LouisWill setting the noatime option to a  partition cause any problems with myth?00:43
Louisand what about nodiratime?00:45
BassKozzHello J-e-f-f-A / J-e-f-f-A_01:13
J-e-f-f-A_BassKozz: Hey, what's up?01:14
BassKozzNot much, can't get my darn HDHomeRun to work :(01:15
BassKozzYour not using an HDHR are you?01:16
BassKozzWhat are you using up there in Marlborough, Comcast,RCN, FIOS ?01:16
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steven_Mhi all01:41
steven_Mwhich directory do the xmltv scripts go into?01:43
steven_Mhi foxbuntu01:51
foxbuntuhi steven_M01:51
foxbuntudo I know you?01:51
steven_Mnope, just being friendly01:52
steven_Mdo you know which directory the xmltv scripts go into?01:53
foxbuntusteven_M, not sure01:54
foxbuntusteven_M, http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/XMLTV01:55
tim1i'm trying to use myth as a dvr for  a network cctv camera.  i can02:28
tim1i'm trying to use myth as  a dvr for  a cctv camera.  I can't get it to record my mpeg4 stream although docs say it can.  I have an m3u file (maybe not correct).  I've reviewed mythbackend and frontend logs and found no indication of the issue.  any one have experience doing this type of thing?02:32
hadsI'd hazard a guess that there are better things to use as a CCTV DVR than mythtv02:41
hadsZoneminder comes to mind.02:41
tim1thanks, but I don't believe that ZM supports mpeg4.  I think it's just motion jpeg.  Am I wrong?02:42
hadsI don't know a lot about it, I just know that myth isn't really made for it.02:43
oobuntooi think i really messed up my mythtv program and now it won't even run the backend setup02:45
oobuntoois there any way to just completely uninstall it or restore it to all default settings?02:46
hadsoobuntoo: Run mythbuntu-control-centre and check your mysql access parameters. Looks like your IP is incorrect.02:47
hadsIt should be rather than
oobuntooi'll check it out02:48
oobuntoowhat tab is my "mysql access parameters" under02:48
oobuntooi am completely new to this02:48
oobuntooI found it but it is grayed out so i can't edit it02:49
hadsOdd. Can you pastebin "cat /etc/mythtv/mysql.txt"02:51
hads(run that from a terminal)02:52
oobuntoohaha, thanks for the clarification... i will do that now02:52
oobuntoook... you want me to copy and paste that in here?02:53
oobuntoonevermind... i googled what pastebin is02:55
hadsOK sec02:56
hadsRun this in a terminal; sed -i 's/27/127/' /etc/mythtv/mysql.txt02:57
oobuntoopermission denied02:57
hadsk, run; sudo sed -i 's/27/127/' /etc/mythtv/mysql.txt02:58
oobuntoohahaha... that sudo makes me a root or something right02:59
oobuntooi am still learning02:59
hadsYep it does.02:59
oobuntooit said unable to resolve host02:59
hadssudo == Super User do02:59
hadsOh dear.03:00
oobuntoothat doesnt sound good03:00
hadsDid you change the name of your computer by chance?03:00
oobuntoovery possible... i might have done it from the networking part03:01
hadsPastebin this again please; cat /etc/mythtv/mysql.txt03:01
oobuntooyeah... i changed it to nick-ubuntu and it was nick-desktop03:03
hadsUmm did you run that sed command twice?03:03
oobuntooyea... i wanted to make sure it wasn't a typo03:04
oobuntooso i typed it once and copied and pasted it once03:04
hadsheh okay don't do that :) run this; sudo sed -i 's/1127/127/' /etc/mythtv/mysql.txt03:05
oobuntoounable to resolve host03:05
hadsThat's okay, it's still working.03:05
hadsShow my the mysql.txt file again03:06
oobuntooso sed -i is the microsoft equivalent of "find and replace"03:06
hadsKind of, it's a command line version which I know better than GUI tools.03:06
hadsOther people here will be able to help you out more with the GUI stuff03:06
hadssed == Stream EDitor, the -i means 'in place' and the s/// bit is yeah, a sort of find and replace.03:08
hadsWell that should have fixed your database access anyway.03:08
oobuntooyea looks like it is back to 12703:08
hadsSo you can carry on doing what you were doing before03:09
oobuntooyou are an absolute genius03:09
hadsheh why thank you, not really though :)03:10
oobuntooi was contemplating wiping out the entire OS and reinstalling it03:10
oobuntooi have some very very basic gui questions while i have you here that maybe you could help with03:11
hadsMaybe, as I said I'm not as up on the GUI stuff03:11
oobuntooi haven't got mythtv up and running yet and i only have one computer with a tv tuner and it is connected to an antenna03:11
oobuntooi would have that be primary backend and a frontend correct?03:12
hadsYeah, the backend is the bit that does the scheduling and recording etc. The frontend is the bit you watch TV through, so if you want to do both on the same computer then yes.03:12
oobuntoook and my tuner card is recognized out of the box on 8.10 (which i have) so i just need to run the channel editor and i am all set?03:13
hadsYou need to follow through the steps in mythtv-setup, I think there's a mythbuntu/mythtv manual which will tell you.03:15
