tomodachiso what does one do with this "img" file03:19
tomodachiis it an bootable iso?03:19
tomodachishould one dd it to a bootable device?03:19
tomodachiplanning to install ubuntu-mid on my OLPC laptop03:21
rzrtomodachi: how the olpc project going ?08:18
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tomodachirzr: wentto bed after that so havent even started 11:55
tomodachirzr: i can keep you posted if youre interested11:55
rzri stay around anyway12:06
tomodachirzr: ill try to rememver my promise12:07
rzrtomodachi: are you impressed w/ moblin ? http://www.newlc.com/en/watch-moblin-distro-netbooks-and-atom-devices12:08
tomodachirzr: havent used it at all so far :)12:08
tomodachinot even seen it live12:08
tomodachii just know i want something debian-like for my olpc12:08
tomodachithe centos on my olpc has a to old kernel and it to slow for my tastes12:09
rzri made a video , but it's not very interessing12:09
tomodachii'll have a look12:09
tomodachifeels very kde? :)12:09
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about m22:06

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