jne1991can anyone explain to me why my font looks strange when I access phpmyadmin on my computer00:13
zoredachestrange how?00:19
jne1991it doesnt display it in english00:54
jne1991but it is not a foreign language either00:54
jne1991that is a screenshot of what i am talking about01:01
jne1991anyone have a solution01:02
jne1991that is a screenshot of my phpmyadmin01:03
jne1991it also has a font problem01:03
zoredache!hi | Mood01:24
ubottuMood: Hi! Welcome to #xubuntu!01:24
Moodis there a way to configure auto startup services in xubuntu?01:24
jne1991under settings manager01:24
Moodi don't see "settings manager" in the GUI01:24
jne1991autostarted apps01:24
jne1991is your menu set like the default01:25
Moodoh, sorry about that. i do see "settings manager"01:25
zoredacheApplications menu -> settings -> Settings manager -> Autstarted...01:25
jne1991zoredache gave a perfect way01:25
Moodis there a way to specify commandline services?01:25
zoredacheYou may also want to look at Applications Meny -> System -> Services01:26
zoredacheMood: perhaps you should explain what you are trying to do.  We might be able to help better01:26
Moodfor instance, i'd like to start a terminal session with an execution of a custom binary within that xterm01:26
jne1991you could run the custom binary directly as an autostarted application01:27
Moodwill it be running within an xterm?01:27
zoredacheMood: when you login?01:27
Moodor maybe i should ask: is there a way to pipe a binary autostart into an xterm?01:27
jne1991you could do "xterm /path/to/application"01:27
jne1991as an auto app01:27
Moodoh, just concatenating the binary after xterm should do it? let me try that01:28
jne1991it may01:28
zoredacheMood: on my computer I have a line like this as one of my startup items01:28
zoredachexfce4-terminal --title="Terminal - ssh enterprise" -x /usr/bin/ssh -X -t username@homecomputer screen -rd01:28
jne1991zoredcache: do you know how i could fix the font on my computer01:28
zoredachebasically it starts an xfce4-terminal and runs ssh.  If you actually want 'xterm' you'll want to man xterm for the syntax01:29
zoredachejne1991: no idea... it is very odd though01:29
Moodah, the xterm seems to execute the command and then it gets killed :-(01:29
jne1991i was hoping it was an easy issue01:29
zoredachejne1991: I would be tempted to install and try it in another browser01:29
jne1991try what, the phpmyadmin?01:29
jne1991mood: the program may have finished execution01:29
jne1991and exited the terminal01:30
zoredacheyeah, try going to the site in ephiphany-webkit instead of firefox01:30
Moodjne1991: yes that's exactly what happened. any way of keeping the terminal session hanging around?01:30
Moodmaybe a &? let me try01:30
jne1991mood: i have no idea how to do that unless you could run a bash command to wait for user input01:30
zoredacheMood: you could actually run bash, and have it use a alternate .bashrc01:31
jne1991just a thought, but doesnt epiphany use gecko for rendering01:31
Moodok. i think i need to experiment a bit01:31
jne1991isnt that the same render engine used by firefox?01:31
Moodi'll let you know what i come up with, if i find a solution01:32
Moodthanks for the suggestions though01:32
jne1991no problem01:32
jne1991hope it works for you01:32
zoredacheephiphany-webkit uses webkit.  Which is what Safari, and Chrome use01:32
Moodoh, by the way, the autostarted apps: the command line accepts sudo without a password?01:32
Moodhow does one allow the autostarted apps to run w/o a password?01:33
jne1991change the root password to nothing01:33
jne1991sudo su01:33
Moodi need to run daemons, like ddclient for instance01:33
zoredacheMood: you could adjust your sudoers with a NOPASSWD exceptop for that binary01:33
jne1991current pass01:33
Moodooh. i don't like the "no password" for my daemons01:34
Grant-AI'm updating and it's changing my kernel's linux-image-2.6.27-11-generic. Should I use the package maintainers' version of menu.lst?01:34
zoredacheIf you are starting daemons, perhaps you should be putting things in your /etc/rc.local01:34
Moodzoredache, will /etc/rc.local binaries be executed upon reboot?01:35
zoredacheyes, with root permissions01:35
Moodzoredache, it appears that rc.local will be executed everytime a user connects... do you know if that's an accurate statement?01:36
zoredacheno, that is not true.  rc.local is only ran when the system starts unless you manually change runlevels01:37
Moodzoredache, awesome. i think that may be the solution... thank you kind sir01:38
charlie-tcaGrant-A: yes, if you want it to be able to use the items it upgraded01:40
Grant-Acharlie-tca: Thanks :)01:40
jne1991does anyone here know how to use drupal01:42
princeduganok my external USB sound works (makes noise). How to I direct my software DVD player to use it?01:47
jne1991what program are you using01:48
jne1991for playing dvds01:48
princeduganI tried VLC, it let me select my USB card as the ALSA device. I don't know waht to set the OSS device too (/dev/?). I tride toems and found no option for it. I tried rythymbox, doesn't seem to play DVDs. Have not tries Mplayer yet. willing to install a player thet will do this01:51
jne1991so you are using linux, right?01:51
princeduganof course, I'm not a psycho01:52
jne1991most mainstream distros should just auto-detect it01:52
jne1991i dont have much software on my xubuntu installation because i just reinstalled01:53
jne1991so i cant check the preferences of different media players01:53
princeduganthe sound card is detected, I just need to direct a player to use it01:54
jne1991well i am downloading the mplayer right now01:57
jne1991but you should be able to configure it under the preferences menu01:57
