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_16aR_I'll just have fixed the problems Dave hasn't fixed on fsniper (watch file, and distrib version name change). Can anyone review it ? It is a directory watcher/script automater based on inotify (very practical to sync directories on the fly) : http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=fsniper00:57
_16aR_and another one : hexdiff, a package to visually analyse binary differences between 2 files (in hexa off course). Nobody has put any comments right now, so it could be cool to look at it : http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=hexdiff01:02
_16aR_just added some debian/examples for fsniper01:06
nellerywould a new Debian release fixing only incorrect licensing in a package (which is serious severity on debian BTS) be worthy of a merge?01:34
cody-somervillenellery, depends. Is the package violating Ubuntu policies?01:34
nellerycody-somerville: the packages debian/copyright file claims that the package is distributed under LGPL, when it is GPL01:35
cody-somervilleslangasek, ^^01:36
nellery(note that there are 6 related packages involved)01:36
cody-somervilleslangasek, Can you advise nellery?01:36
cody-somervillenellery, Is there a bug report in Ubuntu yet?01:36
nellerycody-somerville: I don't believe so01:37
slangasekI would say it's worth merging, but I'm not volunteering to merge it...01:37
cody-somervillenellery, theres your answer :)01:37
nellerycody-somerville, slangasek: thanks01:37
xnoxdoes anyone has experience with random mini-dinstall hick-ups?01:48
xnoxI dput local *.changes; then mini-dinstall --batch; then apt-get update;01:52
xnoxand when I do apt-get install my_package01:52
xnoxit gives me errors mismatched size01:52
maxbAll I can say is that I found reprepro more to my taste than mini-dinstall01:54
maxbUnless it's a *really* trivial local repo, in which case I can post the shellscript I use for my "dump some debs in a directory" style repo for pbuilder01:55
xnoxmaxb: that would be *really* usefull for me know01:58
xnoxmaxb: And i'll checkout reprepro01:58
xnoxmaxb: thanks!02:02
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jsmidtI'm trying to build the mono package in Jaunty.  I get this error: debian/dh_makeclilibs -i -m 1.0 --internal-mono03:18
jsmidtUnknown option: internal-mono03:18
jsmidtDoes anybody recognise what error this is and/or how to fix it?03:19
BsimsCan anyone point me to a tutorial to build multi binary debs... I want to package and host kde 3.5x built against Ubuntu Current... I am not entirely ignorant of how dpkg works used it for single binaries.03:39
HorizonXPif i need to remove PDO from PHP, should I bother with recompiling the debian package, or just install PHP from source?03:39
BsimsI looked through the Debian New Maintainer's Guide and it didn't go into multibinary debs03:40
maxbDon't know about a tutorial, but there's really not all that much to it - you just have multiple binary stanzas in debian/control, and install the relevant files into debian/PACKAGENAME as you would be doing in a single-binary package, but for more than one03:40
LaserJockBsims: you can look at the KDE 3.5 packages to get an idea03:41
LaserJockBsims: but that is an enormous task to do right03:41
Bsimsmaxb: Hrm I may took a look see at the current packages03:41
BsimsLaserJock: I was hoping there was a script kind of like buildkde that dumped a Pile'O'Debs03:41
maxbBsims: I have to say.... packaging an entire DE sounds incredibly hard. Is it really worth it?03:42
LaserJockBsims: no, you'll want pbuilder/sbuild and build the packages in the right order03:42
Bsimsmaxb: Well I run nightly neon and well 4.x as it stands at the moment sucks at least as far as I am concerned03:42
* Bsims nods thanks LaserJock nice to know the RIGHT tool to research03:42
LaserJockthere's a reason why Kubuntu has dropped 3.5, it's a lot of work to maintain03:44
LaserJockany project that size is03:44
* Bsims nods I remember the transition to 3.x for KDE03:44
Bsimsthing is I've refined my dot file from 1999 to current... I /know/ how 3.5 works at least from a user perspective03:45
maxbpbuilder is a tool for building packages in a clean build environment. Making packages that build in a clean environment is important, but you would probably want to start out simply building the packages in your existing installation. For that, see dpkg-buildpackage (or debuild, a thin wrapper over that)03:45
LaserJockBsims: sure03:45
BsimsAnd for me 4.x isn't there yet03:45
nhandlerpersia: Are you going to upload gebabbel from REVU? Or do you want me to go ahead an upload it for you?03:45
maxbWhen you do want to prove that it builds cleanly, I think pbuilder is a bit easier to get to understand than sbuild03:45
* Bsims nods maxb I've used dpkg-buildbackage but only for single binary packages03:46
LaserJockwhen you want .debs that are distributable you want pbuilder/sbuild03:46
maxbYou definitely want to look into using cowdancer's cowbuilder wrapper for pbuilder - the speed benefit is considerable03:46
LaserJockI don't trust dpkg-buildpackage alone for any binary building03:46
* Bsims makes notes03:46
BsimsLaserJock: worked for me for pan03:46
LaserJockfor personal consumption yeah03:47
* Bsims grins well yeah but that was my focus before03:47
maxbdpkg-buildpackage is appropriate for when you are developing the package. pbuilder or sbuild is for when you are checking its sane for release to an audience03:47
maxbor when it needs to build for a different distro than you are running03:47
* Bsims /does/ have to whine about kubuntu deciding to convert existing .kde directories to kde4 surely .kde4 would have been less disruptive03:48
maxbThe invocation of dpkg-buildpackage is the same whether you're building a single-binary or multi-binary source03:48
* Bsims adds notes about what to use when03:48
ScottKBsims: That's what we did during Hardy when we were trying to support co-installability03:48
Bsimsmaxb: I tried turning it loose on the source and telling it multi-binary and it got confuseled03:49
BsimsScottK: IIRC its how Debian handled it back then03:49
LaserJockyou don't tell it multi-binary03:49
ScottKBsims: If you want current KDE, kde3.5.10 is packaged and in Hardy.  It'd just be a matter of rebuilding them.03:49
maxbWhat do you mean "telling it multi-binary". There's no such option03:49
* Bsims nods I'll look there03:49
maxbmulti-binaryness is a property of the source package - not the command you use to build the source package03:49
BsimsNot for dpkg-build package03:49
BsimsSorry telling dh_make that its multiple binary03:50
LaserJockBsims: you shouldn't be using dh_make03:50
LaserJockdh_make is for getting a template for creating a source package from scratch03:51
BsimsLaserJock: what should I be using, I was following the Debian New Maintainers guide03:51
BsimsMostly thats what I use it for.... is converting tar.gz that is too new to be packaged on ubuntu03:52
LaserJockBsims: ok, but you really really don't want to do that for KDE03:52
LaserJockBsims: you want to grab the Hardy source packages and just rebuild them on Intrepid or whatever release you running03:52
* Bsims nods does sound like far less work03:53
LaserJockwhen you consider how much time went into those packages, yeah03:53
* Bsims grins and I appriciate it... 03:54
* Bsims sends donations at tax time labled packager's beer fund03:54
BsimsI guess in part my hostility to 4.x for kde is I have spent years refining how kde works for me and don't wanna change03:56
LaserJockthat's reasonable, it's just hard for a project to progress without breaking some old habits first03:56