oobuntoook... i will check that03:15
oobuntoothanks you so much - do you have a paypal account?03:15
oobuntooi'd be glad to make a small donation03:16
hadsI do but that's not nessecary at all, glad to help out.03:16
oobuntoogreatly appreciate it03:17
hadsNo worries :)03:17
oobuntoothanks... bye03:17
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redsixanyone here?04:02
redsixanyone have luck with hvr 1250 and remote?04:04
redsix1250 is working but i have remote issues04:05
redsixanyone seen mario lately?04:33
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redsixgot disconnected05:06
redsixquestion was, i have a hauppauge hvr-1250 recording well, but the remote/ir piece is not working, any ideas?05:07
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redsixanyone had luck with hvr 1250?05:10
BassKozz_Can someone help me, I think I've royally f'ed up my Xubuntu install... I was playing around with weekly trunk builds of mythbuntu and now I've removed everything and am trying to revert back to stable (mythbuntu 8.10), but I can't get mythbuntu-desktop installed: http://pastebin.com/md81b37605:14
BassKozz_Broken packages05:16
BassKozz_Well thank god this is a test box, I guess I can just format and re-install05:18
superm1BassKozz, weekly trunks got a little messed up recently05:31
superm1hopefully laga should be fixing them soon..05:31
redsixhi superm105:34
superm1hi redsix05:34
redsixtrying to get hvr-1250 ir/remote working any ideas?05:35
redsixcard is recording great05:35
redsixi tried the regulr hauppauge seeting in the IR devices area, but no luck there05:37
BassKozz_Nevermind, I figured it out, I had to sift thru a few packages until I found that mythtv-common was still installed (but it didn't show up in synaptic when I filtered 'myth' :weird:) oh well, back to normal :-D05:37
superm1redsix, sorry i've not worked with it at all05:38
redsixiv'e tried using irw from terminal and it keeps kicking out saying it cant find hard ware05:39
redsixdmesg |grep cx2388505:40
redsix[    9.267097] CORE cx23885[0]: subsystem: 0070:7911, board: Hauppauge WinTV-HVR05:41
redsix1250 [card=3,autodetected]05:41
redsix[    9.367823] cx23885[0]: i2c bus 0 registered05:42
redsix[    9.367823] cx23885[0]: i2c bus 1 registered05:42
redsix[    9.367823] cx23885[0]: i2c bus 2 registered05:42
redsixshould use lirc i2c no?05:42
BassKozz_heya superm1, you said the "trunks" were messed up, but the fixes builds are ok right?05:44
superm1BassKozz, yeah they should be fine05:45
superm1redwell likely yeah i2c.  you might check though and make sure that it's not getting stuck at the devinput layer or something05:46
BassKozz_thx superm105:47
BassKozz_btw redsix is gone05:47
superm1oh didn't see05:47
jumpkickso is it just my copy or is the partitioner in mythbuntu 9.04 totally fubar?07:14
hadsI'd imagine just yours.07:20
ThraeWell I got everything working except my Avermedia A180 HD Tuner (DVB-T). It shows up as an Air2PC card in the setup which is fine, but it keeps giving me "Timeout on Channel X: no signal" despite whatever the signal strength is. If I increase the timeout to something like 50000, then it gives "no tables", whatever the heck that means.07:30
jumpkickhads: probably, it would be just silly to put out an installer with a broken partitioner...07:31
ThraeAh, it seems ATSC scanning is broken.07:35
ThraeHas anyone else had trouble with ATSC tuning?07:45
jumpkickseems you have to run "sudo local-gen" or something so the partitioner works properly08:45
jumpkickon alpha308:45
obama_linuxNvidia 9400GT using standard Tv screen is about 5 percent too big on the top and bottom used several drivers for this cannot get nvidia settings manger too give me the overscan option any help would greatly be appreciated10:11
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xal2I setup mythtv on ubuntu and I am using schedules direct for my channel tuning. I also did a channel scan and the channels come in fine for a while after some manipulation with sound settings but then it goes back to a noisy picture that skips with static. My tuner is a PCHDTV 550016:26
xal2I'm not sure if it's a difference, but I ausing alsa insted of pulse audio.16:26
phanohanoveranyone good at backend scanning w/DVB -s?18:01
Thraephanohanover: I'd like to know how to do that too, since my Avermedia A180 isn't picking up channels in MythTV's scanner.18:01
phanohanoveri am able but only with bev...18:02
phanohanoverI have done everything...patches etc and nothing w/DN18:02
phanohanoverI have a tabel problem i think...18:02
phanohanoverwhat is your problem?18:03
ThraeI get a signal timeout no matter the signal strength when I do a channel scan in Mythbuntu / MythTV.18:03
ThraeIf I increase the timeout to, say, 50000, then I get "no tables". It's a known issue that the scanner is broken for ATSC, so I need to figure out how to scan manually.18:04
phanohanoverhave you tried your dish with a regular receiver for signal confirm? (just in case)18:04
