twbcjwatson: so I just tried a netinst of jaunty, and it now gives me a choice between "Enter information manually" and "GB" when picking a mirror (instead of the former and a list of hostnames).08:13
twbAssuming "GB" means "Great Britain", that's a bit confusing as I have preseeded my timezone and locale as Australian, and my keyboard as US.08:14
twbI'm assuming this is just because the change is still experimental and you haven't added the other mirrors yet, but I mention it in case nobody else has08:15
loolcjwatson: Hey, evdev isn't built in armel/versatile currently; will be fixed by the config cleanup amitk is doing, but should we push a kernel just for this change before A4?  it's needed for xorg input says ogra10:20
cjwatsonfine by me, sounds reasonable to unblock graphical testing10:21
cjwatsonthough I'd prefer it if it were modular and went in input-modules rather than being built-in10:21
cjwatsonactually, ignore that last, I see it's built-in on i8610:22
loolOk; will ask to schedule that10:26
CIA-3installation-guide: cjwatson * r444 ubuntu/ (134 files in 60 dirs): merge from Debian 2008120811:12
ubottuError: Could not parse data returned by Debian: HTTP Error 404: No such bug (http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=20081208;mbox=yes)11:12
CIA-3installation-guide: cjwatson * r445 ubuntu/ (debian/changelog en/appendix/preseed.xml):11:19
CIA-3installation-guide: Replace documentation on preseeding user-setup's encrypted private11:19
CIA-3installation-guide: directory facility with documentation on preseeding its new home11:19
CIA-3installation-guide: directory encryption facility.11:19
CarlFKcjwatson: alt installer is trying to shut down.  it is looping doing a dhcp requests every second, and erroring: Jan 30 12:50:16 dhclient: dhclient.c(2138): null pointer12:57
CarlFK 12:57
CarlFKhttp://dev.personnelware.com/carl/temp/Jan30/c/dell800/log/syslog  7mb12:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 323158 in ubuntu "alt installer looping, dhcp request every second" [Undecided,New]13:10
cjwatsonCarlFK: if you file bugs against debian-installer when something goes wrong with the alternate installer, rather than leaving the package field empty, then I'll see them in e-mail and you won't have to poke me on IRC13:23
cjwatsonCarlFK: please attach logs to the bug rather than putting them in a temporary directory somewhere where they might get deleted later13:24
cjwatsonah, you did13:24
CarlFKim learning :)13:24
cjwatsonI can't always drop everything every time somebody asks me something on IRC :)13:25
CarlFKnow if I can remember  "debian-installer"13:25
CarlFKthe ping is mainly to see if you want anything before I reboot the box.  which I have kinda taken care of by the 'everything.tar' upload13:28
cjwatsonno, thanks13:30
cjwatsonreassigned to dhcp3 - I know nothing about the insides of dhclient myself13:30
CarlFKyour debian-installer request is now in my pda's faq entry.  which I often forget what I have put in there....13:31
cjwatsonhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/debian-installer/+filebug if you want a bookmarkable link13:43
CarlFKgood idea.14:09
CIA-3console-setup: cjwatson * r90 ubuntu/debian/ (changelog config.proto):18:55
CIA-3console-setup: * Backport from trunk:18:55
CIA-3console-setup:  - Sort the null variant to the top of the choices list rather than to the18:55
CIA-3console-setup:  bottom.18:55
redmage123Hello all,.20:21
CIA-3partman-base: cjwatson * r123 ubuntu/ (choose_partition/partition_tree/do_option debian/changelog):20:26
CIA-3partman-base: Fix disabling of backup while displaying device/partition locked errors20:26
CIA-3partman-base: to avoid clobbering the align capability.20:26
redmage123Can anyone tell me if there's a way to debug the client installer program when doing a network installation?20:53
CarlFKredmage123: "yes" :)20:54
CarlFKwhat level of debug?20:54
CarlFKgdb debug?20:54
redmage123Well, here's my issue.  I've setup a PXEboot/preseed network installation, but the installation bombs out when the client tries to access files in the mirror, which is also on the same server as the pxelinux config.  I can't figure out why it's bombing.  Is there an option that can be set in either the pxelinux.cfg/default or the preseed.cfg that will actually allow me to see what's really happening?20:55
redmage123More specifically, I want to see what the client is actually trying to do as I don't really trust the rather generic error message I get.20:57
CarlFKdid you hit alt-f4?20:58
CarlFKwhat are you running on the server to serve the .deb's? (guessing apache)21:00
CarlFKwhatever it is, it probably has log files where you can see what the request is that is erroring.21:01
redmage123CarlFK:  The problem isn''t with the web server (I've also tried using FTP).  I actually logged the network traffic with tcpdump.21:05
redmage123Basically, the client retrieves /ubuntu/dists/hardy/Release and /ubuntu/dists/hardy/main/i386-binary/Release but then bombs out saying that it can't download some files it needs from the mirror.21:06
redmage123The problem is that the tcpdump doesn't show it trying to retrieve anything else, so I'm at a loss as to how to proceed in debugging this.21:07
redmage123Will typing alt-F4 on the client get me a console?21:11
CarlFKconsole is alt-f2 and 321:11
CarlFKdid you hit alt-f4? "no" hit it. :)21:11
CarlFKhave you got it working with a normal archive.ubuntu.com mirror?21:12
redmage123CarlFK, I haven't tried with a normal archive ubuntu mirror yet.  Basically I had an extremely simple setup.  One laptop running Intrepid as the server and one laptop client doing a pxeboot.  Connected to each other by a crossover patch cable.21:13
