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seb128pitti: hey, did you look at why the retracers have a lock or should I do that?08:13
* seb128 is reading his emails08:13
pittimoin seb12808:13
pittiseb128: I didn't get any lock mail today?08:13
pittiI got two yesterday, but I fixed that08:13
pitti(they are actually *working* now, yohoo)08:14
pittiI mean the mails08:14
pitti(retracers, too)08:14
seb128pitti: I got 3 watchdog emails during the night08:14
seb128weird that you didn't receive those08:15
seb128pitti: btw do you plan to do srus today? there is a gtk+ and a gedit update waiting for you since friday ;-)08:17
pittiseb128: already doing08:20
seb128pitti: you rock!08:20
pittieww indeed, three lock files08:20
pittiseb128: could you have a look, please?08:20
seb128pitti: will do that08:20
pittiah, synced mail again, there it is08:21
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pittiseb128: is bug 287611 really SRU worthy? it doesn't even have a crash report, or a test case, or anythihng08:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 287611 in gtk+2.0 "implicit pointer conversion will cause SIGSEGV" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28761108:39
seb128pitti: that was an implicit declaration so I figured I would do the line change in the sru while I was doing an upload08:40
seb128pitti: could be causing crashes on some architectures so why not, I would not have uploaded only for that though08:41
pittiseb128: ah, it's adding that missing #include only? okay08:41
seb128pitti: right08:41
pittiseb128: I added tasks to bug 305226, are both fixed in jaunty?08:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 305226 in gtk+2.0 "GtkExpander reports incorrect "name" to accessibility tools" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30522608:43
seb128pitti: no, fixed on my disk but the 2.15 update has some issues so I will only upload the next tarball08:45
seb128which should be in the next days, new GNOME scheduled for next week08:45
pittiah,it's in that; alright08:46
seb128so I did some bootcharting for session login speed yesterday09:06
* seb128 looks at mvo09:06
* seb128 looks at pitti09:06
* seb128 looks at vuntz09:06
seb128I blame you guys for session slowness ;-)09:06
seb128I managed to cut 15 seconds in my session start btw09:07
seb128mvo: so compiz doesn't register correctly to the session which makes gnome-session sit there and wait for timeout for several seconds09:07
mvoseb128: what is it doing incorrectly?09:07
seb128pitti: jockey is hitting disk quite a lot apparently, you know about it I guess?09:08
seb128mvo: dunno but .xsession-errors has WARNING: Application 'compiz.desktop' failed to register before timeout09:08
* mvo mubbles something about baroque complexity when registering with the session09:08
seb128mvo: and bootchart shows it's working for a few second and then doing nothing09:09
seb128mvo: could be true, vuntz probably have details on how to register correctly if you need those ;-)09:09
seb128I've to admit I don't know what the clients are supposed to do09:09
seb128but compiz and seahorse timeout09:09
seb128which creates a lot of sitting there and waiting09:09
seb128I opened a seahorse upstream bug09:09
seb128and I'm pinging you about compiz ;-)09:10
mvoseb128: do you know of anything that is equivalent of gdm signal ?09:10
seb128the compiz upstream might know about that?09:10
mvoseb128: I want to tell gdm to reboot when I logout09:10
mvoseb128: I will deal with it after the gdm problem ;)09:10
seb128mvo: use the dbus api?09:10
mvothe old gdm speaks that?09:10
mvothat is excellent09:10
seb128gnome-session speaks that09:10
seb128and it uses ck directly nowadays09:10
seb128no gdm09:10
seb128that's the complains we get about gnome-session in intrepid09:11
mvoso g-s logs out and ck knows to reboot instead of returning to gdm?09:11
seb128it just call reboot or shutdown and doesn't bother about closing the session correctly09:11
mvosounds not quite like what i want then :)09:11
seb128that's rather ck call reboot09:11
seb128well, I think that's what you want09:11
