SealVtips on scaling down an icon?03:05
_MMA_SealV: Can you give more info?03:26
_MMA_What are you trying to do?03:26
SealVwell I have an icon I have been working on at 512*512 in inkscape. I am having difficulty scaling this sucker down to say 22*2203:27
_MMA_SealV: You draw for the intended size.03:28
SealVso no shortcuts? I cant just scale down and simplify?03:28
_MMA_For Breathe, we're drawing @ 128px for scaliable. Using that for 48px but everything else is redrawn.03:29
_MMA_And sure, you can take the large size, scale down and remove/change details.03:29
_MMA_But simply using 512px and using it across the board is gonna result in blurry icons in smaller sizes.03:30
SealVespecially with strokes. they look fugly.03:31
SealVoh and shadows03:31
SealVis it just me or is inkscape devel faster at rendering things?04:06
_MMA_SealV: On screen or to bitmap?04:17
SealVon screen to bitmap seems to be about the same04:17
_MMA_Things using blur have a lower on-screen quality level now. I generally don't link it because it's not representative of final output. But if you get it where you like it, then lower the on-screen setting I can see it being useful.04:19
_MMA_SealV: The folks in #inkscape are nice. Hang out in there. You'll learn new things for sure.04:20
SiDi_MMA_, are you around ?09:32
SiDiHey _MMA_ you're around :)18:43
SiDii'd something to ask you about this 405GB file you're downloading :P18:43
* _MMA_ was sleeping when you came around before.18:43
SiDiwell yeh i came pretty early ^^18:43
_MMA_Well that's the 3 torrents. I'm currently getting the 1st. 120GB.18:44
SiDii'd like to know, do you have any idea who's hosting the tracker on which the torrent info is ?18:44
_MMA_Its a NIN tracker.18:45
SiDiI'm currently writing a (little) report on P2P protocols, esp. bittorrent, and i thought it'd be great to have stats of number of seeds on such a file18:45
_MMA_Tracker: http://tracker.nin.com 39 seeds 448 peers.18:46
SiDii'mma make a script to check it for me then18:46
SiDiDo you mind pmming me the direct URL of the torrent info ?18:47
_MMA_It redirects as well. You can't view it from the web. http://forum.nin.com/bb/read.php?52,37816618:48
SiDiHm i wonder if they keep torrent stats18:49

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