonizer: are you using kde 4.2?01:19
gorgonizerbeachsurfin: I am indeed..01:19
yogogorgonizer: i tried running dolphin and got the same message... problem with dbus ?01:22
gorgonizeryogo: do you have dbus and dbus-x11 installed?01:25
yogogorgonizer: yes, both there, ps shows dbus is running01:27
cbwcjwHas anybody else gotten my issue here: www.mxclan.org/ss.png01:28
cbwcjwafter running kdesudo dolphin (or kdesu dolphin)01:29
ubottuTurk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.01:29
yogogorgonizer: plasma is crashing on startup with the same message01:30
yogowhich i guess is why I can't get a desktop01:30
gorgonizeryogo: I would agree to that.. what version of libplasma do you have01:30
gorgonizercbwcjw: do you have klauncher running?01:31
cbwcjw2cbwcjw: dunno01:31
gorgonizerI am officially confused..01:32
cbwcjw2Oops, well im going insane.01:32
cbwcjw2See, im on 2 different computers, but ive definitley lost a screw01:32
yogogorgonizer: libplasma301:32
cbwcjw2because i would be talking to myself in that case. Sigh.01:32
gorgonizercbwcjw2: you did find another with the issue, so you cannot be that crazy...01:32
yogoaptitude showed 1 and 2 were configured but not installed01:32
cbwcjwgorgonizer: Well, how can one tell if klaunchers working?01:33
gorgonizeryogo: Purge the settings for libplasma and libplasma2 and reinstall libplasma3..01:33
gorgonizerps aux | grep klauncher01:33
gorgonizercbwcjw: I have 5 klauncher processes..01:34
* cbwcjw scratches his head in a confused manner01:34
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gorgonizercbwcjw: are you also wanting to get on the confusion train?01:35
cbwcjwcbwcjw: Just tell me how I tell if klaunchers running, is it a background app?01:35
yogogorgonizer: did that, plasma does  not start.01:35
gorgonizercbwcjw: ps aux | grep klauncher will show you any klauncher processes running..01:36
yogolast message in konsole is QCoreApplication: postEvent : Unexpected null receiver01:36
OzoneNerdI have discovered something I have never noticed before about Kubuntu.  If I hit control-windows key, then stars start spinning around my cursor.  Try it.  AFAIK, I have not installed anything to cause this.  Could anybody explain the purpose of this?01:36
gorgonizerOzoneNerd: that is a desktop effect, to show you the location of the mouse cursor..01:37
cbwcjwgorgonizer: theres 7 (it looks like) klauncher programs01:37
gorgonizeryogo: sounds like there may be a Qt issue there then...01:37
astrommeOzoneNerd: It's part of KWin desktop effects01:38
gorgonizercbwcjw: do any mention of /tmp/ksocket-root at all??01:38
cbwcjwOzoneNerd: hahahaha, if you dont want that -> System Settings -> Desktop -> Desktop Effects -> All effects01:38
cbwcjwgorgonizer: Yea.01:38
yogogorgonizer: yep - we are both using the same repos -- what qt packages should be checked and compared ?01:39
cbwcjwgorgonizer: wait, no. Only ksocket-myusrname01:39
anom01yfor some reason, every time I reload alsa, kmix changes. Sometimes it shows the inputs, sometimes it doesn't. And the number of volume sliders changes everytime I reload alsa too, which is frustrating because I have to keep reloading alsa to try and get kmix to finally display the correct volumes and all the inputs that my audio card has01:39
gorgonizerhmm, that would explain why the kdesudo is failing, but how to rectify this is beyond me..01:39
cbwcjwgorgonizer: Awesome.01:40
OzoneNerdThanks for helping me, that was an interesting find.  I might use that now.01:40
OzoneNerdThe intersection of the set of people who know about that and the set of people who often can't find their cursor is probably fairly small.01:41
cbwcjwOzoneNerd: My freind once had a big screen TV, and lost his mouse quite often01:44
yogogorgonizer: this looks familiar: http://forum.kde.org/printthread.php?tid=2638001:44
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mark2quick question01:44
cbwcjwyogo: Hahaha i have that issue too with the weather01:44
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Guest95439anyone know about changing how firefoxs response to what os/browser you are using?01:45
Guest95439so you can access sites that restrict what os you are running01:45
gorgonizeryogo: that was the solution I had to move the entire .kde folder from my home folder (renamed it as .kde-old) which seemed to fix the issue..01:45
krelhttp://www.kubuntu.org/node/58 step 3 on the KDE 4.2 installation instruction guide says to use Adept Updater to update KDE 4.1 to KDE 4.2 beta, but I don't see it in the Adept list.  what's it called?01:45
faileaskrel: i'd just run the update mechanism01:46
faileasGuest95439: you need a user agent addon01:46
Guest95439thank you01:46
cbwcjwgorgonizer: at least the one guy had a workaround, but I wish my kdesudo worked. kdesudo is catchy01:46
Guest95439I just didn't know what it was called, and I couldn't find anything on google01:47
princeduganok my external USB sound works (makes noise). How to I direct my software DVD player to use it?01:47
krelfaileas: I was just following the instructions, I'm very new to kubuntu.  how do you do that?01:47
gorgonizerkrel: in the Adept Manager, click on the Changes icon on the left hand side and click the Upgrade button..01:48
faileaskrel: personally, i'd just open up a console, and run "sudo apt-get update" then "sudo apt-get upgrade" ;)01:48
gorgonizercbwcjw: I wish I could help with that, it is an interesting issue..01:48
cbwcjwkrel: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade01:48
Townkhi guys, I just installed kubuntu 8.10 on my laptop and so far so good, but I'm not sure if I make a mistake on nvidia driver. I installed the nvidia-glx-180 throught apt-get and read in some blog that I should installed throught the oficial driver. I make any mistake?01:49
kreloh, you have to upgrade to Jaunty?01:49
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about 1via01:49
gorgonizerkrel: no, you shouldn't have to..01:49
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about via01:49
faileaskrel: no01:49
cbwcjwgorgonizer, theres 4 software updates availble already. wow.01:50
faileasthe first command tells apt to go look see if there's new packages. 'upgrade' installs all updated packages that don't need a hugely major change01:50
gorgonizercbwcjw: only kernel updates :(01:50
javierDeskjet F380 KUBUNTU 8.10, can anybody help me!!!!01:51
krelalright thanks, I'll give it a try01:51
cbwcjwgorgonizer: Yea, i just noticed. Oh well :D01:51
gorgonizerinstalling anyway..01:51
cbwcjwYea, is what I figured01:51
zmityahi all01:52
zmityaguys, I don't have 3D support... can I use the improved effects anyway ?01:52
cbwcjwzmitya: you can try :)01:53
krelon apt-get update, I get: W: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net intrepid Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 60487016493B3065.  tail /etc/apt/sources.list -n 1 is "deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-experimental/ubuntu intrepid main"01:53
gorgonizerzmitya: what gfx card do you have01:53
cbwcjwkrel: I had this issue01:53
yogogorgonizer: moved aside .kde .kde4 and .kderc, still no luck after login01:54
zmityagorgonizer: have GeForce FX 5200, bug I had problems with the nvidia driver01:54
yogoplasma still crashes01:54
gorgonizerkrel: you can ignore that, and do sudo apt-get upgrade01:54
cbwcjwdo this: sudo bash && apt-get update && apt-get upgrade01:54
cbwcjwthat was for krel01:54
zmityagorgonizer: I'm using nv now01:55
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about turklug01:55
krel...uh... sudo apt-get update just gives me that GPG error.  so I've never gotten the ppa kubuntu-experimental lists.01:55
cbwcjwkrel: do this: sudo bash && apt-get update && apt-get upgrade01:55
cbwcjwall in one command01:55
gorgonizerzmitya: what issue do you have with the nvidia driver?  as I think that driver is required for the desktop effects, though try running glxgears..01:56
gorgonizeryogo: still failing to load the KDE icon on start?01:57
zmityagorgonizer: glxgears does not work, because I don't have GLX now :) I had rendering problems at some websites... it messed up the whole page :(01:57
zmityaand I had issues when I logged out from a KDE session  :(01:57
yogogorgonizer: it appears for a flash, still in "fuzzy" mode.. never becomes sharp before the splash screen disappears01:57
krelcbwcjw: oh, so it grabs the sources but warns you that it can't authenticate any packages coming from them.  I guess that's okay?  I'm still concerned about the GPG error though.01:57
gorgonizerzmitya: which nvidia driver were you using?01:58
yogogorgonizer: it appears that there is a problem launching some KDE apps for me01:58
urantherhow do i get the plasma panel to be black and not transparent? in kde 4.201:58
gorgonizeryogo: which applications?01:58
zmityagorgonizer: well, don't know it came from the ubuntu package... there is 3 drivers, only this one "worked" ...01:59
zmityaI think I have tried with the original driver, but had the same result :(01:59
yogoplasma crashes, dolphin crashes with the same message. kate gives a segmentation fault (all run from konsole)01:59
zmityagorgonizer: well, I just upgraded today to KDE 4.2 and got new kernel, so I'm going to try the nvidia driver again...02:01
gorgonizerzmitya: load the hardware drivers program (in the Settings menu) to see what driver the program recommands..02:02
krelcbwcjw: Errors were encountered while processing: /var/cache/apt/archives/kde-window-manager_4%3a4.2.0-0ubuntu1~intrepid1~ppa5_i386.deb /var/cache/apt/archives/systemsettings_4%3a4.2.0-0ubuntu1~intrepid1~ppa5_i386.deb02:03
cbwcjwkrel: Thats scary, I have noclue. gorgonizer?02:03
gorgonizerkrel: do dpkg -i --overwrite /var/cache/apt/archives/kde-window-manager_4%3a4.2.0-0ubuntu1~intrepid1~ppa5_i386.deb02:03
cbwcjwWow, he wins02:03
zmityagorgonizer: do you mean "hardware" app ? it does not show any video driver02:03
gorgonizerkrel: then dpkg -i -force-overwrte /var/cache/apt/archives/systemsettings_4%3a4.2.0-0ubuntu1~intrepid1~ppa5_i386.deb02:04
kreldpkg: unknown option --overwrite02:04
gorgonizerkrel: it should be --force-overwrite02:04
gorgonizeras the option, apologies.. it is getting late for me..02:05
krelhaha, no worries02:05
gorgonizerzmitya: do you have jockey-kde installed?02:05
krelgorgonizer: that failed, pastebin: http://pastebin.ca/132135302:06
zmityagorgonizer: yes, I do have02:06
zmityagorgonizer: well, I'm a programmer, using vim so I have nerver used it :D02:06
gorgonizerzmitya: ahhh...02:07
gorgonizerkrel: there are other packages that need configuring, run sudo dpkg --configure -a, then the previous command..]02:07
gorgonizerzmitya: I don't use it either tbh.. it is useful though for checking which nvidia driver is best for the nvidia card in the system..02:08
yogogorgonizer : what's the best way to back out to 4.1.4 then re-upgrade ?02:08
ganymedehello, i was trying to add this calednar to korganizer. i can read the calendar in plaintext it has events, and google calendar can import it fine, but in KDE, it has no events. does anyone else experience this? http://conversiovirium.org/?ec3_ical02:09
szrhawaiiis anyone else getting an update to the new 2.6.27-1102:09
zmityagorgonizer: o, thanks, I will play with it02:09
Townkanyone knows how to make konsole support 256 colors?02:09
zmityaI just changed the compositing type to xrender and my konsole has transparency now :)02:10
szrhawaiiwhat color is konsole supporting now02:10
krelgorgonizer: okay... so that worked, and the overwrites worked... now what?  i'm still on KDE 4.1 apparently02:10
=== rodrigo is now known as pedr3r0
gorgonizerkrel: after the upgrade completes, you will need to either reboot the system, or log out, then restart the X server (Alt + E on the login screen)02:11
krelgorgonizer: yes, I did that.02:12
cbwcjwgorgonizer: im asking #kde my question about my kdesudo issue02:12
Townkszrhawaii: i think it is supporting 16 colors02:12
gorgonizerkrel: after the force-overwite, did you re-run sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade02:13
krelI didn't do dist-upgrade, no.02:13
szrhawaiido you have the color wheel when you do your colors02:14
gorgonizeryogo: apparently that looks arduous apparently.. there is a method here: http://kubuntuforums.net/forums/index.php?topic=3100981.002:14
ganymedeTownk, for me, konsole supports 256 colors out of the box02:15
TownkI use screen on my console, perhaps it is messing with it?02:15
yogogorgonizer: just read that, don't want to reinstall.02:15
szrhawaiithats what i thought too02:15
szrhawaiiif he has the box with the up and down tint thats the right color one02:16
gorgonizeryou can force apt-get install to install specific software versions..02:16
szrhawaiiif he has the wheel then its the lower color one02:16
gorgonizerbare with me, will check..02:16
cbwcjwgorgonizer: #kde just bassiclly recommended dont use ubuntu. Meh.02:19
ganymedeTownk, yes, you have to edit some configs to enable 256 colors in screen02:19
ganymedeTownk, there is a bug filed somewhere about that02:19
yogogorgonizer: must be missing a new package - as this only happened since the upgrade02:19
Townkok, I finish some tests here... if I turn off screen, konsole still is 16 colors02:20
yogogorgonizer: is is possible to ensure / check that all packages from the experimental repo are installed02:20
gorgonizercbwcjw: that a) sucks, but b) doesn't surprise me..02:20
Townkon gnome I need to install a ncurses package to make this, on konsole there is no something like it?02:21
pedr3r0does anyone know why alt+f2 doesn't start RunCommand on kubuntu ? I was using neon packages and it has worked02:21
cbwcjwgorgonizer: I love ubuntu though, no matter how under-fire it is02:22
gorgonizeryogo: install  Synaptic (the gnome package manager) and search for "Version=4.2", will show you a lot of packages, but the new KDE packages should be listed..02:23
gorgonizercbwcjw: haven't found another distro I like as much as Kubuntu, despite the complaints..02:24
therootestcan someone help me to install the compiz cube thing on kubuntu 8.04?02:24
yogogorgonizer: thanks, will try02:25
gorgonizeryogo: good luck :)02:25
cbwcjwgorgonizer: i think I found the issue02:27
gorgonizercbwcjw: what was the issue?02:28
cbwcjwgorgonizer: by deleting the .kde config02:28
cbwcjwgorgonizer lets see if it works02:29
gorgonizercbwcjw: interesting...02:29
cbwcjwgorgonizer: nope. Sigh.02:31
gorgonizercbwcjw: intersting that it works for me.....02:31
szrhawaiiwhy you using gorgnizer in kde02:32
szrhawaiidoesnt korganizer do the same stuff02:32
cbwcjwgorgonizer: Yea, its not that big of a deal, its just kdesudo looks cool02:34
gorgonizercbwcjw: it is a cool little app, a step up from kdesu...02:35
gorgonizerthough that wouldn't work on Kubuntu if I am thinking properly..02:35
gorgonizerwhich is unlikely at 02:35..02:35
cbwcjwgorgonizer: haha, yea. well hes making me do it in the root folder now02:36
cbwcjwlets see what happens02:36
gorgonizerwho is making you?02:37
cbwcjwgorgonizer: haha some dude in #kde. If this works, ill be happy02:39
=== nicholas_ is now known as tacosareecool
tacosareecoolHow do I change a read only folder02:41
lycannyc-workhey guys i just added the repo for KDE 4.2, now whats the command to install the whole KDe 4.2 desktop ?02:41
tacosareecooljust add the experimental channel02:42
tacosareecoolthen you get  4.302:42
tacosareecoolI mean 4.302:42
tacosareecoolI mean 4.202:42
tacosareecoolit says on kubuntu website02:42
lycannyc-workyea im reading that02:42
gorgonizerlycannyc-work: on the command line sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade02:42
lycannyc-worki added that PPA02:42
lycannyc-workbut I dont have KDE isntalled, but just a few kde apps02:42
tacosareecoolI was able to just upgrade02:42
lycannyc-worklike kolourpaint02:42
tacosareecoolinstall kubuntu-desktop02:43
tacosareecoolthen upgrade from there02:43
gorgonizertacosareecool: are you changing in Dolphin/Konqueror or via the command line?02:44
tacosareecooloh yeah how do I open a folder in the bash02:44
gorgonizercd foldername02:44
cbwcjw!enter | tacosareecool02:44
ubottutacosareecool: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!02:44
Socceroosapachelogger: ping02:44
lycannyc-workbrb restarting02:44
gorgonizerchanges to that folder.02:44
gorgonizerno problem :)02:45
SocceroosRiddell: ping02:46
cbwcjwgorgonizer: he fixed it!02:46
szrhawaiisometimes if its in a certain area tacosareecool it would be cd /home/location/folder02:46
gorgonizerwhat?  How?  Magic?02:46
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about magic02:46
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about how02:46
ubottuI am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:47
gorgonizercbwcjw: what did he do?02:47
szrhawaiithe ubuntu channel has a bunch of rude guys in there man they are no help i tell you02:47
tacosareecoolyeah but how do I open the folder as root02:48
gorgonizersudo -i will give you a root session in bash..02:48
gorgonizerthen you can cd to the folder in question..02:49
Soccerooshas anyone here installed KDE 4.2 on their system?02:49
gorgonizerszrhawaii: that sucks..02:49
faileasSocceroos: yes02:49
szrhawaiiyeah i get more info from this channel then that one02:49
cbwcjw!tell tacosareecool about enter02:49
gorgonizerSocceroos: I have as well..02:49
ubottutacosareecool, please see my private message02:49
tacosareecoolok sorry.02:50
gorgonizerszrhawaii: people on here have helped me in the past, so if I can offer assitance, I think it would be rude not to offer help..02:50
SocceroosI ask, because I'm trying to install all the right packages from the kubuntu-experimental PPA *without* having to install the kubuntu-desktop package.02:50
SocceroosI'm running Ubuntu 8.10 fresh install atm.02:51
faileasSocceroos: why not use apt-get install -s to see what packages it installs?02:51
faileasthen do it manually?02:51
Socceroosfaileas: I didn't know that command, thanks for the tip.02:51
szrhawaiiYeah i feel you on that02:51
jimmy51_homehello all.  i read somewhere today that KDE4 supports web widgets.  does it support these?  http://widgetcenter.espn.go.com/widgets/tags/NBA/Team#11  (NBA team widget).  I'm a pacers fan and would like it on my desktop02:52
cbwcjwgorgonizer: AHAHAHA The guy who was telling me what to do just realised he has the SAME ISSUE02:52
cbwcjwgorgonizer: you think he wouldve checked.02:52
jimmy51_homeit's just a flash object, i guess02:53
szrhawaiithat sucks02:53
gorgonizercbwcjw: was he on Kubuntu as well?  What was the fix that was employed?02:54
szrhawaiijimmy51_home got no idea if those work I know if you check out kde-look.org they might have something on there for you02:54
gorgonizerdamn, I should have gone to bed hours ago..02:55
cbwcjwgorgonizer: hes on #kde only. Its not just our build. the fix was kdesu dbus-launch dolphin02:55
cbwcjwgorgonizer: i know the feeling, but then, im not british. All the action is over here :)02:55
Socceroosfaileas: installing kubuntu-desktop also installs KDE3 libs and other crap......Its too hard to pick out what I need to remove.02:56
gorgonizercbwcjw: what action is there? Also, why does it work for me?02:56
yogogorgonizer: right, I'm back at 4.1.4 -- !02:57
jimmy51_homeok, can i make a plasmoid easily if i know the <object > tag for the widget?02:57
cbwcjwgorgonizer: its because dbus wasnt running02:57
gorgonizerSocceroos: try sudo apt-get install -s kdebase, that should only install the necessary bits for KDE4..02:58
Socceroosgorgonizer: thanks mate02:59
jimmy51_homei'm gonna ask in kde02:59
cbwcjwgorgonizer: did you get that?03:00
gorgonizercbwcjw: get what?03:00
gorgonizerSocceroos: no problem..03:01
gorgonizercbwcjw: would seeem then that dbus runs for me all the time then...03:01
gorgonizerright, time for bed methinks, good night all!!03:03
merkothhi everyone03:03
Socceroosit seems that this command does what I need with a base Ubuntu 8.10 install with the kubuntu-experimental repo: sudo apt-get install kde03:03
cbwcjwnigt gorgonizer03:03
merkothand g'night gorgonizer03:03
Socceroosthanks for the help guys03:03
cbwcjwgorgonizer: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=16526803:03
merkothpeople, I'm having a weird issue with kubuntu 8.1003:04
cbwcjwmerkoth: Whats that?03:04
merkothit installs fine, but one I login, a few seconds later X hangs up03:05
merkothit's weird, since I had it installed and worked fine with an nVidia card03:05
* cbwcjw is out for now, gnight03:05
merkoththen changed for an ati one and fixed a few hiccups03:05
merkothbut yesterday I reinstalled it and X just keeps freezing on me03:06
merkothare there any known bugs with ati cards? it's a x70003:07
fynmerkoth: try killing atieventsd and removing rc links to the initscript03:09
fynmerkoth: : if you're using fglrx that is03:09
* arriesp bye03:09
merkothI didn't even get to install fglrx, this is happening with whatever FOSS driver Kubuntu is using by default03:09
fynmerkoth: hm, okay, maybe try using the cli to install fglrx.  from the sounds of it, as many issues as it has, it's not going to be worse.03:10
fynmerkoth: the download from ati/amd's site can generate debs for you pretty smoothly, might be something else you have to change the first time, enabling restricted modules or whatnot.  i think there's a wiki on it.03:11
tacosareecoolIt's not working, I need to open the folder not open something in the folder.03:11
tbr281its been a while since i have done this, gut how do i upgrade to kubuntu 8.10?03:11
merkothfyn: I'll check that out03:12
merkothI'll see if I can post a bug report anyway03:12
tacosareecoolupdate till you see the update03:12
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes03:12
matt123Hi!  Just a quick question - lincity-ng packages - is it version 2 or 1? how do I find out?03:13
merkothI found the "Kubuntu Bugs" group at launchpad, is that the right place?03:13
merkothmatt123: Installing and checking out directly :P03:13
matt123merkoth - lol, thanks!03:14
merkothmatt123: I'm just kidding :P03:14
merkothszrhawaii: SEEMS LIKE YOU ARE NOT03:14
bazhangszrhawaii, come to #ubuntu-ops03:14
bazhangszrhawaii, this is not the place to discuss03:14
matt123is there a apt-get command to find out the version number?03:15
tacosareecool It's not working, I need to open the folder not open something in the folder.03:15
szrhawaiitacosareecool do cd /home/(folder name)  ls03:17
szrhawaiiif your in terminal03:17
tacosareecoolthat doesn't open folder though03:17
beata|desktopI'm having a bit of trouble building a new kernel on 8.10, on an ia32 system: kernel-package keeps building for xenu.03:17
tacosareecoolI want to add something to folder.03:18
szrhawaiithat will let you see the contents in the folder03:18
szrhawaiifrom terminal03:18
tacosareecoolOh ok thanks03:18
szrhawaiito add i believe its build -ls file name you can try that and see if it works03:18
tacosareecoolOh yeah but it's read only03:19
szrhawaiiyour putting a text file in that location03:19
szrhawaiiis that what your doing03:19
szrhawaiiwhat exactly are you doing03:20
tacosareecoolI'm putting flash in a folder. It's for flock.03:20
merkothmatt123: the package list says lincity-ng is 1.1.2-1, but maybe that's just the package version03:20
tacosareecoolI can't wait till chrome comes for linux!03:20
merkothmatt123: and not the game version number itself03:20
szrhawaiii forgot the command to move the file but to see the contents of a folder its ls03:21
merkothszrhawaii: To move a file you usually use mv03:21
szrhawaiithere you go tacosareecool03:21
matt123merkoth, yer, thats what confusing me.  anyway, Ive just downloaded the package - it was only 30 mb or so03:21
=== maira is now known as louis_cypher
tacosareecoolOh ok thanks03:22
szrhawaiimv <filename>  /home/<location>03:22
merkothtacosareecool: mv [options] source destination03:22
merkothmatt123: thpse are community mantained packages, sometimes their a little outdated03:23
merkothmatt123: *those03:23
matt123thanks merkoth03:23
* Bsims sighs I tried the new nightly neon as of today... pretty but tended to be slightly less stable then a three legged rino with a jato as a buttplug03:24
merkothmatt123: you're welcome, I wish I could answer you question, though03:24
tacosareecoolSays permission denied.03:24
szrhawaiitacosareecool try sudo mv <filename> /home/location03:24
tacosareecoolno kdesudo mv03:24
matt123merkoth, its ok my friend, Im not a newbee, Im just being lazy!03:24
louis_cypherwhat channel can i find help for kde 4.2??03:24
szrhawaiiyou can do that too tacosareecool03:25
merkothszrhawaii: you don't need admin powers to write to home...03:25
szrhawaiiif hes moving it from a root folder he does03:25
merkothmatt123: Never said you were, I always wonder how to find the version of X app/game03:25
szrhawaiior moving it to one03:25
merkothszrhawaii: Oh, sorry03:25
szrhawaiiwe dont really know where hes moving it to im just putting home as a reference03:26
louis_cypherhellow everybody... where can i find help for kde 4.2??03:26
ubottuTurk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.03:26
bazhangeuphrate, /join #ubuntu-tr03:27
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about 4.203:27
merkothlouis_cypher: here or at #kde03:27
* Bsims beats kubuntu for making kde4 the default and insisting it replace your existing .kde directory... I tried the nightly neon... purty but still in the eat your baby and molest your pet stage of stablilty03:27
matt123yay for KDE 4.2!03:27
tacosareecoolwhats the command for copy?03:27
merkothlouis_cypher: I'm currently fighting Kubuntu to check out KDE 4.2 :P03:27
beata|desktopDoes KDE 4.2 restore functionality missing between 3.5->4.0?03:28
matt123louis_cypher - I am running 4.2 - maybe I can helo?03:28
louis_cypherso, i'll try to explain my problem here...03:28
beata|desktopSuch as the menu bar? ;)03:28
merkothbeata|desktop: It's supposed to...03:28
louis_cypheri'm brazilian... sorry about my english...03:28
louis_cypherbut let's go03:28
Bsimsbeata|desktop: kinda sorta... but adds lots of eyecandy and istability03:29
