leleobhz[29/01-07:27:49] < leleobhz> leleobhz@dsp2:~$ sudo ld -Bdynamic -r -lxview -lolgx00:03
leleobhz[29/01-07:27:49] < leleobhz> ld: cannot find -lxview00:03
leleobhz[29/01-07:39:48] < persia> leleobhz, Do you also have the -dev packages installed?  Can you find the libraries manually (in /usr/lib)?00:03
leleobhzpersia: dpkg -i shows the file00:03
leleobhzive installed xviewg and xviewg-dev00:03
LaneyPiratenaapje: Nice work, sorry for leaving without saying00:03
LaneyI couldn't have sponsored anyway, so subscribing u-u-s is the right way to go00:03
nhandlerPiratenaapje: What is the bug?00:09
TheMuso /c00:29
_16aR_A new version of fsniper is out ... I think it is near to be advocated00:31
_16aR_check it out :p : http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=fsniper00:32
_16aR_REVU it out may be more appropriate :)00:32
=== nschembr-work is now known as nschembr
nschembrcan anyone talk about speakup02:26
nschembrhow about orca02:27
leleobhzsomeone can help-me about the use of dynamic libs?02:34
leleobhzi need to compile a program that uses -lxview02:35
leleobhzthe xviewg and xviewg-dev packages are installed, but ld cannot find it02:35
leleobhzleleobhz@dsp2:~$ ld -Bdynamic -r -lxview02:36
leleobhzld: cannot find -lxview02:36
jmarsden|workleleobhz: The libxview* libraries are in /usr/lib, right?  Check they are there...?02:56
leleobhzyes, its there02:56
leleobhzinstalled using ubuntu packages02:56
leleobhzbut i have now a harder problem02:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 137847 in treetool "treetool crashes on start" [Undecided,Incomplete]02:57
leleobhzthis bug affects me02:57
jmarsden|workSo they should be fine... as a test, check sudo ldconfig -v | grep xview  maybe... another issue... hmmm.  I'm not going to fix a bug live on IRC, I don't think :)02:58
leleobhzjmarsden|work: well, i dont think if the big problem is the bug02:58
leleobhzthis is a VERY old bug (from debian)02:59
leleobhzxview lib simply dont work in amd64 arch?02:59
jmarsden|workOK... can we sort out the linker issue first, maybe?  Did   sudo ldconfig -v | grep xview    give you any output?03:00
jmarsden|workI've never used them, but rmadison says: xviewg | 3.2p1.4-21.1ubuntu2 | intrepid/universe | amd6403:01
jmarsden|workSo they should be there and work.03:02
jmarsden|workIt was dropped from Debian back in 2005... but someone built and tested xviewg for Ubuntu more recently than that...03:05
leleobhzjmarsden|work: im searching and i think is a sw bug03:08
jmarsden|workOK... then it doesn't matter why you can't link to them, I suppose!03:09
jmarsden|workCan anyone point me to an example of a package where the source tarball has to be made using a get-orig-source rule that drops some files from the upstream source tarball?03:11
RAOFjmarsden|work: gnome-do-plugins03:13
jmarsden|workThanks.  If I can figure that out, I may have a package I can beg for sponsors for during REVU day tomorrow :)03:14
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jmarsden|workI could use help to fix a get-orig-source rule that isn't working: debian/rules at http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/111551/04:38
jmarsden|workI think the issue may be with a $(dir(_)) Make macro ??04:39
jmarsden|workAh... never mind, now I understand what is happening... well, at least better than before...04:43
* hyperair wonders whether revu day has started yet04:57
henrik-hw0hyperair: i guess revu day has started in tokyo and hong kong at least. ;)04:59
hyperairi'm in the same timezone as hong kong =p05:00
hyperairjust further south05:00
hyperairbut are there MOTUs which do reviews in japan and hong kong (and countries north and south of it)?05:00
ajmitchthere are some in australia05:01
hyperairah right05:04
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nosferatuzzsomeone speaks Spanish ?06:14
dholbachgood morning06:15
meanburrito9201late evening here06:16
nosferatuzzsomeone speaks Spanish ?06:17
dholbachnosferatuzz: the guys in #ubuntu-es surely do! :-)06:17
nosferatuzzI have a question about the protection WAP06:18
dholbachtry #ubuntu-es - maybe they can help06:18
iulianHiya dholbach.06:24
dholbachhiya iulian06:26
dholbachhi nellery06:26
nelleryhi dholbach06:26
dholbachhow are you guys doing?06:26
* iulian is doing good.06:33
iulianMy bloody back hurts but I'm fine.06:33
* iulian drinks his tea.06:33
* ScottK notes that the Europeans are waking up, so maybe he should go to bed.06:34
iulianHiya ScottK.06:34
ScottKHello iulian.06:34
savvasnellery: ( medigeek from http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=fspy ) I didn't see a launchpad bug open for fspy, I just uploaded the source for sharing :)06:34
savvasor.. are we allowed to open bugs for our packages?06:35
nellerysavvas: you should open a new needs-packaging bug06:35
ScottKYou should open a needs-packaging bug06:35
savvasokie dokie06:35
savvasanother question for debian, how do you tag a bug with patch? http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=47378106:38
ubottuDebian bug 473781 in flumotion "flumotion: new upstream release" [Wishlist,Open]06:38
savvasI tried tags 473781 +patch and Tags: patch, neither seemed to have worked06:39
dholbachhas more info06:41
