WipsI just installed Xubuntu, but all colors are kind of fucked up. I was thinking maybe I just need to reinstall a vga driver. How do I fix this?00:53
excalibashello, I have a dvd on my drive but it doesnt show in thunar, how can i see what is inside?00:54
forcesWips, just edit you xorg.conf00:54
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution00:54
forcesexcalibas, you can mount it manual00:55
forcessudo mount /dev/xxx /something00:55
excalibasforces, how can i find the name? i think is scd000:56
Wipsforces: Well, thank you. But how and what do I edit?00:57
forcesWips, read the wiki, ubottu say it00:58
* forces is using lxde in him acer aspire one01:00
Wipsforces, I feel like i kind of fail at this xconf thing.. the page doesnt give me anything.. It's only about resolutions but I can't see anything about drivers or whatever I need01:05
ubottuFor help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted or !QtParted - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap02:19
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto02:19
ubottuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE02:19
ubottuntfs-3g is a Linux driver which allows read/write access to NTFS partitions. Installation instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions02:20
deciuslol, If i have troubles doing this, I might need your guys's help =X02:20
WipsI'm having a really hard time trying to install a nvidia-driver on my laptop, why is that so damn hard? What is it I have to do?02:29
ballhello andy__02:51
andy__I'm burning Xubuntu 8.10 alternate install i386 to CD to install on a 1/2 GHZ PIII w/256 MiB RAM & 20 GB HD.....         ^_^02:51
andy__5 seconds.....02:52
andy__lol j/k02:52
ballXubuntu seems to like Pentium III boxen, though yours could benefit from 100% more RAM02:52
andy__lol I know!  Wasn't quite able to install Linux Mint 6 on it -- it belongs to a friend.02:53
ballI should order more RAM for my Pentium III02:54
andy__I have a PIII 566mhz 512mb RAM downstairs (this dual-core Opteron @2.5 o.c. w/8gb)02:54
andy__RAM is way cheap right now, ball; $10/GB for PC100 IIRC02:54
andy__Nice; idk xubuntu has html manual on cd02:56
ballI lost my job though, so computer spending is way down on the list.02:56
andy__lol I unemployed 2!!!!!11!1!111!!11! shitty economy worst layoffs since great depression02:57
Wipssigh, how hard can it be to get a nvidia driver for my xubuntu 8.10 :( seems like nothing works02:57
ballandy__: where are you?02:57
ballWips: I installed on an nVidia machine yesterday.02:58
andy__CT, 90 minutes from NYC02:58
Wipsball: Well...02:59
ballanddy__ Looks like US$ 30 for 256M of PC100 ECC03:01
andy__well nvm; go look on the side of the road in a lower-income neighborhood for somebody's old computer on the curb for the garbagemen (often during an eviction or permanently quitting irl)03:03
ballSo US$ 90 would get me 768M03:03
andy__Yeah, or $390 could get you a brand new system with 4GB.03:03
* ball nods03:03
ball...and probably a spare core and lower power consumption.03:03
andy__Ah, the future; it's getting here every day!03:04
ballNo way I can come up with US$ 39003:04
andy__Leik I said, just gut an old throwaway computer on the side of the road or in a dumpster.  You live near a city or heavily housed neighborhood?03:04
ballandy__: sort of.03:05
andy__Colleges ftw -- graduating students moving out i nthe spring will practically give their old hardware away (if you help them move) or you can buy it for little.03:05
* ball nods03:07
ballI should wait.  Once I find work I can save up for a mainboard + RAM, or perhaps even something with the CPU soldered.03:08
andy__Find work?  Make work!  Read about this guy who founded plentyoffish.com?  It's a FREE dating site that's passed Alexa and True in membership iirc, and has no employees, yet he gets million dollar checks from google adsense.03:09
andy__What are minimal system requirements for Xubuntu Alternate Install?03:10
ballandy__: Google Adsense works then03:12
ballandy__: probably the machine that's in front of you.03:12
andy__lol was browsing.03:13
* ball suggests /me03:14
* andy__ lol03:14
andy__Hmm....they're making a live action Cowboy Beebop movie, staring.....Keeanu Reeves.03:14
ballhello dsmith_03:16
DaemonXPRAM is like $8 a gig03:21
DaemonXPare you serious?03:21
ballDaemonXP: who?03:21
ballhello The-Kernel03:21
The-Kernelhello ball03:22
DaemonXPjust got out of the shower03:57
DaemonXPthat was for you ball03:57
ballDaemonXP: I should probably keep the US$ 90 and put it towards a new mainboard.03:59
andy__newegg ftw!04:01
ballandy__: Not sure whether to buy a board for one of the chips I have now, or buy a new board and a new chip.04:08
raviousanyone have any exp in the manual config of xorg.conf on the new xubuntu 8.10?04:11
raviousi need to set the video driver manually, but for some reason the xorg.conf file seems to have nothing in it04:12
RediXeHow do I keep the network manager from over writting my resolv.conf ?04:54
RediXeAlso, is there a way to run a script when the network is becomes available?04:56
aaroninfidelwhere is the menu config located for xubuntu?05:27
aaroninfidelI had wine installed, then I removed it but some of the applications I installed are still in the "Other" tab in my menu.... anyone know how I can remove these?05:45
O__ohello anyone here?07:55
gabkdllyO__o: hi08:02
O__odo u know how to setup vnc server in xubuntu?08:03
owen1i want to burn a file onto a dvd. i insert empty dvd. where is it located?08:06
owen1(not using xfce, but terminal)08:06
gabkdllyowen1: probably at /dev/dvd or /dev/dvdrw or /dev/dvdrw1 or so08:08
gabkdllybut that is probably not what you meant08:08
gabkdllyto burn using the terminal, I think wodim comes shipped with Xubuntu08:09
gabkdllyO__o: you were here asking about that already yesterday, yes?08:09
owen1gabkdlly: i see /dev/dvd but it's not a folder08:09
O__oyes i did08:09
O__obut i still cant get it to work08:09
gabkdllyowen1: yes, it is not a regular file, nor a regular folder08:09
gabkdllyO__o: did you try the wiki, forums, and so on?08:10
O__oi try many things08:10
O__osometimes i goto forum i only understand half the steps08:10
O__othen when i stuck i sont know what to do08:11
O__ois there a simple way that always work?08:11
