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RAOFIs anyone else receiving PPA build-failures from the past?  I've just received two telepathy-ppa logs dated 2nd of December 08.01:15
cody-somervilleRAOF, Can you pastebin the entire e-mail with headers?01:22
RAOFcody-somerville: http://paste2.org/p/13774001:23
* RAOF loves Do's "selected text -> pastebin" functionality01:23
cody-somervilleRAOF, It appears it got delayed somewhere along the relay.01:25
cody-somervilleRAOF, was it maybe held in moderation? :P01:26
maxbA random wondering04:06
maxbWhy do buildds sit idle when there are queued builds?04:07
maxb(according to https://launchpad.net/+builds)04:07
cody-somervillebecause launchpad runs on cron job04:07
cody-somervilleor because there is a bug04:08
LaserJockdo the public buildds ever get used for Private PPAs, I can imagine that could also explain it04:09
cody-somervilleYes but it shows that a private build is building04:16
LaserJockah, I didn't know04:17
smevening all. How do I get rid of the old 2006/2008 failure reports at https://translations.launchpad.net/zwiki/trunk/+imports ?06:11
smand thanks for the new partial po export, I am giving lp translations another whirl06:12
spmsm: the guys you want should be starting in the next hour or 2. Suggest try asking then?06:18
smthanks spm06:18
smin case they read logs, also it reported problems exporting files when I used https://translations.launchpad.net/zwiki/trunk/+pots/zwiki , everything, partial po format06:19
spmsm:  I should add - if you get no joy, shoot a question in via the lp answers. that'll get routed to the right person.06:21
savvasThe proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server.07:28
savvasThe proxy server could not handle the request GET /~medigeek/+junk/packages2sqlite/annotate/head:/COPYING.07:28
savvaslooks like someone woke up and broke launchpad hehehe07:29
spivspm: still around? ^07:31
spmspiv: hrm. chasing.07:32
spmsavvas: should be good now07:34
savvasyep, thanks spm :)07:34
SiDiHi hi08:59
SiDiIs there a way to get PGP keys for a PPA if we only have port 80/443 opened ?09:06
SiDiThe URL for accessing the key uses the port 11371 :/09:06
al-maisanSiDi: Not sure what port gpg uses but would "gpg --recv-keys" work for you?09:08
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mwhudsonthe keys should propagate around the keyservers, so if you can find any keyserver that listens on a port you have open, you should be able to get it from there09:09
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SiDiI tried the command line version on launchpad's wiki09:09
SiDiand it fails to contact the server :/09:09
SiDimwhudson: where can i find other keyservers ?09:11
mwhudsonSiDi: dunno, sorry09:11
mwhudsoni'd have to google :)09:11
SiDihehe it's ok09:11
SiDii'll do it next time i get the internet :)09:12
mwhudsonSiDi: maybe try gpg --keyserver hkp://keyserver.kjsl.com:80 ?09:21
mwhudsonseems to be very slow09:21
SiDiOk gonna try09:21
SiDiWho does this server belong to, though ? :O09:22
petskiHi, just add one comment to one bugnumber (bug 276603, which is having 3 relations: one for the project, one for the ubuntu package, one for a ubuntu release). My +karma page now shows I've added 3 comments (instead of one). I think this is unexpected behavior and might a bug (?)09:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 276603 in rhythmbox "crashed while listening to a mp3 podcast" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27660309:23
mwhudsonSiDi: dunno, some random dude on the internet :)09:23
SiDiDoesn't work anyways :P09:23
SiDiThanks mwhudson i'll just manage this another day09:23
SiDi(or either it's really very very slow huhu :P)09:24
jameshSiDi: subkeys.pgp.net is usually a good setting for the keyserver.  It points to a bunch of keyservers that all sync with each other.09:27
SiDiBut will it get my key uploaded to the ubuntu's keyserver ?09:29