BsimsBut would it kill them to let me add a shortcut to that toolbar with a right click?03:57
* Bsims winks03:57
BsimsLaserJock: when I got started Debian was bragging about how the Potato had landed03:57
Bsimsand that was after a year or so of SuSe back when they spelled it that way03:58
* Bsims winces damn 1999 doesn't seem that long ago03:58
* Bsims smiles 4.x will get there... 3.x did eventually03:59
LaserJock4.2 is very nice03:59
LaserJockand I've been using gnome for years03:59
BsimsLaserJock: I am running nightly neon to avoid conficts with the 3.5 packages I installed third party... I know bad bad me04:00
* Bsims grins and well its purty... but I can't figure out how to add shortcuts to it's toolbar nor install themes for kopete04:00
Bsimsminor issues I know but still04:00
BsimsThat and k3b hasn't made the move yet... its my prefered cd burner app on any platform04:01
* Bsims laughs sad as I spend the time not in Pan, firefox, transmission and K3B is in a urxvt terminal running GNU Screen04:02
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xnoxis it an RC bug if the source code files have licensing information missing?06:43
dholbachgood morning07:06
iulianGood morning Daniel!07:06
dholbachhiya iulian07:06
iulianHow are you this morning?07:07
dholbachvery good, just need another coffee to get going :)07:07
dholbachhow are you?07:07
iulianI am drinking my tea...07:08
iulianNo more school till 9th of Feb!07:08
dholbachyoohoo :)07:09
jamesty1 /j #ruby07:18
jamesty1still 1/2 asleep07:18
jamesty1heh it's 8am here07:21
* jamesty1 grabs coffee07:22
artfwoHello! I need some help with Debian Policy versioning: will Hardy support building packages with Standards-Version bumped to 3.8.0?09:23
dholbachartfwo: the  Standards-Version  field should not affect build-ability :)09:24
artfwobut what if I specify "Homepage" field in debian/control? It's unsupported in 3.7 series, that's the "default" for Hardy, as far as I can tell09:25
artfwowill such a control file be parsed without errors by packaging tools on Hardy?09:27
leleobhzleleobhz@dsp2:~$ sudo ld -Bdynamic -r -lxview -lolgx09:27
leleobhzld: cannot find -lxview09:27
leleobhzfor ubuntu, what is wrong?09:27
leleobhz(libs instaled) may be a bug?09:28
persiaartfwo, If you use a newer standards version than is available in a given release, you may not have support for certain new features: you'd have to check the underlying tools (dpkg in the case of Homepage).09:38
persialeleobhz, Do you also have the -dev packages installed?  Can you find the libraries manually (in /usr/lib)?09:39
artfwopersia: there's a lot of features for 3.8.0 standards; is there an automated way to check compability with all the tools? Or is it just okay to stick my package at 3.7.3 if I want to build it on older Ubuntu releases?09:40
persiaartfwo, The actual number you use doesn't really matter, although it's nice when it's accurate.09:43
persiaMore important is that if you rely on any tool features you should check to see if they are supported for a given target.09:44
persiaThere's no automated way to do this: far too many tools, and far too many use cases for the tools.09:44
persiaSo just changing Standards-Version: won't make any difference at all: it's changing the other things that make a difference.09:45
artfwounderstood, thanks!09:45
persiaFor example, if you want to know if Homepage is supported, determine which tools are likely to look (at least dpkg, maybe others), and check their changelogs.09:45
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tuxmaniaccan some one unsubscribe universe-sponsors from bug 322648. It looks like its invalid because of a merge needed. Another pair of eyes is appreciated10:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 322648 in libgeda "Please update libgeda to the latest version 1.4.3" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32264810:34
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tuxmaniacanother question. How do I find the reason for the removal of a package from multiverse? the bug in question is bug 29358510:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 293585 in spim "spim package missing in intrepid" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/29358510:37
dholbachtuxmaniac: I replied to the libgeda bug10:39
dholbachtuxmaniac: no idea when it was removed - in any case it was removed from Debian too10:45
tuxmaniacdholbach: aah thanks for the second answer10:47
tuxmaniacregarding the first one, i missed it completely. Relied a bit on http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/multidistrotools/science.html#outdatedandlocalinB10:47
tuxmaniacand forgot to see the naming of the package10:47
tuxmaniacdholbach: thanks for the review comment10:47
AndrewGeeIf I want to something which has two configure scripts, with CDBS, how would I go about doing this. It's like I want to do the whole process twice, I guess.10:49
hyperaircould someone review my package geanyvc please? http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=geanyvc10:56
dholbachtuxmaniac: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/spim/+publishinghistory10:59
dholbachtuxmaniac: click on the expander in the "Deleted" row11:00
tuxmaniacdholbach: i already did that. Thanks for digging that info11:00
dholbachno worries11:01
hyperairmok0: codelite seems to ftbfs on a few architectures. do you know where i can get access to an ia64 buildd for testing purposes?11:02
mok0hyperair: no, sorry11:02
mok0did you ask on #ubuntu-devel?11:02
hyperairso what should i do about it?11:02
hyperairno i didn't11:03
hyperairi'll go ask11:03
hyperairno wait, i did11:03
hyperaira few days ago11:03
hyperairno reply11:03
mok0yeah, it a problem11:03
hyperairi tried using qemubuilder, but it doesn't support ia6411:03
mok0hyperair: perhaps refer upstream to the errormessage? Perhaps he'll know what to do11:03
hyperairmok0: i did refer upstream. he's the one who came up with the fix, but i can't test it without an ia64 buildd11:04
hyperairmok0: and he doesn't have an ia64 machine to test out either11:04
mok0hyperair: sigx still has problems also, seems only to work on i386-derived archs11:04
hyperairmok0: so it seems11:04
hyperairstupid scons11:04
mok0hyperair: of course the poor-mans fix is to exclude those archs11:05
hyperairthat would mean anything depending on that library wouldn't work11:05
mok0hyperair: yes, but it wouldn't anyway, since the library doesn't build11:05
hyperairmok0: true.11:06
mok0hyperair: Fortunately, the packages built on the most important archs11:07
hyperairbut failed for every other.11:08
hyperairi tried looking into qemubuilder for ia64, but it seems qemu doesn't have ia64 support11:08
mok0hyperair: no11:09
* mok0 goes to meet buddy for lunch... see you in a while11:09
hyperairalright see you11:09
apwif one is modifying the debian part of a package sync'd from debian (a file in debian which is copied in wholesale) should you be adding that as a patch in the patches directory or just modifying it directly?11:14
apwalso can someone remind me of thee magic command to build a patch11:15
Piratenaapjeapw: diff -Nurp package-directory.old/ package-directory.new/ > name.patch11:17
apwthere was some debfoo command which you could debfoo <patchname> and then edit the source and it did the right thing11:17
Piratenaapjeapw: do you mean dpatch?11:18
apwahhh that sounds more like it thanks11:19
Piratenaapjeapw: http://www.tuxmaniac.com/blog/2008/01/25/dpatch-just-superb-a-short-how-to/11:20
a|wenhmm, zapping in jaunty calls MAKEDEV in the postinst, and no newer version in debian ... that doesn't look good12:29