ScottKdholbach: Tag patch is not a usertag.06:42
dholbachScottK: still it's on that page :)06:42
ScottKAh.  OK.06:43
iulianmok0: Are you taking care of bug #322205?  May I unsubscribe the universe sponsors?06:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 322205 in gpp4 "Please update gpp4 to the latest version 1.1.0" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32220506:43
iulianAhh, I've just noticed he isn't online.06:43
ScottKsavvas: You might also look into the bts program.  man bts has details.  I find that easier than dealing with mails.06:44
savvas"using the following pseudo-header" - ScottK: I suppose I can't send pseudo-headers with gmail, can I? :P06:44
ScottKProbably not.06:44
savvasoh, will do06:44
* ScottK goes to bed.06:44
savvasnighty :)06:45
dholbachsleep tight06:45
savvasNow back to launchpad :) For a packaging request bug, do I have to use "[needs-packaging]" in the subject?06:45
nellerysavvas: yep06:45
nelleryand tag it with needs-packaging06:46
dholbachthe tag should be enough, but feel free to add it :)06:46
kagouHi, i'v made a debdiff for dcraw. Can someone take a look at ?06:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 275494 in dcraw "Need to upgrade to 8.90" [Medium,Fix committed]06:47
nellerykagou: subscribe ubuntu-universe-sponsors to the bug06:49
nellerythe process is explained here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SponsorshipProcess06:49
kagouoh thanks nellery06:49
kagoudone :)06:50
iuliankagou: Unsubscribed universe sponsors and subscribed main sponsors.  The package is in the main component.06:52
kagouyes indeed iulian i was looking at ;)06:52
kagoui Thinks it's ok now06:56
jmarsden|workI'd be grateful if anyone could review my package of webgui: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=webgui06:57
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=== hyperair__ is now known as hyperair
hyperairanyone free for revu? http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=geanyvc and http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=geanyprj07:53
=== _neversfelde is now known as neversfelde
AndrewGeeAny MOTUs available to review my package? I've actually grabbed the new upstream tarball, that was just released, as well as fixing all the issues already commented on. It's osm-gps-map, which is a GTK widget to embed openstreetmap. http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=osm-gps-map - Thanks :)08:19
=== hyper323 is now known as hyperair
proppyAndrewGee: is it similar to libchamplain ? http://blog.pierlux.com/projects/libchamplain/en/08:29
AndrewGeeproppy: I believe it is similar, but with python bindings, and less dependencies.08:29
proppyAndrewGee: thanks for the info :)08:29
proppywas just curious08:29
AndrewGeeproppy: No problem :)08:29
=== thekorn_ is now known as thekorn
savvashow are the manpage files called in debian/ folders? packagename.man ?08:56
DktrKranzsavvas: binaryname.1 (number is man section it refers)08:57
DktrKranzyou're welcome :)08:59
hyperairsavvas: don't forget to add them to debian/package.manpages and call dh_installmanpages09:00
=== BugMaN1 is now known as BugMaN
henrik-hw0lintian complains about missing manpage for a script. this script is only intended to start up a daemon, should i even bother?09:28
henrik-hw0it does not take arguments.09:30
maxbmysqld_safe has a manpage. Is this script comparable?09:31
henrik-hw0here it is:09:34
maxbIt might be best to write a really really short manpage about it09:37
maxbI'm not sure09:37
henrik-hw0i was thinking this is more glue than an actual binary.09:39
maxbWhere's it installed?09:39
henrik-hw0IIRC /usr/bin/09:39
maxbI think that probably counts as a program then09:41
maxb(I'm just guessing though)09:42
maxbIf it were true glue it would go in /usr/lib/packagename/09:42
henrik-hw0it's part of the packaging. i could easily change it.09:42
maxbWhy does it have a .session extension, is that significant?09:43
maxbIs this something to do with dbus?09:44
henrik-hw0indirectly. it loads the deamon at X login session. It communicated via a dbus session bus.09:45
henrik-hw0i'm going to try and install it in an alternate location.09:47
kagouHi huats09:53
huatshey ka09:56
henrik-hw0maxb: it worked changing location. thanks!09:59
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dholbach"How to run a Bug Jam" session to kick off in 5 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom11:55
savvasoh oh oooooh I'm so there!11:56
savvaser.. does someone know why I didn't get an email about the new source I've sent for http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=fspy ?11:57
savvasdo other subscribers (other than the uploader) get notified about new source packages?11:58
mok01MOTU meeting is now in #ubuntu-meeting12:03
gesera quick question: does somebody know a way to list manually installed packages? (either a synaptic filter or a CLI tool)12:59
kagougeser, "dpkg -l" ?12:59
kagouoh "manually"13:00
=== thekorn_ is now known as thekorn
gesersynaptic has a filter option for automatically installed, but I want those which are set to "manually"13:01
kagougeser, packages can come from official mirror ?13:01
kagouso i don't see13:03
