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DexterFnope. well, ssh.00:00
ibeekmanhey does anybody know how to get glibc++ ?00:00
DexterFI thought apt.get was deprecated in fav of aptitude?00:00
DexterFDaSkreech: odd: a truckload of packs been held back00:01
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DexterF kde-window-manager and systemsettings will be installed nwo00:01
DaSkreechDexterF: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop when it's done00:01
DaSkreechSee if anything else was missed00:01
alarmhey, i wanted to ask something about firefox. do the tabs of firefox 3 on kubuntu 8.10 look a bit strange ? not well allinged ?00:02
DexterFDaSkreech: *DUH*. remember the kdebase-workspace thing I discussed with scottk? that interferes with the new packages00:02
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DaSkreechDuh  :)00:02
Squidyhi there.. i'm trying to set up dual head with kde 4.2 (my laptop + tv out)... but when I restart X the screen 0 appears ok.. but screen 1 appears a black screen and a X mouse cursor... Can anybody help me?00:02
wwwwwwwwcan anyone help noob?00:02
DexterFwwwwwwww: no, because we can't read your mind. you really really got to tell us what the problem *is* :)00:03
wwwwwwwwneed to fix etc/resolv.conf in kppp00:04
DexterF(on #debian there would be no :) but invisible sarkasm tags...)00:04
wwwwwwwwcomplete noob here00:04
mefisto__alarm: the active tab has a little more height. is that what you mean?00:04
ibeekmanhey anyone know how to get libstdc++ from the repository?00:04
alarmmefisto__,  not really , when i go over the tabs they lose their format00:04
alarmhmm i will take a snapshot show what i mean00:05
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DexterFwwwwwwww: wb Guest69065 :D what's wrong about it?00:05
DexterFodd. so cat /etc/reolv.conf gives *nothing*?00:06
DexterFresolv.conf even00:06
wwwwwwwwfile empty00:06
DexterFor rather "file not found"?00:06
DexterFkppp means dialup?00:06
wwwwwwwwcannot dial out00:06
wwwwwwwwsays logging on then nothing00:07
khalidmiangorgonizer: my adept crashes everytime i try run it00:07
wwwwwwwwi get etc/resolv.conf when i open kppp00:07
DexterFwwwwwwww: define "i get"00:08
alarmhere is what i mean: http://img216.imageshack.us/my.php?image=clipfg2.png00:08
DexterFwwwwwwww: hich version of kubuntu?00:08
wwwwwwwwpop up saying it missing00:08
gorgonizerkhalidmian: apologies, you would need to run apt-cache policy kubuntu-restricted-extras at the command line..00:08
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about kppp00:08
ubottuYou want to connect via dial-up? Read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DialupModemHowto - Also try disabling/removing KNetworkManager if KDE applications cannot connect using dial-up00:08
alarmi just installed kde4 , and firefox 3, the only thing i could think of is the lack of video drivers , but its the only app that looks like this00:08
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khalidmiangorgonizer: that is resolved but now my adept doesnt launch anymore00:09
ibeekmanso using synaptec I can find libstdc++, and the program i am installing requires libstdc++.so.5 which means i need libstdc++-dev5 right?00:09
DaSkreechDexterF: how is it going now?00:09
DexterFDaSkreech: not good00:09
DaSkreechhow bad?00:10
gorgonizerkhalidmian: what happens if you run kdesudo adept-manager at the command line?00:10
alarmmefisto__,  any idea ?00:10
bazhangwwwwwwww, this is ubuntu, or ubuntu-based00:10
DexterFDaSkreech: baad. fscked up dependencies due to that plasms config thingy I treid earlier.00:10
DaSkreechremove that and try again ?00:10
khalidmiangorgonizer: PLS EPLAIN HOW I CAN DO THAT00:10
DaSkreechalarm: install qt-gtk-engine ?00:11
khalidmiansorry about the cap00:11
alarmhmmm no i havent00:11
alarmlet me do it.00:11
DexterFDaSkreech: hmm, wait...00:11
DexterFseems its thru now...00:11
DexterFwtf is apport-qt? keeps bugging me about root privs00:12
bazhangwwwwwwww, this is ubuntu, or ubuntu-based eg mint00:12
tbr281signing key wont implement when adding the kubuntu experimental repository00:12
khalidmiangorgonizer: kdesudo adept-manager command not found00:12
DexterFbazhang: why you keep telling him?00:13
mefisto__alarm: well mine doesn't look like that. are you using any themes? or just the default?00:13
gorgonizerkhalidmian: damn, they changed iot to just be adept, no need for the -manager...00:13
wwwwwwwwbazhang kppp is kde dial up tool00:13
alarmmefisto__,  default, just installed the system00:13
wwwwwwwwresolv.conf is missing, i need to know how to fix00:14
bazhangwwwwwwww, yes I am aware of that, I was asking of the version of kubuntu you were running; kubuntu or kubuntu-based00:14
wwwwwwwwmint 5 dvd installed00:14
DexterFDaSkreech: works. mmh. *much* nicer.00:14
DexterFwwwwwwww: mint5 is out in kde edition now?00:15
alarmDaSkreech, gtk engine is installed from what i  see00:15
wwwwwwwwi have same problem on kubuntu00:15
wwwwwwwwmint 6 is latest00:16
DexterFwwwwwwww: sounds a bit to me as if your ISP prvides you with weird dns entreis. but only a wild guess.00:16
wwwwwwwwdexter no00:16
alarmbut there is also gtk for kde400:16
wwwwwwwwno problems kanotix live00:16
bazhangwwwwwwww, no telling how mint does it; mint is not supported here00:16
mefisto__alarm: if the qt-gtk-engine package doesn't fix it, you could try this theme as a quick fix maybe: http://ramonantonio.net/kde-firefox/00:16
Pricey!mint | wwwwwwww00:16
ubottuwwwwwwww: The following are some examples of Ubuntu derived distributions that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes, please consult their websites for more information: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), Ubuntu Ultimate00:16
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu, please seek support in #linuxmint on irc.spotchat.org00:16
ubottumint is <alias> derivatives - added by LjL on 2008-01-24 22:57:2700:17
Pricey!no mintsupport is <alias> derivatives00:17
ubottuI'll remember that Pricey00:17
alarmwell i will install first the nvidia drivers, hope it has to do with it00:17
wwwwwwwwI havce same problem kubuntu00:17
DexterFfsck me!! what type of xorg.conf is that?! how am I supposed to mess with it?00:17
wwwwwwwwlive kubuntu kde4 oxygen has same problem, etc/resolv.conf missing00:18
wwwwwwwwin kppp00:19
anom01yhow do I upgrade the kernel ?00:22
ubottuThe core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - See also: /msg ubottu stages00:22
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes00:22
alarmis kde4.2 on experimental ? risky to use ?00:22
wwwwwwwwseems noone knows how to fix this resolv.conf00:22
cbwcjwalarm: if your mildly experienced with linux its worth it.00:22
alarmdepends what u mean with experience00:23
cbwcjwalarm: can you use the terminal O.K.?00:23
alarmsure , i am kind of familiar with it :)00:23
alarmthank got to debian ;)00:23
cbwcjwalarm: then Id say its worth it. you have ubuntu (or a variant) 8.10?00:23
alarmkubuntu 8.1000:24
cbwcjwalarm: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.2 follow the instructions, PM me with any questions00:24
alarmok give me a second00:25
alarmto see also the difference with kde 4.100:25
ibeekmanhey I am running a freshly installed kubuntu 8.10 and was wondering how to determine the kernel version and glibc00:25
alarmwhats new that makes 4.2 worth ?00:26
geraldoalguem fala português?00:26
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.00:26
cbwcjwalarm: Less bugs, nicer interface00:26
alarmthe screenshots show it the same00:27
alarmand a weird question, how can kubuntu have 4.2 and in kde.org have as latest 4.100:27
mefisto__alarm: lots of bugs fixed, lots of new config options, faster, more stable00:27
messeuphi all. got some eee pc i need to install arrays kernel on to get wifi working.. how can i grab the files manualy from a browser? only got wifi internret and need to use win atm :(00:27
alarmokie then , you convinced me :)00:28
gorgonizercbwcjw: how are you?00:28
mefisto__alarm: there is a demo video on kde.org that shows you00:28
messeupi mean i cant fink the repo at array.org in my browser00:28
bazhangmesseup, eeebuntu has it already in, you can dl the iso00:28
geraldofalou galera... to vazando... valeu...00:28
cbwcjwgorgonizer: hey, just helping people move up to 4.200:28
gorgonizergood on ya!!  best place to be ;)00:29
messeupomg.. already did a fresh interpid install00:29
cbwcjw!pt | geraldo00:29
ubottugeraldo: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.00:29
ibeekmanyo any body have a sec to answer my question about glibc00:29
DaSkreechibeekman: uname -a00:29
geraldoby people00:29
ibeekmanright so that gets me the kernel version right00:29
ibeekmanbut what about glibc00:29
DaSkreechibeekman: and apt-cache policy glibc00:29
cbwcjwgorgonizer: still no new updates :(00:29
cbwcjwgorgonizer: i take that back, theres some X stuff from the PPA00:31
gorgonizercbwcjw: I had some earlier, some libxine and xoserver updates :)00:31
ibeekmanDaSkreech: it didn't work: http://tinypaste.com/3600b00:33
alarmfor kde4.2 i have to check also "Unsupported updates" in the adept software source ?00:33
kendrickif someone wants to install KDE 4.2 on a GNOME Ubuntu system, what package do they install (after adding the 4.2 repo to their Ubuntu 8.10 packages list)?00:33
cbwcjwalarm: just open konsole and run sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade00:34
kendrick"kubuntu-desktop" or somesuch? will that suffice?00:34
gorgonizeribeekman: I think it will be apt-cache policy glibc-2.7-100:34
ubottuFound: glibc-doc, libc6, libc6-pic, glibc-source00:34
cbwcjwkendrick you do that to, except yea, run kubuntu-desktop00:34
DaSkreech!find glibc00:34
ubottuFound: glibc-doc, libc6, libc6-pic, glibc-source00:34
kendrick_run_ kubuntu-desktop?00:34
DaSkreechibeekman: apt-cache policy libc600:34
cbwcjwkendrick: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop00:34
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about eeebuntu00:35
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about eeeubuntu00:35
DaSkreechkendrick: kubuntu-desktop00:35
cbwcjwkendrick: I went from ubuntu to kde 4.2 as wel.00:35
kendrickcool ok00:35
kendricki was already running 4.1.2 on my Ubuntu Dell laptop, but someone else in my LUG wants to try :)00:35
PSiL0!eeebuntu | messeup00:35
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about eeebuntu00:35
ubottuHi! Welcome to #kubuntu!00:35
jordo2323I recently updated my system and now my sound doesn't work. I have rebooted twice and still nothing. Anyone have any ideas?00:36
kendrickodd.  i fire up krunner. i type "kons[enter]" and a Konsole appears00:36
jordo2323Or how do I test?00:36
kendrickbut then, even though the Konsole appeared, i get an error from Krunning saying it can't find /usr/bin/konsole00:36
cbwcjwPSiL0: I found what causes that issue that we had00:36
kendrickKDEInit could not launch '/usr/bin/konsole'. ???00:36
PSiL0cbwcjw: what was it?00:36
gorgonizerkendrick: I get a similar error, but the app always loads, so I ignore the error..00:36
cbwcjwPSiL0: Dbus isnt giving it the correct permissions. Let me get the bug report00:37
kendrickwell, the error is irritating :)00:37
kendrickoh great00:37
kendrickand now it's stuck on my screen, and i cannot close it.  and it's preventing me from bringing up krunner.00:37
mefisto__it's as if the error reporting is quicker than the program launching00:37
* kendrick kills00:38
alarmW: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net intrepid Release a public key is needed for http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-experimental/ubuntu00:38
kendrickkrunner's dead :(00:38
DaSkreechkendrick: You have a konsole type krunner00:38
PSiL0cbwcjw: cool, thanx00:38
kendrickyeah i brought it back00:38
DaSkreechThen konsole will crash and you can use the krunner to open a konsole which will cause krunner to crash...00:38
kendricki didn't get it the FIRST time i laucnhed a konsole00:39
PSiL0cbwcjw: actually, i kind of forgot my query..  was it regarding plasmoids crashing?00:39
kendricki vaguely remember this issue with KDE 4.0?00:39
thinkgnu_ i installed kubuntu 8.10 , i got some updated package from someone who updated it's kubuntu 8.10 , now how can i use those updates in my computer?00:40
alarmok installing... lets see what happens00:40
cbwcjwPSiL0: No, it was kdesudo dolphin not working00:41
cbwcjwPSiL0: http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=16526800:42
messeupis eeebuntu the same as easypeasy??00:42
faileaswhat is easypeasy?00:42
thinkgnu_if i copy theme too /var/cache/apt , should it works ?00:42
cbwcjwmesseup: another name for a distrobution of ubuntu for the ausus eepc00:43
PSiL0cbwcjw: ahh, cool cool.. thanx00:43
alarmin case something goes wrong with the kde.4.2 installation , can i downgrade again ?00:43
messeupcbwcjw great . thanks00:43
cbwcjwalarm: Is your install working out?00:44
alarmyes just finished00:44
alarmneed to reboot00:44
ibeekmanDaSkreech: thanks00:44
alarmthats why i am asking to know how to react in case something goes wrong00:44
alarmok i risk it00:45
earlegood luck00:46
ibeekmanDaSkreech: so thats the version of glibc?  it looks like mine is 2.8.  If the compiler I am installing wants glibc2.3-6 with kernel version 2.6 will I be ok with 2.8?00:46
ibeekman(I code in Fortran btw,  and am a windows convert which is why i don't know this kind of stuff)00:47
DaSkreech2.3 ?00:47
DaSkreechI guess that should work00:48
futuresoonanybody successfully rotating cube on kubuntu 4.2?00:48
earleHm. Is there a way to move windows between desktops without involving the window menu?00:48
earlefuturesoon: yep00:48
futuresoonearle: do you zoom in and out and have plasma running and some plasmoids?00:48
earlefuturesoon: I can do all of that, yes00:49
alarmcbwcjw,  for some strange reason i still have kde4.1....00:49
earleHey, crazy. My desktop cashew has vanished.00:49
futuresoonearle: you don't just mean the orthogonal view where you can ctrl-alt-left or right to switch desktops---you mean actually dragging holding viewing rotating the cube huh?00:50
alarmthats what i've seen when kde was loading00:50
earlefuturesoon: yep00:50
alarmhow can i check kdes version ?00:50
cbwcjwalarm: Run it again, sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade00:50
futuresoonalarm: open konquerer and look for about00:50
alarmversion 4.1.300:51
alarmcbwcjw,  thats what i did, it downloaded like 60-80 new files and told me that i need to restart00:51
alarmlet me try again00:51
cbwcjwalarm: Alrighty. Afterwards, do what futuresoon said.00:51
alarmi did. it says 4.1.300:52
ibeekmanDaSkreech: it looks like I have glibc2.8 from what you told me to do above:00:52
alarmstrange, new packages are being installed again00:52
ibeekmanDaSkreech: http://tinypaste.com/64b8a00:52
cbwcjwalarm: Run this: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade00:53
khalidmianhow can i rebuilt my adept xapien index00:53
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alarmok i wait till they are being downloaded, in the meanwhile what i've noticed with kde3.5 and 4.1 now on my laptop. when kubuntu is load(stage with the progress bar), OR when kde is loading, the system stops. as i do not see any activity00:53
earleAha! Active Desktop Borders, that's what I wanted.00:53
alarmit goes on again and boots when i press enter00:53
earleAw, it doesn't trigger the cube, though.00:53
alarmunfortunatelly i dont know at which points it freezes and waits for a key to be pressed to go on00:54
earleI'll file a bug...00:54
ibeekmanoh well i guess I'll continue the install and hold my breath00:54
cbwcjwearle: Settings -> Desktop -> Desktop effects -> General. Make sure BEFORE you file a bug that effect for dekstop switching is on Desktop Cube00:55
gorgonizercbwcjw: damn, more kernel upgrades :(00:56
cbwcjwgorgonizer: Figures00:56
earlecbwcjw: ooh. Thanks for correcting me before I made even more of an ass of myself.00:57
cbwcjwSo Konversation > xchat00:57
thief`could i ask why kubuntu is better than gnome ubuntu?  is there much diff?00:57
cbwcjwearle: Just wanted to make sure :) Im holding off on bugs, im just making a list.00:57
khalidmian_got dc sorry i need help in trying to figure out whay adept doesnt show results for any search i put00:57
earlecbwcjw: Ah, no wonder I didn't see it - the Screen Edges tab directed me to Window Behavior. I think maybe the bug here is that Window Behavior doesn't mention where *this* option is.00:58
cbwcjwthief: You have acsess to all the same programs from the downloads and repositories, but it uses a completley different desktop environment. Currentlly, ubuntu is more stable.00:58
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khalidmiani need help in trying to figure out whay adept doesnt show results for any search i put00:59
alarmcbwcjw,  one serious question, why is mysql server installed ?00:59
cbwcjwearle: sometimes the settings manager takes getting used to00:59
futuresoonkhalidmian: apt-cache search some-package-name <-- that help?00:59
futuresooncbwcjw: you guys talking about the compiz config settings manager?00:59
gorgonizeralarm: mysql-server is used by akondi, if I remember correctly..00:59
khalidmianfuturesoon i want to rebuild xapien index00:59
futuresoonkhalidmian: sorry i don't use xapien01:00
cbwcjwfuturesoon: No.01:00
alarmok, has to be removed in the future, useless resources i guess01:00
earlefuturesoon: KDE's.01:00
khalidmianor renew /rebuilt my adept index01:01
futuresoonnow i just switched to "use desktop cube" and i was really thinking that would fix my problem but nope01:01
gorgonizeralarm: akondi is one of the new technological backends used in KDE 4, which needs mysql server at the moment..01:01
cbwcjwalarm: Just remove with adept or synaptic01:01
cbwcjwBut keep it for that reason*01:01
futuresoonso i have it set in 1) kde's settings manager and 2) compiz-config-settings manager and still no joy01:01
alarmgorgonizer, i would say new technological backend in 4.2 as 4.1 worked without any sql server01:02
khalidmianback to reinstalling shitty kubuntu01:02
alarmok, installed , lets see what went wrong and what ok01:02
stdin!language > khalidmian01:02
ubottukhalidmian, please see my private message01:02
gorgonizeralarm: I would agree, but I believe that akondi has come some way since 4.1, and now needs the database..01:03
earlefuturesoon: Compiz isn't currently working in 4.2. You can use kwin's builtin effects - Desktop settings in System Settings.01:03
faileaskhalidmian: if you don't like it, why install it ?01:03
faileasthere's other DEs yanno01:03
alarmif you dont see me within a few mins, it seems that i am fighting with console :)01:03
futuresoonearle: oh awesome, thanks01:03
DaSkreechalarm: Still on KDE 4.1 ?01:03
alarmnow upgrading01:03
DaSkreechearle: Without using the Kmenu ?01:03
alarmif you will let me restart :P01:03
earlefuturesoon: this is where I was at yesterday :)01:03
DaSkreechthief`: It's better if you like it01:04
earleDaSkreech: oh, did you mean the per-desktop thing? If so, I found the screen edges settings.01:04
BadHorsieHi, I copied one item from the main menu to the desktop, altered its description and is removed from the menu where it was, any ideas why this happens and how to restore it?01:05
futuresoonearle: so tell me the future---do i feel good tomorrow? lol01:05
DaSkreechearle: I was about to say I use alt+F3 but you can also drag and drop windows on the desktop pager01:05
earlefuturesoon: after a bit of fiddling around, you find yourself quite happy and comfortable ;)01:05
cbwcjwI love 4.2 personally.01:06
earleDaSkreech: Right - I turned on Active Desktop Borders for window-dragging loveliness01:06
zicadai think ive gotten firefox to look pretty damn good on KDE4.2 now01:07
zicadafinally got the fonts to be fairly identical too01:07
earleeww gnome :P01:07
DaSkreechearle: ok that's pretty but sloooow :)01:07
zicadawell, gotta have firefox01:07
zicadanothing beats it01:07
BadHorsiehaha, i was watching Her Morning Elegance yesterday zicada01:08
earleDaSkreech: you can set the speed to fast, very fast or even "instant"01:08
cbwcjwzicada: thats awesome.01:08
DaSkreechearle: Sloooooooooooow01:08
zicadathread here with info: http://forum.kde.org/how-to-integrate-firefox-into-kde-t-17786.html01:08
cbwcjwI like konquerer, but I wish it had some flash support eh? and thanks zicada, i was about to type in the URL in the picture ahaha01:08
earleDaSkreech: eh? turn the delay off then01:08
DaSkreechearle: involves mouse. Slooooooow :)01:08
zicadayeah konqueror is decent, but the flash stuff is driving me crazy01:09
* DaSkreech is a keyboard elitist01:09
gorgonizertend to use firefox, then opera, then konqueror, then IE (for giggles)01:09
zicadaand it doesnt work with fckeditor for some reason01:09
earleDaSkreech: get a better keyboard01:09
DaSkreechhi alarm01:09
DaSkreechearle: yeah :-(01:09
alarmok , kde4.2 installed, impressed of the taskbar !!! although the colour has to change :P01:09
earlefor example, my keyboard, which has a pointing stick :)01:09
anom01yis it worth upgrading from ubuntu 8.04 to 8.10 ??01:09
thief`so k and g are basically the same?  is one better? i know looks don't mean much... but what do ya think?01:09
earlethinkpad ftw01:09
alarmand btw, what is akonadi ? something needed ?01:09
gorgonizeralarm: http://pim.kde.org/akonadi/01:10
DaSkreechalarm: not if you don't use mail or contacts01:10
earlehaha what: dragging a window between desktops only goes between the two non-empty desktops on my cube01:11
DaSkreechthief`: Gnome's way of thinking is to give the user as few choices as possible KDE is to give the user as many as is reasonable01:11
alarmi suppose the blue colour cannot change right (of the taskbar)01:11
earleoh, no it isn't I see01:11
BadHorsieso, is kubuntu supposed to delete the source item from a shortcut once i alter the "Description" property from the icon menu on the child copy?01:11
mefisto__alarm: but the new kmail/calendar/contacts pim stuff is pretty nice in kde 4.201:11
earlebecause the pager in in 2x2 mode. hmm.01:11
DaSkreechalarm: Right click the desktop -> Appearance settings -> choose a theme01:11
* earle fixies01:12
earleaww yeah, that's pretty slick01:12
alarmnever used kmail/calender/contacts . thunderbird was always enough for me01:12
alarmso i suppose akonadi could leave :)01:12
earletalking of blue colors! I never saw a blue shadow before :)01:12
* earle would like to change that.01:13
mefisto__alarm: me too, but I think kmail is better than thunderbird now01:13
gorgonizerI am quite impressed with the new kmail..01:13
DaSkreechalarm: Give Kmail a try at least01:13
DaSkreechThey did a lot of work on it01:13
gorgonizerthough I used the previous version on KDE 3.5..01:13
cbwcjwgorgonizer: I am too. also, is there a way to get flash to work in konquerer thats pretty simple?01:13
mefisto__alarm: and the blue taskbar, you can go to desktop settings and install new themes to change the taskbar colours01:14
gorgonizercbwcjw: let me have a look ;)01:14
alarmDaSkreech,  i will, as for the themes, there is only oxygen to choose, i suppose i got to install some manualy to change the taskbar01:14
DaSkreechShould be quite a lot actaully01:14
alarmDaSkreech,  yeap , just noticed also01:14
DaSkreechin anycase click new theme and you should have some more01:15
earlezicada: ha ha, I spot a /b/tard :)01:15
alarmyeap thats it01:15
BadHorsiewow, I got the icon back miraculously, I changed once again from the icon on the desktop, changed in the general from "ooo-calc" to "oo-calc" and my Spreadsheet icon is back in my menu01:15
BadHorsiethis makes no sense.01:15
cbwcjwzicada: How did you fix your GTK tabs?01:16
earleoh boy oh boy01:16
* earle finds the new pager autohide option01:16
earle*panel even01:16
cbwcjwearle: Giant pager with 4 desktops?01:16
gorgonizercbwcjw: can you not watch any flash videos in konqueror?01:16
earlecbwcjw: ha, no, just a typo on my part01:16
cbwcjwearle: haha01:16
cbwcjwgorgonizer: Yea. Im using the adobe flash plugin from adobe.com01:17
earleand resizable (height) panels too... it's like KDE 3.5 came back in style!01:17
cbwcjwearle: I love it :D01:17
earleHmm, I need to swap my cube control keys... I expect left and right to go the other way.01:18
gorgonizercbwcjw: I installed flashplugin-nonfree from the repos, and I am happily watching http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/zero-punctuation/525-Gears-of-War-2 in konqueor now..01:18
alarmnice :)01:19
cbwcjwgorgonizer: ahahaha! I saw that. Alright01:19
alarmehm , how much does it cost ? :P01:19
gorgonizerper browser..01:19
alarmcool, fixed and my desktop, finally some decent desktop back :)01:21
=== gnutonio is now known as Gnut[OFF]
wershow do I make fonts of gtk apps look like the ones of kde apps? i think, it has something to do with rendering01:22
alarmwers,  system settings01:23
cbwcjwwers: http://forum.kde.org/how-to-integrate-firefox-into-kde-t-17786.html01:23
alarmappearance -> gtk styles01:23
PSiL0wers: after installing some of the gtk-theme packs from the link cbwcjw gave you, appearance->gtkstyles..01:23
wersalarm, i'm using my kde fonts in gtk applications but they still don't look the same01:24
alarmthe key sequence 'del' is ambicious :P01:24
werswait imma look at the link :D01:24
PSiL0cbwcjw: If you are out of luck like I was, I would follow all of those steps and install lxappearance01:24
cbwcjwPSiL0: It worked for me actaully :D01:24
PSiL0wers: the icons are here: http://kims-area.com/?q=node/6201:25
PSiL0cbwcjw: it never worked consistantly, using lxappearance, I get to choose the theme and icon pack to use and viola!01:26
wersPSiL0, oooh. i set it with lxappearance?01:26
werswhile on kde4?01:26
PSiL0wers: well, I used it only after the folders/icons never showed up.. toolbars and sliders worked with gtk styles01:27
PSiL0wers: yeah, works in 4.1.3, 4.1.4, and now 4.2.001:27
=== fernando is now known as Guest96307
PSiL0wers: at least for me ;)01:27
alarmso since we use kde4 we need also gtk-qt-engine-kde4 ?01:27
PSiL0alarm: I don't have that installed... I installed gtk-qt-engine .. maybe that was my problem.. heh..01:28
alarmme neither thats why it looks strange01:29