cornucopicHi! I have just confirmed a bug, Can I assign myself to fix it?: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sun-java6/+bug/32186312:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 321863 in sun-java6 "Name of JDK documentation zip has changed" [Undecided,Confirmed]12:34
cornucopicThis will be my first ever attempt..Seems like a easy fix. So can I just go ahead and assign it?12:35
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persiacornucopic, Yes: please assign yourself if you plan to fix it.12:41
cornucopicpersia, Is it also necessary to confirm the issue in a latest dev release?12:42
persiacornucopic, No, but it's necessary to fix the issue in the latest dev release *first*, and it's likely that confirming/testing there will be a component of that.12:43
cornucopicpersia, That brings me to my next question: What is the best way to setup a development test bed?12:44
cornucopicI am looking at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/UsingDevelopmentReleases12:44
freeflyingcornucopic: chroot+Xephy12:45
persiacornucopic, Install on a spare machine, install on a machine that you can afford to troubleshoot when it breaks, install in a VM, or use a chroot.12:45
cornucopicI am looking at using VirtualBox/KVM m/c as my test bed..12:45
cornucopicWhich bits do I install there? the nightly ISO;s..? If that is the case, how do I keep updated.. by updating the packages?12:46
cornucopicfreeflying, What is Xephy?12:47
cornucopicfreeflying, Google doesn't have a answer12:47
freeflyingcornucopic: xserver-xephyr - nested X serve12:47
persiacornucopic, I'd suggest installing a recent Alpha, and dist-upgrading.12:48
freeflyingcornucopic: sorry for typo :)12:48
persiafreeflying, xephyr has other issues ...12:48
freeflyingpersia: what's that?12:48
cornucopicfreeflying, np.12:48
cornucopicpersia, hmm..12:48
persiafreeflying, Need for locally installed support for remote X access (e.g. Xinput, etc.), which can mix parts of the test system and local system in confusing ways.12:49
freeflyingpersia: hehe12:51
persiafreeflying, So, if you're testing e.g. Xubuntu Jaunty on Kubuntu Jaunty, Xephyr works great, but if you're e.g. testing Ubuntu MID Jaunty on Kubuntu Intrepid, it's painful.12:51
freeflyingpersia: for such a case, I would use emulator :)12:52
persiafreeflying, Yeah.  A VM is easier :)12:52
cornucopicpersia, So I am done installing a Alpha version..Now where do I get the package sources?12:54
persiacornucopic, apt-get source foo12:54
cornucopicah..okay..thanks :-)12:54
cornucopicpersia, Once the source modifications are made, I will build the package with Pbuilder? PPA? sbuild?13:02
persiaAny of those work.  pbuilder or sbuild are probably better for an initial test build, just because they can build the same version twice.  Of those, I happen to use sbuild, but many here use pbuilder.13:03
_16aR_I'll just have fixed the problems Dave hasn't fixed on fsniper (watch file, and distrib version name change). Can anyone review it ? It is a directory watcher/script automater based on inotify (very practical to sync directories on the fly) : http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=fsniper13:06
* mok0 takes a look at fsniper13:18
jcfpMOTUs, sabnzbdplus (binary newsreader, written in python) needs a second advocate - please consider for review: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=sabnzbdplus13:20
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henrik-hw0Just fixed a package with WiFi drivers... (rt28xx-linux-sta) but this was split into two by request from superm1.13:56
henrik-hw0Can anyone have a look? Being WiFi drivers IMO they need to make it into Jaunty before deadline.13:57
mok0henrik-hw0: I agree13:57
mok0henrik-hw0: I already advocated the unsplit package AFAIR13:58
mok0henrik-hw0: link?13:58
mok0henrik-hw0: I guess they should go -> main eventuall14:00
henrik-hw0main - that's for officially supported packages, no?14:02
mok0henrik-hw0: yes, and packages that ship on the CD14:04
mok0henrik-hw0: The archive-admins will decide14:04
mok0henrik-hw0: Be prepared for 1 problem14:06
henrik-hw0I'll email RALink about the problem.14:15
a|wenScottK: what to do with a package that does use makedev in the postinst? (remember seeing a message on ubuntu-devel-announce about it not being feasible)14:23
* ScottK looks around for someone who knows ....14:23
mok0henrik-hw0: great, thanks!14:24
* a|wen considered filing a bug and get someone with powers to give it a reasonable importance14:25
james_wa|wen: what does said package do with makedev?14:25
a|wenjames_w: try to create /dev/v4l14:27
james_wa|wen: and what does that device do?14:28
james_wis it associated with hardware?14:28
james_wthe fact that it is not numbered suggest it isn't, or at least that it will be problematic to migrate away from it14:28
a|wenjames_w: it has something to do with video4linux ... i guess14:29
* a|wen tries to find out exactly what it does ... it checks for /dev/video0 as well14:29
james_wthe idea is that the kernel creates device nodes via udev14:30
a|wenjames_w: running it seems to generate 196 device creation errors14:32
PiratenaapjeI've packaged a couple of new applications now, what would be recommended for me to do next? Patch testing and reviewing?14:35
mok0Piratenaapje: stick'em in your PPA. We're short on reviewers :-)14:36
Piratenaapjemok0: I didn't create one yet, guess I'll do that next :p14:38
a|wenjames_w: the big question is: is it important, so we need to do something about it?14:38
mok0Piratenaapje: it's real easy, on LP14:39
oojaha|wen: Isn't /dev/v4l normally a directory?14:39
mok0oojah: no, it's probably created by the driver14:39
a|wenoojah: it's very likely14:39
* a|wen has no video devices to check it14:40
hyperairmok0: should i just leave sigx and codelite as it is, or find some fix/exclude the architectures?14:40
oojahmok0: You sure? I'm fairly certain /dev/v4l/video0 would be created by the driver.14:40
gaspaa|wen: i've some... what's the package in question?14:42
a|wengaspa: zapping14:42
PiratenaapjeHmm why does my ppa only build the i386 version? :s14:49
mok0Piratenaapje: it should build all, aren't they queued?14:50
PiratenaapjeNo, only the i386 is queued14:50
mok0Piratenaapje: give it some time14:50
Piratenaapjemok0: One package is building the rest as well, just the one with architecture "all" is only build i38614:51
gaspaa|wen: I've not Tv devices, only bttv framegrabber... but i guess postinst of zapping is not the right place to have device creation...14:51
mok0Piratenaapje: that's because it only needs to be built once14:52
a|wengaspa: exactly what i noted ... but the question is if it actually hurts anything14:52
Piratenaapjemok0: Right :p14:52
mok0Piratenaapje: i386 builder builds "all" arch14:52
Piratenaapjemok0: Ok, it's just a bit confusing14:53
gaspaa|wen: do you mean "without makedev"?14:53
mok0Piratenaapje: he, yeah14:53
a|wengaspa: as it is read only i don't suppose it gets allowed to do anything with makedev14:53
mok0Piratenaapje: what is confusing is the arch name "all" ... it should be called "indep", "noarch" or the like14:54
gaspaa|wen: in fact14:54
a|wengaspa: or can it actually hurt so it should be patched out?14:55
gaspaa|wen:  i think it doesn't hurt, though it's irritating having so much errors.14:56
ubottuDebian bug 148831 in zapping "zapping: Zapping should create video-devices" [Important,Closed]14:57
gaspajames_w: but devices shouldn't be created by apps...14:58
* iulian wonders why ubottu is not capable of showing a link when writing the bug # privately.14:58
