maxbAnyone else on intel graphics hardware or otherwise finding themselves severely affected by bug 307306 still?00:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 307306 in gnome-power-manager "upgrade to 2: makes session utterly slow" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30730600:06
james_wmaxb: still slow for me00:07
james_wmaxb: not sure it's entirely gpm's fault, though the symptoms suggest that it is at least related00:08
maxbI've just re-opened the gnome-desktop bugtask, after finding that removing the workaround patch to gnome-desktop that is in the bug comments made the problem worse again00:09
maxbI'm assuming it has to be driver-related since I'm only seeing it on one of my three machines, each with a different video card manufacturer00:09
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sainathi have written a program using libwnck which activates the neighbor workspace06:38
sainathbut when executed it returns null06:38
sainatheven though there is a neighbor workspace still is not recognizing06:39
sainathcan u tell me what is the problem?06:39
Amaranthsainath: If you're using compiz there are no workspaces06:48
AmaranthWell, there is the one you're on, but it is split up into viewports06:48
sainaththen which methods i have to use?06:49
AmaranthI don't quite remember but I know you have to do some of the math yourself to figure out where to move06:52
Amaranthsainath: You need to get the height of the screen and the height of the workspace to figure out the number of viewports06:55
sainathi now understood where the problem is06:55
Amaranththen use wnck_workspace_get_viewport_x/y to figure out where you are06:55
sainathi'll figure it out06:55
Amaranthsainath: then wnck_screen_move_viewport to move06:56
sainathhow viewport values change for diff workspaces?06:56
AmaranthNo one mixes workspaces and viewports06:57
AmaranthIt's technically possible but you'd go insane as there is no way to manage it06:57
Amaranthsainath: In compiz and in gnome using multiple workspaces each with multiple viewports is considered Not Supported so you don't have to worry about it06:58
pittiGood morning07:36
brycehey, is there a simple way to disable GNOME's hardcoding of 96 dpi?08:22
brycenevermind, found it08:32
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pittiseb128: are you planning major new changes in GNOME until next Thursday (alpha-4)?09:14
seb128pitti: GNOME 2.25.90 due next week so yes09:15
pittiseb128: we'll have a soft freeze again Tue to Thu; do you think it's possible to get that in?09:15
pitti(remember, we are also on the sprint)09:15
seb128pitti: depends what you call new changes, lot of new versions but they are feature, api, etc frozen for 2.25 so no important changes, just lot of updates next week09:16
pittiseb128: okay; in theory we could also do them the week after, if the sprint is too busy?09:16
seb128pitti: having freezes during new GNOME weeks suck, I can't say now how busy I will be during the sprint09:16
seb128pitti: I will not, it's either next week or we skip since the next tarball are just one week after the sprint09:17
pittiseb128: hm, seems if there will be major rebuilds next week/afterwards, I better try and push the updated .desktop translation patches in09:17
pittioh, ok09:17
mvoseb128: the compiz session problem should be fixed with the next upload09:24
seb128mvo: cool, what did you change?09:24
mvoseb128: compiz-manager has a workaround now, the real problem is in gnome-session (http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=559450)09:25
ubottuGnome bug 559450 in gnome-session "Gnome-session should try to match .desktop files against XSMP and/or resumed clients" [Normal,Unconfirmed]09:25
mvodid I mention that compiz upstream are rockstars ;) ?09:25
huatsmorning everyone09:25
seb128mvo: ah ok, I did read this bug upstream but didn't really understand what that meant from an user point of view09:25
seb128lut huats09:25
mvoseb128: it works for me now, please let me know if its good for you too once it enters the archive (0.7.8-0ubuntu9)09:28
seb128mvo: I'll do updated bootchart once it's available ;-)09:28
* seb128 eyes vuntz09:28
seb128vuntz: my gnome-panel is frozen, e-d-s crashed and it didn't like that, I though you changed the calendar calls to be async and not block everything?09:29
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sainathI am using metacity as window manager.When i tried to create a new workspace through a program and want to switch to it ,it creates a new workspace but failing to switch.09:47
