Rinchenpopey, ping00:07
popeyhi Rinchen00:09
Rinchenpopey, how'd you like be an admin on the nokia experiment?00:09
popeysaw your mail to -news :)00:09
Rinchenwell I just want some other empowered caretakers :-)00:10
Rinchencuz, you know, I have this work thing going on too ;-)00:10
popeyyeah, groovy00:10
Rinchenawesomeness, thanks00:10
* Rinchen waves his wand.00:11
popeyi am already on ovi too :)00:11
* popey receives a mail from lp00:11
Rinchenah cool. I kinda expected people to start befriending me on the social side but so far nobody has00:12
cody-somervilleI think I might go buy one of those things00:15
popeyprobably the most important thing for me about the nokia is a) getting online via bluetooth and/or a cable connected via usb, and b) syncing/backing up my data00:16
popeyneither of which are immediately straightforward in a stock ubuntu system00:16
RinchenBT is easier00:16
Rinchenyou can do the cable using the programs in the community help docs00:17
popeyi have a wvdial conf for my eee which i have used via the cable but.. wvdial - welcome to 199000:17
popeyneeds NM support00:17
Rinchenpopey, there is another way00:17
popeyoh really?00:17
Rinchenyou can load the hotspots software on the nokia and link to it wirelessly00:18
popeyi had not thought about that00:18
popeyis it secure?00:18
popeysecure enough that others on the train wont use it?00:18
Rinchenpopey, http://www.symbian-freeware.com/download-joikuspot.html00:19
Rinchenthere's a professional version with encryption that you can download as well00:19
Rinchenheh saw this popey and immediately though of Matthew Garrett  http://symbian-freeware.com/download-amora.html00:20
popeyooo i need that!00:21
RinchenNokia has really recognized the Android threat and has been churning out some good things lately.  And it's all build on open source which is nifty00:26
Rinchentyche or johnc4510 - ping18:51
tycheRinchen: pong18:51
Rinchenhi ya...18:51
tycheHow goes it?18:51
tycheYou must be despirate, if you're contacting us during your busy day.  Hee hee18:52
Rinchentyche, Good thanks!  If you guys decide to use my nokia experiment as filler in UWN, can you please include a disclaimer that it's not a Canonical or Nokia led group but a grass-roots community effort?18:52
Rinchentyche, it's a problem I get because I work for Canonical18:52
Rinchenpeople think when I do things it's on behalf of canonical vs me actually being a community member18:53
tycheI see no problem with your request.  Selection, of course, is up to johnc4510 or boredandblogging.  I'm just a grunt.  :-)18:54
myrtlebeachbumsIf you're a grunt, what does that make me. Even worse, what does that make kennymc0? :)18:57
tyche"I respectfully decline to answer that question on the grounds that it might incriminate me."18:57
myrtlebeachbumsI could've sworn that answer could have been "I respectfully decline to answer that question on the grounds that it might cause me undue additional work when myrtlebeachbums and kennymc0 tell me to stick it where the sun don't shine." ha ha18:58
tycheNew York State?18:59
myrtlebeachbumsThat's it!18:59
tycheThey're currently being covered with that four letter word starting with "S"19:00
Rinchenwatch it now, I'm originally from New York. :-)19:10
RinchenI had this great button I used to wear "I'm from NY, what's your excuse?"19:11
myrtlebeachbumstyche and I are both former NYers. We were smart and moved to warmer climates though. ;)19:11
myrtlebeachbumsI grew up in Ogdensburg, NY.19:11
Rinchenheh, I moved to Colorado :-)19:11
myrtlebeachbumsWell, not quite warmer but at least you tried.19:11
RinchenI lived in Red Hook (Kingston/Poughkeepsie) during the summer and in Lake George, then later Mechanicsville, during the summer19:12
Rinchenwinter then summer19:12
myrtlebeachbumsI was one of many that went to Lake George / Glens Falls every summer as a kid.19:12
RinchenYep :-D19:12
RinchenThat'd be my excuse as well19:13
tycheSo did my father.  But then, he lived in Glens Falls19:13
RinchenThe first year MTV launched I was in Lake George and got into their airband contest19:13
myrtlebeachbumsI like Myrtle Beach. It's like Lake George without the snow and cold. :)19:13
tycheAh.  You're just a young whippersnapper19:13
myrtlebeachbumsOh? When was that?19:14
RinchenAug 198119:14
tycheI've got KIDS about your age.19:14
Rinchenheh no doubt. Although I admit 40 is a lot better than I thought it would be19:15
myrtlebeachbumsI was going to say - long enough ago to have been when MTV still played videos. Those of us that can remember that ARE old. Not as old as tyche, but still.19:15
tycheWATCH IT!!!19:15
tycheHee hee19:15
* myrtlebeachbums has 110 days 'til 40. 19:15
myrtlebeachbumsWhat're ya going to do - bury me in ITP links? :-P ha ha19:16
Rinchenyou know, we should start a new LP team...  Ubuntu Old Farts19:17
myrtlebeachbumsSign me up. I can tell at almost 40 that I'm the geezer in my Loco.19:17
tycheThat's "Old Wind Breakers"19:17
myrtlebeachbumsIn politically correct terms wouldn't it be "Age accelerated flatulant persons"19:19
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