* genii sips00:13
Seeker`on what?00:24
Seeker`anyone in -uk?00:29
bazhangon0bi in -irc spamming02:48
tritiumGot him02:49
tritium(or her, whatever)02:49
bazhangthanks; just kicked/banned from #ubuntu02:49
bazhanghe/she/it is in -ot as well; anyone with privileges there should keep an eye on him/her02:50
tritiumthanks, bazhang02:50
bazhang<szrhawaii> the ubuntu channel has a bunch of rude guys in there man they are no help i tell you02:52
bazhanghe is continuing with the botabuse in #kubuntu btw02:52
tritiumI've not got ops in #k02:52
bazhangme either :)02:53
tritiumWhere was that paste from szrhawaii?02:53
bazhangfrom #kubuntu02:54
bazhangh4xor seems to have been giving out some bad advice; whether knowingly or not03:02
bazhangszrhawaii in PM complaining about powertripping operators; limiting his 'free speech'03:03
tritiumHow so?  In which channels?  Which ops?03:03
bazhangas if spamming the channel with nonsense requests to the bot had anything to do with said 'free speech'03:03
tritiumSounds bogus to me...03:03
bazhangsuch as '!take life serious'03:04
bazhanghttp://paste.ubuntu.com/111107/  <---szrhawaii PM03:09
bazhangback in #kubuntu, removed from #ubuntu03:11
bazhang<szrhawaii> I WONDER IF IM BANNED FROM THIS ONE TOO03:15
bazhangfrom #kubuntu; I have advised him to come here03:16
bazhangmatt123, how may we help you03:16
matt123Hi! I was just in kubuntu - someone else just said to someone else to come into this channel.  So I just wondered in to see what this channel was about03:17
bazhangmatt123, as you can see from the topic03:19
matt123ok, thanks, im going now!03:19
tritiumWow, he "wondered" in?  As in, just by thinking about it?  Impressive...03:20
bazhang* [tritium6] (n=r@cpe-76-94-238-151.socal.res.rr.com): R  <--troll?03:22
tritiumNot usre.03:22
ubottuThe operation succeeded.03:24
tritiumbazhang: perhaps not03:27
bazhangtritium, seems not after all his latest comments03:27
bazhangnice for once :)03:28
tritiumI'll be back03:29
ubottuThe operation succeeded.03:38
bazhang* [oodeadbeefoo] (n=subinacl@pool-72-82-106-109.nrflva.east.verizon.net): SubInAcls04:19
bazhangban evasion?04:20
tritiumNo, I only muted him.04:20
bazhangerr mute evasion then (if such a thing exists)  :)04:21
nickrudbazhang, you've gotta stop all this power tripping ;p04:35
* tritium trips on bazhang's power04:36
Flanneloh no.  You tripped over the power and pulled out the plug!04:36
nickrudtritium, your power is so high, you can't see bazhang's!04:36
* nickrud check cloak. Darn, it's there ;(04:36
tritiumnickrud: you must have me confused with Flannel or yourself ;)04:37
bazhangoh with added vitamin C!04:37
nickrudheh. A few days ago I had someone go off on me like that. If it wasn't for the immense power I have, I might have been moved :)04:37
bazhangnickrud, !!04:37
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about powertrip04:38
nickrudpoint amara nth at that, he might have a cute one 04:38
bazhangand then will be immediately dis abled by jus si0104:39
nickrudstaid europeans :(04:39
* nickrud check clock04:40
bazhangszrhawaii seems to have calmed down and is being somewhat helpful in #kubuntu now04:40
tritiumbazhang: that's good04:40
bazhangtritium, sure is04:40
bazhangseems the weekends start very early on irc04:41
nickrudsame with the guy I got read the riot act by. 04:41
tritiumnickrud: you too, eh?04:41
FlannelSomeone read you the riot act via IRC?04:42
nickruddays ago. Banned him for 24, but pulled it early. He showed back up a few days later, and was helpful and less disruptive. Had a better sense of the channel flow04:42
bazhang* On0bi (n=on0bi@75-169-252-2.slkc.qwest.net) has joined #ubuntu-irc04:57
bazhangalso in -ot04:57
tritiumOh, him again...04:57
bazhanghis response to spamming -irc 'this is irc!'04:57
tritiumI saw that earlier.04:58