sainathi have used libwnck funcin my prog09:48
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seb128mvo: could you look to bug #322955?10:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 322955 in gtk+2.0 "package libgtk2.0-bin 2.14.4-0ubuntu2 failed to install/upgrade: package libgtk2.0-bin is already installed and configured" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32295510:59
mvoseb128: done11:06
seb128mvo: thanks11:06
mvoI have a theory, I think the real bug is memory corruption on the box or something (ld segfauled) bt the subsequent error looks like something in apt to fix11:07
seb128mvo: did you see my ping about an another upgrade bug yesterday?11:11
seb128mvo: btw this guy opened several bugs you might want to dup the other ones11:13
mvoseb128: yes, I have it open somewhere, it was a dpkg issue update-manager should be able to resolve it automatically11:48
seb128mvo: there is over a thousand of apport-package bugs open11:50
vuntzseb128: stack trace of the panel hang?12:04
seb128vuntz: I did restart it since, there was one thread blocked on a e_flag_something call12:05
seb128I will get it for you next time but it seems similar to the bug before your changes12:05
vuntzseb128: was it talking about a thread?12:05
vuntzseb128: and are you using a calendar that requires a password?12:05
seb128but evolution was frozen too12:06
vuntzok, then not what I thought12:06
seb128I think e-d-s got screwed12:06
vuntzseb128: I'd blame the eds library first, fwiw ;-)12:06
seb128the applets were still working12:06
seb128yes, evolution was frozen too12:06
seb128but I would expect to still have working menus when the clock applet hangs12:06
seb128that + nozap in jaunty = no easy way to close your session12:07
vuntzseb128: don't compile the clock in process :-)12:08
pittiseb128: alt+sysrq+k ?12:08
vuntzseb128: there's a configure flag12:08
mvoseb128: apport-package bugs> right, they deserve attention12:08
pittivuntz: .desktop gettext patch> why did you add this fallback to _G_KEY_FILE_DEFAULT_DOMAIN ("desktop_translations")?12:09
seb128pitti: I did use power button which opens the session dialog ;-)12:09
seb128vuntz: right but that would means extra ressources use12:09
pittiseb128: oh, if that still works, it is so much better than killing X..12:09
seb128well theorically12:10
* seb128 looks at vuntz again12:10
vuntzpitti: because that's what we use in openSUSE -- in the end, we don't add the gettext key for most desktop files12:10
seb128but right now session closing is doing really different12:10
pittivuntz: but doesn't that require you to duplicate the application's .mo files to "desktop_translations.mo"?12:10
vuntzpitti: (and because the KDE people didn't implement the gettext key in openSUSE, just hacked it this way)12:10
vuntzpitti: no, we just have the translations from the desktop file12:11
pittivuntz: I don't think I can justify this bit for upstream inclusion12:11
pittivuntz: do you want that upstream as well?12:11
vuntzpitti: yeah, this one is... harder :-) Although it makes some sense from a distro point of view12:11
vuntzpitti: note that it's also why we first check for translation with a context12:12
pittivuntz: well, I think I'll first submit a patch without that fallback, and the fallback can become another request, once it is generally accepted; WDYT?12:12
mvoseb128: apport-package bugs> I can try to do another scan over them, but there is no chance that I can do that daily with my current other tasks12:12
seb128mvo: try to organize a bug day to clean those?12:12
pittivuntz: also, do you still remember why you need key_file->file_basename ?12:13
vuntzpitti: makes sense12:13
vuntzpitti: for the context, which is needed for the desktop_translations.mo stuff12:14
pittiaaah, so it's part of that fallback12:14
vuntz(the context is the desktop filename)12:14
seb128lunch, bbl12:15
pittivuntz: uh, your patch calls setlocale (LC_MESSAGES, NULL);12:16
pittivuntz: that shouldn't really be in glib, should it? applications should usually initialize/set their locales?12:16
pittivuntz: ignore me, I clearly need food12:17
vuntzpitti: nope, it's used12:17
pittiNULL != ""12:17
fta2seb128, my gnome-screensaver is severely broken in jaunty. Seems to be bug 32066612:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 320666 in gnome-screensaver "gnome-screensaver fails to unlock after gtk 2.15.0 upgrade" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32066612:41
fta2I use scim but it doesn't seem to be related.12:47
crevettefta2, I have the same bug12:48
