abentleyjelmer: You might want to look at https://dev.launchpad.net/Code/BzrSend00:00
thumperabentley: some nicer errors might be nice :)00:00
lifelessjelmer: ping00:00
lifelessjelmer: did you see the thread asking for bzr-git help ?00:01
jelmerabentley: ah, cool00:01
abentleythumper: I suppose, but soon it will not be an error.00:01
lifelessdavidstrauss: in all your branches?00:01
thumperabentley: :)00:01
jelmerlifeless, hi00:02
jelmerlifeless, no, I'll have a look now, thanksw00:02
davidstrausslifeless: I've only tried that in the problem branch.00:06
lifelessdavidstrauss: please try your other branches00:08
lifelessthe file in question - modules/trigger/trigger.info00:09
davidstrausslifeless: I can't pull that revision from any branch.00:11
davidstrausslifeless: i can access trigger.info from older branches00:12
lifelessdavidstrauss: you checked cat-revision for that rev in all your branches?00:13
lifelessdavidstrauss: did you have anything odd happen two days ago? all the references to the missing revision start on the 28th of jan00:14
lifelesswas it a loom branch00:14
lifeless(I'm trying to track down the reason this happened)00:15
davidstrausslifeless: I didn't hear any reports of problems00:15
davidstrausslifeless: And "bzr check" runs fine on yesterday's branches00:15
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davidstrausslifeless: the branch works properly through rev 52000:23
lifelessdavidstrauss: yes, thats consistent with my analysis00:25
lifelessdavidstrauss: something cause bzr, in rev yched-20090128232212-lnh21io5dqaikdeo, to insert a reference to a text version that isn't in the branch, coming from a revision you don't appear to have00:26
lifelessthat commit was done by yched00:26
davidstrausslifeless: yes, and he uses a windows client over bzr+ssh00:27
davidstrausslifeless: i've emailed him to ask the specific version00:28
lifelessspiv: ping00:28
lifelessdavidstrauss: also any plugins, and did he have *any* issues - confusing behaviour, a merge he cancelled, etc - at that time00:28
davidstrausslifeless: he has whatever is packaged with the windows bzr installer00:29
davidstrausslifeless: and he's using a checkout/update/commit workflow00:29
davidstrausslifeless: the server-side is running bzr 1.1100:29
davidstrausslifeless: on RHEL 500:30
spivlifeless: pong00:30
lifelessspiv: please read the discussion david and I have been having00:30
davidstrausslifeless: I haven't heard if Yves did or encountered anything unusual.00:30
lifelessdavidstrauss: regardless; there is a bug here, if it was commot we'd see this all the time, so its uncommon / corner case00:31
spivlifeless: Hmm.  Summary: missing revision, there's a text delta against that rev, the missing revision was created on windows over bzr+ssh?00:31
lifelessits a pretty serious bug to introduce bad references like this00:32
lifelessspiv: missing rev; the inventory in rev yched-20090128232212-lnh21io5dqaikdeo adds a reference to [1-or-more] texts added by the missing rev00:32
lifelessrev yched-20090128232212-lnh21io5dqaikdeo was pushed to the server by the windows client over bzr+ssh00:32
davidstraussspiv: The branch is downloadable from http://straussd.fourkitchens.com/7-fic-broken.tgz00:33
lifelessdavidstrauss: let me know when he gets back to you00:35
lifelessdavidstrauss: I'll start looking at the code he's running at that point to see if I can find a potential cause00:35
davidstrausslifeless: Sounds like a plan. :-)00:36
spivlifeless: An interesting issue...  and the second one involving bzr+ssh & windows in the last week.00:37
lifelessspiv: I smell a commit issue for the inventory data; but I also am concerned about the smart server letting this in00:38
spivWell, the smart server is still mostly acting like a VFS server as far as pack data goes.00:39
lifelessisn't there a ref check now ?00:39
spivHmm.  I think the client is still doing that, I'll refresh my memory.00:39
spivYeah, the Packer on the client still does _check_references.  After that point the autopack occurs (and may be done via RPC), but the InterPackRepo code path leading to _check_references is the same for HPSS and non-HPSS.00:42
lifelessspiv: so, somehow this passed the check00:42
lifelesslikely because the rev being added doesn't add the ref; but the mismathc between inv content and rev parents led to a skew00:43
lifelessI'm really wondering if there is a third party commit code involved00:43
lifelesssomething in bzr-gtk or qbzr perhaps00:43
spivThat's an interesting thought!00:44
lifelessbecause of course the core code is bugfree ;P00:44
lifelessmarkh: what does gui commits on windows do00:45
markhum - the qbzr plugin calls "bzr commit" as a subprocess, if that is what you are asking00:46
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lifelessok, so we should have the command line in bzr.log00:48
davidstrausslifeless: He may be using TortoiseBzr00:49
markhdavidstrauss: Tortoise uses qbzr00:49