szrhawaiitacosareecool   its cp03:29
merkothbeata|desktop: It has been enhanced, yes. Dunno what issued you ran into...03:29
* Bsims smiles from my experence with the kde migration to 3.x wait till .3 or later03:29
beata|desktopI'd tried the upgrade again a couple weeks ago, and my entire desktop got reset, and I couldn't get the menu bar to come up.03:29
louis_cypheri configured yesterday, in system settings, a option for automatic suspend after a fewm minutes03:29
bazhanglouis_cypher, you can /join #ubuntu-br if you feel more comfortable using portuguese03:30
merkothbeata|desktop: I fixed something similar by erasing my .kde dir03:30
merkothbeata|desktop: and restarting my session03:30
louis_cypherno, here is ok03:30
beata|desktopRight now, also trying to build a kernel with debugging turned on, but the usual way is building for a wrong archetecture.03:30
louis_cypheri think that we can understand one wich other, correct??03:31
merkothbeata|desktop: backed up a lot of stuff /before/ doing that, though03:31
=== pedr3r0 is now known as pedr3ro
tacosareecoolcp doesn't matter I can just  copy flash back to mozilla folder but thanks03:31
szrhawaiino problem03:31
beata|desktopkernel-package is building for 'xenu' archetecture instead of i386.03:32
louis_cypherso, suspend was working correctly, but today i got message "one application is inhibiting suspension for the following reason:"03:32
louis_cypherbut there is no reason03:32
louis_cypherand i cant find what f*** app is inhibiting...03:33
merkothI'll call it a day. Good night everyone03:34
matt123goodnight merkoth03:34
szrhawaiinight merkoth03:35
matt123thanks for your help!03:35
szrhawaiilouis is it a running app03:35
louis_cypherno, its a kde service that manage energy...03:36
szrhawaiidid you try launching it from terminal and reading the loading process03:38
louis_cypheri dont know how can i do this...03:39
szrhawaiiim kind of lost on what exactly the problem is so if you could fully explain the problem in one paragraph instead of breaking them up we might be able to better understand your problem03:40
louis_cypher i configured, yesterday, in system settings, a option for automatic suspend after a fewm minutes. Suspend was working correctly, but today i got message "one application is inhibiting suspension for the following reason:". But there is no reason, and i cant find what application is inhibiting the suspension (STR, S3 state)...03:43
louis_cypheriḿ using kubuntu intrepid, and updated to kde 4.203:44
szrhawaiiis it not working after the upgrade or before03:45
louis_cypherafter upgrade, but i upgraded on monday, and on tuesday was working...03:45
szrhawaiiand today its not03:45
szrhawaiidid you update anything today03:46
louis_cypheri can suspend the machine, just the kde power management doesnt do that...03:46
szrhawaiiso the power management doesnt suspend but the screen does03:47
louis_cypherif i use, i.e., kpowersave, it suspend the pc ocrrectly...03:48
szrhawaiido you have two power managements03:48
szrhawaiibecause if you do then you only need one03:48
ubottuGirls exist on the internet. See http://www.escapistmagazine.com/print/17/27 | http://www.xkcd.com/322/ | For more interesting reading: http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/Encourage-Women-Linux-HOWTO/03:49
louis_cypheri know, and i was almost uninstalling kpowersave, because in kde 4.2 there is one native powersave manager03:51
szrhawaiithe reason could be that the two applications are conflicting with each other and thats why one doesnt work properly03:52
louis_cypherso im removing kpowersave right now...03:53
szrhawaiiwas kpowersave the one that didnt work03:54
szrhawaiior did03:54
louis_cypherthe one that did03:54
szrhawaiiwell if the thing doesnt work without it then you should get rid of the standard power management one it came with03:55
szrhawaiiand use kpowersave03:55
joeslugganyone can help me - just updated to KDE 4.2 ==> No window titles or edges04:00
szrhawaiicheck your system settings04:01
yousef_kde 4.fail04:01
szrhawaiido you have compiz loaded on top or just the standard kwin04:01
joesluggI might - where do I check that?04:01
szrhawaiiif you havent loaded compiz then you dont have it04:02
szrhawaiiand you will have kwin only04:02
szrhawaiiand you check that in system settings04:02
szrhawaiiusually under desktop04:02
joesluggI'll check the packages -- if compiz is installed, should I remove?04:02
szrhawaiisorry appearances04:03
szrhawaiiare you running compiz04:03
szrhawaiidid you installl compiz04:03
joesluggyeah looks that way (someone else "helped" me with the orig. setup)04:03
louis_cypher<joeslugg> i got this same thing... and solved installing package kde-window-manager manually04:03
joesluggI have kde-window-manager installed, but also compiz*04:04
szrhawaiiyeah but if he has compiz he doesnt need it04:04
szrhawaiibecause it does that itself04:04
louis_cypheri had it too, but when i upgraded, it dowsnt upgrade this package automaticly04:05
szrhawaiiif your running compiz you have to turn of the desktop effects and also go to session and give the control to compiz04:05
szrhawaiialso if you have compiz i would recommend you download the fusion icon tray04:06
szrhawaiibecause that will also allow you to turn the window manager beryl or emerald on04:06
joesluggI'm wondering though if I should remove compiz and stick with what KDE is supposed to provide04:07
szrhawaiibut if you do the window manager for kwin then check your system settings appearance and see if it wont refresh from there and do what louis said and see if you have that file04:07
szrhawaiiits a preference from there04:07
szrhawaiiwhich do you prefer to fiddle with04:07
keisangihi there04:08
keisangihow do i make kubuntu to boot in terminal mode instead of kdm ?04:08
joesluggI'm applying 'window decoration' changes, but no change. I'm thinking I'll ditch compiz04:08
keisangii need to boot in terminal mode .. no X04:08
szrhawaiijoeslugg compiz is conflicting with it because you dont have the settings set to give the rights to only one04:09
keisangiinit 3 / init 5 doesn't work in debian and ubuntu i think?04:09
szrhawaiiso maybe you should get rid of it04:09
louis_cypher<joeslugg> do u try compiz --replace ??04:09
joeslugghow do I change the setting for rights to only one?04:10
szrhawaiiif your not going to use compiz you should just get rid of it if your going to use it theres a few things you have to do04:10
szrhawaiikeisangi i forgot how04:11
joesluggok, I'll try removing compiz -- many thanks04:11
cadoookeisangi: you just hit ctrl-alt-f1 or just alt-f1 during boot04:12
keisangicadooo, X shouldn't start at all04:13
keisangicadooo, i need kubuntu to boot in terminal mode, no X at all04:14
cadoookeisangi: why?04:14
keisangilike what inittab file does on other linux04:14
keisangicadooo, because04:14
keisangiit's long to explain.. i just need to boot to terminal04:14
keisanginot just switch to terminal but boot on text mode.. no X04:15
keisangihow does one can choose the runlevel on debian/ ubuntu ?04:15
szrhawaiiHow to switch to Console mode in KDE?04:17
szrhawaii    * To switch to Console mode, press '([Ctrl]+[Alt])+[Fn]'04:17
szrhawaii      (Where "Fn" is "F1" through "F6" for 6 different virtual consoles)04:17
szrhawaii    * To switch back to KDE, press '([Ctrl]+[Alt])+[F7]'04:17
keisangiszrhawaii, no switch ..04:18
szrhawaiijust got that after i did that04:18
szrhawaiimy bad04:18
keisangii can see a solution.. but i hoped for something more user friendly ..04:18
keisangisudo mv /etc/rc2.d/S30kdm /etc/rc2.d/K70kdm04:19
keisangithat would do it04:19
keisangiif possible something more userfriendly would be nice04:20
keisangiis this the only way to do it ?04:20
szrhawaiito move a file04:20
szrhawaiiyou can use a GUI approach04:20
szrhawaiiyou have kde or gnome04:20
szrhawaiiyou have dolphin right04:20
szrhawaiikdesudo dolphin from terminal then it will give you superuser rights then split the screen04:21
szrhawaiiand move that way04:21
szrhawaiii do it that way sometimes04:21
keisangii can't believe there's no facility in kubuntu to choose wether you want to log in text or graphical mode ..04:22
szrhawaiiespecially when i dont want to write anything and dragging seems so much easier04:22
szrhawaiii the forums it says you need to download a package to do that04:22
keisangiwhat package ?04:22
keisangiok, thanks for the help szrhawaii04:23
szrhawaiilet me find the forum i was looking at give me a moment04:23
keisangii hoped there would be some kind of preference setting somewhere ..04:25
szrhawaiihere this might be easier http://www.debianadmin.com/howto-boot-debian-in-text-mode-instead-of-graphical-mode-gui.html04:25
szrhawaiiits just a command04:25
szrhawaiinot sure if it will work04:25
keisangii look04:25
keisangilooks nice04:26
keisangii'll try it now04:27
keisangitnx for the help szrhawaii04:27
keisangii'll brb.. hopefully ;)04:27
szrhawaiiok np04:27
OxDeadC0dehonestly, sry, fell asleep, cat must have been sitting on the keyboard... I just shift + home then delete to delete that crap and it decides to send it...04:46
sandGorgonguys... i have some problems with text entry boxes (like the alt-f2) . there is some tearing of the white box and it goes completely black04:55
cbwcjwOxDeadC0de: LOLOLOL04:57
cbwcjwWell, its not too busy tonight04:57
wastrelcat-like typing detected05:03
cbwcjwThere was a program I read about that detected when your cat was on the keyboard05:05
cbwcjwand locked it out.05:05
cbwcjwI thought that would be crazy useful.05:05
OxDeadC0dedamn actually.. it would be...05:06
cbwcjwhttp://www.photobasement.com/virginia-puts-kids-first/ AHAHAH (Sorry to be off-topic, nobodys asking questions)05:07
cbwcjwI love the Kubuntu channel, everybody is nicer here. Ubuntu is too busy, #kde is too.. not-noob freindly, but here, everybodys happy :D05:09
jtmoneyhey guys, i added the 4.2 kubuntu-experimental PPA repository and upgraded to 4.2... now, however, i have more new updates that include many kde-*... will this break 4.2? where are these packages coming from?05:11
cbwcjwjtmoney: They are coming from either the distro itself or from the PPA. Just run sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade05:12
cbwcjwI will be right back.05:13
wastrel4.2 eh05:14
wastreli heard it's not such a hog as 4.105:14
wastrelwhich is dog slow on my machine05:14
jtmoneyjesus, i just did something stupid05:14
jtmoneyi upgraded my kernel on my headless server05:15
jtmoney(which has a software raid)05:15
jtmoneynow it won't boot :(05:15
cbwcjwAlrighty, who was I helping before an inconvient restart?05:16
jtmoneyi just updated the box, let me reboot it real quick05:16
jtmoneyi think it'll be fine05:17
jtmoneybut i also updated my ubuntu server machine05:17
cbwcjwYea, just log in/out05:17
jtmoneywhich has a software raid05:17
jtmoneyand now it won't boot back up05:17
cbwcjwno restart required if your going to KDE 4.205:17
cbwcjwand thats not good, #ubuntu-server should have help with them.05:18
cbwcjwwith that**05:18
jtmoneyheh, alright05:18
jtmoneythanks for your help05:19
=== Zorix_ is now known as Zorix
OxDeadC0deack I have my first "meeting" tomorrow and I'm scared... ><.. have to basically valididate a bunch of database work I did for a company to the boss and fill them in on all my past projects...05:26
cbwcjwOxDeadC0de: Im 15. hahaha, so I have no clue. I just like messing with linux and helping people05:27
OxDeadC0deI'm 24 and I have no clue :P, never done this before...I just like writing software :P05:27
cbwcjwHaha :D everybodys the same somehow05:29
_2not me.  i'm different.05:29
OxDeadC0deokay _2, your first meeting..ever..., your contractor is going to tell you if your work is good enough to pay you or if it's to much "shit", you nervous?05:30
OxDeadC0depardon the language05:31
_2OxDeadC0de no.05:31
OxDeadC0dei want your secret _2 :P05:31
cbwcjwhaha, i would be terrified.05:31
_2ssssh don't tell any one.05:32
astrommeOxDeadC0de: You know you've done your best work (I'm assuming). So stay relaxed and enjoy the conversation. Consider it a conversation rather than an interview.05:33
OxDeadC0dewell I did actually, 3k lines of perfect code that did the task at hand, it was beautiful05:34
astrommewonderful. Then don't worry about it =)05:34
=== integer is now known as Shital
=== tyler_d|sleeping is now known as tyler_d
OxDeadC0deas soon as I figure it out _2, I'll keep it to myself ;)05:36
OxDeadC0deI hope skype still works with my webcam in linux for this..05:37
_2actually no.  if you ever figure it out, you'll be like the rest of us and tell every one you know about it.   but whatever !05:37
OxDeadC0dehaha true _2 :P05:38
_2i think mister-tea-lapto has me on ignore again/still05:39
_2would someone repete that for me ^ please.05:40
_2actually for him.05:40
mister-tea-laptono he has a ghost image wi9th him ....he is actually mr t laptop05:41
cbwcjwI feel left out :( Growing up needs to go faster eh.05:41
sandGorgonupgrading to Ubuntu to Kubuntu, I have two power managers and two network managers - anybody know which ones I should get rid of ?05:41
mister-tea-laptothe lapto thing just follows me around ... I haven't figured out how to lose him05:42
_2mister-tea-lapto so if you turn ignore off you can see peoples answers to your pm's05:42
_2sandGorgon which ever one you don't want to use.05:43
Paddy_EIREHey I wish to install kde4.2 is there a ppa or guide with common problems or anything like that?05:44
_2sandGorgon or keep them both,  and use the one you want, disable the other05:44
mister-tea-laptoI'm trying to tell you that  unless you tab one more time you are sendinyour messages to lapto not me laptop I don't have ignore on05:44
ubottukde4 is KDE 4.1.3 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. Packages can be found at  http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.1.3 |  4.2 Beta 2 packages http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.2-beta-2 | Support in #kubuntu05:45
_2<mister-tea-lapto>  <<< that is you.05:45
_2and tabbing again wont help in bx05:45
_2[msg(mister-tea-laptop)] hear me now ?05:46
_2mister-tea-laptop: No such nick/channel05:46
mister-tea-laptowow my kopete is messed up05:47
mister-tea-laptoon my screen I;m here twice once as lapto and once as laptop05:48
=== Trel is now known as Ketrel
OxDeadC0decrap my webcam doesn't work with uvcvideo driver anymore :( just get uvcvideo: Failed to query (1) UVC control 1 (unit 0) : -110 (exp. 26).05:48
_2mister-tea-lapto the server limits the number of chars a name can have.   as well as the client limiting it.   so you are probably exceeding the server limit05:49
mister-tea-laptowell if thats so why can I open a pm with lapto as laptoip?05:50
_2</shrugs>   ask in #freenode maybe05:50
mister-tea-laptodo ypu see me listed twice in the chat?05:50
mister-tea-laptoI do05:51
mister-tea-laptoyeah I tried removing kopete and reinstalling but no luck05:51
mister-tea-laptotheres got to be some file that stays after i remove it05:52
mister-tea-laptowhen I talk do you see lapto or laptop05:53
_2<mister-tea-lapto> when I talk do you see lapto or laptop05:56
_2-:- mister-tea-lapto [n=mister@pool-70-18-99-165.alb.east.verizon.net] has joined #kubuntu05:57
_2that's from your join.05:57
_2just howdy05:58
_2um is that pr or es ?05:58
epimeth!es | manush05:59
ubottumanush: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.05:59
manushOK GRACIAS05:59
epimeth_2 how do you know my name?05:59
_2-:- epimeth [n=leroy@cpe-72-229-13-157.nyc.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu05:59
_2it's right there for all to see05:59
epimethlol... right... my username05:59
mister-tea-laptonew york city05:59
epimethmanush: de nada05:59
_2mr-t yours is alb ?06:00
mister-tea-lapto50 miles north actually06:00
mister-tea-laptoalbany ny06:00
epimethso I plugged in my camera and nothing is happening... do I need to install some more software or is my cable dead?06:00
_2oh ok.   well ip's don't really tell much about where someone is.06:00
_2epimeth is the camera motion or still ?06:01
_2does it support "disk mode"06:01
epimethI dunno... how do I check?06:01
_2camera's menu   in most cases06:02
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about camera06:02
epimethtransfer mode: Data storage ???06:02
_2epimeth yes06:03
epimethso yes06:03
mister-tea-laptoso I can't recieve pms06:04
_2epimeth generally speaking, and it's rather general indeed; if a camera supports disk mode, you can use that and access the camera by simply mounting the device     usually something like  sudo mount /dev/sdb /mnt06:04
_2mister-tea-lapto guess not.06:04
mister-tea-laptowhats the command to remove all of the program?06:05
_2mister-tea-lapto if you shorten your nick one char it should clear that up06:05
_2remove all of the program?  ???06:05
_2you mean  sudo apt-get remove --purge blah ?06:06
epimethsomehow I doubt that the camera is sdb :-)06:06
_2epimeth sdc then06:06
mister-tea-laptoblah being my client?06:06
epimetherm... I doubt its any sd... its a usb...06:06
_2epimeth if it's in disk mode it's sd?  trust me06:07
tyler_dcannot connect to a cisco vpn using kvpnc.. I know that this works under gnome... any help please?06:07
_2epimeth besides   usb-sticks are mounted as   sd? devices too06:08
epimethtyler_d: I have the same problem... let me know if you figure it out :-)06:08
epimethreally?  hrm...06:08
tyler_depimeth: will do mang06:08
tyler_dmy network admins are going to hate me06:08
_2epimeth no i just like decieving people on irc where they can't slap me for it....   i mean yes really06:08
_2epimeth i think there is an app made for digital cameras that don't support disk mode.   i'll have to search for the name though.06:09
epimethtyler_d: yea, I get my boss to open up ssh at least once every other week06:09
epimeth_2 yea, I think so too... trying to find it06:10
tyler_depimeth: I don't think thats going to happen06:10
_2heh. heres one   camera.app - GNUstep application for digital still cameras06:11
_2yes digicam06:11
_2!info digicam06:11
ubottuPackage digicam does not exist in intrepid06:11
_2digikam - digital photo management application for KDE06:11
epimethtyler_d: luckily for me I work in a company with 15 people06:11
_2mister-tea-lapto i hear you.  you don't hear me.06:12
_2!info digikam06:12
ubottudigikam (source: digikam): digital photo management application for KDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 2:0.9.4-1ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 9499 kB, installed size 22388 kB06:12
mister-tea-laptostill I truncated the p but I still can't hear I am however only listed once06:13
_2mister-tea-lapto try this  /nick root_____06:14
_2i know that nick is usable. i registered it.06:14
=== mister-tea-lapto is now known as root_____
_2now lets see if the client is avtually working with pm's06:14
_2anything ?06:15
_2root_____ did any of that come through ?06:16
_2oh wait.   do they still have a ban on root* here ???06:16
_2maybe that was not a good nick to use in this channel06:17
epimeth_2 what's root_____'s problem exactly?06:17
_2can't hear any pm06:17
_2can send just fine but cant recieve06:17
epimethdid he register his nick?06:18
_2epimeth yes   but   nick too long and turncated06:18
_2epimeth so he sees two of himself  one [mister-tea-lapto and one [mister-tea-laptop06:18
_2err s=\[==g06:19
epimethso why doesn't he unregister them and reregister as something else?  mister-tea-lappy or something?06:19
epimethoooohhhh... kde4.2 is out...06:20
_2epimeth we were kinda trying to make sure that doing so would fix it, before moving there06:20
epimethgarrr.... why did alt+tab stop working?!?!?06:20
beachsurfinwhat's with kate saving backups06:20
beachsurfinhow to stop this?06:20
_2beachsurfin in kates menu configure backups off06:21
epimethbeachsurfin: why would you want to?  but yea, Settings->Configure Kate->Open/Save->uncheck "local files"06:21
beachsurfinlocal files is unchecked ..06:22
_2i think you are looking for "make backups"06:23
beachsurfinah, it didn't make a backup..06:23
beachsurfinnot sure what just happened...sorry for the confusion06:23
beachsurfini have language support now, my sources.list was preventing me from downloading much of anything06:24
futuresoonare the plasma packages broken or is it just me?06:25
epimethfuturesoon: some might be... kde 4 is far from....perfect06:26
futuresoonepimeth: looks much better than 4.1 bug-wise06:26
_2i can't wait until they release kde5  then i will upgrade to kde4.6 or what ever is stable at that time and see what all this fuss is about....06:27
futuresooni'm excited about the RDF integration06:28
futuresoonnepomuk i guess it's called06:29
_2anyone know of any reason that making executables with numeric names would adversly affect a linux system or open a security hole ?06:30
epimeth_2: I was very hesitant to go to 4... I hated the alpha.  but then I upgraded to intrepid so now I don't have a choice.  However, I understand now what the deal is.  Its possible to have it look pretty much exactly like 3 did, so its all good really.   just kinda buggy06:30
epimethI've never heard of it...06:30
futuresoonit's basically an RDF database for KDE so that all your stuff gets a URI (a resource on the web)06:31
_2yeah i'm still on dapper so i have a choice, i can stay with kde3 or break things.06:31
futuresoonlike music for openers06:31
futuresoon_2: why are you still on dapper?06:31
_2futuresoon why not ?06:31
_2it's LTS06:31
futuresooni thought newer is better06:31
_2then you thought wrong.06:32
futuresoonyou know---"progress"!! :-)06:32
_2newer != better,    better == better    newer == newer06:32
futuresoonnewer === better :-)06:32
_2progress is not always good.06:32
_2futuresoon syntax error06:32
simcanow i have to go back to the cave :)06:33
_2simca no, just the tent06:33
epimethmeh... i think my usb cable is bust06:34
futuresoonso is nobody here using plasmoids in kde 4.2?06:34
_2epimeth dmesg mention the camera ?06:34
epimethplugged it in after, tho06:35
epimethtime for sleep06:35
epimethgnight folks!06:35
_2epimeth k  rest well06:35
tyler_dsure he leaves06:36
tyler_dand my kvpnc is all up and running06:36
* _2 is confused by "<epimeth> plugged it in after, tho"06:36
rtaycherHas anyone else had problems with upgrading to KDE 4.2 from the semi-official(?) experimental kubuntu ppa06:46
rtaycherusing intrepid06:47
_2where is a good "first timers" introduction to databases and database structure  ?06:48
=== rudy is now known as Guest92780
_2i can't figure out why ssh is so slow connecting from 192.168.0.? to 192.168.0.?    it doesn't look like there should be any dns issues there07:07
_2it's even extreemly slow to localhost07:13
carpiiin kmail, why isnt there a button to just send and recieve?  It seems like I have to right click my outbox and use 'Send using Account -> Account name'07:15
_2could this have anything to do with ssh public keys not working correctly ?   drwsrwsrwt 8 root root 4096 Jan 29 01:15 /root07:19
tyler_dhow do I use gnome-rdp to connect to a windows console session?07:19
tyler_dor krdp07:19
_2for root i mean   ^07:19
tyler_deither will work07:19
=== brad__ is now known as skyion
tboxmykde2.4, anyone knows if there is improvement on multihead display?07:20
_2!info krdp07:21
ubottuPackage krdp does not exist in intrepid07:21
tyler_dkrdc then07:22
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about krdc07:22
tyler_dthat helped07:22
PSiL0damn... banshee is such a cpu hog07:22
szrhawaiidoes anyone know of a number system binary conversion program for ubuntu or kubuntu07:23
tyler_dszrhawaii: a calculator07:24
tyler_dyou need a calculator07:24
szrhawaiinot a calculator07:24
szrhawaiia program that converts number systems to binary and vise versa07:24
_2tyler_d package krdc exists.  the boot call is !info <packagename>   but the terminal command    apt-cache show krdc     would be much more informative.    i haven't used it but one time and that was to allow one linux box to connect to another linux box's kde session07:25
szrhawaiii got a calculator i want a lazier program07:25
tyler_d_2: ;) ty07:25
_2szrhawaii bc / dc07:25
_2you will forgive, i am lagging very much.07:26
tyler_d_2:  no man entry for it, nor is google much help 'bout now07:27
szrhawaiii guess ill just use my windows vm to do it07:28
_2tyler_d  the kde help center should provide the documentation for that07:28
_2szrhawaii i told you   bc  or dc07:28
_2szrhawaii if that's too much then maybe.  http://pastebin.com/f7da9cf6f07:28
_2!info bs | szrhawaii07:29
ubottuPackage bs does not exist in intrepid07:29
_2!info bc | szrhawaii07:29
ubottubc (source: bc): The GNU bc arbitrary precision calculator language. In component main, is optional. Version 1.06.94-3ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 71 kB, installed size 196 kB07:29
_2you can either glean the command for bc from my script at http://pastebin.com/f7da9cf6f  or use it for all i care.07:29
_2!info dc | szrhawaii07:30
ubottudc (source: bc): The GNU dc arbitrary precision reverse-polish calculator. In component main, is optional. Version 1.06.94-3ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 64 kB, installed size 208 kB07:30
szrhawaiilooking at your pastebin right now07:30
=== jean-claude is now known as Steve_wwe37
szrhawaiik thanks for your help07:34
tboxmyanyone knows how to get multiple monitors on kde4.2?07:37
tboxmysomething like xinerama?07:39
tyler_dthe answer - not documented anywhere btw, was -0 within gnome-rdp07:48
DarkriftXwhat is the process kded ?07:48
DarkriftXits using like 95% cpu :S07:48
carpiiit "triggers Sycoca database updates when needed"07:49
carpiihope that helps.07:49
DarkriftXim running xchat and kaffeine player, so i wonder if its killable07:49
carpiioh it just helps control and synchronise changes to the system config it seems07:50
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about caad07:50
carpiii doubt it should be using cpu for very long07:50
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about cadd07:50