redmage123I tried setting up both a web server (Apache 2.2) and anonymous ftp.  The client failed at the exact same spot.21:14
CarlFKwhat are you using to populate the mirror?21:14
redmage123I downloaded the hardy heron iso and did a loopback mount.21:15
CarlFKand you might want to skip that step and install apt-proxy21:15
redmage123I've also tried with a download of intrepid ibex, same problem.21:16
redmage123So, I just haven't found the common thread yet.21:16
CarlFKwhere are you getting the kernel/initrd files from?21:16
redmage123netboot.tar.gz, If I recall.  (I'm at home, not at work).21:16
CarlFKso not from the .iso?21:16
redmage123I downloaded both the HH and the II netboot.tar.gz off of the net.21:17
redmage123Could that be a problem?  Some sort of file mismatch?21:17
redmage123Well, I made sure that the HH netboot was used with the HH dist. and vice versa with II.21:17
CarlFKit's been about a year since I did it tis way, but look on the iso21:17
redmage123CarlFK.  I'll do that.  Thanks.21:18
CarlFKnow I just wget linux/initrd and run apt-proxy21:18
redmage123the place I'm working is using proxy servers that block apt-get.21:18
redmage123that's why I was setting up a local mirror.21:18
CarlFKoh great21:18
redmage123No kidding.  A serious pain in the butt.21:19
CarlFK        append initrd=ubuntu/jaunty/initrd.gz root=/dev/rd/0 rw locale=en_US console-setup/layoutcode=us netcfg/wireless_wep= netcfg/get_hostname= DEBCONF_DEBUG=5 url=http://shaz/ubuntu/jaunty/preseed.cfg tasksel:tasksel/first="ubuntu-standard, ubuntu-desktop" --21:19
CarlFKDEBCONF_DEBUG=5 may help you21:19
redmage123CarlFK:  Do you have a fully qualified domainname for the shaz host?21:20
CarlFKnope - it's a local box21:20
redmage123How do I connect to it then?21:20
redmage123oh.  Sorry.  I just read the posting more fully...21:21
CarlFKum, you don't :)21:21
redmage123I thought you were sending me a link to a preseed.cfg file.21:21
CarlFKyou want that too?21:21
redmage123I think I'm okay.  I just didn't know about the DE21:22
redmage123BCONF_DEBUG flag.21:22
redmage123thanks for the tip.21:22
CarlFKhttps://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/debian-installer/+bug/323205  logs and stuff.  see README         (117.1 KiB,         application/x-tar)21:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 323205 in debian-installer "alt inst: no possible configurations for this FAT type" [Undecided,New]21:22
CarlFKyou might want to see what's in that .tgz21:23
redmage123Funny.  Being the first time I've done this, I expected serious difficulties setting up my pxe boot config but that went fairly smoothly.21:23
redmage123The stuff i thought would be easy, the mirror downloads, turns out to be what's causing me the most difficulty.21:23
cjwatsonCarlFK: for the record that tasksel/first isn't strictly correct - ubuntu-standard is installed by default, and in any case the task name is just standard; tasksel:tasksel/first=ubuntu-desktop would be sufficient, or just tasks=ubuntu-desktop21:27
cjwatsonredmage123: what exactly was the error, word for word?21:27
cjwatsonoh, you're not at work now. would probably need that21:28
cjwatsonis it by any chance:21:28
cjwatson_Description: Bad archive mirror21:29
cjwatson The specified Ubuntu archive mirror is either not available, or does not21:29
cjwatson have a valid Release file on it. Please try a different mirror.21:29
redmage123cjwatson:  Unfortunately, I'm not at work, so I can't give you an exact error.  It was something like the installer couldn't download a file from the mirror.21:30
redmage123But I think that the error is misleading,21:30
redmage123I'm going try and insert the DEBCONF_DEBUG flag into the default file on Monday and see if I can also get a console to tell me what's happening.21:31
redmage123It's 10:30 p.m. where I am, so work is over for the day. :-)21:31
cjwatsonif you can get the exact error message, or better the debug log, then we can very likely help you out21:32
redmage123Thanks cjwatson.  I really appreciate that.  This is why I only work with technologies like GNU/Linux, etc.21:33
redmage123Awesome technical support. :-)21:33
CarlFKcjwatson: I always wondered about that21:34
cjwatsonwell, technical support for things that might be bugs => fewer bugs ;-)21:35
redmage123The company who's offices I'm using (I don't work for them, I'm just using their facilities) is a Microsoft Certified Reseller so I always feel like I'm in the enemy's stronghold.  :-)21:36
CarlFKhuh... example-preseed.txt now has:  tasksel tasksel/first multiselect standard, ubuntu-desktop21:36
cjwatsonredmage123: I'll be on your timezone next week (normally an hour west), but at a hackathon for the duration so may take a while to respond21:36
redmage123thanks cjwatson.  If i haven't solved the problem, i'll definitely be back on on Monday.21:37
redmage123See you all later.21:37
cjwatsonCarlFK: heh, so it does. it's not *wrong* as such and the example of how to specify multiple tasks is useful21:37
CarlFKthat was one of the things I didn't think worth bugging you about :)21:38
CIA-3partman-base: cjwatson * r124 ubuntu/debian/changelog: releasing version 128ubuntu521:38
CarlFKwhat does ubuntu-server use?21:38
cjwatsonstandard by default but presents the task menu21:39
cjwatsoncommitting a doc improvement now21:39
CIA-3installation-guide: cjwatson * r446 ubuntu/ (debian/changelog en/appendix/preseed.xml):21:40
CIA-3installation-guide: Improve examples of tasksel/first preseeding to avoid mentioning21:40
CIA-3installation-guide: standard, which is installed by default.21:40

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