amelie[18:53] <amelie> I made a RAID 1 with 2 500gb hard drives00:04
amelie[18:54] <amelie> i mean (2)  500 gb hard drives00:04
amelie[18:54] <-- Dragonmaster_Dan has left this server (Remote closed the connection).00:04
amelie[18:54] <amelie> formatted the partitions with ubuntu server 8.1000:04
amelie[18:54] <amelie> then, downloaded the kubuntu-desktop00:04
amelie[18:54] <amelie> my system was working right during a month00:04
amelie[18:54] <amelie> and suddenly, I've got this error:00:04
amelie[18:55] <amelie> /dev/md6: clean, 37/24096 files, 34600/96256 blocks00:04
amelie[18:55] <amelie> /dev/md9 contains a file system with errors, check forced.00:04
Kamping_Kaiserfsck did a check. so what?00:08
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cjwatsondayo__: I see RediXe's gone, but for the record I believe our standard documented method is 'sudo deluser <user> admin', just as adduser is our standard documented method for adding users00:57
amelie/dev/md9: File ... (inode #14246082, mod time Tue Jan 27 18:53:46 2009)01:02
amelie  has 1 multiply-claimed block(s), shared with 1 file(s):01:02
amelie/dev/md9: /amelie/.mozilla/firefox/2d4jsiml.default/Cache/41628DC2d01 (inode #14246794, mod time Tue Jan 27 23:01:42 2009)01:02
amelie(i.e., without -a or -p options)01:02
ameliefsck died with exit status 401:02
ameliewhat does it mean?01:02
jmarsden|workamelie: It means that filesystem has an issue that fsck cannot fix automatically... umount it and then do what the error msg says... run fsck manually :)01:09
twbWhere can I read about the differences between the linux-image-server and linux-image-generic packages?01:13
twb"server" is rather more nebulous than the -march variations I'm used to under Debian.01:13
maxbtwb: -server vs. -generic is more about the selection of kernel config options, than the cpu architecture01:15
maxbThings like is the scheduler tuned for desktop responsiveness, or server throughput01:15
twbmaxb: indeed; so where can I read about who decides what things to tweak, and how?01:21
maxbwho? The kernel team, I suppose. What exactly? Not sure, though you could always resort to diffing the relevant files in the source package01:22
twbI was hoping there'd be a policy document (say, in the wiki) about it.01:24
ameliethanks jmarsden|work, but the thing is i don't know how to use the fsck or mount a partition; i'm pretty newbie on this01:26
jmarsden|workamelie: Are you the administrator of a machine running Ubuntu Server?01:26
maxbtwb: Well, you could hop on #ubuntu-kernel, ask, and hang around for a while.01:27
jmarsden|workOK.  Is the filesystem on /dev/md9 mounted now, or not (can you get at the files on it)?01:28
ameliei don't know01:28
ameliei just hit control D to boot up normally01:28
jmarsden|workOK, open up a Terminal and in it do      mount | grep md9    and tell me what it displays01:30
twbmaxb: thanks.01:33
amelie"/dev/md9 on /home type ext3 (rw,relatime)"01:37
ameliei suppose it means is mounted right?01:38
jmarsden|workOK, so it is mounted.  We need to undo that so we can fix it... but it is your /home partition, which could make life fun... are there other users currently logged into or accessing this server right now.01:38
jmarsden|workOr just you?01:38
jmarsden|work(Basically, it may be simplest to reboot it to the point where it shows the error and drops you into a recovery shell... but that will affect any other users!01:40
jmarsden|workamelie: I only have about 15 minutes before I have to leave here... is it OK with you if we reboot your server as part of fixing this issue??01:44
ameliewell, you mean restart the computer completely?01:46
ameliei don't know to use the fsck command01:46
jmarsden|workYes; once we restart and you get to where you did ctrl-D last time, I can help with the fsck part...01:47
ameliehow do i do that?01:48
amelielog as another user?01:48