DarkriftXok, its kde wallet related07:50
DarkriftXfrom what i read it works between apps and wallet. killing it supposedly makes you need to enter pw's manually07:51
DarkriftXand it cannot be killed :(07:51
* _2 thought only kernel threads and init could not be killed....07:53
DarkriftXive tried kill <process>. killall kded and both with sudo07:53
DarkriftXnone worked07:54
_2DarkriftX if you want to use force on it, up the signal    sudo kill -6 `pidof kded`      but i'm not telling you to do that,  cause you may not like the results.    and if -6 fails  use  -9   and if that isn't strong enough use -1507:55
DarkriftXthat worked, now i have 19 password boxes :S07:56
* _2 remembers sudo kill -9 -1 with fond affection07:56
DarkriftX9 worked :)07:57
_2isn't linux fun.07:57
DarkriftXoh yea :)07:57
_2dash nine you mean.07:57
DarkriftXkill --help doesnt work and i didnt remember the format for "kill -9 blah"07:57
DarkriftXi thought it was kill <process> 9 or something close07:57
DarkriftXhow do i start kdewallet?07:58
_2i found a list of the sigkill sigterm sig...  stuff one time... can't recall where though.07:59
_2DarkriftX ummm   by running   kded  ?   :)))07:59
DarkriftXi already did that07:59
DarkriftXeerything still asks for pw07:59
_2i really don't know.   you should be able to call it from the command line08:00
DarkriftXok, re-opening kmail reasked for my wallet pw08:00
_2or start it via kcontrol08:00
DarkriftXand cpu is normal again08:00
DarkriftXthx for the help :)08:00
_2DarkriftX welcome08:01
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots08:01
=== ced_ is now known as Ced____
_2why does ssh public key work one dirrection but not the other for one account ?08:05
_2i copied ~/.ssh   with -R option  so i have the same files in ~/.ssh on both hosts.  and i can ssh one way shabang, but the other way it asks for a password.   any thoughts ?08:07
_2i tested with setting a password and it does work, but i normally keep all accounts locked, so that's not an option really.08:07
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
_2could it be because the home dir is permiscuous on one box ?08:09
Omoikane_is there a way to encrypt my hard drive and all communications from my computer?08:09
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about encryption08:10
ubottuFor information on setting up encrypted private directories (8.10+) see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory08:10
_2!fishing > _208:11
ubottu_2, please see my private message08:11
_2and after testing   it is the dir permission on /root that is causing the ssh issue.    </talking to self>08:13
ubottuTruecypt is a free open-source on-the-fly disk encryption software.  See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/TruecryptHiddenVolume08:13
bazhang!info gnupg08:13
ubottugnupg (source: gnupg): GNU privacy guard - a free PGP replacement. In component main, is important. Version 1.4.9-3ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 859 kB, installed size 4836 kB08:13
=== JackWinter_ is now known as JackWinter
=== Gnut[OFF] is now known as gnuton
_2i don't suppose there is any chance of encrypting a bootable disk though....08:19
fix_how to use amarok08:20
bazhangfix_, play mp3?08:21
bazhangfix_, please specify08:22
fix_how to download flv using konsole08:22
bazhang!info youtube-dl08:22
ubottuyoutube-dl (source: youtube-dl): download videos from youtube.com. In component universe, is extra. Version 2008.03.22-1 (intrepid), package size 8 kB, installed size 64 kB08:22
lup0anyone know about problems with locking the screen in the kde4.2 kubuntu 8.10 combination?08:24
=== floown_ is now known as floown
drifhow can I see what's hogging my 2nd core at 100% but htop doesn't show any specific process doing that. Could there be a bug with htop?08:25
fix_how to download amarok decoder08:26
_2drif yes and it might be kded   someone was in here with a full pipe of kded a little bit ago08:27
_2drif maybe it was you ?08:27
Ced____Does anyone know if there are bugs with compiz+KDE 4.1? (so i know weither i should install it or not.)08:27
_2why use compiz with kde4  ???08:28
Ced____I dunno, I liked the effects >_>08:28
_2i thought kde4 supported the effects without compiz tho ?08:28
drif_2: asking that? no, it wasn't me08:28
Ced_____2: How to get those effects working then?08:29
Ced____Like the  desktop cube08:29
drif_2: I had similar incident before, the culprit was kdesu, which is somewhat strange08:29
_2drif user name was DarkriftX,  still here too.  just thought drif might be short form.08:29
drif_2: hehe, quite a coincidence, but sadly no08:30
ubottuKubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness from KMenu -> System -> Desktop Effects - further help in #compiz-fusion08:30
_2Ced____ hmmm i guess that  ^08:30
Ced____I know how to install it, question is, is it useful.08:30
fix_plese..... who can help me???08:30
* _2 mumbles something about hating to be wrong....08:30
Ced____Who doesnt :P08:31
bazhangfix_, help with what? amarok? youtube-dl?08:31
fix_no... my amarok can't play mp3...08:31
Ced____Amarok should ask you if you want to downloa MP3 support.08:31
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats08:31
bazhangkubuntu-restricted-extras install that fix_08:32
Ced____The codec was called 'ffmpeg' i think08:32
bazhangfix_, from adept or the command line08:32
fix_i prefer using konsole but how???08:32
bazhangsudo apt-get install kubuntu-restricted-extras08:32
bazhangfix_, see above08:33
bazhangsudo apt-get install youtube-dl08:33
fix_couldn't find packages. i'm using ubuntu08:33
_2!free > Ced____08:34
ubottuCed____, please see my private message08:34
bazhangfix_, you mean gnome-terminal?08:34
fix_still the same...08:34
bazhangfix_, why do you have konsole with ubuntu?08:35
Ced____uh, thanks _2 lol.08:35
fix_i'm new in linux. i don't know a lot of thing...08:35
_2Ced____ restriced is a referance to the freedom of the software,   free as in speach not free as in beer08:35
bazhangsudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras fix_ (for gnome)08:36
bazhangfix_, if you are using konsole however I would guess you have kubuntu not ubuntu installed08:37
_2or ubuntu + kde08:37
bazhangfix_, unless you explicitly installed konsole08:37
fix_you make me confused..08:38
fix_forget about the ubuntu and kubuntu.08:38
fix_is there  any other way???08:38
sandGorgoni see a bug in "Guidance Power Manager" - changing the CPU policy to powersave causes my screen to be locked (I have to enter the password again). This does not happen with any other policy08:38
bazhangfix_, to do what08:38
bazhangfix_, we have given you the commands08:38
fix_it's still the same....08:38
_2bazhang he may be using an older release.  lsb_release -r   maybe08:38
bazhangfix_, what version of ubuntu/kubuntu08:39
fix_couldn't find packages...08:39
drif_2: hm, I'killed kde but still second cpu bar at 100%. Top doesn't show anything...08:39
fix_i'm using version 708:39
bazhangfix_, which version ? 7.04? 7.10?08:39
_2drif odd.    actually i'm not aquanted with multicore workings so can't ever formulate a good way to load and test it.   maybe someone else.  or someone in #ubuntu or ##linux even   if no one in here steps up.08:41
_2fix_ you need to read the doc for that release on the site ubottu posted.08:41
_2!mp3 | fix_08:42
ubottufix_: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats08:42
drif_2: and that bar reading seems to be quite right - the whole comp is quite sluggish - even when using just console via ssh08:42
_2drif yeah.  but again i don't have any multicore stuff to test with.  so i'm not the guy to ask.08:43
_2drif for single core i would make a list of all running processes and start killing them off one by one until i found the rascle that was eating my horse power and then go from there.08:45
bazhangfix_, you need to change your sources.list and update, then get a supported version such08:45
_2but that might not work like i think with multicore08:45
=== snake is now known as albuntu
slougihi. this might be a FAQ but how do i get msn support in kopete with the KDE 4.2 packages?08:49
fix__ogg vorbis...08:51
fix__can i download that???08:52
slougiit's an audio codec08:52
slougiyou should have i08:52
fix__how can i download that??08:53
slougifix__: kubuntu should be able to play ogg vorbis files out of the box08:53
ubuntu_hi, i updated to kde 4.2 and i get the error "cannot load system tray icons" in kubuntu 8.10. can someone plz help??08:55
ubuntu_when the desktop loads, i cannot even get knetwork manager to work and there is no internet08:56
ubuntu_is there a way to go back to kde 4.1.4 ?08:57
ubuntu_anybody can help plz?08:57
ubuntu_i really need to have this machine work asap! plz, if anybody can help me do so!!09:00
fix__when i used this command line : sudo apt-get update --- there are some index files failed to download. why???09:00
faileasubuntu_: you could probably totally remove kde 4.2, then reinstall 4.1 from the cd09:00
ubottuIf you want to remove all !KDE packages, type « sudo apt-get remove kdelibs4c2 ; sudo apt-get remove kdelibs5 ; sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop »09:01
faileasdo that, skipping the last step, disable the kde4.2 repo, then enable the cd, and install from there09:01
ubuntu_i do not have the cd...09:02
ubuntu_is there a awy to connect to the wireless by console and then install it?09:02
=== sunny is now known as mmoreactor
faileasno idea09:03
bazhangfix__, you need to fix your sources.list as feisty is no longer supported09:03
jones_Any way to rename example to Example? dolphin says it's overwriting and in konsole it does not work.09:04
bazhang!upgrade | fix__ read the link gutsyupgrades09:04
ubottufix__ read the link gutsyupgrades: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes09:04
ubuntu_isn't there a way to downgrade to kde 4.1.4??09:04
ubuntu_through console maby?09:04
vadim_привет всем!09:06
vadim_hi all!09:06
bazhang!ru | vadim_09:06
ubottuvadim_: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke09:06
LynoureBut you can also ask here, in English, of course :)09:07
vadim_thanx, I go to #ubuntu-ru (because my bad english :)09:09
vadim_just for interesting -- how many girls using ubuntu/kubuntu (and how many girls installed it by yourself? :)09:10
jones_konsole profiles don't show up in the menulisting after i boot computer, bug?09:10
bazhangvadim_, not for here.09:11
bazhangvadim_, this is Kubuntu support ONLY.09:11
vadim_oh, sorry. I quit chat. Thanks!09:12
slougiso, anyone know how to enable msn support in kopete with kde 4.2? :)09:17
william_Yesterday night I helped someone install kubuntu. He wanted to give it a go after seeing me us it. The installation went like a dream and everything looked fine until we installed samba09:20
Ced____How does one acquire compiz effects such as 'desktop cube' in KDE 4.1 ?09:20
william_Is the kio smb completely broke?09:20
william_my searches online suggest it is09:20
william_Samba is working using all the tools I could find appart from konqueror/dolphin09:21
slougiCed____: right click on a window border (at the top) -> configure window behaviour, should stare you right in the face :)09:21
aapzakanyone got ideas on getting flash (youtube and others) to work in konqueror?09:21
william_I located the problem and their are patches avaiable to fix it. Their have been patches available for quite some time.09:22
sandGorgonCed____: you need to activate "Turn on Desktop Effects" in System settings -> Desktop09:22
Ced____Thanks, found it, Peace out!09:22
sandGorgonCed____: then you choose the effects tab and switch on the candy you want09:22
william_does kubuntu not receive much active development, ie are all the effort put into gnome instead?09:22
jones_is there a way to configure device notifiers mount settings for different type of usb-drives?09:24
gaoCfor some reason i'm unable to set my "desktops" as more than two09:24
gaoCi want four why won't it let me set it to four?09:24
Ced____Sandgorgon, Just one question, where can i find desktop cube? Or isnt that available?09:25
gaoCCed____: in adept search for compiz09:26
Ced____gaoC: Im using KDE 4.109:26
gaoCyes me too09:26
Ced____Compiz + KDE 4.1 ?09:26
Ced____Well, i tried it anyway, but it wont start.09:26
sandGorgonCed____: in "All Effects" search for "cube"09:27
jones_i think it's something to do with solid predicates but any info on anywhere about it?09:27
Ced____sandGorgon: None found..09:27
sandGorgonKwin should work fine - i have  kwin and I have the cube working fine - though I have 4.209:27
=== client01 is now known as KuBXUser
sandGorgonCed____: i think it is the difference in version, i have 4.209:27
slougithe cube wasn't in 4.1 iirc09:27
Ced____Maybe i should try 4.2 then.09:27
sandGorgonyup, i recommend it09:28
Ced____How do i upgrade?09:28
KuBXUseris there anyone can help my problem?.....09:28
Ced____Apt-get install kde 4.2? :P09:28
Ced____kubXUser: What's your problem then09:28
gaoCCed____: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.2-beta-209:28
Ced____gaoC: Thanks, i'll check it out09:28
gaoCwhy am i unable to set my "desktops" as more than two09:28
rdowninghi, does anyone else see corrupted graphics on kubuntu intrepid with kde4 ?09:29
gaoCi set it to four, click apply and nothing happens09:29
KuBXUseri always get problem on my kubuntu09:29
gaoCclick ok, and nothing happens09:29
KuBXUserwhen i install using apt get09:29
gaoCgo back into the settings and desktops 3 and four are greyed out09:29
bazhangKuBXUser, please specify what problem09:29
KuBXUsercould not open cache on adept manager09:30
KuBXUserthat what the warning says09:30
KuBXUsersorry for my bad english09:30
sandGorgonKuBXUser: you have multiple adepts open.09:30
bazhangKuBXUser, please tell us the exact error09:30
sandGorgonii think you double click on the icon - which opens two Adepts.09:30
KuBXUseri can get in to my adep manager09:31
bazhangKuBXUser, close adept09:31
bazhangKuBXUser, from the konsole type sudo apt-get update09:31
gaoCthis is _really_ annoying me09:31
TakeABowDoes anyone know to to get GD2 support on hardy heron?09:32
bazhangwhat is gd2 TakeABow09:32
Ced____gaoC: Try to make bigger desktops instead of multiple, works the same basically09:32
KuBXUsercan anyone hav any idea how to fix it09:33
faileasgaoC: i had a similar problem before, but it was a x3100 video card and compiz... kwin works fine though09:33
bazhangKuBXUser, yes09:33
bazhangKuBXUser, close adept09:33
gaoCfaileas: I have the same video card09:33
gaoCso compiz is the issue?09:33
gaoCand what is kwin?09:33
william_ah apparently kio samba is fixed in 4.209:34
TakeABowGD is an open source code library for the dynamic creation of images by programmers. GD is written in C, and "wrappers" are available for Perl, PHP and other languages. GD creates PNG, JPEG and GIF images, among other formats. GD is commonly used to generate charts, graphics, thumbnails, and most anything else, on the fly. While not restricted to use on the web, the most common applications of GD involve web site develo09:34
faileasgaoC: kwin is the default rendering engine in KDE 4.x - it does the same role as compiz09:34
TakeABowi can do apt-get install php5-gd09:34
william_is it possible to just right click on a folder to share it with samba under kde 4.209:34
TakeABowbut i need gd209:34
gaoCfaileas: KDE->Applications->System->Desktop Effects09:35
faileascompiz being broken with that card was supposed to have been fixed last october IIRC though09:35
gaoCis that the settings menu for kwin?09:35
faileasgaoC: i don't seem to think so09:35
gaoCor is there a better settings frontend for it? where i can customize effects like desktop cube?09:36
gaoCor is the cube only compiz09:36
faileasgaoC: you can get the cube with kde 4.209:36
gaoCupgrading to that right now anyways09:36
faileas(which i recommend, sure its experimental, but in my estimation its more stable and functional than the 4.1 series)09:36
gaoCis the cube a native feature in 4.2?09:37
gaoCwhat about wobbly windows :>09:37
gaoCoh nice09:37
bazhangTakeABow, there are packages for perl, xml, not sure about php though09:37
gaoCand everything is the same?09:37
gaoClike i can make the cube zoom out, reflection etc on mouse rotate?09:37
faileasgaoC: no, its better ;p09:37
bazhang!info libgd-gd2-perl09:38
ubottulibgd-gd2-perl (source: libgd-gd2-perl): Perl module wrapper for libgd - gd2 variant. In component main, is extra. Version 1:2.39-2 (intrepid), package size 217 kB, installed size 648 kB09:38
faileashaven't tried zooming out09:38
faileasoh, than compiz...09:38
TakeABowoh haha, using the php5-gd worked09:38
gaoChmm do you mind screenshotting the settings dialog for the 3d effects in 4.2?/09:38
TakeABowjust needed to restart apache09:38
TakeABowurgh, does anyone know how to create users in mysql?09:39
faileasgaoC: unfortunately yes... i am currently having a headache ;p09:39
gaoCpssh a screenshot doesn't take that much effort...09:39
gaoCthanks anyways09:39
sandGorgonhow do i install a plasmoid from disk - i have it as a tar.bz2 ?09:41
faileassandGorgon: uncompress it, look at instructions09:42
sandGorgonfaileas: huh... it seems i have to do cmake and everything. Can I do it simply from "Add a widget" ?09:43
cuznttry right clicking in09:44
=== navid_ is now known as nahy
TakeABowwhat are .gz's and how do i use them?09:47
LynoureTakeABow: compressed archives, you can unpack them with Ark09:49
nahyi wanted to play some mp3s with amarok then it started downloading decoder pkgs but in the end error uccured and installation failed09:50
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs09:51
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about cable09:51
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about cabled09:51
faileasgorgonizer: i don't think so then09:53
nahyi wanted to play some mp3s with amarok then it started downloading decoder pkgs but in the end error uccured and installation failed09:56
=== ced_ is now known as Ced____
Ced____How does one check his KDE version?09:59
Ced____I mean, it's either 4.1 or 4.2 now ._.09:59
faileasCed____: i just open up the about window in a kde4 app10:00
Ced____waitwaitwait What?10:00
Ced____It says release
Ced____How did that happen, i have kUbuntu 8.1010:01
fix__i'm updating my kubuntu.... thanks guys....10:01
faileasCed____: ... no, konversation and amarok are still kde 3.5.1910:02
faileastry doing it from akregator or kopete10:02
nahyhow can i fix my broken pkgs?10:03
rdowningare nvidia gfx cards still a problem with kwin?10:03
rdowningI am seeing quite poor performance on my geforce fx520010:04
TakeABowgahhh, can someone tell me the terminal command to delete a file?10:04
faileasTakeABow: rm10:05
faileasTakeABow: if its a folder, you need to add a -r but use it with EXTREME caution10:05
TakeABowusudo: please use single character options =/10:06
TakeABowohh i put -rm10:06
TakeABowits gone, thank you :)10:07
* faileas is thinking of giving bubakup a try10:09
rdowningplz could someone suggest any xorg settings to help nvidia cards achieve good performance ?10:09
nahyhow can i fix my broken pkgs?10:11
rdowningnahy: what is the problem you are seeing?10:11
=== asraniel_ is now known as asraniel
rdowningnahy: need help?10:13
nahyit happens periodically. i try to install (in this case codecs for mp3) but an error like could not get pkgs10:14
rdowningnahy: could you say the exact error message?10:14
nahyi forgot the error. and amarok doesn't request to install it again10:15
rdowningnahy: try this - apt-get install ibxine1-ffmpeg10:17
nahyi think it's because lack of space on my root. but i have 35% of my root free. it happened for my previous install of kubuntu which filled up my 4GB root10:18
rdowningthat can be a problem when the packages cannot be downloaded, yes10:18
rdowningbut it would say as much10:18
nahyok i'm having something else installing in adept. so i must wait till that finishes10:19
=== _neversfelde is now known as neversfelde
rdowningotherwise I have seen docs about running the script /usr/lib/amarok/install-mp3, but I have never tried that10:19
nahyok thanks i'll try it10:20
=== warnet01 is now known as zha
ubuntu_can anyone tell me if there is a way to downgrade to kde 4.1.4 from 4.2 ?10:21
Unksiubuntu_: the only way i know is to remove kde totally, remove the repo and reinstall it10:22
Unksithere is probably easier way but thats all i know^10:23
ubuntu_damn.... i really really need to find a way to do it...10:23
ubuntu_how can i connect to the wireless from console?10:23
=== fernando is now known as FerNaNdo
Unksidepends on the encryption used10:24
=== FerNaNdo is now known as Guest97341
=== Guest97341 is now known as FerNaNdo66544
ubuntu_it is wep10:24
rdowningubuntu_: it is possible with wpa_supplicant and all that but very tricky10:24
Unksithen it should be easier10:25
rdowningyes wep is more simple10:25
rdowningiwpriv is the command that should help10:25
rdowningit lets you apply settings to wireless connections, such as WEP pass phrases10:25
Unksihope that helps :)10:25
sandGorgonanybody got skype working on kde 4.2 ?10:26
nahyrdowning: it shows this error:10:27
nahyE: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11 Resource temporarily unavailable)10:27
nahyE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?10:28
rdowningnahy: you have a process running somewhere that is interfering10:28
rdowningnahy: does it still say it when run again?10:28
rdowningit may be temporary as adept_updater does a run10:28
nahyanother error:10:28
nahyE: Couldn't find package ibxine1-ffmpeg10:28
rdowningsorry, missed the 'l' from the start ;)10:29
nahyi terminated the adept10:29
rdowningadept_updater runs in your systray10:29
rdowningnahy: simplest way to fix the problem with your dpkg database being locked would be to restart your computer10:29
nahyThe following packages have unmet dependencies:10:30
nahy  libxine1-ffmpeg: Depends: libxine1-bin (= but is to be installed10:30
nahyE: Broken packages10:30
ubottuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »10:30
gustavopreciso imensamente da ajuda de vcs...10:30
gustavocomo abro um programa para pc que é .jar10:30
gustavono kubuntu 8.10?10:30
gustavoeu tento abrir mais abre com o ark10:31
jussi01!en | gustavo10:31
ubottugustavo: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat10:31
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.10:31
gustavoé q eu uso kubuntu10:31
=== nick is now known as Guest32754
nahyrdowning: should i restart my machine completely?10:31
=== Guest32754 is now known as ziroday
rdowningnahy: try what ubottu suggests first10:32
jussi01nahy: no10:32
nahyi tried but the error persists10:32
jussi01nahy: try: sudo apt-get install -f10:33
nahyjussi01: 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded10:34
nahywhat the heck is that?10:34
jussi01nahy: what the heck is what?10:35
nahyit didn't remove anything10:35
jussi01nahy: what are you atually trying to acheive?10:35
tedywhat the fuck you tawliking about10:35
bazhangtedy, watch the language10:36
jussi01!ohmy | tedy10:36
ubottutedy: Please watch your language, attitude, and topic to help keep this channel friendly and helpful. Remember, there are kids here!10:36
gustavocan i start java programs in kubuntu?10:36
tedywhy i can't download the flashplayer? or how i can download the flashplayer10:37
nahyi wanted to install something but all i acheive is broken pkgs10:37
nahyand it (for example totem movie player) doesn't install10:38
jussi01nahy: have you added any repositories?10:38
tedy why i can't download the flashplayer? or how i can download the flashplayer10:38
nahyi have 4GB for my root. isn't that enough?10:38
tedy why i can't download the flashplayer? or how i can download the flashplayer10:38
jussi01tedy: install the package flashplugin-nonfree10:38
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (a recent version for !Dapper is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash10:38
nahyshould i edit the repos?10:38
jussi01!repeat | tedy10:38
ubottutedy: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com  http://wiki.ubuntu.com http://www.ubuntuforums.org or http://www.kubuntuforums.net while you wait. Also see !patience10:38
bdizzlehey, I was wondering why the widgits and RSS feeds don't work in KDE 4.210:38
nahyjussi01: how can i edit the repos and which ones should i select?10:41
jussi01nahy: open adept, click sources, edit sources, then make sure they are all ticked10:42
nahyfor mp3 decoders? should i check 3rd parties?10:42
jussi01nah, you mainly need multiverse.10:43
bdizzlethey should be under kubuntu restricted-extras10:43
bdizzleyeah, multiverese too10:43
nahyok i'll do10:43
jussi01nahy: then as bdizzle mentioned, install the package kubuntu-restricted-extras10:43
bdizzlehey, I was wondering why the widgits and RSS feeds don't work in KDE 4.210:44
jussi01bdizzle: plasmoids?10:45
fix_how can i open my hard disk drive on kubuntu10:45
tedyit doesn't work10:45
nahyis that an installation or should i just check a box?10:45
bdizzleweather, rss, clock, etc10:45
jussi01nahy: install the package10:45
bdizzleI install them and get big red X's10:45
fix_how can i open my hard disk drive on kubuntu?10:45
tedywho is the server10:45
jussi01bdizzle: plasmoids from 4.1 often wont work in 4.210:46
nahybdizzle: i had the same problem too. they don't work10:46
tedysorry i meen who is t the hostle10:46
tedythe host10:46
nahyi mean rss, ....10:46
jussi01tedy: explain more?10:46
vlastikfix_: I mean, that you need a screwdriver;)10:46
jussi01tedy: host for what?10:47
tedywho ist the server on this chat10:47
bdizzleany news on when the new ones will be released for 8.10 ?10:47
sandGorgoni installed skype through apt-get cmdline - how do i get it to show up in kickoff ?10:47
jussi01bdizzle: you have the kdeplasma-addons package installed?10:48
vlastiksory, I was just joking... how do you mean 'open harddisk'?10:48
bdizzlelet me check10:48
tedyjussi01 you must to help me with the flashplayer i don't understand why it doesn't work10:49
