tritiumirnodefn: sorry I missed your message00:01
tritiumer, ikonia ^^00:02
* Mez headwalls and goes downstairs for a smoke, hoping that when he comes back his wages will be paid and work haven't decided to be an ass and not pay him anything this month (his last one)00:03
bazhangguest95295 now wwwwww in #kubuntu 00:16
PiciPricey: !mintsupport/derivatives doesnt tell eople where to go for support now00:18
Priceyoh, !derivatives references !mintsupport00:19
Pricey!derivatives is also cut off...00:19
ubottuI'll remember that, Pricey00:19
Priceyi didn't use a !00:20
Priceya no!00:20
ubottuThe following are some examples of Ubuntu derived distributions that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes, please consult their websites for more information: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), Ubuntu Ultimate00:20
ubottucut off...00:20
ubottumint is <alias> derivatives - added by LjL on 2008-01-24 22:57:2700:20
Priceyi can't spell00:20
Priceywait which is which :P00:20
ubottuThe following are some examples of Ubuntu derived distributions that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes, please consult their websites for more information: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), Ubuntu Ultimate00:20
Pricey!forget derivatives00:21
ubottuI'll forget that, Pricey00:21
Priceyi can't see the difference in spelling, i must be going blind00:21
ubottuError: unresolvable <alias> to derivatives00:22
Priceyi'm just being a fool00:22
Priceyi'll put it back00:22
ubottumintsupport is <alias> derivatives - added by Pici on 2008-05-22 18:18:08 - last edited by Pricey on 2009-01-30 00:17:1300:22
Priceybut there's not enough space to put all of that derivatives factoid there, notice the ubuntu ultimate ending00:23
PiciBut that is the ending...00:23
Priceyi don't think there's space in the factoid to link to every official support channel for ubuntu derivatives and propose leaving it at "consult their websites for more informatinon)00:23
PiciFair enough00:24
PriceyPici: i believe there used to be a channel after "Ubuntu Ultimate", but in the latest version of it, there was nothing there.00:24
PriceyThe following are some examples of Ubuntu derived distributions that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes,  please consult their websites for more information: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in  #linuxmce), Ubuntu Ultimate00:24
PriceyNo suggested place for support for ultimate ^00:24
PiciPricey: I dont remember that00:24
PiciThere never was iirc00:24
Priceythat's what !mint showed earlier, before i killed everything00:24
Priceyoh i see, meh weird how half have suggested places but that one doesn't00:25
PiciEither way, 'see their websites' works fine for me00:25
PriceyI'll just put it back and we'll see what others think00:26
bazhangcrunchbang is another that perhaps should be added to that !mint factoid00:34
bazhangits actually #!crunchbang 00:35
jribbazhang: you've become the current topic of discussion in #archlinux-offtopic, congratulations01:09
bazhangjrib, heh01:09
Flanneljrib: What are they saying?01:10
bazhangFlannel, dont ask01:10
FlannelI waaannaaaa knooowwwww01:10
bazhangor should that be dont ask dont tell01:10
jribbruenig | I don't know this bazhang; he might be a faux op, a white knight if you will   they go on for a while (your comments apply)01:11
FlannelAwww, I wanna do it01:11
bazhangjrib, I saw the 3P comment01:11
bazhangthey are strange to say the least01:12
jribI'm just banning them now01:12
bazhangthey have a bot that says something unkind (understatement) about ubuntu01:13
jribanyone who I see is clearly in trolling from archlinux-* is getting banned without warning from me01:13
jribit's too ridiculous now01:13
jribmgroman is on this list01:14
bazhangalienjeff is now talking about it01:14
FlannelAh, arch is sending raiding parties.  How... pleasant.01:15
