carpiiok, well thats where its kept00:00
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e-rod( sorry I don't speak english )00:00
sethikonia: no change on the relogging for either user. Anything else I can check? I turned nscd off so I won't be looking at cached ldap info00:00
Slartgbear142751: perhaps dpkg might be able to do the uninstall00:00
carpiiif you mean the config file which tells X how to use your video card and monitors etc00:00
e-rodis there another file ?00:00
ShockSlart: was kinda messy00:00
Shockgbear142751: was I unclear in some way?:)00:00
gbear142751Shock: perhaps... did you mention you have tried the adobe v10 for 64bit linux already?00:01
carpiie-rod, not that I know of. what problem are you having ?00:01
e-rodit's complicated since I'm a newbie00:01
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Shockgbear142751: no, if it's beta i'm not installing it on my production machine00:01
e-rodit works fine00:01
e-rodbut some effecs don't work well00:02
e-rodsome compiz effects00:02
carpiiyou have single monitor or dual?00:02
gbear142751Shock: I'm sorry, you said you were a developer... didn't realize it was a production machine00:02
Slartgbear142751: new command to try  "dpkg --purge linux-image-2.6.27-7-generic"00:02
e-rodyeah  a single00:02
edjusomewhere in the partimage docs, it says that the partition to restore must have the same size as the saved partition.  does that refer to the data to be restored, or the actual partition that was saved?00:02
carpiihm ok, maybe you need to try a different driver. I dont use compiz since it doesnt work well on dual monitors00:02
Shockgbear142751: AFAIK there's no stable 64bit java plugin00:02
danbhfivegbear142751: that will remove other packages, like linux-generic I think.    if you add --force-depends, it will only remove that package00:03
i-pinksomebody can help me with ssh00:03
e-rodI just thought there were a second file00:03
erUSULedju: the partition afaics that's how i read it00:03
DIFH-ice1oot!ask | i-pink00:03
ubottui-pink: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:03
sidewalkim having problems draging stuff when double tapping my touchpad00:03
e-rodwell.. I'm doing some updates... maybe it will fix it00:03
i-pinkha ok..00:03
gbear142751Shock: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=NjkyOQ00:03
e-rodthanks! :)00:04
sidewalkfor example scrollbars and such are problematic moving when double tapping, anyone have any ideas how i solve this? i have a dell laptop00:04
gbear142751Shock: or more directly : https://jdk6.dev.java.net/6uNea.html00:04
i-pinki have 2 computers, and i want to make luncher on the first computer to open program on the other computer00:05
gbear142751danbhfive: Already ran it but it didn't do it completely... slark only a few lines of errors: rmdir: failed to remove `/lib/modules/2.6.27-7-generic': Directory not empty00:05
gbear142751dpkg - warning: while removing linux-image-2.6.27-7-generic, directory `/lib/modules/2.6.27-7-generic' not empty so not removed.00:05
yorchHi, I've install ubuntu 8.10 64bits on a pc with 4GB ram, but I only get reconized 3.2GB.. bios can see all 4GB.. any ideas please?00:05
Shockgbear142751: it's Early Access; it's not released as stable00:05
i-pinki have 2 computers, and i want to make luncher on the first computer to open program on the other computer00:06
erUSULyorch: are you sure it 64 bit ubuntu ??00:06
i-pinkis 32 bit00:06
erUSULyorch: what does "uname -m" say ??00:06
yorchyes.. Linux lennon 2.6.27-9-generic #1 SMP Thu Nov 20 22:15:32 UTC 2008 x86_64 GNU/Linux00:06
gbear142751Shock: yup... just was giving a heads up in case you didn't know... so hopefully though you'll be able to get stable versions soon00:06
Slartgbear142751: my last try  "dpkg --purge --force-all linux-image-2.6.27-7-generic"00:06
erUSULyorch: /me puzzled00:06
Shockgbear142751: how about the windows only binary codecs? do they work on 64bit?00:07
gbear142751slart... hmm: gbear14275@Mustache:~$ dpkg --purge --force-all linux-image-2.6.27-7-generic00:07
gbear142751dpkg: operation requires read/write access to dpkg status area00:07
gbear142751gbear14275@Mustache:~$ sudo dpkg --purge --force-all linux-image-2.6.27-7-generic00:07
gbear142751dpkg - warning: ignoring request to remove linux-image-2.6.27-7-generic which isn't installed.00:07
FloodBot1gbear142751: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:07
gbear142751crap... sorry should have pastebinned that00:08
Slartgbear142751: put a sudo in front of that00:08
gbear142751slart... i did on the second one00:08
yorchon dmesg I've found this: BIOS-e820: 00000000fec00000 - 0000000100000000 (reserved)00:08
Shockyorch: opensuse supports more than 4GB on 32bit00:08
rockenrolai-pink: what is your problem?00:08
Slartgbear142751: ah.. so it has removed the package now.. try "sudo apt-get install -f" again00:08
i-pinki have 2 computers, and i want to make luncher on the first computer to open program on the other computer00:08
erUSULyorch: take alook at this links http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=80511600:08
yorchthe problem is that im in love of ubuntu for a couple years :D00:09
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rockenrolai-pink: did you installed s ssh server?00:09
thief`is there someone i could pm to ask about how to install vmware? i have some easy queries - i'm stuck.00:09
i-pinkrockenrola: yes00:09
Shockyorch: yeah...get over it, nothing lasts forever :)00:09
gbear142751Shock: that I'm not sure of... this is my home cpu so I'm running the 64bit beta's... sorry00:09
i-pinkand it work good on putty00:09
gbear142751Shock: wait... was that sarcastic?00:09
isaakredvamp128,  ok apparently something went wrong00:10
isaaki had to restart computer00:10
Shockgbear142751: no, i'm genuinely interested; i need those to work before i can switch00:10
gbear142751Slart: restart required!  looks like it may be working! :)  brb and let you know00:10
Slartthief`: you could just ask here in the channel.. might be easier to get an answer or two that way00:10
yorchShock: lol00:10
rockenrolai-pink: are you able to log into the other pc?00:10
i-pinkrockenrola: but is make me crazy to open putty all the time00:10
Slartgbear142751: oops.. restart required?.. that wasn't the kernel you were running, right?00:10
VdubCan I use Gparted to non destructivly resize my .boot partition?00:11
Shockyorch: i've heard that KDE support in opensuse is awesome also :)00:11
i-pinkrockenrola: i dont understend00:11
yorcherUSUL: thanks! I'm taking a look.. I found similar posts but my bios does not have that kind of options00:11
rockenrolai-pink: can you login from computer A into computer B?00:11
greenrubycan anyone please tell me how to change the passphrase on encrypted ubuntu?00:12
i-pinkrockenrola: login on ssh?00:12
DoonzHey guy's. "screen" locked up on me so i killed the window and when i started a new screen im now getting a whole bunch of error. http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m2a10ce5c00:12
ShockVdub: you should be able to00:12
SlartVdub: I think gparted can resize ext3-partitions, yes.. but backups are always good00:12
quickmeowon mac osx, where is the root directory for the built in web server?00:12
ShockVdub: make a backup just in case with dd00:13
Slartquickmeow: wrong channel00:13
rockenrolai-pink: yes, ssh serves to login remotely into other computers00:13
quickmeowSlart: woops, do you have an answer?00:13
thief`is there someone i could pm to ask about how to install vmware? i have some easy queries - i'm stuck.00:13
Slartquickmeow: nope00:13
kazekagiAnyone know how i can get permission too the folder USR?00:14
gbear14275Slart: hmm... still a file in the /boot with the -7 kernel, but its smaller00:14
rockenrolai-pink: you have to better describe your problem. I am guessing here00:14
i-pinkrockenrola: now i work on ssh, and i want to make it automatic..00:14
Slartgbear14275: but you don't get any errors when you run "sudo apt-get install -f" ?00:14
gbear14275Slart: uh oh... now getting this error when I check for updates W: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net intrepid Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY C5E6A5ED249AD24C00:14
gbear14275Slart: using package manager00:15
vockRunning Ubuntu 8.10, uninstalled all my nvidia drivers because they weren't working, manually installed nvidia-glx-177 and restarted X server, but it still isn't using the nvidia driver, any help? Rebuilt my xorg.conf with dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg and then nvidia-xconfig, pastebin: http://pastebin.com/m166933bc00:15
Slartgbear14275: ah.. you can ignore that for now00:15
gbear14275Shock: I am unsure about the binaries... BUT... they also said they just released 64bit wine... may be another option00:15
gbear14275slart... ok00:15
tsuna27i recently read this http://www.ubuntu.com/usn/usn-714-1, did update manager automaticly download the patches00:15
i-pinkrockenrola: how i can make it?00:15
Slartgbear14275: now.. check in synaptic which kernels you have installed.. remove the older ones00:15
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Slartgbear14275: use the "completely remove" option00:15
petermhi i wanted to try teamspeak but local test doesn't work with /dev/dsp as audio device00:16
petermwhich should i use?00:16
petermmicrophone does work00:16
petermi hear myself00:16
FloodBot1peterm: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:16
ubuntumisticcan anyone please tell me how to change the passphrase on encrypted ubuntu?00:16
rockenrolai-pink: I don't understand your problem. what do you want to make automatic? what is your current setup?00:16
Slartpeterm: run it as "aoss teamspeak" to make it use alsa.. or "papsd teamspeak" to make it use pulseaudio00:17
RediXe_Anyone able to help me with getting a reverse vnc setup working? Everything appears to be working but the dialog isn't popping up when they connect to us. The workarounds are outdated as we are using 8.10. Thanks!00:17
Bizzehubuntumistic: you dont... to do that, the entire drive would need to be decrypted, and then reencrypted with the new key00:17
thief`anyone able to help?00:17
Slartpeterm: you're welcome00:17
gbear14275Slart: seems to indicate only 9 and 11 now00:17
i-pinkrockenrola: no, i want to press on a luncher on computer A and it open program on computer B00:18
Slartgbear14275: well.. remove the older one00:18
petermslart, which command should i use to make it use oss?00:18
Slarti-pink: try using ssh00:18
petermforget it00:18
sproaty_Is there some tool to convert PPT -> pdf/some image format? I don't think imagemagick can.00:18
gbear14275lol, ok... booted into 9 because wasn't sure 11 was fully installed00:18
gbear14275brb again00:18
Slartpeterm: it uses oss by default I think.. but ubuntu isn't really oss friendly.. make it use alsa or pulse00:18
ubuntumisticBizzeh, how can i do that00:18
Bizzehubuntumistic: no idea00:18
erUSULsproaty_: openoffice00:19
gbear14275btw... side topic... says there is a new nvidia 180 restricted driver out there and i'm using 177... should I dl it?00:19
i-pinkSlart: i work with ssh now, but with putty00:19
gbear14275or would it detect it automatically?00:19
erUSULgbear14275: no you should use the distro provided package00:19
Slartgbear14275: you'll be fine without it I think.. one problem at a time00:19
rdw200169gbear14275, generally, if you're not having problems, don't touch it!  (it's magic)00:19
Rafaelerror 25 on boot, any clue?00:19
gbear14275erUSUL: I don't think the distro has a compatible package00:19
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gbear14275rdw200169: ok00:20
Slarti-pink: so ssh to the computer and run the program.. make sure you set the DISPLAY enviroment variable to something reasonable and the program should pop up on the other comptuer00:20
DoonzHey guy's. "screen" locked up on me so i killed the window and when i started a new screen im now getting a whole bunch of error. http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m2a10ce5c00:20
rockenrolai-pink: what is the program?00:20
SlartRafael: google for grub error codes.. tell us what error 25 means00:20
sproaty_erUSUL: can it be called upon from the command line to do the conversion?00:20
i-pinkrockenrola: the program is lamp control00:20
Vubii restarted my computer and i'm missing the titlebars and start menus how do i install them back?00:21
TakeABowHey, can i change root password?00:21
xevilerror 25 is disk read error, I think00:21
petermok now i can hear other people talking00:21
petermbut they don't hear me :-(00:21
DIFH-ice1ootTakeABow: sudo passwd00:22
Slartpeterm: mic boost is on? you are recording from the microphone?00:22
TakeABowice1oot, what do i type?00:22
RediXe_Anyone able to help me with getting a reverse vnc setup working? Everything appears to be working but the dialog isn't popping up when they connect to us. The workarounds are outdated as we are using 8.10. Thanks!00:22
petermslart, yes i'm recording form the microphone00:22
DIFH-ice1ootTakeABow: sudo passwd00:23
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo00:23
Vubiis their a way a can revert ubuntu to previous update?00:23
HectorThere is no root password.00:24
SlartVubi: nothing automatic, no00:24
Hectorubotto: You've enlightened me.00:24
HectorThank you.00:24
VubiSlart:  i did some updates and now i am missing the start menu and such00:24
gluonmanI'm having difficulty installing flash4linux (f4l). Is it even a current project? How can I install it?00:24
zhaozhouubottu, why do you not say you are a bot anymore? :<00:24
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:24
JeruvyHector: ubottu is a bot  you can ask him many things (but do so in #ubuntu-bots or PM)00:24
SlartVubi: updates don't usually make the menus disappear00:24
TakeABowah, thanks i've changed it now ^__^00:25
HectorIt has still enlightened me.00:25
SlartVubi: check for error messages in /var/log/syslog00:25
VubiSlart: I uninstalled some evolution thing and it took a bunch of plugins out00:25
zhaozhouMhm. :-)00:25
i-pinkbash or bush??00:25
SlartVubi: oh.. that might explain it.. it probably uninstalled a lot of things.. try installing the package ubuntu-desktop00:25
fiberhello... i was wondering.. is there a way to set a hook in the  gnome networking tool so that a custom script is run after connection to a specific network (or maybe even any network.. i could process that part myself)00:26
TrenterQuestion:  I just updated my linux kernel and it deleted my boot options to my recovery drive and my windows partition, how do I restore them?00:26
VubiSlart: That did it thank you !00:26
ubottuWe don't support a root password so don't suggest one unless you are going to be here 24/7 to help someone who has problems as a result of having one, many thanks ;-)00:26
petermSlart, they do hear me!00:27
petermbut it's ways too not loud00:27
rockenrolai-pink: on a linux box "ssh -X flip@localhost gcalctool" will do what you want. I don't know about putty00:27
i-pinkhow i can write script to connect via ssh00:27
SlartVubi: don't uninstall evolution.. for some reason a lot of stuff depends on evolution00:27
gbear14275Slart: YOU ROCK!  ok i think i got -9 off completely00:27
gbear14275Slart: where do I make my donations?00:27
VubiSlart: I though it was just the email client but it uses alot of other things :P00:27
naki-pink: Ask a coherent question.00:27
dou213hi guys, i have a usb-stick which i want to mount on ubuntu > what was the cmd again? mount vfat ?00:27
Slartgbear14275: awesome.. now answers the next person that asks about that =)00:27
Jeruvyfiber: not really answering your question, but why not a start script to do this (in bash...)?00:27
SlartVubi: indeed =)00:28
jordo2323All of a sudden my sound doesn't work. I am running an Audigy 2Z and don't believe it's the card. What can I do to test?00:28
thief`dou213, sudo mount /dev/sdc1 /media/usbstick00:28
rdw200169fiber, you could take a shot with screwing around in /etc/network/if-*.d/00:28
Slartpeterm: well.. then it's time to play with the mixer settings and see if you can get louder00:28
benjamin_anybody got any idea how to get bluetooth running on a toshiba a200 with built in bluetooth?00:28
dou213thief`, thx00:28
thief`if it says /media/usbstick dir not found, then sudo mkdir /media/usbstick first.00:28
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gbear14275Slart: ok... but what I remember was that there were terminal commands involving the -f command, we tried dpkg, and then it stumbled to a success00:28
petermslart, mixer is all maxed is there some tweak?00:28
jordo2323Have there been any issues with recent updates and sound?00:28
gbear14275Slart: but I'll take better notes next time00:29
Slartgbear14275: apt-get is a bit too polite.. dpkg just doesn't take no for an answer.. dpkg -f is even nastier =)00:29
rdw200169fiber, for example, when you install firestarter, it puts a script in /etc/if-up.d/ that runs when an interface comes up; this is linux networking related, not networkmanager, though; this may make what you want to do more reliable00:29
fiberrdw200169: hrm... sounds promising! do you think that is called after dhcp though?00:29
dou213thief`, "mount: mount point /media/sdc1 does not exist"00:29
Slartpeterm: nothing I know of.. some soundcards have this problem..00:30
Nubbiehi everybody, i need to enable DVI out on my radeon 9550 card using fglrx. Can somebody please point me in the right direction?00:30
gbear14275Slart: ah I think i get what happened then... dpkg made room for apt-get to work basically by uninstalling what it could00:30
Slartgbear14275: sounds about right00:30
Jack_Sparrowdou213 What are you tring to do00:30
dou213thief`, the cmd i ran was > sudo /dev/sdc1 /media/sdc100:30
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thief`ok, that is good,00:30
gbear14275slart... can I ask one more?  W: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net intrepid Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY C5E6A5ED249AD24C?00:30
thief`first do sudo mkdir /media/sdc100:30
rdw200169fiber, i think it follows the same rules as /etc/rc*/ where you number the scripts in the order they should be run00:30
Slartgbear14275: ah.. that one.. hang on00:30
TakeABowis there anything interesting i can do with a 100/100 mbit ubuntu box with not much processing power?00:30
dou213Jack_Sparrow, i want to mount my usb-device00:30
thief`or4n_, if you like, name it someting you like... as in /media/greenstick00:30
thief`something you'll remember.00:30
dou213it is fat32 in windows00:31
rdw200169fiber, i don't know though, you should go look around in there though, it shouldn't be *too* complicated ;)00:31
Jack_Sparrowdou213 thief has it right00:31
jordo2323All of a sudden my sound system doesn't work on my Ubuntu box. I have recently updated and rebooted the system. I didn't notice it at first, but the sound system is dead?  Anyone have any ideas?00:31
TrenterQuestion:  I recently updated my linux kernel and it removed my windows partition and my rescue drive partition.  How do I go about restoring them?00:31
gbear14275Slart: I'll be here for another 5 hours... then I might have to sleep00:31
NubbieTakeABow: turn it into a router with DDwrt?00:31
thief`i'm a mad n00b, but that i do know... hahah00:31
fiberrdw200169: haha, for sure... well thanks for the tip! i'll let you know if i find anything interesting out00:31
TakeABowNubbie: It's not on my network, would be useless00:31
Slartgbear14275: oh, this will just take a minute00:31
gbear14275TakeABow: I second the firewall/router option00:31
NubbieTrenter: upgrading a kernel cannot trash your partitions. something else went wrong somewhere.00:32
dou213maybe first i got to create the folder in /media?00:32
rdw200169fiber, generally, i have my interfaces in /etc/network/interfaces and I use ifup / ifdown to bring them up and down00:32
gbear14275TakeABow: Nubbie I prefer tomato though... but thats just what I use for my wrt5400:32
Jack_Sparrowdougl that is what thief said yes00:32
rdw200169fiber, this way, all the appropriate scripts related to their initialization are run; this works for me w/dhcp00:32
thief`dou213, after that, google mount usb fstab   - there is good info in there, to edit the fstab and make life happier.00:32
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thief`dou213,  first type sudo mkdir /media/greenusbkey00:32
NubbieTakeABow: turn it into a media slave, throw a bunch of beefy hard drives in and set it up as a file server00:32
TrenterNubbie:  After updating my system it asked a question about linux kernel because it was updating, I said yes and now my windows boot option is gone00:32
rdw200169fiber, i'm *pretty* sure networkManager does the same thing, it would not make sense *not* to... i don't know though, i never have any luck w/NetworkManager00:32
thief`dou213,  then type sudo mount /dev/sdc1 /media/greenusbkey00:32
dou213thief`, ok thx :)00:33
gbear14275Trenter: how did you do your update?00:33
Nubbiegbear14275: i have ddwrt because i don't have enough flash space for tomato.00:33
thief`dou213,  it's ok that it is fat00:33
TrenterThe update manager00:33
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NubbieTrenter: it didn't remove the partitions though, it just modified your bootloader00:33
vockRunning Ubuntu 8.10, uninstalled all my nvidia drivers because they weren't working, manually installed nvidia-glx-177 and restarted X server, but it still isn't using the nvidia driver, any help? Rebuilt my xorg.conf with dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg and then nvidia-xconfig, pastebin: http://pastebin.com/m166933bc00:33
Nubbie!grub > Trenter00:33
ubottuTrenter, please see my private message00:33
spawnhow do i get the luncher on the bottom ubuntu with the big icons and u can throw them around the screen and they go back to the bar00:33
d0netsFNhey im trying to ssh00:34
Nubbiehi everybody, i need to enable DVI out on my radeon 9550 card using fglrx. Can somebody please point me in the right direction?00:34
crunchbangok im tryin to boot from an external harddrive and i created a partition gave it the boot flag and everything set up00:34
dou213thief`, another error: "mount: special device /dev/sdc1 does not exist"00:34
crunchbangwont boot, but its not the first partition?00:34
dou213are u sure it is sdc?00:34
gbear14275Nubbie: I was lucky... my friend asked me if I could get his router to pick up spare wireless... I said sure!  (planning on ddwrt micro) went over there and they had a 3.1!  I said, "HERE, just take mine I'll get this old one off your hands"  Been happy ever since :)00:34
Nubbiecrunchbang: modify your bios settings to boot from USB00:34
fiberrdw200169: right, well i normally go with both... this way is best because i doubt the network manager wrote it's own i[fw]config programs, it's probably just a front end... i just want to be able to control some things once i get dhcp on several choice networks00:34
d0netsFNand it says connection refused, when i try to ssh localhost it says permissions 0777 for etc/ssh/ssh_host_dsa_key are to open ubuntu00:34
Slartgbear14275: can you pastebin the output of this command? "cat /etc/apt/source.list" ?00:34
Nubbiegbear14275: lol00:34
thief`wwhen you typed mkdir ... what exactly did you type?00:34
crunchbangNubbie:will boot from my flash drive not my external harddrive, realises its ther jus wont boot00:34
xim_is there a tool that will tell you what programs are using how much network bandwidth?00:34
rdw200169fiber, then ifup/ifdown are the way to go00:34
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gbear14275Slart: no cause it says it doesn't exist, but I'll track down my sources list for you00:35
rdw200169fiber, ipconfig/ip are tools that do network initialization manually; i.e. 'ip addr add dev eth0' is the manual addition of an IP, which doesn't use the if-up (etc...) scripts00:35
Slartgbear14275: ah.. typo.. my bad "cat /etc/apt/sources.list" I forgot the s00:35
dou213thief`, sudo mkdir /media/sdc1   >>> creates the folder sdc1 in /media... the sudo mount /dev/sdc1 /media/sdc100:36
rdw200169fiber, when you have stuff in /etc/network/interfaces though, ifup/ifdown are preferred00:36
thief`dou213, ok, now your looking good.00:36
jordo2323I recently updated my system and now my sound doesn't work. I have rebooted twice and still nothing. Anyone have any ideas?00:36
thief`type ls /media/sdc100:36
rdw200169fiber, it doesn't matter if it's set for static or dhcp (or something else for that matter); it's a very useful tool.  that, and you can easily accomplish what you want to do using that00:36
thief`and it'll list what is on your usbkey00:36
dou213thief`, empty00:37
Nubbiebah thanks anyways guys, night00:37
gbear14275Slart: http://paste.ubuntu.com/111502/  (yeah figured out it was a mistype when I went looking for it, figured it was a problem on my end)00:37
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rdw200169fiber, if what you want to do is simple, you can add pre-up commands to your /etc/network/interfaces directly, though;  i do this when i set up a bridge, for example; or bring up a virtualBox interface and add it to a bridge00:37
crunchbanganymore help, i cant boot from second partition of my external harddrive00:37
thief`dou213, that means your usb key has nothing on it.00:37
thief`does that make sense?00:37
dou213thief`, impossible00:38
dou213thief`, why the error when trying to mount?00:38
_patrickdTakeABow: You can use sudo <command> to do anything you can do as root in ubuntu as it doesn't really use the root account00:38
thief`what error do you see?00:38
Slartgbear14275: check this page https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA#Adding%20a%20PPA%20to%20your%20Ubuntu%20repositories00:38
dou213"mount: special device /dev/sdc1 does not exist"00:38
thief`ok. sorry00:39
thief`type sudo fdisk -l00:39
Slartgbear14275: there is a section about "Adding a PPAs keys to your system".. that's what you want to do00:39
thief`thta will list what is plugged in.00:39
fiberrdw200169: true, but it's probably cleaner to keep it modular and put the scripts in the /etc/network/if-up.d folder... i've faced hell after over-customizing scripts like that!00:39
thief`dont worry fdisk is not the same in linux as it is in windows.00:39
thief`it won't format your drive...00:39
gbear14275Slart: thanks! will do... btw thanks alot for the help and I don't mind pitching a few bucks to a donation spot of your choice if you have any favorite projects or anything... (offers on the table)00:40
dou213:) and now? it shows the partitions00:40
dou213oh it is sdb00:40
dou213not sdc1 :)00:40
dou213found it00:41
thief`good job.00:41
Slartgbear14275: nah.. but do hang around in the channel and help others with problems.. that will make me sleep better at night00:41
=== lance__ is now known as Guest94675
gbear14275will do!00:41
thief`usually it is sdc1, but not always.00:41
thief`dou213, after that, google mount usb fstab   - there is good info in there, to edit the fstab and make life happier.00:41
thief`then you can mount waaay easier.00:41
demon012hey guys has anyone know of any good ultra long non netbook laptops that work well with ubuntu?00:41
thief`i just did that, and i'm happier.00:41
spawnhow do i get the luncher on the bottom ubuntu with the big icons and u can throw them around the screen and they go back to the bar00:41
demon012long battery life*00:41
DoonzHey guy's. "screen" locked up on me so i killed the window and when i started a new screen im now getting a whole bunch of error. http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m2a10ce5c00:42
Slartspawn: you mean AWN?00:42
dou213thief`, thx very much00:42
thief`no prob... but really, read that, and you won't have this prob next time..00:42
spawnslart hold on let me youtube that lol00:42
rdw200169vock, i looked at the pastebin you gave me; i see no reference in the Xorg.0.log of nvidia whatsoever; sometimes, it puts the most recent log in a different file, can you make sure that Xorg.0.log has the most recent timestamp (ls -l)?  sometimes, it will put the most recent in something like Xorg.9.log or something00:42
=== ddog241 is now known as kd8hho
thief`i'm learning it too00:42
Slartspawn: here's a good page http://ubuntu-snippets.blogspot.com/2008/05/ubuntu-dock-collection.html00:43
spawnslart perfect man thanks00:43
Slartspawn: you're welcome00:43
LouisWill setting the noatime option on a filesystem cause any problems on a raid0 array?00:44
ScottG489What does it mean when the volume buttons on the panel above my keyboard on my laptop are flashing? The mute and volume up buttons are flashing and the volume down is solid. This has happened before.00:44
crunchbangguys, for booting of an external hardrive thats split into two partitions does the first one have to be the boot00:44
ScottG489The buttons function properly00:44
vockrdw200169,  the newest log files are called xorg.failsafe.log, does that make sense?00:44
vockrdw200169, actually that's wrong, the one i posted is actually the newest by 2 hours on that one00:44
LouisI should rephrase my question... I've been told that setting the noatime flag can cause problems with certain apps on certain setups... what kinds of problems occur and on what kind of apps?00:45
rdw200169vock, failsafe is always vesa... that doesn't help... you want one of the Xorg.X.log ones00:45
rdw200169vock, b/c if there's a problem w/starting the Xserver, it automatically restarts and goes failsafe w/vesa00:45
vockrdw200169, the problem is that nvidia-settings says nvidia drivers aren't loaded, but i'm not sure how to make them load beyond the sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-17700:45
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about noatime00:45
thinkgnu_ i installed ubuntu 8.10 , i got some updated package from someone who updated it's ubuntu 8.10 , now how can i use those updates in my computer?if i copy them too /var/cache/apt , should it works ?00:45
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about delete00:46
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.00:46
vockrdw200169, tried to redo the xorg.conf and got that one that was posted, and i really don't know what else to do to make it load, and not entirely sure why there is no reference to nvidia in the log file00:46
rdw200169vock, well, we gotta see the logfile that actually mentions the nvidia video driver; it loads the nvidia glx driver but doesn't mention the video driver; that's strange; it should say something about it, with an (EE) line00:46
ubuntumisticis there a way to setup your encrypted ubuntu box so that when you enter the wrong password on the screensaver it either encrypts the hard drive some how or hibernates or shuts down?00:46
Louisthinkgnu_:  i may not be getting your question, but usually ou just have to run the update manager ot get updates.  Or type sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade in the terminal00:46
vockrdw200169, do a complete reboot instead of just the xserver and i can post the log file i get when it says i need to boot into low- graphics mode?00:46
thief`crunchbang, the bootloader is at the begining of the drive, not on either partition.00:47
Louisthinkgnu_ :  unless you're talking about something completely different, in which case, excuse my n00bishness =)00:47
crunchbangthief:its a live persistant install?00:47
lakotajamesI am trying to get my joypad to work.  it doesn't show up in /dev/input/. help?00:47
rdw200169vock, don't let it boot into low-graphics; when the Xserver crashes, go back to the terminal, and see which one is newest, and copy it somewhere, then let it go failsafe; then post it00:47
thinkgnu_Louis: think if i don't have any internet connection :p , i just want to use somone else updated packages00:47
vockrdw200169, okay, brb00:48
Louisthinkgnu_:  oh.  That's going to be a royal pain in the butt =/00:48
rdw200169vock, the easiest way to restart the x server is going to a tty (Ctrl + Alt + F1), and running00:48
rdw200169vock /etc/init.d/gdm restart00:48
thief`crunchbang, the bootsector would be at the beginning of the drive itself.00:48
vockrdw200169, okay, brb00:48
LouisI've been told that setting the noatime flag can cause problems with certain apps on certain setups... what kinds of problems occur and on what kind of apps?00:48
crunchbangthief:so it shudnt matter the order of the drives?00:48
saboteurдоброго вечера товарисчи00:48
rdw200169!ru | saboteur00:49
ubottusaboteur: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke00:49
lakotajamesI read that the joystick problems in intrepid were fixed, now, is that right?00:49
lakotajamesmine still doesn't work00:49
TheEdge_how do i kill Firefox when not responding.. i have closed the window but when i try to start a new firefox i get a error saying that firefox is already running00:49
LouisTheEdge_:  it usually clears up after a minute or so when that happens.  Are you running the latest version of firefox?00:50
lakotajamesTheEdge_: alt+f2, run "killall firefox"00:50
lakotajameswithout quotes00:50
Louisor do what lakotajames said =)00:50
Louishello sysrpx00:50
demon012or xkill00:50
demon012then click the firefox window00:50
rdw200169TheEdge_, it's also useful, for future reference, to add the System Monitor applet to your panel; when you click on it, it comes up with a windows-like task manager00:51
demon012make sure you do not click anything you do not wish to kill though =)00:51
lakotajamesdemon012: he can't see the firefox window, or he wouldn't be trying to open a new one.00:51
LouisI've been told that setting the noatime flag can cause problems with certain apps on certain setups... what kinds of problems occur and on what kind of apps?00:51
demon012ah missed that bit of the convo00:51
TheEdge_louis : 3.0.500:51
sysrpxhey, i ahve this problem ... my ubntu gnome theme is comepletely messed up and the appearance applet isn't able to select a different theme (it selects it, but the theme isn't chanigng) .. what should i do?00:51
sysrpxhey, i ahve this problem ... my ubntu gnome theme is comepletely messed up and the appearance applet isn't able to select a different theme (it selects it, but the theme isn't chanigng) .. what should i do?00:52
TheEdge_lakotajames:  thanks00:52
lakotajamesTheEdge_: you're welcome00:52
srx2002hi guys, what's the best version of Ubuntu to install on a PS3?00:52
shirai installed 8.10 on my macbook (v2.1). At first, composite was working. Then I plugged a second monitor. Now composite no longer works, even if i unplug that monitor and reboot. any ideas?00:52
ari_stresssrx2002: we can do that?00:52
DoonzHey guy's. "screen" locked up on me so i killed the window and when i started a new screen im now getting a whole bunch of error. http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m2a10ce5c00:52
lakotajamessysrpx:  I think that happened to me once, and a reboot fixed it.00:53
istvanThe version of scons in the repos is old, does anyone know if there is a .deb of the latest version?00:53
ScottG489What does it mean when the volume buttons on the panel above my keyboard on my laptop are flashing? The mute and volume up buttons are flashing and the volume down is solid. The buttons still function properly. This has happened before.00:53
lakotajamesAnyone know anything about Joypads?00:53
tsuna27what is the name for the screen when it pops up GNOME and has a picture of a foot00:53
Mean_Adminif I have  ssh-keygen  make one private/public key from one user and then have ssh-keygen make another private/public key, I have to combine both .pub files into authorized_keys, right ?00:53
ari_stresstsuna27: splash screen?00:54
sysrpxlakotajames: i already rebooted and it's still messed up00:54
lakotajamessysrpx: sorry, then.  That's the only thing I can remember doing to fix it.00:54
sysrpxanyone else?00:54
ari_stressMean_Admin: yes00:54
Mean_Adminari_stress: then that user could login with  either key, right ?00:55
istvananyone know where the latest scons.deb is?00:55
roy_hobbs Hey.  I'm configuring syslog for the first time.  Is there a way for me to specify how long to keep files, how large they should be, when to increment logfile.0 to logfile.1 etc....00:55
lakotajamesDo joysticks work in Intrepid now?00:55
ari_stressMean_Admin: no, only with his true key00:55
vock_rdw200169, (EE) Failed to initialize GLX extension (Compatible NVIDIA X driver not found)00:55
Nucklerhave nvidia or AMD/ATI better Linux Divers?00:55
sysrpxhey, i have this problem ... my gnome desktop theme is comepletly messed up and the appearance applet isn't able to select a different theme (it selects it, but the theme isn't chanigng) .. what should i do?00:55
rdw200169vock_, finally! now we're getting somewhere00:56
rdw200169vock, can you post the whole log?00:56
ari_stressMean_Admin: i don't think we can relate one user with more than pub/priv key00:56
vock_rdw200169,  woo, somewhere!00:56
ari_stressMean_Admin: i don't think we can relate one user with more than one pub/priv key00:56
karstenWhat repo(s) do I need for sun-java6-plugin?00:56
Mean_Adminari_stress: no, I mean, if two private keys were created (with respective .pub offspring), I combine botf .pub offspring in authorize_keys and thus user can login with either of the prive keys00:56
karsten(iceweasel/firefox java plugin)00:56
Mean_Adminari_stress: ow00:56
srx2002anyone here got intrepid Ibex installed on a ps3?00:57
karstenI've got universe & multiverse selected.  Looking at http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/2006/11/20/how-to-install-java-runtime-environment-jre-with-firefox-plugin-ubuntu-6061-610/ for plugin installation instructions.00:58
lakotajamesAnyone here got a Joystick to work on Intrepid?00:58
karstensrx2002: Just ask your question.00:58
karstenlakotajames: just ask your question.00:58
demon012anyone know if the macbook battery problems mentioned here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=246421 apply to just the macbook pro or to both the macbook and the macbook pro (they keep mentioning the dual graphics cards of the macbook pro)00:58
savanany shell scripting experts here? ^^00:58
srx2002What's the best version of Ubuntu to install on a ps3??  iterpeid, gutsy...etc....00:58
lakotajamesHow do I get a joystick to work on Intrepid?  It doesn't show up in /dev/input/00:58
gbear14275do I need the gilir/ubuntu gutsy main universe if I have intrepid now?00:59
srx2002i asked it00:59
karstensavan: Just ask your question.00:59
