phpstarhello everyone :)02:18
phpstari have one quick Q02:18
phpstarcan i use LTSP to deploy Win XP image on thin clients ??02:18
phpstaroh ok02:19
nubaeu can, however connect via rdp to a remote desktop session on a windows server02:20
nubaewhich is kinda the same thing02:20
phpstaryes but i hate viruses02:20
phpstarwe have 20 thin clients in christian school02:20
nubaethen dont use windows02:20
phpstarbut u said i cant use LTSP to deploy Win XP02:20
nubaeright, dont use windows02:21
nubaedeploy linux02:21
phpstaractually management only like to have WIn XP so kids can play etc02:22
nubaewell there are many options there02:22
nubaeu can set up a virtual image with windows in it02:22
phpstarin linux ??02:22
nubaeu can set up crossover02:22
nubaeor u can setup wine02:22
nubaein linux... virtualbox would be good for example...02:22
phpstaror vmware ??02:22
nubaethey wouldnt even know linux was running underneath02:22
nubaeyep, any of them02:22
nubaevmware has fewer options than virtualbox02:22
phpstarcan vmware deploy XP image over network ??02:22
nubaevirtualbox is supported by Sun02:23
phpstaror virtual box02:23
nubaewell u dont need to02:23
nubaeu are using ltsp to do that02:23
nubaegreets RichEd02:23
nubaeu're up early... or late02:23
phpstarright now i have to maintain every OC02:23
nubaeyeah a pain... LTSP can take the stress off quickly02:24
phpstarso i was looking option to deploy win xp image on all clients though network02:24
phpstarbut LTSP cant deploy Win XP right02:24
nubaenot directly, no02:26
nubaeu could use drbl and clonezilla to clone machines for windows02:26
nubaebut LTSP is really the best solution02:26
nubaeusually its only some programs they want for windows02:26
nubaeand for that u could run crossover or wine02:27
phpstarthx nubae02:37
sbalneavMorning all15:51
nothingmang'mornin', Scott!16:17
nubaeafternoon folks16:19
Ahmuckhi nubae17:16
nubaehi Ahmuck17:19
nothingmannubae: the sources.list in your fat client chroot has two hardy lines and one intrepid; could this be the problem I'm having?17:53
nothingmando I need to specify the exact packages unless I'm running intrepid already?17:54
nubaewhich hardy lines?17:58
nubaethere shoudl be none17:59
nothingmanarchive and security17:59
nubaewhen did u last download the file?17:59
nothingmanI'm running Hardy on my server17:59
nothingmanI installed edubuntu on top17:59
nubaewelll, like I have stated cuntless times bfore, it does not work on hardy andI have no intentino of workion tjhat18:00
nubaenot cuntless :-)18:01
Ahmucknubae, did you dump the hardy script?18:01
Ahmuckor was in thever there?18:01
nubaeyes months ago18:01
nothingmanoh, OK18:03
nothingmansorry to bother you18:03
nothingmanI hadn't realized it had come up before18:03
nubaeand the current script has no mnetionof hardy18:03
Ahmuckany reason u've decided not to use intrepid?18:03
nubaeu must be trying the old sript18:03
nubaeAhmuck,I'm ONLY using ingrepid18:04
nothingmanI'm on my laptop which I'm using as the server because the school doesn't have much hardware to spare18:04
nubaenothingman: no bother... just try and follow the instructions and install intrepid version from scratch18:04
nothingmanand it has nvidia graphics which I understand are a pain under Intrepid18:05
nothingmanI guess nvidia's binary isn't working under it yet18:06
nothingman*sigh* not that I have much time for games, really; horrible excuse not to have a working server at my command18:10
Ahmucki've never heard of ingrepid18:10
Ahmucknubae has lazy finger this morning18:10
Ahmucknothingman: don't use anything for graphics, start with generic, and them move up18:12
nubaeAhmuck, yeah typing too fast for my own good18:52
nubae6 irc channels open18:52
nubaenothingman: there is no problem with nvidia and intrepid18:52
nubaeI have a high end nvidia that causes me no issues at all18:52
nubaeAnd I advise against what Ahmuck is saying there (sorry bud), I would begin with the actual recommended closed source driver18:53
nothingmanthx for the help, both!19:29
Ahmuck_Jrnubae, the actual nvidia driver causes my server to become unbootable23:38

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