PSiL0wait, I think I removed it when something weird was happening in the gtk styles menu01:29
PSiL0anyways, like the commercials, I just set it in lxappearance and forget it01:29
werswow. that's interesting. hehe01:29
wersi'm on 4.201:29
alarmwers,  me too01:29
* Tm_T is on 4.3 <301:30
PSiL0still, I installed all of the packages listed in cbwcjw's llink01:30
PSiL0also the packages from the kims link I gave you01:30
MasterEvilAceI know this is a linux channel.. but it's the only intelligent channel i have in IRC. Is it possible to INSTALL & BOOT windows (Windows 7 specifically) from a secondary hard drive? I can't remember if it's a limitation or not01:30
wersif i go back to gnome, will firefox still look okay?01:30
=== fernando is now known as Guest36398
wastrelpeople like linux01:31
PSiL0wers: that I don't know.. I am a one-desktop-environment kinda guy, :)01:31
xevilwers: it won't look any different01:32
werswhat is gtk-qt-engine for?01:34
wersi have qgtkstyle for gtk apps. i dont know if it's related01:34
alarmQtCurve saved me, that was the problem...01:35
=== tortola is now known as Tortola
alarmwers,  what is the problem with firefox ?01:35
Tortolahello i need help with the video01:35
wersaww. i cant see qtcurve in the theme choices for gtk apps :(01:35
Tortolasomebody can help me01:36
gorgonizerTortola: what issue are you having?01:36
zicadacbwcjw: thats a theme01:36
alarmi dont know where that is, did you install gtk2-engines-qtcurve ?01:37
Tortolathe video give little jumps01:37
Tortolawhen i see movies01:37
PSiL0Tortola: turn off compositing01:37
gorgonizerTortola: what video playing application are you using?01:38
zicadaTortola: ati ?01:38
Tortolai have got vlc playr01:38
Tortolano, i have got a laptop01:38
zicadatheres a beta 9.2 version of catalyst that fixes the flickering issue01:38
zicadawith compositing on01:38
Squidyhi.. i'm trying to make a servicemenu for dolphin in kde4.. but it doesn't work...01:38
zicadaah, then im at a loss01:38
Squidycan anybody help me?01:38
Tortolasorry im new in linux01:38
Squidyyou can see my menu here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/111512/01:38
PSiL0Tortola: general video settings x11 video output01:39
=== patxbot754 is now known as [atxbot
Tortolaa moment i go to see01:40
gorgonizerTortola: do you get the same issue in different player, such as mplayer?01:40
Tortoladifferent, mplayer and vlc player01:40
gorgonizerso mplayer has no jumps, but vlc does?01:41
cbwcjwgorgonizer: sorry, I was busy. Thanks, flashplugin-nonfree worked. Also, go yahtzee :P01:41
Tortolaboth give little jumps01:41
Tortolasorry i cannot find video settings01:42
Tortolawhere is exactly??01:42
gorgonizercbwcjw: he is a great game reviewer... always makes me laugh :)01:42
PSiL0cbwcjw: flash64 alpha is better though, if you are on x86_64 machine..01:42
cbwcjwPSiL0: Oh it doesnt matter to me :) If its not broke, dont fix it.01:42
=== fernando is now known as Guest57109
PSiL0cbwcjw: Yeah, nspluginwrapper flash was broke, so I fixed it :)01:43
cbwcjwThe only issue from going to KDE 4.2 from ubuntu is the GNOME apps and KDE apps being right next to eachother01:43
cbwcjwPSiL0: hahaha01:43
gorgonizerTortola: video programs have there own settings, check which video output they are set to use..01:43
gorgonizerin VLC, Tools -> Preferences -> Video01:44
Tortolaok ok sorry01:44
gorgonizermine is set to default for VLC, I think mplayer I have set to X11..01:44
Guest57109Alguém do Brazil?01:44
gorgonizerTortola: I have Xv video output for mplayer..01:45
Tortolai have found01:45
Tortolai choose x11 video output??01:46
Tortolaor which?01:46
zicadaTortola: do you have desktop effects on ?01:46
Tortola3d is dissable01:46
cbwcjw!pt | Guest5710901:46
ubottuGuest57109: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.01:46
gorgonizerI would use the XVideo option..01:46
zicadavlc will allways go for that first tho afaik01:47
Tortolaxvideo extension video output? or x11 video output or wich??01:48
Frederickfolks how do I add a link to my home to a plasma widget?01:48
gorgonizerthe xvideo extension video output..01:48
Tortolathnx u very much really01:48
Tortolai go to try01:48
Tortolaa moment ;)01:48
Tortolaskip frames, is actived01:48
Tortolaits ok?01:48
gorgonizerTortola: I have skip frames enabled as well..01:49
Tortolai ll try01:49
cbwcjw!enter | Tortola01:49
ubottuTortola: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!01:49
gorgonizerTortola: what video hardware is in your laptop?  Is it Intel, or something else?01:50
Tortolayes, i think is intel01:51
alarmok good news and bad news01:51
djsebsonHi ;]01:51
Tortolais shared memory01:51
cbwcjw!hi djsebson01:51
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about hi djsebson01:51
gorgonizerand how much memory do you have in the laptop?01:51
cbwcjw!hi | djsebson01:51
ubottudjsebson: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu!01:51
Tortolai have got 2 Gb01:52
alarmafter i installed kubuntu my vga fan did not reduce its rpm at all (on the laptop), good news after installing nvidia drivers fixed (i hope) , at least i dont hear it anymore01:52
Tortolais presario c70001:52
alarmgood news, i like the effects that are integrated without needing any other application for that01:52
Tortolacontine with little jumps01:52
cbwcjwalarm: I love kwin :D01:52
gorgonizerTortola: is it possible to set an amount of memory specifically for the video card in the BIOS of your laptop?01:52
Tortolai dont know, with windows i hadnt got problem01:53
wesley__I wanted to ask is it possible to enter an chat room that normally uses monkeyirc aplet ?01:53
gorgonizeryou may want to disable that frame skipping option in VLC.. there is a similar option in mplayer, to see if that helps..01:53
alarmi was using some 3d effects on kde3.5 , but removed them after a while . i am more into classics, even when using vista i have the classic view turned on :)01:53
Tortolai have got kde 4.101:53
Tortolabut not 3d01:53
Tortolawhere can i sure if all 3d is disable??01:54
cbwcjwalarm: I use XP with full classic view, win98 colors. Twas what i started from01:54
gorgonizerhmmm, I am on 4.2 myself... go to System Settings -> Desktop01:54
cbwcjwalarm: But I love linux eye candy, makes this crappy laptop impress :)01:54
alarmi dont use windows anymore at all :)01:54
psksmsi dont ;-)01:55
cbwcjwalarm: For my gaming, its on my main. But I love this laptop, I use it a lot.01:55
alarmcbwcjw,  cedega has the answers01:55
gorgonizerTortola: disable Enable Desktop Effects in System Settings -> Desktop01:55
alarmstrange... the fan started to work aggresivly again....01:56
Tortolais disable01:56
gorgonizerI got shot of Windows years ago... I rarely play games anymore.. and the ones I do work in Linux ;)01:56
gorgonizerTortola: do you have many plasmoids/widgets on your desktop/panels?01:56
cbwcjwgorgonizer: being 15, gaming is slightly important :)01:56
Tortolai have got plasmoids01:56
Tortolabut i dont know what is01:57
Tortolaand never use it01:57
gorgonizercbwcjw: as I am approaching 30 at lightspeed, I only really play openttd..01:57
=== n is now known as Guest28201
cbwcjwgorgonizer: ahaha!01:57
alarmi am also more into backgammon/chess :)01:57
gorgonizercbwcjw: no need for that ;)01:57
alarmno 3d needed in there :)01:57
cbwcjwgorgonizer: I cant even DRIVE yet.01:58
cbwcjwalarm: Unless you wanted 3d :)01:58
Tortolacan i dissable the plasma also?01:58
Guest28201are there any good icq clients for kububtu? i tryed kopete and pidgin so far...01:58
gorgonizerat least I can drive, and get into the films I want to see at the cinema ;)01:58
Tortolacose i dont know for what is01:58
Tortolaand i dont need it01:58
alarmnah, why using more electricity ? :P01:58
gorgonizerTortola: Plasma is the desktop in KDE4, so you need it..01:59
Tortolaok jeje01:59
cbwcjwTortola: You sound like you dont speak english primarily. If you need help in another language, there are channels that should support you, if we cant help you with something :)02:00
Tortolaa detail, when i put in fullscreen, the mouse dissapear, but when give a little jump, the pointer appear other time02:01
Tortolajeje, im spanish02:01
gorgonizerTortola: yeah, that happens so the pointer doesn't impede the enjoyment of the film :)02:01
Tortolabut i can understand02:01
cbwcjwAlright :)02:01
Tortolano the pointer is not problem, the problem are the jumps02:02
gorgonizerTortola: your problem may be memory related.. do you know how large your swap partition is?02:02
gorgonizersorry if my response are slow, making a rollie and watching Time Team as well ;)02:03
alarmcan someone please send me the kde4.1 default  wallpaper02:03
Tortolano i dont know02:03
Tortolahow i can?02:03
Tortolaa moment02:04
Tortolaa secndo02:04
gorgonizerfrom the command line, use the free command...02:04
gorgonizeror, better yet, free -m02:04
talonstrikerhey guys, quick question about kopete... when you get a notification (when msg is sent to you), do the "ignore" and the other button work?02:05
zicadasay, anyone else have a problem with kde4.2 now where the menu doesnt update when you install a new app ? Have to actually log out and back in02:05
zicadait worked in 4.2RC02:05
cbwcjwgorgonizer: I really wish chatrooms in kopete worked, then I would actually use it :(02:06
Tortolai have got 4.8 Gb de swaap02:06
Tortolaand all free02:06
gorgonizerTortola: how much normal memory?02:07
cbwcjw4.8 GB = Giant swap :D02:07
Tortola2 Gb and 1.3 used02:07
gorgonizercbwcjw: I think group chats work for MSN/WLM, not used any of the other account types, so cannot comment..02:07
Tortolai dont know in what02:07
Tortolacose i have got nothing openned02:07
gorgonizerTortola: oh, so looking less like a memory issue then.. did you try disabling the skip frames option in VLC?02:08
Tortolayes is disable02:08
gorgonizeris it a hi-def video, or a DVD, or an avi file that you are trying to play?02:08
gorgonizercan I ask, does anyone use hellanzb, and if so, does anyone know if it is possible to get it to use knotify, rather than libnotify?02:09
axiomI'm in apt-get limbo.  apt-get -f install dies on a "broken pipe".  sudo dpkg --configure -a fails with errors.  Advice?  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=649525502:10
Tortolai ll try look in  the bios02:10
Tortolathnx u just come back02:10
gorgonizeraxiom: do sudo dpkg -i --force-overwrite /var/cache/apt/archives/koffice-data-kde4_1%3a1.9.98.2-0ubuntu3~intrepid2_all.deb02:10
cbwcjw!hi | ninix02:13
ubottuninix: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu!02:13
axiomgorgonizer: You are awesome.  I am back in business.  Thanks!02:13
gorgonizeraxiom: no problem, had to do that myself..02:13
ninixi'm trying to upgrade to kde 4.2.... it's worked the first time... but this time... there is only some packages 4:4.2 that are installed02:13
ninixany hint ?02:13
wersi'm trying to integrate the look of gtk apps with my kde 4.2 desktop. the theme is saved by qt curve but how do I make the fonts look exactly like the ones in my kde apps? :)02:14
gorgonizerninix: are you upgrading via command line, or in adept?02:14
cbwcjwSome guy here earlier did that wers, one second02:14
ninixi see a list of packages when i type `apt-get upgrade`, it said "The following packages have been kept back"02:14
ninixgorgonizer: console02:14
wersi also asked for the same thing earlier but i just got answers for the themes cbwcjw02:15
gorgonizerdo sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade02:15
cbwcjwwers: http://forum.kde.org/how-to-integrate-firefox-into-kde-t-17786.html02:15
cbwcjwThat should help02:15
ninixgorgonizer: dist-upgrade ? ...02:15
wersyeah. but that doesnt say about the fonts02:15
cbwcjwHm, im not sure :(02:15
gorgonizerninix: yeah, it is a more complete upgrade option..02:16
gorgonizerninix: I just run that full command whenever I try to do an upgrade..02:16
gorgonizerI take it no-one uses hellanzb then?02:17
=== tortola is now known as Tortola
Tortolaim here other time02:18
Tortolamy video memory is 384 megas02:18
Tortolabut i can change nothing02:18
gorgonizerTortola: that should be enough I would imagine, as you aren't using 3d effects..02:19
Tortolano no02:19
Tortolathere is a menu or something where appear the 3d effects?02:19
Tortolano desktop02:19
Tortoladesktop effects is disable02:20
ninixgorgonizer: seems to work thx02:20
gorgonizerto my mind, 3d effects = desktop effects.. so Iam at a loss to explain the video issue you are having..02:20
Tortolabut there is other menu where i can choose the 3d effects, if i had activated?02:20
=== Guest28201 is now known as `n
Tortolaok, other thing02:21
Tortolamemory copy moduel02:21
cbwcjwgorgonizer: This is the error I get when trying to be invited to a chat: http://img142.imageshack.us/img142/784/screenshotyj6.jpg02:22
Tortolain vlc player02:22
Tortolais for something?02:22
`nhow do i use "Window Extra" under "Special Window Settings..." ??02:22
gorgonizercbwcjw: which client is that, with what theme?  It seems a bit Vista to me ;)02:23
werswhat emerald theme works well with oxygen?02:23
cbwcjwgorgonizer: Hes inviting me with pidgin (on his vista box, I said I was one of the only linux users here) but the same issue happens with AIM02:24
cbwcjwgorgonizer: kopete cant do AIM chats, and thats what I need the most. Its quite disapointing02:24
Tortolain vlc i can choose between 3d now, mmx, mmx ext y libc02:25
gorgonizercbwcjw: Kopete does have an AIM option, but as I don't have an AIM account, I have never checked it out..02:25
gorgonizerso it might not work..02:26
cbwcjwgorgonizer: Yea, it doesnt support AIM chatrooms02:26
Dr_willisYahoo and those other ompanies Like to break the 3rd party clients every so often also.02:26
gorgonizerTortola: those options depend on your CPU, in konsole run cat /proc/cpuinfo.. it will list which options your CPU supports..02:26
Dr_willisI recall the aim 'chat rooms'  breaking  stuff a few months ago that took ages to get going again.02:26
gorgonizercbwcjw: ahh, that is not something I know of, so a shrug of shoulders from me ;)02:27
cbwcjwgorgonizer: Oh well02:27
Dr_willisWife used to hang in them all the time. They keep adding 'features' and 'anti-bot' stuff  and other things. :)02:27
cbwcjwDr_willis: This is a small chat with some of my freinds that we do every night with homework and things.02:28
cbwcjwDr_willis: Not the big mainstream chats.02:28
Dr_willisI would try the latest versions of the various chat rooms.02:28
Dr_williserr chat programs02:28
Dr_willisor the AIM web interface.02:28
cbwcjwDr_willis: I know, i use pidgin. I wish kopete would support it. Anyways...02:28
Dr_willisWell testing out the Default kde 4.2 setup now.. :)  what fun..02:30
cbwcjwI love it.02:30
Dr_willisand first thing i notice... How in the world do you set that clock to #*&!&!&^@&@ 12 hr format. :)02:30
Dr_willisCant they understand people would love a simple 'check box' to just allow that one clock to be 12 hr format. :)02:30
gorgonizerI am very impressed.. especially the improvement from the Betas through to the final release..02:31
stdinDr_willis: same was as in 4.1 and 4.002:31
Dr_willisI gave up on 4.0 and 4.1 basically. :)02:31
stdinDr_willis: System Settings -> Regional & Language -> Time & Dates02:31
Dr_willisfigured id try 4.202:31
gorgonizerRight, time for me to go to bed methinks.. good night all!   Happy Linuxing :)02:32
Dr_willisgolly and i STILL have to restart the panel clock to get it to 12 hr format.. how..annoying. :)02:32
Dr_willisYes its a trivial thing.. but really  I just whant that ONE panel clock to be 12 hr format. :) not the whole system date/time to be 12 hjr format02:33
Dr_willisdident the 3.5 clock settings/menus have a link to that 'Time and Date' Control panel area?02:33
Dr_willistime to play with all the new widgits. :)02:35
Dr_willisfrom what ir ead in the release notes.. google dektop widgets can work. anyone tried them yet?02:35
=== fernando is now known as Guest24005
mroci have a very silly question...how do i add an irc account in kopete?  there doesn't seem to be an irc option in the add account list.02:37
cbwcjwmroc: I dont know how to do it, so its not TOO silly :D02:38
mroccbwcjw: haha, ok.  well, i feel better about it.  but it does support irc, right?  or do i need an additional plugin?02:39
* Dr_willis tries to figure out what this ;internal extender conatiner' does. :)02:39
cbwcjwmroc: idk, I juse use konversation :) Its a pretty slick client02:39
Dr_willisI dont see where Kopete does do irc any more either....02:39
Dr_willisit used to be i think where you added aim/yahoo/msn/whatever accounts.. it had an IRC one also02:40
zicadairssi for irc02:40
cbwcjwzicada: ahahah!02:40
mroccbwcjw: ok.  well, thanks for the answers.  i guess i'll keep searching, see what i can find.02:40
stdinDr_willis: it was removed because it was broken and no one was maintaining it02:40
stdin(and no one wanted to rewrite it for KDE 4)02:40
zicadairssi is made of pure win02:40
Dr_willisirssin in a embeded window. :)02:40
cbwcjwzicada: irssi is hilarious, bare-bones. Anyways, somebody earlier, wers, was asking how to fix his GTK fonts so they integrate better02:40
mrocstdin: ah.  ok.  well then i won't keep searching.  thanks.02:41
zicadasend them to that forum post02:41
alarmwhen wanting to remove mysql , it wants to remove almost automatically everything . like konsole, adept, kdesudo , akregator , amarok, kdm etc02:41
alarmwhy is that ? since when kdm depends on mysql ? that means i dont have any other choice than leaving mysql installed ?02:41
cbwcjwzicada: I did, but he didnt seem to find what he was looking for02:41
cbwcjwalarm: probably. I would just keep mysql02:42
Dr_willishow are you  trying to remove the thing? adept? ysnaptic? aptitude?02:42
alarmDr_willis,  adept02:42
Dr_willistry from terminal with 'apt-get remove' perhaps.02:42
alarmit also wants to remove kdebase-data :P02:42
alarmi hope i will be warned before they will be removed :)02:43
stdinalarm: akonadi-kde needs it02:43
alarmstdin,  yes i figured that out. i dont need akonadi02:43
alarmbut i surely need kdm , kde, etc without mysql :)02:44
Dr_willis0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 110 to remove and 0 not upgraded.02:45
Dr_williswants to remove 110 addational items here.02:45
stdinalarm: only kmail needs it, nothing else02:45
alarmstdin,  tell that adept02:45
alarmDr_willis,  agrees with me02:45
alarmsynaptic though seems to work better...02:46
alarmbut doesnt remove dependencies02:46
mrocwhen i click on the volume icon, the slider that comes up is called "pcm."  it appears to have no effect on volume.  the channels "front" and "master" actually change volume....so how do i change the left-click function from "pcm" to something useful?02:46
stdinalarm: http://imagebin.ca/view/Dt4cG0DI.html02:47
alarmstdin,  would i have any reason to lie to you ?02:47
stdinalarm: not saying you are, I'm just saying I can't reproduce the problem02:48
alarmDr_willis,  when trying to remove mysql what happens ?02:48
alarmdoesnt matter i will remove it from synaptic02:49
wersi cant install compiz-kde. it says broken packages. any idea how to fix it?02:50
jimmy51_homedoes wireless work in kubuntu?02:51
Dr_willis sudo apt-get remove mysql-common  -> tries to remove 110 items.02:52
Dr_willismost of which seesm to be KDE related02:52
jimmy51_homei've installed 8.10 on an older laptop and tried 3 different PCMCIA cards.  two are detected as wlan0, one sees the network but never ever connects02:52
Dr_willisHmm - History - Up arrow - is not working any mor ein my terminals... oddd02:52
alarmyes common is depending on many other packages. i knew that , but i get the same result with server as well02:53
alarmanyway, fixed02:53
jimmy51_homeanyone here use wireless on a laptop with kubuntu 8.10?02:54
jimmy51_homeif so... what did it take to get it to connect?02:54
alarmjimmy51_home,  i do02:54
alarmjimmy51_home,  nothing was done automatically :P02:55
alarmall i had to do was to choose my network , add the key and connect on it. although i cant find out how to autoconnect when loging into kde02:55
Dr_willisthat was weird.02:56
jimmy51_homealarm: you never had problems connecting?  i get wlan0, configure the connection, but the gear spins and times out02:56
Dr_willisup arrow key just 'beeped' at me in  the terminals in KDE 4.202:56
Dr_willisxchat/Konsole/Terminator. all just beeped. :)02:56
alarmi honestly do not have any clue...02:57
alarmlow signal, wrong key ?02:57
Dr_willislogged out and back into LXDE now its working02:57
Dr_willisnoticed X is now on alt-0ctrl-F9 also02:58
jimmy51_homethat's another weird part... when i run xfce instead of kde, the network manager only lets me choose WEP02:58
jimmy51_homewhen it's WPA02:58
Dr_willisI think im going to end up waiting for KDE 4.3 :)02:59
cbwcjwgorgonizer: to make KDM my default do I just re-install it?03:00
Dr_willissudo dpkg-reconfigre kdm03:00
alarmi waited 1 year on debian for kde4 :P03:00
alarmits still on experimental :P03:00
jimmy51_homei'm liking kde 403:00
jimmy51_homewell, 4.1 i guess03:00
khalidmianwhat were the repos for the google gadgets again under kubuntu?03:00
jimmy51_homehaven't tried 4.2.  it's awesome on my PC.  my old laptop sure isn't happy with wireless though03:00
alarmjimmy51_home,  i also installed kubuntu today with kde4.1 , kde4.2 is much better03:00
Dr_willisbye all....03:00
NotSurecan someone tell me if it is worth upgrading to kde 4.203:01
alarmNotSure,  BeSure03:01
alarmit is from what i noticed in a few hours03:01
jimmy51_homeoooh, burn notice is on.  wireless play later :)03:02
khalidmianNotSure: if u want more plasma gadgets sure whynot03:02
NotSureis the taskbar configurable?  I dont like the 4.1 not as much configurable 3.503:02
alarmwell i also liked 3.5 a lot, got used to the 3.x versions03:02
wersomg. lxappearance pwns in customizing gtk apps running on kde :D03:03
NotSurekde 3.5 is Awsome....   but I like the bells and whistles like the plasma desktop03:03
wersi just need an app to customize font rendering03:03
NotSureI just hate the kde 4.1 taskbar... it isnt fully configurable.  I cant move things where I want and all03:04
NotSuredoes anyone know if 4.2 taskbar is fully configurable?03:04
cbwcjwYea, you can do a lot more03:04
Zorixi hate how you cant disable the tooltips on kde 4.2 when you hover over things03:04
alarmits ok, u can customize it03:05
NotSurealarm Im trying to be sure03:05
alarmi am telling you wont regret it03:05
alarmhas a clean look03:05
cbwcjwNotSure: You have a LOT more options, you can change almost everything now.03:05
NotSureso I can move things where I want??  I dont like the 4.1 where they allocate certain spaces only03:05
cbwcjwNotSure: Yep03:06
alarmyes u can03:06
NotSurethx.. Ill try it..03:06
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NotSurehow to upgrade to 4.203:20
cbwcjwNotSure: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.203:21
=== Guest51990 is now known as `n
cbwcjwNotSure: Remember, you need to have intrepid ibex (8.10)03:21
NotSurei understand that amarok doesnt work in 4.2     Is this correct03:21
NotSurei do03:21
alarmwhats that?03:21
alarmintrepid ibex (8.10)03:21
cbwcjwAlright, and it works for me03:21
NotSure i understand that amarok doesnt work in 4.2    what version amarok are u using\03:22
SyndromeHow do I move my panel?03:22
astrommeAmarok is working for me in Jaunty and 4.2.....03:23
NotSureJaunty???   Im using intrepid03:23
astrommeSyndrome: click the cashew and them click the "move" button. If you have no move button click anywhere on the panel config that appears above the panel when you click the cashew03:23
cbwcjwAmarok is working for me in intrepid and 4.203:23
EtFbI tried Kubuntu Intrepid for about three days, and gave up on it.  I'll give Jaunty a go when it's out, but KDE4.1 is pretty dreadful.  And if they don't even have Amarok working in 4.2 but they're still releasing it (presumably because, you know, nobody really listens to music any more) then I have no faith in the devs any more...03:23
astrommeSyndrome: click + drag03:23
SyndromeIt doesn't move it03:23
cbwcjwEtFb: 4.2 is out, and Amarok works.03:24
KDeskAnybody knows a front end for amule gui in qt?03:24
PSiL0*yawn* http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php/I+HATE+the+Cashew?content=9100903:24
astrommeEtFb: I'm definitely using Amarok in my 4.2. And I agree, _kubuntu_'s packages for 4.1 aren't the best. But they are improving with 4.203:24
EtFbcbwcjw: That's good, at least.  But so much else was broken in 4.1, they've lost a lot of ground.03:24
PSiL0^^plasmoid to hide the cashew03:25
EtFbNot going to do a Linus and defect to Gnome, but I'm less eager to upgrade than I have been before.03:25
astrommeSyndrome: Are you clicking the cashew on the panel?03:25
NotSureEtFb  funny, I love the intrepid distro.. Its the 4.1 taskbar I hate.. Not as configurable as the kde 3.503:25
cbwcjwEtFb: 4.2 makes up for it.03:25
EtFbNotSure: A lot of my problems came from using an Acer Aspire notebook.  Warning: don't ever use, buy or even walk near Acers...03:25
EtFbcbwcjw: Ah well.  Maybe 4.1 was the Windows Vista of the Linux world, and 4.2 will be the Windows 7, ie a bug fix that finally works.03:26
NotSureyea I agree,,, That goes for there monitors.. I sent one back 4!!! times     Finally they agreed to replace with dif model03:26
NotSureill try it.. Thanks all..03:27
cbwcjwEtFb: Im not sure, but KDE has my respect back03:27
astrommeHmm, I've had 4 great working acer monitors. The laptop I had was terrible.03:27
EtFbCan you edit the menu in 4.2?  And what about global keyboard shortcuts, eg setting so that Windows+F starts Firefox, for example.03:27
cbwcjwEtFb: Yes03:27
SyndromeSo any other way to move the panel other than just dragging it?03:28
EtFbastromme: They seem to do OK with monitors, but then their monitors division spun off to form BenQ, and they do laptops too without all the crap.03:28
astrommeSyndrome: Just dragging it. Is it not working for you?03:28
EtFbcbwcjw: Yes to both?  Cos not being able to press Win+X for Emacs, Win+T for Terminal, etc, really messed with my muscle memory.03:28
SyndromeNope, it isn't03:28
astrommeSyndrome: You click the cashew and then click+drag on the bar that appears, not on the panel itself.03:29
SyndromeOh, lol03:29
