skinofstars1ikehn7: i'm guessing you are using intrepid00:00
Piciikehn7: how so?00:00
idigitalHow many gb i should put on ubuntu paration?00:00
e3coRadSurfer2:  you can use one of the iptables gui's but I imagine there is a .conf somewhere.00:01
idigitalVi how many gb u use for your ubuntu?00:01
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RadSurfer2if there a howto to do that?00:01
stevewdI am using the .177 drivers that are part of the Ubuntu distribution.  I have not compiled my own NVidia drivers.  Yes the old Linux kernel is fine.  The new kernel that isn't working is  After upgrading to the server will not work.00:01
ikehn7wat do u mean how so00:01
_Vi_RadSurfer2: usually that is done through your router's web interface... like  or what not...00:01
e3coRadSurfer2:  google00:01
ikehn7pici: wat do u mean00:01
ikehn7its just too complicated for me00:01
RadSurfer2No simple SeLinux interface, eh?00:01
skinofstars1ikehn7: what confused you about the documentation00:01
Soletskinofstars1: the package is 'hibernate' not 'hibernation'00:02
Piciidigital: All of it, thats all I run on this computer.00:02
_Vi_idigital: I usually give Ubuntu 5 or 10 gigs00:02
skinofstars1ikehn7: ok00:02
e3coRadSurfer2:  sorry I was misunderstanding you.00:02
stevewdwhyameye: sorry, I entered my response above without your handle00:02
skinofstars1Solet: sorry, no i do not have that00:02
* Solet keeps searching00:02
ikehn7oh my buntu is so complicated00:02
skinofstars1Solet: you should't need it00:02
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karel_How can i get hibernate to work?00:02
RadSurfer2I want Ubuntu to allow 5190-5199 TCP ports00:02
RadSurfer2How wold I do this please00:03
whyameyestevewd: I can't say what will work, but I can say what I would try, which is to uninstall and reinstall the graphics driver. It probably needs to build its own module specific for the kernel which happens automagically. I don't know this but it is my guess. Somehow it didn't happen.00:03
stevewdwhyameye: one other thing, I am using the "recommended" drivers the hardware drivers program suggests.00:03
_Vi_ikehn7: there are way more complicated distros than Ubuntu... Ubuntu is the easiest and most supported by far.00:03
Piciikehn7: We cant help you if you dont tell us whats wrong00:03
skinofstars1karel_: system>preferences>powermanagement00:03
quibbleridigital, lokk here: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html00:03
PiciRadSurfer2: Those ports are not blocked by default00:03
PiciRadSurfer2: No ports are00:03
ikehn7the problem is icant log on to my wireless internet00:03
RadSurfer2ok. next problem.  I want to enable port 5200 UDP00:03
skinofstars1Pici: ikehn7 is having problems making a broadcom driver work00:03
_Vi_RadSurfer2: usually that is done through your router's web interface... like  or what not...00:03
ikehn7even after activation of driver00:03
ikehn7and correct network connection config00:04
Piciskinofstars1: He says the doc is confusing, what part00:04
stevewdwhyameye: that makes sense.  I will try to go into safe mode (recovery mode) of the updated kernel and change it.  Do you have a recommended graphics driver I should use?00:04
gbear14275so if I had an error (which I'm going to guess is common) on the update today... do I need to do anything?  or is it self recovering?  it said something about leaving a component unconfigured...00:04
ikehn7wait for wireless atat is it web 128 or web paraphrase00:04
ikehn7or passphrase00:04
skinofstars1Pici: to be honest, the wifi docs do seem to go round in circles :(00:04
whyameyestevewd: I was using the same one you were. I then built my own which was a stupid thing to do. I'd go with the same one you were already using.00:05
skinofstars1ikehn7: you just need to try them00:05
ikehn7try them?00:05
RadSurfer2someow that does not make Ubuntu seem very secure.00:05
karel_skinofstars1: I already did that, but when hibernate / sleep is being processed my system hangs with a black screen00:05
skinofstars1Pici: and there isn't even an obvious page for intrepid00:05
PiciRadSurfer2: Nothing is listening on the ports by default either00:05
_Vi_RadSurfer2: Ubuntu is like a house with NO windows or doors, why would it need more defence?00:05
ikehn7oh myT_______________T00:06
skinofstars1ikehn7: ok. you have your broadcom drivers enabled. you now need to look at the computers in the top right00:06
stevewdwhyameye: I will see if I can get into the recovery mode.  Someone in the forums, after the update, was unable to get into any of his versions within GRUB.  This included the recovery mode.  I have learned my lesson, NEVER, update the computer on the day of issue.00:06
ikehn7they are black with oj triangle00:06
e3coRadSurfer2:  You can make exceptions using one of the iptable gui's. You can open a port on your router00:06
skinofstars1once broadcom is enabled they should come to life. maybe you need to log out and back in or something00:07
stevewdwhyameye: Do you know of place on the Ubuntu's website that announces the freakin updates?00:07
iameliteW: GPG error: http://wine.budgetdedicated.com intrepid Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 58403026387EE26300:07
ikehn7oh ill try that00:07
iamelite  /quit00:07
whyameyestevewd: why is your kernel 2.6.27-11-14 and mine is kernel 2.6.27-11-generic?00:07
whyameyestevewd: I don't know where the updates are announced and I've never hesitated to update my machine. I'm sorry about the problem you are having. Frustrating I know.00:08
Stef1I have a program that steals mouse and keyboard input somehow I'm able to press ctrl alt F4 to goto a terminal. How can I kill the app that hangs or restart the gui?00:08
syzygyso, when I boot into ubuntu hardy on my laptop, it brings me straight to text line and ctrl+alt+f7 does not bring up my gui, it says "kinit trying to resume from /dev/disk/by-uuiod..."00:08
syzygyanybody know how to get gnome to load00:08
syzygyit is installed00:08
stevewdwhyameye: hmmm, that is a good question.  I am going by the history in the Synaptic log.00:08
stevewdwhyameye: I will double check the version upon rebooting to double-verify.00:09
skinofstars1syzygy: have you had gnome working before?00:09
gmapctrl+alt+f12 will take me to command line? once I am in command line how can I run firefox?00:09
_Vi_firefox &00:09
gordonjcpgmap: type in "firefox" and hit return00:09
sifrgmap: firefox00:09
e3cogmap:  ./firefox00:09
stevewdwhyameye: do you know of an uninstall for these freakin updates?00:09
gordonjcpeasy, eh00:09
werdnumIt won't work.00:09
syzygyskinofstars1: I pressed ctrl+alt+f1 to do some commands, and I could not get back00:09
e3cogmap:  firefox00:09
syzygyI can still login00:09
werdnumsyzygy: ctrl-alt-f700:09
gordonjcpwerdnum: what won't?00:09
gbear14275so I'll take that as a no...00:10
syzygyand browse folders, but no gui00:10
_Vi_put a '&' at the end of firefox so it runs in background 'firefox &'00:10
werdnumtyping 'firefox' in a terminal without an attached screen.00:10
ikehn7u know wats funny00:10
syzygywerdnum: doesn't work00:10
Piciskinofstars1: Thanks for helping, I can only type quite slowly with my left hand only.  (Recently broke my right arm)00:10
ikehn7everytime i load ubuntu00:10
skinofstars1syzygy: ya, know what you mean00:10
syzygywerdan7: already said that00:10
whyameyestevewd: Ok. I just looked at the log and I am running too.00:10
werdnumor alt-f700:10
Pici!helpersnack | skinofstars100:10
ubottuskinofstars1: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!00:10
jarcoin gnome i had the option extract here when i right clicked a rar file. What must i do to have the same option in kde?00:10
skinofstars1Pici: no worries00:10
ikehn7i have to touch the touch botton part to get it to load00:10
gordonjcpwerdnum: attached X screen?  No, that won't work, true00:10
whyameyestevewd: I can tell you how to consistently boot your older kernel...00:10
skinofstars1Pici: haha, this is my first time on irc and i already get a cookie!00:11
syzygyI tried reconfiguring xorg too...00:11
syzygydid not work00:11
Stef1how can I kill an app by name from terminal?00:11
idigitalDoes anyone know if i need "swap partition"00:11
gordonjcpStef1: pkill00:11
ikehn7hey guys do u know why it takes such a long time to load ubuntu00:11
BlunderAnyone use XBMC?00:11
stevewdwhyameye: Goodie.  At least I know we are on the same platform.  I can default a different kernel within GRUB if I am correct, right?00:11
gordonjcpidigital: some say yes, some say no00:11
syzygyikehn7: configure your bios and your GRUB00:11
gordonjcpidigital: I use a swap partition, because I've done so for about 15 years and old habits die hard00:11
whyameyestevewd: yes you can. also maybe you can force an order version with Package -> force version if you can run synaptic.00:12
angohello everyone00:12
jarcogordonjcp, ohw is swap not needed anymore then?00:12
angotroubles with a set of usb speakers00:12
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ikehn7oh shoot i think it wokrs00:12
FloodBot1ikehn7: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:12
gordonjcpjarco: well, memory is cheap ;-)00:12
Frijoliecan anyone help me mount my iPod00:12
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Frijolieit was automounting but I tried to change the volume name and messed something up00:13
ikehn7thanke you00:13
jarcoah lol gordonjcp i just have 2gig and i like to keep my 4 gig swap in place :d00:13
gordonjcpjarco: I can buy a DIMM with literally a million times as much RAM as my first home computer, for around 1/10th the price00:13
Frijoliei've already checked /etc/fstab00:13
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stevewdwhyameye: cool.  I have synaptic up now.  Let me check real quick.  Thanks.00:13
skinofstars1ikehn7: success!00:13
Frijolieand no entries in there00:13
gordonjcpjarco: that's in 20-odd years00:13
gordonjcpjarco: it's just *crazy*00:13
idigitalgordonjcp do u put in back off of  ext3?00:13
Frijolieit was mounting to /media/BRIAN'S IPO00:13
gordonjcpidigital: I don't understand00:13
jarcohehe gordonjcp in fact u are right. I never ever seen my swap being used :p00:13
skinnymg1can anyone help me out with getting a set of usb speakers setup :)00:14
gordonjcpSwap:  2931852k total,        0k used,  2931852k free,   872580k cached00:14
idigitalgordonjcp like this http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/images/partitioning6.png or like http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/images/partitioning7.png that?00:14
ikehn7hey syzygy:00:14
jarcoi should be quite00:14
skinofstars1syzygy: does this help? http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1004906.html00:14
Frijolieany ideas?00:14
jarcojarco@sugarfree:~$ free00:14
jarco             total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached00:14
jarcoMem:       2072456    1997496      74960          0      49628    101654800:14
jarco-/+ buffers/cache:     931320    114113600:14
jarcoSwap:      4329476       3552    432592400:14
ikehn7syzygy how do i make loading ubuntu faster00:14
FloodBot1jarco: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:14
gordonjcpidigital: second one00:14
jarcois this normal for only kde running and 3 or 4 applications?00:14
gordonjcpidigital: that way you can blow away your OS but keep your homedir00:14
Sergeant_Ponyanyone know where I can find mf2t?00:14
ikehn7does anyone know how to make ubuntu load faster?00:14
skinofstars1ikehn7: wait for jaunty for the fast boot00:15
ikehn7in bios?00:15
gordonjcpikehn7: set up suspend like you would for a laptop?00:15
tsrkhas anyone else had a problem with the kernel upgrade?00:15
gbear14275ok.. I'll leave the room alone00:15
ikehn7wats suspend00:15
tsrki'm stuck at "configuring linux-image-2.7.27-11-generic"00:15
ikehn7is that in bios?00:15
Frijoliethe iPod is recognized in lsusb00:15
skinofstars1ikehn7:  check out the videos on the fedora 10sec boot and then just spend the next few months wishing life was really like that00:16
hvgotcodeshow to install stable kde4.2?  All the instructions I find are for nightly builds00:16
stevewdwhyameye: hmmmm. I cannot find the force?00:16
skinofstars1ikehn7: suspend is in the same menu as logout and shutdown00:16
gordonjcpUbuntu boots pretty quickly anyway00:16
gordonjcpat least on my machine00:16
syzygyikehn7: look at what programs it loads on startup and remove some of them form the scripts at the start00:16
gordonjcptypically less than a minute or so from cold00:16
ari_stressmorning all :)00:16
syzygyikehn7: what does it load on startup?00:17
geniiHm. There's lspci and there's lsusb. Is there something like lsisa (aside from lshw). I can't see an ISA based soundcard on a particular box with the usual tools00:17
skinofstars1takes an age to boot on mine :(00:17
robinhood2008so how exactly does "wubi" work?00:17
gordonjcpgenii: not as far as I know, typically ISA cards don't identify themselves in the way that PCI cards do00:17
ikehn7that sucks00:17
whyameyestevewd: under the "Package" menu. It will be grey out unless 1) you have a package already selected and 2) there is more than one version of the package available.00:17
ikehn7xp loads faster00:17
gordonjcpgenii: there might be some sort of PNP tools00:17
FloodBot1ikehn7: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:17
skinnymg1please can anyone help me setup a pair of usb speakers in ubuntu00:17
gordonjcpikehn7: what's xp?00:17
syzygyskinofstars1: I think that is the problem; however, I cannot connect to the local mirrors to update or dl anything00:17
WebcamWonderrobinhood2008: Mounts a loopback ext3 partition on your NTFS drive00:17
ikehn7windows xp00:18
gordonjcpikehn7: oh, never used it00:18
syzygyskinofstars1: not sure why, but cannot connect00:18
robinhood2008is it safe?00:18
jarcohttp://paste.ubuntu.com/111069/ is this normal memory usage for kde with compiz and only a few applications open?00:18
geniigordonjcp: I sort of thought so :/00:18
skinofstars1ikehn7: go to system>preferences>sessions to stop any needless tasks slowing your boot00:18
gordonjcpgenii: what's the card?00:18
gordonjcprobinhood2008: is what safe?00:18
WebcamWonderrobinhood2008: In what aspect? Safe as in safe for the NTFS drive, or safe for the EXT3 partition?00:18
stevewdwhyameye: I don't know what package to choose the reflects the previous kernel version.00:18
idigitalgordonjcp thx , so ubuntu [ext 3] mounted as none and another [ext 3] partition mounted as /home and another one is mounted as [swap]00:19
idigitallike what i was shown on the picture. So how many one Gb on the first partation (none)? 2nd partation (/home)? 3rd partation (swap)?00:19
gordonjcpikehn7: it takes less than a minute or so for my PC to boot, I can live with that every couple of weeks ;-)00:19
ikehn7but there is no needless thing00:19
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skinofstars1syzygy: XP has it's advantages, like.. erm.. err00:19
gbear14275W: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net intrepid Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY C5E6A5ED249AD24C00:19
gordonjcpikehn7: no, first one mounted as /00:19
robinhood2008what i mean is, it won't destroy my Windows Vista machine... correct?00:19
gbear14275??? there a way to fix that?00:19
ikehn7oh maybe its because i have xp on there still00:19
tsrkskinofstars1, XP has the advantage of running windows programs00:19
gbear14275ikehn7: what are you talking about?00:19
syzygytsrk: wine00:19
WebcamWonderrobinhood2008: Not intentionally, if that is what you are asking. There might be a few bugs, but it does work. Has been working for me since hardy :)00:19
ikehn7can i dl wine00:19
syzygyI am running ableton live on linux00:20
ikehn7where do i get wine00:20
tsrksyzygy, wine isn't very good from my experiences00:20
WebcamWonderikehn7: sudo aptitude install wine00:20
skinofstars1ikehn7: ask google00:20
syzygysudo apt-get install wine00:20
syzygyI am also ruinning GTA III San Andreas00:20
ruben23how am i going to resolve issue with swap files../00:20
syzygyon wine00:20
idigitalgordonjcp did u get my msg/question00:20
geniigordonjcp: Soundcard. I think CS4236 or similar but can't tell for sure without yanking out now and looking up the chips or so00:20
gordonjcpidigital: sorry, first partition as /, second as /home00:20
skinofstars1is the current wine in the repos?00:20
syzygyikehn7: if you have ubunut it probably came with it00:20
gordonjcpidigital: I mistabbed00:20
gbear14275ruben23: whats your swap file issue?00:20
ruben23i have swp file on my hosts00:20
gordonjcpgenii: hmm - you could see what modules are loaded maybe?00:20
WebcamWonderskinofstars1: Not current. But wine is in the repos. For current, you need to add the wine repos00:20
ruben23i edit hosts...00:20
robinhood2008Actually, I'm more paranoid about the fact that I have approximately 24 GB of hard drive space to work with, and Wubi wants 8 GB in order for Ubuntu to work comfortably.00:20
idigitalgordonjcp how about the swap (/swap)00:21
whyameyestevewd: linux-restricted-modules-generic probably.00:21
idigitalgordonjcp how about the size of each one?00:21
gbear14275robinhood2008: dualboot it00:21
ruben23then suddenly ssh stop wprking..so when i try to edit hosts again it says swap fiel..00:21
eegoreMy nvidia driver will not do sli or detect my monitor properly00:21
ikehn7really so i dont have to dl?00:21
WebcamWonderrobinhood2008: I have tons of dev headers, and programming things insatlled on my instalation, and it has yet to cross the 10 gb mark00:21
skinofstars1syzygy: is GTA running ok in wine? you're not using cageeda or whatever it's called?00:21
whyameyestevewd: look at your history. Aren't the names there?00:21
idigitalgordonjcp can i pm u ?00:21
jarcohttp://paste.ubuntu.com/111069/ is this normal memory usage for kde with compiz and only a few applications open?00:21
eegoreanyone have a clue as to what I need to do.00:21
syzygyskinofstars1: I tried cedega, but it costs money...wine runs it fine, however...my comp overheats a lot because it was built poorly00:22
skinofstars1ikehn: where possible you should always add software through the repos00:22
robinhood2008add to that the fact that the computer i'm planning to run it on is not my own...00:22
geniigordonjcp: Thats the catch22. Since it doesn't load any, I need to find out card make to know what module.... etc etc. No matter, I'll just yank it out and look it up at some point then. Just thought might be some ISA synonym for lspci or so00:22
WebcamWonderikehn7: sudo aptitude install wine <= will download, and configure things for you (somewhat)00:22
ikehn7couldnt find package wine00:22
gordonjcpgenii: yeah00:22
stevewdwhyameye: The names of about 12 or so updates are there00:22
ikehn7its says it cant find wine00:22
syzygyskinofstars1: I think if I can resolve the local repo connection I can install gdm, but I am not sure how to do that/why it no longer works00:22
gmapwhen I run firefox in command line it says Error: No display specified. How can I correct this?00:23
whyameyestevewd: but you said everything works with the previous kernel, so roll back the kernel only.00:23
idigitalgordon first partation should have 4gb for / and ext and as primary and not logic?00:23
skinofstars1ikehn7: http://www.winehq.org/download/deb00:23
WebcamWondergmap: You are trying to run firefox from terminal? That will never work00:23
idigitalgordonjcp first partation should have 4gb for / and ext and as primary and not logic?00:23
ikehn7k thank you00:23
skinofstars1syzygy: not sure either. but it's the best i can come up with00:23
robinhood2008shall i explain my situation?00:23
gmapwebcamwonder how can I run it without desktop?00:23
syzygyskinofstars1: thanks, I will keep looking00:23
WebcamWondergmap: You can't run any GUI application without a GUI. Look for a textbased browser like lynx00:24
skinofstars1ikehn7: look for linux alternatives before just installing windows apps00:24
stevewdIt does work fine with the other version.  I've done that by pressing "esc" within GRUB at first boot up.  Then manually move to the previous installation.  However, with 12 or or so different updates listed in the history, shouldn't they all get rolled back?00:24
tsrkWhen I use "apt-get upgrade" I get "The following packages have been kept back:00:24
tsrk  linux-generic linux-headers-generic linux-image-generic00:24
tsrk  linux-restricted-modules-generic00:24
tsrk".  What's that mean and how can I install those?00:24
FloodBot1tsrk: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:24
tsrkOops, sorry, copy + paste from terminal :S00:24
stevewdwhyameye: see previous entry.  Forgot your handle agaon00:24
WebcamWondertsrk: upgrade does a safe-upgrade, it won't install "potientially" unsafe upgrades00:25
gmapwebcamwonder I am trying to run firefox on startup without having to load the entire desktop00:25
tsrkWebcamWonder, ok, how can I do an "unsafe" upgrade?00:25
Sergeant_Ponyanyone know where I can find mf2t?00:25
WebcamWondertsrk: sudo aptitude dist-upgrade00:25
jtajitsrk: use 'apt-get dist-upgrade' or 'aptitude full-upgrade'00:25
whyameyestevewd: I think you are fine just rolling back the kernel.00:25
tsrkWebcamWonder, jtaji, thank you00:25
ikehn7like wat would i get instead of starcraft00:26
ikehn7why would i look for linux stuff first00:26
stevewdOkay.  I must say that I do like the "recovery mode" in xp and vista versus that.00:26
ikehn7wait do i need to find ubuntu only or linux is fine00:26
theguruofgodlife sucks00:26
FloodBot1theguruofgod: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:26
ubottuPlease watch your language, attitude, and topic to help keep this channel friendly and helpful. Remember, there are kids here!00:26
WebcamWondergmap: Yes, but it seems you are still trying to run firefox from the terminal, since there is no attached screen. Perhaps, it would be better if you told us what you are trying to accomplish00:26
theguruofgodwhy bother with life anymore00:26
syzygyikehn7: lol...are you looking for games?00:26
gordonjcp!language | lifenova00:26
ubottulifenova: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.00:26
stevewdwhyameye: with my luck the baby will blow up by rolling back and then I will be out of luck entirely00:26
ikehn7do i need wine00:26
ikehn7for that00:26
syzygyikehn7: only for windows programs that are supported00:27
skinofstars1ikehn7: if you want a specific game then wine. but for normal apps you should llok at open software, eg, open office not MS office, gimp not photoshop00:27
ikehn7but gimp is lacking though00:27
syzygyikehn7: how?00:27
bort_hello, I see a vertical green line in all my DivX MPEG-4 Version 5 movie files, I believe it due to a wrong codec. What's the command for re-installing that codec, if there is any?00:27
ikehn7is windows app detrimental to buntu00:27
whyameyestevewd: I don't think synaptic is that stupid. I guess I can't guarentee anything but in my mind it seems like booting with the previous kernel is doing exactly the same thing except with synaptic you are removing the other kernel entirely.00:27
syzygyikehn7: it save to more formats00:27
skinofstars1ikehn7: how is gimp lacking? i love that app!00:27
syzygyikehn7: and it has as many options00:27
syzygyme too00:28
ikehn7its ok00:28
syzygyI know people who forge birth certificate with it00:28
syzygyit's more than okay00:28
ikehn7photoshop is a bit more efficient00:28
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!00:28
ikehn7in terms of brushes00:28
gmapwebcamwonder, I am trying to build a kiosk system that runs apache and firefox. I do not want user interaction with the desktop.00:28
syzygywhat makes it better?00:28
syzygyit has less formatting options00:28
ikehn7the brushes00:28
stevewdwhyameye: I agree.  linux header, server, c library and others were updated.  I think if I do one I will roll back all the updates from today.00:28
syzygyand same resolution adjustments00:28
ikehn7and speed00:28
syzygythere are plugins00:28
Jack_Sparrow!enter > syzygy00:28
ubottusyzygy, please see my private message00:28
skinofstars1more brushes available from deviant art00:29
gbear14275W: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net intrepid Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY C5E6A5ED249AD24C <-- anyway/anything I have to do to remedy this?00:29
Jack_Sparrowsyzygy ikehn7  Hold off on hitting enter like that it just spams the channel00:29
bthorntongot a weird problem on my Hardy box after doing a dist-upgrade. I've booted to kernel 2.6.24-23-generic, but /lib/modules/ does not have a directory for the currently running kernel (it only has 2.6.22*)00:29
stevewdwhyameye: thanks for your help.  You've given me a couple if things to try.00:29
whyameyestevewd: sure. good luck.00:29
bthornton...and yet, Synaptic shows that linux-ubuntu-modules and linux-restricted-modules ARE installed for the currently running kernel. what gives?00:30
ikehn7wat am i suppose to hit00:30
ikehn7if not enter00:30
WebcamWondergmap: Beats me. Have you tried googling? Last time I heard, there were some distros specifically fine-tuned for that job00:30
bort_hello, I see a vertical green line in all my DivX MPEG-4 Version 5 movie files, I believe it due to a wrong codec. What's the command for re-installing that codec, if there is any?00:30
Jack_Sparrowikehn7 Form complete questions relating to suppoort00:30
stevewdwhyameye: I need it.  You take care and thanks for your help again!00:30
ikehn7why do ppl keep on regulating my speech00:30
ikehn7its not wrong00:30
grandyhello, anyone familiar with ufw firewall?  Just trying to figure out where it stores the settings you add via the command line00:30
nikneymwhat's the name of the lamp package in ubuntu?00:31
WebcamWondergrandy: man ufw00:31
grandyWebcamWonder: I've read it, didn't notice that info...00:31
bthorntonis there an apt-get/aptitude command that reinstalls an installed package (i.e. uninstalls and then installs)?00:31
bort_what's the command to uninstall the divx video codec?00:31
James_ADoes anyone have experience with the Ubuntu IPTables firewall manager "firestarter" ?00:31
Frijolieanyone, anyone?00:31
nikneymwhat is the name of the lamp package in ubuntu?00:32
subinaclsapt-get --remove <package && apt-get install <package>00:32
nikneym"linux apache mysql php" ?00:32
WebcamWondergrandy: Last paragraph before the See Also section00:32
loopwertyou can pm if you have the answer.....i am trying to run Portal by valve...steam works fine but when launch portal my PC restarts00:32
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)00:32
iameliteFirestarter, Well James_A, I tried that program to share my internets. But it failed miserably.00:32
loopwertthis is under wine00:32
grandyWebcamWonder: hmm I just added a rule to allow port 3000 yet there is no mention of port 3000 in /etc/ufw/sysctcl.conf00:33
bort_subinacls: does that command works too for uninstalling a video codec? (Divx)?00:33
subinaclsif you installed divx by the way apt-get00:34
subinaclsdid you complie from source00:34
wolteris there any virtual machine with graphic card support?00:34
subinaclsor grab it from some package manager00:34
WebcamWondergrandy: /var/lib/ufw/user.rules, please read the entire man page00:34
OmikaneHow do you toggle the mouse wheel in ubuntu?00:35
grandyWebcamWonder: ahhh ... there they are!  Thanks much... I didn't realize that command line rules were considered "user rules" ... i have read the man page a few times... sometimes they are a bit confusing00:35
WebcamWondergrandy: :).. No problems00:36
idigitalI have a x64  computer and 4 gb of ram how any gb do i need for the swapp partation??00:36
gbear14275W: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net intrepid Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY C5E6A5ED249AD24C00:36
wolteridigital, i have 4gb as well. i set up 2gb for swap, but never a single kb gets used00:36
WebcamWondergbear14275: We don't support unofficial repositories00:36
bthorntonwhat's currently the latest kernel for Hardy?00:36
subinaclsidigital, i would go with 1 g sawp00:36
wolteridigital, so i'd put either 2gb or 1gb00:36
bthorntonis it a 2.6.22 or 2.6.24?00:36
WebcamWonderbthornton: .2300:36
bort_subinacls: I have this green line in every divx video file I have. I think I reinstalled divx and the same problem persisted00:36
subinaclsi run 512 for swap00:37
WebcamWonderbthornton: With proposed updates off, that is00:37
bort_subinacls: what else can be done?00:37
gbear14275WebcamWonder: thats great... but unfortunately this was an ubuntu official update that errored out... I now get that when I hit "check"00:37
grandyWebcamWonder: since you seem to know a lot about ufw, suppose I'm setting up a few servers, would I just edit user.rules accordingly for each one?  Or would you recommend some other approach?00:37
subinaclsalso speeds depends on partitions00:37
subinaclsr/w head closer to center of disk <partition 1> would have better preformance then having it on part3 or so on00:37
grandyWebcamWonder: I'm wondering if it might make more sense to define applications first, seems optional but might make the config more clear00:38
bthorntonWebcamWonder: any idea how 2.6.24-23 is showing up in synaptic?00:38
bort_subinacls: can you tell me how to uninstall the divx? maybe if vlc does not find it, it downloads it automatically00:39
OmikaneHow do you toggle the mouse wheel in ubuntu?00:39
subinaclsas for the divx00:39
subinaclsyou can try to get another codec00:39
gbear14275WebcamWonder: so any ideas?  This is all official releases  i'm trying to update00:39
idigitalwolter 1024 mb = 1gb  or should i put 1.1gb?00:40
WebcamWondergbear14275: sudo aptitude update ? see if it flushes out00:40
gbear14275idigital: 1Gib00:40
bort_subinacls: like hi00:40
WebcamWondergrandy: Sure you can. But if you have servers, I would say go for a firewall like iptables. That is a steep learning curve, but the benefits are immense00:41
idigitaldoes it matter if the swap is type of partaition as primary or logic?00:41
adi1hi all00:41
subinaclsmp4 and other video audio codec's00:41
Flannelidigital: Nope00:41
subinaclsmaybe swf player00:41
WebcamWondergrandy: But, yeah you can directly modify the rules, ufw should have no problems as long as you enter them correctly (in the correct format/syntax that is)00:41
bthorntonI've got a package that won't remove, but I need to reinstall it. Any ideas how to do that?00:42
grandyWebcamWonder: might I ask for a few of the reasons you'd recommend iptables?  ufw is mainly just to get *some* security, but I will take the time to learn iptables if it will help00:42
adi1what usb wireless  draft G or N for laptop is known to work out of the box in ubuntu?00:42
bthorntonapt-get remove sez: "dpkg: error processing linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24-23-generic (--remove): subprocess post-removal script returned error exit status 1"00:42
adi1I need to buy one00:42
adi1usb wireless00:43
WebcamWondergrandy: iptables is all firewalls in the market, combined, on steroids. You can fine tune, and fine grain each and everything. But if you are going more for the, these are the list of ports that need to be open, ufw should serve you just fine00:43
adi1but I dont know what brand is suported in ubuntu00:43
adi1anyone any idea?00:44
WebcamWondergbear14275: Could you pastebin your sources as well?00:44
grandyWebcamWonder: ahh ok... thanks for the advice.  At present my needs are fairly minimal but I think I'll read a few tutorials on iptables and see how it goes too...00:44
WebcamWondergrandy: No problems00:44
gbear14275WebcamWonder: yeah one sec00:44
laughyn1nj4just re installed windoze on a dual boot sys ... now windoze takes over the boot process and i can't get to ubuntu.  help?00:47
the|NavigatorIs there a way to lock a specific user acount down to opening like 3 or 4 apps?00:47
gbear14275WebcamWonder: just got a package update notice.. going to try installing them and seeing if that resolves it00:47
jpastorewhat package provides dos2unix?00:47
subinacls!google dos2unix00:48
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about google dos2unix00:48
=== flaco_ is now known as flacom
WebcamWondergbear14275: It shouldn't matter. What is likely happening is that one or more of the repos isn't able to update. You should manually iterate over your sources to see which one is dead00:48
OmikaneI have a MS 2000 laser mouse and the scrolling is very slow. I can't find the option to adjust the wheel speed00:48
WebcamWonder!info dos2unix00:49
ubottuPackage dos2unix does not exist in intrepid00:49
kitche!grub | laughyn1nj400:49
ubottulaughyn1nj4: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto00:49
WebcamWonderjpastore: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=3406700:49
jpastoreWebcamWonder, thanks!00:49
gbear14275WebcamWonder: got these errors on the update attempt: http://paste.ubuntu.com/111077/00:50
laughyn1nj4shhhhhhhhwanks ! ! !00:50
WebcamWondergbear14275: Yeah, it seems the new kernel couldn't install b/c of dependency problems00:51
gbear14275WebcamWonder: anything I can do to resolve that?00:51
laughyn1nj4oh cool...how do i use that paste thingie?00:51
syzygyis it possible to edit a.odt file in vim?00:51
WebcamWondergbear14275: Well, go through your sources, and try to disable launchpad repos that seem doubtful, and then re-upgrade00:52
gbear14275will try that00:52
WebcamWondersyzygy: Highly doubt that. vim is a text editor at its best, it shouldn;t be able to read compressed/formatted files like odt, unless of some plugins00:52
syzygyWebcamWonder: dern, okay00:53
Flannelsyzygy: Yes.00:53
FlannelWebcamWonder: vim can read gzip just fine.  The issue would be the fact that it's got multiple files in it.00:53
syzygyoh? how do you go about reading it?00:53
cr4z3dhey, is it possible to shrink an extended ext3 partition?00:53
salmonhey, what do i need to install to get sound to work in flash?00:54
WebcamWonderFlannel: hmm. Never knew that. Not much of a vim kinda guy :)00:54
ruben23hi i installed webmin on my ubuntu...then it says after installation that i can login to my webmin with this add: https://activerub:10000/ but  address not found...my hostname is activerub....what might be the problem..00:54
so_cutetes tes00:54
rwwcr4z3d: Should be, yes. You can do it with the gparted package (if the partition in question isn't your Ubuntu partition) or from a gparted LiveCD00:55
Jack_Sparrow!webmin > ruben2300:55
ubotturuben23, please see my private message00:55
Arakis_hi guys I have a dual monitor setup and I'd like to have different users on each monitor, is there a way to do this?00:55
ruben23ubottu:please pm me again sorry i close your message accidentally..00:56
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:56
ari_stressArakis_: i don't think so?00:56
cr4z3drww: i'm in a live ubuntu cd right now trying to resize /dev/sda1 by shrinking the extended partition on /dev/sda2 but I do not see the option to shrink the extended volume but i can shrink the normal ext3 volumes00:56
rww!webmin > ruben2300:56
ubotturuben23, please see my private message00:56
salmonhey so i can watch videos in flash, but i have no sound, just did a re-install so what do i need to get sound00:57
lifenovaCan anyone help me with UPnP? I've installed and configured Mediatomb to try to get my PS3 to be able to stream audio from my computer, but when I try to search for media servers on the PS3, it says that no servers were found00:57
the|Navigatoris it possible to give an ubuntu account no password?00:57
syzygyokay, two questions...one: If I cannot connect to my local mirrors to dl gdm to reboot my gui, then can I get the package on a usb (because I do not have a live cd) and manually install it from terminal? And two: is the standard location for usb /media/something... or is it /dev/sda?00:57
ikehn7Does anyone in here know how to use vbox?00:58
rwwcr4z3d: Oh, you mean the actual extended partition, not the logical partitions inside it? I think it'll automatically resize the extended partition to fit the partitions inside it. Not sure about that, though.00:58
syzygyI can dl gdm from another comp and install from usb, yes?00:58
turtle_Anyone set up Skype with Alsa?00:58
ubottuswap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info00:58
ikehn7Does anyone knkow how to use vbox in here?00:58
cr4z3drww: that makes sense though i'll give it a shot00:58
turtle_maybe I should start Skype with alsawrapper?00:58
rww!anyone | ikehn700:58
ubottuikehn7: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?00:58
ikehn7how do you use vbox?00:59
WebcamWonderturtle_: Skype is alsa-aware. What problems are you having?00:59
salmonsomeone, anyone, please halp me, i know it's something like libflashsupport or something along those lines, i need to get whatever i need to install to get sound in flash00:59
turtle_No sound00:59
syzygyikehn7: google00:59
ikehn7how do i activate or start vbox00:59
turtle_"problem with sound device" when calling00:59
subinaclscheck see if your levels are right00:59
ikehn7so i just google that question?01:00
rww!virtualbox | ikehn701:00
ubottuikehn7: virtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from !Gutsy as 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox01:00
