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pwnguindoes anyone else find it funny that brasero "burn image" prompts for both .iso and svg/png?01:36
macopwnguin: seriously?01:49
macoit tells me "please select another image. it doesnt appear to be a valid image or a valid cue file."01:50
macoif i try a png01:50
pwnguin maybe it's just intrepid01:51
pwnguinim burning a jaunty cd right now01:51
pwnguinto undo whatever horror i inflicted while attempting to set up ext401:52
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teethdoodanyone else having trouble logging in after suspend?02:34
pwnguinso are there any migrate to ext4 tutorials that also mention fixing the UUID?03:06
pwnguinanyone know what script will update grub to use the right UUID's?03:11
milos_pwnguin, do you have a lot of entries?03:21
pwnguinmilos_: no03:26
pwnguini have a lot of wrong entries03:26
pwnguinwell, here's hopin i fixed it03:28
Andre_GondimI have no sound until the last updated03:30
milos_pwnguin, http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-899040.html03:41
milos_pwnguin, here it says you should delete menu.list(probably backup it first) and than recreate it with update-grub03:43
DanaGHeh, new nvidia-glx-96 96.43.10 claims to have support for X server 1.5.999.something... but if I try it on my Jaunty, it segfaults (after hanging for a while before I kill gnome-panel)04:29
DanaGread(3, 0x9e80eb0, 4096)04:35
DanaGit reads the same file descriptor and address over and over again, with EAGAIN each time... and then Xorg dies.04:35
pwnguinany idea why grub would just dump me into command line with no error?04:37
DanaGCan't find menu.lst, perhaps.04:37
pwnguinan interesting theory04:37
pwnguinDanaG: where does grub look for menu.lst at?04:39
DanaGI'm not sure.04:39
DanaGIf you can manually command-line boot Ubuntu, you can try reinstalling Grub.04:39
pwnguini did04:39
pwnguinim in the gui right now ;)04:39
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pwnguini moved the old menu.list out of the way and ran update-grub, still broke04:40
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto04:40
DanaGYOu could try that.04:40
DanaGMight want to copy back menu.lst, though.04:41
pwnguinit's basically the same04:41
pwnguinupdate-grub rebuilds menu.lst04:41
DanaGNot the same thing as reinstalling grub.04:42
DanaGIt's worth a try.04:42
pwnguinim sorry; i meant i manually booted from the grub cli, not reinstalled04:42
pwnguini'll look into that04:43
DanaGUgh, stupid nvidia 96 just crashes Xorg.04:45
DanaGI actually AM glad my new laptop has ATI.04:46
pwnguini just use nouveau04:46
Tekno unable to open files list file for package `libxext-dev': Input/output error04:46
Teknowhat does that mean04:46
Teknoim trying to apt-get things04:46
DanaGhmm, look in dmesg for any corresponding I/O error. =P04:48
Tekno[ 2229.398644] EXT4-fs error (device sda1): __ext4_get_inode_loc: unable to read inode block - inode=831093, block=167118404:53
DanaGGlxSetVisualConfigs not found.05:05
DanaG(EE) NOUVEAU(0):       NVIDIA's glx present, or glx not loaded.05:05
DanaGRAOF: isn't here.  Bummer.05:06
DanaGWell, I actually prefer not to ping people if the room is mostly silent and my issue is non-critical.05:07
DanaGyeah, nouveau not workin'.05:08
pwnguinyou're not gonna get 3d05:11
pwnguinleast not yet05:11
DanaGI know that... so then why is it even trying?05:13
DanaGI must be missing something in xorg.conf.05:13
DanaGoh, and I tried this  nvidia legacy, but it crashed Xorg.05:15
pwnguinthat is a very well commented conf file ;)05:16
DanaG" Added support for X.org server"05:16
pwnguinim guessing "allowglxwithcomposite" is your culprit05:16
DanaGI also used to have one for all the Synaptics options, but then i had to move them to a HAL FDI file.05:16
DanaGXorg -version:05:17
DanaGX.Org X Server (1.6.0 RC 1)05:17
DanaGLooks like the same version to me.  =P05:17
