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Ryan52I'm having a problem with lp: http://slexy.org/view/s274TV88Dz01:30
Ryan52it seems that break-lock doesn't actually do anything..01:30
spivRyan52: you need to give break-lock the same URL as the one you are trying to push to01:31
spivRyan52: there's a bug open about the misleading error message01:32
Ryan52ah, ok.01:32
Ryan52it's working now, thanks.01:32
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excid3when you upload a .pot file for a project on launchpad does it have to be approved first?03:57
thumperexcid3: I think so03:58
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excid3thumper, ok thats what it looked like...but it doesnt really say for sure so i just wondered lol03:59
excid3it said it needed to be approved, but i thought it was maybe by a project admin, but there was nothing for me to approve, thought i would make sure03:59
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thumperexcid3: I think it is by a rosetta-admin04:00
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excid3thanks thumper04:03
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TeTeThow can I set a tag for all bugs where the description contains 'translate'?08:45
TeTeTthese are private bugs08:45
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kiko-zzzTeTeT, you can do that via the API09:17
TeTeTkiko-zzz: thx09:18
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r4ndr4d4s_Homehi all guys10:24
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rikstaPhilip5: hey, i saw your messages. Thanks! What package contains the new kitchensync?11:03
TeTeTin the API doc, this line fails for me: launchpad = Launchpad(credentials, STAGING_SERVICE_ROOT, cachedir)11:17
TeTeTerror is: NameError: name 'Launchpad' is not defined11:17
james_wyou need "from launchpadlib.launchpad import Launchpad", is that missing from the doc?11:20
stdin"from launchpadlib.launchpad import Launchpad, STAGING_SERVICE_ROOT" is on the doc11:20
james_wit's in a different section though11:21
stdinhttps://help.launchpad.net/API/launchpadlib <- under "Getting started"11:21
stdinit assumes you're following along11:21
stdinif you look in the next section the code starts with "print sorted(bug_one.lp_attributes)", which follows on from the previous11:23
TeTeTstdin: right, I assumed the snippet was good enough for a complete script. in the python shell it worked11:23
TeTeTjames_w: thanks11:23
TeTeTwhen adding a tag to a bug, can it take some time for launchpadlib to pick this up? I set a number of tags and they seem to be missing11:27
james_whow are you checking?11:32
andresmujicagood morning all.11:34
andresmujicaanyone if there's a bug/wishlist for this feature:11:34
andresmujicai would love a launchpad feature that let me mark as RELATED  a bug from another bug, and if it creates a graph it would be nice!!11:34
andresmujicasomething like depends/blocks like in bugzilla11:34
andresmujicaand related to11:34
TeTeTjames_w: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/111621/11:40
james_wTeTeT: I don't see you adding any tags there?11:41
james_wTeTeT: or are you adding them through the web ui and just printing them there?11:41
TeTeTjames_w: right, I add them through the web and want to see it here. I also added a test bug and it seems it is not retrievable via launchpadlib11:42
james_wI imagine you are not using staging.launchpad.net via the web11:42
james_wyou are connecting to STAGING_... in launchpadlib11:42
james_wwhich is staging.launchpad.net11:42
james_wwhich is a separate db to launchpad.net/edge.launchpad.net11:43
james_wand is only updated daily or so11:43
james_wyou can go to https://staging.launchpad.net/ log in and play around there and you should see your changes reflected in the launchpadlib output11:43
TeTeTjames_w: bummer, thanks!11:47
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TeTeTjames_w: works perfect now :)11:51
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Philip5riksta: no package includes kitchen sync as what i understand it's considered to be under heavy development but you kan activate it (and kmobiletools is in the same state) if you rebuild kdepim 4.2)14:40
rikstaPhilip5: i see. I  had a go at installing the opensync from SVN but it was really broken and the obex synching didnt seem to work at all14:41
Philip5riksta: also check that there are plugins for the sync solution you are looking for opensync... not all sync senarios are covered14:41