subinaclsredefine your statement and ask google ikehn701:00
hvgotcodesi tried to upgrade my nvidia drivers, but now i get an error when trying to start x about api mismatch -- has anyone seen this?01:00
turtle_I don't have an alsaconfig and there is no alsaconfig in the ubuntu multiverse01:00
exodus_msikehn7: --> http://www.howtoforge.com/virtualbox_ubuntu01:00
rwwhvgotcodes: what version of Ubuntu are you using (Hardy, Intrepid, Jaunty, etc.)?01:01
gbear14275whats the hotkey for copy?  Ctrl-C ends a service...01:01
hvgotcodesrww: intrepid01:01
turtle_should I install alsa-oss?01:01
gbear14275need to get something out of a terminal display window01:01
hvgotcodesthe kernel was just updated today, but i instlaled the driver after01:01
jarcogbear14275, middlemouse?01:01
meoblast001hi... i feel like a complete idiot.. but it appears i have forgotten how to make an audio cd01:01
meoblast001would someone like to stimulate that part of my brain?01:02
gbear14275hmm... not sure that worked01:02
rwwhvgotcodes: So you have the latest kernel and drivers installed? Did you restart after the installation?01:02
jarcomeoblast001, k3b not working?01:02
syzygymeoblast001: dl gnome baker01:02
rwwmeoblast001: k3b or brasero can both do that01:02
subinaclsk3b is good01:02
exodus_msgbear14275: to copy in the terminal you need shift+ctrl+c01:02
syzygythos too01:02
meoblast001ahh... i thought there was an option in rhythmbox.. found it01:03
subinaclsvery well could be01:03
hvgotcodesrww: ooohhhhh didnt realize i had to restart the system -- is there a modprobe command that cna do it?01:03
gbear14275exodus_ms: no dice... just see's it as a ctrl+c01:04
rwwhvgotcodes: I don't think so. As far as I know, kernel upgrades require actual restarts.01:04
ikehn7anyone know what root means?01:05
hvgotcodesrww: i thought running the nvidia package compiles a new kernel modue and that one could rmmod the old module out and modprobe the new one in01:05
ikehn7what does root mean?01:05
gbear14275rww: you got any possible tips... trying to get a terminal output out of a detail display... can't use ctrl+c (obviously)  was hoping for a copy shortcut01:05
WebcamWonder!root | ikehn701:05
ubottuikehn7: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo01:05
subinaclsroot is god01:05
exodus_msgbear14275: I dont know shift+ctrl+c always works for me01:06
virianfluxhey everyone, on a fresh install of xubuntu and  my eyetoy isn't working after following the rasta jpeg hack directions. I think I might have rmmoded a little too far. any thoughts?01:06
duelbootikehn7, several possibilities...depends on what you are asking about01:06
Frijoliehow does ubuntu mount USB devices on-the-fly?01:06
subinaclsto get to god you have to get back to your root(s)01:06
WebcamWondergbear14275: gnome-terminal, or some other?01:06
rob1336sudo is god01:06
rwwikehn7: It's the administrator account in many Linux distributions. That account is disabled by default in Ubuntu in favor of sudo.01:06
idefineis it possible to tcpdump on port 80? i get garble...is this because the content is gzipped?01:06
gbear14275WebcamWonder: yes, gnome terminal01:06
subinaclssudo su01:06
WebcamWondergbear14275: Edit -> Copy? :)01:06
subinaclsenter password for your user01:06
turtle_sudo su is a good command01:06
subinaclsand you then are root01:06
hvgotcodesrww: that didn't do it -- it syas the nvidia kernel modue hass version 177.82 but the driver component has 180.2201:06
rwwgbear14275: I'm not sure what you're asking. gnome-terminal uses Ctrl-Shift-C instead of Ctrl-C, if that's what you mean.01:06
subinaclssudo su == root01:06
rob1336gksu is the GUI version of god01:06
gbear14275WebcamWonder: but its the details portion of the changes applied window from the update manager.  Its details in a terminal window... not necessarily gnome terminal01:07
turtle_If I type alsamixer I see PulseAudio as my card; is that okya?01:07
rob1336Frijolie, it does for me01:07
istvani'm getting this error: error while loading shared libraries: libopenal.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory -- how do i solve it?01:07
WebcamWondergbear14275: Oh, I see. I believe, (I am not sure), the apt-log dumps that as well01:07
Frijolierob1336, yeah cause you've got USB in your name01:08
subinaclsfind that lib and install it01:08
WebcamWondergbear14275: Other than that, that is a dumb terminal. Try the middle click01:08
Adman65how is ubuntu server handle MD raid and LVM?01:08
subinaclslibopenal  <~~~ google that01:08
subinaclslocate what package that has01:08
Adman65better than the desktop edition i hope01:08
subinaclsapt-get install package here01:08
gbear14275WebcamWonder: yes, dumb terminal... no response... unless does that dump to a log file somewhere i can get it from instead?01:08
subinaclsand ldconfig if the package does not ldconfig automatically01:08
rwwhvgotcodes: did you install the nvidia drivers using apt-get or using nvidia's website?01:08
mark747Hey guys01:09
Frijoliei'm trying to get an iPod to mount. I think i messed up it's mount point by attempting to change the volume name01:09
Frijolie(it was working before)01:09
mark747Can someone help me understand rsync a little bit better?01:09
jsfoxtonhi guys! How do i print to an epsom rx600 without ubuntu 8.10 throwing a wobbly??01:09
Frijolieand is detected in dmesg and lusub01:09
mark747I just want to grab updates from a remote host, I don't want to alter the files on the remote host at all01:09
Adman65what's up mark74701:09
Frijolieer lsusb01:09
WebcamWondergbear14275: check (I am not sure) /var/log/apt01:09
rww!enter | General note01:09
ubottuGeneral note: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!01:09
hvgotcodesrww: using nvidia's dealie01:09
mark747Adman65: So I'm trying to grab updates to a few large files from a remote server, and I *only* want to grab updates and get new files01:10
mark747Adman65: I wouldn't want my own local server to delete anything from the remote server01:10
notdarkyethey all, do you guys have any recommendations for cheap hosting with capabilities to host django? i cant afford many of the vps prices (lowest being arround 20 a month), any suggestions would be nice01:10
WebcamWonder!off-topic | notdarkyet01:10
ubottunotdarkyet: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:10
Adman65i was reading the manual last night, i think it has a flag for something like that01:10
uncle_beni keep trying to send e-mail through evolution all day, but it's not working...it was always working before and i haven't made any system changes, so i'm not sure how to troubleshoot: http://i42.tinypic.com/wlzss0.png01:10
mark747Adman65: Any ideas which one?01:10
notdarkyetsorry wrong room01:11
rwwhvgotcodes: NVidia drivers are supported by Ubuntu's restricted driver manager. I'd recommend removing whatever you installed manually from nvidia's installer, and using System > Administration > Hardware Drivers instead.01:11
hvgotcodesrww how do i do that01:11
virianfluxhvgotcodes, do you have the latest version of Ubuntu with updates?01:11
Frijolienobody's a mount guru huh?01:11
exodus_msuncle_ben: what are you using gmail, etc..01:11
istvanI get this error: I have no libopenal.so.0 how do I fix that error? i'm on ubuntu studio 64 bit01:12
On0biheh, in bed i am01:12
Adman65somewhere near the bottom of the man01:12
uncle_benexodus_ms: yes, gmail01:12
hvgotcodesvirianflux: yes i do - i wanted the newest nvidia drivers because of supposed kde4 performance enhancements01:12
exodus_msuncle_ben: can you check your email on line, maybe it's on gmails side01:12
virianfluxhvgotcodes, so you you are using kubuntu?01:12
WebcamWonderFrijolie: Regarding your old question... There is a gnome-volume-manager, that handles the auto mounting01:12
hvgotcodesvirianflux: no regular ubuntu01:12
uncle_benexodus_ms: yeah, i can log in with firefox and send from there, but not through evolution all of a sudden01:12
virianfluxhvgotcodes, so you are using gnome as your window manager?01:13
FrijolieWebcamWonder, isn't there supposed to be an entry in fstab for USB devices?01:13
rwwFrijolie: not usually, no01:13
hvgotcodesvirianflux: for now01:13
WebcamWonderFrijolie: Not unless you put it manually in there01:13
turtle_I am having a problem with Skype. Should I run Skype through alsa-oss?01:14
virianfluxhvgotcodes, so its 8.10?01:14
hvgotcodesrww: the latest version in the restricted driver manager is still a few versions behind01:14
turtle_the alsa wrapper?01:14
exodus_msuncle_ben: edit->preferences->mail accounts, select account and click edit01:14
=== donna is now known as Guest41576
hvgotcodesvirianflux: yes intrepid and up to date, including hte kernel upgrade released today01:14
uncle_benexodus_ms: ok...what info did you want01:14
WebcamWonderhvgotcodes: I believe you had the same case as me the first time around. You have to blacklist the nvidia, and nv modules01:14
WebcamWonderhvgotcodes: But get the drivers from the repos, if they work fine for you01:14
rwwhvgotcodes: that's the latest version supported by Ubuntu. You can upgrade past that manually, I guess, but I can't be much help with it :/01:14
exodus_msuncle_ben: check the Receiving Email and Sending Email tabs, see if anything as changed since you last configured it01:15
ikehn7how can i load ubuntu without having to physically touch it everytime?01:15
virianfluxhvgotcodes, did you manage to get up the restricted driver manager?01:15
hvgotcodesWebcamWonder: for kde4.2 it seems a bit sluggish -- i wanted to try the latest drivers to see if it worked better01:15
virianfluxikehn7, do you mean automatic login?01:15
WebcamWonderikehn7: What do you mean physically touch it everytime?01:15
hvgotcodesvirianflux -- yes i uninstalled the unsupported driver and am back to normal01:15
ikehn7like u knkow the hp laptop01:15
ikehn7how it has that touchscreen part01:16
WebcamWonderhvgotcodes: Have you read this? More specifically, the blacklisting part? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NvidiaManual01:16
ikehn7i have to touch that back and forth01:16
hvgotcodesWebcamWonder: ah thanx thats what  i need01:16
uncle_benexodus_ms: no, i already checked...i've made no changes...when i click the send/receive button, it will pull email from pop, but it won't connect to smtp...i can ping the server at the command line...just can't seem to connect to send email01:16
ikehn7in order for the orange bar to move01:16
virianfluxhvgotcodes, good luck01:16
FrijolieWebcamWonder, hmm...so how do you fix an unmounting iPod if it 'dynamically' is mounted01:16
WebcamWonderFrijolie: You want to stop it from automounting?01:16
ikehn7anyone have an idea?01:17
hvgotcodesvirianflux: thanx -- if it breaks everything im sure ill be back01:17
FrijolieWebcamWonder, no I want it to mount01:17
ikehn7do i need virus scanner for ubuntu?01:17
WebcamWonderikehn7: Nope01:17
phixxorhello, I am trying to get wireless to work on my sister's computer, it is a very strange problem01:17
WebcamWonderFrijolie: And the automount doesn't mount it?01:17
FrijolieWebcamWonder, it was mounting before and I tried to change the volume name and messed it up I think01:17
exodus_msuncle_ben: you have this for Sending Email options: Server=smtp.gmail.com (check mark next to Server requires autho SSL encryption PLAIN Authentication01:17
rww!virus | ikehn701:17
ubottuikehn7: A/V software is available, however read this to understand why Linux does not have a virus problem: http://librenix.com/?inode=2101:17
WebcamWonderFrijolie: Ahh. Have you tried moutning it manually?01:17
FrijolieWebcamWonder, no, I don't know how to do that01:18
WebcamWonder!mount | Frijolie01:18
ubottuFrijolie: For help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted or !QtParted - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap01:18
virianfluxI have ov51x-jpeg compiled and running but my eyetoy webcam isn't showing as loaded in skype or cheese, any thoughts?01:18
uncle_benexodus_ms: yes, i already have those settings...keep in mind this has been working all along...it's just now i can't connect to the server...it times out...it's not even an authentication failure...no error codes01:18
phixxorAll was hunky dory in 8.04, but when I go to 8.10 (first by update, second time I did a fresh install) network manager connects to my network automatically, stays connected for a few minutes, and then disconnects unable to reconnect01:18
WebcamWonderFrijolie: Arghh, useless info. Hold up01:18
WebcamWonderFrijolie: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount01:19
the|NavigatorIs it possible for me to stop a user changing any preferences/editing their menu bars?01:19
WebcamWonderFrijolie: The easiest would be, sudo mount <device_address> <destination_folder>01:19
Moodis there a way of auto starting services (e.g. apache) upon ubuntu startup?01:19
lifenova1Can anyone help me with port forwarding? I'm trying to get apache to work so that my server can be viewed from my external IP - I've forwarded the ports as described on portforward.com, but going to my IP in my browser just sends me to my modem's home page. Help?01:19
virianfluxMood, yes01:19
WebcamWonderMood: Prefs -> Sessions, Adm -> Services01:20
rwwuncle_ben: It's possible that your Internet Service Provider started blocking SMTP requests. Several of them do that, unfortunately.01:20
syzygyI need to reinstall gdm, but I cannot connect to the internet to dl, and I do not have a live cd...can I mount a usb key with the package and install from terminal (sicne I have no gui)?01:20
syzygystupid gnome01:20
uncle_benrww: why would they do that?  they think i'm a spammer?01:20
WebcamWondersyzygy: The package list for ubuntu-desktop is quite big. It is very difficult to manually hunt down every package01:20
phixxorsyzygy: good scrabble word :)01:20
* syzygy sighs01:20
MoodWebcamWonder: I'm using Xubuntu... I don't have Prefs01:21
FrijolieWebcamWonder, how do you find the "<device_address>"?01:21
ikehn7why does it say unknown id:apt-get when i try to install something01:21
WebcamWonderFrijolie: sudo fdisk -l01:21
Moodwhich file has the "upon startup" services?01:21
virianfluxsyzygy, I think it's do-able01:21
WebcamWondersyzygy: Do you have a USB large enough to hold the entire image itself?01:21
Moodi'd like to edit the auto startup services manually (manual configuration via file)01:21
virianfluxWebcamWonder, that'd be l33t but isn't that overkill?01:22
rwwuncle_ben: I have no idea why, it's just something they do.01:22
FrijolieWebcamWonder, alright, I plug it in and get error message "mount_point cannot contain the following characters: newline, G_DIR_SEPARATOR (usually /)"01:22
Hurley_can i upgrade from debian etch to ubuntu?01:22
virianfluxsyzygy, you should be able to use apt-get if you have the debs01:22
WebcamWondervirianflux: I don't know of an attempt by anyone to consolidate all the packages required to install ubuntu-desktop from an alternative/server install. If you do, I would be happy to learn of something new01:23
uncle_benrww: that makes no send...why would they block someone from sending e-mail?  unless it's because i'm trying to connect multiple times with different gmail accounts and they think i'm spamming01:23
FrijolieWebcamWonder, also "DBus error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken."01:23
WebcamWondervirianflux: He doesn't have an internet connection :)01:23
lynxzI have an ATI 4870x2, and it's running much hotter in Ubuntu than Windows? Anybody knows the reason / a fix ?01:23
WebcamWonderFrijolie: Yeah, that would be nautilus failing to mount it. Hold on01:23
rwwuncle_ben: If your hostname is accurate, you're connecting using RCN. It wouldn't be the first time they've done it: http://www.google.com/search?q=SMTP+RCN01:23
syzygyvirianflux: so just dl them on this computer, onto usb, and run install as a normal command? or should I move them somewhere?01:23
WebcamWonderFrijolie: Try manually mounting it01:23
NJuncle_ben: Server: smtp.gmail.com:587 try t01:23
virianfluxsyzygy, that would work if you can use another net connection, yes01:24
virianfluxsyzygy, so you only have the alternate install?01:24
=== NJ is now known as msg
uncle_benNJ: i did try that port...still no go...  rww: yeah, i'm really getting sick of rcn...i'll give them a call01:24
lynxzI used to have an option on my older machine ( "Swap Center/LFE" ), can't find it anymore on my new machine, anybody knows how to get it to appear ?01:25
w33d5can someone give me a quick BASH for loop to rename files incrementing each file to scannedphoto-XXXX.jpg?01:25
=== msg is now known as exodus_ms
syzygyvirianflux: ? I am not sure what you mean, I am runnign debian on a separate comp with a gui, my laptop has all of my data on it and lost gdm, and anm internet connection. No live cd...01:25
syzygyvirianflux: if that is what you mean by alternate install, not sure...but I still need to find the packages01:25
FrijolieWebcamWonder, http://paste.ubuntu.com/111083/01:26
virianfluxsyzygy,  do you have a usb stick or CD to burn to?01:26
exodus_msuncle_ben: I don't know try changing the server to  smtp.googlemail.com01:26
syzygyvirianflux: just usb01:26
ubottuTo replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude --disable-columns --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate01:26
WebcamWonderFrijolie: 40 gig iPod?01:26
uncle_benexodus_ms: yeah, that's a thought...i'll try that...probably won't work either...but thanks for trying to help01:27
virianfluxsyzygy, I'm sure there is a way01:27
FrijolieWebcamWonder, yes01:27
lifenova1Can anyone help me get apache to work so that I (and others) can view my pages from an external IP? Right now it works so that I can view it from http;//localhost, but not my IP address. I've forwarded the ports in both my modem and router interfaces, but when I go to my external IP it just redirects me to my modem interface. help01:27
exodus_msuncle_ben: no problem, sorry I couldn't help more, only suggestion I have would be to try imap now that gmail supports it01:27
yoyit2I need some help i have a desktop pc thats is old and it is running hardy right now and i went out a bought a wifi card for it but i dont get any internet  how do you set up the wifi plz help01:28
WebcamWonderFrijolie: Where did you tell ubuntu to change the mount points for your iPod? (If you did that)?01:28
=== chaky_ is now known as chaky
virianfluxsyzygy, what happend to the ubuntu desktop?01:28
FrijolieWebcamWonder, in nautilus I changed the volume name to /media/iPod01:28
rwwexodus_ms: Gmail's instructions for IMAP include setting up SMTP, so I don't think that'd help =/01:28
uncle_benexodus_ms: i don't know anything about imap...is that an smtp alternative?01:28
syzygyvirianflux: it's still there, but I lsot my gui01:28
FrijolieWebcamWonder, previously it was /media/BRIAN'S IPO01:28
virianfluxsyzygy, how is it lost?01:28
WebcamWonderFrijolie: Ahh, so you renamed the directory itself?01:29
yoyit2I need some help i have a desktop pc thats is old and it is running hardy right now and i went out a bought a wifi card for it but i dont get any internet  how do you set up the wifi plz help01:29
prabha1989one prob with the startup of ubuntu01:29
syzygyvirianflux: I can see all the folders in terminal but I cannot get back to it, and sudo apt-get install gdm says gnome is missing01:29
FrijolieWebcamWonder, yes. i think that's what messed it up01:29
WebcamWonder!repeat | yoyit201:29
ubottuyoyit2: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience01:29
rww!wireless | yoyit201:29
ubottuyoyit2: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs01:29
syzygyvirianflux: I cannot fetch packages, internet search reveals I need cd to install select packages w/o internet01:29
WebcamWonderFrijolie: You can try manually mounting that. I have no clue how to solve this as a long-term problem, not much of a mount expert :)01:30
prabha1989once when i booted up..when ubuntu loads...the screen goes blank....no connection to the screen d keyboard comes01:30
virianfluxsyzygy, yes you just need the package list for ubuntu-desktop01:30
virianfluxthat should help01:30
prabha1989now when i restarted all things goes fine01:30
prabha1989help me01:30
FrijolieWebcamWonder, which is my volume? that last one listed in my pastebin? the W95 fat32?01:30
WebcamWonderFrijolie: Yeah01:30
virianfluxsyzygy,  wget them all to usb?01:30
Tyrathwould anyone be able to help me get exim4 running?01:31
Tyrathi don't get any compiler errors when i run the update.conf01:32
Tyrathand when i run the program no emails arrive in my inbox01:32
FrijolieWebcamWonder, hmm.. mount point /media/iPod doesn't exist01:32
lynxzI used to have an option on my older machine ( "Swap Center/LFE" ), can't find it anymore on my new machine, anybody knows how to get it to appear ?01:32
Solethow do you see the exit code of a program in terminal?01:32
WebcamWonderFrijolie: You have to manually create that01:32
virianfluxFrijolie, sudo mkdir /media/iPod01:32
isaakhi i am ikehn701:33
WebcamWondervirianflux: Nice reflexes :)01:33
FrijolieWebcamWonder, thanks01:33
tsrkhow can i tell what kernel version i'm running right now?01:33
Frijolievirianflux, thanks01:33
TyrathSolet: run the program in terminal and it should just show01:33
virianfluxWebcamWonder, heh, thanks01:33
lifenova1tsrk, uname -a01:33
WebcamWondertsrk: uname -a01:33
lstarnestsrk: uname -r01:33
icechickenxikehn7 can you help?01:33
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about exim401:33
Tyrath!info exim401:33
ubottuexim4 (source: exim4): meta-package to ease Exim MTA (v4) installation. In component main, is optional. Version 4.69-5ubuntu2 (intrepid), package size 6 kB, installed size 68 kB01:33
isaakya i am officially on ubuntu thats why01:33
virianfluxWebcamWonder, I've been mounting a lot lately, 2 HDD failures: been living off a livecd for a long time with no HDD01:33
tsrkwow, fast answers, thanks :D01:33
icechickenxare you from ubuntu support?01:33
syzygyyeah, but I have debian on my workign comp...so I need to find the ubuntu-desktop binaries on my own...01:33
isaaki am former ikehn701:33
SoletTyrath: i did, i did pm-is-supported --hybernate, and it just went to the next prompt01:33
Soletshould show 0 for supported, 1 for not supported01:34
lynxzI have an ATI 4870x2, and it's running much hotter in Ubuntu than Windows? Anybody knows the reason / a fix ?01:34
WebcamWondervirianflux: Ouch. You should be better capable of Frijolie... I mount things very very rarely :)01:34
syzygyare they in here somewher?01:34
TyrathSolet: have you checked in /var/log/ for a log?01:34
isaakice_cream,  i am a noob but i can do anything that i just learned01:34
icechickenxwhom do I chat with for driver support?01:34
FrijolieWebcamWonder, well you fixed it!01:34
Frijolievirianflux, you helped to fix it!01:34
tritiumsyzygy: you don't want to mix ubuntu and debian packages01:35
lifenova1!ask | icechickenx01:35
ubottuicechickenx: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:35
virianfluxFrijolie, no problem01:35
FrijolieWebcamWonder, icon on the desktop! now wonder if it will mount on it's own01:35
WebcamWonderFrijolie: Haha. Hardly... You just remounted it :). And don't forget to "umount" it once you are about to eject01:35
virianfluxWebcamWonder, 2 hard drive failures when abroad in San Francisco is a great survival experience01:35
isaakice_cream,  you can do that with anyone in here01:35
w33d5can someone give me a quick BASH for loop to rename files incrementing each file to scannedphoto-XXXX.jpg?01:35
TyrathSolet: I'm not sure if this works but feel free to try: cat /var/log/* | grep hibernate01:35
syzygytritium: I am aware of that, which is why i did not use synaptic, but the link is to ubuntu not debian01:35
Frijolievirianflux, now, how do you get it to automount upon next insertion automagically?01:35
Hurley_hello, what is a x11drv ? cedega say on my amd64 hardy cannot load x11drv :(01:35
tritiumsyzygy: because this is a channel for ubuntu support01:35
virianfluxFrijolie, you could modify your fstab I guess01:36
syzygytritium: what?01:36
WebcamWonderFrijolie: The problem is that it is automounting, but automounting to some weird location. You can always modify your fstab to override the gnome-volume-manager's craziness01:36
tritiumsyzygy: hence the channel name, #ubuntu01:36
virianfluxFrijolie, adding the mount to the fstab is more serious01:36
syzygytritium: I am trying to fix ubuntu, with ubuntu packages?01:36
icechickenx10-4.  i've been reading on how to modify the xorg.conf file, but I'm new to linux based os.  how to I increase my resolution, if driver is not supported by NEC?01:36
syzygytritium: hence my presence here, and link to ubuntu packages01:36
Tyrath!channel exim401:36
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about channel exim401:36
FrijolieWebcamWonder: can I get your help on that one. I don't know what you have to put01:36
syzygywhat I need to know is how to find ubuntu-desktop packages01:37
tritiumsyzygy: you said you have debian on your machine01:37
Frijolievirianflux: yeah, I don't know what to put beyond the mount points01:37
Tyrathmaybe i should try bugging the debian people :/01:37
syzygytritium: yeah, the one that actually loads01:37
WebcamWonderFrijolie: virianflux would be much better at helping you. I have never messed much with my fstab01:37
isaakicechickenx,  funny thing i am trying to do the same thing01:37
WebcamWondervirianflux: If you would be kind enough01:37
syzygytritium: that is how I am talking to you now01:37
virianfluxFrijolie, did you try googling how to add to the fstab?01:37
WebcamWonder!fstab | Frijolie01:37
ubottuFrijolie: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions01:37
icechickenxgreat, we can fumble together01:37
yoyit2i have hardy running right now is there a way i can upgrade too 8.10 without reformating01:37
zeroshadehas anyone in here compiled torque game engine 1.5.2? :)01:37
WebcamWonder!upgrade | yoyit201:37
ubottuyoyit2: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes01:37
FrijolieWebcamWonder: yeah, I know the mount points now but the dbus options..01:37
Frijolievirianflux, yes I have.01:38
syzygytritium: otherwise I would be screwed because I cannot get a gui to load in ubuntu, or conenct to internet, hence the entire "load ubuntu-desktop" on usb to load manually01:38
Frijolievirianflux, before coming here01:38
isaakicechickenx,  lol ya im checking out instruction from here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=74885701:38
syzygytritium: but I still need to find packages01:38
syzygyto load onto usb01:38
icechickenxgoin there now01:38
isaakicechickenx,  cool01:38
virianfluxFrijolie, do you know the syntax fstab requires?01:39
tritiumsyzygy: ubuntu-desktop is a meta-package that depends on hundreds of other packages01:39
WebcamWondersyzygy: If you have 700 MB to spare, it could be done really fast. But you can go ahead, and try compiling the list of dependencies, and their dependencies, and so forth01:39
anom01yfor some reason, every time I reload alsa, kmix changes. Sometimes it shows the inputs, sometimes it doesn't. And the number of volume sliders changes everytime I reload alsa too, which is frustrating because I have to keep reloading alsa to try and get kmix to finally display the correct volumes and all the inputs that my audio card has01:39
Frijolievirianflux, <file system> <mount point>   <type>  <options>       <dump>  <pass>01:39
icechickenxhmm...how do I set that up?01:39
syzygytritium: that sucks, but it will still fit on a usb,...01:39
Frijolievirianflux, what are the <options> <dump> and <pass>01:40
virianfluxFrijolie, find out an example USB mount someone else has done online01:40
syzygyWebcamWonder: /me sighs okay01:40
isaakicechickenx,  hm.... im trying to figure that out01:40
Frijolievirianflux, and just assume that it would apply to my hardware?01:40
virianfluxFrijolie, some of the options arent needed, you need an example then you can modify the mount point to one you want and your device ID01:40
isaakicechickenx,  trying to dl the nvidia driver for my card first01:40
=== Tyrath is now known as Tyr[a]th
tritiumisaak: use ubuntu-packaged drivers, not nvidia downloads01:41
virianfluxFrijolie, im sure you can find an example that will partly apply, yes01:41
virianfluxFrijolie, can you figure out how to message me directly?01:41
icechickenxwhere do i get ubuntu packaged drivers?01:41
isaakhey does anyone know if i should use linux 64 or 32 bit for driver dl?01:41
tritiumicechickenx: they are in the repositories.  You can also go to System -> Administration -> Hardware Drivers01:42
WebcamWonderisaak: Depends on what version you are running, 64 or 3201:42
lifenova1issak: how much ram do you have01:42
icechickenxyeah, tried that but I get nothing01:42
isaaklifenova1,  3 gigs01:42
tritiumicechickenx: otherwise, you can install them like any other package, via apt-get, aptitude, or synaptic01:42
lifenova1isaak: 32bit01:42
=== Octoroks is now known as loserman
WebcamWonderlifenova1: WHAT?01:42
WebcamWonderlifenova1: You cannot say that a person is running a 32 bit OS judging by the amount of memory he/she has01:43
icechickenxall i get is "no proprietary drivers"01:43
tritiumWebcamWonder: he's probably getting at the fact that 32-bit OSes can't address greater than 2^32, hence the 3 GB memory limit01:44
WebcamWondertritium: Still, that doesn't make it right. I am running a x86_64 with 1 gig of ram01:45
isaakmake what right?01:45
tritiumWebcamWonder: that's fine.  If he was successfully running > 3 GB, one would have to conclude he's using a 64-bit OS as well.01:45
princeduganok my external USB sound works (makes noise). How to I direct my software DVD player to use it?01:45
Wolv3ok guys, what u think about this http://img140.imageshack.us/my.php?image=pantallazo1wr9.png01:46
WebcamWondertritium: I get that, but it doesn't 32/64 if you have enough RAM to be able to map your entire ram + MMO01:46
ubuntu_is_dabestwhat software to use to run a prepaid hotspot server?01:47
WebcamWondertritium: Arghh, enough addresses*01:47
MajorPayneHi.  I was able to edit /usr/share/hal/fdi/policy/20thirdparty/11-x11-synaptics.fdi to very close the way I want it.  Only one more problem left, I have to have almost my full fingerprint on the thing before the mouse pointer will move (if I just use the tip of my finger nothing hapens).  It wasn't like this before I upgraded to 8.10.  What seting do I change to improve that?01:47
MajorPayneI'm talking about my symnaptic touchpad on my MacBook2,1.01:47
corey_hello, i can you give me a name of plain php package in version 5.2 ?01:48
ubuntu_is_dabestphp5 on synaptic?01:49
ussercorey_: php5-cli01:49
icechickenxo.k. i've got synaptic up, what would I search for to get a display driver for and NEC lcd1545V?01:50
asdfqwersomeone w/ gedit check to see if there is a key-bound for saving a file?01:50
darkkyokusanagi_Hello all :-)01:50
tritiumicechickenx: drivers are specific to graphics cards, not monitors01:50
WebcamWonderasdfqwer: CTRL + S01:50
corey_ubuntu_is_dabest: synaptic or apt-get01:50
asdfqwergreat, my key-bindings are fubared01:50
_Vi_vi is easier asdfqwer :q!01:51
icechickenxhow do I find out what graphics driver I have?  if this was windows...it would be a no brainer...but I'm new to linux...01:51
WebcamWonder_Vi_: That doesn't save :P01:51
lynxzany idea why my ati 4870x2 is running much hotter on ubuntu than windows? like 20 C difference!01:51
asdfqwer_Vi_, vi is easier than gedit, i doubt it01:51
_Vi_WebcamWonder: oops i thought he wanted to exit! lol01:51
darkkyokusanagi_anyone have a trick for the v-sync problem on video under ubuntu 8.10 with nvidia driver 177.82 ?01:51
asdfqwer_Vi_, besides i use emacs for advanced editing01:51
cbwcjw_Vi_: KDE 4.2 works pretty nice01:51
tritiumdarkkyokusanagi_: you probably want to be more specific.  Many people use that driver with no such issues.01:52
asdfqweri think realplayer f*cked up my keybindings01:52
asdfqweras odd as that sounds01:52
tritiumasdfqwer: watch your language01:52
_Vi_asdfqwer: oh i loved emacs until I found out how horrible their channel is... I ran to Vi , and and never looked back.01:52
asdfqweri did01:52
tritiumasdfqwer: not good enough01:52
_Vi_cbwcjw: i tried that in vbox, no luck :(01:52
corey_php5-cli as standard package is with shuhosin patch, but i need without it01:52
stevenmHey guys. Thinkpad volume keys adjust the volume in hardware, but gnome's volume display is still nice. Is there any way to get it to still show the volume on-screen when those keys are pressed, but not actually adjust it? I mean, short of writing your own script for it01:53
=== patrick is now known as Guest28612
cbwcjw_Vi_: Oh well, It does pretty good on my laptop. Im hanging out in #kubuntu haha01:53
icechickenxtritium, how do I find out what graphics card I have?  I was given this computer for free01:53
_Vi_cbwcjw: i get like a graphical glitch, that "rolls" and only show s 50% of the screen01:53
tritiumicechickenx: lspci -v, for one.  lshw, for another01:53
cbwcjw_Vi_: Odd.01:53
darkkyokusanagi_i have set V-sync to blank in nvidia settings and in the compiz manager, i set my refresh rate too and when i play a movie in fullscreen i have a tearing with totem, vlc, mplayer01:53
WebcamWondericechickenx: lspci01:53
tritiumWebcamWonder: a bit late there ;)01:54
icechickenxenter in terminal, yes?01:54
_Vi_cbwcjw: yeah, ive never had an issue with KDE before so who knows . i'll find a fix soon I hope :)01:54
yoyit2how do you make all your windows transparent?? through compiz01:54
tritiumicechickenx: yes01:54
usserdarkkyokusanagi_: update the driver, latest one seems to be 180.2201:54
WebcamWondertritium: Apparently, I am blind :P01:54
tritiumWebcamWonder: :)01:54
usserdarkkyokusanagi_: its not as hard as it seems01:54
icechickenxtrying it now...01:54
WebcamWonderyoyit2: You can bind the keys required to do that task. I think there is a default binding, whihc I have sadly forgotten01:55
usserdarkkyokusanagi_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NvidiaManual01:55
tritiumicechickenx: a lot of information will scroll by.  Pipe the output into less, then you can page through it with keypresses:  lspci | less01:55
darkkyokusanagi_thx i try this01:55
yoyit2WebcamWonder: have any more info?01:55
asdfqwergconf-editor is what i should use for editing an application's key-bindings, correct?01:55
icechickenxwould it me this:  VGA compatible controller: Cirrus Logic GD 5446 (rev 45)01:55
tritiumicechickenx: yes01:55
icechickenxdo a search on "Cirrus Logic" in synaptic?01:56
WebcamWonderasdfqwer: Lasst time I checked gedit respective gnome-binding01:56
darkkyokusanagi_but i don't know because of what i have this issues now, after my fresh install i have no tearing that's all01:56
WebcamWonderasdfqwer: Obivously, you can have it override them01:56
WebcamWonderyoyit2: Hold u[p01:56
WebcamWonder!search ccsm01:57
ubottuFound: ccsm01:57
tritiumicechickenx: hold on.  Let's check it it's already being used.  (It should already be installed.)  Check /var/log/Xorg.0.log, and look for the "cirrus" driver being used.01:57
WebcamWonder!info ccsm01:57
ubottuPackage ccsm does not exist in intrepid01:57
virianfluxhow can I make sure the kernel has all the modules required to load an eyetoy webcam?01:57
hytllis there a way to tell what codec an AVI was encoded in? totem, mplayer and vlc can't play it, i think i have to download another codec but i'm not sure which one01:57
zeroshadeubottu: compizconfig-settings-manager does exist in intrepid01:57
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:58
tritiumWebcamWonder: simple-ccsm is the only package in the repos01:58
cbwcjw!info compizconfig-settings-manager01:58
ubottucompizconfig-settings-manager (source: compizconfig-settings-manager): Compiz configuration settings manager. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.7.8-0ubuntu3 (intrepid), package size 619 kB, installed size 4048 kB01:58
virianfluxhytll, yes01:58
WebcamWondertritium: What happened to the advanced one? I am getting old by the day01:58
asdfqwerWebcamWonder, gnome-binding ? is that  a file?01:58
virianfluxhytll, I think vlc says if you right click or something01:58
tritiumWebcamWonder: it's the other non-acronym named package01:58
LinuxNITis there a different 64bit iso  for intel core 2 duos than the amd64?01:59
jeffreyfany issues with kernel 2.6.27-11-generic.  Seems to slow the system down01:59
tritiumLinuxNIT: no01:59
WebcamWonderasdfqwer: Nah, that means, that it respects if you reassign "Save" to anything else, for gnome, it would inherit those, rather than going fubar itself :)01:59
LinuxNITso i use the amd64  for intel?01:59
tritiumLinuxNIT: if you want 64-bit, yes.01:59
LinuxNIThmmm seems like the iso should be renamed01:59
ubottuAMD64 and EMT64 are fully supported architectures on Ubuntu. See http://tinyurl.com/3jkole and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amd64 for more information.01:59
WebcamWonderyoyit2: sudo aptitude install compizconfig-settings-manager, that should give you a preferences -> Advanced Desktop settings, where you can fine tune everythin01:59
