sbeattiedavmor2: fair warning, I just committed a patch to the dl-ubuntu-test-iso script (at ara's request) that prefers the config file to be ~/.dl-ubuntu-test-iso rather than $HOME/iso/iso.cfg08:41
arasbeattie: thanks steve!08:41
davmor2sbeattie: Ta but I use the default anyway :)08:41
sbeattieah, cool, good to know.08:42
davmor2sbeattie: the only time I was using the ~/.... was when my slowband issue was in effect then it was slightly quick to dl from schwuk08:43
aradavmor2, sbeattie: is there a default?08:44
aradavmor2, sbeattie: where is it?08:44
davmor2ara: it's built into the script08:45
aradavmor2: ok, thanks08:45
aradavmor2: so you download every possible iso?08:45
davmor2ara: it's at the bottom08:45
sbeattieactually, they're all set at the top of the script.08:46
aradavmor2: ah, you edit the script, don't you?08:46
davmor2ara: I dl everything that the script is written for yes08:46
aradavmor2: ok08:46
sbeattiehowever, the provided dl-ubuntu-test-iso.sample-cfg should also cause it to behave in exactly the same way.08:46
aradavmor2: about the reboot icon after update in jaunty, is a known issue: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/update-notifier/+bug/31840908:46
ubot4Launchpad bug 318409 in update-notifier "[jaunty] Reboot icon after kernel upgrade doesn't reboot" [High,Incomplete]08:46
davmor2sbeattie: I thought that was just the options on what to dl and the list at the bottom was the bit that actually did the downloading08:47
davmor2ara: cool it's just it only seem to happen once in a while which is what was throwing me with it :)08:48
sbeattiedavmor2: they're all set at the top, overridden by the command line options given to getopt, reported to stdout if it's not told to be quiet, and then the get lines do the actual work.08:49
sbeattiebut anyway, if you're happy with the defaults, that's good to know, too.08:50
davmor2sbeattie: Ah right with you now.  Out of interest why do we still have jeos and gobuntu get lines listed, being as jeos is now on the server cd and "free software install" has replaced gobuntu?08:53
sbeattiethey still exist for hardy, though I don't they'll be respun again. I'll rip 'em out of the default.08:55
davmor2sbeattie: the only ones current supported for hardy is ubuntu and server they are having a debate about kubuntu at the moment :)08:56
davmor2Good Morning by the way guys09:29
sbeattieheh, I suppose it is morning. I really should get to bed. ${APPROPRIATE_TIME_OF_DAY_GREETING} to you all.09:46
arasbeattie: good night!09:47
davmor2sbeattie: what time is it there?09:49
aradavmor2: around 1am09:57
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aradavmor2: thanks for updating the application template12:04
davmor2ara: just check through it I think it right12:05
aradavmor2: ok, I will have a look12:05
davmor2ara: also I'm guessing there should be a space after AppImage but I could be wrong12:06
aradavmor2: I think it would work either way, wouldn't it?12:07
davmor2no idea I haven't tried it12:07
davmor2schwuk: ^12:07
davmor2ara, schwuk: is this script in place dude look at http://testcases.qa.ubuntu.com/Applications/Calculator neither way seems to work12:34
schwukdavmor2: re-check that page :)12:40
davmor2schwuk: what was it?12:40
schwukdavmor2: <<AppImage(gcalc)>>12:41
schwukdavmor2: you forgot the brackets, and the .png isn't needed.12:42
davmor2ah cool thank you :)12:44
davmor2Dave Murphy: You know the System Testing in Jaunty should it play a sound when it say Do you hear a sound?14:28
aradavmor2: have you click on the "Test" button?14:39
davmor2ara: yeap15:04
aradavmor2: and you don't get any sound?15:05
davmor2ara: I also know that the sound system works15:05
davmor2ara: no sound15:05
aradavmor2: then file a bug in checkbox package in Jaunty :-)15:05
davmor2ara: How bizarre not a bug in checkbox after all.  Sound works at login and then disappears15:15
aradavmor2: weird, indeed15:15
davmor2I'll try a fresh install and see if it is still the same15:20
cgreganheno: ping16:19
cgreganara: ping16:23
aracgregan: pong16:25
aracgregan: did you feel lonely?16:26
aracgregan: ;-)16:26
cgreganI did16:27
cgreganThanks...for the interview...BTW. It really cemented my opinion of Javier and I extended an offer16:27
cgreganI appreciate the help with dev knowledge16:28
cgreganAlso...my main reason for pinging....is there a wiki for the Oxford sprint?16:28
cgreganI want to arrange all the travel16:28
arayes, there is, hold on a sec16:28
cr3cgregan: hiya16:30
cgregancr3: hello....I managed to get my info from ara. Thanks!16:31
cr3cgregan: ara's da man! :)16:31
davmor2cr3: I'm pretty sure she isn't :D16:38
arawho knows...16:41

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