geserI guess I need to write a small script to filter /var/lib/apt/extended_states for what I want13:03
persiageser, There might be a routine in python-apt that parses those13:08
persia(or rather, a routine that leverages the apt library parsing used by e.g. synaptic)13:09
geserhmm, 164 packages set to manually installed13:14
jcfpAny MOTU feeling like earning some revu day karma, please have a go at http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=sabnzbdplus (binary newsreader, python, second advocate needed)13:23
slytherinCan anyone help with python options parsing? I need the description of an option to be split in multiple lines. Simply putting \n doesn't help.13:28
hyperairslytherin: what's up?13:28
slytherinhyperair: hi13:28
hyperairslytherin: parsing options?13:28
gesercan you pastebin your current code?13:28
slytheringeser: give me some time. as it contains too much company specific information. :-)13:30
slytherinhyperair: yes, command line options. I am writing a download script in python.13:30
jpdsslytherin: Are you using optparse?13:31
hyperairslytherin: what's the command you're calling?13:31
slytherinjpds: yes13:31
jpdsslytherin: Just a sec.13:32
jpdsslytherin: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-dev/ubuntu-dev-tools/trunk/annotate/head%3A/buildd - lines 56-58 is how I do it.13:33
slytherinjpds: let me take a look13:33
jpdsoptparse does the text wrapping for you.13:33
slytherinjpds: not working. I am not getting any line break in the help text when it is displayed. Here is how I am doing it - http://paste.ubuntu.com/111670/13:38
sorenslytherin: And what's the output?13:43
thekornslytherin, did I get it right, you would like to customize the output shown by yourscript --help?13:43
jpdsslytherin: Hmm, I see. Maybe it would be better to have two boolean options like (--kernel-abc and --kernel-xyz)? Or have an OptionGroup for kernels?13:45
slytherinthekorn: yes, as in the help message for --kernel should be like this13:46
slytherin"abc - download abc kernel"13:46
slytherin"xyz - download xyz kernel"13:46
thekornslytherin, in this case you need to subclass optparse.IndentedHelpFormatter and create the OptionParser with the 'formatter=YourFormatter' argument13:46
slytherinwow, all the suggested solutions looks like too much work to me. Why can't it simply parse \n in the help message and split the message. :-(13:47
slytherinsoren: the output looks like this13:48
slytherin  -k KERNEL, --kernel=KERNEL13:48
slytherin                        abc - download abc kernel xyz - download xyz13:48
slytherin                        kernel[default: xyz]13:48
sorenslytherin: Because OptionParser's help output was explicitly designed to handle line wrapping for you.13:48
anakronHI all14:01
thekornslytherin, no, splitting the help message at '\n' is not hard, only like 5 lines of code and a bit copy and paste from the original formatter class14:14
slytherinthekorn: will take a look when functionality is complete. :-)14:16
a|wenoh, this is bad!14:17
a|wenmplayer FTBFS if i try doing a no change rebuild in jaunty14:17
Laneya|wen: Hah! And now you've found that out, you must fix it ;)14:18
thekornslytherin, ok actually four lines: http://paste.ubuntu.com/111697/14:18
a|wenLaney: that what was i feared ;)14:19
slytherina|wen: what is error?14:22
slytherinthekorn: thanks for sample code. :-)14:23
a|wenslytherin: http://paste.ubuntu.com/111703/14:23
slytherina|wen: I guess you will need to patch the sources. the error is because of recent change in x264 apis14:24
Laneya|wen: Yeah, see how they've fixed it in mplayer's SVN14:25
* a|wen goes patch-hunting14:27
AndrewGeeAny MOTUs available to review my package? I've actually grabbed the new upstream tarball, that was just released, as well as fixing all the issues already commented on. It's osm-gps-map, which is a GTK widget to embed openstreetmap. http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=osm-gps-map - Thanks :)14:37
a|wenomg! mplayer is a mess ... all is inline patches :/14:42
DruidikaHi there. :-)14:51
Druidikai would like to ask something about building .deb packages, is this ok here?14:52
mok01Druidika: go ahead14:54
Druidikaok, sorry for my bad english. it is not my preffered language.14:55
Druidikaok, ich made a warzone2100.deb but  from source the package looks completly different to the ubuntu ... beta4 Version. i would like to set in the .deb that warzone* have to be uninstalled before my .deb can installed... understood? is this possible?14:56
mok01Druidika: you can achieve that by clever use of the Conflicts: tag... of course it requires that your package has a different name14:57
mok01Druidika: and Replaces:14:57
Druidikait has.... from source it has the name warzone2100.2.1.1....deb and the ubuntu version is splittet into warzone2100, warzone2100-music and warzone2100-data14:59
ScottKmok01: Actually the name can be the same if it's versioned.14:59
Druidikain the control file there is no conflicts tag... could i write it simly in there?14:59
mok01ScottK, yes you're right15:00
Druidikasorry, but it is the first time i make a .deb... i've thought bevore i do remove the ubuntu packages and make a make install for me i can simply make a .deb for all15:02
mok01Druidika: yes you write it in the control file15:06