jne1991but i am unsure because i do not have a system set up like you do01:58
jne1991i think gecko has a problem with font support02:03
jne1991is webkit a good alternative02:03
jne1991and is it cross-platform02:03
princeduganok, I found a way to do it. Its sloppy but works. I have to change my defalut sound so everything uses my USB.02:10
nikolaminteresting my xubuntu 8.04.2 computers are updating to 2.6.24-23 kernel.02:10
nikolamBut I already have 2.6.24-23 on all my machines :)02:10
nikolamIt seems that we have "new" 2.6.24-23 to update to :)02:10
nikolamprincedugan, and where you change your default sound?02:11
nikolamusing xfce4-mixer or..02:11
nikolamin settings manager?02:12
nikolamhi .02:43
nikolamis there a way of controling cpu frequency, other then installing Gnome applets and cpufreq applet?02:44
nikolamI want to save 100 megs of hdd space with no installing gnome dependences for GNOME, I use Xfce.02:45
Odd-rationalenikolam: command line? :D02:46
nikolamOdd-rationale, ehh, I was hoping something on GUI, like cpufreq monitor applet i am using with xfpanel on other machine.03:03
nikolamIt is also interesting thing.03:03
nikolamOn machine where I use it to display and setup speed,03:03
nikolamOnly CPU-Default cpeed is displayed03:03
nikolamand not overclocked current speed.03:03
nikolamI am wondering how could I make ir read right speen03:04
nikolamAlso, There are overclock/downclock utilities on Windows03:04
nikolamAnything like that on Linux?03:04
nikolamOdd-rationale, you know how to set it and read it in command line?03:05
nikolamAlso I am wondering How I lost disk space on notebook after every upgrade?03:06
nikolamI cleared /var/apt/cache with cached debs.03:06
nikolamIt keeps using more and more space over time I think.03:06
rodsdoes anyone know why viewing files on a cd would be denied permission?03:43
charlie-tcaThe files are not owned by you and are owner read only03:44
nikolammmm rods denied to read?03:45
rodsyes nikolam03:45
nikolamrods is it CD rom or CDRW.03:45
MaxHavocDoes anybody know where I can find the contents of the System menu that's part of the Xfce default menu?03:45
nikolamIs it ISO system on CD or UDF?03:45
rodsCD rom03:45
rodsits a game I'm trying to install under WINE03:46
rodsUsually I just go to setup.exe on the CD03:46
nikolamrods, check permissions in /media dir for your cdrom03:46
rodsbut I can't find it03:46
rodshow do I do that?03:46
nikolamyou can found where it is mounted with df -h03:46
nikolamif usually you can open cd, maybe it is something funny about cd03:47
rodsits not letting me open the cd03:47
rodscould it be mounted at /dev/scd0?03:47
rodswhen I type "cd /media/cdrom0" I get a permission denied prompt03:48
rodsbut I'm showing the disc is mounted03:48
nikolamrods use df -h to see all mounted devices03:48
nikolamuse cat /etc/mtab to see all mounted too03:48
Odd-rationalenikolam: try cpufreq-info03:48
Odd-rationale(sorry, i was away...)03:49
nikolamplace where stuff is mounted resides in /etc/fstab03:49
nikolambut it should be all default03:49
nikolamOdd-rationale, I installed emifreq-applet . That was the name03:49
Odd-rationaleok. cool03:49
nikolamOdd-rationale, but question was like changing settings for cpu.03:50
rodsOdd--what am I seeing here when I use the command (I apologize for being a total linux newb...)03:50
nikolamlike overclocking and stuff03:50
nikolamand displaying current speed instead of cpu-model one.03:50
nikolamOdd-rationale, if you know how to do those things in command line that would be cool too03:51
Odd-rationalenikolam: cpufreq-set03:51
nikolamOdd-rationale, ok 1x will see it03:51
MaxHavocDoes anybody know where I can find the contents of the System menu that's part of the Xfce default menu?03:52
nikolamMaxHavoc, try to look at Appfinder. Right click on icon and more information and it will say to you what program it is03:56
nikolamMaxHavoc, Start appfinder from Accesories Appfinder03:57
MaxHavocAh, sweet! Thanks, that's exactly what I wanted03:57
nikolamMaxHavoc, :)03:59
MaxHavocAnother question if I may, this one more generic Linux, is there any way to launch an application from the terminal and be able to close the terminal but still have the application remain open? For example if I run firefox from the terminal and close the terminal firefox then closes, is there anyway to have that not happen?03:59
nikolamMaxHavoc, Yes But I forgot. It is some sign after command04:04
nikolamor you can run command with ALT+F204:04
MaxHavocI know you can do & to make it run in the BG but that still doesn't prevent it from closing if you close the terminal04:04
nikolamcharlie-tca, thanks04:04
MaxHavocDude, you are my hero of heroes, I was looking all over for a bloody run prompt!04:05
charlie-tcanp, memory comes and goes, it seems04:05
MaxHavocNow to remap the shortcut to Windows+R to make it more like my precious Windows XP :)04:05
nikolamMaxHavoc, Maybe you should put bloody Bug request on Launchpad about putting Run on Xfce menu04:05
nikolamI think it should be there, too04:06
nikolamAt linux it is Super key. Not Win.  :)04:06
nikolamMaxHavoc, Maybe Settings> Settings manager> Keyboard> Shortcuts?04:07
MaxHavocThat part I had figured out, thanks though04:07
nikolamI just did it too for myself :) Supor+p to open pcmanfm :)04:09
MaxHavocOk, help a poor Windozer out here...what is the difference between /usr/bin and /usr/local/bin04:09
nikolam/usr/bin is vatican /usr/local/bin is local church :))04:10
MaxHavocSo /usr/local/bin is where'd I'd nail my 95 theses?04:10
nikolamYou don`t mess around with neather :)04:10
MaxHavocOh pish-posh, the whole point of Linux is to mess around ;p04:11