pwnguinwhats this devicve vbox video?05:17
DanaGNot used; it was so I could use one xorg.conf in multiple places.05:18
DanaGIf one device doesn't load, it'll fall through to the next.05:18
pwnguindlopen: /usr/lib/xorg/modules/extensions//libglx.so: undefined symbol: miInitVisualsProc05:21
DanaGshould I pastebin the output of 'strings' of that file?05:24
DanaGLooks like it is SGI.05:24
pwnguintry dpkg -l | grep nvidia05:27
DanaG-modaliases, -settings, -kernel-common05:30
DanaGand -common05:30
DanaGIs version supposed to be this, or am I missing a PPA?05:30
DanaGxserver-xorg-video-nouveau (1:0.0.10~git+20090105+7dc567d-1) experimental; urgency=low05:30
pwnguinyou shouldn't need a ppa in jaunty05:32
pwnguinbut i think it's mainly the glx failing to load05:32
DanaGAh.  Well, is there a way to get it not to even try?05:33
DanaGOr to use mesa, rather than trying to do anything direct?05:33
pwnguinwell yea05:33
pwnguinjust remove "glx" from the modules group05:34
pwnguinhrm. glx is enabled by default =(05:34
DanaGIf it can't do 3D anyway... then it really shouldn't be trying.  =P05:36
pwnguinwell, it loaded for me05:36
pwnguinand glxgears runs, albeit slowly05:36
DanaGany custom stuff in xorg.conf?05:36
pwnguinoh yes05:36
pwnguinlemme pastebin it for your perusal05:36
DanaG!info pastebinit05:36
ubottupastebinit (source: pastebinit): command-line pastebin client. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.11-1 (jaunty), package size 20 kB, installed size 328 kB05:36
DanaGy'know, that'd be something good to install by default.05:37
pwnguinyep. knew about pastebinit05:38
DanaGyup, was saying "yay" rather than "you should use it"05:40
DanaGOdd.  Mine is the same.05:41
pwnguinmaybe i should reboot05:41
DanaGor rather, nothing specially different.05:41
DanaGVersion: 2:
DanaGRAOF: oh hey, you're back.05:42
DanaGTrying to use nouveau.05:44
RAOFDanaG: You've still got nvidia's libglx.05:44
RAOF(EE) NOUVEAU(0):       NVIDIA's glx present, or glx not loaded.05:44
pwnguinglx didn't load05:44
pwnguincomplained about a symbol05:44
DanaGI did a --uninstall, and it left something behind?05:45
RAOFQuite possibly.05:45
pwnguinmaybe thats an nvidia only symbol?05:45
RAOFsudo aptitude reinstall ~nxorg should do the trick :)05:45
FFForevercan someone open up gedit and change the current window and tell me if the gedit follows it....05:45
DanaGI was trying 96.43.10...05:45
pwnguinoh, if you installed an nvidia thing by hand05:45
pwnguinthats your deal to sort out ;)05:45
DanaGhttp://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=126954  :  " Added support for X.org server"05:46
DanaGXorg -version:  X.Org X Server (1.6.0 RC 1)05:46
DanaGWell, at least now I know where to look.05:47
teethdoodfirefox vertical scrolling is terrible05:47
DanaGnvidia-only symbol, that's a good hint.05:47
pwnguinthe first google hits are for fglrx05:47
FFForevercan someone plz test the gedit....05:48
pwnguinFFForever: "follows it"05:48
DanaGlrwxrwxrwx 1 root root     12 2009-01-29 20:48 /usr/lib/libGL.so.1 -> libGL.so.1.205:48
pwnguinyou mean like, typing on both?05:48
FFForeverwell yeah its set to always on visible on current workstation =\05:48
FFForeveri need 2 know if its my system or bug...05:49
DanaGthat's not nvidia binary.05:49
pwnguinmine is05:49
pwnguinlrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 18 2009-01-25 03:17 /usr/lib/libGL.so.1 -> libGL.so.173.14.0905:49
FFForeverall new gedit windows for me are automatically set to always visible on current workstartion...05:49
pwnguinalways on top?05:49
pwnguinFFForever: are you running something crazy like devil's pie?05:51
FFForeverdevils pie?05:51
FFForeveri am just using a stock jaunty....05:51
geniiI'm hungry for devils food cake now05:52
pwnguinthat reminds me05:52
pwnguini have some angel food cake05:52
DanaGso I can't figure out what's up with that glx.05:53