rikstaPhilip5: yeah, i just want evo->bluetooth14:42
Philip5evolution have a plugin for opensync but im not sure what part handles the sony ericsson... synce have bluetooth support but i think it's supposed to work with pocketpc based handheld/mobile devices14:43
Philip5kitchen sync (and also the old multisync) only gives a gui for setting up the opensync lib and its plugins and also gives a "sync button" to make it easy to sync14:45
Philip5so the functionality are in the opensync plugins and opensync lib14:45
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Philip5riksta: looks like the irmc-sync plugin for opensync works for syncing with the sony ericsson movile phone :)14:49
Philip5via bluetooth...14:49
rikstaPhilip5: tried it the other day, for some reason that i cannot remember it was not working, i tihnk it says on the wiki that it is broken14:49
rikstai guess i am just going to have to be more patient14:49
rikstabut it is a real nightnare14:49
Philip5its bad timing as the opensync project have rewritten code and changed it's api for the next stable release that are around the corner and there are very few applications that seam to use opensync funtionallity... what i know of it's only kitchen sync for kde that are keeping up with it but is also in testing mode14:52
Philip5but if you stay with the standard version of opensync that comes with ubuntu then you can use multisync... the problem comes if you try to use the unstable development version with the new api that you find on my repo... they only work with kitchen sync in kde414:54
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statikmtaylor: i have no idea. switching from grub to lilo would be weird15:49
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jelmeris there some way yet to trigger updates of mirrorred bzr branches?16:12
andresmujicagood day, can someone remind me if there's an ubuntu translator chat room?16:18
mrevellandresmujica: what langugage?16:21
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andresmujicai need the accepted translation for triaging16:26
mrevellandresmujica: YOu could try in #ubuntu-es or #ubuntu-es-loco16:30
andresmujicathks mrevell!16:31
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calcquestion 5925718:04
calccan someone look at that?18:04
calci'm not sure if it is some sort of weird soyuz bug or something else causing the problem18:05
calcalso is there any estimate of when the quota display on LP is going to come back?18:06
calcit has been saying temporarily unavailable for at least several weeks (afaict)18:06
beunocalc, very soon. I reviewed a branch that fixed that and fetchede the information through ajax18:06
beunoso I guess next cycle?18:07
beunocprov would know, it's his magic18:07
bigjoolsI might cherry pick it18:07
beunoeven better18:07
calcbeuno: which part the cleaning ppa or the display of the quota?18:07
beunocalc, displaying quota18:08
cprovbigjools, beuno, calc:  it will be in edge by Monday18:08
calcbeuno: ah ok, do you know if the not cleaning of ppa is a known bug?18:08
bigjoolseven *better* :18:08
calccprov: great :)18:08
beunocalc, I have no idea what cleaning a PPA means  :)18:08
calcbeuno: er if a orig.tar.gz is not referenced by anything anymore it seems to not get deleted18:09
calcas referenced by question 5925718:09
cprovcalc: point me the the pool/ file that shouldn't be there, I will investigate.18:09
cprovcalc: thanks18:09
calcit lists the files in the pool that should not be there18:09
calcprobably most people don't even notice since they aren't uploading 400MB source packages ;-)18:10
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Digital7Where can the Launchpad Suite be downloaded? (I found this https://launchpad.net/launchpad-project, but can't find anywhere to download it)18:48
beunoDigital7, it's not open source yet18:49
beunoit will be opened on July 21st18:50
Digital7beuno: Is it possible to acquire portions of it? I had hoped to use it in a project, but that's a really long ways off18:51
beunoDigital7, not really, no18:53
maxbBits of it are getting open-sourced eventually, but nothing is opened yet and not all of it is going to be :-(18:53
Digital7what's the reason behind that?18:54
beunoDigital7, https://dev.launchpad.net/OpenSourcing18:54
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DBOwhere can I trade in my points for upgrades.  I have 10k of them now and I figure its got to be worth something...  +2 constitution maybe?19:07