nickrudirc <> freenode04:58
bazhangie google new world order04:58
nickruddon't! My plans, my plans, don't read my plans!04:59
Flanneldun red mai planes, bro.04:59
tritiumbazhang: quickly removed him in -rc05:05
tritium-irc, even05:05
tritiumI'm thinking of getting some sleep.05:22
bazhangalways a good choice :)05:22
tritiumGood night, bazhang, nickrud, Flannel!05:22
bazhangbye tritium :)05:22
bazhanghttp://www.ubuntupocketguide.com/index.html <--free pdf (made so by the author)05:35
FlannelAye, and the deadtree edition is only $1005:36
* Flannel is going to buy some to give away as prizes for LoCo stuffs.05:36
FlannelAlthough as far as I know, you can only buy them online as of now.  I'd much prefer a B&M purchase.05:37
bazhangnice idea05:37
bazhang<wolter> is permissions the only bad thing about an ntfs /home partition?  trolling?06:09
naliothbazhang: looks like a valid question to me06:13
bazhang<wolter> bazhang, you troll. People have done it, but almost nobody recommends it.06:17
bazhangntfs home on a ubuntu install? really?06:18
Flannelbazhang: He's not trolling, he's genuinely curious.06:18
bazhangpeople have done it?06:18
FlannelI'm not really sure it's possible, since NTFS-3g is a fuse thing, so its userspace.06:19
FlannelBut, I'm not up on my NTFS mounting stuffs, so...06:19
bazhangvista partition to ext3? his next bit of curiousity06:20
FlannelHe's just confused.  There's certainly no malice.  You're far too accusatory.06:20
Flannelmaybe not confused, maybe naive or something.06:21
On0bican i join #ubuntu?06:28
bazhangOn0bi, you were repeatedly using silly factoids with the bot in #ubuntu, even after being asked to stop06:29
On0bii stopped06:29
On0biafter you said06:29
On0bii was just asking why06:30
bazhangafter you were muted only.06:30
On0biyou muted me for using the bot, why was i banned?06:30
bazhangit is a busy channel, plus those silly factoids such as !sex and !conspiracy are a form of spam in a busy channel06:30
On0bii was just being silly..06:31
bazhangyou then went into -irc and continued that.06:31
bazhangOn0bi, and you were asked to stop. yet ignored those requests06:32
On0biactually i did not06:32
On0bii did the factoids in #ubuntu06:32
bazhangand via PM you refused to reply or acknowledge06:32
On0biin irc i asked people to google new world order06:32
On0biand when you pm'd me i did respond06:33
bazhangread those06:33
bazhangOn0bi, how is 'google new world order' related to ubuntu support? and those silly factoids? you were already in #ubuntu-offtopic and presumably can read the channel topics06:34
On0bibecause, if i post it in each room i get a larger audiance06:34
bazhanga larger audience? you realize that #ubuntu is for ubuntu-related support questions, and #ubuntu-offtopic is for chat?06:36
On0biyes, i know that now06:37
bazhangOn0bi, and you were prevented from reading the channel topics, or just failed to read them?06:37
On0bii did not understand them. i assumed the titles irc was meant for chatting06:38
bazhangOn0bi, please read the two links I pasted above.06:38
On0biBe considerate   respectful   collaborative   When you disagree, consult others    When you are unsure, ask for help    Step down considerately06:39
On0biDon't flood the channel06:40
On0bii'm sorry, i won't do that anymore06:40
bazhangOn0bi, as it seems you are new to irc I am willing to unban you, provided you try to follow those in the future06:40
bazhangOn0bi, ie keeping appropriate chats where they belong as well06:41
On0bidid you ban me becuase i called you a communisy?06:41
bazhangso for example 'google lolcats' would be best expressed in #ubuntu-offtopic06:41
tritiumOn0bi: that was *highly* inappropriate06:41
On0bi:| i apologize 06:41
bazhangOn0bi, no, nothing to do with it06:41
bazhangOn0bi, so you agree to all what we have discussed, in re behaviour in the various channels?06:42