owen1gabkdlly: cdrecord -v speed=24 dev=/dev/dvd test.avi  but i get : wodim: Operation not permitted. Warning: Cannot raise RLIMIT_MEMLOCK limits.scsidev: '/dev/dvd'08:11
O__osometimes the forum gives me the command to run but i dont know i should run it in the server or client?08:12
O__oand i try everything i could08:13
owen1gabkdlly: i added sudo, and now i get: wodim: No disk / Wrong disk!08:13
O__oif there is any user here using ssh+vnc please give me a hint here08:13
gabkdllyowen1: I am guessing you only have 1 dvd drive, and it is writable08:13
owen1gabkdlly: DVD Writer 300n08:14
gabkdllyowen1: doesn't wodim by default expect that you give it an iso file?08:14
owen1gabkdlly: no idea.08:14
gabkdllyowen1: check the man page08:15
owen1gabkdlly: i just want a data dvd08:15
owen1gabkdlly: no need for iso08:15
gabkdllyowen1: but if you want just one file, I think it is going to be tricky08:15
gabkdllyowen1: using Brasero or K3b would be much easier, I think08:15
owen1gabkdlly: i get error when trying to install brasero08:16
owen1gabkdlly: i'll try again.08:16
gabkdllyO__o: someone already pointed you to the VNC help topic on ubuntu.com?08:17
owen1gabkdlly: i am trying to stay away from gui apps, that's why my first option will be to find text-based apps.08:17
O__oi follow the steps there and dont work08:17
O__omaybe i am missing something08:17
gabkdllyO__o: once you have read all the documentation you can, and have made yourself as smart about the process as you feel you can on your own, try asking the experts at #vnc , and remember that you have to be patient with irc, people are often doing other things08:24
O__oi am patient i am wating some expert jumps on here08:25
O__omaybe i didnt setup the vnc?08:25
O__oi install it but the tutorial didnt really give detail how to run the server08:26
gabkdllyO__o: I think once you have the server installed, it will auto-start08:27
gabkdllyO__o: check with: ps -ef | grep vnc08:27
O__onothing there08:27
O__odo u knwo what i should run ?08:28
gabkdllyO__o: which server did you install?08:28
O__odo i run this in client or server? ssh -L 5900:localhost:5900 user@machine ?08:28
O__oi dont know i pretty install everything in diff tutorials08:28
O__oin the server , i install x11vnc, vncserver, xtightvncviewer, vncviewer, ssh08:29
O__oall that stuffs08:29
gabkdllyO__o: I don't know, I am not the expert you are looking for, I am just trying to give helpful hints :)08:29
O__oat the end i always get coneection refused08:29
gabkdllyO__o: did you open the necessary ports?08:30
O__oin where?08:30
O__oserver or client?08:30
gabkdllyO__o: on the server08:30
O__oi am within a network here08:30
O__oat home08:30
O__oi think i dont need to open any port08:30
gabkdllyO__o: is the server behind a firewall?08:31
O__oi think i dont have vnc server running in process08:31
O__oi dont know how to run the server08:31
gabkdllyO__o: what is the server running, operating system wise?08:31
gabkdllywhich release?08:31
O__onone are running i guess?08:31
O__oi installed ubuntu 8.10 in the server first08:32
gabkdllynewest xubuntu comes with a firewall08:32
O__othen installed the xubuntu-desktop08:32
O__onow running xubuntu08:32
O__oin ubuntu i can run remote desktop and i can connect to it from other computer08:32
O__obut when the server is in xubuntu session i cant use remote desktop because there is none08:33
O__obasically i installed ubuntu and xubuntu in the server here08:33
gabkdllyyou have already made a successful connection under ubuntu?  then you are probably smarter than me where vnc is concerned :)08:34
O__oin ubuntu i can run remote desktop, in xubuntu i cant get it to run08:34
gabkdllyyou can log into ubuntu, and check what programs it has running with "ps -ef"08:34
gabkdllyor "ps -ef | grep vnc" to get just items containing the string "vnc"08:37
O__odont have any08:38
gabkdllyO__o: I have to leave pretty soon08:39
O__oi need to run x11vnc in the server?08:39
gabkdllyO__o: but you are already smarter than  me :)08:39
O__oi thought sudo apt-get install x11vnc will take care of that08:40
gabkdllyI would think so too08:40
O__owell no one explain it to me on forum08:40
O__oi am new to this so i dont know08:40
O__onow i get vnc to work08:40
O__obut how to combine it to ssh i am still googleing08:40
gabkdllyon forums, you also have to have patience, plus keep an eye out to threads that are already adressing your issue08:40
ubottuVNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX08:41
O__obasically the terms they use there are pretty technical for me08:41
O__oi dont understand any of those sometimes08:41
O__othx bye08:43
rockoI am not able to play gl-117 it goes  not allow me to click on any thing but I can move the cursor it will only allow me to click yes for quit after  I type esc here is its output http://pastebin.ca/raw/132263309:35
rockoit seems to be selecting the wrong driver for 3d acceleration09:36
rockoI have a graphics card that only gets 3d acceleration from open source drivers only09:36
rockoI would assume this is means the r300 driver ati raedon "r300_render.c"09:37
rockowhich I do not use09:37
rockoI have a ati raedon express 200m graphics card09:37
R1cochety do u have a driver for a diff grfx card09:37
DaemonXProcko: I have a 200m, the regular radeon driver that comes with X should do fine on that09:38
rockothat is what I said DaemonXP09:39
rockothat is what I meant by the open source ones09:39
rockowhat I am saying is that it looks like gl-117 is trying to use a driver09:39
rockolook at my pastebin above09:39
rockowhat I am saying is that it looks like gl-117 is trying to use a *different driver09:40
rockoI did a recompile on gl-117 and that seem to not solve the problem09:40
rockoI have gone recompiles on other games and it fixed their problems09:40
rockolike with zsnes09:40
rockoafter I did a recompile it did not crash any more :d09:41
rockoon start up09:41
rockoI did the both recompiles the debian way09:42
rockowith "sudo apt-get build-dep nameofpackage" then "sudo apt-get -b source nameofpackage" "sudo dpkg -i nameofpackage.deb"09:43
rockodoes gl-117 work for you DaemonXP ?09:44
rocko200m did not have 3d accel in the past if you never used it in the past it was because of ubuntu sponsoring a dev to fix the problem with a laptop that had the 200m graphics crad09:45
rockoDaemonXP what resolution is your monitor ?09:47
rockomy res is 1280X76809:47
rockomaybe that is the problem09:47
