ScriptRipperpersia, ogra: how far did you come with the new kernel?15:33
* persia doesn't tend to do much kernel stuff15:34
ScriptRipperpersia, ogra: I had a whish for you: a patch for a DVB-USB Frontend patch that seems not to be in the kernel officially15:34
ograScriptRipper, we were more focusing on images than on kernels atm ... (kernels are done by the ubuntu kernel team and in the works)15:34
ograScriptRipper, thats something that can be discussed if linux-omap is merged ... currently the focus is to get the existing debian arches proper15:35
ogralinux-omap will likely take another week or so15:35
ogra(have a look at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ports/daily/current/ ;) we have our first iso (no kernels on it yet))15:36
ScriptRipperi can also build a kernel myself, no problem. this is not my first time.15:43
ScriptRipperi would just need the sources with the build kernel..15:44
ograjust use the linux-omap tree15:44
* ogra twiddles thumbs ... 15:48
ogra... watching d-i ....15:49
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