bazhanghave been for a bit now01:15
FlannelI just got home from work (and am leaving in about 30 minutes as well) so I'll just ... stay out of it.01:16
jribI guess I should just turn that forward into a ban01:16
jribhe doesn't seem to be interested in discussing it01:16
Piciheavy lag with the floodbots, taking care of it now, hopefully01:20
bazhang<Nuked> want to go raid ubuntu?01:27
bazhangfrom arch-ot01:27
Tm_Tbazhang: need help with it?01:29
bazhangTm_T, with arch-offtopic? I dont have privileges there01:30
Tm_Tno I mean with our channels01:30
bazhangdont even have arch installed01:30
Tm_Tbazhang: btw if that kind of behaviour keeps on going there, I think st aff should look at it01:31
bazhangTm_T, no, just giving an example of what goes on, the planning to troll #ubuntu channels that happens there01:31
bazhangTm_T, its been going on for some months now, st- a- ff are aware01:31
Tm_Tbazhang: roger, so I can try to get some sleep if lucky then (:01:31
bazhangTm_T, yes that is always a good idea :)01:32
Tm_Tyeah, baby isn't sleeping though so not lucky01:32
bazhangooh right, then you will never sleep 01:33
bazhangor for the next some months I estimate01:33
Tm_Tbazhang: false, I usually sleep like a baby, actually I already slept ~7 hours01:33
bazhangTm_T, nice :)01:34
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (flood)02:23
stdinbots are not behaving02:25
bazhangfb2 is missing I guess02:25
stdinbazhang: there is 1 and 3, so that's not it02:28
bazhangstdin, okay02:28
stdin<FloodBot1> WARNING: spurious PING reply from FloodBot3, probably heavy lag02:28
stdin<FloodBot3> WARNING: spurious PING reply from FloodBot1, probably heavy lag02:28
stdinwell, that's probably a reason02:29
nickrudbazhang, you're famous! Can I get your autograph?02:46
bazhangnickrud, hehe03:06
ubottuIn ubottu, _2 said: no port is "this url does not belong here http://portforward.com " would someone please fix it04:08
* genii sips05:19
Flanneljust don't slip!05:20
geniiScalding coffee in the lap is not my idea of a good time ...05:22
geniiHm. !port is very generic. It could refer to many things. Porting of an app, portmapping in software, portmapping in hardware (which it currently seems to point to)05:24
geniiAlso could be general, referring to a list of what standard ports are for what, etc05:25
ubottuFor instructions on how to set up port-forwarding (for games, torrents, webservers) see http://portforward.com - also see !firewall05:27
Flannelporting an app wouldn't be for #ubuntu (and its likely not really factoid-able anyway)05:28
FlannelI believe the current one is how to set up your router to do so.05:28
FlannelI don't think anyone would need a factoid for port listings.  That doesn't seem like a big use-case05:28
=== bluesmoke_ is now known as Amaranth
geniiFlannel: My thinking is an Ubuntu-based software port forward howto would be more apt than one for hardware routers. But maybe that's just me :)05:35
Flannelgenii: Such as what?  Lots of people running server stuffs for the first time need to know how to forward to their box05:37
FlannelYou mean like how to do it in iptables/etc?05:38
geniiYes, or portmap etc05:38
FlannelI've certainly got no statistics, but I imagine fewer people do that, and also, those who do already are savvy enough to not need a factoid, or at least, the help they'll need won't really be factoid-able.  But, like I said, I'm no expert05:39
ubottuIn ubottu, genii said: _2: Yes, this is true. And what about the LILO people etc? It should give an option of whether to update a bootloader it sees or knows about but otherwise not do anything auto05:46
geniiBah wrong channel05:46
geniiFlannel: I blame it on caffeine deficiency05:47
Flanneltoo much blood in your caffeine system?05:47
geniiHehe, yes05:47
FlannelHi szrhawaii, how can we help you?06:21
=== nickrud is now known as nikrud