Fertechcan some one help me, i just check if the iso file i burn match the hash and i did, so whats the next step00:59
CyberaiDoes anyone know if the ubuntu remote desktop (vinagre) logs when someone accesses your desktop?00:59
=== NJ is now known as exodus_ms
ChowzzfIf I installed ruby gems via wget and then: "sudo ruby setup.rb", "sudo ln -s /usr/bin/gem1.8 /usr/bin/gem". How do I remove the install?01:00
karstenCyberai: /var/log/auth.log01:00
Fertech when i install the ubuntu 8.10 it gave me an error 1801:00
karstenCyberai: Check there, it's where authentication should be asked.01:00
jribChowzzf: read it's documentation.  In the future, use APT to install things instead01:00
karstenFertech: On boot?  That's a grub error.01:00
jribits even01:00
* karsten steals jrib's "'" key.01:00
Fertechyes i know karsten so how can i fix this01:01
savanI want to do a chgrp -R on a directory that contains about 20 groups but I want one group to be excluded from the chgrp -R01:01
Fertechi try to install it on a 320gb maxtor01:01
lakotajamesDo Joysticks work on Intrepid yet?01:02
karstenFertech: I'd suggest reading GRU Bdocs, I'm not entirely familiar, but there's a breakdown of what those mean.  I think in general it's that the drive wasn't properly accessed.01:02
Alex_21Hi, I want to install PPC ed of Ubuntu 8.04 My friend who I am installing it for is used to Mac OS X/Win 98. What can I install that is bright, colourful, and looks like either01:02
VubiWhats the best audio program for gnome?01:02
bruenigVubi: mplayer01:02
karstenrythmbox is the gnomeish one.  I prefer amarok from KDE.01:02
fogobogobruenig: :D01:02
rdw200169Vubi, you're not gonna get an even response on this one, there's too many options01:03
lakotajamesvubi I like vnc.  plays everything.01:03
mmchow are the recent packages kept ... in Git or in Bzr? How can I use them?01:03
bruenigthe answer is clear mplayer for video, mpd for audio01:03
karstenAlex_21: use xfce4 as your desktop, it's themeable.  GNOME isn't particularly but it's default.  KDE4 is broken right now.01:03
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about next01:03
rdw200169Vubi, and Xmms, Exaile, Songbird, and so on...01:03
VubiI'm looking for a media player like amarok and like zune for m$ but for gnome01:03
fogobogobruenig: phrikless zone :(01:03
elpargoanyone knows how can I ask apt "which package provides this file"01:03
Cyberaikarsten, I'm not seeing any entries for vinagre01:03
karstenVubi: rythmbox01:03
bruenigVubi: haha I see what you did there, you put a dollar sign where the s was supposed to be01:04
karstenCyberai: ??01:04
j-b-rAnyone feel like helping me get my gamepad working?01:04
fogobogoVubi: mpg12301:04
thief`does a c complier come with ubuntu?01:04
bruenigVubi: cmus01:04
Vubibruenig: i thought thats what you call Micro$oft01:04
vock_rdw200169, http://pastebin.com/m7ac7e78101:04
karstenthief`: install gcc01:04
lakotajamesj-b-r: I need help with mine, also.  No one wants to help me either :(01:04
bruenigVubi: ahahaha you did it again, you clever dog01:04
elpargothief`: no, instal buildessensials01:04
Alex_21Is there GCC for PPC?01:05
fogobogothis is $01:05
thief`i'm installing vmware and it now says:    What is the location of the directory of C header files that match your running kernel?01:05
j-b-rlakotajames: What's up with yours?01:05
BizzehVubi: an $ isnt an S, an S is a letter in the english alphabet, a $ is a currency value... so micro$oft isnt a word.. but microsoft is01:05
bruenigfogobogo: do you see what he is doing with the s?01:05
fogobogobruenig: yeah! that really smart!01:05
jribAlex_21: did you check the repositories using a program like Synaptic?  You probably just want to install build-essential by the way01:05
Bizzehits not at all smart, it just shows how pathetic some people can be01:06
Alex_21I want to install packages from source01:06
bruenighow about this, Micr0s0ft01:06
lakotajamesj-b-r: the lights come on, but it isn't recognised anywhere.  not even in /dev/input01:06
jribbruenig: let's try to stay on-topic01:06
bruenigI replaced the o's with zeroes01:06
j-b-rIs it usb? or gameport?01:06
lakotajamesjbr: usb01:06
Alex_21And no Sinaptic is out of the question. I haven't installed. I am just looking at distro options for PPC01:06
bazhangbruenig, fogobogo please chat in #ubuntu-offtopic01:06
jrib!ppc | Alex_2101:06
ubottuAlex_21: PowerPC.  Formerly used by Apple for the Macintosh line of computers. Variants are now used in popular gaming consoles. PPC was a fully supported Ubuntu architecture up to and including edgy. It is now a community port, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ01:06
lakotajameslakotajames: it used to work, I can't remember if it was on Hardy or Gutsy, though.01:06
j-b-rThe we probably don't have to same problem01:06
JoesephAfter the latest kernel upgrade, did anyone else lose access to their windows share 'smb' drives?01:07
lakotajamesI ment j-b-r01:07
BizzehAlex_21: you might be better off with gentoo if you wanna use powerpc01:07
j-b-rI figured it out01:07
j-b-rwhat you menat01:07
Alex_21Ok, thanks01:07
Alex_21Good day01:07
VubiBizzeh: good point you go there01:07
j-b-rSo, yeah, mine is a gameport pad, and I don't think Ubuntu is recognizing my sound card properly01:08
lakotajamesj-b-r does yours show up as /dev/input/js0?01:08
spawnhow do i composit a screen? (in compiz fusion?01:08
j-b-rIt doesn't show up at all01:08
Vubianyone hook up a microsoft cam to ubuntu? vx-3000?01:08
lakotajamesj-b-r same here.01:08
JoesephI can no longer access any of my windows share drives via smb.... any help?01:08
j-b-rBut I think my problem is just regocnizing the gameport itself01:08
carpiiJoeseph, what error?01:09
gmapeverytime I log into ubuntu i get a promt for the network manager keyring password. How can I get around having to this everytime?01:09
alienjeffoh haiz ubuntu fahs01:09
carpiicheck /var/log/samba/*01:09
faust7Joeseph, when you go Places, Network, are you able to see your workgroup ? and are you able to see the other computer as well?01:09
Joesephcarpii: I get different ones...  but mostly "failed to mount"01:09
Joesephfaust7: I can see my workgroup, but no other  computers.... but it has always been like that.01:10
fogobogoalienjeff: o/01:10
rdw200169vock, you installed from the nvidia website .bin right?01:10
=== MethinX is now known as zanic
vockrdw200169, no, from the repositories01:10
alienjeffo/ fogobogo asl?01:10
carpiiyoure trying to mount in fstab or via cmdline?01:10
=== zanic is now known as MethinX
Vubihas anyone installed a microsoft vx-3000 webcam on ubuntu?01:10
Joesephcarpii: currently, I'm just using natilous01:10
Flannelalienjeff: This is a support channel, not a chat channel, please take it elsewhere.01:11
alienjeffFlannel:  asl?01:11
=== squiddy is now known as Guest7707
lakotajamesj-b-r i read that joystick support was broken in intrepid, but it supposedly is fixed now.01:11
Bizzehalienjeff is a troll...01:11
alienjeffBizzeh:  hai! asl?01:11
rdw200169vock, check if the kernel module exists.  try to modprobe nvidia01:11
j-b-rWell I just installed over the internet yesterday...01:11
vockrdw200169, just get a blank line after that01:11
Joesephcarpii, faust7:  I could use this just yesterday....   I have had a kernel upgrade since then I think though.01:12
rdw200169vock, honestly, i would have to screw around with this doing an SSH to your computer... this would take a while over irc01:12
spawnhow do i composit a screen? (in compiz fusion?)01:12
carpiiJoeseph, itd help if you had exact error messages01:12
vockrdw200169,  it's that bad?01:12
TheEdge_i am using Mplayer  put when ever i play a dvd i can't use ctrl+m  nothing happens.. also when I click a menu button in the picture nothing happens01:12
rdw200169vock, it seems that files are missing or in the wrong place... i thought you mentioned that you tried the drivers from the nvidia website01:13
lakotajamesj-b-r: If you get anything figured out, post on the thread i opened.  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=105450601:13
demon012anyone here got a dell e6500 running ubuntu?01:13
vockrdw200169,  sorry, i may have written it wrong when i said manual install, i did it from synaptic/repositories01:13
Joesephcarpii: "Couldn't display '[location]'  Error: Failed to mount Windows share.  Please select another viewer and try again."01:13
lakotajamesj-b-r: As will I.01:13
rdw200169vock, that is very strange, b/c it detects your card, so that's not the problem; can you try to install linux-restricted-modules?01:14
lakotajamesj-b-r: I think we have teh same problem, if you can't get it to show up at all/01:14
rdw200169vock, it *should* be there already, but crazier things have happened...01:14
vockrdw200169, it's installing now, wasn't there01:14
rdw200169vock, then uninstall and re-install linux-glx01:15
Blais1Hi guys, whenever I reboot my screen resolution resets itself to 1024x768, it should be 1650x1050, how can I get it to save properly?01:15
Gustavo_G_Could someone explain to me how linux auto completes parameters when I do "tab" on the command prompt. For example, I can type apt-get ins <tab> and it completes apt-get install .01:15
fogobogoBlais1: which one?01:15
=== epalm is now known as epalm-epswing
vockrdw200169, no such package?01:15
Blais1fogobogo: I'm not sure I understand the question01:15
rdw200169Gustavo_G_, /etc/bash_completion01:16
fogobogoBlais1: which resolution. the gdm or the desktop?01:16
exodus_msGustavo_G_: Are you trying to replicate this feature somewhere else?01:16
Blais1fogobogo: is the gdm the login screen?01:16
DoonzHey guy's. "screen" locked up on me so i killed the window and when i started a new screen im now getting a whole bunch of error. http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m2a10ce5c01:16
fogobogoyo dawg01:16
Blais1fogobogo: in which case they are both incorrect01:16
karstenaldren: Yes01:16
Gustavo_G_exodus_ms: No, not at the moment I was just curious01:16
rdw200169vock, look up 'restricted' in Synaptic01:16
rdw200169vock, and make sure you have all the repositories enabled01:16
fogobogoBlais1: theres a system menu for resolution. isnt it?01:16
karstenaldren: Nevermind.01:17
Gustavo_G_Thank you rdw20016901:17
exodus_msGustavo_G_: oh, ok. I01:17
Blais1fogobogo: System > Preferences > Screen resolution lets me set it correctly, yes, but when I reboot it will return to 1024x76801:17
Cyberaikarsten, if the ubuntu remote desktop was not set to require a password to log in, is there somewhere the access would be logged?01:17
fogobogoBlais1: try as root!01:17
rdw200169Gustavo_G_, that, and it's started from the bash.bashrc01:18
bazhangfogobogo, no01:18
karstenCyberai: NFC.01:18
fogobogobazhang: no?01:18
bazhangfogobogo, dont suggest that01:18
Blais1bazhang: what would you suggest?01:18
karstenCyberai: auth.log is the standar authentication logging location.01:18
fogobogobazhang: using root? aka sudo?01:18
bazhangBlais1, what card and what driver01:18
karstenCyberai: IIRC remote desktop == vnc which may not behave properly in that regard.01:18
Blais1bazhang: ati, 8.1201:19
lakotajamesAnyone know how to get a Joystick working on Intrepid?01:19
bazhangBlais1, this is intrepid?01:19
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Blais1bazhang: 8.0601:19
bazhanglakotajames, with what app01:19
TheEdge_i am using Mplayer  put when ever i play a dvd i can't use ctrl+m  nothing happens.. also when I click a menu button in the picture nothing happens01:19
Slartlakotajames: just connect it.. there are a couple of different calibration utilities available int eh repos01:19
bazhangBlais1, you mean 8.04?01:19
JoesephI am completely lost on my 'smb'.   Yesterday it was working, and now I cannot access any windows share by ip or by computer name.01:19
ScuniziIf I want to get Vinagre (Remote Desktop Viewer) to connect to a windows box that has tightVNC installed, does my machine have to have vnc installed as well?01:19
Blais1bazhang: oops yes01:19
lakotajamesbazhang: with any app.  It doesn't show up anywhere.01:20
Cyberaikarsten, but wouldn't an outside IP contacting my system be logged somewhere? No matter what the protocol?01:20
lakotajamesbazhang: doesn't show up in /dev/input01:20
bazhanglakotajames, such as..could you give an example?01:20
karstenCyberai: Not if the application doesn't  log it.  You might log access via iptables but that's entirely different.01:20
lakotajamesSlart: doesn't show up in /dev/input01:20
vockrdw200169, I think i'm missing some repositories: There's one for Ubuntu 8.04 Officially supported, non-free drivers, but not the equivalent for 8.1001:20
bazhangBlais1, was this installed using restricted drivers, or from ati site directly01:20
solexiousCan any one suggest a slide show program like feh, but be able to make transitions between images?01:20
Slartlakotajames: oh..normal usb joystick?01:20
lakotajamesbazhang: i would be happy if it would show up anywhere.01:21
Blais1bazhang: I downloaded from the ati sitew01:21
rdw200169vock, anything intrepid specific, and i don't know, i still have not upgraded...01:21
lakotajamesSlart: well, gamepad, but yes. usb.01:21
rdw200169vock, regardless, i have to leave for a while, i wish you luck, my friend01:21
malibuHi can anyone tell me where the gnome config would be.. like to change the autohide settings for gnome panel01:21
vockrdw200169, i'm wishing i hadn't but no time to go backwards01:21
lakotajamesSlart: had it working before. but not on Intrepid/01:21
vockrdw200169, thanks a lot for the help so far, made some progress01:21
karstenCyberai: Logging is somewhat cooperative:  most daemons are set up to talk to syslogd which is set up to capture and record the log messages.  If an application doesn't generate messages, they're not logged.  If vpNC or whatever remote desktop is running ...01:21
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bazhanglakotajames, perhaps I should rephrase, with what app are you trying to use it? zsnes? other?01:22
karstenCyberai: uses PAM, then it's possible you can centrally control this.  You need to RTFM01:22
Slartlakotajames: hmm.. odd.. don't really know what to do then01:22
HoNgOuRuhi, can u help me? my home/user folder crash and restarts when trying to view it with nautilus01:22
bazhangkarsten, dont use that acronym here please01:22
Blais1bazhang: in my /var/log/Xorg.0.log there is a line where it states "(II) fglrx(0): Restoring recent mode: 1024x768@75Hz" not sure why01:22
karstenbazhang: read the fine manual?01:23
MunchkinguyAfter having upgraded my computer, I can't log on anymore. The screen is stuck with a beige background and the spinny hourglass.01:23
bazhangBlais1, iirc its a problem with fglrx01:23
MunchkinguyCan someone please help me?01:23
HoNgOuRu can u help me? my home/user folder crash and restarts when trying to view it with nautilus01:23
lakotajamesbazhang: openlierox, but I don't even know if it supports Joystick, so I installed Joystick Calibrator, and it doesn't recognize it.01:23
Cyberaisorry karsten, the vinagre man is pathetically short and sheds no light, nor did google.01:23
Blais1Munchkinguy: can you log in in safe mode?01:23
jribMunchkinguy: create a new user and see if the same thing happens for that user01:23
lakotajamesSlart: thanks anyway.01:23
karstenCyberai: sucks to be you I guess.01:24
karstenCyberai: File a documentation bug.01:24
Cyberaikarsten, thanks anyway01:24
Blais1bazhang: Everything else works fine, I can set my res once logged in, Games work, Wine works, Desktop effects work, it's just the resolution when I boot, I don't get it01:24
MunchkinguyBlais1: If I press Ctrl-Alt-F5, I can log in to the text mode.01:25
karsten64 bit java plugin for Firefox:  install from repos or from Sun?01:25
solexiousCan any one suggest a slide show program like feh, but be able to make transitions between images?01:25
bazhanglakotajames, I have had troubles with certain apps, luck with others; this is a usb joystick correct? ie game console joystick but with usb attachment01:25
jribkarsten: sun didn't have one last time I checked.  Has that changed?01:25
Blais1Munchkinguy: what about when you boot your machine, is the screen already beige, or do you have a graphical login screen?  another thing to try is to write startx in your terminal login01:25
karstenMunchkinguy: GNOME's fuxnored somehow.  Do you get a login screen at all?  Or does this happen when you give username/password?01:25
lakotajamesbazhang: no, it is a standard meant-for-pc gamepad.  usb.01:26
Blais1Munchkinguy: sounds like you'll have to reinstall your graphics drivers01:26
karstenjrib: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1013658 which points ... not to Sun.  There's third-party refs.  I've deleted some tabs here.01:26
arturowhere can i download powerdvd for ubuntu?01:26
thief`is there a c compiler i should use? i  need one to install an app.01:26
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karstenjrib: Anywhoo:  use Ubuntu archives or 3rd party?01:26
thief`is there a good one fer ubuntu?01:26
jribthief`: what app?01:26
HoNgOuRu can u help me? my home/user folder crash and restarts when trying to view it with nautilus01:26
fogobogothief`: gcc01:26
karstenthief`: gcc01:27
jribkarsten: right, so just use the repositories (this is what I do).  I use icedtea01:27
MunchkinguyIt seems to be stuck on " /dev/sda: Setting Advance Power Management level to 0xfe (254)  [OK] "01:27
karstenthief`: I've told you thrree times and the answer's not going to change.01:27
jrib!vmware > thief`01:27
ubottuthief`, please see my private message01:27
karstenjrib: No such package.01:27
thief`i'm getting somewhere with this vm...01:27
hikenbootanyone able to help with this ldd error ldd /usr/lib/libxml2.so.2 and acpi management http://pastebin.ca/132235001:27
jribkarsten: apt-cache search icedtea01:27
karstenjrib: What repos are you using?01:27
arturois there any PIC16F84 programer under linux?01:27
karstenjrib: aptitude show icedtea > nada01:28
* karsten searches.01:28
jribkarsten: right, so now try the command I just gave you01:28
karstenjrib: icedtea6-plugin got it.01:28
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ae88925How can I determine how many threads a process has created?01:28
fogobogoarturo: whats a pic16f84?01:28
thief`sudo apt-get install gcc works?01:28
Pici!compile | thief`01:29
ubottuthief`: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)01:29
karstenjrib: Lessee if this gives joy....01:29
jribthief`: I strongly recommend you read the documentation ubottu has sent you before proceeding (about vmware)01:29
karstenfogobogo: Google says ... what?01:29
arturoPic16f84 is a microcontroller01:29
maraboutI installed ubuntu on an old presario some weeks ago I finally put in a PCI for ethernet. I forgot password. Is there a way to retrieve or should I just reinstall?01:29
karstenfogobogo: NM.01:29
PSPdemonquick question01:29
PSPdemonhow do i install the other wm's01:29
MunchkinguyBlais1, do you still think it's a graphics card problem?01:29
karstenmarabout: that's  FAQ.01:29
HoNgOuRu can u help me? my home/user folder crash and restarts when trying to view it with nautilus01:29
lakotajamesbazhang: still there?01:30
TheEdge_i am using Mplayer  put when ever i play a dvd i can't use ctrl+m  nothing happens.. also when I click a menu button in the picture nothing happens01:30
thief`i just need the c compiler for vmware to use - not really for me to use.01:30
HoNgOuRumaybe it has to do with permissions01:30
PSPdemoni thought it was something like sudo apt-get install xfce-ubuntu ( ubuntu -xfce )01:30
Blais1Munchkinguy: not a card problem, a driver problem01:30
HoNgOuRuplease give me a hand01:30
karstenPSPdemon: Install w/ aptitude.  They'll show up at your GDM/KDM login window as options for your X session01:30
thief`it needs it to finish the inst. as i have a mod'd kernel and it doesn't reconize it.01:30
MunchkinguyAh.. that's what I meant.01:30
solexiousIf i run a command logged in to a computer and stiiting at it and run a command that spawns some thing graphical, i.e. feh, it works, but how can I do the same logged in over ssh?01:31
ae88925vmware will need a bunch of headers too01:31
Blais1Munchkinguy: can you login with safe mode?  did startx work?01:31
lakotajamesPSPdemon Did you try looking through synaptic? i installed kde and xfce that way.01:31
exodus_msHoNgOuRu: have you tried opening nautilus from the command line01:31
MunchkinguyBlais1, do you mean recovery mode?01:32
PSPdemonlakotajames, no didnt check there01:32
PSPdemonwill check now01:32
maraboutkarsten: didnt find it there01:32
bazhanglakotajames, yes, just doing a quick search for your issue01:32
thief`aaaaah! ok, i have gcc apparently.  but vmware says this:01:32
thief`What is the location of the directory of C header files that match your running01:32
thief`kernel? [/usr/src/linux/include]01:32
Blais1Munchkinguy: do you have a login screen?01:32
lakotajamesPSPdemon just search for xfce or whatever01:32
karstenmarabout: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword01:33
Blais1Munchkinguy: is that when the screen is beige?  or otherwise where is it?01:33
HoNgOuRuits the same01:33
exodus_msHoNgOuRu: not sure what version of Ubuntu your using but this link might be useful --> https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nautilus/+question/4994301:33
lakotajamesbazhang: ok.  I didn't want to leave if you were still trying to help me.01:33
HoNgOuRuI'll check it out01:33
Blais1Munchkinguy: when you go to Terminal (using ctrl+alt+F5) does startx work?01:33
thief`does my Q make sense?01:33
Wolv3basic question01:34
Wolv3what is the command to uninstall?01:34
lakotajamesbazhang: and if you do find anything, tell me what search terms you used.  I have been looking all day/01:34
svalenciuninstall what wolv?01:34
_VIM_Wolv3: sudo apt-get remove PackagenameGoeshere01:34
jp_sfWolv3: sudo apt-get remove thenameofthepackage01:34
Wolv3ok ty01:35
exodus_msHoNgOuRu: also, are you using compiz01:35
HoNgOuRuI had to get rid of that one...too many problems01:35
HoNgOuRuand I need my box to work01:35
solexiousIf im logged in to a computer and stiiting at it and run a command that spawns some thing graphical, i.e. feh, it works, but how can I do the same logged in over ssh?01:35
smhmm.. so is the gutsy->hardy kernel hanging with localedefs bug fixed, or not ? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-source-2.6.15/+bug/24934001:36
jribsolexious: set DISPLAY appropriately01:36
hikenboothow do i get rid of the problem of a bad libz (1.2.3)?01:36
svalenciNow its my turn to ask a question, does any know of other irc chats but for solaris or aix systems?01:36
solexiousjrib, display?01:36
hikenbootthink it  was caused by a conflict between acpi-support and evolution01:37
jp_sfsvalenci: #solaris #aix01:37
svalencioh, just like that?01:37
svalencithanks a lot jp01:37
marineok resize my nfts to my ext3 do it thru livecd???01:37
bazhanglakotajames, was this openlierox from the PPA or from another source?01:37
Wolv3_VIM_,  jp_sf ty01:37
exodus_msHoNgOuRu: on that I link o sent check the steps at the top. If that doesn't work one user mentioned this was the culprit 'My problem was solved. It was because of the (unintended!) presence of a file with bad characters.'01:38
Wolv3_VIM_,  jp_sf now i download a new version but it dont install via ./config and make and make install01:38
karstenjrib: Java Joy!  Thanks tons.01:38
weatherkid2marine: you can use the LiveCD to resize the Hard Drive01:38
Wolv3is http://sk1project.org/modules.php?name=Products&product=uniconvertor01:38
HoNgOuRulet me try01:39
marineweatherkid2, from my windows to linux01:39
Wolv3_VIM_,  jp_sf can tellme how to?01:39
jp_sfWolv3: what are you trying to install ? what kind of error do you have ?01:39
_VIM_Wolv3: new version of what? and are you sure it's not in the repos? compiling is ugh!01:39
oliver_I want to uninstall VIM, so I did so via "Add Remove Programs", but under Synaptic Package manager, it is still listed.  I want to remove them, but I'm afriad it might remove other packages.  What should I do?01:40
lakotajamesbazhang: i think it was from a manually installed deb.  But I the joystick doesn't even show up in /dev/input/, so i think the problem doesn't lie with openlierox.  and even if it does, I was going to use rejoystick to emulate the keyboard, but that doesn't work either.01:40
HoNgOuRunope, all files have good names01:40
_VIM_I say leave the compiling to the pros01:40
marineweatherkid2, shrink my nfts then reformat to ext3 or use the unallocated partion and then refomat that into ext301:40
weatherkid2marine, the LiveCD should partition it as the first or second step01:40
solexiousjrib, display?01:40
karstenoliver_: Why?  vim's generally useful and I'd suggest you leave it there.01:40
amischin nessun canale. Prova prima /join #<canale>01:40
amischi Non sei in nessun canale. Prova prima /join #<canale>01:40
Wolv3_VIM_,  jp_sf this software is a converter // win version to linux version design software files01:40
FloodBot3amischi: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:40
_VIM_Ubuntu has over 30 thousand packages, surely your app is going to be in the repos...01:41
jp_sfWolv3: so it is not in the repository right ?01:41
Wolv3_VIM_,  jp_sf but the version 1.1.2 no work with some new files01:41
marineweatherkid2, i have already installed linux i want to use up the remaining harddrive space in windows because i'm running out of room01:41
oliver_karsten, i guess your right, but in the future if i wanted to remove it, how would i completely remove it?01:41
_VIM_Wolv3: ok well there should be a 'doc/s' 'readme' folder or file , you'll have to read those01:41
_VIM_Wolv3: hmmm have you tried backports?01:41
ubottuIf new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging01:41
jp_sfWolv3: ok It might need some lib what is the name of the program and what is the errors messages you have when you ./configure make install ?01:42
Wolv3_VIM_,  to install package:   python setup.py install01:42
Wolv3 (will be installed into Python site-packages/ directory)01:42
oliver_also why do people use emacs and vim when there are IDEs that do better jobs?01:42
weatherkid2marine, hmm. I think if you get GParted from the Repos you may be able to reformat the leftover space.01:42
bazhanglakotajames, which joystick was it? and this is not working with jscalibrator installed, correct?01:43
_VIM_Wolv3: if it has a 'setup.py' it shoudlnt need ./configure and all that rubbish01:43
solexiousIf im logged in to a computer and stiiting at it and run a command that spawns some thing graphical, i.e. feh, it works, but how can I do the same logged in over ssh?01:43
marinethat's what i have gparted just resize my nfts file which will give me an unallocated parttion then merge into ext301:43
shiraMy desktop effects stopped working after I plugged in a secondary monitor. Now it doesn't work even if the second monistor isn't plugged in. Any ideas? I'm on a macbook w/ ubuntu 8.10.01:44
Wolv3_VIM_, then how i install?01:44
marineweatherkid2, <marine> that's what i have gparted just resize my nfts file which will give me an unallocated parttion then merge into ext301:44
MethinXiI want to beable to play Mp3s on my Ubuntu, how do I install a program that will allow them to play?01:44
jribMethinX: double click on an mp301:44
lakotajamesbazhang: jscalibrator is installed, and it doesn't pick it up.  Joystick is "Recoil GGE909" and it did work before.  Been a long time ago, I would guess Hardy or Gutsy.01:44
MunchkinguyBlais1: startx yields this error http://pastebin.ca/132236101:44
MethinXisnt there a codec that I need installed?01:45
weatherkid2marine, i am not the best with Partitions. I wig when ever i reformat mine using the automated app. That is the best I can do.01:45
oliver_MethinX, No01:45
bazhangubuntu-restricted-extras MethinX01:45
bazhangMethinX, also check out packages from medibuntu.org01:45
MethinXthank you01:45
_VIM_Wolv3: i think its sudo python setup.py install or sudo python setup.py01:46
amischi_'dpkg --configure -a'01:47
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amischi_i have a problem with updating01:47
_VIM_!away | step21|away01:47
ubottustep21|away: You should avoid noisy away messages in a busy channel like #ubuntu, or other Ubuntu channels; it causes excessive scrolling which is unfair to new users. Use the command "/away <reason>" to set your client away silently.  See also «/msg ubottu Guidelines»01:47
amischi_'dpkg --configure -a'01:47
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats01:47
solexiousIf im logged in to a computer and stiiting at it and run a command that spawns some thing graphical, i.e. feh, it works, but how can I do the same logged in over ssh?01:47
amischi_E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.01:47
amischi_E: _cache->open() failed, please report.01:47
obtixhey, i would like to use grep to get some data out of a file. I have a list with a ton of mailto:email@domain.com i want to display everything after the mailto: if possible.01:48
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_VIM_amischi_: i'd add a 'sudo' to that01:48
Bizzehill start using free formats why my ipod supports compressed free formats01:48
amischi_i run 'dpkg --configure -a'  but said command not found01:48
_VIM_9 times out of 10, when dealing with installing/removing or anything dealing with packages you'll need sudo01:48
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats01:49
weatherkid2sudo is the King of Ubuntu Term lol01:49
_VIM_amischi_: no quotes01:49
amischi_i must write 'sudo dpkg  --configure -a'01:50
_VIM_no quotes01:50
_VIM_just sudo dpkg --configure -a01:50
nivekhelp!!!! my graphics are totally messed up!!! I don't knwo what happend.... but how can i fix it?01:50
=== rachel is now known as Guest83190
amischi_it is working01:51
whatevclean your glasses?01:51
_VIM_amischi_: ok :)01:51
svalencinivek you got nvidia?01:51
niveksvalenci, yes01:51
amischi_it sais aborted01:52
svalencisudo apt-get install envy01:52
bazhanglakotajames, is it detected as a mouse and sometimes causes crashes? there is a bug from early in intrepid with that particular make and model usb gamepad01:52
svalenciit is suppose to install the nvidia drier01:52
_VIM_!fixapt | amischi_01:52
ubottuamischi_: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »01:52
niveksvalenci, so i should sudo apt-get install nvidia driver?01:53
svalencienvy is the application you need to install... it will install your nvidia drivers01:53
King_InuYashais something in Ubuntu intrepid that breaks the fglrx proprietary driver?01:53
svalenciI just tried it today and it worked for me01:53
ubottuenvyng is an updated version of the *UNSUPPORTED* envy package. It is now part of the ubuntu universe repository (envyng-gtk OR envyng-qt) we suggest you use envyng if every other (official/supported) method fails! it can have various results from works, to fails!!!  if you want the very latest drivers from the manufacturer you use them at your own risk01:53
lakotajamesbazhang: I don't think it is detected as a mouse.  How would I be able to tell?  none of the buttons do anything.  And the sticks don't do anything either.  I haven't crashed, but I haven't had it plugged in that long, either.01:54
crimzonHello everyone.01:54
bazhangsvalenci, envyng-gtk is always the last choice here01:54
nivekwhich envy do i install? core, gtk, or qt?01:54
King_InuYashabecause its really annoying that since the FOSS driver doesn't support OpenGL 2.1, that I need to use a driver that doesnt work01:54
=== Hero[brb] is now known as Hero
bazhangnivek, which card and what version of ubuntu01:55
nivekbazhang, hwo can i find out?01:55
svalencinivek talk to bazhang he sounds like he knows more about it01:55
bazhanglsb_release -a for version nivek01:55
bazhanglspci for card nivek01:55
nivekbazhang, ubuntu version is 1001:55
bdubncHey guys I have a little bit of a problem.  I am using Ubuntu server 8.04.2.  I need to know how I can downgrade php 5.2.4 to 5.1.  I need to because our developers are build there applications using nusoap and it conflicting with the default soap server installation.  There is no way of shutting this down unless I fully re-build php 5.2.  I just want to downgrade which would be easier01:55
crimzonHas anyone had any luck with getting the Intel 945 GPU to display textures correctly in D3D environments?01:56
bazhanglakotajames, okay, well it worked fine under feisty apparently but there is at least one bug in intrepid I have seen associated with that gamepad01:56
thief`you guys recommend a good podcast for people new to ubuntu?01:57
thief`i want to learn more.01:57
xim_how can i install open office 3? only the old version is in synaptic (2.4) and it doesnt format documents the same01:57
DClayBuckAnybody have any idea why I might be getting a CRC error during Grub loading after installing the most recent updates in Intrepid 64?01:57
svalencithief, you will learn a whole lot more by reading the uubunto forum and putting it to practice. :)01:57
nivekbazhang, nVidia Corporation GeForce 7150M and 8.1001:57
_micheleGirls allowed here ?01:58
lakotajamesbazhang: The first distro i used was gutsy, and am now on intrepid.  I know it worked before.  So does this mean that I can't use the pad?  Are there any work arounds?01:58
svalenciWell michele I am a girl... kill me for it lol01:58
_michelehi there01:58
bazhanghttp://a15.video2.blip.tv/1510000556556/Ubuntupodcast-UbuntuPodcastEpisode18415.ogg thief`01:58
svalenciwelcome _michele01:58
bazhangthief`, found via distrowatch.com01:58
marinesvalenci, sweet name01:59
amischi_i have done does'n t run01:59
svalenciTY TY very much, my momma gave it to me01:59
marinesvalenci, what else did she give you01:59
nivekbazhang, which envy do i install? core, gtk, or qt? I have nVidia Corporation GeForce 7150M and 8.10. Thanks :)01:59
bazhangnivek, should be in hardware drivers; have you checked the driver there01:59
bazhangnivek, dont believe envyng-gtk is needed in intrepid anymore, I have nearly the same card and hardware drivers takes care of it02:00
gmaphow can i stop keyring from asking for my password anyone?02:00
nivekbazhang, no it worked fine earlier today....but i had an "acciednet'...i opened like a trillion terminal windows (plus or minus 1) and i dont know w hat happend after that..but my video was lal messed up02:00
lakotajamesbazhang: Are there very many joypads that don't work under intrepid?  This one was only like $10. but i don't want to buy another if there is a very big chance of it not working.02:00
candiveHi all, Please explain: chris@chris-laptop:~$ sudo dpkg --configure -a02:00
candivedpkg: ../../src/packages.c:221: process_queue: Assertion `dependtry <= 4' failed.02:00
FloodBot3candive: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:00
bazhangnivek, do you have nvidia-settings installed?02:00
nivekbazhang, yea on my initial install of ubuntu i had no problems..02:01
nivekbazhang, i don't know if i do...02:01
bazhanglakotajames, just bought two cheap ones and they work fine, though with zsnes, not with openlierox; perhaps the PPA will give you better luck :)02:01
marinesvalenci, you never answered me :)02:01
candiveok? now please explain "flood" ther are onlya few words?02:02
svalenciif that was the case, he would be receiving notification about nvia drivers to be installed. or missing. No?02:02
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)02:02
bazhangcandive, no, there are four consecutive lines; if you need to paste, use paste.ubuntu.com in the future02:02
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nivekbazhang, k i tried xconfig ..gonny it worksa reboot thanks for the help..hopefull02:02
lakotajamesbazhang: maybe i should try zsnes.  maybe the other programs are the problems.  Also, I think i searched for openlierox in teh repos, and didn't find it.02:03
bazhanglakotajames, there is a PPA if you need the link02:03
candivebazhang, thanks 4 line max? I never noticed that before02:03
tabidachi_Hello--how do I add adobe's open type fonts to Ubuntu?02:03
lakotajamesbazhang: is the link on teh sourceforge page? because if it is, thats probably how it is installed.02:04
svalenciRules are rules candive, nothing we can do about it besides sticking to them, after all it is a free service :)02:04
bazhanglakotajames, no its a launchpad PPA ; /msg ubottu ppa for more info if you wish02:04
gmaphow do you get firefox to run fullscreen when running it in xsession02:04
crimzonHow can I improve texture rendering in Direct 3D enviroments. Intel GMA950 chipset with 945 GPU02:04
lakotajamesbazhang: ok, I will look into it.  I g2g for now, though.  thanks for the help :)02:05
DClayBuckInstalled Intrepid x64 updates today via GUI.  Now I get a CRC error from grub and the system halts on boot.  Can anybody help me figure out what's going on?02:06
candiveI have never flooded before so I'm lost as to exactly what i did??02:06
bazhanggmap f1102:06
crimzonspam!!! spam!!! baned for life!02:06
markl_did you cut and paste something?02:07
jp_sftabidachi_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Fonts02:07
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jp_sftabidachi_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Fonts02:07
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_VIM_!away > Hero[brb[02:07
ubottuHero[brb[, please see my private message02:07
gmapbazhang the window size does not cover the enter screen02:07
tabidachi_jp_sf, there is nothing about open type fonts there02:07
crimzonAny Vaio users out there?02:07
candiveHi please see my paste. http://paste.ubuntu.com/111517/02:07
DClayBuckcandive: It's called flooding when you send a bunch of messages to the channel at the same time.02:07
The_Rebelis there a 64bit flash plugin in the repos yet?02:08
phpstarhello everyone02:08
thief`thanks bazhang02:08
gmapbazhang in my xinitrc file i put exec firefox -fullscreen however it does not fill the whole screen02:08
phpstarcan i use LTSP to deploy Win XP image on thin clients ??02:08
thief`if i want to update virtualbox, can i just do sudo apt-get upgrade virtualbox  ? will that jsut update that one prog?02:08
xim_how can i install open office 3? only the old version is in synaptic (2.4) and it doesnt format documents the same.  i dled the package from the website but its full of rpms02:09
bazhangthief`, virtualbox-ose? or the one downloaded from 3rd party site02:09
phpstari need this help to setup christian school02:09
jp_sftabidachi_: you will have to convert them, but you could try opentype font were developed by Microsoft and Adobe not the most open source friendly companies in the world02:09
