leleobhzsomeone know why users-admin dont work even using sudo?00:25
macoleleobhz: because you cant use sudo with policy-kit apps00:26
RAOFleleobhz: Because it uses policykit now; it should barf on sudo.00:26
macoyou have to just run "users-admin" and then click the unlock button00:26
leleobhzthis worked in first install00:27
macoit worked back in 7.1000:27
leleobhzbut after a dist-upgrade (from jaunty to jaunty)00:27
maconot since then00:27
Sergeant_Ponyanyone know where I can find mf2t? I asked in #ubuntu and no help00:27
leleobhzthis button is hidden00:27
leleobhzthis is why im asking00:27
leleobhzmaco: what i can try to make this work again?00:27
macothe unlock button still exists on users-admin in jaunty00:27
macodo *not* run "sudo users-admin" or the button will be disabled00:28
leleobhzdont work00:28
macobug 21089700:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 210897 in consolekit "sudo *something which uses policykit?* doesn't work" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21089700:28
leleobhzmaco: ive runned only with my user, and dont worked00:28
RAOF"Don't work" isn't a useful problem description.  Does the "unlock" button appear?  Is it sensitive?  What happens if you press it? etc.00:29
leleobhzso if i run one time users-admin with sudo, i permanentelly damage it?00:29
leleobhzRAOF: [28/01-22:27:31] < leleobhz> this button is hidden00:29
leleobhzstill hidden if i run with my user00:29
macohidden as in not there at all or as in greyed out00:29
leleobhzgrayed out00:29
leleobhzlike i dont have permission to run it00:30
macotry "sudo -k" then retry it00:30
maco*without* sudo00:30
leleobhzno effect00:30
maco(sudo -k will kill the sudo session)00:30
hggdhor close the terminal, and open it again00:30
* leleobhz running all commands from my user00:30
macohggdh: ive had sudo credentials carry from one terminator to another00:31
leleobhzmaco: understood, but dont worked yet00:31
leleobhzill post a screenshot00:32
hggdhmaco, that's bad -- the credentials should be restricted to the pid00:32
hggdhunless you opened a terminator from another running terminator00:32
hggdh(or gnome-terminal, for that matter)00:32
macohggdh: no, if i use sudo in a terminator, then close it and open another right away, sometimes i dont need to enter my password when i sudo in the new one00:32
macodunno if it still happens with jaunty00:33
macobut on hardy i could do it00:33
macoyeah i can still do it00:33
hggdhthen it is a safer bet to sudo -k00:33
leleobhzhere is00:34
macoopen a terminator, sudo -i, enter pw, hit the X. open a new terminator, sudo -i, no need for pw00:34
macoleleobhz: yeah that looks broken. can you reproduce it with a new user or after a reboot?00:35
leleobhzmaco: this happens here (the hardy issue) :p00:35
hggdhperhaps group membership00:35
macohggdh: what?00:35
leleobhzmy user is the first ive created in ubuntu install00:35
leleobhzand the users-admin worked before the dist-upgrade00:36
hggdhperhaps he is not a member of the adm group00:37
leleobhzuid=1000(leleobhz) gid=1000(leleobhz) groups=4(adm),20(dialout),21(fax),24(cdrom),25(floppy),26(tape),27(sudo),29(audio),44(video),46(plugdev),109(lpadmin),116(admin),121(sambashare),1000(leleobhz),1002(setfon)00:37
leleobhzi am00:37
macohggdh: should i be filing a bug on sudo for letting me do that in terminator?00:38
macohggdh: i assumed it was like the 15 minutes gksudo timeout00:38
Teknoterminator ;P00:39
hggdhmaco I think you should. I am not sure what to open against, though00:39
macoTekno: terminator uses vte00:39
macooooo maybe it is terminator00:40
hggdhterminator seems a good bet00:40
macobecause i cant do it with gnome-terminal00:40
hggdheven better!00:40
macooh wiat yes i can00:40
macoits vte00:40
leleobhzsome idea guys?00:40
macoif i sudo -i in gnome-terminal, it doesnt carry over to terminator00:40
macoit does carry over to later gnome-terminals though00:41
maco...i wonder if maybe they're assigned the same pid?00:41
hggdhleleobhz, I am stumped right now00:41
hggdhthe hell is on my side of the fence it works fine00:42
macoif i start one, do stuff, and exit it, then start another...since the first was exited, maybe the old pid is assigned to the new process?00:42
hggdhcould happen on an extremely busy system, otherwise the chances are pretty much nill00:43
macoyou mean extremely not-busy?00:43
hggdhpids are monotonically increasing (until they wrap around)00:43
macoi thought maybe it was "lowest available" :-/00:44
hggdhheh. users-admin help page is sorta oldish00:45
hggdh(c) 2004...00:45
hggdhoy vey00:45
hggdhno, revised on 200600:45
hggdhsigh. OK. Time for a LP search00:46
maco2006 is still a while00:46
leleobhzwell, i ll need restart00:46
leleobhzits good because my VM goes down too00:47