On0bii do06:42
bazhangOn0bi, please rejoin now and I will unmute you06:44
bazhangyou are unmuted, and please behave06:45
On0bithanks bai06:45
bazhang<On0bi> aha! i am FREE06:45
tritiumhe's already starting again06:46
bazhangwait you went to sleep!06:47
tritiumI know.  I'm woke up for a bit.06:47
tritiumPerhaps I should go back to bed.  I think I'm irritable.06:54
tritiumGood night (again).06:55
bazhangnight :)06:57
bazhangnbeebo unbanned in -ot?07:45
ikoniaFYI: if anyone using the name NGL-* comes in today requesting their bans be removed - please don't. They have made threats to come and kill me or "send the boys around" been rude and offensive etc etc, and are now trying to pretend that is was all a joke09:00
bazhangikonia, he was in #kubuntu earlier today09:04
ikoniayes, and he still is09:04
ikoniain my view should be removed totally from ubuntu as he's again making threats09:04
bazhangplease notify staff ikonia 09:04
ikonia"you don't know who I work for, I'll take this to the top" 09:04
ikoniaalready have done the first time09:05
bazhangie removed from freenode completely09:05
ikoniapricechild is aware09:05
ikoniaas is......ughh, I can't remember who the other staff memeber was09:05
ikoniathere are 2 of them, they are %101 trolls and kids09:05
ikoniais there an irc council member available ? I don't know what the deal is with them being allowed to stay in #kubuntu ?09:06
ikoniain my view they shouldn't be as it's clear their intention / attitude 09:06
bazhanghe's in freenode channel now ngl-twysted I presume09:08
bazhang* [NGL-TwYsTeD] (n=twysted@ip68-8-232-96.sd.sd.cox.net): kevin09:09
Garybazhang: thanks, I have that user in pm now09:09
bazhangwas ngl-jabbroa iirc09:09
bazhangor something along those lines09:09
bazhangGary, please see above re death threats to ikonia 09:10
ikoniabazhang: thats one, there are two 09:11
ikoniaGary: there are two of them09:11
ikoniaboth make threats, spew christian stuff etc etc etc.09:11
ikoniathreaten to ban dodge09:11
ikoniaetc etc etc09:11
ikoniapricechild and one other staff member is aware09:11
* elkbuntu watches bazhang play with russians09:11
Garywow, are they high?09:12
ikoniayes, super09:12
ikoniaGary: enjoy09:12
Garyikonia: hehe, thanks09:12
ikoniaGary: you do know who he works for don't you.......09:12
ikoniaGary: be aware, he'll take it to the top, and there will be consiquences if you don't do his bidding09:12
ikoniabut you're not allowed to know who he works for09:13
Garyoooow, I'm scared09:13
ikoniajust be aware, there will be consiequnces09:13
Garynice spelling09:13
ikoniafyi: he's 15 and wants access to ubuntu as his class is taking it - not the l33t hacker he makes out to be09:13
ikoniathanks for the spelling compliment :)09:13
bazhangelkbuntu, heh. I'm in #kubuntu often enough09:14
Tm_Thi kids10:01
bazhang* [qihwuerthqweiuht] (n=ewruqwpi@ KOOL TROLL KEWL KEWL10:51
jpdsbazhang: amateurs, they'll never last.11:59
ubottugordonjcp called the ops in #ubuntu (Mulvane_)12:44
EF_CoddI wish to contest my kick and ban14:09
EF_CoddGood day. I wish to contest my kick and ban14:12
Myrttifeel free to do so14:12
topylihello EF_Codd. we see you, no need to repeat14:13
EF_CoddOh, I am sorry.14:13
EF_CoddWell, Myrtti witnessed the whole thing.14:13
EF_CoddIt was cruel and unusual14:13
PiciDo you feel that you were wrongly banned?14:13
Myrttiand I saw nothing that I'd done differently14:13
topylii was there, looked quite appropriate14:13
EF_CoddYes, I feel I am being penalized for not possessing the technical language needed to express my problem14:14
EF_CoddHow can one learn how to state their problem when they don't know the language of the problem domain?14:14