davidstrausslifeless: There's also a chance he's using the Eclipse extension00:50
lifelessdavidstrauss: we'll know soon enough :)00:50
davidstraussI'm mostly concerned that the smart server allowed this.00:50
lifelessdavidstrauss: so are we ;)00:51
* spiv goes back to working on a truly smart push...00:52
davidstrausslifeless: Yves is running Tortoise Bazar 0.1 / bzr 1.900:59
lifelessdid he notice anything out of the orderinary?01:00
lifelesscan we get his bzr.log01:01
davidstrausslifeless: He didn't mention anything unusual.01:01
markhok, looking a little more, qbzr actually executes a sub-process with a command-line that looks like 'bzr qsubprocess commit ..." - the qsubprocess command still just does a "normal" checkout or whatever sub-command is issues, but qsubprocess allows for progress info to be sent back IIUC01:01
lifelessdavidstrauss: please ask him explicitly01:01
davidstrausslifeless: Where is bzr.log for Windows clients?01:01
markhdavidstrauss: in "my documents"01:02
lifelessbzr --version lists the location01:02
davidstrausslifeless: I've asked him.01:05
lifelessdavidstrauss: thanks01:05
lifelessI want to be clear - I don't think hes done anything wrong; this is a software issue we just need to fine the bug01:06
davidstrausslifeless: of course :-)01:11
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* igc lunch & doctor appointment01:48
thumperlifeless: I'm assuming this is known about: /home/tim/.bazaar/plugins/loom/revspec.py:64: DeprecationWarning: Modifying SPEC_TYPES was deprecated in version 1.12.03:29
jelmerthumper, yeah, John posted a patch to the list03:36
lifelessand I approved it :P03:37
thumperis it on trunk yet?03:38
_AndrewI just made this diff on a file but I feel like it's not generated the patch correctly on one file because it's removed a ton of code I haven't edited and then added it back in. Should I report it as a bug?03:39
lifeless_Andrew: you can if you like, but diff is actually really hard to get 'right' all the time: oftimes when we get a report like that we can track it down to the alternative being larger or less useful - but not always03:40
lifeless_Andrew: you probably moved an anchor line from below to above the code that got shown as a delete+add03:40
lifeless_Andrew: we do care about making diff as useful as possible03:43
_AndrewYou might be right..03:43
_Andrewone second let me revert the change and add what I changed03:43
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_AndrewMy fault..04:02
_AndrewI ran one of the files through qt designer which changed it all04:02
_AndrewThanks for all the help.04:11
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tjsanyone know what a bad protocol version marker would be?04:31
tjsbzr: ERROR: Received bad protocol version marker: '2428\nbzr message 3 (bzr 1.6)'04:32
spivA good protocol version marker would be "bzr message 3 (bzr 1.6)\n"04:34
spivThis is over bzr+ssh?04:34
spivCan you reproduce with -Dhpss?  What version on the server?04:34
tjsbzr -Dhpss ci -m "testing"04:35
tjsbzr: ERROR: Received bad protocol version marker: '1772\nbzr message 3 (bzr 1.6)'04:35
tjs1.6.1 on both04:35
tjsalthough the server was created at 1.3.104:35
tjsI tried doing a bzr upgrade on the server and it says its all up to date04:36
spivtjs: what does the log file (~/.bzr.log) show for the -Dhpss command?04:36
lifeless  tjs you have noise from somewhere04:36
spivInteresting that it's so consistent (4 bytes each time)...04:37
spivDo you have any plugins on the server that would write to stdout?04:37
tjspossibly o.O04:37
tjsone sec04:37
spivHmm, perhaps bzr serve should smash sys.stdout to discourage that...04:38
spivEr, bzr serve --inet, I mean.04:38
tjscrisis averted04:38
tjsthanks guys04:38
spivtjs: bzr+ssh doesn't care about stderr, so you can abuse that if you want ;)04:40
tjswas just some debugging cruft, is there a way to use pdb in a hook script?04:41
spivYou can do the usual "import pdb; pdb.set_trace()" trick.04:47
spivIt won't work so well if it's running on the remote end, though...04:48
spiv(Incidentally, hitting SIGQUIT, usually C-\, will drop you into the debugger too)04:49
Peng_jelmer: Congrats on the release (candidate). :)05:10
sohaillifeless, there?06:59
sohailwell anyone actually...06:59
sohailI am trying to see what the changes are between two branches06:59
sohailvia merge /path/to/dev/branch07:00
sohailthis only merges the last checkin...07:00
spivbzr merge will merge all changes that aren't already in your branch.07:02
spivYou could also do bzr diff -r -1..branch:/path/to/dev/branch07:04
spivBut typically "bzr merge --preview /path/to/dev/branch" is what you want.07:05
sohailspiv, but that's just it07:05
sohailthere are more changes that are not being merged07:05
sohailfor example, I made some changes to the 'website' directory in my 'next' branch, yet when I switch to master and merge from next... nothing07:06
spivWhat does "bzr missing /path/to/dev/branch" report?07:07
