mrooneyAny particular reason bzr needs a lock to do a [c]diff?00:56
mrooneyI frequently find that I am committing and forget something about a change, so try to do a diff in another terminal, but I can't :[00:57
mrooneyand if I exit I lose the commit message so far00:57
lifelessmrooney: yah there is a file that commit writes to that diff needs to read01:09
lifelesswe will fix this, but for now 'commit --show-diff'01:10
mrooneylifeless: thanks I'll give that a try!01:14
mrooneyhuh I typo'd it to --show-dif and it still worked, interesting01:16
mrooneylifeless: aw man no --show-cdiff :)01:17
mrooneyI guess most things might not support that anyway01:17
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jonnydeehi :) -- can anybody tell me why I get a "bzrlib version doesn't match the bzr program" on intrepid with bzr-1.11?03:07
nDuffjonnydee, probably means what it says -- perhaps you have either a bzr program or a copy of the library sitting around somewhere from an old install.03:42
Peng_"bzr version" will help tell you where everything is03:47
jonnydeebut the strange thing is that I uninstalled all bzr related things and I made sure no bzrlib existed. but after I install bzr-1.11 again I get the same error...03:49
jonnydeeThe message is "bzrlib from ['/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/bzrlib'] is version (1, 11, 0, 'final', 0)"03:50
nDuffjonnydee, then your bzrlib is fine, but your bzr executable is old03:50
jonnydeebut I get bzr from "deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/bzr/ubuntu intrepid main"03:52
Peng_jonnydee: grep _script_version `which bzr`03:56
Peng_Can't out-of-date extensions also cause error messages like that?03:56
nDuffPeng, ...hmm -- I think you're right.03:57
jonnydeeOh, this one returns:03:57
Peng_Err, plugins. Oops.03:57
jonnydee_script_version = (1, 9, 0)03:57
jonnydeeif bzrlib.version_info[:3] != _script_version:03:57
Peng_jonnydee: Then you've got an old copy of the bzr script around somewhere. 'which bzr' to see where. Or maybe the deb is broken...03:58
jonnydeePeng_: You are right. I've got a bzr in my ~/bin folder...03:59
Peng_Well, there you go.04:00
jonnydeeThank your very much Peng_ and also to  nDuff. What a shame... I'm sorry...04:00
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GPH-Laptop10.4 doesn't get any love anymore :(09:24
GPH-LaptopMac OS X, that is09:25
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xnoxHello everyone. Two branches don't have no common ancestor and I can't figure out how to specify base revision. I've tried -r X -r Y and -r X Y and it fails =(13:41
xnoxSaying extra arguments13:42
xnoxor still unspecified base revision13:43
LarstiQxnox: trying to do what?13:43
xnoxI have two branches, one from me and one from the other guy. We were doing very similar things from scratch (debian packages). Now I want to merge our two branches and create mainline to base our future work on.13:45
LarstiQxnox: you could try `bzr merge -r0..-1 path/to/other/branch`13:45
xnoxBut to merge one into the other I need to specify a base revision (according to the error message).13:45
xnoxLarstiQ: Thanks that worked!13:47
nebuchadnezzarhello, after upgrading bzr to 1.11, I try to upgrade a branch from svn to 1.9-rich-root, and now I can not pull any more, I have "branches have diverge use merge" and when merging I get no common ancestor :-/13:47
nebuchadnezzarany hints ?13:48
LarstiQnebuchadnezzar: could you pastebin the commands and their output?13:48
LarstiQnebuchadnezzar: also, why did you decide to upgrade to 1.9-rich-root?13:48
nebuchadnezzarLarstiQ: to give it a test13:49
alf82hello, I have a workflow question with bzr/launchpad. Let's say you have the 'trunk' branch used for development and you release eg 0.113:50
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alf82and create a 0.1 series/branch. Where do you continue development then? On the trunk and merge the changes into the 0.1 branch once in a while13:51