caspixcan anyone give me some links on which i can download some cool stuffs for my xfce look09:50
caspixi've been there, but.... it's not what i'm looking for09:52
Myrttignome-look.org then?09:57
caspixok. thx09:57
caspixone more little question.... can i use emerald if i don't have compiz?09:57
Myrtti"cool stuffs" isn't that clear on what you're really asking09:57
caspixwhat u mean?09:58
caspixi'm not very good in english....i'm from croatia09:58
caspixso? can i use emerald if i don't have compiz?09:59
rockoI don't think it is possible caspix09:59
rockomaybe if you use fusion-icon maybe10:00
rockoit has setting in there to change gtk to emerald10:00
rockoit does not require compiz I believe10:00
caspixok. thx10:00
rockoI do not use that any more though10:01
rockobecause compiz and 3d desktops just use to much resources10:01
rockoi like my machine to be fast10:01
caspixyea, i know....that's why i don't use compiz10:01
caspixi know what u mean10:01
caspixbut this ordinary xfce theme is starting to be boring...so i want a little bit changes10:02
rockoI am using lxde now10:02
rockowhy not just change the theme10:02
rockoin settings10:02
caspixthe ones who r already installed r not so good10:03
rockoyou can install more10:03
rockofrom xfce-look.org and gnome-look.org10:03
rockoor any other gtk them place10:03
caspixi don't use my machine now so much bcoz of school and living in students home, so i'd like it look nice when i have time to use it10:04
rockoI see10:04
R1cochetthats the first thing i do that and mouse10:04
rockoyou should get portableapps10:04
rockocursor theme10:04
rockosince it sounds like you do not have a laptop caspix10:05
rockoportableapps is nice it works in wine10:05
rockoso if you come across a linux or windows machine it should work on both platforms10:06
caspixyes, i'm working only on my laptop here in zagreb, at home i have pc...but it's fucked up...i don't know what i'll do with it...10:06
rockoproviding that wine is install10:06
caspixi hate blows (windows)10:06
rockohow is it messed up10:06
rockoyeah windows sucks10:06
rockodo you use command line10:06
caspixi'll never have it on my machine anymore!10:06
caspixwich comand line?10:07
rockoI do not like windows command line it sucks too10:07
rockoyou know terminal linux windows cmd10:07
caspixi don't use windblows about an year10:07
rockoI have had linux on my machine for 3 years I think10:07
caspixhad? and now?10:08
rockoyes now10:08
caspixoh, ok10:08
rockois english your first language caspix ?10:08
caspixcroatian is10:09
rockoI see10:09
caspixi'm learning english 6 years in school10:09
rockothat makes me automatically think esperanto10:10
caspixbut i dont' know esperanto....10:10
caspixomfg noone makes some army-green themes...10:10
rockobecause they say that you will be at the same level of understanding of 6 years of studying a natural language with g months of studying Esperanto10:11
rocko-g *610:12
caspixyeah i found one green theme! :)10:13
caspixdo i need to have graphic card driver to use emerald themes?10:14
caspixwhy i can't download this theme...10:15
caspixi wish i can remember where i downloaded my green theme for my pc long time ago...10:16
caspixi can't believe this...-10:17
rockobelieve what10:19
caspixthat everyone makes blue or black themes and almost noone green ones....and when i found some green, i can't download it10:19
O__othanks for the help i finally can ssh+vnc into my server, thanks for whoeva helps me here :)10:20
O__ohttp://i44.tinypic.com/rh319u.jpg :)10:20
O__ohe isnt here10:21
caspixYES YES i found one i can download!10:21
caspixwhere i should extract that theme?10:22
caspixit's not emerald10:22
rockocaspix from what country are you?10:22
rockojust wondering10:22
rockoit is near some countries where one of my friends knows people from there caspix10:24
rockovia Esperanto10:24
caspixfrom where r u?10:24
rockoit is really early here right now though10:25
rockoI got up 2 am10:25
rockoit is now 4 am10:25
rockobecause I went to bed really early10:25
rockoI guess10:25
caspixwhou..... here is 11:2510:25
rockoyou use 24 hour time caspix ?10:25
rockoI know germany goes10:26
O__ohi guys, are you guys expert in xubuntu?10:26
caspixwow this theme is gr8!10:26
caspixi just need to change icons and window-look10:26
rockoso that it matches10:26
caspixwell, i'm not expert, but i use it a year10:26
rockowhat is the link10:26
caspixi think i've got this one on my pc long time ago...10:27
O__othe deep green is too windows10:28
O__othe icon pack is the same as mine10:28
O__oosx icon package10:28
caspixfor me it's not too windblows10:28
rockowinblows uses a blue theme10:28
O__oit is like win vista + xp10:28
rockonot a green them10:29
O__oi mean the buttons and window bolder10:29
caspixoh fuck...theres no any green theme in window manager....10:29
O__ocheck out mine10:29
caspixi don't have deep green window border10:29
O__oit is green10:29
Myrtticaspix: mind your language10:30
caspixthat's too mac os x...10:30
caspixwhat that should mean? if u translate that on my lang. it doesn't have any sence10:30
Myrtticaspix: don't swear10:30
O__ois there vnc server in xubuntu?10:31
rockoI know what you mean caspix :D10:31
caspixanyway, where i can download window border?10:31
O__odownload window border?10:32
caspixyes...these thing in window manager10:32
caspixi like this one: http://gnome-look.org/CONTENT/content-pre1/80841-1.jpg10:32
rockoevery language does not always have a direct translation with its words into another language caspix10:32
O__oi usually download the whole theme10:32
rockolike with cxu in Esperanto10:32
rockoso I see the problem10:33
caspixrocko: i know but i don't know all translations of your languages words...i know u have 10 meanings for one word...10:33
caspixO__o how u mean the whole theme?10:34
rockowell with some words yes10:34
caspixi download what it has to download10:34
rockolike with free it can mean to different things10:34
rockoas far as I know it means gratis and freedom10:34
rockogratis is another word in the english language that means at no price10:35
rockothat is why free software in English is confusing10:35
rockobecause it is unclear of its meaning10:35
rockoit can mean ether free as in freedom or as in price10:36
rockoin other languages like Spanish you do not have that problem10:36
