Shockhi, is there a 32 bit kernel with PAE enabled?00:16
infinityamitk: The ARM porting box (rimu) is online now.00:39
infinityamitk: FYI.00:39
JesperHansenDoes the cursor get laggy after installing the 2.6.28 tree kernel on 8.10?02:06
JesperHansenand how do I see the difference between Pentium M and Pentium-4 M=02:33
JesperHansenQuestion: What should I enable in the kernel to get /proc/profile for kerneltop?03:30
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Pirate0is here sysfs coders?16:27
Pirate0or anyone who knows device drivers?16:30
Pirate0is here anyone who has made device driver?16:33
Ngfabbione: hey!17:23
Ngfabbione: I'm told you're the man to know for sparc stuff :)17:23
Ngfabbione: I just netbooted a Netfire V210 with the dapper sparc boot.img and the kernel died when I told it which interface to use for DHCP17:24
Ngfabbione: I'd prefer to be using hardy, but I'm not sure if that will work now that sparc is unofficially supported17:25
smb_tpNg, fabbione uses a self compiled hardy kernel (there is some fix missing in the kernel currently in updates). But the one I gave to compile for -proposed this morning should now be near what he uses...17:27
Ngsmb_tp: aha17:29
smb_tp*sigh* Its stuck in the accept queue17:30
* smb_tp goes nudging some archive maintainer17:30
Ngsmb_tp: so the box in question was running dapper previously and I upgraded it to hardy and the kernel doesn't even start17:30
smb_tpNg, It might be this update from stable that I missed. IIRC fabbione said something like it doesn't boot because of this17:31
smb_tpNg, there were two sparc related changes missed "SPARC64: Loosen checks in exception table handling" and "Fix link errors with gcc-4.3"17:35
Ngsmb_tp: I'm no kernel expert, and maybe there's a quiet option enabled that I'm not seeing in silo.conf, but literally the hardy kernel won't even initialise, it says "Loading linux..." and then sulks indefinitely17:36
smb_tpNg, Right that doesn't sound like the kernel. Unfortunately I only know how to spell SPARC and have never come near one. Is silo somewhat close to lilo code?17:38
Ngsmb_tp: I doubt it, but I don't know. BenC might, he's credited in the manpage ;)17:38
smb_tpNg, Heh, you can try whether he is fit (health wise) enough17:39
Ngsmb_tp: i suspect I've missed fabbione for the night/weekend too, so unless infinity has ideas, I guess I'll have to17:40
smb_tpI just know that lilo had some problems when the ramdisk went above a certain limit. 17:40
smb_tpThere you had to give it some "bigmem" option to go on. Otherwise it seemed to crash as well.17:41
sbeattiesmb_tp: I think the delay on hardy processing may be the finishing out of some -proposed packages that inadvertantly got into the 8.04.2 alt and server images.17:46
smb_tpsbeattie, Oh, ok. I was wondering what happened there. fabbione mentioned it this week and first I thought I saw something but then could not find any traces anymore17:48
fabbioneguys.. just a few minutes.. i need to catch up on a few things18:23
fabbioneNg: ^^18:23
fabbioneNg: aren't the V210 the ones in the datacenter?18:25
Ngfabbione: yep18:26
fabbioneNg: so the installer in hardy is borked..18:26
fabbionethe fix that's missing from hardy will make the machine unbootable after a kernel update18:26
fabbionebut smb_tp will fix it, or kittens will die18:26
fabbionelast installation I did was: feisty/gutsy -> update to hardy18:26
Ngfabbione: this was a dapper machine I updated to hardy18:27
fabbioneNg: to get a more detailed output:18:27
fabbioneso you were running hardy18:27
fabbionehold on..18:27
fabbionei can give you the latest hardy kernel + that one patch to boot hardy18:27
fabbionebut it's a UP kernel18:28
smb_tpfabbione, I don't want kittens to suffer. The bug fixes are uploaded but stuck in the queue18:28
fabbioneor i could give you the patch18:28
fabbioneNg: to boot the kernel in verbose mode on sparc you do:18:28
fabbioneboot: Linux -p18:28
fabbioneyou add the -p18:28
fabbionei am sure the crash you see is in the MiniRTC driver18:29
* Ng waits for it to POST to test that18:29
fabbione[   22.042878] Mini RTC Driver18:30
