directhexyes, because everyone reads the manual00:00
RAOFdirecthex: Go formulate an ubuntu-devel-discuss message, then :)00:02
directhex"digg this if users suck"00:03
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slangasekwho here can test a powerpc-specific SRU? (bug #220890)00:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 220890 in python-apt "[hardy] software-properties-gtk doesn't recognize (nor know about) ports.ubuntu.com" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22089000:41
maxbThe langpacks in intrepid currently have a higher version than in jaunty, is that an issue, or a normal state of affairs at this point in the cycle?00:45
cjwatsonI wouldn't get too worried, but obviously it needs to be fixed before release00:46
TheMusoslangasek: When I do powerpc related work this afternoon (i.e after work/canonical work), I'll take a peak00:46
cjwatsonArneGoetje: ^- plans for a jaunty langpack update?00:46
cjwatsonwe could copy the intrepid-updates ones to jaunty, in principle, but I don't want to do that because there's a Soyuz bug that means architecture-independent packages copied that way end up not showing up for armel00:47
cjwatsonthough that's 299448 which is fix-committed so it's possible it was fixed in the recent rollout00:47
cjwatsonlooks like it ought to be; I can give it a try tomorrow00:50
cjwatsonbut we'll need jaunty langpacks anyway so it'll just be to stop people being surprised :)00:50
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slangasekseriously, what kind of boolean pervert came up with the idea of calling these things "killswitches" that turn your antenna off when they're on and on when they're off?01:41
pwnguinthe same guy that named the xserver option "DontZap"01:42
slangaseknah, pretty sure that guy died of old age already01:42
pwnguinslangasek: just use the phrase "killswitch engage". its 23 percent more brutal01:42
cjwatsonmy killswitch is labelled 0 for wireless-off and 1 for wireless-on01:46
cjwatsonso +1 for Dell's sanity, I guess01:46
slangasekphysically labelled?01:47
sakrasemangati'm newbie from indonesia and i need the study kernel compilation process on ubuntu please guide me...01:49
cjwatsonslangasek: yes01:57
cjwatsonsakrasemangat: this isn't really the right channel for advising new developers; you might start by reading the kernel team's wiki, http://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam01:57
cjwatsonsakrasemangat: also reading the various links from http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment, since many of those general principles apply to the particular case of the kernel01:58
sakrasemangatcjwatson, ok thank's...02:07
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junyertrying a third time :P03:04
junyerdoes anyone here work on the autofs/autofs5 packages?03:04
ScottKjunyer: Just ask your question.03:05
slangasekthe answer to the initial question is "no", no one from Ubuntu works on the autofs5 package, it's synced unmodified from Debian03:07
slangasek(which is not to say that this is the wrong place to ask if you're wanting to discuss development issues in the package)03:09
junyerwell, autofs v4 is essentially dead as far as upstream is concerned03:09
anderskThe current Intrepid/Jaunty autofs package has an Ubuntu patch that was added in bug 111612.03:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 111612 in autofs "The auto.net script that comes with autofs is broken" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/11161203:09
junyerso i'm wondering if/when support (in the form of a maintained autofs package) will cease03:10
slangaseksupport for the autofs package will probably cease when the Debian maintainer gets rid of it, or when an Ubuntu developer notices that it's bit-rotted to the point that we should prefer the autofs5 package instead03:11
ScottKslangasek: I've got an odd problem here that I've no idea how to troubleshoot well enough to even file a useful bug.  On intrepid I've got a hard drive that when I try to write to it as a user, I'm told the disk is full, but it's not.  df -k shows more blocks existing that used, but 0 available.  I can write to the disk as root and I can delete stuff as a user, but not write new stuff.  Suggestions?03:12
slangasekScottK: ext3 reserved blocks?03:12
junyerokay, so i should probably ping the debian maintainer then03:12
slangasekjunyer: he's the one at the wheel on those packages, yes. :)03:13
junyer(although he didn't respond to my mail yet, so i might have to hunt him down on irc)03:13
ScottKslangasek: How would I know?  When I delete files the number 'used' goes down, but Available stays consistently 0.03:13
slangasekScottK: tune2fs /dev03:13
anderskSee the tune2fs manpage, -m option.03:14
ScottKLooking even03:14
StevenKScottK: Deleting files but available staying at 0 certainly points to you being over the reserved blocks percentage03:15
* slangasek nods03:15
* ScottK wonders how he got there.03:15
slangasekthe default reserved blocks are ridiculously large on today's large disks, it really ought to be logarithmic03:16
slangasekScottK: you wrote a bunch of stuff as a user, then root pushed you over the limit :)03:16
StevenKFor things like /home and /srv and such, I will run tune2fs -m 0 after mkfs'ing them03:16
StevenKActually, for things where I'm the only user, or I can trust everyone with an account.03:17
ScottKWell let me go find something big to delete ...03:17
slangasekStevenK: well, for /home there's not much reason for root to have reserved space, neh?03:17
slangasekScottK: reducing the reserved count is easier :)03:18
ScottKReduced it to 1 and it still says 0 available03:18
StevenKslangasek: Not usually. :-)03:18
slangasek(though if it's not obvious how root pushed you over the limit, maybe there are leaky logs)03:18
slangasekScottK: mm, if tune2fs -l confirms, then /that/ might be a sign of fs corruption...03:19
slangasekassuming that when you deleted stuff, the used count went down and stayed down03:20
ScottKI'm guessing "Couldn't find valid filesystem superblock" is bad.03:20
ScottKI'm also guessing I'm into it's not worth the trouble, just start over territory.03:21
ScottKIs there anything useful for a bug I can do first?03:22
slangasekif you're not going to cry over the data, yes, that's start-over territory03:22
slangasekif you have kernel logs that show it getting corrupted somehow03:22
StevenKActually, it's recoverable03:22
StevenKYou can run mkfs with -n, which will tell you where the backup superblocks are stored03:22
ScottKStevenK: I'm open to suggestions ...03:22
StevenKAnd then point tune2fs at one of the backup superblocks03:23
slangasekcould've been a hardware failure, a kernel bug, someone trying to dial out on the hard drive by mistake, ...03:23
StevenKAnd fsck *really* soon03:23
slangasekso unless you know how it got corrupted, hard to get a useful bug report out of it03:23
StevenKAnd it may not be a software bug03:23
ScottKWell I can try to get the kernel logs off.03:23