_VIM_xim_: rpms are for Fedora/RedHat ... Ubuntu uses .debs02:09
phpstarpls anyone who knows help me pls02:09
jp_sftabidachi_: you will have to convert them, but you could try to install them02:09
MunchkinguyI fixed my login problem; I had some old versions of libz in /usr/local/lib02:09
tabidachi_jp_sf, I know, but I need them for graphic design.02:10
thief`hmm, i'm not sure which i want. ii thought i had it installed, but now - not so sure.02:10
bazhangxim_, there is a PPA for that, but it is at your own risk so be advised02:10
xim__VIM_: hehe i know thats the problem, can you not use the modern OO on ubuntu?02:10
tabidachi_jp_sf, you can pm me if you want02:10
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xim_bazhang: PPA?02:10
_VIM_xim_:  bah, bazhang beat me to it, follow what he just told you02:10
ubottuWith Launchpad's Personal Package Archives (PPA), you can build and publish binary Ubuntu packages for multiple architectures simply by uploading an Ubuntu source package to Launchpad. See https://help.launchpad.net/PPAQuickStart.02:10
jp_sftabidachi_: I understand but I would try to install them in /usr/share/fonts and and then update the fontdatabase02:10
bazhangxim_, ^^02:10
xim_thx sir02:11
phpstarcan i use LTSP to deploy Win XP image on thin clients ??02:11
tabidachi_jp_sf, these are otf files, is that okay?02:11
thief`actually, i gotta see if i can run it on my kernel.02:11
jp_sftabidachi_: I don't PM you as I believe that somebody more skilled than myself could talk about it02:11
xim_So is it really risky?  would I be better of waiting for it to get into synaptic?02:11
bazhangxim_, not sure as have not tried but the risk factor is probably lower than trying out a unsupported kernel for example02:12
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jp_sftabidachi_: I don't have those fonts but you could tryto install them make a directory in /usr/share/fonts/type102:12
xim_hmm ok02:12
DClayBuckInstalled Intrepid x64 updates today via GUI.  Now I get a CRC error from grub and the system halts on boot.  Can anybody help me figure out what's going on?02:13
solexiousIf im logged in to a computer and stiiting at it and run a command that spawns some thing graphical, i.e. feh, it works, but how can I do the same logged in over ssh?02:13
jp_sftabidachi_: copy them in a directory otf like sudo mkdir /usr/share/fonts/type1/otf02:13
dmoernersolexious: ssh -X02:13
X3SHow can I kill firefox from the processus02:13
SpaceAceXI just got a ga-e7aum-ds2h mobo (9400mGPU) and installed ubuntu 8.04 but I cant seem to get the nvidia 180.22 drivers working for it only vesa... can anyone help?02:13
dmoernerX3S: killall -q firefox02:13
solarwardid ubuntu 8.10 stop using /etc/X11/xorg.conf? if so what configuration files does it use? Or how may I tweak it?02:13
jp_sftabidachi_: copy your fonts there /usr/share/fonts/type1/otf02:13
tabidachi_jp_sf, then what?02:13
dmoernersolarwar: it now auto-detects. if you think you are smarter than it you can still get an old-style config file by running X -configure02:13
solexiousdmoerner, thank you02:14
jp_sftabidachi_: sudo mkfontdir /usr/share/fonts/type1/otf02:14
X3Sdmoerner,  Thanks, can I found a graphic for processus kill like windows one ?02:14
jp_sftabidachi_: cd /usr/share/fonts/type102:14
jp_sftabidachi_: sudo fc-cache02:14
dave_i cant get my s-video out to work on my toshiba satelite02:15
BlueKoalaX3S: Click on System - Administration - System monitor02:15
dave_that is after X starts02:15
solarwardmoerner, thanks, what does X do? there is no man page?02:15
tabidachi_jp_sf, is that all?02:15
jp_sftabidachi_: you will have to restart your graphical environment  to reload them I would believe02:15
X3SBlueKoala,  Thanks ^^02:15
tabidachi_jp_sf, I'll give it a try.02:15
dave_the startup splash screen shows on the tv , so the button works, i assume its a problem with X02:16
jp_sftabidachi_: gdm restart02:16
thief`bazhang,  now i dont know which vbox to get.02:16
* porter1 looks on as Firefox continues its instability spree with Flash Player..02:17
bazhangthief`, -ose has no usb support; depends if you need that02:17
solexiousdmoerner, that seems to open the graphical bit on the computer in sshing from not the computer in sshing into...02:17
mackmgganyone have a macbook pro w/ ubuntu02:17
[TiZ]Hi. I have a question about a little quirk. When I run a game in fullscreen, I am unable to use the volume keys for my laptop. However, when I play a fullscreen game in Wine, they work perfectly. Is there a way to get my volume keys to work in linux native games?02:17
mrpinkyhi guys, "id" command shows that i am a member of "lp" and "lpadmin", but i still get a permission error accessing /dev/parport0 i note that /dev/parport0 is a ppdev device not lp device. how can i give myself permissions to access /dev/parport0? :)02:17
ubottuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot02:17
BlueEagle!anyone | mackmgg02:18
ubottumackmgg: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?02:18
mackmggthe trackpad isn't working right on my computer02:18
dave_i cant get my s-video out to work on my toshiba satelite02:18
dave_the startup splash screen shows on the tv , so the button works, i assume its a problem with X02:18
orbstrahey I am running the latest ubuntu server, and I am trying to connect to an external USB drive i have plugged int... I am not positive waht format the external HD is, but it is either NTFS or FAT32... and I need to mount it and transfter the files off thruogh command line.. help would be great02:18
WebcamWonderorbstra: If you have ubuntu with gnome (GUI), it should automount it for you02:19
orbstra** use command line to transfter the files off...02:19
orbstraWebcamWonder : I am connecting tot eh server with ssh02:19
WebcamWonderorbstra: Oops, missed the cli part02:19
gandhiinewb question: trying to make a launcher that runs a bash script to mount a series of shares..   gksu bash script.sh is working from the terminal, but not when inserted into a launcher.   What am I missing here?02:19
dmsupermanWhen printing to my school's printer they require a separator page...how might I print that in Ubuntu?02:20
orbstraWebcamWonder : hehe yeh.. any ideas bud?02:20
mrpinkyi should add that "chmod 777 /dev/parport0" works, but how should i automate this? do i really need to put the chmod in some startup script, or is there a "clean" way to do it, a group i can add myself to? :)02:20
BlueEaglemrpinky: Which group does the device belong to?02:20
mrpinkyBlueEagle, how can i find out? :)02:20
BlueEaglemrpinky: ls -l /dev/parport002:20
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thief`bazhang,  hmm, i'd need bluetooth, it doesn't work?02:20
BlueEaglemrpinky: That should show owner:group for the file.02:20
mackmggso, anyone know how to get the trackpad on a macbook pro 3,1 working?02:20
WebcamWonderorbstra: sudo fdisk -l (to get the partition table). sudo mount /dev/<device_name> /mount/point02:20
yoyonedorbstra: sudo mkdir /mnt/usb;mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt/usb02:20
thief`bazhang, usb i guess... heh, i could do without.02:20
WebcamWonderorbstra: and then use cp02:20
nathanhelpI would like some advice. I have two machines. One has Ubuntu, the other has a duel boot WinXP, and Ubuntu, each on separate Harddrives. I want all three to be able to link to the same Thunderbird profile. Any tips?02:20
BlueEaglemrpinky: Also, have you logged out and back in after adding yourself to the group (including re-starting X)?02:20
mrpinkyBlueEagle, i see "crwxrwxrwx 1 lp scanner 99, 0 2009-01-30 13:05 /dev/parport0", looks to be a member of "lp", "scanner" and "99"?02:20
bazhangthief`, its not supporte d in the -ose version (usb)02:20
[TiZ]Hi. I have a question about a little quirk. When I run a game in fullscreen, I am unable to use the volume keys for my laptop. However, when I play a fullscreen game in Wine, they work perfectly. Is there a way to get my volume keys to work in linux native games?02:20
mackmggwait is there a channel for macbooks?02:20
thief`bazhang, it's really jsut so ii can play fulltilt poker. hahah02:20
candive Hi please see my paste. http://paste.ubuntu.com/111517/02:21
orbstraalright gimme a sec to try those guys... THANKS for the help btw it is always appreciated02:22
solexiousIf im logged in to a computer and stiiting at it and run a command that spawns some thing graphical, i.e. feh, it works, but how can I do the same logged in over ssh, with the graphical side opening on the computer being ssh'd into?02:22
thief`bazhang, it happen to support bluetooth?02:22
bazhangthief`, not sure there, as I have no bluetooth vbox needs at the moment :)02:22
WebcamWondersolexious: Look at X over SSH. It allows you to run GUI programs over ssh02:22
thief`hehe, i hear ya.02:22
joaboaconstrctrhey all--anyone know the command to change permissions for file with the following pathname in terminal>> /media/74.5 GB_BACKUPS<<02:22
thief`i'm running an asus eee - it usues a special kernel.02:22
solexiouswebcamwonder, thank you02:22
thief`so i not sure if it'll work.02:22
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orbstrayou guys are the BEST02:23
bazhangthief`, the array kernel? should do02:23
orbstrait worked02:23
orbstrathanks guys SERIOUSLY02:23
thief`i've read the one ver. doesn't work?02:23
mrpinkyBlueEagle, yep i restarted whole pc02:23
BlueEaglemrpinky: Then you need to be a member of the "scanner" group to use the device.02:23
BlueEaglemrpinky: lp is the owner and scanner is the group.02:23
mrpinkyBlueEagle, ah i see02:23
BlueEaglemrpinky: So add the user(s) you want to be able to use the device to the scanner group and, if neccessary, log them out and back in and it should be availible.02:23
mrpinkyBlueEagle, so users need to be in the same group as a file to access the file?02:23
BlueEaglemrpinky: Well, seeing as that file (now) is rwx for others it should not be neccessary tbh.02:23
mrpinkyBlueEagle, ah depends on the permissions :) i get it02:23
bazhangthief`, the 3rd party or the -ose? if one does not work its easy to get the other02:23
solexiouswebcamwonder, am I confused, as that seems to be about opening gui's on the box being ssh'd from not into02:24
FloodBot1NOTICE - If you couldn't speak to the channel during the past minutes, please try again now.02:24
thief`i am from winders. i just don't like inst. / uninst. progs. hahah02:24
thief`ruins my registry.02:24
bazhangthief`, no need to worry here :)02:25
thief`i tried to inst. vmware... failed. it didnt like my array kernel.02:25
WebcamWondersolexious: Oh, my bad. You want to run a gui program on the ssh server?02:25
solexiouswebcamwonder, Yup :)02:25
nathanhelpI would like some advice. I have two machines. One has Ubuntu, the other has a duel boot WinXP, and Ubuntu, each on separate Harddrives. I want all three to be able to link to the same Thunderbird profile. Any tips?02:25
bazhangthief`, if this is intrepid then vbox is much better supported02:25
WebcamWondersolexious: Then how would you interact with it?02:25
WebcamWondernathanhelp: Dropbox02:25
thief`it wanted me to get headers, i diid that, then it needed a c compiler to to the kernel module (or something) and that failed.02:25
vale_maiohello world02:25
thief`yep, on intrepid. 8 1002:25
WebcamWondernathanhelp: Or rsync, pick your favourite02:26
thief`really? so screw vmware?02:26
solexiouswebcamwonder, Dont need to, im usinf feh to make a slide show happens, hands free02:26
thief`i thunk vmware would be waaay better as it's so popular / old / tried  and true.02:26
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about rsync02:26
pasteeateri like this thread title: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=105393202:26
bazhangthief`, your choice really, or try wine to see if that will run it check the !appdb02:26
thief`yeah, wine doesn't work well for that app... i hear ya though.02:27
BlueEaglenathanhelp: Well, the most reasonable thing to do would be to export that profile from the machine just using one OS.02:27
thief`so really though? from what you said, it sounds great. the ose ver. will work ok for this eee with array kernel?02:27
solexiouswebcamwonder, wow, I did a lot of typos then02:27
BlueEaglenathanhelp: That ofcourse does require that this machine be online for the others to have access to that profile.02:27
orbstraany ideas?02:27
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nathanhelpPlease expand BlueEagle...02:27
thief`fulltilt freezes in wine, and you lose the game cause of it. hah02:27
thief`not good.02:27
g4lv4tr0nhi how do i get my pci dvb card working in ubuntu ?02:27
WebcamWondersolexious: hmm. I have no clue. ssh doesn't work like that, unless there is some config that changes it to behave in that kind of a manner02:28
WebcamWonderorbstra: ?02:28
BlueEaglenathanhelp: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/expand02:28
vale_maiocan someone give me a little help?02:28
solexiouswebcamwonder, would telnet work you think?02:28
aesai am looking for somebody to help me out with edubuntu os installed computer02:28
orbstrasorry to be a bother.. but how do I coppy the entire contents of the current folder I am in through CLI02:28
danbhfiveI thought I heard someone owns an eeepc.  [q]  Where are the in and out take vents?02:28
nathanhelpBlueEagle: lol. Not what I meant.02:28
WebcamWonderorbstra: cp -r /source /dest (I THINK, I AM NOT SURE!)02:29
BlueEaglenathanhelp: Well, what did you mean? Because I am quite certain that you did not want me to become obese.02:29
joaboaconstrctrcan anyone help with a command line question?02:29
WebcamWondersolexious: I don't think so. I need you need some vnc variant to do that02:29
WebcamWonderjoaboaconstrctr: ?02:29
Dr_willisorbstra,  or cheat like i do and install the 'mc' file manager. :) and use it..02:29
DIFH-ice1oot!ask | joaboaconstrctr02:29
ubottujoaboaconstrctr: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:29
nathanhelpBlueEagle: Haha :D. I meant can you expand your explanation on that. Exporting? machine online for them to access?02:29
solexiouswebcamwonder, well thanks any way :)02:29
WebcamWondernathanhelp: If I understood you correctly, you need to sync between 4 different OS right?02:30
WebcamWondersolexious: Sorry, couldn't help you any further02:30
joaboaconstrctrok...how do I change ownership of an external drive directory  with the following address (the spaces were created in os x)>>/media/74.5 GB_BACKUPS02:30
nathanhelpWebcamWonder: No just 2 different os's on three different HD's02:30
nathanhelpBlueEagle: expand : 7. to express something more fully or in greater detail02:31
BlueEaglenathanhelp: Well, if I understood your question correctly you want to have access to the same piece(s) of data from three different scenarios. What you want to do is to store this data in one place as to more easily keep it synchronised. To do that you would most likely want to share the storage on which this data is keept.02:31
WebcamWonderjoaboaconstrctr: With nautilus right click on the folder and change the permission. However, changing permission is not something we recommend02:31
nathanhelpBlueEagle: Thats correct.02:31
WebcamWondernathanhelp: And that is why I said, Dropbox, or rsync :)02:32
thief`bazhang,  so really though? from what you said, it sounds great. the ose ver. will work ok for this eee with array kernel?02:32
joaboaconstrctr<WebcamWonder:  I need to create a directory on an external drive, already formatted to back up02:32
BlueEaglenathanhelp: To accomplish this you would like to export a share from the machine that is only using one operating system. The reason for choosing this to export from is because it will always have access to the data and would always be able to read the partition information.02:32
nathanhelpBlueEagle: How would i go about doing so, and what is a safe way of doing so? Would Ubuntu accessing NTFS Directory cause a problem?02:32
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about dropbox02:32
bazhangthief`, well I did qualify it with 'should do', though if it does not the other certainly will02:32
BlueEaglenathanhelp: However the limitation you incur with such a setup is that the machine exporting the shared data need to be turned off and have a working network connection for this to work.02:32
BlueEagle!ntfs | nathanhelp02:33
ubottunathanhelp: To view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE02:33
joaboaconstrctr<WebcamWonder:  also, I want to get away from the gui and start working on the command line02:33
=== clahey is now known as cl_away
WebcamWonderjoaboaconstrctr: mkdir /path/to/folder, for creating directories, and chmod for changing permissions02:33
BlueEaglenathanhelp: What you DO want to do is to have the one machine running only Ubuntu define a shared network resource (this might be SMB or LDAP depending on your personal taste) and have the machine using both Ubuntu and Windows mount that shared resource and read the data from it.02:34
thief`bazhang,  oh, sorry, ok, thank you. as before i was  reading it didn't work, but maybe intrepid fixed those probs i read as you mentioned. thank you.02:34
BlueEaglenathanhelp: An alternative implimentation that would achieve the same goal (read mail from everywhere) would be to use IMAP instead of POP to read your mail.02:34
nathanhelpBlueEagle:  I already have got it set up. however im concerned that it is corrupting my WinXp drive. Would it be a good idea to have the profile on a Fat32 partition? And can both WinXP and Ubuntu write to those?02:35
BlueEaglenathanhelp: Did you read what ubottu told you about !ntfs ?02:35
nathanhelpdoing so now. I have a slow computer :)02:35
phirestalkerdoes anyone know of a way to list the currently installed programs by date last used?02:35
joaboaconstrctr<WebcamWonder:  my problem is that I don't know the syntax for the path>> /media/74.5 GB_BACKUPS02:36
BlueEaglenathanhelp: ie. you want to use ntfs-3g drivers if you want to write to ntfs. What you could do is to make a fat-partition just to keep the shared data as writing to fat is more tried and tested.02:36
WebcamWonderjoaboaconstrctr: sudo chmod <your permissions here> /media/74.5\ GB_BACKUPS02:36
BlueEaglenathanhelp: Still, accessing the same data on several computers requires that that data be shared over the network in any case.02:36
redvamp128BlueEagle:  also he should probably want to install the NTFS configuration tool as well02:37
nathanhelpBlueEagle: I read it but it didnt mean much to me.02:37
Out_Coldhas anyone used outguess here before?02:37
BlueEaglenathanhelp: Oh, and "please expand BlueEagle" is not the same as "please expand, BlueEagle". :)02:38
nathanhelplol I like you.02:38
BlueEaglenathanhelp: Well, when you mount the ntfs-partition you want to specify that it is -t ntfs-3g and not -t ntfs (the latter only provides read access by default and the write access is broken)02:40
kaoHello, Does anyone have any idea why Firefox crashes every time I view a webpage that has Flash content imbedded within?02:40
nathanhelpBlueEagle: Ok. I'm sorry about my missing comma. The things i've read say that Ubuntu is unable to write to NTFS without some help/tweaking/correct tools. But... Me in my naivety (SP) has done so already and it is working. But..now my WinXP is having some weird behaviour. Could I have damaged the WinXP by allowing the ubuntu to write to the Thunderprofile?02:40
BlueEaglenathanhelp: That depends on the nature of said "weird behaviour".02:41
Out_Coldkao, get flashblock from the repos.. that solved my problem02:41
BlueEaglenathanhelp: What you may see is windows scanning the drive when you boot. But other than that the drivers should not affect the data on the drive.02:41
nathanhelpNetwork drivers just stopped. Cant System Restore...Other littler thigns that dont stop the XP from working, just annoying.02:41
kaoOut_Cold: Does this do exactly what the name implys and just blocks all flash content?02:41
=== dmiles is now known as shaggyoaf
kaoOut_Cold: If So, This is not what I want.02:42
BlueEaglenathanhelp: Well, that doesn't sound like data corruption. Just coincidences.02:42
Out_Coldit will block it until you click on the flash object..02:42
Out_Coldkao, it works well with the crashing problem and allows faster loading02:42
BlueEaglenathanhelp: Also, someone mentioned some ntfs configuration tools. You might want to ask redvamp128 about it.02:42
kaoOut_Cold: Ok, I will try that. Thank you02:42
Out_Coldthen if you want the flash, you just click..02:43
redvamp128nathan in the repository there is ntfsconfiguration tool02:43
phirestalkerdoes anyone know of a way to list the currently installed programs by date last used?02:43
nathanhelpBlueEagle: Ok fair enough. I'm aware that the computer needs to be on for any of the three HD's to access the TB profile. That's not really a prob, but im looking for ideas on how to set this up. Thanks redvamp128.02:43
EcheloCross"I fixed my login problem; I had some old versions of libz in /usr/local/lib" (c) Munchkinguy02:43
redvamp128nathanhelp:  there is also a ntfs configuration tool which helps mount and unmount NTFS correctly02:43
nathanhelpWow. busy today :)02:44
=== _sigterm is now known as sigterm
BlueEaglenathanhelp: Well, what I would do is to get an old laptop and set it up as an IMAP-server. But that's not what you were asking for. :)02:44
nathanhelpMy email is Pop3 how would i configure it to IMAP? call my ISP/email provider?02:44
redvamp128nathanhelp:  it is labeled ntfs-config and is located under the ntfs-3g02:44
BlueEaglenathanhelp: Well you would have the old laptop fetch it from your isp and provide the imap to your local machines.02:45
nathanhelpredvamp128: symantic will do?02:45
redvamp128yes it is there02:45
redvamp128Enable/disable write support for any NTFS devices02:45
redvamp128This program allow you to easily configure all of your NTFS devices02:45
redvamp128to allow write support via a friendly gui.02:45
redvamp128For that use, it will configure them to use the open source ntfs-3g02:45
redvamp128driver. You'll also be able to easily disable this feature.02:45
FloodBot1redvamp128: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:45
redvamp128Sorry baout the flood02:45
nathanhelphow stable is NTFS write nowdays?02:46
redvamp128Well some say it can write to NTFS for win2k and Xp just fine but sometimes it breaks when writing to Vista or Win702:46
kaoOut_Cold: Still displays flash content without me clicking on any sort of button, also still crashing =/02:46
BlueEaglenathanhelp: I had datacorruption when copying a large file (>2G) FROM an ntfs-partition to an ext3 partition using the fuse driver. But that's about a year ago.02:47
Out_Coldkao, it's installed?02:47
nathanhelpVista and Win7 are irrelevant to my situation, so i will log that for when I need it. :)02:47
Out_Coldthen make sure it's enabled in the plug-ins in the browser it's self02:47
redvamp128nathanhelp:  it is more or less to give the ability to copy from NTFS over to Native but still has the possiblilty of data corruption02:47
Gneaphirestalker: something like this?  find /var/lib/dpkg/info/ -ls | awk '{print $8" " $9" "$10" "$11}' | sed -e 's/\/var\/lib\/dpkg\/info\///g' | sort02:47
BlueEaglenathanhelp: What I would really recomend is to not store the data on an ntfs-partition if it's irreplacable.02:48
nathanhelpredvamp128, BlueEagle: data corruption. Would that include drivers for XP?02:48
KemrinHI LOST THE GAME (ILOSTTHEGAME.ORG) ~~ I'm Sorry >_<02:48
TrenterQuestion:  My windows partition is gone from the grub boot loader and im freaking out, how do I get my windows partition back in the grub menu??02:48
Gnea!ot | KemrinH02:48
ubottuKemrinH: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!02:48
* nathanhelp ignores KemrinH02:48
redvamp128nathanhelp:  is more or less for large files02:48
redvamp128nathanhelp:  the better work-around is having a fat32 partition for the fileshare between the two02:49
BlueEaglenathanhelp: There are stable ext2-drivers for windows availible which I find more trustworthy as ext2 and 3 are open standards while any attempt at writing an ntfs-driver will involve some gueswork.02:49
SpaceAceXAny got a ga-e7aum-ds2h mobo (9400mGPU) , ubuntu 8.04 with working nvidia 180+ drivers?02:49
nomasteryodanathanhelp, i've done just that with a fat32 partition between ubuntu and xp02:49
nathanhelpredvamp128, BlueEagle, How would i go about creating a Fat32 partition from this machine (single boot Ubuntu)02:50
nomasteryodamade it very easy to put Firefox and thunderbird in that part then they were shared02:50
redvamp128nathanhelp:  I would check the following page for more details -- http://www.ntfs-3g.org02:50
ruckerzI have an ATI X300SE video card, with compiz/fglrx enabled, totem doesn't display any video?02:50
Out_Coldkao, if enabling it still doesn't work, try restarting firefox02:50
nathanhelpthanks redvamp12802:50
WipsI'm having a really hard time getting some nvidia drivers for my laptop with xubuntu 8.10.. I've tried several things but nothing works so  I'm stuck with the awful resolution02:50
kaoOut_Cold:I have cycled enabling/disabling it 4 times and restarted firefox 6 times02:50
nomasteryodanathanhelp, you should boot the live cd and use the partition tool (gparted) to resize and make what you need.02:51
TrenterWips:  take a look at envyng02:51
phirestalkerGnea, is that the install date or the last accessed or executed date?02:51
Out_Coldhmm... then i'm at a loss mate.. what works on one doesn't always work on the rest..02:51
nathanhelpnomasteryoda: Could i do that without the Livecd?02:51
TrenterQuestion:  I lost my windows paritition from my grub boot loader, can anyone help me?02:51
rww!envyng | Wips02:51
ubottuWips: envyng is an updated version of the *UNSUPPORTED* envy package. It is now part of the ubuntu universe repository (envyng-gtk OR envyng-qt) we suggest you use envyng if every other (official/supported) method fails! it can have various results from works, to fails!!!  if you want the very latest drivers from the manufacturer you use them at your own risk02:51
popcornPaniccan i use an Apple usb mouse in ubuntu?02:51
rwwpopcornPanic: yes02:51
rdw200169popcornPanic, yes, i have; even got it working Bluetooth02:51
WipsTrenter: I tried it but I just ended up with a stupid error "/usr/share/envy: No such file or directory"02:51
popcornPanicthanks :D02:52
redvamp128nathanhelp:  that ntfs-config is a better way to enable and disable write to ntfs02:52
kaoHello, Does anyone have any idea why Firefox crashes every time I view a webpage that has Flash content imbedded within?02:52
Gneaphirestalker: install date - afaik, there is no 'last accessed' database - takes up too many resources02:52
popcornPanic rdw200169: i'm cheap i'll go with usb02:52
WebcamWonderkao: Flash is unstable02:52
rdw200169popcornPanic, then it should work automatically02:52
phirestalkerGnea, oh so THAT's why windows is so slow :P lol02:52
WebcamWonderkao: Correction, flash was* unstable. It is much better with 10.002:52
Gneaphirestalker: it's one of the reasons ;)02:52
kaoWbcamWonder:I have never had this problem when I used to use Dapper Drake.02:52
Gun_Smoke!grub > Trenter02:52
ubottuTrenter, please see my private message02:52
nathanhelpI redvamp128, I can't see ntfsconfig or ntfs-3g in the synaptic package manager...02:53
nomasteryodanathanhelp, the issue is your root (/) contains the files you are using... and gparted won't let you resize that partition without it running from another partition ... aka ram or a live cd02:53
TrenterI've read that Gun_Smoke, it dont help me02:53
redvamp128nathan -- enable restricted02:53
kaoWebcamWonder: Do you have any idea of how I can fix this?02:53
WebcamWonderkao: What are you running right now?02:53
JesperHansenHow would I investigate this: I have the Ultra Low Voltage Intel Pentium M processor 900 MHz, and its speedstepping 600, 800 and 900 MHz. Only problem is. It doesn't speedstep. The code is in arch/x86/kernel/cpu/cpufreq/speedstep-centrino.c02:53
kaoWebcamWonder:Hardy Heron02:53
WebcamWonder!flash | kao02:53
ubottukao: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (a recent version for !Dapper is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash02:53
TrenterI have absolutly no idea what partition it is, I just wanna restore my old grub boot menu!02:53
redvamp128nathan -- in the search type ntfs02:53
WebcamWonderkao: I doubt those would be helpful to you02:53
nathanhelpredvamp128: Done that.02:54
Gun_SmokeTrenter, well that's isn't going to help much..02:54
nathanhelpredvamp128: ntfsprogs?02:54
boushley_connect freenode02:54
EcheloCross"BlueEagle, so users need to be in the same group as a file to access the file?" (c) mrpinky02:54
JohnWittlehow do I change what desktop manager my system boots up? It is using slim right now, I want it to go back to gdm.02:54
TrenterHow do I find it?  Isnt there a partition manager that can tell me where it is?02:54
WebcamWonderkao: Flash 10.0 is much stable as compared to 9.0, and hence doesn't crash at all. I haven't had a crash in months02:54
boushley_\connect freenode02:54
redvamp128nathanhelp:  8.10 or 8.04.2?02:54
Gun_SmokeTrenter, positive it's there still?  Possible reformatted?02:54
Wipsrww: I tried envyng, but it just gave me a stupid error: "/usr/bin/envyng: line 6: cd: /usr/share/envy: No such file or directory"02:54
kaoWebcamWonder:I already have flash installed and it seems to only cause problems with more advanced Flash applications02:54
kaoWebcamWonder:How do I know which version I have installed currently?02:54
TrenterIt didn't, I updated the freaking linux kernel and it removed my windows partition from the grub boot menu02:54
TrenterI didn't ask it to02:55
WebcamWonderkao: Any flash movie, right click and it should show, About Flash Player 7/8/9/1002:55
Wipsrww: And according to envyng's homepage there's supposed an interface-versjon somewhere in the menu, but I can't find it02:55
TrenterI updated my ubuntu 8.10 system and its gone02:55
mrpinkynoooooo! i added a line to /etc/sudoers and now i need to remove it, but i get "Sorry, user nbingham is not allowed to execute '/usr/sbin/visudo' as root on nbingham.".... any help? :)02:55
jribmrpinky: reboot and select "recovery mode" from the grub menu02:55
kaoWebcamWonder:Firefox Reports FlashPlayer 902:55
mrpinkyjrib, okay i go try that now, thanks02:56
redvamp128nathanhelp:  Ubuntu -- Package Search Results -- ntfs <http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=ntfs&amp;searchon=names&amp;suite=intrepid&amp;section=all>02:56
TrenterGun_Smoke I need a partition manager to look at my drive, but i know of none in ubuntu, i need my windows partition back02:56
wobblyhow I get online with kppp in kubuntu02:56
TakmadeusPlease, please I have a most compromising problem02:56
Takmadeusinstalled yesterday's updates but, but...02:56
redvamp128nathanhelp:  and for the ntfs-config -- Ubuntu -- Package Search Results -- ntfs-config <http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=ntfs-config&amp;searchon=names&amp;suite=intrepid&amp;section=all>02:56
MeshezabeelI have a file under /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ called tcp_window_scaling , but when I do a "locate tcp_window_scaling" it doesn't find the file, any ideas why?02:56
TakmadeusI did a shutdown instead of rebot02:57
kaoWebcamWonder:trying to sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree returns Already Newest Version02:57
Gun_SmokeTrenter, df -T will tell you what partition your windows install is on.  And then you'll need to read about grub and let it know about it.02:57
Takmadeusand now I only get a crc error system halt error02:57
nathanhelpredvamp128: What is FUSE?02:57
WebcamWonderkao: Flash 10 hasn't been included in the hardy updates, nor it is in the backports from what I can see02:57
thief`Trenter, are you saying it deleted your winders partition? or you just can't boot to winders now?02:57
redvamp128!fuse | nathanhelp:02:57
ubottunathanhelp:: FUSE (Filesystem in Userspace) is a !kernel driver that allows non-root users to create their own filesystems. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Filesystem_in_Userspace for more on FUSE.  Some examples of filesystems that use FUSE are !ntfs-3g, sshfs and isofs. A full list of Filesystems that use FUSE is here:  http://fuse.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/FileSystems02:57
NotSurewhat distro to put on my 2nd partition.. I have kubuntu and xp  looking for the difference between kde 4.1 and the new   Is it worth upgrading02:57
WebcamWonderkao: You would need to manually install 10, which is again not supported on this channel02:58
_2can someone explain why permission on a users home dir would affect whether ssh public keys work or dont work?02:58
Takmadeusoh, what to do with this crc error - system halt error?02:58
kaoWebcamWonder:Thank you for pointing me in the direction of Flash X. I will google for instructions :P02:58
laughyn1nj4any thoughts out there on partitioning a laptop's hd for dual boot?  i can't get grub installed and so i'm starting over ... should i partition BEFORE installing anything?  if so, how?02:58
LeeM1hey guys.. new ubuntu user.. I am trying to install Java but synaptic is taking a reallllllllllllly long time02:59
WebcamWonderkao: There are tons and tons of pages with their own custom home-brew script to do that :). Best of luck :P02:59
Out_Cold_2 if someone wants to access your comp using a key that is 'owned' by you, the computer won't allow them to access the file02:59
_2laughyn1nj4 why can't you get grub installed ?02:59
kaoWebcamWoner: Thank you again :)02:59
TakmadeusOh my God..... crc error - system halt!02:59
_2laughyn1nj4 and have you tried grub2 ?02:59
ubottuntfs-3g is a Linux driver which allows read/write access to NTFS partitions. Installation instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions02:59
NotSureIs it worth upgrading to...   Is the taskbar fully configurable?  I dont like the 4.1 kde taskbar. I cant move things where I want them.. Can I in 4.2?02:59
laughyn1nj4i follow the instructions on ubuntu's site, but i get errors and can't continue on to the next step because of said errors02:59
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_2Out_Cold i didn't say $HOME/.ssh or $HOME/.ssh/*  just plain $HOME   which doesn't make sense to me.03:00
NotSureIs anyone using Kubuntu 4.2 here?03:00
WebcamWonderNotSure: #kubuntu03:01
Barridushi all, i notice there is a kernel update.  that's not something i shoult just do all willy-nilly is it?  what should i check/read up on before deciding if i want it?03:01
LeeM1any ideas why my java download in synaptic is taking so long?03:01
qtwreHello all, I have an interesting problem.  When I boot, the ubuntu splash shows and once the bar reaches the end, it goes to a command line login screen.  after typing 'startx' it tell me my filesystem is read-only03:01
zumzLeeM1: java is big, 50- megs at least03:02
WebcamWonderBarridus: Unless you have drivers compiled yourself, or something done yourself that makes your programs dependent on the current kernel, it is very rarely the case that a kernel upgrade breaks anything03:02
nathanhelpI'm scared. The Ubuntu site says to Sudo fdisk -1. But fdisk is a formatter!03:02
LeeM1but an hour and a half on dsl?03:02
MeshezabeelMeshezabeel: the reason you can't find your file with the "locate" command is because /etc/updatedb.conf is 'pruning' some of your files. Edit this file and it will work the way you want.03:02
milos_LeeM1, java is huge and your connection is slow03:02
WebcamWondernathanhelp: sudo fdisk -l, just lists all the partitions03:02
macmanguys .. i want to do a md5 checksum on an iso .. how do i do this ?03:02
nathanhelpWebcamWonder: So why does it need sudo?03:02
thief`Trenter,  grub is easy to fix... if that's all you need to do.03:02
WebcamWondermacman: md5sum /path/to/file03:02
WebcamWondernathanhelp: It needs the sudo permissions to read the partition table off the harddisk03:02
laughyn1nj4macman ... i think it's md5sum /path/to/iso.iso03:02
webterrori want to try for ubuntu install like Gentoo Compile.03:03
BarridusWebcamWonder,  hmm, good point.  i think i'm using wifi drivers (madwifi or something) that i compiled03:03
EcheloCross"BlueEagle, ah depends on the permissions :) i get it" (c) mrpinky03:03
Gun_Smokewebterror, why?  just use gentoo then03:03
webterrorhowto work in ubuntu?03:03
mrpinkyhey, i was mucking around with "/etc/sudoers" and now every time i try to sudo i get "nbingham is not in the sudoers file. This incident will be reported."... how to get it back :)03:03
Barriduscan a kernel update be undone?  or is it a total pain in the rear?03:04
laughyn1nj4mrpinky ... un-toy your sudoers file03:04
mrpinkylaughyn1nj4, i added one line at the end, then removed the same line so it should be un-toyed. however i removed the line using nano not visudo.. should that affect it?03:04
WebcamWonderBarridus: Your current kernel is untouched (for the most part). You can actually choose to go back to a previous kernel from grub. But I would advice to do some reading on kernel modules, and upgrade before doing so03:04
Gun_Smokemrpinky, man sudoers03:05
qtwrecan anyone think of why my filesystem is suddenly read-only, causing ubuntu to fail to boot?03:05
Steven_Mhi all03:05
webterrorno~ i don't like install from ubuntu install CD03:05
laughyn1nj4hmm .. not sure if su or sudo had a daemon or not ... if so restarting may help03:05
enao1290is there a command similar to ls -l that lists file sizes?03:05
laughyn1nj4ls -h03:05
WebcamWonderenao1290: ls -s :)03:05
nathanhelpWhat about ubuntu writing to Fat32? is that stable as well?03:05
mrpinkyGun_Smoke, okay :)03:05
BarridusWebcamWonder, solid advice.  i have no idea where to start.  this is my first (potential) kernel update since i installed and caught up to the updates03:06
laughyn1nj4any thoughts our there on partitioning for dual boot?03:06
_2laughyn1nj4 ah, fairly new to linux are you?   anyway to answer your origenal question.   i would suggest giving M$ the first primary partition, and size adaquite space for the os and any needed data ntfs. then give linux the next, whether primary or extended doesn't matter, with enough space for the system and a little slack (7g maybe) ext3, then the next partition for your user data and configs (mountpoint = /home) ext3, and maybe03:06
WebcamWonderBarridus: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel03:06