seb128fta2: don't use an im method and that will work correctly ;-)13:06
crevetteI don't use a IM method I guess13:07
seb128crevette: if you didn't set some special variable for that you don't13:08
rickspencer3pitti: you are made of awesome13:48
pittirickspencer3: what a nice way to say "good morning" :-)13:48
pittirickspencer3: what did I break this time?13:49
seb128pitti: isn't that early to say morning in his timezone? ;-)13:49
rickspencer3I got up early today to get my head around the release status for the meeting, and was greeted with your email13:49
pittiseems Rick is a true larch13:50
pittirickspencer3: heh13:50
rickspencer3"larch" as in the tree?13:50
pittias in the bird?13:50
pittidon't you say larch vs. owl, too?13:50
pittias in, people who get up early, and people who stay up late?13:51
rickspencer3we do way night owl, but I'm not sure about "larch"13:51
rickspencer3we do say "early bird" though13:51
* pitti checks the dictionary13:51
pittioh, I think I meant to say "lark"13:51
rickspencer3actually, I never got up this early before I stared working at Canonical13:51
pittisimilar in German as well, Lärche vs. Lerche13:52
rickspencer3that makes sense13:53
rickspencer3thanks for putting the release status page together, I was pretty worried about getting that done before the meeting this morning13:54
pittirickspencer3: you're welcome; it kind of falls on my plate anyway, and since I had everyone online (including bryce), and it came in short notice, I just did it this morning13:55
pittiseb128: do you happen to know if gnome-panel actually uses the desktop bits from libgnome-desktop-2-11, or if it only uses GKeyFile? I'm trying vuntz' patches, but they prefer gettext over inline, instead of the other way round (as vuntz, and now we, want)13:56
pittibut the code reads correctly, it *should* prefer inline over gettext13:56
vuntzpitti: panel doesn't use gnome-desktop to read desktop files anymore13:59
pittivuntz: on that matter, it was already deprecated years ago; does anything still use it, btw?14:03
pitti(since we, and you, are still carrying a patch for gettext support)14:03
* pitti throws out the gnome-desktop patch, just to be sure14:03
crevettehey andreasn14:06
andreasnhi crevette14:06
pittivuntz: just to make 100% sure: with a valid X-GNOME-Gettext-Domain, and Name[de]=InlineTranslation, and gettext(Name) == "GettextTranslation", gnome-panel should show "InlineTranslation", right?14:09
pittivuntz: I ported your patch, and it shows GettextTranslation14:09
vuntzpitti: I think some people still use gnome-desktop since they didn't port to gkeyfile14:11
vuntzpitti: it should14:11
vuntzlet me try it here14:11
pittibut looking at the code, the fallback should be correct14:12
* pitti scratches his head14:12
vuntzpitti: err. Doesn't work anymore?14:14
pittivuntz: not for you either?14:15
pittivuntz: ok, then I'm not on crack14:15
pittivuntz: I'll have a look at this14:15
vuntzlet me finish the two other things I started, and I'll look at this14:15
kwwiiseb128: I noticed that in the login-window settings dialog I can set a gtkrc for gdm to use, but it seems to not respect it (or sometimes even start) if I set the path of that to the gtk-2.0/gtkrc file included in the theme package...can we sit down in Berlin and have a look at that?14:15
seb128pitti: not replying since vuntz did before14:16
seb128kwwii: no clue about that we can have a look next week though14:16
kwwiiseb128: it seems to be a really funky bug of some kind...we've been shipping that gtkrc since I started and apparently it never worked :p14:17
pittivuntz: theory: it might try de_DE first, not find that in the .desktop file, look it up in gettext, find it, and not come to the next language[i] any more, which might be [de] (which is in the .desktop file)14:17
seb128it did, we tested it when doing the change14:17
seb128vuntz: don't forget to fix gnome-session too ;-)14:17
pittivuntz: IMHO it should be moved out of, and after the loop, and s/strcmp (msg_locale, languages[i]) == 0/!translated_value/14:19
rickspencer3pitti: do you think it's worthing bringing up the fglrx/-ati situation at the release status meeting?14:26
pittirickspencer3: my report mentions it, and I don't think we can do much about it; AMD/NVidia know about the situation14:27
pittivuntz: yep, that helped, works perfectly now14:29
pittiFWIW, hooray for -panel's inotity; I still remember, four years ago I had to restart the panel each time...14:29
pittiinotify, too14:29