hggdhyes. leleobhz, does it happen after a restart?00:47
leleobhzill see after i restart my entire system00:47
leleobhzill back00:47
hggdhmaco, when you say it carries over to other gnome-terms, do you close the first gnome-term and open a new one, or you just fire another from the g-t menu?00:49
macoclose it and open a new one00:50
hggdheeek eeek eeek00:50
macolaunching from alt+f2 "gnome-terminal"00:50
hggdhbug 31399000:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 313990 in gnome-system-tools "[users-admin] adding new user sets groups to nogroup" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31399000:51
hggdhI will try it00:52
macoi dont have g-t in my menu anymore00:54
macoi launch terminator with super+t since i mapped it in my compiz shortcuts00:54
=== nhandler_ is now known as nhandler
macohggdh: slangasek says it's not a bug. sudo auth is based on user+tty# and when i close the first terminal and open a new one, the same tty# is used00:58
macoits not pid-based00:58
hggdhah, OK01:00
hggdhmakes sense -- the pty gets reused01:01
hggdhmaco, where can I control which actions give sound feedback? Like clicking on a button, etc01:04
macoi dont know01:05
macoim still trying to figure out how to test all the available alert sounds in the volume control thing01:05
hggdhoh, so its volume-control...01:05
macoif i click "ubuntu" it makes the bongo noise, which i suppose is as an example01:05
macono...i havent seen an option for it in there01:06
macoi havent seen an option anywhere01:06
macoi would ASSUME somwhere in some audio control app *if* it exists01:06
hggdhah thanks. I am going crazy here -- my sound finally started to work again, and I cannot control what sounds and what does not01:07
hggdhI am almost going back to pulseaudio, so that I will have no sound again :-(01:07
hggdhanyway. The volume control button on the volume icon does not fire off anything01:09
macois it intentional that only 1 slider is available now?01:12
macoi need to go into alsamixer if i want to change more than one slider01:12
macootherwise i *guess* right-click -> preferences, set the volume icon to control slider A. set it. right-click -> preferences, set to control slider B. set B. again for sliders C, D, E, and F01:12
* hggdh has no clue, having been without sound for pretty much one year now. And neither "volume control" nor "preferences" work...01:13
tuxxy__has anyone got their nvidia card working in Jaunty yet?01:16
tuxxy__with any driver heh01:16
macohggdh: they launch nothing?01:16
x1250tuxxy__, sure. Try using driver 180 and in xorg.conf: Section "ServerFlags" with Option "IgnoreABI" "True".01:17
tuxxy__ahhh thats the issue i had thankyou sir, I had the 180 installed but didnt edit the xorg01:18
macowhere can i get an old version of xserver-xorg-input-synaptics?01:20
macothe current one is really freaking unusable01:20
x1250maco, from launchpad.net01:21
macowhere though?01:22
hggdhmaco, they launch nuthin01:23
maxbmaco: You could get the intrepid source package and rebuild it in a jaunty environment01:23
hggdhcan't you just downgrade it under synaptic? Or has the older version being deleted?01:24
macohggdh: er i was just gonna grab the deb that was in use prior to last week01:25
maxbOh, you *can* get it fromlaunchpad if you known where to look01:25
macobecause last week's upload broke things01:25
maxbhttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xfree86-driver-synaptics/0.15.2-0ubuntu8, choose the right architecture, then the little "Resulting binaries" box on the right hand side, then you get a link to the actual binary package01:26
x1250maco, jaunty's previous version: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/20438229/xserver-xorg-input-synaptics_0.15.2-0ubuntu8_i386.deb01:26
x1250hggdh, old versions get deleted :(01:27
hggdhyes... very fast01:27
maxbFrom the archive.... but the librarian seems to hang on to them01:27
x1250yes, it looks like all versions can be grabbed from librarian01:28
hggdhbut as log as the source packages are there, then it is easy to rebuild locally, and deploy01:28
macox1250: thanks01:29
maco0.99.3 breaks things really badly01:29
x1250yes sir it does01:30
tuxxy__guys I have nvidia driver 180 installed and have added "IgnoreABI" "True" to xorg but no luck I get the same error at boot and have to reconfigur01:31
tuxxy__so unless I did something wrong I gess it isnt possible01:32
x1250tuxxy__, try pasting Xorg.0.log (from a failed attempt) in paste.ubuntu.com, and your failed xorg.conf.01:33
tuxxy__x1250 theres the link it was a standard xorg and I somply added the bottom section for server flags, either way both fail with 180 nvidia drivers01:36
x1250tuxxy__, is Option "IgnoreABI" "True", with "Option" included :P01:37