Myrttiyou used and mangled the words in a fashion that made those who might have had some clue what you were talking about fairly sure you actually do know how the words are actually written - and mangled them up purposefully14:15
Myrttiand confused the rest14:15
EF_CoddI reject that characterization of my posts. I assure you my ignorance about ubuntu is not feigned.14:16
Myrttiie. you were messing up with the channel on purpose14:16
EF_CoddMay I also respectfully note my concern that those I am appealing to were complicit in my kicking. For the record.14:16
EF_CoddI would request that all bans and IRC modes in place which prevent me from either speaking on, or joining, a channel are lifted. Thank you.14:18
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines14:18
Myrttiand while checking the bantracker I note that you are multiple offender14:18
EF_CoddI find that accusation offensive.14:18
PiciI don't see any reason to spend more time discussing this ban at this point in time.  14:19
Myrttime neither14:19
EF_CoddIs there any higher authority I can appeal to?14:19
Myrttifunny how your behaviour hasn't changed at all since October14:21
topyliEF_Codd: yes. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcTeam/AppealProcess14:21
EF_CoddThank you. And I thank you for your time, ladies and/or gentlemen.14:21
MyrttiEF_Codd: was there anything else?14:22
EF_CoddMyrtti may I ask what is amusing and/or strange that my behaviour hasn't been modified?14:22
EF_CoddThrough what means was this behavioural adjustment to take place?14:22
topyliusually it happens in the brain14:22
EF_CoddI apologize if I have breeched protocol by asking this.14:22
Myrttitopyli: ooh, nice, I have to change my aliases to have that14:23
topylimight take some work14:23
MyrttiEF_Codd: usually one is expected to gather hints from the behaviour of others surrounding him not to behave in such manner that is frowned upon14:23
EF_CoddWell, I will have to live with the shame for not having my behaviour modified by the ops of debian-lite. I apologise.14:24
EF_CoddBut thank you. You have indeed taught me a valuable lesson.14:24
MyrttiTm_T: do not feed it14:24
EF_Coddoh he did. As did you all. 14:24
EF_CoddThank you again.14:24
topylinow if there's no further business, please /part this channel, as we need it clean from chat or idlers14:24
bazhangjpds, you mean the qihwuertietc?14:24
Tm_TMyrtti: aah, I see now14:25
EF_CoddI request a kick. Thank you.14:25
bazhangEF_Codd, please part now14:25
MyrttiEF_Codd: feel free to part the channel yourself14:25
EF_CoddNo, I have requested a kick. Thank you.14:25
MyrttiI have no desire to feed your trolling behaviour14:25
EF_CoddYou will comply, or you will silence me through modes. Either way, you will obey.14:26
EF_CoddThank you.14:26
Myrttiif you're bored, go reed a book14:26
Myrttiread, even14:26
EF_Codd'reed a book'? Priceless.14:26
EF_CoddAgain I thank you.14:26
EF_CoddPlease do not encourage my trolling ways.14:26
EF_CoddIt is best to either ignore of kick me14:26
EF_CoddExcellent. I have successfully manipulated you into neither kicking nor silencing me on the channel.14:27
PiciMyrtti, topyli: Thanks.  Typing with one hand makes dealing with this sort of thing even more annoinyg.14:28
Tm_Toh well14:28
topyliPici: oh you have a b0rken hand? :(14:28
Picitopyli: Broken arm, I can't bring my arm up to the desk to use the keyboard14:29
PiciIts getting better though14:29
topyliwhy are titanium bones only availabe as replacements? we should have them out of the box14:30
Myrtti[16:29] <EF_Codd> Thank you. And I thank you for providing us with yet more  logs of the wonderful ubuntu ops in action.14:30
MyrttiI knew he'd say something like that14:30
MyrttiI just love trolls.14:30
Tm_TMyrtti: I thought we don't have public logs anyway14:30
MyrttiI'd much rather kick garden gnomes though14:30
MyrttiTm_T: since when we haven't had?14:31
Myrttiubuntulog is present and all14:31