jmarsden|work?  You don't know how to restart your server??  Something feels odd here.01:48
ameliei told you01:48
ameliei'm a newbie....01:48
jmarsden|workThen who configured the server with software RAID...?01:49
jmarsden|workOK... if you are sure you are the only user using the server, do     sudo shutdown -r now01:49
ameliei just format 4 partitions on each disk as "raid" and later tied each one with the menu01:49
amelieand asign the mount points and system type01:50
jmarsden|workOh... she was IRCing from the server itself?!  OOPS.01:51
ameliejmarsden|work: I made the fsck02:18
amelieand hit the default options02:18
ameliethe /dev/md9, ended with errors I think02:18
ameliewhe the system restarted, it says the same thing about unclean shutdown, but with partition md702:19
ameliethen, the automated fsck, worked02:20
amelieand reboot normally02:20
ameliei don't know if is working good now...02:20
ameliestill there?02:20
ameliewell, i supposed you are busy02:21
ameliei'll come tomorrow is late for me now02:21
ameliethanks for the help02:21
kansananything after exit 0;  in /etc/rc.local will NOT get executed... correct?02:40
loosepartsHello. Probably more of a windows question, but deals with Ubuntu and samba, so. I have finally setup my smb.conf to allow me to map a drive to a share on my server from my windows box. I want it to reconnect at boot up but it is requiring a password where i want it to connect automatically. thanks.03:48
SudoKinghi guys, my server (on LAN) is trying to initiate a connection to the gateway.  This computer I'm using is attached to the same LAN and can connect successfully.. the eth0 device doesn't recieve a DHCPOFFER, how can I identify the problem? :\04:34
jtmoneyhey guys, i have software raid and updated my kernel... now my machine won't boot back up... how can i go about fixing this?05:19
* soren realises that in order for the opennebula driver to get into the libvirt package, OpenNebula needs to be in main.08:42
ScixIs this the place for solving  gpgv problems?08:50
tarimarihi guys09:12
tarimarii want to setup hosts so that *.loc go to localhost. is it possible?  then from apache2 configuration, i ll direct to different website-folder09:12
domas... can do with dns not with hosts09:37
domasbut as he quite09:37
domasquit, he won't find that out09:37
Chipzzare the base differences between a debian and ubuntu install documented somewhere?10:14
Chipzzread: if I install debian, with no tasks selected in tasksel, and ubuntu server alternate with no tasks selected in tasksel, what are the differences I should expect?10:16
ChipzzI'm aware of init vs upstart, and different kernel packages10:16
Chipzzbut any other issues where ubuntu deviates from debian?10:17
kaushalis there a step by step guide to install Oracle 9i Release 2( on Ubuntu Server 8.10 ?10:27
domaswe already told you!10:32
kaushaldomas, you said it for MySQL DB :)10:33
domasyes yes, but that solves your issue!10:35
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ScixHow can i get something like "server:/home/* /home/*/Server nfs noauto,user" to work in fstab?11:03
ScixOr it here an other way to mount a NFS dir, without beeing root11:04
SmokeyDhey people. Does anyone have tips for software I can use to monitor the amount of bandwidth consumed by postfix,dovecot and apache2 all running on the same machine, split up per domain name?12:52
SmokeyDI am thinking of doing it with iptables, but I don't know if iptables can distinguish between the virtual domainnames of smtp and pop3/imap traffic12:54
sorenIt can't.12:56
SmokeyDsoren: ok, you have any other recommendations?12:56
SmokeyDor maybe monitor web traffic through iptables and other data through other means12:56
sorenThe web traffic case is clearly the simplest. Apache logs the size of each request and can be told to log to separate files for each domain.12:57
sorenNo need to get iptables involved.12:57