x1250Option "IgnoreABI" "True"01:37
x1250just copy paste it01:37
tuxxy__x1250 like that?01:38
shadowhywindok guys, heres a very odd problem, my left click on my touchpad, has turned into a "paste" button......01:38
x1250tuxxy__, also, why are you separating things? Its IgnoreABI and not Ignore ABI, and ServerFlags, not Server Flags01:38
x1250tuxxy__, right, but you missed the whole ServerFlags section now :P.01:39
tuxxy__yes ok got it01:39
x1250tuxxy__, looks ok, but this looks better: http://paste.ubuntu.com/111090/    <----- just some identing, so it looks better01:43
tuxxy__no luck guys, it says drivers installed but no effects and fan will not stop on card01:45
x1250tuxxy__, what driver says Xorg.0.log you're using? and what does LIBGL_DEBUG=verbose glxinfo gives you ?01:47
* leleobhz back02:01
* leleobhz back02:02
leleobhza strange thing02:03
leleobhzrunning users-admin from console free my user line to edit02:04
leleobhzrun from system menu dont unhide notting02:04
leleobhzcan this have some relation with shadow?02:04
hggdhleleobhz, I am not sure I follow you02:41
pwnguinwhoever said ext didnt fragment should see this03:42
pwnguinB/dev/sda3: 255368/1181952 files (5.6% non-contiguous), 1769819/2359296 blocks03:42
pwnguinit seems intrepid tools will tune an ext4 volume, but not mount it =(03:49
Amaranthpwnguin: it's ext4dev03:54
pwnguinoh yea03:54
Volkodavhttp://desktoplinux.com/news/NS8942465787.html <== that'[s cool03:55
macoashp: you had the bug where no outputs are displayed, right?03:59
macofor audio, i mean03:59
cwillupwnguin, nobody should have said ext doesn't fragment.  The fragmentation however is typically minimal, and has very little effect on performance except on very full, very old, or very used-in-exactly-the-right-deliberately-weird-way ext partitions04:12
macotorrenting without pre-allocating space....while your hard drive is pretty full and it's a large torrent...that'd be "exactly the right weird way"04:14
cwillumaco, well, that'd be the 'very full' :p04:23
macocwillu: well if its a very large torrent that will *result* in very full, thatd also count, i think04:25
=== calc_ is now known as calc
pwnguinoddly, things seem to have worked without touching fstab04:38
emet_!info mono04:52
ubottuPackage mono does not exist in jaunty04:52
emet_!info mono-mcs04:52
ubottumono-mcs (source: mono): Mono C# 1.0 compiler for CLI 1.1. In component main, is optional. Version 2.0.1-0ubuntu3 (jaunty), package size 370 kB, installed size 1104 kB04:52
emet_!info rocketman04:53
ubottuPackage rocketman does not exist in jaunty04:53
teethdoodis sound broken for someone?05:13
macoteethdood: no output device in your volume control?05:13
macopulseaudio -k && start-pulseaudio-x1105:13
teethdoodmaco: no output device yes05:13
teethdoodmaco: thanks that works05:16
macoits a race condition05:16
macobug 32237405:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 322374 in pulseaudio "[jaunty regression] Pulse Audio finds no card for output" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32237405:16
philip__is there an option to convert ext3 to ext4? gparted doesn't show it06:16
lucentphilip__: not a complete conversion, no06:17
lucentext4 is extents based06:17
lucentyou can use ext3 in a kind of hybrid mode, where it becomes thus unreadable by ext3 driver06:17
lucentexisting files use the existing inode scheme06:17
lucentnewer created files use the extents scheme06:17
lucentphilip__: I caution against using ext406:18
lucentthere's a data loss bug that bit me twice06:18
lucentit's not ready yet.06:18
x1250lucent, you were affected by that bug? ouch.06:18
lucentI have a 1TB volume formatted with ext4dev too06:18
lucentjust kind of praying it never gets bit06:18
philip__thanks for the warning06:19
lucentusing root-on-ext4-on-LVM I got bit by the ext4 corruption bug very quickly06:19
lucentless than a week of regular daily use06:19
lucentI'm shy to help fix and diagnose such bugs, other simpler tasks I will not wait for others to fix and do the work myself06:20
philip__so...don't use it even at Jaunty final?06:20
lucentthis ext4 scares the willies out of me06:20
lucentI would wait for 2.6.31 or 2.6.3206:20
lucentIMO ext4 is nothing to get excited about, it will not be stable enough for production use before BTRFS gets adopted06:21
lucentI like the extents capabilities of ext4 for large external (infrequently used and non-mission-critical) volumes06:21
x1250I'll wait till 9.10 or 10.04, if things goes well06:21
lucentmore interesting to me are the encrypted home directories06:22
philip__that's the other thing I wanna ask06:22
lucentnow that encrypted filenames are making their way into the mix, it will get very interesting quickly06:22
philip__home dir encryption, ready to roll or not?06:23
