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phixxorhello, I have a problem with wireless that didn't exist in 8.04, but I'm not sure if I should file a bug report, and if so, what under. May I describe the symptoms here?01:21
macogo ahead01:22
phixxorAll right. I use a linksys wusb54gv2, and in 8.04 I used ndiswrapper and network manager to connect, which worked fine. But when I go to 8.10 (first by update, second time with a fresh install and no custom setup of ndiswrapper), network manager connects to my network automatically, stays connected for a few minutes, and then disconnects unable to reconnect01:24
macoso support for the device was added, but it's really poor support?01:26
phixxoryes that describes it01:27
phixxorbut even when I was using ndiswrapper, it had poor support01:27
macowell ndiswrapper is a hack :P01:30
macoideally we have native support that works01:30
phixxormaco: all right01:31
phixxorso where should I report this in launchpad?01:32
phixxorall right, thanks01:37
phixxorwill do01:37
macophixxor: oh, please try with a 9.04 alpha 3 live cd as well01:42
phixxormaco: good idea, I will01:43
phixxorit might already be fixed :D01:43
macophixxor: exactly01:44
b52wranglergood evening, anyone here who can offer help with a problem encountered during an ibex install on a toshiba satellite03:05
tcole1I'm using Ibex on a satellite03:16
tcole1what's your problem?03:16
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b52wranglerhi tcole03:19
b52wranglerjust talked my brother into installing ibex on his windoze toshiba satellite and after installing fine, he can boot, surf web for about a minute, then laptop shuts down uncommanded...03:20
b52wranglertcole: i'm thinking a perceived overheat03:21
tcoleyes, that is plausible03:21
b52wrangleryet he had not problems while running his other OS03:22
b52wranglerwith overheating03:22
Hobbseetoshiba satelites have been known to report overheating temperatures, iirc.03:22
Hobbseewhether they are or not03:22
* Hobbsee had gotten hers up to 90C before, apparently.03:22
Hobbseeotoh, i had smelt parts burning at other times on it,so...03:22
b52wrangleri'm having him try hardy now03:23
b52wranglerproblem is he's in NC and I'm in VA03:23
b52wranglerhe was impressed with how everything just worked though for the short time he was able to use it03:24
macoi thought bug-control was supposed to have access to private bugs04:00
Ryan52it does, tho I think it doesn't have access to private security bugs, maybe.04:03
macoRyan52: thats probably it then. i mistyped the bug number i was looking for anyway04:04
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cornucopicI can't seem to find the URL for stock responses..04:34
cornucopicAnyone care to help?04:34
cornucopicUups..got it..I had bookmared it04:35
greg-ghttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/BugSquad/KnowledgeBase for all your bug triaging knowledge needs04:35
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cornucopicgreg-g, :-)04:36
cornucopicOnce I start triaging- i.e. the first comment is mine, is that bug immediately mine?04:37
cornucopicIs that automagic? or I will have to something else..04:37
greg-gcornucopic: no. Although it would be great if you could continue to help traige the bug, it is not "yours" in the since that no one else can work on it04:38
greg-gcornucopic: just make sure you subscribe to it so you get updates (but don't "Assign" it to yourself. the Assigned To field is for who is working on writing the patch to fix it)04:38
cornucopiccornucopic, Hmm..04:38
cornucopiccornucopic, If I comment, i think I am automatically subscribed?04:39
macocornucopic: only if you hit the chekbox04:39
macowhy are you talking to yourself?04:39
greg-gwhat maco said.04:39
cornucopicmaco, mistake04:39
cornucopicmaco, "Email me..." ?04:40
macoyes that one04:40
cprofittnot sure if I got everything that was needed -- https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-power-manager/+bug/32261004:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 322610 in gnome-power-manager "Screen brightness not 100% at boot or resume from monitor sleep" [Undecided,New]04:51
cornucopicIs it okay to mark a bug as invalid if the steps given for reproduction doesn't lead to the behavior?05:08
cornucopicEg. https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/32260405:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 322604 in ubuntu "Ubuntu 8.10 Password Bug" [Undecided,New]05:09
hggdhcornucopic, not necessarily05:11
cornucopichggdh, Eg. https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/32260405:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 322604 in ubuntu "Ubuntu 8.10 Password Bug" [Undecided,New]05:12
hggdhyes, I am looking at it right now05:12
hggdhhum. old *ix implementations were limited to up to 8 characters in a password05:13
