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* bbs merges btrfs into jaunty testing locally06:25
fabbioneanybody from the kernel team awake?09:00
smb_tpfabbione, Would not call it awake but there09:06
fabbionesmb_tp: wtf is going on with your hardy kernel releases?09:06
smb_tpfabbione, Can you be more specific?09:06
fabbioneyesterday there was an update from hardy-updates that had all the changes that were missing and I reported09:07
fabbionetoday there is an update from -security that kills them all09:07
fabbionesmb_tp: remember when I come here to say that there were missing commits from 2.6.24 ?09:08
smb_tpfabbione, That is because I have to base -security on -updates. I will re-upload a new proposed today09:08
fabbionesmb_tp: an update yesterday mentioend them in the changelog09:08
fabbionebah. this kind of release management stinks09:08
fabbioneit's far from being serious09:08
fabbionespecially on an LTS09:08
fabbionethere have been weeks to get this right09:08
fabbioneand you are still missing fixes from kernel stable branches09:09
smb_tpYou alsway had this compared to a -propsed kernel09:09
fabbionei don't use -proposed09:09
fabbioneit was pushed either by mistake or something09:09
fabbionefact is that either there is a bug in LP or somebody did push the wrong buttons, stuff like that _should not_ happen09:10
smb_tpthosse fixes you mention should not have been in -updates.09:10
fabbionewell in one way or another they got there09:10
fabbioneroot@vultus5:~# grep proposed /etc/apt/sources.list09:10
fabbioneroot@vultus5:~# 09:10
fabbioneand i am sure of what i saw because i was happy that i didn't have to rebuild my kernels one more time09:11
smb_tpThat is bad. Good for you but wrong in the process09:11
smb_tpI have to check that09:11
fabbionewell i strongly recommend you check what happened and why09:11
fabbioneand also find a way to fix missing fixes a bit faster09:12
fabbioneit's been over a month now that I reported those09:12
fabbioneand not all of them affect just second class citizens09:12
smb_tpWell, sure09:12
fabbioneanyway.. enough rant.. need to finish rebooting machines09:13
smb_tpthanks anyway. later09:14
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johanHi, the ubuntu kernel is currently not including the utrace patches, what needs to happen for them to be included?10:58
apwsmb_tp_, i see there are yet more stable updates being sucked up12:00
smb_tp_apw, Yeah, there were more this morning, for Jaunty as well12:47
apwyeah mad levels of updates these days12:54
smb_tp_a big chunk was the wrappers stuff of our former colleagues. but still quite some more serious stuff as well12:55
scelestici'm trying to figure out what the cleanest way would be to get a openvz kernel in 8.10, seems there's no patches for the shipped kernel and the stable kernels on openvz.org seems to be a bit dated14:22
smb_tp_scelestic, I guess the cleanest way would be to build a patchset of openvz tree against the v2.6.27 base and then try to merge those on top of a 8.10 tree.14:34
scelesticsmb_tp_: alright, will give that a try then14:43
tjaaltonapw: does linux-libc-dev from linux-lpia ship the drm headers?15:47
apwtjaalton, i am just rebasing it to jaunty head as we speak15:48
tjaaltonapw: excellent, so are you bumping the ABI version as well?15:49
apwso i would guess the answer is no right now and yes soon.  _if_ it has its own15:49
apwthere will be an abi bump yes15:49
tjaaltonto be in line with the rest?15:49
apwi am planning on just incrementing it15:49
apwwould them being in line be helpful?15:50
tjaaltonyes, otherwise it's confusing15:50
apwhmmm hadnt considered that15:50
tjaaltonbecause libdrm-dev currently depends on linux-libc-dev (>= 2.6.28-5.15)15:50
tjaaltonso I'd like to avoid having different deps for different archs15:51
apwi wonder if the linux-libc-dev is the same or an lpia version15:51
tjaaltonmaybe, but in libdrm's case the only thing that matters is if it has the headers or not :)15:52
apwtjaalton, i am not entirly sure i can guarentee that they stay in step15:54
apwas there are bound to be different releases in each15:55
apwif there are ever more in lpia they will necessarily get out of sync15:55
apwand i don't think its recoverable at that point15:55
tjaaltonlet's worry about it then ;)15:56
tjaaltonwhen that happens15:56
tjaaltonor, I'll just bump the deps independently15:56
tjaaltonnot that hard15:56
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lesshasteis this the right place to ask about trying to report kernel panics?  Specifically I was looking for help with crashkernel22:53
bbswell whats the problem 123:02
bbsand two please write a bug report23:02
bbsno matter where you are if you find a panic crash segfault whatever -- write the report :)23:02
bbsmakes it documented for later perusal and hopefully repair23:03
lesshastebbs, I am afraid it's all very unsatisfactory... For the last few ubuntu kernels including the current  2.6.27-11-generic my system simply freezes with caps lock blinking periodically23:04
lesshastetakes anything from a few hours of use to a few days23:04
lesshasteso it's not clear to report unless I can set up some sort of crash reporting I was thinking23:04
lesshasteI am trying to get kexec working as I thought might provide a way to get something useful to report23:05
lesshasteany help much appreciated as I don't really see any docs on this online23:05
bbslesshaste: caps lock or everything blinking23:06
bbsthat would be an OOPS23:06
lesshastebbs, just caps lock23:06
bbswell blinking is an OOPS23:06
lesshasteeverything else completely frozen23:06
bbsany logs?23:06
bbsyes OOPS23:06
lesshastenot that I can see.. where should I look in case I missed anything23:06
lesshaste/var/log/messages seems to have nothing interesting23:08
bbslesshaste: i'm concerned that maybe it cant be logged23:10
bbsbut let me check something23:10
lesshasteok thanks23:10
bbslesshaste: what do your dmesg logs say23:18
bbsanything weird23:18
lesshastebbs, is that the same as /var/log/messages?23:18
bbswhat are you normally ding at the time23:18
bbsno its not23:18
bbsare you familiar with dmesg?23:18
lesshastebbs, where is dmesg logged? Other than the current record you get just by typing dmesg23:18
lesshasteor do you just mean the current one?23:19
lesshasteof course.. sorry23:19
bbscheck for OOPS or syscall or something weird23:19
lesshastelooks harmless to me.. would you like to see some?23:19
bbswell it would be at the bottom23:19
bbszcat the ones with .gz and | less23:20
lesshastezcat /var/log/dmesg*gz|grep -i oops  ?23:20
lesshastethey all end harmlessly23:21
lesshastewith 23:21
lesshaste[   36.498604] type=1505 audit(1233257658.981:3): operation="profile_load" name="/usr/sbin/cupsd" name2="default" pid=392023:21
lesshaste[   36.701944] ip_tables: (C) 2000-2006 Netfilter Core Team23:21
bbsyes this is standard23:22
bbswhat are you normally doing when it hapens23:22
lesshastejust using X23:23
lesshasteI suppose I always have a web browser open23:23
lesshasteand I am using wireless23:23
lesshasteit's probably going to turn out to be the madwifi driver in the end23:24
lesshastebut it would be nice to actually be able to report something useful!23:24
lesshasteyou don't think adding crashkernel to the bootprompt23:24
lesshasteand using kexec will work?23:24
lesshastehi foka 23:27
lesshastebbs, sorry I have to go in a moment.. what do you think?23:28
lesshastebbs, I would love to fix this23:28

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