fabbione[   22.076708] Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference18:30
fabbione[   22.143468] tsk->{mm,active_mm}->context = 000000000000000018:30
fabbione[   22.210012] tsk->{mm,active_mm}->pgd = fffff8003042a80818:30
fabbione[   22.272400]               \|/ ____ \|/18:30
fabbione[   22.272407]               "@'/ .. \`@"18:30
fabbione[   22.272413]               /_| \__/ |_\18:31
fabbione[   22.272419]                  \__U_/18:31
fabbione[   22.448136] swapper(1): Oops [#1]18:31
fabbionesomething like this18:31
fabbione(much longer)18:31
Ngfabbione: yep, that's the one18:33
fabbioneNg: http://git.kernel.org/?p=linux/kernel/git/stable/linux-2.6.24.y.git;a=commit;h=68b498d251d97de9adda518fda42cfe1451063b718:34
fabbioneand this is the fix18:34
fabbioneyou can do a chroot on anotehr machine and build + that fix18:34
fabbioneor just wait for smb_tp new kerne18:34
fabbioneNg: i hope this helps :)18:35
fabbioneNg: for the installer.. well i haven't isntalled a box in ages18:35
fabbioneapt-get dist-upgrade works way too well :)18:35
Ngthe tricky part is getting a fixed kernel onto the machine since I also can't boot the old dapper kernel anymore (I think because in the process of cleaning up after the upgrade, I removed an unused UP kernel and it rebuilt its initrd)18:36
bbsNg: just boot a sysrescuecd18:36
bbsand chroot18:36
Ngindeed, I meant remotely :)18:36
bbsthats easy peasy :)18:36
bbswell thats a different story18:36
NgI'm going to be vaguely near it on monday afternoon, so I'll try and do something then18:37
Ngfabbione: thanks very much for the info :)18:37
fabbioneNg: you can still netboot from that kernel18:38
fabbioneNg: so get the fixed one built18:38
Nghmm, interesting point18:38
fabbioneNg: then check how debian-installer source turn the kernel into a netboot.img18:38
fabbioneyou won't need to piggyback the initrd as it is already on the disk18:38
fabbionethe fix is within vmlinuz18:38
fabbioneput that netboot.img to a tftpboot server18:39
fabbionenetboot blabla initrd=1/ root=/dev/...18:39
fabbionethe only tricky part is to get the initrd values right18:39
fabbioneas silo doesn't undestand /dev/sd*18:39
fabbionebut IIRC we did setup raid on those boxes18:39
fabbioneand you should have something:18:39
fabbionesda1 -> empty18:40
fabbionesda2 -> md0 -> /boot18:40
fabbionesda3 -> md1 -> /restoftheworld18:40
fabbionein that case you would have:18:40
fabbioneinitrd=1 or 2/initrd-2.6.24-23...18:41
fabbionei don't recall if 1 = sda118:41
fabbioneor 0 = sda118:41
fabbioneso in your setup it's either 1 or 2 to get to sda218:41
smb_tpNg, BTW, the new kernel package should be on faure. I test build there. Or is that the box you are currently working on?18:41
Ngsmb_tp: it is18:43
NgI'm going to pick this up next week, thanks guys :)18:43
smb_tpNg, Murphy18:43
smb_tpNg, I hope until then someone accepted the upload to proposed, so you can get the kernel there18:44
WishingMastercan any one tell me how to upgrade to latest kernel?19:03
WishingMasterwhat is the address of the repository?19:04
WishingMasterany one who knows how to upgrade the kernel?19:08
Rocket2DMnhey guys, i need some help deciding what package to place bug 322610 under19:19
ubot3Malone bug 322610 in linux "[Regression] Screen brightness not 100% at boot or resume from monitor sleep" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32261019:19
Rocket2DMnI spoke with some guys from the X team, and they think it's probably an acpi kernel issue19:20
Rocket2DMnthat was my instinct as well - should i keep it filed under linux or place it under something else like acpi-support?19:20
Rocket2DMnproblem exists for the user in the .27-11 kernel, but not .27-919:21
smb_tpRocket2DMn, This might be. So linux is correct. Have you tried with acpi_backlight=vendor or acpi_backlight=video, yet19:21
Rocket2DMnwhat do you mean smb_tp ?19:22
smb_tpRocket2DMn, There have been several issues with acpi and baclight. This is an option which can be placed with the boot options in grub. The default is that backlight is controlled by acpi generic driver and also by vendor specific ones. With that option you can try to select one of them only19:24