bdizzlenow i do10:49
jussi01tedy: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree10:49
fix_vlastic_i have a hard disk with data on my last win xp..how can i open in kubuntu?10:49
bdizzlefix_: you should just be able to open it10:50
nahyjussi01: something else i want to know. can i edit my partitions and take some space for it from one of my Windows partitions?10:50
bdizzlewe can read NTFS file systems, but Windows can't really see ext3 or so10:50
vlastikI thing, that you just plug in into your pc and by doubleclick on icon of disk you open it?10:50
tedycan you give me some website for the kubuntu flash player download jussi0110:50
fix_vlastic_ur mean storage media?10:51
jussi01tedy: just copy that command into your terminal10:51
nahybdizzle: can i edit them when i logged in here that i can see NTFS?10:51
bdizzleas far as the files themselves?10:52
vlastikno, no - you really should to be able to open it, if you have it plugged in10:52
bdizzleyeah, it will show up under /media10:52
nahybdizzle: i'm experiencing lack of space for my root10:52
bdizzleum, yeah, you need about 10 GB for root, and that's giving it a lot of free space too10:52
nahyit's 4GB10:52
=== quassel221 is now known as ziroday_
fix_open on?i new on linux so i cannot understand linux10:53
bdizzlefix_: its okay, I was new about a year ago10:54
bdizzleluckily, KDE is rather friendly for this stuff10:54
nahybdizzle: so what exactly should i do? i mean is there any app. to do it? (editting the partitions)10:54
fix_ow...i have a problem find my data last on windows10:54
bdizzlenahy: um, QT Parted, but honestly, I don't trust messing around with partition sizes when there is data on there that I want to save10:54
_spm_DragetI am logged in via ssh into a remote machine and try /etc/init.d/kdm restart, but when it tires to start, I plainly get: 'Not starting K Display Manager (kdm); it is not the default display manager.'. How would I make it the default display manager?10:54
ubottugparted is a !GTK/!Gnome !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php10:54
bdizzlefix_: here10:54
vlastikfix_:don't worry: only just plug your disk into your kubuntu computer, it works itself10:54
bdizzlefix_: go to the "K" menu (formerlly known as kicker). Its where your "Start" button is on windows10:55
bdizzlethen click over to Computer10:55
bdizzlethen click where it says "Root"10:55
bdizzleyou should see all recognized "drives" on the left side10:56
clientocs1Hi. I'm upgrading kde to 4.2. I can't obtain the key through the command:   gpg --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 493B3065 && gpg --export -a 493B3065 | sudo apt-key add -       which is shown in the link in the topic. the command hangs without a result10:56
vlastikfix_: bdizzle it better explains;) thanks bdizzle10:56
fix_sory..in windows i used my computer ..in kubuntu ?10:56
=== jamie_ is now known as jatos_
vlastikfix_: it is similar10:56
nahyubuttu: thanks10:56
bdizzlefix_: in kubuntu, "My Computer" would be found in /media10:56
rdowningnahy: space on your root drive is not a problem10:57
rdowningnahy: I use an asus eeepc which has 4g in total and it works just fine10:58
ubsafderwhat program can i use to sft ipv6 from my kubuntu ?10:58
nahyrdowning: so what do you think is the problem with my machine?10:58
nahymy space in root is getting smaller and smaller10:59
rdowningnahy: how much space is there?10:59
ubsafderkonqueror use to be able to sftp10:59
nahy4G total and 32% free11:00
rdowningnahy: no problem there11:00
rdowningnahy: tell me again what you are trying to do?11:01
nahyrdowning: i reinstalled kubuntu because i had kde4 and and tried to have gnome but my root filled up. and i had to remove and reinstall kubuntu11:04
bdizzleokay, and does anyone know how to add RSS feeds to the plasmoid?11:04
m_tadeuis there an application that can log from 2 serial ports for the same file?11:04
rdowningnahy: ok so you still have a desktop ?11:04
nahyrdowning: now i think the problem with some pkgs that i can't install is lack of space11:05
rdowningit would say that though11:05
bdizzlenevermind, got it11:05
nahyrdowning: yes i have new fresh desktop11:05
rdowningnahy: it would say that there was not enough space if that was the problem11:05
rdowningnahy: 32% of 4G is plenty of space11:06
nahyrdowning: so why some of my installation processes return broken packages?11:06
rdowningnahy: somehow the APT database has become inconsistent, so it must be fixed11:07
nahyrdowning: i should mention it too that i have slow internet connection11:07
rdowningnahy: ok does not help but will not stop things from working11:08
nahyrdowning: how can i fix it? apt-get install -f?11:08
rdowningnahy: see what that does plz11:08
rdowningnahy: also dpkg --configure -a11:08
nahyrdowning: ok thank you good friend11:09
rdowningnahy: hope it works for you11:09
nahyrdowning: right now i'm installing restricted-packages. after that i'll try to face them with more patience :)11:10
rdowningnahy: so packages are installing ok then?11:11
nahyrdowning: still downloading with very slow speed :D11:12
carpiiis there a nice desktop clock for kde 3/5 ?11:13
rdowningnahy: that is a good sign, means that APT is mostly happy then11:13
rdowningcarpii: there is probably a good one available for superkaramba11:14
carpiiinteresting, ive not heard of superkaramba11:15
carpiiill take a look, thanks11:15
nacerkmail crash :( > http://pastebin.com/mb33d0c011:15
bdizzlemeh, comic strip crashed on me11:21
jarcowhat is the alacarte equivalent on kubuntu?11:21
fix_what is mount?11:22
_2man mount11:22
_2man man ; man less ; man intro ; man $any_command11:24
=== ced_ is now known as Ced____
juryhow install flashplyaer?11:24
Ced____Is it possible that i _By accident_ Reverted  my KDE 4.1 install to a 3.5.1? o.O11:25
fix_anyone can help me? how to make a ubuntu server?11:25
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (a recent version for !Dapper is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash11:25
ubottuUbuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server-specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is 8.04. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ServerFaq/ and https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/serverguide/C/index.html - Use the #ubuntu-server channel for support11:25
Ced____fix'd :B11:25
jarcowhat is the alacarte equivalent on kubuntu?11:26
bdizzlefix_: I'd recommend sticking to what you have for now until you learn the basics11:26
jarcofix_, u better need to read a lot about it. Perhaps search for a guide for ubuntu LAMP11:27
_2Ced____ sure it's possible, if you issued the right command some where... but it should have been verbose enough for you to see what was happening.   it's also possable that you have both versions of kde installed. (more likely even)11:27
_2Ced____ command: kwin --version should tell you what is in your path.11:28
jim_phi people11:29
jim_phow can i add a shortcut on my kde4 panel?11:29
jim_pi am new to kde11:29
Ced____Now i have a question.. Is it possible that i accidentaly reverted from a KDe 4.1 install to a KDE 3.5 install?11:30
Ced____'cause if i click 'about KDE' It says 'Release'11:30
Ced____Whilst i have kUbuntu 8.10, which comes default with KDE 4.111:30
Ced____oh ffs what's wrong with the internet now again ><11:30
_2jim_p  right click it ?11:30
Ced____Silly internet ><11:30
jim_p_2, i did, but what do i add?11:31
_2Ced____  kwin --version11:31
Ced____ill check11:31
jim_p_2, dont telll me its the quicklaunch widget?11:31
_2jim_p you can also drag and drop things there11:32
fix_anyone can teach me about how to make a server using linux?11:32
_2!lamp | fix_ read this page11:33
ubottufix_ read this page: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)11:33
Ced____kwin = version 3.0, KDE = version 4.111:34
Ced____Oh GRrr silly internet.11:34
jim_p_2, it added dolphin and konquerror, and it asked me to add shortcuts to add more11:35
jarcodoes anyone know how to open the session manager fromn comman line?11:36
jarcomine is in dutch and this guy cant seem to find his11:36
Ced____Back, again, silly internet ><11:38
Ced____Anyway, _2, My version of Kwin = 3.0, my version of KDE = 4.111:38
Ced____So... What did i do wrong :o11:38
stdinSession Manager -> kcmshell4 kcmsmserver11:38
fix_can i hosting my file on internet using own server11:41
Ced____Well, the desktop effects are fux0red11:41
Ced____Aaaand my internet is dead again.11:41
_spm_DragetHow can I prevent that new users get the 'Videos' 'pictures' etc. directories in their home dir? These are not in /etc/skel11:43
therootestcan someone help me install compiz in kubuntu 8.0.4?11:43
Ced____Silly internet is silly. ._.11:43
oirdimedbonjour tous le monde11:44
oirdimedje galére avec ati Rage Mobility M3 AGP 2x quelqun a une idée11:45
koperton!france | oirdimed11:46
ubottuoirdimed: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr11:46
asranielhi there. i have set a resolution in systemsettings (jaunty, kde 4.2). now everytime i start kde, the resolution is wrong (too high), and i have to open systemsettings/display once to get a correct resolution. is that known bug?11:47
kopertonunstable version...11:47
kopertonis an unstable version11:47
kopertonjaunty has not been released11:48
fix_linux use antivirus or not? what antivirus can i used?11:48
oirdimedhy every body someone can help me about ati Rage Mobility M3 AGP 2x to install a drivers11:49
kopertonno antivurs is needed11:49
kopertonoirdimed: have you tried on ubuntu-fr ?11:49
fix_koperton_what? so virus?11:50
kopertonfix_: man i have linux since 2 years and i have not virus on my machine11:50
=== nicolas_ is now known as Guest8543
fix_ koperton_virus effected on my pc or not?11:50
kopertonjust because linux is made different11:50
fix_ koperton _ tahnks11:51
kopertonfix_: what?11:51
kopertonlinux it's just like Mac11:51
nahyrdowning: its me again. when the download process finished some Debconf window appeard an i clicked on next and again a little error window appears with the text: There was an error commiting changes. Possibly there was a problem downloading some packages or the commit would break packages.11:53
rdowningnahy: ok11:53
rdowningnahy: so have you tried doing apt-get install -f and dpkg --configure -a11:53
nahyi'll try it now and say11:54
nahyrdowning: it shows some error texts should i paste it?11:56
rdowningnahy: only if it is not too large, we don't want to spam the channel11:56
nahyit's large11:57
rdowningnahy: ok send to roger.downing@gmail.com11:57
nahyrdowning: see this http://paste.ubuntu.com/111200/11:58
therootestcan someone help me install compiz in kubuntu 8.0.4?11:58
rdowningnahy: ok try apt-get instal sun-java6-bin11:59
sandGorgontherootest: why compiz... just curious11:59
nahyrdowning: it returned this: E: Unmet dependencies. Try 'apt-get -f install' with no packages (or specify a solution)12:01
faileassandGorgon: well on hardy its the way to get a composite desktop ;)12:01
sandGorgon oh... without going to KDE 4.2 with Kwin you mean12:02
_spm_DragetHow can I prevent that new users get the 'Videos' 'pictures' etc. directories in their home dir? These are not in /etc/skel12:03
=== Guest8543 is now known as Bou
nahyrdowning: i did it. i did it. the problems are solved! finally i succeeded to play mp3 by amarok.12:07
therootestsandGorgon: i just love this cube thing! :)12:09
therootesthow can i add the cube to my kubuntu? :)12:09
_spm_DragetHow can I prevent that new users get the 'Videos' 'pictures' etc. directories in their home dir? These are not in /etc/skel12:12
sorsethi, can i mount ntfs in konqueror in kde4? (like kde3)12:16
sorseti want to mount in graphical mode12:17
therootesthow can i upgrade my distro to kubuntu 8.10?12:29
Lynouretherootest: what are you using now?12:30
therootestLynoure: i'm using but i'm getting this message on startup: http://img300.imageshack.us/my.php?image=screenshootcp8.png12:30
therootestLynoure: so i thought it would be a good idea to upgrade distro...12:30
Dr_willis!info dhcpcd12:31
ubottudhcpcd (source: dhcpcd): DHCP client for automatically configuring IPv4 networking. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:3.2.3-1.1 (intrepid), package size 47 kB, installed size 188 kB12:31
Lynouretherootest: does not necessarily go away with the upgrade, that depends on the cause.12:31
therootestLynoure: how can i fix this?12:32
carpiia bit like napster, but works in wine (hoorah!) -- http://www.spotify.com12:33
Lynouretherootest: that depends on the cause... when it did start, what changed just then?12:33
Lynouretherootest: sounds like some autostart command with broken syntax12:34
chusoHi :) First of all sorry for my English12:35
therootestLynoure: it happened when i used kwin --replace, and closed the command prompt suddenly12:35
Dr_willisdont use the 'close' button..  use the 'exit' command - and i think that wont happen12:35
chusoI have just upgraded my kubuntu 8.10 to kde 4.2. It has throw errors processing kde-window-manager and systemsettings12:35
chusoso now I do not have window manager in my desktop12:36
Dr_willisbummer.  You could try reinstalling 'kubuntu-desktop' from the console and look for any error messages12:38
chusois there any known issue related to errors in kde-window-manager and systemsettings packages for kde 4.2?12:40
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Dr_willisProberly some conflicting files, or other things. 4.2 upraded here fine. but i had the earlier 4.2RC1 installed first12:41
Dr_willishttp://kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.2 may have some info12:42
WishingMastercan anyone tell me how to bring icons on my desktop for accessing drives, i have installed kde 4.2 and currently logged in to it?12:44
chusoAt least does anybody know how to downgrade from kde4.2 to the stable kde4.1?12:52
Dr_willisI recall there being a panel applet to  let you see/mount/drives.. but ive not tried 4.2 yet  so no idea on how to get them on the desktop. I hate them on the desktop12:52
Dr_willischuso,  perhaps remove the 4.2 packatges  i guess.. disable the 4.2 repos.. reinstall kubuntu-desktop  -  I would suggest installing some other window manager first.. in incase this breaks stuff12:53
malvhow do you get sound working with flash and kubuntu?12:54
WishingMasterDr_willis, how to use that panel applet that you are talking about for drives?12:54
zer0oproblem on my pendrive, it won't let me delete a file, it says access denied but it let me delete other files on the same pendrive so it doesnt seem its a permissions issue... any idea?12:55
Dr_willisWishingMaster,   i just saw it in the panel the other day.. i cant say that i really did much with it.  I just got 4.2 installed today. with a lot of other updates - so ive not playwd with it yet12:55
Dr_willisTry deleting it from the terminal12:55
zer0oDr_willis: hi, how do i exit from me@me: ?? want to get to the pen drive address that is sde112:58
Dr_willisyou want a 'shell basics' tutorial you mean?12:58
Dr_willisuse the 'mount' command to see where the drive is mounted at12:59
Dr_williscd  /media/wheveritsmountedat12:59
zer0oalright thanks12:59
WishingMasterhey can anyone suggest me a link for themes for kde,i don't like oxygen/ozone?12:59
zer0oand then i go rm file.format12:59
malvbefore I go and waste my time, are there any issues with flash sound on kubuntu 64-bit?13:00
Dr_willisWishingMaster,  theres several themes in the repsitories not isnstalled by default.. last i looked.13:00
Dr_willismalv,  i have no issues here with it.13:00
zer0oDr_willis: but if its a folder there was another letter to put between rm and the name, i dont remember it sorry :D13:00
WishingMasterDr_willis, how do i check?13:00
Dr_williszer0o,  -r perhaps. or -rf13:00
Dr_williszer0o,  it pays to LEARN your tools :)13:01
chris-rc1if i remember correctly, the networkmanager plasmoid in kde 4.1 had an option for vpn connections (which worked), but though i installed it in kde 4.2 as well (vpn support for the applet that is), i cannot find any config options... is it not included yet?13:01
spot_Hi! I have installed Kubuntu, and i have a laptop (MSI PR200), and i have installed Kopete insted of MSN. I have no programz for my intergrated webcam, but in Kopete settins, the webcam appears, but it dosent seems to work when i close settings again, as it disapears13:03
piquadrat_chHi! Wasn't the weather plasmoid supposed to be in KDE 4.2? I can't find it13:09
Dr_willisThe web site/info in the TOPIC shows it in their videos :)13:10
rdowninghi, any suggestions for fix to graphics corruption in kubuntu xorg ?13:11
rdowningwhen I open a menu in an app for the first time then there is initially corrupted gfx, quickly replaced by menu contents13:12
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Dr_willisrdowning,  kde 4.1 or 4.2 ?13:13
rdowningDr_willis: it was present in kde 4.0 from kubuntu intrepid and still there in kde 4.213:13
rdowningDr_willis: I am sure I read a bug report about it but cannot find it now13:13
=== julian_ is now known as _Ju|ian
Dr_willisrdowning,  from what ive seen - i dont have the issue any more in 4.2  - but ive not tried 4.2 filnal. could be some odd driver/4.2 bug/issue still13:14
rdowningDr_willis: ok so you did see it originally? I have nvidia geforce fx520013:15
Dr_willisi saw it ages ago in 4.1 on my nvidia 8800gtsxxx13:15
Dr_willisdont recall  seeig it on 4.2 rc113:15
rdowningDr_willis: ok and you did not fix it with someone's PPA ?13:17
Dr_willisNot that i recall13:18
Dr_willisusing the  method that topc url says i belive.. with13:18
Dr_willisdeb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-experimental/ubuntu intrepid main13:19
chris-rc1how do i set up  a vpn connection using the networkmanager applet?13:20
rdowningchris-rc1: depends greatly on which VPN system you want to use13:22
WishingMasterhttp://www.skinbase.org/rate.php?skins=48915,how do i install this on my sys?13:23
cuzntinitially corrupted gfx, quickly replaced by menu contents *** like it is out of phase kind of???13:23
rdowningcuznt: yes13:23
cuznti get that13:23
cuzntnot quickly sometimes though13:23
rdowningcuznt: I also get very poor performance that is beaten by my eeepc 701g running mandriva with kde 413:23
cuznti only gotta one pc with one o/s13:24
rdowningcuznt: the eeepc has CPU running at 600 mhz, my PC is 2800 mhz so ought to be somewhat quicker13:24
rdowningcuznt: but slow as molasses13:24
malvit aint all about the mhz13:25
rdowningmalv: true enough, but the difference is stark13:25
rdowningmalv: I have kde 3.5.10 on the system too from the pearson computing folks, and that flies13:25
cuznti get good speed13:25
malvanyone else with nettops that can report on kde 4.2 performance?13:26
eightieskhildhello all.13:26
BluesKajbuss speed is one of the determining factors as well as RAM , besides the cpu13:26
WishingMasterhttp://www.skinbase.org/rate.php?skins=48915,how do i install this on my sys?13:26
eightieskhildanyone here know why my network seems to be so  slow?13:26
eightieskhildfast as can be in windows13:26
WishingMastermust be a dns issue13:27
rdowningblueskaj: yes sure also true but computer speed here is not the issue13:27
WishingMasteris ipv6 disabled13:27
eightieskhildwhats that?13:27
eightieskhildnewish to linux13:27
rdowningblueskaj: still a 2.8 ghz machine with 512MB RAM ought to be able to cope with kde 4.213:28
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto13:28
BluesKajopen a terminal , WishingMaster: ip a | grep inet6 , if there's no output then ipv6 is disabled13:28
WishingMasterthat is for eightieskhild13:29
chris-rc1rdowning: i wanna connect to a cisco router. networkmanager used to have an option for that, which worked, but it seems this is gone with the update to 4.213:29
eightieskhildWishingMaster: How wouild one tell if it was?13:30
BluesKajWishingMaster . Disabling IPv6 ' open the Run Command & type; kdesu kate /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist '  add this line ' blacklist ipv6 '  save the file and reboot13:30
rdowningchris-rc1: you will likely have to install the right network manager wrappers13:30
rdowningchris-rc1: sorry I don't have access to an intrepid machine atm13:30
rdowningchris-rc1: try aptitude search network-manager13:30
BluesKajrun command = alt + f213:30
WishingMastercan anone tell me how to install this http://www.skinbase.org/rate.php?skins=4891513:30
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=== ubuntu_ is now known as alexmlw
BluesKajrdowning , 512 RAM is iffy for KDE4.2 IMO .13:31
cuzntyeah i have 2gigs ram13:31
rdowningblueskaj: but its ok on the eeepc, thats what I cannot understand13:32
cuzntwell rdowing my pc ran windows @ 512 ram and my wifes dells sucks @ 512 ram13:32
WishingMasterhow to change themes in ubuntu running kde 4.2?13:33
cuznti do not know how she can stand it13:33
chris-rc1does anybody know why vpn support in the networkmanager applet is gone?13:33
cuzntwishing right click desktop>appearence settings13:33
ubottuInformation about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php13:33
rdowningwishingmaster: do you want the whole theme? it's easy enough to get out the wallpaper etc13:33
BluesKajeeepc, rdowning ?13:34
rdowningblueskaj: you aint heard of them?13:34
rdowningblueskaj: the first netbook, 512MB RAM, 600 Mhz CPU, 4G solid-state disk13:34
rdowningblueskaj: runs kde 4 in mandriva very well indeed13:34
WishingMasteri want the complete theme13:35
BluesKajok rdowning , need more RAM if you are using SSdisk, from all reports13:35
rdowningchris-rc1: did you try searching with aptitude? or synaptic?13:35
rdowningblueskaj: you are not reading right, my really low-powered eeepc netbook is running kde4 over twice as nicely (comparisons may be fictitious) as my relatively powerful desktop PC13:36
rdowningblueskaj: so I reason that the problem is either kubuntu version of kde4 or some aspect of my hardware in the PC that it does not like13:37
BluesKajrdowning , you could be right, maybe HALD is using a generic driver for your graphics etc13:39
rdowningI have the proper binary nvidia driver installed13:39
=== ergb546uy4ry is now known as SDFE
ares28ultraCiaoo a tuttiii13:40
ares28ultraHAllo at all!13:40
chris-rc1rdowning: synaptic13:40
ares28ultraSomeone can give me some help???13:40
rdowningchris-rc1: Go to Menu->System->Package Manager (or very similar wording)13:41
hateball!explain | ares28ultra13:41
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about explain13:41
hateball!ask | ares28ultra13:41
ubottuares28ultra: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)13:41
hateball!it | ares28ultra13:41
ubottuares28ultra: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)13:41
ares28ultraniente scusatemi non volevo annoiarvi, ma13:42
ares28ultrasiccome è la prima volta che uso wicd, mi kiedevo se qualcuno sa come demonizzarlo e frlo comparire nel tray13:42
ares28ultraqualcuno sa come demonizzare wicd?13:45
BluesKajrdowning, using the rec'd nvidia driver in kmenu/ system/hardware drivers ?13:45
rdowningbluskaj: yes, used the restricted driver manager to install it13:46
ares28ultrasomeone knows how to use or install the wicd daemon and how to take wicd on tray?13:47
BluesKajwel, rdowning , maybe some one with a similar prob that was solved can help ...dunno what it could be ...some conflict ...did you check top or htop to what processes are using up cpu amd mem ?13:48
rdowningblueskaj: yeah but the system seemed very quiet, nothing standing out as being a CPU hog13:49
rdowningthanks for your suggestions13:49
chris-rc1rdowning: yes, this is synaptic13:49
rdowningchris-rc1: ok then search for network-manager13:50
chris-rc1rdowning: as i said, vpnc support for networkmanager is installed13:50
rdowningchris-rc1: ok13:50
rdowningany1 else able to help chris-rc1 with networkmanager ?13:51
chris-rc1rdowning: could it be this is beccause kde 4.2 plasmoids are incompatible with 4.1 and they just haven't included it yet? it was in 4.113:51
rdowningchris-rc1: that would make sense13:52
chris-rc1rdowning: openvpn doesn't work either. i'm gonna ask the guys over at #kde13:53
rdowninggood plan13:53
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valbergis it possible to run adept with a forced dist-upgrade like 'update-manager -d' ?13:57
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=== Guest4414 is now known as crash001
crash001salve a tutti, in poche parola ad ogni riavvio perdo la mia collezione amarok 2, i file si trovano su un'altro disco rigido, al 99% la mia collezzione la perdo perchè kubuntu non effettua il montaggio automatico del disco all'avvio, come risolvo?????????14:10
BluesKajsalve crash00114:10
BluesKaj!it | crash00114:10
ubottucrash001: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)14:10
_spm_DragetHow can I prevent that new users get the 'Videos' 'pictures' etc. directories in their home dir? These are not in /etc/skel14:10
BluesKaj_spm_Draget , share the dirs with other users afaik14:12
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subscioushas kubuntu changed a lot since 6.06.1?14:19
carpiii imagine so14:20
subsciouswhich are you using?14:20
BluesKaj8.10 here14:21
carpiii tried upgrading to 8.10, but it was a disaster14:21
carpiiso i reinstalled yesterday14:21
subsciousi read that 8.04 kubuntu has issues with multimonitors...14:21
carpiinot here. i have a dual monitor setup with nvidia card14:22
carpiibut compiz does have issues on dual monitor14:22
carpiibut i dont use it anyway14:22
BluesKajone can't skip over other releases , a fresh install is the best way14:22
carpiiyeah, 6.06 must be very old now anyway14:22
_spm_DragetAccording to the kubuntu.org site in german, kubunut 8.04 is supported till october 2009, is this correct?14:22
carpiiits a long term release so i imagine so14:23
carpiiwhereas 8.10 isnt14:23
carpiiplus 8.10 only comes with kde 4.x, which is a showstopper for me14:23
_spm_Dragetaccording to the site 8.10 is supported till 2010, the 8.04 till octiber 2009, which is odd, since I thought this it the LTS version14:23