SmokeyDsoren: :)12:57
SmokeyDgood one12:57
sorenThe others are much more difficult.12:57
sorenNeither postfix nor dovecot log sizes of requests.12:58
sorenFor dovecot you also might have very, very long-lived connections, which makes it quite difficult.12:58
lamontsoren: postfix does log sizes12:58
sorenlamont: Of SMTP sessions?12:58
sorenlamont: ...or message sizes?12:58
lamontthough you also get long-lived connections with connection caching now...12:59
lamontmessage sizes12:59
lamontOTOH, message size should roughly correlate to session size.  with a fudgefactor for turning DATA into $SESSION12:59
sorenAlso, what if a message is addressed for foo@example.com, but is delivered to foo@example2.com? Who should this count against?13:00
SmokeyDlamont: yes indeed, I can assume that since pop3 is mainly used, twice DATA=$SESSION (once arriving through postfix, once downloading through dovecot pop3)13:01
sorenLogging of e-mail traffic like this is much less clear-cut.13:01
sorenSmokeyD: Unless they decide to keep mail on the server.13:01
SmokeyDsoren: indeed13:02
SmokeyDbut I can assume they don't I think. I am not talking about a major commercial hoster, just a few domainnames of people I know well and trust13:02
sorenIf that's the case, why are you monitoring this?13:10
chimpWhen connecting to a webserver via its ip address, is it possible to pass it the host name you intend to use externally so that it sends you to the correct apache virtual webserver?13:43
sommer_chimp: sure, just add the hostname to your /etc/hosts file13:44
=== sommer_ is now known as sommer
chimpI am a massive fool13:44
chimpmust be too much revising of physics, ruins ones brain13:45
sommerI wouldn't say "massive" :-) ... it's one of those things that until you need to do it there's not much reason to know how13:45
chimpyeah but ive done it plenty of times before13:46
chimpmy hosts file is full of stuff :S13:46
DogWaterDoes anyone know of any single command way to remove all partitions in Ubuntu?14:44
domasthat sure must be single command14:44
frippzDogWater: I think you'll have to use fdisk for that (no single command as far as I know, unless you get someone to write a script for you :P)15:01
sorenDogWater: Just nuke the partition table?15:06
domasrandom dd could work, yes :)15:06
sorenDogWater: "dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/nameofthedevice bs=512 count=1"15:06
sorenSounds like a horrible idea, though.15:06
domasmkswap /dev/nameofthedevice %)15:06
domasback when I was evil kid, I used to suggest 'mkswap' instead of usual 'rm -rf'15:07
domaswould work quite well15:07
lionelsoren: could you have a look at bug #223024 please. MOTU-SRU is interested by a ~ubuntu-server member POV on the patch before hacking15:09
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 223024 in apt-cacher "apt-cacher / Use of uninitialized value in concatenation / line 169" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22302415:10
alexrussellHi folks. I've recently installed a new (64 bit) Ubuntu Hardy Server and did the LAMP option. Thsi has installed PHP as an apache module (as far as I can tell), but I want to install PEAR. If I do a 'sudo apt-get install php-pear' it talks about wanting to install php5-cli. While I'm happy to do so, will this ruin the default LAMP set-up (or even not give my non-cli php5 installation no access to PEAR which was my original intention in15:25
alexrussellthe first place)? Also, I hear if one uses the cli version of php with apache, files need execute permission. Is this true and if so I'd like to avoid this situation as chmodding all php files to +x is a pain when the server's being used on a samba network...15:25
alexrussell...sorry for the big lump of text there15:25
_rubenphp-cli is just an addition to the apache modules .. you can have apache use the php modules and also have the php commandline tool installed at the same time15:26