SyndromeThat worked03:29
astrommeSyndrome: Yeah, I know, not the easiest to find. It's much improved in 4.2 with a big button that says "move" when you click the config cashew03:29
SyndromeFirst time with linux.. so I'm completely clueless03:29
astrommeNo problem03:30
SyndromeI can't get it to connect to my wireless network either03:30
SyndromeBut I think that might because of what my wep key is set to03:30
astrommeSyndrome: I also had problems with knetworkmanager in 8.10. I ended up installing the gnome network manager (and ran it with nm-applet)03:32
cbwcjwEtFb: Yea, yes to both. I must be off, adios03:32
EtFbI got the knetworkmanager working with a WPA-PSK connection with no worries in two different places, on the abovementioned Acer.  So that's not universally bad at least.03:32
DaSkreechWelcome to Kubuntu Syndrome03:32
SyndromeNow if I can keep it03:33
SyndromeI was using win7 but it didn't work out for me03:33
EtFbSyndrome: Was it the picture of Adolf Hitler that annoyed you?  (http://xkcd.com/528/)03:35
SyndromeI can't say cause I can't look at that link03:37
=== cowboyfeng is now known as cowboyfeng4567
cowboyfeng4567has anybody gotten simon listens to work?03:38
cowboyfeng4567I am having trouble figuring out how to connect to a mysql database03:38
cowboyfeng4567By the way if there is any devs in here cheers I am loving kubuntu03:39
SyndromeNothing works.. :(03:45
cowboyfeng4567on simon03:47
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foxwoodshello there03:49
foxwoodsI'm getting grey outlines around the text fields and buttons in firefox03:49
foxwoodsI know I've solved this before, but does anyone know how to do it?03:49
foxwoodsget rid of them*03:49
wastrelmaybe i will try 4.203:49
gaoCquick question03:53
gaoChow can i check if i'm using kde 4.203:53
wastrelapt-cache policy kwin03:54
gaoCperfect thanks03:56
gaoCwhere's the setting dialog for the 3d effects of kwin03:56
PSiL0alt-f2->type: "system settings"->desktop03:59
PSiL0gaoC: alt-f2->type: "system settings"->desktop03:59
gaoChow do i completely uninstall compiz04:00
wastrelppa upgrade b0rked04:02
PSiL0wastrel: sudo apt-get -f install04:02
* wastrel is crying every minute of the day04:02
PSiL0gaoC: sudo apt-get remove compiz04:03
gaoCthat will remove everything for compiz?04:03
PSiL0gaoC: sudo apt-get purge compiz04:03
wastreldo you mean force?04:03
wastrel--force-yes ?04:03
PSiL0wastrel: fix or force..04:03
Steven_Mhi all04:04
PSiL0wastrel: borked my ppa install two days ago and using that command line worked like a charm04:04
gaoCi still can't set more than 2 virtual desktops04:04
PSiL0wastrel: -f = --fix-broken04:04
Steven_Mubuntu seems too busy, so I'll ask my questions in here?04:05
Steven_Meverytime I try to apt-get update I get this result. http://pastebin.com/d148bd85304:05
PSiL0Steven_M: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=3164204:07
PSiL0Steven_M: or google: BADSIG 40976EAF437D05B5 intrepid04:08
PSiL0Steven_M: several threads discussing the gpg key there04:08
Steven_MPSiL0: I must be missing something I don't see a solution in that thread.04:13
PSiL0Steven_M: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-970346.html04:16
PSiL0Steven_M: sudo apt-get update -o Acquire::http::No-Cache=true04:16
PSiL0Steven_M: enough google digging for me tonight... I have some work I to attend to...04:17
PSiL0Steven_M: enough google digging for me tonight... I have some work I have to attend to...04:17
Steven_MPSiL0: thanks04:18
wastreli had to uninstall a package that was causing conflicts04:18
ibeekmanhey, any ideas on how to get my display split across 2 monitors?  I have an IBM/Lenovo thinkpad T60 with an ATI graphics card04:20
BluesKajSteven_M , I still don't see any help there04:20
syockitAny of you get white flashes when clicking "Show the Plasma Dashboard" (or activate it thru shortcut key)?04:20
astrommesyockit: yeah, kind of annoying04:21
BluesKajanyway, scaktime for me , nite all04:21
gaoClol can anyone recommend a good osx like dock for kde04:21
gaoCavant is bad and so is simdock and that's all that's in adept04:21
syockitastromme: you using intel driver?04:22
astrommesyockit: no, nvidia04:22
syockitastromme: okay, gonna have to look for that in the forums. This might mean lots others having the same glitch04:23
DaSkreechemma: hi04:26
emmahi there! :)04:26
gaoCso anyway to04:29
gaoCsay i'm on desktop 104:29
gaoCi only want the windows from desktop one to be on my taskbar04:29
gaoCany way to make that happen?04:29
DaSkreechIt's in the settings04:33
gaoChmm ok04:33
DaSkreechOh right it's hard to get to the task manager settings04:34
DaSkreechpress the cashewon the panel and right click the task manager then choose settings04:34
DaSkreech     cashew on04:35
gaoCi'm sorry task manager?04:36
gaoCright clicking anywhere isn't bringing a menu up04:36
DaSkreechgaoC: ok let me step back this is KDE? :)04:37
gaoCkde 4.204:37
DaSkreechwhich KDE ?04:37
=== fix_ is now known as fix90-
DaSkreechok you have a panel with your windows on it?04:37
DaSkreechAt the end should be a little button click on that04:38
gaoCyeah did that04:38
gaoCthen right clicking will just move stuff for me04:38
gaoCit doesn't bring up a menu04:38
DaSkreechRight click on the windows and you should get a menu04:38
gaoCi don't04:38
DaSkreechleft clicking should move things right clicking should bring up a menu04:39
gaoCleft clicking klets me most things04:39
gaoCand right clicking lets me move things lol04:39
DaSkreechso no matter what you do you get the move arrow?04:39
syockitgaoC: First, click on the cashew on the right on the taskbar04:40
PSiL0gaoC: right click while the move arrow is above your tasks to bring upa context menu04:40
DaSkreechThat's not supposed to happen :(04:40
syockitgaoC: If yo've confirmed the move cursor is there, then right click on the list of windows04:40
PSiL0then click task manager settings04:41
DaSkreechWhen you click once you can move things around then try right clicking04:41
fix90-how to install exe files on kubuntu 7.04?04:41
gaoCi'm telling you04:41
=== fix90- is now known as fix90
gaoCno context menu will come up04:41
gaoCwhen i right click04:41
DaSkreechgaoC: Well then you can't have only applications for desktop one then :(04:42
DaSkreechUnless you find the one pixel04:42
fix90anyone ? how to install exe file on kubuntu?04:43
DaSkreechfix90: Which Exe ?04:43
gaoCwoops caps lock04:43
DaSkreech!wine | fix9004:43
ubottufix90: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help04:43
syockitgaoC: you don't have any windows open?04:45
syockitgaoC: get at least something running, then you can right click on it04:45
DaSkreechNo It's harder to right click when there are things open04:45
fix90<DaSkreech>- how about virtual box or vmware?04:46
DaSkreechfix90: Sure those work as well but you have to own a copy of Windows to install in them04:46
werswhere do i find last.fm on amarok 2?04:47
wersit's not in the internet tab and it's activated04:47
syockitthat shouldn't be the case: If you have a window open, and you click on the cashew, the move cursor automatically centers on the task manager04:47
gaoCwow my window decorator disappeared...04:48
gaoCilogged out and in04:49
gaoCand i have no window borders...04:49
syockitthat's bad. looks like kwin failed04:50
syockitdon't know if you can alt-f204:50
syockitif you can, try kwin04:50
syockitoh, if plasma is running, can launch a konsole instead04:50
fix90<DaSkreech> http://linux.softpedia.com/progDownload/Wine-Download-148.html is it the link of wine?04:51
DaSkreechfix90:sudo  apt-get install wine04:52
wastrelppl, i installed the kde but kdm it doesn't offer kde as an option in the sessions menu04:54
hendershotmaybe you installed it wrong04:54
wastrelit is entirely possible04:55
hendershotor it could be in the wrong file04:55
hendershottry reoranging the fils04:55
wastrelit's a good suggestion04:56
hendershotwhat are you running now04:57
wastrelnighty night :]04:58
drixbarsalipleae help04:58
hendershotwhats the problem04:58
drixbarsaligood night first lol04:58
gaoCso it turns out kwin fails by itlself04:59
hendershotlol yah04:59
gaoCbut if i open a terminal and do kwin --replace it works...04:59
drixbarsalii cant set up my laptops brightness04:59
gaoCbut i have to keep the terminal open otherwise it restarts X04:59
drixbarsalii already try guidance04:59
gaoCand i still can't set more than 2 virtual desktops04:59
hendershotdrixbarsali: go to the settings on the display04:59
drixbarsalibut it cnt hokd the brightness04:59
hendershotlook in everything05:00
hendershotare you sure the backlight isnt going bad05:00
hendershottry to find a widget that has a display file05:00
drixbarsaliyes cause i got windows to05:00
drixbarsalithe guidance dont hold the backlight05:01
drixbarsalii dont know why05:01
hellhound_I just installed 8.10 and I installed the NVIDIA graphic driver version 177 and after I restarted the machine will not boot.  It stops at "Checking battery state"  I have a Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT.  Can anyone help me?05:01
fix90is kubuntu 7.04 have a download accelerator?05:01
hendershotare there any brightness settings on the comp itself05:02
fix90kubuntu 7.04 have a download accelerator?05:02
hendershotnividia isnt well liked with linux05:02
drixbarsalimy chipset is intel05:02
hendershotnot that i know of05:02
gaoCso there's no desktop cube in kwin? :(05:02
drixbarsaliworked the guidance, but now05:02
drixbarsalinot work anymore05:03
drixbarsaliat morning was fine05:03
hendershotnot that i know of05:03
hendershottry to reset the settings to defualt05:03
fix90kubuntu 7.04 have a download accelerator?05:03
drixbarsaliiĺl try to reinstall kubuntu05:03
hellhound_my graphic card worked fine with 8.04 but not after I upgraded.... if I boot into recovery mode, i can get a command prompt... how can I try another graphics driver version?05:03
hendershotyou dont have to reinstall it05:04
hendershotjust restore the defualts05:04
wastreli switched to kde405:04
hendershothellhound_:  theres a driver manager05:04
fix90kubuntu 7.04 have a download accelerator?05:04
wastrel4.2 is less slow/piggy than 4.1 it runs decent on my laptop05:04
hendershotgo to system settings and theres a restore defualt05:04
wastreldrixbarsali: i used the instructions in the kubuntu website05:05
hendershotbutton to the botttom left05:05
drixbarsaliok thanks05:05
syockitgaoC: there is05:05
hellhound_hendershot: can I access it from the command prompt... xserver will not boot05:05
wastrelwhat's with the blue theme i thought the theme was black05:05
gaoCsyockit: i can't seem to find it05:05
gaoConly desktop grid05:05
hendershothellhound_:  im honestly not sure if you can but im sure its possible try typing system settings in a terminal05:06
wobblyall the irc channels here and no one knows how to fix resolv.conf in kppp05:06
wastrelwhat's wrong with resolv.conf ?05:06
wobblyyu tell me05:06
wobblyit missing05:06
hendershotwobbly: go to #ubuntu05:06
fix90g solat jumaat dulu r05:06
wobblyno one knows how to fix05:06
syockitgaoC: you sure this is 4.2?05:07
rjgonzawhat is the problem?05:07
wobblybeen there and they banned me05:07
wastrelwobbly: do you know what your dns servers are supposed to be?05:07
gaoCsyockit: positive05:07
gaoCi have wobbly windows etc05:07
wobblyfor asking a simple ?05:07
wobblywastrel , no05:07
wobblywhy do i need them05:07
wastrelyou need that info, get it from your dialup provider05:07
syockitgaoC: Does it appear in the list of kwin plugins?05:07
wastrelbecause that's what goes in resolv.conf05:07
wobblydon't on kanotix, it auto05:07
gaoCsyockit: what desktop cube?05:08
wastrelwell in linux if something is broken you fix it05:08
wastreland you can fix it by finding those dns server addresses05:08
syockitSystem Settings>Desktop>All Effects>Window Management>Desktop Cube05:08
wobblyit same in kubuntu and mint05:08
gaoCno if it was there i wouldn't be asking :P05:08
hellhound_hendershot: once again... xserver will not boot.. so I get into kde/gnome just the command prompt.  when I type system settings I get "command not found"05:09
wobblyall i need to know is what to put in /etc/resolv.conf05:09
wastrelwobbly: you put your dns server addresses in there.05:09
wastrelsec you can use opendns05:09
hendershothellbound can you go to #ubuntu05:09
hendershotsee if they can help you more than i can05:10
wastrelopendns will work05:10
hellhound_hendershot: I am using kubuntu (KDE) though05:10
syockitgaoC: you have anything else listed there? box switch, cover switch, etc05:10
wastrelwobbly: Our nameservers are and
gaoCscreenshot coming05:10
DaSkreechgaoC: rn kwin --replace then logout05:10
hendershotyes i know but ubuntu is kubuntu programing05:11
wastrelwobbly:  put   nameserver <ip>   where <ip> is one of those IP's  one line for each namesever05:11
DaSkreechhendershot: A year ago nvidia was the godsend to linux05:11
gaoCDaSkreech: rn?05:11
DaSkreechgaoC: There is a cube in kwin05:11
wobblyback to windows 7, no good this lot05:11
gaoCi'm in kwin.05:11
DaSkreechfix90: 7.04?05:11
wastrelyou're welcome05:12
syockitfix90 probably won't be back for another 30-40 minutes05:12
hendershotDaSkreech: it never worked on mine05:12
DaSkreechgaoC: run05:13
DaSkreechhellhound_: what's the issue?05:13
gaoCsyockit: http://privatepaste.com/a40JlV1Xj205:14
gaoCDaSkreech: already ran it05:14
gaoCaka im in kwin05:14
webbiis there anyway to diable for a while the auto mount utility?05:14
DaSkreechgaoC: You said if you closed the konsole it would go away. If you log out then it gets saved in your session and rerun when you login05:15
hellhound_DaSkreech: I just installed 8.10 and I installed the NVIDIA graphic driver version 177 and after I restarted the machine will not boot.  It stops at "Checking battery state"  I have a Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT.05:15
gaoCoh well that's good to know, thanks05:15
syockitgaoC: either kwin's old, or system settings is. Please check the version of kde-window-manager05:15
syockitthat one looks like from the 4.1 days05:15
DaSkreechhellhound_: tried a plain settings boot ?05:16
gaoCcoag@null:~$ kwin -v05:16
gaoCQt: 4.4.305:16
gaoCKDE: 4.1.3 (KDE 4.1.3)05:16
gaoCKWin: 3.005:16
gaoCwhoops sorry for the four lines..05:16
gaoCi'm on kde 4.2 or so i thought...05:16
DaSkreechgaoC: There you go Kwin from KDE 4.105:16
gaoCi did the ppa05:16
gaoCand installed 4.205:16
DaSkreechgaoC: sudo apt-get install kwin05:16
syockitgaoC: ah, is it project-neon?05:16
hellhound_DaSkreech: I am able to boot into the command prompt using the recovery setting in grub05:16
DaSkreechsee if it missed something05:16
syockitgaoC: if so, that one is installed on a different session. It does not replace your kde05:17
DaSkreechhellhound_: Ok swap out your driver to something else to see if that's the issue05:17
DaSkreechgaoC: Which ppa?05:17
gaoCapt-get install kwin just installed 4.2 kwin05:18
gaoCanything else i have to do so when i log in it uses 4.2?05:18
syockitwait, try replacing current kwin first05:18
syockithmm, wait, even that won't work05:18
syockitas in the end you need to configure that from the settings05:19
syockitgaoC: again, which ppa did you install it from?05:20
syockitgaoC: launchpad.net/~<insert name here>05:20
gaoCintrepid main05:20
DaSkreechbefore that part05:20
wastrelhow do i get the black panel back?05:21
DaSkreechwastrel: what did you do to make it go away ?05:21
wastrelit is blue05:21
wastreli want it black like it was in 4.105:21
syockitgaoC: no, the full ppa.launchpad address05:21
DaSkreechwastrel: oh swap yourtheme05:21
gaoChold on05:21
DaSkreechright clikc on the desktop and appearance settings05:22
wastrelwhich theme has the black bar?05:22
gaoCdeb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-experimental/ubuntu intrepid main05:22
gaoCi used the guide from kubuntu site05:23
gaoCi forgot to do the gpg key adding before though05:23
syockitgaoC; don't worry the gpg. anyways, you installed only kwin?05:24
gaoCno i installed kde 4.2 before05:24
syockitI mean, don't worry gpg for now. But try installing gpg before anything before next time, it should be the practice05:25
DaSkreechgaoC: Ok sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop05:25
wastrelnew theme is ugly :[05:25
DaSkreechwastrel: A few of them are dark05:25
syockitDaSkreech: if it's already installed, i don't think that'll work to auto upgrade all deps05:25
DaSkreechsyockit: It will if it's a higher version than the one he has now05:26
DaSkreechassuming that gaoC is a he05:26
wastreli only have one, is there a package with more?05:26
gaoCno changes from that DaSkreech05:26
gaoCso i'm good to go?05:26
wastrelit's this ugly blue thing the old one looked nice05:27
gaoCrestarting X etc?05:27
DaSkreechwastrel: what was the old one you had? I used to use silicon05:27
DaSkreechTha was dark05:27
syockitgaoC: you have to make sure every kde bits are installed first05:27
gaoCwell kwin is 4.205:27
DaSkreechWell not every kde bit05:27
gaoCkde is 4.205:27
DaSkreechbut a good chunk :)05:27
DaSkreechgaoC: Open some application and look at help -> about KDE05:28
gaoClol it says 3.5.10 :/05:28
wastrelwhatever the default on the 4.1 was05:28
gaoCand apt-get upgrade has no kde in it05:28
DaSkreechwastrel: oxygen05:28
wastreli have oxygen now the bar is blue, not black.05:29
DaSkreechgaoC: What app did you use? Don't use konversation :)05:29
wastrelalso the background pic is diff but i guess that's not part of the theme05:29
DaSkreechwastrel: try glassified05:29
gaoClol ok05:30
DaSkreechkonqueror is normally a safe bet05:30
gaoCdolphin says 4.1.305:30
BattleStarJesusHow do I fix: "Your system has broken dependencies." ?05:31
DaSkreechgaoC: Right sounds like you haven't upgraded yet05:31
DaSkreechBattleStarJesus: try apt-get -f install05:31
wastrellight grey05:31
gaoCapt-cache policy w/e reports 4.205:31
DaSkreechgaoC: Logout then when you get the login screen press alt+E then login05:32
DaSkreechwastrel: Do you have a silicon ?05:32
BattleStarJesusDaSkreech: tryed it and no fix.05:32
syockitDaSkreech: what's the command to crop output? I want him to paste dpkg-query -l kde05:32
wastrellight blue05:33
DaSkreechwastrel: try sudo apt-get install plasma-desktopthemes-artwork05:33
DaSkreechShould give you some options05:33
DaSkreechsyockit: crop ?05:34
DaSkreechBattleStarJesus: what's causing the depends issues?05:34
syockitDaSkreech: like, trim off only the third string or something05:34
DaSkreechsyockit: be more specific and I'll tell you what the command is05:35
syockitDaSkreech: I'm changing question: how to sed tabs?05:36
* DaSkreech blinks05:36
DaSkreechlike on firefox ?05:36
gaoCupgrading now05:37
gaoCcould've sworn i did this already05:37
gaoCevidently not, w/e05:37
DaSkreechsyockit: You want to change tabs for something ?05:37
gaoCwhat does "meta" key refer to in laymans terms :P05:38
gaoCis that alt05:38
syockitDaSkreech: not really. I figured out awk was the correct tool05:38
DaSkreechgaoC: yes05:38
wastrelhi hi05:38
wastrelhttp://itmanagement.earthweb.com/img/2008/07/kde-4.1-desktop.jpg   <=  that is what i want05:38
DaSkreechsyockit: ha ha what are you trying to do ?05:38
wastrelthat background, a nice black panel05:38
wastrelhow do i get that in 4.2?05:39
BattleStarJesusDaSkreech: something to do with a kernel image, how do I find out exactly?05:39
DaSkreechwastrel: I get that with Oxygen05:39
DaSkreechBattleStarJesus: I guess apt-get install linux-image05:39
CYREXhow is 4.2 running on a PC with nvidia glx 177?05:40
DaSkreechThough the kernel should only depend on libc6 and apt itself05:40
gaoCthanks for your patience DaSkreech and help05:40
gaoCyou too syockit05:40
DaSkreechsure I'm going to be distracted in a bit so say my name if you want me05:41
wastrelDaSkreech: i get this -> http://kde.org/announcements/4.2/screenshots/desktop.png05:41
wastrelwiht oxygen05:41
syockitwastrel: http://techbase.kde.org/index.php?title=Development/Tutorials/Plasma/Theme05:44
syockitwastrel: the default metadata.desktop doesn't contain any reference to the panel background though05:44
wastreli am shit at design i can't make a theme05:45
DaSkreechno there should be some darker themes05:45
DaSkreechOxygen doesn't look like that at all for me :-(05:45
wastreli liked the black panel... hrm05:47
syockitwastrel: the opaque theme uses the blue one05:48
syockitthat's default in 4.2 i think05:48
wastreloxygen what mine says05:48
=== tom__ is now known as tomismyname
=== tomismyname is now known as tom__
syockithmm, I'll give you a dirty workaround then05:51
syockitfirst, back up /usr/share/kde4/apps/desktoptheme/default/opaque/widgets/panel-background.svgz05:51
syockitlike: cp /usr/share/kde4/apps/desktoptheme/default/opaque/widgets/panel-background.svgz /usr/share/kde4/apps/desktoptheme/default/opaque/widgets/panel-background.svgz.backup05:52
syockitnext, cp /usr/share/kde4/apps/desktoptheme/default/widgets/panel-background.svgz  /usr/share/kde4/apps/desktoptheme/default/opaque/widgets/panel-background.svgz05:52
syockitthen restart plasma05:52
geniisyockit: Those dirs will need sudo, regular user has no write privs there05:53
wastreloxygen is using the wrong panel background image?05:54
syockitMaybe I should've taught him to copy the theme instead05:54
=== rob is now known as Guest86574
gkffjckHi guys... I know I'm on a development release but I was wondering... I have been able to run compositing on kde4.1 with no problems.... but now in 4.2 It says that I cannot enable compositing what's up?05:59
Paddy_EIREIs it possible to hide the konqueror status bar ?06:01
gaoCwow 4.2 is spectacular06:02
DaSkreechlet me guess you got 4.2?06:02
PSiL0quick question, anyone know how to change the blue hue/halo that borders active windows?06:04
tom__wanting to view my windows network with ubuntu06:04
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.06:05
tom__I downloaded samba then saw i got it how do i start it?06:05
Paddy_EIREtom__: just read this http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html06:06
Paddy_EIREgah.. wait06:06
DaSkreechtom__: If you have a windows network already in konqui or dolphin press ctrl+L and type in smb://06:07
Texashey im a newbie i got a question06:07
tom__I tried smb:// in firefox will try others06:07
gaoCis there a deafult hotkey for switching desktops06:08
Paddy_EIRE!ask | Texas06:08
ubottuTexas: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:08
Texasif any one is free i would appreciate it06:08
DaSkreechgaoC: Ctrl+Fn06:08
gaoCwhere would i set ctrl right arrow for next left arrow for prev etc06:09
pepinillook... so I upgraded to kde 4.2 on my comp06:10
wastreli did that too06:10
pepinillomy icons from the task bar dissapeared!!!06:10
Paddy_EIREpepinillo: tried re-adding them06:11
pepinilloonly have the show dashboard and recently plugged in one06:11
wastrelkde4.2 is better than 4.1 but still slow and breaky06:11
pepinillowant me to be honest... haven't figured out how06:11
DaSkreechTexas: No one can answer a question unspoken06:11
wastrelalso now it's ugly06:11
pepinilloI don't mean the ones you add and then use... the ones that appear when you start running an application...06:11
TexasI need to know what packages i need to download for chatrooms on the inter net06:11
PSiL0ahhh, finally got rid of that blue halo06:11
Texasi got disconected my question is what packages do i need to download for chat rooms to work java based06:11
DaSkreechTexas: you are already on a chatroom on the interent06:12
tom__how do i start konqui or dolphin in ubuntu 8.0406:12
PSiL0using bare naked as my theme, keeping it simple06:12
pepinillolike I had my hp's printer icon there, and it told me things... now it's gone.. printer works though..06:12
DaSkreechtom__: alt+f2 konqueror06:12
DaSkreechtom__: alt+f2 dolphin06:12
pepinillothis kde feels much smoother to me...06:12
wastrelyeah it performs better than 4.106:12
wastrel4.1 was hog06:13
DaSkreechpepinillo: press the little button at the end of the panel then click add widgets. add which ever ones you feel like06:13
tom__the location or file could not be found06:13
pepinilloI don't mean the widgets...06:13
marcis this thinking working, holla back06:13
pepinillolike if you run say... skype... the icon that appears...06:13
pepinillowhen you're running it.,.. bottom right corner of screen... it doesn.t anymore...06:14
DaSkreechYour system tray?06:14
wastrelyou're missing the little thingy.  the notification area06:14
DaSkreechIt's a widget06:14
pepinillois that another widet??06:14
Texaswhat packages do i need to download to make java chatrooms work06:15
pepinillodp you know the name of the widget??06:15
DaSkreechsystem tray06:15
DaSkreech!java | texas06:15
ubottutexas: To install a Java compiler/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java5-jre or sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository. Please don't use Adept to install Java if you are on Kubuntu !Dapper06:15
gaoCkde look isn't loading :(06:16
pepinilloI'll get on that now!!!06:16
pepinilloyou guys are my heroes!!!!!!06:17
DaSkreechplay around with what's there to get an idea06:18
pepinilloit is now officially SUPER SWEET06:18
marcwebcams in kubuntu, dont work06:18
pepinillomy webcam doens't work in ANY linux distro...06:19
pepinillotried all kinds of programs, drivers, etceteras...06:20
pepinilloyou can even add new desktops so you can see like 3 or 4 at once??!!! SWEET!!06:22
wastrelok cheers. maybe 4.3 will work for me :]06:22
syockitI had a working webcam, but don't use it anymore06:22
pepinillostupid drivers06:22
SocceroosI'm having trouble getting strigi to index files. Can someone help?06:22
syockitpepinillo: yeah, but I wish I can attach each desktop to each workspace06:22
Socceroosthe System Settings dialog just keeps saying that strigi is not running.06:23
pepinilloI had this REAAALLLY old ibm pc cam... worked fine... newer one, total bummer...06:23
SocceroosI'm using KDE 4.206:23
syockitTexas: konversation be good enough06:25
syockitwait, what did i say?06:25
Socceroosapachelogger: ping06:29
TaggnostrI'm running kubuntu inside virtualbox and the altgr and a few other buttons don't seem to work properly, but apparently the problem is not vbox, do you know how can I check if they are seen by kubuntu and how I can fix the problem?06:29