jameshthe keyserver Launchpad uses synchronises with the public keyservers, so yes.09:30
jameshnot instantly though.09:30
Philip5riksta: btw, i just tried the new version of kitchen sync that comes with the latest kdepim and it works with the new version of opensync as a frontend... that means kde apps though but i don't know any other frontend that's cutting edge when it comes to opensync support09:41
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SiDiGood bye peeps, have a nice day10:22
AnAntHello, what's the idea of changing the PPA URL paths ?10:40
noodles775AnAnt: to allow users to have multiple PPAs...10:40
AnAnthow's that ?10:40
noodles775In the examples in the email, the 'ppa' is actually the name of your current 'default' ppa10:41
noodles775So another example would be:10:41
* noodles775 looks for email10:41
AnAntthere's a typo in the email10:41
AnAntinstead of launchpad.net10:42
noodles775AnAnt: yes, good point. The other example would be launchpad.net/~user/+archive/my_other_ppa, for the overview page, for example.10:43
AnAntI see10:43
noodles775Or ppa.launchpad.net/user/my_other_ppa/ubuntu for the archive etc.10:43
AnAntwhy would one have several PPAs ?10:49
oojahAnAnt: To support different groups of projects perhaps?11:09
alex-weejYou reported this bug a while ago and there hasn't been11:57
alex-weejany activity in it recently. We were wondering is this still an issue11:57
alex-weejfor you?11:57
alex-weeji'm sick of my bugs being marked Incomplete with stock responses11:58
alex-weejis there a way for me to quickly reply with "Yes" and change it back from Incomplete to New?11:58
alex-weejsome way to tell Launchpad to change status via email?11:58
alex-weejso i can make my own stock responses?11:58
salgadoalex-weej, yes, you can reply to the e-mail you got to add comments and/or change the bug12:02
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CarlFKI want to add  https://edge.launchpad.net/~carlfk/+archive/ppa using a preseed file.14:47
CarlFKwhat;s the url of the key?14:47
CarlFKlike : d-i apt-setup/local0/key string http://akirad.cinelerra.org/dists/akirad.key14:48
cprovCarlFK: the pub key is available from any (PKS) keyserver -> http://keyserver.ubuntu.com:11371/pks/lookup?op=get&search=0x2EB11AEDA224C43C14:50
cprovCarlFK: but I'm not aware of your suggestion to setup the key, can you elaborate ?14:51
CarlFKcprov: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/installation-guide/i386/preseed-contents.html#preseed-apt14:55
CarlFK# Additional repositories, local[0-9] available14:55
CarlFK#d-i apt-setup/local0/key string http://local.server/key14:56
cprovCarlFK: let me check the docs14:56
CarlFKhmm, i guess I need to go the other direction from deatail14:56
CarlFKthe alt installer (old text based one) supports reading options from a preseed file, so that you don't have to manually answer them on the screen14:57
cprovCarlFK: I see, interesting. It will probably work with the keyserver URL, but it would be easier to have the key available directly from LP like <user>/+archive/ppa/+signing-key15:00
cprovCarlFK: this way, if the signing key changes you wouldn't have to change the preseed configuration.15:01
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CarlFKcprov: so you think this? http://keyserver.ubuntu.com:11371/pks/lookup?op=get&search=0x2EB11AEDA224C43C15:05
CarlFKill give it a shot... but it takes 15min per shot15:05
cprovCarlFK: yes, I do. But TBH, you could simple ship the public key within the installation image, couldn't you ?15:06
CarlFK installation image?15:07
CarlFKoh... CD?  (there is no media...)15:07
cprovCarlFK: wherever you ship the preseed configuration.15:08
CarlFKthe installer (kernel/initrd) gets pxe net booted, the preseed is a file on a local web server, the .deb's are found on a local mirror.15:08
CarlFKit's one more file to deal with.  rather just pull from the source15:09
cprovCarlFK: right, I understand, you could simply copy the pub key to your local mirror them and avoid to hit a external URL. Is that your concern ?15:13