nikolamMaxHavoc, I don`t think so. Point is that youCAN. YES, You CAN use code and make anything you want04:11
nikolamYes you can .. :))04:12
MaxHavocOk, but seriously though, why do you need /bin, /usr/bin and /usr/local/bin04:12
MaxHavocIsn't one enough?04:12
nikolamMaxHavoc, Please post a bug on launchpad.net for putting run button in xfce menu. Explain that you were searching answer for long how to run something04:13
MaxHavocIs that the official bug tracking site for Xfce?04:13
nikolamLinux is Unix-Like. It is standard to have those04:13
MaxHavocI know, but sometimes people enforce standards while forgetting why they were initially standardized04:13
nikolammore important and system-related, higher it is04:13
nikolamI think.04:13
nikolamSome programs even resides in /usr/share/local04:14
nikolamOr even /opt for commercial external and older apps04:14
nikolamMaxHavoc, It IS standard :)04:14
MaxHavocSee, I'd think having just one directory for all binaries would make things easier, then you could get rid of the PATH variable04:14
nikolamI think..04:14
MaxHavocSame thing could go for all libs and all source files04:15
nikolamThat is wky we have Synaptic :)04:15
MaxHavocBah, see, the whole reason I'm trying to switch to Linux is to stop all the obfuscating of the system fundamentals04:15
nikolamI know that is logical, see if Linus and allothers share it :)04:15
nikolamaha. Install debian-reference package :)04:16
MaxHavocBaby steps Nikolam, baby steps :)04:16
nikolamsearch on help.ubuntu.com04:16
nikolamand use power of ubuntuforums.org04:16
MaxHavocYeah, I'm already registered there04:17
nikolamalso wikipedia and google are your friends04:17
nikolamI myself am just an user04:17
nikolamI think that bug reports are most important.04:17
nikolamwith everything you do, you contribute.04:18
MaxHavocAccording to launchpad.net, Xfce does not use launchpad as its bug tracker04:20
nikolammax see under ubuntu04:21
MaxHavocOk, I submitted the bug through bugzilla04:26
nikolamMaxHavoc, I think it is xfdesktop4 package04:27
nikolamwho`s bugzilla? xfce`s?04:27
nikolammaybe it would be better with ubuntu under package xfdesktop404:28
MaxHavocBugzilla is their official bug tracker, it's linked off their website04:28
nikolamBecause distributions mostly decide where to put buttons etc04:28
nikolammain xfce is for all distros04:29
MaxHavocYeah but I think it's the same team that manages Xubuntu04:29
nikolamMaxHavoc, original package maintainers does not support programs in distribution repositories directly04:29
nikolamIf you download code and make xfce from their site then you file bug to them04:30
nikolamif you installed xfce from X/ubuntu you file bug to x/ubuntu04:30
MaxHavocHmm, alright, I'll do that too04:31
nikolamif it is fixed in distribution and is interesting for the rest of the world, it is sent upstream to original project04:31
MaxHavocAnyway, I'm off, thanks for the help04:31
nikolamMaxHavoc, Ok, thank you and come again :)04:31
cellofellowI have a laptop with a TSST TS-L632D DVD drive. It doesn't read DVDs at all. I tried flashing the firmware but that didn't change anything at all. What else can I do?04:53
forcesmaybe the drive is broken04:55
cellofellowthat's not good04:57
cellofellowhow do I tell?04:58
forcesI dont know05:00
forcesbut I have had the same problem05:00
forcesand I had thought software problem05:01
forcesbut was a hardware problem05:01
cellofellowthis particular drive on its own is like $300. I don't know what other DVD drives would fit properly (laptops are so annoying with hardware parts, eh?.05:02
forcesmy laptop driver can't burn a DVD, always have a error05:03
cellofellowthis won't even read a dvd.05:04
cellofellowlsdvd says empty drive05:04
cellofellowcan I just pop in any random slim IDE DVD drive?05:07
cellofellowsomething like this? http://cgi.ebay.com/NEC-ND-6500A-DVD-RW-R-Dual-Layer-Slim-IDE-Burner-NR_W0QQitemZ190282795010QQcmdZViewItemQQptZPCC_Drives_Storage_Internal?hash=item190282795010&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14&_trkparms=72%3A1205|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318|301%3A1|293%3A1|294%3A5005:08
forcesthat's why I bought a external dvd-drive05:09
cellofellowah, I see05:09
cellofellowI've only had this laptop 18 months and it needs a new keyboard, new DVD drive, and I'd really like a new wifi card as this RealTek chip sucks.05:10
nikolamcellofellow, it was new or used when you bought one?05:10
forcescellofellow, HP?05:11
cellofellowbought it as Circuit City though05:11
forcesmy laptop is HP05:11
nikolamcellofellow, whell, return it under guarantee05:11
forcesthat's my external dvd05:11
cellofellowbestbuy != circuit city05:11
forcesright now this laptop need a new dvd-drive05:11
forcesbut 1 mount ago, was needing a new HDD, and more memory05:12
cellofellowI was told when I bought it that installing an OS on the system, whether Linux or Windows, voided the warranty. I also did not buy an extended warranty. Also the store where I bought it is out of business now.05:12
cellofellowso what good do guarentees do me?05:13
nikolamIt is not true that installing some OS voids warranty.05:13
forcesI want a desktop05:14
nikolamIf store is out of business, ask manufacturer where to get your machine for servicing.05:14
forcesI have never had a desktop05:14
forcesI can't upgrade my video card in a laptop05:15
* cellofellow doesn't need a desktop when he has a laptop + server.05:15
forcesI only can have a HDD05:15
* cellofellow doesn't play games much.05:15
nikolamI think it is better to make a desktop from parts. Many parts have longer warranties if bought separately05:15
* forces likes play cod 405:15