subsciousubuntu 8.10 is supported till 201114:24
subsciouserm ubuntu 9.0414:24
_spm_Dragetokay, then it is wrong on the website http://www.kubuntu.org/getkubuntu/download14:24
sandGorgon KDE 4.2 locked up when I was on battery and it played a jingle for low-batt warning. anybody know how i can find more info to log a bug report?14:24
subsciousno that is ubuntu i dont know about kubuntu14:24
carpiiwait, i think kubuntu 8.04 isnt a LTS14:24
carpiibecause of KDE 414:24
carpiibut ubuntu 8.04 IS14:25
carpiihow confusing14:25
_spm_Dragetcarpii: Argh =(14:25
carpiibut 8.04 is stable, so its not a huge problem14:25
subsciouswhats new in kde4?14:25
faileascarpii: eveything except the de will be updated till then ;)14:25
carpiikde4 is a completely different experience. you should try it on a live cd since it might not be for you14:25
carpiipersonally i hate it, really hate it14:26
OsamaKHello, I'm using Kubuntu on top of Ubuntu. How can I reinstall all packages included on Kubuntu. (Well, I want to chose reinstall to 'download packages only')14:26
rdowningwhat do you not like?14:26
_spm_DragetDoes 8.10 also contain kde 3.5?14:26
BluesKajI'm used to it now ...works fine14:26
BluesKaj_spm_Draget , no14:26
=== jeremy_ is now known as Eruaran
carpiino spm, 4.x only14:27
carpii8.04 if the last rls to contain kde 3.514:27
carpiiand upgrading to 8.10 actually removes 3.5 :(((14:27
zoggycarpii: i really struggled with intrepid's kde4, but i'm on the alpha of jaunty and i must say that you're probably gonna love it. apart from a few driver issues caused by xorg (ie not related to kde development), it's an absolute pleasure to work on and it's effects are at a perfect balance between classy and functional14:27
zoggyso there's lots to look forward to14:27
Eruaransounds good zoggy14:28
zoggykde4 is looking absolutely amazing. it's look rivals the classiness of mac14:28
carpiizoggy, yeah i should try 4.2, its a lot better apparently. But i tried to upgrade and got into all sorts of mess, so Im keeping this desktop on 8.04 for the forseeable future :)14:28
OsamaKcarpii, you got to test KDE 4.2, it just wow.14:28
rdowninglooks, schmooks14:28
rdowningyou could pimp windows 95 to look good14:28
Eruaranzoggy: does jaunty have packagekit yet ?14:28
rdowningits how it works that matters14:28
carpiithe problem i have with kde is everything looks so huge. the start menu etc, i just want a simple gui like 3.5, its more productive for me14:29
faileasrdowning: or windows 3.11 ;p14:29
rdowningyou can switch to classic menu style14:29
rdowningfaileas: true14:29
carpiiyeah i know, i just dont see the benefit :)14:29
rdowningseparation of model and view14:29
Eruaranright click > click to change to classic menu14:29
BluesKajthere is a way to install kde 3 0n intrepid, if you have nerve try this :) http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=96369514:29
rdowningcarpii: all the super cool new features are incoming still really14:30
rdowningblueskaj: it works just fine, I have done it14:30
EruaranThe benefit is Plasma.14:30
carpiiBlues, thats the procedure i tried yesterday. I dont recommend it14:30
rdowningnot really eyt14:30
BluesKajahh, conflicting reports14:30
subscioushow are batch files called in linuxß14:30
EruaranPlasma is an enabling technology.14:30
carpiii couldnt even boot into kdm in the end, and when i fixed that, it had lots more problems to tackle14:30
faileassubscious: probably .sh14:30
rdowningeruaran: exactly, we need ppl to use it for cool things14:31
faileasbut the extention is unimportant14:31
carpiimake sure its executable too14:31
rdowningand akonadi and nepomuk hold promise14:31
subsciousfaileas ... why probably? is there diffrent ways of doing scripts?14:31
rdowningsubscious no the name of the file is not important in linux14:32
carpiisubscious, a script is just a text file with executable permissions, and then you put your interpreter on the first line   like    #!/bin/sh14:32
subsciousdoes linux execute all kinds of text based files? or is it about the header?14:32
rdowningthe contents matter and they are identified in better ways than the last 3 letters of the file name14:32
BluesKajrdowning, so it installs beside kde4 , and one chooses the desktop at login ?14:32
rdowningblueskaj: yes, it certainly worked with kde4 from 8.10 default install14:33
rdowningbut on upgrade to 4.2 I was dismayed to see it all get removed :(14:33
faileassubscious: linux dosen't care about filenames. its all about content. i've used it to id filetypes before ;)14:33
BluesKajrdowning , bummer :(14:33
rdowningsubscious: are you trying to do something that we can help with?14:33
carpiitake a tip from me, if youre thinking of upgrading to kde 4.x, back everything up first. you may come to regret it14:33
subsciousim thinkin about makin a installation disc with all the stuff i like on it ...14:34
rdowningfor use doing what?14:34
rdowninga custom live cd you can boot on any machine?14:34
subsciousi want to learn writing script files in linux anyways ...14:34
subscioushmmm both ... i want to compile one for mine and have a general ...14:35
rdowningthere are nice tools now that will do as you want and create custom live cds14:35
subsciousi want to learn doing this myself14:36
subsciouswell for now it would do to have a script that installs certain packages i need14:36
=== adam00 is now known as adam000
subsciousaptitude is a general linux command? or is it debian like only?14:37
OsamaKany idea about my question above?14:37
rdowningdebian and friends only14:37
rdowningsadly there is no real universal insatll method on linux other than compile from source14:37
BluesKajsubscious , works in (k)ubuntu14:37
rdowningand that can quickly lead to pain14:37
rdowningosamak: repeat?14:38
OsamaKHello, I'm using Kubuntu on top of Ubuntu. How can I reinstall all packages included on Kubuntu. (Well, I want to chose reinstall to 'download packages only')14:38
BluesKajyeah, svn should be eliminated14:38
rdowningosamak: so strip it back to just the initial install ?14:38
OsamaKrdowning, what do you mean?14:39
rdowningosamak: I am trying to understand what you mean14:39
rdowningkubuntu is ubuntu, just with a different desktop interface14:39
rdowningall the internals are the same14:39
ubottuIf you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureKDE »14:40
BluesKajOsamaK, kde and gnome are desktops , not operating ssytems14:40
OsamaKBluesKaj, I knew that :)14:40
faileassubscious: aptitude is a front end for dpkg, which is only used on debian based systems. packagenames and versions might be different too14:40
zoggyEruaran: not sure what you mean by packagekit. i just changed my /etc/apt/sources and did an upgrade. carpii: there was a small issue with amarok and mysql-server during installation, but i just removed them and installed them later. all working now14:40
OsamaKrdowning, I want to have all kubuntu packages on my '/var/cache/apt/archive', then I'll be able to copy that folder and paste it into another offline-computer, then I'll be able to install Kubuntu on top of Ubuntu without accessing the internet.14:41
BluesKajOsamaK, so what are you trying to do ?.too much info confuses me :)14:41
rdowningosamak: ah ok14:41
Eruaranzoggy: Oh, Adept is not going to be in Kubuntu9.04, they are switching to KPackageKit (and Ubuntu is switching from Synaptic to PackageKit)14:41
bazhangperhaps clone?14:42
Eruaranzoggy: I was wondering if that had made its appearance yet14:42
OsamaKBluesKaj, the last message will explain.14:42
zoggysubscious: you can run any test file like this "sh filename"14:42
* faileas wouldn't notice. apt all the way ;)14:42
rdowningosamak: apt-proxy can create a mirror of the whole package archive14:42
faileasrdowning: i thought that was apt-mirror?14:43
rdowningosamak: but its huge, 20_000 packages14:43
OsamaKrdowning, no, I don't thing so, it must be about 200 package only.14:43
rdowningfaileas: you are probably right14:43
zoggyEruaran: ah, thanks! i haven't seen it yet, but i used apt..... would never attempt a huge upgrade using the gui.  is packagekit console-based?14:43
OsamaKrdowning, I spent many months trying finding a way for offline installation. so I really want to apply this [and only this] method.14:43
rdowningosamak: ok just the ones that come down when you do apt-get install kubuntu-desktop ?14:44
rdowningapt-get option '-d' seems to do just that14:44
faileasOsamaK: you could also use aptoncd to copy the packages installed on a box14:44
rdowningso on a clean ubuntu system, do: apt-get -d install kubuntu-desktop14:44
faileasi think14:44
Eruaranzoggy: its a front end metapackage thingy that is supposed to work with all backends so any distro can use it (Fedora already uses it for example).14:45
zoggyOsamaK: i use apt-proxy and love it, but not always offline i guess... there may be new packages from time to time. does the solution require being totally offline?14:45
OsamaKfaileas, aptoncd copies files on the archive, the problem is that, for some reasons, I don't have the packages on my archive: that what I'm trying to do!14:46
zoggyEruaran: thanks, i'm installing it now..14:46
OsamaKrdowning, mine isn't 'clean' this is another problem :)14:46
ubottuIf you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureKDE »14:46
OsamaKrdowning, so I'll use the UI and tell it to 'download packages only'.14:46
rdowningosamak: ok if its an option in the GUI then use that14:47
OsamaKrdowning, I don't want to remove Gnome.14:47
rdowningosamak: not sure how I have helped if you already knew that option?14:47
EruaranDoes 9.04 still have pulseaudio as a dependancy ?14:47
EruaranI hate that crap14:48
OsamaKrdowning, There is no 'meta' package, if I selected 'kubuntu-desktop' it will only download its package alone.14:48
subsciousis the only difference from apt-get to aptitude the interface? and if not so is the process of installation etc diffrent?14:48
OsamaKI'm trying to 'mark' all packages of Kubuntu.14:48
EruaranI wanted to remove it and it said kubuntu-desktop was dependant on it... like umm... It was gonna rip the guts out of kubuntu14:48
rdowningosamak: so you have a customised system but would like to know the list of packages that need to be installed on top of a clean system?14:48
rdowningosamak: I cannot answer that14:49
OsamaKyeah.. I thought it must be much easier :)14:49
rdowningosamak: apt-get -d should do dependency resolution as well14:49
BluesKajsubscious , aptitude handles dependencies better than apt , both during install and removal14:49
OsamaKrdowning, "0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 1 not upgraded." is the output!14:50
rdowningosamak: any chance you could set up a virtual machine with KVM or qemu ?14:50
OsamaKWha'ts KVM and qemu.14:50
rdowningosamak: never mind14:50
rdowningosamak: I was just trying to get you a clean system14:50
gorgonzola(repeating question, pardon the flood) i changed monitors, and adjusted the corresponding Xorg entry to set the correct resolution for the new monitor, adjusted usplash, modified vga modes in grub. Everything works with the new res, EXCEPT kde and kdm. If i change the res inside kde, the current session changes to the coprrect res, but upon login, kdm reverts to 1024, and on relogin kde reverts to 1024... UNTIL i enter the "display"14:50
gorgonzolamodule in system settings, upon which it automatically changes the res to 1280, before allowing for any prompt. This setting, as well as any modifications to plasma workspace, are reverted upon logout. HELP!?14:51
gorgonzolaplease please please someone help me :(14:51
OsamaKrdowning, yeah! maybe I can use the LiveCD?14:51
rdowningosamak: great idea!14:51
OsamaKthank you for the 'virtual machine' :)14:51
OsamaKI'm going to test that..14:52
rdowningosamak: must have prompted some thought in you :)14:52
BluesKajgorgonzola , have you installed your graphic card linux drivers , or are you just using the generic that HAL provides ?14:54
subscioushow can i make athe live cd load the whole cd into the ram?14:54
rdowningsubscious not easy, you would have to make a RAM disk and change root FS into it14:55
subsciousarent live cds always loading a fs into ram?14:55
=== cuznt is now known as butthead
buttheadheh you said ram heh14:56
=== butthead is now known as cuznt
gorgonzolaBLuesKaj: i am on flglrx on a radeon card.14:56
rdowningsubcious yes a temp one but the contents of the CD are left on there14:56
subsciousarent live cds always loading a FS into RAM?   <= better?14:56
cuzntthat would take a bunch of ram would it not?14:56
subsciousi have 4gb14:56
rdowningbuttheads, I mean loads14:56
faileassubscious: not all of them do14:57
rdowningthings like Damn Small Linux load into RAM, and scream along as a result14:57
faileasyou need the toram cheatcode14:57
rdowningbut thats only about 80 megabytes14:58
subsciousknoppix allows loading into ram as well14:58
rdowningfaileas: new to me, but looks kosher!14:58
subsciousdo cheatcodes apply to all linux distros?14:58
rdowningsubscious: no14:59
subsciousto debain and friends then?14:59
rdowningnot even that14:59
hjparkhow to enable hardware acceleration on kde4 ?14:59
subsciouswell ... does the toram command apply to ubuntu/kubuntu?14:59
rdowning... apparently15:00
subsciousat what point can i type it in?15:00
rdowningright at the first boot screen after your turn the PC on with the CD in15:00
BluesKajgorgonzola, modified vga modes in grub ?15:01
gorgonzolaBLuesKaj: yes, vga=79515:01
BluesKajin grub or xorg.conf ?15:01
gorgonzolaBluesKaj: everything is set to 1280: grub, usplash, X. everything actually works at that res, EXCEPT for kdm and kde15:02
subsciouswhats the meaning of all this: Dapper Drake, Gutsy Gibbon ....15:02
gorgonzolaBleusKaj that fail to preserver its settings... kdm loads at 1024, kde logins at 1024, no matter what i say in system settings, and then, if i open that module in syssettings, the res suddenly reverts to the correct value... like it's not catching it up until explicitly read or something...15:03
ubottuUbuntu has awesome release codenames. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/DevelopmentCodeNames for more15:03
BluesKajnever heard of modding in grub before, that's totally new to me , gorgonzola15:03
gorgonzolaBluesKaj its a little neat feature of grub, pasing vga modes to the kernel, i've never had any issues with that15:03
cuzntjaunty juandice15:03
eightieskhildhow would i go about acessing my windows directory?15:04
gorgonzolaBleusKaj: besides, i'm trying to purge any reference to a different res in my system, in an attempt to make kdm start at 1280...15:04
gorgonzolai *really* would hate to reinstall just to make the install program set my res...15:04
BluesKajgorgonzola, hope you din't update the kernel after doing the mod15:04
rdowningeightieskhild it should be listed as an icon in "Storage Media" through Dolphin (if you use dolphin for file management)15:05
subsciouswhere can i find detailed package / compatibility / kernel version/ etc... lists for the diffrent distros and their releases ?15:05
rdowningwww.distrowatch.com is good15:05
gorgonzolaBluesKaj: ah? no, i manually edited menu.lst, and set the default automagic generator to append vga=795 to new entries. really, i know what i'm doing in the grub conf... :)15:05
gorgonzolabesides, i haven't had any kernel updates after the change f monitor.15:06
eightieskhildrdowning: it is listed but it won't let me select it after selecting it it goes back to the icon above it.15:07
Captain_HaddockIs anybody else facing issues with widgets in 4.2?15:08
Captain_HaddockI just get unknown widgets for the majority of them when I click add15:08
rdowningeightieskhild with no errors anywhere to be seen?15:08
subsciousis there anything one has to know about creating swap partitions? (i wasnt able creating one on my local hdd)15:09
rdowningeightieskhild try to right-click on it and choose "mount"15:09
eightieskhildi did15:09
eightieskhildit has no option to mount15:09
rdowningis there an unmount option?15:10
BluesKajgorgonzola, maybe a change in the xorg.conf file might work tho , but with intrepid it's quite useless to edit in my exprience , tried to add "input device " keyboard ,ctrl:nocaps...wouldn't accept the edits , it crashed X .15:10
rdowningsounds like NTFS is not supported for some reason for you15:10
=== andrea_ is now known as kobaltx
gorgonzolaBluesKaj: wtf? that's completely unaceptable. if i encounter that, i switch to debian on the spot. luckily, my xorg.conf has never given me any problems...15:10
cuznti could never get my nfts to mount15:11
eightieskhildi have ntfs with my other partitions15:11
gorgonzolaBluesKaj: and the problem doesn't seem to be on X. it's kde...15:11
BluesKajeightieskhild , did you check dolphin , for (volume) ntfs ?15:11
eightieskhildmy net speed isn't what it should be.15:11
BluesKajgorgonzola, take a look at it ...it's barebones15:12
gorgonzolaBluesKaj: you mean debian? or your xorg?15:12
BluesKajkubuntu 8.1015:13
eightieskhildi got the drive15:13
rdowningwhat did you do?15:13
eightieskhildi just need a lil hrelp with why my nets so slow15:13
eightieskhildsudo dolphin15:14
BluesKajrdowning, dolphin shows the ntfs partitions in intrepid15:14
rdowningyes I know, eightieskhild had the problem15:15
rdowningeightieskhild is it poor performance or slow to connect initially?15:16
eightieskhild22 minutes to download pidgin on a 10mbps connection is my issue lol15:16
eightieskhildpoor performance15:16
eightieskhildits making my wow lag ; ;15:16
fix_help me...how to install using rpm file on ubuntu15:17
BluesKaj!rpm | fix15:18
ubottufix: RPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !APT, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous and unsupported)15:18
fix_how to install flash player on kubuntu 7.04?15:19
vlastikfix_: better is install similar package from deb;)15:19
fix_ur mean? update?15:20
eightieskhild; ;15:20
stdinfix_: 7.04 is no longer supported15:23
rdowningeightieskid is it slow connecting to everywhere? the server may be busy15:23
stdinconsider upgrading to 7.10, 8.04 or 8.1015:23
jussi01stdin: stole my words as I was typing them...15:23
eightieskhildrdowning: everywhere...15:24
cuzntgo all the way stdin go for it.... 8.10 kde 4.215:24
Captain_Haddockanyone know which package contains all of plasma's widgets in 4.2?15:24
rdowningeightieskhild compared with? have you tried one of teh bandwidth tester websites?15:24
stdincuznt: I'm already on Jaunty (9.04)15:24
eightieskhildcompared to my windows install15:24
subsciouswhy i it possible to send encrypted files containing unencrypted parts?15:25
stdinCaptain_Haddock: kdeplasma-addons15:25
Captain_Haddockthanks stdin15:25
runpain2Hi my wife and her (daughter whom lives in another city) are handicapped and they play a game in yahoo IM called listira it is a word game but we want to change to Linux on my wifes laptop for all the viruses that effect windows linux is safer is there a yahoo im with the same functions for linux as windows they also talk to each other as they play usine a usb headphone mic combo15:25
cuznti thought you were asking15:25
Captain_Haddockall my widgets appear to be broken15:25
* cuznt was just trying to be supportive15:25
stdincuznt: I was replying to fix_15:25
rdowningrunpain2 there are plenty of IM clients that will connect to yahoo but I really doubt your game would be supported15:27
stdinrunpain2: yahoo do have a client for linux, but it's horribly old and has almost no features other than plain text chat. there are clients that work on the yahoo protocol but won't have the games support15:27
rdowningalso plz use some punctuation, its hard to read otherwise15:27
eightieskhildrdowning: ive seen yahoo run pretty well via wine.15:27
luis_hi good day 2 u all guys15:27
runpain2i wish they could make it for linux15:27
rdowninggood point, that way could work15:27
rdowningtricky perhaps15:27
jussi01there is a yahoo proprietry client for linux iirc15:28
eightieskhildI use wine for a few things....15:28
rdowningyeah I have crossover office here15:28
eightieskhildjussi01: but its only messages.15:28
runpain2him tried it in wine but seems stubrine15:28
jussi01eightieskhild: ahh15:28
Captain_Haddockit might also be possible to play the game via the browser and chat via IM... unsure15:28
stdinjussi01: it's from the '90s15:28
jussi01stdin: hahaha ok.15:28
rdowninghere's one ------> 715:28
eightieskhild90's FTW15:28
eightieskhildbe back in a bit15:29
luis_i like to ask how can i see how many kerneles do i have from konsole? "uname -r (a)" gives me only the one i am working with but i want to get all the ones i have on konsole any one knows a command for it pls????15:29
rdowningdpkg -l linux-image*15:29
rdowningluis_ ^15:29
ocshi, which is the tool for configuring samba through a web page ? the options in konqueror are buggy, so I want to use this other system15:30
ocsthans rdowning15:30
luis_thank you very much rdowning15:30
stdinin fact, yahoo don't even list the linux download any more. just windows, mac, mobile and web15:31
runpain2what is super user file managment called in term15:31
ocsrdowning: sorry: the associated web page (with port)?15:32
stdinrunpain2: to do what?15:32
runpain2to use root file managment15:33
stdinuse sudo for terminal commands15:33
stdinor use "kdesudo dolphin" or "kdesudo konqueror" for a GUI15:33
rdowningocs ^15:34
ocsthanks again rdowning15:34
subsciousare there some sorts of limitations to swap partitions?15:35
stdinnot really15:36
subscioushmmm i tryed creating on ewith the installer... it didnt work15:36
rdowningsubscious not normally any limit, did an error show up ?15:37
subsciousyeah i guess...  sth like unable to create partition15:37
rdowningperhaps not enough room on your disk?15:37
subsciousif 100gig is not enough15:38
rdowningyou can have swap files15:38
rdowninghow much RAM do you have?15:38
subsciousi tryed creating it with 40 gig first.... and then with 2 gig ... than i lost patience15:38
subsciousbtw is heh sth like hehe or rather a huh?15:39
Captain_HaddockWhen I try to click on links in some applications I run into the following error message: "could not find service kfmclient"15:39
Captain_HaddockI suspect that this has something to Konqueror not being my default web browser...15:40
=== crash is now known as Guest84033
=== Guest84033 is now known as crash001
Captain_Haddockany idea how to fix it?15:40
fix_kubuntu 7.04 what file type software used?  rpm/deb?15:40
rdowningsubscious with 4G of RAM dont bother with swap15:40
fix_ok thanks15:40
rdowningsubscious heh == hehe15:40
faileas.... 40 didswap?15:42
carpiiwhere can i find new icon sets that i can use on kde 3.5 desktop ?15:44
carpiior is there any way to have kde read an icon from a windows exe (when putting a wine shortcut on desktop)?15:45
knusperfroschplaying a midi on commandline with timidity <midifile> the midi sounds nearly like music ;), but with rosegarden or even pmidi: lags, unuseable. got intel hardware with ac97.15:49
lakis1982how can i install mac and google gadgets on kde 4.2 ..they doesnt appear correctly15:50
jussi01knusperfrosch: got a realtime kernel?15:50
jussi01knusperfrosch: the one in 8.10 is actually broken, but I expect thats your issue15:51
knusperfroschjussi01: nope, no realtime kernel, so linux-image-rt is what i need?15:54
BUGabundoFriends I would like to invite you all to show up at Tokamak, a KDE summit to discuss the future of Plasma. from day 6 to 9, at Porto (ISEP) Portugal. http://techbase.kde.org/Projects/Plasma/Tokamak2 & http://tuxvermelho.blogspot.com/2009/01/tokamak-ii-no-porto.html15:54
jussi01knusperfrosch: are you on 8.10?15:54
knusperfroschjussi01: yes i am15:54
jussi01knusperfrosch: as I said, the realtime kernel is borked in 8.10 at the moment15:55
jussi01but you can try, the package you need (meta) is linux-rt15:55
ct529how do you allow the root user to login?15:55
knusperfroschjussi01: well i guess i'll install 8.04 on a second partition. i'm afraid that 9.04 won't ship any kde3 packages. so there won't be rosegarden...15:56
jussi01knusperfrosch: yeah, Im not sure how that works.15:57
jussi01!info rosegarden jaunty15:57
ubotturosegarden (source: rosegarden): music editor and MIDI/audio sequencer. In component universe, is extra. Version 1:1.7.2-2ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 3885 kB, installed size 9552 kB15:57
knusperfroschjussi01: good to know.15:58
rdowningct529: why do you want to allow root to login?16:04
ubottuInformation about installing Ubuntu on an Asus EeePC can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EeePC16:04
ct529rdowning: not why but how16:05
rdowningct529 you just need to give the root user a password16:06
rdowningsudo passwd root16:06
rdowningbut why run the desktop as root ?16:06
ct529rdowning: I have already done that but does not allow me to run the desktop .... :(16:07
blahjakect529: logging in as root is a Bad Thing (TM), use sudo on the command line or kdesu in the GUI if you need to run something as root16:08
rdowningct529 you need to configure your login window to permit you to use root, this differs depending on your choice of login window KDM, GDM etc16:10
gorgonizerct529: you need to allow the root user in the Login Manager in System Settings IIRC.. but I would not recommend it unless absolutely necessary..16:10
ct529I am using kdm, and allowed it, but it does not let me do it ....16:11
ct529I cannot find a tick box to tick to allow root login16:14
valbergdammit it's annoying that the firefox in the repository is gnome-specifix16:22
thomas_Got a problem with kde4.2 and the folderview applet, as i understand i should have the same functionality as in dolphin when i do a right click on a file shown inside the folderview-applet, BUT there are lots of options missing, like all the extract-options on archives, any way to fix this ?16:25
ward_Can somebody help me with installingh intel drivers ??16:27
ward_i Installed the indel xorg packaga16:27
ward_but my xorg.conf http://pastebin.com/m76fa1828 looks pretty empty16:27