asdfqwerWebcamWonder, how should i go about reassigning this manually for gedit, for a short-term solution?02:00
tritiumLinuxNIT: it should not.  See the wikipedia link.02:00
asdfqweroh, but i guess, from what you said, it'll reassign CTRL+S to everything else.02:00
WebcamWonderasdfqwer: Preferences -> Apperence. I think over there you can turn on an option that lets you edit the shortcuts from within th emenus themselves02:00
jeffreyfany issues with kernel 2.6.27-11-generic.  Seems to slow the system down02:01
WebcamWonderasdfqwer: CTRL+S for the save func. across all the applicccatins that respect gnome-key-bidnings02:01
hytllvirianflux: i think it's corrupt, actually. the file size doesn't seem right02:01
hytllthx though02:01
tritiumjeffreyf: none reported02:01
virianfluxhytll, no problem02:01
jigphello how to allow users to view my files?02:02
phpstarhello everyone02:02
virianfluxhow can I make sure the kernel has all the modules loaded for a webcam?02:02
tritiumLinuxNIT: it'll make sense to you once you read the background on it.02:02
phpstaranyone has experience with LTSP   ??02:02
WebcamWondervirianflux: Let me guess, loading them manually? :)02:02
jigphello how to allow users to view my files?02:02
szrhawaiican anyone point me into the direction on information on the new linux kernel update that is showing up 2.6.27-1102:02
jeffreyftritium: 2.6.27-9-generic is fine.  2.6.27-11-generic has choppy audio and video in games.  It is otherwise fine02:02
virianfluxWebcamWonder, do you know what they are? do you have a list?02:02
ubottuInstructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras02:03
LinuxNITit still seems like they should use x86_64 if it is meant for both intel and amd cpus to remove confusion, but thats just me02:03
yoyit2WebcamWonder: i did that.. and theres nothing under preferences that mach what you are saying02:03
virianfluxWebcamWonder, I doubt any automated help will be useful02:03
phpstaranyone has experience with LTSP ??02:03
WebcamWonderyoyit2: System -> Preferences -> Advanced Desktop Settings02:03
virianfluxWebcamWonder, I have followed all the tutorials I can find02:03
tritiumLinuxNIT: blame Intel for pursuing Itanium, and confusing the whole 64-bit scene02:03
WebcamWondervirianflux: Is it officially supported?02:04
_Vi_!repeat | phpstar slow down a bit :)02:04
ubottuphpstar slow down a bit :): Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience02:04
LinuxNITim not blaming anyone02:04
tritiumjeffreyf: interesting.  Glad I won't be affected.02:04
h4x0rnew kernel?02:04
calcLinuxNIT: its the official name of the architecture, amd called it x86-64 because it was released but renamed it to amd64 by the time any chips shipped ~ 200302:04
virianfluxWebcamWonder, sort of supported. it works by default but not with skype so i installed the jpeg hack02:04
reduzdamn it02:05
calcLinuxNIT: it would be akin to renaming i386 to x86-32 since people wouldn't want to acknowledge i(ntel)386 is the origin of the architecture02:05
jigphello how to allow users to view my files?02:05
virianfluxWebcamWonder, I have applied the hack successfully before but that was a different version on a different kernel and a whole different ubuntu version02:05
reduzhow comes python3.0-dbg package doesn't come with a python LIBRARY with debug symbols? this is outrageous :(02:05
jigphttp allow all to view my files.how?02:05
virianfluxWebcamWonder, I even wrote a guide for the ubuntu wiki02:05
Soletdoes anyone in here have an eeepc running ubuntu or eeebuntu with hibernate working?02:05
WebcamWondervirianflux: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeWebCams02:06
calcLinuxNIT: how would people know that i386 runs on things other than intel 386 cpus? ;-)02:06
calcLinuxNIT: they learn the architecture is implemented by many different cpus :)02:06
illmortalSomeone please assist me... Ubuntu gets an error when I try to boot up.02:06
phpstarno LTSP supporter here :(02:06
virianfluxWebcamWonder, I'm familiar with that but I need a list of  all the modules to be loaded I think, or something like that, I dont know the troubleshooting flow for it02:06
jeffreyfhow do I back down to 2.6.27-9-generic  from 2.6.27-11-generic?02:06
jigphttp allow all to view my files.how?02:06
zeroshadeillmortal what error?02:07
_Vi_!LAMP | jigp (for the http server question)02:07
ubottujigp (for the http server question): LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)02:07
virianfluxWebcamWonder, I am somewhat well read on anything google has to hand02:07
LinuxNITcalc, so if you take that approach it would be a64 but anyway i dont want to ague02:07
LinuxNITthanks for the info02:07
calcLinuxNIT: the only reason any of linux uses x86-64 is really because the support for amd64 architecture was written for linux before actual chips existed02:07
calcLinuxNIT: and then they didn't want to change the code of lots of apps by then02:07
virianfluxWebcamWonder, http://www.rastageeks.org/ov51x-jpeg/index.php/Ov51xJpegHackedInstall#Installation_on_Ubuntu_8.10_Intrepid_Ibex didnt work02:07
calcLinuxNIT: intel decided to called it i386 themselves, like what amd did with their amd64 architecture02:07
calcLinuxNIT: amd didn't call it a6402:08
phixxorwhen you're setting up a dual boot with XP and ubuntu, does XP have to have the first partition of the drive? Or can it boot from any partition?02:08
calcLinuxNIT: i was at the x86-64 launch party in aug 200002:08
illmortalit starts off with /lib/init/rw/rootdev: unexpected inconsistency. Run FSCK manually, FSCK died with exit status 4. Bash: No job control in this shell. An automatic FSCK of the root file system failed. zeroshade.02:08
Twinkletoes|HInstalled JeOS (8.04.2) then apt-get install manpages, but the man binary is nowhere to be found.  Anything else I have to do?02:08
calcLinuxNIT: they had suse linux running on it ~ 3 years before any cpus existed, heh02:08
WebcamWondervirianflux: You were successfully able to do all of that, including the removal and the new module installatio?02:09
Flare183Twinkletoes|H: sudo apt-get install man02:09
jeffreyfhow do I back down to 2.6.27-9-generic  from 2.6.27-11-generic?02:09
calcLinuxNIT: and intel didn't even start making cpus for it until around 2005 iirc02:09
Twinkletoes|HFlare183: Thank you ;)02:09
virianfluxWebcamWonder, yes but I think I rmmod'd too much02:09
Flare183Twinkletoes|H: np02:09
blacklemon67how do i put image data into the clipboard via command line?02:09
jigphow to allow user see my files on the web?02:09
calcLinuxNIT: yea in mid 2005 it seems the first intel with amd64 support iirc was the P4 600 series02:09
virianfluxWebcamWonder, I think I might need to make sure all the right modules are loaded02:10
tritiumTwinkletoes|H: no, manpages is the proper package name02:10
Sirhello, is there a channel for UNetbootin?02:10
_Vi_jigp: I told you two times now02:10
Flare183jigp: With apache02:10
Twinkletoes|Htritium: manpages didn't install the binaryk only the English man pages02:10
Twinkletoes|Htritium: apt-get install man did the trick02:10
WebcamWondervirianflux: As per this, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=272328, you also need videodev and i2c_core (I have no idea about those ones)02:10
Sirhow about a channel for general USB Ubuntu installing?02:10
illmortalzeroshade do you what that error is?... I googled it but can't find anything in regards to this problem.02:10
asdfqwerWebcamWonder, I'm still curious as to how this could have become unbound02:10
tritiumTwinkletoes|H: there is no "man" package02:10
tritium!info man02:11
ubottuPackage man does not exist in intrepid02:11
calcLinuxNIT: intel wanted to call it several different things when they finally started making chips, one of the was em64t, and there was another name, microsoft calls it x64, etc02:11
Twinkletoes|Htritium: There must be, it just installed02:11
WebcamWonderasdfqwer: I have no clue. Do you have children? :p02:11
phixxorwhen you're setting up a dual boot with XP and ubuntu, does XP have to have the first partition of the drive? Or can it boot from any partition?02:11
ugliefroghow do u put ascii art into the terminal....Im new to scripting and thought it would be neat to inject ascii art into the script as it was doing a command02:11
tritiumTwinkletoes|H: there is not02:11
asdfqwerWebcamWonder, God no.02:11
asdfqwerand thank god for that02:11
Twinkletoes|Htritium: so whatever just installed, solved my problem02:11
virianfluxWebcamWonder, I will check those02:11
calcLinuxNIT: but generally in the naming of architectures the maker of the architecture gets to name it, eg m68k (motorola 68000) and hppa (hp pa-risc)02:11
Sirwhat is grub error 17?02:12
tritiumTwinkletoes|H: man is in man-db02:12
kailash_hey i got this problem while i was trying to install Gsim....help me !!!02:12
kailash_kailash@kailash-desktop:~/Desktop/gnusim8085-1.3.5$ make02:12
kailash_make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found.  Stop.kailash@kailash-desktop:~/Desktop/gnusim8085-1.3.5$ make02:12
kailash_make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found.  Stop.kailash@kailash-desktop:~/Desktop/gnusim8085-1.3.5$ make02:12
kailash_make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found.  Stop.02:12
FloodBot1kailash_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:12
jeffreyfhow do I back down to 2.6.27-9-generic  from 2.6.27-11-generic?02:12
illmortalCan someone assist me with this error, I don't understand it and I can't find anything on google about it:  /lib/init/rw/rootdev: unexpected inconsistency. Run FSCK manually, FSCK died with exit status 4. Bash: No job control in this shell. An automatic FSCK of the root file system failed.02:12
Sirit would be nice if there was a UNetbootin channel02:12
virianfluxWebcamWonder, no luck. webcam not found in Cheese02:12
Twinkletoes|Htritium: Ah - well, that's the one that installed when I type d apt-get install man anyway :)02:12
scunizijeffreyf, should still be in your menu.lst that pops up on boot.. just choose it.02:13
szrhawaiijeffreyf manually02:13
virianfluxWebcamWonder, it worked after the kernel update earlier, in cheese02:13
tritiumTwinkletoes|H: now, that makes sense.02:13
* calc gone to dinner02:13
virianfluxWebcamWonder, but it showed green fuzz in skype02:13
zeroshadeillmortal boot into the recovery shell or boot up a live cd and run fsck manually on the drive02:13
tritiumTwinkletoes|H: just correcting what Flare183 had suggested you do.02:13
ugliefroghow do u put ascii art into the terminal....Im new to scripting and thought it would be neat to inject ascii art into the script as it was doing a command02:13
jeffreyfszrhawaii:can I just remove the newest kernel02:13
_Vi_!MBR | Sir02:13
ubottuSir: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto02:13
WebcamWondervirianflux: hmm... weird. So, it seems the jpeg hack doesn't work anymore, or something else has come undone02:13
illmortalwhat's the command for fsck, zeroshade?02:13
jigp_Vi_ Flare183 : done.but page not found :( the page you tried to access does not exist on this server. This  page may not exist due to the following reasons: You are the owner of this web site and you have not  uploaded (or incorrectly uploaded) your web site. For information  on uploading your web site using FTP client software or web design  software, click  here for FTP Upload Information. The URL that you have entered in your browser is  incorrect. Plea02:14
WebcamWonderugliefrog: You should be able to echo the ascii art?02:14
DrunkPikachucan anyone tell me how I might go about having an ubuntu install within VMWare use a pre-existing home and swap partitions (installing 32 bit ubuntu in VMWare from a 64bit install)? I'm currently at the manual partition screen in VMware02:14
krielOkay. I upgraded from ubuntu 8.04 to ubuntu 8.10. I haven't had any issues except with Second Life so far. Since the upgrade, it almost looks like the second life textures are corrupt, however I re-downloaded the client and no issues. I'm running on a laptop with integrated intel video.02:14
virianfluxWebcamWonder,  if i could use gstfakevideo02:14
zeroshadefsck /dev/sda1 (where /dev/sda1 is the partition you want to check)02:14
virianfluxWebcamWonder, I'd have to get the old kernel driver working though, the jpeg free one02:14
ugliefrogok ill try that02:14
isaakhey does anyone know if my western drive can be detected by ubuntu?02:14
jigp_Vi_ Flare183 : permissions was the issue02:14
WebcamWondervirianflux: Got no clue after that. I am a hypocrite you know, I don't even own a working webcam :D02:14
_Vi_!permissions | jigp (Just a wild guess )....02:14
ubottujigp (Just a wild guess )....: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions02:14
calcLinuxNIT: heh and actually i am one of the people that had debian and thus ubuntu name it amd64 :)02:14
szrhawaiijeffreyf you have to remove and install the old one but there might be an easier way02:14
virianfluxWebcamWonder, do you know how to reinstall the kernel?02:14
isaakwester drive is an external hardive02:15
krielisaak: do you mean western digital? If so, I'd assume yes.02:15
_Vi_lol i was right02:15
* calc was one of the original 64bit bootstrappers on Debian02:15
isaakhow do i get it to work?02:15
virianfluxWebcamWonder: heh02:15
WebcamWondervirianflux: You removed the previous kernel?02:15
tritiumcalc: that was a fast dinner ;)02:15
szrhawaiijeffreyf i mean remove the new one and install the old one02:15
krielisaak: it doesn't work when you plug it in? What version of ubuntu?02:15
isaaki have 8.1002:15
tritiumisaak: by "western", do you mean "Western Digital"?02:15
virianfluxWebcamWonder, nope02:15
isaak i mean wester digital02:16
tritiumisaak: that should work when you plug it in02:16
WebcamWondervirianflux: Then you should be able to switch kernels in grub02:16
virianfluxWebcamWonder, can i tell it to upgrade again after?02:16
isaakhow would i do that02:16
isaakoh it doesnt02:16
virianfluxWebcamWonder, I messed it up with the old kernel too :)02:16
isaakdetect it02:16
krielisaak: under places on the top bar, there should be "computer","CD/DVD creator", and then a however many GB drive your external is.02:16
virianfluxWebcamWonder, the kernel update gave it a lease of life02:16
krielisaak: does it show there?02:16
isaaki dont see a computer02:17
WebcamWondervirianflux: I don't specifically know. You could try removing the kernel, and then reinstalling it02:17
kailash_hey i got this problem while installing a GSim8085... http://pastebin.com/m4e1e9b48 ....need help!!!!!!!!!!02:17
WebcamWondervirianflux: This conversation has reached the critical mass of my knowledge of linux :P02:17
_Vi_jigp: The easiest way to get LAMP working , is installing Ubuntu Server Edition, and slap a light weight window manger on it like fluxbox... For some reason it seems to set LAMP up better , theres no need for a bunch of tweeking the configs and what not... Anyways what would it hurt to try it?02:17
WebcamWonderHas anyone worked with LVPM? Is it stable enough?02:18
isaakkriel , it doesnt show02:18
krielisaak: on the top bar, there should be a menu called places. Click that. Underneath that, there should be entries named "computer" and "cd/dvd creator". Do you see those?02:18
asdfqwerWebcamWonder, I'm still at a loss to fix this key-binding.02:18
=== rachel is now known as Guest40364
isaakyes i do02:18
phixxorwhen you're setting up a dual boot with XP and ubuntu, does XP have to have the first partition of the drive? Or can it boot from any partition?02:18
jigp_Vi_ I use sqlite02:18
virianfluxWebcamWonder, silly of me, I'll go back in grub and remove the latest version and then do another upgrade!02:18
virianfluxWebcamWonder, thanks! :)02:18
krielisaak: is there anything underneath that?02:18
isaakbut its not showing up02:18
isaakonly my usb disk on the other side02:19
kailash_http://pastebin.com/m4e1e9b48.....wot's wrong?????02:19
krielisaak: okay. Do you know how to pull up a terminal?02:19
isaakand cd02:19
tritium!enter | isaak02:19
ubottuisaak: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!02:19
szrhawaiiso how bad is this new upgrade to the 2.6.27-1102:19
_Vi_jigp: well I donno then :)02:19
Cpudan80phixxor: it likes to be the first partition yeah02:19
nicoishi everyone. Can someone help me with some installer/boot problems I'm having? I can't run the ubuntu 8.10 installed on my benq laptop. Keeps freezing during boot-up from the live CD02:19
szrhawaiihow many have done it already02:19
Cpudan80phixxor: Does it have to be? No - but it really does prefer it02:19
krielOkay. I upgraded from ubuntu 8.04 to ubuntu 8.10. I haven't had any issues except with Second Life so far. Since the upgrade, it almost looks like the second life textures are corrupt, however I re-downloaded the client and no issues. I'm running on a laptop with integrated intel video. [first and only repost]02:20
isaakok i have the terminal ready02:20
yoyit2totem mp4 codec spontainiously decided not to work.. any ideas why??02:20
WebcamWonderasdfqwer: http://live.gnome.org/Gedit/KeyboardShortcuts <= end of page discussion02:20
phixxorCpudan80: what does it mean when an operating system prefers something? I want to know the kind of trouble I'm getting in02:20
asdfqwerWebcamWonder, k ty02:20
isaakwhat do i do now kriel?02:20
krielisaak: try "ls /dev | grep [hs]d[a-z]"02:20
UnderSampledis there a channel for UNetbootin?02:21
Cpudan80phixxor: By default it wants to install to the first primary partition it finds - it might screw up the drive lettering otherwise02:21
krielisaak: You say this is a laptop, and you've got a USB stick and an external harddrive plugged in?02:21
phixxorCpudan80: oh ok, I installed it on the first primary partition. but I have an extended partition that comes before it02:21
UnderSampledwhat is grub error 17?02:21
isaakkriel, so ya i did wat u told me but what now?02:21
krielisaak: okay. tell me all the entires in that that don't have a number after them. like, on mine there's sda and sdb.02:22
UnderSampledis there a channel for finding channels?02:22
isaakkriel,  there is sda and sdb02:22
krielisaak: nothing else?02:22
isaakkriel, yes nothing else02:22
UnderSampledwould this be the channel for finding the channel for finding channels?02:22
phixxorUnderSampled: tried google? I don't know what it is02:22
UnderSampledphixxor: I am trying to find an irc channel with someone who knows about UNetbootin02:23
krielisaak: okay. Either your hard drive is defective or there's something seriously wrong with your ubuntu installation. Make sure all the cables are tight, make sure the external hard drive is turned on and powered up, etc.02:23
icechickenxtritium, r u there?02:23
UnderSampledphixxor: the program for creating live usbs on windows02:23
Rave1_UnderSampled, http://www.uruk.org/orig-grub/errors.html02:23
_Vi_UnderSampled: searchirc.com is a IRC search engine try that02:24
krielisaak: maybe try a different usb port or plugging it into another computer and seeing if it works there.02:24
tritiumicechickenx: yes02:24
phixxorUnderSampled: Well if anybody knows about it they'll most likely be here or in ##windows02:24
phixxorUnderSampled: if it is a windows program02:24
virianfluxUnderSampled, phixxor unetbootin?02:24
icechickenxreinstalling graphics driver didn't help with resolution02:24
phixxorvirianflux: I haven't ever used it, but undersampled wants to/is02:24
virianfluxunetbootin can be unreliable but it has saved my ass before02:24
yoyit2does ANYONE have a clue how to get my mp4 codecs to work again?02:24
isaakk let me try that kriel02:24
tritiumicechickenx: you never answered my previous question.  I never would have recommended reinstalling the driver.02:24
yoyit2they dont even work in vlc player02:24
virianfluxunetbootin can save your life02:24
UnderSampledvirianflux: well, I think it just killed my windows install02:24
virianfluxUnderSampled, is that bad?02:25
Cpudan80phixxor: thats fine02:25
icechickenxopps...i must have missed your previous question, repost please02:25
isaakkriel, it said automated start for this device has been denied02:25
_Vi_UnderSampled: you say that like that is a bad thing02:25
isaakkriel, its detecting but.... not allowing02:25
DrunkPikachuanyone happen to have experience doing an vmware ubuntu install from within ubuntu?02:25
scuniziDrunkPikachu, yep02:26
disappearedngHey I just did an update and I lost wireless, any idea how I could fix this?02:26
DrunkPikachuscunizi: did you reuse your home and/or swap partitions?02:26
isaakkriel, it works now thanks02:26
UnderSampled_VI_, virianflux:I tried a network install from UNetbootin and even though I had my windows drive unplugged I now get Grub error 1702:26
UnderSampledI have adobe and several games02:26
isaakshould i install virus scan ?02:26
linux_guyisaak, heck no02:26
RoyallI was playing teeworlds and using Songbird to play Radiohead at the same time, and Ubuntu crashed02:26
tritiumisaak: what for?02:26
szrhawaiidisappearedng just delete the new 2.6.27-1102:27
isaakwhy not?02:27
linux_guyisaak, you dont need it02:27
isaakis linux so invincible?02:27
phixxorAlright, do I need to manually add the windows boot entry to grub, or should I let grub do it automatically somehow?02:27
szrhawaiior restart and press esc and pick your other version at boot02:27
icechickenxtritium, I must have missed your orig. question please repost02:27
disappearedngszrhawaii: what are you talking abou t02:27
scuniziDrunkPikachu, ok.. I'm confused.. you're running ubuntu and have vmware installed and are installing another version of ubuntu?? and wondering about reusing the /home and swap from a prevoius vm install?02:27
isaakso its like a macintosh02:27
ubottuA/V software is available, however read this to understand why Linux does not have a virus problem: http://librenix.com/?inode=2102:27
_Vi_isaak: kinda02:27
tritiumicechickenx: it's too far up in my history02:27
szrhawaiiwhy fix a wireless issue if you didnt have in before the update02:27
disappearedngszrhawaii: what are you talking about02:28
joteuphixxor-> that menu.lst file has a sample entries commented out02:28
szrhawaiiyou said you did the update now your wireless isnt working02:28
icechickenxhmmm....where did we leave off?  I listed my graphics card...then....?02:28
linux_guyisaak, linux and windows just have fundamental differences.  It's what makes linux so great IMO02:28
virianfluxUnderSampled, I think that can happen when you have an existing install02:28
DrunkPikachuscunizi: almost, I need access to a smaller 32 bit install (unsupported software issues) and was wondering if the vmware install can use the host's home and swap partitions02:28
tritiumszrhawaii: he doesn't have to uninstall it.02:28
virianfluxUnderSampled, do you have a spare USB that is blank?02:28
szrhawaiihe can fix the problem then02:29
tritiumdisappearedng: before you remove anything, please boot into the previous kernel, and see if it works again02:29
phixxorjoteu: alright, I'll use that one then. Just making sure there's no command i'm suppost to run to update grub so it sees windows02:29
tritiumszrhawaii: let's be smarter about it02:29
virianfluxUnderSampled, you could probably just zero the whole thing with DD02:29
szrhawaiiseems like the new kernel isnt working for most people02:29
scuniziDrunkPikachu, don't see why not.. but then I've never tried that..02:29
tritiumdisappearedng: if it doesn't work in the old kernel, the upgrade was not the cause02:29
phpmonkis firestarter a good firewall?02:30
tritiumszrhawaii: no, seems like only a few are having specific issues02:30
szrhawaiiwell i havent had one yet02:30
linux_guyhow do i set up 'bluez-cups' for bluetooth printing?02:30
UnderSampledvirianflux: what is DD?02:30
DrunkPikachuscunizi: ah, alright then. I would've thought I could, but I don't know where to start. I've installed it once without problem, but with it's own encapsulated home02:30
icechickenxalso, I was searching for Cirrus Logic GD 5446 (rev 45) in synaptic02:30
virianfluxUnderSampled, dd is a scary command that stands for direct data, I think02:30
szrhawaiiso i guess im one of the few that dont02:30
tritium!who | icechickenx (In case you're talking to me, I've not noticed.)02:30
ubottuicechickenx (In case you're talking to me, I've not noticed.): As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)02:30
_Vi_phpmonk: its basically just a graphical front end to ip tables02:31
linux_guyDD could be good in other context =P02:31
UnderSampledvirianflux: the problem probably happened during the creation of the drive, not during installation02:31
_Vi_!Firewall | phpmonk02:31
phpmonk_Vi_: oh, so underhood it maintains ip table based firewall?02:31
ubottuphpmonk: Ubuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).02:31
asdfqwerhere's something i just learned02:31
_Vi_phpmonk: ubottu just answered you :)02:31
icechickenxubottu, 10-4.  tritium, I was asking about Cirrus Logic GD 5446 (rev 45) driver search in synaptic02:32
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:32
isaakthank you linux02:32
isaakfor antivirus02:32
normlomanCan anyone tell me the name of this program for ubuntu: It's a little setup program that helps newbies do common configuration with one button (i specifically remember one button to automatically set up midi). Does anyone know the program Im talking about, and do you remember the name?02:32
asdfqwerif you press alt while your mouseovering a context menu's entry from a toolbar, you can reconfigure that application's entry key binding02:32
phpmonkubottu: i got it02:32
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about i got it02:32
GauntletHey all02:32
virianfluxUnderSampled, I wouldnt know. when i had the same grub problem, I think I did an ubuntu install via CD to the USB and it sorted it02:33
linux_guyhow do i use 'bluez-cups' for bluetooth printing?02:33
Decepticonhow can i do cool stuff with my cellphone and linux?02:33
virianfluxDecepticon, of course02:33
icechickenxtritium or ubottu, I'm not able to increase resolution on monitor.  went to synaptic and searched on Cirrus02:33
UnderSampledvirianflux: the problem drive was not even plugged in during installation02:33
icechickenxwas that right?02:34
tritiumicechickenx: ubottu is a bot02:34
virianfluxyou can do a fresh install to it to fix it via CD02:34
phixxoricechickenx: ubottu is a robot, he can't answer questions like that "{02:34
=== jpg is now known as jpeg
virianfluxUnderSampled, good luck I have to restart!02:34
tritium!fixres | icechickenx02:34
ubottuicechickenx: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution02:34
UnderSampledvirianflux: I am now running on ubuntu installed from a cd on the non-windows02:34
icechickenxwhat?  serious?02:34
virianfluxtake care all02:34
icechickenxwhat?  serious?02:34
therootestcan someone help me install the compiz cube thing in kubuntu 804?02:34
GauntletI'm trying to boot ubuntu and everytime it gets to checking the partition it says I need to run a chkdsk /r on the drive in windows and then it should install fine. I ran the disk check and it tells me the same thing every time. Can anyone help me?02:35
=== jpeg is now known as Guest3560
icechickenxubottu, you really a robot?  (man, I look stupid for asking....)02:35
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:35
tritiumicechickenx: please follow the URL I had ubottu send you on fixing the resolution02:36
phixxorubottu is a helpful robot02:36
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:36
UnderSampledwho is in charge of ubotto? he needs more responses to that02:36
icechickenxtritium, where's the link?02:36
On0bi_somebody google New World Order02:37
GauntletI'm trying to boot ubuntu and everytime it gets to checking the partition it says I need to run a chkdsk /r on the drive in windows and then it should install fine. I ran the disk check and it tells me the same thing every time. Can anyone help me? Anyone?02:37
phixxorbut I wonder what happened to ubotu... maybe ubottu killed him02:37
UnderSampledhe also needs to sense if it he is actually being talked to02:37
icechickenxtritium, sorry, where's the link?02:37
szrhawaiiubottu took over its his bigger brother02:37
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:38
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots02:38
AdministratorWhat the hell?02:38
phixxorubottu tries to cover up the past!02:38
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:38
tritiumAdministrator: easy there, please02:38
szrhawaiii guess02:38
tritium!fixres | icechickenx02:38
ubottuicechickenx: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution02:38
nikolamHI. I am just doing update to 2.6.24-23 kernel. Even if I already have the same with previous 8.04 update. Why is that? Do we have newer same 2.6.24-23 for Hardy?02:39
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about UNetbootin02:39
UnderSampledI thought I might as well try :002:39
icechickenxthx, will try and report results02:39
ubottulife is something very few people know about in this channel - and anyway, it's probably offtopic, perhaps you want to try #ubuntu-offtopic02:39
icechickenxtritium, thx!02:39
kevin7kalhi, I'm confused a bit --- lvm management with ubuntu?   I think I'm using it because my fstab looks like this. # /dev/sda102:39
kevin7kalUUID=47504b8e-6f15-4998-a0d8-f9b336ca54f1 /               ext3    relatime,errors=remount-ro 0       102:39
Gauntletundersampled, are you trying to boot from a usb?02:39
bazhangUnderSampled, /msg ubottu02:39
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about death02:39
bazhangszrhawaii, you too02:39
kevin7kalso question 1 is, is that drive set up as an lvm volume?02:40
tritiumicechickenx: good luck!02:40
jtajikevin7kal: nope02:40
=== nicholas_ is now known as tacosareecool
kevin7kaljtaji: ok02:40
h4x0runetbootin is a app to creat a usb drive as boot02:40
kansananything after exit 0;  in /etc/rc.local will NOT get executed... correct?02:40
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:40
GauntletI'm trying to boot ubuntu and everytime it gets to checking the partition it says I need to run a chkdsk /r on the drive in windows and then it should install fine. I ran the disk check and it tells me the same thing every time. Can anyone help me?02:40
UnderSampledh4x0r: it also kills windows installs02:41
bazhangszrhawaii, please stop; /msg ubottu02:41
kevin7kaljtaji: so what's up with the fstab format?  I must have fallen asleep and missed something02:41
jtaji!uuid | kevin7kal02:41
ubottukevin7kal: To see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)02:41
h4x0ryou maybe right02:41
linux_guyI have bluez-cups installed for bluetooth printing, how do i set it up?02:41
On0bi_omg a h4x0r!! oh noes02:41
Decepticonwhat stuff can you do with cellphone and linux?02:41
ubottunetworkmanager is an application to make (wireless) networking Just Work. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/NetworkManager02:41
jtajikevin7kal: UUIDs are now used because device numbers can change nowadays02:41
jtajikevin7kal: although it would still work if you changed it to /dev/sda102:41
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about conspiracy02:41
isaakhow come unbuntu can't open files for linux02:42
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about chkdsk02:42
ubottuSome things are inappropriate for #ubuntu. Controversial topics, which often turn into flame wars: war, race, religion, politics, gender, sexuality, drugs, questionably legal activities, suicide are not for here. Microsoft software in ##windows (Please note Freenode Policy)02:42
_Vi_stop messing with the bots02:42
h4x0rof course it can oben files for linux02:42
isaakno it can't02:42
bazhangOn0bi_, stop that02:42
h4x0risaak what file you want to open02:42
_Vi_it floods the channel On0bi_ , hard to read as it is02:43
* linux_guy pretends he can print over bluetooth02:43
isaakhttp://www.wacom.com/productsupport/select.cfm which should i dl02:43
bazhangOn0bi_, this is not the chat channel, /msg ubottu02:43
GauntletI'm trying to boot ubuntu and everytime it gets to checking the partition it says I need to run a chkdsk /r on the drive in windows and then it should install fine. I ran the disk check and it tells me the same thing every time. Can anyone help me?02:43
On0bi_hey, bazhang, be quiet02:43
h4x0rfirst what do you looking forward to do?02:43
isaakwhich driver should i dl02:44
isaakfor my wacom02:44
balzacI've got an automatic update which wants to install linux kernel headers for development. I'm running a specialized kernel for my eee 901. Would that update cause the risk of a future update to the default ubuntu kernel?02:44
h4x0rgo as a root if not change the preference as a owner by nautilus02:44
isaakfor a wacom tablet driver should i just download the xp version?02:45
DVA5912Are there any Free (perferably) CAD tools for designing homes? So i dont have to do this all by hand and be inaccurate02:45
tritiumbalzac: no02:45
balzacthanks tritium02:45
tritiumDVA5912: there are some cad tools, 2D only.02:45
balzacwhat are kernel header updates for exactly?02:45
h4x0rxp? you are talking a windows apps? are you going to be running that under wine?02:45
isaakfor my wacom driver02:46
DVA5912tritium: well, They would be better than nothing. Can you name some?02:46
tritiumDVA5912: the one I'm familiar with is qcad.02:46
isaakwacom pen tablet driver02:46
h4x0rgo first and verify that the app is compatible with wine not all the apps are compatible under wine02:46
isaakh4x0r, would u recommend?02:46
isaakoh no way02:46
h4x0ri will give you the url02:46
_Vi_DVA5912: there's a few KDE CAD apps too, im sorry I dont know them by name though...02:46
tritiumDVA5912: I also see sagcad in the repositories, but know nothing about it.02:46
h4x0rdo you know the url02:46
GauntletI'm trying to boot ubuntu and everytime it gets to checking the partition it says I need to run a chkdsk /r on the drive in windows and then it should install fine. I ran the disk check and it tells me the same thing every time. Can anyone help me?02:46
linux_guytritium, can you help me configure bluez-cups so i can print over bluetooth?02:47
tritiumlinux_guy: sorry, I've never done it.02:47
_Vi_DVA5912: i would search synaptic for CAD and see what pops up , if you havent already been down that road :)02:47
wastrelDVA5912: tritium   aoi is a 3d one  art of illusion02:47
neetoh4x0r: I hate flaming you in a place like this but you're an idiot.02:47
h4x0rgauntelt do you create a new partition for ubuntu02:47
wastrelnvm thats 3d modeling not cad02:47
h4x0rneeto thank you02:47
Gauntleth4x0r Yes it has its own seperate partition where it boots from02:47
tritiumwastrel: ah, ok02:47
neetoh4x0r: no problem man, you deserve it :D02:47
kevin7kaljtaji: so I'm confused then, I want to add a new drive  how do I generate or determine the unique id of this drive?02:48
h4x0rare you using amd or intel02:48
kushalsejwalGreetings everyone :)02:48
neetoh4x0r: now change your name because you obviously don't know shit.02:48
ubottuThe Instant Messenger Client Pidgin (formerly Gaim) (http://help.ubuntu.com/community/Pidgin) supports MSN, XMPP (Jabber, GTalk and variants), AIM, Gadu-Gadu, Novell Groupwise, ICQ, YIM, IRC and others. See also !Kopete02:48
_Vi_greetings reallylongname kushalsejwal :)02:48
h4x0ryou know alot neeto02:48
Gustavo_GI'd like to know how I can leave this Ubuntu GUI shell and just access the command line. I'm running Ubuntu on VMware and my computer is getting pretty slow.02:48
Gauntleth4x0r I am running intel02:48
kushalsejwal_Vi_ yeah I have registered with this name :(02:49
neetoh4x0r: I'm just saying you're a fool, that's all. good day to you sir.02:49
noonim trying to find out what my usb stick is (/dev/sbdX), whats the command to see their labels (what are they really called?)02:49
h4x0rverify that you version of ubuntu is i38602:49
=== VoX is now known as vox
kevin7kalGustavo_G: what is your host environment02:49
Gustavo_GWindows *lowers head*02:49
Gauntleth4x0r it is, version 8.10 desktop edition02:49
tsrkI managed to get the new kernel installed without adding it to my grub loader, how would I go about adding it to grub?02:50
h4x0rand you also can go in your windows version at control panel and administrator tools and after02:50
ineedubuntuhelphello all02:50
_Vi_kushalsejwal: there's nothing wrong with your name, I was just pulling your tail :)02:50
kushalsejwalHow can I disable this "Open F-spot Photo Manager" message that appears automatically in one of my partition in Nautilus?02:50
ineedubuntuhelpam i in the right room for help with an ubuntu driver?02:50
h4x0rgo to driver management ant delet partition and do it again02:50
kushalsejwal_Vi_: yeah thats why I was wondering why my tail is longer today :D02:50
h4x0rthats fine thats intrepid02:50
yao_ziyuancan anyone suggest a ntp server?02:51
kevin7kalGustavo_G: generally, [ctrl][alt][f1] will give you a term02:51
kevin7kaltry f2 if f1 doesn't work02:51
ubottuInformation about using and setting your computer's clock on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuTime - See https://help.ubuntu.com/7.10/server/C/NTP.html for information on usage of the Network Time Protocol (NTP)02:51