cellofellowsome manufacturers like ZaReason are nice enough to warranty the parts in the box separately though.05:16
forcesyou can buy your favorite motherboard05:16
forcesram, video card05:17
nikolamCatch22 is that warranties mostly have value is computer is integrated from parts in computer shop that do that things.05:17
nikolamZaReason`s policy sounds very nice to me05:17
nikolamCircuit City -- closed?05:18
forcesbestbuy win!05:19
nikolam?? why? (I am from europe, i don`t know)05:19
cellofellowso, even though it's been since Sept. 08 (not quite 18mo) you think I can get the borked DVD drive replaced at Circuit City or by Gateway?05:20
cellofellowwhy? cause they weren't a profitable company in the first place, economy goes south, CC goes to Antarctica.05:20
nikolam"economy goes south, CC goes to Antarctica." :))05:21
nikolamcellofellow, I would contact Gateway for instructions on that05:21
nikolamOr CC information on that05:22
nikolamOr I am just too European ? :)05:22
cellofellowno idea05:22
forcessomeone have a acer aspire one?05:22
nikolamcellofellow, economy goes south, CC goes to Antarctica.05:23
nikolamcellofellow, http://investor.circuitcity.com/announcement.cfm05:23
cellofellowExtended warranties, not warranties.05:24
nikolamcellofellow, I would go to Gateway then. They need to have someone else then.05:25
nikolamcellofellow, OR you will write angry letter and post it on your web site :)05:26
cellofellowlike my website gets enough traffic... :)05:26
nikolamcellofellow, :))05:27
cellofellowwhat's with the double-chinned smiley?05:27
nikolamcellofellow, but micheal moor`s does :)05:27
nikolamlol 205:28
nikolam"i will tell to moor for next film :)05:28
cellofellowwell, Gateway said I'm on my own06:05
cyrus__I am trying to install xubuntu - why is there so many dependencies - like abiword, etc06:06
zoredachethe meta package is designed to give an whole desktop system to a user06:09
zoredacheif you just want xfce, you might want to just install the 'xfce4' package06:10
cyrus__k, thanks06:11
juhlsHow do I fix the top panel... It is all messed up, and I don't know how it got that way07:14
juhlsMy icons don't exist...07:15
|ntegra|so it works09:32
|ntegra|I want I want09:32
|ntegra|where's the hibernation with "profiles"09:33
|ntegra|saved to the menu.lst?09:33
|ntegra|and the ndis "loader" program with ,like, 400 windows wireless drivers ready-to-go?09:34
|ntegra|and why hasn't someone actually reverse-engineered windows yet and buggered their whole driver scenario for the betterment of the whole linux community???@!09:36
=== Hellwire_ is now known as Hellwire
dan_freedomHi, guys, anybody about?13:22
vinnlbrb though :P13:23
dan_freedomok, I am a xubuntu beginner, I downloaded it yesterday...13:23
dan_freedomit probably an easy problem, but I just cant figure it out...13:24
dan_freedomI am running xubuntu on a very old PC, it has an ATI 3D rage Pro graphic card, and I cant get a higher resolution than 800*60013:25
vinnlWhich version of Xubuntu are you running?13:26
dan_freedomI have tried to force it with the xserver useing " sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg, but it only askes me about my keyboard and then dissapers13:26
dan_freedomit is the lastest (stabel) version of Xbuntu and completed updated13:27
dan_freedom*completely updated13:27
vinnlHmm... :/13:28
dan_freedom8.10 is the version13:29
dan_freedomyeah, it seems to be a tricky problem...13:29
dan_freedomI have been googling but have not had any luck13:29
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution13:30
vinnlI think that last link should help you13:30
dan_freedomOK, I will check it out and report back here, and thanks!13:31
dan_freedomOk, this looks like it might work :-) but needs a bit of playing about with...13:43
dan_freedomfirst I did this: $ xrandr --newmode 1024x768 --rate 6013:43
dan_freedomthen this: $ xrandr --output LVDS --mode 1024x768 --rate 6013:44
dan_freedombut the resolution did not change...13:45
dan_freedomHmm... I just cant seem to be able to figure out how to make a new mode?14:13
dan_freedomI tried to make one here: "http://www.bohne-lang.de/spec/linux/modeline/"14:14
dan_freedomthen it gave me this modeline: $ "1024x768" 60.80  1024 1056 1128 1272   768  768  770  79614:15
dan_freedomso I tried: $ xrandr --newmode "1024x768" 60.80  1024 1056 1128 1272   768  768  770  79614:15
dan_freedomMan, it sure is awkward to change the resolution on a Linux system...14:18
dan_freedomI must be doing something wrong I guess, I just cant figure out what :)14:19
dan_freedom$ xrandr --newmode "1024x768" 60.80 1024 1056 1128 1272 768 768 770 79614:23
dan_freedomX Error of failed request:  BadName (named color or font does not exist)14:23
dan_freedom  Major opcode of failed request:  152 (RANDR)14:23
dan_freedom  Minor opcode of failed request:  16 ()14:23
dan_freedom  Serial number of failed request:  1314:23
dan_freedom  Current serial number in output stream:  1314:23
dan_freedomdoes that make sense to anybody?14:23
dan_freedomdoes anybody see what I did wrong? this being my 2nd day with Linux, I am clueless :)14:24
vinnlI've used Xubuntu for far longer but have no idea how to deal with it. Might be a bug...14:26
dan_freedomI guess it might be a driver problem? maybe the driver does just not support a higher resolution for the graphic card?14:28
vinnlCan't imagine14:29
dan_freedomI check the AMD / ATI website, to see if the offer a proprietary driver for the "ATI 3D RAGE PRO" thinking that driver might pick up higher resolutions than 800*600 but the dont seem to make drivers for such an old card...14:31
vinnldan_freedom, have you checked Applications->System->Hardware Drivers?14:32
