dashuaStill hacking, but this looks pretty damn nice.06:39
dashuaI need some help from kido if he is ever about.06:40
tretlewhat is the name of the icon for websites in the navbars of web browsers again07:24
savvastretle: favico ?07:35
savvas<link rel="shortcut icon" href="/favicon.ico">07:36
dashuaDoes anyone how to readable text on the menubar for Dust?  I'm trying some different options and have most issues worked out.15:21
_MMA_dashua: For studio, to get light text there I do:15:23
_MMA_style "murrine-menubar"15:23
_MMA_bg[NORMAL]= shade (0.75, @bg_color)15:23
_MMA_So its a shade of bg  normal.15:24
dashua_MMA_: Ok thx, let me try that.15:24
_MMA_dashua: You could reference anything there though. You could shade your text color one way or another.15:26
dashuaThis is more difficult than I thought with hybrid themes.15:27
rsc-are you modifying Dust?15:51
rsc-shouldn't Dust have white-on-dark menus by default?15:51
_MMA_"I'm trying some different options" :)15:52
kwwiiI was running Dust on my laptop this week at the london office...several people asked me about it - it is quite popular it seems :)16:38
_MMA_kwwii: Too bad they aren't the people makin' the decisions. (I'm assuming) :P16:42
kwwii_MMA_: actually, they are ;)16:54
kwwiibut we aren't making any major changes for JAunty16:54
kwwiithe big plans are for +1, as the team is new and all16:54
_MMA_I see.16:55
andreasnkwwii, are you going to be at the London office sometime during February?16:59
andreasnI'm planning on visiting, but haven't decided any dates yet17:00
kwwiiandreasn: I am in the london office every second week17:01
kwwiiandreasn: so I will be back in london the week after next17:01
andreasnhm, what date is that?17:02
kwwiiI returned today, leave for berlin tomorrow, staying a full week, and then leave for london sometime around the 9th17:02
kwwiiI'll also be in london on the week of the 23rd17:03
andreasnand staying there till 13th or so?17:03
kwwiiandreasn: yepp17:03
kwwiiandreasn: I usually only stay 3-4 days17:03
kwwiiwhich ones are up to me though17:03
andreasna bit close to Fosdem, but maybe it could work17:03
kwwiiyeah, I am skipping Fosdem (again) because of this17:04
andreasnif not, I'll look into the 23ish17:04
kwwiiandreasn: cool, let me know when you are in town! I'll take you up to the office, it has quite a spectacular view of london17:04
andreasnthanks in advance!17:05
andreasndid the power manager icon issue sort itself out btw?17:05
kwwiiandreasn: it looks like we are going to patch gpm to use different percentages *and* fix the human icons17:05
kwwiicurrently it seems to change at 90,70,50,30, and 2017:06
andreasnI'm currently redoing the smaller sizes for upstream (to be easier to read)17:07
andreasnisn't it 020, 040, 060, 080 and 100?17:07
kwwiierm, make that 90,70,50,30,1017:07
kwwiithose are the names of the icons...but I sat and watched at which percentages they change17:07
kwwiiI was thinking of changing it to 80,60,40,30,2017:08
kwwiinaturally, there is 100 as well :p17:08
kwwiiand a pop-up that appears when it gets close to 10 it seems17:08
kwwiialthought that pop-up might be time based17:08
kwwiiideally, it would all be time based17:08
andreasnhm, I wonder if upstream and human have different levels all together17:10
kwwiiit seems the icons are named the same...and I don't think we have patched it17:10
kwwiibut they might be different17:11
kwwiithe biggest problem was the human icons, which showed orange for 40, red for 20 and simply grey at 017:11
andreasncrap, where in /usr/share/icons/human are the gpm icons, now again?17:11
kwwii40 is shown between 50-30, 20 between 30-10 and 0 from 10-017:12
kwwiiandreasn: 22x22/apps17:13
kwwiiandreasn: there is a lot of interest from canonical to work on this with upstream if possible though (they keep asking me)17:13