ScottKNow I guess I really need to find the CD drive for this laptop.03:26
StevenKScottK: One large partition, and it's /, I'm guessing?03:27
slangasek... does strace work for anyone in jaunty?03:28
ScottKOf course03:29
ScottKStevenK: ^^^03:29
StevenKScottK: Bleh, this is the situation that having one large partition on / is bad :-)03:32
ScottKFortunately there's nothing critical on it.03:32
ScottKThere's a few things it'd be nice to save.03:32
* LaserJock makes some backups just in case it's contagious03:33
ScottKI have it up on the network now, so I'm going to see if I can sftp to it....03:33
StevenKI would sftp *from* it03:33
StevenKSince that wouldn't try and write anything03:33
ScottKTrying that.03:35
* ScottK gets to practice his rusty command line sftp skills.03:35
charlie-tcaslangasek: apparently, that was a bad thing to try03:37
slangasekcharlie-tca: hmm?03:37
charlie-tcaI ran strace on a 64-bit jaunty. It locked everything up and I had to go to a tty and kill it03:37
BsimsCan anyone point me to a tutorial to build multi binary debs... I want to package and host kde 3.5x built against Ubuntu Current...03:37
slangasekit hasn't been crashing anything for me, except for itself03:38
BsimsI am not entirely ignorant of dpkg but need help and the Debian New maintaners guide doesn't go into multi package debs03:38
maxbBsims: #ubuntu-motu is more appropriate for learning-how-to-package questions03:38
* Bsims smiles thanks maxb 03:38
ArneGoetjecjwatson: after all remaining buggy translations have been fixed by jtv (will happen these days), we will generate a full export for jaunty and updates for hardy and intrepid. I hope those to be ready on Monday, then I will do the updates on the sprint.03:55
StevenKScottK: How goes the recovery?03:57
ScottKStevenK: sftp'ing my heart out.03:58
StevenKcd /chest_cavity03:58
StevenKscp heart donor:03:58
ScottKFound some un-backed up photos I'd forgotten about ...03:58
ScottKBut they're transferring just fine, so no it's just a matter of doing it.03:58
StevenKScottK: Mmmm. Avoid writing to the disk, if you can03:59
ScottKJust doing a lot of sftp put.03:59
ScottKGoing in the order of how much I care too.03:59
TheMusoslangasek: https://launchpad.net/bugs/220890 verified.04:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 220890 in python-apt "[hardy] software-properties-gtk doesn't recognize (nor know about) ports.ubuntu.com" [Undecided,In progress]04:03
slangasekTheMuso: thanks!  You used the test case from the bug description?04:04
TheMusoslangasek: Yes.04:04
slangasekbryce: I've confirmed that my touchpad issue is software (gpm works fine on console); where should I file the bug report?04:22
calcmaybe i can blow up the nightly cd later tonight >:-)04:24
* calc is doing a rebuild with fresh chroot to make sure everything is working properly04:25
ScottKslangasek and StevenK: Thanks for the help.  I got everything I need.  Now if I can find the CD drive ...04:26
StevenKScottK: We won't come over to help you look ...04:27
slangasekScottK: glad to hear :)04:27
LaserJockStevenK: that could be a long trip04:35
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bryceslangasek: most likely it's a bug in the xinput stuff so should be against xorg-server04:36
bryceslangasek: subscribe me to the bug and I'll try to follow up on it04:36
StevenKbryce: I noticed that synaptics thought my touchscreen on my Q1 was touchpad, is that known?04:37
StevenKwas a touchpad04:37
ScottKThis will be my first Intrepid fresh install....04:44
LaserJockScottK: really? I think I've done about 5-6 so far04:45
ScottKIt's all been upgrades from Hardy until now.04:45
LaserJockI generally reinstall about every 2-3 months04:45
LaserJockI think I've done 3 Jaunty reinstalls so far04:46
* ScottK still has one Dapper desktop that was installed before Dapper's release.04:46
LaserJockthat's why I don't like UUID too much04:46
LaserJockI gott fix things after each install04:47
maxbLaserJock: but why? I've gone dapper-edgy-feisty-gutsy-hardy-intrepid without a reinstall04:47
LaserJockI should just not UUIDs but I hate going against the grain04:47
LaserJockmaxb: because stuff usually starts breaking04:47
LaserJockor I want to try something different04:48
maxbWould be all the way to jaunty, but I needed to change i386->amd6404:48
LaserJockI should probably try to slow down though, I'm afraid of wearing out the hard drive in my laptop04:48
LaserJockit can't be good to keep installing and reinstalling on the same 6GB04:49
LaserJockbugger, I never can seem to get reportbug to send stuff04:50
LaserJockisn't it supposed to use a Debian SMTP host?04:50
StevenKIf you configure it too04:51
LaserJockwell, it keeps timing out04:52
LaserJockI have: smtphost bugs.debian.org in .reportbugrc04:53
LaserJockmaybe rather than worrying about reportbug I should make up a BTS cheat sheet and manually do the emails04:54
LaserJockI end up copy-n-pasting anyway04:55
ScottKLaserJock: When you normally send mail, what mail server do you submit to?04:56
LaserJockScottK: I just use gmail04:56
LaserJockI don't have any local client that I use04:56
LaserJockI guess I could dig up the Gmail SMTP server04:57
ScottKYou can probably convince reportbug to do that too or set up a local postfix to do it (there are decent how-tos)04:57
LaserJockI think I have exim4 install because of stupid sbuild04:57
LaserJockbut I don't do anything with it I don't think04:57
LaserJockI really dislike having a MTA on my machine04:58
ScottK243 updates are available ...05:11
mrooneykirkland: ping!05:33
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bbsi do kernel work05:40
bbsis there a spot that the ubuntu kernel is discussed?05:40
greg-gbbs: #ubuntu-kernel , appropriately enough05:41
bbsgreg-g: figured it out05:43
bbsasked stupid question05:43
hyperairasac: could bug #248705 be considered for SRU? it seems that 2.24.3-0ubuntu1 was uploaded to intrepid-updates, but not 2.24.3-0ubuntu2, and the changes between the two versions are only that which fixed the said bug.05:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 248705 in evolution-data-server "Evolution Exchange does not authenticate to Exchange servers with a relative path in the form action, e.g. "owaauth.dll"" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24870505:52
hyperairasac: in addition, you were the one who uploaded 2.24.3-0ubuntu205:52
mrooneyanyone know how to switch to a virtual terminal in a virtualbox instance?05:53
mrooneyUsing ctrl+alt+# switches the host even if the guest is grabbing keys05:53
hyperairmrooney: ssh05:57
smosermrooney, http://forums.virtualbox.org/viewtopic.php?t=9615&sid=c79dce75d9b09436397acb59992a316f05:57
smoser"should be" right control F105:57
smoserthat is if you actually meant ctrl-alt-F# , maybe you didn't though05:58
hyperairhttp://www.virtualbox.org/ticket/41 this says it too05:58
mrooneysmoser: yeah, did :)05:58