DanaGI mean, I know 3D isn't supposed to work... but shouldn't X at least start?05:54
FFForeverany news on the no audio problem btw?05:55
* DanaG has no audio problem... that is, no problem. =P05:57
DanaGOh yeah, i do have PulseAudio crashing on resume from suspend sometimes, though.05:58
DanaGOh yeah, I really am glad I got my new laptop with ATI.05:58
SwedeMikeI have no audio right now as well.05:58
DanaGradeon is FAR far better at suspend than either nv or nouveau, from when i've used either of those.05:58
FFForeverdoes anyone have a problem with the current kernel?, i get a kernel error on load....05:59
FFForeverkernel panic*05:59
* DanaG is force-purging libgl1-mesa-dri and -glx, and xserver-xorg-core.06:02
DanaGah, that fixificated it.06:04
DanaGyeah, made-up non-word.06:04
DanaGAt least ATI's manual installer... builds ******* PACKAGES.06:05
DanaGodd, no swrast_dri, either.06:05
burneranyone know how to fix virtualbox host interface?  it worked for a few weeks until a day or two ago.  http;//burner.ath.cx:800/vbox-grr.png06:06
RAOFDanaG: Well, neither nv nor nouveau are expected to resume from suspend, so _any_ support is better than their support!06:15
DanaGI'm glad I'm not regretting the decision to go ATI.06:16
DanaGAlso gets longer battery life than the NV would on the same laptop.06:16
DanaG... except with the 'radeon' driver, it only changes clocks, not voltages.06:16
DanaGSo if I absolutely need battery time, I can just boot Vista.  I rarely do "absolutely need" it, though.06:17
DanaGI just wish AMD could've pushed out power-management specs while they were still not done with the 3D specs.06:17
DanaGRV635 card.06:17
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto06:18
DanaGWeirdest GRUB error ever:06:18
DanaG... and then nothing after that.06:18
pwnguinyou win06:18
DanaGI once had that happen.06:18
pwnguini thought my frozen laptop bug was wierd06:18
pwnguinthat takes the cake06:18
DanaGpwnguin: ooh, use it to make ice cream?06:19
pwnguinmy laptop hard drive does not like cold06:19
pwnguini get different grub errors until it warms up06:19
DanaGMight want to check the SMART status, and such.06:20
pwnguinon a drive that doesn't boot? or when it works normally?06:20
DanaGWhen it's booted.06:21
DanaGOr when booted from a LiveCD.06:21
pwnguinwell rigth now im more concerned with this damn grub thing06:21
pwnguini dont leave it on a concrete floor anymore06:22
pwnguinso i rarely trigger it06:22
pwnguinbut not finding menu.lst is big. does grub not support ext4?06:22
DanaGIt should, in really recent versions.06:23
DanaGAt least, that's what the changelogs say.06:23
SwedeMikefor stability, it's probably good to stick to ext3 for /boot for a bit more06:23
pwnguincan i retune ext4 to ext3?06:25
DanaGI actually have two ways to boot:06:25
DanaGBoot through MBR and grub (legacy) on ext4,06:25
DanaGor boot through EFI boot manager and elilo.06:25
pwnguinwhat uses efi besides macbooks?06:26
DanaGMy EliteBook has UEFI 2.0 firmware.06:27
DanaGI prefer mbr-based booting because Intel's Vista WiFi drivers don't work under EFI boot mode.06:29
DanaG... and efibootmgr doesn't have a "savedefault"06:29
DanaGThat rEFIt bootloader looks like a cool idea, but it assumes EFI is exactly equivalent to Apple... as if nobody else uses EFI or UEFI.06:31
syockitwhat's with this akonadi/kres-migrator thing that keeps appearing every start?06:58
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pwnguindo i need to add rootfstype=ext4 to grub config somewhere?07:20
syockitI don't think so. if grub supports ext4, it should detect auto07:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 316872 in grub "Patched grub will not boot from EXT4 partition" [Undecided,New]07:21
pwnguinim reading that right now07:21
Teknopwnguin: yes you need roofstype=ext4 to boot without errors07:28
Tekno(i'm using ext4)07:29
pwnguinTekno: which errors?07:31
pwnguincuz it just worked07:31