alf82or on the 0.1 branch and merge the changes into trunk every now and then?13:52
LarstiQalf82: there are multiple things you could do. In general, I'd say you'd release 0.1 and don't touch it after that.13:52
LarstiQalf82: could you explain your situation a bit more?13:53
LarstiQnebuchadnezzar: how's that pastebin coming along?13:53
alf82LarstiQ: Well, I have a 'trunk' branch which has been the main (and only) development branch so far (except for feature branches).13:55
alf82The project is at the point of its first 0.1 release and I don't know exactly how to handle that. Should I create a separate 0.1 for the development13:56
alf82of the 0.1.x series?13:56
LarstiQalf82: do you expect 0.1.x and trunk to diverge a lot?13:57
alf82LarstiQ: no13:57
LarstiQalf82: say, Samba 3 and 4 both have active development and releases at the same time13:57
LarstiQalf82: I'd just stick with trunk then13:58
alf82LarstiQ: ok, that's what I was thinking. In LP does it make sense to register a 0.1 series that also uses the 'trunk' branch?14:00
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alf82LarstiQ: or I shouldn't use series at all?14:00
LarstiQalf82: I haven't checked lp's docs on series in a while, but Bazaar uses a series per release to group release candidates and possibly bug fix releases14:02
nebuchadnezzarLarstiQ: http://pastebin.com/m5616edd9 <-- I try with a pack-0.92-subtree branched-from-svn14:03
LarstiQalf82: so all regular activity goes on on trunk14:03
nebuchadnezzarhttp://pastebin.com/d499880c <-- here is what the merge output too14:03
LarstiQnebuchadnezzar: your merge uses a different location than the pull14:04
LarstiQah no, I was looking crooked14:05
LarstiQnebuchadnezzar: if you look at `bzr missing` output, they don't share any revision, right?14:05
LarstiQnebuchadnezzar: I find it very unlikely this has anything to do with 1.9-rich-root14:06
LarstiQnebuchadnezzar: more with a change in bzr-svn, or the path you're pointing bzr-svn at14:06
LarstiQnebuchadnezzar: you're using bzr-svn 0.4?14:06
nebuchadnezzarLarstiQ: I'm downgrading bzr to 1.514:08
LarstiQnebuchadnezzar: that too, should not have any impact.14:11
nebuchadnezzarLarstiQ: I downgrade bzr to 1.5 and bzr-svn to 0.4, pull wored14:12
LarstiQnebuchadnezzar: before you downgraded, what bzr were you using?14:12
nebuchadnezzarfrom debian experimental14:12
LarstiQnebuchadnezzar: if you were using 0.5rc[12], then yes, it produces different revisions than 0.4 does.14:13
LarstiQnebuchadnezzar: so, nothing to do with bzr 1.11 or 1.9-rich-root. This is purely bzr-svn 0.4 vs 0.514:13
nebuchadnezzarLarstiQ: my cfengine3 repository is pack-0.92-subtree14:14
LarstiQnebuchadnezzar: that's fine, but the format has no impact on the issue you were experiencing14:14
LarstiQnebuchadnezzar: see UPGRADING from bzr-svn 0.514:15
nebuchadnezzarok, thanks14:15
LarstiQnebuchadnezzar: basically, to be faster/smarter, 0.5 introduces new svn-revision-to-bzr-revision mappings14:15
LarstiQin order to use those, it has to be incompatible with prior mappings. You can optionally chose to use the old mappings, but you won't gain any of the advantages of the new one then.14:16
LarstiQIt is possible to use a 0.4 and a 0.5 client at the same time against svn, but you can not interact directly between the bzr branches created that way14:16
nebuchadnezzarLarstiQ: I saw that in the documentation, thanks14:19
nebuchadnezzarbzr svn-upgrade and now it's ok14:19
LarstiQnebuchadnezzar: cool14:22
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alf82LarstiQ: thanks for the tips (yeah, a little delayed, I know)!16:58
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bialixLarstiQ: hi18:10
LarstiQbialix: hello18:10
bialixI'm curious about your opinion on scmproj18:11
LarstiQbialix: I condensed the notes a bit, but am still not entirely done. So I'll just give you the raw thing (with repetitions et al) and the more condensed thing18:11