lucentready, if you don't mind it blowing up and having to do some admin work later06:23
lucentit sure beats the piss out of having the whole block device encrypted, performance-wise06:24
x1250lucent, but I've read encryption has a rather big impact on performance06:25
lucentyes, it does x125006:25
philip__I've been using mainly truecrypt but it's a pain in the ass sometimes06:25
lucentmoving encryption from block-device based to userspace based means that the kernel can cache things better06:25
lucentI used block-device (LVM on luks) encryption for at least a year06:26
lucentit was horridly slow, but unfalteringly secure06:26
emet_I'm going to do ext406:26
emet_I have faith in the kernel hax0rs06:26
lucentemet_: you have a blindness to my advice06:27
lucentthat is okay06:27
lucentphilip__: home dir encryption in Alpha3 does not encrypt filenames06:27
philip__under truecrypt AES128, my external USB drive goes from 13MB/s to 2MB/s transfer rate06:28
lucentit really doesn't address the issue of hiding one's pornography06:28
emet_butterfs has awhile to go tho06:28
lucentphilip__: if you're encrypting a USB flash drive, I suggest using luks, it's built in support for any Ubuntu Gnome desktop is superb06:29
philip__one of those pocket  western digital drives06:29
lucentI can stick my encrypted USB thumbdrive in a LiveCD environment and there's a graphical prompt for the key06:29
lucentit's bliss06:29
lucenthey - I need to find answers about a Ruby / TCP/IP programming problem involving libpcap-ruby Pcap::TCPPacket#tcp_data_len != Pcap::TCPPacket#tcp_data.length06:32
lucentanybody into that stuff?06:32
cwillulucent, #ruby? :p06:40
cwillulucent, I'd expect one is the buffer size, and the other is the size of the actual data in the buffer, but I don't really know06:40
lucentcwillu: I'm tryin'06:42
lucentcwillu: the app I want to make will rip video from flash websites that stream via RTMP protocol06:42
cwillulucent, can't you already do that by grabbing the Flash* file from /tmp?06:43
lucentcwillu: with RTMP streams there's not always a /tmp file06:43
lucentcwillu: the problem I'm having (even before addressing that RTMP stream) is that packets are failing and being retransmitted06:44
lucentI need to go back and re-insert packets06:45
lucentbut I don't know how @#%#@@$ big they are06:45
lucentmaybe I'm over thinking this but, how do you take output from pcap and re-assemble TCP packets in-order and replace re-transmitted failure packets06:46
cwillurtmp already has the means to request a resend of a dropped packet, no?06:48
cwillutcp itself does06:48
lucentTCP is, so like I get sequence numbers with each packet06:49
lucentbased on TCPPacket#tcp_seq + TCPPacket#tcp_data_len  is the supposed next sequence number06:49
lucentif the sequence number isn't right, then I'm missing a packet06:49
lucentif the number is greater, then it's missed06:49
lucentif it's less, then it's a re-transmit06:50
lucentI kind of have a system in place that builds a hash lookup of sequence numbers and tells me if they're missing or not06:50
lucentso ... yeah06:50
lucentI just need some more interest from people who know what they're doing06:51
cwillustill not sure why you're not just getting a retransmit then, a dropped packet should get a resend well below the application layer06:52
lucentcwillu: I'm hooking into pcap though06:53
lucentit's seeing packets as they come06:53
cwilluyes, but it should be retransmitted regardless06:53
cwillunot sure why you need to recheck it06:53
lucentit is retransmitted, and I'm getting that retransmitted packet :P06:54
lucentbut it's not in order06:54
lucent'cause it's retransmitted06:54
* cwillu 's head explodes06:54
cwillurtmp has sequence numbers on the data, why do you need to retransmit it at all?  you have the data, just, use it06:55
cwilluI'm missing something :)06:55
lucentI get like A B D E F C G H I06:55
cwilluyou're the receiver, right?06:55
lucentI'm just observing traffic on the wire06:55
lucentI'm not the RTMP client06:55
BUGabundoguys we were discussing here yesterday data loss09:45
BUGabundoand tests of disk were asked09:45
BUGabundohere is my smartctl -a09:45
=== asraniel_ is now known as asraniel
tbdi've installed kde 4.2 on my amd64 jaunty box and i have a "little" problem...10:53
tbdis wished to know if anyone could help me with it10:53
tbdi don't get the title bars on the windows and i presume it is a problem with some package, but i don't know if it is so or if it is due to something else10:54
BUGabundotdb you need to refresh your window manage10:55
BUGabundosomething like kwin --replace10:55
BUGabundofor kwin10:55
BUGabundoor compiz --replace for compiz10:55
tbdI was not using compiz, then... I'll try the first thing10:56