james_wxawtv does "test -c /dev/.devfsd -o -c /dev/video0 -o -c /dev/v4l/video0 && mkdev="false""14:58
james_wgaspa: I know, just adding to the information14:59
* mok0 just got another 4G RAM in his rig today :-P14:59
gaspajames_w: i see.14:59
james_wI assume the "/dev/.devfsd" check is for udev not running14:59
aradholbach: I made some suggested changes in the package (ubuntu-qa-tools) and I uploaded a new version15:01
gaspajames_w: ok, xawtv does it better ( :P ), anyway I still don't like it ... they simply shouldn't crash without a /dev/video-something...15:01
james_wgaspa: for sure15:02
james_wgaspa: if you know what the solution is then please go ahead, I'm just trying to work out what to do15:02
a|wengaspa: i have a pending debdiff on the package already (for something completely different); that was why i noted it15:03
james_wa|wen: you could reply to the ubuntu-devel mail asking for guidance in this situation15:04
gaspaa|wen, james_w: i didn't have the right hardware to fully test it, but I'll have a look.15:06
james_wcool, thanks gaspa15:06
a|wengaspa: cool, thx ... please let me know if you want to start patching before my debdiff is in (ends in ubuntu1)15:07
gaspaa|wen: ok. ( looking at sources... oh, what a mess... :| )15:08
a|wengaspa: i know...15:09
PiratenaapjeWhat are my chances of actually getting a mentor after applying?15:19
PiratenaapjeEveryone seems kind of busy now15:20
nhandlerPiratenaapje: Pretty good last I checked15:20
cody-somervillePiratenaapje, about 1 in 1615:20
nhandlerhauts and the mentoring reception have been doing a nice job of getting mentors for people15:20
PiratenaapjeAlright, time to have a go at it :p15:20
bddebianHeya gang15:21
iulianHiya bddebian.15:21
bddebianHi iulian15:21
nhandlerHey bddebian15:23
cody-somervilleHi bddebian15:23
bddebianHi nhandler, cody-somerville15:23
geserHi bddebian15:26
slytheringeser: after long time. :-)15:34
ScottKPiratenaapje: You can just ask questions here as you have them too.  A formal mentor isn't required.15:35
slytherinnhandler: ping. need to discuss your comments on monajat15:37
slytherinwhat is the usual process to upload a package from revu into archive? How do I generate the notification mail?15:38
PiratenaapjeScottK: well, basicly I need to know what I should do next, I've packaged a couple new applications myself, but am not sure where to look now.15:38
ScottKslytherin: You'll get mail back from Soyuz after the upload.  Just add REVU to the subject and forward to the list.  I usually trim it a bit for readability, but it's not required.15:39
slytherinScottK: Ok. I thought they were auto generated mails15:41
a|wenhi everyone... we have a goal of getting rid of aRts (the kde3 soundserver) for intrepid. in that regard there is a number of packages that needs rebuilding w/o arts-support15:46
ScottKarts is so unsupported that upstream closed every single pending bug as wontfix.15:47
a|wenthe status is tracked on https://wiki.kubuntu.org/RemoveArts if anybody wants to help out ...15:47
* ScottK encourages people to help out...15:47
ScottKPiratenaapje: It's really a question of what you want to do as you're a volunteer.15:48
dholbacha|wen: for intrepid?15:48
ScottKdholbach: For Jaunty.15:48
a|wendholbach: for jaunty of course15:48
dholbacha|wen: right-o - I was a bit scared already :-)15:48
a|wenhehe :)15:49
a|wenI would also really appreciate a review on the 3 debdiff's awaiting in bug 320915 - zapping, cmus and xsidplay15:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 320915 in libsdl "Remove aRts from the archive - rebuild all dependencies" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32091515:49
PiratenaapjeScottK: Well, basicly any task that a MOTU should do, but I'm not sure what task I should try first15:51
ScottKPiratenaapje: At this point we're getting to where we need to focus on bug fixes.15:52
PiratenaapjeScottK: so I should review and test patches?15:52
ScottKIf you look at the output of the Universe section of merges.ubuntu.com and see anything that looks like we really ought to have it, preparing a merge would be useful.15:52
ScottKThat too.15:52
DktrKranzdholbach: scared? Hardy had a library transition via SRU ;)15:53
PiratenaapjeScottK: Doesn't the last uploader usually provide the merge?15:53
ScottKPiratenaapje: Generally, but after Debian Import Freeze, it's usually considered a free for all.15:54
ScottKThe question is there anything that really needs doing that's been missed.15:54
PiratenaapjeScottK: Alright, I'll try to see if anything comes up15:57
JontheEchidnaWho do I subscribe to sync requests for packages in main?15:57
chervaCan I upload a package to the revu site if it is not mine? It's the ubuntu-tweak package witch needs to be added another repo to make people able to apt-get it?15:59
JontheEchidnaCan I ack my own universe sync request and subscribe the archive admins?16:00
ScottKJontheEchidna: Yes.16:00
a|wenoh no, JontheEchidna with pow'as16:00
lajjrsorry hello everyone..16:01
lajjrI have a quick ?16:01
lajjrI have a launchpad account and I have been packaging items. When you send to revu is it better to have it in you ppa and revu..??16:04
PiratenaapjeScottK: would you recommend me to apply for mentorship, or will I be able to become a MOTU anyway if I contribute?16:04
JontheEchidnalajjr: It won't hurt to have it in both places16:04
ScottKPiratenaapje: It's a question of personal style.  Getting a mentor is absolutely not required.  I'm not convinced it helps much, but if you're to shy to ask questions in public, then maybe you should...16:05
ScottKUp to you really.16:06
lajjrJontheEchidna: thank you..16:06
PiratenaapjeScottK: I don't mind that much really with asking questions, but I guess I prefer to have someone to fall back to.16:06
LaneyI guess it's a bit harder to find tasks at the start without a mentor feeding them to you, but I managed to get along fine (did I?) without one16:06
JontheEchidnalajjr: you're welcome. If you do put it in a PPA it does show that it at least builds and it makes for easier runtime testing16:07
JontheEchidnabut putting it in a PPA is definitely not required16:07
PiratenaapjeOk thanks for the advice, I guess I'll ask for mentorship anyhow :p.16:08
a|wenargh, it supports 81 music formats, and i've heard about none of them! ... removing arts also consist of testing obscure music players16:08
lajjrok cause I just completed all the setup from my building systems and testing. But the ppc has to be tested by me..ppa does't build that one..right?16:09
* lajjr leaving16:12
bddebianHeya geser (late) :)16:26
=== nschembr-sleep is now known as nschembr-work
Chris`How does one go about getting backporters for a package?16:48
loic-mChris`: you can backport it yourself in a first time16:49
ubottuIf new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging16:49
Chris`What if the distro doesn't have that package and if it is new in Jaunty?16:49
Laneyit's the same16:50
Laney(AFAIK), ScottK can confirm16:50
ScottKThat's correct16:50
hyperaircould someone review my package http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=geanyvc please?16:51
ScottKActually I'm even more inclined to approve those as they have a 0% chance of breaking the existing package.16:51
loic-mScottK: when are backport request processed? 1 every two weeks?16:52
ScottKIt varies.16:52
ScottKThere's a multi-step process.16:52
ScottKFirst it has to get tested, then a backporter has to approve, then an archive admin has to do it.16:53
loic-mChris`: you can make the process easier by trying to build it for the release you want it to be backported to, using f.e. "prevu pkge_name", then checking if it runs16:53