WebcamWonderBarridus: To be fair, I have to recompile my nVidia drivers on every kernel upgrade. And during the recompiling process, my X (gui) cannot start because the kernel modules are built against an old one :)03:08
Steven_Meverytime I try to apt-get update I get this result. http://pastebin.com/d148bd85303:08
laughyn1nj4yea the whole mounting of partitions thing is a bit mysterious for me.  why would one mmount an entire partition to the /home dir anyway?03:08
nathanhelp>.< why does moving to Ubuntu require me to become a programmer? i dont understand half the things I read.03:08
LeeM1it's fun learning :D this is my 3rd hour on ubuntu lol03:09
Out_Coldif i am required to add a <output file> to a command, how do i make it just apear as STDOUT?03:09
laughyn1nj4natanhelp: i'm a programmer and i'm getting somewhere with linux...but not very fast.  :-D03:09
_2nathanhelp why does installing M$ windows require you to accept the EULA you don't understand those things either03:09
LeeM1still kinda ticked that my downloads are so slow in syntapic tho03:09
milos_nathanhelp, for example03:09
nathanhelplaughyn1nj4: I'm not a programmer and I am getting a headache. _2 Who reads teh EULA?03:09
rodolfohey! does anybodu here uses avant-windw-navigator?03:09
thief`laughyn1nj4, it is a good idea to mount /home to a diff partition - though yo udont have to.03:09
milos_nathanhelp, i'm programer :)03:09
bruwstoutnathanhelp and laughynj4:  It will grow on you03:09
therootesthello. Can someone help me install the compiz cube in kubuntu 8.0.4?03:10
nathanhelpI hope so.03:10
bruwstoutand allow you to be more in tune with the OS03:10
thief`nathanhelp, i know what you mean, but it's a learning process... keep at it.03:10
laughyn1nj4bruwstout ... it's growing !03:10
rodolfoi can't kill the gnome-panel is there any option in AWN that does the job?03:10
_2nathanhelp if you don't then you are a liar  because clicking the "i accept" button says you did read and understand and accept it.03:10
laughyn1nj4why is mounting a seprate partition to /home such a great idea?03:10
LeeM1i work for a small it company.. learning some linux for my role.. that and my xp crapped out and I didn't want to deal with it any more03:10
thief`i've spent three hours now trying to install vmware... - my kernel is a bitch.03:10
WebcamWonderlaughyn1nj4: Keeps your data safe/intact over OS re-installs03:10
orbstrahey can ubuntu mount osx formated partitions03:10
laughyn1nj4it's the WHY i'm after, i've heard enough of the WHAT03:10
bruwstoutI'm in the same boat ... almost need my engineering background to keep up03:10
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats03:10
nathanhelp_2 yup. I'm a lier. Actually I'm not. I read that im not allowed to revers engineer it then my eyes glazed over.03:10
_2laughyn1nj4 because you can reinstall without loosing data03:10
thief`rodolfo, there is a cmd to kill the gnome panels03:10
On0bi_does ubuntu work on laptops?03:11
WebcamWonderOn0bi_: Yes03:11
thief`laughyn1nj4, it's mainly to keep it apart, it's from the old days really... it's not need if yo have a huge HD03:11
laughyn1nj4this assumes that all data is under /home.03:11
hoboQuick question: Has anyone tried or knows how to get emerald working a virtual machine?03:11
rodolfoand what is this command?03:11
bruwstoutubuntu works great on laptops03:11
On0bi_WebcamWonder: well? or is it unstable?03:11
thief`laughyn1nj4, it's from when you might have had home on one hd and the other sys files on a diff hd.03:11
_2laughyn1nj4 most of it will be03:11
laughyn1nj4some of my data (multimedia actually) is in my samba shares which are not under home03:11
nathanhelp_2 I would say that 99% of MS users are liars according to your statement :D03:11
laughyn1nj4actuall MOST of the data is in the samba shares03:11
thief`orbstra, yes, it can read osx.03:12
_2nathanhelp i agree03:12
RedSoxis there anybody here who can give some step-by-step tips to install compiz cube?03:12
BarridusWebcamWonder, i have an intel graphics board.  and to be honest, i have no idea how the drivers work.  they just did on install.  nothing is listed in "hardware drivers", but opengl works03:12
WebcamWonderOn0bi_: Working well for many many people. Although there are specific models where hibernate and all power features don't work, so you should google your model number to see how much it is supported03:12
_2nathanhelp i was an M$ user until i actually read an EULA03:12
laughyn1nj4so perhaps my samba shares should be on a separate partition.  NOW i get it ! ;-)03:12
mrpinkyhey, i executed "usermod -G admin nbingham" to add myself to the "admin" group, but 1) it seems to have removed all my other groups, and 2) after i reboot it reverted my membership to what it was before i executed the command :( any tips?03:12
RedSoxis there anybody here who can give some step-by-step tips to install compiz cube?03:12
thief`laughyn1nj4, all your 'my docs' is under /home03:12
bruwstoutinstall compizconfig-setting-manager03:12
bruwstoutthen open and go into options03:12
RedSoxbruwstout was that for me?03:12
_2laughyn1nj4 so you asked for suggestions, i gave you one.03:12
thief`and if in nautilus, you hit ctrl-h you'll see hidden files. it's rally just like yer my docs in winders03:12
orbstraso if I connect my osx formated external HD to my ubuntu server... can I access it with the regular mount command?? I am connecting to my server wtih CLI through ssh03:13
rodolfothief` and what is this command?03:13
BarridusWebcamWonder, i did work with a nvidia board previously, and my experiences then matched yours03:13
WebcamWonderBarridus: Intel drivers are nice, they work. They aren't a proprietary blob like nVidia. You won't loose them over kernel upgrades :)03:13
redvamp128RedSox:  try this site Forlong's Blog - I'm trying to comprehend the things I write <http://forlong.blogage.de/en>03:13
LeeM1i've beel looking.. can you turn on and off showing when people log in and out?03:13
laughyn1nj4_2 .. much appreciated.!03:13
redvamp128RedSox:  That site at the bottom has a link to a guide on how to configure the cube and how to work compiz03:13
nathanhelpredvamp128, BlueEagle, Whats the difference between Using Samba, and ntfs-3g? Can I not just use Samba to access the shared folders on Windows? or am I mis-connecting things?03:13
lstarnesLeeM1: some clients can do that03:13
thief`orbstra, taht i don't know. but i know it can read osx format. or you can  get a fs that can easily.03:13
RedSoxredvamp128 thnx a lot brother03:13
LeeM1im using pidgin03:13
lstarnesLeeM1: as far as I know, pidgin can't03:14
Giraffehey, i'm trying to get wireless working on a laptop with an ar242x atheros chipset...networkmanager doesn't let me connect (the connect button is greyed out) and wicd just won't connect.  what gives?03:14
LeeM1rawr :(03:14
orbstrathief` : fs?03:14
WebcamWonderLeeM1: I think there was a plugin to do that, but I don't remember. #pidgin would be a better source03:14
nathanhelpLeeM1: You can in WinXP pidgin. but im not sure where in Ubuntu03:14
thief`like one called ntfs-g that reads windows.03:14
thief`there'd be one for mac - if it's needed.03:14
orbstraoh i got ya thief`03:14
orbstrathnx bud03:14
redvamp128RedSox:  It is almost at the middle of the page about configure compiz-- but a good guide as well as some good links --03:14
thief`i've been using linux since november - and look at what i know now?03:15
RedSoxok redvamp128 tysm03:15
thief`see, you can learn.03:15
thief`a lot of reading - that's what's needed.03:15
Gustavo_G_I need to install the lzo2 development library. Any suggestions?03:15
thief`and time.03:15
laughyn1nj4so if i want to backup an entire partition (using tar) and it's mounted at /samba, do i just backup the /samba or is there a better way to do it?03:15
nathanhelpthief`: Thats my problem. I have 3 kids, a preggy wife, and a two storey house to look after. I dont have a lot of time :D03:15
redvamp128nathanhelp:  I am not sure if samba will default let you write to ntfs-- but does not hurt to have both installed03:15
_2so does anyone know why ssh would check permission of $HOME before deciding whether or not to use public keys form $HOME/.ssh/authorized_keys  ?03:15
MethinX what i need to do is replace a windows domain controller with a ubuntu comp, will samba have this ability?03:16
thief`nathanhelp, i found, if i just ran progs like firefox and open office... and didn't really do much, i had  NO probs, but when you try to do things - like change thins, that's wherr eyou gottaa learn how.03:16
jrib_2: don't you think that makes sense?03:16
tomodachiMethinX: what kind of window domain controller?03:16
Steven_Meverytime I try to apt-get update I get this result. http://pastebin.com/d148bd85303:16
tomodachint, 2k ,r 2k303:16
_2jrib no not at all03:16
MethinXwindows server 200303:16
_2why should it /03:16
thief`MethinX, huge corps. use linux for that. so yes. but i don't know how.03:17
tomodachiMethinX: i think i depends on what features you use in your win2k3 domain controller03:17
tomodachiim not really skilled in the subject03:17
tomodachibut last time i checked samba server could replace a nt4 domain controller03:17
tomodachibut that was some time ago03:17
nomasteryodatomodachi, that is true03:17
_2jrib if the user owns the ~/.ssh  and it's accessable only by the user than what does the permission on ~ have to do with anything ?03:17
nomasteryodajsut not the active directory server03:17
thief`Steven_M, your keys are bad.03:18
thief`del them.03:18
MethinXok thanks03:18
laughyn1nj4ahem rm them03:18
thief`or use synaptic, there is options in there to screw with the keys.03:18
thief`type sudo synaptic03:18
bruwstoutwouldnt it be rm -rf03:18
WebcamWonderthief`: gksu for graphical please :)03:18
kindofabuzzhow do i make a sym link to folders in a folder but not the main folder?03:18
thief`what really does that do? i've done both...03:19
_2jrib or said another way, it makes about as much sense to me as it checking the perms on  / would.03:19
WebcamWonder!gksu | thief`03:19
ubottuthief`: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)03:19
BrohanaHow would I disable having to have permission to write a file?03:19
laughyn1nj4Brohana:use windows03:19
Out_ColdBrohana, change the permissions to 77703:19
thief`777 is full control.03:20
thief`555 is read and execute isn't it?03:20
Steven_Mthief`: what would cause that, I didn't do anything to them?03:20
thief`chmod 555 filename?03:21
Gustavo_G_I am trying to install the lzo2 development library but am not sure how to proceed. Any suggestions?03:21
Steven_Mthief`: yes it is03:21
thief`WebcamWonder, when i do that, i get this every time... i do'nt think it's a problem really, but what do you tink?03:21
thief`(gedit:7025): Gtk-WARNING **: Theme directory scalable/animations/small/22x22 of theme default.kde4 has no size field03:21
mrpinkyhi, i accidentally removed my "admin" group membership, so i booted into recovery mode and root console, then i used "adduser nbingham admin" to get my admin back, and i check that it is correcly applied with "id nbingham". but when i restart, i have different group memberships (not including admin). any clues? :(03:21
Out_Coldthief`, read up about on permission numbers... keep yourself as a 6 or 7 and change the rest to 5,6 or 703:21
Taladanhey, looking for suggestions for FOSS web-based business managment software...something that can do Point of Sale, work orders, accounts receivable/payable, general ledger, etc.03:21
rodolfothief` could you tell me what command makes gnome-panel disappear please?03:21
thief`yeah, i know what ya mean Out_Cold03:21
tomodachihmm Taladan maybe salesforce.com is something?03:21
WebcamWonderthief`: That is just a theme icon mismatch. It is fine03:21
mrpinkyTaladan, webERP (small and nice) or Compiere (bloated)03:21
thief`i don't really screw with perms. just for me  trusty pr0n dir.03:21
tomodachihavent looked on crm systems for quite some time ..03:21
* Taladan looks03:22
thief`yeah, thought so... dumb error ( i have an eee so my fonts / icons are tiny)03:22
try2freemy local systems can't access the Internet after shorewall clear. and restart. how to fix that? before that everything ok.03:22
TaladanI've looked at nolapro a bit, and it's nice, but I want to 'shop around' as it were03:22
laughyn1nj4that's one dir i keep private 700, thief03:22
Out_Coldthief`, i have had servers and ssh boxes that i've needed to change several permissions.. it's really a good thing to learn if anyone other than yourself has access to your comp03:22
mrpinkycmon i don't want to reinstall ubuntu just because i can't get my admin membership back :( please help me :)03:22
bruwstoutthat is the folder i encrypt03:22
thief`Out_Cold, thing with me (for now at least) is - i'm theonly one even close to my pruter that has  a clue about linux.03:23
WebcamWonderTrueCrypt with triple cascading cipher FTW!03:23
thief`Out_Cold,  my /pr0n is hidden as well. just in case lil nephew comes along and finds nautilus... hahah03:23
therootestI have installed the compiz but the cube wont work. Can someone please help me?03:23
Taladanmrpinky: you deleted admin group?03:23
tomodachitherootest: how does it not work?03:24
Taladanour just removed user from membership?03:24
TheFunkbombWhere are the default GDMs (log in screens) stored?03:24
thief`mrpinky, why do you think you lost admin?03:24
Out_Coldyea like i said, one user, who cares..03:24
zumzmrpinky: live cd and edit it?03:24
nathanhelpok Basic question. Lets say (for real example that i can learn off) I dont have ntfs-3g in my synaptic list. I have the website however and I want to install the ntfs-3g drivers. Whats the difference between Source and Binary? (both sound the same to me).03:24
tomodachitherootest: have you installed compizconfig settings manager?03:24
tomodachitherootest:  your need to enable the cube there03:24
thief`i'd think losing root would be hard to do.03:24
therootesttomodachi: i have everything installed from adept. Then i open CCSM and choose the cube and the rotating cube effects.03:24
=== Munchkinguy_ is now known as Munchkinguy
WebcamWondernathanhelp: You would have to compile the entire driver yourself. Compiling is a pain, and most of the time dependency hell03:25
mrpinkythief` because when i do "id" it doesn't include admin :(03:25
therootesttomodachi: and then it just doesnt do anything!03:25
macman.. guys i tried to do a md5sum on a iso and it said : No such file or directory .. any ideas ?03:25
Spreadsheetghostdog21: this is one of the most active channels in all of irc03:25
tomodachithere are several cube plugins maybe youre using the wrong one? or you dont have any keys assigned to the action03:25
ghostdog21sorry, but i've a problem anyone time 4 helping me?!03:25
mrpinkyzumz, but edit what...? i checked my /etc/group and "admin:x:115:nbingham" is in there :( it just doesn't appear when i "id" myself :(03:25
Taladanmrpinky: go into recovery and edit /etc/group03:25
Spreadsheetmacman: maybe put the right path to the file? ;)03:25
nathanhelpWebcamWonder: What does that mean? what is compiling? Please explain as clearly as you can, I'm trying to learn but theres a lot to take in.03:25
_2 octal permission structure   each three digit base two  number is represented as   rwx = 111_2 = 7_8   and the three digit (actually four digit) octal permission is  (special)(owner)(group)(world)  normally the first digit is not mentioned = 0      0755   normal dir perms default   0644  normal file perms default for data   0755 normal file perms default for executables03:25
macmani was in teh same directory Spreadsheet03:25
laughyn1nj4macman: do you have md5sum installed?  md5sum --version03:25
Spreadsheetwhat is the name of the ISO03:26
Taladanmrpinky: add your username after admin:x:<number>:<user>03:26
zumzwell wasnt it sudoers file you edited before?03:26
laughyn1nj4then try again...you proly typed thge path wrong03:26
macmanlaughyn1nj4 its version 303:26
draeday_hey everytime i'm playing music with listen it freezes and i dont know y03:26
WebcamWondernathanhelp: Sure. The source, is the source code itself (what developers write). It is then compiled (machine code - something computers can read/understand) into a binary03:26
TheEdge_i am using Mplayer  put when ever i play a dvd i can't use ctrl+m  nothing happens.. also when I click a menu button in the picture nothing happens03:26
TheFunkbombWhere are the default GDMs stored?03:27
WebcamWondernathanhelp: Binaries are highly platform dependent (so, a binary for a 32bit OS will mostof the time not work with 64 bit OS)03:27
tomodachiTheEdge_: what is ctrl m supposed to do?03:27
nathanhelpWebcamWonder:  so a binary file are the ones i want to download?03:27
orbstrahey how do I unmount the USB drive i just mounted in ubuntu linux thruogh CLI03:27
macmanno good03:27
mrpinkyTaladan, my username is already there "admin:x:115:nbingham" :( but after i tried to add myself to a group with usermod, "id" no longer shows membership to any groups except the one i tried to add, i lost "admin" group as far as "id" is concerned :( but still have it as far as "/etc/group" is concerned03:27
tomodachiorbstra: sudo umount /medaia/nameofyourdevice03:27
thief`mrpinky, what  does it say your uid is?03:27
nathanhelpbinary for the Ubuntu x86 platform?03:27
Spreadsheetmacman: $ ls03:27
_2TheFunkbomb /etc/gdm/03:27
WebcamWondernathanhelp: In order to solve the pain that is caused by compiling (trust me it is a pain if things don't work out properly), Ubuntu gives many many softwares as binaries tailored to your OS03:27
mrpinkythief`, "id" says uid=100003:27
TheFunkbomb_2, that makes sense03:28
TheEdge_tomodachi: it should send you to the DVD menu03:28
supernoobthe other day a friend put some  music on my MP3 player, but he put it in random folders accidentally. How can I compare the difference in folders on my mp3 player with my main laptop music folder?03:28
thief`mrpinky,  i'm no expert but i believe 1000 is root03:28
tomodachiTheEdge_: open it in terminal03:28
therootesttomodachi: i have the plugins thing installed from the adept manager. It cant be the wrong cube. And the hotkeys are OK. I think the problem is that compiz is not my default windows manager and i dont know how to make it default.03:28
thief`my uid is 100003:28
TheFunkbombawesome name by the way.  It's really you03:28
tomodachiand see what the std out logging says03:28
thief`mrpinky, i believe 1000 is the first user created at install.03:28
WebcamWondernathanhelp: Yes, but it is much more preffered that you get the packages from Ubuntu repositories since they have been tested by many many peopl03:28
lstarnesthief`: root is either 003:28
_2thief` uid = 0  is superuser03:28
lstarneser, without the either03:28
mrpinkythief`, that would make sense, i only have one account, which i created at install.03:28
TheEdge_tomodachi: Mplayer ??03:28
tomodachiTheEdge_: yes03:29
thief`mrpinky, ok, then type sudo id03:29
tomodachiopen a terminal03:29
nathanhelpWebcamWonder: Ok. I have no ntfs-3g in my accessible list. Restricted is enabled. what else can i do to access them?03:29
Taladanmrpinky: I'm not sure then dude...afaik that's the file that determines group membership03:29
tomodachithen open gmplayer from there03:29
WebcamWondernathanhelp: What version of ubuntu are you runnning?03:29
TheEdge_tomodachi: who do i do that.. only been using Linux/ubuntu for 2 days now03:29
nathanhelpWebcamWonder: 8.1003:29
_2thief` uid = 1000 ~ ?   is the normal user range, as specified in some config in /etc03:29
mrpinkythief`, "sudo id" tells me "nbingham is not in the sudoers file", which also makes sense, because i don't seem to have "admin" group membership03:29
supernoobneed some help03:29
nathanhelpWebcamWonder: Gnome.03:30
supernoobi think i need a synchronizing program or something03:30
supernoobthe other day a friend put some  music on my MP3 player, but he put it in random folders accidentally. How can I compare the difference in folders on my mp3 player with my main laptop music folder?03:30
tomodachiTheEdge_:  applications -accessories - terminal03:30
WebcamWondernathanhelp: You should have ntfs-3g :S03:30
thief`mrpinky, hmm, i see what you mean now.03:30
tomodachiTheEdge_:  locate gmplayer with03:30
WebcamWonder!info ntfs-3g03:30
nathanhelpWebcamWonder: I know i should have them but i dont. Or am looking in the wrong place.03:30
tomodachiwhereis gmplayer03:30
ubottuntfs-3g (source: ntfs-3g): read-write NTFS driver for FUSE. In component main, is standard. Version 1:1.2506-1ubuntu2 (intrepid), package size 28 kB, installed size 132 kB03:30
tomodachithen type the path03:30
mrpinkythief`, i can edit /etc/groups or memberships by restarting into recovery console. but the changes i make don't seem to persist when i restart :(03:30
tomodachimrpinky: are you logged in as root when you do them?03:31
therootesttomodachi: the compiz i runned in terminal as root showed:03:31
therootestCouldn't find a perfect decorator match; trying all decorators03:31
therootestStarting kde-window-decorator03:31
thief`tomodachi, he can't get root.03:31
Taladanmrpinky: try rebuilding your user account in recovery and add that new account to sudoers?03:31
TheEdge_tomodachi: i know  :)   but how do i start mplayer via terminal03:31
mrpinkytomodachi, yes i restart in recovery console and choose the "root prompt" option03:31
thief`tomodachi, "sudo id" tells me "nbingham is not in the sudoers file"  - he said.03:31
tomodachithief`: ok03:31
orbstrawhat if it says the file is in use that I am trying to eject tomodachi03:31
tomodachiwell if he starts in recovery he should be root03:31
nathanhelpWebcamWonder: I'm going to try closing my synaptic and trying some install from terminal in case they are IN the repo, but not on my list for some reason.03:31
_2mrpinky just restart into recovery mode and use the command useradd    man useradd   for details03:32
tomodachiorbstra:  then you have something open using it close your apps terminals etc03:32
thief`The_Rebel, type totem in the terminal - works great.03:32
The_Rebelthanks for the tip thief`03:32
tomodachiorbstra: you can se whats using it with lsof in terminal03:32
MTecknologyI'm trying to install something. I altered the configs and tried to wipe it off my system so I could do a clean install of the package but it doesn't restore configs....03:32
orbstratomodachi : I am doing it thruogh cli03:32
tomodachiorbstra: you might have to grep it03:32
thief`sorry, that was supposed to be to TheEdge_03:32
mrpinky_2, i have done that, and it adds, and i see the admin group when i "id" that account, then when i restart that group is gone :(03:32
orbstrathe folder is /mnt/usb so I am doing lsof | grep usb03:32
WebcamWondernathanhelp: Synaptic and the terminal read one and the same list, there is no difference. I haven't worked with Intrepid, but on hardy, they do show up as an extra package. I presuem they are now directly integrated into the kernel somehow03:32
InevGlitchAnybody familiar with the nvidia geforce fx 560003:32
orbstraand a bunch of things are using it tomodachi how do I close them03:33
tomodachiorbstra:  you can always do sud umount -l03:33
TheEdge_thief:  thanks   :)03:33
tomodachido to a lazy unmount03:33
tomodachito do03:33
=== dzup is now known as dzup-beback
orbstrawhat would that do tomodachi03:33
tomodachiorbstra: if you cant find them apps kill them03:33
mrpinkyunless there are other ideas, i will back up my home directory and try to delete/recreate the user account from root console :( back later03:33
thief`TheEdge_, i installed vlc, but i don't use it  cause i don't need to cause totem works well ( for movies)03:33
Taladanmrpinky: that's what I would do03:33
tomodachithief`: totem sucks03:34
mrpinkyTaladan, okay, thanks :)03:34
thief`tomodachi, but it works.03:34
tomodachithief`:  but if youre happy then use it03:34
_2mrpinky </blinks>   should work.   drastic but affective03:34
Out_Coldisn't there a sudoers list? apart from /etc/groups?03:34
thief`tomodachi, i know what you mean though.03:34
tomodachithief`: unsexy girls also work , but you want sexy ones right?!03:34
thief`tomodachi, do you meean the qual of video sucks? or what about it that sucks?03:34
orbstrai am trying to kill the process I thnk are associated with the HD but they wont go away even after I kill their suspected pid03:34
InevGlitchlol @ tomodachi03:34
TheEdge_libdvdnav: Can't read name block. Probably not a DVD-ROM device.  i can see this error in the terminal when try to play dvd03:34
tomodachithief`: support for codecs03:34
mrpinkyOut_Cold, there is /etc/sudoers, but my account is not there directly. /etc/sudoers gives the "admin" group sudo access, and my account should be in the "admin" group03:34
orbstrais the pid the first 5 digit number from the left when you do lsof | grep usb03:34
n2diyA buddy of mine has seen the light, and has agreed to let me install Ubuntu on his box. He want's to dual boot with XP Home Ed. His box is AFU, so I want to do a "bare metal" install on the drive. Are there any guides/Howtos on this?03:35
orbstrausb being the folder associated with my mounetd HD03:35
tomodachimrpinky: you should belong to the adm group under /etc/group03:35
Out_Coldyea.. i remember doing something in there...03:35
mrpinkytomodachi, "adm" or "admin"?03:35
tomodachimrpinky: lemme check03:35
_2mrpinky admin03:35
tomodachimrpinky: adm03:35
_2iirc adm was the old way  and admin is the new way03:35
nickrudtomodachi, admin :)03:35
Out_Coldyea adm03:35
h4x0rn2diy what i can tell you use ubuntu and the open source apps.  and you will forget about windows03:36
jribtie-breaker: admin03:36
tomodachi_2: im using 8.10 , im in the group adm03:36
nickrudjrib, nah, you're just piling on the good side03:36
jribtomodachi: but that's not why you can sudo03:36
thief`tomodachi, i play a lot of xvid / divx and they work great...03:36
_2tomodachi did you clean install or upgrade ?03:36
n2diyh4x0r: I forgot about Windows 7 years ago, this is for my buddy, and the question was, how to do a bare metal install?03:36
tomodachijrib: yes it is03:36
thief`tomodachi, do you mean screwy ones like mkv and ogg and crap?03:36
mrpinkyhow do i find out what my ubuntu version is? the about box doesn't appear to have it :(03:37
jribtomodachi: read your /etc/sudoers03:37
tomodachijrib: the adm group is in the sudoers file03:37
ubottuTo find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »03:37
InevGlitchQuick question:, In general, can I expect more hardware to work better with 8.04 than with 8.10 ?03:37
nickrudtomodachi, you shouldn't argue with jrib, he actually does development in ubuntu03:37
_2tomodachi but did you clean install or upgrade ?03:37
h4x0rgoogle it! you will find a nice tutorial03:37
tomodachijrib: its called %admin in the sudoers file, i guess thats a variable or something not the exact name03:37
tomodachi_2: clean install03:37
TheEdge_thief: libdvdnav: Can't read name block. Probably not a DVD-ROM device. is the error i get when i start a dvd03:37
nathanhelpWinxp cannot access ext3 filesystems correct?03:37
_2<tomodachi> jrib: its called %admin in the sudoers file  <<<<  see i told you so03:37
jribtomodachi: it really is admin, that's the name of the group03:37
tomodachinickrud: im not arguing im stating facts03:37
n2diyh4x0r: thanks for the pointer.03:38
h4x0rif am not wrong even in youtube is a tutorial03:38
nathanhelp*without problems.03:38
thief`n2diy, there are tons of guides on dual boot.   http://letmegooglethatforyou.com/?q=dual+boot+ubuntu+windows03:38
nickrudtomodachi, ok, you can do a test for yourself. Create two users, add one to the adm group the other to the admin. See which can sudo03:38
AhadielMy friend just updated his Intrepid install and now there's no ubuntu kernels in grub. Is there a way to fix this from the livecd?03:38
Ahadiellisted in grub*03:38
_2tomodachi sudo test command.   sudo echo boo03:38
tomodachi_2: u guys probably right03:38
n2diythief`: I don't need a guide on dual boot, I need a guide on bare metal installing.03:38
thief`Ahadiel, edit the menu.ls file... it's easy. and it's normal.03:38
tomodachicant bother to check thnx for having the patience to correct me03:39
h4x0rdoes somebody try the new beta from ubuntu?03:39
Ahadielthief`, How is that normal?03:39
jrib!jaunty | h4x0r03:39
thief`n2diy, ok... what do you mean on bare metal installing? like linux from scratch?03:39
ubottuh4x0r: Jaunty Jackalope is the code for Ubuntu 9.04, due April 2009 - Lots of breakage between now and April - Please join #ubuntu+1 for discussion and support.03:39
Out_Coldhaha nickrud good test lol03:39
thief`Ahadiel, hah, sorry, i read that wrong.03:39
thief`you can edit the grub file though..03:39
h4x0rubottu i was just asking. why i cant ask?03:39
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:39
nickrudOut_Cold, I've lost track of the tests like that I've created for myself, before I found irc to waste time on and occasionally get a question answered ;)03:39
Ahadielthief`, Well yeah... but what exactly do I put in it?03:40
n2diythief`: Sorta, start with an infected Win box, wipe the drive, MBR, etc..., and reinstall Win then Ubuntu.03:40
Out_Coldyea... i waste more time just chatting in here than i do figuring out my system03:40
thief`n2diy, that's what i thought. it's easy (BUT do windows install first) a MUST. (for easiness.)03:40
h4x0rknowledge is to share, not to keep it, third rule in the black book03:40
_2tomodachi to explain a little more clearly,  if not specified earlier in /etc/sudoers as a "symbol"  then anything appearing as  %blah is a dirrect referance to the group by said name "blah" in my example.03:40
therootesti managed to install the compiz fusion cube BUT there are only 2 sides on the cube. How can i make it 4 sided?03:40
thief`really, google it, it's everywehere. and it's a lot easier than you think.03:41
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MTecknologyI'm trying to install something. I altered the configs and tried to wipe it off my system so I could do a clean install of the package but it doesn't restore configs.... Any ideas how I can do it?03:41
Picih4x0r: This is not the channel to discuss Jaunty, please join #ubuntu+1 instead.03:41
nickrudtherootest, right click the desktop switcher, lower right corner and change the number03:41
TheEdge_thief: libdvdnav: Can't read name block. Probably not a DVD-ROM device. is the error i get when i start a dvd03:41
=== dzup-beback is now known as dzup
Out_Coldh4x0r, ubottu is a bot.... it's just responding to the ! commands. as for off topic stuff some ops are pretty anal about it..03:41
nickrudtherootest, change the number of columns03:41
h4x0rpici i dont want to discuss jaunty i was just asking03:41
h4x0rthats all03:42
n2diythief`: roger on the Win first, what do I wipe the drive with, gpartd? Will that wipe out the MBR?03:42
thief`Ahadiel, gksudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst03:42
a_userno sound on ubuntu 8.04, 2.6.24-23-generic 00:1e.2 Multimedia audio controller: Intel Corporation 82801FB/FBM/FR/FW/FRW (ICH6 Family) AC'97 Audio Controller (rev 03)03:42
a_userany thoughts?03:42
Ahadielthief`, I didn't ask how to edit it...03:42
thief`n2diy, use the ubuntu live cd to wipe it if you like heheh, anything can.03:42
user_2Hi, I'm using VirtualBox, with a Ubuntu Client which has a ROR website. I'd like to be able to access that site from the host. I think I need to setup a port forwarding?? Can someone help me with this?03:42
thief`n2diy, death, is death, kill however ye want.03:42
nickrud!sound | a_user you can start here03:42
ubottua_user you can start here: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP303:42
n2diythief`: ok, so gpartd is the tool to use?03:43
thief`Ahadiel, msg.03:43
mrpinkyhey, adding myself to "adm" allows me to use sudo again. yay. however, "id" does not appear to show my true group memberships, it did not change when i added myself to "adm" (or anything else). is it cached somewhere...?03:43
Ahadielthief`, What?03:43
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therootestnickrud: sorry but i couldnt find how to add columns.03:44
KDB9000does anyone know if it is possible to change the mirrors in the Ubuntu Mini ISO? I have been trying to install all day today and it is crawling and having problems downloading some of the packages. Even on my Fiber connection (10 MB up and down).03:44
a_usersound was turned down03:44
nickrudtherootest, it's under preferences03:44
a_usertoshiba laptops and their wheels03:44
therootestnickrud: under preferences where?03:44
nathanhelpis it safe/secure to have ports 80 and 23 open?03:45
AhadielIs there a command to regenerate kernel images in /boot as well as menu.lst?03:45
ubottuUbuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors - PLEASE use the !torrents to download Intrepid, and help keeping the servers' load low!03:45
kindofabuzzyou only need 80 open if you're hosting a site or something like that03:45
_2nathanhelp of course not.03:45
thief`n2diy, Ahadiel maybe both could benefit from this: i had to fix my boot sector once (windows attacked it) - i forget what i did exactly, but i google and read.... use a live ubuntu cd and you can use it to fix grub / booting.03:45
mrpinkyhmm "usermod -g admin nbingham" doesn't appear to change my GID. after the command, "id" still shows "gid=1000(nbingham)" not "gid=XXXX(admin)"?03:45
therootestnickrud: you mean somewhere in the ccsm?03:46
Ahadielthief`, That doesn't really help much.03:46
Ahadielthief`, But thanks.03:46
thief`Ahadiel, it might.03:46
jribmrpinky: why do you want to change your gid?03:46
n2diythief`: roger roger03:46
nickrudtherootest, ok, go this route: compizconfig settings manager, general button, desktop size tab. Change horizontal size03:46
_2Ahadiel apt-get install --reinstall linux-image-`uname -r`    ?03:46
primehello everyone03:46
thief`n2diy, use gparted to wipe yoru drive and make it in two partitions.03:46
Delvien!hello | prime03:46
ubottuprime: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!03:46
mrpinkyjrgp, because it's currently nbingham and i think it should be admin, right?03:46
Ahadiel_2, Hrm, that just might work. Thanks!03:46
thief`!hello | thief`03:47
jribmrpinky: no, it's as it should be03:47
ubottuthief`, please see my private message03:47
IndyGunFreakAhadiel: why did you delete the images?'03:47
primei am now using linux4one in my acer aspire one03:47
user_2Hi, I'm using VirtualBox, with a Ubuntu Client which has a ROR website. I'd like to be able to access that site from the host. I think I need to setup a port forwarding on the ubuntu client?? Can someone help me with this?03:47
CyBurnetthow do I open a Terminal when I dont have any panels or icons?03:47
laughyn1nj4!privatemessage | thief`03:47
ubottuthief`: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.03:47
n2diythief`: ok, what about /swap and /home?03:47
DelvienCyBurnett: can you Alt F2?03:47
AhadielIndyGunFreak, I didn't. I was updating my friend's intrepid box and he claims there's only "memtest" on the grub menu.03:47
primehow can I fix my volume with vlc?03:47
mrpinkyjrib, cool thanks :)03:47
jribmrpinky: you need to log out and log back in for group additions to take place.  Use 'adduser USER GROUP' to add the user USER to the group GROUP by the way03:47
_2CyberSix use a console ?03:47
h4x0rubottu > yesterday I was here and i told somebody that you can not run 32 bit in a 64 bit processor, and somebody told me i was wrong. i was not talking about an application that you can do it, do i am right?03:47
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:47
IndyGunFreakAhadiel: then if thats the case, i would try using a live CD to reinstall grub, as suggested, something went haywire03:48
thief`that bot doesn't like it when i say hello to me.03:48
mrpinkyjrib cool, i accidentally deleted all my group memberships using -G without -a :( do you have a default list of group memberships i can use?03:48
thief`n2diy, how big is yer HD?03:48
AhadielIndyGunFreak, Okay, will do.03:48
IndyGunFreak!grub | Ahadiel instructions to reinstall grub are here03:48
ubottuAhadiel instructions to reinstall grub are here: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto03:48
jribmrpinky: no, but you can use System -> Administration -> Users and groups03:49
n2diythief`: not sure, but probably 100+ gig03:49
_2h4x0r you can install either 32 or 64 bit os into a system that supports 64 bit    you can not install 64 bit os into a system that only supports 32 bit03:49
therootestnickrud: sorry, but because my ubuntu is in greek... which is the general button? the one down at the left?03:49
mrpinkyjrib, great, thanks! :)03:49
enao1290Hey guys, quick question; i have a PHP script running on a cron job every 15 minutes03:49
h4x0r_2 thank you i know i was right03:49
foxwoodshi, does anyone know how to get rid of the grey outlines in firefox?03:49
Steven_Mare these iso mirrors or repo mirrors http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors?03:50
enao1290and for some reason, the output is being put into /var/mail/mail03:50
enao1290how do I stop that from happening?03:50
nickrudtherootest, on my ccsm, it's the one at the top all by itself03:50
enao1290i'm a total sysadmin noob03:50
therootestnickrud: oh! i found it! i changed to 2 vertical and 2 horizontal but... no cube on my desktop :(03:50
_2h4x0r it was not a question of you being right or wrong, it was a question of clear communication.03:50
nickrudtherootest, change the horizontal to 4, and vertical to 103:51
kazekagiAnyone Know alot about getting Video quality Better on Ubuntu?03:52
jigphello guys is there any web development tools for ubuntu 8.04? (free web developer tools) like for example dreamweaver in windows.03:52
laughyn1nj4darn...i keep trying but i still get the grub blues03:52
thief`n2diy, make your /home be 30 gigs, your / 10 gigs and leave the rest for xpooh03:52
laughyn1nj4i'm just going to re-install...03:52
therootestnickrud: omg! it works! but now, how can i make the cube a little smaller so i can see all of it?03:52
thief`n2diy, i gotta go... any other Qs real quick?03:52
h4x0ri have some computers and one of them have a 64x amd (969) processor and dont accept the 32 bit "i386" on that system03:52
_2thief` only 30g for home ???   O.o03:52
nickrudtherootest, that's the zoom under the cube settings, iirc. Or, hold down the middle button and move the mouse? Been a while since I used the cube03:52
thief`_2, who cares, you can change it later, or add another hd.03:53
Out_Coldjigp, whats your video card now?03:53
nickrudtherootest, #compiz-fusion has all the really cool effects03:53