tbdthx, BUGabundo10:56
twagerFirefox runs ok yet I cannot do an upgrade as apt telle=s me it cannot find the repos...I cannot ping ubuntu either ny name or ip number any help welcome11:02
tbdhi again...11:12
tbdalready solved ;)11:12
CoreyOnHey, does anyone know if the current daily builds include kde 4.2.0, or is it still too soon for them to be adding that?11:29
cwillu!info kdebase11:44
ubottukdebase (source: kdebase): base applications from the official KDE release. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.2.0-0ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 68 kB, installed size 180 kB11:44
cwillubah, silly CoreyOn11:44
Kanohi, why is there no new current iso for kubuntu?11:55
BUGabundokano no daily?12:12
BUGabundo !daily12:12
ubottuDaily builds of the CD images of the current development version of Ubuntu are available at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/ and http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/12:12
BUGabundoKano: I see it there!12:12
KanoBUGabundo: nope12:12
Kanoboth daily are 2 days old12:13
BUGabundoI was seeing alternate12:13
BUGabundo29-Jan-2009 05:1812:13
BUGabundodaily is from 2712:13
philip__ok I just apt-get smartmontools, but why the heck does it depend on postfix packages?!?14:19
histoAre we broken rightnow?14:43
histoahh well i'm rebooting and finding out i guess.14:43
asranielhm.. the new adept (comming from 8.04, never used 8.10) is really bad... any news about kpackagekit replacing it?15:47
BUGabundo1Friends I would like to invite you all to show up at Tokamak, a KDE summit to discuss the future of Plasma. from day 6 to 9, at Porto (ISEP) Portugal. http://techbase.kde.org/Projects/Plasma/Tokamak2 & http://tuxvermelho.blogspot.com/2009/01/tokamak-ii-no-porto.html16:08
FFForeverany news on a sound fix?16:17
BUGabundo1FFForever: what prob are you experiencing?16:18
FFForeverafter yesterdays round of bug fixes after rebooting i lost sound =\16:18
FFForeversomeone else had this problem i advised them 2 wait for a new pulse audio update... but i dunno....16:19
tuxxy__im still waiting for nvidia issues to be sorted too16:19
FFForevertuxxy__, what issue?, nvidia works fine 4 me =D16:19
tuxxy__well no restricted drivers available and when I manually install the 1.80 driver and edit the xorg with ABI ignore it still not work16:20
asranielonly if you have a new card16:20
FFForevermine words perfectly, tuxxy__ did u use the nvidia-xconfig as root?16:21
tuxxy__i installed the driver manually 1.80 and run nvidia-xcoinfig yes16:21
tuxxy__I got the error system is not using driver16:21
FFForeverdunno after i added the ignoreabi it worked for me =p16:21
tuxxy__with which driver16:22
FFForeveris anyone having a problem using the repo?16:22
FFForeverthe 1.80 =P16:22
tuxxy__damn so you installed 1.80 and added ABI ignore true to xorg16:22
maxbThere is no 1.80 nvidia driver. There is a 180 though :-)16:23
tuxxy__wonder why it wont work for me maybe cos I am 64-bit16:23
FFForeveri am on 32 =P16:23
FFForeveri don't use x64 even though i could...16:23
tuxxy__shame :p16:23
FFForevertuxxy__, does apt-get update work 4 u?16:23
tuxxy__ok so my question anyone got an nvidia card working on 64-bit Jaunty16:23
FFForeveri cant get updates it won't connect =\16:23
BUGabundo1nvidia fine for me16:24
BUGabundo1sound too16:24
tuxxy__well im not on Jaunt right now16:24
maxbtuxxy__: Yes, working for me right now16:24
BUGabundo1I do have the ABI ignore16:24
tuxxy__BUGabundo1: driver 180 and did you add ABI Ignore to xorg16:24
BUGabundo164bits too16:24
FFForeverit stops @ 54% [Connecting to us.archive.ubuntu.com (]16:24
tuxxy__ok im gonna boot it give it another shit16:24
tuxxy__heh brb16:24
BUGabundo1tuxxy__: I ddi16:24
BUGabundo1FFForever: choose another mirror16:25
FFForeverBUGabundo1, how?16:25
charlie-tcaFFForever: Sems slow today16:25
BUGabundo1AFTER doing an apt-get clean16:25
maxbYou don't want to "apt-get clean"16:25
maxbUnless you genuinely want to delete all your downloaded .deb files16:26
BUGabundo1I would recommend16:26
BUGabundo1so old lists get clean16:26
maxbBUGabundo1: Are you sure that apt-get clean affects the lists _at all_? I believe it only relates to the packages16:26
BUGabundo1having several mirrors lists have cause me corruption of packages download in the past16:26
BUGabundo1ok do it manually then16:27
BUGabundo1sudo rm /var/cache/ something16:27
* BUGabundo1 puts be warning in using sudo rm16:27
tuxxy__ok guys im in Jaunty, restricted drivers says i have the 180 driver installed and activated yet I cant have effects and my 8600GTS fan is stuck on full speed heh16:27
tuxxy__heres my xorg http://paste.ubuntu.com/111272/16:29
FFForeverrun nvidia-xconfig16:29
FFForeverur not using the nvidia driver....16:29