pwnguini ran the grub-install command, then removed and reinstalled again for good measure, and ran grub-install again07:32
pwnguinoh wow this is different07:33
pwnguinuuid instead of root07:34
pwnguinTekno: i dont have a rootfstype set in my menu.lst07:35
pwnguinTekno: obviously, if it works for you i wouldn't recommend changing it07:36
Teknowell, I just get errors without it07:37
Teknonothing eles07:37
Teknonot a big deal07:37
pwnguinmaybe there's a situation with grub-install07:37
pwnguinpeople are reporting some ancient ass binaries07:37
pwnguinscripts, whatever07:37
pwnguin21 second boot time07:55
pwnguindonno how much of that is ext4, readahead profile, jdong's readahead tar trick or ubuntu developer effort07:55
TeknoI got ~2-3 seconds decrease in boot time07:56
pwnguinit was 3007:59
pwnguinits now 2007:59
syockitYou created / in new partition?08:04
syockitOr just added extents to old one?08:04
pwnguini just retuned an existing partition08:10
zirodayDo you need the alternate cd for ext4?08:26
zirodayor does the desktop cd do?08:26
TeknoI used Gparted usb-stick08:26
TeknoLatest SVN which supports ext4 partitioning08:27
marijushello, liferea runs really slow and produces a lot of hdd activity...09:02
vega-ziroday: desktop cd has it too09:07
zirodayvega-: sweetm thanks!09:07
Kanohi, it seems the kubuntu jaunty live is still broken, any idea when it will work again?09:37
syockitKeep you fingers crossed for the next alpha then10:32
Teknowhat is best way to make backup of everything11:04
BUGabundoTekno: clonezilla ?11:07
Teknocan it send files over LAN ?11:08
BUGabundosamba ssh nfs, etc11:09
BUGabundolive usb, live cd11:09
BUGabundobased on debian and on ubuntu11:09
dholbach"How to run a Bug Jam" session to kick off in 4 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom11:56
jimmysparkguys if anyone would like to see a third menu for ubuntu, a super menu which i think would make the dekstop more familiar for windows converts then plz vote my idea here: http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/17733/12:01
x1250_naah, to much windows alike.12:10
syockitI told you12:12
syockitin kde4 there's something like lancelot12:12
syockitI have to admit default gnome menu is dull12:13
x1250_I think its ok, although "system" menu could be improved. system->preferences tends to be a little crowded over time.12:16
syockitdo it like fedora?12:20
jimmysparkyeh x1250_ i agree - the gnome-control-center app is wicked and under used12:21
x1250_syockit, how is it in fedora?12:21
jimmysparkbrb lunhc12:22
syockitIn fedora, Preferences is divided into subgroups12:22
syockitBut the one below it is still packed12:23
syockitwhat was it called again? administration?12:23
BUGabundodid anyone got probs with Firefox playback with todays updates?12:41
BUGabundoI have no sound, and videos stop playback after 2 secs ....12:42
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KuaeraHrm. How long has two-finger touchpad scrolling been working for?16:11
BUGabundoI've seen in it on several eeepcs16:17
BUGabundowith 8.10 and up16:17
BUGabundoKuaera: ^^^^^. why?16:17
zirodayHas the propriatery ati drivers been uploaded yet?16:21
KuaeraBUGabundo: I hadn't noticed it until I randomly tried it today.16:36
BUGabundoyou have an EEEPC?16:36
KuaeraBUGabundo: This is a Thinkpad T42, too. Kind of an old machine.16:36
BUGabundoit amazing the amount of eeepc users that don't know they can scroll with 2 fingers16:36
KuaeraBUGabundo: Well, is it a hardware feature or a synaptic driver feature?16:37
BUGabundoyour OLD thinkpad does 2 finger scroll?16:37
BUGabundomine doesn't!16:37
KuaeraI can't precisely remember when I got it, as I have a horrible memory for such things, but...16:38
KuaeraThree and a half years old?16:38
BUGabundoreally odd16:38
KuaeraAre you certain it's not a feature of an updated synaptic driver?16:39