superm1TheMuso, this was verified with an intrepid disk, so unless they were missing in intrepid too N/A.  I'll reverify with a jaunty daily tomorrow.  I was going to add more stuff to the bug, but launchpad went into maintenance mode 5 or so minutes after I filed it. cjwatson i'll get that added from the jaunty daily as it will be more useful06:45
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dholbachgood morning07:06
bryceheya dholbach07:33
dholbachhiya bryce07:34
dholbachhi thekorn, ara, Koon! :)07:35
arahey dholbach, morning :-)07:35
bryceStevenK: not sure, I've not been following synaptics too closely; check the bug tracker to see if it's known.  If it is, probably needs forwarding to bugzilla.freedesktop.org next.07:36
thekornmorning dholbach07:40
pittiGood morning07:43
dholbachhi pitti07:45
pittisuperm1, slangasek: so after those recent hal-info commits, what's actually left in hotkey-setup? just the module option for the thinkpad? (which should become a modprobe.d script)07:51
pittihey dholbach *hug*07:51
* dholbach hugs pitti back07:52
slangasekpitti: the options that can't currently be set with modprobe..?07:52
slangasekit twiddles bits in /sys07:52
pittiright, but modprobe install scripts can do that07:53
pittiwell, either way, I was just curious whether there's anything else left07:53
slangasekwould still have to be a separate script because of the complexity, so I don't know that it's really advantageous to move it to modprobe07:53
pittiso far I'm just aware of that thinkpad module flipping07:53
slangasekthere's also the thinkpad daemon that's run on some hardware, yes07:54
pittislangasek: well, I'd like it to be moved to a modprobe.d script, because then we don't need to penalize every non-thinkpad-laptop user with a no-op init script07:54
pittithat can still be in the hotkey-setup package, if the rest gets stripped out07:54
pittie. g. if all hotkey mappings are migrated now, we should throw them out07:55
slangasek"throw them out" - I think superm1 already did that?07:55
pittioh, so he did!07:55
pitti(didn't follow -changes in the week I was on holiday)07:56
* pitti hugs superm107:56
slangasekI actually started from the other end, so I have a diff here that reduces the ibm.hk to only the essentials, which we can then also get moved over to hal-info sometime soon07:56
slangasekthat leaves the /sys twiddling, the thinkpad_keys daemon (which as a daemon, I think should be managed by an init script...) and one last thing for /proc/acpi/video/*/DOS07:57
pittislangasek: daemon init script> *nod*07:58
pittislangasek: Keybuk might have a better idea about how to start the thinkpad daemon on thinkpad laptops only (i. e. module load triggered), though08:04
slangasekpitti: we could not ship a start link for the init script, by default only calling it via modprobe?08:05
pittislangasek: right08:06
pitti(or just put the start-stop-daemon call into the modprobe.d script itself)08:06
slangasekyeah, I'd rather not do that because it means there's no good way to manage the process08:06
slangasekinvoke-rc.d on upgrades, etc08:06
pittikees: was the hardy-security linux -23.48 based on -23.47 in hardy-proposed? or against -23.46 in hardy-updates?08:08
slangasekdoko_: bug #315770> hmm, but why is libio-socket-ssl-perl needed in main?  checkrdepends shows nothing08:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 315770 in libtree-dagnode-perl "MIR for libnet-ssleay-perl and dependencies" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31577008:08
pittikees: if the former, it wasn't verified yet, if the latter, it needs to be merged and reuploaded into -proposed08:08
pittijdstrand: ^ or maybe you know08:11
* slangasek wanders bedwards - night, folks08:11
pittislangasek: sleep well!08:12
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sorenI wish Launchpad would show which archive-admin ACCEPTed stuff, so that I could distribute hugs accordingly.08:36
pittisoren: if you are talking about NEW, look at the archive day mapping on wiki/ArchiveAdministration08:42
sorenpitti: Hm... Yes, I suppose that's a reasonable approximation. The fact that it seems to have happened in the middle of the night suggests that it's someone with different hemispherocity than myself.08:45
* soren hugs StevenK 08:45
pittisoren: he deserves a hug either way :)08:46
sorenQuite so :)08:46
Necrosansoren: I am the official hug accepter here.08:51
NecrosanDole them out as you see fit.08:51
pittilool: rejecing your xine-lib intrepid-proposed upload; it's a merge without merged changelogs (forgot -v), and was perhaps aimed at jaunty?08:54
pittilool: ah, perhaps not at jaunty; either way, changelog needs to explain the changes and link to LP bug #s08:55
kirklandmrooney: pong09:07
evandCan someone else with access to ubuntu-devel process the mailman queue?  My login information is stored in a still-packed computer that's lacking a keyboard at the moment.09:07
BUGabundoevand: lol09:07
BUGabundoevand: you can always retrive it, no?09:07
BUGabundoalthough mailman admin/mod login, aint that easy to get09:08
evandI'd have to ask one of the other individuals with access for the password, or bug IS.09:09
loolpitti: Uh?09:19
pittilool: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/21679435/xine-lib_1.1.15-0ubuntu3.1intrepid1_source.changes09:19
loolpitti: I merged the security update with the current -proposed upload09:19
loolpitti: Ok; so you want a clean .changes?09:19
pittilool: ah, can you then please reupload with using -v?09:19
loolpitti: Should I include the original -proposed upload as well?09:20
pittilool: yes, please do09:20
loolActually I'm not sure I have it anymore09:20
loolpitti: Hold on before you reject please09:21
loolToo late09:21
pittilool: I rejected it already, but I can fish it out of the rejected queue09:21
loolpitti: If it's not too long, that would be good09:21
pittilool: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/intrepid/+queue?queue_state=4&queue_text=xine-lib09:21
loolpitti: Will you also process hardy's unapproved today?09:22
pittilool: yes, I'm at it09:22
pittilool: can you access that page?09:25
pittiI'm not sure whether it's restricted to ~ubuntu-archive09:25
pittiif so, I'll fish it out for you09:25
loolpitti: Pushing xine-lib_1.1.15-0ubuntu3.1intrepid1.changes again with the initial -proposed upload, the security merge, and the new -proposed upload in the changes09:25
loolpitti: it's fine I can access it alright09:25
loolJust finished the new upload09:26
Keybukpitti: why do we have yet another daemon for it at all?09:28
pittiKeybuk: I don't know at all what this is doing; but launching it through a modprobe.d script isntead of rc2.d seems like a good move09:29
Keybukwhy does it exist?09:29
Keybukit sounds like the kind of thing that should be a hal add-on09:30
loolpitti: Thanks for approving xine-lib already09:39
pittilool: thanks for doing it09:39
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doko_slangasek: spamassassin libwww-perl libnet-server-perl libnet-ldap-perl suggest it, but maybe these are more recent changes10:18