_rubeniow: installing pear wont break your php+apache config15:26
_rubenunless something freaky happens15:26
alexrussellexcellent, thanks15:26
axisyscan I install ubuntu 64bit server on T1000 (sun4v) ?15:44
axisyscan I install the 8.10? it shows 7.10 certified15:46
jrwrenif you can find a version for the ultrasparc T1 processor.15:47
axisysjrwren: partners/sun shows 7.10 as the latest certified for t100015:48
axisysi wonder if i can install 8.1015:48
axisysofcourse i can give it a try.. but wondering if anyone did it15:48
jrwren7.10 looks like the last sparc release15:49
jrwreni'm just browsing here: http://osmirrors.cerias.purdue.edu/pub/ubuntu-releases/15:49
ScottK7.10 was the last release that had official Canonical support for Sparc.  I know people who use the later releases.15:49
jrwrennotice how in teh 7.10 directory there is a "sparc" iso image.15:49
jrwrenbut 8.04 there is not.15:49
ScottKIt was moved to ports.15:49
ScottKThere's a different URL.15:49
ScottKThey aren't (I don't think) mirrored so look at ports.ubuntu.com (IIRC).15:50
binspaceIs there an ubuntu universe/multiverse repository on ec2?16:02
Deeepsumm, i've not used ec2 before, but surely you just add them to your sources.list like anywhere else?16:03
binspaceYeah, I was just wondering if there was a public mirror. The reason is to make installs/updates faster.16:06
axisys ScottK: i dont see the iso in ports.ubuntu.com16:27
ScottKI'm not sure then.16:27
axisysi see mini.iso, netboot, cdrom16:28
axisysthey are as recent as jan 24 200916:28
ScottKI except the mini.iso would be enough to get a booting system, but i don't know.16:28
ScottKThose will be for Jaunty then.16:29
axisysi saw an article on how to install using mini.iso and netboot..16:29
ScottKThere was a period where CD builds for ports weren't happening, so that may be why you don't see them.16:29
axisyscan't find it now.. the how to16:29
lionelaxisys: you should find what you want on http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ports/releases/16:30
axisyslionel: sweet! that's exactly what I was looking for16:32
axisyslionel: thanks a lot16:32
lionelyou're welcome16:33
mathiazsoren: dendrobates- told me there was a need to come up with a PKI infrastructure for your cloud work16:59
mathiazsoren: is there a specific document that outlines the requirements?17:00
dendrobates-ha, soren document that goes against his religion.17:00
mathiazsoren: how does it work from the client side?17:01
dendrobates-right now certificates are ssh'd around by a shell script17:01
dendrobates-mathiaz: ^^^17:01
mathiazdendrobates-: well - I've looked into openldap and all of the bits to support an X509 PKI are there17:01
dendrobates-mathiaz: I'm not sure how far we will get into this this release, but be prepared to talk to the euacalyptus team next week,17:02
mathiazdendrobates-: support for rfc 4523 is there17:02
mathiazdendrobates-: which means we should be able to store all of the certificates in an ldap tree directly17:03
mathiazdendrobates-: ok- is there at least somewhere I can look at to understand how certificates are used in the overall architecture?17:04
dendrobates-mathiaz: now all they have to do is be able to get them out.17:04
dendrobates-mathiaz: I can give you an email addess to send a request to.17:05
mathiazdendrobates-: I guess that would already be better than digging in the code17:06
dendrobates-mathiaz: I'm sure they have docs.17:06
sorenmathiaz: I'm not familiar with the intimate details of it, I'm afraid.17:21
ivoks_i hope everyone can follow this one17:43
mathiazivoks_: seems like a good page! Thanks for putting it together17:45
ivoks_mathiaz: testing primary-primary would require setting up cluster, so i decided to leave that out17:48
ivoks_it's too complicated for testing17:48
ivoks_if someone doesn't understand how it works17:49