tuxxy__VALIDATION ERROR: Data incomplete in file /etc/X11/xorg.conf. Device section "Configured Video Device" must have a Driver line.16:29
FFForeverduh =P16:30
FFForeveradd one?16:30
tuxxy__http://paste.ubuntu.com/111275/ that better?16:32
FFForevershould be =P16:32
FFForevergimmie 1 min16:32
FFForeverill post mine =D16:32
tuxxy__hey thanks FFForever16:33
FFForever(i am on a laptop)16:34
tuxxy__could I just copy paste the xorg from my Ibex installation16:34
FFForevershould work =P16:34
FFForeverbut i dunno16:34
maxbtuxxy__: Prefer not to, the xorg.conf is deliberately edited going intrepid->jaunty by the update-manager16:35
tuxxy__hmm well Ill give this a shot then try it with just the driver line16:36
FFForeverFailed to fetch http://mirrors.us.kernel.org/ubuntu/dists/jaunty/main/source/Sources.bz2  Hash Sum mismatch16:37
maxbFFForever: rm /var/lib/apt/lists/mirrors.us.kernel.org_*  and try again16:39
tuxxy__no luck16:39
FFForeverwhy do uc's waste money on hosting distro repo's?16:40
maxbtuxxy__: My working xorg.conf http://paste.ubuntu.com/111283/16:41
tuxxy__I got too much Ill cut some out16:41
tuxxy__ok one mroe go16:42
FFForeverits archive.channicol.com that is giving me the problems =\16:43
FFForeverthat only ubuntu host...16:43
teethdoodis the top panel's autohide feature not working for anyone else?16:44
tuxxy__maxb: I used your exact xorg and received error unable to parse config file16:46
tuxxy__heh ye16:46
tuxxy__that what i used16:47
tuxxy__it did give me less errors than usual though on a positive note heh16:47
tuxxy__cracked it guys :016:53
tuxxy__thanks maxb ;)16:55
maxbWhat was the final answer?16:55
tuxxy__working perfect16:57
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FFForever2bah..., the new kernel is broken =(17:28
FFForever2Acpi: aborted because of bad magic numbers, Kernel panic - not syncing vfs unable to mount root fs on unknown wn-block(0,0)17:28
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nickrudis it march yet? No?19:01
Assidjj in march?19:01
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nickrudno, I'm yearning for jaunty but usually wait for march to test new versions19:02
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macoare there minimal install disks for jaunty yet?20:54
macoive got one system that can only be installed using a minimal (net) install disk20:54
Picimaco: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/jaunty/main/installer-i386/current/images/netboot/ seems to exist. But I have no idea if those were ever tested.20:57
macomeh i'm fine with being a test dummy20:57
macothat system's not my main one. the one i use for everything is *already* running jaunty ;-)20:57
Picimaco: Mine too.20:59
Xamuskhow stable is jaunty now?21:00
macoi get kernel panics on hibernate21:01
macosometimes no keyboard after suspend21:01
ikoniaXamusk: variable21:01
macoand there's currently a race condition in pulseaudio that's easily worked around21:01
macowhile the system's running, it seems fairly stable for me21:02
XamuskI just got a new box and was checking FS's status to see which would be best now21:03
XamuskI currently use reiserfs21:04
macoext4 is in and called stable, but make sure you keep backups. and keep the backups on a different fs.21:04
XamuskI don't like ext3 much, since I've had corrupted files with it21:04
Xamuskand also with a wrong powerdown it takes forever to check, not counting that thing that keeps checking after 20 reboots21:05
ikoniaXamusk: you can control how often it checks after unmounts21:06
lucentI don't have those problems, Xamusk, I am on laptop hardware which sometimes uncleanly powers off21:06
Xamuskwell, when I lost data with ext3 was a long time ago, but having to configure that stuff manually is a pain, and reiserfs checks much faster after unclean shutdown21:07
mahfiazi still keep my /home on ext2 to have undelete21:08
macoXamusk: i can tell you why it checks faster21:08
mahfiazand two days ago I needed it again, but since I wasn't quick when powering off my machine, I still lost my data21:09
macounless im confusing it with xfs, it does writeback checking only21:09
* Assid is ready to give bandwith21:09
Assidtell me when21:09
macoso it'll throw away whatever was supposed to be written21:09
macoand any broken files, in order to get into a consistent state21:09
macoext3 tracks what should be written/removed and then does it if it wasnt done before shut down, so you still end up with the changes being committed properly21:10
* maco goes to check that old term paper21:10
macoah reiserfs isnt even writeback-only. it's metadata-only.21:11
maco            Since ReiserFS is not always synchronous, journalling cannot always protect against a corrupted file21:11
macosystem if the system is shutdown uncleanly.21:11