sohailspiv, "You are missing 1 revision"07:08
sohailI have no ide ahow07:08
sohailI never merged07:08
vilahi all07:08
sohailspiv, I am looking at bzr log07:08
sohailall the checkins are to branch nick: next07:09
sohailyet some of the changes are actually in my master branch already07:09
sohailah spiv I think I may have figured it out... I had the working copy bound to /path/to/master07:27
sohailso I guess when I did bzr switch next, it was still submitting to master?07:28
spivsohail: bzr switch changes the branch that the working copy is bound to.07:30
sohailspiv, then what's going on?07:30
spivNo idea.07:32
sohailthis sucks...07:33
sohailI need to do a release but wanted to work on some next version stuff!07:33
sohailoh well... bed time :-(07:34
igchave a good weekend all08:45
aquariusI've inadvertently bzr rm'd an (empty) folder (called "tmp") in my branch. I did it a while ago, and I'd like to get it back. "bzr revert tmp" complains that tmp is not versioned (which it isn't, because I bzr rm'd it). How do i get it back? I could just bzr add it again, but that seems wrong...08:52
edgimarIf I did a 'bzr merge <otherbranch>' on a given branch, and now 'bzr st' shows 'pending merges', how do I "call off" the merge, and go back to how it was before I had typed 'bzr merge'?08:52
Lo-lan-doedgimar: bzr revert08:53
edgimarLo-lan-do: I think I tried that -- are there special flags to add to it?08:53
Lo-lan-doaquarius: bzr revert, too :-)08:53
Lo-lan-doedgimar: Not as far as I know08:53
aquariusLo-lan-do: bzr revert will just remove everything changed since my last commit, won't it?08:54
aquariusLo-lan-do: and bzr revert tmp says that tmp isn't versioned08:54
Lo-lan-doaquarius: Correct.  If you want to save some of these changes, you might try to shelve them, then revert the rest, then unshelve.08:54
edgimarOk, maybe the problem was that I specified something like '*' as an argument, and should have had no arguments.08:55
Lo-lan-doedgimar: Possibly, yes.08:56
Peng_By default, I think revert only removes pending merges when you don't specify any files. That's what the --forget-merges argument is for. :)09:02
aquariusLo-lan-do: aha, I removed it in r570. So, bzr merge -r 570..569 will reverse that merge, yes?09:06
Lo-lan-doaquarius: Ah, if you've committed the removal, then yes, you'll need to do something like that.09:07
Lo-lan-dorevert only reverts uncommitted changes :-)09:07
aquariusLo-lan-do: yep :)09:08
aquariusLo-lan-do: OK, confused. bzr log -v -r 570 shows that all I did in that revision was remove tmp/. But bzr merge -r 570..569 changes a load of other files. What am I doing wrong?09:09
kiko-zzzgood to see you here09:12
Lo-lan-doaquarius: Not sure... it may be a different syntax.09:13
Lo-lan-dokiko-zzz: Hi :-)09:13
Lo-lan-dokiko-zzz: How are things?09:15
kiko-zzzhow's bzr working for you?09:15
kiko-zzzI'm great. a bit sleepy09:15
kiko-zzzbusy this week with a plan for bzr :)09:15
Lo-lan-doIt's working great for me, and I'd love to have time to learn how to hack it in order to fix a few problems I still have.09:16
kiko-zzzLo-lan-do, hey, if you have some time free talk to me :)09:17
Lo-lan-doFree time.  Haha.09:18
aquariusI am very confused. bzr log -v -r 570 shows that all I did in that revision was remove tmp/. But bzr merge -r 570..569 changes a load of other files. What am I doing wrong?09:21
kiko-zzzaquarius, interesting -- in what revision did those files change?09:21
aquariuskiko-zzz: I don't know...09:22
aquariuskiko-zzz: probably 571 (I did a merge from trunk then)09:22
kiko-zzzaquarius, try changing the revisions in your merge command slightly and seeing if something makes sense09:23
aquariuskiko-zzz: it doesn't seem to. (This is more complex because 571 was the merge from trunk, so loads of files that I have nothing to do with changed...but merge -r 570..569 does not seem to be everything from trunk.)09:24
edgimarIf I committed something before setting my username properly (with 'whoami'), can I go back and change the username of the commit?09:24
kiko-zzzedgimar, bzr uncommit and commit09:25
edgimarok, so uncommit will leave the working directory in the state right before it was committed?09:25
kiko-zzzand shelve if you don't want to lose that09:25
kiko-zzzaquarius, I can totally reproduce what you are saying09:27
kiko-zzzaquarius, I'm not sure exactly why it happens, but I can tell you this09:27
edgimarkiko-zzz: what if I committed more than one revision?09:28
kiko-zzzedgimar, uncommit, shelve, uncommit, shelve, etc09:28
edgimarok. thanks.09:28
aquariuskiko-zzz: aha! I have worked it out, because I was stupid. bzr merge -r 570..569 .09:28
aquariusI was unmerging from trunk, not from myself. forgot the . on the end :)09:29
kiko-zzzaquarius, heh, but tricky eh?09:29
kiko-zzzmight be worth filing a bug09:29
kiko-zzzokay, time for some cycling09:29
kiko-zzzbefore I go pumpkin :)09:29
* kiko-zzz waves and will bbl09:29