ScottKNone of those have a particularly fixed schedule.16:53
loic-mChris`: also providing backported packages on the bug report so others can try it16:53
doctormoHey guys, does anyone have a second to help me with an amd64 build problem? It seems it can't find libc.so.6 on that platform.16:54
loic-mScottK: thanks16:54
Adri2000info: for french speaking people, there is a packaging session in #u-classroom beginning in a few minutes16:57
Chris`Adri2000: About what?16:57
Adri2000packaging :)16:57
=== dholbach_ is now known as dholbach
jpdsg'evening dholbach.17:04
dholbachhiya jpds17:04
jpdsdoctormo: Hmm, odd, could you possibly pastebin the error at paste.ubuntu.com?17:06
Laneyjames_w: Since when were you an archive admin? Or is this random sync processing? :O17:07
doctormojpds: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/21693635/buildlog_ubuntu-intrepid-amd64.wizardpen_0.6.0.3-0doctormo2_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz17:07
doctormono need to pastebin, it's available for all17:07
james_wLaney: nothing gets past you does it? :-)17:07
ryanpriorThe maxima and wxmaxima packages are outdated in Ubuntu and Debian. Can I help fix that?17:07
Laneynot when it's my bugs ;)17:07
james_wLaney: I'm in training, that was my first sync run.17:08
LaneyTo be honest, I saw your name and thought I'd cocked something up17:08
james_wdon't worry though, I'm being "sponsored", so I can't rm the archive or anything :-)17:09
Laneybah, that's no fun17:10
jpdsdoctormo: Maybe you need to heed: "To help dpkg-shlibdeps find private libraries, you might need to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH."17:10
Laneynice one though, moar power!17:10
doctormojpds: I don't think I know enough about deb packaging to do to that. Is LD_LIBRARY_PATH something that's set in the rules?17:11
doctormojpds: And how would I know what the correct dir to add is?17:11
azeemlibc.so.6 should be in the default search path17:11
=== Pricey is now known as Guest39261
doctormoazeem: could it be that the build server go muddled? it was very busy, took 5 hours to build.17:13
azeemdoes it build in your pbuilder?17:13
azeemand did you test-build it on amd64?17:14
doctormoazeem: no, I'll have to look up what that is17:14
doctormoazeem: OK found howtos and running through them now. It's taking it's time to make the pbuilder. this is to be expected?17:20
doctormoazeem: oh it only happened on amd64 too17:20
loic-mWhat is the way to get a translation (man page, .po file...) for a packaged program? I'm thinking it doesn't go into the package, so where do we send it (as well as upstream of course ;) )?17:20
azeemdoctormo: you'll probably have to inspect the build system and see whether it does anything weird with RPATH on amd64 (or maybe if $libdir is /usr/lib64 or something)17:21
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=== emh is now known as emnh
rgreeningScottK: ping17:51
ScottKrgreening: Pong.17:51
rgreeningScottK: bug/32189117:51
rgreeningScottK: I have updated the bug and made the required changes to ensure this packages builds and operates as expected.17:52
ScottKrgreening: OK.  I'll have a look at it.  I appreciate you sticking with it.  kvirc is a bit of a pain.17:52
rgreeningScottK: I have built locally and tested, and do not see any further issues.17:52
* ScottK looks17:52
ScottKbug 32189117:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 321891 in kvirc "New upstream 4.0.0 preview release - required for Jaunty" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32189117:52
rgreeningScottK: no problem. I learned a lot on this package.17:52
rgreeningand continue to learn more all the time. ty for helping ScottK17:53
ScottKNo problem.  It never stops (the learning)17:53
rgreeningAs long as there are helpful motu's like you :)17:56
=== ivoks_ is now known as ivoks
* a|wen still offers a motu silverplate of debdiff's in bug 320915 :)18:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 320915 in libsdl "Remove aRts from the archive - rebuild all dependencies" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32091518:02
rgreening\o/ no more arts18:06
jacobi'm working on packaging snes9x-gtk from scratch, and i'm beginning to notice that it is becoming a licensing problem. the project as a whole has a non-commercial use license, but it contains GPL, LGPL, and other types of code. the snes9x-x package currently in multiverse has these problems as well, but they are kind of ignored. is it still possible to get this packaged at least to the extent to fit in multiverse?18:08
loic-mjacob: I'm happy you're working on packaging it, I was looking at it too ;)18:14
loic-mjacob: the author also already has some packages on his ppa at https://launchpad.net/~bearoso/+archive/ppa you could get in touch with him18:15
james_wjacob: what's the overall license? some home-grown one?18:15
jacobjames_w: yes, i'll pastebin18:16
jacobloic-m: i've looked at them - they don't have very good copyright or control files :-!18:16
loic-mjacob: if Debian packages snes9x-x (and they do, even though it's in non-free) then they might have already looked into it$18:16
loic-mjacob: I didn't look at them yet ;)18:17
anteayaif this is the wrong channel for this question, I will accept a re-direct. Who can tell me if the repos are functioning properly?18:17
jacobjames_w: http://paste.ubuntu.com/111320/ is the provided copyright, the license is at the bottom18:17
jacobthough it doesn't really match the copyrights in the header files nor their licenses18:18
jacobheh, yeah. i kinda wonder how this project can legally exist. :P18:19
james_wit can't really, if what you say is correct18:19
james_wthat license seems ok for multiverse, but not if it links with GPL code18:19
doctormoazeem: ok the pbuilder is set up, and I just run it through for i386, seems it can't find deps: E: pbuilder-satisfydepends failed.18:19
jacobjames_w: http://paste.ubuntu.com/111321/ is a quick licensecheck18:20
james_w./dsp1emu.c is apparently copyright to the team, but GPL, which is silly18:21
jacobthere are a few like that18:21
* ScottK lunches while kvirc builds ...18:21
james_w./jma/crc32.cpp is the first thing to check out though, as it's a different copyright18:21
james_wif that is linked in to the final executable then it's game-over for this version of the package I fear18:22
jacobwould hate to have to see it removed, but the current version in multiverse is exactly like this, minus the GTK stuff. should anything be done with it?18:23
james_wurgh, how much duplication is there between these packages?18:23
ScottKSounds like it should go too.18:23
jacobjames_w: between snes9x-x and snes9x-gtk? a lot. in fact, the only difference is the addition of a gtk/ directory in the source and where ./configure is ran from18:24
copproWhen does the REVU day start?18:26
james_wit seems the crc32.cpp isn't compiled in the Debian package18:26
james_wer, no, it appears it is18:26
ScottKSounds like upstream ought to be contacted and asked to relicense with a GPL compatible license.18:27
jacobin the event that i could get upstream to re-release as GPLv2/3, would it be worthwhile to package?18:27
copprohttp://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=metakit <-- Reviews please!18:27
jacobstole my words. :P18:27
james_wjacob: yeah, if you can that would be great18:29
james_wjacob: removing some instances of this code from the archive would be appreciated as well18:29
james_wthere are some bugs open about this I believe18:30
jacobwill see what i can do, thanks :)18:31