Druidikaok, testing... on my eee it takes a time....15:09
slytherinDruidika: yup15:10
slytherinnhandler: ping15:11
mok01Druidika: http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-relationships.html#s-replaces15:11
jmarsdenREVU Day: Any MOTUs who can review http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=webgui for me please?  It's a GPLed Perl-based CMS.15:13
Druidikathx for the link15:20
dolanorSomeone to REVU fsniper package ? Normally it should be advocatable15:26
dolanormok01: I've corrected your last command :)15:27
mok01dolanor: will take a look in a moment15:27
Druidikathe dpkg-buildpackage says that binary data has changed.... a make clean doesnt work.... how to clean up?15:36
Druidikathere is no 2nd run possible, how?15:37
Druidikaok, works again.... warz*.orig.tar.gz deleted.... new run beginns15:39
AndrewGeemok01: Hi. If you remember, you advocated osm-gps-map a couple of days ago on REVU. Since then, I've grabbed a new upstream tarball and packaged up the python bindings. Is it okay if I ask you to take a look later/whenever? Thanks :) http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=osm-gps-map15:42
mok01AndrewGee: sure15:42
AndrewGeemok01: Thanks.15:43
dolanormok01: sorry, connection problems16:01
ohervieuhi all16:05
mok01fta: ping16:19
hyperairmok01: how about that review? =p16:22
mok01hyperair: which package?16:22
mok01codelite compiled16:22
loic-mHas any MOTU the time to review http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=ecm ? It's been reviewed by simrunbasuita and nhandler, and should be in pretty good shape. It's a tool for removing error correction codes to compress iso images better!16:22
hyperairmok01: awesome!16:23
hyperairmok01: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=geanyvc16:23
hyperairand http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=geanyprj16:23
mok01Ah another one. OK, I am going through the links here as they come up16:23
mok01Any other MOTUs on the job?16:24
mok01Apparently not16:25
dolanormok01: on my way to finish fsniper ;)16:27
mok01loic-m: why would you want to remove error-correction-codes? Sounds silly to me16:27
mok01dolanor: great16:27
loic-mmok01: because you don't need them on a harddrive16:28
loic-mkeeping them is a waste of space16:28
mok01loic-m: but if you later decide to burn the iso to CD ...16:29
loic-mand since they're stuff that doesn't compress well, even compresing the iso doesn't give good results unless removing ECC16:29
loic-mmok01: they're recreated as identical16:29
loic-mmok01: it's abit like "flac", but for isos ;)16:29
mok01I see. Fascinating16:30
jmarsdenHow often is it considered polite for me to ask here for a package review during a REVU day?  Every N hours... for what value of N?16:30
mok01N = 1-2 hours16:31
jmarsdenThanks.  In that case: Any MOTUs who can review http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=webgui for me please?  It's a GPLed Perl-based CMS.16:32
mok01Your request will be in the scrollback, which many read16:32
=== dholbach_ is now known as dholbach
dholbachmok01: !!!16:32
* dholbach hugs mok0116:32
* mok01 hugs back16:32
mok01Everyone, just a reminder: run lintian on the *.deb files before you upload. It seems many don't do that.16:46
ScottKWith -iIv.16:46
AndrewGeemok01: Thanks for the comment. I'll remember to run lintian in the future :)16:47
* jmarsden goes back and tries the -iIv ... I just used lintian -i before...16:48
dolanormok01: new fsniper upload :)16:53
mok01dolanor: did you check if front, back and center?16:55
dolanormok01: hu ? :p What is front back center ?16:59
mok01dolanor: it just means a thorough check, from all sides :-)16:59
loic-mmok01: thanks for the review17:02
loic-mmok01: actually the ref to the man pages in changelog were removed as per request from nhandler ;)17:02
bmhmHi. I want to add a PPA to my pBuilder environment. But editing /etc/pbuilder/apt.config/sources.list didn't help.17:03
loic-mmok01: and thanks for advocating it!17:03
loic-mloic-m ugs its first advocate17:04
mok01bmhm, did you use --save-after-login17:04
* mok01 hugs loic-m17:04
bmhmmok01: I should be able to add it OUTSIDE the chroot env17:04
loic-m* loic-m remmber he didn't shave today17:04
bmhmsee the file I edited, it won't exit in pBuilders tarball ;-)17:05
mok01bmhm: you can use the --othermirrors switch17:05
bmhmah I see. So which use has etc/pbuilder/apt.config/sources.list then?17:06
frostburnWhere can one find the net-snmp-config that is used to build the package snmpd and snmp?17:06
frostburnah disregad17:07
AndrewGeeJust fixed the issues pointed out by mok01 in my package. Would appreciate a MOTU to review the package. Thanks :) http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=osm-gps-map17:07
mok01dolanor: I'll get to it later, after dinner I think17:08
bmhmI can't wait for my first packe on PPA to be built! :)17:14
hyperairmok01: thanks for the advocate. i'm not sure about the .la files actually, but the package geany already has .la files17:15
mok01loic-m: anything you add to make the package build, like manpages, or patches,  should be documented in changelog. nhandler is wrong here17:15
hyperairwait a sec17:16
hyperairon second thoughts..17:16