slangasekdoko_: only suggest?10:19
slangasekwe don't have a closure over suggests in main10:19
slangaseknor do we want one10:19
doko_slangasek: but it doesn't show up in component mismatches10:19
slangasekdoko_: OTOH, it also doesn't show up in germinate output AFAICS10:22
slangasekdoko_: so either that's a bug in component-mismatches, or the package is only needed on lpia or something?10:23
slangasekdoko_: nope, not needed on any arch - so I think that's a bug in component-mismatches.  Shall I demote it and see?10:24
slangasekdoko_: oh!  found it - libnet-ldap-perl has a Build-Depends-Indep on it, that didn't get reported by checkrdepends10:25
doko_slangasek: yes, the demotion sound sounds nicer :)10:25
slangasekbut maybe we can fix libnet-ldap-perl to not need it...10:25
pittislangasek: I fixed checkrdepends a while ago to also display B-D-I, weird10:26
slangasekpitti: checkrdepends gave me a bunch of errors, e.g., grep-dctrl: /tmp/tmp.ZcOkhX1927/jaunty_restricted_Sources: No such file or directory10:26
slangasekand I was used to getting errors from it the past few times I've used it, so I didn't dig deep enough10:27
pittihm, indeed10:27
pittiwill look at that later10:27
slangasekanyway, libnet-ldap-perl b-d-i seems like a silly reason to pull all those packages into main10:28
pitti/tmp is probably from gunzip -c10:28
slangasekwell, libio-socket-ssl-perl has been in main since dapper or earlier; but why does it suddenly need all this other junk10:30
pittislangasek: seems that there's a newline after 'jaunty', so the command gets split; weird10:31
slangasekhuh, ok10:32
slangasekdoko_, pitti: libnet-ldap-perl only uses libio-socket-ssl-perl for an optional part of its test suite; what do you think about dropping the b-d-i and kicking it (and its deps) to universe?10:33
pittislangasek: if that pulls in a whole lot of further libs, fine for me; if it's just that one, I'd rather promote it10:34
doko_fine for me10:34
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slangasekpitti: there's an MIR right now for the four other perl libs it pulls in10:35
pittislangasek: hm, $T/*_Sources expands to jaunty10:36
pittiaaah, found it10:36
pittislangasek: apparently a cut&paste error from yesterday's rescue operation10:37
alkisgpitti: Me and some other people are looking for a better user management tool. We saw your evaluation of system-config-users: http://www.mail-archive.com/ubuntu-desktop@lists.ubuntu.com/msg01544.html10:38
slangasekpitti: cheers10:38
pittihave to run out for two or three hours10:38
apwTheMuso, about?10:38
pittialkisg: need to run now, please mail pitti@ubuntu.com10:38
alkisgpitti: ok, ty10:38
slangasekpitti, doko_: interestingly, the only reason libnet-ldap-perl is in main either is because it's explicitly seeded in supported-development ?10:39
doko_hmm, maybe ask the server team?10:40
dholbachhum... where's http://people.ubuntu.com/~ubuntu-archive/removals.txt ?10:41
slangasekdholbach: bdmurray was asking after it the other day; I don't know whether he found an answer, but I don't know where that's supposed to come from10:43
TheMusoapw: Yes.10:43
dholbachslangasek: it always was there :)10:43
apwTheMuso, i won't ask what time it is there10:43
dholbachit's even linked from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/PackageArchive#Removing%20Packages :)10:43
slangasekdholbach: right, but something has to create it. :)10:43
TheMusoapw: 21:43.10:44
slangasekand I don't know what that something is10:44
apwTheMuso, you sync'd alsa-drivers recently with debian10:44
dholbachslangasek: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArchiveAdministration#Removals maybe?10:44
TheMusoapw: Yes but they have a newer revision I need to get to.10:44
slangasekdholbach: no10:44
apwTheMuso, that brought a change to /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base, which commented out the load of oss10:44
apwand that is breaking espeak10:44
slangasekdholbach: we weren't populating it manually - it must have been created by some script, but I don't know what script10:45
TheMusoapw: Oh right, will fix that when I do the merge. Thanks.10:45
apwits already uploaded?10:45
TheMusoapw: No, I need to prepare a merge of 1.0.17a with debian10:45
apwaffecting the jaunty releases, bug #31950510:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 319505 in linux "In Jaunty Alpha3 release 32 bit and 64 bit versions the sound is not work." [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31950510:45
TheMusoso I'll fix it in that.10:45
TheMusoapw: and I am following that bug.10:45
TheMusoapw: thanks for the heads up.10:46
slangasekdoko_: well, we can check with the server team, but they didn't add it; it traces back to the original bzr import of the seeds, so there's no specific rationale :)10:47
apwTheMuso, the change occured cuase of a threat (literally) from the debian kernel team about alsa sharing not working if they were loaded, so i need to work out if that is also true fo rus10:47
TheMusoapw: ok10:47
TheMusoanyway I'm off for the evenin.10:48
TheMusoapw: You got me just in time. :p10:48
apwTheMuso, have a good one, will update the bug with my findings10:48
=== cjwatson_ is now known as cjwatson
slangasekcjwatson: you don't remember a rationale for the set of perl packages listed in supported-development, do you? :)10:49
cjwatsonArneGoetje: cool, thanks10:54
cjwatsondholbach: removals.txt is no longer relevant because all its data was migrated into Launchpad10:56
cjwatsonslangasek: ^-10:56
cjwatsondholbach: so if you look at https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/<src> and follow links, you should see the removal reason etc.10:57
cjwatsondholbach: we have a backup copy in case somebody does need the old file, but it shouldn't be necessary any more10:58
dholbachcjwatson: THANKS muchly10:59
dholbachcjwatson: I'll update the docs referring to it11:00
__doc__hi, anybody of you has got a device from 3dconnexion (space ball, navigator etc.?)11:01
cjwatsondholbach: thanks11:02
ogracjwatson, fyi, versatile netboot installer seems to work well in qemu11:06
cjwatsonogra: superb11:13
ograthough ports seems down11:13
ograah, not anymore11:13
cjwatsonogra: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ports/daily/current/jaunty-alternate-armel.iso managed to spit something out at least11:14
cjwatsonno kernel or initrd on that though11:14
ograyep, i'm just trying that with the netboot installer11:14
ograthough i wanted to try a normal netinstall first11:14
cjwatsonbase-installer might not get kernel selection right11:15
cjwatsonyeah, doesn't look like it uses the metapackages11:15
ograbut it should offer me to go on without kernel, no ?11:15
ografirst i have a different prob though, seems qemu cant resolve11:15
ograhmm, or route ... weird, i can ping the gateway but it doesnt get forwarded11:16
* apw has a blank moment, what was the command which let you edit the src directly and made a patch out of it when you exit'd11:17