chrisccoulsonpitti, i think i'm getting somewhere with bug 31426314:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 314263 in gvfs "regression - URIs opened with firefox %u load as local files (file:///...)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31426314:35
* pitti hugs chrisccoulson14:35
chrisccoulsonyou can't contact the gvfs daemon when you use sudo14:35
chrisccoulsonsudo scrubs the DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS from the environment14:36
chrisccoulsonthat causes glib to take a different code path, which has always happened. i think a recent change in glib just exposed the problem though14:36
pittiah, maybe; since in intrepid that worked without problems14:37
chrisccoulsonit did. currently, g_vfs_get_local returns a GDaemonVfs if the gvfs daemon is contactable, which is when it works. but when it isn't contactable, it returns a GLocalVfs, which should allow gio applications to still function without the daemons14:39
chrisccoulsonthat obviously isn't working though14:39
chrisccoulsonthat's the next bit to figure out!14:40
chrisccoulson**i meant g_vfs_get_default14:41
pittivuntz: patch sent upstream, you are in CC14:52
rickspencer3pitti: you attend the release meeting, right?14:57
pittirickspencer3: right, I do, /joining now14:57
rickspencer3I wasn't sure. I didn't see you on the invite, but it sounded like you planned to attend14:57
pittiI usually do14:58
chrisccoulsoni think i understand that bug completely now pitti. i'm going to try and write a patch for it and send it upstream15:14
pittichrisccoulson: you are awesome15:14
chrisccoulsoni havent written it yet;)15:14
pittiwell, debugging the reason is great on its own15:15
chrisccoulsonit all makes sense now i think15:15
davmor2Guys quick query I'm writing a testcase but want to know what the app is called.  It is the app which triggers the dialogue when ever you put in a music player/cd/dvd/camera etc into the machine15:34
pittidavmor2: that's nautilus15:34
pittitriggered through gvfs15:34
vuntzpitti: thanks, you're awesome!15:34
davmor2pitti: thanks I thought it would be something like that but figured I'd best be sure :)15:35
pittivuntz: as discussed, I removed the fallback domain for now, and fixed the fallback bug, to make the patch smaller and upstream-palatable15:35
pittivuntz: if you want to take it, you need http://people.ubuntu.com/~pitti/tmp/02_gettext-desktopfiles-ubuntu.patch with s/Ubuntu/SUSE/15:37
* pitti uploads that glib and fixed build system rules15:37
pittivuntz: btw, I'm using this in our build rules:15:37
pitti                    sed -ri '/^(Name|GenericName|Comment)\[/d' $$d; \15:37
pitti                    echo "X-GNOME-Gettext-Domain=$$DOMAIN" >> $$d; \15:37
pittiwith $d iterating over find debian/$(cdbs_curpkg) -type f \( -name "*.desktop" -o -name "*.directory"15:38
vuntzsounds like what we do :-)15:39
pitti. o O { good to have a bug fix cycle like jaunty to clean up such old mess)15:40
pittivuntz: btw, did you patch pyxdg for that, too?15:48
vuntzpitti: no15:54
chrisccoulsonpitti - that patch is working ok. i've made a debdiff if you want to sponsor it15:59
pittichrisccoulson: can you please attach it to the bug and subscribe "pitti" (should already be, though)15:59
pittichrisccoulson: I'll sponsor it the15:59
chrisccoulsonit's attached to the bug now, and you're already subscribed:)15:59
pittiI should get mail soon then16:00
chrisccoulsoncool. thanks16:00
pittithanks to you!16:00
chrisccoulsonyou're welcome16:01
fta2pitti, why did you drop the file association in calibre? lrf, lit, ...16:03
pittiI didn't drop them deliberately16:03
fta2i see you removed the linux integration code, it was part of this. you re-added the desktop files, but not the mime files16:04
pittifta2: ah, you mean it has never been there in the first place?16:05
pittiI thought you meant "recently", as in "in the last upload"16:05
pittifta2: can you please file a bug about it and assign it to me? ("pitti")16:06
fta2there's also a typo in the control file16:06
fta2i fixed that locally but i wasn't sure about your intentions for the mime types16:07
pittifta2: mime assocations should be there, of course16:07
pittiI just need to hammer a lot on this post_install stuff that upstream provides16:07
pittito make it work at build time16:07
pittiso there are certainly still smaller bugs in it16:07
fta2last time i tried, calibre was not able to detect my PRS 70016:08
vuntzpitti: which tarballs are you looking at (re intltool stuff)?16:10
vuntzpitti: my gnome-panel tarball doesn't have all this, eg16:11
pittivuntz: hm, nautilus was one, IIRC16:11