TaggnostrI just tried with the virtual keyboard and they don't seem to work either06:31
Taggnostris there some package related to the keyboard that I can reinstall maybe?06:31
pepinillocould it be the keyboard setting??? that it's configured to another language??06:31
pepinilloI've done that...06:32
TaggnostrI'm checking now, but I didn't change anything, and also it should print the wrong character if the layout was wrong06:33
syockitTaggnostr: you can try the Keyboard & Mouse settings. then go to any shortcuts tab, select a custom shortcut, then try assigning keys06:34
Taggnostrok, now I have an error while trying to change the layout06:35
TaggnostrI've enabled the keyboard layouts in the international settings and select two of them, but the tray icon show 'err' and says "Error changin keyboard layout to 'us'" or the other layouts I tried06:37
DaSkreechTaggnostr: what's your keyboard set to?06:48
Taggnostrus or fi06:48
Taggnostractually, I just had fi, and it stopped to work (i think after an update), if I enable different keyboard layouts I get that error06:49
Taggnostrmaybe I've found something http://www.nabble.com/Keyboard-layout-problem-with-xkeyboard-config-1.0-td11780848.html06:55
tbr281can someone help me with the package signing key for the repository on the kde 4.2 page?06:59
tbr281i try to add it but nothing happens when i enter the command07:00
Taggnostrit's not working07:05
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DaSkreechtbr281: Should ask for your password07:13
DaSkreechTaggnostr: What is it doing?07:13
=== Daisuke-Ido is now known as Daisuke_Ido
TaggnostrI create the dir as suggested there but I still can't change layout, I'm trying to reinstall xkb packages07:14
TaggnostrI don't know what packages I should reinstall07:15
TaggnostrI guess that there's something that has to be recompiled, but I don't know what/how07:17
syockithow about trying guest addons?07:20
=== Trel is now known as Ketrel
Taggnostrtrying to reinstall them?07:22
syockitso you have it already07:22
Taggnostryep, but I can try to reinstall them07:23
Sadyhi. Im trying to get my aqualung working. When I start to open the progman it says that "no output dirver spedivied" and "no usable output driver was found" It tells me that OSS driver (which I use) "device busy". So how I can "free" my oss drived so that the program could even start?07:26
SadyI'm not listen any music at the moment and there has been problems with oss driver before. It always says that the driver is busy and it wont work because of that. I'm not sure which program makes it "busy".07:27
Sadyfor the note: I'm trying to get another musicplayer  because Amarok is slow. laggy and it wont work correctly.07:28
syockitTaggnostr: what does xev output when you press them buttons07:29
syockitget a console running, run xev07:30
syockitit will open a small window, select it, then do some clicks or presses07:30
syockitthen check the console again07:30
syockitSady: try lsof | egrep '/dev/dsp|/dev/snd'07:32
Sadywhat does it do exactly?07:34
syockitSady: lists programs using those devices07:36
syockitassuming your sound hardware is those two07:36
SadyI cant get it working07:39
Sadyit says status erro when I try "lsof /dev/dps"07:40
syockithow about with sudo? but that's strange...07:41
Sadyabout the egrep it says command not found07:43
Sadyis there another way to see the list of programs using those devices?07:44
syockitanyways lsof /dev/dsp should be the same. I thought it needed a grep07:44
Sadyyeah I can type that and it says nothing just blank and when I use the egrep it says that command not found07:45
syockitokay, but you should have a grep. try lsof | grep /dev/snd07:45
Sadyoh wow now07:45
SadyI did "lsof | grep /dev/snd/ and it ... said something07:45
syockitgot them pid yet?07:45
Sady"artsd, artsd, artsd, kmix, kmix and last amarokapp07:46
syockitpid is the magic number after the app name07:46
syockitkill -9 598107:46
Sadykill artsd?07:46
syockitwhat kde are you using btw?07:47
syockitoss is so legacy07:47
SadyI'm using old one07:47
Sadynot the newest I think it was 3.5 or something07:47
Sadyso would you tell me why I do kill -9 5981?07:48
syockitI'm not used to ways of 3.5. It uses arts daemon instead07:50
syockityou had a list of programs using things in /dev/snd/ right?07:50
syockitdon't kill artsd or kmix07:50
syockitjust the unwanted program07:50
Sadyand which one is the unwanted? amarokapp?07:51
syockitprobably. Is amarok running?07:51
Sadyjust killed it though07:51
Sadyand now its not there anymore07:51
syockitOh. Next time check amarok settings to see what audio backend it's using07:51
syockitwhether it's alsa,arts,sdl,pulseaudio,etc etc07:52
Sadyit's automatic07:52
Sadyand it uses xine as the motor07:52
Sadyxine uses oss07:52
Taggnostrsorry, I lost the connection07:52
Sadyanyway I killed the amarok, the amarokapp removed from the lsof list but it wont still open aqualung it says that oss drived device is busy and that alsa driver device is busy07:53
syockityup, I think alsa is being used by either kmix or artsd07:54
Sadyof ff***07:54
syockitAnd aqualung should be told to use either07:54
Sadyso how do I do that?07:56
RurouniJonesI need to nuke (securely erase) a server's filesystem. Any suggestions as to what program to use? (It is via SSH so no sledgehammering suggestions :))07:56
Sadyit tells me that no output drived specified, probing for a usable drived. I did try to tell" aqualung -d oss /dev/snd/"07:57
syockitSady: anyways let's get your arts daemon restarted. to do that....07:57
Sadyok ^^07:57
syockitSady: wait, can't use alsa instead?07:57
carpiiRurouni, you sound like someone whos up to no good07:57
Sadyumm I think alsa wont work for my sounddevices, amplifier etc07:57
Taggnostrmaybe now the keyboard is working07:58
Sadythat's why I'm using oos07:58
Taggnostrfixed \o/07:58
Taggnostrthanks guys07:58
RurouniJonescarpii: And you sound like someone who is overly suspicious07:58
syockitSady: kill artsd07:58
syockitwhat do you have in /dev/snd anyway?07:59
Sadyin /dev/snd is: control and different parameteres, pcm and seq, timer07:59
syockitusually I have kmix on /dev/snd/controlC008:00
Sadyisnt restart a command so that I could do instead of kill jsut restart artsd?08:00
syockitI'm not sure if artsd have an init.d08:00
syockittry sudo /etc/init.d/artsd restart08:00
Sadycommand not found08:01
Sadyand kill artsd says bash: kill: artsd: arguments must be process or job IDs08:01
Sadyso it wont regonize any artsd08:01
SadyI did check from my prosesses that I do have two artsd, and the PID for those are: 5981 and 628508:03
Sadywhich one I will kill?08:03
syockittry both08:05
Sadyoh lol :D both08:05
_r1_I just upgrade to 4.2 and I still have a konsole bug that makes me sad08:06
Sadykilled only the 5981 and the second one should be done by "sudo"08:06
Sadyit did create new artsd with PID : 750108:06
_r1_when I launch a term, I lost the last line print08:06
_r1_Is that a wworkaround about that ?  (except redimention the konsole size each time)08:06
edericoHello, I just upgraded to KDE 4.2 (on Kubuntu 8.10) and I'm having problems with Amarok (1.4), basically there is no audio08:08
edericoit worked fine with KDE 4.108:08
RurouniJonesTo answer my own question - use DD with /dev/random a few times. It isn't going to stop police forensices but it will do for when you are getting rid of an HDD. There you go carpii, now if I was up to evil stuff I succeeded anyway. Thanks for the help...08:08
syockitSady: now try aqualung again08:08
Sadyit failed I did try it08:08
syockitSady: kill kmix this time08:09
Sadyoh wow :D08:09
carpiinp Rurouni, glad i could be of assistance08:09
syockitI think your artsd uses alsa08:09
syockitbut you claimed that amarok plays sound...08:09
Sadykilled wont open08:09
sandGorgonederico: 8.10 has a bug that it mutes audio. do "alsamixer -Dhw" and unmute everything08:09
Sadyummm so?08:09
syockitederico: only KDE upgrade or kernel as well?08:10
mefisto__if you're using alsa, you can reload it and kill everything using it with: sudo alsa force-reload08:11
edericohmmm, the kernel must have been update since I did a fresh install of Kubuntu yesterday08:11
edericosandGorgon: I'll test what you said about the muting thing08:11
Sadyforce reloaded it08:11
_r1_and damn kontact still gives me error :(08:12
Sadyaqualung : alsa : unable to start with default params, oss: device busy08:12
syockitSady: man that is sure annoying. I wonder what the default params are08:12
syockitSady: can you see if amarok still can play sounds?08:13
Sadyopening amarok, it's slow08:13
=== _neversfelde is now known as neversfelde
SadyI can hear my Opeth really good :308:13
edericosandGorgon: awesome, it works! Thanks a lot :)08:13
syockitSady: btw lsof /dev/audio as well08:14
syockitSady: seeing that amarok plays, check the settings for it, see what it's using for audio playback08:15
Sadyopened xine it says auto now08:16
Sadyoh no, its oss :D08:16
syockitI'm confused as to how these sound server works!08:16
Sadymaybe I should just give up, use my shitty laggy amarok and forget trying to have another program for playing music08:17
SadyI'd like to have one that doesnt crash down once or twice a day, I'm having oo much "songs" in my playlists and the random dosn't work either08:17
syockitso xine doesn't work with alsa?08:18
syockitaqualung is beta, can't guarantee it won't crash08:18
Sadypfft like I care amarok crashed everyday?08:18
Sadychanged it to alsa nothing08:19
syockitand that laggy thing might have something to do with oss08:19
SadyI can still hear my music08:19
Sadyxines now alsa08:19
syockitexit amarok, see if it still resides in memory i.e. lsof | grep /dev/snd08:19
syockitor get the alsa-oss wrapper solution08:20
Sadyhehe killed my amarok and I can still hear my music <308:20
Sadyok it's down now. slow as shit08:20
syockitbut since aqualung has alsa support built-in, alsa-oss shouldn't be required anyway08:21
syockitso is there anything amarok in lsof?08:21
Sadyok now I did get my music killed08:21
syockitThat's like totally slow, dude!08:21
syockitIs it that laggy08:21
SadyIT IS08:22
syockitby the way about kill and pid, if you want to kill by program name, use backtick08:23
SadyI need to go to the university next08:23
syockitnot quotes. for example: kill `pidof amarokapp` instead of kill 'pidof amarokapp'08:23
syockitpidof gives you the pid for that app08:24
Sadyok thnx08:24
syockitwell then, too bad I wasn't a good help this time08:24
syockitwish you luck next time!08:24
Sadymaybe I'll come back later if I have any time08:24
Sadyok ^^08:24
marcelhow many GB can manage ubuntu ?08:28
Ch1ppyin soviet russia, ubuntu manage GB!08:28
marceli don't live in russia !08:29
Ch1ppyit's a joke08:29
marceli see, sorry08:29
Ch1ppyno worries08:29
marcel4 GB ? or more ?08:30
stdinwhat do you mean, RAM?08:30
marcelRAM memory08:30
stdin32bit install can handle 4GB, 64bit install can handle anything you could possibly have08:30
marceli have 32 machine, (little endian)08:30
hellhound_after installing 8.10 and then installing the restricted nvidia driver, I am not longer able to boot into x ... i just get the command prompt... startx reveals no devices found     can anyone help?08:31
robinrstdin: isn't it more like 3.5 GB on 32-bit, i.e. some is wasted for I/O and such things08:31
stdinrobinr: yeah, there is some overhead, but if you only have a 32bit CPU there's little you can do about that08:32
robinryeah, they still exist, but are rarely equipped with as much as 4 GB anyway08:33
robinrunless they are servers08:33
robinri.e. the limitation i per process, not in total I think08:33
=== Gnut[OFF] is now known as gnutonio
stdinrobinr: it should be total (think multi-core CPUs)08:40
stdinyou can only address 3GB in 32 bits08:41
hellhound_after installing 8.10 and then installing the restricted nvidia driver, I am not longer able to boot into x ... i just get the command prompt... startx reveals no devices found     can anyone help?08:42
carpiihellhound, try moving your /etc/X11/xorg.conf to a different name08:48
carpiiit should at least get you back into low res X08:48
mefisto__hellhound_: then maybe pastebin the problem xorg.conf for us08:50
esp1anyone know where i have to append ".ogv" to be able to type mplayer start of filename of an ogv file and be able to hit tab and get the filename?09:00
carpiidoes kmail have any option to popup a floating window when i get new mail?09:11
johnflux_carpii: settings->configure notifications09:11
carpiioh got it, thanks!09:11
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PabixHello, I have the latest Kubuntu intrepid, and I have problems with windows focus. Sometimes I have to focus a window out, and to focus it back in, to be able to type anything inside09:19
hellhoundi just installed 8.10 and after activating the restricted nvidia driver and rebooting I can no longer get into x.  if i type startx i get "(EE) No devices detected." and "Fatal server error: no screens found"  I have put my xorg file on pastebin at http://pastebin/m29b60d2    can anyone PLEASE help?09:20
chris-rc1i would like to change the size of an applet in amarok 2. is there a way to do it?09:24
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=== gernot2 is now known as gernot
knicwhat is a good application to create new users, kuser doesn't copy another user so it makes setting up new users difficult09:45
alarmgoodmorning , a question please. when my kubuntu is loading it stops at a point (progress bar stage) , and does no go on with booting until i press enter. sometimes this happens also while i am logging into kde that it needs a key to be pressed to go on.09:55
alarmwhat could it be that awaits a key to go on ? how could i see where it stops responding and doesnt go on with the booting09:55
techbwhi can anyone help me find a program that works with garmin gps, and also supports loading of thier maps10:01
william__hello, are there know issues with kde 4.2 and samba10:03
william__samba network filebrowsing never worked in kde 4.1 but I was hoping the situation was improved in 4.210:04
william__does kde 4.2 depend on samba 4 or something?10:04
jon_Hello folks.10:04
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=== someone is now known as aname
anamehi, does anyone know about problems with the intel gma 950? Got a really bad performance10:27
piquadratAnyone knows where gpg --genkey puts the generated keys? They arent in the working directory and I can't find them nowhere else10:29
stdinpiquadrat: probably in ~/.gnupg in your private keyring. if you want to export it to a file use gpg --export10:30
piquadratstdin: that sounds reasonable. Thanks!10:31
=== KennethP_ is now known as KennethP
fidjiSomeone know an issue to using Pinnacle PCTV 3010iX Dual Analog + DVB-T (VT8251 Ultra VLINK Controller) ?10:38
=== dominik is now known as bderenor
bizkiti is back10:40
Ketrel(if I get it working, I'll share here ;) )10:45
lokaiwhat does the error "protocol error: bad mode" mean after the password prompt when using scp?10:46
=== brad_ is now known as skyion
failershi when im trying to start up the live cd it gives alot of these 2 errors "end_request: I/O error, dev sr0, sector 1424592 and Buffer I/O error on device sr0, logical block 355148 . what can i do :| ?10:54
yao_ziyuanis it normal that bovo, gwenview are always "not upgraded"?10:57
syockityao_ziyuan: maintainer busy10:58
=== IsraphelII is now known as Israphel3
stalker314314hi, kde 4.2 is very slow on startup. splash screen comes to last icon, and it just stops for 3-4 minutes, anyone have idea?11:09
stalker314314sometimes it shows in desktop 'process for desktop protocol died unexpectedly'11:10
syockitstalker314314: is this first time starting up?11:14
fix90i've finished updating my linux. but, there are a popup window that says there is a crash handler. i don't know what to do....11:14
* bizkit is away: Gone away for now11:14
* bizkit is back.11:19
ipehello, what i have to do ćos idont know when i have caps lock on or off without borin test with another prog11:24
* bizkit is away: Gone away for now11:29
IICUXi update kubuntu 8.4 to kubuntu 8.10 and got error11:34
IICUXRead only file system11:34
IICUXX-Server not start11:34
IICUXlog daemon also11:35
ipeHi IICUX,you may better install new pure installation i guess,,, any ideas for my caps lock broblem11:35
nexus10Hi. I want to fix a Kubuntu 6.06 machine that was being upgraded with do-release-upgrade -- and it crashed, leaving system with no net access. What CDs do I need to burn? 8.04 install?11:36
legatenexus10: You want to make a fresh install?11:37
Barbadillohi, is it the actual kde4.2 package the final release?11:37
IICUXsystem can't mount drives11:39
nexus10legate: no, I'd rather upgrade -- but I'm not familiar enough with Kubuntu/Ubuntu to know the best way (I'm ok with core Linux)11:39
legateBarbadillo: Yes, KDE 4.2 is now final. You can get it following the instructions on http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.2.11:39
Barbadillolegate: i got a problem they say solved but it is not11:40
legatenexus10: An upgrade from such an old version as 6.06 may not be advisable. I would make a fresh install with an 8.10 CD, but you can try to upgrade it.11:40
legateBarbadillo: Which?11:40
Barbadillokorganizer crash11:41
Barbadillolegate: http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=18065511:41
nexus10legate: ok, thanks. If I try an upgrade first, what path would you recommend?11:41
nexus10legate: and specifically, since the machine has no net access, what CDs would I need?11:42
legatenexus10: Use the Adept Package Manager. But please, first save all your personal data on a USB stick or extern hard disk.11:42
nexus10legate: good advice :-)11:42
nexus10legate: can I use cmdline tools?11:42
legatenexus10: You can download the 8.10 iso from http://www.kubuntu.org/getkubuntu.11:43
techbwhi when creating a partition with gparted, does it format the partition for use as well?11:43
legatenexus10: Oh sorry, that's for a fresh install.11:43
Barbadillolegate: this is my version according to "About->KDE" -> 4.2.00 (KDE 4.2.0)11:43
nexus10legate: I was hoping to keep KDE 3.5...11:44
nexus10hence 8.0411:44
ubottugparted is a !GTK/!Gnome !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php11:44
legatenexus10: I don't know if it is possible to upgrade without access to the Internet. Is there no possibility to connect this machine?11:44
nexus10legate: not atm11:44
nexus10legate: I may boot it with a gentoo livecd, mount the HD so I can back up to USB stick...11:45
Paddy_EIREIs there any way for me to install the KOffice 2.0 Beta 5 release via 'apt-get' I am currently running 8.10 kde4.211:45
nexus10legate: but I dunno enough about (K)ubuntu networking to know what's wrong11:46
legatenexus10: Sorry, but I don't know if it is possible to make an offline upgrade. :(11:46
Paddy_EIREnm got it11:46
nexus10legate: ok, ta. Any other CDS I should take apart from an 8.04 install?11:46
jim_phi people11:47
jim_phow can i configure my kde4 kdm?11:47
legateBarbadillo: Well, it says that it's fixed, so it probably is. Is this really your problem? When it crashes on your system, do you get the same stack trace?11:48
legatenexus10: What do you mean? The only thing you need in order to install an 8.04 system is the 8.04 iso. But without network access you won't get any updates.11:49
nexus10legate: I wondered whether there were any "utility" ubuntu images...11:50
legatenexus10: You mean some additional applications?11:50
nexus10legate: on somne distros,11:50
nexus10legate: there's a tools disk -- minimal boot, partition editor, reiserfstools etc11:51
nexus10legate: if there is no ubuntu-specific one I'll take a gentoo one11:52
jim_phow can i configure my kde4 kdm themes and options?11:53
legatenexus10: Sorry, but I don't know anything about a Kubuntu "tools disk".11:54
Barbadillolegate: it is different the backtrace11:54
nexus10legate: np, thank you. I'll plan on attempting to fix networking so I can retry the upgrade, and failing that will do fresh install11:54
Barbadillolegate: is something about libkcal...11:55
legatenexus10: Ok, no problem.11:55
legateBarbadillo: Then it's another bug. You may want to search the database for it and if you don't find it you can file a new report.11:55
Paddy_EIREhey I was trying to install "koffice-kde4" and I could interupted halfway through the install by a graphical password request which I did not notice in time.. now I get this http://pastebin.ca/132269711:58
Paddy_EIRE*I got interrupted11:58
alarmhey, where can i find all the services running at the moment and be able to modify their start up status ?11:59
DragonmasterIs there any way to find out why I have no sound?  I did a fresh install and right now doing updates.12:02
jim_phow can i configure my kde4 kdm themes and options?12:02
legatePaddy_EIRE: You have KDE 4.2?12:02
DragonmasterI am running the older KDE.12:02
legatePaddy_EIRE: Please read http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.2. Section 8.10 (Intrepid) explains your problem. You can't install that package.12:03
Paddy_EIRElegate: thank you for the info :)12:03
Paddy_EIREI should read before I leap sometimes12:04
legatePaddy_EIRE: You're welcome. :)12:04
DragonmasterIs there a command t find out what sound card is installed?12:04
legateDragonmaster: It's possible that the update included your sound system. So you might want to wait until the update is finished and then reboot.12:05
Paddy_EIREso I take it a purge of koffice and autoremove are in order12:05
DragonmasterOkay legate.12:05
DragonmasterThank you.12:05
legateDragonmaster: No problem. :)12:05
DragonmasterI tried ubuntu, but don't like it so I went to kubuntu.12:05
DragonmasterCouldn't get a high resolution, onl 640x480 or 800x600.12:06
legatePaddy_EIRE: I thought the installation failed?12:06
alarmany gui for manipulating system services  ?12:09
Paddy_EIRElegate: yeah it did.. most dependencies where left behind12:09
Paddy_EIREalthough the suite seemed to be there12:09
Paddy_EIREgah.. and the damn icons are still listed in lancelot.. I must reload the DE12:10
legatePaddy_EIRE: Interesting. But you're quite right, removing koffice and running autoremove is ok, I think.12:10
Paddy_EIREyeah it worked12:10
jim_phow can i configure my kde4 kdm themes and options?12:16
DragonmasterJim_p, have you tried system settings?12:16
jim_pDragonmaster, i have, its all greyed out. plus i cant               sudo systemsetings      :|12:17
DragonmasterI am running KDE 3.5.1012:18
jim_pDragonmaster, let me pastebin the error12:18
DragonmasterI don't think I can be of any assistance.12:18
DragonmasterSorry.  I am new also.12:18
jim_p<unknown program name>(2168)/: KUniqueApplication: Cannot find the D-Bus session server12:19
jim_p<unknown program name>(2166)/: KUniqueApplication: Pipe closed unexpectedly.12:19
bottigeris there a way to make the "preview" enabled by default in dolphin ?12:19
thinkgnui installed firefox in kubuntu 8.10 (kde 4.2) ,  i could run it with krunner , but i don't see it in menus12:26
nargzulJ'ai une petite question12:27
syockit!fr | nargzul12:29
ubottunargzul: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr12:29
nargzulOk I'm sorry ;)12:29
thinkgnudoes anybody knows what can i do to bring it to menus12:30
nargzulI've just a question, on kubuntu 8.10 with kde 4.2 final, I've a problem with sound: My applications doesn't have sound(amarok, firefox, ...), but when I go in the configuration panel under the "Multimedia" section, if I click "Test", I ear the sound perfectly. What is the problem?12:31
syockitnargzul: not using pulseaudio?12:33
nargzulI don't know this programm and he isn't installed12:34
dragonmasterI did updates and still no sound in Kubuntu.12:34
dragonmasteris there a command to find out if a sound card is installed and what it is?12:36
syockitlspci | grep Audio12:37
dragonmasterThank you12:37
syockitif that doesn't work, try Sound instead12:37
lobsterCheese will not find my Logitech/Acer Orbitcam webcam, it used to work in Hardy Heron12:38
dragonmaster00:11.5 Multimedia audio controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. VT8233/A/8235/8237 AC97 Audio Controller (rev 50)12:38
nargzulNo-one has an idea for my problem?12:40
syockittoo vague12:41
kopertonwhat's your problem12:41
syockitno sound in apps, but sound works when testing in Multimedia12:41
syockitdragonmaster: and what is your problem?12:42
syockitdragonmaster: kubuntu version?12:42
nargzulyeah thx syockit12:42
dragonmasterKubuntu 8.10, I believe.  KDE 3.5.10.  No sound at all for anything.12:42
kopertoncheck  better your mixer12:42
kopertonno your can't have kde3.5 on kubuntu 8.1012:43
dragonmasterI am looking at a webpage now to see if there is a fix.12:43
syockitdragonmaster: please lsb_release -a12:43
dragonmasterI know this is KDE 3.5.10.  I thought the Kubuntu was 8.112:43
kopertonyou have 8.0412:44
kopertonanyway check it wiht syockit command in a terminal12:44
kopertonlsb_release -a12:44
kopertonok you have 8.0412:45
kopertonwith some upgrades12:45
dragonmasterNo LSB modules are available.12:45
syockitdragonmaster: don't forget the -a12:46
dragonmasterI used "lsb_release -a" no quotes.12:47
syockitoh, I see you got it12:47
dragonmasterThat is okay.12:47
=== nikola is now known as ryxxed
dragonmasterThat was of no help (the website).12:48
syockitnargzul: in Multimedia>Backend, do you have xine listed>12:49
syockitnargzul: and what are the available output devices, in Device Preferences?12:49
nargzulHDA intel (ALC660-VD Analog)12:50
dragonmasterWhat should I try next?12:50
nargzuland pulseaudio12:50
syockitso you do have pulseaudio12:50
kopertonomg pulse?12:50
syockitbut the apps should work without it12:50
kopertonkubuntu don't need of pulse12:50
syockitkoperton: don't worry. pulse runs fine on my system12:50
nargzulbut when I type "pulseaudio" in the command line, it's saying that I'vn't this application12:50
syockitnargzul: oic12:51
nargzulsyockit:  oic?12:51
syockitnargzul: oh i see12:51
nargzulsyockit: scuse me, english isn't my first language ;)12:51
nargzulNp ;)12:52
syockitif you start amarok, can you see the preferences12:52
dragonmasterNo sound under test sound either.12:52
nargzulsyockit: yes, What must I check?12:53
