On0bi_somebody google New World Order02:37
bazhangOn0bi_, this is not the channel for that.02:47
On0bi_yes it is, it's irc, this is irc02:48
bazhangOn0bi_, keep chat in #ubuntu-offtopic02:48
bazhangOn0bi, ??06:24
On0biwhat up?06:24
bazhangOn0bi, read the /topic here06:24
On0biso it's an op channel?06:25
bazhangie the part about International Ubuntu IRC operators channel06:25
bazhangOn0bi, not a chat channel06:25
On0biok, can i have #ubuntu back?06:25
bazhang#ubuntu-offtopic for that06:25
bazhangOn0bi, come to #ubuntu-ops06:25
On0biok, can i join #ubuntu?06:28
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Zicnalioth / Pricey : Does an association can make a donation in his name to Freenode?17:26
jpdsCan an*17:27
Zic(and what is the best method?)17:27
Zicjpds: oops :> (hi)17:27
jpdsZic: I think they could, via PayPal.17:28
PriceyZic: are you looking for http://freenode.net/pdpc_donations.shtml ?17:30
ZicPricey: just to know if association needs to providing more informations and if http://freenode.net/pdpc_donations.shtml is not for personnal donation only17:33
Zic(what IRC nick for example in the text area of the donation?)17:34
PriceyZic: gimme a moment17:34
ZicPricey: no problem ;)17:35
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nizarusping Pricey20:03
Priceynizarus: pong20:06
nizarusPricey, it's about operator acces in our loco channel20:06
nizarusthe former operator had quit the team20:07
nizarusand he gave operator privileges to a member who isn't present20:08
nizarusi talk about #ubuntu-tn, #ubuntu-tn-meeting and #ubuntu-tn-classroom20:09
nizarusi'm the loco contact and i would like to got these priveleges until we elect a new operator20:10
nizarusPricey, ?20:14
PriceyHey nizarus, sorry for the wait.20:49
Priceynizarus: so the previous owner of the channels has disappeared?20:49
nizarusno problem Pricey :)20:51
nizarusthe previous owner leaved the loco20:51
nizarusso Pricey ?20:56
nizarusPricey, still looking ?22:24
Priceyshouldn't be long22:26

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