seb128that's what users get when using reboot in gnome-session09:11
mvoI want session closing first and then reboot .)09:11
seb128we should fix gnome-session09:12
seb128right, which is what gnome-session should be doing in any reboot case09:12
seb128I would rather invest effort making gnome-session do the right thing than workaround to not use it09:12
seb128since we get the issue when user use the session dialogs09:12
mvoseb128: right09:13
mvoseb128: hrm, hrm, the dbus api will be fine for gnome but xfce will stop working (or any other window manager on top of gdm)09:14
mvothat is really not ideal, I like the current way better in this regard09:15
seb128hum right09:15
mvoseb128: but thanks a lot for your help, I will see what I can do09:15
mvoseb128: and then checkout what compiz is doing, I want to talk to upstream anyway09:16
seb128mvo: thanks09:16
mvojust to confirm, gdm-new as man gdm is jaunty+1 ?09:19
mvothen I can savely switch to dbus because anyone will use it :)09:19
seb128mvo: right, that's the plan, not in jaunty yet anyway for sure09:20
mvook, thanks!09:20
seb128mvo: depends on good it will work and the new browser thing for jaunty+109:21
huatsmorning everyone09:21
seb128lut huats09:22
huatshello seb12809:22
seb128pitti: I got those errors in .xsession-errors09:23
seb128"ERROR:dbus.proxies:Introspect error on :1.49:/DeviceDriver: dbus.exceptions.DBusException: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.AccessDenied: Rejected send message, 1 matched rules; type="method_call", sender=":1.48" (uid=1000 pid=7010 comm="/usr/bin/python /usr/bin/jockey-gtk --check 60 ") interface="org.freedesktop.DBus.Introspectable" member="Introspect" error name="(unset)" requested_reply=0 destination=":1.49" (uid=0 pid=10551 comm="/usr/bin/pyt09:23
seb128hon /usr/share/jockey/jockey-backend -"))"09:23
pittiseb128: 15 seconds! wow09:24
pittiseb128: yes, I'm aware of my share in jockey; I'll fix that next week09:24
seb128pitti: is that bug #318745 or should I open a new one?09:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 318745 in jockey "D-Bus Policy needs checking" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31874509:24
pittiseb128: that's a curious one09:24
seb128pitti: do you want a bug for it?09:24
pittiseb128: yes, it needs to get introspection allowed09:24
pittiseb128: (sorry, got stuck in SRU stuff)09:25
seb128pitti: well, as said for login seahorse and compiz trigger timeouts because they don't register correctly that's a good part of the issue09:25
pittiseb128: I'll fix 318745 ASAP, that's the .xsession-errors issue09:26
seb128pitti: I also copied over my .gconf directory to limit fragmentation which won some 3 seconds, uninstalled tracker which won some other seconds09:26
seb128pitti: ok thanks09:26
pitti15 seconds *dream* takes 77 for me ATM09:26
pittiI disabled jockey for a test, that bought me 309:26
pittia lot less than I expected09:26
seb12877 is my grub to desktop loaded time on my laptop now09:26
pittibut I figure if you disable the print applet as well, then you'd get rid of python, and it gets a lot faster09:27
pittiseb128: do you use an initramfs?09:27
pittiI disabled mine, and grub to gdm is some 40 secs now09:27
seb128I use whatever jaunty do09:27
pittiit's still enabled by default09:27
pittiyou have to switch the root= argument from uuid to /dev/sdawhatever09:27
pittithen you can ditch it (most probably for your laptop)09:27
pittijaunty kernel has lots of former modules built in now09:28
seb128gnome-session starts around 27 seconds on my bootchart09:28
seb128your laptop has a slow disk09:29
seb128the main offenders now in session startup on my current chart are 2 python process and jockey09:29
seb128gnome-panel is doing quite a lot of ios too09:29
pittibut even with hot cache it takes 28 seconds, shouldn't access the disk much then09:29
seb128but I don't think we will do anything to this one this cycle09:30
pittiseb128: is that after fixing the 5-second timeouts?09:30
seb128pitti: grep timeout .xsession-errors09:30
pittix-session-manager[3316]: WARNING: Application 'seahorse-daemon.desktop' failed to register before timeout09:30