thief`n2diy, it's not a big deal  - the sizes right now... you can edit them later.03:53
h4x0rintel run perfect i386 and amd run perfet 64 bit i58603:53
gerberhelp with 1710 dell laser printer03:53
_2thief` "who cares"   user cares in most cases.03:53
n2diythief`: 10-4 on the Xpooh! :)03:53
Out_Coldmy 64 bit won't load a 64 OS03:53
thief`read a coulpe lines above.03:53
jigpOut_Cold  : ATI03:53
thief`makes me laugh.03:54
foxwoodskazekagi: what's wrong with your video output?03:54
FloodBot1thief`: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:54
jigpOut_Cold  : ATI 512mb and 1gb ram03:54
laughyn1nj4anyone install OpenOffice 3.0 on Intrepid?03:54
Out_Coldjigp, do you have the proper drivers installed?03:54
gerberhelp with 1710 dell laser printer03:54
laughyn1nj4if so...how'd it go?03:54
thief`n2diy, seriously, it's easy. i just jumped into it, and did it. no prob. it's easy than you think.03:54
therootestnickrud: oh thanks!!!!! do you happen to know how can i make the cube stay a little longer on the desktop so that i can rotate and find the desktop i want?03:54
gerberhelp with 1710 dell laser printer03:55
foxwoodsagain, anyone remember how to get rid of grey outlines in firefox around text boxes and such?03:55
thief`they have made linux easy now. (well, kinda) hahah03:55
h4x0rlaughylnj4 ubuntu intrebit dont accept office 3.0 because is not stable but google it and you will find some tutorial how to install it03:55
jigpOut_Cold: yes03:55
Out_Coldtherootest, try pressing your middle mouse button on the desktop03:55
gerberhelp with 1710 dell laser printer03:55
laughyn1nj4say what?  i use OOo on win all the time03:55
_2linux has always been "easy". the dificulty has been "having to unlearn M$ in order to learn linux"03:56
therootestOut_Cold: im on a laptop without mouse :)03:56
kazekagiFoxwoods: Well its a several part problem. I can run the AVI files ok, But the quality is all grainy and lines appear on the picture. Been looking all over on the net, tried several solutions, but none seem too work. Same problem in totem,VLC, kaffein03:56
Out_Coldtherootest, press both buttons to act as the third button03:56
h4x0ryou are 100% right03:56
therootestOut_Cold: doesnt work03:56
TheEdge_could some one look at this http://paste.ubuntu.com/111537/   and tell what i have to do03:56
Out_Coldctrl + alt + left?03:57
laughyn1nj4well yes i am.  anyone ever do any virtualization with Xen?  that sound like a tasty project!03:57
_VIM_laughyn1nj4: i think the majority of people in here favor VirtualBox... not xen03:58
h4x0rgerber ubutnu use a system to install a printer that goes to a server where will find just the drivers for you printer if you go to system > printing and > new and follow it03:58
jigpOut_Cold: what web development tool to use in ubuntu 8.04 desktop? especially php+html.. I use dreamweaver in windows but its trial.03:58
therootestthank you guys! :)03:58
_2jigp quanta03:58
Out_Coldwell Kompozer is a WYSIWYG program..03:58
gaintsurawhen I'm working with a bash script, $1 is considered a variable right?03:58
laughyn1nj4giantsura: yes03:59
_VIM_was Kompozer ever fixed or does it still crash when you use a menu?03:59
foxwoodskazekagi: then it's most likely your video card driver03:59
gaintsurathanks laughyn1nj403:59
Steven_Mwhere can I found repo mirrors?03:59
laughyn1nj4'twas nothin.03:59
foxwoodskazekagi: what video card, and do you know what you are using as your driver?03:59
tonyyarusso_VIM_: I haven't yet packaged the alpha version - theoretically we'll have a final of the new one that I can put in a PPA / backports soon.04:00
kazekagidarnit. running a Ati 4870x2 card. installed latest driver from thhe site04:00
_VIM_tonyyarusso: you're a Kompozer dev?04:00
laughyn1nj4$1 is read from the cmd line ... i don't think you can declare it04:00
user_2Hi, I'm using VirtualBox, with a Ubuntu Client which has a ROR website. I'd like to be able to access that site from the host. I think I need to setup a port forwarding on the ubuntu client?? Can someone help me with this?04:00
=== kevin__ is now known as uvacav
tonyyarusso_VIM_: no, just the packager for Ubuntu.  (I make the .deb, but don't write the code)04:01
_2!info ted04:01
ubottuPackage ted does not exist in intrepid04:01
syzygywhat is the command to extract a traball again?04:01
foxwoodskazekagi: open your xorg.conf, and tell me what it says your driver is right now04:01
syzygy*tarball that is04:01
foxwoods(i.e. atiglx or something else)04:01
_VIM_ah ok tonyyarusso thanks for the heads up :)04:01
_2pulled for lack of support i gather04:02
kazekagiOk ill just say it, first day using linux:D How do i open in, whats the command:D04:02
tonyyarussosyzygy: tar x, then other options if you wish.  for a .tar.gz I usually use tar zxvf04:02
ubottuFor instructions on how to set up port-forwarding (for games, torrents, webservers) see http://portforward.com - also see !firewall04:02
_2syzygy tar -xf filename04:02
macmanquestion .. say i can't burn an iso .. can i mount the iso and then drag all the contents to the dvd and then burn it ? if so will i be able to boot it ?04:02
foxwoodskazekagi: if you're familiar with vim, say vim /etc/X11/xorg.conf (it will warn you it's read only)04:02
foxwoodsotherwise, just find it graphically04:03
syzygymacman: yes04:03
_VIM_!remaster | macman (I think this is what you mean?)...04:03
ubottumacman (I think this is what you mean?)...: Interested in remastering the Ubuntu !live CD? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility04:03
_2macman if you can't burn the iso,  why ?04:03
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about isoburn04:03
ubottuTo burn an ISO image of a CD in Linux, Mac OS or Windows, read the howto at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto04:03
foxwoodslast try guys: Firefox, ugly grey outlines around fields, radio buttons, submit buttons -> How do I get rid of those?04:03
_2macman   ^   ubottu04:03
_VIM_foxwoods: have you tried changing Firefox themes?04:04
randalhi i was wondering how can i make my partision bigger in linux04:05
foxwoodsthe themes for firefox are fine, in terms of firefox's look04:05
ubottuFor instructions on how to set up port-forwarding (for games, torrents, webservers) see http://portforward.com - also see !firewall04:05
h4x0rbut you are pretty good ubottu04:05
sn007akeHow can i change from proprietary drivers to Ubuntu Drivers? ( grafix )04:05
foxwoodsit's the page rendering -> google's radio buttons have a grey outline around them04:05
_2randal gparted maybe04:05
user_2?? portforward.com is an advertisement to a closed source Windows program ??04:05
laughyn1nj4domo warigoto misto ubotto04:05
_VIM_foxwoods: Firefox themes can effect the icons is what i was getting to. You might change themes just to see if that's the issue04:05
macman_VIM_ this is not what i mean .. what i mean is for some reason im trying to burn a bootable iso but for some reason at boot it is not booting .. can i mount the iso in ubuntu and drag all the conents into a empty dvd and make that dvd bootable from there ?04:05
foxwoods_VIM_: I did change to my favourite theme, which fixed the tabs04:05
randal_2: whats that04:05
h4x0ryou can install gparted from you add and removes04:05
foxwoods_VIM_: but it doesn't fix text boxes on websites04:06
foxwoodsor buttons04:06
user_2?? portforward.com is an advertisement to a closed source Windows program ??04:06
h4x0ror sudo get-apt install gparted04:06
_2randal web search for   gparted live cd04:06
_VIM_macman: im not sure maybe k3b can do that04:07
foxwoodskazekagi: found /etc/X11/xorg.conf yet?04:07
kazekagi_Ok Foxwoods, I think i got it. Shall i paste the entire thing in the channel?04:07
foxwoodscoo....no, don't post the whole thing04:07
user_2Something is wrong with ubotu04:07
foxwoodskazekagi_: go find where it says something about ati04:07
randal_2: can i use gnome partistion editor04:08
_VIM_kazekagi_: if its over like 2 or three lines, use http://paste.ubuntu.com04:08
foxwoodskazekagi_: follow VIM's advice04:08
foxwoodspaste there04:08
_VIM_randal: gparted or get the Gparted LIVE CD04:08
Deatrixolá, podem fazer o favor de me fornecerem o acesso, para o kurumim em português?04:08
gaelfx!es | Deatrix04:09
ubottuDeatrix: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.04:09
XpistosCan someone give me a hand mounting a drive in my server to a folder in my laptop. I am so frustrated!04:09
_2randal that is gparted    run it from a live cd.  you can't resize the root filesystem of the running system04:09
laughyn1nj4later on04:09
kazekagi_Section "Device"04:10
kazekagi_        Identifier  "aticonfig-Device[0]-0"04:10
kazekagi_        Driver      "fglrx"04:10
kazekagi_        BusID       "PCI:5:0:0"04:10
FloodBot1kazekagi_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:10
randal_2: ok thanks im downloading it and i found that out it wont let me resize04:10
_2randal   gparted = gnome partition editor04:10
_VIM_Deatrix: it's /join #ubuntu-pt04:10
_2or actually maybe gtk partition editor   idk.04:11
gerberdell printer help  to install04:11
_2!printer > gerber04:11
ubottugerber, please see my private message04:11
* X3S Back04:11
kazekagi_was that the right thing?04:12
foxwoodskazekagi_: please use paste.ubuntu.com, so I can see your whole xorg.conf04:13
rashed2020Is there something wrong with the repos? It takes forever to download something04:14
usseryep same here04:14
usserim getting redirected to some russian mirror04:14
os11hi i need help here, http://paste.ubuntu.com/111546/04:14
foxwoodskazekagi_: you have to send me the link04:14
big-brohow to stop karaoke effect with microphone coming through the speakers04:15
rashed2020It doesn't redirect me or anything, just hangs for around a minute then does everything quickly04:15
ari_stressbig-bro: reduce the volume04:15
rashed2020big-bro: Or buy a headset04:15
foxwoodskazekagi_: do you have desktop effects enabled?04:16
raviousanyone have any exp with the new xorg in xubuntu 8.10? I need to set my video driver but the xorg.conf file is blank.04:16
ari_stressguys, anyone use lenovo g400? does the pc speaker still works? i cannot get sound from the pc speaker04:16
kazekagi_hmmm yes, try turning that off perhaps.04:16
kazekagi_Compiz too be exact04:16
foxwoodskazekagi_: that's your problem04:17
_2os11 sshing into a dynamic ip ?04:17
foxwoodskazekagi_: try the fixes discussed here: http://wiki.compiz-fusion.org/VideoPlayback04:17
foxwoodskazekagi_: let me know how it works out.04:18
_2os11 the fact that the address has changed is cause for concern if you use static ip's but not for dynamic ip's as far as i know.    someone can correct me if ssh uses mac addresses rather than ip addressing04:19
os11i can connect it at home04:19
os11but i am outside now04:19
kazekagi_Fantastic Foxwoods.. Worked like a charm.. still abit grainy, but nothing i cant live with:D Thx a lot!04:19
os11so how to solve the problem?04:20
Boogessh is a layer 3 protocol. it uses ip addresses04:20
raviousAnyone have any advice for how to manually configure the new xorg included with xubuntu 8.10? The xorg.conf seems not to be used to apply configurations anymore.04:20
_2os11 the message you pastebined says the hostkey changed  so if you can't login with password then you'll have to get the new hostkey04:20
big-brocan i stop the karaoke effect in skype or should i just use headphones04:21
_2err public key04:21
X3SWhen a friend of me wants to install ubuntu after formating He had an error04:21
X3Slogical block04:21
X3SWhat does it mean ?04:21
os11i cant even goto the password04:21
sn007akeGuys they Had a site that would Inspect ur Vid settings and pick the best display driver Does ne 1 know this site off top ur head?04:21
_2"logical block" != "full error message"04:21
X3Sso ?04:22
gerberwho want to help me with remote desktop ?04:22
_2os11 that indicates that the ssh server is configured to allow only public/private key access04:22
=== LBSources- is now known as LBSources
os11_2, so what does it mean?04:23
zumzit means give more info04:23
os11ssh user@xx.xx.xx.xx ??04:24
_2os11 means you wont be able to access that system under the current conditions.  something will have to change.   1. you get the new public key   2. the server is reset to accept password ident  3. you find an exploit and gain access the hard way04:24
foxwoodskazekagi_: no problem04:24
os11how to get new public key?04:24
werdnumos11: ssh-keygen04:25
_2os11 from the server you are trying to access04:25
foxwoodsravious: what do you mean it's no longer used?04:25
os11i am not home now, my server is at home04:25
_2what i can't understand is why ~/ permission disables public key access  when ~/.ssh[.*] permission is unchanged.04:26
raviousThe xorg.conf file on xubuntu 8.10 is no longer used to provide xorg server settings, its just a blank file.. But its using the default video driver rather than the i810 that it needs to use.. but i cant seem to find anyway to switch the driver sence the xorg.conf is an empty file04:26
merrntMy computer needed to reboot after installing some updates, and now I get an Error 15: File not found04:26
raviousand im not comfortable enough with the xorg.conf to rewrite it toatlly from scratch, i've always just edited it when i needed to make changes to it04:28
JesperHansenravious: I just found the same problem04:28
_2ravious add the info to the xorg.conf  it still reads it,  just doesn't depend on it04:28
=== lance_ is now known as Guest88487
foxwoodsravious: where are you looking for xorg.conf.....cause it's definitely still in use04:28
_2JesperHansen ^ too04:28
foxwoodsstrange that it wasn't there04:28
usserravious, try Xorg -config04:28
foxwoodsokay, good04:28
usserravious, or Xorg -configure04:28
usserravious, i forgot which, it'll create a basic setup in the current directory04:29
ravioususser: is that something that could be run from remote via ssh?04:29
_2usser that breaks xorg for me.   not sure it's good advice04:29
usserravious, yes sure04:29
foxwoodsravious: if usser's suggestion doesn't work, exit the x-server and use sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg04:29
foxwoodsthat should generate an xorg.conf which you can then configure if need be04:29
syzygyI know I should ask this in the alsa channel, but I already did...with no response04:29
JesperHansenfoxwoods: leaves the file blank as well04:29
usser_2, i just did it, that was on a clean headless install though with xorg just installed04:29
syzygyhttp://mirrors.kernel.org/debian/pool/main/g/gnome-alsamixer/gnome-alsamixer_0.9.7~cvs.20060916.ds.1-2_amd64.deb can I dl this alsamixer...or do I have to have a special kernel first?04:30
_2usser i didn't say it breaks all xorg's   just that it does mine.04:30
foxwoodssyzgy: you can download it and it should work fine as long as you have a amd64 processor04:30
JesperHansenman... I am really getting ready to drop ubuntu on all three machines and installing windows.04:30
foxwoodsJesperHansen: dual boot04:31
_2usser i have tried it several times,  consistant breakage from Xorg --configure  and consistant fixage from  dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg04:31
BenSmithQuestion for anyone.  Can I create a bootable usb startup disk in ubuntu of ubuntu 8.10 server?04:31
JesperHansenfoxwoods: really, drop ubuntu. After 3 years its just screwed up.04:31
foxwoodsravious: have you tried dpkg-reconfigure yet?04:31
_2usser i don't know why.  i just know that's the results i get.04:31
usser_2, hm thats weird what videocard do you have?04:32
foxwoodsJesperHansen: I dual boot, I just reinstalled kubuntu again so I could hopefully work on bringing kde4 to windows04:32
_2usser nvidia riva12804:32
spillanyone got any suggestion for laptop power managment in gnome to extend battery life, other than the default applet that is.?04:32
khmer42What's the easiest way to get terminial access tn another Ubuntu machine within your network?04:32
foxwoodsJesperHansen: I'm a gamer, so having just ubuntu is not an option :P I still spend most of my time in windows04:32
_2usser also same on an ati lappy04:32
foxwoodskhmer42: get it's ip / host address and use ssh04:32
_2usser also same on an ati lappy    err debian lenny  close relative to ubuntu 8.1004:33
khmer42foxwoods: thanks04:33
foxwoodskhmer42: np04:33
h4x0rkhmer42 wich way you want to communicate04:33
JesperHansenfoxwoods: I went down in a store and actually bought windows vista for my gamer computer as I got pissed with the poor wine/cedega performance and low graphical details :P04:33
spillanyone got any suggestion for laptop power managment in gnome to extend battery life, other than the default applet that is.?04:33
_2usser the "official" ubuntu methood is to use dpkg-reconfigure  on it.    just an FYI04:33
foxwoodsJesperHansen: no kidding....plus I'm also into 3d graphics, and running zbrush, 3ds max, etc. is not an option in linux yet04:34
foxwoodswell, not unless I purchase their especial linux versions, which I'm in no way doing04:34
randalwhen will jaunty be released04:34
gerberwho want to help me with remote desktop ?04:34
khmer42h4x0r: I just want the most simple way to get command line access, preferably with tools that exist within a standard install.04:34
BenSmithQuestion for anyone.  Can I create a bootable usb startup disk in ubuntu of ubuntu 8.10 server?04:34
_2BenSmith sure04:35
randaldoes any one know when the new ubuntu will be released jaunty04:35
foxwoodsBenSmith:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick if you mean a usb key04:35
gerberwho want to help me with remote desktop ?04:35
h4x0ris so many ways , from terminal or graphical,04:35
foxwoodsBenSmith: if you mean a regular hard drive, what prevents you from using the regular server CD?04:35
_2BenSmith you can use any of several boot loaders for that  grub2 lilo grub syslinux (probably more)04:35
merrntI'm getting an Error 15: File Not Found when I try to boot, how do I tell grub where to look for my boot partition?04:35
foxwoodsBenSmith: just as long as when you install, you specify the right device for grub to install to, it should work fine04:36
khmer42h4x0r: Terminal is what I'm looking for really. This is the problem there seems to be many ways, just looking for most straight forward to I don't need to mess around too much with each machine I will be remoting in to.04:36
BenSmithfoxwoods: I'm sorry i'm extremely new at this.  Grub?04:36
_2merrnt grub prompt:  root (hd?,#)04:37
spillanyone got any suggestion for laptop power managment in gnome to extend battery life, other than the default applet that is.?04:37
merrntjust type that with the correct hd(0,1) ?04:37
_2merrnt use the tab key in the grub prompt04:37
foxwoodsBenSmith: I've never installed the server edition, but when you install ubuntu desktop, at the very end before the final install commit, there's an 'advanced' option04:37
douglaskQuestion: i've found that by setting a couple iwconfig settings, my wireless connection is FAR more stable (rate auto and txpower auto), how do I store this to be used automatically in future?04:37
_2merrnt  syntax error  hd(0,1)04:37
_2merrnt (hd0,1)04:38
foxwoodsBenSmith: if you click that, you'll see it asks which device to install grub to (grub is the program that boots your linux kernel)04:38
JesperHansenfoxwoods: I am having a strange problem. When I move slowly with my mouse, then it lags. It doesn't move before I have moved with it with 10px on the screen. If I move it fast, then it still moves with 10px, but faster so I cant see it lags... glxgear is still 600fps, so its not OS lag, but only mouse lag. Heavily.04:38
merrntgiving it a shot, thanks _2 !04:38
CoJaBo-AztecWhat all should I check to find out why ssh and apache can't be reached from the internet? Seems Ubuntu has something called AppArmor, could that be doing it and how would I check?04:38
foxwoodsBenSmith: do a fdisk -l in a terminal window to see which drive is the one you want to install to, then type that (i.e. /dev/sdb) into that device to install to box04:39
khmer42h4x0r: ssh is cool, but don't I need to install openssh-server on each machine?04:39
=== tweak is now known as Guest67485
foxwoodsBenSmith: Note: Since I haven't worked with ubuntu server, this is all at your own risk......04:39
_2khmer42 or "ssh" which is a meta package that depends on both server and client04:39
douglaskkhmer42, only on the machine(s) you are connecting to.04:39
BenSmithfoxwoods: awesome. Thanks04:39
Lucifer_CatQuestion: Has anyone here tried/knows something specific about the Everex AMD gPC which comes with Ubuntu preloaded?  Is it a good deal for 200, or is it something best avoided?04:40
evilGUIhello I'm trying to setup cron to run a script every 2 hours 3 minutes can someone tell me if this is right? */123 * * * * /home/user/ perl e.pl -u -p -d04:40
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=== Guest67485 is now known as Tweak66
_2khmer42 and yes   all boxen in a dmz should have package "ssh" installed  imo04:40
=== anil is now known as Guest26072
foxwoodsJesperHansen: I'm on kubuntu (installing ubuntu-desktop as we speak.....) but you should be able to go into your system settings and the mouse section should have some options like pointer acceleration04:40
foxwoodstry increasing that04:40
_2evilGUI not for /etc/crontab  maybe for anacron personal crontabs.04:41
evilGUII used crontab -e04:42
_2evilGUI the /home/user/ would fail   unless i'm missing something04:42
spillanyone got any suggestion for laptop power managment in gnome to extend battery life, other than the default applet that is.?04:42
evilGUI_2: It would fail becuase it's not my real user right?04:43
JesperHansenfoxwoods: it decreased the lag to 5px on the lowest possible setting :P04:43
h4x0rspill the default is the best .04:43
foxwoodsJesperHansen: lowest possible setting? shouldn't you try getting it to the highest setting? also what mouse is this?04:44
BenSmithfoxwoods: I'm reading the directions from the link you provided.  I can't find the device name it was assigned.04:44
spillh4x0r: what about cpu throttling?04:44
douglaskanyone know how to save iwconfig settings?04:44
_2evilGUI no because it's not any user. it's a path04:45
foxwoodsBenSmith: which part of those instructions are you following, manual?04:45
JesperHansenfoxwoods: I am actually on xubuntu04:45
_2evilGUI i.e.  rather than  /home/user/  just plain   user04:45
bbsis jaunty the next version04:45
blizzardman1219\hi, i need help mounting a usb drive via bash. i have no gui to use. when i use the command 'mount -t vfat -o /dev/sdf /mnt/usb' it tells me that /dev/sdf doesn't have a valid FAT file system, but i've even reformatted it to make sure that it's FAT04:45
_2bbs yes04:45
bbsi'm a gentoo user04:45
bbsand just jumping to ubuntu now04:45
bbsbecause i have too much work to fsck around anymore04:46
bbsprogramming wise04:46
bbs_2: ok -- is that rolling release?04:46
JesperHansenfoxwoods: acceleration is slow and threshold is low. Anywhere higher makes the lag between mouse updates even higher04:46
_2bbs then i would reccomend either an LTS version of ubuntu or debian.04:46
bbs_2: LTS04:46
bbsi'm a programmer mind you04:46
_2bbs long term support04:46
foxwoodsJesperHansen: acceleration higher increases lag?04:46
bbs_2: no i don't need that04:47
usserblizzardman1219\, you dont usually mount the entire disk, which seems from your command is what you're trying to do04:47
foxwoodsJesperHansen: and what mouse is this?04:47
bbs_2: i need up to date -- and programming tools04:47
bbsnot debian sarge04:47
_2bbs then why leave gentoo if you have the time to upgrade all the time04:47
JesperHansenfoxwoods: laptop mouse04:47
usserblizzardman1219\, sdf must have partitions on it, like sdf1 or sdf204:47
bbs_2: i don't have time04:47
bbsto compile shit04:47
gerberwhy i can see my other04:47
_2bbs well   ubuntu intrepid is the current release04:47
foxwoodsbbs: please don't use enter's for punctuation04:47
BenSmith"A few seconds after plugging in the USB stick run the dmesg command or sudo fdisk -l to find the device name it was assigned."04:48
foxwoodsBenSmith: and.....what's the output?04:48
blizzardman1219\usser: well the rest of my drive is /dev/sda, this is strictly the USB drive, it is assigned the name /dev/sdf04:48
_2!release > bbs04:48
gerberi have 8.10 ubuntu  "samba" is ready to go ?04:48
=== Lucifer_Cat is now known as Shark_Cat
BenSmithUsage: fdisk [-l] [-b SSZ] [-u] device04:49
BenSmithE.g.: fdisk /dev/hda  (for the first IDE disk)04:49
BenSmith  or: fdisk /dev/sdc  (for the third SCSI disk)04:49
BenSmith  or: fdisk /dev/eda  (for the first PS/2 ESDI drive)04:49
BenSmith  or: fdisk /dev/rd/c0d0  or: fdisk /dev/ida/c0d0  (for RAID devices)04:49
FloodBot1BenSmith: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:49
BenSmith  ...04:49
usserblizzardman1219\, try sudo fdisk -l that should show you if it has any partitions04:49
BenSmithFloodBot1 sorry04:49
ubottuYum! Err, I mean, APT!04:49
foxwoodsBenSmith: type sudo fdisk -l, then use paste.ubuntu.com and send the link to me04:49
_2!release > bbs04:49
WIGGMPkI installed updates last night but it fails when trying to configure the kernel (intrepid), can anyone please take a look and help?? http://paste.ubuntu.com/111158/04:49
_2bbs must be desynced04:50
_2maybe i'm desynced.04:50
foxwoodsWIGGMPk: try sudo dpkg --configure -a04:51
JesperHansenfoxwoods: the mouse moves perfectly if I plug in a usb mouse (logitech G5)04:51
WIGGMPkfoxwoods: thanks, I will try that as soon as the new updates finish04:51
JesperHansenfoxwoods: but the mouse pad moves laggy04:51
foxwoodsJesperHansen:hrm...........no clue then04:52
TibletHi. After the updates I installed today, I have no sound coming from any of the jacks on my sound card (Creative Audigy 2 ZS). The front headphone jack works, however. I searched around the mixer looking for something that was muted and came up empty handed. I'm running 8.10, ALSA drivers (pulse doesn't change anything). Anyone have a similar issue and could point me in the direction of a fix? Thanks! :)04:52
blizzardman1219\usser: it has no partitons04:52
foxwoodsBenSmith: Did you type "sudo fdisk -l"?04:53
usserblizzardman1219\, the its unpartitioned04:53
j-b-r*grunt* I can't install stupid nvidia drivers04:53
usserblizzardman1219\, if fdisk doesnt show any04:53
BenSmithfoxwoods: no. thought that was a "/"04:53
j-b-rI'm trying everything.04:53
usserj-b-r, its easy really04:53
foxwoodsj-b-r: what's going wrong?04:53
j-b-rFirst of all04:54
Tibletj-b-r: Tried System>Administration>Hardware Drivers?04:54
j-b-rThey're not there04:54
foxwoodsj-b-r: if you want help, everything doesn't help04:54
_2blizzardman1219\ i'm sorry i just noticed your "unpartitioned"  statement,  may i inquire what we are doing ?04:54
usserj-b-r, are u isntalling from nividia.com04:54
j-b-rI tried that, yes04:54
FinnishI'm installing latest Kino, I need to address ./configure to my SVN-FFMpeg, how do I do that?04:54
j-b-rBut it said that it couldn't compile the kernel modules04:54
j-b-rI tried envyng04:54
j-b-rAnd it said it worked04:54
foxwoodsj-b-r: you need to uninstall ALL previous nvidia drivers04:54
j-b-rbut on boot, it failed to load04:54
blizzardman1219\_2: i'm trying to mount a usb drive, i have no GUI installed04:54
usserj-b-r, what model do you have? what does lspci | grep VGA say? did u see this page https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NvidiaManual04:55
foxwoodsj-b-r: go sudo apt-get remove nvidia and tab04:55
foxwoodsj-b-r: remove everything you can04:55
vigoj-b-r: listen to foxwoods04:55
_2blizzardman1219\ i personally use unpartitiioned hdd's   but fine it frustrating to have to explain that to everyone...    just mount the device   i.e.  sudo mount /dev/sdc /mnt04:55
foxwoodsj-b-r: then run the nvidia file04:55
xyzjoin ##javascript04:55
j-b-rI guess I'll have to purge everything I've done04:55
hendershotSysinfo for 'Hendershot-desktop': Linux 2.6.27-9-generic running KDE 4.1.3 (KDE 4.1.3), CPU: PentiumII(Deschutes) at 398 MHz (796 bogomips), HD: 5/11GB, RAM: 215/248MB, 116 proc's, 7.49h up04:55
=== xyz is now known as c_nick
j-b-rBut I can't even remember half of what I've changed04:56
blizzardman1219\_2: it says "no media found'04:56
WIGGMPkfoxwoods: where are the packages? /var/cache? something like that?04:56
j-b-rIt was on a fresh install, though04:56
foxwoodsBenSmith: so it looks like /dev/sdb is your FAT32 flash disk04:56
_2blizzardman1219\ did you specify the correct device ?   sdc is example only04:56
BenSmithfoxwoods: ok thanks04:56
hendershothey guys and girls im trying out new themes for kubuntu and i wanted to know if there was any xp themes avaliable04:56
_2blizzardman1219\  grep ' sd' /proc/partitions  should help04:57
JesperHansenfoxwoods: amount of data from /dev/input/mouse2 (G5 mouse) is massive compared to /dev/input/mouse1 (mousepad) hmm04:57
foxwoodsBenSmith: so when you get to that final do you want to install page (if it goes there on a server install), click on advanced and set the grub to install on /dev/sdb04:57
blizzardman1219\_2: when i specify it as what i thought it was, it says that i must give a file system, when i give it vfat it says that there is no valid FAT file system there04:57
nookbot* version nokbot04:57
foxwoodsBenSmith: also make sure that you install your root directory on /dev/sdb04:57
_2blizzardman1219\ or dmesg | tail04:57
BenSmithfoxwoods: According to the next directions shouldn't it be /dev/sdb1?04:58
extorDoes openvz have to have a kernel specifically for it or can openvz containers be loaded via a kernel module too? I wanna know if my kernel can support openvz without changing to a new kernel--is it possible to test?04:58
foxwoods(i.e. on the right disk, for a great explanation of the process for desktop, go here:http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/dualboot)04:58
vigoThe nvidea drivers are in the Restricted or Multiverse section of Synaptic, they work with almost all drivers.04:58
saranyaany one know how to update a software through terminal04:58
foxwoodsJesperHansen: I'd try to find some drivers for my mousepad if I were you04:58
=== winston is now known as Merrnt
CarlFKsaranya: sudo apt-get upgrade04:59
Merrnt_2 : Thanks, got it fixed!04:59
_2Merrnt welcome04:59
CarlFKwhat is a good app to un-rm ?04:59
vigosaranya: oh ok, Thank you CarlFK04:59
_2CarlFK heh  there isnt' one04:59
CarlFKI used the rm command, not the gnome delete04:59
foxwoodsWIGGMPk: if you installed through apt-get, using auto-complete (tab) with "sudo apt-get remove nvidia" should list all the packages you might need to uninstall04:59
brylieMy card readers on an Acer AspireOne are not automatically mounting. How do I A) mount a card to transfer data OR B) set up the readers so that they automatically mount?04:59
_2CarlFK say good by to what ever it was.05:00
WIGGMPkfoxwoods: i think maybe wrong person05:00
hendershothey guys and girls im trying out new themes for kubuntu and i wanted to know if there was any xp themes avaliable05:00
CarlFK_2: na, there are a few un deleteters05:00
foxwoodsWIGGMPk: sorry, you're right, wrong person05:00
foxwoodsWIGGMPk: try just typing in a console, anywhere sudo dpkg --configure -a05:00
CarlFK_2 apt-cache search undelete shows me 2 for ext205:00
_2CarlFK is it ext2 ?05:00
vigohendershot: use Wine or whatever Ubuntu supports now05:01
_2CarlFK how many for your fs format ?05:01
WIGGMPkfoxwoods: yea.. its a no go, also tried, "sudo dpkg --configure --pending" "sudo apt-get -f install"05:01
hendershotdoes that work with kde05:01
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help05:01
JesperHansenfoxwoods: The only difference between when it wasn't lagging was the default xubuntu installation and I'm having the 2.6.28-6 kernel instead of 2.6.27 kernel to get ext4 for solidstate harddrive :p05:01
saranyai install ruby but an error message comes like this E:unable to fetch some archives, may be run apt-get update or  try with --fix-missing? how to use this05:01
TibletTrying to figure out how to make the rear jacks on a Creative Audigy 2ZS card work again. Using ALSA drivers, broke today after an update. Headphones up front work, anyone with any ideas on how to fix this would be helpful. Thanks05:02
_2CarlFK http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel05:02
foxwoodsBenSmith: sorry, I redirected you to the wrong wiki https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent05:02
foxwoodsWIGGMPk: sorry, not sure then05:02
_2!undelete > CarlFK05:02
ubottuCarlFK, please see my private message05:02
foxwoodsJesperHansen: probably a diff between the kernels05:02
BenSmithFoxwoods: Not a problem.  Thanks for the link05:03
saranyaany one know what is the problem here:install ruby but an error message comes like this E:unable to fetch some archives, may be run apt-get update or  try with --fix-missing? how to use this05:03
foxwoodsJesperHansen: maybe........try compiling your own kernel ?? :P05:03
jheizerAnyone here any good with PXE booting?05:03
foxwoodssaranya: did you type sudo apt-get install ruby (and tabbing with auto-complete to make sure that you're installing a real package?)05:04
JesperHansenfoxwoods: even tried. Laggy as well. But I am looking at the mouse module. Cant determine the right module tho.05:04
foxwoodsJesperHansen: yeah, I wouldn't know which it would be, but two possibilities to fix: one is to dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg in case that somehow screwed up your mouse05:04
Mean_Adminsaranya: did you also sudo apt-get update ?05:04
* _2 worries about infonodes that explain how to recover data like this "methods that might work is some cases are described at at" <<< "methoods" plural, "is" singular, "at at" duplicated without cause....05:04
foxwoodsJesperHansen: other possibility: see if you can find the default mouse module for your previous kernel05:05
* _2 also notes that "is" was a typo for "in" in the origenal.05:05
foxwoodsJesperHansen: or if you still have that old kernel, you can boot into it and try an lsmod05:05
saranyafoxwoods: My system is connected in Internet so it take all the packages from that I think05:05
JesperHansenfoxwoods: maybe. I see that uhci_hcd is the usb mouse.05:05
JesperHansenfoxwoods: the old kernel is unavailable05:05
BenSmithfoxwoods:  I just used System>Administration>Create a USB Startup Disk05:06
JesperHansenfoxwoods: not ext4 supported :)05:06
Mean_Adminsaranya: yeah but the thing that lists the packages needs to update itself fro mtime to time05:06
foxwoodsJesperHansen: you should still be able to install it, no?05:06
pro1ovexp in my Vbox cannot connect to the internet05:06
foxwoodsBenSmith: did it work?05:06
os11http://paste.ubuntu.com/111557/, what do i do now?05:06
_2Mean_Admin sudo apt-get update05:06
ghostdog21Hey. Out there anybody which can help me? I need to get on my USB-HDD but after xp sp2 had made chkdsk while booting one folder on this harddisk wasn't shown anymore, so i tried to use my "rescue system" ubuntu, and i found the folder renamed into found.001 or something like - i cut and pste some files into another new folder and checked under win if i can use this. that worked - so i had decided to rescue the other files same05:06
ghostdog21(05:00:20) ghostdog21: ps: sorry 4 disturbing05:06
* foxwoods also notes that origenal is misspelt05:06
Mean_Admin_2: no, I know, I'm telling saranya05:06
sektor1952I am trying to connect ot my x server via xdmcp I get the login box and I login, but I don't see anything after05:06
sektor1952any suggestions?05:07
Mean_Admin_2: but thanks :)05:07
BenSmithfoxwoods: Its copying files right now. I guess Il find out05:07
JesperHansenfoxwoods: the kernel is installed yes, but I cannot load the old kernel because it lags ext4 support05:07
Mean_AdminJesperHansen: ext4 should be semi-retrocompatible with ext305:07
foxwoodsMean_Admin: he needs it for SSD05:07
WIGGMPkI installed updates last night but it fails when trying to configure the kernel (intrepid), can anyone please take a look and help?? http://paste.ubuntu.com/111158/05:08
_2ghostdog21 thanks for the trolling.   glad to hear it worked for you.05:08
RediXeIs there a way to run a script when the network comes up? Not sure where to call the script from. Also, how can I keep network manager from over writing /etc/resolv.conf?05:08
john_how can I tell if my wireless in ubuntu is using b or g05:08
Mean_Adminfoxwoods: ssd drives need ext4??05:08
hendershotanyone know of a vista theme05:09
Tibletjohn_: If it's connecting at over 11Mbps, you're using g05:09
_2RediXe /etc/network/*.d/05:09
JesperHansenMean_Admin: not when doing a conversion from ext3 to ext4 to make the extended attributes05:09
john_thanks tibet05:09
vigohendershot: have you used Compiz?05:10
Mean_AdminJesperHansen: I don't get it but I'm tired so we'll leave it at that05:10
JesperHansenbut I found the rmmod psmouse makes the mousepad stop05:10
JesperHansenmodprobe psmouse doesn't make it work again tho. :P05:10
hendershotvigo: compiz what is that05:10
vigo! compiz05:10
ubottuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion05:10
_2JesperHansen it will when x is reset05:10
blizzardman1219\how do i install .deb packages in bash?05:10
_2blizzardman1219\ apt-get05:11
john_Tiblet the one thing is that Iam sitting across the room and sometimes I have only half of signal05:11
BenSmithFoxwoods: It worked.  Ill have to try it out later.  Thanks for your help. and the amazing links05:11
_2!dpkg > blizzardman1219\05:11
ubottublizzardman1219\, please see my private message05:11
hendershot10] <vigo> ! compiz05:11
hendershot[00:10] <ubottu> Compiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion05:11
hendershot[00:10] <_2> JesperHansen it will when x is reset05:11
FloodBot1hendershot: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:11
vigohendershot: compiz is like a 3d effects doohicky05:11
hendershotvigo: thatnks05:11
hellhound_my graphic card worked fine with 8.04 but not after I upgraded.... if I boot into recovery mode, i can get a command prompt... how can I try another graphics driver version?05:12
hellhound_I just installed 8.10 and I installed the NVIDIA graphic driver version 177 and after I restarted the machine will not boot.  It stops at "Checking battery state"  I have a Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT.  Can anyone help me?05:12
Tibletjohn_: I don't actually know how to check. I don't use wireless. The only bit I could offer to you is that if you're connecting at over 11Mbps it's using g. Sorry :-\05:12
JesperHansen_2: will you look at that, it just started working a minute after doing modprobe psmouse05:12