syockitwhat sound device is it using12:53
nargzulAutomatic ^^12:54
nargzulbut the sound system is xine12:54
dragonmasterDid I say/do something wrong?12:54
dragonmasterI am getting no help.12:54
Dr_willisPeople pop in and out all day12:55
Dr_willislag/dissconects/dog on fire...12:55
syockitno, you didn't do anything wrong12:55
Dr_willissometimes they got to go do somthin gthen be back. :)12:55
dragonmasterCan you help me to get sound working.  Mixer says VT823512:56
ipeI have kubuntu 8.10 and my keyboard has no caps lock light to show up if its on or off.is there any kind of widget or something to do that job12:58
sandGorgonsyockit: i hope you have unmuted ALL devices using "alsamixer -Dhw"12:59
khalidmiancan one add google gadgets to plasmoids12:59
Dr_willisipe,  ive seen some things.. but not sure if theres any that are kde4 specific.12:59
Dr_williskhalidmian,  from what i read in the release notes.. yes.13:00
syockitsandGorgon: shouldn't that be dragonmaster?13:00
Dr_williskhalidmian,  but ive never seen it done13:00
sandGorgonoh yeah .. sorry13:00
sandGorgondragonmaster: [18:29] <sandGorgon> syockit: i hope you have unmuted ALL devices using "alsamixer -Dhw"13:00
khalidmianDr_willis: pls provide link on release notes13:00
syockitnargzul: so is there sound in amarok with alsa selected?13:01
Dr_williskhalidmian,  the url in the topic is what i read. and followed.13:01
syockitnargzul: you probably need to exit it first, then run it again13:01
nargzulsyockit: so an idea? I've tested all drivers in amarok, and only the alsa don't make a driver error, and I've always no sounds13:01
Dr_williskhalidmian,  they even had some videos.  showing the features..but i dident watch them all.13:01
khalidmianDr_willis: sorry what url13:01
syockitalso, try sandGordo's solution13:01
dragonmasterNothing is on mute.  Fresh install and updates.  No sound.13:01
Dr_williskhalidmian,  the one in this channels TOPIC.. KDE 4.2  out ..................13:02
sandGorgonnargzul: same thing for you, i hope you have unmuted ALL devices using "alsamixer -Dhw".. dont depend on the UI13:02
syockitdragonmaster: yeah, actually that's a hardware problem13:02
dragonmasterI was able to get 1024x768 screen working via System Settings - Monitor setup.13:02
syockitdragonmaster: acer aspire users are also facing the same problem13:02
syockitnot Dr_williss tho13:02
nargzulsyockit: no sound after reboot13:03
sandGorgonubuntu 8.10 has a bug in which certain sound devices are muted by default on a clean install13:03
nargzulsandGorgon: ok I will try this13:03
dragonmasterI have some old PCI sound blaster/Sound Blaster wannabe cards.  Will those work?13:03
syockithee hee vintage! might work13:03
Dr_willissyockit,  what issue? got my AAO right here. :)13:03
nargzulsandGorgon: How do we see if anything is muted?13:04
syockitYou know, that "no sound in Aspire" thing last time13:04
Dr_willisdragonmaster,  are they real soudnblaster cards?13:04
syockitnot aspire one tho13:04
Dr_willissyockit,   :)  ok. My AAO runs linux great. Using EEebuntu on it righ now13:04
sandGorgonnargzul: you will see MM below a column.. you need to go on it and press "M" to mute/unmute it13:05
syockitnargzul: right click on volume control on system tray. select show mixer. click mixer button13:05
dragonmasterA couple are, yes.13:05
khalidmianDr_willis: didnt find any info there except for 4.2 info13:05
dragonmasterSound Blaster PCI 12813:05
nargzulso MM is muted? and 00 is unmuted?13:06
ubuntu_kubuntu french13:06
sandGorgonyou need to unmute and then press the up arrow to increase. yes .. MM is muted13:06
Dr_willisFor more information about the release itself, please see the Release Announcement <-----------------13:06
syockit!fr | ubuntu_13:07
ubottuubuntu_: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr13:07
ubuntu_thank you13:07
StR|Sangrealpls how can i switch to slovak language, menu, softwares, manuals and so when i have installed the english distro by default?13:08
syockitHmm, I can work that out a bit. Ce=the, canal=channel, est=is, en=a, anglais=english, uniquement=one13:08
nargzulHo ? It's works :D, I absolutely don't understand, I just mute and unmute the "CD"13:09
syockitStR|Sangreal: in System Settings, go to Regional and Language settings13:09
StR|Sangrealplease, how can i switch my distro language to svk?13:09
StR|Sangrealok i will try13:09
sandGorgonnargzul: music is working now ?13:09
legateStR|Sangreal: Go to System Settings -> Regional & Language and set it there.13:09
nargzulthe demo sound of amarok works13:10
nargzulfirefox too13:10
syockitnargzul: firefox?13:10
syockitnargzul: wow great!13:10
sandGorgonnargzul: :) so it pretty much is up13:10
syockitsome things work mysteriously13:10
sandGorgoni have lost count of how many people I had to give this suggestion too.... hope someone fixes it by next beta!13:10
nargzulflash video in firefox ;)13:11
syockitStR|Sangreal: then install your language first, then select system language13:11
syockitsandGorgon: does that include muting and unmuting the CD?13:12
nargzulthanks an lot syockit and sandGorgon :D13:12
nargzul*a lot13:13
sandGorgonsyockit: well my rule of thumb is to a) unmute everything b) to set "mic as output" to MUTE c) select a "Capture" device... and both sound and mic works!13:13
syockithmm, that should be put on the wiki13:13
ryxxedif i do aptitude install firefox on my 64bit kubuntu, will i get the 64bit firefox or 32bit?13:13
Dr_willisryxxed,  should be 64bit13:14
ryxxedgood, i don't want to download it just to find out it's 32 bit13:14
dzigyальо гараж13:14
dzigyесть кто живой?13:15
syockitdoes that read albo garash?13:15
syockitest kto zhivoy?13:15
ubottuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke13:16
dzigymay be i`ll visit ubuntu ru13:17
edgyHi, when I configure some settings like screen resolution and konsole font size and email settings and reboot my computer, those changes got lost from kde, any one noticed this?13:17
=== fernando is now known as Guest61485
mahmoodmy kubuntuhave prolble13:26
mahmoodproblem with KDE 4.213:26
syockitsalam, go on13:26
NotSurewhats going on... went to the website and downloaded kde4.2  installed it and it had the little loading box reporting 4.1????    any help?13:27
syockitNotSure: how did you install? which website?13:28
Dr_willisI just followed the guide given iun the TOPIC.. and used apt-get update13:28
NotSurelatest kde website....  fresh partition install13:28
mahmoodfrom launchpad13:28
Dr_willis'loadinb box' = the kde splash when it loads? check the about... info in a kde program..13:29
Dr_willisthats just showing a graphics image that may not been updated13:30
syockitwait, I'm confused as to who said which? How many people are in this discussion?13:31
syockitmahmood: which launchpad ppa did you download from? Have you restarted kde?13:32
mahmoodby add this commond deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-experimental/ubuntu intrepid main13:33
Dr_willisdeb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-experimental/ubuntu intrepid main13:33
Dr_willisthen apt-get update, upgrade..13:33
Dr_willisI think thats all i did13:33
syockitdon't forget to restart13:34
mahmoodi did it13:35
mahmoodbut my kde 4.2 crashed when i open some program such as firefox13:36
syockitIt restarts? to login screen?13:36
ryxxedanyway i can make my firefox fonts the same as kubuntu's13:37
ryxxedit's kind of annoying13:37
NotSure_ok... I found the site I downloaded 4.2 from last night... It was as I suspected    the official site...  http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.2   and after install it was 4.1 in the little loading box during bootup13:38
NotSure_and looks exactly lijke 4.113:38
Dr_willisYou did  use the package manager/apt-get ?13:39
syockitNotSure_: you did it exactly as said in the directions?13:39
Dr_willisNotSure,  it does use you rold kde settings.. of course..13:39
cdavisI am switching to kubuntu from ubuntu so sorry if this is obvious. I used tsclient a lot with ubuntu and cannot figure out how to get it into the panel on ubuntu?13:39
mahmoodi have some problem with visual effect too13:40
NotSure_no,  I wanted to burn a copy for a friend at work13:40
syockitmahmood: what else crashes? can you start other apps, like amarok, etc13:40
Dr_willisburn a copy of what exactly? the Kubuntu.iso ?13:40
syockitmahmood: it worked in 4.1?13:40
Dr_williswell.. the kubuntu iso files dont have 4.2 on them13:40
mahmoodyes worked in 4.113:41
NotSure_I burned kubuntu 4.2 iso,,,  burned on disc,,,  installed on fresh partition...  reporting 4.1 on initial desktop boot screen13:41
NotSure_looks and feels like 4.113:42
mahmoodwhen i open 2 or more program crash will happen13:42
Dr_willisTheres a 4.2 iso for Kubuntu? thats amazing fast.. it just was lreleased like this week13:42
syockitnow where have I heard this problem before...13:42
mahmoodwhat this crash happen in kde 4.2?13:43
syockitDr_willis: nope I don't think so... unless jaunty alpha is taken into consideration13:43
Dr_willissyockit,  thats what i was thinking.. the Kubuntu CD iso images come with 4.1 - you must install then upgrade them to 4.2 if you want 4.213:43
Dr_willisIm not seeing any mention of a 4.2 iso at  the kubuntu web site13:44
cdavisis there something like tsclient that I can use instead on kde?13:44
NotSure_Ok,,,  I may have stated it incorrectly...  I went to the official kde site at the top of this screen and it is a kubuntu site with latest kde 4.2 iso download...  I look at that as kubuntu kde 4.2...  but what is the difference13:45
NotSure_it still is suppose to be kde 4.213:45
Dr_willisreread the site. its NOT saying the iso file has kde 4.213:45
Dr_willisits saying 4.2 has been released as in  the software...13:45
syockitmahmood: not sure. After crashing, please post your /var/log/kdm.log or /var/log/Xorg.0.log to a pastebin13:46
Dr_willisKDE 4.2 has been released. Users of our development Jaunty version can do a full upgrade to get the latest packages. Packages for 8.10 (Intrepid) are in the kubuntu-experimental PPA.13:46
mahmoodsyockit  thanks maan13:47
syockitI guess they shouldn't put KDE 4.2 Released so big on the top13:47
NotSure_ok...  that was a very misleading website for a newer guy like me... I dont understand why they make it look like you are downloading 4.2 at that site...13:47
NotSure_thanks for clearing it up for me13:47
syockitit was misleading for me too13:48
Dr_willisI find it very clear. :)13:49
Dr_willis4.2 has been released.. ubunt/kubuntu does NOT do 'rolling upgrades' to newer versions like many other disrtos do13:49
Dr_willis8.10 will have 4.1 untill the next release of kubuntu - then it wull be using 4.213:50
=== randagio is now known as randagio_
Dr_willisIf you want 4.2 you do so 'at your own risk' :) its experimental13:50
NotSure_any idea when the kubuntu should be released?13:51
malvthe 4.2 packages seem a little crashy13:51
malvis it because of the packages or because of kde 4.2?13:51
Dr_willisProberly both :)13:51
syockitNotSure_: next version will be released in april, if all goes well13:51
syockitnow another one with 4.2 probs13:52
malvwe need a 3 month release schedule, I cant wait that long13:52
Dr_willis8.10 = 2008, 10th month.. 6 mo from then   will be... the next release13:52
Dr_willis8.16 :)13:52
syockitmalv: now if' you're willing to maintain every releases13:52
malvwe need a 9.0213:52
syockitgosh, what do you need so many releases for?13:53
malvthey should create two distros, one which releases every year and is supported for 3 years, and one that releases every three months and only the current version is supported13:53
syockitIf you want stability, I'll doubt you can get it polished in short time13:53
malvthree month idea is good because they can integrate in major features like new kernels and desktop environments13:54
malvthey don't have to update everything, just the major features that everyone wants13:54
malvthe primary audiences are: grandma, corporate, technogeek, and developer13:55
Dr_willisnot going to happen any time soon i imagine13:55
Dr_willisIf you want latest stuff theres the experimaneal repos and the PPA repos13:56
syockithow long should testing be?13:56
malvwill the 4.2 experiemental repo keep up with the 4.2 patches, or do we need to wait till the next kde or kubuntu release to get the fixes?13:56
syockitsay if you're going to support it until next-next version, that's only 6-month shelf0life13:56
malvwhich is fine, technogeeks usually update it the day it comes out13:57
malvgrandma, not so much13:57
itaihi, is it possible to install kde 4.2 in hardy?13:57
syockitbut testing is a great deal. you need to make sure it works13:57
syockitbtw, all these are offtopic and should go to #ubuntu-offtopic13:58
syockititai: sorry, no can do, unless you want to compile on your own13:58
Dr_willisand i doubt if any changes are going to happen in how the releases happen. :)13:58
malvi wouldn't expect it13:59
=== devan is now known as doates
doateshow can i install adobe flash13:59
itaisyockit, is it a temporary thing , or i will never be able to run 4.2 on hardy?13:59
syockititai: there are no plans to implement that in hardy13:59
Dr_willisdoates,  i tend to install 'kubuntu-restricted-extras' and it gets flash and other web type bits you proberly want also13:59
failershmm i dont have any cds left and i got dual boot whit kubuntu and vista is it possible to somehow reinstall it all thru kubuntu so i only get 1 os?13:59
syockititai: but you can, however, temporarily enable repos for later ubuntu version and install it. expect major breakage14:00
malvturns out my flash troubles were because pcm was muted14:00
malvstrange that pcm can be muted, but you can still get the desktop sounds14:00
asranielhi there. is there a particular reason why firefox is so badly integrated in kde? firefox never knows what application to use to open files (like torrent files with ktorrent etc)14:00
syockitfailers: is it okay to delete vista?14:00
Dr_willismalv,  could be it has the names of the 'mixers' messed up with main/pcm reversed14:00
failersthats was what i was trying todo syockit14:00
ryxxedit's okay if you burn it afterwards14:00
ryxxedand let out the evil microsoft spirits that reside in it with ancient voodoo14:01
failersi wanna remove vista and only keep kubuntu14:01
blahjakeasraniel: strangely enough, i've found installing firefox-gnome-support makes it a bit better about that under kde as well14:01
failersbut dont got any cds so i can burn kubuntu and reinstall it all14:01
syockitfailers: then you can delete vista partition, move your partition to the beginning of disk, and resize it14:01
ryxxedpersonally, i'd overwrite zeros over that hard drive that has vista on it14:01
ryxxedand then format it sooo many times14:01
itaisyockit, thanks, i'll give it a miss...14:01
dragonmasterEverything acts as if I have sound, but I don't hear anything.14:01
Dr_willisYou can use Unetbootin or other ways to make a install-thumbdrive14:01
syockitfailers: but if you still want to install, use a usb drive instead14:01
failerssyockit i installed kubuntu thru wubi so vista and kubuntu is on same partition14:01
ryxxeddon't use wubi14:01
failerssyockit oh that is possible with usb stick?14:02
blahjakeasraniel: you can also make a one-line shell script with this in it: kfmclient exec $114:02
syockitfailers: yes. refer to dr_willisss14:02
blahjakeasraniel: and when firefox doesn't know the association, use that to open and it will use the kde association14:02
ryxxedwubi causes more problems than it solves14:02
failersit installed my kubuntu atleast :)14:02
* Dr_willis votes for wubi to be removed in the next release :)14:02
ryxxedit's good for taking *buntu for a test drive14:03
ryxxedbut after that it's useless14:03
asranielblahjake: and where would that shellscript go and how should it be named?14:03
Dr_willisI have live cds that work better then wubi :)14:03
failersbut Dr_willis then how to install from usb disk just copy all things on the iso to the usb or? i do know my computer is bootable from a usb but i dont know the part how to get kubuntu on it14:03
dragonmasterI have music playing in Amarok but no sound.14:03
Dr_willisfailers,  ------>  You can use ' Unetbootin'  or other ways to make a install-thumbdrive14:04
asranielblahjake: ah, i got it14:04
syockitfailers: check out unetbootin14:04
ryxxedfailers : as it has already been stated : unetbootin14:04
failersoki i will thx14:04
Dr_willisI always use unetbootin now a days14:04
ryxxeddragonmaster : uh, turn your volume up14:04
dragonmasterNevermind.  Seems I didn't have headphones going.  lol14:04
syockitcool, there's also http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubuntu_Live_USB_creator14:04
Dr_willissyockit,  yep. that works very well also.14:05
Dr_willisbut im not sure if you can dothat from the live cd. :)14:05
syockitI think it won't survive wikipedia notability14:05
failersCurrently the tool is only available for Ubuntu, but Windows and KDE versions are planned14:05
syockitno, he can do it from wubi kubuntu14:05
ryxxedThis is a harmless program [citation needed].14:05
dragonmasterLinux is getting much better. lol14:05
failersso didnt help me but im downloading unetbootin now anyway :P14:05
Dr_willis[citation needed].[citation needed]. on the [citation needed].14:06
Dr_willisunetbootin - can even download the iso and mke the bootable thumbdrive auomatcally14:06
syockitfailers: I thought you have kubuntu on the windows?14:06
syockityou can run it from that kubuntu14:06
=== AlanasAnikonis is now known as alanasanikonis
syockitaha, i see14:06
failershttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubuntu_Live_USB_creator says that kde aint supported :o14:06
Dr_willisI normally use unetbootin on windows :) lol14:06
Dr_willisthe unetbootin binary works under kubuntu or ubuntu14:07
Dr_willisor windows14:07
ryxxedinstall kde afterwards?14:07
Dr_willisand it does work with the kubuntu iso files.. and xubuntu, and alternative iso files14:07
failerswhat ever unetbootin is installing now so to late ^^14:07
doatesthanks dr_willis!14:07
=== chinmay is now known as ssj4Gogeta
syockitnah, installing kubuntu fresh is the best14:08
ssj4GogetaThis is the first time I'm on an IRC. So it's like a chatroom?14:08
failersdamn unetbottin was a cool and easy software :o14:09
ryxxedno, it's like google14:09
Dr_willisIRC is the ORIGINAL chatrooms :)14:09
Dr_willisunless you call  newsgroups chatrooms.. :)14:09
ssj4Gogetaok thanks :)14:10
Dr_willisbut those are  not quite the same..14:10
syockitI, who came from earlier internet age, don't know of existence of other chatroom apps14:10
ryxxedyahoo chatroom and so on, so on14:10
ssj4GogetaI've used chatrooms in yahoo instant messenger14:10
Dr_willisI recall compiling IRC (the original irc client called IRC) ages ago :)14:10
Dr_willisand irc chatting on 'greenbar' printing terminals14:10
malvi have like three eth0s in knetworkmanager for some reason14:11
Dr_willisand on bbs systems14:11
failersmy irc time started around when windows 98 SE was released :P14:11
Dr_willisMy IRC time started in 1986 I think. :)14:11
failersdid internet even exist at that time14:12
ssj4Gogetalol i didn't start using internet until 200014:12
Dr_willisInternet  = not  exactly14:12
Dr_willisBBS and FTP sites and IRC = yes14:12
Dr_willisand newsgroups14:12
failersok :P14:12
doatesI keep getting an error trying to install the package14:13
gilles__anybody here has success with nepomuk + strigi14:13
ssj4GogetaSo you can get help here about Kubuntu?14:13
ryxxedpretty much, yeah14:13
Dr_willisdoates,  give the error to the channel wouldbe the best idea14:13
gilles__"in nepomuk conf it write "strigi service not running"14:13
doatesError is14:14
doatesAPT Error. Context:14:14
doates    Package download failed,14:14
doates    I wasn't able to locate a file for the flashblock package. This might mean you need to manually fix this package. (due to missing arch)14:14
gilles__i'm using kde 4.214:14
Dr_willisI dont use flashblock. or i install it  from the firefox extensions sit eon a per user  case..  so NO idea on that.14:14
ssj4Gogetacool. I'm new to Linux and I discovered I can do pretty much everything in Kubuntu which I can do in Windows except gaming. I haven't even booted into Windows since I got Kubuntu running properly14:14
failersssj4Gogeta if you want gaming checkout what wine and cedega can do :)14:16
Dr_willisGaming is for the weak14:16
failersgaming is for the bored pro's14:16
ssj4Gogetaso cedega and wine will run dx9/10 games?14:17
failersit wont run the bugfree and hazzle free you but some games run14:17
Dr_willisIve not seen a DX10 game thats worth running in DX10 mode. :)14:17
ssj4Gogetacrysis is good in dx1014:18
Dr_willisThey came out with a dx10date to it?14:18
Dr_willisupdate :)14:18
ssj4GogetaI'll try wine and cedega :)14:18
ssj4Gogetano it supported dx10 from the beginning :)14:19
Dr_willisi played that 'crysis warcry'  the other day. :)14:19
failersssj4Gogeta http://appdb.winehq.org/ there you have wich programs and games wine can run and most of them got guides on how to run them etc14:19
malvcomic plasma widget crashes plasma =(14:19
Dr_willisI dont even recall DX10being out at that time.. but i dont remebmer ;)14:19
ssj4Gogetathanks failers :D14:19
failersoh and cedega costs some money14:20
failersso unless you want to pay you should checkout wine only ^^14:20
Heliodorhow can i clean out unused libraries?14:20
Dr_willisits not really worth it to get cedega much these days14:20
ssj4Gogetaok. i'll see...14:20
ssj4GogetaI'm having some problem with flash in Firefox too. it doesn't play the sound in videos14:21
ssj4Gogetai'll appreciate some help :)14:21
failersDr_willis big thanks now its booting the live cd from my usb stick :)14:23
Dr_willisamazingoriffic eh?14:23
failersyea :)14:23
ssj4Gogetathe site says I can even run PS CS3 on wine!!!14:24
failersssj4Gogeta dont get to excited most apps that are listed runs in wine but comes with plenty of bugs :P14:25
* Dr_willis dosent even know what PS CS3 is14:26
failersme neither14:26
failersrecomended size on swap partition ? :)14:27
johnflux_photoshop I think14:28
johnflux_I've seen the CS code word used for photoshop14:28
=== ubuntu_ is now known as palbuddy
Dr_willisor Counterstrike. :)14:28
palbuddyhi, help please please?  I'm trying to install Kubuntu and it hangs at the keyboard layout screen14:28
palbuddyit just sits there, and I can even use this IRC at the same time14:29
SlimeyPeteyeah, PS CS3 == Photoshop (Creative Suite 3)14:29
ssj4Gogetaany help with my flash issue in firefox..? :)14:29
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (a recent version for !Dapper is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash14:29
Dr_willisthats the extent of my info on flash help.14:29
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ARTS is running, by going to K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System and making sure "Enable the sound system" is checked. If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP314:29
ssj4GogetaI can play music, but only the music in flash videos doesn't work14:30
Dr_willistheres some extra lib for flash ive seen mentiond that may help14:30
Dr_willisbut i forget where is aw the info at14:31
Dr_willis sudo apt-get install libflashsupport14:32
Dr_willismay help :)14:32
Dr_williswith flash-sound14:32
ssj4Gogetathanks, I'll try that :)14:32
Dr_willisand thats from the flash url the bot posted.. but some of htose guides are a bit old14:33
palbuddyanybody know of a good website that has to do with instillation bugs?14:33
Dr_willisthe ubuntu/kubuntu forums14:33
ssj4Gogetaso ubottu is a bot???14:33
Dr_williswould be ht eplace to start14:33
ubottuHi! I'm #kubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots14:33
=== brun is now known as K47w0
mofuxhi guys, i'm running kde 4.2. installed from the kubuntu experimental ppa... how can i install the compiz-kde package?14:35
mofuxi'm getting dependancy errors14:35
spectralHi, i'm trying to disable ipv6. the kernel module is not loaded, but still i have an ipv6 address showing up in ip/ifconfig. how can i get rid of it?14:35
mofuxcaused by libplasma214:35
ssj4Gogetaubuntu bot!! interesting14:36
ubottuFor an introduction to IPv6 and information on tunneling IPv6 through IPv4 connections, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IPv6 | To disable IPv6 see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WebBrowsingSlowIPv6IPv414:36
ssj4Gogeta!foo is foo14:36
failersrestricted drivers avaible but when i press the driver and click activate nada happends14:40
spectralwell i don't know what's wrong, i thought it was ipv6 interfering. but wget, svn, etc cannot resolve. but it does work with nslookup et al.. any ideas?14:41
=== alanasanikonis is now known as AlanasAnikonis
eightieskhildanyone here know how to make firefox go back when you press backspace in Kubuntu?14:42
BluesKajspectral,  open the Run Command & type; kdesudo kate /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist '  add this line ' blacklist ipv6 '  save the file and reboot  then open the konsole and do:' ip a | grep inet6 '  If there's no output, IPv6 is disabled14:42
spectralBluesKaj: it isn't listed with lsmod, but ip a still shows inet6 address14:43
BluesKajdo the above , it will work , don't worry about lsmod14:44
ssj4GogetaFirefox tabs aren't rendering correctly in KDE. can someone help me? :)14:44
spectralwhat i did was echo 'install ipv6 /bin/true' >/etc/modprobe.d/ipv614:44
spectralblacklisting also did not help.. and the alias inet-pf-10 off trick didn't either14:44
BluesKajdid you reboot ?14:45
spectralof course14:45
BluesKajthen I don't know what else to tell you14:45
eightieskhildssj4Gogeta: do you have a nvidia card?14:46
BluesKajspectral, your obviously trying this a diff pc , right ?14:46
eightieskhildanyone here know how to make firefox go back when you press backspace?14:47
eightieskhildor is it gobal?14:47
spectralBluesKaj: no, it's on this one.. but, if there is no ipv6 module listed with lsmod, it should be ok?14:47
=== brun is now known as K47w0
BluesKajspectral, I din't see you leave the chat, so how could you have rebooted ?14:48
spectralBluesKaj: i have tried that before coming here already14:48
