newz2000ryanakca: can you remind me what the solution to the documentation tab on wiki.k.o is? Just remove the tab or adjust the link so it points elsewhere?22:57
jpdsnewz2000: The documentation tab?22:57
jpdsI believe he's working on a help.kubuntu.org.22:58
newz2000bug #25393122:58
ubot3Malone bug 253931 in kubuntu-website "Documentation tab on http://wiki.kubuntu.org/ should be removed" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25393122:58
jpds22:19:29 < ryanak.ca> jjesse: ping? Will you be available tomorrow to work on help.kubuntu.org?23:00
newz2000hmm. That may not be directly related, I'm refering to the wiki theme on wiki.kubuntu.org23:00
jpdsI think they'll point the doc tab to that when done.23:00
newz2000oh, found my note from him he sent me a while back23:07
newz2000ryanakca: unping, got it resolved. Have committed the change and will be asking the IS team to update the wiki theme tomorrow.23:07
ryanakcanewz2000: splendid23:18

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