hendershotvigo do you know the command to get compiz?05:12
john_ok thanks Tiblet05:13
sektor1952I have cygwin installed my xp machine wiith X serv, when I type xnest :1 -ac -query <servername> I get a login prompt and login, but do not see anything except a grey box with the X any suggestions?05:13
sektor1952the server is ubuntu 8.1005:13
_2JesperHansen hmm new feature.   i have to restart x to get mine back to working when i do that05:13
john_I know I am over 11mbps05:13
foxwoodsJesperHansen: http://www.howtoforge.com/roll_a_kernel_debian_ubuntu_way is the only way I know to figure out default modules05:13
broomhandlewhat's a good alternative for anjuta for c++ compiling05:13
foxwoodsJesperHansen: once you get up to the configuration part, you should be able to see from there05:14
hendershothello webbi05:14
vigohenderson: I would guess, sudo apt-get compiz,,,but I might be right,,,or wrong,,it is in the Synaptic packages manager05:14
webbihow can i disable for a while the automount utility?05:14
Tibletjohn_: Then you're definitely running 802.11g. 802.11b does not go over 11.05:14
hendershotvigo: thanks05:14
_2webbi i hope someone answers that, i want to know too.05:15
webbi_2: cross finger05:15
foxwoodsJesperHansen: scratch that, try this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=42883905:15
shake001did anybody know why an saved xorg.conf is after an restart set back to the last???05:15
azhar27Is anyone else having problems with latest kernel update to 8.0405:15
_2           how can i disable for a while the automount utility?05:15
JesperHansenfoxwoods: yea, did some of those too05:16
sektor1952I tried various documents for XDMCP05:16
werswhat are the advantages of networkmanager over wicd? i just installed wicd05:16
saranyahow to extract a zip file in terminal05:16
=== Kwitschibo_ is now known as Kwitschibo
JesperHansenfoxwoods: But I found some info about the touchpad. "ETPS/2 Elantech Touchpad" along with a few bug reports I'll look through05:16
foxwoodsJesperHansen: then I don't know05:16
shake001saranyan try unzip05:16
_2saranya unzip file05:16
saranyawhat is the command05:16
foxwoodshellhound_:try booting in recovery mode05:16
sektor1952is the command05:17
shake001unzip file - unzips your zip file05:17
phliverok question: why would this 'sudo rsync -ve ssh test phliver@scarface:/home/phliver/' try to log into scarface as root. sudo is needed because "test" is a file owned by root05:17
foxwoodsthen get to the terminal as root (one of the options)05:17
_2saranya sudo apt-get install unzip zip   # then you will have the command05:17
foxwoodshellhound_: then do a "sudo apt-get remove nvidia" and use auto-complete (tab) to see all the packages you can remove: remove ALL OF THEM05:17
shake001e.g. unzip test.zip @ saranya05:17
foxwoodshellhound_: then do a sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg, you can follow most of the defaults there05:18
azhar27how to remove the latest kernel update05:18
foxwoodshellhound_: finally you should be able to boot, go to nvidia.com and get the latest driver, and run the file in there05:18
foxwoodshellhound_: then report back on how that worked.05:18
_2saranya also of note    zip != gzip    use gunzip on gzipped files05:18
bobbyyuDoes Rhythmbox comes with MP3 Support?05:19
JesperHansenfoxwoods: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/123775 this seems related since there's a "patch" that updates the touchpad specifically for the eeePC (which it is)05:19
Flannel!mp3 | bobbyyu05:19
ubottubobbyyu: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats05:19
hellhound_foxwoods: thank you i am trying now05:19
philip_im new.  so?05:19
_2Flannel know an answer for   <webbi> how can i disable for a while the automount utility?05:19
foxwoodsJesperHansen: good, that def seems related05:20
Flannel_2: there's an entry in gconf for it, but that's as specific as I know.  I'm sure its googleable05:20
_2webbi see flannel   ^05:20
webbi_2: i just found how to do it with xfce panel settings05:21
webbi_2: what are you using? gnome, kde?05:21
Tweak66question: when i installed ubuntu the status bars were animated.. now they are not. i've looked in compiz.. anyone know?05:21
blizzardman1219\ok um how do i install an application in bash when i have no internet connection but i do have the files on a mounted drive?05:21
_2webbi console most of the time.  but i like to know the secret switches for things like that.05:21
foxwoodshellhound_: how's it going so far?05:22
vigophillip: read the MAN, if you do not know what the MAN is then read it again, welcome to Ubuntu-Linux Help /channel,,always make backup05:22
_2webbi i'm very  anti-automatic  in mindset05:22
shake001could anybody say me how i can save my xorg.conf ?? because if i save it white ctrl+o by nano the file is reset after an restart05:22
webbi_2: me too... but im forced to use ubuntu05:22
webbi_2: i love slack05:22
shake001and yes i open it white sudo /etc/X11/xorg.conf05:22
foxwoodsshake001: are you using sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf? or did you do it without the sudo?05:22
Tibletshake: did you edit the file with sudo?05:22
_2webbi :)   lenny seems pretty good too05:23
WIGGMPkCan anyone help me with this http://paste.ubuntu.com/111158/ I tried to install the new kernel last night via apt-get but it fails to configure it. Please advise05:23
shake001yes i open the file whit sudo05:23
sunil_are there any good themes for intrepid ?05:23
shake001but the file is reset to the last state after the restart - and i dont know why05:24
foxwoodsshake001: and after writing, if you cat the file, does it look like you modified it?05:24
Melikhttp://omploader.org/vMTZ0Zg << hey guys, everytime i try to run banshee i get that error message, how can i fix this?05:24
macmanhas anyone installed vmware on ubuntu ?05:24
foxwoodshellhound_: any updates?05:24
hellhound_foxwoods: removed all nvidia packages and did the xorg reconfigure... rebooting now05:25
_2WIGGMPk  sudo dpkg --configure -a    # pastebin the results05:25
TibletIf I wanted to reinstall ALSA to see if it fixes my problem, do I do 'apt-get remove alsa*' or only alsa-base or alsa-utils, anyone know?05:25
shake001the funny point is  if i restart my xserver everything is ok but if i restart the whole pc it doesent work anymore05:25
blizzardman1219\how do i unmount a drive? the command "unmount" doesn't exist?05:26
foxwoodsshake001: you didn't answer my question05:26
shake001oh sorry i didnt see one05:26
WIGGMPk_2: http://paste.ubuntu.com/111558/ (results of sudo dpkg --configure -a)05:26
shake001wait i scroll up05:26
_2Tiblet no.  sudo apt-get install --reinstall alsa-base alsa-utils05:26
ryanpriorsunil_: gnome-look.org05:26
tofumount  not un...05:26
TibletThank you _205:27
webbi_2: i will try if it works...05:27
=== xyz is now known as mobile_savy
webbi_2: good luck with that05:27
shake001yes after writing and saving it looks like i modified it05:27
_2webbi you too05:27
aaroninfidelwhere is the menu config located in Xfce/Xubuntu?05:28
foxwoodsWIGGMPk: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/297167 seems related05:28
foxwoodsshake001: I don't know then, nothing should be overwriting your xorg.conf05:28
ryanpriormacman: Yes, people have installed it.05:28
ryanpriormacman: However, we recommend kvm for virtualization on Ubuntu.05:29
foxwoodshellhound_: how we doing with the dl from nvidia?05:29
Tibletshake: maybe try enabling your root account and see if it works there?05:29
shake001hmmm ok then i have to modifie the file every restart :(05:29
_2WIGGMPk  sudo update-grub  # pastebin if it errors05:29
WIGGMPk_2: looks fine no errors05:30
_2ok run the dpkg --configre again05:30
foxwoodsWIGGMPk: sudo DEBCONF_DEBUG=developer sh -x /usr/sbin/update-grub ; echo $?05:30
foxwoodsWIGGMPk: pastebin that05:30
shake001but anyways thanks to everybody i try out some new things if it works . i will let you know :P05:30
_2WIGGMPk if it errors do what foxwoods said   ^05:31
=== lance_ is now known as Guest64610
foxwoodshellhound_ WIGGMPk, how goes it so far05:32
spillanyone use dansguardian?05:33
* foxwoods wonders why it got quiet all of a sudden05:33
WIGGMPkfoxwoods: _2: http://paste.ubuntu.com/111559/ (the dpkg --configure didnt work again, so i went with foxwoods)05:33
WIGGMPkspill: a few times at customers houses and at work05:33
_2foxwoods just enjoy the calm,  don't anticipate the storm.  :)))05:33
spillWIGGMPk: i'm looking for a way to lock it down so even sudo can't kill it, anythoughts?05:34
WIGGMPkspill: thats prolly not possible to lock out sudo05:34
foxwoodsWIGGMPk: try reinstalling grub05:34
WIGGMPkspill: just limit the sudo users and dont give your password out05:34
hellhound_foxwoods: ok i have downloaded and installed the matching nvidia driver... rebooting now05:34
WIGGMPkfoxwoods: im using gfxboot05:35
foxwoodsWIGGMPk: that's your problem05:35
WIGGMPkfoxwoods: I knew it... sorry for neglecting that info05:35
spillWIGGMPk: is there a way to make a dansguardian group, so that accounts can still use sudo just not turn off dansguardian?05:35
_2WIGGMPk maybe sudo mv `which update-grub` . ;sudo dpkg --configure -a05:35
foxwoodsWIGGMPk: unfortunately.....you'll probably have to roll your own kernel....if _2 can't help05:36
WIGGMPk_2: 'which update-grub' could you explain?05:36
_2WIGGMPk just copy paste it to the terminal05:36
WIGGMPkspill: you can make a group that can edit dansguardian yes.. but if they have access to sudo that whats stopping them from adding themselves to the group05:36
tofhow can i uninstall all xfce from ubuntu ??05:37
=== Mike-| is now known as Kauwgom
tof i install it from repo just for check it05:37
WIGGMPk_2: i love you05:37
foxwoodshellhound_: you just ran the file from the download, right? No errors, eh?05:37
JesperHansentof: install the package xubuntu-desktop05:37
WIGGMPk_2: can you walk me thru what just happend with that? everything installed fine no errors05:38
blizzardman1219\ok ubuntu server keeps having a kernel panic when i do "sudo modprobe ndiswrapper" to get my internet connection up05:38
_2WIGGMPk   sudo mv `which update-grub` . ;sudo dpkg --configure -a  #  the which command will find the exact path to the update-grub script  the entire command will move the update-grub script out of your path into your pwd    surely the rest is self explainitory.05:38
jtajitof: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/puregnome05:38
spillWIGGMPk: hmm. man I have accounts that I need to be able to admin, but not turn off dansguaridan.  theres no way aroudn that is there?05:38
WIGGMPk_2: that is awesome....05:38
JesperHansenblizzardman1219\: anything in that last dmesg?05:38
blizzardman1219\fresh boot all 3 times JesperHansen05:38
_2WIGGMPk welcome.05:38
hellhound_foxwoods: no errors on the install but on reboot it will not go to X it just sits at "checking battery state" from the boot up process05:39
WIGGMPkspill: virtual machine.. put the content filter or entire proxy on a seperate box05:39
WIGGMPk_2: thank you for the explanation as well.. I really appreciate it05:39
spillWIGGMPk: well, this is my laptop?05:39
_2WIGGMPk you should probably run   sudo apt-get install -f  # just to make sure the package database is sain.05:39
Tweak66anyone know why i can't get DCC to work at all? default settings.. using Konversation... Ubuntu 8.105:39
spillWIGGMPk: I use it at work as well.05:40
WIGGMPk_2: nothing to install.. looks good.. thanks again05:40
bullgard4[GNOME] System > Administration > System Monitor > View > differentiates 'All Processes' and 'My Processes'. What is the difference?05:40
WIGGMPkspill: im confused.. you run a content filter on your laptop?05:40
ryanpriorspill: If you give somebody admin access to the laptop, of course they can disable dansguardian. Why would you let somebody administer the computer who can't be trusted with the web?05:40
foxwoodshellhound_: when you boot, edit the boot command line and get rid of quiet splash on the second and fourth line05:41
WIGGMPk_2: quick question while we are talking kernel's.. whats the best way to remove kernel images from /boot? will StartUP Manager do this by selecting "limit kernels"?05:41
_2foxwoods ffr   it's only a work-around, but moving the "update-grub" script out of the path will solve that error.   if they ever need it it's still where they put it.05:41
Flannel_2: why would you remove update-grub?05:42
foxwoods_2: that was a nice fix05:42
foxwoodsFlannel: because WIGGMPk is using fgxboot05:42
_2WIGGMPk best way "imo" is to use the package manager.  apt-get remove linux-image-$VERSION_HERE05:43
werswhat are the advantages of networkmanager over wicd? i just installed wicd and I like the interface better05:43
ryanpriorspill: If for some reason you really do need to work out this improbable setup, you probably don't want to give the user sudo -- instead, create a daemon that handles the needed administration tasks, and give them access to that.05:43
Flannelfoxwoods: And he wants to not boot to a newer kernel? or what?05:43
hellhound_foxwoods: ok after restarting again I get the command prompt in normal mode chosen from grub.  The error I see is "kinit: trying to resume from /dev/disk/by-uuid/2a587f53-b29d-416b-8718-c4c2902134e7"      "kinit no resume image, doing normal boot..."05:44
_2Flannel because linux-image* uses update-grub in it's postinst script   but update-grub errors out and thus hangs dpkg out to dry.05:44
jigphello how to install pdt-all-in-one-linux-gtk-2.0.0GA.tar.gz ?this is eclipse..05:44
Flannel_2: How does update-grub error?05:44
X3SIs necessary to install a firewall ?05:44
X3Swhen conected05:44
_2Flannel all i did was find a way to resolve the package management issue.05:44
X3Sfor security ?05:44
genii_2: Could always edit the post-install script05:45
_2Flannel exit code 1905:45
pjotrjigp: sudo apt-get install eclipse05:45
jigpX3S : yes05:45
_2Flannel exit code 1005:45
WIGGMPkX3S: yes and no.. Ubuntu ships out of the box with no open ports05:45
HelloNewhow to resolved dependencies for DeVeDe05:45
WIGGMPkX3S: if you host some services, than I would suggest a firewall05:45
_2genii would need done for each linux-image package05:45
hellhound_foxwoods: if I type startx i get "fatal server error" no screens found"05:45
izinucsHelloNew, install from the repos instead of compiling it.05:45
FinnishWhen I install a program, where does it install? I mean where the folder is?05:45
X3SWIGGMPk,  Host use ure ubuntu like a server ?05:46
Tweak66I love DeVeDe05:46
_2Finnish the download is to /var/cache/apt/archives/  the installation can be traced via this command:  dpkg -L $packagename05:46
foxwoodsFlannel: given that grub isn't truly there, it's not surprising update-grub fails05:47
genii_2: Yes, this is true. And what about the LILO people etc? It should give an option of whether to update a bootloader it sees or knows about but otherwise not do anything auto05:47
Flannelfoxwoods: Erm, what?05:47
regeyaDeVeDe is nice.  I also like DVDStyler (mainly for putting home videos on DVD)05:47
foxwoodsFlannel: similar problem here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/29716705:47
blizzardman1219\can someone help me get my wireless card working under ubuntu server?05:47
Flannelfoxwoods: Are you using lilo instead?05:47
foxwoodshellhound_: please put in pastebin your xorg.conf file05:47
WIGGMPkX3S: yes, or like a teamspeak server for games or anything that will accept incoming connections05:47
HelloNewsudo apt-get install vcdimager ------- You will have to enable the component called 'universe' <---- what to DO?05:47
Finnish_2: Thanks for that, but I mean, is the actual Kino-folder there? Is there all the stuff that Kino holds?05:48
HelloNewsudo apt-get install vcdimager ------- You will have to enable the component called 'universe' <---- HOW to DO?05:48
Flannel!universe | HelloNew05:48
ubottuHelloNew: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories05:48
_2genii i agree totally,  unfortunately if it finds update-grub it runs it not asking anything.   that in my openion is a packaging error05:48
X3SWIGGMPk,  Ok thanks Im not using that currently XD05:48
genii_2: Maybe file a bug against it05:48
_2Finnish like i said    dpkg -L kino05:48
_2genii i can't file bugs,   long story.05:48
FinnishOh, that. Thanks!05:48
foxwoods_2: long story???05:49
foxwoodsFlannel: I know I've solved this in the past, but I can't remember: I've got boxes around the text boxes and fields in firefox, how do I get rid of that?05:49
foxwoodsgrey outlines*05:49
JesperHansengrub2 doesn't use /boot/grub/menu.lst ?05:49
WIGGMPkIs there any way to administer a system (install, remove, change, etc) without the use of sudo ??05:49
FlannelWIGGMPk: What are you trying to accomplish?05:50
_2JesperHansen not unless the ubuntu packagers/developers changed it.   grub2 uses /boot/grub/grub.cfg05:50
WIGGMPkits complicated, can I take this to a private chat?05:50
X3SWIGGMPk,  I think Apps > Add/ Dell is usefull for that05:50
FinnishHow do I "comment out" something in script?05:50
_2JesperHansen but the file you will want to change is /etc/defaults/grub05:50
FlannelWIGGMPk: If its long, you can pastebin and then post the question here.  That will save you from having to repeat it over and over again.05:51
WIGGMPkNo, its quick but more private then public05:51
FlannelWIGGMPk: Alright05:51
Alice22.help webcam05:51
Alice22.info webcam05:52
Alice22Hello i have a webcam logitech and i want to instal it on my ubuntu...05:52
bullgard4[GNOME] System > Administration > System Monitor > View > differentiates 'All Processes' and 'My Processes'. What is the difference?05:52
foxwoodshellhound_: got your xorg.conf yet?05:53
jsj0nesFinnish: insert a # at the beginning of the line (or before any command for that matter)05:53
Alice22Enywhone ... see me ?05:53
Alice22Hello i have a webcam logitech and i want to instal it on my ubuntu...05:53
nitamhey, is anybody here ?05:53
foxwoodsFlannel: sorry to bother you again, remember anything about grey outlines in firefox or no?05:53
foxwoodsnitam: yes05:53
nitamhey foxwoods05:53
nitamDoes anybody know if there is a way to boot a linux installed on a disc (grub is broke) from a linux CD, like net install cd from debian or any other linux install cd ? I mean, through the prompt or something ?05:54
Flannelfoxwoods: No05:54
izinucsbullgard4, processes owned by you and processes owned by root05:54
Alice22Hello i have a webcam logitech and i want to instal it on my ubuntu...05:55
bullgard4izinucs: Do 'processes owned by root' include the 'processes owned by me'?05:55
foxwoodsnitam: can you run the linux install cd, get to prompt, mount the drive, and then fix the grub menu.lst?05:56
hellhound_foxwoods: i am having to type it out to put in pastebin05:56
foxwoodsnitam: how is your linux/grub broken05:56
spillAlice22: did you try just plugging it in?  go to the repositories and download the program called cheese.05:56
foxwoodshellhound_: can you see any section there with Screen?05:56
foxwoodsJust pastebin that, and anything that references "Screen"05:56
binarymutantanyone else have a lot of updates today?05:56
izinucsbullgard4, not really sure about that.  viewable yes.. realistically I'm not sure.05:56
mindrapebinarymutant: a few, yeah.05:56
spillAlice22: also skype is supported for liunx if you use that., cheese lets you take snake shots and video.05:57
binarymutantmindrape, a kernel update?05:57
the6stepI have a question05:57
KruxerI've got a problem with firestarter :(05:57
mindrape!ask | the6step05:57
ubottuthe6step: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:57
the6stepI did sudo aptitude install git05:57
bullgard4izinucs: Thank you very much for commenting. I will do some more snooping based on your comment.05:57
hellhound_foxwoods: yes05:57
the6stepI did sudo aptitude install git, it says it installed, but typing git does nothing05:57
Defcon1so if I want to revert to an old kernel, how do i find out what I need to change on the gurb menu.lst05:57
Alice22spill:  i whant to use it on Kopete05:57
Kruxerwhen it's running my internet will destroy05:58
foxwoodshellhound_: then just type those sections and pastebin it05:58
Kruxerwhat should i do?05:58
nitamfoxwoods, I'm looking for another way to do that, since I need to re execute grub-install ... I was thinking something like running root= or image= or boot= or whatever the option is, in order to boot my linux directly from the cd install prompt05:58
foxwoodsKruxer: destroy?05:58
spillAlice22: have you tried it yet to see if it works?05:58
nitamIm not even sure if such a thing is possible05:58
Flannelthe6step: "git" isn't the same "git" that you're thinking of.  You want git-core05:58
Kruxerfoxwoods, My Internet connection will disconnect :P05:58
Alice22spill:  Yes... and it doesen„t05:58
foxwoodsKruxer: do you really need firestarter?05:58
Kruxerfoxwoods, yeah,for Internet connection sharing ...05:59
ricecubethe last 2 days, I've been trying to duel boot Ubuntu 8.04 with Windows XP, and everything I try seems to make things worse...05:59
foxwoodsKruxer: ? connection sharing? it's a firewall, it's supposed to block most things........05:59
JesperHansenhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/123775/comments/84 says to install gsynaptics-elantech from repos. I cant seem to find it tho in any of the main, universe, multiverse or restricted ones.05:59
Alice22spill:  Bus 005 Device 002: ID 046d:08dd Logitech, Inc. QuickCam for Notebooks05:59
Kruxerfoxwoods, no...it has an option that can share Internet connection06:00
Kruxerbetween wlan0 and eth006:00
foxwoodsricecube: http://www.psychocats.net06:00
foxwoodsKruxer: why would you want to share between wlan0 and eth0?06:00
foxwoodsKruxer: what are you trying to accomplish?06:00
wolf_After the laTest update in ubuntu, I no Longer have sound06:01
spillAlice22: hmm, thats a bit above my experience.  :) sorry.06:01
Kruxerfoxwoods, I've got a lan network and i want to share internet between eth0(that Internet comming from) and wlan0(the wireless network)...06:01
=== Kruxer is now known as Kruxbot
_2!selinux > WIGGMPk06:01
ubottuWIGGMPk, please see my private message06:01
Defcon1so if I want to revert to an old kernel, how do i find out what I need to change on the gurb menu.lst06:01
=== Kruxbot is now known as Kruxer
evilGUII have a server I setup for use as a webserver I used Ubuntu Server, Apache, PHP, mySQL and Wordpress is the only web app I'm going to run is there anything else I need to do to secure my server?06:02
Kruxerfoxwoods, ?06:02
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=== lance_ is now known as Guest76748
evilGUIThe only port I have open on my webserver is 8006:03
=== c_nick is now known as dragon_flam
hellhound_foxwoods:  ok here is the pastebin of xorg    http://pastebin.com/m1383163006:03
_2Defcon1 if the newest kernel is not working for you. and you want to ignore it until a patch comes out, you could just rm the /boot/vmlinux-version and update your boot loader06:04
evilGUII'm also using very long random strings of text for passwords I can't think of anything else I would need to do to secure this system any ideas?06:04
=== _2 is now known as Agent_bob
ricecubefoxwoods: the link you gave doesn't provide info about the configuration I'm trying to set up.06:05
Defcon1ok, my issue is the new kernel does not allow me to run my old vitual box machine and I am trying to boot the old kernel so I can use it06:05
Defcon1unless there is a good way to fix that another way06:05
mindrapeDefcon1 - do you use vmware or virtualbox?06:05
mindrapeah... nevermind, I'm retarded06:06
FinnishHow do I uninstall svn-version of ffmpeg?06:06
mindrapeDefcon1 - just recompile it... it needs to be updated to use newest kernel modules06:06
n8tuserevilGUI -> you still can run iptables06:06
mindrapeFinnish - probably dpkg --remove06:06
ubottuFor help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted or !QtParted - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap06:06
ubottuIf you want to share the internet connection of your ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php06:06
evilGUIn8tuser: So just setup iptables?06:06
ubottuUbuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).06:06
Finnishmindrape: could you help a bit more?06:07
mindrapeFinnish - dpkg -l ffmpeg06:07
n8tuserevilGUI-> yes06:07
evilGUIalright thanks06:07
Defcon1mindrape: I use virtualbox06:07
mindrapeFinnish - you can either sudo apt-get remove ffmpeg or dpkg --remove ffmpeg06:07
mindrapeeither should work06:07
mindrapeDefcon1 - recompile it.06:08
mindrapeDefcon1 - personally i prefer vmware 'cause it auto-rebuilds when a new kernel is installed06:08
ubottuTo install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository06:08
Defcon1mindrape: I like the seamless mode of virtualbox06:08
Defcon1mindrape: how would one go about recompiling?06:08
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about oberon06:08
Finnishmindrape: If I have ffmpeg already (not the svn-version), will it take both away?06:08
Kruxerfoxwoods, ?06:09
ubottuping yourself ;-) really the diodes all down my left side are sore06:09
ricecubeCan somebody help me figure out why grub won't install?06:09
Kruxerricecube, what's the problem?06:10
quibblerricecube, can you explain more concisely what you problem is with duel boot06:10
ricecubeI'll try...06:10
mindrapeFinnish - dpkg -S ffmpeg   <--- I believe that will give you the full name of the pkg.06:10
JesperHansenfoxwoods: got mouse lag down to 2-3px per move on the mousepad, but still too much :p06:11
ricecubeI've tried installing windows xp and ubuntu 8.04 in various different orders, and when I boot, it always gives and error like, "No operating system!" or takes me to "grub>"  I keep getting error 15 and 17 when I try to install grub using my live cd following the instructions found on ubuntuforums06:13
mindrape!grub | ricecube06:14
ubotturicecube: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto06:14
Agent_bob!info grub206:14
ubottugrub2 (source: grub2): GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (dummy package). In component universe, is extra. Version 1.96+20080512-1ubuntu2 (intrepid), package size 5 kB, installed size 92 kB (Only available for i386 kfreebsd-i386 hurd-i386 amd64 kfreebsd-amd64 powerpc ppc64)06:14
ricecubeI've look at all of those06:14
mindrapericecube - well I can google error 15 and 17 grub ubuntu for you... but I figured you already did.06:15
ricecubeyes, I've searched extenively06:15
Agent_bobricecube grub2 might work for you06:15
Agent_boblilo might too06:15
ricecubeugh... I don't want to have to mess with lilo every time I update my kernel06:16
Agent_bobi use partitionless systems, and grub is too weak to boot them   but grub2 works smoothly06:16
ricecubewhat's the difference in grub that would make it work for me as opposed to grub06:17
Agent_bobQ what's the differance between a duck ?06:17
Agent_bobA one leg is both the same.06:17
foxwoodsKruxer: you can't do that through a pc as far as I know kruxer....you need a router06:17
Defcon1mindrape thanks I got it all figured out06:18
foxwoodsJesperHansen: :(06:18
ricecubeFixed: what's the difference in grub2 that would make it work for me as opposed to grub06:18
socketshow do i change the "url" in the minimal cd - us.archive.ubuntu.com is erroring on packages due to timeouts i'm guessing06:18
foxwoodshellhound_: sorry, was away trying to fix an amarok problem06:18
nickrudricecube, the ubuntu version has a command, update-grub , that automatically adds all the kernels to the boot option. It's run as part of the kernel upgrade06:18
Kruxerfoxwoods, I did it 1 min ago :D thanx ;)06:18
hellhound_foxwoods:  no problem.... here is the pastebin of xorg    http://pastebin.com/m1383163006:18
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience06:19
Agent_bobricecube grub2 uses much more advanced filesystem support than the old grub (relying on bios for everything) did.06:19
* nickrud realizes he should have read back more than 2 pages06:19
ricecubeok, I'll try that, but I also have another problem that came up06:19
* JesperHansen looks at the windows install disc in despair 06:20
foxwoodshellhound_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/111570/06:20
socketshow do i change us.archive.ubuntu.com in the minimal iso?06:20
mindrapeedit /etc/apt/sources.list?06:21
ricecubeI deleted my mbr and partition table then repartitioned, and now my bootable windows install cd don't work06:21
=== xyz is now known as mobile_savy
sainathi have written a small libwnck program to switch into neighbor workspace and activates it. but when i execute it,it returns null06:21
foxwoodshellhound_: try replacing that screen line with what I have, then try another startx06:21
foxwoodshellhound_: also, if you have any other differences with this http://paste.ubuntu.com/111571/ let me know06:21
sainaththe prog is working in another sys06:22
AdrianThornI'm trying to install a past version of Thunderbird, I think I did it right but I can't get it to start.06:22
sainathbut not on mine06:22
AdrianThornCan someone help?06:22
hellhound_foxwoods: made changes... rebooting now06:23
mindrapeAdrianThorn: pull up a terminal and run Thunderbird... see if it gives you an error06:23
therootesthello. i have a question about computers, but it hasnt much to do with ubuntu. Is anyone there to help me?06:23
mindrapeAdrianThorn: ps aux | grep "thunderbird" see if it is perhaps defunct?06:24
weirdhi there06:24
foxwoodshellhound_: you shouldn't have to reboot, next time just type startx06:24
ricecube!ask | therootest06:24
mindrapetherootest: this is ubuntu support... ask the Q and if it is too far off topic we'll tar and feather you...06:24
ubottutherootest: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:24
sainathmindrape:i have written a small libwnck program to switch into neighbor workspace and activates it. but when i execute it,it returns null06:24
wershow do i do this?-->  The person who is giving support needs to have port 5500 open to their machine which requires a port forward on a NATed network.06:25
AdrianThornmindrape: error while loading shared libraries: libstdc++.so.5: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory06:25
mindrapesainath: I'm not familiar with libwnck and can't help you troubleshoot it, sorry.  If you'd like help with a shell script I can help w that.. or perhaps java or perl or php?06:25
hellhound_foxwoods: startx reported no screens again and reboot stops at "checking battery state...." without launching kdm06:25
foxwoodsKruxer: nice find.....didn't know you could do that06:25
codeshahhey guys, how would I search and replace something in all files recursively in subdirectories?06:25
mindrapeAdrianThorn: well its time to google that error message along with the word "ubuntu" and see what package it needs you to     sudo apt-get install06:25
sainathmindrape :thanks06:25
hellhound_foxwoods: no changes that I noticed06:25
foxwoodshellhound_:can you boot to the command line and tell me the error when you try startx?06:26
mindrapecodeshah: awk06:26
mindrapewers - login to your router06:27
AdrianThornmindrape: I found the package and it says a dependence for the package isn't satisfiable06:27
AdrianThornmindrape: I assume I have to download that too06:27
wersmindrape, and then?06:27
mindrapewers - most likely - ifconfig to find out... login and there should be options to configure port forwarding.06:27
mindrapeAdrianThorn: apt-get oughta auto-resolve dependency issues06:28
mindrapeAdrianThorn: but yes, install whatever it asks for... :P06:28
mindrapewers - do you use netgear? linksys? what kind of router?06:28
foxwoodshellhound_: if it still doesn't work, do the following: in your xorg.conf, change the Device 'nvidia' line to Device 'nv', then you can use kdm normally.....if you want to try getting official nvidia drivers again, redo the uninstall of ALL NVIDIA things, grab the 180.22 driver from nvidia.com, run the command again, etc.06:28
wersmindrape, linksys06:28
mindrapewers - in a browser... if it asks for login/password try           admin:admin        or admin:password      or admin:<no pass>06:29
wersmindrape, linksys wrt54g wireless connected to another linksys lan06:29
wersi'm logged in already06:29
hellhound_foxwoods: "Failed to load module "type1" (module does not exist,0)"  "no screens found"06:29
mindrapewers - is there an Applications and Gaming tab?06:29
TheEdge_how do i see witch program that are running in the back06:29
therootesti want to buy iPC 400 by Tortola. But it hasnt a x86 processor, it has the Ingenic JZ4730 366GHz MIPS32 processor. Is ubuntu ok with this architecture?06:29
wersmindrape, yep. i'm there now06:30
mindrapewers - if so click on that and pick the port ranges you want ie;      5500 - 5500    and forward it to    5500:5500  to your LAN ip06:30
JesperHansendamnit... I keep getting this message when trying to run gsynaptics http://i35.tinypic.com/flliqp.png06:30
mindrapeto find out your lan ip pull up a term and ifconfig    its like
andrew_are the repositories slow as hell for anyone else06:30
andrew_i just install ubuntu and cant get over 30kb/s!~06:30
mindrapeandrew_ - nope... speedy as ever for me... jealous?06:30
andrew_245 updates06:31
andrew_would taek a year06:31
nickrudJesperHansen, have you restarted X?06:31
andrew_guess ill just go back to windows06:31
JesperHansennickrud: ctrl+alt+backspace'd yes06:31
mindrapek, fewer people in the repos for me... it'll be that much faster.  :P06:31
AdrianThornthat did it thanks, mindrape06:31
mindrapeAdrianThorn: np  :)06:31
hellhound_foxwoods: when i replace "nvidia" with "nv" and startx i get "no devices detected"  instead of "no screens found"06:32
nickrudJesperHansen, odd ...06:32
mindrapewers - keep in mind that you need to actually have a process on your end listening for an incoming connection on 5500...06:32
JesperHansenGot this as xorg.conf http://pastebin.mozilla.org/61246006:32
mindrapewers - you can forward ports to your LAN ip all day but if no daemon is there to receive it his requests will fall on deaf ears... metaphorically06:32
hellhound_foxwoods: if it helps I do have two monitors and two of the GeForce  8600 GT cards on this computer...06:34
andrew_someone help me06:34
foxwoodshellhound_: sorry, I need your whole xorg.conf then06:34
mindrapeJesperHansen: it appears you still need to make the entry that is causing the error for gsynaptics...06:34
mindrapewhats wrong andrew_?  slow repos is all?06:34
andrew_Download Speed: 9965 kbps (1245.6 KB/sec transfer rate)06:34
andrew_Upload Speed: 8303 kbps (1037.9 KB/sec transfer rate)06:34
andrew_look at that06:34
Gnea!ask | andrew_06:35
ubottuandrew_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:35
FloodBot1andrew_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:35
andrew_How do i get a fast repository06:35
andrew_and what file do i edit06:35
Gneaandrew_: you make sure you're using the correct country code and you keep trying until you hit a fast one in the round robin06:36
bullgard4Why is the process kondemand/0 running every few seconds on one Ubuntu 8.04.2 laptop but not on another ? It seems to be unrelated to the CPU frequency change rhythm indicated by the CPU Frequency Scaling Monitor applet.06:36
JesperHansenmindrape: what entry are you refering to?06:36
mindrapeOption  "SHMConfig"      "true"06:36
hellhound_foxwoods: ok give me a sec06:36
freyyrhi, i just got gutsy (finally) running on a g3 imac.  I'm trying to install gnash because adobe doesn't have a PPC binary.  whenever I go into mozilla  I get a gray box.  any suggestions?06:36
gladio70buongiorno ragazzi06:37
JesperHansenmindrape: did that as well. Then read "Note: Setting the "SHMConfig" option to "true" doesn't work in newer XOrg. Change it to "on"."06:37
gladio70volevo chiedervi l'ennesima cosa06:37
JesperHansenneither true nor on works06:37
JesperHansengladio70: no06:37
foxwoodsfreyyr: did gnash install correctly?06:37
Gnea!it | gladio7006:37
ubottugladio70: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)06:37
gladio70sta minkia scusasse allora06:38
freyyrfoxwoods: to my knowledge, yes.  I installed with "apt-get install gnash gnash-plugin-mozilla" and apt returned and installed without error06:38
freyyrfoxwoods: unless there's a configuration step that I missed.06:38
mindrapeJesperHansen: have you tried this?  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad#shmconfig06:38
the6stepI'm having problems with git on ubuntu, connecting somewhere that requires a virtual key06:40
mindrapethe6step - have you googled the exact error message and the word Ubuntu?06:40
hellhound_foxwoods: ok here you go http://pastebin.com/m7727beca06:40
the6stepit keeps saying bad key but I have the key in the proper place06:40
ubottuGit is a distributed revision control/software code management project created by Linus Torvalds. For more information, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Git_(software)06:40
the6stepmindrape: I have been looking for a while, I can't figure it out06:40
mindrapethe6step - paste the exact error here (or pastebin if its longer than 2 lines)06:40
mindrapethere is probably a #git too ya know..06:41
the6stepmindrape: I have a linux server and a mac locally and I have no problem connecting06:43
the6stepit's only on my ubuntu, which is why I'm asking here06:43
JesperHansenmindrape: interesting06:43
JesperHansenmindrape: testing it.06:43
mindrapek :)06:43
foxwoodshellhound_: you didn't add the two zeroes after "Screen0"06:43
foxwoodsthat line should read:     Screen      0  "Screen0" 0 006:43
hawodiam about loosing my brain! I have xampp with apache running on port 8080 and the default ubuntu apache installation listening on port 80 and I can run the two instances of apache together.06:44
mindrapehawodi - and... ?06:45
=== Cimmerian is now known as Santiag0
hellhound_foxwoods: my bad.. i had simply copied and pasted what I had in pastebin prior and forgot that I had indeed added the two zeros in the "ServerLayout" Section... I just check my xorg and it does state: Screen     0   "Screen0" 0 006:45
JesperHansenmindrape: and it requires reboot I see. brb then06:45
hawodimindrape, I need to run both the apache in xampp and the default apache installation at the same time.06:46
foxwoodshellhound_: then let's do the exact opposite...:P remove those zeroes, and try another startx06:46
silv3r_m00nhi there.... firefox doesnt look good in kde what can be done ?06:46
KujiUnIs there any way to install Ubuntu without going through the LiveCD desktop?06:46