macohggdh: pam fixed that05:14
hggdhthis is controlled by pam05:14
hggdhmaco, yes05:14
macooh wait hrm05:14
macoin 8.04 pam worked right and only entering the first 8 was not sufficient05:15
hggdhbut the description on the bug sort of suggests the reporter is using the old system (i.e., someone changed the default pam-password)05:15
hggdhI think it was when crypt was used05:15
macowell in 9.04 that does not work05:15
hggdhI know AIX had it05:15
macoi just tried to use sudo and only enter teh first 8 char, and pam works just fine05:15
cornucopicI couldn't reproduce the behaviour on 8.1005:15
macomaybe they removed pam in their system>05:16
hggdhyes, because you are probably using sha51205:16
hggdhor they removed pam -- but I would expect this to break a lot of other things05:16
cornucopicWill the authentication mechanism work without pam?05:17
macoi think itd just fall back to shadow...05:17
macoer, well that's just a guess05:17
cornucopicin that case, it will use the first 8 character?05:17
hggdh(at least, it did)05:18
macoive never tried removing pam...05:18
macogot a vm?05:18
hggdhit would be interesting to find out what is on /etc/pam.d/05:18
cornucopicmaci. i got05:18
cornucopicmaco, a debian VM..05:18
cornucopicmaco, planning to setup a Ubuntu one..05:19
macoi havent gotten around to configuring kvm on here05:19
macomostly because i intend to reinstall....um.....soon05:19
macoi need to get back to 64bit since all my vms are 64bit and i cant run 64bit vms on a 32bit host05:19
cornucopicmaco, not with 'kvm' i guess...05:20
macokvm's just what i use for vms05:20
macoit doesnt allow 64-on-3205:21
macoif it did, id load my vm up, upgrade it to jaunty and try05:21
macoer...oh wait this bug is reported on 8.10, i wouldnt even have to update it05:21
cornucopicYeah..its on 8.10..05:21
hggdhI will have to read back on pam. Long time I left it05:22
hggdhslangasek will know everything about it, anyways05:24
hggdhbut, basically: if the pam configuration was, er, adjusted, they might get this behaviour05:25
cornucopicI will probably leave that comment on the bug..after a bit of exploring..05:25
hggdhgood idea. Anyway, this is a good example for my "not necessarily"05:26
macoi commented asking if they'd removed any parts of pam05:26
* hggdh *has* to get back to pam05:27
cornucopicmaco, cool.05:27
cornucopichggdh, Any off hand link for PAM- except the Wikipedia entry?05:38
sbeattieI *think* the password length issue is this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/shadow/+bug/5155105:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 51551 in migration-assistant "newusers, liboobs uses crypt insted of md5, intrepid installer doesn't use sha512" [Medium,Fix committed]05:58
macowho named that library?05:59
sbeattiebasically some of the tools fall back to using crypt because pam got updated to default to sha51205:59
macoliboobs, libsexy....wtf05:59
cornucopicmaco, Sex, Drugs & Linux :-)05:59
sbeattieat least libiberty was marginally clever, liboobs not so much.06:00
macois oobs supposed to stand for something?06:03
cornucopicmaco, Object Oriented Bindings, he he: http://rpmfind.net/linux/RPM/mandriva/2007.1/x86_64/media/contrib/release/lib64oobs-1_3-devel-2.18.0-1mdv2007.1.x86_64.html06:06
cornucopicmaco, just guessing. :-)06:06
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dholbachgood morning07:06
macodholbach: hi!07:06
dholbachhi maco07:06
savvasmaco in serbian means "kitty" (cat) :P07:19
savvasc as "ts" that is heh07:20
macoyeah, i know how to read serbo-croatian ;)07:20
macoi used to transliterate serbian-in-cyrillic to latin letters because my bosnian friend could only read latin letters07:21
savvasthat's nothing, the harder part is to read their written cyrillic, all those curls and fancy writing makes my head spin - eventually, at classes, I end up writing my own stuff07:23
macoyeah, i got a dose of that in russian class, don't worry07:23
maco"many native russians dont even know how to print. they only write in cursive, so if you print you'll stick out as a foreigner" ...how the heck does one not know how to print? just write it like it looks in a book07:24
thekorngood morning07:34
macohi thekorn07:35
thekornhi maco07:39
mangilimicHi! Does anybody know how can I handle this bug #275929 ? I understand the problem that the user reported but I think that this sounds like a support request, not really a bug report! Is it correct to close this bug and convert it into a question? Thanks in advance!08:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 275929 in compiz "Compiz doesn't allow me to move windows beyond the upper limit of the screen" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27592908:34
davmor2mangilimic: Does he not just need to switch off the snap to edges option08:36