h4x0rintrepid comes 64 or 38602:51
zeroshadeyao_ziyuan: ntp.ubuntu.com02:51
Gauntleth4x0r alright, Ill try redoing it again02:51
ineedubuntuhelpdoes anybody here have any knowledge regarding the intel 5100 on ubuntu?02:51
h4x0rif you computer have a intel you have to run version 32 bit , if you coputer is running amd. you must run 64 bit02:52
Gustavo_Gthat definitely did it, kevin7kal. It looks like it respawned though02:52
ineedubuntuhelpintel, and running the 32 bit02:52
yao_ziyuanyeah, i tried to set ntp.ubuntu.com in KDE 4.2's Date and Time Settings but it failed. this is known as a bug for a long time02:53
ineedubuntuhelpi thought i had the driver properly installed, but it's seeming like no02:53
yao_ziyuanhowever, ntp support is already enabled in gnome02:53
zeroshadeh4x0r: please stop giving out incorrect information. you can use either 32 or 64 on both intel and amd unless you're using an older intel processor02:53
h4x0rgo to www.ubuntu.com and download the ubuntu 8.10 intrepid ibex version 32 bit02:53
yao_ziyuan*by gnome02:53
h4x0ryou are wrong zeroshade02:53
bazhangh4x0r, no02:53
h4x0rit will never run the same speed02:53
majortool_anyone know how to get vncviewer to fit the vnc display to the window?02:53
tritiumh4x0r: please stop02:54
thothhi ... I am new to ubuntu02:54
ineedubuntuhelpdoes intrepid ibex have native intel wifi 5100 support?02:54
isaakis there like a new and easy way to config ur wacom tablet?02:54
thothI tried to install rpm for Sun Java on ubuntu Intrepid Ibex but it opens an archive manager02:55
szrhawaii!takes lif serious02:55
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:55
b52wranglergood evening, looking for some assistance with Ubuntu on a Toshiba Laptop.  I finally convinced my brother to install it and it installed fine but after booting it runs great for about a minute and then experiences an uncommanded shutdown (not orderly mind you)....anyone to help me straighten him out so he becomes a believer?02:55
_Vi_dont use RPM02:55
isaaki mean i used the ubuntu wacom driver thing02:55
zeroshadeh4x0r all modern intel processors are 64 bit processors that can run 64 bit OS's and all amd 64 processors can run 32 bit. Please stop.02:55
tritiumh4x0r: you can most certainly run amd64 on intel, and must do so if you want 64-bit02:55
isaakbut i dont know how to update it02:55
h4x0rubuntu have to versions for intel and amd02:55
Gustavo_Gwhen I installed ubuntu, did it prompt me for a usename and password? I can't recall. what is the default, root/root ?02:56
h4x0rdo you guys dont know that>02:56
bazhangh4x0r, you are mistaken02:56
thotheh .... was the "don't use rpm" an answer to my question ... I think I am not used to IRC since this is also my first time02:56
tritiumh4x0r: you are quite mistaken02:56
thothlots of chat here ...02:56
szrhawaiiaint someone on a little powertrip02:56
zeroshadeh4x0r amd64 is just the name of the architecture. Intel chips can run that architecture.02:56
majortool_anyone know how to get vncviewer to fit the vnc display to the window?02:56
h4x0rtry to install some .deb file in some arquitecture runing amd with a .deb i386 and whats the answer02:56
kushalsejwalBye bye channel02:56
b52wranglertoshiba laptop shuts down uncommanded after one minute with 8.10 freshly installed after windoze wiped02:56
ineedubuntuhelpis there a better room for intel wifi help for ubuntu? (no offense room)02:57
tritiumineedubuntuhelp: what's the issue?02:57
zeroshadeh4x0r: that depends. is it running the 64bit version or 32bit version?02:57
_Vi_thoth: sorry , yes that was directed to you... Ubuntu uses .debs not .rpm's02:57
LinuxNITineedubuntuhelp, it is in intrepid by default02:57
LinuxNITim using it outof the box on mine02:57
h4x0ri damd dont run i38602:57
ineedubuntuhelpintrepid ibex has native support?02:57
tritiumh4x0r: please stop giving out false information02:58
zeroshadebut you COULD run i386 which is the point.02:58
h4x0rdid you try02:58
ineedubuntuhelplinuxNIT: sorry if this is a noob question, i'm new to ubuntu, but is there an easy way to upgrade to ibex without having to do a fresh install?02:58
tritiumh4x0r: yes, I'm running i386 on my AMD Athon6402:58
zeroshadei am currently running i386 on an amd6402:58
sivelhello all02:58
LinuxNITthe support is in the kernel 2.6.27 and up02:58
Gauntleth4x0r btw I am doing a wubi install, could this have anything to do with the error to run chkdsk /r on linux boot?02:59
majortool_h4x0r, Did you know that the man who invented Ubuntu also invented Pizza?02:59
h4x0ri run a network , sorry you know thats not true maybe you math is not that good02:59
LinuxNITtalk to others about upgrading ubuntu. i dont typically use ubuntu02:59
b52wranglerany ideas what might cause a toshiba satellite to shutdown uncommanded after being booted with a fresh install of ibex for one minute?02:59
h4x0rtalk to tritium he know the answer02:59
sivelive got a massive prob. i wiped my xp off of the dual boot, and now i cant reinstall grub to boot into ubu.02:59
h4x0ryou better go to wiik ubuntu or google it to see that02:59
=== Administrator is now known as Kamelot314
zeroshadetritium is one of the people who are telling you that you're wrong h4x0r03:00
tritium!amd64 | h4x0r (For your information)03:00
ubottuh4x0r (For your information): AMD64 and EMT64 are fully supported architectures on Ubuntu. See http://tinyurl.com/3jkole and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amd64 for more information.03:00
ineedubuntuhelpsivel: livecd?03:00
Gauntlettritium I am doing a wubi install, could this have anything to do with the error to run chkdsk /r on linux boot?03:00
sivelyup, im booted into the live cd right now03:00
tritiumGauntlet: I've never used wubi, as I don't use Windows at all.03:00
faust7Hi guys. Anyone feels like giving me a hand with Ubuntu?03:00
Gauntlettritium thanks anyway03:00
h4x0rfor some reason amd64 like the model 969 and the intel have some difference?03:00
tritiumGauntlet: sorry, good luck03:00
therootestcan someone help me install the compiz cube thing in kubuntu 804?03:01
rdw200169!ask | faust703:01
ubottufaust7: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:01
siveli dont know where to go from here03:01
h4x0rtritium i give it to you03:01
abhishek_apt-get is trying to retrieve stuff like dists/feisty/main/source/Sources.gz  and  dists/feisty/main/source/Sources.gz03:01
linuxman410faust7 what is question03:01
h4x0rgoing to work in my servers.03:01
abhishek_these do not exist !!03:01
PrabzHI, I'm trying to compile wine, it requires an nvidia-glx-dev,,, some command to know which nvidia version is currently installed? there are loads of nvidia-glx-dev..03:01
zeroshadedpkg -l | grep nvidia-glx-dev03:02
Solethow can i tell if my machine is using vesafb?03:02
Prabzthanks zeroshade03:02
rdw200169Prabz, are you aware that wine has a repository for ubuntu that has the latest versions?03:02
zeroshadePrabz: no problem03:02
ineedubuntuhelpeff...linuxNIT: i have 2.6.24, so my kernel does not have native support, correct?03:02
zeroshadePrabz, unless you have a specific reason for compiling wine, just install it from the repositories03:02
LinuxNITineedubuntuhelp, correct03:02
ineedubuntuhelpmuch obliged03:03
faust7rdw200169, linuxman410 and everybody else....  :P Thanks... So I am running Ubuntu 8.10 and my wife's condition for installing it on her laptop was that it should allow us to print through the network. I have a Samsung printer connected to my desktop computer (Vista). and I am having problems installing it on Ubuntu (on the laptop connected through by wire to the router).03:03
Prabzrdw200169, I know, but still, openGl isn't being enabled when i try to compile it from source03:03
LinuxNITineedubuntuhelp, this might be of help since nobody else is suggesting anything03:03
ineedubuntuhelpi will figure out how to get that on there, rather than figuring out how to install the driver propertly03:03
ineedubuntuhelpthank you03:03
LinuxNITyoure welcome03:03
Prabzzeroshade, I'm trying to do a regression test, that's why I need to compile wine from git03:03
faust7I did make sure that the printer was indeed shared on the Vista box.. in fact, I have already connected to it many times from other computers connected on the Windows Network... but this time around, Ubuntu seems to be unable to detect it, no matter what I do03:03
rdw200169Prabz, http://www.winehq.org/download/deb03:03
zeroshadePrabz: okie dokie03:04
LinuxNITgood luck ineedubuntuhelp03:04
Prabzrdw200169, I'm trying to do a regression test, that's why I need to compile wine from git03:04
rdw200169Prabz, ahh, nevermind, just trying to save you some time ;)03:04
faust7So it is an area you guys are familiar with? :P03:04
zeroshadefaust7: whats the issue? i know that using the built in printer software i was able to select the computer and choose the printer connected to it. but it was using XP so i don't know if vista might have a problem03:05
rdw200169Prabz, you could take a shot with the repo anyway to get the source + .diff for ubuntu compilation stuff; that, and you could build-dep against the wine repo03:05
isaakanyone know if gimp can scan03:05
sivelwoops, sorry about that, laptop died03:05
Prabzzeroshade, I still get all the versions available .. How to know which one of them is currently installed on my system??03:05
isaakanyone know if u can scan on GIMP?03:05
ari_stressisaak: yessss03:05
tritiumineedubuntuhelp: I asked you what the issue was, but never saw a reply03:05
isaakari_stress, pleaase elaborate03:06
zeroshadePrabz: that command i gave you only shows you whats installed on your system03:06
=== tisme is now known as willthisdoat42
faust7zeroshade, well the issue is that I go in the menu for printers, and I choose samba and I see the Windows Network and the other computer (desktop on vista), yet I am unable to select the printer (it doesn'T show). any idea what to do?03:06
zeroshadePrabz: dpkg -l lists the currently installed packages, | grep nvidia-glx-dev just showed you all entries containing that text.03:06
sivelthe way i had it booting was primary hdd had the boot loader and windows, and the a usb-hdd had ubuntu. im in the livecd now, but i dont know where to go from here to reinstall grub soley on the usb hdd03:06
musikgoat|mainso, any one know how to reference devices to grub disks?   as in hd0 could be /dev/hda1 or /dev/sda1 and i need to figure out which in grub03:06
ari_stressisaak: File > Create > Xsane03:06
tritiumPrabz: you should only have a few nvidia-glx-* packages03:07
Prabztritium, still, I need to know which one of them is installed03:07
isaakari_stress,  ok lets say i have a printer that is also a scanner how would that work03:07
isaakari_stress,  how would i install it?03:08
zeroshadePrabz: anything that showed up from dpkg -l is currently installed.03:08
tritiumPrabz: as zeroshade told you, dpkg -l | grep nvidia-glx will tell you03:08
LinuxNITsivel, man grub-install03:08
ari_stressisaak: depends whether ubuntu recognizes it03:08
isaakari_stress,  it already recognizes the printer model03:08
sivelwill try03:08
isaakari_stress,  but not the scanning function03:08
Prabzhow can all of the drivers 173, 177, 179 .. can all be installed????03:08
zeroshadefaust7: how is the printer connected ot the computer? usb? parallel03:08
faust7zeroshade, USB03:08
zeroshadePrabz: they're installed, you just have settings to tell it what you're using at the moment which will match whatever hte current version of the driver you're using.03:09
faust7DIrectly into the desktop, that is03:09
b52wranglergood evening, anyone here who can offer help with a problem encountered during an ibex install on a toshiba satellite03:09
tritiumPrabz: why not?  I have 177 and 180 installed currently03:09
faust7(vista box)03:09
Prabztritium, ohk.. So any command to know which one is currently in use?03:09
sivelok, well im not sure which drive/dir to do03:09
zeroshadefaust7: hmmm, i don't know. I have that exact setup at home and selecting the computer over the network showed me my printer. The only difference was my desktop was XP.03:10
zeroshadefaust7: sorry, wish i knew more on that.03:10
sivelwhen i df, the usb drive is /dev/sdb mounted to /media/disk03:10
tritiumPrabz: hold, please03:11
sivelso am i to do grub-install --root-directory=/media/disk/root /dev/sdb1?03:12
andymacMy network has always worked fine, its a wired connection, the nic is fine etc. However i havent had internet in a few weeks, and i just went to plug it in and ubuntu doesnt really seem to care. It says Wired Connection on the network manager app, but doesnt make any notifications or changes when i plug in the cable. And I always get address not found when i try to browse. Any ideas?03:12
b52wrangleribex installed fine on toshiba satellite and now it works for about a minute and then shuts down uncommanded03:12
Boogeandymac, does the link light come on03:13
andymacthe light on the nic does, but nothing changed with the icon in ubuntu03:13
andymacI tried changing it to DHCP from roaming, and back again. No changes.03:14
b52wranglerhow does ubuntu differentiate between routers with the same ESSID?03:15
andymacit lists Wired Connection in gray when i click on the icon.03:15
b52wranglerandymac: did you click unlock?03:15
tritiumPrabz: please run "file /usr/lib/xorg/modules/extensions/libglx.so"03:15
w33d5b52wrangler: i'm no expert but i would think by MAC address03:16
Boogedoes ifconfig list an ip under the interface?03:16
tritiumPrabz: that should be a symbolic link to another file that includes the version number.03:16
andymacone second ill check03:16
zeroshadeb52wrangler: if you run iwlist interfacename scan you should see the same list of essid's you'll see in the network manager, however now you'll see more info about it.03:16
zeroshadeincluding the mac addresses03:17
b52wranglerw33d5: just curious, i had a conflict here in my neighborhood where another linksys box popped up which was secured whereas mine was not, it always tried to access the secured box03:17
andymacb52wrangler, no it doesnt.03:17
andymacit has eth0 and lo. eth0 has no ip listed, lo has
Boogetype dhclient eth003:17
=== ein_ is now known as Guest12002
Boogebut that will only work if you have a dhcp server enabled on your router or a server on the nw. otherwise, you'll have to manually set the ip and mask03:18
faust7zeroshade, could be a problem with Vista... I guess I'll have to find a way around it. Thanks for trying though :)03:19
b52wranglerdifferent issue here, talked brother into loading ibex on his windoze laptop, installed fine but now he boots, surfs web for about a minute, then the laptop shuts down uncommanded...thoughts?03:19
=== Guest12002 is now known as cintya
andymacNo DHCPOFFERS received.03:19
faust7zeroshade, : I got disconnected, but I wanted to come back and make sure you got my last message.03:19
faust7zeroshade, could be a problem with Vista... I guess I'll have to find a way around it. Thanks for trying though :)03:20
silenihey guys03:20
zeroshadefaust7: i got it. no problem, sorry i couldn't help =)03:20
silenii was on gnome and i wanted to try kubuntu so i did sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop03:20
sileniand it installed around 693 mb worth of software03:20
sileninow i want to get rid of it03:20
silenido i just replace install with remove?03:20
tritium!enter | sileni03:20
ubottusileni: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!03:20
silenitritium: ok, sorry about that03:21
Boogeandymac, type hwinfo --network  see if link is detected under eth003:21
tritiumsileni: yes, sudo apt-get remove kubuntu-desktop.  No worries.  :)03:21
bazhang!puregnome | sileni03:21
ubottusileni: If you want to remove all !KDE packages, type « sudo apt-get remove kdelibs4c2 ; sudo apt-get remove kdelibs5 ; sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop »03:21
tritium6Dude is your handle really tritium?03:21
cyrus__How do I set the domain name in Ubuntu?03:21
tritium6That's insane03:21
tritiumtritium6: it has been for several years03:21
tritium6Me too!03:22
tritium6We're name buddies03:22
tritiumWell, hello.03:22
silenibazhang: is that wise to remove all kde packages?03:22
andymacBooge, i dont have hwinfo installed :/03:22
bazhangsileni, that is the command to remove kde03:22
zeroshadesileni: do you have any programs that you use in gnome that use them?03:22
bazhangsileni, wise is your choice/option03:23
silenizeroshade: none so far, if i need them later i can install again right?03:23
Boogeandymac, does dmesg list any errors for eth0?03:23
zeroshadesileni: correct =) if you have no programs that rely on those libraries then there's no problem with removing them worst case scenario you end up reinstalling something. oh no, apt-get install something =P03:23
sivelanyone ?03:23
andymacyup, eth0: link is not ready03:24
ein__anyone ?03:24
b52wranglerhello ein03:24
tritium6I'm installing a second nic in my PC, but I don't have a monitor. I've done the physical install, so now I need to do whatever config needs to be done before a reboot. What do I need to do for config so that I can powerdown, switch the ethernet cable, reboot, and be up and running on the new interface?03:25
Boogeandymac, are you plugging the nic into a switch or router? are you sure the cable isn't a crossover?03:25
subinaclstritium6,  you say no monitor, as in not configed properly and it fails, or headless system03:25
ein__hy 2 b52wrangler...03:25
tritium6subinacls: Headless system03:25
subinaclsthats a bit more specific :)03:26
silenizeroshade: have you tried the new kde 4.1?03:26
tritium6Sorry, didn't consider that interpretation03:26
subinaclsnever know sometimes :)03:26
subinaclsso your trying to drop in a new nic ?03:26
tsuna27i cannot get ubuntu on my sony viao laptop03:26
subinaclsis that interface configured dhcp or static info03:27
andymacrouter. and im actually using a cat5 cable that comes with a ps3, so i guess ill try another cable, but ive used the cable to plug the ps3 into the router so i would assume its good to go.03:27
tritium6Yes, I've got an intel pci-e gigabit that I want to use over the mobo nic.03:27
zeroshadesileni: i've never liked the way kde looks personally. so i haven't tried kde 4.1.03:27
silenizeroshade: hehe03:27
subinaclsyou should be able to just power off the system03:27
_Vi_what does tritium mean anyways? sounds kinda like TITANIUM03:27
subinaclsplace it in03:27
subinaclsand boot03:27
wastrelkde4 is quite different looking than kde303:27
Boogeandymac, it should work then. try powering the computer off. wait a couple minutes, then turn it back on.03:27
wastreltritium is an element03:27
subinaclsif the hardware is already compliant03:27
sileniwastrel: i don't like the change03:27
tritium_Vi_: it's an isotope of Hydrogen03:27
_Vi_nice name03:27
subinaclsit will act just as the other interface03:27
tritium6subinacls: Hmm... tried that but was not able to ssh in afterward03:28
sileniwastrel: :-\ having to learn all over again, i hate it03:28
wastreli fail at chem03:28
Boogeandymac, thats the only true way to reset the nic03:28
tritium6I don't know why I couldn't get in. I don't know if there are log files that might help.03:28
subinaclsthis is a good reason to have 2 interfaces03:28
_Vi_wastrel: at least you knew that it was an element03:28
subinaclsa multihomed system to be exact03:28
subinaclsthis allows you to have a admin interface that could allow ssh and other rcommands or whatever to be launched on this terminal03:29
subinaclsfrom a remote machine03:29
wastrelan isotope of an element  :]03:29
Boogeandymac, try to run dhclient with no interface listed03:30
andymacBooge, restarting the computer is always the first thing i try :) and i just tried another cable, no change.03:30
bazhangwastrel, please keep chat in #ubuntu-offtopic03:30
subinaclstritium6, you follow what i am saying ?03:30
tritium6Are you saying I should run another cable and use both interfaces at once?03:31
wastrelandymac: how about restarting the router03:31
=== tisme is now known as willthisdoat42
wastrelandymac: are you plugged into the uplink port on the router maybe?03:31
subinaclsuse what ever you have configured ssh etc etc to admin the system03:31
subinaclsfind out if your hardware is compliant03:31
Boogeandymac, i'm sorry. i meant power cycle the router.03:31
musikgoat|mainhow can i find the hard disk manufacturer and model via either grub, or gparted, or some other fashion03:31
tritium6well I know it has recognized the card03:31
=== loserman is now known as octo1
subinaclscheck dmesg for hints of whats going on with the system03:32
subinaclsyou may need to run dhclient on that interface03:32
subinaclsor even ifconfig ifacce up03:32
tritium6how do i do that?03:32
subinaclsyou have a term open ?03:32
andymacdhclient just goes right back to DHCPDISCOVER. I don't think its router related, I have 2 other computers plugged into it and using it. The one im on now is running ubuntu and working fine, and the other is a windows pc working fine. This is whats driving me nuts, i've been going over all this for the past few hours with no luck :(03:32
subinaclson that system03:32
tritium6im rebooting that sys right now03:32
therootesti have a problem with ktorrent. it can't download torrents and keeps showine a message "folder /home/blah/blah/blah.wmv cannot be created". can anyone help?03:33
subinaclspwn that file with chmod03:33
wastrelandymac: sudo ifdown eth0     sudo ifconfig eth0 down    then ,  sudo ifup eth003:33
hungvo@andy: try to get log messages to help us figure out what is going on. use this command: less +F /var/log/syslog03:33
subinaclssorry chown03:33
zeroshadetherootest: make sure that you have permission to write to whatever folder you are writing to03:33
subinaclswell both them :)03:33
=== techsupport is now known as orudie
therootestzeroshade: thank you03:33
taomasterhello  how does Ubuntu 8.10 run on a quad core amd system?03:33
jjt009does pidigin have a way to start a group chat?03:33
Boogeandymac, is this a desktop or laptop03:33
zeroshadetherootest: np =)03:34
andymacim on a laptop, the computer having the issues is a desktop03:34
veratyr9gta 4 cheats03:34
veratyr9oops wrong window03:34
andymacifdown: interface eth0 not configured03:34
andymaccould this be a clue? lol03:34
davisI have a new Logitech Quickcam Connect, has anyone been able to get one running?03:34
subinaclsdavis, is it plugged in03:35
zeroshadejjt009: under buddies, there is a "join a chat"  option. if you enter a roomname that doesn't exist it creates one for you.03:35
Boogeandymac, does the switch link light come up?03:35
therootestzeroshade: /home/therootest/stilldownloading is the folder. How can i have NO writing-priviledges there? I am the user therootest.03:35
subinaclsopen a term and use that command03:35
andymacthe light on the nic?03:35
davisBus 001 Device 003: ID 046d:089d Logitech, Inc.03:35
tsrkI managed to get the new kernel installed without adding it to my grub loader, how would I go about adding it to grub?03:36
therootestzeroshade: ok! solved!03:36
tritium6oh, stupid me03:36
bz0bhello everyone03:36
Boogeandymac, the light on the switch that your plugging the cable into from the nic03:36
zeroshadetherootest: was it permissions?03:36
andymaclights up on the router np.03:36
tritium6subinacls, how do i set the interface to use dhcp?03:36
therootestzeroshade: no, it was that i configured ktorrent to write there... but there was no folder :) so, i created the folder and tada! its ok.03:36
jjt009zeroshade: do you know what i should put as the server for gtalk?03:36
subinaclsthats the fun of linux03:37
subinaclsfirst type "man dhclient"03:37
subinaclsor tell me what dhcp you use03:37
zeroshadetherootest: ah. the folder didn't exist :) lol that shoulda been my first guess =P03:37
Boogeandymac, does ifconfig eth0 list the link as up? try ifconfig eth0 down then ifconfig eth0 up03:37
tritium6subinacls: "what dhcp you use" - I don't know what that means!03:37
rodsI am trying to install Dreamfall: The Longest Journey (picked it up a little earlier--looks interesting). However, I cannot access CD #1--I get a permissions denied error. How to I overcome this?03:38
phpmonkI want to start a server on port 80, but i am not root, what can be done?03:38
jjt009zeroshade: do you know the general format of the server?03:38
tsuna27cant get ubuntu on my sony laptop i tried a live cd and wubi03:38
therootestzeroshade: i want to configure the ktorrent to automatically prompt me to download a torrent when downloaded from firefox. Can you help?03:38
zeroshadejjt009: hmm. i've never done it with gtalk, google it. or try to create a chat in gtalk and see if it has a server someone.03:38
Boogeandymac, you can also try manually setting an ip. >ifconfig eth0 a.b.c.d mask f.f.f.f up03:38
bazhangtsuna27, what about the alternate cd03:39
phorensictsuna27: forget wubi.. whats the issue with the cd?03:39
andymacBooge, something has changed since the last time i ran ifconfig. i did the up and down thing, and now i get eth0:avah1 listed. and it has an ip too.03:39
prufrockswhen you enable remote desktop sharing in System Preferences, where does it actually store the config settings that you've set?03:39
bz0bdoes anyone now how to install wifi drivers for macbook 3,1 (bcm4328 chipset) preferrably native drivers03:39
andymacand so does eth0. they have an ip now03:39
tritium6subinacls: i think i need to set up dhclient to use the new eth2 on boot, because if i run it now it will just fail03:39
Boogeandymac, is it a 169 address?03:39
bazhangtsuna27, you should also md5 the iso, burn slowly and do the disk integrity check03:39
rodsIf anyone knows how to fix this: I am trying to install Dreamfall: The Longest Journey (picked it up a little earlier--looks interesting). However, I cannot access CD #1--I get a permissions denied error. How to I overcome this?03:39
zeroshadetherootest: the next time you download a torrent from firefox, choose to open it instead of save, and choose ktorrent (probably in /usr/bin) it should learn and show this as your default "open" application03:39
Boogeandatche, ifconfig eth0:avahi down03:39
subinaclstritium6, kinda the idea. you can issue the dhclient command and use03:40
zeroshadetherootest: at least thats what i did with deluge, so now when i download i just choose to open it with deluge =)03:40
bz0bAnyone know where to find bcm4328 drivers for ubuntu?03:40
subinaclsdhclient eth1(or what ever interface to request DHCP info)03:40
subinaclsand that will not make it fail03:40
bazhang!broadcom | bz0b03:40
ubottubz0b: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx03:40
zeroshadenp =P03:40
HorizonXPif i need to remove PDO from PHP, should I bother with recompiling the debian package, or just install PHP from source?03:40
subinaclsit however might get a different IP address from the router or dhcp server you have configures03:40
tsuna27phorensic: it loads and then after the install it just freezes03:41
tritium6well now its running interactively03:41
bazhangtsuna27, sounds like a bad burn or a corrupt iso03:41
phpmonkHorizonXP: PDO is part of PHP03:41
Hector__I'll just go lose The Game over here.03:41
phorensictsuna27: Did you try the alternate cd install?03:41
bz0bthanks bazhang03:41
HorizonXPphpmonk: yeah, but I want to remove it from the .deb, so that I can install it through PECL.03:41
tsuna27phorensic: what is that03:41
tritium6subinacls: no DHCP offers received03:41
andymacBooge, k eth0 and lo are the only ones there now. eth0 only has a inet6 address listed, no inet addr. And still cant resolve any addresses.03:41
silenihmm, i followed the commands that remove kde packages from my computer but even then when i restart the splash screen is still saying kubuntu03:41
rodsAnyone know why accesssing a cd would be denied under permissions? Anyway around that?03:42
HorizonXPphpmonk: PDO_Informix won't work with the PDO that's built-in to Ubuntu's PHP03:42
tsuna27phorensic: when is the next ubuntu version coming out03:42
phorensictsuna27: it is a more text based installer to install ubuntu where the more graphical version resists on certain pc's03:42
OsamaKHello, I read many stuffs on offline-installation, most of them are bit hard. I need to download some packages to use them on offline computers. Let's say, openoffice,amarok. What's the best way?03:42
=== justin__ is now known as jsmith
Boogeandymac, did you try to manually assign an ip that's on your networks subnet?03:42
phorensictsuna27: I think 4 months or so i haven't looked recently03:42
phpmonkHorizonXP: talk in php channel plz ,i guess the topic not suitable here03:42
phorensictsuna27: you have a lto of options to get the install to work03:42
coreyousing intrepid.  Is there a way that I can set up a vpn connection (network-manager) so that only requests with a destination of 192.168.1.* will utilize the vpn?03:42
bazhangtsuna27, april 2009 discussion in #ubuntu+103:42
phorensictsuna27: but the alternate should work where the regular one fails.. hell you could even try a server install and then install the desktop packages03:43
subinaclstritium6, whats you OS?03:43
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about KDE-packages03:43
isaakhey how do u enable compiz fusion on 8.1003:43
ubottuKDE (http://kde.org) is the !desktop environment used natively in !Kubuntu. To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop », or see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE . See http://kubuntu.org for more information. For more information on KDE 4, see !kde403:43
musikgoat|mainOsamaK: my suggestion would be to do a fake install on an online machine to know what dependent files are needed,  the -d command will download but not install03:43
Boogeandymac, has this ever worked?03:43
bazhangisaak, install ccsm03:43
zeroshade!puregnome | sileni03:43
ubottusileni: If you want to remove all !KDE packages, type « sudo apt-get remove kdelibs4c2 ; sudo apt-get remove kdelibs5 ; sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop »03:43
HorizonXPphpmonk: #php or #ubuntu-php?03:44
ubottuTo enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz-fusion03:44
silenizeroshade: i did that and it still has kubuntu03:44
jjt009does anybody here know what the gtalk server is?03:44
OsamaKmusikgoat|main, can you show me an example on openoffice?03:44
silenizeroshade: the splashscreen atleast03:44
phpmonkHorizonXP: #php03:44
OsamaKmusikgoat|main, what's the correct command03:44
HorizonXPphpmonk: i'm in there now :)03:44
tritium6subinacls: Ubuntu03:44
andymacBooge, I've never done that before, so no. I just checked the network manager and wired connection is now enabled, and selected. Still cant resolve the ip though, but at least we're getting somewhere. ill try dhclient now., maybe thats the missing piece of the puzzle.03:44
isaakanyone use compiz fusion ?? before?03:44
phpmonkHorizonXP: ask ur question in room03:44
andymacBooge, yeah its worked plenty of times before.03:44
rodsjjt009: pigden probably has it03:44
bazhangisaak, certainly03:45
isaakis it worth getting03:45
Boogeandymac, dhclient eth003:45
zeroshadesileni: one sec03:45
phorensiczelrikriando: HEY DUDE!03:45
* subinacls slaps /myself03:45
bazhangisaak, a matter of opinion03:45
subinaclsi should have figured !03:45
isaakbazhang,  do u still have it?03:45
tritium6subinacls: I just switched the cable back but my router isnt getting any new dhcp requests03:45
zelrikriandophorensic, yes?03:45
musikgoat|mainOsamaK: sudo apt-get install -d openoffice.org03:45
subinaclsthis is a ubunut chat03:45
bazhangisaak, yes03:45
OsamaKAnother issue, is it OK to remove old kernel versions, I have -7,-9,-1103:45
phorensiczelrikriando: You dont remember me..03:45
tritium6subinacls: :)03:45
isaakbazhang,  did it mess anything up?03:45
phpmonkI have root access to a system but I want to start a server on port 80 as another user, what can be done?03:45
andymacstill no offers :(03:45
zelrikriandophorensic, well...03:45
ari_stressisaak: why so strange? of course we use compiz fusion in 8.1003:45
andymacugh, this feels so close now, what could be missing lol03:46
isaakari_stress,  but it said it might mess up ur system03:46
zelrikriandophorensic, maybe, I have talked to many people online03:46
subinaclstritium6, whats you fav editor03:46
Boogeandymac, does your network have ip's in the network? ex
musikgoat|mainOsamaK: yes, most commonly you want to leave at least one fall back in case there is a problem with the latest03:46
subinaclsi assume vi ?03:46
tritium6subinacls: yep03:46
derrtyI love Ubuntu03:46
phorensiczelrikriando: hmm I might have used a different name .. but we used to talk a bunch03:46
anonymanhey phpmonkey, just run the httpd service with sudo03:47
zeroshadesileni: apt-get remove kubuntu-artwork-usplash03:47
ari_stressisaak: who said that? the license agreement?03:47
therootestzeroshade: one last question. how can i add the compiz cube to my desktop?03:47
subinaclsedit /etc/network/interfaces03:47
coreyousing intrepid.  Is there a way that I can set up a vpn connection (network-manager) so that only requests with a destination of 192.168.1.* will utilize the vpn?03:47
silenizeroshade: oo thanks03:47
phorensiczelrikriando: it could have been soulstice03:47
subinaclsadd this :03:47
subinaclsauto eth203:47
subinaclsiface eth2 inet dhcp03:47
zeroshadetherootest: do you have compiz running? if so, do you have compizconfig-settings-manager installed?03:47
derrtyroot after u add the CSSm you will have the option03:48
subinaclsthat interface should be the one you mentioned earlier03:48
derrtybut only if your grapics card can handle it03:48
isaakok my next quest is if i installed xp first and then ubuntu can i just delete xp? and how would i do that03:48
zelrikriandophorensic, not sure... but I do know that nobody use my pseudo03:48
phorensicI know, Im saying i used to use soulstice and phorensic03:48
isaaksomeone please answer my question03:48
therootestzeroshade: i open the compiz manager and there are no plugins or anything at all!03:49
derrtyIsaak so you don t want xp on ur computer at all03:49
Boogeandymac, paste the output of dmesg to a pastebin03:49
phorensiczelrikriando: I helped you with some issues you had  a while ago03:49
subinaclstritium6, hoghlight me after your finished03:49
rodsWhat would keep me from being able to open a disc, or to get a permission denied error when I attempt to open the directory (i.e. command "cd /media/cdrom0" returns "permission denied prompt")03:49
isaakyes i dont03:49
isaakor should i keep it03:49
zelrikriandophorensic, it s possible, I had lots of issues03:49
isaakcuz i can't go online on there03:49
zeroshadetherootest: apt-get install compiz-plugins03:49
tritium6subinacls: ok, now do i need to reboot?03:49
derrtyit all depends I dual boot into windows sometimes when i want to play games03:49
silenirods, youve ls to see if you have the correct permissions?03:49
phorensiczelrikriando: What you been up to?03:50
zeroshadetherootest: and if you want more, sudo apt-get install compiz-fusion-plugins-main03:50
derrtythat's all windows is good for to me03:50
phpmonkwhat will be uid of command after sudo "command"03:50
zelrikriandophorensic, I have no more issues03:50
isaakbut u could use wine03:50
isaakfor that03:50
subinaclsi think you can get away with this tritium603:50
tritium6subinacls: or can i just restart some daemon or something03:50
subinaclssudo /etc/init.d/networking restart03:50
isaakderrty, u could use wine for games03:50
rodshow do I ls to see if I have the correct permissions?03:50
subinaclsls -asl03:50
derrtyYea but i really find wine buggy on some games03:50
phorensicrods ls -l03:50
derrtySo i just keep XP03:50
subinaclsmight as well get as much info as you can03:51
subinaclsls -age -sex -location03:51
isaaki only play starcraft so03:51
phorensicsubinacls: asl? age sex location? this isn't that kind of chat room!03:51
therootestzeroshade: both of them seems to be installed... but it says "cannot find the target".03:51
derrtylol a/s/l03:51
silenii keep windows just to play starcraft o-003:51
Boogeandymac, you could also try to run a linux iso distro like knoppix or ubuntu on the pc and see if that works with the nic.03:51
subinaclscome on you have to admit its funny!03:51
phorensicsubinacls: hahaha03:51
isaakwat so i cant play starcraft on ubuntos?03:51
bullgard4What is meant by 'link encap' as used in the output of the 'ifconfig' command? I believe it is short for 'link encapsulation'. How is this term defined? (It is used in some old RFCs but I could not find a definition yet.)03:51
phorensicsubinacls: you beat me to the punch03:51
derrtyAndymac try a live CD03:51
zeroshadetherootest: where does it say cannot find the target?03:51
werdnumbullgard4: The physical nature of the link.03:52
andymacBooge, yeah its got the range. i just tried to connect to the routers config and it couldnt resolve that either.03:52
isaakso seriously i cant play starcraft?03:52
therootestzeroshade: in the console.03:52
isaakon ubuntos?03:52
tritium6subinacls: hmmm I ran over and switched the cable back to eth2 but the router still isnt reporting any new dhcp requests03:52
usserisaak: starcraft2?03:52