ivoks_it's complicated to explain, not to test :)17:49
mathiazivoks_: right. That's a good start.17:50
ScottKStep 1: Go learn all about brbd.  Step 2: The rest is obvious.17:50
ivoks_drbd :)17:51
jmedinagood, here another infor about brdb and lvm resize17:51
ivoks_drbd! :D17:51
ivoks_i could add that to a test17:52
jmedina:D, they have to change their products name :D, looks like brdb is easier17:52
ivoks_first d is from disk17:53
ivoks_so... :D17:53
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axisysok i downloaded the iso from cdimages.. now how do I jump it? never jump installed ubuntu.. only solaris18:20
ivoksjump install?18:21
* ivoks googles18:21
ivoksgoogle shares my feelings :D18:22
ivokscould you explain what's jump install?18:22
axisysivoks: hehe.. i meant jumpstart .. (solaris term)18:24
axisysivoks: how do I network install18:24
axisysivoks: the server has no CDROM or USB18:24
axisysivoks: t100018:25
ivoksi find this tutorial perfect18:25
ivoksjust watch out when downloading image18:26
ivoks'Get and install the files'18:26
orudie2how can i find out which version of php and mysql server is currently installed ?18:26
ivoksapt-cache show php518:26
ivoksapt-cache show mysql-server18:26
ivoksaxisys: sparc?18:27
axisysivoks: yes18:27
yann2axisys > hi18:27
yann2axisys > could you write an article once you get it to work? i got some t1000 too18:28
axisysyann2: sure18:28
yann2you plan to install which version?18:28
ivoksaxisys: http://ports.ubuntu.com/dists/hardy/main/installer-sparc/current/images/sparc64/netboot/18:28
yann2hey I didnt know there still were some isos for sparc for hardy18:28
ivoksports.ubuntu.com has it all18:29
axisysyann2: for isos you go to cdimages.ubuntu.com/ports18:30
axisysivoks: i was not looking for images18:30
ivoksaxisys: those aren't images18:31
ivoksaxisys: that's kernel and initrd for netboot18:31
axisysivoks: true18:31
axisysivoks: this looks a good starting point for how to for me18:32
axisysivoks: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation#Server and network installations18:32
ivoksi've never netbooted sparc18:33
ivoksi don't know how that works...18:33
axisysivoks: boot net - install at ok prompt.. it looks for the tftp18:34
ivoksi would just follow the link i gaved you18:35
ivoksand instead of serving i386 initrd and kernel, serve sparc kernel and initrd18:36
ivoksfrom the other link i pasted18:36
geniiAnother great link is https://wiki.koeln.ccc.de/index.php/Ubuntu_PXE_Install for netboot installs18:36
ivoksgenii: i agree :D18:38
geniiivoks: Ah, when I check backscroll I see it was posted already, apologies for my redundancy :)18:39
ivoksredumdacy is good18:40
ivokswe are on #ubuntu-server18:40
geniiHehe, yes18:40
ivokswe like redundacy :D18:40
ivokstoo many typos today18:40
grindkingif i wanted to change the desktop machine i've been using with 8.10 intrepid to more of a server setup, would it be a bad idea to just install the packages i need, and remove the ones i don't rather that installing the actual ubuntu server iso? i'm trying to save a step if i can :D19:13
asterisk_user2we want to replace our Windows 2000 server (active directory)19:14
asterisk_user2and we would like to use UBuntu server19:14
asterisk_user2Is that possible with Ubuntu ? (to use as a file server with AD features)19:15
ivoksmathiaz: i've added test D, primary-primary19:15
jmedinaasterisk_user2: depends what AD features you want19:16
jmedinawith samba3 you can implement a NT4 Domain Controller19:17
asterisk_user2NT4 domain controller ? OK19:17
asterisk_user2will have a look at that19:17
ivoksAD will be possible with samba419:18
asterisk_user2I would like to block internet settings19:18
asterisk_user2and other configuration options19:18
asterisk_user2for security reasons19:18
asterisk_user2OK nice to hear19:18
ivoksit is not possible to replace windows AD with non-windows AD19:18
ivoksat the momment19:18