ThraeIt is a regular receiver. ATSC.18:04
ThraeWorks fine in Windows18:04
phanohanoverok ok...that is different...you want to cache HD signal?18:04
phanohanoveror regular vhf?18:05
ThraeYeah, I want to scan for HD broadcasts.18:05
phanohanoverwhere are you?18:05
ThraeI might have to install Windows to get the codes...18:06
phanohanoveris you card recognized in dmesg?18:06
Thrae21061, USA18:06
phanohanoverare you linux or win18:06
ThraeYep, kinda. It shows up as an Air2PC in Mythbuntu, but it loads the correct module.18:06
phanohanoverok...on cable or antenna?18:06
ThraeJust Antenna, ATSC, no QAM18:07
phanohanoveri presume antenna...then you should choose 8VSB and not qam256...18:07
phanohanoverdid you try that?18:07
ThraeRight, that's the default and that's what I'm choosing.18:07
phanohanoverdid you choose dvb in backend or video0 v4l?18:08
ThraeThe other choice clearly says "Analog".18:09
phanohanoverSorry man...i am not yet a guru at atsc...mine works so so (hvr-1600). My problem is my antenne...18:09
Thraehttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=942535 <-- I'm following this thread, maybe it'll help you.18:10
phanohanoverlooks like your card has a problem with heat...i guess you tried the cold start?18:15
phanohanoverI am unable to scan DN channels in backend using 18207 patched... all i get is NET ID 0x1006 processing...anyone heard that?18:17
phanohanoverI have been working on this for 2 weeks now and nothing comes up....18:17
Emp123Does anybody know if the Hauppauge HVR-1800 will work out of the box?18:44
Emp123If it matters, and I think it does, Im in the United States so I think I need it to do NTSC18:45
Emp123It will be coming through a cable box though, if that alters anything18:46
tgm4883Emp123, if you are going through a cable box, you don't need a digital tuner18:46
tgm4883not that that matters18:46
phanohanoverhey! solved my issue!!! just didn't wait long enough to get the channels... Dum...only stupidity is stupid!18:46
phanohanoverthank you guys anyway!18:47
Emp123Well, its really hard to find the Hauppauge PVR-150 which is what I would have used, and I dont know if it will always be hooked up to a cable box18:47
shirajhey guys18:57
shirajhey anyone around?19:15
tgm4883!ask | shiraj19:16
Zinnshiraj: Please don't ask if anyone is around or if it is alright to ask a question.  Many people check back periodically and may answer your question when they see it.  IRC is not normally an instant fix so check back often for an answer.19:16
shiraji just want to know what kind of media player mythbuntu uses to play back videos. Im not very interested in using it to record tv, just want to play back music and videos that are stored in different places on the network19:18
tgm4883shiraj, internally it uses it's own version of mplayer, but you can configure xine or vlc also19:19
shirajah nice19:19
shirajand it will play videos that are on samba shares?19:20
tgm4883yes, as long as you mount the share19:20
shirajand can it do that automatically or do i have to cli it19:21
shirajits gonna be for my parents to use19:21
shiraji dont want their heads to explode19:22
tgm4883shiraj, how many different systems?19:22
shirajjust 219:23
tgm4883have you looked at XMBC?19:23
shirajnope whats that19:24
tgm4883a media center app, no tv functionality19:24
shirajah cool19:25
shirajsounds like what i need19:25
tgm4883shiraj, probably.  I don't have the link on me right now, but google is your friend.  They have ubuntu packages too19:25
shirajyeah just found it19:26
shirajsweet thanks19:26
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ZinnI am alive.20:59
ZinnSorry I don't know about skystarhd220:59
ZinnSorry I don't know about skystar20:59
ZinnSorry I don't know about nexus20:59
ZinnSorry I don't know about nexus-s20:59
ZinnSorry I don't know about technotrend21:00
MythbuntuGuest60anyone knows how to get skystar hd2 work with mythbuntu?21:00
tgm4883for the record, it's probably easier to go to the link provided by !help and see what Zinn knows21:01
tgm4883than just randomly guess things21:01
Zinn!help Use ! followed by a topic to get help on the topic (if it exists) example: !logs.  Other available commands: !status, !about, !bug [bug_number].  For a  complete list of my knowledge visit: http://www.baablogic.net/Zinn.cgi21:01
overbusyI bought 2 dvb-s cards (nexus-s and tt S1102) but no one works with MythTv; please help21:02
hadsCheck the linuxtv wiki for card support21:15
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Chaorain9Should I upgrade to Mythbuntu 9?22:19
ChaorainI'm running 8.122:20
hads8.10 is the current stable version. 9.04 is the development version which is yet to be released.22:25
neoneddyquestion: where can I find a file browser in Mythbuntu ?23:48
neoneddydon't everyone answer at once here :-)23:49
neoneddynevermind I found it23:53

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