tjaaltonbryce: hope it does it's job to silence the minority06:00
brycethanks for mentioning the alt-sysrq-k on the merge thread; I'm not sure how to add replies to that other than replying to emails06:55
tjaaltonyep, me neither07:11
bryceheya mvo07:49
mvohey bryce07:49
* mvo yawns07:50
mvois there a consensus now on the discussion about the dontzap option? 07:53
* mvo reads the mails about it07:54
brycemvo: see my blog as well07:56
pwnguini cant believe it went this long without noticing07:56
brycemvo: I don't know that we necessarily have consensus, but we do have definitive sabdfl direction on it07:56
bryceI don't think we really need the checkbox anyway; we still have alt-sysrq-k which seems to work just as well for me07:58
mvook, I will revert the merge again07:59
brycethanks mvo08:00
tjaaltoni was surprised to see the merge request, since there had not been any discussion about adding it to the capplet08:05
brycetseliot had emailed me and rick privately with the idea.08:07
brycein hindsight probably should have been discussed more widely first08:07
mvoI had the impression this was part of the uds discussion already08:07
mvoa bit unfortunate that alberto did the work on it and now its not being used :/08:08
bryceyeah, for kubuntu we decided at the uds session to have a checkbox for it.  For ubuntu we actually decided to make it available in the xorg.conf options editor08:10
brycehowever tseliot is thinking he may not get that sufficiently done in time, so suggested doing a checkbox for gnome as well, for the time being08:10
* mvo nods08:12
mvoabout the transition for fglrx->ati, I think that is straightforward, I will answer in detail today08:12
brycethanks.  Yeah it will be good to have that in our back pocket08:15
bryceafter my last confcall with them I think we may need that in the future08:16
brycenew troubleshooting guide --  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/HugeFonts08:35
=== seb128_ is now known as seb128
marijus1what are the prerequisites to get kms working on jaunty with intel?09:59
jcristaumarijus1: a new kernel, and possibly rebuilding the driver against that10:00
jcristaunot sure about the latter10:01
marijus1i got .29-rc310:01
RAOFDepends on how much you want X to work, I think.10:01
marijus1well... i tried... and gdm was kind of not messed up10:02
jcristauif you want things to work somewhat better, you probably want master of the driver and libdrm, instead of the releases10:02
RAOFAnd probably building the kernel modules from master wouldn't hurt.10:02
jcristauRAOF: .29-rc3 is fine10:03
jcristauresults will depends on the chipset, too. and you need to use uxa iirc10:03
marijus1so jaunty libdrm is not suited for that?10:03
RAOFCool.  Ish.  More cool would be if nouveau did it :)10:03
marijus1i got an 855GM :)10:06
jcristauah. that's probably not going to work10:06
marijus1not yet... or never ever?10:06
jcristaunot yet10:07
marijus1well i guess ill try anyway...10:07
marijus1does it also have anything to do with mesa?10:10
brycemarijus1: 855 is just such an old chip...10:11
marijus1i know :)10:11
dholbachhello my friends - how are you doing?11:20
dholbachI was wondering if somebody knew the magic silver bullet to make my compose key and the "usual accents" and stuff work on my intrepid and jaunty again11:21
dholbach~n  'e  `e  ^e  ,c  "i  is the stuff that I get right now11:21
dholbachwith German Eliminate Dead keys11:21
dholbachand a compose key set11:21
dholbachthe might seb128 says it might be xkeyboardconfig11:23
dholbachœ ñ é è ê ç ï - seems like I have to use the right strg key11:27
dholbacheverything else either blocks other key combinations or does not work11:27
dholbachthe behaviour definitely changed11:28
Ngmmm, compose. I probably can't help, I just told gnome to use Alt-Gr as compose and it kinda just worked with the UK layour ;)11:34
dholbachthanks Ng - I fixed it now11:46
dholbachusing "Germany" instead of "Germany Eliminate Dead Keys"11:46
dholbachand the right win key or is it a menu key(?) does not work for me11:47
dholbachGermany with Ctrl as compose works11:47
dholbachvery weird11:47
dholbachI hope I get it working on jaunty on the other machine now too11:47
dholbachI felt stupid and illiterate for not writing names properly :)11:47
dholbachworks in jaunty now too11:51
* dholbach is happy11:51
dholbachthanks again my X friends11:51
ograhmm, did Xorg drop support for ~/.xsession ? 13:08
ogracreating a .xsession in my homedir that just contains xterm makes startx fail 13:08
ograremoving that file gets me to a desktop proper13:09
jcristaudefine fail13:09