ward_shouldn't be there modes listed etc16:28
ward_had the xorg config of one guy @ work with same laptop and there was very more in that file --> he uses opensuse16:29
geniiward_: The xorg file is becoming less and less used. They want to eventually do away with it altogether and shift everything so udev reports to the x server hardware and it loads auto the appropriate drivers16:32
ward_how can I see that the good module is loaded ?16:36
ward_and he uses the drivers16:36
rdowningct529 tick the box by the root user in the list on the "users" tab16:37
rdowningyou need to enter administrator mode to do this16:37
ct529rdowning: done but does not work16:41
ajuntahi all! did anyone use Antico ? i can not find any another styles for it...16:41
rdowningct529 dont know then sorry16:41
rdowningct529 still not convinced you need to run the desktop as root16:41
geniict529: If you run your *buntu box as root and have problems, you won't get much sympathy here.16:43
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rossethi peoples16:48
rossethow to install kde 4.2 on Ubuntu with gnome - 8.10 intrepid?16:48
ward_look @ kubuntu.org :)16:48
geniirosset: See also the link in the channel /topic for 4.216:48
khaije1any ppa's for mozilla weave?16:49
rossetim try http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.2-beta-216:49
ward_there are experimental repository's you can add in apt sources16:49
rossetward_, ok, i add now16:49
=== k4v is now known as m4v
rossetpackage name for kde4 is??16:49
ward_you should do apt-get update16:50
ward_and then upt-get dist-upgrade16:50
=== rosset is now known as rosset-brb
AdolaSo, KDE 4.2 if finallly out?  I'm assuming because my updates went from 22, to 119 :)16:53
fyrfaktryits out, and it ROCKS16:54
ward_can I see what the status of packaging 4.2 is ?16:55
ward_I see that I have updated but the package kdebase-workspace is still16:56
=== rosset-brb is now known as rosset
zitanyone here?17:01
carpiiwhat does it look like?17:02
carpiiis there any way to set kmail to automatically show html images for certain trusted senders ?17:05
bsmhi, anybody installed kde 4.2 with nvidia driver 180.22? the compositing effects of 4.1 where quite well, but kde 4.2 broke them somehow...17:09
=== Pricey is now known as Guest39261
scoopexhi :-) after upgrading to kde4.2, i am not able to start thunderbird anymore :-( i get the follwing message : "gecko:21457): Pango-WARNING **: failed to create cairo scaled font, expect ugly output. the offending font is 'DejaVu Sans Bold Oblique 9.9990234375'17:14
scoopexSegmentation fault17:14
=== nicolas_ is now known as Guest97953
=== Guest97953 is now known as Bou
BluesKajscoopex , change fonts in thunderbird , if you were using optional ones17:20
LeeJunFansomehow I keep ending up with 2 Xorg's running, both cmdline says are -vt7, yet rc2.d only has one display manager in it.17:20
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=== _neversfelde is now known as neversfelde
Bryanso is ppa.launchpad.net the offical kubuntu experimental repo's?17:33
Bryanhttp://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-experimental/ubuntu <<<17:34
carpiisee topic.17:35
Bryanwell the public key was off17:35
BryanI figured better be safe than being a sheep ^_^17:35
=== MuzerAway is now known as Muzer
\kiraAfter a new installation, i updated, and restarted. It appeared to start okay, but while logging in, I get this error: Could not start kstartupconfig. Check your installation.17:43
\kiraclicking okay returns me to the login screen17:43
=== ralf_ is now known as geckolein
\kiraif I try to start in failsafe, I get this: there was an error setting up a inter-proccess communications for KDE. The message returned was: could not read network connection list. //.DCOPserver_Uplink__0. Please check that the "dcopserver" program is running!17:45
\kirathen it returns a write error, and drops me to a shell17:46
carpiihave you tried what it suggests ?17:49
cbwcjwMorning guys17:49
\kiraum... No, because Ive just found that all of our home directories are gone...17:49
\kiramy /home/ is empty17:49
\kirathanks god for backup17:50
\kirawould that cause the error?17:50
=== gamegod is now known as gamegod_
SnapWie ktoś może jak zrestartować karte wifi z wiersza polecen ?17:56
ubottuMozesz uzyskac pomoc w jezyku polskim na #ubuntu-pl17:56
bazhangSnap, /join #ubuntu-pl17:57
Snapok thx17:57
SnapAnybody know how to restart wifi card ?17:57
Ahmuck-Jri upgraded to 4.2 kde and now i have no keyboard17:58
Ahmuck-Jrcan someone help me with my keyboard error18:00
mefisto__Ahmuck-Jr: do you have a keyboard section in xorg.conf ?18:03
Ahmuck-Jri can check  oddly, alt-f4, etc works but nothing else18:03
Ahmuck-Jrwhich does allow me to get to a command line18:03
Ahmuck-Jrbut i'm dead in the wind in the gui of kde 4.218:03
mefisto__Ahmuck-Jr: I guess we could type for you and you can paste command with the mouse if you need to18:05
BoomkingAny one ? (live cd installation /ubuntu 8.10 ii, *hit install* , black screen with blinking underscore, has it happend ? solution :s ???)18:05
IejoorI'm using kubuntu hardy and am considering to upgrade to kubuntu ibex. I have no functioning CD-burner. Can I test kubuntu ibex before upgrading to it? (I heard some negative experiences with KDE)18:05
cbwcjwIejoor: So your on KDE 3.5?18:06
mefisto__Ahmuck-Jr: how are you typing in here? another computer I suppose?18:06
Iejoorcbwcjw: I think so, not sure how to find that out.18:06
Boomkingcan any1 help its like super important :/ iam stuck with vista 64bit , stood on xp cd18:07
cbwcjwIejoor: Does it look somewhat like this: http://kde.org/screenshots/images/3.5/01-welcome.png18:07
cbwcjwIejoor: or more like this: http://kde.org/announcements/4.1/screenshots/desktop.png18:08
IejoorAt work I had issues with changing the interval for "Monitor for Silence" in a newer version of Konsole than I'm using.18:08
BluesKajIejoor, open konqueror /help/about kde18:08
Boomkingsigh :/18:09
=== piquadrat_ch is now known as piquadrat
mefisto__Boomking: what do you want help with? installing kubuntu?18:10
Ahmuck-Jrmefisto__: yes18:10
Ahmuck-Jrk, here is the behavior18:10
Ahmuck-Jri can type the password and login, but loose the keyboard after logging in18:10
mefisto__Boomking: sorry, just saw your previous message18:10
gmathewsHi, After a clean install of Kubuntu - can i get amarok 2.0 from the repositories?18:10
BluesKajIejoor, if you decide to upgrade to 8.10 ,then the default kde is 4.2 , but you can also reinstall kde 3.5 and choose which desktop at login18:10
Ahmuck-Jrnone of the windows have the x in the upper left, and i can't seem to get the application focus to switch from one to another with the mouse18:11
IejoorAt work it is KDE 4.1.3 / Konsole 2.1, and there was no "Configure Konsole" option in the Konsole -> Settings menu, and changing .kde/share/config/konsolerc value for SilenceSeconds didn't work.18:11
gmathewsBluesKaj: is KDE 4.2 on the repos now?18:11
Boomkingits ok18:11
mefisto__BluesKaj: install kde3 in intrepid? ppa repo?18:11
cbwcjwIejoor: If you want to upgrade, be sure to read this: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/KDE3-KDE4Migration18:11
BoomkingAny one ? (live cd installation /ubuntu 8.10 ii, *hit install* , black screen with blinking underscore, has it happend ? solution :s ???)18:11
Boomkingit just sticks there18:11
Boomkingdoesnt freeze18:11
IejoorOk, but my main question really was, can I try it out without making a Live CD?18:12
Boomkingthe same cd works on a differnt machine18:12
IejoorI might want to wait a little longer.18:12
IejoorI might want to wait a little longer and I don't have a functioning CD-burner.18:12
BluesKajIejoor, how is your internet connection ?18:12
mefisto__Iejoor: you could install in virtualbox to try it out18:12
bazhangIejoor, what about live usb18:12
Boomkingi downloaded the 64 bit version it 2 works on just one of my machines18:12
Boomkingi tryed installing it with out my graphics card18:13
IejoorBluesKaj: It's very fast, 100 mbit.18:13
BluesKajyou're on 8.04 now ?18:13
Iejoormefisto__: ok, virtualbox is a keyword that is useful for me, it sounds like a virtual machine, do I need a lot of memory?18:13
Iejoorbazhang: I don't know if my laptop can boot from USB.18:14
bazhangIejoor, how old18:14
Iejoor3 1/2 years18:14
Iejoor512 mib ram18:14
theunixgeekHow do I install KDE 4.2 on GNOME Ubuntu?18:14
bazhangmay well do, virtualbox-ose could as well18:14
BluesKajtheunixgeek , which version of ubuntu ?18:15
mefisto__Iejoor: how much ram do you have? what's your graphics card like?18:15
bazhangIejoor, though with that amount of ram will be very slow in vm18:15
Iejoormefisto__: I have 512 MiB ram.18:15
bazhangIejoor, so you can just see, and not play so much18:15
* BluesKaj backs off from Iejoor ...already too many cooks18:16
theunixgeekBluesKaj: Intrepid18:16
bazhangIejoor, there are also youtube vids of it, and screencasts/screenshots18:16
zicadaso, with catalyst 9.2 beta, theres no longer flickering with xvideo and kde4.2 desktop effects enabled18:16
gmathewsHi I will be installing Kubuntu tomorrow, I hear KDE 4.2 is released, can i just upgrade to it after installing it tomorrow?18:16
zicadaits not perfect, but theyre getting somewhere18:16
Ahmuck-Jrguess i'll re-install18:16
bazhangIejoor, just to get the flavor18:16
BluesKajtheunixgeek , then,  sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop18:16
theunixgeekBluesKaj: for 4.2?18:16
fidjihttp://www.kubuntu.org/doc/index.php in firefox want save the file...18:17
IejoorMy main worry is "I am missing the ''_x_'' configuration/customisation Option" really.18:17
IejoorThanks for the information.18:17
fidjiseems the redirection don't work18:17
=== vonkleist_ is now known as vonkleist
fidjiwork fine with http://www.kubuntu.org/faq.php18:18
BluesKaj theunixgeek 4.2 was officially released yeaterday18:18
IejoorMaybe I'll stay with 8.04 for a while18:18
theunixgeekBluesKaj: I didn't know Canonical updated so quickly :) thanks18:18
zicadaanyone else notice the flashplayer starts lagging after a while of using konqueror ?18:19
zicadaultimately, youtube vids etc will just stop loading18:19
zicadastrangely if i load up opera it will work just fine18:19
BluesKajtheunixgeek , well if it isn't try add these debs to your sources.list deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-experimental/ubuntu intrepid main , deb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-experimental/ubuntu intrepid main18:20
theunixgeekBluesKaj: no it's not 4.218:20
theunixgeekBluesKaj: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.218:20
theunixgeekIt says it's still under kubuntu-experimental18:20
BluesKajtheunixgeek , then read add the debs i posted above18:20
zicadathey wont put 4.2 into main18:20
zicadafor intrepid18:21
helpdeskpls does any one knows how exacctly i could takeout the cdrom in my repository?18:21
theunixgeekBluesKaj: I closed my IRC window; I didn't see what you typed afterwards :P18:21
theunixgeekzicada: oh, ok18:21
helpdeski do know it's in /etc/apt/sources.list18:21
BluesKajhelpdesk put a # in front of it18:21
helpdeskthere is # already on every line18:22
helpdeskblueskaj: when i use the vi sources.list18:22
BluesKajhelpdesk then , delete the ones with a deb except the cdrom18:22
helpdeskblueskaj: oh ok18:22
BluesKajthe # in fron that18:22
helpdeskblueskaj: let me try it and see what happens18:23
BluesKajhelpdesk not the debs thenselves just the #18:23
zicadaum, i doubt every repo is commented out sir18:24
helpdeskblueskaj: i see some statements starting with # and others starting with the deb18:24
zicadahelpdesk: do you use vi normally ?18:24
zicadahelpdesk: eg, are you familiar with it18:24
zicadaclose vi18:24
helpdeskjust decided to use it to view the file18:24
zicadatype :q18:24
helpdeskzicada : ok18:24
zicadathen type pico /etc/apt/sources.list18:24
helpdeskzicada: so what do i use then18:24
helpdeskzicada : hold on18:25
BluesKajonly  # in front of the deb , leave the rest , helpdesk18:25
zicadanow, is there really a # in front of every line in that file ?18:25
zicadajust use your arrow keys to scroll down the entire file18:26
helpdeskhere is what i see18:26
zicadaor page-up / page-down18:26
helpdeskfirst, there is a # deb cdrom18:26
helpdeskand sometimes, i see deb cdrom18:26
helpdeskand sometimes i see # cdrom18:26
fidjimy Firefox take 12% of 2Gb memory. Is it possible ?18:26
helpdeskon every line there is either a # or a deb or both preceeding a statement18:26
BluesKajleave the # infront of both cdrom18:27
Shockfidji: yes18:27
helpdeskBlueskaj: ok but what abt the ones with the deb?18:27
fidjidamn !!! ;)18:27
Shockfidji: especially if you have lots of tabs open18:27
bazhangrubinof, dont paste warez links in here18:27
BluesKajdelete the # in front of the deb lines...those are urls to repositories that contain packages18:28
fidjiNot lots of tab but I use Fast dial module...18:28
bazhangrubinof, this is Kubuntu support only.18:28
helpdeskblueskaj: but where i have # deb cdrom.. i only deleted the deb leaving the # cdrom, is this ok ?18:29
BluesKajno leave the # for both18:29
=== not-xjjk is now known as xjjk
helpdeskblueskaj: so wherever i see both on a line i leave it i.e # deb cdrom, i should not touch that line?18:30
BluesKajhelpdesk, do you know about pastebin ?18:31
helpdeskblueskaj: when i finish putting # in front of the cdrom, how do i save my modification ?18:31
ubottupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)18:31
helpdeskbluesKaj: nope i dont know abt pastebin. tell me pls18:31
helpdeskblueskaj: u mean paste?18:31
ubottuKubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness from KMenu -> System -> Desktop Effects - further help in #compiz-fusion18:31
ubottupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)18:31
helpdeskhow do i get to the pastebin from the command line?18:32
vgepastebin is in the internet18:32
helpdeskblueskaj: how do i get there from the command line18:32
jussi01!info pastebinit18:33
ubottupastebinit (source: pastebinit): command-line pastebin client. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.10-1 (intrepid), package size 9 kB, installed size 88 kB18:33
tedymuetter fickerrr18:33
vgenow thats just sweet, didint know that :)18:33
bazhangtedy, watch the language18:33
BluesKajoh sry helpdesk , to save the file in the commandline ctrl+O , to exit ctrl+X18:34
bazhanghelpdesk, install pastebinit18:34
Ahmuck-Jri've lost my keyboard in kde4 since upgrading to kde4.218:34
helpdeskblueskaj: do i need to still go to pastebin?18:34
Boulook under your desktop18:34
blazewhen kde4.2 packages will appear in backports?18:34
bazhangBou, ??18:35
Boubazhang: joke to Ahmuck-Jr18:35
Ahmuck-Jrha ha18:35
Boubazhang: not a good one , I confess18:35
BluesKajno don't bother helpdesk, have you taken out or uncommented , as it's called in linux the # in fron of the url's starting with deb ?18:35
helpdeskblueskaj: yes18:38
helpdeskblueskaj: i did the # thing bcuz anytime i try to apt-get install patch, it kept requesting i insert a cdrom and then enter18:39
helpdeskblueskaj: now that i have taken that out and tried to install patch command again, there is a new error this time18:39
BluesKajpatch cmnd ?18:39
shayaknychi all, i'm sorry, but I can't seem to find the solution to this problem, and I'm hoping someone can help me....I'm running Kubuntu 8.10 in virtualbox on a win xp pro machine. It's working fabulously well, until I decided to activate some advanced effects on the display, and now KDE loads, but it's all black, and I can't undo it. Anyone know how I can fix this problem? how can i disable the advanced display effects?18:40
helpdeskblueskaj: yes18:41
mefisto__BluesKaj: apt-cache show patch18:41
carpiishayaknyc, edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf and comment out the line saying composite= yes18:41
helpdeskblueskaj: i tried to apply a patch file to a kernel source and dat was teh genesis of the whole problem18:41
helpdeskblueskaj: the instruction came that i dont have the patch commd installed18:42
carpiiOption "Composite" "Enable"18:42
carpiithat one18:42
helpdeskblueskaj: when i tried to install it, another problem came up saying i need to install the cdrom and press enter18:42
shayaknycthanks, i'll try it now...18:42
helpdeskblueskaj: now that i have finally taken out the cdrom, there is a new error msg18:42
helpdeskblueskaj: when i enter the apt-get install patch on the terminal, it gives the following error:18:43
helpdeskcould not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock-open18:43
helpdeskunable to lock the administration directory18:44
bazhanguse sudo18:44
helpdeskanybody knows how to correct this error?18:44
helpdeskyes i used sudo18:44
helpdeskthat's why i am so shocked!18:44
bazhangclose other instances of adept/synaptic etc then18:45
BluesKajhelpdesk sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock18:45
geniiThat error also occurs when another process is using the packaging system in some way. Like updates or so on18:45
helpdeskexactly but i dont have any other process suing the packaging system18:45
helpdeskbut how do i check that there is no other process using the packaging system?18:45
ubottuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »18:46
BluesKajhelpdesk , did yousave and exit the sources.list ?18:46
gmathewsHi, the covers that amarok 1.4.10 fetches from amazon.com - is it a permanent thing? I am going to install Kubuntu on my other partition - will the covers be there when I put Amarok 2.0 on it and browse my same music?18:47
stdingmathews: yes, it'll give you the option to import the old info18:48
gmathewsstdin: does that include my cached lyrics as well (I was using the wiki lyrics script)18:50
helpdeski have a vm player and on it i have kubuntu but the browser of the kubuntu is not accessable to the internet even though i am wired connected18:50
helpdeskanybody got a clue?18:50
lovrehi all. Im running kubuntu 8.10. I cant empty my trash.... :( any idea?18:50
shayaknyccarpii: I'm in /etc/X11/xorg.conf and there is no line that says composite at all... :(18:50
stdingmathews: not sure, #amarok would know18:50
gmathewsstdin: they are all sleeping there :p18:51
carpiishaya, what effects did you enable ?18:51
bazhanghelpdesk, and your prior issue? of apt being broken?18:51
shayaknyci went into system properties, display, and in the display effects I enabled the special effects18:52
shayaknycwhich, apparently, i cannot support18:52
helpdesknow i am installing the patch but i am still not sure cuz it's still running18:52
shayaknycso now, I can't login to the GUI only console18:52
bazhanghelpdesk, you never responded to our queries18:52
carpiipaste your xorg.conf to http://pastie.org18:52
BluesKajhelpdesk , ok now after you save ,(ctrl+O)  and exit (crtl+X) , sudo apt-get install kubuntu desktop18:53
helpdeskblueskaj: u want me to install kubuntu desktop?18:53
helpdeskblueskaj: i only got the kubuntu image on my vm player18:53
BluesKajdidn't you want kde4.2 ?18:54
bazhanghelpdesk, you are applying a kernel patch to a vm kernel?18:54
BluesKajoh lord , now he tells me18:54
shayaknyci can't copy/paste the xorg.conf file since i'm in console only18:54
helpdeskblueskaj: when i tried to install patch using apt-get install patch, it gave an error: unable to fetch some archive18:54
BluesKajenuff..i need a break18:54
helpdeskblueskaj: ne i am not applying patch to the vm but to the kernel source i downloaded18:54
bazhanghelpdesk, why would you need to patch a vm kernel?18:55
carpiishaya, ok well maybe you can just move xorg.conf to another filename, leaving no xorg.conf18:55
carpiithen it ought to get you to reconfig the display when you next boot18:55
carpiidont delete it though18:55
shayaknyci'll try that....18:55
helpdeskbazhang: no i am not patching a vm player. i am only running my kubuntu OS on it18:55
carpiishaya, wait, youre on kde 4.x so its different18:56
carpiiyou need to edit the .kde/share/config/kwinrc file in your home dir18:56
shayaknycoops...well...i renamed xorg.conf18:56
carpiichange "Compositing" to false18:56
untitled_hello! Is qt4.5 already out? Can I install it in kubuntu 8.10?18:56
shayaknychmm...ok, i see a whole bunch of options...but i'm not sure which ones to comment out....18:57
helpdeskblueskaj: there is an error now saying : could not resolve archieve.ubuntu.com18:57
carpiiit should say Compositing  Enabled=true18:58
carpiichange that to false18:58
shayaknyccarpii: they all start with kwin4_effect_NAMEOFEFFECT=true/false18:59
shayaknyci don't see one that says compositing18:59
lovrei have a problem, and its driving me crazy. Ark is not integrated with Dolphin. Nor Konqueror. I cant work with archive files. How can i fix this?? Please.........18:59
carpiihm ok, very odd19:00
carpiii dont know then, sorry19:00
shayaknyci toggled 2 options that I recall turning on...so let's see what happens....19:01
shayaknycshadow and sharpen...19:01
helpdeskany body knows how i could resolve the error: could not resolve 'archieve.ubuntu.com'?19:01
carpiichange it to archive ?19:01
bazhanghelpdesk, paste.ubuntu.com with sources.list19:01
BluesKajarchive is the right spelling19:02
BluesKajhe's on the cli, bazhang19:02
bazhanghelpdesk, this is the vm?19:02
khearKRunner in KDE 4.2 won't let me run a command with commanline options. in KDE 4.1.x it did let me do that. is there a way to do this in KDE 4.2?19:02
helpdeskbazhang: yes19:02
bazhangBluesKaj, hard to tell at this point19:02
geniiuntitled_: QT 4.5 Beta1 source code is at http://www.qtsoftware.com/developer/preview-qt-4.5#download-the-beta     However, you have to build yourself if you want it. There may eventually be some package available for 8.10 or 8.04 but none yet that I'm aware of.19:02
helpdeskbazhang: i have on this vm player an image of kubuntu19:02
bazhanghelpdesk, and what is the host19:03
helpdeskbazhang: i dont get u , wht u mean the host? u mean how?19:03
bazhanghelpdesk, also, which kernel are you patching?19:03
helpdeskbazhang: i am patching the source :2.6.2319:04
bazhanghelpdesk, virtual machine = vm; there is a guest (kubuntu) and a host (??)19:04
helpdeskbazhang: oh19:04
helpdeskbazhang: i typed in hostname to the cmnd line and found out the host is ubuntu19:05
bazhanghelpdesk, that makes no sense19:06
helpdeskbazhang: do u mean the internet service provider or the what?19:06
bazhanghelpdesk, you have a virtual machine of kubuntu installed/running on top of ubuntu? and are trying to patch the ubuntu kernel?19:07
helpdeskbazhang: there is a course i am taking currently and in the course, i have been asked to get a kernel source perferrably 2.6.23, download two patch files from it and apply these patch files to another source i have unpacked which is 2.6.2219:08
helpdeskbazhang: but i am running the kubuntu on my vm player.19:09
bazhanghelpdesk, so that is a totally unrelated issue?19:09
helpdeskbazhang: ok, but do u get what i want to do now?19:09
bazhanghelpdesk, and what is the host system for this kubuntu virtual machine? Windows? Ubuntu? Other?19:09
helpdeskbazhang: oh ! it's windows19:09
helpdeskwindows xp19:10
helpdeskbazhang: i have windows as my main os it is on it that i have my vm plaer19:10
bazhanghelpdesk, and what are you trying to achieve? it seems you have at least three unrelated issues here: broken apt, problems with your vm, and wanting to patch a kernel19:10
helpdeski have downloaded and unpacked my patch files19:11
helpdeskbazhang: i have also downloaded my kernel source and unpacked it19:11
helpdeskbazhang : but when i try to use the commd patch -pi< patch file, it replies that the patch cmd is not installed19:11
bazhanghelpdesk, so these three issues are unrelated?19:12
helpdeskbazhang: they are cuz the brower of my kubuntu is not getting any internet connection cuz i can't open a web page on the kubuntu19:12
bluemoonhi ochmals19:12
helpdeskbazhang: instead of using the wget cmd, i would just type in the http:// on the kubuntu browser so tht it opens and i save straight but since my browser is not ok, i am worried19:13
bluemoonweiss jemand ob es den http://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/NetworkManager?redirect=no networkmanager irgendwo als .deb gibt??19:13
mefisto__helpdesk: can you ping ubuntu.com ?19:14
bazhangbluemoon, english here please19:14
bazhangbluemoon, #ubuntu-de for german19:14
ubottunfs is the network file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo for information on installing and configuring NFS.19:14
bluemoonoh sorry false chan19:15
BluesKaj!de | bluemoon19:15
ubottubluemoon: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.19:15
helpdeskmefisto; i can't ping archieve.ubuntu.com19:16
helpdeskmefisto; how do i fix this problem?19:16
mefisto__helpdesk: spelling19:16
bluemoonthx BluesKaj19:16
mefisto__helpdesk: try just ping ubuntu.om19:16
mefisto__helpdesk: try just ping ubuntu.com19:16
Dragonmaster_DanI am not getting help or any response in Ubuntu so I will try here.  I am in need of assistance.  It was suggested, on this system, to run ubuntu linux.  I have it installed and updated but only 640x480 and 800x600 screen resolution.  Can anyone help, please.19:16
bazhangarchive not archieve19:16
=== rob is now known as Guest1855
helpdeskmefisto: ok19:16
BluesKajhelpdesk archieve is not correct it's spelled archive19:16
helpdeskbazhang: thanks bro19:16
Dragonmaster_DanAMD 1.4GHZ 256mb memory.  20GB hard drive ATI video card.19:17
helpdeskmefisto: i can't ping ubuntu.com19:17
helpdeskblueskaj: i can't ping the archive.ubuntu.com19:17
jaimerangelhola emma19:18
BluesKajcan you ping google.com19:18
Dragonmaster_DanCan anyone please assist me?19:18
helpdeskcan't even though i got internet connection. it;s so strange19:18
bazhanghelpdesk, and apt is now fixed?19:18
mefisto__helpdesk: windows firewall maybe?19:19
BluesKajDragonmaster_Dan , lspci | grep VGA  to find you graphics card first of all19:19
gilrimDragonmaster_Dan, you probably need to enable/install the proprietary drivers from ati19:20
=== mike is now known as mike__