jmspeexWhat's the status of the patch that prevents the HD from parking the head every few second when on battery power? Has there been many reports of problems with it?03:52
tsuna27phorensic: direct me to where i can find this alt version03:52
sileniisaak: starcraft works with wine?03:52
therootestzeroshade: i try to apt-get etc... and then says cannot find the package!03:52
subinaclsmaybe you have some other setup!03:52
phorensictsuna27: sure one sec03:52
OsamaKmusikgoat|main, <http://paste.ubuntu.com/111111/> (Which has a very spacial number by the way :P) shows the words "install".. will it install these package of just download them03:52
HorizonXPphpmonk: no one's responding :(03:52
sileniisaak: or i mean wine works for starcraft?03:53
isaaksileni,  dont know thats wat i am asking03:53
Boogeandymac, is it not resolving hostnames? are you trying to get into the router setup by using an ip?03:53
subinaclsi cant be to much help with out having prior or intimate knowledge of your setup03:53
subinaclsi can only tell you try setting it static03:53
isaaksileni,  i thought it does03:53
zeroshadetherootest: hold on, let me see what repository those are in. you have compiz currently running correct?03:53
jmspeexI ask because my disk does a load cycle every *few seconds* when I unplug the AC adaptor (I got 15 cycles in 60 seconds the last time I checked)03:53
andymaci just checked dmesg, it says eth0: link up. but theres a bunch of transmit timeout messages.03:53
subinaclsifconfig -a03:53
tsrkI managed to get the new kernel installed without adding it to my grub loader, how would I go about adding it to grub?03:53
phpmonkHorizonXP: cause PDO is buil-in in PHP i guess you cannot remove it03:53
musikgoat|mainOsamaK: it will download, not install03:53
subinaclsget info from that and make the eth2 interface use that information03:53
therootestzeroshade: how can i see if compiz is running?03:53
musikgoat|mainOsamaK: that is a standard statement03:53
subinaclsDHCP is a odd beast03:54
silenitherootest: ps03:54
tritium6subinacls: well thanks for the help03:54
subinaclsmaybe yo uhave mac address filtering tritium603:54
bullgard4werdnum: Hm. Why do people use such a strange word for the physical nature of a link? (encapsulation is a well known term for layered protocols in the OSI reference model.)03:54
tritium6much appreciated03:54
isaakim going to try installing starcraft03:54
isaakon wine03:54
therootestsileni: ps what?03:54
phorensictsuna27:  http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/downloadmirrors#alternate03:54
musikgoat|mainOsamaK: but if you notice all the files listed from lines 21 to 27,  those are what you are going to need to take to the offline machine03:54
rodsgood luck isaak03:54
Powder7891Hiya All03:54
subinaclstritium6 sometimes the hardest problems have the most simple solutions!03:54
derrtygood luck03:54
linxuz3risaak: is it starcraft 2?03:54
rodsit runs way buggy for me, no battle.net03:54
zeroshadetherootest: in the system menu, go to preferences, then Appearance. Then choose visual effects, which choice is currenlty selected?03:54
phpmonkanonyman: if i sudo a command the owner is root, i do not want that03:54
isaakno starcraft 103:54
subinaclsand trying harder solves 98% of them!03:54
tsuna27phorensic: thx03:55
isaakr u kidding?03:55
isaakoh my03:55
Boogeandymac, if you assigned an ip of to your interface, try to ping if that works, try to ping your default gateway, probably
rodsnope--on WINE03:55
silenizeroshade: or that works >< silly me suggesting ps03:55
HiHoStevoIs there somewhere one can go for help with a new install of Ubuntu?  I now have about 2 hours experience with Linux03:55
therootestzeroshade: i am in kubuntu, not ubuntu.03:55
musikgoat|mainOsamaK: i'm going afk for a few min, PM me if you'd like03:55
rodsunder virtualbox ose -- winxp runs fine03:55
rodsjust sizing issues03:55
derrtywhat type of router do you have Andy mac03:55
subinaclsHiHoStevo, yes! there is plenty of info in ubuntu forums03:55
isaakwine isnt al that great than03:55
OsamaKmusikgoat|main, <http://paste.ubuntu.com/111112/>03:55
zeroshadetherootest: arg, kde. one sec.03:55
OsamaKmusikgoat|main, please check this before.03:55
HiHoStevoOkay I have tried there... but no one seems to know what the problem is...03:55
subinaclsi would first check out apt-get or you package manager and see what aoftware you can get03:55
isaakits lame03:55
jlunderCan anyone help me with an installation question? I'm trying to install 8.04 server onto an existing RAID/LVM2 and I'm having trouble skipping the partition step...03:56
subinaclswhats the problem ?03:56
rodsI understand there are other VM proggies out there that will run it fine03:56
isaakwhere can i access package manager03:56
usserisaak: what are you talking about? starcraft has been running in wine since like 199903:56
musikgoat|mainOsamaK: another method to see what files are needed is the command  sudo apt-cache depends xchat03:56
Powder7891Can   Any One Help Me With Sound Ive Tried Every Thing In The Forums.03:56
subinaclssystem>administration>synaptic package manager03:56
musikgoat|mainOsamaK: everything showing Depends:  xxxx   is needed03:56
HorizonXPphpmonk: in Gentoo, i can unset a USE flag to remove it, and be able to install it via PECL afterwards. I know it's not that easy in Ubuntu, but I'd like to be able to achieve the same results.03:56
isaaksee  usser said it does03:56
isaakhow bout battlenet03:56
isaakusser,  how bout battlenet03:57
andymacBooge, when i try to ping i get From Destination Host Unreachable03:57
HorizonXPphpmonk: do I HAVE to do it via the .deb package, or can I just install from source? cuz I'm having trouble compiling the .deb.03:57
usserisaak: i didnt test battlenet since i had pirated version but i see no reason why it shouldn't03:57
OsamaKmusikgoat|main, But how can I use that command to 'download' for offline usage?03:57
tsuna27phorensic: how can I find if i hav an i386 or an amd64 and this is test based, is it the same ubuntu then?03:57
Boogeandymac, is that eth0:avahi interface still up?03:57
isaakhm... i will try03:57
subinaclsHiHoStevo, if you try to describe the problem you have im sure of the people here will try to help of add their 2 cents if they want to03:57
isaakbut first compiz fusion03:57
phpmonkHorizonXP: i do not have idea about it03:57
sileniisaak: http://www.linux-gamers.net/modules/wiwimod/index.php?page=HOWTO+Starcraft03:57
subinaclssure ^some of*03:58
phorensictsuna27: stick with 32-bit you'll be fine03:58
HorizonXPphpmonk: ok, thanks for your help :)03:58
derrtyyea 64 bit has some minor bugs03:58
HiHoStevoMy new clean install of Ubuntu 8.10 included OpenOffice 2.4... however when I run any of the Open office programs the menus are all blank in some cases they have dashes in their place, when you mouse over an icon in the toolbar it pops up a dialog window, but it is blank no text... I can type and print... but the print dialog box is just full of empty rectangles.......03:58
musikgoat|mainOsamaK: you'll likely have all the files downloaded, or you can grab them from the repository...  all of your installed packages (unless you removed them) would be in /var/cache/apt/archives03:58
usserisaak: the only thing is if i remember correctly there was no no-cd patch for starcraft so you'll have to tell wine where it can find your cdrom, or create a fake cdrom directory and mount an iso of starcraft there03:58
Boogeandymac, is there a 169 nw listed on your route table? >route03:59
usserisaak: its all in winecfg03:59
phorensictsuna27: only the install is text based, the rest is the same03:59
bobbycheetahjust bought toshiba laptop a305-s6872. installed ubuntu 8.10. where can i find drivers - for example to be able to use the function keys for dimming the display?03:59
isaakk thanks03:59
HiHoStevoI have installed Java 6 and downloaded the version 3.0 of Open office... but it will not install... (I downloaded two versions and cannot figure out how to do the install on the DEBS version)03:59
=== Ward1983_ is now known as Ward1983
OsamaKmusikgoat|main, please feel free to leave.. I need more to understand what's going on. and note me when you back.03:59
subinaclsHiHoStevo, uninstall it03:59
subinaclsand reinstall03:59
subinaclshave you tried this already ?04:00
subinaclsnot the OS04:00
subinaclsbut the application its self04:00
FloodBot1subinacls: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:00
HiHoStevoI have done a re-install with the package manager..04:00
zeroshadetherootest: i apologize, i don't know kde well enough. I know that apparently there are issues with kde and compiz that some people have. along with not being able to find easy ways to configure and use compiz with kde. at least thats what i've seen from googling. Maybe you'll have better luck. Sorry.04:00
subinaclsdang flod bot, i have enteritis!04:00
andymacBooge, nope, actually the command route returns nothing but the headings for the list. Theres nothing in route at all :/ that sounds like the root of the problem to me :) now how do i fix that lol.04:00
subinaclsleave me alone! the doctor tells me im not the only one!04:00
subinaclsand you still lack the menus04:01
subinaclsmaybe there is another package missing04:01
tsuna27phorensic: thank you and any other tips for a new ubuntu user04:01
subinaclsmaybe if you apt-get install openoffice.org04:01
therootestzeroshade: thank you :D04:01
subinaclsi would include all the suggested and recommended applications also with that04:01
phorensictsuna27: ask questions in this irc channel and be respectful. Learn all you can from the people here and also help others.. you learn a lot from helping other people04:01
subinaclsso maybe your command will look like this04:02
zeroshadetherootest: wish i could help more =)04:02
HiHoStevothe file I downloaded named "OOO300_m15_native_packed-1_en-US.9379 has a setup file inside it... but when I click on it a terminal box comes up and says error it cannot load the Java runtime04:02
subinaclssudo apt-get install openoffice.org libservlet2.3-java bsh-doc fastjar gcj-4.2 java-gcj-compat libgcj8-dbg04:02
subinacls  java-virtual-machine libhsqldb-java-doc libhsqldb-java-gcj libjline-java-doc04:02
CoJaBo-A1tecAny suggestions for recovering data from a badly damaged NTFS file system?04:02
subinaclsthis is slimmed down to stop flodbot from chewing my ars!04:02
HiHoStevoDo I need to uninstall all of the openoffice files before trying to install version 3.004:02
tsuna27phorensic: peace04:02
subinaclsit can only help04:02
Boogeandymac, what is the output of ifconfig eth004:03
tritium6subinacls: actually, I think you got it working04:03
subinaclsto me it sounds as if your missing some packages needed to render the menuses04:03
subinaclsmaybe some icons missing also could be a problem04:03
subinaclsmaybe a font issue!04:03
subinaclsthis has happened to me prior04:03
LinuxHack3rBetween hurly and burly...which woiuld be considered the client and which would be the server that you would ssh into?04:03
HiHoStevothe other package I downloaded was OOo_3.0.1_LinuxIntel_install_en-US_deb.tar.gz and it has a DEBS folder inside... but I cannot find a setup or install file.....04:03
Boogeandymac, can you ping your lo? >ping localhost04:04
subinaclsHiHoStevo, remove that04:04
subinaclsand apt-get it04:04
subinaclsits better04:04
andymacwell i cant really copy and paste from computer to computer. is there anything in particular your looking for? Theres no ip listed, other than an inet6 addr04:04
HiHoStevoremove what and what is apt-get?04:04
subinaclsyou can also download the source and then compile it yourself04:04
andymacyeah i can ping localhost np04:04
subinaclsman apt-get04:04
subinaclsits a package manager04:04
subinaclsso you dont have to download dependencies04:04
Boogeandymac, try #ifconfig eth0 mask up04:04
Powder7891http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1035946 This is the same problem im having can any one help me please04:05
subinaclsand having dependecy hell cause not everything is installed before you compiled openoffice04:05
FezzlerTrying to install old Linux app, pilot-mailsync.  When configuring (./configure) I get this error "checking for OpenSSL libraries... configure: error: OpenSLL lib and/or headers not installed"04:05
subinaclsor had some dep.s missing before you ran the deb file04:05
FezzlerWhat is OpenS "L" L04:05
subinaclsalso apt-get grabs it from ubuntus repository04:05
FezzlerI see OpenSSL04:05
andymacBooge, tried it.. no real changes.04:06
=== CoJaBo-A1tec is now known as CoJaBo-Aztec
Boogeandymac, the ip doesn't list under ifconfig eth0?04:06
HiHoStevoso... if openoffice is included on the ubuntu 8.1 cd can I just do a wipe and re-install with the CD?04:06
rodsanyone good at installing games on linux?04:07
Boogeif you type dmesg, does the last few lines say anything about why?04:07
subinaclsyou should be able to remove it from your machine04:07
subinaclswith out having to format/reinstall04:07
HiHoStevoor is there a command with this "apt-get" that you can give me that I can put in the terminal to get the correct files and install them.04:07
wastrelandymac: what's in /etc/network/interfaces ?04:07
d0netsFNok tell me if you guys think this drive is dead04:08
d0netsFNit doesnt show up in vista's disk manager04:08
musikgoat|mainOsamaK: ok, so where are you at in your understanding04:08
Boogeandymac, it should say something like iface eth0 inet dhcp04:08
d0netsFNin xp when i try to create a partition, xp freezes04:08
subinaclsyyou might be able to find some solutions!04:08
d0netsFNwhen i boot to ubuntu, it gives me crazy errors for 5 minutes before it finally boots04:08
d0netsFNits a new drive i bought for storage04:08
alivejamiehello. quick question. i just installed 8.10 for the first time on my msi wind, and it asked me to do about 210 updates, and then wanted to restart. i did and upon restarting it doesn't seem to connect via ethernet now.04:08
alivejamiewhich is bizzare04:08
tritiumtritium6: you're messing up my highlighting!04:08
Powder789140.794083] cs4236_isapnp 01:01.00: activated04:09
Powder7891[   40.800638] cs4236_isapnp 01:01.02: activated04:09
Powder7891[   40.803199] cs4236_isapnp 01:01.03: activated04:09
Powder7891does this mean sound should work?04:09
FloodBot1Powder7891: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:09
OsamaKmusikgoat|main, the way of "/cache/var/.." is too hard to apply, there are so much packages, every package has a dependences and so on. Is there a better way?04:09
subinaclsPowder7891, idk04:09
andymacifconfig eth0 has link encap with a mac address, an inet6 addr, UP BROADCAST RUNNING MULTICAST, rx packets, tx packets, RX bytes, and Interupt04:10
andymacthose are the only lines.04:10
HiHoStevowas there an anwer that I missed??04:10
subinaclsi can tell you 1 of 10 choices04:10
Boogeandymac, thats in /etc/network/interfaces?04:10
clineHey guys,  I have a toughbook cf-18. It has integrated gps. I installed gpsd. First how can I tell if ubuntu recognized the gps and where it is.04:10
andymacoops, no ill check that now,04:10
subinaclsHiHoStevo, you should just open a terminal04:11
subinaclsHiHoStevo, and execute the following command04:11
HiHoStevoI can do that04:11
subinaclssudo  apt-get install openoffice.org04:11
subinaclstry that maybe it will detect the older version04:11
andymacinterfaces has "auto lo" on one line, and "iface lo inet loopback" on the next.04:11
subinaclsand uninstall it for you, if it does not04:11
subinaclsuse this command04:11
subinaclssorry jumped ahead04:12
subinaclsyou have to find the old executable that openoffice used04:12
subinaclsand remove it04:12
Boogeandymac, add iface eth0 inet dhcp and on another line auto eth004:12
subinaclsand then reinstall through apt0get04:12
musikgoat|mainOsamaK: i'm sure there is,   looking at solutions for any that are easy04:12
HiHoStevothis is the response I got...  openoffice.org is already the newest version.04:12
HiHoStevo0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 21 not upgraded.04:12
musikgoat|mainOsamaK: one moment04:12
subinaclsgood to go04:13
subinaclsapt-get remove openoffice.org04:13
administrator_\nickserv identify 12304:13
subinaclsand then04:13
tritiumHiHoStevo: then you have the latest versions that are in the repositories04:13
subinaclsapt-get install openoffice.org04:13
subinaclsthis time however04:13
administrator_\nickserv identify 12304:13
Powder7891thanks any way04:13
clinegps help...............04:13
tritium!enter | subinacls04:13
ubottusubinacls: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!04:13
andymacBooge, then restart?04:13
subinaclsgrab all the recommended and suggested applications also04:13
subinaclsand do so till there are no more mentioned04:13
subinaclsRecommended packages:04:14
subinacls  bsh-gcj libgcj8-1-awt libgcj8-jar libjaxp1.3-java-gcj libxalan2-java-gcj04:14
subinacls  libxerces2-java-gcj04:14
grassbeackerhallo everyone04:14
Boogeandymac, yup04:14
subinaclssee how it says it recommends these to also be installed HiHoStevo04:14
andymacfingers crossed lol04:14
tritiumsubinacls: please, stop using enter in place of punctuation04:14
subinaclsand then press enter04:14
alivejamielol and the ubuntu help wants to connect to the internet to search for an answer >_< .. anybody have any ideas?04:14
subinaclsit will ask you if you want to install said applications04:14
grassbeackercan any bodey tell me where i find the serverlayout section in 8.1004:15
subinaclsand before you say yes04:15
administrator_\nickserv identify 12304:15
subinaclscopy the names04:15
grassbeackerof xorg04:15
HiHoStevosteve@steves-desktop:~$ <-- LinuxHack3r (n=matt@68-114-163-167.dhcp.kgpt.tn.c04:15
HiHoStevobash: syntax error near unexpected token `('04:15
HiHoStevosteve@steves-desktop:~$ apt-get install openoffice.org04:15
HiHoStevoE: Could not open lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (13 Permission denied)04:15
HiHoStevoE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), are you root?04:15
FloodBot1HiHoStevo: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:15
HiHoStevosteve@steves-desktop:~$ <-- LinuxHack3r (n=matt@68-114-163-167.dhcp.kgpt.tn.c04:15
HiHoStevobash: syntax error near unexpected token `('04:15
HiHoStevosteve@steves-desktop:~$ apt-get install openoffice.org04:15
HiHoStevoE: Could not open lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (13 Permission denied)04:15
FloodBot1HiHoStevo: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:15
HiHoStevoE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), are you root?04:15
HiHoStevosteve@steves-desktop:~$ <-- LinuxHack3r (n=matt@68-114-163-167.dhcp.kgpt.tn.c04:15
tritiumsubinacls: you were asked nicely04:15
tritiumHiHoStevo: Stop that!04:15
clinehow do i tell if ubuntu recognized an internal gps??04:16
phorensicHiHoStevo: are you updating somewhere else or something?04:16
krishmishcan someone help me install netgear wg111 in ubuntu04:16
HiHoStevofor some reason i cannot paste in the response04:17
=== choc is now known as choc0
=== choc0 is now known as choc
bazhangHiHoStevo, use paste.ubuntu.com04:17
krishmishinstalled the driver04:17
tritiumHiHoStevo: you are not supposed to paste here at all.04:17
krishmishbut cant get to make the light glow04:17
bazhangHiHoStevo, use sudo with that command04:18
bazhangHiHoStevo, though open office should be already installed, unless you are adding 3.0 from a PPA04:18
HiHoStevoas you might have guessed in addition to never using linux I have also never used irc chat04:18
clinewhen someone gets a monment I need help with internal gps,,,  new here04:18
musikgoat|mainOsamaK: i guess you'd want to confirm you have the packages in the apt cache that are required, and then (depending on how much removable storage you have) take all the packages to the offline machine instead of sifting through them04:18
musikgoat|mainOsamaK: it wont hurt to take more packages than you need04:19
oodeadbeefoowell check it04:19
hungvoandymac, im curious if this cmd worked (ifconfig eth0 mask up) cause it said: "mask unknown host" on my machine. Could it be the cause?04:19
musikgoat|mainOsamaK: otherwise, you can follow this guys tutorial, http://kmandla.wordpress.com/2007/07/24/howto-download-packages-and-dependencies-for-offline-installation/04:19
tritiumoodeadbeefoo: please mind !enter, or I'll mute you again04:20
bazhangoodeadbeefoo, check what04:20
andymacBooge, Wired Connection doesnt even show up as an option in the network manager now when i click on the icon. Its in the actual applet when i open it, but it feels like we just went back to square one :(04:20
OsamaKmusikgoat|main, I tried it.. the script takes very long time making the HTML page, so I closed it.04:21
oodeadbeefooHiHoStevo, i wish you luck, it seems i cant post to much or i cant post to little so the help you see is really easy, all you have to do is decipher all the crap i am about to tell you in one line, and i have to use commas, cause enter is illegal , maybe i should use cr/ or something04:21
alivejamiehrm. is there a better channel for me to ask? i feel kinda ignored in here. but it's understandably busy04:21
Boogeandymac, run dhclient and see if it picks up an ip04:22
grassbeackerdont anybody now where i can find where i can find the server04:22
musikgoat|mainOsamaK: oh... like the guy says, one of the problems with packaging is this04:22
tritiumoodeadbeefoo: periods would be appropriate, as they are proper punctuation.  Plus, it's easier on all of our eyes.04:22
clineGPS help04:22
bazhangalivejamie, does the wind see your wired interface04:22
oodeadbeefoothey are a waste oy bits04:22
grassbeackerdont anybody now where i can find where i can find the xorg server layout setion on 8.1004:22
HiHoStevostanding by04:22
alivejamiebazhang: it says wired network and then lists auto eth004:22
musikgoat|mainOsamaK: unfortunately aptoncd doesn't look like its actively developed... i believe that was an attempt to fix this problem04:22
alivejamieso i think so04:22
oodeadbeefoobandwidth aint cheap04:22
tritiumoodeadbeefoo: and all your disjoint lines are channel spam04:22
bobbob1016I'm trying to get 5.1 from spdif, everything says to unmute IEC958 or whatever in alsamixer, but the volume won't go higher.  Any ideas?04:23
bazhangalivejamie, what does sudo dhclient eth0 in the terminal offer04:23
grassbeackercouse in xorg.conf ther is no serverlayout04:23
OsamaKmusikgoat|main, I tried this also. It just copies files from the cache, it won't help if you don't have the package installed.04:23
clinejust a quick question,,, when someone smart has a moment,,04:24
werdnum!ask | cline04:24
ubottucline: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:24
alivejamiebazhang: it says it's listening and now sending some things04:24
alivejamieit says dhcpdiscover on eth0 to port 6704:24
clinehow can i tell if ubuntu recognized an internal gps,, tried what i know,,04:24
bazhangalivejamie, any dhcprequests?04:24
alivejamieand some intervals now04:24
musikgoat|mainOsamaK: is this offline computer able to connect to a intranet?  or somehow proxy to your online one?04:24
oodeadbeefooi understand that, however when i end up talking commands and steps it really is easier to distinguish new commands or steps with the enter command, not trying to argue a point, its just i feel that hitting any of these following keys (!@#$%^&U*I(){}[]:";'<>?,./~` unless programing is a waste of energy processor cycles and effort04:24
tritiumcline: is it a pci card?04:24
whyameyehow can I save a window to the clipboard (not the entire screen)04:25
bazhangoodeadbeefoo, please stop04:25
grassbeackerand i need to at a line there for my touchscreen04:25
SodaKilleranybody using bind?04:25
clineits a toughbook cf-18 with built in gps,04:25
alivejamiebazhang: it says no dchcoffers recieved, no working leases in persistant database - sleeping04:25
alivejamieit was working upon first install, and the ethernet was fine04:25
bazhangalivejamie, what does lspci say for the card in question04:25
tritiumcline: does "lspci -v" list anything about it?04:25
alivejamiebut stopped after the updates it asked me to do04:25
alivejamiebazhang: i'm sorry how do i check that?04:25
oodeadbeefooyou gentleman, im going back to remote-exploit04:25
xurxoHello, My problem is that my computer freezes within the first hour of operation. The screen remains as is and the keyboard and mouse are completely non responsive. only one button works: OFF. Has anyone had this problem? What could it be and how could i fix it? Thank you.04:26
bazhangalivejamie, paste.ubuntu.com that command (from the terminal type lspci)04:26
clineill checknot that i can see,  but  i dont know what to look for04:26
whyameyexurxo: do you think it might be overheating?04:26
OsamaKmusikgoat|main, Here is the story, a friend of mine installed Ubuntu few days ago, I want to install some programs on his computer few hours later, will have Internet access, but we will not have the time to download.04:26
SodaKilleranyone use webmin (to manage bind9) ?04:26
tritiumtritium6: gah!04:27
clinenot that i can see, but i dont know what to look for  , the word gps isnt there04:27
bazhang!ebox | SodaKiller04:27
ubottuSodaKiller: ebox is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/eBox04:27
xurxoon shit. i sure hope not. that would be detramental to my hardware.04:27
tritiumlanguage, please, xurxo04:27
alivejamiebazhang: standby, i'll copy it to a flash drive, the netbook can't connect to the internet so i can't paste it to ubuntu.paste04:27
bazhangxurxo, please keep it family friendly04:27
musikgoat|mainOsamaK: how big is your cache?  would it hurt to just put that all on a disk or usb media?04:27
calcxurxo: you might want to run the memtest on the cd for a while and make sure it passes for at least a few passes (probably a few hours)04:27
xurxopg 13. you got it. what could it be?04:27
Peloanyone know how to so a search for files with names with less then 5 letters in them ?04:28
SodaKillerbazhang, hmmm let me check it out04:28
OsamaKmusikgoat|main, no, "totalling 499.2 MB"04:28
calcxurxo: there is a program called cpuburn you can run if it passes memtest to see if it locks up from loading the cpu, generally due to heat issues04:28
xurxodo you mean the ubuntu 8.10 cd? and do md5sum04:28
musikgoat|mainPelo: find (scope) -name four04:28
calcxurxo: on the ubuntu 8.10 cd there is a memtest option on the boot up screen04:28
xepraanyone know how to keep dhclient from writing to the routing table and /etc/resolv.conf?04:29
calcxurxo: it is different than the check cd option04:29
musikgoat|mainPelo: where (scope) would be / or /home or such04:29
Pelomusikgoat|main, thanks04:29
compguy1011anyone to help with tethering my blackberry over bluetooth?04:29
xurxoi did that memtest on the boot screen04:29
OsamaKmusikgoat|main, after copying the cache and putting them on his computer, should I simply start Package Manger?04:29
densinhi all04:29
xepracompguy1011:  what version of ubuntu?04:29
musikgoat|mainPelo: use sudo if you want to search everywhere04:29
calcxurxo: how long?04:29
sigtermxepra: run static? heh04:29
compguy1011xepra, remix04:29
musikgoat|mainOsamaK: if you put it in the archive, then yes... it should check there, then attempt to get it from the repos (which would fail)04:30
andymacBooge, sorry kinda lost track of what i was doin, still no luck on dhclient.04:30
xurxowhat do you mean how long. how long ago? like monday04:30
xeprasigterm:  its actually a nasty thing, i have one static and one dhcp -- i need both cause i have xen vms that use both04:30
clineon ls hw  what would an internal gps look like,  i meen the connection type04:30
calcxurxo: no how long did you let it run the memory test program?04:30
musikgoat|mainOsamaK: i would just be sure to confirm that your cache has all the files in the depends... but unless you actively cleaned it up, it should04:30
xurxountill it finished04:30
SodaKillerbazhang -> just have a dns question if you can help put me in the right path it would be aweseom.  i'm using webmin to manage bind9 , i have 1 domain working fine and dandy.  i want to add another domain, (i've setup the apache2 part), do i create a new "master zone" ? or edit the existing one?04:30
calcxurxo: it runs in a loop so it runs until it fails or you reboot04:30
Pelomusikgoat|main, recursive ?04:31
xepracompguy1011:  not familiar with remix...04:31
OsamaKmusikgoat|main, I updated my KDE version minutes ago, is it possible to install KDE in the same way?04:31
calcxurxo: actually it runs forever in general but if it fails it tells you and keeps running anyway04:31
calcxurxo: so you stopped it after one pass, i guess?04:31
sigtermxepra, ahh i see04:31
xurxoreally? i thought it had a beginging and an end. It had a percentage bar made out of "#########"04:31
xeprasigterm:  where can you disable the dhcp daemon?04:31
musikgoat|mainOsamaK: kde is a set of packages just the same04:32
bazhangSodaKiller, not sure about webmin; ebox is the 'ubuntu way' of doing that nowadays04:32
xeprathat may be the best option...04:32
calcxurxo: it runs 7 tests and it generally takes at least an hour to run through all of them04:32
musikgoat|mainPelo: what do you mean?04:32
xepracompguy1011:  you can do it manually with hcitool and sdptool04:32
OsamaKso for now I don't have any problem. Thank you musikgoat|main04:32
Pelomusikgoat|main, how do I make it search subfolder as well04:32
calcxurxo: if it passes all 7 tests it then starts over and runs again (until you stop it)04:32
OsamaKI'm going04:32
xeprayou basically need to search for the device mac04:32
xeprathen search for the services it provides04:32
xeprafind the dun profile04:32
alivejamiesorry, i lost my connection. here's the results of lspci: http://pastie.org/37391604:32
xeprathen specify that channel04:32
densinI just install ubuntu first time on my netbook with  low resolution,  if window is too large .  I usually using "Alt+Right hold" to move big window upper  over screen.. but ubuntu seem have edge resistant ,I hardly move it.  how to disable that resistant?04:32
xurxoyes. it said "test memory" on the boot screen. is this what you are talking about?04:32
musikgoat|mainPelo: sorry, it searches all sub folders04:33
xepraanyone know how to disable the dhcp daemon?04:33
clinethanks let me go lok04:33
SodaKillerbazhang -> okay cool, i'll try ebox. maybe i'm getting confused on the way webmin puts thier terminology.  let me try ebox04:33
Pelomusikgoat|main, thank you04:33
musikgoat|mainPelo: like using /home/pelo  would search everything under /home/pelo04:33
alivejamiebazhang: thanks for your patience and help so far - http://pastie.org/373916 if you didn't see04:33
Boogeandymac, i've exhausted all my options. it's strange that you get link up on both endpoints. i would power cycle to router. thats the only other thing i can think of04:33
compguy1011xepra, well i got it connected by "pppd call blackberry" and the phone goes in modem mode but i cant browse the internet. and it gets a ip address and all04:34
calc_grr at&t didn't fix my dsl, and i won't have time to get it fixed before i go to germany :-\04:34
Pelothank you musikgoat|main I'll see what I can do with the info04:34
xurxoi really dont think its overheating. no part of the computer is exceptionally hot from what i can touch from the outside.04:35
zigzagshow do i diagnose my comp when it does dumb crap like the system monitor freezing04:35
bazhangalivejamie, are you starting up with the ethernet cable connected? also, have you checked in the network-manager to enable ethernet connection, its odd as that device is very well supported04:35
alivejamieyeah it's connectted right now04:35
alivejamielike physically04:35
zigzagsis there a keyboard command to bring up a terminal window?? NOT ctrl+alt+F1-604:35
rodsanyone used the ubuntupocketguide? Pretty cool studd04:35
=== calc_ is now known as calc
wastrelzigzags: gnome terminal?04:36
rodsalt-f2 seems to work, but other than that not sure04:36
wastrelzigzags: gnome-terminal &04:36
clineok  I dont see gps listed,  ,  would it say gps,  should i look for a socket,serial?04:36
wastrelah keyboard04:36
alivejamiebazhang: is that system > administration > network tools ?04:36
wastrelzigzags: you can set one in system> preferences > keyboard shortcuts04:36
phorensiczigzags: you can create your own shortcut04:36
linxuz3rlater guys04:36
phorensiczigzags: I use windowskey+t04:36
bazhangalivejamie, so you are connected from when you boot up? and network-manager is set to enable those connections? (should be an icon on the top panel for that)04:36
wastreli use ctrl-space04:36
zigzagscool also what can i do if shit like system monitor freezes...also my nautilus crashes ALL THE EFFING TIME srsly it is out of control04:37
_Vi_sounds like you need xubuntu04:37
alivejamiei'm physically plugged in. and network manager in the top panel is there, but when i click on auto eth0 it just cycles04:37
alivejamieand then eventually says it's disconnected04:37
xurxowell, if anyone has any suggestions on why my computer freezes permanently and frequently be sure to drop me a line. Thank you04:37
clinecan i scan port or sockets again to find gps?04:38
shayawondering if anyone knows how to decipher ata error messages in the kernel log?04:38
xepracompguy1011:  can you ping anything?04:38
cast|lirshaya: normally pasting into google helps04:38
xepracompguy1011:  is firefox in offline mode?04:38
phorensicxurxo: Have you taken a look at top to see what processes are going nuts right before?04:38
SudoKinghi, I'm having trouble with an ethernet device, its not recieving a DHCPOFFER (but other clients on this router can connect)04:38
_Vi_gnome-system-monitor by itself takes like 20-40% CPU zigzags04:38
ubundude1Ok so after rebooting twice, firefox still is stuck open04:38
phorensicubundudehey man04:38
ubundude1phorensic: hey dude04:39
alivejamieSudoKing: i'm having a similar problem, i'll let you know if bazhang and i figure it out :)04:39
phorensicubundude try doing a top | grep firefox see if you get the pid04:39
SudoKingoh really?04:39
cellofellowI have a laptop with a TSST TS-L632D DVD drive. It doesn't read DVDs at all. I tried flashing the firmware but that didn't change anything at all. What else can I do?04:39
SudoKingI wasn't aware.  I didn't make any new updates. =S04:39
xurxono... it catches me by surprise and i restart my computer right after. i cant keep my system monitor on just in case my computer freezes. although it does it within the first hour of operation04:39
ubundude1phorensic: "top | grep firefox" ? cuz thats not doing anything it seems04:40
_Vi_zigzags: try htop instead of gnome monitor and thunar instead of nautilus, if that helps, then yep you need something lighter like Xubuntu04:40
phorensicubundude yes that is the right one04:40
phorensicubundude ok try top by itself and see if you can find the pid for firefox04:41
cellofellowUbundude: pgrep firefox04:41
zigzags_Vi_ do u think the problem is because my computer has trouble handling the cpu load of nautilus and gnome system monitor???04:41
clineok,  any direction would be good,    integrated gps,toughbook cf-18.      did os discover gps? how can tell by looking at lspce -v  when I dont see the word GPS?04:41
xurxophorensic: are you aware of any software that saves that logs that information for me so i can look at it once i restart my computer! i know its an odd question04:42
ubundude1phorensic: nothing seems to do anything04:42
_Vi_zigzags: that is why a lighter Window manager would help04:42
zigzagsi dont think it needs to be lighter04:42
SudoKingalivejamie: well I don't want to resort to using static addresses =S04:42
phorensicxurxo: Im not aware but I know the logs should already exist04:42
compguy1011xepra, its let me try04:42
zigzagsit crashes randomly like some sort of retard04:42
bazhangalivejamie, this is the msi wind correct? running ubuntu intrepid (8.10) with all the standard repos (ie not mint/ultimate/etc)04:42
alivejamiebazhang: yep04:43
zigzagsand it never runs slowly, it either works or craps itself04:43
bazhangalivejamie, let me just do a quick forums search and see if anyone else is having that issue04:43
xepraccompguy1011:  was it just in offline mode?04:43
xepralol, good stuff04:43
alivejamiebazhang: i appreciate your help04:43
clineanyone,,,,, how can i tell if ubuntu recognized internal gps.........i tried lspci-v  but dont see the word gps??04:45
_Vi_zigzags: do this: go to System>PReferences>Appearence go to the visual tab, click none and see if surfing nautilus and gnome system monitor is smoother04:45
Flapjackgood evening everyone04:45
guardian404Äàðîâà ðåáÿòà, ðóñêîãîâîðÿùèå åñòü?04:45
alivejamiehas anybody here installed easy peasy (aka ubuntu eee) - would that be a better solution for me?04:45
ubottuLa comunidad local de Argentina se puede encontrar en #ubuntu-ar y en su canal de offtopic: #ubuntu-ar-cafe04:45
Uplinkneed help connecting and making work my printer04:45
Flapjackwhat command do I add to "ifconfig" so that I pause the list and continue when ready?04:45
_Vi_oops wrong one04:45
scunizicline, maybe look for a chipset or name that is a little different fromwhat your use to04:45
nickrudFlapjack,   ifconfig | more04:46