caspixi know...but here there's no mistakes.... we say slobodan softver10:36
rockobecause the word for free in their language does not also mean freedom10:36
caspixand it (slobodan) has only one meaning....10:37
caspixand priceless is : besplatan10:37
O__odownload the theme10:37
caspixi did10:37
caspixi downloaded it10:37
O__owhich one?10:38
O__or u using ubuntu? or xubuntu?10:38
O__oi think some theme apply to ubuntu only maybe?10:38
O__olike GTK2.x theme10:39
caspixbut it works here, too10:39
O__oso what is missing?10:39
caspixbut only thing that i don't have these windows frames green...10:39
O__omaybe u need gnome10:39
O__oxubuntu runs xfce10:39
caspixi know10:40
caspixbut everything but this works just fine....and i really like this theme10:40
rockoso caspix how are you doing?10:40
O__owhich theme?  deep green?10:40
caspixi don't know.... my life is momently very in chaos and i don't know what to do....10:41
caspixyes, deep green10:41
rockoit should work with xfce and any other windows manager that uses gtk O__o10:41
O__oi am new to ubuntu and xwindow thing10:41
O__oso i am not sure10:42
rockofluxbox xfce gnome both use gtk10:42
caspixcould i make my own window frame?10:42
rockoit is only the window decorations you can not use O__o10:42
rockoas far as I know10:42
rockoxfce fluxbox gnome can only use its window decorations but it can use its window themes because it uses gtk10:43
rockoxfce fluxbox gnome can only use its window decorations but it can use any window themes for gtk because it uses gtk10:44
caspixso? can i make my own window themes? and how if i can?10:45
O__oi believe u can but i have no idea how10:45
rockoI think you can use gimp to do that caspix10:47
cefn_hi all, I had a working Xubuntu after install (with a modified xorg.conf for extra resolutions). Then I updated packages and kernel to the latest stable, adding a few packages from stable (eclipse, java). On reboot I just get blue screen and no Xubuntu (except the power-off button works, and shows me the 6 options for power down to choose from with a mouse). Reverted to the xorg.conf generated by X -configure and so I think I10:47
caspixdid u maybe see somewhere some carbon themes for download?10:48
caspixoh, i should go to lunch but i'm so not in mood to do that....10:49
TheSheepcefn_: your message got cut off at 'I think I'10:53
TheSheepcefn_: try explicitly choosing the 'xfce session' when you log in10:53
rockocefn_ do control+alt+f1 then login and do "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg"10:54
rockoif you need to reconfigure xorg10:55
cefn_have chosen the XFCE session - that's what leads to the bluescreen. Remainder of message was 'believe I have stable version without mods, what file can I look at for failure message'. even running with no /etc/X11/xorg.conf still can't load.10:55
cefn_thanks rocko, willdo10:55
rockoit should work10:56
rockocefn_ I you still there10:57
cefn_still a bluescreen - can I find out where it's stopping somehow?10:57
rockoso you know how to get back to gui screen after control+alt+f1 ?10:57
cefn_I'm guessing that switching back with ctrl-altF7 is good enoug, or do I need reboot10:57
cefn_oh you mean back to login screen from failed x session, yes - I'm back at login screen10:58
rockonow login and it should work10:59
rockocontrol+alt+backspace restarts x10:59
rockoit restarts x and it also logs you out10:59
rockodoes that fix the problem cefn_11:00
caspixok, i found what i'm looking for.... it's metacity or something like that called on gnome-look...but how will i instal that? where i should extract that green w. borders?11:01
rockometacity is for gnome11:01
rockothat will  not work with xfce11:01
rockohow are you trying to install the themes caspix ?11:02
caspixnvm, i found a way on interet...hope it'll work11:02
cefn_dpkg-reconfigure followed by ctrl-alt-backspace followed by login back to XFCE session didn't work so I rebooted the machine after dpkg-reconfigure just to be sure I didn't miss a reloading step11:03
cefn_still blue screen for XFCE, is there a file I can look at to see where it stops. I'm guessing there's some package I added from the repositories which is being clever on reboot11:04
rockoyou have to do it just like this sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg cefn_11:05
cefn_or perhaps the fact that java's documentation package failed (this requires a download) somehow interfered with the full installation of other more meaningful packages11:05
rockonot dpkg-reconfigure11:05
cefn_yes, that's what I ran, sorry - trying to be brief on IRC11:05
rockoI see11:05
rockowell if that is what happened then try this11:05
caspix:( it doesn't work..11:06
rockocontrol+alt+f1 login then do "sudo apt-get -f install" next "sudo apt-get update" after that "sudo apt-get check"11:06
rockowhat does it say what you try to install it caspix11:07
cefn_all return with no errors and no changes11:07
caspixi install it but there is no theme in my window manager :(11:07
cefn_did that before, (except for the check invocation)11:07
caspixi folowed these steps: http://forum.xfce.org/index.php?topic=874.0;wap211:07
cefn_but I'll try a relogin to see if they did something invisible11:08
rockocaspix I think I know what your problem is I had the same one hold on you need to install some other gtk stuff11:08
rockocaspix do this "sudo apt-get install gtk2-engines-*"11:09
rockothen it should show up11:09
cefn_still xfce login leads to bluescreen and no window manager or controls - is there a log I can observe to see how far it got, and try to debug a bit?11:10
caspixhow much mb's will it take?11:10
cefn_according to Xorg.0.log, the last report is (II) intel(0) xf86UnbindGARTMemory: unbind key 411:12
rockocaspix I mean do this instead "gtk2-engines"11:12
cefn_should it go beyond this?11:12
rockocefn_ did you switch from xfce to gnome ?11:13
caspixok i've installed those...what now?11:13
rockodoes the theme show up now?11:13
cefn_I didn't switch, no, but maybe some package I installed brought some gnome in, how can I check for this with apt?11:13
cefn_reading the log maybe it's related to 5 lines before the end 'AIGLX: Suspending AIGLX clients for VT switch'. I wonder if the new kernel and VT support is doing something odd11:14
rockosorry caspix I do not know what the problem is11:14
caspixthe problem is that i have gr8 and beautiful green theme, and stupid blue window borders only11:15