ograits in qemu ... so it uses fb0 ... i see (==) using config file: "/etc/X11/xorg.conf" which is a completely empty file apparently 13:12
ogranext line says "Primary device is not PCI" (how did it know that ! :) )13:12
ograthen an xkbcomp warning 13:13
ograand then: waiting for X server to shut down ddxSigGiveUP: closing log13:13
ograthats all13:13
ograremoving .xsession just works13:14
ograits an armel install done with d-i with yesterdays iso 13:15
ogragdm works as well btw ... but both, gnome and gdm are just to heavy since the arm qemu has a restriction to 256M13:16
ograso i wanted to use an xterm to be at least able to test single apps13:16
ogranothing in the log either, no errors or anything13:17
ogralooks like X itself comes up fine but doesnt go to the .xsession file 13:19
ograsame if i put gnome-terminal instead f xterm in there13:21
ograhmm, works with metacity (which indeed doesnt get me anywhere)13:22
ograargh and no zapping ... 13:22
* ogra reboots the VM and grumbles13:22
ogrametacity &13:25
ogradoesnt work either 13:25
ograthe other way round metacity starts but i dont get an xterm ... 13:26
* ogra doesnt get it13:27
ograaha !13:28
ogra.xsession-errors: xterm Xt error: Unresolved inheritance operation13:29
ograwhatever that means ... it prevents treminals from starting apparently13:29
tjaaltonbryce: heh, not a single comment on your blog, or maybe they are on the moderation queue?14:20
brycetjaalton, oh yeah probably in the moderation queue17:59
Rocket2DMnhey bryce , got a few minutes?19:00
bryceRocket2DMn: sure19:02
Rocket2DMncool, ive been working on bug 322610 triage for a friend19:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 322610 in linux "[Regression] Screen brightness not 100% at boot or resume from monitor sleep" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32261019:02
Rocket2DMnive been having trouble deciding on the package to file under, im thinking it might be the intel driver though, which is why im asking you19:03
Rocket2DMnsince in Xorg.0.log intel is talking about the backlight19:03
brycegnome-power-manager would be my first guess19:04
bryceoften problems with backlights are ACPI issues rather than X.19:04
Rocket2DMnyeah the bug was originally filed under gpm19:04
brycethat said, there have been some cases where it is the video driver that's at fault.19:05
Rocket2DMnbut the problem kicked in only after a kernel upgrade, so i filed it under linux as a hardware regression19:05
Rocket2DMnthe kernel upgrade came in the other day, the intel driver update a few days before19:05
bryceyep that's also possible19:05
keesRocket2DMn: you can booting an earlier kernel, or downgrading the intel driver?19:05
Rocket2DMnkees, i had him reboot into an older kernel and the problem goes away19:06
Rocket2DMnthere are attachments on the bug from both kernels, but the logs basically line up19:06
Rocket2DMnthere was a quirk in hal, the older kernel picked up 2 compter_backlight entries, whereas the new kernel only saw one19:06
Rocket2DMnthinkpad_acpi has some stuff in kern.log but its the same in both, it looks like its surrendering control19:08
Rocket2DMnwhich seems normal in this case19:08
bryceyeah, sounding a lot like an acpi kernel issue19:09
bryceRocket2DMn: speak with ogasawara who is the kernel bug triage person, to help get attention on your bug19:09
Rocket2DMnalright, its not my bug, its a friend's19:10
Rocket2DMnill ping her about that19:10
Rocket2DMndo you think its ok under linux or should it be under acpi-support?19:10
pwnguinits kind of unfortunate that one person determines what kernel devs do and don't see19:10
pwnguinif you follow all the triage rules, it still won't make it onto her "suggested bugs of the week" list19:11
Rocket2DMni think sometimes she is a little slow to look at some bugs, but im sure the kernel team is very busy19:11
pwnguinrocket2dmn: well, its also easy to fall off her radar19:12
Rocket2DMnyeah, i dont doubt that19:12
bryceat least there is a process; it was worse before19:12
Rocket2DMnhehe, yeah, i guess they decided at the last UDS to not have triagers assign bugs to the kernel team either19:13
Rocket2DMni think that's unfortunate, but i hope it helps their process19:14
brycetjaalton, ok comments are up at http://www2.bryceharrington.org:8080/drupal/zap19:16
tjaaltonbryce: cool :)19:19
bryceheh, most common message is that yet again macbook is missing keys19:20
bryceit baffles me why people buy macbooks when they are missing so much functionality19:21
jcristautell them to get a real computer :)19:21
bryceanyway, presumably they still have a power button at least19:21