Tm_TMyrtti: exactly14:31
Tm_TMyrtti: I wonder what he gained with his "logs"14:31
Myrttithey've been used against us before14:31
Myrttiwith no results, though14:32
Myrttibut used in any case14:32
topylii guess he thinks he managed to produce something unique now14:32
MyrttiI guess there's some dimwits that think that this is some kind of humour 14:32
Tm_Toh well, nothing new, nothing to care about14:33
Myrttiblue sky ♥ 14:34
bazhanghttp://www.ubuntupocketguide.com/index.html what would you think about a factoid for this guide? contains a lot of very useful info and is great for new users and others14:37
bazhanggot praise from Matthew Helmke, Ryan Troy and John Southern (second is ubuntugeek iirc)14:38
Slartcan someone take a look at irnodefn in #ubuntu.. smells like a bot.. 14:43
Slartcheck the lastlog.. he/she/it repeats questions asked earlier.. with a nice (c) <nick> at the end..14:45
bazhang* [irnodefn] (n=irnode@c-67-181-74-90.hsd1.ca.comcast.net): irnode.org14:45
Myrttinoted earlier...14:45
Slartit's not really disruptive.. afaik it's questions that hasn't been answered14:46
stdindo we class it as a bot? if so then it's against channel rules14:48
SlartI'm out.. thanks!14:48
Myrtti[16:48] [freenode] ~~~   #irnode Echelo    H@  0  14:49
Myrttin=Echelo@c-67-181-74-90.hsd1.ca.comcast.net [Echelo]14:49
Jack_Sparrowbazhang Briefly going through that pocket guide.. this makes me GAG..  Wubi..   There’s no real benefit of one method over the other and, when it comes to the installation process, each is practically identical.15:20
PiciJack_Sparrow: people are afraid of repartitioning15:36
Jack_SparrowTHey should be more afraid of wubi15:36
Jack_SparrowPersonally I think it is the worst idea ap ever included with ubuntu15:37
Jack_SparrowHave you seen the nuber of people in channel that have destroyed thier systems while using it15:37
Jack_SparrowYea, possibly a test drive at the best case15:38
jussi01Jack_Sparrow: sames as the number who have destroyed their systems without it...15:38
Jack_Sparrownot true15:38
PiciNo.  I've seen some people not be able to get back into their Ubuntu install, but I can't remember anyone who lost Windows as well?15:38
* jussi01 thinks the un-hype about wubi is mostly FUD 15:38
Jack_Sparrowusers get all turned around and or lockup ubuntu and power down15:38
Myrttiit's very useful if you know how it's supposed to be used and are aware of the restrictions15:39
Jack_SparrowFUD in your opinion, but I will NEVER use or recommend it to anyone15:39
MyrttiI wouldn't dream of installing a dualboot to my nieces or nephews laptops15:39
Jack_SparrowMyrtti If they wont take the time to read and understand the differences it is too dangerous 15:39
Myrttiwubi I can install15:39
jussi01Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt. the middle one most important here, in the case of the helpers as well.15:40
PiciI personally have no use for Wubi, but I see its benefits.  Paritioning is hard for a new user/novice computer person.15:40
Jack_SparrowI personally rank Wubi right alongside automatix15:40
MyrttiJack_Sparrow: but the developer of Wubi has The Clue15:40
MyrttiI discussed with him last summer at LUGRadio Live15:41
MyrttiAutomatix and Ultamatix are spawn of the devil15:41
Jack_SparrowThey were in here pimping it before it got added into ubuntu..  My opinion has not changed15:41
PiciAlso, my orthopedist just said I can use both hands on the keyboard if I'm comfortable with it. (Yay!)15:42
Jack_SparrowPici Dont overdo it15:42
PiciJack_Sparrow: I can't reach over to the mouse yet, won't try that for a bit.15:42
PiciI know my limits15:42
Jack_SparrowI gotta run, the wife just came in wearing her ug boots...15:43
bazhangapart from the section on Wubi (which I have no prob with) the guide seems quite good imo16:09