pittievolution-alarm-notify-Message: Setting timeout for 55602 1233270000 123321439809:30
pittialarevolution-alarm-notify-Message: Setting timeout for 32179 1233246600 123321442109:30
seb128pitti: 77 seconds grub to desktop is after uninstalling seahorse for testing, I still have compiz09:30
pittiright, 77 sec is with compiz for me as well09:31
pittibut I'm running metacity ATM09:31
seb128my 77 is grub to desktop09:31
pittiso if compiz has another timeout, this grep didn't catch it09:31
seb128right it has09:31
pittimaybe the composite crash is fixed now; I'll reboot in a bit to boot new kernel, will try it out then09:32
pittiseb128: yep, compiz works again I now get09:57
pittix-session-manager[3328]: WARNING: Application 'gnome-wm.desktop' failed to register before timeout09:57
pittias well09:57
pittiseb128: do you know why g-s is so insistant on serializing startup?09:58
seb128pitti: the new gnome-session was designed this way09:58
seb128starting first gnome-settings-daemon09:58
seb128then compiz09:58
seb128then nautilus and gnome-panel09:59
seb128then everything else09:59
seb128or roughly something around those lines09:59
seb128the idea is to have a quick desktop loading09:59
pittiquick by waiting? :-)10:00
seb128and not too much flickering10:00
seb128so you get themes, fonts, etc set first10:00
seb128then start the basic components10:00
seb128then everything else10:00
seb128well if none of the basic component is buggy that works fine10:00
seb128we just have to make sure g-s-d, seahorse, gnome-panel, nautilus, compiz are not buggy10:00
seb128then everything else can be started10:00
pittiseb128: btw, any luck with the retracers? or shall I look into it?10:07
seb128pitti: there was no error in the logs that's weird, I delete the log and that seems to be working10:08
seb128log -> lock10:08
pittiseb128: anything in /var/mail/ubuntu-archive?10:09
pittiseb128: btw, if you delete a lock, you should check "ps ux" whether anything is running10:09
seb128pitti: launchpad error, they took it down for upgrade yesterday though10:09
seb128pitti: so it could be due to that10:09
pittiI'm fairly sure it's that10:09
pittiall failed at roughly the same time10:10
pittigood thing that this is nondestructive now10:10
seb128pitti: right for checking that no instance is running10:10
pitti(retagging and all that)10:10
mvognome-session registering ...10:20
tseliotseb128: https://code.launchpad.net/~albertomilone/gnome-control-center/randr-virtual/+merge/320810:26
tseliotthis is the link to the C part: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~albertomilone/gnome-control-center/randr-virtual/annotate/34?file_id=111_add_dontzap_chec-20090128144105-hq323ola4d9u7qpn-110:29
seb128tseliot: I read your request yesterday but I prefer to let mvo comment, I didn't have to use policykit yet and I don't know enough about it to review those changes quickly10:34
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tseliotseb128: ok, basically I'm reusing the policykit stuff in screen-resolution-extra which now deals with both the virtual resolution and dontzap10:35
tseliotseb128: The only relevant changes are in the UI i.e. in the C patch10:36
seb128tseliot: ok, I'll have a look to that later if mvo is not quicker10:40
tseliotok, thanks10:40
mvoI can have a look too, just doing some compiz stuff10:41
huatsseb128: didrocks just told me that he will spend his day off to improve his mario kart skills instead of packaging... do you think it is serious ?10:49
seb128huats: isn't he trying to become a motu?10:50
huatsseb128: ;)10:50
huats(in fact he is home because he is ill...)10:50
seb128oh ok so in this case he can10:51
mvoseb128: I have quite frankly no idea why gnome-session is unhappy, from what I can see it does the proper things. I will go and ask upstream about it13:09
seb128mvo: ok13:11
seb128vuntz: there? does compiz register correctly to the session on opensuse? did you distro patch something?13:11
vuntzseb128: don't know, you should ask rodrigo, I guess13:12
seb128vuntz: do you have a website where I can see the patches you have for each source?13:12