tjaaltonbryce: hmm, still can't see the comments there19:45
brycereally? hm19:57
brycetjaalton, try reloading?  they should all be there19:58
tjaaltonstill nothing.. bad firefox20:00
tjaaltonoh well, maybe I don't want to read them anyway20:00
tjaaltons/want to/*shouldn't*/20:01
tjaaltonuh, s/don't//20:01
tseliottjaalton: firefox knows what's better for you :-P20:02
tjaaltontseliot: seems to be the trend ;)20:02
* tseliot -> away20:02
bryceI really need to upgrade drupal...20:03
brycetjaalton, could you try again?  I tried a different method for publishing the comments this time20:05
tjaaltonbryce: shiny.. works this time20:06
tjaaltonnothing too alarming there. on my thinkpad I don't need to use Fn, but altgr instead of alt20:29
tjaaltonso maybe documenting "the new behaviour" isn't that straightforward as would be ideal20:30
brycetjaalton oh btw, what do you think of that patch for kees' bug to change the max client limit?20:33
jcristauhrm. the vmmouse_detect(1) manpage upstream says 'report bugs to launchpad'.20:48
jcristaushould that be changed to fd.o bugzilla?20:48
brycejcristau: interesting; yes that should be changed20:50
jcristauthe manpage has your copyright so it's not too surprising, just noticed it while looking at getting the latest version in experimental20:51
brycejcristau: wow nice.  I didn't know about @PACKAGE_BUGREPORT@ before21:36
jcristauyeah it's the third argument to AC_INIT21:37
tjaaltonbryce: yeah, I do agree22:14
bryceworking on the 'High CPU' bugs this afternoon22:14
tjaaltonthe gnome-madness bug you say?22:15
bryceit feels very nice to be able to drop bugs as "looks like a client-side application problem to me"22:15
bryceoh all over the place.  one was an xfce-theme problem (just two themes triggered it)22:15
bryce"I notice these two themes do some really intense gradient animation... no idea if that's related..."22:16
brycealso appears kde was doing monitor polling with xrandr calls every 10 sec at some point too22:16
bryceit drives me crazy that even after people realize the problem was caused by something other than X, they still blame X for their problems ;-)22:18
brycesilly people22:18
tjaaltonyeah, more work for the cluebat22:21
brycetjaalton, btw I pushed out the xorg changes that were sitting in git.  Figured we should get them out for alpha-4 next week22:29
brycemaking bug 294972 master for cpu load issues22:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 294972 in xorg "MASTER: xorg high cpu usage, general system sluggishness" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/29497222:33
tjaaltonbryce: ok, did you push the release commit?-)23:01
bryceoh yeah23:01
tjaaltonk, our spamfilter must've eaten it23:02
bryceno I mean, "Oh yeah, <mumble> git <mumble> needs to be committed still..."23:02
bryceoh btw, seb128 is thinking about dropping the forced 96 dpi in gnome next week at the sprint23:04
bryceso we might get more of those "HUGE font" bugs23:04
tjaaltondid I already ask about 'gdm on vt1'?-)23:05
tjaaltonI guess we need a flamewar for jaunty+1 too23:06
brycewe need a section in the release notes titled, "How X will piss you off to no end in this release of Ubuntu"23:07
tjaaltonI've been running X on vt1 since UDS. very few changes needed, gdm and system-services (drop /etc/event.d/tty1)23:08
brycewe can end it with a link to the Wayland home page23:08
tjaalton"a teaser of what we'll see... in 2017!"23:09
bryceok, high cpu bugs done.  I was able to drop x from almost all of them, except a couple that actually were xserver lockups23:32
bryceok, lunchtime23:32
tjaaltonwhoa, first real nouveau bug23:35
tjaaltonbug 32337723:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 323377 in xserver-xorg-video-nouveau "X fails to start with nouveau driver on nforce2" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32337723:35
bryceI'll close it23:46
tjaaltonwell, even though it's not really supported, it might be nice to see how the driver progresses23:47
brycehank you for testing the new -nouveau driver and reporting your finding of a problem.23:48
bryceHowever, while we are providing -nouveau for testers to experiment with, we are not yet supporting -nouveau in Ubuntu and will not be following up on this bug at this time.23:48
bryceIt sounds like you have a good lead on finding a solution to this problem associated with lvds detection though, and I would strongly encourage you to contact the upstream developers directly and work with them on finding a solution.23:48
tjaaltongetting late.. night!23:59

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