jacobjames_w: actually, i found some interesting posts that say the jma/ and zsnes sources were relicensed by the original authors for the snes9x license, in that case should those authors be contacted?18:35
james_wdo you have a link?18:36
jacobjames_w: it's by no means concrete, but hopefully i can find something else: http://www.snes9x.com/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?p=20545#2054518:36
james_wthat would make it ok18:37
james_wbut there would normally be some record18:37
jacobi'll see if i can get snes9x/jma/nsrt/whoever-owns-the-code to put an exception clause in the source headers18:38
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=== x-spec-t is now known as Spec
azeemdoctormo: that's a kind of question better targetted at the whole chan19:03
azeemI don't use pbuilder, so can't help you particularly well19:03
doctormoazeem: thanks for your help so far. :-)19:06
doctormoIt seems as if pbuilder can't find debuild > 7, pbuilder-satisfydepends-dummy: Depends: debhelper (>= 7) but it is not installable19:06
ScottKdoctormo: Debhelper 7 is only in backports on Hardy.19:08
ScottKYou need to have that and you don't.19:08
jreinhardtHi everybody19:09
doctormoScottK: this is building on intrepid. is pbuilder set up for hardy?19:09
ScottKdoctormo: libpng12-0 |   1.2.27-1 |      intrepid | amd64, i38619:10
ScottKLook what version is in your log19:10
doctormoScottK: looks like hardy19:11
jreinhardtA while I packaged an quite interesting LaTeX package (well, at least I find it interesting) and put it on REVU. Perhaps someone can review it. Especially the watch file and the LaTeX install part. http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=pgfplots19:13
hyperairmok0: got time for a revu or two? =p19:24
mok0hyperair: I will postpone the pleasure until tomorrow :-)19:26
hyperairmok0: hahah19:26
hyperairalright i'll come bug you again ;)19:27
mok0hyperair: ok... tomorrow's revu day19:27
hyperairoh it is?19:27
mok0hyperair: yep, every friday19:27
hyperairokay, now i know19:28
hyperairi'll prepare a list of packages and then come bugging every friday19:28
mok0hyperair: heh19:28
hyperairmok0: regarding codelite and sigx's ftbfs, should i just leave it?19:32
mok0hyperair: you'll have to find out what upstream thinks... it may be a limitation of the software19:33
hyperairmok0: in the case of codelite, ia64 has a fix implemented upstream, but untested19:33
mok0hyperair: ah19:33
mok0hyperair: ... but you can't test it?19:34
hyperairmok0: i don't have an ia64 cpu lying around, and qemu won't cut it19:34
hyperairand i don't have access to an ia64 buildd19:34
mok0hyperair: yes it's a problem19:34
hyperairyeah it is19:35
loic-mmok0: Thanks for your review of cdemu19:35
mok0loic-m: you're welcome19:36
mok0hyperair: I suggest you try to work out the problems little by little19:36
hyperairmok0: little by little how?19:36
hyperairmok0: it's a small fix.. a patch to configure19:37
hyperairupstream thinks it'll solve the issue19:37
hyperairmainly because there are missing compilation flags for x64 (his configure script looks in uname -m and checks if it's x64)19:37
mok0hyperair: well first thing is to check that it doesn't cause a regression19:37
hyperairmok0: there won't be a regression because the fix will only affect ia64 builds, and you can't regress further than ftbfs can you19:38
mok0hyperair: if not, submit a debdiff again -> -0ubuntu319:38
jacobjames_w: here's something tricky: the maintainer of the -gtk port of snes9x releases his code as GPLv3 as a patch and as patched sources. is this effectively stating that the author is dual-licensing his own gpl'd code with snes9x-licensed code since he is the distributor of the GPLd GTK portion?19:38
mok0hyperair: heh, no, I was just worried that the fix could affect the platforms that it works on19:38
hyperairdon't worry, it won't =)19:39
hyperairat least, i think it won't. i ahven't seen the fix yet19:39
mok0hyperair: alright19:39
hyperairmok0:         if [ "$arch" = "x86_64" ]; then19:39
hyperairmok0: that's the issue. it doesn't detect ia6419:40
hyperairmok0: patching that one line to if [ "$arch" = "x86_64" ] || [ "$arch" = "ia64" ] should do the trick19:40
hyperairmok0: should, but untested19:40
hyperairalso, i have no idea about the hmma arch19:40
hyperairhppa sorry19:41
mok0hyperair: hm. Perhaps there are other examples of software doing similar tricks19:41
hyperairbut what?19:41
hyperairmok0: wait, is hppa 64bit or 32bit?19:42
mok0hyperair: ... 32 bits19:42
mok0hyperair: I don't think it's much used anymore19:42
mok0We threw out the last hppa machine 5 years ago19:43
mok0At that time, the typical PC was 5-10 times faster19:43
hyperairuh ouch19:44
mok0of course they're stable like rocks19:44
hyperairbut rocks don't move ;)19:44
mok0I don't even know if HP makes hppa architecture machines anymore19:45
mok0However, we have some HP rackserver blades and they are *really* nice19:45
mok0one is a dual quadcore ;-P19:46
mok0Ideal for running VMs19:46
hyperairhmm in both issues it was an issue about -fPIC19:47
hyperairi wonder if qemu does hppa19:47
mok0hyperair: I don't think so19:47
hyperairyeah qemulator doesn't have it in the list of options19:48
mok0hyperair: in fact, it doesn't even work on all i386 arch machines19:48
mok0... work WELL, rather19:48
hyperairi managed to run windows xp on qemu once19:49
mok0To really work well, it requires a CPU with vmx19:49
hyperairthat's kvm isnt it19:50
hyperairyou don't necessarily need kvm19:50
hyperaircan live with kqemu =p19:50
mok0that's very slow though19:50
hyperairdoesn't matter, as long as it gets the building done19:50
hyperairit's just for testing purposes after all19:50
mok0hehe yes19:50
hyperairqemu can do ppc though19:51
hyperairthat would be useful for sigx's ppc ftbfs19:51
mok0Yes, that's right19:51
mok0wrt. sigx, is it supposed to be portable?19:52
hyperairoh yes definitely19:53
hyperairhe used scons because he wanted it to be ultraportable it seems19:53
* hyperair headdesks19:53
Chris`So merging Debian packages, is that handles by the MOTU or is it an automated process?19:53
mok0Chris`: eerrr, both actually19:53
mok0Chris`: it's semi-automated to be exact19:54
Chris`mok0: How does it happen then? ;-/19:54
hyperairrun a script, tidy it up, upload a debdiff19:54
hyperairget it sponsored19:54
hyperairor if you are a sponsor, then sponsor your own package =p19:54
mok0Chris`: do you know DaD?19:54
Chris`mok0: Nope :)19:55
mok0 http://dad.dunnewind.net19:55
hyperairmok0: does a report have to be on dad before the grab_merge.sh can work?19:55
mok0hyperair: no19:55
mok0hyperair: grab-merge just downloads that "merge-package"19:56
hyperairwhat's that19:56
Chris`"1.0-0ubuntu11.0.1-1" Does that mean that I update to 1.0.1-1ubuntu1 ?19:56
mok0Chris`: not sure I understand19:57
mok0hyperair: it's what grab-merge downloads19:57
hyperairChris`: depends whether or not the differences between debian and ubuntu packaging can be dropped19:57
hyperairChris`: if it can be dropped, then sync. otherwise merge19:58
hyperairChris`: since it's already up there it's supposed to be merged i should think19:58
mok0Chris`: I think that's a bad example, because it's not a true merge19:58
mok0Chris`: from the names you can see that -8ubuntu1 has ubuntu changes20:00
mok0but there's a newer version from Debian: -920:00
Chris`I will have a look & try to work it out :)20:01
mok0Chris`: so, if you look in REPORT, you can see that there's a conflict in debian/control20:01
mok0Chris`: if you use the grab-merge script, it will download and unpack everything for you20:02
Chris`I don't know how to use grabmerge so I am using dget -x20:03