rockocaspix http://www.linuxhelp.net/guides/gtk/11:16
rockocefn_ I get blue screen when I use metacilly with xfce11:17
caspixthx, i'll ponder it in the evening11:17
rockothat could be the problem11:17
rockoif it is11:18
cefn_looking at this last message in the log I fear it's to do with a corrupted video card BIOS from running 915resolution to add a new resolution11:19
cefn_although it's able to show the login screen11:19
rockodid you try removing 915resolution ?11:20
cefn_I removed the binary yes, but there was no package installed11:21
rockocefn_ do this "sudo update-alternatives --config x-window-manager" and set "xfwm4" as the default cefn_11:22
cefn_there was just /usr/sbin/915resolution, which is now gone. As I say, I'd made essentially no changes except adding everyday packages from ubuntu/medibuntu, which is why I'm puzzled what might have changed and fear it's in some chipset memory. will try the update-alternatives invocation and report back11:23
cefn_it says 'there is only 1 program which provides x-window-manager /usr/bin/xfwm411:27
AlexPersimmonhi there, it appears to be no section in my xorg.conf file for keyboar, so I`m unable to set hotkeys to change layout, can anybody help?11:28
caspixgot to go....see ya11:32
cefn_I've resorted to windows - the Fujitsu P1610 support bastards have only a windows-based 'FlashAid' bios reflash system11:40
cefn_oh well, still nothing but blue screen after bios reflash11:41
rockocefn_ maybe you should use a livecd to backup your data like parted magic and then reinstall11:43
rockowalking dog now11:43
cefn_thanks, rocko11:45
cefn_I have no data - brand new install11:45
cefn_I'm pretty sure my problem is to do with video and GART, since following the Xorg.0.log with sudo tail -f I can monitor the loading process, and it's getting as far as '(II) intel(0) xf86UnbindGARTMemory: unbind key 4' before hanging. Any ideas what I can try to stop Xubuntu attempting this step? Is there a setting which is making it do it?11:54
rockoso it works now cefn_ ?12:06
cefn_no, still doesn't work, sorry rocko - still hangs at '(II) intel(0) xf86UnbindGARTMemory: unbind key 4'12:07
marvxxxwhere can i configurate audio in xubuntu? when i start gnome there i have it under system settings..but under xfce i cant find it12:07
cefn_I wish I knew what that is for, and if there's a setting which can disable that operation. I probably don't need it.12:07
rockomarvxxx it is under settings12:10
rockoyou should also be able to change volume settings via your volume buttons12:12
marvxxxsettings->all settings?12:12
marvxxxi mean where i set if i want to use alsa or pulseadio12:13
AlexPersimmoncmon, anyone, please, a no brainer here, xorg.conf consists of just 3 sections, what to do?12:13
marvxxxbecause since i did a apt-get install xubuntu-desktop i cant hear any sound on flash videos when i have a other audio software running12:14
marvxxxthis worked with the normal ubuntu-desktop12:14
cefn_it seems to be exclusive to xubuntu - installing kubuntu-desktop is able to load Xwindows (although my external monitor keeps flashing on and off)12:34
BagualasThe  top bar is missing, how do I restore it?12:36
=== heinrich is now known as Guest81297
rockodoes any body know if there is a gtk application that is like qjoypad ?13:05
Pres-GasHey, all13:45
wipsI'm having a really hard time getting a VGA driver. Installed xbuntu last night. But I'm all out of ideas. Can anyone help?13:55
cefn_just did a complete reinstall and I've been able to load Xubuntu again from the distro without the bluescreen issue - suggests it's not a video card glitch, now I'll try an update to latest versions of everything and see if I can recreate14:04
cefn_wips what's your hardware?14:09
wipscefn_, I have SiS VGA card.14:13
cefn_wips and you're unable to load X at all?14:19
cefn_could be good to look at http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/bugs.html if you're new to open source and bug fixing. More comprehensive reports in one para are most useful. If you can get everything about both your configuration and the behaviour you're seeing so that someone would be able to recreate and confirm your bug in one or more paragraphs, then you can tout that round IRC/forums etc. As you realise certain thi14:26
cefn_xorg.conf on Xubuntu starts out blank. Anyone know how to create a minimal xorg.conf compatible with xubuntu so that I can add a new modeline? I used X -configure last time to auto-generate one, but that step led to disaster14:32
vinnlXubuntu should do all the xorg configuration automatically now14:33
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution14:33
vinnlThere was info on modifying xorg.conf at that last link I believe14:34
melodiebonjour, hello hi howdy !  :)14:54
cefn_following instructions from vinni I've been able to get a stable xorg.conf but I still hit the dead end that xrandr: cannot find mode 1440x90014:54
melodieI'm coming to ask help about a crappy problem on a fresh new Xubuntu : the ^ accents above the e don't come (or on the o)14:55
melodienow I'm on another machine, and on the machine where it stands, I started a Ubuntu live to see if the problem was same14:56
melodiehas someone heard about this type of problem ?14:57
melodiecefn_, are you trying to get a 1440x900 mode on your machine ?14:59
cefn_I get this error when I invoke xrandr --output VGA --mode 1440x900 although the mode's there in xorg.conf http://paste.ubuntu.com/111720/ and in 915resolution http://paste.ubuntu.com/111718/14:59
cefn_melodie, yup14:59
=== Guest81297 is now known as heinrich
cefn_I constructed the modelines with gtf and modded the intel 945GM bios to add the mode, though I don't know where to do this permanently (the bios mod needs loading every time before X loads)15:01
melodiecefn_, : what about ServerFlags ?15:01
cefn_assume idiot15:01
melodieSection “ServerFlags”15:01
melodieOption    “AutoAddDevice”    “false”15:01
melodieI did this one :15:01
vinnlmelodie: you'll want to set a different keyboard layout, I suppose15:02
vinnlIIRC, Applications->Settings->Settings Manager, then Keyboard15:02
vinnlThere should be a tab in there that allows you to set a different layout15:02
melodievinnl, what files does it write to ?15:03
melodievinnl, incase the change makes the keyboard unuseable : where to change it again ?15:03