* genii stumbles to the coffeepot and makes a fresh batch16:12
ikonia16:19 -!- nbuntu [n=spam_rel@pc-91-229.ds.amg.gda.pl] has joined #ubuntu16:19
ikoniawhat are the odds16:19
PiciWe'll see16:19
ikoniaseems good as gold16:24
=== Pricey is now known as Guest39261
jpdsGuest39261: Can we help you?17:13
Jack_Sparrowbazhang I am still reading but yes, I like that pocket guide..17:44
bazhangJack_Sparrow, as for the Wubi concerns, if they do read through it then wubi installs may become less in number as they learn how to use a real install (ie partitioning etc)17:47
bazhangnot that I dislike wubi so much, just nothing to offer in the way of support for (never tried it myself)17:47
bazhangapart from the !wubi of course17:48
Jack_Sparrowbazhang I lost my system and three people I know personaly did as well17:49
bazhangJack_Sparrow, no wonder you dislike it then17:49
Jack_SparrowIt was an early version but still was not cool17:49
bazhangindeed not17:50
Jack_SparrowI would rather walk 10 people through partitioning every day17:50
bazhangpartitioning is not such a bugbear imo17:50
Jack_Sparrowdifferent level of user.. but it isnt a big deal17:50
bazhangand the tools in 8.10 are very user friendly17:50
bazhangie GUI-wise17:51
Jack_SparrowIf I had a wish it would be for the installer to create a sep home17:51
Jack_SparrowGImme that feature.,. and I mean automaticaly17:51
bazhangthought there was that option for fresh installs, perhaps that is coming in Jaunty17:51
bazhangread about in one of the -meeting's iirc17:52
Jack_Sparrowif you know what you want it is simple.  I just wish it was the default to make the extra partition17:52
bazhangI would do a fresh install for that feature alone; every time I swear this is the time I do it, then forget :)17:53
Jack_SparrowI am rambling..  sorry  .. but yes, I hope we can get the word out on that guide17:53
Jack_Sparrowdoing it now is easy17:53
Jack_SparrowI just walked a couple of people through it.  That guide was the best we found at that time but if you have your partition already formatted.. it can be so much simpler17:54
Jack_Sparrowshould we move to PM just to not spam the channel logs17:55
bazhangwe could just make a !factoid17:55
Jack_SparrowOne sec while I pull up my notes17:56
Jack_Sparrowbazhang See pm for link17:58
bazhanggot it Jack_Sparrow :)17:59
Jack_SparrowIf you strip out what the user already has done and knows it gets much easier to manage17:59
ubottuThe operation succeeded.18:15
bazhang<__mikem> bazhang: I thought the silenceisdefeat domain was banned from this channel?18:21
bazhangI thought so too18:21
bazhang* [neuthral] (i=neuthral@silenceisdefeat.com): janppa in -ot18:22
bazhangrubinof in #kubuntu pasting warez links18:28
bazhanghelpdesk is the same as helpdesk|vb from yesterday?18:36
bazhanghelpdesk/helpdesk|vb from yesterday was telling everyone a fresh install (double clean fresh install) or a reboot was the answer18:48
nickrud it fixed everything :)18:49
* genii feeds bazhang more coffee in a large Kubuntu mug19:15
bazhanggenii, he has me completely confoozled; thanks for the coffee though!19:15
geniibazhang: Hehe :) Anytime for the coffee19:16
geniibazhang: Unfortunately today I haven't much time for helping in #k 19:16
bazhangdont know if I am helping him as I cant understand how a kernel patch to a vm on windows would stop his internet connection19:17
ubottuIn ubottu, mok0 said: !dad is "Ubuntu DaD is a website used by MOTUs to help merging Ubuntu packages from Debian unstable. See http://dad.dunnewind.net"20:15
ubottuThe operation succeeded.20:18
Pici!dad is <reply> Ubuntu DaD is a website used by MOTUs to help merging Ubuntu packages from Debian unstable. See http://dad.dunnewind.net20:18
ubottuI'll remember that, Pici20:18