CarlFKcprov: yeah15:24
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CarlFKfor one ppa, especially mine, no biggie.  but if I am using a few (I currently use about 2 others) it would get annoying15:26
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TurlI received a mail about the changes in PA16:28
mrevellHi Turl16:28
TurlI was wondering, will I be able to use the ppa:myusername syntax with dput when the changes take place?16:29
Turllike dput ppa:turl filename.changes16:29
mrevellcody-somerville may be able to answer that ^^^^^16:29
vadi2How can I go about getting my launchpad project renamed?16:30
cody-somervilleTurl, you'll have to type: dput ppa:turl/<ppa name> <changesfile>16:31
Turlcody-somerville: ok :) and how can I add/remove/rename ppas? so to have ppa names16:31
cody-somervilleTurl, right now, I think that it'll be turl/turl16:32
cody-somervilleTurl, that feature isn't available yet16:32
Turlisn't it turl/ppa ?16:32
cody-somervilleTurl, probably ;]16:36
mrevellvadi2: File a request here:16:36
mrevellvadi2: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad16:37
mrevellcheers cody-somerville :)16:37
vadi2mrevell: ok16:37
cody-somervillemrevell, cheers :)16:37
cprovTurl: ìt's 'turl/ppa' indeed.16:42
Turlthanks cprov16:42
cassidyjames_w: hi. Did you see my comment on your blog? I'd be interested in your ppamadison script16:49
james_whey cassidy, I did, but I forgot to reply, sorry16:50
cassidynp :)16:50
james_wI can pass it to you, but it will currently make you tear your hair out :-)16:50
cassidyis it that bad? :)16:50
james_wit requires you to set up OAuth credentials on every invocation16:50
james_wnot a difficult problem to fix though16:50
maxbThere must be code already in ubuntu-dev-tools to borrow for fixing that16:51
cassidyI'd like to run my script automatically16:51
cassidyso that's a bit annoying16:51
james_wif you're just interested in the code so that you can integrate it with your tool then it will work fine16:51
james_wmaxb: it's easy code to write16:51
maxbEasier still if you don't have to write it :-)16:51
james_wbut making it depend on u-d-t would allow us to use a library function I believe16:51
cassidyjames_w: do you plan to improve it soonish?16:52
james_whmm, looks like I might have deleted it :-)16:53
james_wit needs a bit more exposed in the lp ui to work well really16:53
james_wand in fact we should have lpmadison instead, and add a --ppa option to that16:53
maxbThere's no madison for ports.ubuntu.com right now, is there?16:54
cassidywould be cool yeah16:54
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cassidylet me know if you improve it16:57
cassidyjames_w: isn't it possible to skip the login and use the API as anonyme?16:58
maxbSadly no.16:58
maxbWhich is a rather peculiar design decision16:58
cassidyyou don't plan to allow that?16:59
maxbI asked during the Launchpad session of Ubuntu Developer Week, and was told "Maybe in the future, it's being considered"17:00
cassidysounds like fail :\17:01
savvasyou can always use w3m or lynx while in console17:01
maxbThere's always screenscraping :-/17:01
savvasmaybe I could use packages2sqlite to make a package database for ports as well17:03
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cassidyjames_w: humm, I have to join this group to be able to use your script, right? https://launchpad.net/~launchpad-beta-testers17:23
james_wI believe so17:23
cassidycan you approve me? :)17:24
mrevelljames_w: If you can't let me know17:28
mrevellactually, don't worry, I'll do it james_w and cassidy17:29
james_wthanks mrevell17:29
savvashrm... why doesn't launchpad provide a simple text file without headers for the PPA key?17:31
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savvasI mean without the "Public Key Server -- Get ``0xb530d6dcb5140445 ''"17:32
mrevellcassidy: Done!17:33
mrevellcprov: savvas has a suggestion for making it easier to get PPA keys ^^^^^17:33