vinnlNot sure...15:04
melodieI've seen this section in the Xfce4 parameters, but I didn't dare use it, because I don't know how to reach it in text mode incase needed15:04
vinnlBut you can change it back to the previous setting using the mouse15:05
melodieI also must tell you I changed the xorg.conf to the one I show in above URL, because otherwise I could not get the 1024x768 mode15:05
vinnlI don't think that should matter for you keyboard layout15:06
vinnlThat application does not need your root password15:06
vinnlSo it cannot edit xorg.conf15:06
cefn_I don't think ServerFlags made a difference15:06
cefn_I'd like to know where xrandr is looking for the mode - why are linux tools error reports so unhelpful? the author must be handling an error, but doesn't tell you what.15:07
melodiecefn_, I think your server layout section is too poor, and lacks information15:07
melodieI also think the new autohotplugin of Xorg is a real crap. :[15:08
cefn_I just copied it entirely from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution so I don't know what most of it does. Can I remove it?15:08
cefn_how come xrandr is not finding the mode? where is it looking? in Xorg's records about the video card, Xorg's records about the monitor, or in the video card itself?15:09
melodiedid you restart X ?15:09
cefn_if I knew that, I could add it15:09
cefn_I logged out, which is perhaps the same thing, or perhaps not15:09
melodietry "man xrandr", maybe you'll get information ?15:09
melodieor try to start a Zenwalk live CD, copy it's xorg.conf file to your xubuntu home, and make one xorg.conf with 215:10
melodiewell that's what I did15:10
melodiebut still a ^accent problem.15:10
melodieI'll go try vinnl 's advice15:11
cefn_unbelievable - it works - the xrandr name and the one in xorg.conf needed to match15:14
vinnlcefn_: yay! :)15:14
vinnlmelodie: did it work? I'd like to go, so... :)15:14
cefn_anyone know where I should put command lines to invoke in advance of X loading? I think .xprofile runs them afterwards15:17
cefn_I need to add my 915resolution lines in there I think15:18
cefn_scratch that, it seems to work after a reboot without modified modes in the bios - was spurious15:22
nikolamHi just a short one. How user requests backporting of a newer package?15:26
melodieif someone wants to say vinnl it worked, next time you see him ? :)15:30
melodieI was at the opposite of the room so couldn't see his message15:30
charlie-tcanikolam: Not sure I understand. Do you want something new in an older version of Xubuntu or to use a newer package?15:31
nikolamcharlie-tca, someone suggested to me once on some bug report15:32
nikolamthat "now you can request backport"15:32
melodiecefn_, which names in xrandr and xorg.conf ?15:32
nikolami use hardy and package is inside jaunty now15:32
charlie-tcathen I think you want this: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/EnableProposed15:32
nikolamI made it myself for me . But I am interested in a propper way how to request such thing.15:33
nikolamok 10x charlie-tca15:33
charlie-tcaMaybe not though, maybe to request it be backported: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates15:34
nikolamaha. ok :)15:34
nikolamalso pointing some official howto for backporting is nice. I use apt-get build-dep , dpkg-source -x *.dsc and dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -us -uc now fo me.15:36
nikolamAnd I hunt for dependencies.15:36
charlie-tcaOther than those two docs, I don't know...15:37
nikolamok charlie-tca :)15:38
cefn_sorry melodie, the output name which I was using in the xrandr invocation (output names visible by calling xrandr with no arguments) and the monitor name in xorg.conf needed to match I think - at least it started working then15:43
ubottuHi! Welcome to #xubuntu!15:45
azizahthank you15:45
azizahhow does this work?15:45
azizahi mean15:46
charlie-tcaYou type your question or issues, someone here may know how to help you15:46
azizahthanks again15:46
charlie-tcaMost people are doing other stuff and will sometimes take a long time to answer, so patience is needed15:47
charlie-tcaazizah: for general chat, there is #xubuntu-offtopic15:48
azizahi'm very new and i have been surfing for answers and thought i'd try here too. question one: how do i set up my keyboard? my quotation marks is an alias right now15:51
azizaham using acer aspire one15:51
azizahand how to i install my usb bluetooth15:51
rockohow do I add more matches after this with grep "grep -v '^\http' " ?15:55
Moodholy cow! there's been a lot of kernel updates over the last 3 days!16:17
rikitikitavianyone here who has put xubuntu on a ps3?17:37
atgarsisdoes anyone here know why movies, which are on a cd/dvd, do not play on vlc player, but do play when they are moved on the hard disc?17:39
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats17:47
atgarsisor anyone can recommend any other decent video player instead?17:48
Pres-Gasmplayer, atgarsis.  What happens when you attempt to play it via the dvd?17:50
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gxine17:50
Pres-GasDamn, you, ubottu!!!17:50
* Pres-Gas shakes fist at bot17:50
atgarsisxine you mean?17:50
jarnosatgarsis: gxine17:51
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ps317:51
rikitikitavi!how to please a woman.17:52
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:52
jarnosatgarsis: although I notice my whole screen flickers evry 5 seconds when I play video by gxine.17:53
charlie-tcarikitikitavi: yes, some have installed on the ps3 using the ppc+ps3 version17:54
atgarsisand another q: how can one turn on the video-out function?17:55
rikitikitavican i put 8.10 on it?17:57
charlie-tcaYes, i believe there is an 8.10 port.18:00
charlie-tcaTake a look here: http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/ports/releases/intrepid/release/18:01
atgarsis'xrandr' and then what?18:02
rikitikitaviso this was actually tailored to work correctly on the ps3?18:03
rikitikitaviwhy is it alternate?18:05
charlie-tcarikitikitavi: To the best of my knowledge. I do not get involved in the ps318:05
rikitikitavithanks anyway18:05
charlie-tcaAnything not a LiveCD is an alternate18:05
rikitikitavii just thought that it could be done with a LiveCD18:06
rikitikitavimaybe i'm mistaken18:06
charlie-tcaOnly if it is available. If the only one is an alternate, then there is no LiveCD for it.18:06