spectralbut just to settle any doubts i can do it again..14:49
BluesKajipv6 is merely disabled , it isn't deleted14:49
K47w0pk f0r 3v3r14:49
robin0800eightieskhild: alt and direction keys do this on my laptop14:49
hyperboreeanHi, does anyone know in which package is the mkinitrd located under kubuntu 8.10?14:50
eightieskhildrobin0800 i know i'm just so used to pressing back space ... lol14:50
eightieskhildrobin0800: this is only my 2second day Without windows ever (always used both but mostly windows)14:51
K47w0sto guardando "Uomini e Donne" che palle........ Federico nn si decide proprio..........14:51
Pici!it | K47w014:51
ubottuK47w0: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)14:51
ubottuAmarok is an audio player for Linux with an intuitive interface. The latest version is 1.4.8 (1.4.3 for Dapper LTS). Packages are available for Kubuntu at www.kubuntu.org See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Amarok14:51
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about knetmanager14:52
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about netmanager14:52
failerscould use some guide how to set up wireless connection14:52
eightieskhildi could have sworn amarok was 2.0...14:52
BluesKaj!knetworkmanager | failers14:53
ubottufailers: You want to connect via dial-up? Read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DialupModemHowto - Also try disabling/removing KNetworkManager if KDE applications cannot connect using dial-up14:53
BluesKajheh , some help that is14:53
failershm yea14:54
robin0800!failers wirless netwoking14:54
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:54
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs14:54
ubottudhcp is Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, a protocol for automatic IP assignment from a router. Ubuntu uses dhclient as a DHCP client but other ones (and DHCP servers too) can be obtained from the !repos. More info at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DHCP14:55
ubottuadept is the Kubuntu package manager. Howto: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AdeptHowto14:55
spectralBluesKaj: ok, added the blacklist ipv6 line to /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist  but ip a still shows inet6:14:55
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about amarok214:55
BluesKajthere that should cover all the bases14:56
BluesKajspectral, ip a | grep inet614:56
BluesKajis there any output ?14:57
spectralyep that gives me 2 matching lines.. one for loopback, one for eth014:57
BluesKajdid you do the blacklist in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist , like I suggested ?14:58
spectralspectral@jaghut:~$ grep ipv6 /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist14:58
spectralblacklist ipv614:58
Authoritywhere should I submit bug reports for KDE 4.2 on Intrepid that aren't "packaging related"?  The release notes only mention packaging bugs.14:59
Kyranhey guys15:00
KyranI've got a problem with the kde 4.2 packages15:00
KyranI'm trying to install them on a fresh ubuntu minimal system by apt-getting kde-core15:01
Kyranbut I get an error on package libpcre315:01
Kyranapt-get says the size doesn't match15:01
failersdo i ever need to reboot ubuntu when installing new updates / software unless itself tells me that i should?15:02
Kyranit depends on what's upgraded15:03
Kyranfor normal apps you shouldn't15:03
Kyranbut a new kernel won't be loaded until you reboot15:03
failersye but a new kernel update usually makes kubuntu say that i need to reboot :P15:03
failersor atleast i think so15:03
KyranI'm still on 3.5, and it never tells me to reboot :)15:04
failershm ok15:04
failersoh well 1 minute here and there i doesnt hurt to reboot i guess :P15:04
Kyranit's not critical anyway15:04
william_is this out of date or did I install the wrong version? http://www.ubuntu.com/products/WhatIsUbuntu/kubuntu15:04
eightieskhildanyone know what i need to do to get amarok2?15:05
Kyranit's explained on kubuntu.org15:05
failerswilliam_ what do you mean15:05
Kyranyou need have kde4 and activate an extra repository15:05
failerswilliam_ your desktop doesnt look like the pictures does or?15:06
lokaiwhats the compiz effects manager called again?15:06
BluesKajKyran , do you have these debs in your sources list ..look under intrepid in the dropdown box, https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-experimental/+archive/ppa15:06
william_failers, it says the current stable release is kubuntu 6.10 with kde 3.5.515:07
william_failers, can't you read?15:07
Kyranyeah kubuntu experimental is in the sources.list15:07
eightieskhildKyran: isn't Intrepid Ibex kde4?15:07
Kyraneightieskhild: yes it is15:07
eightieskhildi thought so.15:07
Piciwilliam_: Yes, it needs to be updated.15:07
william_lol, that's so bad it's almost funny15:08
Piciwilliam_: I'll file a bug, if theres not one already there.15:08
KyranBluesKaj : it crashes on the libpcre3 package from that launchpad repository15:08
Kyranit says the size doesn't match and refuses to continu15:09
PiciBug 112673 has already been filed.  I'll poke someone about it.15:09
=== fernando is now known as Guest57765
BluesKajKyran , oh yeah, that's becoming a problem on some setups15:09
william_why is firefox such a bad performer15:10
william_is it the gtk stuff?15:10
Kyranis there a solution to the problem?15:10
william_Kyrun, is it just the gpg error?15:11
Kyranit's not the gpg error15:11
KyranI've got the keys15:11
Kyranit's a filesize error15:11
BluesKajwell, kernel upgrade , one must obey, so gonna reboot15:11
william_try re-downloading the file15:11
Kyranpurge the downloaded packages and try again?15:12
KyranI'll give it a shot15:13
Kyrangot to reboot, cause I'm installing on a different partition on this machine15:13
william_this is weird, one second my gtk aps including synaptic want to look like oxygen, the next minute they don't15:15
eightieskhildi have alot of my package listing failing anyone else?15:16
=== chinmay is now known as ssj4Gogeta
nargzulHi again, anybody knows which package I must install to have debug information when a programm crash?15:18
william_anyone know of a decent gui for configuring samba that actually works?15:19
ssj4GogetaCan someone tell me more about mouse gestures in KDE? I must have triggered one accidentally cause it showed me thumbnails on my windows on the screen15:19
ssj4Gogeta!mouse gestures15:19
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about mouse gestures15:19
Kyrancleaning out the downloaded packages doesn't help15:19
ubottuKDE has a built-in support for mouse gestures. See http://kubuntuforums.net/forums/index.php?topic=3086781.0 for a quick howto15:20
Kyranlibpcre3 still has the wrong filesize15:20
lokaiI'm trying to assign a keybinding for the action 'minimize window' in KDE3. I do kdesudo systemsettings and set my key binding there. It saves, but the binding doesn't work -- why?!15:21
nargzulno one?15:21
Kyranlokai: shouldn't you configure the keybinding in the normal systemsettings?15:22
Kyranyou've probably bound it for the root account15:22
lokaiah, maybe.15:22
lokaino -- didn't work.15:23
lokaistill have the same problem15:23
KyranI never really used keybindings, so I can't really help there15:24
BluesKajwilliam_ , try,  system-config-samba15:24
lokaiarghhh why aren't keybindings working (KDE3) ? The settings are saved when I re-visit them in systemsettings, but they don't work!!15:25
william_BluesKaj, I have tried that one but it does not work15:25
william_it doesn't add the folders to smb15:25
william_althouth the server config bit seem so work15:25
BluesKajwilliam , di you configure it ?15:25
william_BluesKaj, isn't that what system-config-samba is supposed todo lol?15:26
BluesKajwilliam_ , I don't use a gui , I just type smb:/ in the addressbar in konqueror and the workgroup pc's are listed15:27
Kyranno one knows why apt-get gives me a wrong filesize error on llibpcre3 in the kde4.2 update?15:27
william_BluesKaj, how do you configure folders to share?15:28
=== nathan is now known as Guest32026
BluesKajwilliam you have configure sharing in the dirs that would like , by clicking on properties then the share tab15:28
william_BluesKaj, I am migrating a friend to linux and he is a gui kinda guy15:28
william_BluesKaj, that has NEVER worked in kde 415:29
BluesKajactully it's easier to share in linux than it is in windows , I do both15:29
william_When I click on the Share tab I have the option Configure File Sharing15:29
william_it prompt me for admin pass15:29
BluesKajkde 4 isn't much different than kde3 , in terms of useage15:30
KyranI still recommend and install kde3.515:30
william_I select the folder I want to share and share it with write privileges.15:30
KyranI haven't been able to get 4 running smoothly enough for a non geek to able to work with it15:30
william_the reason I does not work is because it does not do any user or group forcing15:30
BluesKajuse your normal pw, william_15:31
william_yes, I use my password and share the folder but I can't write to the folder15:31
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ARTS is running, by going to K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System and making sure "Enable the sound system" is checked. If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP315:32
BluesKajok , try this in the terminal , there are 2 cmnds , first : sudo chmod +s /usr/bin/smbmnt , then: sudo chmod +s /usr/bin/smbumount ..warning , this makes the linux machine let anyone use the network15:33
nargzulHi again, anybody knows which package I must install to have debug information when a programm crash?15:34
Kyranrun it from commandline15:34
william_BluesKaj, is that what kio uses?15:34
william_kio samba15:34
Kyranyou'll get a stacktrace if it craches15:34
BluesKajwilliam , make sure your folders on the other networked pcs are shared as well15:35
william_what next?15:35
BluesKajwilliam_ , most samba clients will see those commands15:36
BluesKajnow , try smb:/ in konq15:36
william_I can see my computer in my workgroup15:37
william_now how do I share my desktop folder15:37
BluesKaj william_ , /home/yourusername/edit/properties/share tab/configure sharing15:39
nargzulKyran: it's for programm like kwin :/15:39
Kyranthose tend to leave logs if they crach15:40
Kyrancheck /var/log/15:40
DaSkreechOk just had an unexpected power down15:41
william_Bluekaj, I have done that and I can see my folder listed under the shares15:41
DaSkreech now plasma can't find 1/4 of my widgets15:41
DaSkreechAnyone have any clue how to get them back?15:41
nargzulKyran: we can't find any stack trace to report a bug :(15:44
Kyranthere's a bunch of logs in there15:45
william_samba is so bad15:45
Kyranif a system critical component fails, you're going to able to read about it in one of them15:45
Kyranif I don't know what the crash is, then I can't really point you to anything more specific15:45
william_samba does not like gui15:46
nargzulKyran: yes but it doesn't really help to know how to debug after15:47
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william_do I need to add a samba user or something?15:49
william_I have set a samba password15:49
william_isn't it supposed to just use the system users?15:49
william_and when I login to my account from another computer why does it not run as the user I just loged in as15:49
wastrelhi hi15:50
mofuxis there a kde4-window-decorator (compiz) available for 4.2 ? the package compiz-kde doesn't work because of unmet dependencies15:51
Kyranwhy would you want compiz for the kde4 series?15:53
Kyranit has compositing build in?15:53
Kyran(no question mark needed there)15:53
gorgonzolaherllo, i'm trying to setup GCaldaemon to use my google calendar in kontcat. first of all, isn't there a more straigthforward way? ie, a kubuntu package that would allow me to do this? and if not, what is the normal procedure to manually add a daemon to the system?15:53
mofuxKyran: kwin runs way too slow to use for me15:54
gorgonzolaie, what group? where do i put the link for autostart on boot, etc/init.d/? etc.15:54
yagohi does anyone know how to inyect packages with ipw2200?15:54
geniiwilliam_: Samba user list can be totally different than system user list even if you have syncing the two as preference. Add a samba user by: sudo smbpasswd -ae username              and use the same passwd as the system name.15:54
mofuxi'd like to use it though if it would run at good speed15:54
Kyranmofux: running it on an nvidia card?15:54
mofuxnope, radeon 9800, using the OS radeon driver15:55
Kyrantry using the fglrx drivers15:55
mofuxi did before, same15:55
Kyraniirc the os drivers don't have 3d acceleration15:55
mofuxthey do have15:55
gorgonzolayes, they do15:55
geniiwilliam_: You will need restart of samba before changes take effect15:55
Kyranah, I never got 3d working smooth with them, so I guessed it didn't support it15:56
gorgonzolai just reinstalled my box, and the radeon driver enabled kwin effects without flaw15:56
Kyranit's best to look if you can tweak your xorg.conf first15:56
mofuxi have no flaws either, but it's running only about 18 fps15:56
mofuxand feels sloppy15:56
mofuxi could track it down to be the shadows plugin15:57
mofuxif i disable it i get 50fps15:57
Kyranthere we go :)15:57
Kyrankwin can be sped up a lot by picking the right settings15:57
Kyranthere's some interesting blog posts to be found about that15:57
thinkgnuhow can i add exprimental repository in adept ? in which tab is it in Software Sources15:57
mofuxKyran: i know, i already talked to the kwin dev15:57
Kyranthen you're way better informed than I am ;)15:58
KyranI've been trying to get good performance out of kwin on my laptop with an nvidia card, but no luck so far15:58
mofuxwell... that's why i want to install compiz-kde :)15:58
thinkgnuis it in UPDATES tab ?15:58
Kyranthinkgnu: 3rd party tab15:58
Kyranthen just type in deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-experimental/ubuntu intrepid main15:59
Kyranand hit save15:59
thinkgnuKyran: is this ? >http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu interpid partner15:59
Kyranif you want the kubuntu experimental repo that is :)15:59
Kyrandon't overwrite anything, just add a line15:59
ubottuHi! I'm #kubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots15:59
Kyranrepost: I'm having some problems installing kde 4.2 on a clean system16:01
KyranI keep getting the error that the libpcre3 package does not have the correct size16:01
william_god, I now tried SWAT to configure samba and that doesn't work without a root password!16:01
geniiKyran: Then delete from /var/cache/apt/archives   the partially d/l or corrupt packagename there of libpcre316:03
KyranI've already tried running apt-get clean16:04
Kyranbut that didn't help16:04
neothecatis there a way in kmail using IMAP to just check "INBOX" and not any other folders during interval email checking?16:06
geniiKyran: clean will only delete packages there which are setup already, etc. If they are pending or so it won't delete a packaname it finds there in that case.16:07
geniiKyran: You need to manually rm the corrupt file16:07
Kyranok thanks16:07
KyranI'll give that a shot16:07
elgordo123Using compiz fusion, kontact and okular always open in full screen.  I have no idea how to permantly change that16:08
elgordo123so it only opens in regular window?16:08
tedy_what s going on16:09
elgordo123using kde 4.2 kubuntu packages16:09
bobbob1016_I just installed kubuntu-desktop alongside my ubuntu (gnome), how can I keep them separate, as in now in gnome, when I open a folder it uses Dolphin, I want gnome programs to open in gnome, and kde ones in kde, any ideas?16:11
Kyrangenii: I removed the file, but it didn't help16:15
Kyranit still says the filesize doesn't match16:15
zicadai gotta say, i dont think ive ever seen fonts this good in firefox using linux16:17
BluesKajbobbob1016_ , did you choose kde desktop at login ?16:18
Unksizicada: me neither, kde <3 :)16:18
geniiKyran: Do you have a mix of repositories from different dists perhaps?16:19
bobbob1016_BluesKaj, No16:19
Unksithats actually what ive always seen with kde4 :) (except with gtk apps in the first kde 4 releases)16:19
KyranI've got kubuntu 8.10 defaults16:19
zicadayou'll notice thats firefox though16:19
Kyranand kubuntu-experimental16:19
zicadayeah the default 8.10 in kde4.2 are excellent16:20
zicadabut in firefox it makes you weep blood16:20
BluesKajbobbob1016_ , if you have both kde and gnome desktops installed , then you must decide which one you want to use at the login menu. Which is the default if you don't choose ?16:20
geniiKyran: PErhaps comment out experimental, sudo apt-get update      then try install of it again16:20
Unksiye, tho lately its been ok too :)16:21
geniiKyran: Could you pastebin result of:  apt-cache policy libpcre3              this may tell what repos16:21
Kyranthe thing is that I want to install kde4.216:21
Kyranwhich is experimental16:21
bobbob1016_BluesKaj, I chose gnome.  What I mean is in gnome, I want nautilus to open when I open a folder, in kde I want dolphin.  However now in gnome, I get dophin opening folders.16:22
Kyranis *in experimental16:22
=== oobe_ is now known as oobe
geniiKyran: If different vers are listed by the apt-cache policy command, you can force a specific version in the install line16:23
Kyrancould you tell me how I do that16:23
Kyran(I need to reboot this system to try this out)16:24
geniiKyran: eg: if policy reports something like: Candidate: 7.4-1ubuntu2.1               then:   sudo apt-get install libpcre3=7.4-1ubuntu2.116:25
Kyranok thanks16:25
=== oobe_ is now known as oobe
Kyranand lets reboot again16:26
BluesKajbobbob1016_, dunno much about nautilus or gnome ingeneral , but I prefer konq as my file manager, not dolphin16:27
failerswhat is kubuntus texteditor called i only know ubuntus "gedit" :o16:27
bobbob1016_BluesKaj, Either way, I want to keep kde out of my gnome and vice versa16:28
bobbob1016_failers, kate if memory serves16:28
failersyap it was kate16:28
geniiI fail to understand this fascination with rebooting.16:29
blahjakes/he may still be in recovery from windows16:30
sigma_zawhere is the proper weather plasmoid for kde4.2? the current lcd one really doesnt work properly16:30
geniiblahjake: Yes, true. Reconditioning takes a while ;)16:31
failersrebooting makes me feel relieved16:31
failersexept this time kubuntu froze when i pressed reboot :o16:32
noaXessis openoffice.org v3 anywhere in the repos?16:33
noaXess!info openoffice16:33
ubottuPackage openoffice does not exist in intrepid16:33
noaXess!info openoffice.org16:33
ubottuopenoffice.org (source: openoffice.org): OpenOffice.org Office suite. In component main, is optional. Version 1:2.4.1-11ubuntu2.1 (intrepid), package size 4 kB, installed size 44 kB16:33
Kyrangenii there's two versions of libpcre3 availlable16:34
Kyranthe first one in the normal repos, which is installed16:34
Kyrana newer version in the experimental repo16:34
KDeskhi, I have an ipod and I want to transfer music in AAC to it. Before I had used m4a, but I think AAC may be better. But when I try to transfer them, Amarok says that the media doesn't support the tracks. What can I do?16:34
Kyranwhich causes the error16:34
KDesknoaXess: You can get oo.o 3 from a PPA repo.16:34
Kyran"unable to fetch ... libpcre3 ... file size mismatch"16:34
cbwcjwnoaXess: On the time of intrepids release, openoffice.org v3 was considered expiremental. Therefore, they have kept it in an experimental repo until version 9.04.16:35
noaXessKDesk: ok16:36
KDesknoaXess: https://launchpad.net/~openoffice-pkgs/+archive/ppa16:36
geniiKyran: OK. It may be the specific file is currently being worked on by the devs or so. Another alternative is to use web browser to navigate to the repo, download the file manually, and use dpkg to instaqll it16:36
noaXessKDesk: ok..16:36
niteyewhats the difference between the kubuntu DVD and the Live CD?16:37
KDeskniteye: the DVD has what the cd has, and many more packages.16:38
Kyrangenii how can I see that the package is being worked on?16:38
geniiKyran: Offhand I'm not sure there is a direct way. Other than maybe check creation times on the file if you see a listing in the web browser of the directory it is in16:39
* bizkit is back.16:41
KyranI can't find the package in the directory listing16:41
Kyrangot it16:41
geniiKyran: http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-experimental/ubuntu/pool/main/p/pcre3/   is the dir16:42
Kyranyeah, found it16:43
KyranI was looking in l16:43
geniiKyran: Heh, me too at first16:43
Kyranso installing that is dpkg -install blabla.deb ?16:43
geniiKyran: At any rate, you can try manual d/l of whichever version is for your architecture, then: sudo dpkg -i yadda.deb16:44
joesluggAhoy! - I updated to 4.2 and am using KWin effects, but app. switch (alt-tab) effects aren't working. Any hints?16:44
ryxxedfor apt-build what architecture should i select, i have an athlon 64 x216:44
Kyrangenii thanks for the help, I'll give that a shot16:44
failersOPS i removed my only "start menu" panel16:44
ryxxedi'm not really, there's a multiple athlon choices there16:44
failers:D how do i get it back16:45
geniiKyran: np16:45
cbwcjwEarlier on, I had a choice between GDM and KDM for a login manager. I now want KDM to manage my login screen. How do I change this?16:45
mooperdHi, Im trying to use skype but Im getting an error message16:45
ryxxeddoes anyone know?16:45
albertohola a todos16:45
mooperd"Problem with audo capture"16:45
=== alberto is now known as Guest4819
SlimeyPeteryxxed: what choices are you given?16:46
Guest4819alguien de habla ispana16:46
Guest4819por favor16:47
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.16:47
KDeskcbwcjw: I don't remember very well, but you can try with: sudo dpkg-reconfigure kdm16:48
ryxxedslimeypete : athlon64 and athlon64-sse316:48
ryxxedi know it's not athlonfx16:48
failershow do i move my newly created panel its in top of the screen and i want it on the bottom16:48
SlimeyPeteathlon64-sse3 will make the best use of your processor, I think.16:48
ryxxedi can always just edit it in the conf16:49
peeppjemand online16:49
cbwcjwKDesk: Thanks!16:49
KDeskcbwcjw: did it work?16:49
cbwcjwKDesk: Yea, it opend that config screen with the choice. Ill log in/out and tell you16:50
KDeskok :)16:50
mooperdHi, Im trying to use skype but Im getting an error message "Problem with audo capture" when I try to make a call16:50
* bizkit is away: Gone away for now16:51
cbwcjwKDesk: Nope :( didnt work16:52
mkulkehello, i installed kontact from the kde 4.2 repos, and kontact is always fullscreen, anyone knows what i can do about this?16:53
* bizkit is back.16:53
KDeskcbwcjw: let's see, you can also edit /etc/X11/default-display-manager and change the line from /usr/bin/gdm to /usr/bin/kdm16:54
cbwcjwKDesk: Ill do that now :D16:55
KDeskcbwcjw: and you can also remove gdm, then I think it will use kdm.16:55
KDeskcbwcjw: ah, did you restarted X? with Alt+D in GDM?16:55
KDeskcbwcjw:  or CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE, then it should switch to kdm16:56
cbwcjwHooray for killing X, ill just do that.16:56
BluesKajmkulke, right click at the top by the titlebar , choose configure window behaviour/window specific, kmail will be in the list ,choose it , modify,then go from there16:57
thinkgnuis this true ? ""Pre-release updates in Adept ->Software Sources"" == ""Proposed updates in synaptic->Software Sources""16:57
mkulkeBluesKaj: which titelbar?16:58
cbwcjwKDesk: DIdnt work, so what was the file that I needed to edit16:58
BluesKajthinkgnu , synaptic and adept are synched16:59
KDeskcbwcjw:  /etc/X11/default-display-manager you can also remove gdm from you system16:59
BluesKajclick in the space at the top then , mkulke16:59
thinkgnuBluesKaj: i want to enable Proposed updates but i don't have synaptic16:59
cbwcjwKDesk: Well that didnt work16:59
failershaha god im exploding :P god damn kde's panel was hard to configure16:59
cbwcjwKDesk: Oh, one moment16:59
failersgnome ftw on that part16:59
Tm_Tfailers: less cursing son16:59
cbwcjw!language failers17:00
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:00
cbwcjw!language | failers17:00
ubottufailers: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.17:00
BluesKajthinkgnu, sudo apt-get install synaptic17:00
thinkgnuBluesKaj: but i don't want to install synaptic , i just want to do it from adept17:00
thinkgnuyou mean they aren't equivalent ?17:01
cbwcjwKDesk: Thats... odd. KDM is the default already!??! Let me restart17:01
BluesKajwell, then sudo apt-get update , and the adept notifier should popup , thenclick on it17:01
KDeskcbwcjw: remove gdm :)17:01
desuthinkgnu: run adept, then click on the first icon on left (sources), click on "edit sources" and the third tab should give you what you need...17:02
lovreim trying to run python-pigment examples, getting black screen. What could be the problem, it uses opengl...17:03
* bizkit is away: Gone away for now17:03
cbwcjwKDesk: Restarting worked, I now see the sleek KDM :)17:05
KDeskcbwcjw:  ah great!17:06
cbwcjwKDesk: I love KDE, but i dont understand, why use KHTML instead of something else, and why was webkit derived from KHTML17:06
KDeskcbwcjw: Yes, KDE is the best! Webkit was forked from Apple to use in safari, but know in Qt 4.4 webkit is part of it, and in the next release 4.5 it will be faster and better. Maybe in Jaunty konkeror will be compiled with webkit.17:08
darth_chatrijust installed kde 4.2 on hardy. power manager does not have options for suspend/hibernate and network manager cannot do manual configuration17:09
darth_chatriare these missing features or do i have to install more packages?17:09
=== DaSkreech is now known as DaSkreech-pingme
MurchadhAnyone use the Samsung NC10 with Kubuntu? I have also posted this in #kubuntu-offtopic where I would love to hear from anyone who has.17:14
mooperdhi, I installed esound to get skype working properly byt now I cant get the mixer window jobbie, all I can hear through the phones is the microphone input amplified many many times!17:14
earleskype's sound configuration for linux is bloody awful17:15
mooperdearle: tell me about it17:15
mooperdFor some reason it broke out of the box17:15