cjwatsonogra: it would be useful if you could send me /proc/cpuinfo from that emulated machine11:17
cjwatsonapw: run what-patch first to find out which patch system the package already uses11:18
ogracjwatson, well, it works with my homebrewed kernel usually, i guess its a kernel issue ... i'll try the netinstaller with that one11:18
cjwatsonapw: you generally need to run a command appropriate to the package11:18
cjwatsonogra: no, I want /proc/cpuinfo because base-installer's kernel test suite needs a copy of it :P11:18
ogracjwatson, ah, k, you'll get it :)11:19
cjwatsonapw: 'export QUILT_PATCHES=debian/patches' and then use quilt normally11:19
cjwatsonapw: that package won't be suitable for the tools that produce a complete copy of the source for you to edit11:19
apwahhh, now that is why people moved to quilt11:19
apwif one is modifying the debian part of a package sync'd from debian (a file in debian which is copied in wholesale) should you be adding that as a patch in the patches directory or just modifying it directly?11:20
cjwatsonjust modify it directly11:21
apwmakes life easy :)11:21
ogracjwatson, http://paste.ubuntu.com/111192/11:22
cjwatsonogra: thanks, pastebin tends to mash tabs though. Could you put it on people?11:23
slangasekKeybuk: udevadm trigger --action=change isn't documented in the --help output, and only --action=add is documented in the manpage...11:24
ogracjwatson, http://people.ubuntu.com/~ogra/arm/qemu/cpuinfo11:25
cjwatsonogra: thanks, grabbed11:41
ogracjwatson, any idea why i cant get over the NAT gw from the VM ?11:41
ograworks if i just bootstrap a system ...11:41
cjwatsonerr, no idea11:42
ograso it seems to be an issue with d-i11:42
cjwatsonmy approach to qemu networking is to hope it works11:42
ograARGH !11:43
* ogra slaps forehead intil it turns red11:44
* ogra makes note to next time read carefully what d-i asks him :P11:44
highvoltagedon't stress, ogra11:44
apwthough it is fun to watch11:45
ograhttp:// is not really liked by the mirror input11:45
hyperairis there a way to get qemu to work with ia64 archs?11:45
hyperairi'm looking for an ia64 buildd11:45
ograits so long ago that i actually used d-i with all these questions :P11:45
hyperairqemubuilder looks promising, but no ia64 support from qemu11:45
asacTheMuso: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/20109106/at-spi_1.25.1-0ubuntu2_1.25.2-0ubuntu1.diff.gz12:05
asacTheMuso: you a) dropped my changelog entry12:05
asacTheMuso: and b) dropped the patch i added12:05
asacTheMuso: without a comment ... has this been applied upstream?12:06
asacTheMuso: i doubt it has been.12:06
ograbah, partman takes ages in qemu12:06
asacTheMuso: debian/patches/05_lp278095_no_environ_access_shutdown.patch12:06
asacTheMuso: can you readd that? i receive crash reports on firefox again :)12:06
asacTheMuso: also please readd my changelog entry ... so i dont have to hunt that info on launchpad :=)12:07
asacTheMuso: alternatively let me know and i can do this ;)12:21
=== warp10_ is now known as warp10
seb128mvo: could you look to bug #321919?12:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 321919 in evolution-exchange "package evolution-exchange 2.24.2-0ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: Package is in a very bad inconsistent state - you should" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32191912:40
ogracjwatson, base install in qemu is almost done, would be helpful to have ports.ubuntu.com in the preseed file somehow (and indeed the ubuntu-ports dir)12:58
cjwatsonogra: it should detect it automatically. Which bit didn't detect it?13:03
cjwatson(the design is that this does not require preseeding)13:03
ograoops, console setup just trashed the d-i frames13:03
cjwatsonhmm, new base-installer defaults armel to MODULES=dep13:03
cjwatsonI guess that's reasonable13:04
ogracjwatson, well, it asks for a mirror13:04
ograand only offers manual input there13:04
ogranothing preselected13:04
cjwatsonso the mirror selection component. ok13:04
ograand the dir is set to /ubuntu/ instead of /ubuntu-ports/13:04
cjwatsonI can fix that easily13:04
cjwatsonheh, that was never fixed for lpia either13:04
persiampt, regarding your comment that ichthux and ubuntume provide filtering controls: are those general solution that are but an apt-get away for other sorts of installs?13:05
ograah, and it seems to let me properly go on without kernel13:05
persiaFor lpia we just preseeded it away in the MID image, because there was only the MID image that worked.13:05
ograoh, fun now the trashed d-i UI frames changed back to look proper13:06
ograoh, wow, i havent seen the automatic updates question yet13:07
asacTheMuso: ok. false alert i think. the code looks ok now13:08
cjwatsonogra: fixed for the next d-i build13:09
ogracool !13:12
=== sommer_ is now known as sommer
=== azeem_ is now known as azeem
cjwatsonKeybuk: so, empirically, the first obvious effect of removing udevadm trigger from the installer is that it stops being able to detect the network card13:54
cjwatsonKeybuk: and it refuses to do so until I run udevadm trigger; settle13:54
cjwatson(as in, /sys/class/net contains only lo; upon running udevadm trigger eth0 it appears immediately)13:55
cjwatsons/it //13:55
elmoso, err, someone (keybuk) I think, once told me 'udevadm trigger' was how to get the system to see a hot-added RAID array13:55
elmowhat is it in the new world order?13:55
cjwatsonnow I know that class devices aren't guaranteed to show up especially immediately but still ...13:55
cjwatsonelmo: my understanding is that trigger is not necessary (any more?) because anything that trigger does should already be in udevd's queue13:56
cjwatsonso ISTM that it's a bug if trigger is needed13:56
elmoah, ok13:57
Keybukcjwatson: we'll look at the sprint14:09
KeybukI'd guess that the network card modules weren't there when udev's installer-startup script ran udevtrigger14:10
Keybukand they were installed later14:10
mptpersia, no idea, all I know is that their Web sites advertise them.14:11
persiampt, OK.  I'll chase up with AnAnt or txwikinger at some point then.  Thanks.14:12
cjwatsonKeybuk: that's common practice in d-i14:16
Keybukbut you don't try and modprobe them?14:17
cjwatsonprobably at some point14:17
cjwatsonoh, not like individual network card drivers no14:17
rickspencer3asac: ping14:31
asacrickspencer3: hi14:31
rickspencer3I saw your policy page. Do you want me to type it into pros?14:32
rickspencer3It looks quite complete, btw14:32
asacrickspencer3: i think its ok to use the form currently used. I think what we need is some intro text explaining a bit the rational and the spirit of this14:33
asacand cleaning up the things in brackets et al.14:33
rickspencer3So you want me to do some wiki gnomiing? Just clean it up here and there?14:34
evandAnyone have experience with libglade and custom widgets?  The documentation tells me to use the custom widget container, but glade says that it's deprecated.14:34