aquariuskiko-zzz: I shall do, although it may be closed with EYOUARESTUPID :)09:29
kiko-zzzaquarius, /msg me the bug number so I make sure it doesn't ;)09:30
edgimarkiko-zzz: It seems that doing uncommit / commit requires you to re-enter your commit message and doesn't retain the original commit time -- is there a way to *only* change the username?09:39
kiko-zzzedgimar, well, you're asking to rewrite history. there may be a history rewriting plugin but I don't know 100%09:40
kiko-zzzneed to run, ttyl09:40
Kinnisonedgimar: by uncommitting, you're asking bzr to forget about your commit. So it does indeed forget username, message, etc.09:44
Kinnisonedgimar: If you really want that behaviour, write yourself a script. It's not behaviour I'd imagine the bzr team wanting to promote09:45
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etenilI have yet another problem with bzr on windows10:12
etenilI can't locate where the configuration files are10:12
luksbzr version10:13
etenilOh got it10:16
etenilman, it's easier on GNU/Linux10:16
balorDuring disconnected operation I committed code to a local branch "bzr ci --local".  If I "bzr update" will that propogate to the non-local branch it was checked out from?10:21
aquariusjames_w: arf :)10:21
james_waquarius: I couldn't resist10:22
baloraquarius: Long time no see.  Happy birthday.10:22
james_wah, happy birthday aq10:23
james_wbalor: I'm not completely sure, but I believe it won't propagate at update time10:23
balorjames_w: hmmm.....10:24
aquariusbalor, james_w: cheers :)10:25
baloraquarius: Which reminds me that I should go up north to spill another pint on you some time soon.10:29
bialixetenil: `bzr qconfig` may help10:30
aquariusbalor: when you're around here, say the word :)10:34
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spivbalor: no, bzr update will turn the local commits into pending merges in your working copy.  When you do "bzr commit" they'll propagate to the master branch.10:44
balorspiv: Will they commit with the commit messages I've previously given them?10:44
balorspiv: i.e. the changelog entries10:44
Lo-lan-doNope, they'll commit as one revision merging all your local commits into one.10:45
balorIs there any way to get all my local commits to commit to the master branch?10:46
Lo-lan-doUnless you rebase them on the updated tree, but I'm not sure how to do that (I believe it is possible though).10:46
Lo-lan-doYes, rebase :-)10:46
spivbalor: all the commits will still be there, but not on the mainline.10:46
spivYou could probably "bzr unbind" and then "bzr push" to push them as mainline commits, assuming the master hasn't diverged.10:47
balorspiv: I think I may just push them up to a new location and use that as the new mainline10:48
Lo-lan-doAnd if it has diverged, then unbind, rebase, push, bind.10:48
spivLo-lan-do: er10:48
spivLo-lan-do: well, I guess.  Or just merge the master back in and push.10:48
Lo-lan-do(If you want the individual commits to still appear linearly)10:49
spivI personally wouldn't worry so much about which commits are mainline and which aren't.10:49
spivThey're all still there, whether they're on the left-hand side of the graph isn't really a big deal generally.10:49
Lo-lan-dospiv: I sometimes do, when mainline is stored on SVN.10:49
spivAh.  Poor you :)10:50
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etenilI've got a silly windows problem to start olive12:32
etenilI have made a shortcut to 'bzr olive', but it always shows the terminal windows to which the program is attached12:33
etenilis there any way around?12:33
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KinnisonIs there a known issue with bzr-git right now?13:56
KinnisonI branched it to take a look, but bzr whinges:13:56
Kinnison__init__() takes exactly 2 arguments (1 given)13:56
Kinnisonwhich appears to be caused by the last line in mapping.py13:57
jelmerKinnison, you need bzr.dev14:10
jelmerFormat <HgRepositoryFormat> for file:///home/jelmer/hg/dovecot/.hg/ is deprecated - please use 'bzr upgrade' to get better performance14:11
* jelmer fixes bzr-hg14:11
vilajelmer: :-)14:11
Kinnisonjelmer: I just did pull in my bzr.dev14:12
* Kinnison boggles and tries again14:12
KinnisonNo revisions to pull14:13
vilajelmer: regarding bug marked as fixed released for bzr-gtk, there seemed to be consensus on the ML, should we start to apply it now ?14:13
jelmerKinnison, oh, and I should be pushing to lp:bzr-git rather than my private bzr-git branch14:13
jelmerKinnison, sorry14:13
Kinnisonshould I re-pull bzr-git ?14:14
jelmerKinnison, pushed, please repull bzr-git14:14
jelmervila: yeah, I think so14:14
vilaok, great14:14
KinnisonWhat is dulwich and where do I get it?14:15
jelmerKinnison, it's a Python module that implements the git file formats/protocols14:16
jelmerKinnison, there's a PPA at launchpad.net/~dulwich14:16
jelmerKinnison, the performance sucks a bit at the moment, so I wouldn't try it on the Linux kernel but it should be fine for smaller projects14:19