dan_freedomI know the card support higher resolutions on a windows system, so logically that should also be possible with Xubuntu... wait I'll have a look14:32
dan_freedomohh, I think I tried that yesterday when I had Ubuntu installed... No Luck same result: it says No Proprietary Drivers in use  on this system...14:34
dan_freedomI also tried EnvyNG yesterday... or something like that :)14:35
dan_freedomMan, I would love to figure this out, Xubuntu is great on this PC, because its such a LOW end system, with Xubuntu, its not running like a slug anymore :)14:37
danielmdo you have an ATI card?14:37
dan_freedomyes, its an ATI 3D RAGE PRO, a rather old card... with no more official support at the ATI/AMD website14:38
dan_freedomyesterday under "Add/Remove Applications" I found a "ATI binary Xorg driver"14:42
dan_freedombut it seems more geared towards the newer ATI cards...14:42
dan_freedomI tried it yesterday but it would not load...14:42
dan_freedomkept going back to low-graphics-mode or something named like that :)14:43
dan_freedomHi Ben14:43
Ben_Csfor some reason after system update to:  Ubuntu 8.04.2, kernel 2.6.24-23-386   the xfce4-mixer stopped working. When choosing at boot time: Ubuntu 8.04.2, kernel 2.6.24-23-generic     the mixer works fine? what's going on?14:43
dan_freedomHeHe, no Idea Ben, I just started with Linux yesterday!14:48
charlie-tcadan_freedom: You need to Synaptic Package Manager and install the 'xserver-xorg-video-r128' driver, I believe. That should be for older Rage cards14:49
charlie-tcaYou also need the 'xserver-xorg-video-ati' driver with it.14:50
dan_freedomOK, thanks Charlie, I'll start looking for that now :)14:50
charlie-tcaI don't believe you can do it through add/remove though14:50
dan_freedom:( ohh, HeHe, I just learned that yesterday the nice add/remove14:51
charlie-tcaYeah, it is great for normal applications, but not so good for deeper issues.14:52
Ben_Cs what's the difference between kernel 2.6.24-23-generic and kernel 2.6.24-23-386? because after the update (8.04.2) the alsamixer doesn't work in 386 but works in generic?14:54
dan_freedomxserver-xorg-video-r128, OK, I found that one and marked it for re-installation14:56
dan_freedomxserver-xorg-video-ati" OK, and that one is also marked...14:57
dan_freedomOK, I will cross my fingers and hit Apply and hope for the best :)14:58
charlie-tcaThose were already installed?14:58
dan_freedomemm not sure... I do I tell that?14:58
charlie-tcaThey had a green box14:59
dan_freedomyeah, they had a green box14:59
charlie-tcaIn synaptic package manager, green box on the left is your installed applications. Clear box is uninstalled.14:59
dan_freedomthere is a lot of them installed, I ran the update earlier and lots of new things came in :)15:00
dan_freedommaybe I need to activate them or something?15:01
charlie-tcano, but if i recall, you should make sure no other ati 'xorg-driver-*' or 'xserver-xorg-*' drivers are green. If they are, right click and click remove15:03
charlie-tcaOther than that, I am out of answers.15:03
dan_freedomOK, there is a lot of them there... I noticed a few of them came in with the update today15:03
dan_freedomdid u see when I posted what I tried with the --newmode idea?15:04
dan_freedomxrandr --newmode "1024x768" 60.80 1024 1056 1128 1272 768 768 770 79615:04
dan_freedomI tried that in the terminal to manually add the new required mode...15:05
charlie-tcaa few come in often, they still should not be installed. ATI RAGE is particular about drivers installed. As long as they are not green in Synaptic, you are okay.15:05
charlie-tcaI don't know how to write modelines.15:05
charlie-tcaI don't know if xrandr accepts changes from the terminal, either.15:06
dan_freedomOK, then I will try that, ATI have always been picky about drivers, which is why I bought a Nvidea graphic card for the "GAMING" this15:06
charlie-tcaI have gotten ATI Rage to 1024x768 before. It took a lot of work.15:06
dan_freedomMe neither... I used this website: http://www.bohne-lang.de/spec/linux/modeline/15:07
dan_freedomyeah, I have learned a lot about Xubuntu over the last two days trying to figure this out15:07
dan_freedoma good way to learn but a bit painfull15:08
charlie-tcaHave you looked at this? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Input15:08
dan_freedomI meant Nvidia graphic card (better drivers) for the GAMING PC that other time :) it not quite come out right15:09
dan_freedomI will take a look at that now15:10
charlie-tcaYeah, I switched all my systems to nvidia, since they are easier to set up15:10
dan_freedomjust clicking through the drivers now to remove all except: 'xserver-xorg-video-r128' and 'xserver-xorg-video-ati'15:13
dan_freedomthere is a lot of them there of those 'xserver-xorg-video' I guess ALL of them; remove?15:14
charlie-tcaYou could keep vesa and anything ati15:20
charlie-tcaIf this machine is using the ati rage, you should not need most of them15:20
charlie-tcaYou only need drivers for the card installed, plus vesa15:21
charlie-tcaThe drivers are installed automatically to be there for any card used15:22
dan_freedomOk, Its off15:23
dan_freedomif I deleted any I should not have by mistake I guess the update can put it back easy enough15:24
charlie-tcayes, normally. Did you keep vesa? It is the generic driver15:24
dan_freedomyes, I kept the vesa15:25
dan_freedomOK, everything is out now except those three 'xserver-xorg-video-r128' and 'xserver-xorg-video-ati' and 'Vesa'15:29
dan_freedomand the VM ware driver15:30
dan_freedomvideo radeon and mach 64 seem to be part of the 'xserver-xorg-video-ati'15:31
charlie-tcaAre you running in a virtual machine?15:32