mangilimicdavmor2: the issue is very easy to solve. As you cab see BarryW wrote that unchecking constraint Y in the Move Window Plugin solves the problem.08:39
mangilimicActually I don't know if switching off the snap to edget option, does solve that. But I've tried to switch off the "constraint Y" option and I can move a window wherever I want.08:41
mangilimicMy question is: which is the best way to triage this kind of reports? (very sorry for awful english!)08:42
davmor2mangilimic: Yes I was thinking of the wrong one :) Could you not set it as a wishlist bug?08:42
mangilimicdavmor2: so in these cases is it better to set the status of the bug to confirmed and importance to whishlist?08:43
mangilimic(I cannot set it as a whishlist bug because I'm not a member of the bug control group)08:44
davmor2mangilimic: Just a suggestion.  Being as it is a optional extra and this reporter seems to be the only person with a massive interest in it. Plus it keeps the bug open if more people wish to have it as a default.  You could suggest that the reporter use brainstorm to try and get the defaults for Ubuntu change as the other option.09:01
mangilimicI understand. Thanks davmor2!09:03
steve555Hi everyone.09:25
BUGabundohi steve55509:26
steve555Hi BUGabundo. I know today is Hug-Day for compiz,does anybody know if the Hug-Day channel is open now and which it is?09:27
BUGabundohumm isn't this it ?09:28
steve555I wasn't sure,the reqason I asked was when I participated in the Hug-Day for Firefox,I was advised to join the Mozilla-Team channel on Freenode.09:30
steve555Does anybody know of nay good PPA's to get the latest Compiz?I have used it brfore,but I found it a bit slow.09:32
steve555By the way,I using Kubuntu Jaunty Jackalope Alpha3,with the latest Nouveau drivers and Galluim3d Direct Rendering.09:34
petskisteve555, maybe you can find a good PPA at https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas?name_filter=compiz09:38
BUGabundosteve555: if I'm not mistaken, I was the one who redirected you to mozilla team channel09:38
steve555I think you was BUGabundo,I just couldn't remember lol!And thank you for the link,I'll check it out.09:39
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pedro_Remember that today is the Compiz Hug Day! https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBugDay/20090129 there's a bunch of bugs to be triaged, come on squash some!11:40
legateThere is a malfunctioning redirect in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BugTrackingSystem. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/HowToTriage links to this site (first paragraph, "every day through  our BugTrackingSystem.". Is this supposed to lead to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu?12:22
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pedro_legate: yeah, will look into that now, thanks12:36
legatepedro_: np12:36
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BUGabundohi ogasawara12:37
thekornhappy hugday everybody12:53
pedro_happy hug day to you too thekorn ;-)12:53
pedro_mangilimic: ciao!, nice work on the hug day ;-)12:55
* pedro_ hugs mangilimic12:55
mangilimicpedro_ : I've tried to do my best! ;) Anyway that's all for today! (At the moment I'm studying autotools)13:04
pedro_Don't forget that today we're celebrating another Hug Day -> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBugDay/2009012914:05
pedro_charlie-tca: hello!, are you going to join us on the hug day again? ;-)14:06
pedro_charlie-tca: you're a rockstar come on14:06
charlie-tcaGood morning, pedro_. Yes I expect to join in a little while.14:06
pedro_charlie-tca: awesome!14:06
charlie-tcaGotta have coffee first, though14:06
pedro_hey MrKanister, ready to squash some compiz bugs?14:17
MrKanisterHi pedro_, sure, but maybe not that much today ;)14:17
pedro_MrKanister: no problem , any help is always welcome ;-)14:18
MrKanisterpedro_: Wow, you have already triaged a lot14:20
* MrKanister huggs pedro_14:20
pedro_MrKanister: yeap, I've also cleaned all those apport bugs that were seated from a long while there14:21
* pedro_ hugs MrKanister back14:21
* jgoguen jumps15:23
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CzubekHi all.16:49
CzubekI have a question: What "Nominate for release" button on launchpad means?17:00
hggdhthat you would like to have the issue resolved on the release you point out17:01
hggdhCzubek, ^^17:02
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Czubekhggdh: so, when I'm reading bug description, and I know that this bug occurs in supported release, then I should mark those release via "Nominate for release"?17:05
hggdhnot really: "nominate for release" should actually be used only when the issue is serious enough to justify a stable release update (SRU), or inclusing on the current development release17:07
hggdhCzubek, see above. Usually minor issues do not warrant a SRU17:08