pittibut good to know that they will disappear at all16:11
pittithat'll make such things so much easier16:11
pittifta2: I see three PRS700 vendor/product IDs in /usr/share/hal/fdi/information/15osvendor/10-calibre.fdi; is your's amongst those?16:12
pittifta2: erm, in fact, that's just one ID (the other looks like the same in decimal)16:13
fta2pitti: I can't test right now, i had to send my reader back to sony, broken16:14
fta2software bug of some kind16:14
fta2it froze, and now it is no longer able to complete the boot sequence. too bad.16:14
pittifta2: poor you16:15
pittifta2: I got it on January 5, and I won't give it away any more. ever.16:15
pittiI just love this thing16:15
pitti(I have a 505)16:15
fta2I like mine too, but a 705 would be nice if they can make it as readable as the 50516:19
fta2the touchscreen in the 700 is very nice, but it makes the device harder to read in under some light conditions (too much reflections)16:21
pittichrisccoulson: hm, which bug was that? I didn't get mail about the patch16:22
chrisccoulsonbug 31426316:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 314263 in glib2.0 "regression - URIs opened with firefox %u load as local files (file:///...)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31426316:22
pittichrisccoulson: thanks, will upload; do you want to put this into the upstream bug, or shall I?16:28
chrisccoulsoni'm just doing that now16:28
chrisccoulsonthats on the upstream bug now16:30
vuntzpitti: I think people would love to see time measurement for the gettext file. Ie, what's the impact if you have to build, say, the applications menu16:47
pittivuntz: just replied to Matthias' mail, with a pointer to the benchmarks16:55
pittivuntz: I was actually quite surprised to see that it just disappears in the noise16:56
pittiI had expected it to have at least a two-second penalty16:56
pittibut it seems that gettext()'s mmap lookup is pretty darn fast :)16:56
rickspencer3bryce: tseliot: ping17:21
tseliotrickspencer3: hey17:21
rickspencer3if bryce is here, I thought we might briefly discuss your "hold for several seconds" offer17:21
rickspencer3tseliot: you are a total rock start17:22
rickspencer3I'll be back soon17:22
maxbtseliot: Hi, I had cause to reopen the tasks in bug 307306, which I did by just setting them back to the status they had before they were changed to "Fix Released", but that status was "In Progress" - I'm not sure whether that's an accurate statement any longer. Could you check whether you still want to be shown as the assignee of them?17:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 307306 in gnome-power-manager "upgrade to 2: makes session utterly slow" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30730617:42
tseliotmaxb: let me check17:43
tseliotmaxb: they have yet to accept the patch in comment 10 in the gnome bugzilla. The authors are still discussing this17:47
tseliotmaxb: let's keep things as they are17:47
maxbDid you see my comment on g-p-m still having problems even with all the patches?17:48
tseliotmaxb:did you apply also the 2 patches which upstream hasn't adopted yet?17:54
maxbhttp://bugzilla.gnome.org/attachment.cgi?id=126753&action=view and http://bugzilla.gnome.org/attachment.cgi?id=126770&action=view ?17:56
tseliotmaxb: I meant the ones for the gnome-settings-daemon i.e. for gnome-desktop17:58
brycerickspencer3: yep I'm around17:58
tseliotmaxb: this one: http://bugzilla.gnome.org/attachment.cgi?id=126905&action=view17:59
maxbYes - (as per my comment 33 in the LP bug)17:59
rickspencer3so, should we talk about tseliot's latest proposal related to control-alt-delete?18:00
maxb(and my last comment in the LP bug too)18:00
tseliotmaxb: let's discuss this in the bug report18:01
maxbSure - I just wanted to check you'd seen that additional issue (and didn't want me to make an entirely separate bug about it)18:03
tseliotbryce: https://code.launchpad.net/~albertomilone/gnome-control-center/randr-virtual/+merge/3208/comments/714218:03
brycerickspencer3, tseliot: could we just take the opensuse patch?  It's already been thoroughly tested18:04
mvoI'm in favour of this solution (press it two times or 5s, I don't care personally which one is used)18:05
rickspencer3I am concerned that we are deviating from our decsion at UDS18:05
rickspencer3what changed?18:05
tseliotbryce: I have the patch here and the patch can also be modified (if Mark agrees)18:06
rickspencer3are we only considering this patch because we don't know if we'll get the xorg.conf editor ready for Jaunty/universe?18:07