rickspencer3asac: Is there an example of a complete policy somewhere on the wiki that would make a good example?14:34
seb128evand: that doesn't reply to your question but you should try using gtkui nowadays14:35
asacrickspencer3: Maybe MainInclusionProcess14:36
seb128evand: otherwise mvo might know about glade specifics14:36
rickspencer3asac: thnaks14:36
asacrickspencer3: but well :) ... thats not really more14:36
asacrickspencer3: i think its really just cleaning up; fix wording and do some intro text14:37
rickspencer3asac: sure. Whatever I can do to help. n/p14:37
evandseb128: ok, thanks.  I'm not familiar with gtkui and a google search just lists a bunch of modules for various projects that use a similar name.  Do you have a link to some documentation?14:38
seb128evand: http://library.gnome.org/devel/gtk/stable/GtkBuilder.html14:40
evandah, indeed14:40
seb128you're welcome14:40
seb128that's the gtk equivalent of libglade14:40
seb128evand: you have scripts to convert .glade to .ui14:40
seb128evand: gtk-builder-convert14:41
cjwatsonyeah, that postdates ubiquity's original use of glade and we never converted14:42
asacrickspencer3: also there is StableReleaseUpdates14:43
evandcjwatson: any objection to converting to gtkbuilder format at some point over the course of Jaunty development (before FF)?14:43
rickspencer3asac: tx14:44
calcanyone know why kdelibs4-dev is not installable on most architectures?14:46
calckdelibs4-dev is for kde 3 btw14:47
ScottKProbably libdrm-dev not installable14:48
calcScottK: is that going to be fixed soon?14:49
* ScottK looks at bryce14:49
calcits breaking OOo so hopefully so ;-)14:50
ScottKcalc: When I looked at it, it seemed that libdrm-dev had a versioned depends on a particular kernel version that wasn't satisfied on any ports arch except armel.14:50
calcwell whatever is making kdelibs4-dev on all non amd64 arch is anyway ;-)14:50
ScottKIf it's catching i386, then it may well be another problem too.14:51
* ScottK looks into it.14:51
calcwell not sure about i386 its been held by stlport atm14:51
Riddellcalc: actually we were going to ask you about dropping kdelibs4c2a from ooo14:51
Riddellcalc: can you make ooo just use the Qt stuff but not the KDE native dialogue stuff?14:52
calcRiddell: hmm maybe, i'm not certain14:52
calcif some kde hacker wants to fix kde4 support in OOo that would be great too :)14:52
Riddellcalc: yes that would be the best option of course14:53
cjwatsonevand: not at all, as long as it can work with something like the separated glade file format we have14:53
evandcjwatson: ok, I'll look into it14:53
calcRiddell: so the libdrm thing is why its not installable anywhere for right now?14:53
ScottKThat's at least why KDE 4.2 FTBFS on everything except i386, amd64, and armel.14:55
* calc notes his connection may drop soon due to at&t working on the line, its not that he just decided to leave, heh14:55
Riddellcalc: dunno, let me look14:55
calcRiddell: ok14:56
Riddellcalc: apt is installing it here on my system and in a chroot14:57
calcRiddell: yea according to scottk it should be failing on most arch due to libdrm being uninstallable15:00
Riddelllibdrm-dev installs for me15:00
Riddellon i38615:00
ScottKYeah, on i386 that's fine.15:01
ScottKIt's the non-armel ports archs15:01
calcScottK: is bryce already aware of the issue, i didn't see a bug about it in LP15:01
ScottKNo idea.15:02
ScottKIt's been on my list to ask.15:02
calci'll file a bug with some of this log in it15:02
ScottKYou can toss in some kde4libs build logs too if you want.  It failed on all the same archs (which is why I know)15:03
cjwatsonoh, presumably due to kernel desync then15:03
cjwatsonlinux-ports desperately needs to be brought into sync15:04
calcbryce: ping15:05
ScottKPrior to this we had KDE bulding very nicely on all the ports archs except hppa (and that due to a soyuz bug).15:06
cjwatsonSoyuz bug as in missing architecture: all packages, or something else/15:06
ScottKcjwatson: Yes.  It's the "If p-a-s says skip any binaries, let's just skip the build for the whole source package" bug.15:07
cjwatsonso you mean "no" :-)15:07
cjwatson(that's not the bug I was thinking of)15:07
ScottKNow that I've read what you wrote again, yes.  I meant no.15:07
johanbrI'll just restart X. Brb...15:10
mdeslaursiretart: thanks for the xine-lib merge!15:11
slytherinKeybuk: Since you are the last uploader of mouseemu, I was wondering if you have any idea why having mouseemu installed is causing problem with permission for /dev/null, /dev/console.15:23
slytherinKeybuk: directhex suggested it because of presence of udevadm in the init script.15:24
cjwatsonslytherin: I tried to tell you at the time but you'd left: mouseemu only calls udevadm settle, not udevadm trigger15:24
slytherincjwatson: Then what could be the problem.15:26
cjwatsonslytherin: no idea15:26
cjwatsonbut don't pick on it just for using a udevadm command that isn't the one Keybuk identified as breaking stuff ...15:26
tjaaltonScottK: why would libdrm-dev block the installation of kdelibs4-dev?15:27
slytherinhmm. so I will have to digg deeper. I will take a look at it when I go home.15:27
ScottKtjaalton: When I looked at it, that's where the dependency chain stopped.  It's blocking X -dev installs (I forget exactly which package).15:30
tjaaltonScottK: ok15:30
tjaaltonI've no idea if the ports kernels are going to be updated to 2.6.28 anytime soon, so maybe it needs something else15:31
ScottKI didn't actually check it for kdelibs4-dev (KDE3), but I did for kde4libs FTBFS.  I'm pretty sure it's the same issue.15:31
slytherinis anyone working on fixing FTBFS of xorg-server on non i386/amd64 arch? Looks like issue is due to old linux-headers15:32
tjaaltonslytherin: exactly the same issue as above15:32
slytherintjaalton: ahh, just saw your message15:32
tjaaltondrm headers moved to the kernel since 2.6.28-415:32
tjaaltonand I don't understand why the lpia kernel didn't use the same ABI, so libdrm needs to be fixed to match .28-1 for lpia..15:33
ScottKI don't suppose there's some way libsrm-dev could continue to provide them for the older kernels?15:33
tjaaltonScottK: different packages for different archs?15:33
tjaaltonsomehow I don't like the idea ;)15:34
ScottKSome arch specific ifdef magic?  Dunno, just know that change totally broke ports.15:34
tjaaltonScottK: one possible short-term fix would be to not depend on linux-libc-dev on the ports, until they provide the kernel15:41
tjaaltonthat would only break some X driver builds15:41
* calc found out at&t is going to be digging around in his yard soon15:41
ograsigh, d-i in qemu is really taking its time ...15:43
ScottKtjaalton: I don't know enough to have an opinion on how best to proceed.15:44
cjwatsonpgraner: ^- see above discussion about linux-ports15:45
cjwatsonpgraner: the desynchronisation is causing userspace problems15:45
tjaaltonpgraner: indeed..15:45
slytherinhow about getting ports kernels updated. :-) But AFAIK, TheMuso is already working on that.15:46
pittigeser: o_O "$ pkcon resolve hal" -> Fehler: package-not-found : Package name pkcon could not be resolved15:46