mooperdand now I have no mixer ;'(17:16
=== sean is now known as Guest82274
earleon mine it presented a list of near-identical looking input and output devices without any explanation... eventually I gave up.17:19
earleand of course they don't provide a sound level tester on the linux version, you have to call that bloody test call number all the time.17:20
earleconclusion: they don't give a toss about linux users17:20
KDeskWhich is the maximum size of the trash?17:25
earleIsn't that configurable somewhere?17:27
lovreKDesk: why would there be a maximum size?17:27
earlelovre: There is. I almost accidentally deleted my ~ yesterday (60GB) and it refused to accept it.17:27
earles/almost (.*?) deleted/$1 move-to-trashed/17:28
KDesklovre: In Dolphin I was trying to delete a file, but a message came saying: The trash has reached its maximum size! Cleanup the trash manually.17:28
earleYep. that's what I got.17:28
KDeskAnd my trash is now 4.3GB17:28
failershm where is desktop folder located now the one in /home/desktop/ aint the right one :o17:29
KDeskjeje, it is like in real life.17:29
lovre...    /home/Desktop -> mind the case sensitivity17:29
lovrefailers: ^17:29
failerslovre i know but if i put some files in my home/Desktop/ it still doesnt appear on my "desktop"17:30
lovrefailers: /home/user/Desktop tbh17:30
failersif you know what i mean17:30
lovrefailers: put them in /home/username/Desktop17:30
failersye i have17:30
lovrefailers: are you using kde4?17:30
failersrecently installed kubuntu 8.1017:31
lovrefailers: well, concept of desktop changed, you need to add a plasmoid called Folder View, and set it to show desktop folder17:31
failersrocket science i see :P17:32
lovrefailers: yes :17:32
lovrefailers: its an improvement IMHO.17:32
failerswell never used kde before until now so it is rocket science tho :P17:32
lovrefailers: no more desktop mess17:33
lovrefailers: kde rawks17:33
sandGorgonguys.. anybody know how to create the hand-drawn effect in Impress with lines, charts, tables, etc. ? sorry if its a bit OT.. but i really need it17:33
jonahhey guys having trouble turning on sharing in kde 4.2. in the settings menu on advanced there is nothing about sharing... how do i set up samba??17:33
failerslovre can you give me a more briefly explenation on how to add that thing plasmoid and folder view :P17:33
jonahalso i keep getting the folder view widget appearing every boot up since upgradeing to kde 4.2 even though i remove every time before shutdown, it's back on reboot17:34
lovrefailers:  phone, in a sec17:34
Kyrangenii thanks again for all the tips17:35
Kyraninstalling the downloaded package did the trick17:36
Aisoneverytime I terminate my kde, knotify crashes and kde hangs17:36
geniiKyran: Glad to be of service :)17:36
KyranI've got kde 4.2 running now :)17:36
AisonI have to do CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE to get into kdm and shutoff my machine17:36
lovrefailers: click on the icon in the upper right corner, and click Add Widgets, or Unlock Widgets if they are locked first. In the list that shows up select Folder View, and click Add Widget. Now click on the widget that appeared on the desktop, and there will be a small setting icon by the side. Click it and enter /home/username/Desktop, if its not allready set up like that.17:36
Aisonit was in kde3, no it's also in kde417:36
KyranI must say I'm impressed with 4.217:37
failersah ok lovre thx17:37
Kyranit's running extremely smooth on this 5 year old machine with integrated graphics card17:37
Kyran(I did do the kde-core install and manually installed the other apps I needed)17:37
failers:( kubuntu aint running especially smooth on my laptop17:39
yafshi there, how do i change my graphics driver in kubuntu 8.10 because the xorg.conf is no longer in use and the option in the guibased systemmanagment is not there in 8.04 it was easy but at the moment i chat find it17:40
Kyranthe performance of kde4 seems to greatly depend on your graphics card drivers17:41
lovrefailers: np17:41
failersKyran ok doubt its my graphic card's performance but driver could it be17:41
lovrei have a problem with archive tools, i cant find any that would integrate with dolphin.... :( any ideas how to fix this?17:41
Kyranfailers is it an nvidia card?17:44
failersgeforce 9600 gt17:44
Kyranjoin the club then, i've got the same in my laptop17:44
Kyranand it's not working good either17:44
failershave you tryed newest driver from nvidia?17:44
failerswas about to do that now17:44
Kyranit's been a while since I updated that17:45
Kyranthe last drivers I put on were an improvement17:45
Kyranso if you haven't, do install the latest drivers17:45
failerswell i got 176 right now17:45
KyranI found some blogposts on what xorg.conf options you could put to get better performance too17:45
KyranI think my laptop runs 17717:46
=== MuzerAway is now known as Muzer
Aisoneverytime I login to my kde4.2, there's this akonadi server starting17:49
Aisonbut I allways get some error hints, that there's a problem with dbus17:49
=== asraniel_ is now known as asraniel
Aisonso I guess the akonadi is not working17:51
yafshi there, how do i change my graphics driver in kubuntu 8.10 because the xorg.conf is no longer in use and the option in the guibased systemmanagment is not there like in 8.0417:51
yafsand i only run vesa17:51
kavurthi, I took the full backup of my 8.04 usin17:52
kavurtusing "tar xvpfz"17:53
failersgreat i destroyed kde17:53
failersi installed 180 from nvidia now kde wont start up17:53
kavurtand then extracted it into the other disk partition in the same computer17:53
koopshello... got one question.. how do i change gdm for kdm?17:54
kavurtmade necessary changes in menu.lst, but can't log on to system17:54
kavurtlogin window appears. but can't go further17:55
kavurtit seems , it doesn't accept my password in X17:56
kavurtor something else17:56
kavurtwhat should I do?17:56
=== someon1 is now known as lokai
hellhound_i am desperately trying to get my new install of 8.10 to boot into X after installing the restricted nvidia driver.  When I reboot after installing the driver it boots me into a command prompt.  If I type startx I get "(EE) No devices found" "Fatal server error: no screens found"  i have put my xorg file at http://pastebin.com/f620c5b4a and by log file at http://pastebin.com/f632b17af    can anyone PLEASE help?17:56
=== ubuntu_ is now known as Rajo
RajoGuten Abend17:59
kavurtI took the full backup of my 8.04 using "tar xvpfz". and then extracted it into the other disk partition in the same computer. made necessary changes in menu.lst, but can't log on to system.login window appears. but can't go further. it seems , it doesn't accept my password in X. or something else. what should I do?17:59
KDeskIs possible to put a archive limit to akregator?18:00
MuzerHow do I tell ALSA to use a specific sound card? I want it to use my external one, not my mobo's one. In fact, it would be best if it could use both at once, as the external one doesn't have front panel connectors...18:02
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=== serge_ is now known as XVampireX
TheFuzzballHow do I set up my Apple Keyboard with Kubuntu? It doesn't recognize the F* buttons.18:05
XVampireXSo anyhow, KDE4.2 is installed and I feel that something changed since rc, it's good :D18:05
Heliodornvidia 180 drivers did the trick for me18:05
Heliodorbefore that, yuuck18:05
failersHeliodor 180 destroyed it all for me now it kubuntu boots up into a cmd screen18:06
Heliodorfailers: it did for me to.18:08
WishingMasterwhat is the address of the repository to install the latest kernel- or later?18:08
Heliodorfailers: then i upgraded to latest 2.6.11 kernel update18:08
failershow :o im new to linux and was about to reinstall it all completly since im stuck in that cmd :P18:09
WishingMasterdoes anyone know the repository for latest kernel?18:09
alkerzor1Hey guys, I know nothing about package maintenance and errors, what should I do about the following error I received upon trying to upgrade to KDE4.2 in intrepid?18:10
alkerzor1E: /var/cache/apt/archives/kdebase-workspace-libs4+5_4%3a4.2.0-0ubuntu1~intrepid1~ppa5_i386.deb: trying to overwrite `/usr/lib/kconf_update_bin/krdb_clearlibrarypath', which is also in package kdebase-workspace-bin18:10
=== marcelo is now known as adrian_47
WishingMasteralkerzor1, remove the package and install again18:11
* bizkit is back.18:12
bdgrauei would say    sudo dpkg -i --force-overwrite /var/cache/apt/archives/kdebase-workspace-libs4+5_4%3a4.2.0-0ubuntu1~intrepid1~ppa5_i386.deb18:12
failersHeliodor how did you upgrade the kernel18:12
bdgraueand after that again sudo apt-get dist-upgrade18:12
bizkitim not really back18:12
XVampireXCan anyone help me with a silly kde 4 bug?18:12
WishingMasterbdgraue, do u know the command to install the latest kernel?18:12
XVampireXThe krunner18:12
bdgraueWishingMaster: no, sry18:13
XVampireXThat's one problem18:13
XVampireXThe other one is that as you can see I didn't use the capturing application in KDE because prntscrn doesn't work >_<18:13
MuzerI found out how to give a device priority, but the changes to not appear to have come into effect. How can I make sure this happens?18:14
jacobw-ukhi there, regarding the kde 4.2 packages, is there a metapackage that installs the desktop?18:14
jacobw-uklike kubuntu-desktop or kde-desktop or something18:15
WishingMasterJackWinter, kubuntu-desktop18:15
jacobw-ukok, wrong nick btw :p lol18:15
mefisto__Muzer: I can help you set default soundcard18:15
WishingMasterjacobw-uk, i am sorry for that18:15
Muzermefisto__: Yeah, that's what I want18:15
mefisto__first we find out the names of your soundcards: cat /proc/asound/modules18:16
Muzer 0 snd_hda_intel18:17
Muzer 1 saa7134_alsa18:17
Muzer 2 snd_cmipci18:17
mefisto__if you have 2, it should show 0 then name of the default, and 1 followed by the 2nd18:17
MuzerI want to use device 218:17
mefisto__Muzer: ok now sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base18:17
Muzermefisto__: I want to set what is currently device 2 to be default18:18
ubuntu_is someone out there?18:18
mefisto__Muzer: at the end of that file, add options saa7134_alsa index=018:19
mefisto__Muzer: "options saa7134_alsa index=0"  on one line (no quotes)18:19
ubuntu_i need some help with the installation CD!!!18:19
alkerzor1hm, i just let synpatic decide what to do for me and marked those broken packages for reinstallation. Kubuntu's is like magic. Thanks for your helps guys!18:19
mefisto__Muzer: and on a new line: options snd_hda_intel index=118:20
Muzermefisto__: k, done18:20
mefisto__Muzer: then save, and reboot. that should do it. let me know18:20
ubuntu_can someone help me? please18:20
Muzermefisto__: Is there an alternative to rebooting? Or do I really have to?18:21
Muzerlike, a way to restart ALSA18:21
AisonI get this error when starting akonadi server18:21
Aisonlooks quite bad18:21
mefisto__Muzer: I don't know but someone else might. you need to reload those sound modules. there's probably a command to do that18:22
JackWinterWishingMaster: and here i get all excited because someone answered what i asked a couple of days ago :)18:22
* bizkit is away: Gone away for now18:22
ubuntu_can someone help me with my problem with the installation XCD?18:22
WishingMasterJackWinter, what?18:23
WishingMasterJackWinter, what did i do?18:23
JackWinterWishingMaster: you qouted my name when answering someone else :)  just a joke...18:23
ubuntu_the thing is that the CD is ok but when i try to install the kubuntu it get's an erro18:24
WishingMasteroh yeah i did, i am sorry18:24
WishingMasterwell do you know the address of the repository for latest kernel?18:24
failersubuntu_ what error?18:24
WishingMasterJackWinter, kernel- or later?18:25
=== leonardo is now known as nood
noodhi all18:25
bucketheadHey guys.. Is there a way with 4.2 to make popup notifications NOT pop an icon in the system tray?18:25
ubuntu_it just says is an error on the CD and maybe i should try to brund the CD with a lower burning speed18:25
Heliodorfailers: Just do the normal ubuntu upgrade18:26
JackWinterWishingMaster: no, i'm still on 2.6.26 :)18:26
Heliodorfailers: i had one time that it failed to start kdm, but i just had to login in the terminal, stop, it and run it again and it loaded correctly18:26
mefisto__Muzer: sudo modprobe -r <modulename> removes the module18:27
failersHeliodor hm ok18:27
failerstryed that but didnt start still18:27
mefisto__Muzer: and I think sudo modprobe <modulename> loads them again18:27
WishingMasterJackWinter, how would you go ahead to install the latest kernel?18:27
Heliodorfailers: Hmm, have you tried reloading to default nvidia settings? I think the config settings has changed in 180 drivers18:28
failerswell i just booted in recovery and did deconfx or what the command was called so now its running again atleast18:28
JackWinterWishingMaster: i use the repositories, but i supppose if you want the absolute latest you'd have to svn the source and configure build it yourself...18:29
Muzermefisto__: It's in use18:29
Heliodorfailers: sudo dpkg-reconfigure nvidia-settings18:29
ubuntu_i'm getting confused by all this @.@18:29
WishingMasterJackWinter, thats what i am asking for,the repository address?18:29
mefisto__Muzer: try this: sudo alsa force-unload18:30
mefisto__Muzer: then try the modprobe commands again18:30
JackWinterWishingMaster: i don't know :)  maybe google is your friend18:31
WishingMasterJackWinter, yeah18:31
failersHeliodor i think its working now some way to check if 180 is installed corectly ?18:34
mefisto__Muzer: back in 5 min18:34
Muzermefisto__: I think that worked, let me check18:36
earleHey dudes. Anyone else using the 4.2 from Experimental, do you have any other themes available besides Oxygen?18:36
=== reinhold is now known as reinhold_away
earleAh, I've just had it pointed out to me that you can get new themes via Desktop Theme Details in System Settings.18:38
* Muzer enjoys having surround sound and mic support at the same time18:38
mefisto__Muzer: ok, great!18:41
* mefisto__ commits modprobe commands to memory18:41
failersHeliodor nope now it boots up to cmd screen again ..18:41
Muzermefisto__: BTW, I think it would be easier to do this:18:42
Muzersudo alsa force-reload18:43
Muzerthat will just reload them all18:43
=== kaj is now known as BluesKaj
blackboardit's kinda embarassing, but I'm having some trouble with cp18:49
=== CyD is now known as CyD_work
=== blackboard is now known as nick
=== nick is now known as brent
=== marco__ is now known as gandalf
mefisto__Muzer: I don't think that would reload the modules, just restart alsa18:50
=== brent is now known as numunumu
BluesKajI have some apps frozen on the desktop and there is no way to close them, the open/close/move options are gone and I have to use the TTY to talk with you guys ...wondering abou the kill apps commands and what to do to refresh the desktop18:50
=== gandalf is now known as Guest82920
numunumuanyway, I input the following command using tab-autocomplete, but it doesn't copy the file over:  cp WGS490.0912008F_WGS\ 490_1231572913676.bak 2008F/18:51
numunumuany suggestions?18:51
WishingMasterBluesKaj, do u know the address of the repository for installing latest kernel?18:52
WishingMasterkernel- or later?18:52
Muzermefisto__: No, it definitely reloads the modules18:53
BluesKajWishingMaster, click on the url at the top of the page18:53
BluesKajwhat's the kill all command in the shell again? ...desktop is frozen beyond help here.18:55
lawiTrying to update from apt-cacher but am getting the error: 500 Can't connect to ubuntu:80 (Bad hostname 'ubuntu')18:55
lawi@blueskaj killall18:55
MuzerBluesKaj: killall :018:56
BluesKajMuzer: I'm not kidding, I've never used the kill cmnd before , so what's the proper way to use it ?18:59
mhall119I have a vanilla Ubuntu 8.10 install, what's the easiest way to get KDE 4.2 on here?19:00
mhall119add the experimental ppa and install kubuntu-desktop?19:00
athlon1Hallo, I've been using kubuntu 8.04. I'm trying to migrate to 8.10, but I've many problems. Please, can you tell me if you have had many problems with kubuntu 8.10? Thanks19:03
peepphi leute19:06
peeppich brauche mal dringend eueren Rat19:07
peeppjemand da ?19:07
p_quarles!de | peepp19:07
ubottupeepp: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.19:07
=== benoit_ is now known as Guest46992
peeppjup Thanks :D19:08
numunumuokay, I have this program in Java that is using RunTime to output cp commands to Linux19:13
numunumubut it doesn't work if the filename has a space in it19:13
numunumuI have replaced all the spaces with \ followed by a space in the program, but still doesn't work19:13
numunumuif I c/p the same command the program outputs it doesn't work, but if I type the same thing out manually, it does work19:14
aboSamoorI downloaded the packages of Kubuntu 4.2, but till now I have unmet dependencies. Here is the output trying to install http://paste.ubuntu.com/111823/. Thanks in advance :)19:14
sebmHello! Can anyone tell me how can I find out what Kubuntu version is installed on my PC?19:14
XVampireXIs there anyone who could help me, I'm having problem with khotkeys I think19:14
XVampireXprintscreen doesn't work especially and ctrl+a doesn't always work >_<19:15
mefisto__numunumu: how about quotes around the filename instead of \<space>19:17
numunumudoes that work in the shell?19:18
mefisto__sebm: in konqueror, help > about KDE19:18
mefisto__numunumu: it does for most commands19:18
mehrabrecently when I install a program I cannot find it in kickoff menu or even run it in terminal, and I have to reboot to be able to use it19:18
mehrabis there anyway to fix it?19:21
numunumumefisto__: I'll give it a try19:21
numunumumefisto__: now it's not moving anything19:24
hellhound_I am trying to setup dual monitors on my 8.10 installation.  I get an "x" cursor on the extra monitor not the normal cursor and no windows will move to it.  The other monitor runs fine.... can anyone help?  my xorg file is at http://pastebin.com/m4ecf473c19:24
numunumudoesn't seem to like the quotations19:24
numunumumefisto__: the program output now looks like this:  cp "BMP600.S012008F_BMP 600_1231531062613.bak" 2008Fall/19:24
=== mini-man is now known as fate0000000
failers:| such hazzle it is to install make a kubuntu as it should19:25
=== fate0000000 is now known as mini-man
mefisto__numunumu: cp should work with the quotes. how about single quotes? (can't remember what difference single and double quotes makes)19:26
numunumuI'll give it a try19:26
Heliodorfailers: Sorry, i had to eat something so i was away.19:27
Heliodorfailers: Did you try to restart kdm?19:28
Heliodorfailers: And it still failed?19:28
Heliodorfailers: Sorry to hear that :-(19:28
Heliodorfailers: well atleast you tried.19:28
Heliodorfailers: what graphics card do you have?19:28
failers9600 gt19:28
aboSamoorany idea why I still have unmet dependencies for KDE 4.2 ?19:29
Heliodorfailers: Ah, perhaps that is why then. i have a 880019:29
numunumumefisto__: nope, doesn't work19:29
HeliodoraboSamoor: try changeing  to another repository mirror.19:30
mefisto__numunumu: you might try backticks (the tilde key) `like this`   see here: http://www.linux-tutorial.info/modules.php?name=MContent&pageid=2019:30
hellhound_I am trying to setup dual monitors on my 8.10 installation.  I get an "x" cursor on the extra monitor not the normal cursor and no windows will move to it.  The other monitor runs fine.... can anyone help?  my xorg file is at http://pastebin.com/m4ecf473c19:30
Heliodorhellhound_: what graphics card?19:30
failersHeliodor well im reinstalling kubuntu now anyway since i havent done anything to it after my last install so version 176 will do for me until "ubuntu team" releases newer driver19:30
Heliodorfailers: Ah, okay :)19:31
Seren__hi, I am on kubuntu intrepid experimental repository and kmail is kept back19:31
Seren__anyone knows why ?19:31
Heliodorfailers: I think that itś nvidia that we have to wait for.19:31
Heliodorfailers: they caused the slow-down-bug on kde19:31
numunumumefisto__: according to that site, the tildes are used for something about saving ouput into "variable counts"19:32
mefisto__Seren__: does sudo apt-get dist-upgrade do it?19:32
aboSamoorHeliodor: I am just using the PPA published on the Kubuntu website there are not other choices !19:33
HeliodoraboSamoor: Oh, yeah, you are right about that.19:33
HeliodoraboSamoor: Thatś odd though....19:33
Seren__mefisto__: nope, apparently it conflicts with kmail-kde4 which is not installed19:33
=== kubuntusubs is now known as subscious
hellhound_Heliodor: both are NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT19:34
mefisto__Seren__: try removing kmail, then install it. I had the same problem with gwenview19:34
subscioushi there... i just installed kubuntu and accidantly switched to another theme and cant find the original anymore... where can i find it?19:34
Seren__mefisto__: good idea I try that19:34
aboSamoorHeliodor: did you take look at this http://paste.ubuntu.com/111823/ ?19:35
=== reinhold_away is now known as reinhold
HeliodoraboSamoor: try removing koffice-data-kde419:37
Heliodorthen try installing again19:37
BluesKajdunno if anyone else has encountered this prob , but I think the new kernel update just fulmoxed kde 4.2 ..totally frozen , no text access to the konsole , ok in the TTY ..never seen it this bad before19:37
BluesKajthink I'll install gnome to rescue this mess19:38
aboSamoorHeliodor: I can not remove that package the same error "  kdebase-runtime: Depends: kde-icons-oxygen (>= 4:4.2.0-0ubuntu1~intrepid1~ppa3) but it is not going to be installed"19:38
Heliodorforce the remove19:40
subsciouswhat is the command for opening a kubuntu terminal?19:40
mefisto__subscious: konsole19:42
SyndromeSo is it normal for kubuntu to delete all my panel settings when I turn my computer off?19:43
aboSamoorHeliodor: apt-get -f remove is not working ! how can I track the problem any output or log to read ?19:44
numunumunow this is crazy.  the terminal is now telling me that there is a file in a folder, while Dolphin says that there isn't.  it is not a hidden file19:44
HeliodoraboSamoor: You can try aptitude, it is better to solve problems.19:44
HeliodoraboSamoor: sudo aptitude remove packagename19:44
ryxxedaptitude removes dependancies19:45
ryxxedyou could remove a dependancy for a different package, why would you do that?19:45
aboSamoorHeliodor: different message http://paste.ubuntu.com/111832/ I will say Y19:47
redmage123Hello all.19:47
HeliodoraboSamoor: that should work yes19:48
spectralBluesKaj: just wanted to let you know. the problems i had with ipv6 is because in jaunty it seems that ipv6 is now in the kernel, rather than a module.. and by switching to a proper dns - opendns (my ISP's DNS looks totally b0rked) it now works as it should..19:48
subsciouscan i start the monitor and display setup from konsole?19:49
redmage123Anybody on the channel have any expertise setting up a network installation usinjg PXEBoot?19:50
numunumumefisto__: thanks for your help, it turns out it was automatically making the files hidden for some reason; however, though it now works manually, it still doesn't work in my program19:50
numunumumefisto__: does quotation marks need bash to interpret them?  because I hear Java's RunTime commands aren't interpreted by the shell19:51
mefisto__numunumu: yes, the quotes thing applies to bash, but not necessarily everything else19:52
mefisto__subscious: you mean the gui display settings?19:52
bobbob1016Does anyone know how to get let compiz draw the backgrounds in kde 4.2?  So I can have multiple/transparent backgrounds?19:53
HeliodoraboSamoor: Did it work?19:53
wolv3how solve the kubuntu problem with WIFI with password?19:53
=== mini-man is now known as mini-man_
numunumumefisto__: is there any way I can do filenames with spaces without needing bash's character interpretation?19:54
=== mini-man_ is now known as mini-man
aboSamoorHeliodor: removing then installing that package brings many errors http://paste.ubuntu.com/111833/19:54
mefisto__numunumu: don't know. I guess it depends on what is interpreting the filenames and what rules/conventions that uses19:55
subsciousmefisto__ yeah ... i am trying to set up my second monitor but it isnt working .... i think its because it cant save the xorg.conf file or sth19:55
numunumuthanks for your help19:55
subscioustherefore i would start it from root console19:56
HeliodoraboSamoor: Sheit, yeah that is a problem... :-(19:56
HeliodoraboSamoor: I have never been able to solve such a dependency problem before without a reinstall.19:56
hpladdsanyone know how to enable window shading by clicking on the window title bar?19:56
=== reinhold is now known as reinhold_away
mefisto__subscious: if it's KDE4: kcmshell4 display    and if it's KDE3, kcmshell display19:56
=== reinhold_away is now known as reinhold
mefisto__subscious: maybe put "kdesudo" before that to use it with root access19:57
subsciousmefisto__ where can i find all these konsole commands?19:58
Seren__aptitude seems much better at resolving dependencies19:58
aboSamoorHeliodor: did you figure the problem to the level you explain it to me ?19:58
HeliodoraboSamoor: Um, i dont understand, please explain.19:59
mefisto__subscious: kcmshell4 --list  will show you all the available modules. If you mean all shell commands, you can "man <commandname>" or "<commandname> --help"19:59
aboSamoorHeliodor: do you know what is the problem ? because till now I can not understand what is going on ?20:00
HeliodoraboSamoor: I am not exacly sure about what the problem is, i have had dependency problems before in ubuntu and debian but never acctually managed to solve them. Itś like, you solve one problem and by solving it you cause more problems. Something about package incompability and different repositories.20:01
HeliodoraboSamoor: example, i install a version from the standard repository and then some packages from a new one, then some old package depends on the old version but got replaced by a new version and then the problems just spin furhter.20:02
mefisto__subscious: for the built-in commands (the basic ones like cp mv cd etc) "help <commandname>"20:02
=== mr is now known as Guest31537