mindrapehawodi - and it appears you are on different ports... as is required...06:46
the6stepmindrape: I have pastebin above, and I did something else, pastebin is here as well: http://dpaste.com/114564/06:46
mindrape!install KujiUn06:46
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about install KujiUn06:46
FlannelKujiUn: Yes, get the alternate CD.  It's textmode and just as easy06:46
foxwoodshellhound_: oh, also, remove the line Load "type1"06:46
hawodiWhen one runs the other gives an error message saying another instance is already running. Yes am on different ports.06:46
KujiUnOkay. Thank you very much.06:46
hawodimindrape: one is on port 80 while the other is on port 8080.06:47
mindrapehawodi: well maybe you just run apache w xampp and use VirtualHosts to split up traffic?06:47
foxwoodshellhound_: That's probably your problem.....seems that your NVIDIA install got botched, as I said before, remove all you can with sudo apt-get remove nvidia (AUTO-COMPLETE), then get 180.22 for linux from NVIDIA.com and run the file06:47
codenameis it hard installing the new nVidia drivers?06:48
mindrapehawodi - explain what you are trying to accomplish... also, #apache may be a better place to ask this.06:48
codenameThe 18006:48
hawodimindrape: the error I get:he rising risk of a systemic financial meltdown: the twelve steps to financial disaster06:48
mindrapecodename - 'twas easy enough for me...06:48
codenameso i just install the current drivers i have now06:48
codenameand run the .sh file06:48
codenameand im set06:48
mindrape!nvidia codename06:48
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about nvidia codename06:48
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto06:48
foxwoods!nvidia | codename06:49
ubottucodename: please see above06:49
mindrapeman, I'm forgetting my pipes tonight06:49
foxwoods:P no worries06:49
hellhound_foxwoods: i get "no devices detected" again... it also states xinit: Connection refused (errno 111): unable to connect to X server     and then: xinit: No such process (errno 3): unexpected signal 206:49
bullgard4Why is the process kondemand/0 running every few seconds on one Ubuntu 8.04.2 laptop but not on another ? It seems to be unrelated to the CPU frequency change rhythm indicated by the CPU Frequency Scaling Monitor applet.06:49
hawodiI need to run two different versions of php. Am using the xampp to run php4 while my default ubuntu lamp installation is php5.06:49
peepsalotis anyone else having trouble using google maps lately in firefox?  it displays a map, but the "Loading..." box at the top never finished, and I can't pan, zoom, etc.06:49
foxwoodsok hellhound_: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg06:49
foxwoodsgo through the steps, then do as I said above for retrying getting a decent nvidia driver if you aren't satisfied with the default06:50
mindrapepeepsalot: just tried and it works like a champ for me.06:50
ari_stressanyone knows what package that can check for duplicate files?06:50
=== mojo__ is now known as mojo
transportercan somebody help me find a good diary software for hardy06:50
Slartari_stress: I think it's called fdupe06:50
mindrapepeepsalot - restart browser and clear cache?  look in ~/.mozilla/firefox for "issues"?06:51
mindrapetransporter - gedit?06:51
mindrapetransporter - you wanna post to blogger or something?06:51
peepsalotmindrape, :-/ i don't know why, it stopped working for me a few days ago.  I have restarted the browser numerous times since then06:51
Slartari_stress: sorry, fdupes06:51
ari_stressSlart: thanks. searching in synaptic06:51
foxwoodshellhound_: you good with trying that? I gotta go if you don't mind\06:51
mindrapepeepsalot: try cd ~/.mozilla          mv firefox firefoxbackup    restart it06:52
JesperHansenmindrape: didn't work :S06:52
transportermindrape: no not exactly i just want a good diary software wherein i can write down my daily thoughts and feelings maybe even add a few smileys and add photos06:52
mindrapetransporter - sign up for a blog, make it private, dont invite anybody to read it..06:52
hawodimindrape:I need to run two different versions of php. Am using the xampp to run php4 while my default ubuntu lamp installation is php506:53
foxwoodstransporter: maybe try zim06:53
the6stepmindrape: I guess this is the problem, do you have any thoughts? 2nd to last post: http://groups.google.com/group/github/browse_thread/thread/d7e7c6edc961752e/b9461d39ec907d7206:53
the6stepand the last post06:53
the6stepI guess it is saying that sudo aptitude install git-core doesn't install git correctly?06:53
the6stepand it needs to be added to the unix path? any ideas?06:53
transporterfoxwoods: zim06:53
mindrapethe6step - http://www.troubleshooters.com/linux/prepostpath.htm06:54
user_hi how do i get sound working ?06:55
ari_stressSlart: fdupes is command line. i found fslint, it's a gui06:55
hellhound_foxwoods: thank you for your help!06:55
mindrapeuser_        sudo lshw -C sound06:55
hateeecscan anyone recommend the best video card for ubuntu in a media center (ie DVI and HDMI)?  thanks06:56
foxwoodshellhound_: np06:56
transporterfoxwoods; how can i see the screenshots06:56
peepsalotmindrape, hmm, i think it's one of my plugins.  i disabled a bunch and it's working again.  I'll try to pinpoint which one it is06:56
mindrapethe6step - I recommend asking in #git about your error... I really have never used it.06:56
the6stepmindrape: I'm absolutely sure now it has to do with a faulty installation06:57
the6stepcan you give me tips of how to reinstall? that link you gave me is gibberish to me06:57
mindrapethat link was how to update your $PATH06:57
user_anyone know how i can get sound working on 8.10 ?06:58
mindrapeuser_ did you sudo lshw -C sound ?  what did it say?06:58
mindrapeuser_ specifically which module?06:59
mindrapeuser_ did you sudo alsamixer      and did you ensure all options were set to max volume?06:59
transportermindrape: that would not be possible i want a software i don't want to create a blog06:59
mindrapetransporter - well do you know of Windows software that you prefer?  Maybe run THAT with WINE?  www.winehq.org07:00
transporteri will have to check even windows diary software's are not free07:01
mindrapetransporter - google these....          Kdiary; Ktagebuch; GTK Journal; Xournal, Zim; Kontact07:01
user_mindrape module=snd_intel8x007:01
transportermindrape: can u gimme a url wherein i can check the screenshots07:02
DamienCassouI've a font problem when I plug my external 24" monitor (wide). As soon as I use plug it to the laptop, the font becomes unreadable (some characters are replaced by rectangles). I'm on a fresh Ubuntu 8.10. Can somebody help me please?07:02
mindrapetransporter - no, but I can teach you how to go to www.google.com and type in each of those and click the first or 2nd link in most cases to find screenshots...07:02
DamienCassouI've a macbook 4.1 and an intel graphic card07:02
mindrapetransporter - I dont hold hands... if you want somebody to hold your hand go get a partner.07:02
transportermindrape: oh thanx for the sarcasm the fact is that im googling it out but its not showing any results07:03
mindrapeDamienCassou: sudo apt-get install msttcorefonts07:03
transportermindrape: i checked out zim diary software tried typing in zim nothing there is everything else but the screenshots07:03
DamienCassoumindrape: ok, installing. Do I need to do anything else before retrying to plug my monitor?07:04
user_mindrape: i checked alsamixer and done the things you said the module=snd_intel8x0 ?07:05
mindrapeuser_ - well pastebin the lshw output for me and lsmod also07:05
atom^xtransporter, http://zim-wiki.org/screenshots.html07:05
transporterthanx for the help atom^x07:06
mindrapeDamienCassou - it could also be that you are trying to use too high a resolution on a graphics card that cant handle it.07:06
mindrapeDamienCassou: it may make sense to edit your xorg.conf and bump down the default res to like 1024x768 til you get it working07:06
DamienCassoumindrape: I don't think so because it worked on hardy07:06
DamienCassoumindrape: there nothing more on the xorg.conf than the virtual resolution07:07
mindrapeDamienCassou: lspci -k        see which graphics driver you are presently using.07:07
user_mindrape: lsmod output lists snd_intel8x007:07
mindrapeuser_ you sure you have your speakers plugged into the right sound port on the back?07:07
DamienCassoumindrape:  Intel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL96007:07
DamienCassoumindrape: Kernel modules: intelfb07:08
mindrapeDamien - grep for "Kernel driver in use"07:08
mindrapeie;         lspci -k | grep "Kernel driver in use"07:09
DamienCassoumindrape: Kernel driver in use: agpgart-intel07:10
mindrapewell if that is correct then just reboot and hope for wonderfully readable fonts.07:10
_2why is device_mapper module not in the ubuntu kernels or why is lilo still looking for it ???  http://pastebin.com/f302d497d07:11
=== nickrud is now known as nikrud
_2also why does cat proc mounts list things mounted multiple times ?   http://pastebin.com/f5e43316b07:12
DamienCassoumindrape: thank you. I will try.07:12
ari_stressguys, how to defragment in ubuntu?07:12
ubottuThe default Ubuntu filesystem (ext3) is engineered to avoid fragmentation issues in most cases, see http://linkpot.net/behead/ for a simple example on how it achieves this.07:12
_2ari_stress why  ?07:12
ari_stress_2: i just deleted many files, i thought i need to defrag, right? also i do lots of torrents07:13
_2ari_stress i doubt you need too.07:13
=== Daisuke-Ido is now known as Daisuke_Ido
_2ari_stress i deleted the files from an entire installation and installed a different distro without formating the fs while retaining all my data 50g on an 80g drive in a lappy.   no problems there.07:15
ari_stressmindrape: i read the page. seems make sense. but with torrents, it has got to be fragmented somehow, right?07:15
bullgard4Why is the process kondemand/0 running every few seconds on one Ubuntu 8.04.2 laptop but not on another ? It seems to be unrelated to the CPU frequency change rhythm indicated by the CPU Frequency Scaling Monitor applet.07:15
* JesperHansen sees how ubuntu has gotten worse and worse for each release 07:15
ari_stress_2: can we measure the performance of our filesystem? to know whether the fragmentation level is still ok07:16
_2ari_stress yes indeed   fsck -f the thing07:16
JesperHansenext4 is only available on alternative cd atm. for 9.04, right?07:17
_2ari_stress the highest i have ever seen yet is .5% non-contiguous07:17
ari_stressJesperHansen: better don't use ext4 yet, i read a bug of data loss07:17
JesperHansenari_stress: screw data loss07:17
ScubidusHey everyone07:17
ari_stressWARNING!!!  Running e2fsck on a mounted filesystem may cause07:17
ari_stressSEVERE filesystem damage.07:17
jedi3whats shaking07:17
JesperHansenFirefox hang is only ½ sec now against ext3 hang is 10sec07:18
ScubidusI have a problem with my wireless at the moment07:18
ScubidusI can get Ubuntu to recognize the card is there but It wont let me connect to any of the networks it displays07:18
jedi3any reason this doesnt work?07:18
_2jedi3 whole lot of shakin' goin' on.07:18
mindrapeScubidus: lspci -k       which driver you using?          sudo lshw -C network07:19
jedi3noot much, bored cant sleep. realized its time to get ubuntu installed on machine07:19
jedi3however no cds just dvds07:19
mindrapeScubidus: has it ever worked or just stopped working recently?07:19
Scubidusnot really other than it only worked for me after I patched it07:19
Scubidusstopped working when I had to format the drive07:19
mindrapeScubidus: sudo iwconfig             does it show any wireless devices with wireless extentions?07:19
Scubidusand reinstalled ubuntu07:19
mindrapeScubidus: it could be as simple as sudo apt-get install linux-kernel-modules07:20
Scubidusyea I can't even get a wired at the moment07:20
_2jedi3 maybe because that is /dvd/current  ?07:20
jedi3yeah im looking for the dvd image07:20
ScubidusI'm goin to try to find my boxes real quick07:20
_2oh i misread07:20
Scubidusmaybe I can get a hardwire in here07:20
Scubidushold up07:20
jedi3ahah I fail hard at typing07:20
ari_stress_2: so, ext3 defrags itself on random time? can we see it in action?07:20
mindrapeari_stress - only w an electron microscope.. ?07:21
syockitI thought it does that through the journalling07:21
syockitand every fsck routine07:21
lodder_need some help with this: find -E . -type d -iregex "./[^/]*/S(eason|eries)[[:space:]]+[0-9]+" I get the error find: unknown predicate `-E' please help me resolve it07:21
_2ari_stress that i can't say,  there may be a process in /proc that one could watch,  not really sure.07:21
syockitlodder_: there's no -E in find. Where'd you get that?07:22
lodder_syockit: I find it on a web page07:22
lodder_syockit: can you help me use the correct line for this to work07:23
mindrapelodder - taking away -E does what?07:23
syockitcan you tell the site? maybe it's for another shell07:23
lodder_mindrape: get no output07:24
DamienCassoumindrape: that didn't fix my problem :-(07:24
_2also you might want to use single quotes07:24
whatevi can't irc from my windows desktop at work because the firewall blocks it, but i can if i ssh to my linux server. is there any way i can somehow get my windows irc client to use ssh to my linux to let me irc?07:24
ScubidusIll brb going to boot my Linux partition up and try07:24
mindrapelodder_ - hold, lemme make some Season 1-9 and Seires 1-5 directories real fast...07:24
lodder_mindrape: ok07:25
codeymanMy filesystem has gone readonly.. anybody has any ideas?07:25
codeymanhave tried using badblocks, ext2fsck .. no avail07:25
DamienCassoumindrape: in fact, I thought it did work because I didn't have any problems for a few seconds. Then the font became unreadable again. To set-up my dual screen, I use: xrandr --verbose --fb 1680x1850 --output TMDS-1 --auto --output LVDS --auto --below TMDS-107:26
_2also why does cat proc mounts list things mounted multiple times ?   http://pastebin.com/f5e43316b07:27
_2and why is device_mapper module not in the ubuntu kernels or why is lilo still looking for it ???  http://pastebin.com/f302d497d07:27
_2and anyone know why permission on a users home dir would affect ssh  ?07:29
ari_stressThe second scatters files all over the disk so there's plenty of free space if the file's size changes. It can also re-arrange files on-the-fly, since it has plenty of empty space to shuffle around. Very nice ext3 :)07:33
_2ari_stress yep07:33
ari_stresson-the-fly... nice to believe, hope so07:33
_2if you don't believe it, then we'll get you a magic feather that will help you fly...07:34
bullgard4Why is the process kondemand/0 running every few seconds on one Ubuntu 8.04.2 laptop but not on another ? It seems to be unrelated to the CPU frequency change rhythm indicated by the CPU Frequency Scaling Monitor applet.07:34
ari_stress:) i just wish that we can "watch" the show when it does that07:35
Scubidusalright I got a hard line07:35
_2bullgard4 because some daemon is calling it.07:35
dinesh372i am a beginner in shell scripting can anyone tell me which will be the best book to start07:35
_2bullgard4 if it runs long enough you can catch it with pstree07:35
_2dinesh372 man bash07:35
lodder_mindrape: can you still help me07:36
oliver_Why do people use Emacs and VIM?  Why not use netbeans or some other ide?07:36
ari_stressdinesh372: join #bash07:36
_2dinesh372 and remember that anything done on the command line can be put in a script.   and some things that cant.07:36
Scubiduscan someone help me out with my wireless card07:36
mindrapelodder_ were you looking for directories?  find . -type d -iregex '.*\/Season.*[0-9]'      that part should work... lemme try to figure out the Series part...07:37
mindrapeoliver_: they want to be more efficient probably...07:37
DamienCassouoliver_: I use eclipse to do Java programming but emacs for texts I have to write (like articles).07:37
Paddy_EIREoliver_: The opposite could be said also... try and avoid polls and "better than's" on this channel it always ends up a flame war07:37
dinesh372_2: actually i want to know any good book for learning shell scripting07:37
DamienCassoumindrape: did you see that msttcorefont didn't solve my problem?07:37
mindrapeDamienCassou: yeah... dunno man.  :(07:38
Athenon_Ok, so I have postfix installed...and it works fine...locally.  It won't allow any outside clients (ie over the internet) on...it gives me a "cannot establish connection" error like the server's running on a different port or doesn't exist...even though I specified my IP address in mynetworks.  Any ideas?07:38
_2dinesh372 but learning the basics of bash the best place to start  imo07:38
ScubidusI can get Ubuntu to recognize my card and even list the networks that are available to connect to when I go through07:38
Scubidusthe manual configuration07:38
DamienCassoumindrape: ok. Do you know where I can ask?07:38
oliver_how is emacs and vim more effecient?07:38
oliver_just wondering, not trying to start a flame war07:38
oliver_<=== noob07:38
Paddy_EIREoliver_: try them and see07:38
mindrapeoliver_ with about 8 keystrokes you can get more done in either of those than any bloated IDE.07:39
_2does netbeans require a gui ?07:39
oliver_I tried VIM07:39
DamienCassouoliver_: lot of shortcuts to move your cursor. never have to use the mouse. You can easily open distant files or edit files as root...07:39
jtajidinesh372: check out two bash guides here http://tldp.org/guides.html07:39
_2does netbeans require a gui ?07:39
dinesh372_2: actually i am unable to understand what u told me first time07:39
oliver__2, yeah07:39
oliver_so emacs and vim are only good for shortcuts and not using mouse?07:40
_2dinesh372 oh.    the command    man bash   # opens the documentation for bash07:40
pogztimzthere is no sound in my computer after i updated? any idea how to fix this problem?07:40
Paddy_EIRE!ot | oliver_07:40
ubottuoliver_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!07:40
Athenon_inet_interfaces is all.....07:40
oliver_ok sry07:40
_2oliver_ that alone is enough reason to say  vi.* emacs > netbeans07:40
Athenon_like i said, it works fine locally...telnet localhost 25...connects fine....but anywhere else...no go07:41
_2oliver_ neither of those need a gui07:41
pogztimzhi everyone, there is no sound in my computer after i updated? any idea how to fix this problem?07:41
Paddy_EIRE!repeat | pogztimz07:42
ubottupogztimz: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience07:42
bullgard4_2: Is there an English word like 'hunter's luck'? I seem to have lost it. Now kondemand/0 is not running every few seconds any more, and I do not know why. It run very short then, anyway. So it seems I cannot use pstree for answering the question put.07:42
_2oliver_ if you like gui IDE's  maybe try kdevelop07:42
_2bullgard4 lol  yeah.   called  "^&#$^^#"  but can't be pronounced in this channel  :)07:43
ari_stress_2, http://geekblog.oneandoneis2.org/index.php/2008/11/13/fighting-fragmentation-on-linux says i must separate the partition for torrents for performance07:43
dinesh372_2: ok you want me to firstly learn about bash07:44
[kev]hi, I have this program , gmail notifier for ubuntu -- how can i make it start automatically when i run ubuntu?07:44
_2ari_stress dinesh372 yeah,  that will fill in the blanks on writing shell scripts07:44
afd_hi! is there a repository that packages the latest nvidia beta drivers?07:45
ScubidusCan someone help me with my network card I can get the OS to recognize that its there, even go so far as list the possible networks, though it won't let me connect using it07:45
ari_stress[kev]: system > prefrences > sessions07:46
nightrid3ri have to setup an tlsp server but there's 1 windows vista pc that also needs connection to the ltsp server, you know of a windows client i can use, it must be very simple07:49
_2dinesh372  http://bash-hackers.org/wiki/doku.php/scripting/tutoriallist07:53
mindrapedinesh372: this is the one that I learned from... http://wooledge.org:8000/BashGuide  (first on the list in the link _2 gave you)07:54
dliwubi question. how do I recover passwd for wubi installation?07:54
wormdrinkhow do i select gcc version ?07:56
_2dli boot to single user mode (recovery mode) and copy /etc/passwd~ to /etc/passwd    and /etc/shadow~ to /etc/shadow   note that can erase users frewhly added too.  you might be better resetting the password with   passwd username07:56
Athenon_ok....and it works when i throw it on a different port.........firewall blocking it?07:57
wormdrinksay i have 4.3 and 4.207:57
wormdrinkhow do i change from 4.3 to 4.207:57
owen1i want to burn a file onto a dvd. i insert empty dvd. where is it located?07:57
carpiiis this a riddle?  I think its located in your dvd drive, where you just put it07:58
wormdrinkno i think he means path07:59
wormdrinkto device07:59
wormdrinkor something07:59
carpiihehe yeah, i was just teasing :p07:59
_2it's still a riddle07:59
_2here's the answer  http://pastebin.com/f21d535bd08:00
_2ummm may not work correctly on notebooks that can't close their own drive08:00
skeebo /server irc.spotchat.org08:00
ari_stress_2: nice tool: http://tips4linux.com/check-fragmentation-levels-on-ext3-files/08:01
O__ohi how to connect vnc?08:02
O__oi always get this error  open failed: connect failed: Connection refused08:02
ari_stressoh sh**, my drive is really fragmented08:03
ScubidusSo can someone help me with my wireless?08:03
houyani'm on a macbook pro v4,1 i'm using ubuntu 8.10; i have sound 'leakage', i.e. i plug in my microphones, i watch a movie, and people can still hear some sound of the movie08:04
Slartari_stress: noone said ext3 didn't fragment.. it just don't affect performance the same way it does to ntfs and friends08:04
Athenon_no, iptables looks fine...but why isnt the dang server receiving the traffic and responding?  it's not throwing any loggable errors -_-08:04
ari_stressSlart: 300[2006]DvDrip[Eng]-aXXo.avi: 5211 extents found, perfection would be 6 extents. 5000 frags08:04
Slartari_stress: yup.. I've got files like that too08:05
ari_stressSlart: hmm.. i thought it does defrag on-the-fly :(08:05
Slartari_stress: you can wait until ext4 becomes standard.. it comes with a defragger08:06
Slartari_stress: nah.. it creates files a bit differently than windows does.. but I don't think it defragments automatically.. not that I know of at least08:06
ari_stressSlart: nice to hear that. great08:06
nightrid3r!info pgdb08:06
ubottuPackage pgdb does not exist in intrepid08:06
_2!info filefrag08:07
ubottuPackage filefrag does not exist in intrepid08:07
ari_stressubottu is wrong, i have filefrag in 8.1008:07
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:07
Slart_2: it isn't a package.. it's just an application.. I think its in some other package08:07
Slart!find filefrag08:07
Alex_21Hi, all, I have no sound on my box. It is a fresh install of Ubuntu PPC 8.04 and I am using a G4 Digital Audio Powermac tower08:07
ubottuFile filefrag found in e2fsprogs, e2fsprogs-dbg, manpages-fr-extra, manpages-ja08:07
Alex_21Any help to get it working is greatly appreciated08:07
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots08:08
_2Slart maybe use that on it to see  http://pastebin.com/f6d7c254608:08
nightrid3r!find pgdb08:08
ubottuFile pgdb found in courier-doc, courier-maildrop, maildrop, python-pygresql08:08
Slart_2: or just !find filefrag in this channel.. or use apt-file08:09
ari_stressoh man torrent really mess up my drive. need to reformat and separate it into another partition08:09
_2Slart that doesn't tell me what provides it.   apt-file would08:09
Slartari_stress: try to make the client create the entire file when you start a torrent.. instead of adding to it constantly08:09
ari_stressSlart: can we do that? i use ktorrent08:10
Slart_2:  "File filefrag found in e2fsprogs, e2fsprogs-dbg, manpages-fr-extra, manpages-ja" that doesn't tell you?08:10
_2Slart i mean obviously package manpages-fr-extra does not provide  filefrag executable08:10
Slart_2: we didn't say we wanted an executable08:10
_2like duh08:10
codeymanhi Slart..08:10
Slarthey codeyman08:11
codeymanSlart: Still stuck in read only file system :(08:11
codeymanfound this in dmesg: kernel: EXT3-fs: INFO: recovery required on readonly filesystem. ... kernel: EXT3-fs: write access will be enabled during recovery. kernel: EXT3-fs: recovery complete. ... kernel: EXT3-fs: mounted filesystem with ordered data mode.08:11
Slartcodeyman: and fsck didn't find anything wrong? no other errors?08:12
_2codeyman   root fs ?08:12
compguy1101anyone know why ubuntu remix wont come out of sleep if you leave it for like longer then an hour?08:12
_2codeyman you can   sudo mount -no remount,rw /  # to make it writable so you can fix things.08:13
codeymanSlart: fsck didn't find anything08:13
_2assuming it's the root fs which you didn't answer08:13
codeyman_2: fix what?08:13
_2you said you were in readonly fs ?08:14
_2you obviously can't change anything in a ro fs08:14
codeymanI can use livecd/mount .. -remount to make the partition readable..08:14
codeymanand change it08:14
codeymanbut after reboot.. it drops back to the read only state08:14
Alex_21Help with PPC sound anyone?08:14
ari_stresscodeyman: maybe the /etc/fstab is wrong08:14
compguy1101Alex_21, whats up08:15
codeymannope.. its fine08:15
codeymanthat was the default08:15
_2codeyman so find out why it's not remounting rootfs rw and change it.08:15
ari_stresscodeyman: what caused the ro?08:15
_2ari_stress exactly.08:15
codeyman_2: :D .. thats what am trying08:15
ari_stresscodeyman: i mean the history, maybe power outage?08:16
codeymanari_stress: no poweroutage.. only thing I did before was install libsplashy.. then reinstalled usplash08:16
codeymanmaybe initramfs is conked in the process.. but i did update-initramfs -c to get a new one08:17
ari_stresscodeyman: oh.. hmm.08:17
codeymanthat didn't help either08:17
_2messed up initramfs then.    rebuild it.08:17
phenomOut of curiosity,, has any one been noticing problems with firefox recently?08:17
badseriiHi, does someone have experience with ssh tunneling for mysql ? I had it done, but when mysql is in use, and when I do a netstat -vuptan on the client machine, there are plenty connections with TIME_WAIT status. Is it normal, of if not, how to correct this. Thank you in advance!08:17
codeymandid update-initramfs -c , dpkg-reconfigure linux-image, update-grub08:17
codeymandid all google could come up with08:17
ari_stresscodeyman: how about reinstalling the kernel08:18
codeymanreconfigure kernel image is as good as that I think08:18
Slartphenom: works nicely here on 64bit.. but i've got a restart waiting for me since the last batch of libc updates I think08:18
_2codeyman ok.  are you in the real system or in the live cd ?08:18
codeymanam booted off on a live usb on the machine that is giving me grief08:19
_2codeyman ok what is the device node ?   sda2 ???08:19
codeymanfor /08:20
_2codeyman ok.  sudo umount /dev/sda8 && sudo fsck -f /dev/sda808:20
phenomI'm having issues with firefox "locking the sound" as things go, which crashes totem etc; it won't allow me to input searches in to the google mini taskbar occasionally, and when that happens when I click on a link it open in a new tab instead of redirecting the current one.. It's real odd, but I am getting that on 2 ubuntu boxes and an Etch box.08:20
codeymani did that08:20
_2with -f ?08:20
codeymanthen with -c08:20
phenomSo I'm thinking a recent update screwed up FF.08:21
ari_stressphenom: that's so strange08:21
_2codeyman ok.  tune2fs -l /dev/sda8     and pastebin it.08:21
phenomAnd I actually notice a problem updating these last 20 acpid updates on both ubuntu boxes :P08:22
phenomLol, bad week of updates.08:22
Alex_21Help with PPC sound anyone?08:22
ari_stressphenom: i've just ran update this morning, things seem fine08:22
compguy1101Alex_21,  i asked you once08:22
ari_stressbtw, can we run nautilus as root? how08:23
ari_stressi mean other than sudo nautilus08:23
compguy1101you have to ask the question for us to help you, or you can try google08:23
Slartari_stress: gksudo nautilus.. but be careful08:23
Alex_21Hi, all, I have no sound on my box. It is a fresh install of Ubuntu PPC 8.04 and I am using a G4 Digital Audio Powermac tower08:23
Alex_21Any help is greatly appreciated08:23
Slart!gksudo | ari_stress08:23
ubottuari_stress: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)08:23
phenomari_stress, sudo nautilus08:23
compguy1101Alex_21, did you do all your updates?08:23
ari_stressSlart: thanks. that's great tip, all this time i thought it was sudo08:24
Slartari_stress: thank ubottu =)08:24
ubottuYum! Err, I mean, APT!08:24
_2!helpersnack | slart08:24
codeyman_2: http://pastebin.com/m6fb9edbf here you go08:24
ubottuslart: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!08:24
SlartYum! Err.. bah.. you know the rest...08:25
_2codeyman that's ext4 ?08:25
codeymanext4 isn't live yet!!08:26
codeymanthis is regular ext3 on ubuntu 8.1008:26
_2oh 64  ok08:27
codeymanwhy do you say ext4?08:27
Ch1ppyHey. I got a segfault while processing the triggers for gxine during an upgrade, so I ran "dpkg --configure -a" and now am getting "dpkg: ../../src/packages.c:221: process_queue: Assertion `dependtry <= 4' failed." Can anyone help me out?08:27
quentusrexHow do I add a particular user or group the ability to read and write to a directory?08:28
quentusrexI'd like two groups to be able to read/write to a directory08:28
ari_stressquentusrex: use filesystem acl08:29
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about setfacl08:29
hellhound_after installing 8.10 and then installing the restricted nvidia driver, I am not longer able to boot into x ... i just get the command prompt... startx reveals no devices found     can anyone help?08:29
ari_stressquentusrex: sudo setfacl -m u:user1:rw /path/somedir08:29
_2codeyman humour me,  sudo umount /dev/sda8 ;sudo fsck -f /dev/sda8  #pastebin the results.  i know it's marked clean   and if that says it's all clean then the issue is in either the "root=" or in the /etc/fstab08:31
_2or the init script.   not likely unless you have been playing in /etc/init.d/08:31
DonnyHello, Im having a problem connecting to my router with my wireless card. The driver is installed and working but i cant seem to connect .. anyone have an idea?08:32
codeyman_2: as i said.. I was playing with a library that could have messed with init.d or initramfs08:32
Alex_21Thanks for your help08:33
Alex_21Good night08:33
_2codeyman k sec.08:33
nivekhi, can someone help me -- my screen resolution is crap right now ... its like my nVidia card has no driver or something?...08:33
_2codeyman ok.   mount /dev/sda8 /mnt08:34
_2codeyman mount | grep sda808:34
_2codeyman ?08:35
codeyman_2:/dev/sda8 on /home/ubuntu/tmp type ext3 (rw)08:35
_2that's  (rw)   so it's not the fs08:35
=== miguel is now known as Guest43532
* werdnum waves08:35
codeyman_2: this is from liveusb.. hope we are on the same page08:35
werdnumI get this error when trying to play an AVI file with VLC -- [????????] x11 video output error: X11 request 141.19 failed with error code 11: BadAlloc (insufficient resources for operation)08:35
_2now.  grep ' / ' /mnt/etc/fstab08:36
_2codeyman yes same page.08:36
_2codeyman  grep ' / ' /mnt/etc/fstab08:36
saranyaI don't have the repository with ruby in it enabled *shrug* how to do it08:36
codeymanone sec08:36
ethen637hey anyone?08:37
_2i guess that could be tabbed insted of spaced08:37
codeyman_2: http://pastebin.com/d5364f67908:37
[kev]has anyone here used ubuntu 8.10 for a while?08:38
Slart!anyone | [kev]08:38
ubottu[kev]: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?08:38
[kev]problem is: im finding it VERY buggy ... i just wrote a lot of code using eclipse -- in ubuntu 8.10 ..and eclipse crashed for no reason..and i lost all my code08:39
saranyapls anyone answer my question I don't have the repository with ruby in it enabled *shrug* how to do it08:39
Slart[kev]: eclipse might very well be buggy... I wont argue with that08:39
hischildjoin #ubuntu-ops08:40
_2codeyman ok you need to boot the real system.   add boot options "nosplash guiet"08:40
Slarthischild: all of us? =)08:40
hischildSlart, it was a typo, i started typing to fast08:40
_2codeyman be sure to umount /mnt before you reset.08:40
codeyman_2: in menul.list?08:40
_2codeyman you can there,  or at boot time   grub edit feature08:41
Slarthischild: =)08:41
codeyman_2: ok.. will try that be back later then to report08:41
_2ok i'll be around08:41
FinnishI have this problem  libavc1394-dev: Depends: libavc1394-0 (= 0.5.3-1build1) but 0.5.3-1+b1 is to be installed What I need to do?08:42
=== tmi is now known as chronosza
humboltThe graphical interface did not properly start, which is needed for graphical logins. It is likely that the X Window System or GDM is not properly configured. -- Always get that, the first time I try to switch to a new user session with the fast-switching applet. But it works on the second try. What can I do?08:42
hellhound_after installing 8.10 and then installing the restricted nvidia driver, I am not longer able to boot into x ... i just get the command prompt... startx reveals no devices found     can anyone help?08:42
ethen637ubuntu 8.19 is awesome .08:42
ethen637oh sorry 8.1908:43
ethen637oh sorry 8.1008:43
chronoszadoes anyone know if the intel x3100 is supported on 8.10? the OS hangs if it tries to do any 3d acceleration using the detected intel driver and the best google tells me is that it doesnt work.08:43
=== bestus is now known as panjang_banget
sidewalkhow can i set several different background images (wallpapers) in Ubuntu 8.10 (Gnome) ?08:45
=== panjang_banget is now known as panjang
ethen637so simple08:45
rileyright click desktop and choose change desktop bacround08:45
chronoszaethen637:  was that yes for me?08:46
ethen637jjust right click on desktop and select configure desktop08:46
ethen637that all , u can  see menu which shows you to change background08:48
rileythere is no configure desktop08:49
rileyi just checked08:49
extorIs there any way to mount an LVM volume into something readable when you boot off a knoppix CD?08:50
randalyou guys are gonna laugh at this i started a live cd for g partition and was resizing my hard drive partitions and the power went out and i lost everything is there away to repair this08:50
_2!testdisk | randal08:51
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about testdisk08:51
step21randal: that's what notebooks are for ...08:51
_2!info testdisk | randal08:51
ubottutestdisk (source: testdisk): Partition scanner and disk recovery tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 6.9-1.1 (intrepid), package size 1196 kB, installed size 3768 kB08:51
_2might work....08:51
randal_2 ??????08:51
ethen637oh oops then open image you wnat to set at desktop then right click on it , check wheter u  can see option as sert as background08:51
randal_2 whats that08:51
step21randal: and if you live somewhere where that happens often I would get some backup power08:51
randalstep21:  it was the power out my bro keeked the power cord out08:52
_2randal boot the live cd   install testdisk and try it.08:52
randalstep21: kicked08:52
step21randal: there's no easy way unfortunately.08:52
hazharany one know about cooldisk error ? i can,t copy any thing in my memory cart !08:52
randalstep21: what are you talkingabout08:53
ethen637what kicking is their08:53
randal_2:  where do i get test disk08:53
_2!info testdisk | randal08:53
ubottutestdisk (source: testdisk): Partition scanner and disk recovery tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 6.9-1.1 (intrepid), package size 1196 kB, installed size 3768 kB08:53
step21randal: professional data recovery might have a shot, but that costs good money ... on your own if you don't know anything about this, just reinstall ...08:53
_2step21 why don't you let him try testdisk,   i works some times08:53
O__ohow to type ’ ??08:54
randal_2: that code you keep sending me does nothing08:54
O__oin man x11vnc i suppose to type  ssh -t -L 5900:localhost:5900 far-host ’x11vnc -localhost  -display :0’08:55
_2on second though, step21 you are the man.08:55
O__o’ ??08:55
O__ohow do u type ’ in keyboard?08:55
O__o' " ` <---- those are not ’08:55
rileykey under esc08:55
_2i mean,   randal  are ignoring what ubottu says ?    do you know how to install packages ?08:55
O__okey under esc = ` not ’08:55
step21randal: try http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk_Livecd , if thatdoesn't work you'll have to reinstall08:56
_2randal see ubottu's next line...08:57
_2!info testdisk | randal08:57
ubottutestdisk (source: testdisk): Partition scanner and disk recovery tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 6.9-1.1 (intrepid), package size 1196 kB, installed size 3768 kB08:57
_2see     ^08:57
_2you can install it in your live cd via the package manager08:57
_2and run it.08:57
step21_2: testdisk might work ... wasn't aware that there was anything stable for linux/ext208:57
_2step21 it really depends only on what exactly was happening on the disk when the power failed.   chances are it will work.  but there are things that could have been happening that will destroy the data  so....08:58
mikevankuikI'm trying to use syslog to save log data from my router but something isn't right yet the log file doesn't get written08:58
ethen637check admin access08:59
step21_2: yeah true, even harder to determine remotely I guess08:59
sidewalkdoes anyone know how i setup different wallpapers for different workspaces in Ubuntu?09:00
sidewalkim not using the cube09:00
fosco_sidewalk: http://www.getdeb.net/app/Wallpapoz09:02
_2codeyman has been too long gone... he's probably writing down what the console told him...09:02
pundiramithow to solve this problem "GPG error: http://archive.ubuntu.com intrepid-updates Release: Unknown error executing gpgv" . I have just installed ubuntu-8.10 and I got this error during installing updates.09:03
=== Guest43532 is now known as miguel
pundiramitis there any way to update? how should I get that GPG key?09:04
=== dragon_flam is now known as c_nick
codeyman_2: fixed the issue finally.. splashy had hijacked the init process somehow :(09:04
=== miguel is now known as Guest45705
_2codeyman glad you are streight now.09:05
codeymanI just apt-get installed splashy and it worked after printing some issues.. still fails and cries about stuff.. but I dont really care about those as long as the system is bootable..09:05
codeymanthanks _209:05
codeymanI owe you one09:05