hggdhCzubek, of course, "serious enough" is a subjective thing. So: if you consider the issue "serious enough", then go ahead and mark it; this will be eventually reviewed, and decided17:10
Czubekhggdh: You mean this: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates#When17:11
jgoguenquestion about https://launchpad.net/bugs/232340, the Mozilla bug for that was marked as duplicate of another bug that was marked Invalid...should the Thunderbird component of this bug be marked Invalid too, or left as Confirmed?17:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 232340 in mozilla-thunderbird "CaCert Certificates not installed" [Undecided,Confirmed]17:12
hggdhCzubek, yes17:16
Czubektnx :)17:16
hggdhjgoguen, this is a good question. The request makes sense, but the MF has put in place the requirements for CA inclusion, and cacert.org has not yet fulfilled them17:23
hggdhjgoguen, you can add in a comment summarising what is going on wrt Mozilla Foundation and cacert.org, and keep the Ubuntu task open as wishlist17:24
jgoguenhggdh: can you change it to Wishlist?  I'm not on bugcontrol17:24
hggdhjgoguen, will do17:24
jgoguenhggdh: my other question about that one, since the bug linked was marked as resolved/duplicate should the LP bug be updated to point to the other one, or left to the Mozilla bug it currently points at?17:25
hggdhjgoguen, in this case I would leave it pointing to the current MF bug -- this gives a summary of the request, and points to why it has been closed as duplicate.17:26
jgoguenok, thanks :)17:26
hggdhjgoguen, most of the times, we would point it to the original upstream bug, though17:26
jgoguenso in general, if the upstream bug is only marked as a dupe, update to point to the other bug, but if there's explanation in the duplicate then leave it17:27
jgoguenthanks hggdh17:27
hggdhjgoguen, I updated the bug. Thank you for your work on it17:33
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jgoguenthanks hggdh :)17:33
mangilimicI've got a doubt. Bug #289966 . A user reported a problem, and he could find a workaround which fixed his bug. There are also other users which complains about this problem and they state that the workaround solves this issue! Indeed, which is the best status for marking this bug? Confirmed? or Invalid? (as usual I'm sorry for my awful english)17:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 289966 in compiz "Open/Close animations do not function after upgrade to Intrepid" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28996617:35
hggdhmangilimic, a workaround is not a fix, so the bug should not be closed17:38
mangilimichggdh: I agree so, is it correct to mark the bug as confirmed?17:39
hggdhgiven the others, I guess yes. It would be even better if you yourself could reproduce it.17:40
hggdhmangilimic, you can set as confirmed, and update the description as shown in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Description.17:40
hggdhmangilimic, Latest package tested (if you could reproduce) and Workaround in special17:41
mangilimicok! :) First of all I'm going to check if this is reproducible!17:42
hggdhmangilimic, BTW, your English seems pretty good17:42
thekornis anybody using editmoin (or other external tools) to edit wikipages on wiki.ubuntu.com?17:42
thekornI'm hacking on hugdaytools, and just realized that this wiki is now using OpenID for authentication17:43
mangilimichggdh: I'm VERY glad to here that! :) Thanks17:43
thekornso this MOIN_ID hack is not working anymore17:43
mangilimichggdh: I'm VERY glad to hear that! :) Thanks17:43
pedro_thekorn: i'm using editmoin17:44
bdmurrayyou might need to update you cookie17:44
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thekornhmm, strange17:58
BuckWildHello everyone.  I upgraded my 8.04 installation to the latest set of linux packages, and I get a kernel panic when I try to boot into it.  I'm running an Acer Aspire One netbook.  I believe this problem affects more than just me because I was able to find this link: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=663754918:06
BuckWildI think the problem is a bug in one of those packages.  When I boot into 2.6.24-22, I am able to boot the computer fine and everything functions normally.  I just wanted to see if there was a way I could make sure someone is aware of the problem going forward, because it looks like it affects both 8.04 and 8.10 users on the Acer Aspire One18:07
charlie-tcaBuckWild: Is there a bug report on it?18:15
BuckWildI didn't see one, I just read the page on bug reporting and submitted one18:16
charlie-tcaWhat is the bug number?18:18
BuckWildI didn't check18:31
BuckWildprobably shouldn't have closed that browser considering I don't think I have history on it18:31
BuckWildI tagged it on the image package name18:31