alessandro_qualcuno italiano?20:05
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)20:06
mefisto__subscious: actually, cp mv etc have man pages of their own. try "help <commandname>" when there is no man page. typing "help" on its own will give you a list of commands that works with "help <commandname>"20:06
=== blaze is now known as Guest20221
cdavisis there a keyboard shortcut to add a new note on the yellow notes widget?20:12
RikkiviisasHello. Could anyone help me figure out why adding memory has made my computer freeze after login?20:14
mefisto__cdavis: right-click the widget in the taskbar, configure shortcuts. there is none by default but you can set one20:14
subsciousmeifisto___ i am rather searching for a list of all program initialization commands20:15
mefisto__Rikkiviisas: might not be seated properly in the slot, or the new RAM may be incompatible with what you already had20:16
Rikkiviisasmefisto__: It's properly seated alright, I had to mend that before it would even boot.20:16
=== jw is now known as Guest15145
perseidWhen I start KDE the resolution is wrong, but as soon as I click Display in System Settings it snaps to the right resolution. This happens in both 4.1 and 4.2.20:17
=== maik is now known as miese_made
RikkiviisasIt freezes as soon as the plasma widgets start.20:18
mefisto__Rikkiviisas: have you tried running memtest from the grub boot menu?20:18
cdavismefisto__: I can't find the notes widget in the task bar?20:19
Rikkiviisasmefisto__:I left it running. I'm now sitting in the university computer lab.20:20
mefisto__cdavis: is knotes running? how do you normally create a new note?20:20
cdavismefisto__: I am a gnome person moving to kde so I have never created a note. The note on this new install says "Welcome to the Notes Plasmoid!"20:21
SyndromeSo I'm switching back to XP20:23
perseidAnd the configuration panel for the desktop effects crashes KDE. Is this the nvidia driver or is KDe4 just this broken?20:23
RobertLaptopHow stable is 4.2?  From reading it looks like 4.2 has all the pieces I need to finally replace out 3.5.  But if it isn't stable I would rather stay with 3.5 until it is.20:24
Muzeris there a way to see which udev rules files are loaded?20:25
antonI am running kde 4.2 for a week now and glad to say no issues at all20:25
perseidAll of the issued I had in KDE 4.1 are still here in 4.2.20:26
astrommeI tend to have very few issues, and the ones I do have are minor20:26
mefisto__cdavis: don't know. I can't even get the notes plasmoid to work at all. but you could try knotes20:26
astrommeperseid: hmm, care to elaborate?20:26
perseidChanging desktop effects crashes KDE and the resolution is wrong at bootup, but when I open Display in System Settings to change it it snaps o the correct one.20:27
mefisto__RobertLaptop: I would say it depends on your hardware, especially graphics hardware. or rather the drivers used for you graphics hardware20:29
RobertLaptopmefisto I use NVidia mostly.  I have noticed issues with 4.1 in both Nvidia and intel drivers.20:31
perseidWhat is the most stable NVidia driver?20:31
jankawhat can i use to fats20:32
jankawhat can i use to fats20:32
jankawhat can i use to fast font prewiev20:32
jankaon kubuntu20:32
RobertLaptopBut then again i have only used KDE4 with intel and nvidia drivers.20:33
Heliodorperseid: is there a stable nvidia driver? Then i want it :)20:35
=== mtux is now known as _mtux_
=== _mtux_ is now known as mtux
mefisto__janka: kfontview20:36
mefisto__janka: don't know what you mean by "fast" so maybe that's not what you want20:36
jankathanks gimp helps me20:39
mefisto__RobertLaptop: it's not like ati is trouble-free either :)20:40
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perseidIt is apparently only the zoom effect that locks up when I go to configure it. Odd.20:46
perseidHaha. Some of these effects are eally tacky. :)20:47
cdavisCan anyone tell me where I might read abou the notes plasmoid that comes with kubuntu 8.10? I can't seem to find anything but some bug reports20:50
RobertLaptopmefiesto_ that is why I use Nvidia and intel.  Intel because it comes on everything on it works fine for basic use.  and Nvidia when I need better graphics.20:51
RobertLaptopSo mefisto__ you have used 4.2 is it worth the upgrade and with Nvidia drivers will it likely run well?20:53
mefisto__RobertLaptop: it's definitely better than 4.1 but I have only used it with ati and an old laptop with intel video20:55
olenzHello all, I'm using the KDE 4.2 backports on Kubuntu intrepid. I notice that the pager plasmoid on the desktop changes when I log out and in again. Has anyone seen this behaviour before?20:56
olenzI mean, it changes its size20:56
RobertLaptopThanks mefisto__ but on those video cards it was pretty stable?20:57
perseidHmm. The Global Hotkeys in Amarok aren't actually working outside the Amarok window.20:57
mefisto__olenz: does it have extra width? I mean extra space either side of the icon?20:58
girevikmotodoes anybody here have experience with the the third party wireless router firmware "Tomato" ?20:58
olenzmefistor_: you mean empty space? Yes.20:59
mefisto__RobertLaptop: on the ati, yes. the old laptop with intel is underpowered and is very slow with everything so it's hard to say20:59
mefisto__olenz: I am using lancelot for my menu, and I see that sometimes. don't know why20:59
perseidIt's as if some other program is intercepting the keys I want to use, but this is a fresh install.21:00
mefisto__perseid: amarok 2 ?21:00
olenzmefisto__: I wonder whether this is kubuntu specific, or KDE 4.2 in general21:01
olenzmefisto__: anyway, I have written a KDE bug report21:01
ubuntu__Hi people!21:02
mefisto__perseid: amarok 1.4 is actually a kde3 app, so kde4 global shortcuts probably override it21:03
cdavisin konqueror how do you change a single click to selec the entire url or goolge search field?21:03
perseidI thought 8.10 included 2.0...21:03
girevikmotono one has experience with "Tomato" firmware for wireless routers?21:03
perseidHow can I have Amarok 1.4 on 8.10?21:11
legateperseid: Isn't Amarok 1.4 the default for 8.10?21:13
JontheEchidnayeah, sudo apt-get install amarok will give you amarok 1.4.1021:15
mefisto__cdavis: don't know about single click, but F6 selects the location bar21:17
mefisto__there's a repo for amarok 2 somewhere21:18
perseidI found it.21:18
RobertLaptop4.0 was so not ready for release.  4.1 was bearly.  I am looking forward to 4.2 and I am so tempted to upgrade but I really wont someone to tell me that is is work pretty good on 8.10 with NVidia chip sets.21:19
perseidIt is not working for me very well on a 7900GT.21:20
RobertLaptopperseid what issues are you having/21:21
legateRobertLaptop: I have a laptop with an Nvidia 8600 M GT and I have absolutely no problems.21:22
perseidSome desktop effects crash KDE when I go to configure them and the resolution is wrong until I go into the Display panel of System Settings,but flips back as soon as I go to the panel - I don't have to change the res.21:23
=== AlanasAnikoniss is now known as AlanasAnikonis
girevikmotoi'm running kubuntu 8.04 LTS... if i wanted to install KDE 4.2 for testing purpose in addition to the default KDE 3.5 what would i need to do?21:24
JontheEchidnagirevikmoto: there aren't any KDE 4.2 packages available for Hardy21:25
mefisto__girevikmoto: you could install in virtualbox for testing21:27
girevikmotoinstall what... the latest build of 8.10 inside a VM ?21:28
mefisto__girevikmoto: yes. but it's not a real test of course, not testing how it would fare with your particular hardware21:28
RobertLaptopMy understanding is you can't have 4.x and 3.x side by side likely you can with gnome and kde.21:29
mefisto__I've heard people say there is a kde3 ppa repo for intrepid21:29
jimmy51_bah.  2 hours of tyring to get 128 bit WEP working21:30
RobertLaptopfrom what I have seen 4.2 might finally be the version that keeps people like me off of 3.521:30
jimmy51_windows xp associates in 10 seconds21:30
jimmy51_kubuntu.... never21:30
jimmy51_i think it doesn't like non broadcast ssid's21:31
girevikmotothats what im thinking also Robert21:31
delphinebonsoir, good evening or good {{timezone}}21:31
delphinegirevikmoto: I'll say that if I can debug that one thing that has been bothering me tonight21:31
delphineI just upgareded to interepid and KDE 4.221:31
delphine*upgraded that was21:32
delphineKate is acting up21:32
delphineand won't save files in my data folder (which is not in my /home21:32
girevikmotojimmy: why use wep and not wpa2 ?21:32
delphineany idea why?21:32
delphinelike, all other apps will save anything anywhere21:33
delphinebut Kate just won't21:33
jimmy51_girevikmoto: because i'm the client... not the admin :)21:33
RobertLaptopJummy51_ setup 128 bit WEP in 10 seconds.  Not sure why it didn't work for you.  Dephine does wpa2 work in networkmanager now?21:33
* delphine hasn't installed KDE 4.2 on her laptop21:34
delphineand in any case, does not use network manager21:34
delphinewicd rocks21:34
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about wicd21:35
=== nikola is now known as ryxxed
jimmy51_it worked when i used key 421:46
jimmy51_what's up with that21:46
afiefDoes kubuntu 9.04 Beta 3 ship with KDE 4.2(release candidate/svn) or 4.1?21:49
JontheEchidnaafief: 9.04 alpha 3 shipped with KDE 4.2 RC121:51
starenka'alo! is there a kde4.2 repo for hardy? wanna give it a second chance ;)21:51
JontheEchidnastarenka: sorry, there isn't a KDE 4.2 repo for hardy :(21:52
afiefJontheEchidna, thanks21:53
starenkaok. thanks. another one will there be a kde 3.5x repo for jaunty? :))21:53
JontheEchidnayou're welcoime21:53
afiefJontheEchidna, any evaluation on how "stable" it is?(I know it's alpha, but I've been using alphas since 6.04/6)21:53
JontheEchidnaafief: I've not had any major problems.21:54
remmeltI installed ubuntu 8.10. Thereafter I also installed the KDE desktop. However I cannot run it. But when booting I see the Kubuntu screen (blue-ish) and not the Ubuntu screen. How can I uninstall Kubuntu ??21:54
JontheEchidnaexcept that the legacy nvidia drivers don't work with the new xorg so I pinned the old packages21:54
afiefJontheEchidna, then I guess I'll be trying it out. one last thing: do the binary drivers(fglrx) work on it?21:55
JontheEchidnaremmelt: sudo apt-get remove kubuntu-artwork-usplash21:55
JontheEchidnaafief: no clue21:55
jason_anyone have 64 bit flash working with konqueror and kde 4.221:55
afiefJontheEchidna, I am only able to find the alpha 2 release... could you point me to alpha 3?21:57
MurchadhHow do I set Konqueror as default file manager in kubuntu 8.10? I used to use kcontrol but it has been done away with I think. No offence to dolphin users but konqueror is my window to the world as well as a local file manager.21:58
JontheEchidnaafief: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/jaunty/21:59
JontheEchidnaMurchadh: In the file association section you can set inode/directory to be associated with konqueror rather than dolphin21:59
snikkeri've add new repository from ppa for digikam-experimental, i've added to gpg key, but synaptic always say that the packages are not authenticated...21:59
afiefMurchadh, sorry I don't know the answer, but your description reminded me of this (disturbing) image: http://www.geekstir.com/img/windows.jpg22:00
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ubuntu_Hey, Windows explorer isn't all that bad if all you want to do is LOOK at your files.22:01
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Murchadhafief: I have been looking for that for a half hour. Thank you!22:02
remmeltI cannot see my original C-drive after the installation of Ubuntu. Any tips how to get it back ?22:03
SplinterOfChaosIn my file manager, I see "Volume"(ntfs)". In others, I've seen "**GBs medium" or something like.22:04
SplinterOfChaosErr, that was to remmelt.22:04
rickestremmelt: can't boot to windows or can't see drive C while running kubuntu?22:04
MurchadhThat is a scary image afief. Thanks JontheEchidna, that was it!22:05
afiefMurchadh, funny that I found it in konqueror(gg:Windows window to the world comic)22:05
SplinterOfChaosWhere can I find information about my copy of Kubuntu, including version, date of build, etc.?22:08
SplinterOfChaosIs there an "about" file on my computer?22:08
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sumoneyooo!! wuz poppin!!22:11
sumoneI be havin questinos22:11
sumonecan ax open dis piece?22:11
sumonesum holla back!!22:12
sumoneI gots to ax sumthin22:12
SplinterOfChaosCould you rephrase your question in propper English for maximum and universal understanding, sumone? (Not that I have the answer, though.)22:13
SplinterOfChaosOr, at least the English considered "propper", since there's no true "right" English.22:14
sumonewhy flash 10 isn't working neither in firefox nor in konqueror?22:16
sumoneI have installed in everyway possible22:16
dhendu9411does anyone in here use ktorrent?22:17
girevikmotoi use ktorrent22:17
SplinterOfChaosThe general advice I've heard around the internet is there's no need for Flash 10 and it's a little incompatible with sites based on Flash 9.22:17
SplinterOfChaosBut, I don't know why it wouldn't work; I think I have it too.22:18
dhendu9411is there a set of hotkeys to display the menu at the top of the app?  I made it disappear by accident22:18
girevikmotothe bar with the "File" "View" and all that?22:19
dhendu9411ah... perfect22:19
sumoneeven youtube and myshittyspace?22:20
SplinterOfChaosYoutube and myspace can't afford to not work on all flashes. They probably have work-a-rounds.22:21
sumoneso it's not working22:22
SplinterOfChaosSummone: Looks like you're not the only one who's had problems: http://blog.digitalbackcountry.com/2008/08/flash-player-10-linux-release-candidate-now-available/22:25
SplinterOfChaosRead the 3 responces.22:25
ibeekmanis there an easy way to look up the ip address of a host without parsing ping or tracert?22:26
zmityahi all22:28
zmityaI have recorded a few seconds about my desktop with video record... it created a cps file... how can I play it back ?22:28
sumoneso, why isn't working then?22:30
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blahjakeibeekman: local or remote?22:34
snikkeri've add new repository from ppa for digikam-experimental, i've added the gpg key, but synaptic always say that the packages are not authenticated...22:34
DanuHi. Where can i see the version of KDE that i have?22:36
JontheEchidnaDanu: in any application go to help -> about kde22:37
blahjakeibeekman: to cut out the mail related stuff, host -t a <host>22:37
DanuThanks Mr. JontheEchidna. it says : Versión 4.2.00 (KDE 4.2.0) , i guess that is the las one, right?22:38
JontheEchidnaDanu: yes22:38
sumoneanybody flash?22:38
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ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (a recent version for !Dapper is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash22:39
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about digikam22:40
ibeekmanI just want the ip address nothing else22:40
JontheEchidna!info digikam22:40
ubottudigikam (source: digikam): digital photo management application for KDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 2:0.9.4-1ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 9499 kB, installed size 22388 kB22:40
ibeekmanI'm looking at dig and named now22:40
ibeekmansudo apt-get auto-remove22:41
p_quarlesibeekman: just the host command22:41
ibeekmanhaha oops22:41
p_quarlesibeekman: host www.google.com22:41
blahjakeibeekman: sorry i wasn't clear, meant the command22:41
snikkerJontheEchidna: i've installed digikam from ppa22:41
ibeekmanrigth but it gives me all the aliases which makes parsing difficult22:41
blahjakeibeekman: do you intend to handle the undefined condition?22:42
blahjakeibeekman: if not, just: host -t a <host> | head -n 122:42
ibeekmanI am writting a script which checks if I am connected through a certain vpn host by parsing trace -n and looking for the ip address22:42
blahjakeibeekman: so you expect a particular ip then?22:43
ibeekmanright but there are multiple machines or interfaces aliased to the host name/domain name22:44
ibeekmanso I want to look up the ip addresses of vpn.princeton.edu22:45
ibeekmanand compare the ip address from route -n to it22:45
blahjakeibeekman: so you want to extract a single ip for vpn.princeton.edu, is that correct?22:47
blahjakeibeekman: host -t a vpn.princeton.edu | grep 'has address'22:48
ibeekmanyeah thats probably what its going to come down to.  Gonna use sed to strip the ip of the other text.22:49
g_Hey every so often randomly my laptop with crash using the latest kubuntu intrepid, it will lockup completely with no way of fixing it other than a hard reboot and the caps lock will flash22:49
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blahjakeibeekman: host -t a vpn.princeton.edu | grep 'has address' | awk -F'address ' '{ print $2; }'22:50
joshuajtlhi, can anyone tell me where I can download kubuntu live with kde 4.2 ?22:50
=== chinmay is now known as ssj4Gogeta
joshuajtlI've read other people have it22:50
ibeekmanI'm just worried that I may be connected to a certain machine and when I do host -t a vpn.princeton.edu it will return (possibly) a different machines ip address22:50
ibeekmanjoshuajtl: http://www.kubuntu.org/getkubuntu/download22:51
mefisto__joshuajtl: you need kubuntu intrepid 8.10, then upgrade to kde 4.2 as per the link in topc22:51
blahjakeibeekman: as long as your dns server is the same it should be ok22:51
blahjakeibeekman: some domains have multiple ips though, like google.com22:52
joshuajtlmefisto is that possible with the live version?22:53
ibeekmanright so when i connect with vpn it will route me to a specific ip, and as far as i can tell theres no gaurantee that when i look up the domain name again it will be the same ip22:53
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ibeekman22:53
ibeekmanso is there a way to find all of them22:53
mefisto__joshuajtl: I don't think so22:53
joshuajtlhmm, is there a version of jaunty available yet?22:53
blahjakeibeekman: true, in fact it just changed22:53
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ibeekmanyeah so thats the issue.  because route -n gives me an ip address which is not gauranteed to be the same if I am connected to the vpn as when we look it up22:54
joshuajtlanyone know if a version of jaunty iso with kde 4.2 is available for download?22:55
mefisto__joshuajtl: similar for jaunty. you have to upgrade to kde 4.2, but for jaunty it will be in official repos22:55
joshuajtli  want to try 4.2 live before installing it22:55
blahjakeibeekman: from here, it appears to be swapping aliases between two machines22:55
blahjakeibeekman: try using vpn1.princeton.edu or vpn2.princeton.edu instead?22:56
mefisto__joshuajtl: you might be able to upgrade the running livecd to 4.2 but I don't know how much RAM would be needed to do that22:56
ibeekmanyeah i geuss I could just always vpn to the same machine22:57
ibeekmanhold on i am looking into whois now22:57
blahjakewhois, dig, and so on will all be very verbose with a lot of info you aren't interested in22:58
ibeekmanok well maybe i can create some cookies with my ip-up and ip down script which will tell me whether I am connected.22:59
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ibeekmanthat may be a better route22:59
ibeekman(using ppp and pptp)22:59
ibeekmanso where should i place these cookie files, how long do files stay in /tmp?23:00
KDeskIn KDE 4.2 in the task manager plasmoid there is the option to group manualy, but how is that possible?23:01
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nielsslotdragging the task using either ctrl or alt pressed, i'm not sure..23:01
mefisto__ibeekman: I think /tmp is emptied on boot23:02
SSJ_GZKDesk: http://www.kdedevelopers.org/node/386423:02
ibeekmanok so that should be fine because *clearly* one cannot be connected while the machine is off23:02
KDeskSSJ_GZ: thank you for the link, I will read it :)23:03
SSJ_GZnp :)23:03
ssj4Gogeta_hi, the font in konsole when I start it is too small and i have to press ctrl+plus to increase the size everytime i start it. is there a way to set a default font size?23:03
AdolaHow can I "refresh" or"Dump" a resource?23:03
AdolaCannot open /dev/ttySHCF0: Device or resource busy23:03
ibeekmanhmmm well I guess I'll see i think the scripts hung in ip-up.d are executed with privelages to modify /etc/ppp/ so I'll try doing it there first23:03
ibeekmanthanks all for your help23:04
ibeekmanI really appreciate it23:04
roconnorIs aptitude still the only package manager where you can mark packages as automatically installed?23:04
ssj4Gogeta_any help please? :)23:06
AdolaDump a resource?  anyone?23:06
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Adolassj4Gogeta_: Have you tried setting it in profiles?23:07
ibeekmanssj4Gogeta_: in the konsole menubar: settings>edit current profile23:08
ibeekmanappearance tab23:08
ibeekmanslider in the font box23:08
ssj4Gogeta_thank you Adola and ibeekman :)23:08
AdolaNo prob :P23:08
AdolaNow, anyon eknow how to dump a resource?  Or however you would say it?23:09
AdolaCannot open /dev/ttySHCF0: Device or resource busy23:09
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rudolfcan someone help me?23:09
Adolaroconnor: Adept does it too23:09
rudolfmy keyrepitation is different23:09
rudolfmean key repeat23:10
rudolfhi ist jemand da?23:10
Adolarudolf: Kickoff>Settings23:10
AdolaHrm, nevermind, i can't find it eitehr23:11
rudolfAdola: have did it yet23:11
rudolfbut it function only in view programs and not in all23:11
rudolfmean some23:12
rudolffor exmaple not in firefox23:12
harjothelp in gambas plz23:12
ssj4Gogeta_Is there a way to add "run as sudo" to the right-click menu?23:13
ssj4Gogeta_I'm a new user23:13
harjot[newbie question] how do i get gambas to get the open file dialog when they click the 'open' button i created23:14
rudolfimo no chance23:14
harjot[newbie question] how do i get gambas to get the open file dialog when they click the 'open' button i created23:15
Adolaharjot: Gambas?23:15
AdolaWe will help if we know how.23:15
harjotyes adola23:15
AdolaWhat is gambas?23:15
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harjotbasically a type of basic23:16
harjotBASIC creator23:16
AdolaThen mabye you should ask in #gambas if there is that room23:16
harjota bit like visual basic23:16
AdolaOr in a code room.23:16
harjotnobody ever replies23:16
AdolaMaybe, I don't know if there is anyone in there23:16
harjotthese people stay on and dont say anything23:17
AdolaI dont recommend you pester them, but, they will hellp eventually.23:17
harjotno other channel i know i could join23:17
AdolaThey may just not be there.23:17
AdolaBesides, to help you, we would have to see your code23:17
ubottupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)23:17
ubottupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)23:18
ssj4Gogeta_Any answers to my question? Is there a way to add "run as sudo" to the right-click menu?23:19
Adolassj4Gogeta_: Are you using Dolphin or Konq?23:19
mefisto__ssj4Gogeta_: what right-click menu?23:19
AdolaBecause, with konq, you can "open terminal here" and do this "sudo ./<nameofexecutable>"23:20
senorpedrohow can i create a deb package from a source tarball?23:25
RobertLaptopSince I had to rebuild my box today anyway from a HD crash I am going to find out just how stable 4.2 is right now.23:27
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mefisto__senorpedro: checkinstall does that I believe23:30
senorpedrobut it doesnt create 'real' packages....23:32
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harjotPUBLIC SUB MovieBox1_MouseDown()23:34
harjotgambas help plz23:34
harjot[newbie question] how do i get gambas to get the open file dialog when they click the 'open' button i created23:34
Ms_Hutchi have two sound cards (on built in on motherboard) and I am trying to use the motherboards sound card for skype and all other sound with the other card... the other card is working fine and the speakers to the builtin card work but not the microphone.  can anyone help?23:37
mefisto__Ms_Hutch: the mic input doesn't work at all? or just in skype?23:40
Ms_Hutchmefisto__, i do not have another program to test the mic in23:41
mefisto__Ms_Hutch: have you set skype to use the card you want in options > sound devices > sound in ?23:44
RobertLaptopMan 4.2 is cool.23:45
RobertLaptop4.2 is want I expected 4.0 to be.23:45
Ms_Hutchmefisto__, yes23:46
mefisto__Ms_Hutch: what about the mic input levels in kmix? is the mic muted maybe? turned up the slider?23:47
Ms_Hutchmefisto__, i have gone to kmix and had all channels show... all are turned up all the way and none are muted23:49
mefisto__Ms_Hutch: the mic will probably be in the input tab, called mic or capture or something like that, depending on your soundcard23:49
Ms_Hutchmefisto__, i just set all input sources to mic and still same issue23:50
bryan_hello all. after the computer updates. there is a command to restart bash(?) so, i dont have to totally reboot.23:52
mefisto__Ms_Hutch: maybe install a program that can record audio, so you can make sure the mic input is working23:55
mefisto__Ms_Hutch: eg audacity23:56
Dragnslcrbryan_- yeah, bash isn't what you're talking about23:56
bryan_Dragnslcr: yea i figured.. what is the name of the linux kernel?23:57
Dragnslcrbryan_- Linux23:57
DragnslcrIf you've updated the kernel, you'd have to reboot to load the new kernel23:57
bryan_Dragnslcr: it was a system update. and now it says it needs to reboot.23:58
DragnslcrIf you've just updated KDE or X Windows, you can log out and select "Restart X" from the menu on the login screen23:58
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DragnslcrYeah, probably a kernel update. There's no hurry to reboot, though. Programs should keep working without any problems23:59
DragnslcrI still have to reboot from a kernel update a couple weeks ago23:59
bryan_Dragnslcr: yea, thats why i like linux. it doesnt force you to restart23:59
the_hammerhey all is there not a package manager called sysmatec or something for the new kubuntu?23:59

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