bialixjelmer: I'm interesting in bzr-git. I'll try to start test it on win32. Do you have any particular advices?14:19
jelmerbialix: Ah, cool! I would be interested to hear about portability or other bugs you encounter14:20
bialixI don't have any particular git project I want to track. Do you have any testing one or I need to create local repo?14:21
Kinnisonjelmer: amusingly I hadn't read that performance warning and wandered off to branch linux-2.614:21
Kinnisonjelmer: It crashed14:21
santagadathe guys that where developing the bzr textmate bundle don't whant to continue to develop it. If I were to work on it do you guys think using the bzr api is a better idea or using the bzr client is ok?14:22
homyHi! I'm using ubuntu intrepid and the launchpad bzr ppa.14:22
santagadahow could I show progress bar is I use the bzr client?14:23
homySince some time, I can't update the bzr package: Update manager always prompts me to do a "partial update", as bzr can't be installed.14:23
santagadahomy: you are having problems with bzr-tools right14:23
homysantagada: how do I find out if that's the case?14:23
santagadahomy: I think noone updated it yet... the last 2 days people came here all the time complaining about it14:24
santagadahomy: you can search for bzr-tools on synaptic I think...14:24
bialixbzrtools (without dash, IMO)14:25
santagadabialix: thanks :)14:25
bialixat least it's the official name14:25
homyyes. The square is green. The square next to bzr is green but has a star14:25
vilasantagada: what bzr version are you using ? There is a new pb implementation under work in bzr.dev14:26
santagadavila: pb?14:26
santagadawhat is that14:26
vilaprogress bar14:26
santagadavila: I plan to develop the textmate bundle to work with the released bazaar... or when is 1.12 going to be released?14:27
vilathe rc should be out next friday or something14:27
santagadahomy: bzrtools is 1.10 right? and bzr can be updated to 1.1114:27
santagadavila: so I should probably target it14:28
vilasantagada: what is textmate ?14:28
santagadavila: one of the most used text editors for osx14:28
jelmerbialix, a good one is e.g. etckeeper14:28
vilasantagada: I thought is was emacs, sorry about that :)14:28
homysantagada: bzrtools: installed version = latest version = 1.10.-1~bazaar1~intrepid1 bzr: installed version 1.10-1~bazaar1~intrepid and latest version 1.11.114:28
jelmerbialix, bzr branch git://git.kitenet.net/etckeeper14:29
jelmerKinnison, whoa :-)14:29
bialixjelmer: ok14:29
santagadavila: I think the order is: textmate, bbedit, aquamacs, vim14:29
jelmerKinnison, Hopefully that should be fixed soon, there are just two places where we do things *really* inefficiently14:29
vilasantagada: so regarding pb, it depends a lot on how you interface between textmate and bzr14:29
santagadavila: I was plaining to use the bzr client directly thru shell scripts14:30
* bialix hope etckeeper don't have versioned symlinks14:30
Kinnisonjelmer: http://rafb.net/p/881AAH60.html14:30
Kinnisonjelmer: if it's something you know, I'll wait. otherwise if you want, I can file a bug.14:31
vilaHow do you "program" (?) textmate ?14:31
jelmerKinnison, please file a bug14:31
santagadahomy: you have to wait14:31
vilasantagada: by the way, I thought Xcode was the most commonly used...14:31
santagadahomy: while bzrtools is not updated14:32
santagadavila: xcode is not a text editor... well emacs isn't either :)14:32
santagadavila: tm uses shell scripts mostly14:32
homyIs there any particular reason for bzrtools not being up-to-date in the ubuntu ppa?14:33
Kinnisonjelmer: filed: #32319014:34
* bialix mutters bzr-git and dulwich could be married with scmproj14:34
santagadahomy: ppa I think is updated by people... and some people didn't update it14:34
jelmerKinnison, thanks14:34
* Kinnison goes back to git for now14:35
* Kinnison sobs14:35
santagadahomy: why he didn't I don't know... but doing debian packages is a hard process14:35
bialixjelmer: what is the right way to run selftest fro dulwich14:35
santagadajelmer: the PPA packages are not automated or are they?14:35
jelmerbialix, e.g. "trial dulwich"14:35
jelmerbialix, it's part of twisted14:36
bialixoh, no14:36
speakmanhi folks, i'm having trobles using trac-bzr on freebsd. Is there a better channel for this issue?14:36
jelmerbialix, I think there are other test runners as well, but don't know any others off the top of my head14:36
bialixif there is nothing unusual in dulwich test suite I can port my own runner, if you dont mind14:37
bialixspeakman: I'm using trac-bzr, but on Windows14:37
jelmerbialix, I'd rather keep it as generic as possible14:37
speakmanI get "AttributeError: 'int' object has no attribute 'isdigit'" when running latest trac-bzr (from trunk today) and Trac 0.11.2, bzr 1.11 (how do I check bzrlib version?)14:38
jelmerspeakman, please file a bug14:38
speakman>>> bzrlib.version_info14:38
speakman(1, 11, 0, 'final', 0)14:38
homyok, so I guess I'll just have to wait.14:38