vuntzseb128: yes, but it requires you to create an account :/13:14
seb128vuntz: so I get spammed with suse advertissements? no thanks ;-)13:14
vuntznah, no spam13:14
seb128vuntz: there is something in the account page which says that you accept to get mails from suse or novell13:15
vuntzthat's bad13:15
seb128or that it's possible that you get mails after subscribing13:15
seb128that's for a bugzilla account dunno if that's the same there13:15
vuntzwell, it's the same thing13:16
vuntzif you have an account  for any opensuse thing, then you have an account for everything13:16
seb128no I didn't due to this email thing13:17
vuntzseb128: http://tmp.vuntz.net/opensuse-packages/srcpackage.py13:17
seb128vuntz: https://secure-www.novell.com/selfreg/jsp/createAccount.jsp13:17
seb128" By completing this form, I am giving Novell and/or Novell's partners permission to contact me regarding Novell products and services."13:17
vuntzseb128: you can at least see a list of patches for the packages maintained by the gnome team there13:17
seb128vuntz: thanks13:18
vuntzseb128: I should probably take more time to finish what I wanted to do and publish the patches too13:18
mvohm, compiz is not among them13:18
seb128<rodrigo> yes, we have a few patches, but not sure we patch anything related to the session13:19
seb128* rodrigo looks13:19
seb128<rodrigo> no, seems we don't13:19
mvook, I try latest git now13:20
seb128vuntz: how do I get the patches from your vuntz.net summary?13:22
seb128vuntz: ie http://tmp.vuntz.net/opensuse-packages/srcpackage.py?srcpackage=gnome-session13:22
mvo  4: gnome-session-gnome-wm-compiz-manager.patch13:22
vuntzyou ping me :-) There's nothing more on this website13:24
vuntzlet me upload it13:24
mvovuntz: ping :)   4: gnome-session-gnome-wm-compiz-manager.patch please13:24
mvoand  6: gnome-session-compiz-as-default-wm.patch :)13:25
* mvo hugs vuntz13:25
seb128not sure that impacts session registration though13:27
mvoyeah :/13:27
slomoseb128: hi :) please sync banshee-extension-mirage 0.4.0+r81-1 from debian/experimental :)13:40
vuntzmvo: do you guys have compiz-manager too?13:54
* vuntz is wondering whether gnome-session-gnome-wm-compiz-manager.patch should be committed upstream13:54
mvovuntz: yes13:57
mvovuntz: and you use 0.7.8 ?13:57
mvoeh, no13:57
mvoyou use the nomad branch from davidr13:57
vuntzmvo, seb128: just added links to http://tmp.vuntz.net/opensuse-packages/srcpackage.py?srcpackage=gnome-session14:17
vuntz(and others)14:18
vuntzthe mime type is wrong, but at least you can download stuff14:18
seb128vuntz: thanks!14:18
mvothanks vuntz14:22
seb128vuntz: the change on http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=544700 seems to make sense no?14:26
pittiis there something I can call to run a .desktop  file, e. g. in /etc/xdg/autostart/ ?14:26
ubottuGnome bug 544700 in Panel "[PATCH] Treat expandable applets as fully expanded when finding free spot" [Normal,Unconfirmed]14:26
pittiah, nevermind, I can open it in nautilus14:28
vuntzseb128: the idea makes sense, I think. Need to look at it closer14:31
seb128vuntz: do you know how session registration works in gnome-session?14:59
seb128vuntz: could you look at gnome bug #56963614:59
ubottuGnome bug 569636 in Daemon "doesn't register correctly to the session" [Normal,New] http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=56963614:59
seb128asac: did you want some extra informations about this xulrunner crash on closing?15:25
seb128asac: I get apport triggering a zilliion times a day due to it in jaunty15:26
pitti"ignore crashes of this version" FTW15:27
seb128pitti: right, still would be better to get xulrunner fixed this cycle, this bug is there since hardy15:29
pittiseb128: right, just for getting it out of your eyes once you reported it15:33
pittiseb128: btw, I committed a change to jockey trunk to not start it every time any more (just the first time, i. e. if you don't have /var/cache/jockey/check)15:34
seb128the annoying part is rather the hang while apport is catching the crash which means you can't reopen it immediatly15:34
seb128pitti: what do you call first time?15:34