dan_freedomno, I just thought I should keep the VM driver15:32
dan_freedomin case I want to run a virtual machine15:32
charlie-tcaokay. Just checking, since that would change things.15:32
dan_freedomNo, definitly no VM15:33
dan_freedomshould I just restart now and see if the ati drivers behave or is there more steps?15:34
charlie-tcano more steps I know of. Go ahead. Good luck.15:34
dan_freedomHeHe, somehow I think they will still complain, because the mode 1024x768 seems not to be included... but then again maybe the one of the other drivers was conflicting or something...15:36
charlie-tcano guarantees here15:36
dan_freedomHeHe, thanks I will drop by here again after restart and let u know If I had any luck15:36
dan_freedomIf I dont work, I guess I can hang-out here for while, there must be somebody who will come online who knows how to write new modelines :)15:37
dan_freedom&Thanks for all your help ;)15:38
charlie-tcano problem.15:39
freedom:) those pesky ATI graphic card drivers are still acting up15:46
=== freedom is now known as Dan_Freedom
Dan_FreedomI guess next step would be to maybe ask at a Forum?15:48
=== Dan_Freedom is now known as dan_freedom
dan_freedomLOL, or just buy an AGP nvidia graphic card on Ebay15:51
dan_freedomI will stick around for a while, if anybody has anymore ideas how to force an "ATI 3D RAGE PRO" to use a higher resolution than 800*600 Let me know, I would be delighted to hear from and get this problem sorted :)15:53
danielmdan_freedom, checkout this: http://tinyurl.com/c3olfp15:53
danielmdon't seems to be an easy task, but maybe is a solution15:54
dan_freedomhey, thanks, I will read through it and give it go! Let u know how I get on :)15:56
danielmok, good luck then :)15:58
dan_freedomLOL, it did a whole bunch of stuff, not quite sure what, but I still cant figure out how to in resolution more than 800*60016:30
dan_freedomI am gonna have to give up on it for a while, will have another go later16:31
dan_freedomthink I might have to get this into the x-org config somehow:16:32
dan_freedomSection "Device"16:32
dan_freedom        Identifier      "Configured Video Device"16:32
dan_freedom        Option          "ForcePCIMode"  "True"16:32
dan_freedomSection "Screen"16:32
dan_freedom        Identifier      "Default Screen"16:32
dan_freedom        Monitor         "Configured Monitor"16:32
dan_freedom        Device          "Configured Video Device"16:32
dan_freedom        DefaultDepth    1616:32
dan_freedom        SubSection "Display"16:32
dan_freedom            Depth       1616:32
dan_freedom            Modes           "1024x768"16:32
dan_freedom        EndSubSection16:32
dan_freedomexpect tdefault depth should be higher16:32
dan_freedomhmm... maybe I have the mach64 in the wrong place?16:35
dan_freedomOK, break time! this is giving me a headache! Time for some Dinner, catch u guys later & to all the brains here, Here's my problem: '*how to force an "ATI 3D RAGE PRO" to use a higher resolution than 800*600'16:37
steven__I was wondering if someone could help me with wireless setup on my laptop with Xubuntu17:36
MyrttiI guess not17:58
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)18:18
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs18:19
MyrttiPres-Gas: yes?18:26
O__ohow to run vnc server? is there one come with xubuntu?18:54
cody-somervilleone doesn't come with it but you can install one18:56
O__owhich one?18:57
SiDix11vnc will do as a server yeh18:57
zoredachex11vnc works well in my opinion18:58
O__owhat do u use ssh + vnc viewer?18:59
O__oi usually just vnc into the server without the ssh18:59
O__obut i want to know how to use vnc with ssh , i hear it is safer that way18:59
gabkdllysomewhere in the last year, making an ethernet interface supply a zeroconf network has become much harder18:59
zoredacheusually I ssh to a host.  When I ssh I create some ssh tunnels, and then I start x11vnc on the remote server19:00
SiDiO__o: the advantage of doing it via SSH is that if someone is catching packets from your computer he/she won't know you're using VNC, and thus won't know where there is a VNC server he could try to log on19:00
gabkdllyI used to be able to go Applications -> System -> Network, and click myself to a setup that worked19:00
zoredacheO__o: ssh -L{port}:localhost:5900 -t {host} sudo x11vnc -localhost -nopw -display :0 -auth /var/lib/gdm/:0.Xauth -loop19:01
O__ossh is a shell how do u start vnc there?19:01
zoredachessh isn't a shell, ssh is a tool to get a remote shell19:01
O__odo i run that long command in the client pc?19:01
zoredacheO__o: well you would adapt it, but yes... {port} needs to be a free local port, and {host} is the remote host19:02
zoredacheyou then connect with vnc to to localhost:port19:02
O__olet say the server is kelvin@p3 with port 22, i run ssh -L{22}:localhost:5900 -t {kelvin@p3} sudo x11vnc -localhost -nopw -display :0 -auth /var/lib/gdm/:0.Xauth -loop ???19:03
* SiDi doesn't know much about tunneling :x19:05
SiDiI'm leaving you peeps, just learnt there was a linux'ish party at my city :P gotta go and preach for xubuntu19:06
zoredacheO__o: you would want something like ssh -L10000:localhost:5900 -t kelvin@p3 sudo x11vnc -localhost -nopw -display :0 -auth /var/lib/gdm/:0.Xauth -loop19:20
zoredachethen you would vnc to localhost:1000019:20
O__oso the first command i type it in kelvin@O_o or in kelvin@p3?19:21
GreenBAHey, anybody know if there is a way to configure which packages get installed during a Xubuntu install? Can I make my own CD with a customized package list or anything like that?19:21
O__okelvin@O_o = client, kelvin@p3 = server19:22