Dragonmaster_DanThank you.19:20
helpdeskbazhang: i can't say for sure if apt is fixed . i thought so b4 but since the reason for going through that process is not done.19:20
BluesKajhelpdesk , I never had much luck running linux on a VM, including internet connects19:20
helpdeskmefisto: could you help more on the firewall thing?19:21
Dragonmaster_DanWhere do I try that command?19:21
bazhanghelpdesk, then run sudo apt-get update19:21
helpdeskblueskaj: i dont wanna take down my windows19:21
helpdeskbazhang: i already tried that but it's the same error: couldn't resolve archive.ubuntu.com19:21
mefisto__helpdesk: I don't know about windows firewall really. you could try disabling the whole thing, then try to ping somewhere. or ask in #windows19:22
BluesKajDragonmaster_Dan in the kmenu look for the Konsole19:22
Dragonmaster_DanATI Technologies Inc Rage 128 PF/PRO AGP 4x TMDS19:22
ward_somebody knows a solution to the problem that my X server is crashing when using Krandrtray or xrandr commands ? I use intel 965 gfx card on dell lattitude D830... Running X server 1.5.2 .. It was after the upgrade to KDE 4.2 before that it wasn't crashing19:22
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BluesKajDragonmaster_Dan , open adept and type in the searchbar ATI Rage 12819:23
helpdeskblueskaj: thanks for ur help. i think at this point, i am giving it up19:24
helpdeskmefisto: thanks also19:24
Dragonmaster_DanI am running ubuntu 8.1019:24
lovrewhy is only one package manager allowed to work at once?19:25
BluesKajhelpdesk , if you really want linux , make a partition for it and install kubuntu there , use gparted for that ,you can download it and burn it to a disk19:25
mike__how can I install opera? Konqeror downloads windows installer from opera.com!19:25
ubottuopera is an advanced and free (only as in price) web browser.  Install it via Applications->Add/Remove..., making sure that "Show commercial applications" (dapper only) is checked. For more info on opera please see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OperaBrowser19:25
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mefisto__mike__: what about here? http://www.opera.com/browser/download/?os=linux-i386&list=all19:29
remur_030Good day, could someone using kde4.2 and having powertop please try playing an audio only file in dragonplayer or amarok2 and check how many wakeups/seconds it creates?19:30
remur_030For me it creates 1000/s, but I don't know if it is suse specific19:30
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sebymi sevve unvirus po computer ri stefano19:36
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)19:36
sebygrazie beddu19:37
sebycmq parrava in siciliano19:37
BluesKaj!it | seby19:38
ubottuseby: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)19:38
alarmhello, can someone please tell me how do add shortcuts from applications (like firefox) from the K-menu on the desktop ? (kde4)19:40
alarmi cant figure this out19:40
Scuniziis 4.2 in the repos to try on the 4.1 install that I have in a vm?19:41
stdinScunizi: instructions in the topic19:41
alarmremur_030,  doesnt work, i tied it19:41
Scuniziperfect.. thanks stdin19:41
stdinalarm: right click -> add to desktop19:42
remur_030alarm: from the main menu?19:42
alarmactually it works, but on THE desktop, but on this widget that appears as desktop19:42
alarmcant i have a normal classic desktop without any widgets ? :P19:42
stdinin 4.2, yes19:42
BluesKajScunizi , you can get 4.2 if you add the repos on this page https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-experimental/+archive/ppa19:43
ScuniziBluesKaj: thanks.. I was just reading that page.. :)19:43
alarmi freshly installed kubuntu, dont go for experimental use from now19:43
BluesKajok  scun19:43
alarmstill, i dont know what the developers had in mind with that thing . you cant even resize this widget... :(19:43
BluesKajScunizi now I see it :)19:44
stdincan't resize what widget?19:44
alarmstdin,  the widget that is supposed to be my 'new' desktop19:45
stdinyou are surprised you can't resize the desktop?19:45
alarmstdin,  if you call a widget desktop, yes19:46
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wastrelhi guys19:46
alarmwhen i say desktop for me, its a whole area of the monitor, not just 400x300pixels of the monitor that is just a mirror of a folder19:47
jim_phow do i make konqueror use flash?? it does find the plugin in options, but it does not use it19:47
remur_030alarm: you can switch the whole desktop to folderview and get rid of the widgets19:47
alarmhow ?19:48
stdinin 4.219:48
mefisto__alarm: do you have kde4.2 ?19:48
alarmno, kde4.1 , thats what the kubuntu iso comes with19:48
alarmat least the quickly realised that this is not practical at all :)19:49
stdinI don't get what you mean about resizing it19:49
wastrelsomething about 4.219:49
stdinif you mean the desktop (the bit with the wallpaper), then you never could. if you mean the folder view widget, then you can resize that19:49
alarmstdin , since "Desktop" as we know it does not exist, desktop in that case is a widget that just is a mirror of a folder19:49
stdinthen you can resize that19:50
stdinlike any other widget19:50
mefisto__alarm: I think what you want is in kde 4.219:51
alarmok, i take my words back about resizing, i have pressed on the icon but didnt drag the cursos19:51
alarmi will wait for kde4,2 or go back to kde3.5 :)19:51
cbwcjwalarm: KDE 4.2 is out.19:51
alarmand one more thing, which is not appropriate for this channel, but why on earth did you remove irc client from kopete19:51
stdinwho is this "we" of which you speak?19:52
stdinie: we did nothing19:52
stdinit was removed in KDE19:52
stdinand it's because the plugin is broken and unmaintained19:52
bdgraue_is there a chance to get the new weather plasmoid in kubuntu?19:52
bdgraue_kde 4.219:53
alarmokie got it , at least file transfer in msn was fixed ? :)19:53
stdinI don't use MSN/WLM, so can't say19:54
wastrelhi hi19:54
wastrelis there a 4.2 faq?19:54
geniiwastrel: http://www.kde.org/announcements/4.2/guide.php is about the closest19:56
carpiiwhat tool can i use to incrementally backup my home dir to a windows share?19:57
carpiiwell, the share is mounted, so ignore the windows bit19:57
geniicarpii:  the tar command can be used this way19:58
carpiiwould it need to read a large amount of the tar file in order to see whats changed?19:59
angelociao s tutti19:59
mefisto__btw, kmail is just wonderful. was it like this in kde3.5 or has it seen huge improvements? I tried it once back when I was on fiesty and it kept crashing on me so I didn't give it a fair go19:59
carpiitrying to minimise network traffic19:59
=== snake is now known as albuntu
geniicarpii: Not sure. However, an example of how to use it this way can be found here http://www.techworld.com/storage/features/index.cfm?featureid=391   and probably lots other places if you google some more20:00
carpiiok thanks genii, i already use tar lots, just not incrementally. ill take a look20:00
carpiimefisto, i just started using kmail on kde 3.5. Im sure its better than it was before20:01
carpiii just wish the up/down arrow keys changed message selection, instead of scrolling the message preview window20:02
cbwcjwThat was crazy, my internet blinked..20:03
mefisto__carpii: alt arrows do it. maybe that's configurable somewhere?20:05
mefisto__carpii: also n and p for next/previous message20:07
carpiialt arrows just change the focusrect here, they dont select the message20:08
carpiibut n/p works fine, thanks :)20:08
mike__I downloaded opera*.deb twice but it says package file does not exist20:09
mike__How To install Opera?? Nothing from https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OperaBrowser works20:10
Scunizijust noticed something strange.. with kubuntu open in a vm and with a terminal open doing updates via apt-get.. if I have a terminal open in gnome and the deskbar reference for that terminal is roughly below the terminal open in the vm.. when I point at the gnome terminal reference the kubuntu vm pops up with its terminal reference20:11
mefisto__mike__: how are you trying the downloaded .deb ?20:12
WishingMasterhttp://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php/Air-Vista?content=98491--------will this work on kde?20:12
WishingMasterand how to install it?20:13
Scunizijust noticed that you have to move the mouse from the vm directly to the gnome terminal reference.. might have something to do with vbox guest additions20:13
mike__I click it from Dolphin and so20:13
stdinWishingMaster: it's a theme for emerald, a window decorator for compiz20:14
siekaczkubuntu-experimental repo does not work propertly20:15
mike__mefisto__: it says this .deb does not exist choose existing one20:15
WishingMasterstdin, if i want to use it what are the requirments?20:15
siekaczafter i add deb line and gpg key20:16
mefisto__mike__: it opens in gdebi ?20:16
alarmcould it be that firefox 3.x interface is not fully supported yet on kubuntu 8.10 ? looks like something is not pretty ok with its interface20:16
siekaczthere are no packages of kde 4.220:16
mike__mefisto__ : yes20:16
WishingMasteri am running ubuntu with kde and kdm as display manager20:16
stdinWishingMaster: you need to install compiz-kde and emerald, then make it take over from kwin20:17
ubottuKubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness from KMenu -> System -> Desktop Effects - further help in #compiz-fusion20:17
stdinCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager20:18
mefisto__mike__: don't know what's going on there. you could try from command line: sudo dpkg -i opera.deb20:18
siekaczi can't dowload package list of kubuntu-experimental20:18
mike__mefisto__ ill try20:18
siekaczthere is no error20:18
siekaczit just isn't downloaded20:19
mike__mefisto__ Oh it work Thanks a lot20:20
WishingMastervolume control in kde ?20:20
WishingMastericon is not there for volume control,how to get that,short cut keys are also not working20:21
siekaczrepo and gpg key are added, but synaptic doesn't show kde 4.2 packages any solution?20:21
mefisto__WishingMaster: start kmix20:22
techbwclick kicker-->multimedia-->kmix20:22
mefisto__WishingMaster: or alt-f2, and type kmix20:22
SuspectZerois it possible to make a .c file in shell?20:22
gmclachlanyone use amarok2 and an ipod, and if so can you sync your playlists20:23
WishingMasterkmix is not listed in multimedia20:23
WishingMastermay be its not even installed20:23
techbwthen try mefisto's directions20:23
WishingMasternot working guys20:23
techbwmanaully open with alt+f220:23
WishingMasternot working20:24
WishingMastermanually as well20:24
techbwis it installed, whereis kmix20:24
techbwin command line20:24
WishingMasteri thinks its not even installed20:24
lovreis there any archive manager that would integrate with dolphin?? i want easy right-click archive management.......... peazip looks nice, but it doesnt seem to integrate with dolphin.... help plz20:24
gmclachlSuspectZero: what do you mean20:24
SuspectZeroi want a make a blank .c file through bash20:24
ScuniziI can't seem to add the key for the KDE 4.2 PPA. I get a lot of failed to create temporary file permission denied etc etc.. how do I fix this?20:25
techbwif you run that command and you get kmix: as output then you need to install it20:25
SuspectZeroi know the mkdir makes directories. anyway to make a .c file?20:25
gmclachltouch file.c20:25
techbwtry nano, or vi...what is a .c file anyway20:25
WishingMasterinstalling kmix20:26
SuspectZeroits a c# file20:26
SuspectZerofor programming20:26
gmclachlSuspectZero: I thought you meant create a file from a script20:26
techbwwell if you writing a prog, you can create with nano or vi, couldn't you20:26
SuspectZerooh no. that touch function worked perfectly20:26
WishingMasterkmix is intalled,what to do next?20:27
gmclachlkate will also create a file20:27
SuspectZerotechbw, i was just wondering the command in general.20:27
techbwalt+f2 kmix20:27
gmclachlkate file.cs20:27
SuspectZeroanywayz thanks for the help20:27
WishingMastertechbw, got it20:27
WishingMastertechbw, thanks20:27
Ketrel_I just upgraded to KDE 4.2 and I get an error from somethin called Akondai or similar when I start up, anyone know anything about that?20:31
siekaczwhat error/20:32
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about akondai20:33
mefisto__Ketrel_: akondai handles addressbooks, calendars, etc for kde apps20:34
IejoorIn KDE 4.1.3 / Konsole 2.1, how do I change the timeout value for "Monitor for Silence"? In KDE 3.5.10 / Konsole 1.6.6, I did Settings -> Configure Konsole -> General -> Seconds to detect silence. In Konsole 2.1, The Settings menu has no option 'Configure Konsole', and I can't find this option anywhere else.20:35
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about akonadi20:35
IejoorI changed by hand ~/.kde/share/config/konsolerc and replaced SilenceSeconds=10 by SilenceSeconds=60, but 'Monitor for Silence' still activates after 10 seconds rather than 60. How do I increase the timeout value for "Monitor for Silence" in KDE 4.1.3 / Konsole 2.1?20:35
WishingMastertechbw, the volume settings have 2 diffrent sliders,one for master and another one for PCM20:36
WishingMastertechbw, whats the diffrence between both?20:36
Ketrel_mefisto__: the error is about it not starting or something, but then it disappears while I'm trying to save the log20:39
marek_hi i have a big problem, i have no connection to the internet now, even with ethernet cable i receive IP from router, but i cannot even ping google.pl or even its IP, please please help me20:41
mefisto__Ketrel_: I got that too on first login to kde 4.2 but everything seemed to work, so I just assumed the message was lying to me. that is akonadi was taking a while to start up, but eventually got there and the error window disappeared on its own. I don't know, just guessing20:42
RickXI have installed KDE 4 on 8.04, but I can't seem to be able to move the widgets on the task bar. Everything I add  is put on the right side. How  can I move the widgets?20:43
Heliodor1Hello, what sip phone is there for ubuntu??20:43
snarksteranyone else having any issues with getting some packages from the repos?20:43
=== Heliodor1 is now known as Heliodor
Ketrel_mefisto__: do you resume sessions or start new ones?20:44
mefisto__Ketrel_: resume20:44
theuserwhoishello! anybody need help with anything? i have a little while while computer updates20:47
Ketrel_mefisto__: perhaps that's our difference, I don't resume, so perhaps it happens on every new session20:47
ibeekmanI accidentally deleted (clobbered actually) the ip-down script in /etc/ppp does anyone know where I can get a new one?20:47
mefisto__Ketrel_: so you get the same behaviour every time kde starts?20:48
snarkstertheuserwhois: can you tell me why this is happening? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/111405/20:48
ibeekmantheuserwhois: can you help me replace my /etc/ppp/ip-down script I accidentally clobbered it20:49
snarksteralways make a backup first.20:49
theuserwhoisibeekman: I am looking at it now, hold on...20:49
ibeekmanthanks, hadn't read your post until after I posted mine....20:49
gmclachlsnarkster: have a read at this20:49
theuserwhoisibeekman: i can e-mail my copy, no guarantees it is 100 percent20:50
theuserwhoisdouble checked, it's still the default20:50
ibeekmanyou running the latest release of kubuntu?20:50
theuserwhoisyeah, its 8.1020:50
theuserwhoiswoops, hold on20:50
ibeekmanok yeah i just installed kubuntu so, it should be standard20:50
ibeekmanmy email is zbeekman@gmail.com20:51
theuserwhoisokay, just a sec...20:51
ubottunfs is the network file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo for information on installing and configuring NFS.20:51
ibeekmanhmmm hope there are no spam bots here....20:51
mefisto__or spam humans20:52
Ketrel_mefisto__: yes each time I start KDE it happens20:52
snarkstergmclachl: thanx20:52
theuserwhoisall right, i sent it, it should be there any second20:53
theuserwhoisjust copy and paste20:54
theuserwhoiserrr... i mean, download to /etc/ppp20:54
beachsurfinhow to get jabber jingle audio to work?20:54
snarksterah crud that jaunty not intrepid..20:55
beachsurfini can't find the plugin...20:55
mefisto__Ketrel_: there is akonadi configuration in system settings, advanced tab. maybe play around with that? I notice in my install it says "no file selected"20:55
Ketrel_mefisto__: another oddity, while in the TTY something broke and I got logged out, when I logged back in, Akondai completed successfully o.O20:57
ibeekmanmany many thanks theuserwhois20:57
theuserwhoishere i go for a reboot...20:57
liz_hello room, does one have to use sudo in order to configure in iwconfig???20:57
cbwcjw2So I defintley like KDE 4.2's notification system. Especially how its uniform20:59
lakis1982i try to install some plasmoid for my kubuntu 8.10 kde 4.2 ....  when i hit the command     cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX='kde4-config-prefix'..   it always get me the following error...        see here   http://paste.ubuntu.com/111413/plain/                    can you help me ???21:00
gizmobayAnyone know of a GUI based ftp program that works with KDE 4.0? I use gftp but doesn't work well with desktop effects21:00
liz_I keep trying to change wlan0 settings and it won't let me, stating Operation not permitted21:00
snarksterdo ppa's get removed after a distro has become more mature?21:00
mefisto__cbwcjw2: I get notifications popping up at top left corner if the panel height is too small21:00
snarkstergizmobay: try filezilla21:00
snarksterget.deb.com i think21:00
cbwcjw2mefisto_: :( thats lame, but then, what you dont see you dont know21:00
cbwcjw2I heard firefox was getting ported to Qt by nokia, which would be awesome for KDE, but Im not sure21:01
snarksterthink that port died21:01
dima_Hi, all. Is it possible to add a plasma widget just on ONE virtual desktop?21:03
lakis1982i try to install some plasmoid for my kubuntu 8.10 kde 4.2 ....  when i hit the command     cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX='kde4-config-prefix'..   it always get me the following error...        see here   http://paste.ubuntu.com/111413/plain/                    can you help me ???21:03
cbwcjw2snarkster: Meh.21:03
mefisto__dima_: good question21:04
gizmobayIn KDE4.2 what is the active screen edges?21:08
cbwcjw2gizmobay: Desktop changing21:08
gizmobayjust click on the location you set?21:09
cbwcjw2gizmobay: So for "Only dragging windows" that would be dragging windows from desktop to desktop21:09
cbwcjw2Gizmobay: OH, those. You can set the edges to do different things21:09
cbwcjw2So by default, if you drag your mouse to the top left edge, it presents windows21:10
cbwcjw2KDesk: Hi and welcome to #kubuntu21:11
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gizmobayahh, i see now21:12
Ketrel_I'm having a problem with the 'add widget' button in the menu from cashew on the top right21:12
cbwcjw2Ketrel_: Whats wrong?21:12
Ketrel_Basically if I move my mouse over anything other than the bottom 2 pixels, the menu collapses21:13
Ketrel_makes it very hard to click21:13
KDeskI dont't know if this is the right channel, but... I am using the kubuntu-experimental PPA, and I have a xserver update, How can I know what this update provides or why is this update needed?21:13
snarksterwhen were we told about these gpg keys being generated on the repos?21:13
Ketrel_cbwcjw2: 4.2 BTW21:13
cbwcjw2Ketrel_: Thats happend to acouple of us. The only answer I can give is to try to keep your mouse on the buttons21:14
Ketrel_cbwcjw2: well I still have the option of right clicking on the desktop, but is there any suspected cause??21:15
mefisto__Ketrel_: you mean hovering over the menu that pops up makes it disappear?21:16
Ketrel_mefisto__: just the 'add widget' button, hovering over the others works fine21:16
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BluesKajKDesk, it is most likely needed to update X in kde4.2  , since you are using the experimental repos21:17
mefisto__Ketrel_: you can drag that cashew to a different position. see if that makes a difference21:17
Ketrel_mefisto__: k, lemme try that21:17
Ketrel_mefisto__: I dragged it a bit down the side, and it works, so it's when it's in that corner that it happens21:18
KDeskBluesKaj: But I am using kde 4.2 since RC1, and today I saw this update.21:18
mefisto__Ketrel_: I guess that counts as a bug21:19
Ketrel_damn, I was hoping it wasn't21:19
Ketrel_mefisto__: one more thing, it also happens when I move it only a few pixels from the top, anything 5 or more seems to work21:20
shaffycan someone tell me if kde4.2 is substanially more stable/less buggy then the earlier version (which i found horribly buggy)?21:20
KDeskBluesKaj: Ah, now I have found: Drop Fedora patch that accelerates compiz, but causes video garbage on kde  -- In https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-experimental/+archive/ppa21:20
BluesKajKDesk , that repos will upgrade 4.1 to 4.221:21
alarmis there any way to have the kde3.5 k-menu on kde4 ? or at least a one collum bar , and not something so inaccessible21:22
JontheEchidnaalarm: right click on the K and select classic menu style21:22
KDeskBluesKaj: Yes, I am using it since some days now, but I dont have that video problem with composition, also with out composition it is everything ok21:23
BluesKajKDesk, I'm using compiz without any patches on 4.2 , but that depends on the graphics card and drivers21:24
alarmok MUCH better, thank you :)21:25
KDeskBluesKaj: Ah, now I realize, it is with compiz, I use Kwin, and Intel 865G21:26
shaffycan someone tell me if kde4.2 is substanially more stable/less buggy then the earlier version (which i found horribly buggy)?21:26
BluesKajyes shaffy, it's much better21:27
cbwcjw2shaffy: I love it.21:27
Nookie^shaffy: yes it way way better21:27
shaffyhaha thanks everyone.. you got me all excited now!21:27
Nookie^shaffy: but still buggy here and there21:27
alarmshaffy,  i will agree with it , kde4.1 looks.... really unstable compared to my experience with kde3.521:27
cbwcjw2shaffy: But itespect for KDE back brings my r21:27
KDeskshaffy: I haven't found any problem with crashes nor inestability or slownes, greate release!21:27
Nookie^KDesk: haven't you21:27
cbwcjw2shaffy: but it brings my respect back for KDE **21:27
gmclachlI really want kdevelop421:27
Nookie^my plasma crashed today 10 times inless 4 hours21:28
LeeJunFanI've been using 4.2 since RC1 without any issues.21:29
BluesKajI had one app freeze, but that was under wine , so no biggie21:29
gorgonizerbeen using 4.2 since the first beta, without too many hitches..21:29
gorgonizerand most of the issues I did have, have been resolved..21:30
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shaffythx everyone!  ill be dling soon..21:32
IejoorDoes anyone know how to change the timeout for "Monitor for silence" in KDE 4.1.2 / Konsole 2.1 (or newer)?21:34
cdavis_when using gnome after installation it asks me to enable the restricted drive for my nvidia card, how do I do this in kubuntu?21:36
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BluesKajcdavis_ , kmenu/system/hardware drivers/enable the recommended driver21:38
cdavis_BluesKaj, thanks21:39
alarmany suggestions for a good image viewer ? irfanview like ?21:48
jussi01alarm: gwenview or digikam21:48
alarmgwenview cannot resize images ( i might be wrong though)21:49
astrommealarm, jussi01: gwenview can most definitely resize images. At least it can in its KDE4 version21:50
jussi01alarm: you need the kipi plugins21:52
senorpedrois it possible to install kde4.2 on 8.04?21:52
alarmokie !!!21:53
JontheEchidnasenorpedro: nope21:54
swlbest messenger client for a laptop ubuntu setup is ?21:55
swland hi )21:55
senorpedrooh shit21:55
jussi01!ohmy | senorpedro:21:55
ubottusenorpedro:: Please watch your language, attitude, and topic to help keep this channel friendly and helpful. Remember, there are kids here!21:55
* astromme lights his torch =P21:55
* Heliodor gets his shotgun21:56
swlty guys...allready got pidgin running )..was just gauging other software of interest aswell21:56
HeliodorAnd the winner is?... :-P21:56
senorpedroso the kids dont know that word? or do they become murder-raping-filesharers when they read that word?21:56
senorpedro....i just dont get the censorship21:56
Heliodorsenorpedro: Just.. cut it.21:57
swlwell im just waiting for "King of Queens"  =)21:57
astrommesenorpedro: The policy is in place to keep this channel a sane place. You know that, now act like it.21:57
ward_Hellois everything packaged from 4.2 for 8.10 ?21:59
mefisto__senorpedro: OTHER people get upset about such things and it might drive them away from using kubuntu. and there's no reason to give people reasons to do that, even if it's not a good reason21:59
senorpedro....omg ok you won, i wont say any bad bad word again, so that nobody has to cry22:01
estanwhat do i do if i need both librdf0-dev (going to compile kdesupport from KDE trunk with nepomuk support) and libdb-dev installed? they seem to conflict :/22:03
estanlibdb-dev needs to be installed because something that libsvn-dev depends on depends on that..22:03
estanand i want libsvn-dev installed.22:03
roconnorheh, this new tab switching in 8.10 is a little disorienting22:04
roconnorI don't know how the mac people manage :)22:05
HeliodorI get this: "configure: error: Cannot find libgcrypt or OpenSSL crypto library" any idea what to do?22:08
amaljiapt-get install libgcrypt11 libgcrypt11-dev22:10
amaljiadd sudo to that22:10
amaljisudo apt-get install libgcrypt11 libgcrypt11-dev22:10
amaljiand then try configuring22:10
HeliodorThat worked perfect22:11
Heliodorhow did you know that?22:11
estanroconnor: i must agree, i tried switching to the "present windows" effect for window switching instead for a while.. but it was just as disorienting as well. so now i'm back to the old style ;)22:12
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EbboI've a small question about knetworkmanager22:13