andreasnah, yes, the names are the same17:14
kwwiiandreasn: another issue they want to work on is the network manager icons17:14
andreasnoh, cool17:14
kwwiiapparently Dell was unhappy with the current ones17:14
andreasnfor nm or gpm?17:14
kwwiialthough, again, the human icons are different from the gnome versions17:15
kwwiifor nm17:15
kwwiithey've had quite a few customers complaining that they cannot find the network icon (or how to configure the network)17:15
kwwiiI think that the fucntionality of the nm-applet needs to be changed as well though17:15
andreasnyeah, probably17:16
andreasnanyway, better fix dinner now, need to go over to a friend for his birthday party in a hour or two17:17
andreasnand I'll let you know when I've booked the flight tickets and stuff17:17
andreasntake care, later!17:17
* kwwii is off to dinner, packing for berlin, etc17:37
savvasdo you know a free alternative to calibri font?19:39
_MMA_savvas: "free" in what sense?19:41
savvas_MMA_: free to redistribute in pdfs etc19:43
savvasas far as I've read, calibri is licensed only to windows users19:44
_MMA_savvas: I'm not finding much of anything. If you convert the font to vector will that work for you?19:45
savvasI am allowed to do that?19:45
savvasif so, that'd be great :P19:45
* _MMA_ shrugs.19:45
_MMA_I know in Inkscale I convert the fonts to vector then output to PDF.19:45
thorwilsavvas: in the US, there's no copyright on letter shapes19:46
_MMA_You can't edit later but it still scales well.19:46
thorwilsavvas: but there could be in other jurisdictions19:46
thorwilsavvas: in short, it's not clear at all and if in doubt, don't19:46
savvasyou might be right19:47
savvasI'll just use Dejavu and MgOpen fonts :P19:47
thorwilsavvas: you could also become your own type designer. in only a few years, you might come up with something that can almost, but not really, be compared with calibri19:49
dashua_MMA_: Would you mind testing a theme for me or anyone who prefers darker themes?19:53
_MMA_dashua: Can't atm. I got alot going on with Studio testing and the family.19:54
dashuaAh ok, np19:55
dashuaWould you mind if I send it to the ml for some feedback?19:57
thorwildashua: i don't think anyone would mind19:57
thorwilstrange that you ask, actually ;)19:58
dashuaOk great :)19:58
dashuaI don't want to bog the ml down.19:58
dashuaYour mail to 'ubuntu-art' Is being held until the list moderator can review it for approval.20:17
thorwildashua: you are subscribed to the list?20:17
dashuaI've never seen that before.20:18
thorwilso that must be the start of moderation/whitelisting20:18
thorwildashua: or did you attach something?20:18
_MMA_kwwii? ^^^20:18
dashuaI attached the theme and a few screenshots20:18
dashuaMaybe they were too large.20:19
_MMA_dashua: Which address?20:20
dashuaShould I cancel and change the screenshots to thumbs?20:20
_MMA_I personally only use links.20:20
_MMA_No. Yours20:21
_MMA_dashua: Ok. I put it through.20:24
dashuaAh thx20:24
_MMA_dashua: But how big was it? 3MB? I would host pics somewhere else from now on.20:24
dashuaYeah, I'll throw them on Flickr from now on20:25
dashuabrb, new kernel20:29
kwwii_MMA_: erm, they told me they would wait until I discussed this with them20:30
kwwiilet me ask20:30
kwwiihehe, no..it is the size of the attachments :p20:31
kwwii_MMA_: you can go to the interface and let that mail through20:31
kwwiierm, I should have read all the way back :p20:31
_MMA_dashua: The list has a limit of 1000 KB. So watch the attachment sizes.20:44
dashua_MMA_: Alright, np.20:44
darkmatterhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k3BNb4_Z4fY <-- epic21:11
tretlehi, could someone point me in the right direction to adding speech bubbles to blog posts similar to how planet gnome does it?23:59

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