guardian404àëëî íàðîä04:46
zigzags_Vi_  i already have it set at none, its always been at none04:46
ubundude1phorensic: it doesn't sound like firefox is even running in any form, even killall firefox or firefox-bin does nothing04:46
clinedont know the chipset,    what about serial or sockets?04:46
clinewhere would a normal internal be?04:46
cellofellowI have a laptop with a TSST TS-L632D DVD drive. It doesn't read DVDs at all. I tried flashing the firmware but that didn't change anything at all. What else can I do?04:46
bobbob1016I'm trying to get 5.1 from spdif, but I can only get stereo from "speaker-test -c 5".  Any ideas?04:46
nickrudguardian404, your character set is not readable04:46
zigzags_vi_ im sorry to say this but the problem is not with limited hardware, my hardware is fine and everything runs smoothly.  the problem is shit CRASHES and FREEZES randomly04:47
ubottuPrinting in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows04:47
SudoKingnot at all04:47
cellofellowubundude1: ps aux | grep firefox04:47
_Vi_zigzags: ouch... yep you definately are going to have to go to a lighter window manager then... else you could just use lighter apps, such as htop instead of gnome monitor, and thunar instead of nautilus04:47
phorensicubundude that is what i was afraid of, yet it still shows it as being open?04:47
Flapjacknickrud, thanks for that04:47
scunizicline you could always do a lspci -v >~/Desktop/list and then pastbin it for others to look atl04:47
nickrudzigzags, please watch the language a bit, think family friendly04:47
_Vi_zigzags: besides that im' fresh out of ideas04:47
clineok  whats pastbin04:47
clinenew here04:47
ubundude1phorensic: ya just every time i try to open it, it says its already open04:47
alivejamiecline: http://paste.ubuntu.com04:47
zigzagsI definetly do NOT need a lighter window manager04:48
alivejamiebazhang: fyi, i botted the same system in windows and the network is working in there fwiw04:48
compguy1101ok, im connected threw my phone right now....04:48
_Vi_zigzags: ok well try lighter apps then. at least just to see if that even helps04:48
compguy1101but cant get on firefox04:48
guardian404rny body russian^04:49
xurxozigzags: same here. within the first hour of operation, the computer freezes permanently and the mouse and keyboard are completily non responsive.04:49
ubottuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke04:49
redvamp128ubundude you could also look for things like Thunderbird as well as Fennec also check for Mozchat (Chatzilla) sometimes they will block a firefox process from starting-- and have you looked in the System Monitor?04:49
bazhangalivejamie, this is a dual boot then? is the ubuntu the netbook remix or just straight up ubuntu (ie no array.org kernel or other eeebuntu customization)04:49
zigzagsi do not need lighter apps04:49
zigzagsplz stop04:49
xepracompguy1011:  file->offline mode04:49
clineok    look at this  http://paste.ubuntu.com/111118/04:49
phorensicubundude thats weird... how do you know its already open??04:49
phorensicubundude maybe your pc is so fast it just appears that way04:50
xepracompguy1011:  file->Work Offline04:50
xeprauncheck it04:50
alivejamiebazhang: just the normal ubuntu atm, i was going to install netbook remix but the network stopped working after the first update and restart04:50
clinethats my hardwre ,  where is gps?    http://paste.ubuntu.com/111118/04:50
zigzagsxurxo thats not what i get. my nautilus and system monitor freeze randomly and i can get them to work if i somehw kill their processes04:50
_Vi_zigzags: you dont want help.you just want to cause trouble, you're trolling, and you're ignored. cya.04:50
compguy1101xepra, hey it worked ! :)04:50
xurxooh. my EVERYTHING crashes randomly04:51
Gerinychwhere does ubuntu store the default icon themes?04:51
ubundude1phorensic: theres no window of it anywhere, i can't end it, i've restarted my entire system twice since this happened and if i click the firefox shortcut it simply says its already open and therefore can't open again04:51
zelrikriandomy computer crashed, I was just playing freecell, then the screen went black, then something said my video config was all messed up04:51
nickrudGerinych, /usr/share/icons04:51
phorensicubundudeoooh i see04:51
xepracompguy1011:  no problem, that was an easy one :)04:51
Gerinychnickrud: ok thanks04:51
redvamp128ubundude1:  are you using chatzilla -- thunderbird or fennec?04:51
ubundude1redvamp: nope04:52
bazhangalivejamie, oddly enough there are tons of tutorials on getting the wireless to work, only one on wired not working, which requires downloading the deb (from another computer, then shifting via flash stick)04:52
=== cellofel1ow is now known as cellofellow
redvamp128ubundude1:  if you have for example I have heard of thunderbird people starting it to check the mail and it keeping firefox from starting.04:52
cellofellowI have a laptop with a TSST TS-L632D DVD drive. It doesn't read DVDs at all. I tried flashing the firmware but that didn't change anything at all. What else can I do?04:52
bazhangalivejamie, mostly at the msiwind forums, especially susanna777's tutorial04:52
xurxogood bye04:53
clinealivejamie: look at this and see if you see gps listed04:53
scunizicline, can you do the same thing but use sudo lshw instead?04:53
alivejamieokay i'll look into that.04:53
ubundude1redvamp: thunderbird isn't even on my system so....04:53
clineok hold on04:53
jtalanyone know, is something different about  export  in ubuntu?04:53
Jim_RaynorI'm having an error with apt-get update04:53
bazhanghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=993324 alivejamie here for example04:53
Jim_RaynorW: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net intrepid Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 28A8205077558DD004:53
alivejamiebazhang: is there a disadvantage to using something like ubuntueee or easy peasy?04:53
bazhangalivejamie, there are links in that as well04:53
redvamp128ubundude1: have you checked in the system monitor for firefox -- process there?04:53
bazhangalivejamie, depends on what you like really04:53
Jim_Raynorthe suggested way to fix it is... to run apt-get update04:53
Jim_Raynorwhich is ridiculous...04:54
alivejamiebazhang: i just want things to work :)04:54
ubundude1redvamp: i'll double check04:54
bazhangalivejamie, no inherent disadvantages really, just personal preference :)04:54
jtalMY_ENV_VAR=/path/to/stuff ; export MY_ENV_VAR04:54
jtalbut it only works locally04:54
alivejamiebazhang: alright thanks for your help04:54
redvamp128ubundude1:  are you the only user on your computer( I know it sounds crazy but sometimes)-- you could try the following though not recomended -- sudo firefox -- let it open or fail then close it outl.04:54
SudoKingalivejamie: Are you sure your problem is similar???04:54
tsuruhave there been any reported errors upgrading to 2.6.xx-11 on Ubuntu 8.10 amd64? I just tried through Upgrade Manager and it's kind of hosed my system04:54
nickrudJim_Raynor, somewhere in launchpad, probably on a page about the guy that has that ppa there's a gpg key you can add04:54
SudoKingsounds pretty foreign :<04:55
clineok  heres lshw list  http://paste.ubuntu.com/111119/04:55
Jim_Raynorthat's the funny thing... there's no ppa04:55
redvamp128ubundude1:  Also look for things like Thunderbird-- Fennec -- and MOZCHAT (chatzilla)04:55
ubundude1redvamp, no mention in system process and sudo firefox didn't do anything04:55
nickrudJim_Raynor, there most certainly is, somewhere in /etc/apt/sources.list*04:56
bazhangJim_Raynor, then delete that entry from your sources.list by placing a #in front of it04:56
ubundude1redvamp: no mention of anything mozilla related in process list04:56
Jim_Raynori already wiped out sources.list04:56
jtalholy crap this place is busy :>04:56
nickrudJim_Raynor, look in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*04:56
redvamp128hrm-- and sudo firefox -- said it was already open04:56
tritiumJim_Raynor: don't wipe it out.  That's extreme.04:56
Jim_Raynori mean, wipe it as in clean it04:56
Jim_Raynorit's as default04:57
ubundude1redvamp: exactly04:57
tritiumredvamp128: why are you running firefox with sudo?04:57
martianpenguintsuru what problems did you have?04:57
scunizicline, I don't think the system recognized it.. I don't see anything out of the ordinary04:57
redvamp128tritium not I just firefox says it is already open-- and thought possibly he could get it to start then shut it down04:57
tritiumredvamp128: ah04:57
clineits an internal gps,,,  what now?04:57
redvamp128tritium I have heard of that as a fix for improper shutdown of firefox...04:58
idekasockets' bind() call is returning -1 on success. what's up with that? i can connect to the server and everything04:58
tsurumartianpenguin: well I was in gnome and suddenly all the fonts went away and icons became x's in white boxes....I had to reboot. From there I was told to dpkg --configure -a and I did but it quickly terminates04:58
FezzlerI have a frozen app?  how to I close it04:58
scunizicline, check the mfgs site for info or google.. I'm stumped04:59
jtalFezller: xkill then click on it :>04:59
idekathen kill the number04:59
idekait is next to04:59
redvamp128tritium I test Minefield sometimes (ahh check to see if there is a process nammed that in your system monitor ) ubundude104:59
tsurumartianpenguin: with errors about partially configured or incomplete installs...04:59
=== GodTodd__ is now known as GodTodd
Fezzlerjtal: xkill on command line?04:59
martianpenguintsuru, can you run apt-get update?04:59
redvamp128ubundude1:  also look in the list for Minefield04:59
L1nuXHello I have an Acer Extensa 5630Z But Wifi conexion don't work ... can anyone help ?04:59
jtalFezzler: yes04:59
ubundude1redvamp: nope04:59
clinehold on, let me see if i can get the manufacture name04:59
tsurumartianpenguin: yes, I've tried a couple times... I'll try once more04:59
tBHey, what can I use to capture a picture ever few seconds from my webcam?05:00
L1nuXShould I wait for answers ?05:00
redvamp128ubunudude1: may sound crazy but look in the list for evolution-- if it is there kill that process05:00
FormodeHi all, trying to get my CGIIRC working... I keep trying to go to <Myip>/cgi-bin/client.cgi and I'm getting a not found error. D:05:00
martianpenguintsuru: i had a problem with installing intrepid yesterday from the latest build and it kept failing05:00
bazhangL1nuX, what chipset05:00
martianpenguintsuru: it seems to be working today though so far05:00
bazhangL1nuX, paste.ubuntu.com with the output of lspci05:00
L1nuXAtheros .. Even with madwifi and all staff it won't work :s05:00
martianpenguintsuru: could have been a related issue05:00
ubundude1redvamp: what would evolution have to do with firefox?05:00
Fezzlerjtal: didn't work05:00
jtalFezzler: ps aux | grep <your prog name>05:01
tritiumubundude1: absolutely nothing05:01
redvamp128ubunudude1: I have also heard of firefox initiating the evolution mail client and hanging with no window open05:01
jtalFezzler: then kill <process id>05:01
stormkittenDoes anyone here know the proper syntax for adding ubuntu to boot.ini?05:01
L1nuXath_pci .. when i reboot i do iwconfig there s nothing I have No wireless extention05:01
tsurumartianpenguin: pulseaudio appears to be the the one that won't configure or fix itself when doing apt-get upgrade...05:01
Fezzlerjtal: I get process ID from top, right?05:01
tritiumredvamp128: you've heard of some pretty incredible things, then05:01
jtalFezzler: top or from ps05:02
bazhangL1nuX, we need the exact atheros05:02
martianpenguintsuru: you may want to try removing that package and upgrading... and then reinstalling it05:02
ubundude1redvamp: killed everything to do with evolution and still nothing05:02
jtalFezzler: if you're looking for firefox you could do:  ps aux | grep firefox05:02
redvamp128tritium I run Minefield as well as 3 versions of Firefox-- Fennec-- Wine version plus the nightly build05:02
L1nuXOk wait I have a forum where I post all informations that I can can I post it here ?05:02
jtalFezzler: you may have to kill more than one process- what are you killing anyway?05:03
L1nuXIts Ubuntu s french community but informations are in english ^05:03
bazhangL1nuX, paste.ubuntu.com please05:03
L1nuXits ubuntu-fr .. :(05:03
=== frankg5 is now known as frankg05
FormodeHi all, trying to get my CGIIRC working... I keep trying to go to <Myip>/cgi-bin/client.cgi and I'm getting a not found error. D:05:03
zigzagscan i downgrade to 7.1 from 8.0 (hardy to gutsy) without having to reinstall/format my drives??  im pretty sure i ugraded from 7 to 8 without losing anything05:03
redvamp128ubunude1 have you tried to start firefox with the profile manger option yet05:03
Fezzlergnome Palm device setup05:03
bazhangzigzags, no05:03
jtalFromode: I dont know CGIIRC, but does it have an error log?05:03
Fezzlerlocked solid05:03
tritiumzigzags: there is no supported downgrade path05:03
tsurumartianpenguin: doesn't gnome depend on that?05:03
martianpenguinzigzags: i doubt it05:03
ubundude1redvamp: howso05:04
L1nuXAnyway when I do sudo lshw -C network I get just Provided by Atheros ... how can I know the chipset ?05:04
Formodejtal, No it's installed fine, via the apt-get package.05:04
martianpenguintsuru: i don't know... if it does, then you have a problem05:04
bazhanglspci in terminal L1nuX05:04
jtalFormode: I meant a server error log, not install/build error log05:04
tsurumartianpenguin: I already have a problem... I definitely don't want to make it worse by doing risky or 'maybe' kind of things...05:05
L1nuX03:00.0 Network controller: Atheros Communications Inc. Unknown device 002a (rev 01)05:05
L1nuX ... thats what I found05:05
jtalFezzler: did you do ps aux | grep palm  (or something similar?)05:05
Formodejtal, if you can direct me to the apache server logs, I can tell you. xD05:05
martianpenguintsuru: good point...05:05
Fezzlerjtal: will now05:05
rodsHave an interesting dillema:05:05
jtalFormode: /var/logs/apache205:05
rodsUsing Wine I installed  a windows program05:05
redvamp128ubundude1: firefox -ProfileManager05:05
rodsand it installed the program to /root/desktop05:05
martianpenguintsuru: maybe you shouldn't be using linux then05:05
rodsany ideas how then to access the program via WINE?05:05
L1nuXbazhang,  I think I have Atheros AR928x Wireless Network Adapter This one05:06
ubundude1redvamp: still running05:06
FormodeJtal: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/111128/05:06
Fezzlerjtal: still stuck05:07
tritiumubundude1: is there a firefox process still running?05:07
rodshow do you open the process manager in ubuntu?05:07
Fezzlerjtal: It's gnome-pilot settings05:07
ubundude1tritium: nope, and i've rebooted twice since then, still no process still says its open and won't run05:07
Fezzlerjtal: just finished unsuccessful sync.  frozen05:07
tsurumartianpenguin: thanks for your patience until the end.05:07
tritiumrods: the command-line version is "ps"05:07
jtalFezzler: did you do kill ps_id ?05:07
L1nuXbazhang, wizz05:08
Optimus55hey i miss the excitement of a new ubuntu release...05:08
jtalFormode: does your webserver work at all?   http://your_ip ?05:08
redvamp128ubundude1: find your .mozilla folder and your profile and look for  .parentlock file and delete it05:08
tritiumubundude1: did you look under ~/.mozilla/firefox/ for a lock file?05:08
tritiumubundude1: one directory lower, actually.05:08
EMPulsehey guys05:08
Formodejtal, it's working fine. My Ampache setup is fine, wordpress is fine, mediawiki is fine.05:08
clineOK  the gps chipset is SIRF_STAR 3 ,,,,05:08
jtalFormode: see where its looking for your cgi stuff? that doesnt look right05:08
EMPulserecommend any good general ubuntu programs?05:08
Fezzlerjtal: didn't work.  response was 1000 was not the ID05:08
jtalFormode: /usr/lib/cgi-bin ?05:08
=== sleepy_cat is now known as c_nick
Formodejtal, yes.05:09
Formodejtal /usr/lib/cgi-bin05:09
FlannelEMPulse: For what?  Anything in main could be considered "recommended", and most of the stuff in universe too, for that matter.05:09
redvamp128ubundude1: did the firefox -Profilemanger work to open a new instance?05:09
jtalFezzler: are you sure you used the ps id? from ps command?05:09
L1nuXFormode, Can you please help with my Wifi card :s ?05:09
Formodel1nux, I can't even get my girlfriends to work. :-P05:09
EMPulseFlannel, I dunno, I'd rather heard recommendations from people rather than installing it and trying it, I am very low on bandwidth05:09
jtalFormode: so /usr/lib/cgi-bin/irc.cgi is really there?05:09
tritiumFezzler: there's also a pgrep command.  It can be more convenient.05:10
Formodejtal, Very much so.05:10
Fezzlerjtal:  I ran "ps aux | grep palm"05:10
clinecan I run a command to look for internal gps again??/05:10
FlannelEMPulse: You'd probably have better luck in #ubuntu-offtopic, and also, you'll need to know what type of software you're looking for.05:10
ubundude1redvamp: profilemanager didn't help05:10
redvamp128ubundude1:  find your default profile and delete the following from that folder -- the "lock" and ".parentlock" file05:10
tritiumFezzler: "pgrep palm" is the equivalent05:10
jtalFezzler: replace "palm" with whatever you think might be in the command name- like pilot05:10
Formode... jtal, Sorry, I'm a freaking idiot.... I forgot the folder.05:10
EMPulseFlannel, ah, cool, thanks05:10
EMPulseohzie, and does anyone know how to automatically identify05:10
jtaltritium: you know about env vars?05:11
EMPulseI hate typing /msg nickserv identify everytime05:11
ohzieoh, tab, and does anyone know how to automatically identify?05:11
ohzieEMPulse, What client?05:11
L1nuXEMPulse,  Try to script it XD05:11
tritiumjtal: yes05:11
redvamp128ubundude1: should be -- nautilus show all files -- then the .mozilla folder under your user name05:11
ubundude1redvamp: deleted parentlock05:11
EMPulseohzie, Xchat, I think05:11
ubundude1redvamp: can't find lock05:11
redvamp128now also look for lock05:11
redvamp128might not be there05:11
jtaltritium: export MY_VAR=MY_STUFF  ... $MY_STUFF only works locally05:11
redvamp128try opening it up05:11
Fezzlerjtal: Bingo.  Thanks05:12
tritiumjtal: by "locally" you mean what, exactly?05:12
jtaltritium: it only lasts for that session05:12
redvamp128ubundude1: I got that one from this http://kb.mozillazine.org/Profile_in_use05:12
EMPulseohzie, Xchat05:12
tritiumjtal: did you put that in your .bashrc?05:13
n2diy! OO05:13
ubottua free and open source office suite, including word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, vector drawing and database components.  To install: "sudo apt-get install openoffice.org". User help available in #users.openoffice.org05:13
redvamp128ubundude1: any luck after delete that file?05:13
clinei have an internal gps,, chipset is sirf-star3 ,  ls pci-v doesnt show it,  i dont think, here is the lshw file,  does someone see something that looks like a gps??http://paste.ubuntu.com/111119/05:13
ohzieEMPulse, Go to your network list and add your identify string to the perform dialogue05:13
jtaltritium: oh, its only supposed to last for that session?05:13
tritiumjtal: yes05:13
ubundude1redvamp: well for 1 i can't go to that page, parentlock didn't change anything and i can't find a "lock" file05:13
zeroshadeEMPulse: if you go to the nework list in Xchat and click edit on the server in question, you can put your nickserv password in. Then it will automatically idenfity for you.05:13
ohziexchat has a specific 'nickserv password' field you just put it in05:13
jtaltritium: so, I have a gui program that needs an env... do I have to put it in .bashrc and logout/in?05:13
EMPulsezeroshade, ohzie thanks!05:14
nightrid3rquick question. will ubuntu run on an intel xeon platform?05:14
ohzieno problem05:14
n2diyIs there an IRC channel for OO?05:14
jaywayDoes anyone know about backtrack3linux05:14
tritiumjtal: no need to logout.  Put it in ~/.bashrc, and then "source ~/.bashrc05:14
tsurudpkg is giving me an error in parsing a script. what directory or parent directory would I look in to find said script?05:14
rodsany WINE experts in the room? Is there a WINE channel?05:14
ohzienightrid3r, I think that's listed as arch IA6405:14
jtaltritium: but that will just make it work in that terminal session, my gui is not running from there05:14
ohzienightrid3r, I don't know if Ubuntu supports it, but that's what you should look for.05:15
irnodefn"ohzie, and does anyone know how to automatically identify" (c) EMPulse05:15
nightrid3rohzie: k thanks05:15
tritiumjtal: correct05:15
jtalok thanks05:15
rodsis anyone seeing any of my posts? I know a lot of people are talking back and forth.05:15
jtalrods: yes we see them :>05:16
ohzierods, you might try #wine05:16
ohzieor #wineHQ05:16
zeroshaderods: for explicit details on the wine channel, check the wine site =)05:16
clinehttp://paste.ubuntu.com/111119/   i have an internal gps,, chipset is sirf-star3 ,  ls pci-v doesnt show it,  i dont think, here is the lshw file,  does someone see something that looks like a gps?05:17
EMPulseomg yes it works!05:17
redvamp128okay ubundude1 lets try rename your profile folder-- should kick firefox upon a reboot to start fresh profile (if anything in your profile is hanging it should stop it)05:17
EMPulseno more manually msging nickserv!05:17
zeroshadeyay =p05:17
jtalEMPulse: wait wait...what did you do? :>05:17
EMPulseWhat client are you using jtal?05:17
TheEdge_I have a bluetooth keyboard and mouse my problem is that when ever i restart my computer i have to pair them again can someone help me so I don't to do that all the time05:18
redvamp128ubundude1 -- most of what I have read in the kb at mozilla seems to say either a flash plugin or extended use or a bad close profile hangs it.05:18
Optimus55jayway: yeah its good05:18
EMPulsejtal, I know how it works to xchat but nothing else05:18
jtalEMPulse: give me your answer and I'll adapt it for me05:18
EMPulseI went to the network list05:18
EMPulseclicked edit05:18
EMPulseand typed the password in the field called "nickserv password"05:19
EMPulseclose the two windows05:19
EMPulseand restarted xchat05:19
gandhiinewb question: trying to make a launcher that runs a bash script to mount a series of shares..   gksu bash script.sh is working from the terminal, but not when inserted into a launcher.   What am I missing here?05:19
jtaloh so its sending it each time05:19
tritium!enter | EMPulse05:19
ubottuEMPulse: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!05:19
EMPulsetritium, whoops, sorry05:19
tritiumEMPulse: no worries!  :)05:19
ubundude1redvamp: so rename, then what just to make sure05:20
clineubottu:  would you look at this and see if you see a gps listed, please, http://paste.ubuntu.com/111119/05:20
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:20
redvamp128well -- that should if anything profile wise is hanging it start the profile manger upon restart05:21
redvamp128then later you can get your bookmarks and what have you ..05:21
ubundude1redvamp: so restart then rename or what05:21
redvamp128ubundude1 any of these extension installed -- Cooliris?05:22
n2diyIs there an IRC channel for OO?05:22
ubundude1redvamp: nope05:22
tsurudoes anyone know how to resolve "dpkg: (subprocess): unable to execute post-removal script: Exec format error" errors? ... could point me to a dir for me to further troubleshoot?05:22
ubuntu_guyi need some help: my internet works great on live CD, but doesnt on final install, suggestions?05:23
redvamp128ubundude1:  rename it then reastart the stystem-- (shoudl firefox complain about no profile) just use the - firefox -profilemanger to make a new one05:23
jtaltsuru: did you try pasting the error into google?05:23
ubundude1redvamp: back in a bit, then05:24
redvamp128ubundude1: every bug I have read about it says something in the profile has it locked-05:24
tsurujtal: ugh, w3m google... I'll try05:24
scuniziis there a program I can use to monitor the ip traffic on my lan?05:26
redvamp128tritium: PM?05:26
christheferalHi, I can't get my sound to work, any ideas?05:26
bazhangscunizi, monitor only or shape05:26
christheferalit worked in ubuntu 8.04 32 bit, now it's not working in 8.10 64 bit05:27
scunizibazhang, monitor at this point05:27
ubuntu_guy i need some help: my internet works great on live CD, but doesnt on final install, suggestions?05:27
bazhangubuntu_guy, may need to install some drivers then05:27
ubuntu_guybazhang, k ill google board really quick05:28
christheferalHi, I need help getting my sound to work05:29
bazhang!info bandwidthd05:29
ubottubandwidthd (source: bandwidthd): Tracks usage of TCP/IP and builds html files with graphs. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.1+cvs20071208-3 (intrepid), package size 70 kB, installed size 252 kB05:29
bazhangscunizi, trickle is for shaping bandwidth see above for tracking05:29
scunizibazhang, thanks05:30
ari_stresshi guys, can we limit logon time for a user? say he can only logon on 08.00-20.00?05:30
clinehttp://paste.ubuntu.com/111119/     someone look at this  and see if you see an internal gps........05:30
christheferalI've spent the last 10 minutes going through my sound settings and I can't get any sound to work - can somebody please help me :(05:30
christheferalNo flash player and no audio, this sucks....05:31
christheferalwell, im off :/05:32
ubuntu_guybazhang, ya seems the realtek 8111C needs a driver, i found a script that should fix it05:32
ohziechristheferal, Have you googled your sound card?05:32
bazhangubuntu_guy, what script05:32
ubuntu_guyhttp://www.jamesonwilliams.com/hardy-r8168.html  it was from the last post mark solved in ubuntu forums05:33
scunizibazhang, is there also something that will allow me to visually watch the actual traffic.. like mirroring the output to the monitor?05:33
christheferalohzie I don't know what soundcard it is, all I remember is that in vista it said ASLA or something,  the sound card worked on 8.04 32-bit, but not on 8.10 64-bit05:33
ohziechristheferal, lspci|grep audio05:33
bazhangscunizi, bandwidthd creates html file afaik05:33
ohzieSee if that returns anything05:33
Droopsta915I have a couple partitions left ove from xp, now i cant mount the drives in Ubuntu, Ive used the storage for 1 year noe it says cant mount?05:33
bazhangscunizi, though I would guess conky configured correctly could do that as well05:34
christheferalohzie no output05:34
=== tyler_d|sleeping is now known as tyler_d
scunizibazhang, I've got it loaded.. initial screen looks like wireshark. if I tellit to listen on eth0 .. that would typically be just my machine.. what might my choice be for the lan?05:35
ohziechristheferal,  Okay do lspci and troll through it for your sound card05:35
ohzieYou should be able to find it05:35
ohziePlug that into google05:35
bazhangscunizi, never used it before, sorry not to know more about that05:36
clineohzie..let me when you get a moment let me askyou a question05:36
ohziecline, ?05:36
christheferalohzie can't find anything05:36
clinehttp://paste.ubuntu.com/111119/  will you look at this and see if you see an internal gps?05:36
scunizibazhang, np.. looks like it has to be run from terminal.. can't seem to get it running yes.05:37
irnodefn"redvamp: back in a bit, then" (c) ubundude105:38
ubundude1redvamp: it worked, weirdly, but it worked05:38
christheferalohzie, wait, it wasn't ASLA on vista, it was HDA or something, probably HD audio05:39
ubundude1redvamp: i just wanted to confirm for future reference that messing with the profiles solved it so far. it still seems a bit iffy but messing with the profiles will get it to work each time05:39
redvamp128ubundude1: when you read things like these Bug 407981 – Delayed shutdown makes it impossible to start Firefox immediately after exiting <https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=407981>05:39
=== jpg is now known as jpeg
Pyles17can someone help me with my intel 3945 wireless woes? usually lshw -C network outputs an UNCLAIMED status for the card, even though the iwlwifi driver is installed05:39
redvamp128ubundude1: and that one was a light one-- you hear all kinds of things05:39
clinehey pyles   thats what im using05:40
redvamp128ubundude1: though sorry about you loosing your bookmarks and things -- but at least now firefox works05:40
O__owhich package i need to install to open rar file?05:40
ubotturar is a non-free archive format created by Rarsoft. For instructions on accessing .rar files through the Archive Manager view https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression. There is a free (as in speech) unrar utility as well, see !info unrar-free05:40
ohziecline, pan0?05:40
ubundude1redvamp: meh good comes with the bad, thanks though05:40
erlnoobhi there, how do i enable the universal repository? (Couldn't find package xxx problem)05:40
matticAnyone know how to fix File system window closing immediatly at opening05:40
Palace_Chani downloaded the zlib .tar.gz source and built it running make all....but it seems like it didnt install, did i miss something ? (www.zlib.net)05:40
Pyles17cline: did it just work for you? because that's what it should do05:41
ohziecline, The realtek is the ethernet card, but there's two networks showing. One is given a pan device name instead of a eth device name. I'm guessing it's pan005:41
clinewhy the question mark? ohzie,  can i test that with gpsd05:41
christheferalohzie what does it mean if nothing is outputting when I type grep audio or whatever?05:41
ubundude1redvamp: anyway i'm gonna get some sleep finally, i'm dead05:41
clineis pan0 a network bridge?05:41
ohziechristheferal, It means the sound card doesn't have the word Audio in it's device name.05:41
clinePyles 1705:42
christheferalohzie ah k05:42
ohziecline, I have no idea, but it's one of only a few things that aren't 'intel' and it's the only one I can't figure out what it is.05:42
ohzieSo I figure it might be that.05:42
christheferalohzie what do I do then :s - it worked on 8.04 32 bit05:42
clinecan i test that with gpsd?05:42
ohziecline, I have no idea.05:42
clinethanks man  i appreciate you looking..05:42
clinePyles 1705:43
ohziechristheferal, I wish I could be more helpful, but I have to wake up in 5.5 hours. :[05:43
redvamp128ubundude1 though if you had saved a copy or had FEBE installed you could get those back.05:43
clinedid your wireless ever work?05:43
Pyles17only sometimes05:43
christheferalohzie damn, ok05:43
christheferalohzie thanks anyway05:43
clinedo you know if its interface name?   etho,eth105:44
Klaffercan anyone help with an ATI graphics issue on a 8.04 LTS?05:44
n2diyIs there an IRC channel for Openoffice?05:45
clinepyles,  is the interface name eth0, or eth105:45
Pyles17cline: it was wlan1. now it says wmaster105:45
Flanneln2diy: #OpenOffice.org, I believe05:45
n2diyFlannel: thanks.05:46
clinehold on  , let me go look at mine,,  thats not what i ment05:46
Klafferanyone have a ATI V3200 running with 8.04 LTS?05:46
Pyles17oh ok. and i just realized that sometimes=right now. it's working05:47
spillcan anyone help with the firehol, I'm trying to allow local network ips to pass through.05:47
clinepyle,  run sudo lshw  and see what the "logical  name is"05:48
Klafferanyone here with any ATI running correctly on a 8.04 LTS?05:48
Klafferpls send copy of xorg.conf05:49
clineit should be etho, eth105:49
spillcan anyone help with the firehol, I'm trying to allow local network ips to pass through.05:51
=== disappearedng is now known as bamboojj
=== bamboojj is now known as jojoju
isaakhi does anyone know how to set up scanner for epson cx8400?05:52
isaakit is a printer scanner05:52
scuniziok.. now I'm confused.. my router reports my wireless ip ends in .105 but the wireless connection on my laptop reports .109.. what's up with that?05:53
n8tuserscunizi-> what command you used to check your ip addy?05:54
spillcan anyone help with the firehol, I'm trying to allow local network ips to pass through.05:55
scunizin8tuser, just went up to the wireless icon by the clock and right mouse clicked.. then chose "info"05:55
n8tuserscunizi-> confirm it with  ifconfig   in a terminal05:55
scunizin8tuser, ifconfig report .105 ...05:56
n8tuserscunizi-> so you do have .10505:57
wolteris permissions the only bad thing about an ntfs /home partition?05:57
Bangers1when I email a mailing list .. do I put the [MAILING LIST] in the subject?  Or do I just send a normal email and the program automatically puts the mailing list to the front of the subject??05:57
scunizin8tuser, yes.. weird that the other would report differently05:57
n8tuserwolter -> if the host hosting your ntfs is not ready at boot, you will have a hard time loggin on while your host attempts to connect to remote host05:58
n8tuserscunizi-> i believe what is shown on the terminal05:59
scunizin8tuser, yes.. I agree.. it's the most direct approach05:59
woltern8tuser, i am not connecting to any remote host, but my own computer's hard drive, or...did i get you wrong?05:59
n8tuserwolter i mis-read you, i was reading it as nfs06:00
woltern8tuser, so, which are the cons?06:00
n8tuserwolter i dont know of any linux system that makes their /home  an ntfs06:01
woltern8tuser, no, i don't think that there is one either, but i have a dual boot, and i don't want that many partitions..06:01
woltern8tuser, besides, i have 100gb for windows storage, and 100 for home, but i would like to merge them to be able to access--from windows--my linux files.06:02
Bangers1when I email a mailing list .. do I put the [MAILING LIST] in the subject?  Or do I just send a normal email and the program automatically puts the mailing list to the front of the subject??06:02
richardHow can I put an IRC chat on my website ?06:02
wolterBangers1, you just have to send it to the mailing list email..06:02
wolterBangers1, that does everything for you06:02
=== richard is now known as Guest90202
n8tuserwolter you have plenty of hair? that kind of merging will certainly make you loss hair.. hehe06:03
woltern8tuser, why would it?06:03
n8tuserwolter -> go ahead try to mix them up, and see how much hair pulling you'd be doing06:03
woltern8tuser, but, could you please tell me what is so painful about it?06:04
bc4567who likes halo?06:04
wolterBangers1, you probably want to put your topic at the subject06:04
n8tuserwolter they are totally different file systems,06:04
woltern8tuser, but the ntfs-3g driver has a perfect support for ntfs, doesn't it?06:05
n8tuserwolter it has that support, am not stopping you, go ahead and try it06:06
woltern8tuser, I just don't want to regret it.06:06
n8tuserwolter well then dont do it06:06
woltern8tuser, I just want to ask you what may go wrong that will make me regret my choice.06:07
n8tuserwolter you may want to google for a comparison of filesystems, their capabilities and what not06:07
n8tuserwolter journaling can go wrong06:08
woltersorry, what was journaling?06:08
bazhangwolter a ntfs /home partition?06:09
wolterbazhang, yeah06:10
irnodefn"can someone help me with my intel 3945 wireless woes? usually lshw -C network outputs an UNCLAIMED status for the card, even though the iwlwifi driver is installed" (c) Pyles1706:10
bazhangwolter, on a ubuntu system?06:10
wolterbazhang, that i want06:10
bazhangwolter, not possible.06:10
wolterbazhang, why? ubuntu can read/write ntfs...06:11
bazhangwolter, apart from the journaling issues, and incompatibilities, ntfs is a propietary MS standard. ie not open source.06:12
jtajiwolter: ntfs doesn't support unix file permissions06:12
bazhangwolter, you can use it for backups shared drives if you wish, but not to install ubuntu onto06:13
wolterbazhang, i dont want to install ubuntu... i want to have it as a home06:14
bazhangwolter, are you using ubuntu?06:14
Pyles17 irnodefn: thanks for reposting my query06:14
wolterbazhang, right now? yes06:14
bazhangwolter, any ubuntu support questions? ie in the realm of possible scenarios (as that is not possible)?06:15
wolterbazhang, I am just asking for the contras of using a home partition in ntfs format.06:16
=== L1nuX is now known as X3S
bazhangwolter, and has been repeatedly stated it is not possible.06:16
dheeraj_kis wall command disabled on ubuntu06:16
bazhangdheeraj_k, in compiz?06:16
aadityadheeraj_k: no it's not06:16
dheeraj_kit is giving this msg wall: can't read dgfdghfgh.06:17
wolterbazhang, you troll. People have done it, but almost nobody recommends it.06:17
dheeraj_kwall: can't read test123.06:17
aaditya$ echo Hi | wall06:17
aadityatry this06:17
=== squiddy is now known as Guest8406
wolterI just wanted to know that if the file permissions and ownership were the only contra, then I would do it. Then I was told that journalism could also go wrong, but besides that, I wanted to know more.06:18
dheeraj_kaaditya: it worked06:18
aadityadheeraj_k: what were you trying?06:18
isaakhi does anyone know where my files are on the hardrive if i installed something through wine06:18
wolterNow, my second option would be to use windows vista06:18
wolter's partition formatted to ext306:19
MononaMy M-Audio Ozone midi keyboard is no longer showing up as an available sound card, in jack, or anywhere else.  It shows up when I run "lsusb", and it used to work fine with the madfuload firmware driver installed.  When I run "dmesg" after I plug the keyboard in, I get this message: http://paste.ubuntu.com/111133/  How can I get this working again?  Thanks!06:19