atgarsisand another q: how can one turn on the video-out function?18:06
rikitikitaviah, that would explain why I've read about 7.10 being installed with a LiveCD18:07
charlie-tcaYeah, probably has a LiveCD available for that version18:08
rikitikitaviluckily i have a linux savy friend to help me out...i'm trying to do my part though.18:09
charlie-tcaThe alternate install is pretty easy. It just doesn't have all the graphics of the LiveCD. It also doesn't let you try before installing.18:10
charlie-tcaThere are a couple of Ubuntu ps3 websites if you google for it.18:10
charlie-tcaThey might have more help.18:10
rikitikitavii've looked at a few. almost all refered to 7.10 and i thought the newer might be better18:11
charlie-tcaWell, in my experience, it is better18:12
rikitikitavibetter as in plays nicer with the ps318:12
charlie-tcaI would think it should be, since a lot has changed since 7.10. They are a year apart!18:13
charlie-tcaHave you looked on the help wiki?18:13
rikitikitavii know there were issues with certain 7.x's and i wanted to be sure i started off with something other people could vet18:14
rikitikitaviyeah, i looked through that page, but it says at the top that it is outdated for 8.1018:15
charlie-tcaGood references at the bottom, though18:15
rikitikitaviso i thought i could find something explicitly for 8.1018:15
charlie-tcaThe link on the bottom details 8.1018:16
rikitikitavihmm...i looked at that. can't seem to remember why i passed it over. maybe i was looking at too many things18:18
rikitikitavithat probably has eveything i'm looking for. accept the actual iso's that you linked me to earlier18:20
rikitikitavithanks. i do wish i could find someone who had actually done it.18:24
rikitikitavithis is my first exposure to linux. i feel anxious that i'm going to have no idea whats going on18:25
=== tuna-fish is now known as pessixsixsix
charlie-tcaIf you read up on it, you get an idea what to expect.18:29
charlie-tcacheck here once in a while. There are some who visit.18:30
rikitikitaviyeah, my anxiety is slowly subsiding. luckily i won't be doing it alone.18:30
rikitikitavithere should be a psubuntu channel18:31
charlie-tcadid you try #ps3 ?18:31
rikitikitavithis is the first one i tried. first time i've been on irc in 3 or 4 years18:32
atgarsiscan one please help me to configure the wireless network?18:57
kolI don't lost my panel ... I'd like it to 'appear' again ...18:57
jarnosatgarsis: kaffeine is also pretty working media player. Easy to configure for DVB.18:57
atgarsisjarnos: ta!18:58
jarnosatgarsis: ?18:59
atgarsisjarnos: thank you!18:59
ubottuDid your panels disappear? Press alt+f2 and run: xfce4-panels  | Want to theme your panels? See http://xubuntu.wordpress.com/2007/10/12/howto-set-a-background-image-for-your-panel/18:59
jarnosatgarsis: you are welcome18:59
atgarsisso anyone can give any advice to configure wireless?19:00
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs19:00
jarnoscharlie-tca: There is no command xfce4-panels19:00
kolDoes anyone can help to recover the menu ?19:01
kolmy menu is at right clic and i'd like it to be at the front or the bottom of the screen ?19:01
charlie-tcajarnos: you are right! leave the 's' off panels19:01
charlie-tcakol: Is it missing from the panel?19:02
kolI don't have something at the bottom/from of my screen (not Applications, no Mozilla Icons, no 'Quit', no 'Places')19:02
kolit's really annoying19:02
kolI think it's called the menu?19:02
charlie-tcaIs the panel there at all?19:03
kolwhat's exactly the panel ? :/19:03
kolAnd the bottom of the screen i should have 2 work space and applications like Mozilla, Xchat or something else19:04
koland i don't,19:04
charlie-tcaThe grey/colored bar that the menu, Places, Browser should be on19:04
kolno i don't have something :/19:04
kolthe grey/colored bar isn't there :/19:04
charlie-tcaIt is normally on top, with the one with work spaces on the bottom19:04
koland that's my problem ... :s19:04
charlie-tcaokay. Lets do this then. press alt+f219:04
charlie-tcaType killall xfce4-panel19:05
charlie-tcahit enter19:05
kolok :)19:05
kolNo changes :/19:05
charlie-tcarm -rf ~/.config/xfce4/panel19:06
charlie-tcahit enter19:06
kolNo changes :/19:06
charlie-tcaThe bottom panel did not go away?19:07
charlie-tcaalt + f219:07
kolI'd like to have the bottom panel ^^ because atm i don't have it :/19:07
charlie-tcacp -r /etc/xdg/xfce4/panel ~/.config/xfce4/19:07
charlie-tcahit enter19:07
charlie-tcaWe will get it back in a minute.19:07
charlie-tcaalt + f219:08
kolok, no changes ^^ :)19:08
charlie-tcaxfce4-panel &19:08
charlie-tcahit enter19:08
kolYeah !!19:09
kolThanks you so much :D19:09
charlie-tcaI need to write up a wiki page for this.19:09
charlie-tcayou are welcome19:09
kolcan i ask you another question ?19:09
charlie-tcaDo I know the answer?19:10
kolMaybe :D19:10
kolthis computer is pretty slow I have 256Mo RAM (so it's normal)19:10
* charlie-tca nods. Okay then19:10
kolcan you recommand me a distrib/ or a thing like xfce/gnome (I don't know how it's called in Enlisgh) in order to have my computer less slow ?19:11
charlie-tcaI install using the xubuntu alternate cd, because the ubuntu cd adds too much. I also use most of the applications that come with xubutnu19:12
charlie-tcaI don't know the alternate window managers very well.19:13
kolso for you, Xubuntu it's the best way to have my computer less slow ?19:13
charlie-tcayes. Xubuntu. Maybe check out fluxbox19:14
kolok :) I'm going to get some informtion about fluxbox :)19:14
kolThanks a lot :)19:14
charlie-tcano problem19:14
kolgood evening all :)19:16
kolbye, cya :)19:16
dan_freedomHi guys, anybody about?19:28
dan_freedomLOL, then the all rumors are not true! Linux people do have lives and go out on Friday :))19:37
ubottuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?19:38
=== zoredache_ is now known as zoredache
dan_freedom:) ok19:39
dan_freedomwhat is the meaning of Life?19:39
dan_freedomnope :)19:40
rockoin lxde I keep getting this process to keep coming up it seems right when I login " 6165 rocko     20   0 43296  17m  10m R 90.5  1.6   4:01.27 python" ?20:13
Kiptioncan we put in a feature to make orage not look like ass20:56
Mateuszi've got a question - i've bought a laptop (500mhz, 40gb, 130mb RAM), will xubuntu work properly?21:29