bialixjelmer: how test runner will make the dulwich test suite less general?14:39
bialixor generic, whatever14:39
santagadaspeakman: int has isdigit right?14:39
santagadaspeakman: try it in python14:39
bialixisdigit seems to be string method14:39
speakmanheh, didn't look that far. Strange! Python is 2.5 btw14:39
santagadaspeakman: (1).isdigit() or int.isdigit()14:39
santagadabialix: right again14:40
santagadaspeakman: it is a function from string, bialix is right14:40
speakmanThe line of the error is 213 in backend.py: "if rev.isdigit():"14:41
santagadaspeakman: paste your full traceback somewhere14:41
jelmerbialix: basically dulwich just uses the standard unittest python module that's included in python itself14:41
speakmansantagada: will do, w814:41
jelmerbialix, so any test runner that can use that should work14:41
bialixjelmer: yes, I understand14:41
bialixI have a simple test runner implementation so one can run `python setup.py test`14:41
santagadaspeakman: I think you should open a ticket on the bzr bug tracker...14:41
jelmerbialix, ah, ok14:41
jelmerbialix, That's of course useful :-)14:42
bialixjelmer: something wrong: ImportError: No module named dulwich.protocol14:42
speakmansantagada: bzr or bzr-trac ?14:42
santagadaspeakman: good question14:42
santagadaspeakman: I'm thinking it is a problem with the trac integration14:43
santagadabut let me look14:43
bialixjelmer: I've put dulwich lib inside git plugin directory because I'm running bzr.exe14:43
santagadaspeakman: it is a problem with tracbzr14:43
bialixand this import does not work for me: from dulwich.protocol import Protocol, TCP_GIT_PORT, extract_capabilities14:44
santagadaspeakman: what is it by the way? it is a plugin for versioncontrol for trac? where can I find its homepage?14:44
jelmerbialix, Yeah, you'll probably need to have it in PYTHONPATH14:44
bialixjelmer: oh, yes. we have similar trick in qbzr14:45
speakmanChanging repository_dir to point at parent dir killed the error..!14:45
santagadaspeakman: maybe there is someone on #trac that could help you14:45
speakmansantagada: https://launchpad.net/trac-bzr14:45
bialixjelmer: I'll send you a patch shortly14:46
santagadajelmer: isn't you the author of trac-bzr?14:47
bialixjelmer: in qbzr we put additional libs in the _lib directory. if I'll use the same approach for bzr-git -- it'll be ok for you?14:47
jelmerbialix, as long as it doesn't modify sys.path14:47
bialixit indeed modified sys.path14:48
bialixbut only if user run bzr.exe14:48
bialixthere is no way otherwise14:48
jelmerbialix, Can you send me the patch? I'm not completely sure about this, but I'll have a look14:48
jrwrentrac-bzr looks cool! wish lp was free :)14:48
speakmanThis seems to fixed it. I'll just keep it like that.14:48
bialixjelmer: for bzr.exe sys.path points only to bundled libs in exe's library.zip14:48
jelmersantagada, I seem to be the maintainer by default14:49
santagadajelmer: good luck fixing speakman bug :). I might be abble to help14:50
bialixjelmer: it will looks something like this: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~qbzr-dev/qbzr/trunk/annotate/head%3A/lib/__init__.py (lines 23-25)14:51
santagadaI don't know anything about bzr but I do understand trac code14:51
jelmerbialix, Ah, that looks reasonable14:51
nDuffhmm -- I was just plugging Bundle Buggy in #qemu (as there's been talk on the mailing list on wanting a patch-tracking system), and Patchwork [http://ozlabs.org/~jk/projects/patchwork/] came up as an SCM-agnostic competitor; I didn't actually know there were other tools in the same space.14:51
jelmernDuff, I think bzr used patchwork for a while14:51
jelmernDuff, it doesn't track when things have been merged though, exactly because it's SCM agnostic14:52
jelmersantagada: trac-bzr mainly needs a testsuite :-(14:52
gnomefreakcan someone tell me why im getting this error? http://pastebin.mozilla.org/61264114:52
santagadajelmer: why not just reuse trac testsuite?14:53
jelmergnomefreak, you can't push to http locations14:53
jelmersantagada, That doesn't setup bzr repositories, etc14:53
gnomefreaki used the lp:14:53
gnomefreakoops wriong link14:53
santagadajelmer: adapting version_control/tests/svn_fs.py for bzr doesn't seem impossible...14:57
speakmanThere's alot more bugs with trac-bzr. Nonworking URLs to files in specific revisions seems common. I might get back to help out fix some of it, but I'm currently in a hurry.14:59
speakmanThanks alot for your time!14:59
jamvila: ping15:00
vilajam: pong, can we talk now or a bit later ? (I need to switch machine if we talk)15:01
santagadaspeakman: this seems to be a problem with having evolving versions of trac and bzr and not having automated test cases... it probably works for some versions of bzr and trac :|15:01
bialixjelmer: bzr selftest git fails very quickly: http://pastebin.com/m516466ff15:01
jelmerbialix, can you be more specific ? :-)15:02