pedro_BuckWild: http://bugs.launchpad.net/people/+me/+reportedbugs <- check on your lp profile it should be listed there18:40
BuckWildit's not18:42
BuckWildI did the reporting through apport, do those get put somewhere else?18:42
macoand it actually worked?18:43
BuckWildlooked like it did18:43
BuckWildI can just re-report it if it's not listed or whatever18:43
greg-gyou should have be brought to a launchpad bug report page to describe what happened18:44
BuckWildyeah maybe it didn't go all the way through then18:44
BuckWildI'll run it again18:44
BuckWildthe uname command and commands it has listed here are going to generate the wrong version of the kernel because I can't even boot into the other version18:48
charlie-tcaBuckWild: Is that with today's updates or yesterday's updates?18:51
BuckWildcharlie-tca, it might've been yesterday'ss18:54
BuckWildI installed it today, I didn't have my laptop running yesterday18:54
charlie-tcaOkay, thanks.18:54
hggdhBuckWild, you should also have received an email on your bug. If you did not, it is a good idea to check your LP settings19:00
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BuckWildhggdh, I didn't go all the way through the process last time, I thought I had, but I was being an airhead or something, I'm filing another report.19:03
BuckWildthe bug number is 322867 and the link is https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/32286719:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 322867 in linux-meta "Kernel panic after update to 2.6.24-23 on Acer Aspire One netbook" [Undecided,New]19:08
thekornargh, it's MOIN_SESSION and not MOIN_ID19:11
thomasdelbekeHi there20:07
thomasdelbekeIs hgddh there?20:07
hggdhthomasdelbeke, I am here, hi20:09
thomasdelbekeYou are on two channels now20:09
thomasdelbekeexcept the one with your name20:10
thomasdelbekeShould I close two down?20:10
thomasdelbekeThe bug is back20:10
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scorei'm trying to file a bug for syslog-ng. it exists in the debian package as well. should i file a debian bug and an ubuntu bug, or what?20:50
james_wscore: if you are sure that it affects Debian then filing it in Debian would be great20:53
james_wif you would like Ubuntu developers to be able to track it as well then file it against Ubuntu too, and link the Debian bug20:54
scorejames_w: it's a minor bug. if i file the bug with debian, will if eventually make its way into ubuntu?21:17
james_wshould do21:18
scoredoes ubuntu mostly pull the diffs from debian, sometimes adding to them.. or do they only do that every 6 months and lose all previous changes?21:19
scorebetter yet, do you know where i can read up on all this stuff?21:19
james_wwe don't throw it away certainly21:20
james_wit's an ongoing process, but it peaks every 6 months21:21
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thekornpedro_, FYI, lp:~thekorn/hugday-tools/reloaded has a new (working) version of the hugday tool23:12
thekornit still needs some minor fixes, but it works23:12
pedro_thekorn: AWESOME!23:12
* pedro_ hugs thekorn23:13
pedro_thanks dude, will give it a try in a few secs23:13
thekorntake your time, I need some sleep now,23:13
thekornplease open bugreports if something is not working23:14
pedro_ok ;-)23:14
macowhats the hugday tool?23:18
macoi havent heard ofthis23:18
pedro_maco: it allows you to edit the hug day page without using a web browser or editmoin23:21
pedro_maco: for people that triage more than lets say 20 bugs it becomes really painful to edit the wiki page, you know, find the number , lightgreen blahblah23:21
greg-gI hated that part of hug day, slowed me down23:22
pedro_maco: the hugday tools helps you with that, you just pass that numbers to the tool and that's it23:22
pedro_greg-g: yeah mrkanister was arguing about it the other day23:22
pedro_he managed to triage like 300 reports during the firefox day and spent more time editing the wiki that actually triaging the bugs23:22
mrooneycouldn't that be integrated into 5-a-day and figure out when to do that via the tag?23:22
greg-gpedro_: wow23:23
greg-gmrooney: +1 to integrated tools23:23
greg-gany help appreciated :)23:23
pedro_I'd *love* to see something like that23:23
greg-ghell, what bdmurray was thinking about with following the bug mail and doing it all automatically without user input23:23
greg-gTHAT'D be cool.23:24
pedro_well that'be the perfect situation, automatically get all marked without any user interaction on that23:24
* greg-g nods23:25
cprofittdoes this 'bug' need any more information? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-power-manager/+bug/32261023:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 322610 in gnome-power-manager "Screen brightness not 100% at boot or resume from monitor sleep" [Undecided,Confirmed]23:42
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