smb_tpRocket2DMn, But the package is right19:25
smb_tpRocket2DMn, I mean forthe bug19:25
Rocket2DMnsmb_tp, in the kern.log's there is some stuff about thinkpad_acpi - it looks like it is surrendering control to the generic driver19:25
smb_tpOh, its a thinkpad19:25
smb_tpThen there is another place. Sorry it is a bit complex at the moment19:26
Rocket2DMnthat happens in both kernels, the only real difference i could find was in lshal where 2 udi's were found in the old kernel and only one in the new kernel19:26
Rocket2DMn(see comment 20 for my previous statement)19:26
Rocket2DMnsmb_tp, i understand it's complicated, that's why i'm here :)19:26
Rocket2DMnand it's a lenovo thinkpad, not an ibm19:26
smb_tpput an entry "options thinkpad_acpi backlight=1" into /etc/mdprobe.d/options 19:27
smb_tpLenovo or IBM doesn't matter in that way :)19:27
Rocket2DMnok smb_tp , ill have my buddy try that, then i'll finish the triage on the bug19:28
Rocket2DMnthat is just forcing the thinkpad_acpi module to be used, yes?19:29
smb_tpRocket2DMn, Yes, correct. If there is generic support (even if it is not working correctly) it will leave the backlight alone. Please mention the outcome of the option in the bug. 19:30
Rocket2DMnok, thanks smb_tp , i expect the triage will be finished later this afternoon19:30
smb_tpRocket2DMn, No hurry. We know of issues there. It is just hard to fix without breaking several others. ;-)19:32
Rocket2DMnheh, i know how that goes.  thank you for your help19:32
smb_tpnp :)19:32
mgolischdo ubuntu kernels contain any crashdump facility? i allways wondered why there are analisis utilities like crash but i didnt seem to find anything like redhats netdump or something20:37
mgolischwould be great if anyone could enlighten me about that20:38
mgolischrealy annoying if there is nothing to trackdown kernel panics20:38
Kanohi, is something missing in the 2.6.28 kernel so that lvm does not work in the initrd?21:21
anderskThere used to be.  What version? 21:21
Kanoa 2.6.24 kernel boots21:22
anderskBug 314879 caused LVM to stop working a few weeks ago, but it's been fixed. 21:23
ubot3Malone bug 314879 in lvm2 "root on LVM broken since latest udev 136-2" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31487921:23
sorenI believe I fixed that the very day it broke.21:24
Kanobut i use udev .11421:25
sorenErm... That sounds.. impossible.21:25
sorenCurrent lvm2, mdadm, devmapper, etc. state Breaks: udev (<< 136) or something like that.21:26
Kanoolder lvm21:26
Kanolvm2           2.02.06-4etch121:26
sorenErm... You're on your own, dude.21:27
Kanoso this should work with jaunty?21:27
sorenIt does.21:27
Kanowill try it21:27
Kanocould somebody update module-init-tools in jaunty? it is even older than lenny21:31
sorenYou could?21:34
Kanoi am no u developer21:34
Kanoi test the live images and reuse the kernel21:35
sorenis there a problem with the current module-init-tools?21:35
Kanonot directly a problem, but when i want to use the u fixes and put it in a repo with lenny it does not update of course21:36
sorenThat maps very poorly to anything resembling a priority for Ubuntu.21:37
Kanowell it would be nice however21:37
KanopreXX does not looks so good as 3.4 too ;)21:38
sorenIncidentally, that also maps very poorly to anything resembling a priority :p21:39
Kanoalso there must be some keyboard issues with some ps2 (via kvm) or usb (mainly ms wireless) keyboard which are new - 2.6.27 did not have those issues21:57
dtchensoren: OTOH, encrypted / on lvm remains broken in current jaunty (bug 317297, bug 317442)22:21
ubot3Malone bug 317297 in cryptsetup "[jaunty] cryptsetup for root on encrypted lvm not called in initramfs." [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31729722:21
ubot3Malone bug 317442 in cryptsetup "initrd does not contain conf/conf.d/cryptroot file for encrypted root" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31744222:21
mgolischany hints on the crashdump stuff?22:51

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