mok01hyperair: I can see a point of leaving them with a -dev package containing a library17:16
hyperairi think i'll just remove the .la files17:16
mok01hyperair: I don17:16
hyperairthey're -plugins, so they won't be linked to17:16
mok01t think it's good for anything17:16
hyperairyeah i'll remove them then17:16
mok01hyperair: yeah17:16
hyperairhow should i remove them? a debian/rules rule?17:17
mok01hyperair:  2 secs17:17
loic-mmok01: thanks. Do you want me to re-upload it, or can MOTU change it if/when I get a second advocate?17:17
mok01loic-m: just wait, and add it if the next advocate wants to see changes.17:18
loic-mmok01: thanks17:18
mok01hyperair: Zap the file from rules17:18
hyperairmok01: gimme a moment, i'll gix both geanyvc and geanyprj17:20
mok01hyperair: then also add to debian/copyright, first line17:22
mok01Format-Specification: http://wiki.debian.org/Proposals/CopyrightFormat17:22
hyperairoh shit i forgot that17:22
mok01OK, guys I am leaving for a few hours, be back later for another round of revuing fun!17:23
mok01See ya!17:24
Turlhi :)17:34
Turldvdstyler & dvdstyler-data are broken17:34
TurlE: /var/cache/apt/archives/dvdstyler_1.7.1-0ubuntu1_amd64.deb: trying to overwrite  `/usr/share/doc/dvdstyler/AUTHORS', which is also in the package dvdstyler-data17:35
rgreeningScottK: ping17:35
ScottKrgreening: Pong17:35
rgreeningScottK: I see you did uploads for Krusader17:35
rgreeningScottK: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/krusader/+bug/32326617:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 323266 in krusader "Update svn snapshot - required for Jaunty" [Undecided,New]17:36
rgreeningScottK: I just updated the svn for it... if you can upload17:36
* ScottK has a lookg17:36
ScottKlook even17:36
rgreeningScottK: It's test build fine here and I did some test runs. All looks good.17:37
rgreeningnp. just helping where I can17:39
Chris`Using the new Debian/Ubuntu copyright format, is it possible to do the following? Files: plotlib/*.f plotlib/examples/* plotlib/misc/*18:12
Chris`Copyright: Copyright 1996 Harold Youngren18:12
Chris`Or does each new dir/fileset require a new section?18:13
loic-mWhen apt-get source a package , it dl the Jaunty version, however in case the package is synced from Debian and Intrepid version=Jaunty version, it dl from the intrepid repos, is it correct?18:17
loic-msince the two source packages should eb identical, shouldn't they?18:17
ScottKIf the version and revision is the same, they are the same.18:22
ScottKChris`: mok0 seems to be our expert on that.  I'd ask him.18:23
Chris`ScottK: Thanks but he doesn't seem to be here :(18:23
ScottKChris`: He said he'd be back in a bit, so keep an eye out.18:24
Chris`ScottK: I sure will, thanks18:24
Chris`Also kinda off topic but regarding my PGP key, how do I remove an email address but keep it there at the same time, to show that it was once mine but not anymore? I've seen people who have a line through their address in seahorse, just like that I want it :).18:26
pochuloic-m: assuming you have deb-src lines for both intrepid and jaunty, if both have the same version, it won't matter as they are identical, right18:27
pochunot sure where it will take it from, probably jaunty18:27
pochuyou can also `apt-get source foo=1.2-0ubuntu1` if you want an older version18:28
pochuthere's a bug report in Debian to implement `apt-get source foo/intrepid`18:28
pochuas you can do with apt-get install18:28
loic-mpochu: it does take them from intrepid, I tried with ddd http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=ddd&searchon=names&suite=all&section=all18:35
loic-mpochu: thanks for the info too18:35
hyperairis anyone free for a review?18:36
loic-mpochu: I just wanted to know, in the future, if I could assume with those kind of packages (synced, no modif, same version stable/devel Ubuntu) i could just use what apt-source get me, instead of uncommenting all intrepid related deb-src lines in sources.list18:37
pochuloic-m: not sure I understand18:38
maxbloic-m: Packages are pooled across all distributions. If it's the same version in Intrepid and Jaunty, then all that differs is which index files it reads to get the actual package name. It's the same files on the server that get downloaded either way18:38
maxbloic-m: Also be aware of the command:   pull-lp-source ddd intrepid18:39
maxbChris`: You can revoke a PGP user id18:40
Chris`maxb: Do you have Scott Richie's key?18:40
loic-mmaxb: thanks a lot18:41
loic-mpochu: thanks, with your explanation and those of maxb I got the answer -  files on the server are the same18:41
* maxb runs gpg --search-key "Scott Ritchie"18:42
Chris`maxb: Don't worry I'll SS instead, I'll show you what I mean then18:42
maxbChris`: gpg has downloaded it for me already18:42
=== paul_ is now known as Elbrus
Chris`His ucdavies address... How is that done?18:43
maxbloic-m: If you look at the Ubuntu archive in a web browser, you can see, in particular, two important directories. dists/ contains all the per-distribution index files, pool/ contains *ALL* the packages18:43
maxbChris`: By revoking the user id18:44
Chris`maxb: How can I revoke my email then? :-/18:45
maxbgpg --edit-key yourkey18:46
maxbRun "help", and look at the uid and revuid commands18:46