cassidymrevell: thanks!17:34
mrevellnp :)17:34
cprovsavvas: that's not a LP url, it comes from the keyserver17:34
cprovsavvas: other guys have suggested that we should provide a LP page with the corresponding signing-key inline, so users could use `wget https://lp.net/~cprov/+archive/ppa/+key`17:36
cprovsavvas: I'm not too keen about it since it wouldn't work for private PPAs.17:37
savvascprov: hm.. I could do a perl script to grab the "pre" from there if you want it.. but it's really simple with HTML::Parser17:38
cprovsavvas: btw, gpg ignores the keyserver extra HTML and import the key just fine.17:38
cprovsavvas: does `apt-key` gets confused about the headers ?17:38
savvasthen there's the other thing.. Software Sources should allow to import from a text box17:38
savvascprov: no idea, I'll try :)17:39
cprovsavvas: it doesn't -> GET 'http://keyserver.ubuntu.com:11371/pks/lookup?op=get&search=0xB530D6DCB5140445' | sudo apt-key add -17:39
cprovsavvas: it works just fine as well17:39
cprovsavvas: so will 'Software Source -> Authentication' method.17:40
savvasmrevell: you should update your video tutorial :P17:41
* mrevell reads up17:42
mrevellsorry, I'm confused17:43
savvasmrevell: er.. no wait17:43
savvasignore that comment17:44
savvascprov: do you know where I could ask for keyserver to provide a "raw" key? answers.launchpad.net ? which project?17:45
savvasit doesn't work if you try and import the saved html from System > Administration > Software Sources > Authentication17:46
cprovsavvas: I know, but why would need that ?17:46
cprovsavvas: let me check the UI method.17:47
savvasease of use?17:47
savvasI guess I need to file a wishlist bug for software sources as well, to accept keys directly from the GUI, a text box or something, instead of retrieving files etc etc17:49
cprovsavvas: are you saving the page as html ?17:49
savvasisn't that what wget does?17:50
cprovsavvas: instead of copying the content to the clipboard and paste it to a file.17:50
savvascprov: no wait, misunderstood here, I know how to do it, I'm just suggesting a better, easier way to import the PPA keys for common users :)17:50
cprovsavvas: the key is in a iframe, apparently wget fetches it while firefox doesn't.17:50
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savvasoh.. I see17:51
cprovsavvas: mrevell screencast uses the clipboard, nothing wrong with that.17:51
savvasyou're right, my bad with the html saved page17:52
cprovsavvas: in fact, the iframe is added by FireGPG, AFAICS17:52
cprovsavvas: the keyserver page doesn't use it.17:52
savvasoh well, I guess I'll have to mention the wget with apt-key add then17:54
cprovsavvas: so GET and `wget` fetch the right content, if you load it with FF + firegpg it gets replaced by an <iframe>17:54
cprovoh, nice FF just died :(17:55
CyHawkhi! browsing my files gives "Internal Server Error": http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~darabos-daniel/eoec/extension-translator/files/head:/Extension%20Translator/17:59
CyHawkcan you elaborate on that? :)17:59
CyHawki have just recently (maybe 20 minutes?) pushed them, so it may be something transient for all i know18:00
stdinCyHawk: seems to be working again18:18
CyHawkthe folder i linked to works, but not any of the files in it18:18
CyHawkdid you click on one of them?18:18
CyHawkthe subdirectories do not work either but they do not give "Internal Server Error" messages either (they return me to the root in some strange way)18:20
CyHawki pushed to this new branch with "--use-existing-dir"18:21
CyHawki've never done so before, but after some reading up i thought it should not hurt18:21
stdinseems to be a problem with the URLs18:21
stdineg: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~darabos-daniel/eoec/extension-translator/files/head:/Extension%20Translator/META-INF/ works18:22
stdinyeah http://bazaar.launchpad.net/%7Edarabos-daniel/eoec/extension-translator/files/head%3A/Extension%2520Translator/META-INF/ is wrong18:22