brycerickspencer3: my opinion is 1) we should not put in a patch, just let the shortcut die.  2) if we must put in a patch to retain the shortcut, then go with the (already tested) opensuse patch.18:09
tseliotI'm simply open to this because other developers suggested this change. The xorg-options-editor will be available in universe only18:09
rickspencer3tseliot: understood18:09
rickspencer3I should point out how much I appreciate your efforts here.18:10
rickspencer3Your pursuit of quality related to x has been very impressive and appreciated!18:10
rickspencer3May I propose that we let it die for the alpha next week, and see what kind of feedback/response we get?18:11
rickspencer3that would include not having the GUI selector for Ubuntu as well18:11
rickspencer3mvo: thoughts?18:11
tseliotit's not a bad idea18:11
bryceI'm on board with that18:12
mvoI'm ok with that, as long as we do not disable magic sysreq :)18:12
rickspencer3bryce: we'll still look at tseliot's editor next week though, right?18:12
mvo(I always thought that ctrl-alt-backspace does more than alt-sysreq-k - but I never checked that)18:13
brycemvo, other way around18:13
rickspencer3this means that we are just going to use the upstream x behavior, right? No delta to maintain?18:13
rickspencer3has OpenSuse approached upstream with their patch?18:13
* mvo needs to leave for dinner18:15
brycerickspencer3: that was actually what sparked off the whole thread which resulted in the key getting disabled18:15
* tseliot needs to leave for dinner too18:15
rickspencer3bye mvo and tseliot: thanks18:15
rickspencer3bryce: so around and around we go18:15
brycein fact it's a bit more circular18:15
rickspencer3so the plan now is not to change the plan of record :)18:16
brycethis really got started in the ctrl-alt-backspace spec, as one person was advocating the opensuse patch over our design approach (hold for 5 sec)18:16
bryceI think I said something about that it'd be so much easier if this was upstream18:17
bryceanyway, the guy then went directly to upstream to lobby them to take the opensuse patch18:17
brycerickspencer3: I can try to update the merge request18:18
rickspencer3bryce: I'm not sure which request you are referring to. The upstream one to take the OpenSuse patch?18:19
brycerickspencer3:  no, alberto's merge request #320818:20
rickspencer3we shouldn't make any changes until we see if we get feedback after the alpha18:22
rickspencer3if we do need to change, we have several low risk ways of doing so, depending on what problems are reported18:23
calcbryce: well it would be nice if it was done upstream so it would work the same across all Xorg installs :)18:29
brycecalc: true true18:32
brycecalc: I think upstream has made their final decision on this though.18:32
calcbryce: so upstream disabled it entirely? and then all linux dists are finding ways to make it work again? sounds like upstream didn't really think that through18:41
brycecalc: no they didn't disable it, they just switched the default to off18:41
calcbryce: ah ok18:42
seb128pitti: dude, be less quick to upload patches, the glib one is wrong, cf upstream bug18:56
pittiseb128: right, I saw, but at least it works; I'm following the upstream bug18:56
seb128hum ok18:56
seb128I usually wait on upstream comments a few days before uploading changew when there is no hurry18:56
seb128especially for libraries18:57
seb128every has his own approch to changes ;-)18:57
seb128good work on the gettext thing btw18:57
* seb128 hugs pitti18:57
pittiseb128: right, I just got lots of complaints about people not being able to send crash reports18:58
* pitti hugs seb128 back18:58
seb128pitti: I would call that a feature and not a bug ;-)18:58
pittiseb128: it's good to have some time to clean up those old patches18:58
pittialthough I am now currently arguing with upstream, but that's ok18:58
pittiseb128: hehe18:58
pitti<jedi wave>there are no crashes!18:58
seb128I enjoy this period of the cycle where we have time to catch up with bugs reports which stacked19:02
seb128mvo: bug #323306 bug #323309 are the same issue that the other one?19:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 323306 in rhythmbox "Software updating issue occured after a set up updates this week. Fixed by going to 'fix broken dependencies' in Synaptic" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32330619:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 323309 in gtk+2.0 "package libgtk2.0-bin 2.14.4-0ubuntu2 failed to install/upgrade: package libgtk2.0-bin is not ready for configuration" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32330919:13