KuaeraI know I had some "special" scrolling features under Windows when I first got this, but I don't recall ANY mention of two-finger scrolling16:39
KuaeraUnfortunately, it only does y-scrolling :(16:42
BUGabundoKuaera: and if you scroll near the bottom?16:44
BUGabundois it enabled on the Mouse options?16:44
KuaeraBUGabundo: No changes near the bottom. Checking options now.16:45
KuaeraBUGabundo: I didn't alter my xorg.conf at all for this, either.16:45
BUGabundoneither do I16:46
BUGabundoand mine works X and Y16:46
BUGabundowith "regular" one finger scroll16:46
KuaeraI know I've seen some touchpads with "rails" near the bottom and right for scrolling16:47
BUGabundoyeah mine as just a vertical line "painted" on the touchpad16:49
geniiMine does not have the bottom rail but it still will side-scroll16:55
geniiI'm pretty sure all that is done in software16:55
BUGabundogenii: yep17:07
KuaeraBUGabundo: So, if that's the case, why am I suddenly getting two-finger y-scrolling without anything special in my xorg?17:14
maxbAssuming your hardware can actually detect multiple fingers, whether to *do* anything with that info is up to the synaptics driver17:32
Kuaeramaxb: So the Synaptics driver does y-scrolling with two fingers by default? Hrm. Checking the defaults, it seems that SHMConfig is turned off by default as well.17:46
maxbIt's changed a lot recently, I can believe that it might have turned on two-finger scrolling17:46
Kuaeramaxb: I restarted X with some features up, but screwed up a little. Looking over Xorg.0.log reveals a lot of interesting things.17:55
Kuaeramaxb: I don't see anything regarding two finger scrolling, however.17:56
TheFuzzballDoes anyone have FGLRX working?18:04
KuaeraSorry I'm in and out so much. Just trying to figure out what to do with this.18:04
Kuaeramaxb: The latest xorg-server ignores inputdevice declarations in favor of HAL, correct? If so, how does one anticipate configuring a synaptic touchpad? SHMConfig is off as well, so no runtime configuration is possible.18:05
BUGabundois sound borked in jaunty?18:09
BUGabundoI got alsa-driver (1.0.18.dfsg-1ubuntu3) jaunty; urgency=low in todays updates18:09
SwedeMikeyes, sound is borked.18:10
TheFuzzballSound is fine for me.18:10
maxbKuaera: like this, apparently: http://rafb.net/p/bM5WEa91.html18:10
KuaeraIt's iffy.18:10
BUGabundoit was here too, until I did the morning updates18:10
SwedeMikemy sound was borked with update 1-2 days ago18:11
KuaeraMy Audigy 2 ZS in my desktop hasn't worked in a while.18:11
BUGabundoI read someone yesterday complaining of it too18:11
KuaeraHowever, my laptop seems to work fine...have to look up the chipset there.18:11
TheFuzzballWell I'm enjoying Pantera with the latest updates.18:11
charlie-tcaMine works, but I have to turn it on every restart18:11
BUGabundomine worked until today, I booted and even heard pidign18:11
KuaeraWith a lot of sound daemon changes, you probably can expect some issues like this18:11
BUGabundobut then UM kicked in, and no more sound18:11
BUGabundono MUTE here18:11
SwedeMikeBUGabundo: exactly same problem I have.18:12
Kuaeramaxb: Cool, thanks. You configure xorg HAL devices in HAL, silly me.18:12
BUGabundoboth in PA and alsamixergui18:12
BUGabundocan't find anything recent in LP18:12
SwedeMikemultiple people have been complaining here18:12
BUGabundobut no LP bug18:12
BUGabundowill open a new one right now18:12
BUGabundoagainst alsa18:13
TheFuzzballDoes anyone know a fix for the Apple Keyboard and the F* keys perhaps?18:13
Kuaeramaxb: Do I have to restart X for that file to take effect?18:16
maxbYes, and hal too18:17
maxb(I think)18:17
Kuaeramaxb: Well, I had restarted HAL to no effect - likely because the device had already been loaded18:17
KuaeraI'll try it in a little bit, and thanks again.18:18
maxbrestarting hal and then logging out of and back into X works for me18:18