speakmansantagada: yes, probably. My other installations works pretty good.15:02
bialixjelmer: that's all I get15:02
speakman(another thing is the null: revision which keeps showing on top on Timeline.)15:02
jelmerbialix, Any chance you can file a bug ? I'll have a look at it later15:03
bialixit seems like bzr test suite crashed15:03
jelmersantagada, that still means somebody has to put effort in, and I doubt it would be much quicker than writing a testsuite for bzr from scratch15:03
bialixI don't have usual stack trace in the end15:04
santagadaspeakman: file a bug on trac-bzr15:07
santagadajelmer: maybe15:07
jelmerhmm, lazy commands already landed !15:12
jelmerI never noticed15:12
bialixjelmer: bug 32320715:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 323207 in bzr-git "`bzr.exe selftest git` fails" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32320715:15
jelmerbialix, thanks!15:15
* bialix pushing the branch with bzr.exe support patch to lp15:16
bialixjelmer: the patch: https://code.launchpad.net/~bialix/bzr-git/bzr.exe/+merge/325815:18
santagadaspeakman: did you reported your bug on trac-bzr?15:24
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speakmansantagada: sorry, no time for that at the moment :(16:06
speakmansantagada: will get back to it later, or other bugs (there are some in that package)16:06
speakmannow have to leave, thanks for your time16:06
sohaillifeless, awake?16:29
jelmerhi rockstar16:36
jelmerhi rocky16:36
rockyheyo ;)16:36
jelmerPeng_, thanks!16:37
rockstarjelmer, turn my tab blue...16:37
jelmerrockstar: Sorry :-)16:37
rockstarjelmer, :)16:37
rockstarjelmer, for the bzr-stats changes, should I request a review from you?16:38
jelmerrockstar: yeah, from either me or John16:38
jelmerperhaps we should create a team for bzr-stats. are you in the bzr developers team?16:39
rockstarjelmer, I don't think so.  I don't think I've made many contributions to bzr.16:39
jelmerrockstar, I've created a bzr-stats team that now owns bzr-stats; you should be able to request review from that team16:51
rockstarjelmer, can you set the default review team for lp:bzr-stats to be that team?16:55
jelmerrockstar, how do I do that?16:57
rockstarjelmer, I did it.16:58
bialixjelmer: dulwich/test/__init__.py uses only test_objects, test_repository and test_pack as modules for testing. but test_index and test_object_store are not. should I update this?16:59
Jc2kbialix: thats fixed in my branch already (i added another test as well)17:01
bialixJc2k: I'd like to add test runner for dulwich. What is your branch?17:01
Jc2kbialix: you mean instead of make check?17:03
Jc2kmy branch is at lp:~johncarr/dulwich/git-serve17:04
bialix(shy) yes, sir17:04
Jc2ki think jelmer has merge it, but maybe not pushed yet17:04
bialixlike this: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~bialix/intelhex/trunk-w-tags/annotate/head%3A/setup.py (lines 75-99)17:05
bialixI don't have twisted17:05
Jc2kah i see17:06
Jc2ki use nosetests instead of twisted17:06
bialixdo you think my test runner will be too much of trouble for you and jelmer?17:07
bialixthough it's optional17:07
Jc2kits not up to me, but i have no objections to it.17:07
bialixwhat it means "up to me"?17:08
Jc2kits not my decision17:08
bialixjelmer said: "ah, ok". so I'll prepare the patch then17:09
kfogelCan anyone think of a workaround for bug #97715 ("bzr log DIR should show changes under DIR")?17:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 97715 in bzr "bzr log DIR should show changes under dir" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/9771517:34
kfogelI ask because 'bzr log -v' (the obvious workaround) is too slow.17:34
kfogelI can't think of any other workarounds, but maybe someone here can?17:34
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sohailI need help... I have two branches, master and next... I was doing work in the "next" branch by switching to it.. However when I switch back to the master branch, the next changes are in this branch! The log however says that the changes were made to branch nick "next". So lost.. Help... please...18:03
nuahow can I get a machine readable log from bzrlib? Do I have to write a log formatter?18:05
kfogelCan anyone think of a workaround for bug #97715 ("bzr log DIR should show changes under DIR")?18:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 97715 in bzr "bzr log DIR should show changes under dir" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/9771518:38
kfogelI ask because 'bzr log -v' (the obvious workaround) is too slow.18:38
kfogelI can't think of any other workarounds, but maybe someone here can?18:38
GoundyHi. Quick & noob question:18:42
GoundyI've two branchs: mainline (main branch) and working (the branch I work on)18:42
GoundyWhen I do changes and commits on my working branch then I call: cd ../mainline && bzr merge ../working18:43
Goundybut I figured out that I lose all commits I did on my working branch18:43
luksyou do not lose them18:43