=== jojoju is now known as disappearedng
aadityaisaak: in your home directory06:19
isaaki imagine it would be an easy answer06:19
isaakhome and then.....?06:19
cool2kisaak>, sure, they are in your home directory inside the .wine/drive_c dir06:20
aadityaisaak: $ cd .wine && ls06:20
isaak.... i dont see that directory06:20
isaakam i suppose to type in terminal again06:20
cool2kthe dir is hidden06:20
aadityaisaak: where were you typing?06:21
jtajiisaak: you can also show hidden files in the file manager06:21
isaakoh shoot06:21
isaakoh ok06:21
cool2kisaak, all files that starts with a dot are hidden06:21
isaakso do i access preferences and change that option?06:22
=== squiddy is now known as Guest95341
cool2kIsaak, ls $HOME/.wine/drive_c06:22
jtajiisaak: View menu06:22
isaakwooo found it thanks06:23
cool2kIsaak to see the hidden files in nautilus you can just  "ctrl+h"06:23
isaakoh even better06:23
Decepticonwhat cool stuff can i do with my cellphone and linux06:23
aadityaDecepticon: insert Ubuntu LiveCD in your cell phone?06:23
Decepticonwhat will that do06:24
Decepticonwhat can i do with ubuntu on a cellphone06:24
Decepticonthat i cant do with ubuntu by itself06:24
Decepticonon a machine06:24
=== techsupport is now known as orudie
isaakdo you guys know how to get a allin one printer to work in terms of scanning?06:24
aadityaisaak: try the utility called xsane06:25
isaakthe printing works fine06:25
isaakhow do i get that06:25
isaakoh ya but i dont have any drivers06:25
savvasDecepticon: how exactly will you install ubuntu on your cellphone?06:25
Decepticoncan i get ubuntu to use the gps on my cellphone ? can i get ubuntu to work with the bluetooth and do things like log me in automatically when i am nearby with my cellphone or can i do anything useful between cellphone and linux06:25
isaaki saw online taht u should use lisbane xane or something06:25
isaakbut i can't find it when i type sudo apt-get06:26
savvasDecepticon: what kind of cellphone are we talking about here?06:26
aadityaisaak: as i just mentioned, xsane06:26
O__ohow to unrar multiple rar files in terminal?06:26
Decepticonsavvas i have a nokia with symbian os 9.206:26
O__ofor example part1.rar part2.rar , ..... ?06:26
Decepticonsymbian has some python sdk06:26
isaakbut it says fail to open __directory06:26
Decepticonbut even then what can i do06:26
aadityaDecepticon: let me know if you find out06:26
savvasO__o: for i in *.part1.rar; rar x $i; done06:26
Decepticonim asking here for the possibilities06:26
Decepticoni dont know what else i can do, those are the only things i think are possible06:27
Decepticonthat i know of06:27
Decepticoncould be done06:27
isaakaaditya,  x sane says its error06:27
O__osavvas, they are multiple files of 1 file06:27
isaakthats why im looking for alternative way06:27
aadityaisaak: what is the error?06:27
isaakit says can't locate06:27
aadityaisaak: what printer/all-in-one is it?06:27
isaaksome kinda directory06:27
savvasO__o: either way, it will get the files that have ".part1.rar" at the end of their name06:28
O__osavvas, for example in gui, i can right click the part1.rar and extract it06:28
darkkyokusanagi_anybody have a v-sync issues under ubuntu 8.10?06:28
darkkyokusanagi_light tearing on video06:28
savvasO__o: rar x yourfile.part1.rar06:28
Solethow much space does an ubuntu lamp take?06:29
O__osavvas, i c, i was doing unrar -ex part1.rar06:29
O__oi thought i need e06:29
savvasO__o: or you choose a .rar file without ".part1" in its name06:29
O__oand the dash isnt necessary?06:29
aadityaisaak: there's a gnome tool that helps you set up a printer06:29
aadityalooking up it's command06:29
savvasO__o: even with unrar, e and x should be commands, don't use the minus sign "-": unrar x file.rar06:30
aadityaisaak: $ system-config-printer06:31
O__oso unrar ex file.rar?06:31
aadityause that to add the appropriate printer06:31
aadityaand xsane will pick it up06:31
isaakthe printer part works06:31
isaakbut not the scanner let me try again06:32
savvasO__o: I think I made myself clear, try it and see. If unrar ex works for you, that's great, if not, use unrar x06:32
isaakwait is that a command?06:32
isaakaaditya, is that a command line?06:32
aadityayeah, anything starting with a $ means command line06:32
aadityawhat else could it possibly be?06:33
aadityaSystem > Administration > Printing?06:33
savvasxsane? it's in menu Applications > Graphics > XSane06:33
aadityacommand line makes it easier to locate things06:34
isaakoh ook06:34
aadityalike bash auto-complete, and command-not-found thingy06:34
isaakwow wat are those06:34
isaaksorry im noob but ya located the printer06:34
isaakso wat do i do now?06:34
aadityaadd a new printer06:35
aadityaand locate that all-in-one somehow06:35
aadityashouldn't be any harder than it would in Window$06:35
isaakit already located my printer06:35
isaakbut not scanner06:35
isaakpart of it06:35
Newbuntu2hello all06:35
aadityaadding new should help somehow06:36
isaakthe new printer box comes up06:36
isaakbut it doesnt seem to have found anything06:36
isaakits telling me to enter something06:36
aadityahow is your printer connected?06:37
Newbuntu2I'm trying to build a portable audio/video recorder and transmitter, using a mini itx board and 802.11g. I got ubuntu working well, but could someone recommend me software for A/V?06:37
isaakdirectly to my laptop06:37
aadityait should be picked up, but let me check06:37
Solethow much space does an ubuntu lamp take?06:37
phorensicSolet: you need a super tiny build?? its not that much06:38
aadityaisaak: if you see a list of devices on the left, it should be one of those06:38
aadityaSolet: ubuntu server takes a few 100s MB06:38
aadityathat'd work as a lamp stack06:38
Soletphorensic: looking to put a lamp on my eeepc for testing shit before upload06:38
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.06:39
tritiumSolet: family-friendly language, please06:39
isaakaaditya, the problem is i dont see it06:39
phorensicSolet: it can be as minimal as 600 MB06:39
savvasSolet: you can find out: sudo aptitude -s install mysql-server apache php06:39
isaakaaditya,  how do i c a list?06:39
aadityaisaak: not sure why buddy06:39
aadityaadd command should do something06:39
savvasSolet: you can press safely "y" or "n", -s simulates an install06:40
=== olpc is now known as fatttty
isaakaaditya,  oh wait found the list06:40
isaakjust had to press forward06:40
phorensicSolet: oh wait you want this on your current ubuntu install or a new pc or what?06:40
ryanpriorI've got a problem -- my sound control applet on the panel does nothing to change my volume, so I have to use alsamixer. Can somebody help me figure that out?06:40
isaakaaditya,  so should i select a company or go online for the model06:41
aadityanot sure isaak, i haven't tried epson06:41
isaakit found the model and make06:42
Soletphorensic: i want to add it to my current install06:42
isaakbut.. will it affect scanning?06:42
Soletsudo aptitude -s install mysql-server apache2 php5 said it'd take 122meg after install06:42
phorensicSolet: ok i see06:42
Soletwill aptitude configure the 3 to cooperate with each other or will i still have to set them all up myself06:42
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)06:43
savvasSolet: ^ Read what ubottu said06:43
phorensicSolet: it will set things up for you and take you through an install process.. i think there is a few other things to install with that06:43
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about definition06:43
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.06:44
ubottuA list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines06:44
ryanprior!botabuse | aaditya06:44
ubottuaaditya: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".06:44
aadityathanks ryanprior06:44
On0biaha! i am FREE06:45
Soletphorensic: does tasksel have a flag to simulate like aptitude does?06:45
savvasOn0bi: unless you're behind bars, then yes, you're free :)06:46
On0bino i'm not, i live in america06:46
savvasSolet: tasksel -t install lamp-server06:46
tritiumOn0bi: stay on topic, please06:46
phorensicSolet: I wouldn't use tasksel06:46
Soletphorensic why not?06:47
darkkyokusanagi_anyone have a v-sync issues on videos?06:48
phorensicSolet: I haven't had a ton of luck using it. It's crashed by system a few times06:48
ubottuaaditya, please see my private message06:48
Soletaptitude nor apt-get can find lamp-server06:48
chetnickwhy when i run df -h linux list my / partition as /dev/sdb6  when it is actually /dev/sda5 ? (I have two hard disks)06:48
savvasSolet: sudo apt-get install lamp-server^06:49
savvasyou need the magic (^) character :)06:49
aadityaubottu: you're doomed06:49
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about you're doomed06:49
aadityasorry peeps06:49
Gohalien_NBI need some help06:49
aadityaback to customer support06:49
aadityasure Gohalien_NB06:49
Gohalien_NBthere is any official channel for madwifi ?06:49
ubottuA list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines06:50
Gohalien_NBI updated kernel and I cant install madwifi hal06:50
Gohalien_NBi already download linux header, build essential... no clue why it wont install06:51
isaakEdit the /etc/sane.d/dll.conf and enable the right driver for your scanner. Look for the lines that say:  does anyone know what this means?06:51
isaakdoes anyone know what its telling me to do?06:52
bazhangisaak, which scanner model and make06:52
bazhangisaak, intrepid?06:52
isaakwats intrepid06:52
bazhangubuntu 8.10 isaak06:53
isaakbazhang, yes06:53
tritiumisaak: Please use proper English, not IM-speak06:53
=== baddog is now known as baddog[bbl]
cool2kGohalien_NB, did you installed the kernel headers?06:53
tritium"wats" is not a word, and questions end with question marks, isaak06:53
bazhanghttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsScanners isaak please read this while I do a forums search06:53
savvasGohalien_NB: instead of busting your head with kernels and compiling, you could try and see if jaunty (9.04, in development) works: http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/releases/jaunty/alpha-3/06:54
Gohalien_NByes I did06:54
isaakbazhang,  ok i will read it.06:54
Gohalien_NBi am not a alpha/beta fan ^06:54
cool2kGohalien_NB, ok, did you use the comand ./configure before make??06:55
Gohalien_NBno I did not06:55
savvasGohalien_NB: I said try, as in download the live cd and see if it works from there. If it does, bend that rule a bit and try and use it :)06:55
Gohalien_NBI might do that savvas06:55
bazhangisaak, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=82524706:56
cool2kGohalien_NB, do that (./configure) so it will configure properly to use make and try make again06:56
isaakhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/ScanningHowTo i was looking at that.06:56
Gohalien_NBbut madwifi doesnt run ./configure06:56
Gohalien_NBthe file doesnt exist06:57
cool2klet me check06:57
bazhangisaak, the first post in that ubuntuforums link for both printing and scanning06:57
bazhangisaak, take a look please06:58
savvasGohalien_NB: can you execute this: sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r) build-essential06:58
MononaI'm trying to get my MIDI keyboard functioning again in Hardy.  I think the problem is with an ALSA module, or possible the firmware.  Here's the output of dmesg after I plug it in:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/111133/  Any help?06:58
Gohalien_NBI already done that savvas06:58
savvasGohalien_NB: does it say it's already installed?06:58
isaakbazhang,  nope i checkd this site already06:58
savvasGohalien_NB: please do it again06:58
isaakbazhang,  in addition i dled what they told me to06:58
isaakthe libsand-extra06:59
Gohalien_NBi will enter from my desktop computer and run latest kernel in my notebook06:59
bazhangisaak, and you chose the cx7800 and then installed the libsane-extra package?06:59
isaaki didnt do the lower version one06:59
isaakcuz my printing worked06:59
isaakbut i will try06:59
isaakbazhang,  wait u mean cx 7450?07:01
savvasGohalien_NB: ah wait, you're compiling while offline?07:01
doserydercan someone tell me the package name containing glibc documentations (standard C)07:01
bazhangchoose the Epson CX7800 isaak07:01
Gohalien_NByes, I am compiling when offline07:02
cool2kGohalien_NB, i think your problem could be the tree where you have your drivers07:02
doseryderdocumentations (i.e. manpages)07:02
isaakbazhang,  still doesnt work07:02
isaaklet me restart my computer07:02
isaakto see if it works07:02
isaakbazhang, is that a good idea?07:02
savvasGohalien_NB: so what is the case? Desktop has internet, laptop does not? Can you connect the laptop with a lan wire to the internet?07:03
isaakbazhang,  look at this please explain it to mehttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/ScanningHowTo07:03
bazhangisaak, you are using xsane to scan?07:03
isaakbazhang,  yes07:04
bazhangisaak, did you read down in that thread about removing those two packages?07:04
isaakbazhang,  wat 2 packages07:04
bazhangisaak, you are reading that thread?07:05
isaakbazhang,  the one u sent me?07:05
bazhangisaak, post #5? Ok I removed the PIPSLITE and ISCAN packages07:06
bazhangisaak, those two ?07:06
Gohalien_NBok, I am on ethernet now07:06
isaakbazhang,  which two07:07
isaaki only see one bazhang07:07
bazhangpost #5? Ok I removed the PIPSLITE and ISCAN packages isaak07:07
cool2kGohalien_NB, is your problem solved??07:07
yoyit2hi i got a rely werid problem with my router i can connect useing wifi but any computer hooked up the the ethernet cord does not work07:07
* aaditya falls asleep07:07
Gohalien_NBmy problem is on wireless07:08
aadityayoyit2: is it related to ubuntu?07:08
yoyit2aaditya: no but where else would i go any suggestions07:08
Gohalien_NBlinux-headers-2.6.27-11 ya está en su versión más reciente. (is on most resent version"07:08
user_2could someone help me to configure Ubuntu's network ?  I'm using VirtualBox and trying to develop a web app on a guest machine runnint Ubuntu 8.1007:08
hossamhey how can i chown a directory to www-data:www-data AND ftpuser:ftpgroup at the same time?07:08
Gohalien_NBbuild-essential ya está en su versión más reciente.07:08
cool2kGohalien_NB, move your madwifi-hal- dir into some other place, maybe your home dir07:08
yoyit2aaditya:  im desprite this is a werid problem07:09
savvasGohalien_NB: ok, in the future, highlight my nickname when you reply. copy and paste the output of this command: uname -a07:09
phorensicSolet: still there?07:09
isaakbazhang,  how do i remove those files?07:09
yoyit2hi i got a rely werid problem with my router i can connect useing wifi but any computer hooked up the the ethernet cord does not work07:09
Gohalien_NBsavvas, Linux azor 2.6.27-11-generic #1 SMP Tue Jan 27 23:53:21 UTC 2009 x86_64 GNU/Linux07:09
user_2yoyit2: you might check the cord, it's happened to me before07:10
cool2kGohalien_NB, you have and space in de dir name "Driver notebook", i think it could be the problem07:10
hossamhey how can i chown a directory to www-data:www-data AND ftpuser:ftpgroup at the same time?07:10
Gohalien_NBcool2k, k i will move it07:10
savvasGohalien_NB: ok now this, but paste it at http://paste.ubuntu.com : apt-cache policy linux-headers-2.6.27-11-generic07:10
alanbshepard70Why can't i shut down anymore? Since I performed updates a few days ago when I choose shutdown from the top right menu I get returned to my login screen, what gives?07:10
isaakbazhang,  cant find those files07:10
user_2hossam: I do not know but I think you cannot, there can only be a single owner07:11
hossamuser_2, =[07:11
user_2hossam: what are you trying to do?07:11
cool2kGohalien_NB, once you have moved or copied it  try "make" and "sudo make install" again07:12
Gohalien_NBcool2k, savvas problem solved.... it was the space07:12
user_2cardboardy: just ask07:12
=== baddog[bbl] is now known as baddog
isaakbazhang,  i have neither of those files07:12
=== sleepy_cat is now known as c_nick
hossamuser_2, i would like to not have to continually chown between www-data:www-data and ftpuser:ftpgroup on my /var/www07:12
isaakbazhang,  so i dont have to delete them07:12
cool2kGohalien_NB, ok07:12
Gohalien_NBI just cant belive it, spaces are your enemy, but the thing I cant understand is that I have already done this before in the same directory07:12
hossamuser_2, for when i want to upload things via ftp07:12
bazhangisaak, and you installed libsane-extras after choosing the lower printer model?07:13
user_2hossam: I think they should both belong to a third group, and make that the owner, perhaps it could be called httpd07:13
hossamuser_2, ooh i see, what was the file again that contained the groups and their gids?07:13
cool2kGohalien_NB, yeap, stranger things will happend man (jajaja), you could see that it was the problem by watching this line:  make[1]: *** No rule to make target `notebook/Wireless/madwifi-hal-'.  Stop.07:14
isaakbazhang,  i already had it before07:14
cool2kon your failed attempt07:14
isaakbazhang,  installing the lower printer model07:14
Gohalien_NBcool2k,  savvas, thanks a lot for your help, for sure I wasnt goint to change the dir name, for the reason I said before, I compiled already the drivers for other kernels in same directory07:14
user_2hossam: I do not know, perhap you can access it though the GUI07:14
hossamuser_2, on it, hope this works, thanks07:15
bazhangisaak, not sure why that is not working as it is marked 'solved' in ubuntuforums thread.07:15
user_2could someone help me to configure Ubuntu's network ?  I'm using VirtualBox and trying to develop a web app on a guest machine runnint Ubuntu 8.1007:15
cool2kGohalien_NB, yes, i think that happend to me to once07:15
isaakcan u help me translate this website07:15
isaaknot language but like tell me how to do it07:16
Gohalien_NBi go reboot07:16
cool2kjajaja, any way, it's good that it's solved now07:16
isaakbazhang,  can u check this out https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ScanningHowTo07:16
isaakthere is a middle section about editing07:16
Daft_Punkbazhang, i love you07:16
isaakthe lines07:16
isaakwhich i dont know how to07:16
bazhangisaak, what is the specific issue?07:16
user_2could someone help me to configure Ubuntu's network ?  I'm using VirtualBox and trying to develop a web app on a guest machine running Ubuntu 8.10, I need to bridge a connection? and tell Ubuntu to connect to the host? I have a tutorial but it's a little different than my exact setup07:17
isaakits under no say device is available07:17
isaakbazhang,  it says What if it says "No devices available"?07:17
isaakunder that07:17
tyler_dhow do I use gnome-rdp to connect to a windows console session?07:18
Daft_PunkI SNIFF GLUE07:18
Daft_PunkAHHH COCAINE07:18
isaakunder manuallying installing scanner07:18
FloodBot1Daft_Punk: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:18
bazhangisaak, but your device is available correct? you are able to print , but the scanning is the hold up?07:18
silv3r_m001hi there ... i have a hp f300 (scanner + printer) hplip works fine and i can print and scan fine but when i run hp fax utility it says no device found.... how can i use it for fax07:18
bazhangDaft_Punk, please stop that07:18
Daft_Punkyes sir07:18
isaakbazhang,  yes07:18
bazhangisaak, so that would not apply for you, using xsane is the issue it appears07:19
QuickThinkOfANamI am having some Network-Manager problems on 8.10.  My wireless works and all but I cant seem to get the Network-Manager to display the nearby wireless networks.  Any help would be appreciated.07:19
Daft_Punkif i upgrade to gutsy, is there a potential my custom themes or layout could be damaged? or settings be reset for things like compiz?07:19
isaakbazhang,  ok xsane is the issue it says can't locate something07:19
phorensicDaft_Punk: yesd07:19
Gohalien_NBoh joy, wireless again07:20
aadityagnite peeps07:20
isaakbazhang,  more specifically it says failed to open 4 /v/is...07:20
ValinantI'm sort of new to xchat...is there a way I can get the user list up on the left or right side, like in mIRC?07:20
Gohalien_NBnite nite ppl07:20
QuickThinkOfANamI am connect to wireless its just Network Manager is not working how it should07:21
Daft_PunkValinant, click view, then click user bar and you can reposition it i believe07:21
O__oValinant, user list is on the right side07:21
WIGGMPkCan anyone help me with this http://paste.ubuntu.com/111149/07:21
isaakman im tired07:23
user_2could someone help me to configure Ubuntu's network ?  I have Ubuntu 8.10 on a VirtualBox trying to develop a web app that I want to hit from the host machine,, I need a bridged connection? or loopback...?07:23
werdnumisaak: go to sleep07:23
QuickThinkOfANamI would like Network-Manager to show something like this: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_hoL9qH83NDM/SLqi6XGydwI/AAAAAAAAADs/8cLpaXFrvvw/s1600-h/Network+Manager+0.7.gif07:23
isaakverdnum i wish i could but my scanner issue is not solved07:23
Valinant0__o nope, I only have a button at the bottom left that says 1256 users and i can click it to get a user list07:24
werdnumisaak: It's not a prerequisite for sleep.07:24
werdnumUnless it's a *flatbed* scanner, and you need it to sleep on.07:24
* werdnum hides.07:24
silv3r_m001i am using a hp f300 printer+ scanner but hp fax utility says no device found07:24
usr13user_2: Do you need to listen on multiple IPs?07:24
isaakwerdnum,  ya i need to sleep on it07:24
isaakwerdnum,  and drool on it someone help make my scanner bed07:25
user_2usr13: no just one host should beable to send/receive to another computer though webservices07:25
user_2usr13: sorry my networking skills are not so hot07:25
isaaki am missing vista a lot right now07:25
isaaki can just install anything i want without having to ask ppl07:26
d0netsFNhey how do you enable laptop mode in terminal07:26
user_2usr13: I want the host pc to be able to talk to the guest, but there is no ip address avaialbe07:26
d0netsFNi read the man but im still confusd07:26
user_2usr13: I read in this tutorial: http://www.bgevolution.com/blog/virtualbox-windows-vista-host-network-bridge-and-tap/ to make host use a "Host Interface"07:27
usr13user_2: Let me look at that for a min07:28
user_2usr13: this tutorial's guest is Vista, and mine is Ubuntu,, Thanks!07:28
Slartbah.. the latest update made flash stop using pulseaudio for some reason.. how do I tell flash what sound system to use?07:30
PC_NerdOnce ive connected into an FTP server, how can I open documents as though I was running "sudo nano <file>" on the actual server?07:31
HorizonXPi'm trying to install some libraries, but i run LDD and it's not finding them I think I need to update LD_LIBRARY_PATH. which file should I edit to export this on a system-wide level?07:31
SlartPC_Nerd: are you sure you *can* do that?07:32
codeymanThe file system on my ubuntu has become read only07:32
codeymancan someone help?07:32
clemok so ive got xubuntu installed on a lv i went to expand a volume. but ubuntu doesnt see the new space. gparted does07:32
PC_Nerdnope - but I thought you shoudl be able to do a  "run as" or something?  I have root access to ther server, but for security im using a standard user.    any ideas on how to edit those files?07:32
Slartcodeyman: it does that if something goes wrong during boot.. you'll have to find out the reason.. are there any error messages when you boot up?07:33
SlartPC_Nerd: what connection are you using? ftp?07:33
PC_Nerdftp (places, connect to server)    I can ssh into the server, but I prefer to use gedit etc.07:34
SlartPC_Nerd: you'll need to use ssh or similar if you want to run stuff on the server07:34
shirajhey guys07:34
clemhow do you expand a jfs filesystem , in the terminal07:34
magicsrvcould someone give me a repo list that includes skype?07:34
codeymanSlart: I just see the splash screen and says that trying different splash sizes.. but thats about it (apart from bash complaining that it cant create tmp files and dropping me to /)07:34
SlartPC_Nerd: you can use ssh -X gedit bla bla bla if you want to run gedit on the remote system07:34
shirajanyone know why an entry in my /etc/hosts file doesnt resolve?07:35
Slartcodeyman: hmm.. disk full?07:35
DIFH-iceroot!skype | magicsrv07:35
ubottumagicsrv: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto07:35
quibblermagicsrv, medibuntu07:35
shiraji can connect to it if i put in the IP but not if i put the hostname i specify in the hosts file07:35
SlartPC_Nerd: ftp is "File Transfer Protocol".. I think that's about all you can do.. transfer files..07:35
codeymanSlart: no way.. this is a almost new pc.. one sec.let me check if that is the case07:35
quibblermagicsrv, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu07:36
codeymanslart: no disk is not full07:36
PC_Nerdok....  so then I guess the question would be how can I mount the remote server filesystem?  ie:   /server/usr/local/apache2/htdocs       would be /usr/local...... on the server?07:36
codeymanboot up says: 19+0 out07:36
the|NavigatorIs it possible to change the ubuntu boot logo foe something else?07:36
magicsrvquibbler: found it, tnx07:36
codeyman19+0 in.. kinit trying to resume07:36
SlartPC_Nerd: I would use something like nfs.. or sshfs since you already have an ssh connection configured07:37
clemhow do i expand a JFS filesystem07:37
Slartthe|Navigator: possible, yes... easy, not sure07:37
Slart!splash | the|Navigator07:37
ubottuthe|Navigator: To change the Gnome splash screen, use !gnome-splashscreen-manager or change the GConf key /apps/gnome-session/options/splash_image using !gconf-editor.07:37
PC_Nerdok thanks .07:38
codeymanSlart: I tried remounting as rw, fscking while on livecd.. didn't help07:38
maodunI'd like to launch gnome-terminal (from my terminal) and have the new terminal window be positioned at some X,Y on my screen.  How can I do this?07:38
the|NavigatorThank you, Slart!07:38
codeymanSlart: I tried dpkg-reconfigure linux-image incase some kernel issue07:38
Slartmaodun: check the man page for gnome-terminal07:38
Slartcodeyman: those are all very good ideas.. much better than I could think of at the moment07:39
Slartcodeyman: nothing useful in dmesg?07:39
monstahis there any way to force window title in xterm?07:39
markupdudewe call the regular networking cable as RJ45 like this one http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/d7/Ethernet_RJ45_connector_p1160054.jpg right?07:39
monstahif i use -T (-title) option it just sets it back to my default prompt07:39
markupdudeso what would i call the one with a smaller head than that07:40
Slartmonstah: yes.. there is a way to set the title using.. echo I think.. and some weird esc sequences07:40
user_2usr13: I'm starting to think it is a problem with my router not assigned new ipaddresses07:40
shirajanyone have any guess as to why samba wont connect to a server when i use a hostname but it will when i specify the IP?07:40
Slartmarkupdude: rj-10 is the name for the connector used by some phones iirc07:40
maodunSlart: cool, looks like I want to play with the geometry flag.  thanks.07:40
Slartmaodun: ah.. yes.. geometry.. that's the one07:41
markupdudeactually i don't know much about networking, i don't think my old Desktop has a modem internal on board... its using a USB port to connect to internet07:41
Slartmaodun: you're welcome07:41
markupdudeso i bought a modem which looks like this - http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=406084&CatId=56307:41
codeymanSlart: I see ExT3-fs: INFO; recovery required on readonly filesystem07:41
markupdudeso that i can connect my newer laptop [XP] to my old desktop [Ubuntu]07:41
Slartcodeyman: and running fsck and badblocks on it doesn't do anything?07:41
Vincemanis it being logged somewhere what all updates you installed to your ubuntu?07:42
magicsrvquibbler: Installer says "Wrong architecture: i386" any ideas?07:42
markupdudebut that modem came with a thinner cable... and not the bigger point....07:42
codeymanthen i see EXT3-fs: recoverycomplete.. mounted filesystem with ordered data mode07:42
codeymanSlart: fsck finds it clean07:42
monstahSlart: huh ok :D07:42
Vincemanuc right now I can install 24 updates again07:42
shirajmarkupdude: sounds liek you bought a dialup modem07:42
Slartmarkupdude: I think that cable is for the phone line07:42
codeymanI tried forcing it.. doesn't work07:42
Vincemanit is important to know what is all up to date07:42
shirajmarkupdude: you need an ethernet card07:42
Slartmarkupdude: isn't there an usb or serial connection for the computer?07:42
Vincemanexcept it is sooo much!!07:43
Vincemanno not markupdude, updates dude!07:43
quibblermagicsrv, you using 64 bits?07:43
phixdpkg: error processing sun-j2sdk1.4_1.4.2+18_i386.deb (--install): package architecture (i386) does not match system (amd64)07:43
mistergibsonif I need to recover file from a partition, what are the best tools to use?07:44
codeymanphix: You are using a 32bit deb on a 64 bit system07:44
QuickThinkOfANamanyone know anything about network manager and want to help?07:44
phixcodeyman: so?07:44
markupdudeshiraj: yes i think so, i bought a old style slow modem :(07:45
Slartmonstah: try echo -e "\033]2;NewTitle*\007"07:45
lollerhi , i`ve already report for the bug but i`ll paste the bug here also http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m382d4c61 during the installation the update manager ask me if i want to modify menu.lst but i choose to use the local because i usually change only the number ok kernel i wish to boot manually07:45
codeymanphix: doesnt work07:45
phixcodeyman: why not?07:45
markupdudeshiraj: i will explain,  both my laptop n desktop are connected to one modem...my ISP has given me 2 connectors... a normal RJ45 kind of cable which i connect to the laptop[XP] coz it has inbuilt modem, and then there is one USB cable which i use to connect to the ubuntu desktop07:45
phixcodeyman: so how can I make it work?07:45
markupdudeshiraj: so now i just want to connect my laptop+desktop to transfer files07:46
magicsrvquibbler: no idea, the PC's not mine07:46
markupdudewill that be possible07:46
codeymanphix: get the 64 bit binaries07:46
Vincemanif you faithfully install all updates requested you never have to do a big one, right?07:46
shirajmarkupdude: why dont you set up file sharing07:46
phixcodeyman: but I have a 64bit CPU which supports 32bit binaries07:46
shirajmarkupdude: what do you need to xfer between computers?07:46
phixcodeyman: I cant make the 64bit binaries because make-jpkg fails07:47
markupdudeshiraj: before that setting i am confused what should i connect to what? like both the computers are connected to the same modem, via different sorts of cables, and the IP is dynamic07:47
codeymanphix: what are you trying to do07:47
markupdudeshiraj: and i have 1 1 empty ports available on both the laptop , desktop, the thinner phone line kinda port07:47
shirajmarkupdude: you can probably set the local IPs to be static and set up a local network07:47
Slartmonstah: hmm.. that one might have been a bit wrong.. here's what bash uses to set the title.. echo -ne "\033]0;${USER}@${HOSTNAME}: ${PWD/$HOME/~}\00707:48
phixcodeyman: I am trying to build a deb package from java's JDK version 1.4 bins07:48
tyler_dthe answer - not documented anywhere btw, was -0 within gnome-rdp07:48
phixcodeyman: I want to have a JDK 1.4 installation as well as a JDK 1.607:48
markupdudeshiraj: so the cables that are using internet i can use them to transfer files or do i need extra cable07:48
markupdudeshiraj: i do have a crossover cable though, dunno if it will help :)07:48
shirajmarkupdude: yeah the wires you have should be good you jsut need to set up the software07:48
markupdudeshiraj: i see07:49
codeymanphix: unless I'm mistaken.. you need 64bit version of files07:49
markupdudeok then i will google more07:49
phixcodeyman: so I can't tell dpkg to force install?07:49
shirajmarkupdude: you could do crossover as a last resort but try setting up samba first07:49
codeymanphix: no07:49
phixcodeyman: why? ubuntu has 32bit libraries too07:49
codeymanphix: ubuntu has different repos for 64bit and 32bit07:49
shirajmarkupdude: can you check the ips of both the computers?07:49
markupdudeshiraj: yes 1 min07:50
quibblermagicsrv, if it is 64 bits look here for more info: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=43229507:50
shirajmarkupdude: they should be something like 192.168.x.x07:50
phixcodeyman: ok so how do I mangle a 32bit package to to be a 64bit package?07:51
markupdudeshiraj: they are like xxx.xx.204.4 and xxx.xx.202.4707:51
shirajare the xxx.xx parts identical?07:51
markupdudeyea same07:51
codeymanphix: I have no idea.. if pkg is difficult to find.. I would just compile from sources..07:51
Slartphix: you would have to recompile it.. afaik there is no automatic way07:51
lollerhow to check from terminal in which kernel version i`m running into07:52
Slartloller: uname -a07:52
shirajmarkupdude: try connecting to xxx.xx.1.1 from in a web browser07:52
shirajsee if anything comes up07:52
shirajare you on the xp or ubuntu right now?07:52
markupdudeshiraj: keeps loading on both PCs... i am on the ubuntu one now07:53
markupdudebut xp laptop is ON besides me07:53
hossamhow can i force a umount on a drive? (os states /media/USB is busy)07:53
shirajopen a cmd terminal on the windows one and do ipconfig /all07:54
QuickThinkOfANamhaha okay so for anyone who was listening or anyone that cares, the way to get the nm-applet back up is to click 'add to panel' -> 'Notification Area' -> 'add' and poof, good as new07:54
werdnumhossam: umount -f07:54
markupdudeshiraj: ok then07:54
shirajmarkupdude: and see what it says under gateway07:54
markupdudeshiraj: ok noticed.... u want me to compair that with ubuntu one?07:55
shirajmarkupdude: nah try connecting to that adress in the browser07:56
shirajsee if you get a password prompt or something07:56
hossami try to apply a setfacl on the files within my mounted drive but get the error Operation not supported, I tried to add acl to the fstab entry and remount, but that didnt do it07:56
hossamwhat can i do07:56
Boohbahshiraj: it's like you're trying to get him to connect to a router that doesn't exist...07:56
markupdudeshiraj: keeps loading07:56
shirajthats wierd07:56
shirajyeah i figured it was a router07:57
markupdudebtw otherwise what is a good solution to connect/share net/file transfer between PCs/OSed07:57
markupdudediff OSes07:57
mozahello all, i tried to get rid of my proxy in ubuntu (8.04) but i don't manage to get rid of it totally... i tried the "usual" way (through system>07:58
markupdudeand i think buying that dial up modem was a waste07:58
moza(through the gui, but i always need to explicitly export http_proxy=""> to07:59
arooni-mobileis there a light weight tasque like app for interfacing with google calendar?  (that is not evolutoin or thunderbird)?  like a widget for quickly adding new events?   that works for ubuntu hardy?07:59
shirajmarkupdude: im assuming youre on a cable/dsl connection?07:59
mozato be able to access the network properly07:59
markupdudeshiraj: yes [indian slow highspeed broadband ;)]08:00
bob123I plan on upggrading from asus EEE PC 901 to N10 J laptop .. will it be mostly as simple as copying my /home folder from one laptop to the other?08:00
canhello all, any experts with hdmi flash audio issues?08:00
=== Nikon is now known as DexTerDDiT
markupdudeshiraj: its a solid cable, plus TV08:00
shirajmarkupdude: you could get a cheapo router and hook up both pcs to that08:00
markupdudei heard getting a router will solve evrything08:00
magicsrvhow can I mount the partition, that my ubuntu 8,10 intreped is installed inside windows on?08:01
shirajmarkupdude: lol yeah i was assuming you were connected to one08:01
markupdudeshiraj: hummmm just a bit confused like how would i use it08:01
shirajmarkupdude: hook the modem to the internet port on the router and connect the 2 pcs to the lan ports08:01
markupdudeshiraj: heh he .... like if i get a router... i will connect my modem given by ISP to the router via08:01
markupdudeshiraj: i see08:02
hossamcan i set the acl mount option to a vfat mounted drive?08:02
shirajmarkupdude: then set up samba and windows file sharing08:02
isaakcan someone please help me08:02
isaakwith finding my scanner08:02
markupdudeshiraj: humm sounds much much easier08:02
shirajmarkupdude: yeah its not too hard08:03
magicsrvHi! I have ubuntu 8,10 intreped installed inside windows on my second partition of the hdd0, can anyone tell me how to mount that drive in order to access files on it?08:03
markupdudeshiraj: oh btw my desktop does not have a modem...its currently using the USB option to connect to net...so when i get a router again i have to buy another modem for the PC [this dial up is of no use?]08:03
shirajmarkupdude: you need a NIC card not a modem08:04
mozamagicsrv : windows won't see the linux partition, if you're talking about dual boot and want to access your linux partition from windows. i tried this myself. my solution was to create a "data" partition and put all the shared files in it.08:04