Chris`maxb: Thanks a bunch :)18:46
maxbDon't forget to use the "save" command when happy18:46
maxbAfter revoking, send your updated key to a keyserver18:47
maxbOnce published into the wild, the revocation is permanent18:47
maxb(Though you could create a *new* user id using the same information)18:47
* Chris` is trying to be very cautious but doesn't understand it :(18:49
Chris`Command> revuid "Christopher Swift <Chris@Chrisswift.me.uk>"18:49
Chris`You must select at least one user ID.18:49
maxbChris`: Nothing is modified locally until you "save", so you can afford to just play with the commands18:50
Chris`maxb: Ah right... *phew*18:50
maxbChris`: You need to read the description for the "uid" command18:50
Chris`maxb: I've worked it out... FINALLY, thanks for all your assistance :)18:51
loic-mI'm looking for a second advocate to ecm ( http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=ecm ), an error code modeler for better compressing iso files18:59
a|wenyay! mplayer compiles on jaunty again :)19:12
jmarsden|workAny MOTUs who can review http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=webgui for me please?  It's a GPLed Perl-based CMS.  Thanks!19:13
a|wenif anybody has time to sponser an mplayer update, please look at: https://code.launchpad.net/~andreas-wenning/mplayer/ubuntu/+merge/326819:14
cody-somervilleperl-based cms, ewww :(19:15
ScottKa|wen: You'll get more audience if you attach your proposed diff.gz to a bug and subscribe ubuntu-universe-sponsors.19:16
a|wenScottK: it is part of our ever-increasing arts-bug19:16
* a|wen prepares a debdiff as well19:17
loic-mIf I'm adding a .desktop file and an .xpm icon to a package that uses CDBS, do I only need to drop the files in debian/ then modify package.install?19:22
loic-mI can find info about CDBS, but not on the .install file it uses (there's info, but not enough for me to understand)19:23
loic-mIt just says "You can then use the .install and .info files to tune your package with the usual debhelper functions in the various sections for debian/rules. "19:23
a|wendebdiff uploaded to bug 32091519:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 320915 in libsdl "Remove aRts from the archive - rebuild all dependencies" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32091519:23
loic-mI use dh_install for the .desktop file + .xpm icon, so do I put a dh_install line in rules, or something else in package.install ?19:24
a|wenloic-m: just add them to the package.install19:26
a|wenloic-m: cdbs uses debhelper ... so all the commands like dh_install is being run19:26
ftamok01: pong19:26
hyperairfta: you're a motu right? would you be interseted in doing any revu stuff? =p19:27
ftahyperair, indeed, i'm a motu. depends on what you need. I'll have time in an hour or 2.19:28
hyperairfta: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=geanyvc and http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=geanyprj19:29
hyperairfta: the former was advocated by mok0 already, but i uploaded another, so his advocate got lost19:30
ftahyperair, ok, i'll have a look19:36
hyperairfta: thanks =)19:37
Laneyhyperair: How many things have you packaged now?!19:40
hyperairLaney: i don't know? but when i'm bored i just poke around and file a needs-packaging bug19:41
Laneyhave you done other kinds of packaging work?19:41
hyperairLaney: lemme count.. codelite, sigx in ubuntu, bansheelyricsplugin in debian, vazaar (thinking of dropping that one, seems upstream abandoned it or sth), geanyvc and geanyprj19:41
hyperairother kinds of packaging work like how?19:42
hyperairi've done sync requests19:42
hyperairmerges... i haven't done one for ubuntu, but i do it all the time for the banshee-team PPA19:42
Laneymerges, bug fixes, qa19:42
hyperairbug fixes i've done a few for pm-utils, and one for evolution-data-server, as well as one for gnome-settings-daemon19:42
hyperairoh and one for pulseaudio (but that was related to pm-utils)19:42
hyperairoh one more bugfix for banshee, in which i backported a diff from svn19:43
hyperairwhat's qa?19:43
Laneyquality assurance - ftbfs, unmetdeps, nbs and the like19:44
hyperairwell i've handled ftbfs on my own packages which got uploaded -- codelite and sigx19:44
hyperairbut other than that no19:44
hyperairi'm interested to take a look though19:44
hyperairoh and i'm eyeing curlpp as my next target for revu, after i finish packaging every actively maintained geany plugin19:45
LaneyAs long as you feel you have the time to maintain all of these packages19:45
* pochu thinks we should at the very least limit REVU packages to one per packager19:46
hyperaireh no prob19:46
LaneyI've only ever packaged one thing from scratch tbh19:46
maxbpochu: I see your point about not wanting REVU to get out of control, but that's rather a crude method, and a HUGE roadblock if you need to propose a set of related source packages19:51
pochumaxb: well, the really crude method is to close it down completely ;)19:52
ScottKpochu: You can just review one per packager.19:53
maxbSurely having multiple packages from a single person is no problem at all, *if* they are actively persuing them?19:53
pochuScottK: actually I don't do many reviews...19:54