BUGabundoguys with sound probs18:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 319505 in alsa-driver "In Jaunty Alpha3 release 32 bit and 64 bit versions the sound is not work." [Medium,Fix released]18:21
kabmy sound is working, but I heard pauses when I play mp3's, with audacious and rythmbox18:31
isaacuhm, according to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Drivers19:13
isaacWe are including the 2.6.1 -intel driver along with updated beta versions of mesa and xserver in current jaunty. This marks a significant upgrade from what we shipped in alpha-3.19:13
isaacbut my composite still sucks in jaunty19:13
isaacis it normal or is it some misconfiguration on my part?19:14
Kuaeramaxb: You are a god.19:29
maxbWhy thank you :-)19:30
KuaeraI figured I'd give you something you could screencapture and feel good about in exchange :P19:30
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cwilluisaac, really slow compared to how it was in hardy?19:41
cwilluisaac, there's a bug that doesn't have a good fix yet related to certain intel cards.  If you're on a 32bit machine, the workaround that works for me is to run the -server kernel, which has pae enabled, which disables the new gem video memory manager, which is the source of the grief19:45
cwilluisaac, (really slow compared to intrepid, rather, but anyways)19:47
isaaccwillu: i have just been pointed to19:51
isaac Archive: open, MoM running, alpha-3: released | Ubuntu 8.10 released! | Develop19:52
isaac20:24 < ubottu> Launchpad bug 320813 in mesa "[GM45] with EXA compiz animations19:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 320813 in mesa "[GM45] with EXA compiz animations cause temporary freezes" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32081319:52
isaac                cause temporary freezes" [High,Confirmed]19:52
isaac                https://launchpad.net/bugs/32081319:52
isaacin #ubuntu-devel19:52
isaacwhich seems to be the cause19:52
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Volkodavupdate-manager -d does not work - is there another way to upgrade ?20:28
Volkodavmaybe synaptic ?20:28
ubottuDoesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.20:29
mvoVolkodav: what is the error20:29
mvoVolkodav: there are other ways, but we rather fix update-manager than to workaround :)20:29
Volkodavsome hal error20:31
Volkodavi am not at that machine20:31
shadowhywindHow does one go about manually saving the session?20:36
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mphillanyone know if the new nvidia drivers are working under Xorg21:51
macoany evolution users around at the moment?21:51
anderskmphill: see bug 32241621:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 322416 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-180 "update request: nVidia ver 180.27, pre-release" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32241621:52
anderskI use evolution a little bit.21:53
mphillandersk: thanks21:56
mphillmaco: I used it today to sync my winmo phone. then it segfaulted21:57
macoandersk: if you have an evo session open for a while, do you eventually stop being able to toggle the little triangle fold-out things?21:58
anderskThat's never happened to me.21:58
Andre_Gondimhow may i know wich module sound i need?22:02
Andre_Gondimhow may i know which module sound i need?22:04
macoAndre_Gondim: are you sure no sound module is currently loaded?22:07
Andre_Gondimmaco, I think so22:07
macoAndre_Gondim: wait are you jsut getting no outputs in your volume control thng? if so, that's a known bug22:08
maco"pulsaudio -k && start-pulseaudio-x11"22:09
macobut to check for sound modules being loaded: lsmod | grep snd22:09
Andre_Gondimmaco, yeah, this is my problem, no output sound22:09
Andre_Gondimmaco, you save my sound life, thanks :D22:10
mphillandersk: are you using the nvidia binary driver, does it work well for you?22:12