macoxfs is writeback-only. ext3 can be put into writeback-only mode if you like21:11
macowait wait21:12
macoreading more through my paper because this was a while ago...21:12
macowriteback is just ext3's name for metadata-only journalling21:12
Xamuskfact is that I've lost data with it, including system files21:12
macoso this is why i keep old term papers lying around...21:12
lucentfact, I've lost data with ext4, reiserfs, xfs, fat32, and early revisions of ext3 journalling21:30
lucentI've never lost data due to an error in stable ext3 operation21:31
lucentit's air-tight if your RAM is good21:31
lucentbad ram can lead to corruption very quickly21:31
Xamuskyeah, I've been there... bad RAM, but no corruption, luckly21:34
bardyrHey, i have just upgraded to jaunty and i noticed  the new volume controller, my problem is that now i cant turn of my bass? is there anyway to get all the old options back?21:38
mahfiazalsamixer may help you21:41
CarlFKwhat is the xorg.conf tweek to get nvidia to work with janty?21:41
mahfiaz buf if you find a neater way, let me know21:41
bardyrCarlFK, get the latest driver21:41
bardyrit works and it works insanely great21:42
CarlFKbardyr: Installed: 180.22-0ubuntu2 ?21:42
anderskOption "IgnoreABI" "True" in the ServerFlags section21:43
bardyrCarlFK, you need to download and compile the latest driver from nvidia.com21:43
CarlFKandersk: that's what I think I was looking for21:43
CarlFKbardyr: no time :)21:43
anderskUsing the driver from nvidia.com is not recommended because it will interfere with the package manager.21:44
x1250bardyr, try with: alsamixer -c 021:44
x1250or install gnome-alsamixer21:45
CarlFKwhats the dpkg thing to build xorg with driver=nvidia?21:46
x1250with driver nvidia? don't know any.21:47
x1250dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg will create a default xorg.conf, for driver nv21:48
CarlFKyeah, it is someting like that21:48
blueyedCarlFK: just change "nv" to "nvidia" (if you have the latter installed)21:48
CarlFKmy card isn't supported by nv :(21:48
CarlFKbut maybe dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg ... then flip it..21:49
x1250sure, just add a Driver "nvidia" in section "Device", just under "Configured Video Device"21:50
phixxormy computer boots from CDR but not from CDRW -- is that a common problem?21:50
lucentphixxor: yeah21:54
lucentphixxor: cdrw is not bootable on drives manufactured on or before 199721:54
lucentalso you can't boot from UDF discs usually on equipment made before 200321:54
lucentit has to be a fully written and closed ISO session from a blanked CDRW with21:55
phixxorlucent: ok well this computer came with 98 installed so I think it is new enough but I'm not sure21:58
phixxorPIII 733mhz21:58
lucent98 what installed?21:58
phixxorheh, no windows21:58
phixxorthat's how old it is21:58
lucentI thought case modding wasn't popular until at least the PIII 800mhz units were common21:59
lucentwhy would you want 98 windows anyways21:59
phixxorI don't21:59
phixxorI was just using that as a clue to see how old it was21:59
lucentwhat are you talking about?21:59
phixxorif it came with win 98, it must have been older than 199821:59
lucentoh nevermind22:00
phixxorso could I close the session next time22:00
phixxoror would it still have trouble22:00
lucentI stopped using that microsoft garbage after the transition from Microsoft (R) Windows (TM) Windows for Workgroups (TM) 3.1122:01
lucentopen session cdrw discs will *not* boot without specially designed firmware22:01
phixxorlucent: that is way before I was using computers at all :P22:01
phixxorso if I specifically close the session, it might have a chance at booting22:02
lucentphixxor: in layman terms, find an Ubuntu box that is working and has a cd burner, and right click on the ISO image file icon, and go "Write to disc" or some such22:03
lucentusing the Disc burner22:03
lucentit will work.22:03
lucentif it doesn't work, it will never work22:03
phixxorlucent: the iso is on a mac right now22:04
lucentgood luck buddy22:04
phixxorI think there's an option of closing the session after writing22:04
lucentI don't know how that mac thing works22:04
phixxorlucent: thanks22:04
phixxorI'll try it22:04
phixxorin fact when I try to boot from it, it throws up the splash screen  (ubuntu live disk)22:07
phixxorbut when I try to start up it waits a while and gives me an i/o error22:07
phixxormaybe it's a problem with the live cd technology22:07
phixxorsupport for older drives22:08
bardyrphixxor, have you tried a disk check?22:15
bardyrphixxor, all IO errors i have seen on live cd's have been because the cd was crap22:15
phixxorbardyr: I can try one; cdrws do tend to have more errors22:16