melodiehe vinnl : it wooorked  !!!  \o/ !!!21:29
vinnlmelodie, \o/21:29
melodie\o/  !  :))21:29
charlie-tcaI might... That is a little low on ram. You would have to install using the alternate cd.21:29
charlie-tcaIt will be real slow using applications.21:30
Mateuszok, thx21:30
melodieMateusz, for so little ram, you may want to use lxde (lxde-common package and all depends) instead of xfce421:30
charlie-tcaIt might be worth trying to upgrade the RAM to 256 or more. Then I could say "YES"21:30
Mateuszcan u tell me what distb of linux shall i choose?21:31
melodieUbuntu with lxde21:31
melodieor Slitaz but you will not be able to print. no packages yet21:31
Mateuszthx a lot21:31
Mateuszi really love ubuntu xD21:31
melodieyou could do a dual-boot : Slitaz need not much place21:31
Mateuszi'hv got it on my own computer;]21:31
melodieand you'll be interested to know boths21:32
melodieboth are lovely. :)21:32
Mateuszwhat about debian? Maby debial will be good?21:33
dan_freedomwatch out! if ur graphic card may cause problems! like only having 800*600 resolution!21:33
dan_freedomI am trying to run xubuntu on a VERY LOW-end PC, and my biggest problem is trying to make the graphic card behave!21:34
dan_freedom:) but I dont give up easy! it will work!21:35
charlie-tcadan_freedom: You mean it don't work yet? I gave up on mine a while back...21:37
* charlie-tca gives big warning: ATI RAGE is hard to use21:38
Mateuszhi Genelyk21:38
dan_freedomno, not yet, unfortunatly,  but today I was at my PC shop, and picked up a geforce card, I might have more luck with that21:38
charlie-tcaThis is true21:40
dan_freedomLOL, the guy at the shop said the graphic card was sooooo old, he said just take it away and come, try it with ur PC and come back monday if it works...21:40
vinnlNice :)21:40
dan_freedomHe does know me well, but funny that he did not ask for money21:40
charlie-tcawith a try then, anyway21:41
dan_freedomyeah, I did give it quick try, the geforce 2 card, and the Nvidia Driver, but there was not a lot of resolutions to pick from21:42
charlie-tcawas it higher than 800x600?21:42
dan_freedomor was it geforce 4 card? cant remember now... but no luck yet, I will try properly tomorrow, I only half tried today21:43
GenelykHi Mateusz21:43
dan_freedomit might be possible to "tweak" the Nvidia drivers more if u know more about Linux than I do :)21:44
dan_freedomotherwise, I am just gonna have to trying to make things work on such a LOW-end PC...21:45
charlie-tcaI run an MX4000 card21:46
dan_freedomand do u have a decent resolution?21:46
=== danielm is now known as Guest97611
dan_freedomHeHe, that card looks like it has AGPx8 ?21:52
dan_freedomI think the one I am trying to make work is only AGPx221:53
dan_freedomwell, as they say, "its all about the journey; not the destination"21:58
dan_freedomor something like that...22:01
charlie-tcaMine is decent, I can get 1024x768 on the crt.22:01
charlie-tcaIt's only agpx4, maybe? not 8, system won't handle it.22:02
charlie-tcaMy motherboard is old. It won't accept higher than AGPx$22:03
dan_freedomnot bad for an AGPx4 card :) 1024x768! I would be delighted with 1024x768; that I could work with 800*600 is just not enough...22:07
charlie-tcayeah, That is what I do work with. These new systems are a bit much, with the resolutions people have!22:08
dan_freedomHeHe, I do have a second PC, for that kind of thing, those 'mad' resolutions over 1024x768, but that PC is just for movies and games :)22:10
dan_freedomI want to use this PC for learning about Linux22:10
charlie-tcaShould be a good learning tool, huh22:11
dan_freedomLOL, well if it keeps acting up with the resolution, I might get 'disheartened'22:14
dan_freedomMy other PC, is dual booting windows 7, Vista, and XP, with no resolution problems22:16
dan_freedomLOL, but somehow not as much fun as this PC that refuses to go over 800*600 :)22:17
Moodare the folders that appear on Desktop the real folders? or a "shortcut"/symbolic link?22:38
vinnlMood, they're the contents of the ~/Desktop folder22:39
vinnlSo yeah, real folders22:39
Moodoh, is it common practice to make symbolic links on the Desktop for folders located elsewhere?22:39
Moodor would i be the only strange one22:40
vinnlIt wouldn't be strange :P22:40
vinnlBut I never do it22:40
vinnlSome people (like me) like to put nothing on their desktop :)22:40
vinnlOh, btw, I *did* do that for my mom, so... :)22:40
Moodthanks vinnl22:40
Moodanyone use scrot? i'm trying to see whether it's a daemon process before i decide on installing it. i don't want to take up more cpu22:45
Mood(scrot is a small app for screencapture)22:46
vinnlYou could install it and reinstall it if it is :P22:46
Moodehh... i don't want to risk it22:46
vinnlWait, let me install it...22:46
Moodi'm a paranoid noob22:47
vinnlMood, nope, nothing running22:51
Moodhmm... doesn't seem to be a daemon process... yah... reading some more about it, it seems like it's invoked using the scrot from commandline22:51
vinnlYeah it is22:51
Moodit's a 1 meg app tho... kinda hefty for what it does...22:52
Moodlots of dependencies i guess...22:52
Moodhey- it's a pretty nifty little app22:53
vinnlYeah, I'm keeping it installed :)22:54
Moodvinnl: ditto. look here for some useful hints: http://www.raiden.net/?cat=2&aid=34422:54
Mood"scrot -s -d 3 test.jpg" could come in handy...22:56
Moodmaybe add a -b in the mix too22:57
vinnlI'm going for a bash script that cd's to /tmp then scrots :)22:58
Moodvinnl: nice22:58
vinnl...if only it worked23:00
vinnlHmm... Can't scrot take an argument in which directory it is to save the shot?23:04
Moodhmm... dunno23:06
Moodyou mean like scrot /home/me/test.jpg? it should23:06
vinnlI don't want to define the filename, I just want it to save the file to /tmp23:07
vinnle.g. "scrot -d /tmp"23:07
Moodi think it needs a name though23:08
Moodscrot -d 3 /tmp/test.jpg (-d is delay in seconds i believe)23:08
vinnlYeah but when I just run "scrot" it creates a screenshot with a generated name in ~23:09
Moodnot sure... i installed it only seconds after you did :-)23:09
vinnlOf course :P23:11
vinnlHmm... Apparently Xfce doesn't allow me to bind anything to the PrtSc key23:13
vinnlAh well, off to bed now, bye23:16
Odd-rationalescrot may have some options that lets you put the image elsewhere, as well as name the image...23:16
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