mok0Chris`: but beware, because grab-merge want's to clear out the current directory20:03
mok0Chris`: it's simple: "grab-merge mpich" for example20:04
mok0Chris`: I put grab-merge in ~/bin20:04
mok0Chris`: and edited it so it doesn't delete cwd20:04
mok0then I can always cd /tmp; grab-merge blahblah20:05
Chris`bash: /bin/grab-merge: Permission denied20:05
Chris`Oh chmod +x20:06
rgreeningScottK: ping20:08
mok0A patch for grab-merge to make it safe, and to unpack everything inside a new directory20:08
ScottKrgreening: Just about to upload it.20:09
rgreeningso I assume it was all good then?20:09
Chris`mok0: Is that only half a script?20:10
ScottKrgreening: Yep.  Just uploaded it.  Thank you for your contribution to Ubuntu.20:10
rgreeningno... ty for your help :)20:10
AndrewGeeI'm just packaging something up which uses a configure script twice. Is there an easy way to do this with CDBS?20:12
RAOFAndrewGee: It will undoubtedly be easier to just use the 'dh' command from debhelper 7.20:21
Picimok0: I added !dad20:21
AndrewGeeRAOF: Okay. I'll investgiate that then.20:21
ubottuUbuntu DaD is a website used by MOTUs to help merging Ubuntu packages from Debian unstable. See http://dad.dunnewind.net20:22
RAOFAndrewGee: It's about as easy as cdbs (you call "dh build" in your build: target, for example), but it's much easier to do funky things with.20:22
AndrewGeeRAOF: Okay. Sounds good. I'd better get learning then. Thanks for your help :)20:22
mok0Pici: thanks20:23
james_wjacob: ouch, I can't really parse that20:27
jacobjames_w: hehe, i thought i worded that weird.20:28
hyperairmok0: could you sponsor bug #322896 and bug #322899 please? the debdiff's attached to both.20:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 322896 in codelite "CodeLite get-orig-source rule does not produce a correct tarball" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32289620:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 322899 in codelite "CodeLite FTBFS on ia64" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32289920:29
jacobjames_w: snes9x is under its own non-gpl-compatible license. the -gtk port is available as a patch under the GPL3. however, the maintainer of this port also released patched sources of his own GPL code and Snes9x-licensed code.20:30
* mok0 looks20:31
james_wjacob: I think I can't parse it as it doesn't make much sense :-)20:31
jacobjames_w: since it was the author of the GPL patch that also released the original snes9x sources, would it be acceptable in this case to have the GPL3 code inside a non-GPL branch?20:31
=== paul_ is now known as Elbrus
james_wjacob: "the -gtk port is available as a patch under the GPL3." <- patch to snes9x?20:32
jacobjames_w: yes, sorry.20:32
jacobit's confusing to explain :P20:33
mok0hyperair: cool, you're using the email interface to LP20:34
Laneygrr, my computer hardlocked and killed my Jaunty VM20:34
jacobbasically, there is GPL code inside a non-GPL product. but, the author of the GPL code has released the whole sources, his code and the non-gpl code20:34
Laneyany newcomer fancy some light mentorship for an easy bug.......? ;)20:34
hyperairmok0: yeah. i tried to file the two new bugs by sending mails to new@bugs.launchpad.net, but it didn't work20:35
james_wjacob: no problem20:35
PiratenaapjeLaney: me :D20:35
hyperairmok0: it did for my needs-packaging bugs though20:35
LaneyPiratenaapje: WOO! I fear it may be uninteresting though20:35
PiratenaapjeLaney: well, I can at least take a look at it20:35
Laneybug #32153320:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 321533 in pidgin-libnotify "[needs upgrade]pidgin-libnotify" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32153320:35
Laneyshould just need a sync20:35
hyperairmok0: it's also a little annoying in that if you file a bug via the email interface, it doesn't email you back regarding the bug number20:35
PiratenaapjeLaney: My first sync :p20:35
james_wjacob: "the maintainer of this port also released patched sources of his own GPL code and Snes9x-licensed code." <- that's the -gtk maintainer releasing parts of snes9x under a dual license?20:35
LaneyPiratenaapje: Good, that's fun!20:36
PiratenaapjeLaney: I'll have a try :)20:36
Laneyneeds building, installing and testing (that's the part I can't do)20:36
Laneyif it works then requestsync it20:36
PiratenaapjeLaney: why can't you test it?20:36
Laneybecause my VM died20:36
Laneyneed to reinstall it20:36
Laneyand learn to take snapshots :(20:36
PiratenaapjeLaney: well, I don't have a working vm either atm :p20:37
jacobjames_w: yes, though he's not releasing snes9x under a different license, but i'm wondering that since he bundled his own code with it that a dual license is implied20:37
james_wjacob: implied is dangerous20:37
PiratenaapjeLaney: What machines would I need to test it in?20:37
LaneyPiratenaapje: Anything running Jaunty would be best20:38
james_wjacob: there are multiple people with copyright in snes9x (and hence -gtk) so one person dual-licensing their contributions doesn't tell us anything about the code as a whole20:38
Laneysome people like to test X applications from pbuilder, but I've not done that before20:38
jacobjames_w: well - not that the whole software package is dual-licensed, but that it's released as two pieces merged into one: the snes9x core under the snes9x license, and the GTK patches under the GPL20:39
jacobjames_w: the -gtk port was written by one person as well if that makes a difference20:40
james_wjacob: ah, that's valid.20:40
PiratenaapjeLaney: From pbuilder? I'd find that a bit strange :p20:40
james_wjacob: however, if they are built in to one thing, as I believe they are then the GPL kicks in and the snes9x parts *have* to be licensed under the GPL20:40
james_wjacob: that's a fundamental part of the GPL, there's no way around it. The GPL does allow you to "bundle" GPL and non GPL (e.g. on Ubuntu CDs) but doing it in one executable is forbidden.20:41
jacobjames_w: even though the person released his own GPL code combined with snes9x code? it almost seems like there's an exception20:42
james_wjacob: ah, that's true, you can release your code under the GPL with exceptions (e.g. to link with 4 clause BSD), so we may be able to take advantage of that20:43
PiratenaapjeLaney: basicly all I have to do is follow the "preparing new revisions" guide ?20:44
james_wjacob: it should be noted in the source package COPYING or something if that is the case, we can't assume it is implied20:44
jacobjames_w: if it helps any, http://www.snes9x.com/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=3703 has the full package details of the port & patches20:44
LaneyPiratenaapje: No, the sync request process - we get this package from Debian20:44
jacobjames_w: ok, i'll see if the author will note this20:44
PiratenaapjeLaney: so I just have to test the version provided?20:45
LaneyPiratenaapje: test the revision in Debian20:45
mok0hyperair: codelite fix is uploaded20:46
Laneymake sure all Ubuntu changes aren't needed any more (hint: I did the last merge and think it's a sync...), build, test and requestsync20:46
hyperairmok0: okay thanks20:46
mok0hyperair: let's watch it build now20:46
hyperairmok0: hahah if only it began so fast20:46
hyperairpowerpc already started it seems20:47
mok0hyperair: it's started on the ppc20:48
mok0he scrollback20:49
james_wjacob: "Note that certain parts of certain ports (e.g. the ZSNES SuperFX core) are under different licenses and you must be sure to satisfy those licenses as well."20:50
james_wjacob: something else to watch out for :-/20:50
mok0That build farm is awesome20:50