Goundyluks well yes I know18:43
GoundyBut what I want to do is to apply changes on mainline and also commits with commits messages I wrote while commting in working18:44
GoundyIs there a way to do that ?18:44
luksare you planning to remove the working branch after merging it?18:44
jelmerkfogel, I don't think there is a good way to work around that. brisbane-core will be *some* help I think18:44
Goundyluks no I just work on it everytime, and use the mainline one to apply patchs... etc18:45
kfogeljelmer: thanks18:46
luksGoundy: then there is no good way18:46
Goundyha :/18:46
luksGoundy: there is a way if you don't mind destrying the working branch18:46
Goundyluks well no way ^^18:46
Goundythank you :-)18:46
luksbut if you intend to continue to work in it, it would cause problem18:46
GoundyI see yea18:47
Goundyluks then is there a good & quick way to specify commit message for each change ?18:48
luksbtw, what I meant was "bzr rebase ../mainline && cd ../mainline && bzr pull ../working"18:48
luksGoundy: specify?18:48
Goundyluks well atm I do: bzr commit -m "my message"18:49
Goundyand this message applies to all my changes18:49
jelmerkfogel, are the emacs-related bugs tagged in launchpad, or is there a list of emacs-related bugs?18:49
Goundyfor example if I want a different message for each file is there another way than bzr commit  /path/to/file/file.c -m "message" ?18:49
kfogeljelmer: look for "emacs-adoption" tag, I think18:50
luksI don't know, I personally use qcommit which is a window that allows me to select files and type the message18:50
lukseasier to pick which files you want to commit, but probably not what you are looking for18:51
Goundyluks I hate UI for DVCS softwares ^^18:52
Goundybut thanks for the tip ;)18:52
lukswell, it's easier than typing and tab-completing the filenames18:52
kfogeljelmer: I've just add bug #246891 to that list, and see this comment:18:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 246891 in bzr "bzr log -v is slow" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24689118:53
santagadausually I also hate the gui for all vcs18:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 246891 in bzr "bzr log -v is slow" [High,Confirmed]18:53
santagadabut during commit they help a lot18:53
Goundyluks sure but I really think DVCS shouldn't be used through GUI front ends... that really sucks18:54
GoundyAnd sometimes you get hard bugs I hate that ><18:54
luksGoundy: what's so special about DVCSes?18:54
Goundyluks DVCSes are fine but not GUI front ends written for them that's it18:54
Goundywell not all DVCSes are cool of course (CVS and SVN -> trash :P)18:55
GoundyAnd that was the troll of the day \o/18:55
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LeoNerdEh. CVS isn't so bad, really... It's very clear upfront about what it can and can't do. Of the things it can do, it does very well18:56
Goundyheh might be true but as I said: that's a troll :P18:57
Goundypersonnaly I was using svn, but once I discovered bazaar >_<' I really liked it ! that's an awesome release18:57
GoundyFast, simple and powerful (nothing missing)18:57
kfogeljelmer: hunh.  In launchpad's bzr bug tracker, I just did "Search: Enter bug ID or keywords:" and entered "emacs-adoption".  Now, I *know* there's at least one bug with that tag, because I just tagged 246891 with it, and there should be four others from before as well.  But nothing came up.18:59
jelmerkfogel, if you go to the "bugs" tab in zbr18:59
kfogeljelmer: ooooooh18:59
jelmerthere's a list of links on the right with tags18:59
kfogeladvanced search18:59
kfogelSo "tags" are different from "keywords".19:00
kfogelyeah, found it19:00
sohailanyone have an idea about: http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.version-control.bazaar-ng.general/5182019:06
davidstrausslifeless: I have Yves's bzr.log when you're ready.19:38
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mtaylorlifeless: so... bzr uncommit gives me a confirmation dialog20:16
mtaylorlifeless: bzr revert, on the other hand, happily just works20:16
mtaylorlifeless: except that sometimes I've accidentally hit enter after the word revert when I just meant to revert one file20:16
mtaylorand have lost an entire tree's worth of changes20:16
mtaylorperhaps a config option to turn on revert confirmation dialogs?20:17
garyvdmbzr uncommit has a way to undo - bzr revert doesn't20:17
mtaylorGoundy: so, there's a patch to gcommit that allows per-file commit messages20:17
mtaylorjust missed him20:18
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kenichiis there a flag or something to tell bzr-email to send from the server vs. from the client?21:44
kenichii have two identically configured servers and branches.  committing to a branch on one sends email from the server process itself (apache), committing to a branch the other sends (or tries and fails) from the client.22:04
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