Myrttigood morning08:40
hischildstdin, may i have your attention for a second? 08:40
Myrttihischild: how may we help you today?08:40
stdinhischild: you have it08:41
hischildMyrtti, i didn't know how to write stdin his name correctly and from #ubuntu's channel listening i couldn't find it. Knowing he was a channel op i knew i could find him here. It's concerning the admin like panel for the factoids. 08:41
hischildstdin, i have most of the backend ready so far, but i'm not sure if the database connection i'm currently using will be right. I was hoping you could give me the table format that is used for it, so it could be used without to much a hassle.08:42
stdinhischild: it's in the Encyclopedia/README file08:43
hischildstdin, would you be kind to give me a link? i've searched around, but i couldn't find it. 08:43
stdinyou can download the current database file from http://ubottu.com/ubuntu.db08:43
ubottuUbottu uses supybot, which is available in the main !repositories, with additional plugins that are available at http://ubottu.com/clone.html08:43
stdinjust use the bazaar code view from LP08:43
hischildawesome. That's even better then what i hoped. 08:44
stdindirect link: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~tsimpson/ubuntu-bots/tweak/annotate/head%3A/Encyclopedia/README.txt08:44
hischildthanks. I'll make the adjustments needed for it, and i'll give you a shout back. 08:45
stdinthanks :)08:45
hischildthe thanks are for you this time ;-)08:45
Myrttimorning, take two08:58
FlannelHowdy Myrtti08:58
Tm_Tguten dagen09:39
Tm_Tguten tag 5ch samma p5 svenska09:40
ubottuThe operation succeeded.11:01
PiciMyrtti: argh indeed14:14
ubottuIn #kubuntu, ssj4Gogeta said: !foo is foo14:36
ubottuThe operation succeeded.14:56
* genii sips15:50
geniiikonia: I think shizuo may be some bot16:31
ikoniawell, I'm going to speak to him now, why come into a channel and threaten to be bad16:32
ikoniajust trying to find the korean channel for ryu first16:32
ikoniagenii: is 16:01 <+genii> ikonia: I think shizuo may be some bot16:34
ikoniagenii: is shizuo known ?16:35
ikoniahe's claiming he was just being polite that he "may be an issue"16:35
geniiikonia: Just the style of writing and response to others strikes me as eliza-bot like16:37
ikoniawasn't a bot, 16:37
ikoniabut looks like he was trying to troll - ignored all pm's to find out what he meant when he said "I may become an issue" and "the urge maybe too strong"16:38
ikoniabut all of a sudden new how to pm and protest when he was muted16:38
ikonianew how to leave a part message protesting his innocence16:38
geniiIt must be a full moon or something16:39
ikoniacould well be just innocent,16:39
Myrttiscrew economic slump.17:00
MyrttiI got a payrise.17:00
Tm_TMyrtti: and I apparently am getting ~10 job places for LTSP admins17:01
MyrttiTm_T: oh which reminds me17:01
MyrttiI checked from HR and our email has been received17:01
PiciMyrtti: congrats, I did too :)17:04
* genii examines his pocket lint and slumps in economic despair17:06
Tm_TMyrtti: great (:)17:07
Jack_SparrowMyrtti Congrats from the wife and Me...17:10
Myrttifinally my pay begins with a number it should17:12
Jack_Sparrow<nexusz99> hacksilo.co.to <- hack this site please..               muted so he would be less likely to notice17:15
Tm_TMyrtti: 1 ?17:16
MyrttiTm_T: :->17:18
Tm_TMyrtti: anyway, apparently over half of cities/counts (?) here are moving to LTSP in schools17:18
Tm_Tso, awwww <317:19
=== ursula_ is now known as Ursinha
mneptokheya Seeker` 20:00
Seeker`how be?20:13
mneptokobtuse and belligerent!20:13
nikrudlay a line on us mneptok I need a lift :)20:14
nikrudvery very nice, thank you very much20:15
Picioye, lagged20:25
=== Ursinha is now known as Ursinha-afk
* genii sips23:05
geniiSeeker`: Hiya23:07
Seeker`how be23:07
geniiSeeker`: Dazed and Confused ;)23:08

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