mneptokdad backwards is dad. wow upside-down is mom. mom upside-down is dad's favorite thing.20:21
Seeker`mneptok: can I just ask, wtf?20:33
nickrudmneptok, why is it I have to laugh at you so darned much? :)20:35
ikoniawhat's happening20:50
jussi01ikonia: we are all getting ready to mob you :P20:53
ikoniamob me ?20:53
ikoniaI've only just got home20:53
ikoniajust passing through having an early night to try to get back on top of things20:54
jussi01anyone up for a game of uno? if so, ##uno20:54
ikoniareally ?20:54
jussi01really really20:55
ikonia(not me I'm off to bed in 10 minutes)20:55
ikoniahow do you play online ?20:55
ikoniawithin irc I mean20:55
jussi01with a bot...20:55
ikoniaooh thats cool20:55
ikoniayou've made a bot to play ubo20:56
jussi01apacheloggers bot, but it is just a standard rbot iirc20:56
ikoniathats cool20:56
jussi01we are playing, you cna join anytime :)20:57
ikoniaI may pop in tommorow as I have a dull day planned for tommorow20:58
ikonianeed sleep tonight20:58
jussi01nini ikonia21:02
ikonianot yet21:02
Picigoodnight ikonia 21:02
ikoniaooh.....I get the hint21:03
mneptoksweet dreams about MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!21:03
* ikonia skulks out the room21:04
ikoniaI'm not going yet, just getting ready21:04
* mneptok slips into his full head latex Bob Barker mask, grabs a tennis racket and hand lotion, and follows ikonia 21:05
Seeker`hi ikonia 21:06
Seeker`how be?21:07
ikoniabetter, still not %100 but getting there21:07
jussi01mneptok: be good...21:08
mneptokjussi01: that costs extra.21:09
jussi01mneptok: meh...21:10
jussi01mneptok: join us for uno!!21:13
mneptokjussi01: i don't think sabdfl pays me to play Uno from the office ;)21:40
mneptokugh. it's snowing *again*21:42
ikoniaOODEADBEEFOO: hi, thanks for joining22:13
ikoniado you want to explain why you think your banned from #ubuntu - when you are in the ubuntu channel 22:14
ikoniaone moment please22:14
OODEADBEEFOOlast night i was trying to explain how to config a ethernet interface to a person who was not able to follow my explanation, so i used <enter> to many time 22:15
mneptokOODEADBEEFOO: the letter O is not a valid hex symbol. i think you mean 00DEADBEEF0022:15
OODEADBEEFOOwas not paying attention to the chat room did not see tritium posting to stop22:15
OODEADBEEFOOi also do not have sounds on this machine so his efforts to alert me went past with no remorse 22:16
ikoniaOODEADBEEFOO: just one moment please, I won't keep you long22:16
OODEADBEEFOOnp! take your time, i just dont like seeing someone i could have helped slip past, due to banned names22:17
OODEADBEEFOOps im oscp and the ban should have been more stringent  :)22:17
OODEADBEEFOOor at least a 1hr ban22:17
ikoniaok, I've just looked at the situation, 22:17
ikoniaand as you said, you where banned as you kept hitting enter when you where asked 3 - 4 times to stop22:18
ikoniayou know this now right ?22:18
OODEADBEEFOOmneptok, ya its erroneous to have 0 in irc :)22:18
OODEADBEEFOOoh ya, i was just trying to break it up for him, i dont look at the screen while i type22:18
OODEADBEEFOOthats my bad....22:19
ikoniatritium: are you around ?22:19
mneptokOODEADBEEFOO: you might want to start ;)22:19
ikoniaOODEADBEEFOO: just give tritium a moment to respond, 22:19
mneptokikonia: AFAIK tritum is @work for the next 2-3 hours22:19
OODEADBEEFOOya i have 4 pc's infront of me, running other service! ill try to pay attention more often22:19
ikoniaOODEADBEEFOO: ok, I'm happy to remove the ban as long as you can control the punction this time,22:19
ikoniaOODEADBEEFOO: I appriciate you being %100 honest22:19
OODEADBEEFOOya man, i know why i was banned 22:19
OODEADBEEFOOi am a oper in mintirc22:20
OODEADBEEFOOalso hak522:20
ikoniaOODEADBEEFOO: FYI: if you have a problem with a ban/channel issue come here, as going into #ubuntu as another use gets you in more trouble for ban dodging22:20