jacobjames_w: that was one of the portions that was supposedly excepted for use in snes9x, but i still need a response from upstream on that20:51
james_wjacob: I found your post requesting clarification, thanks for that. Reading a few other posts suggests that they don't really subscribe to the DFSG view of software freedom, so this may not be that easy20:53
jacobjames_w: yeah, it probably won't. i think it's worth the fight though :P20:53
mok0uh-uh, looks like there's a new gcc in jaunty's toolchain20:54
PiratenaapjeLaney: Ok, I built it, how do I check if Ubuntu changes are needed?20:58
Laneycheck what they are and see if the reason for them is still present20:59
hyperairmok0: great are we going to have every lib bumped to 0c2a or whatnot now?21:00
mok0hyperair: 0c2a?21:00
hyperairmok0: i don't know, i see quite a few libs with strange sonames and someone told me that it was because of a change in gcc versions or something21:01
PiratenaapjeLaney: the reason for the patch is still present :S21:01
mok0oh? I haven't seen that21:01
LaneyPiratenaapje: you sure?21:01
PiratenaapjeLaney: I'll pastebin to be sure :p21:02
hyperairlibsigc++-2.0-0c2a <-- an example21:02
maxbThe c2 and a suffices relate to ABI transitions21:02
hyperairlibgtkmm-2.4-1c2a <-- another example21:02
LaneyPiratenaapje: see line 82 in pidgin-libnotify.c21:03
hyperairABI transitions.. which ABI?21:03
PiratenaapjeLaney: I opened a wrong patch by mistake :s21:03
Laneythe changelog is your friend21:03
maxbI believe c2 relates to when a change was made to g++ such that the ABI of all C++ libraries changed simply by recompiling them21:03
PiratenaapjeLaney: 1 patch is directly fixed in the source, the other one is provided by the debian package21:04
Laneythat's usually the way it works21:04
Laneyfor backported patches21:04
hyperairmaxb: and 'a'>?21:04
maxbhttp://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2005/07/msg00001.html is the definitive document on the c2 transition21:05
PiratenaapjeLaney: I'll try to install it in a virtual machine, and if it works I can do the requestsync?21:06
Laneyyes sir21:07
PiratenaapjeLanay: I feel pretty silly for making such stupid mistakes though :p21:07
Laneyeveryone makes mistakes!21:07
LaneyPiratenaapje: You can either convert the existing bug into a sync request or file one with requestsync and dupe that one to it (with a comment preferably). Assuming it all works that is.21:08
maxbhttp://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2005/11/msg00010.html is the one for the c2a transition21:09
maxbhyperair: ^21:09
PiratenaapjeLaney: I'll convert it I guess, starting to install Jaunty in VirtualBox now21:09
hyperairmaxb: thanks. that was very informative =)21:11
PiratenaapjeLaney: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pidgin-libnotify/+bug/321533 ,it works under jaunty ;)22:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 321533 in pidgin-libnotify "[Sync request]pidgin-libnotify" [Undecided,New]22:03
maxbPiratenaapje: I retitled it (LP 321533) using the quasi-official title format for sync requests22:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 321533 in pidgin-libnotify "Please sync pidgin-libnotify 0.14-1 (universe) from Debian experimental (main)." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32153322:07
Piratenaapjemaxb: Ah oops, I based my title on someone else's title, guess they were wrong too :p22:08
jpdsquasi-official? It's hard-coded into requestsync :)22:08
maxbBut not written down anywhere as policy22:09
maxbPiratenaapje: The other thing you need to do is subscribe ubuntu-universe-sponsors for review&approval22:10
Piratenaapjethe SyncRequestProcess wikipage indeed doesn't say anything about the titile22:10
maxbPiratenaapje: except don't do that right now22:11
Piratenaapjemaxb: Laney is supposed to sponsor it, do I need to subscribe them then?22:11
maxb"The current package has no Ubuntu changes." <--- this is a lie22:11
maxbhttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pidgin-libnotify shows an ubuntu-specific change22:11
Piratenaapjewhich is fixed in the debian release22:12
maxbThe sync request is invalid22:12
maxbPiratenaapje: See the section "Content of a sync request" on SyncRequestProcess22:13
maxbThe current bug does not fulfil all of the bullet points22:14
ScottKThen rather than say "No Ubuntu changes", say "Ubuntu changes all incorporated in Debian."22:14
PiratenaapjeHmm ok22:14
ScottKmaxb: What is it missing?22:14
maxbIf there are Ubuntu changes apart from debian/changelog or if FeatureFreeze is in effect:22:15
maxb    * A copy of the entries from debian/changelog corresponding to the changes relative to the current version in Ubuntu22:15
maxb# If there are Ubuntu changes:22:15
maxb    * a description of each of the Ubuntu changes (a bullet point list is fine, but copies of debian/changelog aren't)22:15
maxb    * a brief explanation of why each one may be dropped (e.g., it's been merged into Debian, is no longer appropriate, etc.)22:15
maxb    * an explicit confirmation that the Ubuntu changes should be overridden22:15
PiratenaapjeAlright should be fixed now22:19
Piratenaapjemaxb: Why do I have to wait with subscribing ubuntu-universe-sponsors?22:21
maxbOnly until you'd fixed the things I mentioned22:21
Piratenaapjemaxb: Is it ok now?22:21
jmarsden|workI'm hoping to get an updated package (biblememorizer) into Jaunty.  It has been synced from Debian in the past and hopefully will be in future also, but right now uploading to experimental and trying to get synced from there will probably not happen quickly enough, I'm told... so can I get a -0ubuntu1 into Jaunty somehow?  Via REVU??  Or how?22:26
jmarsden|workIt is at http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=biblememorizer if REVU is the right way to go with this.22:30
maxbPiratenaapje: I reckon it's fine now - I added the debian/changelog entry that SyncRequestProcess asks for22:30
Piratenaapjemaxb: Alright thank you, subscribing them22:30
ScottKjmarsden: How long will it take to get it uploaded to experimental?22:30
maxbjmarsden|work: I think REVU is strictly for *new* packages.22:30
ScottKjmarsden|work: If in fact it can't get sync'ed the best way is to make a bug, attach the .diff.gz to the bug and subscribe ubuntu-universe-sponsors to the bug.22:31
jmarsden|workI'm not sure, but the Debian person who I asked suggested it could be uploaded but then might get stuck awaiting approval by archiev admins or something along those lines; I'll check back with him.22:32
maxbjmarsden|work: See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SponsorshipProcess for the long version of what ScottK said22:32
jmarsden|workOK, thanks.22:32
ScottKjmarsden|work: If it has to go through New, then they are likely correct about the timing.22:32
directhexNEW sucks22:33
directhex214 packages and counting22:34
ScottKNew is a necessary PITA, but I can understand why it's not a priority in Debian right now.22:34
jmarsden|workOK, it sounds like I need to be asking "does it have to go through NEW"?  Thanks, that helps.22:35
directhexScottK, it's not fun to feel like you're being punished for fixing bugs though - e.g. changing arch from any to all means NEW22:44
directhexand purely selfishly as an ubuntu contributor, NEW right now is the anti-6-month-release-cycle-friendly way to do business22:47
PiratenaapjeShould I set the status of a [needs-packaging]-bug to fix-committed once I uploaded it to REVU?23:14
nhandlerPiratenaapje: No. Fix Committed is for when a MOTU uploads it23:16
Piratenaapjenhandler: Thought so, thanks23:17

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