zoredacheyes, the installer can be customized... take a look  http://wiki.debian.org/DebianInstaller/Preseed and https://help.ubuntu.com/7.04/installation-guide/i386/preseed-using.html19:23
zoredacheGreenBA: if you are looking for a system to setup lots of identical computers on the same network you might want to look at fai or a few other things which haves names that escape me at the moment19:27
GreenBANah, it's not for bulk installs, I just want to customize what packages get installed19:27
GreenBA Get rid of stuff I don't want, put in stuff I do, etc..19:28
zoredacheyou could always just do a cli install and the apt-get whatever you need19:28
gabkdllyGreenBA: you can build a custom liveCD with a program called uck, to be found on sourceforge19:28
GreenBAOoh, swanky19:29
GreenBAThat sounds promsing19:29
GreenBAzoredache, yeah I know, but I want to install a minimal OS without a lot of packages I have no interest in19:29
zoredacheSorry, you confused me there.  did you mean you 'I don't want to install'19:31
* SiDi 's finally too lazy to leave tonight19:46
RediXeanyone know of any guides on setting up quad-monitor  with 2 ati cards?19:57
mordhey, what am i missing (i'm an arch linux user myself but installed xubuntu on my better halfs' laptop), i can't get compiz-fusion to work. i've checked the X rc file and it should be ok but still nothing. just xfce20:13
charlie-tcamord: did you install compiz? Xfce has it's own compositor, so compiz is not installed by default20:15
mordcharlie-tca: i installed compiz and that pulled in a lot of dependencies20:15
ubottuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion20:16
mordbut there are no errors anywhere, i just can't get compiz to work20:16
charlie-tcaI'm thinking try #compiz-fusion , they know more than I do. I don't use it, myself20:16
mordi sort of have fallen in love with it. it's actually not just eye-candy even though i love to show off to ppl who are still using windoze :)20:18
RediXeanyone know of any guides on setting up quad-monitor  with 2 ati cards?20:29
slow-motionhi keksschaf20:35
dan_freedomI think I have found a solution for my problem: *how to force an "ATI 3D RAGE PRO" to use a higher resolution than 800*600'21:52
dan_freedomdump the damn card and buy a new one!21:52
dan_freedomcant be much more than 20 - 40 euro to buy a AGP graphic card these days?21:53
cody-somervillehave you tried: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg21:54
dan_freedomyes, I tried that one as well, it just asked me a lot of questions about my keyboard and then disappeared!21:55
dan_freedomI tried a few things today but not much luck!21:56
dan_freedomLOL a hard start into Linux for me21:57
dan_freedomI have been using windows for all my PC-life, but I have always wanted to try out Linux... so I decided to try out Xubuntu21:58
dan_freedomHeHe, that was first thing that I encountered! Hey, why cant I set my resolution to anything higher than 800*60021:59
dan_freedombut I did learn a few things about Linux in trying to solve this problem so not all bad... but I would have preferred a less frustrating start into the Linux world :)22:00
danielmxbuntu was good choice22:01
danielmdo you have mach64?22:01
dan_freedomwell, the first one I tried was Ubuntu, but because my system was such a low-end system I swaped over to Xubuntu22:01
danielmi think that is the driver you should use22:01
dan_freedomI tried removing all the drivers today with synaptic package manager to remove all video drivers except:22:02
dan_freedom'xserver-xorg-video-r128' and 'xserver-xorg-video-ati' and 'Vesa'22:02
danielmcan you type in a terminal: lsmod | grep mach6422:03
dan_freedomOk, done22:03
dan_freedomit didn't say anything, but I did hear a lot about the mach64 driver today22:04
danielmwhat  lsmod | grep mach64 returns?22:05
dan_freedom~$ lsmod | grep mach6422:06
dan_freedomthats all that happens22:06
dan_freedomshould I use sudo first maybe?22:06
danielmtry.. but i think that is the same22:07
dan_freedomfreedom@PENNY:~$  lsmod | grep mach6422:08
dan_freedomfreedom@PENNY:~$ sudo lsmod | grep mach6422:08
dan_freedom[sudo] password for freedom:22:08
dan_freedomstill not saying anything, I was messing around today a bit with xrandr22:09
danielmthe drivers isn't loaded22:09
dan_freedom$ xrandr22:10
dan_freedomScreen 0: minimum 320 x 240, current 800 x 600, maximum 800 x 60022:10
dan_freedomdefault connected 800x600+0+0 0mm x 0mm22:10
dan_freedom   800x600        60.0*    56.022:10
dan_freedom   640x480        60.022:10
dan_freedom   400x300        60.0     56.022:10
dan_freedom   320x240        60.022:10
dan_freedomThen I tried:22:10
dan_freedom$ xrandr --output LVDS --mode 1024x76822:10
dan_freedombut nothing happened...22:10
dan_freedomso I think I need to make a new mode so I try:22:10
dan_freedom$ xrandr --addmode S-video 1024x76822:10
dan_freedomxrandr: cannot find output "S-video"22:10
dan_freedomI tried: (using 'http://www.bohne-lang.de/spec/linux/modeline/' to make a new modeline)22:10
dan_freedom1024x768 (0x127)   60.8MHz22:11
dan_freedom        h: width  1024 start 1056 end 1128 total 1272 skew    0 clock   47.8KHz22:11
dan_freedom        v: height  768 start  768 end  770 total  796           clock   60.0Hz22:11
dan_freedomit added that but I cannot set it... so I guess It must be wrong22:11
dan_freedomshould I try and add mach64? if it is not loaded?22:12
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)22:12
dan_freedomOK, :) lots of stuff to learn22:13
dan_freedombut that all there was to paste ;)22:13
danielmon intrepid there is a package: xserver-xorg-video-mach6422:14
dan_freedomstrange, synaptic package manager shows that as green on my system22:17