pittigeser: I noticed that my jockey test suite fails, and it seems that pkcon mixes up the package name nwo?15:46
tjaaltonwell, adding this band-aid solution would at least allow the non-X parts to build15:46
pittigeser: sorry, that should have been "glatzor"15:47
Babydoes anyone know how to activate GLX in Xephyr?16:00
=== pedro__ is now known as pedro_
Tm_Tok, should I scream it here if xine packages breaks with dpkg ?16:09
cjwatsonyou should file a bug16:09
Tm_Thrrr, have to try to find working browser then16:10
Babyyou're free to scream if you want too, anyway ;)16:12
* ogra points Tm_T to man ubuntu-bug 16:13
Tm_Togra: aaah, that's new to me16:16
Tm_Tanyway, got Konq to work, so, http://paste.ubuntu.com:80/111264/16:16
Tm_Tso something weird happens that causes dpkg: ../../src/packages.c:221: process_queue: Assertion ependtry <= 4' failed.16:20
cjwatsonTm_T: should be fixed in jaunty16:29
Tm_Tcjwatson: I'm in intrepid, hmmm, so this wasn't my doings then16:30
jcastromvo: iirc update-manager disables PPA addresses on upgrade right?16:31
Tm_Tcjwatson: thanks, have to look about this, I got interested16:32
james_wjcastro: it does. It has a whitelist though, not sure if any PPAs are in that16:33
jcastrojames_w: I was just thinking that it might be a good idea to do a rename on the urls for the new PPAs on the next upgrade16:34
james_wjcastro: it could probably do that as it disables them.16:35
james_wjcastro: the worth of it depends on how long the old URLs work I imagine16:35
jcastroor at least leave a note in a comment16:35
james_wif they get turned off soon then most people will have had to deal with it before upgrade16:35
mvojcastro: yes16:35
mvojcastro: the trouble is that external repos (including ppa) quite frequently screw the upgrade calculation16:36
mvothis is why the external repositories are dissabled during upgrades, there is now a config option to override that16:36
jcastromvo: how about a note in the comments when you disable it with a link to the new URL or something?16:37
jcastromvo: informing people that the url has changed would be easier than trying to do it for them I think16:37
mvojcastro: sure, I could do that, disable and update in one go so that its easier for them to re-enable it16:38
mvojcastro: that is a good idea16:38
jcastromvo: yeah, they have to reenable it by hand anyway, so if there's a comment there that will cover people who miss the announcements.16:39
mvojcastro: thanks, I add that16:43
ScottKmvo: Do you think there's still time for you to work on the backports improvement spec if it were approved?16:46
ScottKNo point in pushing for someone to approve it if not.16:46
mvoScottK: what is the url for that?16:46
* ScottK should have anticipated you'd ask that. Just a moment.16:46
mvoScottK: was that the idea to have backports show up unticked in update-manager?16:46
mvoScottK: or to use "NotAutomatic: yes" in the release file?16:47
ScottKIt was the NotAutomatic: yes one.16:47
ScottKmvo: ^^16:47
mvoScottK: I sitll like the idea, let me check how much effort it would be16:50
evandmvo: I noticed you're using the Custom object in libglade.  I need to make use of this, but noticed that it's deprecated in glade.  Any idea what's intended to replace its functionality?16:50
ScottKmvo: Thank you.16:50
mvoevand: no, sorry. my guess is gtkuibuilder, but I have not worked that much with it yet, I don't like the addtional glade->ui file step (not a biggie of course :)16:51
evandmvo: ok, no worries16:51
evandand thanks16:51
mvocheers (also there is not a lot to thank for unfortuantely :/)16:52
superm1evand, so is the thought to just use '.ui' files instead of glade files then, or '.ui' files specifically where you need the custom widgets?16:54
mvojcastro: commited16:54
evandsuperm1: to evaluate GtkBuilder and move to that if it's not too much of a headache (that is, we don't have to merge all the glade files back together)16:55
cjwatsonI don't think we'd want a *mix* of .ui and .glade16:56
superm1besides the custom widget support, what other benefits does GtkBuilder bring to the table?16:56
jcastromvo: um, wow, that was fast, thanks!16:57
evandI haven't discovered custom widget support in it yet, but I've found this helpful in explaining the differences between the two: http://www.micahcarrick.com/05-30-2008/gtk-builder-libglade-faq.html#316:58
=== dholbach_ is now known as dholbach
mvoScottK: my current (hopefully not too naive) feeling is that it can done reasonable painless with update-manager so I would say we should write the spec and make update-manager the first target for the implementation17:08
ScottKmvo: OK.  If you could scribble on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Backports/SelectiveInstallation a bit with some idea, I can work on fleshing it out.17:10
ScottKmvo: Thanks for looking into it.17:10
superm1evand, if worst comes to worst, and gtkbuilder doesn't support using multiple .ui files and/or doesn't support custom widgets, you could always just leave a container in the glade file and add the widgets in the python source i'd think.17:10
* ScottK points NCommander at the discussion above ...17:10
mvoScottK: I think we should go with notautomatic instead of pinning, that should make it easier17:11
=== Pricey is now known as Guest39261
mvoScottK: I'm testing some ideas right now, hopefuly I should have a better opinion by tonight :)17:11
ScottKmvo: OK.  I'm more interested in the result than the design.  I think backports will become immeasuably more usable if people can enable it and leave it on without fear of unwanted upgrades.  Thanks.17:11
ScottKPinning was NCommander's idea anyway ....17:12
mvoScottK: agreed!17:12
mvoScottK: thanks for the reminder about it, its one of the things that should really be done :)17:12
NCommanderer, what?17:12
* ScottK slaps NCommander around a bit, just to keep him dazed and confused.17:13
tseliotsabdfl1: you've got mail ;)17:15
evandsuperm1: indeed, though I'd ideally like to avoid that :)  Someone on #gtk+ helped me with custom GTK widgets, so I may have that sorted shortly.17:17
davmor2the new pulseaudio update seems to remove my intel hda audio device from output on Sound Preferences and I get no audio after the login music17:34
=== ivoks_ is now known as ivoks
* robbiew fights with broadband...using windows right now...rebooting back to linux and crossing fingers18:06
calcat&t is running a new wire to my house :)18:28
=== robbiew1 is now known as robbiew
DexterFwill open vm tools provide me a working Xserver for kub8.10 running in vmware workstation 6.5.0?19:34
directhexseems my new graphics card definitely doesn;t work on intrepid, with nv or nvidia19:58
calci got at&t to upgrade my line the day after i get back from germany :)20:08
calcgoing from 3.0/0.5 to 10.0/1.5 :)20:08
calcstill not as good as FIOS but not too shabby20:08
* ScottK hugs his FIOS.20:11
calci bet at&t will roll out better stuff once comcast here rolls out their 50/10 this summer20:28