cananyone have issues with intrepid and flash - video is fine but no audio?08:05
cbilljonesthere is a ext3 driver for windows that ive had success with08:05
magicsrvmoza: the exact opposite - I want to access the windows partition, that I installed ubuntu on08:05
=== jan_banan is now known as janbanan
shirajmarkupdude: http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&N=2002810000+40000027&Configurator=&Subcategory=-1&description=&Ntk=&SpeTabStoreType=0&srchInDesc=08:05
shirajany of those08:05
Slartcan: I have that after todays update08:05
markupdudeshiraj: damn i went to the store with thing in mind [just an interface/device which has a hole to attach the RJ45 cable] but asked for a modem instead :(08:05
FloodBot1shiraj: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:05
Slartcan: after a little experimentation it seems padsp isn't working as it should... haven't found a solution to that yet08:06
quibblermagicsrv, http://www.fs-driver.org/08:06
markupdudeshiraj: i have a similar thing !08:06
canslart: most of the forum stuff i've been reading suggests to take out pulseaudio altogether08:06
canslart: and install esound08:07
Slartcan: that seems kind of backwards.. I'd rather try to fix pulseaudio08:07
mozamagicsrv, then you only need to mount (the command mount) the partition, like any other partition. But i don't understand how you installed linux ON the windows partition?08:07
magicsrvmoza: it's ubuntu installed with wubi ;) Inside Windows08:07
canslart: Is flash the only thing you have issues with?08:07
markupdudeshiraj: like this http://img.alibaba.com/photo/200068309/Computer_Fax_Modem_SmartLink_chipset_.jpg08:08
magicsrvmoza: could you give me a specific cmd?08:08
canslart: my issue is just flash.08:08
moza"mount" is the command08:08
Slartcan: yes.. everything else seems to work08:08
canslart: vlc, mplayer works fine08:08
markupdudeanyway will see if i can get a router08:08
nightrid3ri have a headless box running gnome that i want to use from my laptop, i must be able to logon, what software will i need on client and server side08:08
Slartcan: yup.. everything that uses pulseaudio natively works fine08:08
mozamagicsrv, you usually use it as : mount /dev/partition_desired /media/mount_point08:08
shirajmarkupdude: thats not the right one, make sure it says 10/100 ethernet08:08
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
magicsrvmoza: I suppose mount/dev/D: /media/D won't work, but I'll try it08:09
Omoikaneis there a way to encrypt my hard drive and all communications from my computer?08:09
markupdudeshiraj: humm it does not say 10/100 anywhere on the box too... i think i will just trash it heh he08:09
shirajmagicsrv: is your windows partition ntfs?08:09
mozano, you have to define to which name under the /dev directory corresponds your D:08:10
canslart: do you have flashplugin-nonfree-extrasound installed?08:10
magicsrvshiraj: yes, and I have ubuntu installed ON it inside windows08:10
shirajmagicsrv: you need to do mount -t ntfs-3g what where08:10
Slartcan: nope, I use the flash 10 beta from adobe labs08:10
shirajif windows is the first partition it should be /dev/sda1 i think08:11
WIGGMPkCan anyone please help me with this http://paste.ubuntu.com/111158/ I am trying to upgrade to the new kernel in Intrepid Ibex (amd64)08:11
magicsrvmoza: I can't access it how can I mount it when I don't have access to it? shiraj and what would be "what" when I don't have any access to the partition under ubuntu?08:11
shirajnot too sure bout that08:11
canslart: what version is that? do you have a link for it?08:11
Slartcan: hey hey hey.. it just started working now.. not sure what I did though.. hmmm08:11
Slartcan: sure.. hang on08:12
pkunduif I change my timezone in a system do I need to restart the syslogd08:12
Slartcan: http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/flashplayer10.html08:12
mozamagicsrv, under /dev are all the partitions that you detect, but that you may not be able to use or see, since they are not mounted. but if you are sure that none of the devices listed in /dev/ is your D: then the problem is different08:12
canslart: don't see the 32 bit version08:13
magicsrvmoza: let me check that out and will tell yu08:13
Slartcan: oh.. my bad.. I run 64 bit08:13
Slartcan: I think you can just get it by using any of the "get flash" links08:13
moza(you may want to try to mount all the devices listed under a directory you create for the occasion, like /media/try/08:13
canslart: that's  where i got the version i have installed right now.08:14
=== JackWinter_ is now known as JackWinter
Slartcan: then you probably have the newest version already08:15
magicsrvmoza: don't see it anywhere...08:15
mozadid you try to mount what you have to see if the partition isn't hidden behind an unclear name?08:16
shirajmagicsrv: its says that it automatically moutns the windows partition under /host and /media08:17
shirajcheck there08:17
nightrid3ri have a headless box running gnome that i want to use from my laptop, i must be able to logon, what software will i need on client and server side08:17
=== tuna is now known as tuna-fish
Ace_NoOnehi there - when updating the kernel, I chose the wrong option (kept my custom menu.lst) - where can I get the proper menu.lst from now?08:17
magicsrvshiraj: nothing there. It just mounts the first part of the hdd - the first windows partition - C:... the partition ubuntu is installed on is not mounted...08:17
Slartnightrid3r: ssh is one way.. or vnc.. or freenx08:17
Joe-Chey all08:18
Joe-CI need some advice08:18
nightrid3rSlart: ok i'll try08:18
magicsrvshiraj: I thing I found it, thanks for the help. U2 moza08:18
shirajwhere was it08:18
Slartnightrid3r: you might be able to do something cool with X too.. but I'm not familiar enough with it to give you any good advice about it08:18
Joe-CI have 2 HDD and already have Vista installed on 1 and I want to install Ubuntu on the other08:18
Joe-Cand dual boot08:18
FirefisheI notice in looking over ubuntu's directory structure, that the traditional /usr/src/linux symbolic link isn't in /usr/src at all.  All I see are header files for the various kernels I'm running or have upgrade from.  Why is this/08:19
hossamsetfacl: operation not supported, can anyone help?08:19
Joe-C1. is it possible, 2. what are the risks of stuffing up my vista install08:19
shirajwould anyone in here be able to help me with a problem in my hosts file?08:19
mozaJoe-C, 1) yes it is possible, 2) if your partitions are already made, i would say the risks are minimum08:19
neosimagoJoe-C: yes, it's possible and the risk is wiping the MBR on the vista install.08:19
neosimagoMaster Boot Record, the part that tells it to boot vista.08:20
mozashiraj, i'm not sure i can help but what is your exact problem?08:20
neosimagoit would be best to point your BIOS to the ubuntu disk.08:21
Joe-Cneosimago: how can I minimize this risk08:21
cananyone have a successful Intrepid install with HDMI out ?08:21
neosimagothen have GRUB point multiple boot points, including vista.08:21
shirajwell im setting up samba and just to make it look nicer im assigning hostnames to all the computers on my lan08:21
shirajthe first one works fine i added and gave it a name08:22
mozaneosimago, isn't that the default behavior when using a classical installation with a disk?08:22
shirajand that one i can connect to by just putting the name, not the ip08:22
shirajbut the other computer on wont do that08:22
Joe-Cis GRUB installed with ubuntu or is it a seperate app08:22
shirajthat one is a windows xp though08:22
Joe-Csorry for my newb'ness08:22
shiraji can connect to it if i specify the ip but not if i put the hostname i gave it08:23
mozaJoe-C, it was installed by default for me08:23
SlartJoe-C: it's installed by the ubuntu installer.. but I guess it's really optional.. you can use lilo or something else if you really want08:23
neosimagoi don't rely on any classical behaviors with computers. -- i just make sure my BIOS points to the disk, and remember where it is in /dev/08:23
quentinI have a question, Im downloading KDE, i'm a gnome user. if i don't like kde how do i swtich back to gnome and delete kde08:23
neosimagogrub is installed after you select the partitions to install ubuntu.08:24
Joe-Cslart: I will use whatever is easiest and won't kill my vista install08:24
neosimagohowever, it would be wise to select the same disk, is the point mentioned here.08:24
bazhang!puregnome | quentin08:24
ubottuquentin: If you want to remove all !KDE packages, type « sudo apt-get remove kdelibs4c2 ; sudo apt-get remove kdelibs5 ; sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop »08:24
mozashiraj : i don't know how to help, sorry08:24
cbilljonesquentin, you can pick session type from login menu08:24
shirajmoza hah its ok08:24
quentinok =) thanks08:24
shirajmoza its just bugging me a lot nothing serious though08:24
neosimagofor example, if ubuntu is on sdb2, have grub point to sdb as an install point.08:25
mozawhat's bugging me is my proxy...08:26
neosimagoproxies bug me too.08:27
quibbler!who | neosimago08:27
ubottuneosimago: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)08:27
mozai took some time to install it, but now, i need to remove it. i tried the gui way. but i always need to do08:28
neosimagoubottu: as such?08:28
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about as such?08:28
mozaexport http_proxy=""08:28
ubottuFreeNX is advanced remote desktop technology. For more information and install instructions, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeNX08:28
mozato get rid of my proxy whenever i need it, but it won't get away for other shells...08:28
mozahas anybody any idea about getting rid of a proxy?08:29
=== Bossmanbeta_ is now known as Bossmanbeta
codeymanSlart: badblock also didn't work :(08:32
codeymanany other ideas?08:32
neosimagomoza: export http_proxy="" <== place this in your global bash rc script. == along with ftp_proxy, rsync_proxy, x_proxy.08:33
Slartcodeyman: hm.. nope.. unless you find a more specific error message.. I think you've covered all the usual stuff08:33
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=== steffen_ is now known as Steff
mozaneosimago, ok, i'll do that. what would be the classical global bash rc script?08:34
neosimagomoza: i believe the global bash.rc script in ubuntu is /etc/bash.bashrc08:35
codeymanSlart: I dont see any specific error message in dmesg either.. anyway I can manually delete any lock key or some file causing it to reevaluate?08:35
Slartcodeyman: there might be.. but I wouldn't really know where to look08:36
mozaneosimago, thanks a lot, i'll try this (though i find it a little dirty, but if it finally works... )08:37
codeymanoh ok.. i'look further.. i have already waste 2 days.. maybe should just reinstall08:37
neosimagolinux == as long as it works...08:37
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bretaHi, is here any pure-ftpd user/08:39
quentinhey, could you give me those commands for removing KDE again, and then i need help installing the lastest version of kde08:40
neosimagobreta: what do you want to do with pure-ftpd?08:41
=== sean is now known as Guest1879
bretaneosimago: I'm wondering how can add more files in /dev directory for client - I need add /dev/null08:42
quentinhow do i remove KDE completely08:43
neosimagobreta: i thought /dev/null was included as part of a default set of devices in linux.08:44
ubottuIf you want to remove all !KDE packages, type « sudo apt-get remove kdelibs4c2 ; sudo apt-get remove kdelibs5 ; sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop »08:44
neosimagobreta: is there a need for more /dev/null devices? -- symlink.08:44
adubzwhat is the best PCI wireless card that contains an atheros chipset08:45
pt1i am trying to install an old version of Wine 0.9.15 but Ubuntu is giving an error about a missing dependency for libldap >=2.1  yet i have libldap-2.3. how can i force it?08:45
lightynice one ---> http://dusitbuncharesort.com08:46
quentinhow do i install the newest kde08:47
bretaneosimago: symlink? I've read pure-ftpd man, but I haven't found such a parameter08:48
bazhanglighty, dont paste that here08:48
bazhangquentin, in the topic of #kubuntu08:48
lightysorry bazhang wrong tab :(08:48
neosimagoquentin: check out http://repogen.simplylinux.ch/ for a list of sources for your latest KDE setup/08:48
bretaneosimage: I know what the symlink in general is, but I don't know how to do it in the pure-ftpd08:49
bazhanghttp://kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.2 quentin08:49
d0netsFNhey i just installed ubuntu on this kids toshiba08:50
neosimagobreta: it would help me if I had a better idea about what you are trying to accomplish... imho.08:50
d0netsFNand neither his wired nor his wifi works08:50
d0netsFNis there somehwere i have to go to turn it on?08:50
albuntud0netsFN: Go to System - Administration - Hardware Drivers and check the propietary drivers.08:51
shirajhow will he do that08:51
shirajif theres no internet to download the drivers08:51
albuntushiraj: i am not saying to download them. just to check if he needs them08:51
quentinOpen office got removed when i removed kde, whats the command line for installing Open office 3.008:52
lollerhow can i remove manually installed programs08:52
d0netsFNalbuntu i did08:52
d0netsFNthere were none08:52
albuntuquentin: sudo apt-get install openoffice.org08:52
albuntud0netsFN: type lspci in a terminal and see the : Network Controller and tell me please what does it say ?08:54
Steffloller, sudo apt-get remove --purge <program>08:54
b0c1please tell me somebody why the shit pear soap implementation have in ubuntu?08:54
b0c1why not the php built-in ?08:54
d0netsFNintel corporation pro/100 ve network connection08:54
d0netsFN rev 0208:54
guntbert!language b0c108:57
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about language b0c108:57
b0c1guntbert: my native lang? hungarian08:57
Steffloller, did it work?08:57
guntbertb0c1: no, I wanted to remind you to keep swear words and so out of this channel, kösönöm08:58
OnlyWhiskyHello! I get segfault running any GL related application on 8.10 with 180.11 nvidia driver.08:58
b0c1guntbert: but I think you know what I say... ubuntu php-soap package contain the pear soap implementation08:58
albuntud0netsFN: go to System - Preferences - Network Connections and try to configure the wired or wireless connection manually08:59
guntbertb0c1: never mind :), I don't know about those packages :(08:59
albuntu!hu | guntbert08:59
ubottuguntbert: Magyar nyelvű segítséget az #ubuntu-hu csatornán talál08:59
b0c1wow :)08:59
b0c1but my problem is not language specific :)09:00
guntbertalbuntu: :)09:00
d0netsFNim getting nada09:01
OnlyWhiskyI was said on nvidia chanal to ask about nvidia kernel module problems here.09:02
lollerSteff i`m not sure my problem is from other kind i`m looking to correct the problem witch i have with ettercap compiler and i`m trying to remove from manually installed one09:02
KungfuJoeHey, does anyone know of some software that copies a DVD completely (Menus and all)?09:02
albuntud0netsFN: configure a connection manually by adding the Ip's and dns. cant get a connection even in that way ?09:02
OnlyWhiskyWhat is nvidia kernel module problem?09:02
KungfuJoeI'd like to backup my dvds with their menus...09:02
abhishek_ping : l'm using 7.04 Feisty Fawn09:03
abhishek_its not showing options to upgrade to 8.1009:03
abhishek_any known issues ??09:03
Steffloller, Ah, okay.. well... the syntax --purge should remove the program completely and the .conf files...09:03
KungfuJoeHey, does anyone know of some software that copies a DVD completely (Menus and all)?09:03
Steffloller, in my project about man in the middle attack i also have to work with ettercap, in which scenario do you use it?09:04
albuntuKungfuJoe: try sudo apt-get install k9copy. i heard that is good. i havent tried it09:04
abhishek_the update tab in Software Sources does not have upgrade option09:04
neosimagoKungfuJoe: download the source of K3B and compile it to with libcss and all the gimics to do DVD copying to your joy in an apt package.09:04
KungfuJoeneosimago: K3B...is that the name of the app?09:05
neosimagoKungfuJoe: the main issue is that ubuntu is limiting it's distributions to not include these things because of legal issues.09:05
neosimagoKungfuJoe: yes, however, if you install it using the regular apt-get, you won't be able to do what you're looking to do.09:06
KungfuJoeWell, on the record, I'd just like to backup my DVDs with their menus in tact09:06
bazhangk9copy KungfuJoe09:06
KungfuJoebazhang: it doesn't look like k9 keeps the menus09:06
lollerSteff i simple want to compile binary filter and drop some packages from test user from my subnet but the problem is that i can`t compile it i get TARGET (test.filter) contains invalid chars !09:06
d0netsFNyea that didnt work09:06
neosimagotry first k9copy KungfuJoe, and if you want the glam of funtionality, compile your own K3b like I do .09:06
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arooni-mobilewhats the right syntax for a get request i can send via telnet:  get http://www.ebay.com http/1.0   ;; doesnt seem to be working! :909:06
lollerSteff and i`m pretty this is not syntax error `cause it will show me on witch line is the error09:07
KungfuJoeOk, thank you everybody09:07
jaapvisserHi i just did a security update with kernel 2.6.27-11-generic  I got a few warnings like : DKMS tree must be manually fixed anybody know how to fix this?09:07
KungfuJoecatch you later09:07
=== john is now known as Guest69074
Steffloller, okay, i think you're right, so you wanna delete ettercap and reinstall it?09:07
lollerSteff yes i suppose this will help but i have very weak knowledges in packages of linux and when i enter locate ettercap it shows me bunches of directories with name "ettercap"09:09
jaapvisser/etc/kernel/postinst.d/dkms is there but var/lib/dkms/fglrx/8-4/source/dkms.conf is missing....09:09
KaptenRodSkagganyone know a good editor there you can open up a few textfiles at startup?09:10
lollerSteff so i just don`t know i find a source file written in c http://www.sfr-fresh.com/unix/privat/ettercap-NG-0.7.3.tar.gz:a/ettercap-NG-0.7.3/utils/etterlog/el_target.c09:11
Steffloller, yeah, i just did the same, there is a lot of crap.. :S09:11
lollerSteff line 53 is suppose to be the error "53       FATAL_ERROR("TARGET contains invalid chars !");"09:11
Steffloller, try "locate *.mp3 | grep <a word from the song>" or in your case locate *.c | grep <a line in the code>09:12
Steffloller, im sorry, but i cant help you with the c code, but it sounds like you have a string or varibel wrong defined...09:13
Steffloller, but have you tried "sudo apt-get remove --purge ettercap" and search for files again...09:14
MinusSeveni know C09:14
lollerSteff i think best solution in my case will new installed ettercap09:14
MinusSevenif you need something09:14
goglhi, what is the best (fastest) method for getting ubuntu install of multiple systems?09:14
bazhanggogl, /msg ubottu automate09:15
tarimarihi guys09:16
tarimarii want to setup hosts so that *.loc go to localhost. is it possible?  then from apache2 configuration, i ll direct to different website-folder09:16
jaapvisserrelated to my problem sudo dkms install -m fglrx -v 8-4 -k 2.6.27-9-generic is not there09:16
Myrttitarimari: IIRC, you can already use *.local09:16
Myrttitarimari: no, hold on.09:16
tarimariMyrtti: how i can do this setup?09:16
Myrttitarimari: what's wrong with http://localhost/ ?09:17
tarimariMyrtti: i want to have multiple installations - domains.  like domain1.loc domain2.loc09:17
tarimariwhat right?09:17
Myrttitarimari: I assume it would in that case work like domain.localhost09:18
tarimarihow can i do that?09:18
Myrttitarimari: but, I'm not really that knowledgeable with apache209:18
tarimarii dont ask about apache, i know about it. i m asking about linux networking. /etc/hosts etc? i dont know what exactly09:18
=== apc_ is now known as Peddyt
PeddytHow would I make a command run every 10 seconds?09:19
Chousukewhile true; do command; sleep 10; done;09:20
albuntuPeddyt: cronjob may help you. i cant help you configuring that but crons will do that. maybe try : man cron in a terminal09:20
jaapvissertamari put this in /etc/hosts : 192.168.1.xx domain1.loc domain109:20
jaapvisserip should match your local ip: see: sudo ifconfig09:21
ChousukePeddyt: you can have any number of commands between do and done, just separate them with either newlines or ;09:21
Peddytalbuntu, isn't there a simple bash solution? Someone gave it to me once, but I lost it :P. Something to do with executing, then sleeping, then looping back to the start.09:21
mozaPeddyt, Chousuke gave you this solution :)09:22
PeddytChousuke, the ideal solution would be to just loop, rather than just executing something in a linear way.09:22
ChousukePeddyt: that loops.09:22
albuntuPeddyt: look at Chousuke09:22
albuntuhe told you that09:22
mozaPeddyt, while is a loop09:22
=== lance_ is now known as Guest65546
dayoPeddyt: u've pretty much described the inner workings on crontab09:23
PeddytChousuke, I don't know how do and done works, so after 'done' would it just do 'do <command>' again?09:23
alonewolf-mwhy my traceroute tool can't work, after install cheops ??09:23
ChousukePeddyt: "while" causes it to jump back to the "do" part and it'll restart execution there.09:23
alonewolf-mevery site route just show ** ** **09:24
mozaPeddyt, you have to just replace "do command" with the command you want to execute09:24
Chousukemoza: just the command part, though.09:24
Chousukethe do is necessary09:24
mozaChousuke, true, i forgot that ... sorry09:24
Chousukefor example, you could: while true; do echo "yay"; echo "more yay"; sleep 10; done09:25
mibanyone knows what happen when i try to transfer a file from one drive to another09:25
miband it gives me the error09:25
mibOperation not suported09:25
PeddytThanks Chousuke, moza.09:26
mibi have umount and mounted using ntfs-3g09:26
mibpls advise09:26
Chousukemib: IIRC ntfs-3g can refuse operations if it thinks they're unsafe.09:26
dayomib: how are u transfering?09:26
mibim trying to do a simple cp or mv09:26
mibeven a simple touch09:26
mibdoesnt allow09:27
Chousukemib: are you sure it's mounted with ntfs-3g?09:27
dayomib: from where to where?09:27
mibim using an xternal hard disk drive09:27
Chousukemib: it might be the old ntfs driver instead.09:27
dayomib: where are u executing from?09:28
mibinside the fs09:28
mibim actually trying to compile a C program inside09:28
mibit has output09:28
dayomib: what is the fs type and the ext hdd fs type?09:28
mibbut it cant write out09:28
mibhow can i check dayo09:28
dayomib: u're trying to output to the ext hdd?09:29
mibim trying to output to a file09:29
mozaa quick question : how do i see the env variables?09:29
mib./a.out> out09:29
dayomib: type: mount09:29
dayomib: in your terminal09:29
mib/dev/sdb3 on /mnt/ntfs type fuseblk (rw,nosuid,nodev,noatime,allow_other,blksize=4096)09:29
mibwhich is the one i mounted earlier on09:30
isaakdude i think im gonna puke after a day of fuzzing with ubuntu09:30
isaakand still not having my scanner problem fixed09:30
TakeABowHey, could someone help me with getting GD2 support please?09:31
dayoso u're trying to copy from ubuntu (ext3) to an external ntfs filesystem09:31
isaakis there  anyone out there who knows how to make my scanner printer work?09:31
moza(found it myself... just the "env" command)09:31
mibdayo , im trying to copy the output to an external file within the fs09:31
isaakthis is why ubuntu cannot compare to windwos yet09:31
isaaki guess its not meant for artists09:32
dayomib: ok, u're copying from within ubuntu to another spot within ubuntu?09:32
dayoisaak: scanners are plug n play in ubuntu09:32
dayoisaak: Start XSane Image Scanner09:33
tomoyuki28jpHow can I change a default kernel to boot?09:33
dayomib: i don't get how the external comes into play, though. what are the directories u're copying from/to? did u check the permissions?09:34
mibyea.i checked..all rwx09:34
greenfujihello all. I have been learning how to configure an ftp on ubuntu server. Finally got connected via gftp on my ubuntu laptop. I cannot seem to find out why my hdd is not showing up under media on the server. Any clues?09:34
Ethoshi guys, im trying to run apt-get install snmpd mrtg apache2 to install and get mrtg up and running09:34
mibthe reason i have external is because my current ubuntu is lack of space09:34
Ethosit says snmpd isn't a package tho?!09:34
mibso i plug my xhdd and chuck all the files there09:35
miband trying to run from there09:35
dayomib: paste the exact command u're using09:35
greenfujiethos: have you looked in synaptic to see if it exists in the list. If not check if you require to add a repository to have it appear09:35
mibi just did ..touch foo in the fs09:35
mibtouch: cannot touch `foo': Operation not supported09:35
dayomib: u're executing touch on the external ntfs?09:37
mibsince i cant even do a > to a new file09:37
dayomib: hang on09:40
vigoDo I need to remove Evolution mail if I prefer to use Thunderbird?09:41
Ranakahvigo no09:41
dayovigo: no09:41
vigoThank you09:41
lllamaHello all. Anyone know the best way to work out why my cron job isn't firing? (I'm on JeOS btw).09:41
greenfujitrying to fdisk -l via putty to server and error is "cannot open /dev/sda     cannot open /dev/sdb" Whats happening?09:42
Abracadabragood morning everyone09:44
TeiseiGood mornig Abracadabra09:44
dayomib: try to copy something that is larger than 1KB09:45
mibhmm.same problem09:45
dayomib: is it possible for u to reformat the external to fat32 or even ext3?09:46
* lllama installs cron and sees whether that makes a difference....09:46
maodunis there a way for me to specify in which workspace i would like to open a new application, via the command line?09:47
greenfujiany idea why fdisk -l would not report09:47
prahal_hi is rsync on gvfs mounts fixed in latest gvfs/gio/fuse ?09:49
prahal_I find it weird is it so difficult to find this piece of information . The problem is old09:50
vigoIs there a cache manager, like a dns flush? Or is that another terminal thing I need to learn?09:50
prahal_vigo, as far as I recall if you have not installed a dedicated software (nscd or such) there is no such thing as a dns cache enabled by default on linux09:51
vigoThank you09:51
dayomib: u still there?09:52
GauntletHey guys. How would I go about setting up my wireless network in ubuntu? How do I install the drivers for the network card etc.09:52
vigoI am still re-learning , I thank you kindly for the help, have a wonderful moment.09:53
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about drivers09:54
kavithaanyone know abt audio streaming?09:55
SteffGauntlet, Hmm, most of the NIC works out of the box, but try System -> Administration - Hardware Drivers09:55
nbuntuhey anyone active09:56
gordonjcpnope, no-one at all09:56
nbuntua recent update has resulted me booting into low graphics mode09:56
SteffGauntlet, If your wireless card works you can click on the screens at the right upper corner at enable wireless and the see the lists of wifis...09:56
GauntletSteff, well lets pretend the drivers are installed for it and I should just be able to enter the details of the wifi network but it never connects to it09:56
nbuntui renabled the hardware drivers but no good09:56
ortsvorsteher!details | nbuntu09:56
ubottunbuntu: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."09:56
ortsvorsteher!enter | nbuntu09:57
ubottunbuntu: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!09:57
SteffGauntlet, Hmm. what does your ifconfig say?09:57
nbuntuubuntu ver 8.10, updated last night, xorg.conf is now blank, tried adding my widescreen resolution - but doesnt work09:58
GauntletSteff unforunately I am running it on the same pc as this so I would have to restart and see09:58
=== b1 is now known as co_need_co_smg
EugenAi have a problem, on our ubuntu-server time is always in the future (about 2 hours within some days)09:58
EugenAwhat can i du?09:58
SteffGauntlet, okay,, try type this in terminal "lspci"09:58
ortsvorsteherEugenA: may you have to set the right timezone09:58
Steffand tell me, which NIC u have09:58
kavithaEugena: Ajust the date and time09:59
petskiEugenA: running the server on VMWare or simular?09:59
EugenAno, real hardware10:00
kriyaswhat is  use of  fc-cache command10:00
EugenAi setup ntp server, but i'm not sure it is working right10:00
EugenAif i make ntpdate europe.pool.ntp.org the time is set to current time10:00
EugenAbut in some days i have again current time + some hours10:00
kavithaany problem using ntp? even i use ntp10:00
kriyasanyone please10:00
EugenAhow do i make sure ntp is running?10:01
petskikriyas, I don't know. Try 'man fc-cache'10:01
kriyasok petski10:01
kriyasit say no manual entry10:02
EugenAwhy there is no "status" option on /etc/init.d/ntp-server ????10:02
petskiEugenA, it's very common that if your server is running "virtual" that you have timing issues.10:02
petskikriyas, http://www.xfree86.org/current/fc-cache.1.html10:02
EugenApetski: it is real hardware, not virtual10:02
kavithaafter setting to ntp... restart network using /etc/init.d/networking restart10:03
EugenApetski: should not ntp correct the time always???10:03
EugenAwhat is ntp then for??10:03
=== [VGN]Starlock is now known as [VGN]Busylock
petskiEugenA, you are right, but I always try to find the cause before looking for a solution :)10:04
=== sleepy_cat is now known as c_nick
scaporDoes anyone here know if disabling firewire (blacklisting modules ohci1394 and ieee1394) can save power consumption ?10:05
EugenApetski: how do i check ntp is running and controlling time on the server? i set it up and restarted network. now what?10:05
petskiEugenA, maybe https://help.ubuntu.com/7.10/server/C/NTP.html can give you some clues10:05
ubottuInformation about using and setting your computer's clock on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuTime - See https://help.ubuntu.com/7.10/server/C/NTP.html for information on usage of the Network Time Protocol (NTP)10:05
petskithanks raheen :)10:06
Rencxhello how i can edit file as root?10:06
raheemsudo nano <filename> if you are in console10:07
Bitfishjust out of curiousity, who developes paste.ubuntu.com?10:07
raheemor from desktop, ALT+F2, then, typ gksu gedit10:07
oCean_EugenA: sometimes the difference between the hardwareclock (in a machine) and the time that should be set according to ntpserver is too large. That *might* have something to do with what you get?10:07
Rencxraheem: i want edit in kino..10:08
raheemgksu kino10:08
tonker^^Can you please help? Is it possible to update to Ibex (I have the CD) from Heron without losing all my passwords and settings in Heron?10:08
raheemthe login is if u want to run a program with root prevlileges, then use gksu10:08
EugenAoCean_: not sure how ntp works. But manual ntpdate [server] works10:09
O__ohow to change the resolution of login screen?10:09
raheembut, Rencx, why would u want to run kino as superuser, i wonder10:10
Rencxraheem: i cant Trim video back, how to do it?10:11
kavithaNTP is used to query the time server which we have set and adjust the clock according to the time value recieved from server10:12
raheemRencx: never used kino, but, i don't think it is a previledge issue10:12
dinesh372how to use ececvp() function to create a new process10:13
RencxDoes somone now how to Trim video in Kino?10:13
kavithaEugenA: NTP is used to query the time server which we have set and adjust the clock according to the time value recieved from server10:13
nbuntuim going nuts here10:13
raheemRencx: http://www.kinodv.org/docbook/ might be helpful10:14
nbuntusomeone please help - 8.10 - updated last night - xorg.conf is back to default - ati drivers enabled - but still stuck in low graphics mode - what do i do?10:14
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto10:15
dinesh372how to use ececvp() function to create a new process10:16
dinesh372how to use ececvp() function to create a new process10:16
dinesh372how to use ececvp() function to create a new process10:16
FloodBot1dinesh372: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:16
Rencxraheem: after trim must export?10:16
tonker^^Can you please help? Is it possible to update to Ibex (I have the CD) from Heron without losing all my passwords and settings in Heron?10:16
EugenAkavitha: so i have ntp server on my server and it sync the time with time-server, right?10:16
raheemsorry Rencx, as I said earlier, i never used kino :(10:16
ortsvorstehertonker^^:  i never loosed passwords and settings after upgrading to a newer version. may you have the same luck ;)10:17
raheemEugenA: that is what it should do, if u configured it correctly & keep it running10:17
tonker^^Thanks ortsvorsteher10:17
sky_hi where i can get LAMP ?10:17
raheembut, I did face some issues on CentOS 5.2 server .. I had to run ntpupdate, then it went smoothly10:18
sky_is not in my repo :(10:18
dubious`how do you get the names collum on xchat gnome?10:18
dubious`lke in mirc10:18
raheemsky_: you could've selected the server installation, that included all of it..10:18
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)10:19
sky_thank you :)10:19
oCean_dubious`: View > Userlist ?10:19
sky_raheem: This page does not exist yet. You can create a new empty page, or use one of the page templates.10:19
dubious`i guess its not an option to have it perminantly there10:20
doctorowI have a System76 Darter with Intrepid. It has an Elantech touchpad and I'd like to disable tap-to-click on it. Any ideas?10:20
sky_raheem: ok nothing10:20
oCean_dubious`: ?10:20
sky_raheem: i have it now :)10:20
dubious`anyone know a way to get the ati 4850 working without video flicker?10:20
raheemgenerally, sudo apt-get install apache2 php5-mysql libapache2-mod-php5 mysql-server should do it10:21
raheemgood luck with the configurations ;)10:21
tonker^^Well ortsvorsteher, here I go!  :)10:21
emmecenneraga‎zzi mo il letore di memory card come faccio a farlo funzionare?10:21
ortsvorsteher!it | emmecenne10:21
ubottuemmecenne: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)10:21
dubious`there is no userlist under view10:21
oCean_dubious`: ah, you're using gnome-xchat, not xchat10:22
oCean_dubious`: use xchat, and you'll have your userlist10:22
emmecennehi guys, my memory card reader doesn't work, how cn I do?10:22
lachlancould someone give em some help in how to rest gnome desktop i was customising and lost my network icons (well i clicked remove anyway lol)10:23
raheemyou can add it again, if u want, lachlan10:24
raheembut, to reset the gnome settings, u can delete the folder named .gnome2 in your home folder10:24
nbuntucan someone help me troubleshoot graphics problems?10:24
lachlanall the stuff on the right side like network wifi monitor10:24
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prince_jammysnbuntu: details ...10:25
raheemright mouse click on it, select move, drag it to where u want it.. it should move with your mouse ;)10:25
ortsvorstehernbuntu: may you ask in #ati channel if no one here can help :)10:25
nbuntu8.10, ati x1600, update last night has left me stuck in safe graphics mode10:25
nbuntui've been fiddling round for hours10:26
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AussieGuyhi, ive installed the package build-essential/s, but when I try to configure wine it says "c compiler cannot output executables"10:26
`ph8We're working on an open source project within the office and use Trac as a bug tracking system - we're looking for a way for our user base (of ~300) to discuss (in a discussion board style) proposed features from a list (each item in the list could link to the discussion board item) - linking to a trac 'ticket' seems like the wrong thing to do, but installing something like phpbb seems like too much bumpf for such a large operation - has anyone come across so10:26
kavithahi, how to configure smtp server?10:26
lachlani'll go with deleting the gnome folder or settings file how do i find it10:27
nbuntuprince_jammys: any ideas?10:28
lachlanraheem i found what you were talking about but it doesnt have the same network montor10:28
raheemkavitha: http://my.opera.com/Contrid/blog/index.dml/tag/ubuntu%20smtp maybe10:28
ortsvorsteherlachlan: it must be in your home10:28
CatJellyhello everyone10:28
raheemjust delete ./Gnome2 folder10:28
nbuntuortsvorsteher: no answer10:28
raheemlog off & log in10:28
prince_jammysnbuntu: no, sorry10:28
ortsvorstehernbuntu: in ati channel no answer?10:28
tiffanykindlolhi room10:28
nbuntuortsvorsteher: yeah seems dead10:29
tiffanykindlolhi room10:29
lachlani just cant find a folder called gnome anything in my home folder10:29
ortsvorstehernbuntu: may they are sleeping ;) please be patient, ask your question with details again here later.10:29
prince_jammyslachlan: set your file browser to "show hidden files"10:29
raheemit is not gnome, it .gnome, it is hidden :)10:29
doctorowI have a System76 Darter with Intrepid. It has an Elantech touchpad and I'd like to disable tap-to-click on it. Any ideas?10:29
raheem.gnome2 precisely10:29