stdinit's encoded "%20" (space) as % and 2018:23
CyHawkoh, you're right, somehow the space becomes %20 (that is alright so far) then the %20 becomes %252018:23
stdin% = %2518:23
CyHawkso code browsing does not support folder names with space?18:23
stdinit really should, but something is wrong18:24
stdinI'm sure I've browsed code with spaces in it before18:24
stdinI'm guessing the link is getting percent-encoded twice for some reason18:25
CyHawkyes. do you know which version of loggerhead is running on launchpad?18:25
CyHawkmaybe i could take a look at the source18:25
stdinI don't know, but https://code.launchpad.net/~launchpad-pqm/loggerhead/devel suggests trunk18:28
CyHawki took a look in another branch with spaces (http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~darabos-daniel/eoec/trunk/files/head:/examples/) and here I can not enter the directories that have a space18:31
CyHawki never noticed it before, so it may be a new problem18:31
CyHawkmaybe it will be gone by tomorrow :)18:32
stdinI guess you should report a bug ;) https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad-loggerhead18:32
CyHawkthanks for the help!18:32
CyHawkreported: https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad-loggerhead/+bug/32285418:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 322854 in launchpad-loggerhead "URLs get double-encoded so can not browse directories with e.g. space" [Undecided,New]18:38
CyHawkoh, did not know about ubottu :)18:38
CyHawkthanks again, bye!18:39
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hyperairwhen sending mail to new@bugs.launchpad.net, am i supposed to receive a reply from lp or not? i don't seem to18:58
hyperairand it would be nice to know the bug number18:58
* mwhudson hates url encoding19:24
anderskIt is important to understand the difference between escape(), encodeURI(), and encodeURIComponent().19:27
hyperairwell generally escape() handles just fine19:28
anderskNo, that isn't true.  See bug 320674 for example.19:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 320674 in malone "“Also affects distribution” → (Choose…) link does not escape + characters" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32067419:28
DBOdoes lp provide an automated way to drop a tarball?19:48
hyperairdrop a tarball?19:48
DBOmake a tarball so its available in the downloads page19:48
DBOfrom trunk19:48
* hyperair has no idea!19:48
hyperairi'm looking for an ia64 and hppa buildd though. has anyone seen one that i could get access to?19:49
hyperairfor testing purposes19:49
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thomasdelbekeHi there19:58
thomasdelbekeAnyone home?19:59
jpdshyperair: Try asking on the debian-hppa mailing list.19:59
hyperairjpds: but then i need ubuntu packages! =O20:00
thomasdelbekeI talked to a guy called hggdh a while ago20:00
jpdshyperair: Ah, right.20:00
hyperairjpds: ftbfs on ubuntu-hppa20:00
thomasdelbekeI think it was ubuntu-bugs?20:00
hyperairjpds: if qemu could handle it i'd use qemubuilder, but qemu doesn't so.. =(20:00
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mtaylorstatik: is ubuntu moving from grub to lilo for jaunty?20:15
mwhudsongood morning launchpad20:42
magciusGood morning mwhudson20:46
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magciusIs there a reason why Launchpad doesn't use the ZODB?20:47
magciusOr at least SQLAlchemy.20:47
__Ali__how does the auto build system work?20:48
magcius__Ali__, it's not working right now.20:48
mwhudsonDBO: that's something we'd like to support one day20:48
mwhudsonDBO: in that sort of "don't hold your breath" "one day", though :/20:48
__Ali__magcius: any more info? cannot find anything useful on the omepage20:48
magcius__Ali__, the build system is backed up. That's all.20:48
__Ali__magcius: so, it's gonna be back in days, weeks, or is it gone forever?20:49
magcius__Ali__, I have no idea when it will be back.20:49