dan_freedomwhich should mean that its allready installed?22:17
dan_freedomhmm... I guess Xbuntu is using the other one for my graphic card then, and mach64 is just there as a choice?22:18
dan_freedomI did try this today, but it was a bit much for a Linux beginer...22:21
dan_freedomthat might have messed things up a bit :)22:21
dan_freedomI will reinstall that mach6422:22
danielmyou can type also: glxinfo | grep direct22:27
danielmyou will need mesa-utils installed to do that22:28
dan_freedomyeah, I just tried to install them with the Terminal but it didn't work... :(22:28
dan_freedom sudo apt-get install mesa-utils22:28
dan_freedom[sudo] password for freedom:22:28
dan_freedomE: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11 Resource temporarily unavailable)22:28
dan_freedomE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?22:28
danielmclose sypantic22:29
dan_freedomahh ok :)22:29
danielmor any other package manager first22:29
dan_freedom~$ glxinfo | grep direct22:31
dan_freedomdirect rendering: Yes22:31
danielmoh.. is enabled!22:31
dan_freedomis that good? :)22:31
danielmcan you use: http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste your /etc/X11/xorg.conf file?22:32
dan_freedomok, I think thats right?22:35
danielmmm.. but if you compare it with: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=4906456&postcount=21622:36
danielmthere is some diferences that maybe you can try22:36
danielmthe drivers is enabled, so maybe you just need to edit your xorg.conf to fix that22:37
dan_freedommaybe like what that guy has written? at the end22:38
danielmyes, exactly22:38
dan_freedomOk, I will give it go :)22:39
danielmjust add the changes that are in bold22:41
dan_freedomI guess 32 bit colour is ok?22:41
dan_freedomor maybe 24? I reckon it can handle more than 16 bit22:42
danielmmmm not sure22:43
danielmtry using that values first22:43
dan_freedomhmm... I cant seem to save it22:43
danielmyou have to edit it as root :)22:43
dan_freedomHeHe, I do believe problem solving is best way to learn Linux?22:44
danielmsudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf22:44
danielmye.. pure fun :))22:44
dan_freedomI think I have learnt more today than I would have in a week reading through 'Welcome to Xubuntu 8.10!'22:45
danielmor sudo mousepad /etc/X11/xorg.conf22:46
danielmif you like the mouse22:46
dan_freedomyeah, I was a bit stuck, I think I will try with the mouse22:47
dan_freedomOK, I think I got it done :)22:51
dan_freedomI saved something anyway :)22:51
danielmgood.. you used 16 right?22:51
WipsHi, I've downloaded a desktop cd of xubuntu, but I already have ubuntu on my laptop, so I need to remove ubuntu first. How do I do that?22:52
danielmrestart.. and see what happen.. use low graphics again if you have any problem22:52
dan_freedomOK, be back in bit then! I am excited to see it it works! :)22:53
danielmgood luck22:53
=== danielm_ is now known as danielm
freedomI did something but not quite right :)23:02
freedomI have one more thing to try I forgot to take out the  that time :/23:02
danielmoh.. it works?23:03
freedomno, it said EE problem parsing the config file23:04
freedombut I forgot I had a 32 in it23:04
freedomI just changed it 16 and saved it, so I will give it another go now23:04
freedomBRB :)23:04
dan_freedomstill no luck :(23:10
dan_freedomwell, I guess tomorrow is another day :)23:11
dan_freedomhmm, I must have went wrong somewhere...23:12
dan_freedomLOL, I have messed up my terminal as well23:12
danielmit's curious, your direct rendering is enabled.. you should be able to change the resolution ://23:14
dan_freedomhmm, maybe my mach64 is in wrong place23:16
danielmare you using the new xorg.conf?23:16
dan_freedomalso in my case i had to do an23:17
dan_freedom$sudo depmod -a23:17
dan_freedomand added mach64 in23:17
dan_freedomfrom that blog23:17
dan_freedomI think so, because it tries to load it when I restart and says Problem parsing the config file23:17
WipsOk, so I'm installing xubuntu over a ubuntu partition.. Do I have to make a new swap-partition or can I just keep the old one?23:19
danielmyou can read the /var/log/Xorg.0.log.. that is the x log, and maybe say what is wrong with your X setup23:19
dan_freedomI am repeating the steps at website now23:19
danielmyou will find the EE: there23:19
dan_freedomI have only fuse and lg in my /etc/modules23:22
dan_freedommaybe thats it?23:22
danielmi don't think so23:22
dan_freedomlp i mean23:22
danielmtry to locate your X error when loading on the logs and share it23:22
dan_freedomis that it?23:25
alienkidhi guys my bros computer is stuck on "*Activating swapfile swap..." in it's boot precess23:27
alienkidwhat would we do? The thing to indicate where a letter will be typed is over at the very right of the screen blinking23:28
alienkidit's installed via wubi if that makes a differnce23:28
alienkidnever mind it just booted but any clue what would make it hang like that?23:29
danielmdan_freedom, look at other X logs.. that seems to be the failsafe-log without errors23:32
WipsHow large partition should an xubuntu installation have?23:34
dan_freedomsudo depmod -a what does that do?23:35
danielmWips, http://www.xubuntu.org/get there is a section with requirements23:38
dan_freedomcant seem to see any error log at the moment23:47
dan_freedom:) getting tired, better leave it for today23:48
dan_freedomI will see how expensive AGP NVIDIA cards are tommorow, maybe there is a cheap one I can pick up :)23:49
dan_freedomNite Nite, a BIG BIG THANK-YOU for all your help!23:50
dan_freedom:) it was like a crash course in Linux today23:51
danielmok dan, but you are in the right way23:55

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