ivokssamba4 will be able to do that, but it's not stable yet19:19
asterisk_user2ok thank you ivoks19:19
asterisk_user2do you know when samba4 is stable enough for production use ?19:19
asterisk_user2maybe 2010 ??19:19
ivoksmaybe even this year19:20
asterisk_user2i just found http://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Samba419:21
asterisk_user2sounds very cool !!19:21
ScottKWe have alpha grade Samba4 packages in Intrepid and Jaunty.19:21
asterisk_user2who tried SAMBA4 ?19:21
asterisk_user2SAMBA 4 seems to become much better than 319:22
ivoksit's a rewrite19:22
jmedinaasterisk_user2: but samba4 is not yet complete19:23
asterisk_user2yes i know...19:24
asterisk_user2looking forward to samba419:24
jmedinaasterisk_user2: you can make your donations to the samba fundation to speed up development XD19:24
asterisk_user2i think i will !19:25
kansando things in /etc/rc.local get run as root?19:25
kansani.e. if i want to do:  "sudo start runsvdir"  how do i make sure that happens on every startup?19:26
jmedinakansan: yeap19:26
kansanjmedina, so i dont need the sudo there huh19:26
jmedinadont think so, try it with a simple echo19:26
ivoksit runs as roon19:27
axisysi am reading the mailing list ... i get the impression ubuntu will drop the ball on sparc very soon.. is that general belief here?19:37
ivoksaxisys: i have couple of sparc servers19:38
ivoksaxisys: it's not supported by canonical19:38
ivoksaxisys: but it still gets builded and isos are created19:38
axisysivoks: is the support dropped or was never there ?19:39
ivoksit was there for couple of releases19:39
ivoksaxisys: but, for example, bug in openssh is fixed in source, and all binaries are builded, including those for sparc19:40
axisysivoks: my work wont let me install it unless there is some support available.. i guess i rather go with solaris then :-(19:40
axisyshmm. what a predicament19:40
ivoksi've choosed ubuntu for my sparcs19:42
ScottKivoks: Offer him a support contract.19:42
ivoksi just love drbd :)19:44
keesivoks: I really want to play with it again.  I tried to set it up back around 2003 or 2004 or so.19:45
ivokskees: it's way cooler these days :D19:45
ivoksit even supports three nodes19:45
keesivoks: yeah, it had Issues(tm) back then.19:46
keesI wanted it for making our mailman server into a hot-spare cluster.19:46
keesmailman really didn't like the idea of being on 2 filesystems.  :)19:46
ivoksi'm looking how to integrate it better with cluster-suite19:47
ivoksnow it's just too much manual work19:47
ivoksit should start from rcS.d not rc2.d, before cluster-suite19:48
ivoksso that one can have gfs on top of drbd19:48
ivoksand still be able to boot :D19:48
ivoksi just fixed it :D19:50
ivoksyay!!! :D :D19:51
ivoksi'll upload the change19:53
ivoksoh, i can't do that :D19:53
ivoksi think sshd should be the first service that starts after network is up19:55
ivoksnot mounting filesystems19:55
Jeeves_hi all19:56
ivokszul: good catch20:04
ivokszul: on bacula20:04
zuldendrobates caught it20:04
geniiivoks: How can it know where sshd is until it mounts the dir containing it?20:05
ivoksgenii: you are talking about the case when /usr is different partition?20:06
ivoksnetwork is up after local filesystems are mounted20:07
ivoksso, there is no problem20:07
ivoksproblem is that GFS/GFS2/NFS are mounted and some services are started before SSH is up, before you have access to remote system20:07
Deeepsivoks: unless sshd is on a network file system20:07
ivoksthis is great when everything works20:07
ivoksbut when you have faulty drbd/gfs or some service20:08
ivoksyou are in big trouble20:08
ivoksDeeeps: well, that's a corner case... in that case, everything is possible20:08
ivoksi had a case when my system didn't come up20:09
jrwrenssh in initrd!20:09
Deeepslikewise recently, if you rememeber ;)20:09
ivoksit was thousands of kms away, and it just had IP20:09