LaneyI don't really have a problem with people who intend to take responsibility for their packages, and package things for a reason other than "it's there".19:54
pochumaxb: agreed. the question is how many people fall into that category19:54
LaneyBut you do need to be aware of the time you're asking your reviewers to invest19:54
* hyperair has a reason19:55
hyperairand it's not "it's there"19:55
Laneyhyperair: I wasn't targetting you, don't worry19:56
Laneyobviously I can't speak to your intentions19:56
loic-m* loic-m reason is "it's _not_ there" ;)19:56
loic-m(and I use it)19:57
hyperairLaney: just clarifying matters that's all =)19:57
hyperairmy reason for geany's plugins is because they look interesting, and i don't feel like littering my system with make install stuff, and since i've come up with packages i might as well submit it to ubuntu19:59
hyperaircodelite because it deserves the same love codeblocks got20:00
hyperairsigx and (soon) curlpp because i'm writing an app which is going to depend on those two20:00
ftahyperair, just added a comment for geanyprj20:03
loic-mWhen does it work when adding an .xpm icon to a package - do we have to check the license for the icon as well?20:04
Laneyof course20:04
hyperairfta: thanks. i just made the fix, i'll upload it soon20:04
loic-mif the icon is already in the package we provide (=shows in the program, but no .xpm file, what do we do?20:05
hyperairloic-m: if you want to create a package.menu file then you'll need a .xpm file20:06
hyperairloic-m: otherwise no need20:06
hyperairfta: uploaded.20:07
vemonhi. what kind of name should i give to a lib package when the name of the library is already postfixed with the version number (which i assume is probably identical to the so version)20:10
vemonone of the libs looks like this: liblv2dynparamhost1.so.1.0.020:11
vemoni'm only building a package for personal use to be uploaded to my PPA but would still like to get it right20:12
vemon(maybe later uploading it to revu)20:12
ftahyperair, i'm not sure how to give you a r+ now.. i don't know enough about REVU. maybe i need privileges.20:12
hyperairhmm i think you need to register as a reviewer20:12
hyperairfta: ^20:13
* jpds upgrades fta to "Reviewer" - 'User's permissions have been changed successfully.'20:16
loic-mis there any rules against using paths like debian/../dir_name in debian/rules and also, when using CDBS, in debian/package.install?20:20
ftajpds, thanks20:20
ftahyperair, i'll have another look after dinner.20:21
hyperairfta: okay thanks20:21
=== `Chris_ is now known as Chris`
jmarsden|workloic-m: I suspect debian/../dir and dir are exactly equivalent... so why would you write it as debian/../dir ??20:32
loic-mjmarsden|work: That makes sense. Thanks a lot20:34
jmarsden|workloic-m: No problem :)20:34
=== thekorn_ is now known as thekorn
ftahyperair, any particular reason to request debhelper >= 7 ?20:58
hyperairfta: not actually21:01
hyperairfta: should i lower it?21:01
AndrewGeeJust fixed the issues pointed out by mok01 in my package. Would appreciate a MOTU to review the package. Thanks :) http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=osm-gps-map21:01
ftait's better to keep it low to ease eventual backports21:01
hyperairfta: okay21:01
fta5 should be enough in most cases21:01
hyperairwhat's 6 then? i usually see 5 and 7 but not 621:02
Laneyman debhelper21:02
ftahyperair, 2nd package looks fine too. it's almost identical to the 1st one.21:06
hyperairfta: yeah, the upstream developer is the same person21:07
hyperairfta: and both are plugins for geany21:07
ftahyperair, i figured that out ;) please lower debhelper req for both and i'll advocate you again for both21:07
hyperairfta: okay21:08
hyperairfta: okay uploaded for both.21:08
* jpds notes that we have debhelper 7 as far back as hardy-backports. So backporting anything with compat 7 shouldn't be a problem.21:10
loic-mCan a MOTU give a second advocate to the package ecm at  http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=ecm (a tool for compressing iso files with an unconventional method) ?21:12
ftajpds, yeah, but the default is still 521:13
jpdsfta: Howso?21:14
=== RainCT_ is now known as RainCT
ftadrop debian/compat and the version in debian/control, build, you'll end up with a debian/compat = 521:15
jpdsAh, right.21:15
jpdsLenny has 7 so that should change sooner or later.21:16
ftacdbs also has 5 by default21:18
mok0compat is a source of confusion21:18
ftahyperair, all done :)21:19
hyperairfta: thanks21:24
hyperairmok0: could you take a look at geanyvc and geanyprj please?21:26
maxbDon't you always need a debian/compat, else you default to 1?21:26
maxbAnything else not being, uh, compatible :-)21:26
* maxb experiments21:26
hyperairdh_make sets it to 7 =\21:26
ftain jaunty, afaics, it's still 521:27
maxbYeah, without a debian/compat file, it tells me that "compatibility levels before 4 are deprecated", so I'm convinced it defaults to 121:27
maxbfta: Why do you think it defaults to 5?21:28
mok0hyperair: I'll take a look tomorrow... I am toast21:28
ftamaxb, because it creates the file for you with 5 in it if you don't provide one21:29
hyperairmok0: okay =)21:29
maxbfta: Oooops. I missed the fact that we were talking about cdbs driving debhelper, not debhelper itself21:30