OODEADBEEFOOlol copy dat!22:20
ikoniaok, I've removed the ban if you'd like to try it22:20
OODEADBEEFOOhad no idea of this, im usually in offsec / RE and this started popping up due to the HOST ubuntu system and xchat irc install 22:21
OODEADBEEFOOawesome! TY for the help and info!!22:21
=== OODEADBEEFOO is now known as subinacls
subinaclsgood to go!22:21
ikoniagreat, if there is no other business here you're welcome to leave this channel and get stuck into #ubuntu22:22
subinaclsya ill hope on and off from time to time!22:22
ikoniaenjoy, bye22:23
subinaclsappreciate the help, and info in the other chan!22:23
subinaclshave a good night!22:23
ikoniano problem22:23
ubottujRjohnson called the ops in #ubuntu ()22:27
ikoniaon it22:27
ikoniatime waster/troll22:28
Guest92595Hi I was banned for asking a questin about mint23:09
Guest92595it is based on ubuntu23:10
ikoniaGuest92595: I asked you 3 times to stop and told you where mint support was, you kept asking, I removed you - you came back asking, I asked you again, 2 times, you kept asking, I removed you again, you came back started asking, you then told me to be quiet23:10
Guest92595all I want to know is how to fix etc/resolv.config in kppp, but was banned by ikonia23:10
ikoniait's clear you are unable to take support direction23:10
ikoniayes, I banned you because a.) you are unable to take support direction b.) your attitude towards someone pointing you in the right place was unacceptable23:11
Guest92595it is ubuntu23:11
ikoniait's not23:11
ikoniait's "mint" based on ubuntu23:11
Guest92595none is on linux mint irc23:11
ikoniaso ?23:11
ikoniathat doesn't mean ignore direction and be rude23:11
ikoniayou made the choice to use mint23:11
Guest92595so you don't know how to fix my problem?23:11
ikoniayes, but that's not the point23:12
Guest92595other ppl might23:12
mneptokGuest92595: Mint support questions do not belong in Ubuntu channels. period.23:12
ikoniano - #ubuntu does not support mint23:12
ikoniaI made that clear over 6 times to you23:12
mneptokGuest92595: is anything about that unclear?23:12
Guest92595linux used to have good support wherever, any wonder ppl stop using it, when you won't help in a simple question23:13
ikoniait's clear you don't/won't/can't listen so I suggest we don't take this futher at this time23:14
ikoniaI lost count of how many times I warned him, I kicked him twice and he still didn't get it23:15
mneptokalcohlic beverages are not recommended for pregnant women.23:16
mneptokwant to know why? get a +o on a big IRC network.23:16
* mneptok heads home23:17
* nickrud wonders why ikonia seems to always get stuck with the jerks23:28
ikoniaso much for an early night23:28
nickrudsaw that while reading back :)23:28
ikoniastaying at my parents tonight, so waiting for my mum to get home23:29
* Mez hates the fact his resolution doesnt seem to be exactly what it was before23:42
nickrudMez, buck up, resolution is a function of determination23:42
nickrudoh. wrong sphere23:43
SportChickis there a turkish ubuntu channel?23:44
ikonia#ubuntu-tr ?23:44
ubottuTurk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.23:44
MezI think the fonts might have changed or something23:44
Mezmy irssi looks weird23:44
Mezthats what I get for upgrading to jaunty I gueee23:45
nickrudis it march already?23:46
ikoniaparent's home, at last. Night23:46
Meznickrud: nah, I always run dev releases :D23:48
PriceyMez: that should never be done to milk.23:54
ubottuIn ubottu, pike_ said: Pike is an interpreted, general-purpose, high-level, cross-platform, dynamic programming language, with a syntax similar to that of C.23:56
MezPricey: lol - it's a long running joke with me and my first ever geek friend (he taught me VB!)23:58

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