seb128pitti: what happens if hardware change?15:34
pittiseb128: if it was never called before15:34
pittiseb128: you lose, and have to start it manually15:35
pittiI still need to find a solution for this15:35
seb128I guess that's a good trade15:35
pittibut it should be more dynamic, and not tied to session startup15:35
pittiI need a kind of "hardware checksum" which is quick to calculate15:35
pittilspci | md5sum or something15:35
seb128I was going to write that ;-)15:36
* pitti puts that into a bug report, for the future15:36
seb128if the lspci output change slightly between linux versions that's no issue you just get jockey running for the next login15:36
pittibug 32277615:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 322776 in jockey "start jockey at session start if hardware changed" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32277615:38
pittiseb128: with a new kernel it makes sense to check anyway15:39
asacseb128: does it go away when disabling a11y ?15:45
seb128asac: no, I don't have that enable15:46
seb128that's still this shutdown issue, I got you a valgrind about it some times ago I think15:46
asacseb128: well. we have a new shutdown issue in firefox ... thats why i am asking.15:48
asacif you see it a zillion times i would think that its rather that one15:48
asacthen the one you reported month ago15:49
seb128#5  0xb633f69c in nsBaseAppShell::OnProcessNextEvent (this=0xa937d20,15:52
seb128    thr=0x9f3aba8, mayWait=0, recursionDepth=0) at nsBaseAppShell.cpp:28815:52
seb128that's where it crash15:52
seb128#6  0xb63ebd86 in nsThread::ProcessNextEvent (this=0x9f3aba8, mayWait=0,15:52
seb128    result=0xbf9ff8b8) at nsThread.cpp:49715:52
seb128looks similar to the one I'm having since hardy15:52
seb128anyway if you need debug informations, valgrind log, whatever15:53
seb128let me know ;-)15:53
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asacseb128: i will get a build on top of a modern xul branch up somewhere ... maybe its gone as there have been substantial fixes on memory management for 1.9.2 and 1.9.116:11
asacthe backtrace and the valgrind log didnt have much valid info.16:11
vuntzseb128, mvo: very crude hack: http://tmp.vuntz.net/opensuse-packages/browse.py16:22
seb128vuntz: seems to work ;-)16:23
seb128vuntz: btw did you read my seahorse gnome-session question before?16:24
mvoseb128: do you have anything pending for gnome-control-center?16:24
mvoif not, I will upload the changes from tseliot now16:24
seb128mvo: no16:24
seb128mvo: wait16:24
* mvo freezes16:24
seb128just looking if there is something obvious you can fix while you upload ;-)16:25
vuntzseb128: nope, I was working on that16:25
seb128vuntz: do you read it in the backlog? I restarted my irc client since16:25
seb128mvo: you can upload ;-)16:25
vuntzseb128: replied on the bug16:27
seb128vuntz: thanks16:34
seb128vuntz: is seahorse special cased in gnome-session?17:38
seb128it's started early I'm not sure why17:39
vuntzseb128: no, it's not17:39
seb128it is17:39
seb128oh you mean not special cased17:40
seb128that's because it's using initialisation in it's desktop, shouldn't it be application?17:41
seb128it's started before gnome-panel and nautilus right now17:41
seb128ok, I've to go, bbl17:43
seb128really going this time bbl17:43
rickspencer3asac: ping20:27
chrisccoulsonhey bryce, does bug 314263 only occur for you when you try and open a URL with sudo (like in the duplicate of it)?21:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 314263 in gvfs "regression - URIs opened with firefox %u load as local files (file:///...)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31426321:03
brycechrisccoulson: never tried it with sudo21:03
chrisccoulsonah, so it's a slightly different situation21:04
chrisccoulsonthe duplicate occurs for people calling gnome-open with sudo, as apport-gtk does21:04
chrisccoulsonand i can recreate that21:04
chrisccoulsoni was going to have a look 2nite and see if i can do some debugging21:04
chrisccoulsoni dont know the code that well so i cant promise anything!21:05
asacrickspencer3: pong23:16

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