dtchenmaco: `pulseaudio -k ; start-pulseaudio-x11' is preferable, as it is guaranteed to work if you had audible audio in intrepid22:23
dtchen(s-p-x does the right thing if the daemon is already running)22:24
macodtchen: ok thanks22:24
dtchenmphill: which version/22:24
dtchenmphill: 180.25 works correctly and resolves a number of PM issues, yes22:25
Kuaeramaxb: In regards to the snippet you linked earlier [ http://rafb.net/p/bM5WEa91.html ], how would one set additional settings, such as HorizTwoFingerScroll, PalmDetect, etc?22:25
dtchenmphill: that said, it does _not_ work if you use a number of xorg.conf options22:25
maxbKuaera: Simply duplicate the <merge.... line as many times as you like, and change key and value22:26
maxb(are you familiar with XML?)22:26
KuaeraYes, but it does not seem to be working.22:27
macoKuaera: did you log out and log back in?22:28
maxb*and* restart hal before doing that?22:28
KuaeraNevermind, I found the issue >_> The font I was using in my editor wasn't working right, so what I thought was a period was an underscore.22:28
KuaeraHere's what I have now:22:29
KuaeraRestarting HAL made it rather impossible to type, so. I am back, and my example works fine22:34
JediMasterhey guys22:36
JediMasterI've got this odd issue with audio not working in X again22:36
dtchenKuaera: the recent dbus and hal changes make it virtually essential that you restart both dbus and hal if you make fdi chagnes22:36
JediMasterlooks like it's a problem with pulseaudio22:36
dtchenJediMaster: pulseaudio -k ; start-pulseaudio-x1122:36
JediMasterthe volume control shows no devices for output22:36
macoJediMaster: known bug, listen to dtchen22:36
dtchenknown issue, move along22:36
JediMastermaco: was it you who helped me out a few days ago with it?22:36
JediMasterit just started working again, but rebooted and dead again22:37
Kuaeradtchen: Ah, thank you.22:37
dtchenKuaera: you can either sudo telinit 1 and then resume normal boot (to runlevel 2), or you can just reboot22:37
macoJediMaster: i dont know what fixed it for you a few days ago. after i rebooted it i hit it too, and then dtchen pointed me to the bug report with the instructions he just gave you22:37
Kuaeradtchen: Understood.22:37
JediMasterta, that as root?22:37
macoJediMaster: no22:37
JediMasteryeah that sorted it, thanks22:38
JediMasterta dtchen22:38
dtchenKuaera: be aware that there is a known issue with certain synaptics and alps hardware that races in initialisation, causing it to disappear as a touchpad on hal restart. in that case, you *must* reboot.22:38
dtcheni'm debugging that linux in my spare cycles22:38
dtchenlinux issue*22:38
Kuaeradtchen: *nods* Gotcha. I'll spend my time deciphering what all the various touchpad options mean.22:40
ryanpghi all... anyone having pointer troubles in jaunty? My synaptics pad buttons are behaving quite strangely22:52
anderskYeah, bug 32063922:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 320639 in xserver-xorg-input-synaptics "Touchpad movement problems in 0.99.3" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32063922:53
ryanpgtapping the pad works as expected, but it seems like the Left button is behaving like a middle button22:53
dtchenyou can revert to 0.15.2-0ubuntu822:54
KuaeraCouldn't one fix this by remapping the buttons via the method I just mentioned?22:56
ryanpgdtchen and andersk thanks22:56
dtchenKuaera: that's not a fix; that's a workaround22:57
Kuaeradtchen: Sorry for the misnomer.22:57
ryanpgI tried remapping but no good... the left button also seems to be registering multiple clicks22:58
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ryanpgI only seem to be able to find xserver-xorg-input-synaptics_0.15.2-0ubuntu7_i386.deb23:02
ryanpganyone have a url for 0ubuntu8_i386?23:02
ryanpgok, found it - gonna restart X thanks all!23:05
billisnicehow do you install http://do.davebsd.com/release.shtml to jaunty?23:21
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