redvamp128quick question-- where can I find the changelog for kernel updates?20:52
RAOFaptitude changelog linux20:53
redvamp128last night I downloaded it and clicked on the update description and it was unavailible20:54
redvamp128Though one thing to note-- this one seems to make the hard drive a little more quiet20:55
redvamp128RAOF:  thanks that worked--20:58
ogracjwatson, fyi my netinstall finished properly20:58
redvamp128I know this is a room for ubuntu development-- but I have an interesting issue with using LXDE window manager-- lack of volume control -- has anyone heard of this issue?21:00
redvamp128Gnome-openbox or Gnome does not have this issue or the XFCE (XUBUNTU-desktop)21:01
keesdoko_: in openjdk-6's Makefile.in, there is this line:21:02
kees  $(TAR) xf $(OPENJDK_SRC_ZIP) -C openjdk; \21:02
keessince OPENJDK_SRC_ZIP in a tar.gz, tar execs gzip.  but the Makefile.in has exported the "GZIP" environment variable.21:03
keesgzip will think this is a cmdline argument and die.21:03
keeslater in the Makefile, you can see work-around for this:21:04
keesGZIP=$(GZIP_ENV) gunzip -c $(distdir).tar.gz ....21:04
keesdoko_: so, mostly, I can't understand how the buildds don't explode when my local builds do.21:04
mneptokkees: i blame usplash-mnepolo21:06
keesmneptok: haha, it was pwning my eyes, so I uninstalled it.  :)21:06
cjwatsonogra: woo21:10
doko_kees: it's not used, the ALTERNATE_something is used21:40
keesdoko_: something weird is going on with it, but I've worked around it21:41
doko_works without problems for me21:42
keesyeah, I think "make" is doing something funny because I have GZIP in my environment21:43
cjwatsonkees: make re-exports variables if they're already present when it starts21:44
cjwatsonkees: more precisely, it leaves their export status alone21:44
keescjwatson: ah-ha.  that would do it.21:44
keesi have an exported GZIP, and when the Makefile sets it to /bin/gzip, the build explodes.  wheee21:44
* kees swore sbuild cleared the environment21:45
cjwatsonkees: you may need either 'export GZIP' or 'unexport GZIP' depending on the direction of the problem21:45
slangaseksounds like 'unexport GZIP'''21:45
keesah... it's just debuild that had the preserved list...21:46
keesdoko_: how do you avoid dpkg-source -b screaming about your @lists.launchpad.net Maintainer field?22:22
doko_kees, oh didn't see it. maybe I should patch it in when generating the control file22:23
cjwatsonmy usual solution is DEBEMAIL=cjwatson@debian.org dpkg-whatever22:25
cjwatsonthen it's just a warning22:25
cjwatsonwe should probably extend dpkg to recognise @lists.launchpad.net as valid for Ubuntu22:25
keescjwatson: I was pondering that, and I'm not sure it makes sense since upstreams (not in Ubuntu) can use that address too22:28
DexterFcan't find a package containing /usr/share/kde4/services/desktopthemedetails.desktop22:35
keescjwatson: i.e. if I set my DEBEMAIL to something non-ubuntu, it will warn?22:36
DexterFpointers where I might find that? wanna change the plasma looks on kde422:36
cjwatsonkees: rather than error, yes22:37
ScottKDexterF: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=contents&keywords=desktopthemedetails.desktop&mode=exactfilename&suite=jaunty&arch=any22:38
DexterFScottK: plain weird. I installe kdebase-workspace, shouldn't that have pulled it as a dep?22:38
ScottKDexterF: I'd have thought so.  Do you have kdebase-workspace-data installed?22:39
=== dwatson is now known as davewatson
DexterFScottK: actually, yes. but the file isn't on disk. dpkg -L doesn't list it as well.22:41
ScottKDexterF: --> #kubuntu-devel22:41
ScottKLet's discuss there.22:41
blueyedredvamp128: "aptitude changelog linux"?22:47
slangasekaw man, why does aptitude keep adding features that lure people into using it22:47
blueyed(sry, backlog has not scrolled - and I've typed the nick by name, without realizing) ;D22:47
elmoslangasek: they should be using dselect instead?22:47
slangasekelmo: synaptic/update-manager > apt-get > dselect > aptitude :P22:48
azeemwhere's package-kit in there?22:49
directhexslangasek, you missed the "ar, gzip, tar, & vi" method of debian package management22:49
blueyedThe question really is, why does apt not support "changelog"? or is there some other tool which allows fetching changelogs?22:49
slangasekazeem: between dselect and aptitude, maybe22:49
directhexdselectitude. there's a summer project22:50
slangasekblueyed: because apt-get was always intended to be a back-end tool, except that aptitude as a front-end sucks because its author screws around with the dependency resolver22:51
blueyed..which combines apt-get install and less /usr/share/doc/../changelog.gz22:51
cjwatsonslangasek: we're likely to be using aptitude for manual package selection in the installer once I get the relevant plumbing working again22:51
blueyedslangasek: I've never used the aptitude frontend22:51
cjwatsonI think the server team would lynch me if I made them use dselect22:51
cjwatson... maybe that should be a hidden preferene22:52
slangasekcjwatson: can we arrange to never display the fact that it's 'aptitude'? :)22:52
slangasekusing aptitude interactively is fine22:52
slangasekletting it resolve things on its own is suicide22:52
cjwatsonthe tasksel UI would just say "Manual package selection"22:52
cjwatsonI don't know whether it says it's aptitude in its UI; I assume it does22:52
slangasektime to patch the .po files ;)22:53
TheMusosusudo adduser account-name23:06
TheMusowoops wrong window23:06
* Mez wonders why 1280x960 is no longer a valid screen resolution23:21
YokoZarWould anything break if we changed the useragent string in Firefox to identify us as "Ubuntu" rather than as "Linux" ?  Over time, that would allow us to count Ubuntu users much more accurately.23:51
james_wUbuntu is already in the user-agent23:53
savvasMozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux x86_64; en-GB; rv: Gecko/2008121623 Ubuntu/8.10 (intrepid) Firefox/3.0.523:55
YokoZarjames_w: so how come all the websites publishing browser statistics just say "Linux" ?23:55
james_wYokoZar: well, there's a difference between OS and vendor23:55
james_wpresumably they are just recording OS23:55
savvasBecause we're not that big yet :P And we're a strong community hehe23:55
YokoZarBasically I want to count Ubuntu users using this sort of metric: number of people on web times percentage on linux times percentage of linux on ubuntu -- those last two steps could be much more accurate if they just used that data23:56
YokoZaradmittedly we probably have a disproportionate (compared to other OSes) number of users not on the web, so this would undercount Ubuntu a bit23:57
ajmitchwhy do you think there's a disproportionate number not on the web?23:58
savvasYokoZar: so how do you know which company's web site to count?23:59
savvasgoogle.com or msn.com search? what if microsoft or google forge numbers to favour something else?23:59

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