mvoseb128: it looks like it, yes19:30
pochumpt: filled bug upstream for the Vino notification area preferences we discussed the other day19:43
pochumpt: GNOME #569888, in case you're interested19:43
ubottuGnome bug 569888 in Preferences Dialog "Merge notification area preference into a checkbox" [Normal,Unconfirmed] http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=56988819:43
mptpochu, thanks, commented19:47
pochugreat, thank you19:48
pochumpt: I've also reported GNOME #569886, in case you want to have a look at it19:52
ubottuError: Could not parse XML returned by Gnome: timed out (http://bugzilla.gnome.org/xml.cgi?id=569886)19:53
ubottuError: Could not parse XML returned by Gnome: timed out (http://bugzilla.gnome.org/xml.cgi?id=569886)19:53
mpt(why did you think ubottu would do any better with that?:-)19:53
pochuit was for you :-)19:54
* mpt used ubottu's URL instead :-P19:55
mptI don't see any Preferences dialog in 2.24.119:55
mptpochu, is this new in 2.26?19:56
pochumpt: System>preferences>Remote desktop19:56
pochumpt: no, it's been redesigned19:56
mptIs that related at all to Applications > Internet > Remote Desktop Viewer?19:56
pochumore or less19:56
mptThen why doesn't the latter provide access to the former?19:57
pochuthey are different applications. Vino (the system preferences) is to share your desktop via VNC so that other people can connect to your computer and control it remotely19:57
pochuRemote Desktop Viewer (vinagre) is to connect to a remote computer via VNC19:58
pochuso we could say one's the server and the other the client19:58
mptoh I see19:58
mptone is from, the other is to19:58
pochubut the preferences is to provide access locally, and you usually don't want to connect to localhost19:58
pochuso that's why it doesn't provide access from the preferences to vinagre19:58
pochuyeah, that's it19:58
mptfair enough19:58
seb128mvo: bug #323316 seems a common one20:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 323316 in gtk+2.0 "package libgtk2.0-dev 2.14.4-0ubuntu2 failed to install/upgrade: package libgtk2.0-dev is already installed and configured" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32331620:07
mvoseb128: is it always triggered by the xine crash?20:07
seb128mvo: it seems indeed20:08
mvoseb128: could you please ask the users if they can attach their /var/lib/dpkg/status file (i did it for this one)?20:09
seb128mvo: ok will do20:09
mvoseb128: I work on a fix now20:09
pochuhey seb128 and mvo20:09
mvoseb128: that is intrepid right? that makes it doublely bad20:10
seb128mvo: I don't think there is a real hurry since that's only a candidate update but should be fixed before having those moved to intrepid-updates20:10
seb128hello pochu20:10
mvoseb128: aha, good20:10
* mvo s blood pressure decreases a lot 20:10
seb128mvo: it will not be moved to intrepid-updates this week so let's look at that during the sprint20:11
mvoseb128: hm, I wonder if I can reproduce it here with the xine update, than I don't need to wait for a status file20:12
seb128mvo: #323316 the guy replied to your request21:00
mvoseb128: and I replied too :)21:00
seb128mvo: ok, you are faster than me at reading emails ;-)21:01
* seb128 hugs mvo21:01
mvoonly this time, only this time .)21:04
mvoseb128: I may have a fix, now I just need a way to reproduce the intrpeid failure, the fix is based on my theory how the failure happend. maybe lool knows how to reproduce21:26
seb128mvo: it's specific to some locales apparently21:26
chrisccoulsonhi pitti - you still about?21:29
seb128hey chrisccoulson, I think he ran for the weekend21:31
chrisccoulsoni just scrolled through the chat history actually21:32
chrisccoulsonhe already knows my patch was wrong ;)21:32
seb128chrisccoulson: thanks for the work you are doing on the desktop bugs btw ;-)21:32
chrisccoulsonyou're welcome21:32
chrisccoulsoni havent had much time to work on it this week really21:33
chrisccoulsonhey seb128 - i see you packaged the new version of gdm in the ubuntu-desktop ppa for intrepid21:36
chrisccoulsonwere you planning to do that for jaunty too?21:36
seb128did you read my email to the ubuntu-desktop mailing list?21:36
chrisccoulsonnot yet21:37
chrisccoulsonah, i'm not subscribed to that list i don't think21:37
chrisccoulsonthat could be why;)21:37
seb128basically it will go to universe this cycle21:39
seb128but waiting for some feedback first to upload21:39
chrisccoulsonthanks :) i've just subscribed to the list now21:40

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