brycetroubleshooting guide for blank/black screen issues --- https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/BlankScreen09:32
tseliottjaalton: just FYI nvidia driver 180.27 supports the new X ABI :-)12:00
tjaaltontseliot: wow, that was fast12:18
tseliottjaalton: now switching between windows is fast and doesn't make sound choppy12:18
tjaaltonphoronix failed to notice the support for the new abi12:23
tseliotwell, it wasn't in the changelog13:10
jcristautjaalton: you expected him to do a tiny bit of research? :)13:43
tjaaltonjcristau: yeah, I have such high hopes13:49
johanbrHmm. The new synaptics driver broke vertical scrolling for me.14:29
tjaaltonnice to know14:39
tseliotthe synaptics driver is on my todo list. I'll start working on it after I'm done with nvidia14:54
johanbrOkay, found the bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-input-synaptics/+bug/32063214:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 320632 in xserver-xorg-input-synaptics "tap-to-click and edge-scrolling broken in Jaunty" [Undecided,Confirmed]14:56
tseliotjohanbr: can you attach the output of this command in the report? xinput list-props name_of_your_synaptic_device14:59
tseliotmaybe you're using an AlpsPS device15:00
jcristaui'm using an alps, and edge scrolling is a lot harder to use on 0.99.3 than previously, too..15:00
tseliotjcristau: I forgot to fix it for ALPS. Can you attach the output of that command to the report, please?15:02
jcristauwell. i want to get it fixed upstream eventually, just haven't had time to look into it yet..15:04
johanbrtseliot: It is an alps device. I think the edge is misdetected.15:07
tseliotjcristau: I would like to provide upstream with some of my patches15:07
johanbrI managed to get edge scrolling back with xinput, but completely broke normal mouse pointer movement. :)15:07
johanbrIs there an xinput command to reset the properties?15:08
jcristautseliot: paste.debian.net/27180/ (this is on debian, so unpatched 0.99.3)15:09
tseliotjcristau: ok, thanks15:10
johanbrinput properties for my touchpad: http://paste.ubuntu.com/111247/15:16
johanbrDoing 'xinput set-int-prop 6 "Synaptics Edges" 32 40 0 882 0' enables edge scrolling, but completely disables pointer movement. Is this expected?15:18
tseliotjohanbr: please add all the information to the bug report15:35
tjaaltontseliot: the gui mechanism for dontzap meant the xorg.conf editor AIUI..17:17
tjaaltonand the poll in ubuntuforums is not authoritative..17:17
tseliottjaalton: yes, I know but it's too late for me to rewrite its UI17:18
tseliotand we need a solution17:18
tselioti.e. a compromise17:18
tseliotgo tell users ;)17:18
tjaaltonnormal users don't need that, they have the power button17:19
tseliotor pull the plug17:19
tjaaltonsigh, kernel compile filled my /home18:53
tjaaltonmaybe I should reinstall18:56
tjaaltonheh, I couldn't even empty my trash, since it tries to touch some files which obviously failed19:07
tjaaltongreat, the patch from jesse helped.. no more temporary freezes with intel20:50
superm1tjaalton, were those the same temporary freezes related to the xrandr event with monitors changed all the time, or *another* set of freezes that were happening?21:02
tjaaltonsuperm1: another.. related to vblank21:03
superm1tjaalton, yippee then21:04
tjaaltonthe randr-related problems are caused by gnome AIUI21:04
tjaaltonand are WIP21:04
tjaaltonprobably also the reason why my session startup seems to idle for 5-10s before getting up21:05
tjaaltonno disk activity during that time21:05
macodoes the intel driver in jaunty have KMS yet?21:28
tjaaltonwell, the kernel doesn't21:30
tjaaltonand won't21:30
macoa friend is trying to figure out why i have solid black (with no prompt) tty's with i96521:31
tjaaltonalso without usplash?21:32
macohave to test that still21:32
macolack of working ttys isnt constant for me. its frequent, but occasionally (like right now) ttys do work, so i guess id have to turn off usplash for about 2 weeks to test it21:33
tjaaltonsometimes that happens here too21:36
brycemaco, is it just the tty's that are blank, or your X session too?21:41
macousually just the tty's. sometimes i cant bring X back afte trying to VT switch21:42
bryceI'm not sure how to debug the tty breakage issue, but that's something I've looked at before.  I need to understand why that particular kind of bug comes up21:54
bryceI'm not entirely sure whether it is an X bug, or kernel, or what, but it's common enough we ought to have some troubleshooting guidelines for it21:54
macohe said that in cases where it happens while X is locked, it's expected21:54
macoin cases where it happens while X is working perfectly fine...well, he wants me to try git master for a little while and see if VT switching works properly and consistently21:55
brycemaco: ok interesting.  who is 'he'?  jesse barnes?21:57
macohe's in #ubuntu21:57
bryceah ok, I don't know him, but sounds like decent advice21:57
macowe go to school together, and it turns out he works on the i965 drivers21:58
bryceahh kewl21:58
ograhmm, i have a /sys/class/input/input0 and input1 device for mouse and kbd but no /dev/input/eventX for either of them ... doesnt hal use sysfs for determining the devices ? (i have no input in X )22:20
ograhmm, ok, ignore me, i just found CONFIG_INPUT_EVDEV is missing in our arm qemu kernel ... 22:24

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