sproatyshould I put up the first version of my app onto LP? It's okay feature-wise, but could do with performance tuning20:49
sproatyI'm interested in using launchpad for its feedback system and logging of file commits20:50
magciussproaty, throw it in a junk branch.20:50
sproatymagcius: can they be transferred to a "real" branch?20:50
magciussproaty, I'm not sure.20:51
magciussproaty, if you would want to do that, I say create a project.20:51
sproatythat's what I want to do20:51
sproatyjust wasn't sure if it was acceptable for early versions20:51
sproatye.g., it's fine feature-wise, just some things are a bit quirky20:52
__Ali__magcius: how long has buildd been off?20:52
magcius__Ali__, a few days.20:52
mwhudsonsproaty: sure, create a project20:53
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sproaty|awaycool :D20:53
sproaty|awayjust out of interest, how does Whyteboard sound [for a whiteboard app..]. It's in Python but couldn't think of a clever way of pun-ing "Py" into whiteboard without sounding rather lame20:54
magciussproaty|away, for all sanity do not use the "py" cliche.20:54
sproaty|away:) gotcha20:55
sproaty|awaywhyteboard sounds cool to me anyway20:55
* sproaty|away gone*20:56
magciussproaty|away, imagine if Launchpad had been called Pycodehub20:56
rockstarmagcius, it's not restricted to Python apps though.  :)20:56
magciusrockstar, I know. But it is developed in Python though.20:57
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__Ali__how can i delete a project from launchpad?21:59
spm__Ali__: ask nicely and I can action it for you :-) Preferably via a question to assist with the person<->project linkage21:59
__Ali__spm: sorry i didn't get it :)22:00
__Ali__so, this was not asked before? it's not that usual?22:02
mwhudson__Ali__: i don't think i understand the point you are trying to make22:03
__Ali__mwhudson: all i want is to delete a project i created, how do i do that?22:04
mwhudson__Ali__: you ask an admin, like spm, to do it22:04
mwhudson__Ali__: we don't delete projects just because some random dude on irc asks us to22:04
mwhudsonand the expectation is indeed that you don't delete projects22:04
mwhudsonlaunchpad is around open source, collaboration22:05
__Ali__mwhudson: so i have to ask it by the 'answers' interface in public?22:05
mwhudsonthat conflicts with projects disappearing22:05
mwhudson__Ali__: yes, why not?22:05
__Ali__mwhudson: why yes? it's wired, sourceforge has a little X sign which allows you to delete a project22:06
mwhudson__Ali__: well, we're not sourceforge :)22:06
LarstiQ__Ali__: others might be using the information from the project22:07
mwhudson__Ali__: part of it is that there is a reason to have a project on launchpad even if launchpad isn't the "home" for the project22:07
mwhudsonto make translating bugs from ubuntu to upstream22:07
__Ali__LarstiQ: i see, no, i just created the project minutes ago and i need to restructure th ewhol ething22:07
mwhudson__Ali__: in that case, just ask a question already22:07
mwhudsonwe probably should allow deleting new projects somehow22:08
mwhudsonbut it's a bit of a fuzzy thing22:08
__Ali__it's easy to check if other packages depend on it?22:11
mwhudsonnot really22:14
asabilhi all22:19
asabilwhat's the best way for creating packages in PPA based on some debian packages ?22:19
blueyedProxy error on bazaar.launchpad.net: e.g. http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~blueyed/b2evolution/dev/revision/621422:22
spmblueyed: should be right now22:25
blueyedspm: no, 503+403 now.22:26
blueyedspm: now it works.22:27
spmblueyed: cool22:27
spmI may have been too fast to "try now" - possibly was still starting up.22:27
blueyedspm: please add monitoring to whatever you've (re)started! :)22:29
spmblueyed: trust me it is. it is. :-) Is a known problem that our friendly dev's are tearing hair out, knashing teeth etc fixing.22:30
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