Digital7beuno: do you know if that date is set in stone?19:07
Digital7beuno: are the milestones generally accurate?19:08
UrsinhaDigital7, yes19:08
Ursinhasince I started they never failed19:08
Ursinhain 6 months, that is19:08
maxbIt's a shame Soyuz isn't being opened. Not that I actually want to run it, but it would a wonderful insight into how Ubuntu works19:12
bigjoolsit's really not that exciting :)19:13
maxbWell, since I can't hack on it myself, how about one of you guys fixing the broken P-a-s interpretation? :-)19:14
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cprovcalc: I will find out why your files were not removed during the weekend. Don't worry much because they are not considered in your quota as far as LP is concerned.19:31
cprovcalc: I will report back to you on Monday.19:32
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Rhamphoryncus"You have slain Launchpad!  You gain a level!"20:12
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calccprov: are you sure its not counting them in my quota, it claims i am at 2170MB now20:16
calccprov: i don't think just the couple sets of OOo packages would exceed that by themselves20:17
calccprov: i might be wrong though, heh20:17
calcOOo source takes ~ 1gb and then all the binaries but i don't think they add up to another 1GB20:18
anderskI'm trying to copy a package in my PPA from jaunty to intrepid, but I get a strange error:20:34
anderskThe following source cannot be copied: nvidia-graphics-drivers-180 180.27-0andersk1 in jaunty (same version already has published binaries in the destination archive)20:34
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anderskYeah, I guess this just won't work because it's a pooled repository.20:45
maxbandersk: Right. You can't build the same version twice within the same archive20:50
maxbYou can choose the copy binaries option, which when copying within the same PPA equates to just copying the index records relating to the binaries, but doing that from a newer to an older release is usually wrong20:51
ploomhi, I have been worrying about some specific translation issues for certain gnome applications like gnome-system-monitor or rhythmbox21:41
ploomit appears that there are some typos inside launchpad translation, that either are fixed quite a long time ago for estonian language gnome translators, or have never existed at all21:43
ploomall I could do is suggest a fix at launchpad, but will those few typos ever actually get fixed?21:43
ubottuGnome bug 566243 in Estonian [et] "Teabevälja olek nimetus (Process status)" [Normal,Resolved: notgnome]21:43
ubottuGnome bug 565555 in Estonian [et] "Staatus-real laulude arvu näitamine (hetkel näiteks "46 laulud, 4 tundi, 320 MB")" [Normal,Needinfo]21:44
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ScottKI uploaded kubuntu-meta_1.113 ~30 minutes ago and it hasn't appeared yet.23:23
ScottKI'm guessing soyuz ate it.23:23
ScottKkiko-afk or cprov: ^^ I was wondering if you would figure where it went and rescue it.23:24
magciusI know Launchpad isn't open source, but are any developers going to discuss how they implemented certain pieces of the site?23:25
magciusAnd why they chose the software they did, why they decided to write their own, and any pitfalls you would be willing to share?23:25
maxbYou could just wait a few months and then most of it will be open :-)23:27
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Turl1hi there23:35
Turl1how can I create an extra PPA for my team? we want to have a ppa with the latest bzr, but I don't want to create a new team for that23:35
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Turlany idea?23:37
nhandlerTurl: PPAs need to be owned by either a person or a team. So you will need to create a new team here: https://edge.launchpad.net/people/+newteam23:40
Turlnhandler: but I received an email that now you can have several PPAs, so I was asking, How can I add another one?23:42
nhandlerTurl: As far as I know, they have only made some of the changes that are necessary in order to support multiple PPAs. Multiple PPAs are still not implemented23:42
Turloh I see23:43
Turlso I still need a new team23:43
Turlyou should add a tool for merging teams when multiple ppas are released23:43
nhandlerTurl: I know you can merge user accounts. So I bet there is a way to merge teams. Although I am not sure if this is an admin-only feature23:44
ScottK-palmNevermind. My fault.  Figured it out.23:45

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