phixxorits just that the burning program I used said it verified the disk for accuracy after burning22:17
CarlFKhttp://dpaste.com/114461/  Backtrace: 0: /usr/X11R6/bin/X(xorg_backtrace+0x3b) [0x81340eb] 122:17
bardyrCarlFK, you need to upgrade to the latest driver if you want to use the nvidia driver22:19
bardyrignoreABI is just to unstable to be useful22:19
CarlFKbardyr: have the url of the i386 ver of NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-180.22-pkg2.run ?22:22
CarlFKi accednetly downgraded my box22:22
bardyrand you need a newer driver then that22:22
CarlFKbardyr: what do I need to apt get so it can buid?22:25
bardyrand that driver runs incredibly good22:25
CarlFKer, looks like I am setup22:25
bardyrCarlFK, build-essential22:25
CarlFKheaders is what I am woried about22:25
bardyrbuild-essential should handle all that stuff22:25
CarlFKsomething did :)22:26
CarlFKbardyr: still crashing22:29
CarlFKI think 173 is still intalled22:29
CarlFKThe following packages will be REMOVED:  nvidia-glx-17322:29
CarlFK subprocess post-removal script returned error exit status 2 Errors were encountered while processing:  nvidia-glx-17322:30
CarlFKcrap - I ended up with .2222:32
CarlFKyay.           NVIDIA Accelerated Graphics Driver for Linux-x86 (180.27)22:34
maxbDoes it tell you what's new in .27 anywhere? The nvidia website is still advertizing .2222:35
bardyrCarlFK, congrats22:36
bardyrmaxb, i think the only difference is that .27 was touched by God22:36
CarlFKbardyr: still crashing22:37
maxbWell, .22 is working for me, so I'll wait for it to land in Jaunty regardless22:37
bardyrseriously all my gfx errors are gone22:37
bardyrno more weird compiz22:37
bardyrCarlFK, what does the log say?22:37
CarlFKSaw signal 11.  Server aborting.  http://dpaste.com/114472/22:39
bardyrCarlFK,is that a updated log?22:42
CarlFKupdated ?22:43
bardyr(EE) Failed to initialize GLX extension (Compatible NVIDIA X driver not found)22:43
bardyruninstall all ubuntu nvidia drivers with --purge22:43
bardyrand reinstall the official binary one22:43
bardyrCarlFK, that one is using .2222:44
CarlFK --purge ?22:44
CarlFK subprocess post-removal script returned error exit status 2  Errors were encountered while processing: nvidia-glx-17322:45
CarlFKcan I just rm /lib/modules/2.6.28-5-generic/kernel/drivers/video/nvidia ?22:45
lucentas root, you can do damn near anything.22:46
decompmy mouse and keyboard stop working under kde. work fine on console. any ideas?22:54
decompactually dont work under gnome or xfce4 either but was still running kdm22:54
maco_decomp: join the party22:54
maco_nevermind. mine do work in gnome.22:54
decompare you running gdm or kdm?22:55
=== maco_ is now known as maco
decompi shall try that then22:55
decompi just love bleeding edge22:55
anderskI packaged nvidia 180.27 in my PPA, for anyone who wants to try it without confusing their package manager: https://launchpad.net/~anders-kaseorg/+archive/ppa22:58
decompgnome and gdm = no dice22:59
CarlFKander : The method driver /usr/lib/apt/methods/https could not be found.23:01
CarlFK 23:01
CarlFKoh, that isn't the soruces line23:01
CarlFKandersk: whats the package name?23:02
CarlFKnvidia-glx-180 ?23:02
CarlFKi thought there already was a 180?23:03
anderskJaunty has 180.22.  My PPA has 180.27.23:03
CarlFKah, right23:03
decompi want that then23:03
CarlFKboy I hope this works23:04
anderskCarlFK: if you have the binary nvidia driver installed from nvidia.com, you probably want to uninstall it before installing an nvidia-glx-180 package.23:04
CarlFKdpkg: error processing nvidia-glx-173 (--remove):  subprocess post-removal script returned error exit status 223:04
CarlFKErrors were encountered while processing:  nvidia-glx-17323:04
CarlFKI really wish that would go away23:04
decompandersk: can you just do dpkg -P on the existing driver?23:05
decompi removed all those drivers at one point, i was frustrated lol23:05
CarlFKgah!(II) NVIDIA GLX Module  180.22  Tue Jan  6 09:58:42 PST 200923:05
anderskIf you're already using the Ubuntu-packaged nvidia driver, you should just be able to upgrade.  But if you manually installed it from nvidia.com, that screws things up.23:05
decompgood point23:06
decompwhy is ubuntu the only distro that complains about my BIOS23:06
decompok i already had your repo in as specified above, ive also done several dist-upgrades and upgrades but for some reason i have the 180-22 ver23:08
anderskDid you do aptitude update or apt-get update after adding the repo?23:09
decompyeah its a key issue, nevermind23:10
CarlFKwhere is it finding .22?23:12
decompthere we go, downloading now23:12
decompmy existing driver ver23:12
CarlFK /usr/lib/xorg/modules/extensions//libglx.so ?23:13
anderskdpkg -l nvidia*180*23:16
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