estanwith the "present window" effect, it's pretty hard to see which window is active, especially if the window is dark and it's on a laptop with bad contrast LCD.22:13
Ebboi've reinstalled kubuntu 8.10 today and did a upgrade to KDE 4.2 directly22:13
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amaljiapt-cache search libgcrypt22:14
Rolliene body home22:14
Ebboa knetworkmanager --version gives Qt: 3.3.8b, KDE 3.5.10, KNetworkManager 0.7 is there a way to upgrade this?22:15
Ebboi've seen the work will stephenson did on networkmanager in 4.2+22:16
JontheEchidnaEbbo: it's not ready/been released yet. probably will be ready for jaunty though22:17
Ebbook thanks22:17
estanEbbo: i'm using knetworkmanager from SVN by the way and it works quite good (it's in playground/base/plasma/applets/networkmanager).22:17
estanbut it might be some work to set it up so you can build it with the 4.2 kubuntu packages (my whole KDE is from SVN).22:18
Ebboesteban: thanks for the hint22:19
Soccerooshey all22:19
Socceroosdoes anyone know how to get flash player working in Konqueror in KDE 4.2?22:19
estanSocceroos: it works here, but i'm using SVN trunk.. but it should work.22:20
HeliodorHum, the configure is asking for libxml-2.0 but there do not seem to be that package in the repository22:21
futuresoonis there a way to change the rank of things when i search for them in kmenu?22:21
kendricki just upgraded to kde 4.2 and it's not working :(22:21
kendrickmy desktop is black. no plasma taskbar at the bottom. krunner does't appear when i hit Alt+F2.22:21
futuresoonif i type "terminal" i want to get an actual terminal emulator, not the first program with the word terminal that currently pops up22:21
estanSocceroos: (with flashplugin-nonfree installed).22:21
kendrickall that happens is (eventually) kopete appears and kwallet asks me for my password.22:22
futuresoonooh, this krunner thing is cool, me likey22:22
kendricki tried removing my config/plasma*rc22:22
kendrickdidn't help.  i then tried renaming "session" to OLDSESSION, in case something at startup is broken22:22
kendricki _SEE_ plasma and krunner when i run "top -i" in a VT :(22:22
kendrickso what gives? :(22:23
estanfuturesoon: sorry, don't think you can change the ranking there no..22:23
* kendrick tries logging in as my wife's seldom(never?) used account22:23
Ebbooops... flash does not work for me too... only in FF22:24
estankendrick: weird. did you try moving your whole ~/.kde to ~/.kde-old and test?22:24
kendricknot yet22:24
kendricki did not expect such massive death :(22:24
estankendrick: :(22:24
kendrickelse i wouldn't have issued the upgrade during my lunch break :)22:24
futuresoonestan: that's cool, i have krunner now, which works the way i want to (for that at least) :-022:24
estankendrick: how did you perform the upgrade?22:24
kendrickfollowed instructions on kubuntu.org.22:24
estanfuturesoon: yea, i use krunner too.22:24
aloneaI have a question on the plasma comic. how do I install a comic I downloaded? I don't see any way. I tried putting it in the folder where the others are and its not showing up on the list that I have.22:25
kendrickwell, ran aptitude not adept  (upgrade, then dist-upgrade)22:25
estanfuturesoon: but i usually typ "kons" and get konsole ;)22:25
futuresoonyeah good call :-)22:25
kendrickweird. the resource migrator was there, and had a lot more info in it than when i first logged in as my normal user. then it vanished.22:25
estankendrick: okay, yea that should have worked :/22:25
kendrickthe login music just played (wife's account) but screen is black. top -i still shows lots of activity22:26
kendrickmaybe i closed the resource migrator too early when i logged in under my account? it didn't indicate _progress_. just "Doing something. *Check* Done.  [Close]" so i closed it.22:26
estansorry, no idea.. i haven't tried the 4.2 packages myself yet (running from SVN instead).22:26
estanmaybe, i haven't used that migrator myself..22:27
kendricknot cool :(  her account also sits at a useless black desktop. (no Alt+F2 for krunner, no panel)22:27
kendricksigh. i guess i'll try moving .kde out of the way.22:27
kendricki'll have lots of shit to migrate over22:27
estanyea :(22:28
aloneaI had to play around with the session chooser after I installed 4.2 before it worked. I changed it to default, which refused to login, then back to kde and then it worked fine.22:28
PSiL0kendrick: did you run sudo apt-get -f install?22:29
aloneaanyone use the plasma comic and know how to install from file?22:29
kendrickjust aptitude upgrade, aptitude update, aptitude dist-update22:29
kendrick(after making sure the koffice data stuff wasn't ther,e per the kubuntu docs)22:30
kendricklemme see if not having a .kde dir. helped...22:30
p2pwhy some wireless networks doesn't appears with kde 4.2 network assistant? and have strong signal (should appear)22:30
aloneakendrick: did you see my suggestion? it probably wont work, but after I installed 4.2 it started to load then seemed to freeze22:30
kendrickshit! fade to black! wtf!? :( :( :(22:30
stdin!language > kendrick22:30
ubottukendrick, please see my private message22:30
futuresoonkopete doesn't do gmail i'm guessing?22:30
kendrickoh session chooser22:30
futuresoongchat rather22:31
`nkde3: i want a window to act like panel so other maximized wodows wont overleap it. how can i do that?22:31
stdinfuturesoon: it does, it's jabber22:31
aloneakendrick: it might be trying to load last settings from before you installed which are probably not compatiable. need a fresh session22:31
kendrickooh hey. my session type menu had NOTHing checked. lemme try22:31
futuresoonstdin: oh, cool awesome22:31
kendricki did kill my 'session' folder, deep in the heart of ~/.kde22:31
stdinfuturesoon: there's a page on google explaining it I think22:31
kendrickack! no!  gnome! :)22:32
kendrickwrong choice :)22:32
aloneakendrick: now logout and choose kde and see if it works.22:33
kendrick(this is a dell that had ubuntu 7.10 factory-installed)22:33
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stdinfuturesoon: http://www.google.com/support/talk/bin/answer.py?answer=57557&cbid=1mn6uu1zd5pib&src=cb&lev=answer22:33
aloneakendrick: wow...7.10...I think I hated that version and moved to slackware because of it. had too many hardware issues that worked fine in slack.22:35
futuresoonstdin: awesome thanks22:36
kendricki immediately upgraded to 8.04, since it was out by then22:36
enigNeed help when viewing videos, the playback is slow, skipping frames, and have a couple os slowdowns (about 1 sec or 2). Both with Kaffeine and Dragon PLayer. what's happening? :S22:36
p2pdoes anybody knows why with kde 4.2 doesn't detects wireless nets properly?22:36
=== paul__ is now known as MoonVolta
aloneap2p: not having any issues here.22:37
kendricki tried changing video driver from intelXXX (which supports compositing) to vesa, and no luck. now i just get a grey background and no panel :(22:38
kendricki did discover i can change volume, and the volume bar appears on the screen for a sec22:38
p2palonea :?22:38
HeliodorI am getting tired of all OLD PACKAGES on the ubuntu repository, do no one ever update the apps?22:38
aloneakendrick: oh joy...I remember those days of messing with video drivers and logging in to black screens22:38
kendrickwhen i go back to X, or kill X, the KDM splash appears for a moment, then the black (or now grey) appears22:38
aloneap2p: I upgraded to 4.2 today and I am having no issues at all with wireless. What exactly is happening?22:38
kendrickthe intel one was great. i didn't know my video could even od ANY 3D or compositing.  i lived for months w/o it :)22:39
aloneakendrick: yeah, wrong driver.22:39
p2pthat it only recognizes some wireless essid, half than from doing an iwlist wlan0 scan22:39
aloneakendrick: do you know which one worked before?22:39
p2pand with gnome network manager recognizes properly and connects with no problems22:39
kendricki also get OSD and sfx when i unplug/plugin power :(22:40
kendrickalonea - it was vesa. which i'm trying now. like i said, kde 4.2 still appears broken22:40
kendrickno desktop background. no panel. can't bring up krunner.22:40
p2ponly when deactivating wireless interface and connecting again works, and not properly alonea...22:41
kendrickok this sucks22:41
kendrickmy son needs me so i need to go22:41
p2pit never recognizes as much as doing an iwlist wlan0 scan22:41
kendricki'm going to try rebooting. cya22:41
MoonVoltawhere can i discover another IRC channel?22:41
MoonVoltai would like to make quizz22:41
MoonVoltai mean playing quizz22:42
aloneap2p: have no idea. tried resetting all of the settings?22:43
p2pit works sometimes when I disable the interface and enable it again22:43
p2pbut thats not the proper way22:43
p2pI was asking if it was a bug or something22:43
p2pbecause you can also use wicd22:44
aloneap2p: again, have no idea. I haven't had any issues before or after 4.2, 4.2 beta, or 4.1 even.22:44
p2pand now had crashed kde network manager, I don't know why...22:44
aloneaI have a question on the plasma comic. how do I install a comic I downloaded? I don't see any way. I tried putting it in the folder where the others are and its not showing up on the list that I have.22:49
kendrickwell damnit, reboot fixed it22:49
* kendrick shrugs22:49
* kendrick wanders22:49
KDeskAnybody knows a front end for amule gui in qt?22:50
JacobSteelsmithHi. Great distribution and great job on packaging KDE 4.2. I wanted to mention here that after upgrading to KDE 4.2, I had to join my machine to my Active Directory domain again (not using Likewise Open).22:50
bob__wow...can someone tell me why adept is TERRIBLE?22:51
KDeskbob__:  Try packagekit22:51
Lynourebob__: because apt-get/aptitude is soooo nice?22:51
bob__i didn't know about that22:51
bob__<---ubuntu user o.022:51
bob__trying out kde 4.2...or trying to try it out22:51
LynoureJacobSteelsmith: out of curiousity, did you go from 4.2rc or from the version of kde4 that was in intrepid?22:52
KDeskbob__: you can also use synaptic (gtk) in kde22:52
bob__Well...maybe i can just update through Konsole.22:52
leohello all22:52
bob__What's the command to update with adept via the console?22:52
MoonVoltaapt-get upgrade22:52
MoonVoltaor apt-get update22:52
bob__ok i'll try that.22:52
MoonVoltaapt-get through the konsole is very useful22:53
leoi can't delete any desktop icon after switched to Kde 4.222:53
leoanyone saw that behavior22:53
bob__well, adept just keeps stalling on me...i dunno if konsole will fix that or not22:53
MoonVoltamaybe you should unlock your plasmoid22:53
JacobSteelsmithLynoure: I upgraded from 8.04 to 8.10 (Intrepid), then straight to 4.2 by following the instructions under the release announcement.22:54
bob__ah...konsole is bad too22:54
LynoureJacobSteelsmith: nice to hear it going well, then :)22:54
bob__JacobSteelsmith: That's what I'm attempting to do, but the downloads just keep stalling.22:54
leomy plasmoid are unlocked.. the icon disapear after i delete. but i restart kde again and it's appear again22:54
JacobSteelsmithbob__: My upgrades went ok yesterday. I'm on an enterprise LAN though.22:55
bob__Man...I'm a GNOME guy and I gotta say, this isn't making me want to use KDE.22:55
bob__my internet connection is good enough.22:55
JacobSteelsmithLynoure: I had another bug that was grub related, but I am very impressed with KDE 4.2. I use it at work, yes my daily machine, and at home.22:56
JacobSteelsmithLynoure: Other than having to rejoin the machine, it's been great. Does anyone think this is packaging related?22:57
LynoureJacobSteelsmith: I really don't know... Mostly asked because I've seen so many complaints and the success stories nearly never get voiced.22:57
bob__soo i dunno...no one knows what would cause my system to not want to finish updates?22:58
mefisto__bob__: any error messages?22:59
JacobSteelsmithLynoure: For me, in a production environment, it's a success over 3.5. Very few issues.22:59
bob__mefisto: No, the downloads just stall. Like they'll be going fine, and then they just stall.22:59
bob__which makes no sense because i had as much as 780 kb/s, then it just stalls.23:00
`nhow can i apply "special window setting -> extra windows -> dock(panel) to a window? (kde323:00
JacobSteelsmithbob__: Are you using the upgrade tool to go from 8.04 to 8.10 now or are you past that?23:00
bob__I installed 8.10 as a new system.23:01
thinkgnui installed kubuntu 8.10 , if i want to install kde4 from sources , which packages do i need to update before trying too install kde4 from sources?23:01
JacobSteelsmithbob__: So you're using adept to get 4.2?23:02
mefisto__bob__: what is failing to download? the http://ppa.launchpad.net ones? or something else?23:02
bob__umm i dunno, i'm using whatever adept is included with a stock 8.10 install.23:02
bob__Lemme see, mefisto.23:02
bob__hold on i'll brb...23:03
mamedoffДобрый вечер23:05
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alarmany good pdf viewer for kubuntu 8.10 ? i dont see anymore kpdf thats why  i ask23:06
mamedoffни кто не подскажет, после обновления  kubuntu 8.10 пропал звук на креативе23:06
mefisto__alarm: okular23:06
bob__ok, yes, i'm currently downloading from launchpad at 212 BYTES per second...23:07
bob__now it's stalled, 0 b/s23:07
=== brun is now known as K47w0
mefisto__bob__: maybe the servers are overwhelmed atm?23:07
bob__i dunno23:07
alarmokie danke :)23:08
bob__i dunno mefisto.23:08
bob__i guess kde is pretty new, but apparently the servers were fine yestereday.23:09
bob__i mean kde 4.2, that is.23:09
=== AlanasAnikonis is now known as alanasanikonis
K47w0i wanna make a tha Crew for Training Parkour....... nobody know?23:09
mefisto__bob__: so it never fails, just stalls?23:13
bob__mefisto: right.23:14
bob__it randomly went up to 30 kb/s and then 60, but now it's back to being stalled.23:14
mefisto__bob__: might as well wait for it all to download until you come up with something else to try23:15
bob__i dunno, maybe the problem is in fact on their end.23:15
bob__because i think it's only the launchpad packages that are doing this.23:15
mefisto__bob__: when you added the gpg key, did that go ok? or was there an error with that?23:16
bob__i never did that because i didn't know how...like i said i'm a GNOME guy.23:16
bob__how do i add that?23:16
mefisto__bob__: explained here: http://kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.223:17
=== leopold is now known as leosly
Ebbohi, i've messed my system up ... I tried to install "koffice-kde4" ... and it returned an error... then I tried to fix it by running "apt-get -f install" .... Output: http://paste.ubuntu.com:80/111470/23:17
bob__mefisto: yeah i saw that, but i don't know what to do with the GPG key.23:17
bob__add it WHERE?23:18
DexterFbob__: konsole. sudo bash. literally paste the entire line ther23:18
mefisto__bob__: you just copy/paste that command in konsole23:18
mefisto__gpg --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 493B3065 && gpg --export -a 493B3065 | sudo apt-key add -23:18
bob__mefisto: ok that's what i did...i guess i'll try it again.23:18
DexterFI really wish Adept had a dialog for the gpg key thing.23:18
mefisto__DexterF: actually I think it does23:18
bob__see i did it but i get a whole bunch of errors.23:19
bob__that's not supposed to happen is it?23:19
mefisto__DexterF: at least the old version did23:19
DexterFbob__: no23:19
=== alanasanikonis is now known as AlanasAnikonis
DexterFpaste in a pastebin23:19
bob__uhh...more crap i don't understand.23:19
DexterFmefisto__: seriously..?23:19
DexterFbob__: pastebin.ca23:19
DexterFgo there23:20
DexterFand generally I don't take well to my advice beind referred to as "crap"23:20
bob__i didn't say it was.23:20
gorgonizerEbbo: perform sudo dpkg -i --force-overwrite /var/cache/apt/archives/koffice-data-kde4_1%3a1.9.98.5-0ubuntu1~intrepid1_all.deb23:20
bob__ok so what do i do with that?23:21
DexterFbob__: pastebin will give a you a link under which the paste was stored. paste that link here.23:21
mefisto__DexterF: in adept's sources tab, if you click "edit software sources" a new window pops up. in that new window, authentication tab23:22
DexterFbob__: I meant mark the entire lines  including the command *and* the output23:22
DexterFmefisto__: fsck me. never saw that.23:22
bob__DexterF: Oh right, sorry.23:22
bob__i'm getting permission denied.23:23
bob__here: http://pastebin.ca/132225723:23
bob__sorry, i pasted it twice.23:23
bob__but you can see the errors.23:23
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DexterFhmmm. i see. well, ok, try this: first, type  sudo bash23:24
DexterFenter your password23:24
Ebbogorgonizer: thank you ... you've saved my day ;)23:24
bob__got it23:24
DexterF$ will change to # then indicating you got a root shell now23:24
bob__yeah, i'm on root.23:24
zicadaanyone have any good pointers on getting firefox fonts to look more like the qt4 ones ?23:24
zicadain kde4.223:24
gorgonizerEbbo: no problem, I had the same issue myself when I first instaled it :)23:24
DexterFbob__: gpg --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 493B3065 && gpg --export -a 493B3065 | apt-key add -23:25
bob__DexterF: well, from the output of that, it looks like it was fine all along.23:25
=== Don_ is now known as Don
DonHi Can anyone help me fix etc/resolv.conf?23:25
DexterFbasically the same line but without the sudo. I ran into similar probs once and for the key add stuff I use root shells. just works.23:25
=== Don is now known as Guest69065
DexterFbob__: now aptitude update / upgrade (or adept stuff) should work ok23:26
bob__yeah, i'm trying that.23:26
bob__it's still stalling on this download though.23:26
Guest69065Hi Can anyone help me fix etc/resolv.conf?23:26
bob__something is effed and it's gotta be a network problem, whether it's on my end or theirs23:27
Guest69065in kppp23:27
DexterFbob__: hm. I'd try a differnet mirror then... dunno if the experimental repos is mirrored tho23:28
=== brun is now known as K47w0
bob__DexterF: Yeah, but it's the launchpad.net mirror that's the problem. Isn't there only one for those packages?23:28
DexterFbob__: I installed 4.2 while we were talking so I geuss the mirror is fine23:28
DexterFbob__: your location?23:29
bob__do you use the main server?23:29
EversWhi guys ;-)23:29
bob__i'm trying a server that's about 100 miles away from me.23:29
EversWgreetings from Spain23:29
DexterFbob__: german mirror for main stuff, but the same kde 4.2 repos line23:29
bob__but i mean do you pick a custom one?23:30
DexterFbob__: don't mean much, I know some ISP backbone routes here that only go 150 miles but jump over 3 networks and 1 CIX23:30
bob__because i can either pick server for the united states or specify another one.23:30
K47w05i 93n50 di 51... ch3 cr3d1?23:30
DexterFbob__: yes, german mirrors.23:30
EversWjust a quick question if I don't bother too much ;-) i couldn't get any information anywhere on forums about google gadget package for kde 4.2 on kubuntu experimental for intrepid, do you know anything about this?23:30
DexterFK47w0: this isn't quakenet23:30
bob__it must be my internet connection. it's stalling while attempting to update my package list from the main server.23:31
bob__i do use a university connection which can be very tempermental at times.23:32
DexterFbob__: on a particular item in the list?23:32
bob__not that i can tell.23:32
DexterFodd. probably deep packet insepction takes longer there because the admins monitor you leeching evil communist penguin stuff or so j/k23:33
bob__nah...i've been using ubuntu on this connection since i got here 2 & 1/2 years ago and i haven't really had any problems with aptitude or synaptic.23:34
bob__at least not on GNOME.23:34
DexterFDaSkreech: mysql root has nothing to do with system root, right? I can give it any passwd there? (4.2 needs myswo setup for sth as it looks)23:34
DaSkreechDexterF: Yes anything you like23:34
DaSkreechIt's the admin passwd for mySQL23:34
DexterFbob__: what pulled you to kde then?23:34
bob__i just want to try 4.2!23:35
DaSkreechYou can make it something that you will remember if you like or the same as your system password or blank23:35
DaSkreechbob__: Read the topic ?23:35
DexterFheh. ok. good.23:35
bob__though, generally, i like GNOME.23:35
bob__what about the topic? the fact that i can get CDs?\23:36
EversWguys, anything about google gadget package on kubuntu-experimental? there are lots of people, like in arch, that are wondering the same, and in project neon there was a great package that added that feature on plasma23:36
EversWbob_ i'm a GNOME guy, and i recommend to try and test the latest kde 4.2, it's awesome23:37
DaSkreechbob__: The way to try 4.2 is on there23:37
DexterFbob__: Marquette is on Internet2. ooh. got access?23:38
DaSkreechEversW: Far as I know you can install any google gadget in 4.223:38
bob__lol what, DexterF?23:39
DaSkreechIt's just not as streamlined as plasmoids23:39
DexterFbob__: Marquette Uni, Milwaukee..?23:39
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.23:39
ubottuDaca doriti ajutor sau doriti sa discutati despre Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu, intrati pe #ubuntu-ro23:39
bob__Right, DexterF.23:39
EversWDaSkreech, nop, there isn't no support for google gadget right now installing from kubuntu-experimental23:39
EversWand you can't install the gadget just straight into it using web package stuff23:40
EversWyou need the kde-google-gadgets package23:40
DexterFbob__: ran a quick search on their backbone connection, turned out you're part of internet2. always wanted to tap in there...23:40
DaSkreechEversW: ah23:40
bob__DexterF: I don't know what Internet2 is, to be honest.23:40
EversWit seems it's a great miss on it, and people are asking like me, who wants to run them :-D23:41
beachsurfinwhere is the /etc/groups file? does it exist in kubuntu?23:41
DexterFbob__: experimental research network, starts at 1GB/s (slow links)23:41
bob__I see. Well a university needs a lot of bandwidth.23:41
EversWbeachsurfin, yeah, it's there actually, on /etc/group23:42
khalidmianneed assistance when i try put sudo apt-get kubuntu-restricted-extras in terminal it says couldnt find package23:42
foormeaanyone under kde4.2? how is it?23:42
EversWkhalidmian, that's not the way you should use it23:42
bob__okay, well i'm putting this to rest for now...i have to do homework.23:43
EversWadd the line you can read on kubuntu.org, on the news on how to install kde 4.2 to /etc/apt/sources.list23:43
khalidmianEversW: whats your recommendation23:43
EversWjust read the instructions, and if you are on kubunut23:43
EversWjust apt-get update and then ugprade23:43
EversWyeah, kubunut it's my own version of it :-D23:44
khalidmianhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats there is where im getting info from23:44
=== heinkel_111 is now known as heinkel_111|away
gorgonizerkhalidmian: did you type sudo apt-get install kubuntu-restricted-extras?23:45
EversWups! sorri halidmian23:46
khalidmiangorgonizer: yes23:46
EversWi read kubuntu-experimental, my mistake23:46
DaSkreechEversW: Which package?23:46
EversWsorry DaSkreech, package of what?23:47
DaSkreechgoogle gadgets23:47
EversWyeah, take a look here, on project neon23:47
gorgonizerkhalidmian: hmm, it available to me if I search using apt-cache, version 25..23:47
DaSkreechHmm ok23:47
khalidmiangorgonizer: i typed sudo apt-get install kubuntu-restricted-extras23:47
EversWinstalling that package, it adds an entry for "google gadgets" on adding new plasma stuff23:48
EversWand it gives you a nice menu to install them directly23:49
gorgonizerkhalidmian: do you get any results if you type apt-cache policy kubuntu-restricted-extras?23:49
EversWsomething like the plasmoids available on kde-look, but better23:49
khalidmianchecking as we speak23:49
DexterFDaSkreech: umm. no window manager.23:51
DaSkreechDexterF: Hmm ?23:52
DexterFafter 4.2 upgrade. rebooted, got no kwin.23:52
DexterFalt-f2 wont work23:52
DaSkreechDexterF: yeha it won't without kwin I think23:52
DaSkreechdo you have a panel ?23:52
DaSkreechclick the menu and type kwin then press enter23:52
DexterFDaSkreech: doesnt work. wont accept "enter"23:53
DaSkreechbah :) ok fine type konsole and press enter23:53
DexterFkmenu has a weird icon btw (" |<- ")23:53
DaSkreechthen kwin &23:53
DaSkreechmine has the K with gear23:54
DaSkreechwhat does yours have?23:54
DexterFDaSkreech: |<-23:54
DexterFlike  "previous item" in kaffeine23:54
DaSkreechok well get kwin up first23:54
DexterFok im gonna ssh in and launch kwin from there23:55
DaSkreechkonsole won't open ?23:55
DaSkreechFrom the kmenu ?23:55
cuznti use my kwrench23:55
DexterFDaSkreech: kwin: error while loading shared libraries: libkephal.so.4: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory23:55
DexterFok, that explains it23:55
DexterFidea why that's missing?23:56
DaSkreechwhat did you install to get KDE 4?23:56
DaSkreechkubuntu-desktop ?23:56
DexterFDaSkreech: i pretty much ran aptitude upgrade23:57
carpiihow can i start a remote x session?23:57
DaSkreechso you had kubuntu-desktop installed already ?23:57
DexterFDaSkreech: came from a pretty fresh 8.10 standard installation23:57
DexterFkubuntu 8.10 that is23:57
DaSkreechYeah that should pretty much work.23:58
DexterFjust what i thought23:58
DaSkreech!find libkephal.so.423:58
DexterFit's a vm, / has only 8gb but that should still be enough I guess23:58
ubottuPackage/file libkephal.so.4 does not exist in intrepid23:58
earleAnyone on 4.2 having problems with xscreensaver?23:58
earleOr - anyone else, I should say.23:59
DexterFuh huh, already figured that. new in 4.2 it seems23:59
DaSkreechDexterF: You have a konsole though ?23:59
DaSkreechsudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get install kwin23:59
DexterFwell, konsole doesnt get a window size due to lack of kwin and hence I can't focus it...23:59
DaSkreechJust to ensure23:59
DexterFgot ssh from the host tho23:59
DaSkreechTechnically if you put your mouse over it it should get focus23:59

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