jrwrenmaybe dropbear sshd would fit :)20:09
Deeepswith sendmail and bind9-host hehe20:09
keesivoks: dropbear, d'oh jrwren beat me20:10
ivokshm... no, maybe someone doesn't want ssh?20:10
Deeepsthats when you kick yourself for not having an IPKVM / real servers with iLO and the like20:10
ivoksdesktops, for example20:10
ivoksDeeeps: luckly, i had IPMI :D20:10
* jmedina loves IPMI20:11
Deeepsatta boy20:11
ivoksi would just move ssh from rc2.d to rcS.d20:11
ivoksbefore portmap20:11
ivoksand other network stuff20:11
ivokswhat's with upstart anyway?20:11
ivoksupstart would solve this problem20:11
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uvirtbot`New bug: #319850 in mysql-dfsg-5.1 (universe) "mysql-*-5.1 still depends on mysql-common-5.1." [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31985021:06
jrwren  What would you like to do about it ?  Your options are:21:15
jrwren      D     : show the differences between the versions21:15
jrwrenwould be cool if dpkg would invoke a 3way diff tool.21:15
sektor1952what's the best way to installing gnome without the extra fluff like kernels, bluetooth etc22:45
sektor1952I would like to install gnome to make it easier build some stuff out but aptitude install ubuntu-desktop installs way too much22:47
Kamping_Kaisertry gnome-desktop-environment or gnome-desktop. (however, i feel your question is somewhat OT for here)22:49
sektor1952well I installed ubuntu server from iso22:49
ScottKAs soon as you say Gnome, it's OT here.  Doesn't matter what you installed.22:50
sektor1952my apologies22:51
binspaceHello, I need some help with debconf with mysql-5.0. It doesn't seem to work.22:52
binspaceI've tried echo "mysql-server mysql-server/root_password select" | sudo debconf-set-selections22:52
binspaceand echo "mysql-server-5.0 mysql-server/root_password password password" | sudo debconf-set-selections22:53
binspaceand I still get prompted22:53
binspaceerichammond: Hey Eric, can I pick your brain for a bit?22:53
erichammondbinspace: If you ask questions I might be one of the people who answers :)22:57
erichammondbinspace: If it relates to EC2 you might find a wider variety of experts on #ubuntu-ec2 and ##aws22:58
binspaceok, thanks22:58
erichammond(including me)22:58
uvirtbot`New bug: #322952 in nagios3 (main) "several reports will not allow submitting parameters" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32295223:06
binspace*sigh* Ubuntu is driving me crazy23:06
binspaceOk. I found the solution. I was doing apt-get install mysql-server23:18
binspaceI needed to do apt-get install mysql-server-5.023:18
rgottenhas anybody good experience with software raid23:19
* ogra points binspace to man debconf and the fset command (with seen = true) to avoind questions after preseeding23:20
binspaceogra: Honestly I was staring at man debconf, and its pretty anemic. I don't understand what you mean by fset and seen = true. I know that the default answer is to RTFM, but TMFS (the manual fucking sucks).23:23
binspaceAnd relevant examples go much further than mountains of configuration documentation. Simply put the signal to noise ratio of man pages tends to be tiny.23:26
ograbinspace, echo -e "set mysql-server/root_password select\nfset mysql-server/root_password seen true" | debconf-communicate mysql-server23:37
ograthat line would tell debconf to never ask that question again23:38
ograi agree that man debconf isnt actually of much help if you want to do preseeding ... man 7 debconf is though23:40
binspaceogra: Dude. You are a force of nature :-) Thanks alot.23:41
binspaceI noticed that man debconf-devel has the fset info23:41
ograoh, its actually debconf-devel :)23:41
ogranot debconf23:42
binspaceyeah. Its a weird naming convention. I figured it was for people hacking on debconf. I guess the rule is follow the see also links.23:43

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