ftaand if you're all fine with 5, why use more ? with more, debhelper does more work for you but if it's not needed, i don't see the point21:30
mok0hyperair: what timezone are you in? It must be late night for you...21:30
ftamaxb, even without cdbs21:30
hyperairmok0: GMT +821:30
ftahm, maybe not21:30
ftai take that back21:31
hyperairmok0: and i'm nocturnal. currently watching a series of anime with bad sound21:31
mok0hyperair: ouch, time for bed :-)21:31
mok0Yikes the "needs-revu" list keeps growing... up to 134 packages now21:35
postalchrisWhat does it mean when REVU says, "This package could not be extracted; there's no browseable     directory for it on REVU. "21:55
maxbThat's an interesting one... sounds like it is implying that "dpkg-source -x" failed to work22:01
maxbthe package name is?22:01
ScottKWhich it might if there's no key to verify against.22:08
postalchrismaxb: cvc322:20
maxbLooks like the .orig.tar.gz is missing22:21
postalchrismaxb: the .orig.tar.gz was the same as for the previous upload?22:23
maxbI'm not sure how revu works... I think it may require .orig.tar.gz *ALWAYS*22:23
jpdspostalchris: You still have to include it in the upload to REVU, gimme a moment to try something.22:24
maxbBecause it's not really an archive22:24
postalchrishm, I just dput the .changes file, I assumed it would do the right thing22:25
maxbInclude the -sa option when building the package for upload to REVU22:27
jpdspostalchris: OK; I've just moved your pervious upload + the .orig from the upload before that to the processing queue.22:27
jpds(I check the sha sums so it should work).22:28
jpdspostalchris: Ought to be on the site now.22:29
jpdspostalchris: OK; that didn't work, please reupload with the -sa option for debuild.22:30
_stochastic_I'm having some troubles getting icons to properly install from my package.  I've read about dh_icons online, but is there any order it needs to sit within the rules file?22:33
postalchrisjpds: REVU has a problem with the pkg name being the same...22:35
jpdspostalchris: How do you mean?22:35
jpdsHey Zic.22:36
Zichi jpds :)22:36
postalchrisjpds: "Already uploaded to revu.ubuntuwire.com22:41
postalchrisDoing nothing for cvc3_1.5.1~20090126-0ubuntu2_source.changes"22:41
postalchrisI'm bumping the revision and rebuilding22:41
Piratenaapjepostalchris: use option -f if you want to force it to upload22:41
postalchrisPiratenaapje: that's a better idea ;-)22:42
ScottKor just rm the .upload file.22:42
jpdspostalchris: dput -f revu ...22:42
postalchrisjpds: done22:42
jpdspostalchris: Right, it's in ~ftp/incoming and should be on the site soon.22:43
postalchrisjpds: Awesome. Thanks.22:45
postalchrisHow long should I expect to wait before somebody comments on the package? (First upload was 1/24)22:46
jpdspostalchris: It's best to advertise the package here from time to time, and someone will hopefully take a look at it.22:54
CarlFKcan someone pretty please fix https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ffmpeg2theora/+bug/315356/+viewstatus22:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 315356 in ffmpeg2theora "No ffmpeg2theora binary in jaunty package" [Medium,Fix released]22:55
CarlFKI keep forgetting about it and burn up time trying to figure out why it isn't installed22:56
postalchrisjpds: Consider this my advertising for the day.22:57
jpdspostalchris: It's almost midnight here, but I'll have a look tomorrow morning.22:59
__Ali__why is dh_install commented out in debian/rules template?23:01
__Ali__is dh_install necessary for the actual binaries to be included in deb?23:02
postalchrisjpds: No pressure. It's just advertsing. :-)23:04
=== _neversfelde is now known as neversfelde
PiratenaapjeCarlFK: that bug seems to be fixed in the newest release23:08
CarlFKPiratenaapje: oh hay...  maybe it hasn't hit the repo yet23:09
Piratenaapje Setting up ffmpeg2theora (0.23-0ubuntu1) ...23:10
PiratenaapjeCarlFK: version in repo is ubuntu223:10
PiratenaapjeCarlFK: Status is also fix-released :P23:12
CarlFKPiratenaapje: did it install for you?23:13
PiratenaapjeCarlFK: yes, and the binary is included now23:13
CarlFKhuh.  thanks.  now I have to see why my box is still borked.23:14
CarlFKI did apt-get source and built and run the binary out of the dir23:15
CarlFKthanks again for checking.23:15
PiratenaapjeCarlFK: You're welcome :)23:16
_stochastic_Does anyone have some free time to do a REVU?  http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=calf23:16
_stochastic_It just needs one more advocate.23:16
nhandler_stochastic_: I'll take a look23:18
_stochastic_nhandler, thanks23:18
nhandler_stochastic_: Is there a reason for a compat of 6?23:19
jmarsden|workAny MOTUs who can review http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=webgui for me please?  It's a GPLed Perl-based CMS.  Thanks!23:23
loic-mnhandler: ping23:24
nhandlerloic-m: pong23:24
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=== nschembr-sleep is now known as nschembr
dooooomidoes any MOTU feel like reviewing pyliblo? this is your chance to be the second advocate :) http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=pyliblo23:51
=== blueyed_ is now known as blueyed

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