_2codeyman don't mention it.09:06
ubottugpg is the GNU Privacy Guard.  See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GnuPrivacyGuardHowto and class #8 on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ClassroomTranscripts09:11
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gpgkey09:11
kavithawhic is the best graphics library?09:11
zirodaysidewalk: AFAIK you can't. You can have wallpapers change over time, but not have per desktop wallpapers09:11
kavithawhich one is the best graphics library?09:11
_2kavitha the one you like09:11
ethen637kavitha are u from india09:11
_2kavitha "best" is a non-question question in the linux world09:11
kavithaone which gives better performance09:11
ethen637i'm also hhaha09:11
_2some like qt  some like gtk   some dont09:11
kavithawer in india?09:12
ethen637near mumbai and you?09:12
kavithai m using ubuntu..09:12
kavithawer near mumbai?09:13
ethen637i use 8.10 desktop edition09:13
ethen637on my lappy09:13
kavitha2_: which graphics library gives better performance?09:14
kane77hi, can I downgrade package using apt-get (install older version)?09:14
zirodaykavitha: it depends what you use them for09:14
* _2 's name is an allusion to being binary or "base two"09:14
_2kavitha probably gtk if you ask that in here.  but if you ask in #kubuntu it's probably qt09:15
kavithaziroday: for plugin implementation09:15
zirodaykavitha: what exactly are you trying to develop?09:16
_2kavitha gtk is what they want me to tell you.09:16
=== sean is now known as Guest78921
=== thinkgnu_ is now known as thinkgnu
kavithai want to display video in browser09:17
ethen637oh it;'s easy with html09:18
zirodaykavitha: what browser09:18
_2ethen637 talking flash are you ?09:18
kavithahey lathica?09:18
kavithau r lathica?09:18
ethen637ya from slumdog millenior09:19
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!09:19
kavithawer u did ur degree... in Mulky?09:19
_2rww there wasn't anything going on  @ the moment anyway09:19
hellhoundi just installed 8.10 and after activating the restricted nvidia driver and rebooting I can no longer get into x.  if i type startx i get "(EE) No devices detected." and "Fatal server error: no screens found"  I have put my xorg file on pastebin at http://pastebin/m29b60d2    can anyone PLEASE help?09:19
rwwpundiramit: Is your computer's date and time set correctly?09:19
ethen637no i'm U.G09:20
sidewalkwallpapoz doesnt start under Ubuntu 8.1009:20
rww_2: So?09:20
carpiihellhound, your url doesnt work09:20
sonoblaiseI'm writing a shell script and I've a small bug..  I want to assign an output file to a variable (var='/tmp/tempfile') and then use it as a redirection this way: mycommand [params] > $var  ...  the thing tells me that the redirection is ambiguous.  How should i do it then?09:20
ethen637no i don't have any problem with 8.1009:20
zirodaysidewalk: try desktop drapes, however both are quite buggy09:20
pundiramityes I did it manually? It gave me wrong date/time after installation.09:20
sidewalkziroday: can you recommend another solution?09:20
zirodaysidewalk: desktop drapes09:21
kavithaziroday: firefox browser09:21
zirodayhellhound: you didn't pastebin anything or gave the wrong link :)09:21
rwwpundiramit: It's correct now, though? Year, month, date, etc? Because the usual cause of that error is your computer's date being set in the past.09:21
carpiihellhound: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/common-problems-and-solutions-for-nvidia-restricted-drivers-after-ubuntu-810-intrepid-ibex-upgrade.html09:21
hellhoundcarpii: sorry it should be http://pastebin.com/m29b60d209:21
kniccan someone help me with tar, I am trying to back up a directory that contains a symlink but I want to exclude certain files in it, and it doesnt seem to be working09:22
zirodaykavitha: well then you need to use <video> tags, but this isn't the right place for those types of question. Ask in #web09:22
ariphone2G3Ghi someone could help me on my pptp server .09:22
ariphone2G3Gplz i get connected but it s disconnected after less thant one minute09:22
zirodayhellhound: also can we have your xorg.log please09:22
carpiiknic, what isnt working, and what are you trying?09:22
pundiramitrww: it looks correct to me. there should be some way to get my date/time settings from NTP. I will try to set my system date/time through that09:22
kavithapundiramit: NTP ll set09:23
rwwpundiramit: Okay. Do that, then try updating again. You could also try the instructions in the second post of http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=25502309:24
pundiramitrww: also I'm working under proxy settings. does it have anything to do with the error?09:24
hellhoundziroday: i don't know of a way to send the log to pastebin wtihout typing it all out manually (which is what i did for xorg)...09:24
zirodayhellhound: you can install the pastebinit program and then do cat /path/to/log | pastebinit09:24
carpiior just open it in a text editor and cut and paste09:25
rwwpundiramit: I'm not sure, to be honest.09:25
ariphone2G3Gexactly one minute after the connection it s disconnected from the pptp server09:25
zirodaycarpii: he has no xorg...09:25
=== lemming is now known as Guest51485
zirodaycarpii: X does not start.09:25
=== tmi is now known as chronosza
carpiiyeah i know, i was explaining that he didnt need to type it all into pastebin ;)09:25
sonoblaiseis there a channel specialized for shell scripting??09:25
chronoszadoes anyone know which driver should be used for the intel x3100?09:26
chronoszathe default intel one does not.09:26
rwwsonoblaise: there's the #bash channel; that might be useful09:26
zirodaysonoblaise: if you're using bash then #bash09:26
sonoblaiserww and ziroday : thanks a lot!09:26
hellhoundziroday: ok here you go http://pastebin.com/f6af9a92309:26
kavithaafter settint to ntp u need to restart network09:27
kavithaafter setting to ntp u need to restart network09:27
zirodayhellhound: your video card is connected and seated correctly right?09:27
zirodayhellhound: also what is the output of lspci | grep VGA?09:28
hellhoundziroday: yes actually i have two video cards and two monitors both video cards are NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT09:29
DonnyAnyone know why my wifi card isnt connecting to my router? the driver is set up on it any programs i could get to manage that or somthign?09:29
althafhey,i'm facing a problem09:30
zirodayhellhound: okay, whats the output of lspci | grep VGA?09:30
althafi disabled booting to dgm09:30
althafand i like booting to text mode09:30
chronoszaanyone know about the intel driver? i need accell in vmware09:30
althafand doing startx09:30
althafwhen i dothat , after my usage im unable to shutdown09:31
hellhoundziroday: i get two lines "01:00.0 VGA Compatible controller nVidia Corporation GeForce 8600 GT (rev a1)" and "04:00.0 VGA Compatible controller nVidia Corporation GeForce 8600 GT (rev a1)"09:31
althafi mean i have to explicitly give shutdown -h now09:31
somaunnhello guys09:31
zirodayhellhound: okay, one sec09:31
althafany one ?09:32
zirodayhellhound: why don't you try run sudo nvidia-xconfig09:32
unanxbtMy GDM is not automatically starting up, can anyone help me?09:32
somaunnalthaf: trying to understand the current subject09:32
althafok thanks for that ping09:32
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althafi dont used gdm to login rather i do startx09:33
zirodayunanxbt: do you have terminal prompt?09:33
unanxbtziroday, yes09:33
zirodayunanxbt: what does sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start output?09:33
ariphone2G3Gziroday could you give me a hand please with my pptp server ?09:33
althafand one more thing , i cant even see the shutdown/logout/restart option in my pannel,09:33
althafi have to choose system->shutdown09:34
unanxbtziroday, It starts the gdm but whenever I restart my PC GDM does not automatically starts09:34
althafbut even if i do that it wont work09:34
zirodayunanxbt: did you disable it?09:34
unanxbtI installed kde and kdm with it so it disabled gdm but then I uninstalled kde and also kdm and reenabled gdm but its not starting09:35
althafsomaunn did u understand my problem09:36
hellhoundziroday: i got the exact same response after running sudo nvidia-xconfig both using startx first and rebooting kdm still did not boot so i logged in and tried startx and still got "(EE) No devices detected" "Fatal server error: no screens found"09:36
somaunnalthaf: explain it bro09:36
zirodayunanxbt: run sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm09:37
zirodayhellhound: strange09:37
althafsee . i usually use gdm to login , now i have disabled gdm , i login throu textmode09:37
unanxbtziroday, ok, lemme check it09:37
zirodayhellhound: is your xorg.conf different then before?09:37
althafand do startx for gui09:37
zirodayalthaf: okay, and whats not working?09:37
althafwhen i boot up in this way , im unable to shutdown my  system from the menu09:37
unanxbtziroday, its done and says that the changes will take place on next login09:38
althafrather i have to use shutdown -h now09:38
Lorremornin' all.09:38
althaffrom terminal09:38
althafand even im unable to see the menus in the taskbar pannel09:39
althafi mean shutdown menus09:39
unanxbtziroday, if you are here then i can logoff and will come back!09:39
zirodayunanxbt: sure09:39
althafziroday: did u get me09:39
zirodayalthaf: okay, instead of typing in startx try instead sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start09:39
althafok , why is that so ?09:40
althafstartx does the job , does gdm start up some powrmanagment servive09:40
zirodayalthaf: try it first09:40
althafok .. i will be back09:40
Timecopim look for same help how setup FTP to my webserver upload Pages?09:40
LorreAnyone have the the time to help me out with a wireless network issue?09:40
hellhoundziroday: no but that is what i think i did before i have also tried dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xerver-xorg and i tried downloading the nvidia driver from nvidia and then sudo sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86-180.22-pkg1.run09:41
Timecop8:40pm here09:41
zirodayhellhound: does a livecd work?09:41
unanxbtziroday, no, the gdm is not starting automatically, i have to start it manually09:42
unanxbtziroday, lemme tell the output of "sudo update-rc.d gdm defaults"09:43
unanxbtziroday, update-rc.d: warning: /etc/init.d/gdm missing LSB style header09:44
endeavormacif i have a general disdain for IDEs, is this considered unhealthy behavior? are there others out there who believe a text editor will do them fine?09:44
zirodayunanxbt: I get the same error here, and then after  System startup links for /etc/init.d/gdm already exist.09:44
binarymutantendeavormac, I like vim09:45
zirodayendeavormac: this question would be better asked in #ubuntu-offtopic but I just use a text editor09:45
unanxbtziroday, yes, same is here also, does your gdm start automatically?09:45
zirodayunanxbt: yes09:45
endeavormacheh ok, thanks09:45
hellhoundziroday: sorry had a connection problem...yes the livecd works and I can reinstall 8.10 fine and it will boot fine... it is only when I try to enable the restricted graphics driver that I get this issue09:46
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unanxbtziroday, then what can be wrong with mine?09:46
zirodayhellhound: okay, I think its an issue with dual cards and the propriatery nvidia drivers. Can't be sure myself as have never had dual cards.09:46
zirodayhellhound: whats the output of Xorg -scanpci?09:48
zirodayunanxbt: not sure, sorry09:48
unanxbtziroday, np09:48
caspixanyone here using xubuntu?09:48
zirodaycaspix: the folks in #xubuntu will be09:49
caspixok. thx09:49
dr4gHey all i'm currently logged in as a user with sudo access. I tried to edit the /etc/passwd file and accidently changed my user ID to 1000. Now i can't edit the passwd file because when attempting to perform a sudo command it says 'Who are you?'. all i need is root access so i can edit this file. Can someone help me please ?09:51
althafgdm failed to start09:51
althafand one more thing09:51
althafi used following to disable gdm -- update-rc.d -f gdm remove09:52
zirodayalthaf: why did gdm fail to start09:52
althafno idea , may be because of  update-rc.d -f gdm remove09:52
hellhoundziroday: i get "fatal server error Unrecognized option: -scanpci"09:52
zirodayhellhound: urgh09:52
dr4gWhen i installed ubuntu it didn't ask me for the root password only the user i initally set up with sudo access. Can someone help me identify my root password ?09:53
DJones!root | dr4g:09:54
ubottudr4g:: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo09:54
LorreAnyone have the the time to help me out with a wireless network issue?09:54
zirodayhellhound: try add BusID "PCI:01:00:00" under Devices please09:54
ZeusKhushLorre - shoot!09:54
HyphenexDoes the ubuntu live CD come with ntfs3g?09:54
dr4gDJones: i changed my passwd file for my current user and messed it up. Now when i try to use sudo it doesn't know who i am (errornous user id) and can't sudo vi /etc/passwd to fix it.09:55
Hyphenexdr4g, try sudo - (with the dash)09:56
zirodaydr4g: you could try http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-3609.html09:56
zirodaydr4g: that will give you root access09:56
zirodaydr4g: obviously don't do step 1109:56
dr4gHyphenex: sudo - gives me a syntax error. su - doesn't do anything.09:57
dr4gMy user id in my passwd file is fu**ed so it doesn't know who i am09:57
alaa_any one can help me to mae my hp lj printer 1018 work with ubuntu desktop 8.10?09:58
=== [1]ariphone2G3G is now known as ariphone2G3G
zirodaydr4g: did you see my suggestion?09:58
LorreZeusKhush, see msg09:58
Myrttidr4g: mind your language please, this is a family-friendly channel09:58
Hyphenexdr4g, boot from a live D I guess and fix the file then :P09:59
dr4gziroday:  i see the suggestion i will attempt to get that root shell from grub. Thanks for your suggestion i'll let you know how i got on.09:59
dr4gHyphenex: that's also an option but i need access to this development server ASAP and can't waste time downloading the ISO09:59
alaa_any one can help me to make my hp lj printer 1018 work with ubuntu desktop 8.10?09:59
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gdm10:00
zirodaydr4g: there was someone in the thread who had a similar issue as you, he was able to access /etc/passwd through that method10:01
hellhoundziroday: specifying the BusID did not work either :(10:05
obama_linuxneed help with nvidia geforce 9400 GT getting the overscan too work with my tv10:06
zirodayhellhound: then I'm out of ideas sorry10:06
dr4gziroday: okay - i added 'init=/bin/bash it loads a bunch of stuff then goes blank. and does nothing.10:06
obama_linuxnvidia settings manager no longer has the overscan option in it10:06
zirodaydr4g: did you add rw init=/bin/bash or just init=/bin/bash?10:07
dr4gfirst one10:08
dr4git has ro quiet splash on there10:08
dr4gi added the first one to the end, it booted stuff up then just sat there.10:08
dr4gnext time i removed the ro quiet splash and added rw init=/bin/bash and nothing10:09
dr4gMy monitor just sits flashing on the power LED but with no HDD activity or screen output10:09
hellhoundziroday: thank you for your help.... i am still trying some stuff in google... i am wondering if I have to have the dual monitors setup correctly before nvidia drivers work... in otherwords once activated, it may find the other cards causing a conflict to where I have to setup the whole xorg file for both cards before anything works10:09
CrownAmbassadorHi guys and gals. I've not been able to use my ADSL line since upgrading to Ubuntu 8.10 at the end of October. Searched around a lot, started threads in forums, reported bugs, but nothing. Got help here a week or so ago aswell, but couldn't figure it out. Has anyone else here heard of 8.10 having problems connecting to the internet via LAN/ADSL modem? The network card and modem works fine with Windows. I even tried the live CD10:09
CrownAmbassadorin my works computer and get the same result. Just don't understand how it can do this in 2 computers and most other people don't have this problem. Extremely frustrating.10:09
sagetator50ştie cineva şi româna?10:09
Valioebasi maikata10:09
Valiomnoo ora we10:09
FloodBot1Valio: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:10
Valiookey bitch10:10
obama_linuxi need overscan help with nvidia 9400GT10:10
dayo_lol wtf?10:10
ariphone2G3Ghi someone could help me with pptp server ?10:11
dayo_aruphone2G3G: try #ubuntu-server?10:12
ariphone2G3Goki thanks10:13
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obama_linuxdayo_ could you help me with a video card problem10:14
lesshasteI just did a standard update on intrepid and now X is completely blank when I start10:15
lesshastehow can I change the driver to something generic so I can at least start x?10:15
lesshasteit looks like the Intel driver is broken10:15
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ariphone2G3Gno one in ubuntu-server ...;; :-(10:17
JamesA_Is there anyone here willing to test my PGP keys by sending me a PGP email if I provide my PGP key?10:17
drazzillesshaste: /etc/X11/xorg.conf   edit it changing the driver from,  to "vesa"10:17
HaiHappeni think that is not a german channel.....   thats right ???10:19
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.10:19
silv3r_m00nhi there10:19
silv3r_m00nwhere can i get older versions of firefox.. for linux10:20
=== lance_ is now known as Guest60015
silv3r_m00nhello ... i want older versions of firefox for linux10:22
stevemHi, I use a command like...       su - myuser -c "/bin/mycommand"          in rc.local so the process starts as another user, but it never works... but the command does work if typed manually... any guesses on another way I can run something from rc.local as another user in background?10:27
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patmanpatohas anyone had issues with loading some module to do with the power button, and start up ?10:39
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wesley_Hi. I'm unable to get my sound (logitech usb headphones) to work.  cat /proc/asound/cards - shows it's listed - aplay -l also lists the logitech headphones10:40
wesley_anyone any suggestion?10:40
norgayhow do i activate the docker in gnome?10:40
norgayI just installed docker through synaptic but don't know how to activate it now!10:41
SteffIn terminal -> sudo docker?10:42
SteffI don't know what docker is ? :D10:42
erUSULSteff: why sudo ?10:42
erUSULnorgay: Alt + f2 -> run "docker"10:42
=== asdfasd is now known as questionix
SteffYeh - same shit ;)10:42
Steffhi ayy10:43
* LexaWhiteWolf waves10:44
norgayi get docker through alt+f2 but how do I add the menu items on it10:47
ploomhi, what would be reasonable to do in case for some gnome applications (like gnome-system-monitor and rhythmbox) there are a few translations that are wrong on ubuntu, but right when using for example gentoo?10:51
AlfarinI had a Windows machine... it had lots of media with CJK filename on NTFS partition...  I moved all of them to my NAS (ext3) and nuked it to install ubuntu...  everything with ubuntu works great... except I'm seeing all ?'s for the filenames when I mount the ext3 drive on my NAS.... any idea how I should come about correcting this?10:53
lesshateX now just comes up with a black blank screen since I did the last intrepid update10:55
lesshateI am using the intel driver10:56
lesshatehow can I get X to start?10:56
lesshatethe error message in the logs is "underrun pipe B" it seems10:56
rainmanp7lesshate i think if you type startx10:58
lesshaterainmanp7: go on10:59
rainmanp7lesshate looking it up now10:59
lesshaterainmanp7: thanks! I am in a virtual terminal :(10:59
lesshaterainmanp7: looking stuff up is a little tricky10:59
syockitlesshate: if you have xorg.conf, tell it to use vesa driver for now11:00
syockitbut since you said intrepid, I doubt you have it11:01
rainmanp7lesshate try typeing that first and see what happens ?11:01
lesshatesyockit: ok but could you help me do that? I tried changing the intel line to vesa with no luck11:01
lesshatesyockit: I can pastebin some stuff if that would help11:01
lesshaterainmanp7: try typing startx?? The problem is that X comes up blank11:02
rainmanp7ohhh ok hrmmm can you move through directories and stuff ?11:02
syockitlesshate: wow, since you can pastebin, It'd be helpful if you can pastebin /var/log/xorg.0.log11:02
syockitlesshate: even with Driver "vesa", it fails to start?11:03
rconansince when did visudo not open vim?11:04
rainmanp7lesshate um I would type locate xorg.conf and check to see what video thing it's loading <open that file as admin>11:04
erUSULrconan: it uses you default editor afaik11:05
lesshatesyockit: http://pastebin.com/f1674151e11:05
lesshaterainmanp7: intel11:05
rconanthe default editor always used to be vim11:06
rconani suppose it's a little confusing for people not used to it though11:06
SlimeyPeteif you set $EDITOR to 'vim' it'll probably use vim11:06
rainmanp7lesshate try changing that to um instead of intel to -> Device      "VESA Framebuffer"11:07
erUSULrconan: see the man page it uses /usr/bin/editor --> /etc/alternatives/editor --> whatever you choose through update-alternatives11:07
ariphone2G3Gi mtrying to access a pptp server using my 3G provider to bypass port restriction pptp server is under the wrt54G router running dd-wrt firmware11:07
erUSULSlimeyPete: rconan the manpage metions that it usually ignores EDITOR and VISUAL11:08
syockitand here I thought that underrun problem was fixed11:08
rainmanp7lesshate and under that try putting this DefaultDepth 1611:08
SchalkenQ: With Wubi, is it possible to mount the host Windows/NTFS file system?11:08
rconanerUSUL, well... I did sudo EDITOR=vim visudo and it used vim so the man-page would appear to be wrong11:09
inktrimy motherboard's built in nic is not showing up with lspci nor is it showing up in Windows... i've tried updating bios, resetting cmos, but it's still not working. is there anything i can do besides buying a nic card?11:09
erUSULrconan: note that is said "usually" ;P11:10
inktrihow can i verify whether or not my nic is really broken?11:10
rconanerUSUL, fair point. still somewhat confusing11:10
lesshatesyockit: what do you think?11:11
erUSULrconan: quoting " Normally, visudo does not honor the VISUAL or EDITOR environment variables unless they contain an editor in the aforementioned editors list.11:11
erUSULrconan: but it woulb be easier if you just "man visudo" XD11:11
chickinHi, do you just ask a question or what?11:12
erUSUL!ask | chickin11:12
ubottuchickin: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)11:12
syockitlesshate: hmm? have you changed to vesa yet? That xorg.0.log indicates it's still using "intel" module11:12
lesshatesyockit: no..let me do that11:12
chickinbunty broke broke. Changed fstab bunty vim no problem with mount /dev/sda32. Bunty grub not lilo. No booty boot. Bunty broked.11:12
chickinplease help11:12
rainmanp7lesshate you need to change it first save it then reset the X cntrl+alt+bckspace then it can take effect11:13
rainmanp7I hope it takes effect11:13
syockitlesshate: as rainmanp said, you need admin access. Do sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf or something11:13
chickinsyockit bunty broke broke. Changed fstab bunty vim no problem with mount /dev/sda32. Bunty grub not lilo. No booty boot. Bunty broked.11:14
lesshatesyockit: ooh that was exciting11:14
lesshatesyockit: how do I turn on the mouse so I can copy and paste11:14
syockitI forgot how you copypaste in nano11:15
chickinerUSUL bunty broke broke. Changed fstab bunty vim no problem with mount /dev/sda32. Bunty grub not lilo. No booty boot. Bunty broked.11:15
carpiictrl+^ and ctrl+K i think11:15
carpiictrl+^ and ctrl+U i think11:15
lesshatesyockit: I did startx and got "f000:4aa0: 01 ILLEGAL11:15
carpiichickin, if your fstab edits are anything like your english, no wonder its broke broke11:15
lesshateEXTENDED X86 OPCODE"11:15
lesshatesyockit: that's exciting :)11:15
erUSULchickin: rephrase the question to something that makes sense please11:16
lesshatesyockit: that was with vesa11:16
chickincarpii that could be a relevant point.11:16
oCean_chickin: you're not making much sense. Try to form complete sentences in english, describing details of your problem11:16
WonderStivihey guys11:16
WonderStivijust curious, anyone had problems with Brasero lately? Burning audio cd's?11:16
syockitlesshate: hmm wonder what that is. What does your xorg.conf look like?11:16
chickinerUSUL, oCean_ ok, I shall try again. I am not proficient with the technical language needed to describe my problem as I am an ubuntu (indeed, a *nix) novice.11:17
syockitlesshate: also next time, instead of startx, do /etc/init.d/gdm restart (or kdm)11:17
lesshatesyockit: http://pastebin.com/f2702517611:17
chickinbunty borked. Me change fstab for new partitty but borked. Reboot no happen with grub sometimes lilo? No. Bunty broke.11:17
lesshateanyone know how to turn on the mouse in a virtual terminal?11:17
lesshatebeing able to copy and paste would be gret11:17
Acsiamanybody experienced with hal?11:17
rainmanp7lesshate the same xorg.conf -> where it says Section "InputDevice" Identifier     "Mouse0       and add Driver         "mouse"11:17
Acsiamafter I installed kde4.2, the automount fails to work....11:18
lesshaterainmanp7: how is xorg.conf related to a virtual terminal if X isn't running??11:18
Jack_Sparrowlesshate In vbox?11:18
lesshateJack_Sparrow: no just normal ubuntu11:18
syockitrainmanp7: no, it's getting mouse running in tty11:18
lesshateJack_Sparrow: I just want it running in tty as syockit says11:19
chickinoCean_ I thank you for your previous interest, and wish to inform you that via PM my problem has been solved.11:19
rainmanp7lesshate your going to have to tell us those sections of what it says in the Xorg config for the device you want to use the Section of the Name of the Device it's currently using11:19
rainmanp7syockit ohh umm not sure that's another research thing for me :)11:19
lesshaterainmanp7: ?? in any case.. they are paste binned aboce11:19
syockitlesshate: hey, that's still intel. comment out everything from Device "Intel" until the last Option11:20
syockitcomment out by inserting # at the beginning11:20
lesshatesyockit: ok11:20
syockitthen add a line: Device "vesa"11:20
lesshatesyockit: can you remind me how to restart? I can11:20
lesshate't scroll up :)11:20
HelloNewhow to resolve dependencies ????11:21
chickinlesshate yes you can, you just don't know how11:21
syockitlesshate: I hope you've already backed up xorg.conf11:21
lesshatechickin: ah ok :) how do you scroll up in irssi?11:21
lesshatesyockit: yep11:21
chickinlesshate page up11:21
lesshatechickin: ooh :)11:21
syockitlesshate: then, delete everything in Section "Module"11:22
cmdblockwho have been used wordnet in stardict software?11:22
syockitit's going to be detected automatically anyway11:22
lesshatesyockit: well that just gave me GNOME Display Manager [Fail]11:22
HelloNewhow to resolve dependencies ????11:22
cmdblockwho have been used wordnet in stardict software?11:22
chickinsyockit I thought Stallman said we all had to use "automagically" in place of "automatically" now11:22
Jack_SparrowHelloNew Sounds like you need to look at what you are installing and get help from the download site as it is obvioulsy not from supported repos11:23
rainmanp7HelloNew doesn't the synaptic manager do this ?11:23
* Xrhstos geia xaraaaaaa11:23
chickinHelloNew if you went into a little detail we may be able to help further11:23
rainmanp7HelloNew try using the update under admin ;) at first11:23
chickinHelloNew what are you installing?11:23
syockitchickin: Well, if you didn't see that was going to happen, you can say automagically11:23
chickinsyockit there's no way he saw it coming11:24
lesshatesyockit: ok so I have http://pastebin.com/f5c8abe5011:24
lesshatesyockit: is that what you had in mind?11:24
chickinsyockit dude doesn't know how to scroll up. It's all magic to him.11:24
lesshatechickin: cheeky!11:24
lesshatechickin: I am not using in irssi11:24
lesshatechickin: I mean.. not usually using11:24
chickinlesshate just jokes11:24
lesshatechickin: :)11:24
chickinlesshate less hate, more love11:24
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=== lesshate is now known as lesshaste
syockitlesshate: yup. I see it still didn't work11:25
chickinJack_Sparrow oh, I'm sorry, I forgot not to talk OT in here11:25
Eukanubaevenin' everyone11:26
chickinJack_Sparrow I know it can distract from the questions being asked11:26
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu!11:26
lesshastesyockit: so given that is my xorg.conf now... how shall I try to start X?11:26
chickinEukanuba please ask your question11:26
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)11:27
rainmanp7!ask startx11:27
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ask startx11:27
chickinrainmanp7 what's the problem? startx not starting X?11:27
lesshasteif I do startx I get that amazing error11:27
syockitlesshate: comment out Sections "DRI" and "Extensions" as ell11:27
rainmanp7chicken trying to see if the bot thing can tell me how to do it ;)11:28
lesshastechickin: I can't get X to work11:28
ubottuPlease investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".11:28
lesshastechickin: well.. it used to work11:28
chickinlesshaste hmm, and I guess if I look at that pastebin I'll find a whole config file ...11:28
Jack_Sparrowlesshaste what video card and which release of ubuntu11:28
syockitlesshaste: or, if you don't have any x running, try xorg -configure11:29
rainmanp7lesshate can I ask if it worked before (-What Changed-) to make it not work now ?11:29
lesshasteJack_Sparrow: intrepid, intel graphics... probably i915?11:29
Jack_Sparrowline113 still shows vesa11:30
lesshastesyockit: the vesa error message is amazing.. I am trying to work out how to show it to you as it doesn't seem to be logged11:30
syockitJack_Sparrow: I told him to use vesa for now11:30
lesshastesyockit: how do you pipe standard error ?11:30
lesshasteJack_Sparrow: you should see the error I get from the vesa driver!11:30
syockitlesshate: maybe you can redirect output to file using >11:32
chickinnewbs give me a headache11:32
syockitlesshaste: (command) > (output file)11:32
lesshasteok guys... check out http://pastebin.com/f3f037f5511:32
syockitlesshate: also, mouse is enabled in tty through package gpm11:32
Jack_Sparrowlesshaste Did you try and pull in the xorg form an earlier version?11:32
lesshastesyockit: ah yes thanks11:32
joe2having problems with intel graphics chipset, was working, not any more. If some one can help can you im me pls.11:32
lesshasteJack_Sparrow: I didn't.. how should I do that?11:32
lesshastejoe2: that's me too :)11:32
Jack_Sparrowlesshaste Just trying to figure out where you got that xorg for intrepid11:33
lesshasteJack_Sparrow: ok thanks.. did you see the amazing vesa error?11:33
lesshasteI have never seen anything so fatal11:33
syockitlesshate: ok this time, try renaming xorg.conf to something else (like xorg.conf.lama), and restart x by: /etc/gdm restart11:33
syockitIt should start without xorg.conf11:33
Jack_Sparrowlesshaste agreed ..lose that xorg and start fresh11:34
lesshastesyockit: oh.. ok..the gdm command always just fails11:34
lesshastesyockit: so how should I start it?11:34
oCean_lesshaste: syockit that would be /etc/init.d/gdm start11:34
lesshasteoCean_: fails too11:34
syockitI thought restart would start even if it's stopped11:34
Eukanubachikin, is it alright if i just watch and read the channel ?11:35
syockitwhat does the fail say?11:35
Jack_SparrowEukanuba feel free to lurk or gep the logs if you like11:35
lesshastesyockit: just the one line saying [Fail] at the end11:35
ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ - For LoCo channels, http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/11:35
ValentineXcan i create live usb disk on ipod?11:36
SAJMIRIHello to all,i have a problem with ubuntu 8.10 i cannot conect to internet11:36
SAJMIRIi have create a wired connection 1 and put all ips and dns numbers11:36
lesshastegpm is running but I can't see how to paste with my two buttons :) the right and left click trick doesn't work11:36
SAJMIRIbut cant open the pages11:36
syockitlesshate: I wonder what that is? you sure you have no X running? do: ps -e | egrep 'xorg|gdm'11:37
lesshasteok.. so11:37
lesshasteX now starts using vesa!!11:37
lesshastehooray :)11:37
syockitwoo nice11:37
rainmanp7lesshate Congrats!11:37
lesshastegoing to switch to xchat11:37
lesshasteback in a tick11:37
SAJMIRIanyone can help me?11:37
ValentineXI am trying create image on ipod with live usb start up disrk and it stuck on installing11:37
syockit!ask | SAJMIRI11:38
ubottuSAJMIRI: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)11:38
lesshastehi syockit / Jack_Sparrow11:38
lesshasteso deleting xorg.conf was the key to getting vesa to work11:38
ValentineXSAJMIRI: tell some more details what kind of internet you are trying etc11:39
syockitlesshaste: It makes xorg autodetect your settings11:39
SAJMIRIubottu: ok ,iam sorry11:39
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ok ,iam sorry11:39
Jack_Sparrowlesshaste getting rid of that nastly xorg was.. yes11:39
syockitlesshaste: anyway, it's weird it didn't detect your intel11:39
lesshastesyockit, what do you mean? Where might that have happened?11:39
Jack_Sparrowlesshaste not just try switching vesa to intel11:39
Jack_Sparrownot I81011:40
lesshasteJack_Sparrow, by simply editing the one line?11:40
Jack_Sparrowyea, you know how th change it bak.. right11:40
ValentineXsyockit: mine intel also not detected11:40
syockitlesshaste: you sure it's using vesa? try checking xorg.0.log again11:40
rainmanp7Jack_Sparrow don't do it ;)11:40
Jack_Sparrowlesshaste While YOu try that I will look for my notes11:40
Jack_Sparrowrainmanp7 dont do what11:41
syockitJack_Sparrow: he wasn't using i810 module anyway11:41
lesshastesyockit, http://pastebin.com/f472db9311:41
lesshastesyockit, it says it has found intel and also that it is using vesa11:42
Jack_Sparrowlesshaste IS that the new one that was generated?11:42
lesshastesyockit, I don't know how to intrepret that11:42
Jack_Sparrowlesshaste we need to see lsb_release -a11:43
randagioqual è il canale italiano raga???11:43
lesshasteJack_Sparrow, that was the log11:43
joe2is there some where gd online to try and sort the intel chipset problem out, i think it is a common problem, have tried ubuntu forums, have downloaded latest xf86 but not sure how install it11:43
Jack_Sparrow!it > randagio11:43
ubotturandagio, please see my private message11:43
syockitlesshaste: that one looks like when you did xorg -configure11:44
rbowesMorning all11:44
rbowesI'm trying to enable the jave 64-bit plugin on Intrepid11:44
lesshastesyockit, sorry which one does? to be clear.. I moved xorg.conf out of the way and ran startx and then gave you the log11:44
rbowes*Sun java11:44
lesshastesyockit, sudo cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log11:45
rbowesI found this page: http://luke.faraone.cc/2009/01/native-64bit-java-plugin-in-ubuntu/11:45
syockitlesshaste: hmm. it looks like it's using intel driver for now11:45
lesshasteJack_Sparrow, lsb_release -a says 8.1011:45
rbowesThe commands in that article succeed11:45
lesshasteJack_Sparrow, are there any particular details you need?11:45
rbowesBut I don't get a working plugin in Firefox11:45
lesshastesyockit, it also says vesa right?11:45
ubottuYou can run Flash, Real, and Java plugins in AMD64 bit computers with Firefox. see the steps to follow at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxAMD64FlashJava11:45
* oCean_ applied kernel updates.. booting11:45
syockitlesshaste: yup, but that is because it loads everything available11:46
Jack_Sparrowlesshaste no, im just on the wrong computer for those notes11:46
rbowesJack_Sparrow, thx - reading now11:46
lesshasteJack_Sparrow, ah ok :)11:46
lesshastesyockit, ok.. does it actually make a config file?11:46
lesshastesyockit, it seems not11:46
rainmanp7lesshaste do you have a link for your xorg.conf ? the current version that's working11:46
lesshasterainmanp7, I am not sure it makes one11:46
Jack_Sparrowlesshaste it does, may we see it11:46
syockitsyockit: no, that's how it's going to work from now on11:46
lesshasteJack_Sparrow, ls /etc/X11/xorg.conf11:46
lesshastels: cannot access /etc/X11/xorg.conf: No such file or directory11:46
lesshasteJack_Sparrow, there are lots of files that start xorg.conf there11:47
syockitlesshaste: yes that should be correct11:47
lesshastebackups etc.11:47
ubottuKubuntu is Ubuntu with KDE, the K Desktop Environment, instead of Gnome. See http://kubuntu.org for more information - For support: #kubuntu - See also !KDE11:47
syockitlesshaste: if you still want xorg.conf, you can do xorg -configure again11:47
syockitand copy the created xorg.conf.new11:47
lesshastesyockit, ok thanks.. but I see I don't really need one :)11:47
syockitbut I don't recommend it11:47
Jack_Sparrowlesshaste sudo apt-get install pastebinit  && pastebinit /etc/X11/xorg.conf11:48
lesshastewell.. thanks all.. I would love to now make a useful bug report11:48
lesshasteJack_Sparrow, it's not there...11:48
syockitI needed it though, because hal doesn't load my touchscreen driver11:48
lesshasteJack_Sparrow, it doesn't make one11:48
syockitlesshaste: so you have your desktop running?11:48
lesshastesyockit,yep.. all up and happy :)11:48
syockitbecause you started with startx11:48
lesshasteSylphid, yes11:48
FloodBot3lesshaste: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:48
lesshastesorry sir bot11:48
syockitI wonder why gdm failed. if you will, try restarting and see if login appears11:49
syockitif not, maybe gdm is problematic11:49
lesshastesyockit, would you mind if I go that in a bit.. I need to read my emails and it's 11:49am :)11:49
rbowesJack_Sparrow, as I read it, http://luke.faraone.cc/2009/01/native-64bit-java-plugin-in-ubuntu/ says the latest Sun JRE has native 64-bit plugin support11:49
syockit!cn | guoguo11:49
ubottuguoguo: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk11:49
lesshastethanks all in any case!11:49
etfbThinking of getting a Compaq laptop.  Anyone know how they go with Ubuntu compatibility, generally?11:49
=== izibi_ is now known as izibi
Jack_Sparrow!cn > guoguo11:50
ubottuguoguo, please see my private message11:50
SiDiPretty sure it's japanese11:50
Jack_SparrowSiDi ip chows  china11:50
syockitUnless it's got certification by somebody/some company,