LarstiQbialix: I think it could be very useful for me.18:12
bialixthat's ok. I moving new format forward18:12
bialixunfortunately new format will introduce many changes18:12
bialixand ATM we don't have auto-upgrade18:12
LarstiQbialix: In your config-manager comparison you state you need more than organizing branches. I'd be interested to hear what you need more. (So far, what would be harder to do with nested trees is the ALT style config switching)18:13
LarstiQevening kfogel18:13
bialixwell, config-manager != nested branches18:13
bialixor nested trees, perhaps18:14
LarstiQsorry, I made a thought leap there18:15
bialixI think without ability to work on the entire project -- it's just many branches accidentally put in one directory18:15
bialixI want to run status, commit, diff, log forthe entire pject18:16
bialixproject, sorry18:16
LarstiQbialix: right, nested trees do that18:16
LarstiQand where they don't, have it as a design goal18:16
LarstiQbut progress has been lacking, scmproj has more steam going for it to accomplish those goals18:17
bialixLarstiQ: if there will be already implemented nested trees -- unlikely I'll start this plugin18:17
* LarstiQ nods18:17
bialixalso, I simply don't understand how nested trees will be stored on the server18:17
LarstiQbialix: scmproj does have features I think are harder to do with a different solution18:17
bialixyou said about graph recalculation18:17
LarstiQbialix: that was for by-value trees18:18
LarstiQbialix: so yeah, scmproj is here right now, and that's a big plus18:18
bialixyes, and I think nested by ref has bigger sense for me and my use cases18:19
bialixbut I can't grok their internal details yet18:19
bialixLarstiQ: and I hope when nested will be supported in bzrlib, I can use them from scmproj18:21
LarstiQbialix: cool18:21
LarstiQbialix: mail sent18:21
bialixbig thanks18:22
* bialix bbiab (dinner)18:22
bialixLarstiQ: wow, this notes are VERY useful. Big thanks18:46
LarstiQbialix: much obliged :)18:46
LarstiQbialix: the thoughts in my head concern your question about 'clunky'18:46
LarstiQbialix: I can sort of see his point, but I haven't yet found how to clearly explain that.18:47
bialixyes, I think now I understand "clunky" better18:47
bialixmy plans for 0.4.5 are to change many "clunky" points18:48
bialixand as AmanicA mentioned: better catch and report internal errors18:50
LarstiQbialix: one thing that would be nice, is that if there is enough information in the general sections, I wouldn't need to have a seperate section for each component.18:50
LarstiQAmanicA: evening :)18:50
bialixhi dude18:51
LarstiQbialix: you'll see in my project.cfg there is a lot of repetition, and the notes you'll see a KeyError on 'mqueue'18:51
bialixLarstiQ: I think very soon I'll be ready to show new config format. There is many improvements. I'll use your notes and convert them to bug reports to work on18:52
LarstiQbialix: ok :)18:52
bialixI hope in the mid of Feb18:54
bialixgeneric [COMPONENTS] section was suggested (and implemented IIRC) by AmanicA18:55
bialixwe need just bring there more options18:55
bialixLarstiQ: yeah, I see your point. In the components sections you have only FORMAT = rich-root-pack; :-)18:57
bialixI've filed this as bug 32249918:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 322499 in bzr-scmproj "[COMPONENTS] section should support default values for FORMAT and VCS options" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32249918:58
LarstiQbialix: yeah, in this case all the components are rather uniform, yet I still like having them as seperate branches19:00
* bialix nods19:01
bialixLarstiQ: one side question: you said: "I made a thought leap there"; what it means: "thought leap"?19:10
LarstiQbialix: skipping (talking about) several steps in a thought process19:11
LarstiQbialix: so to amend that: I read the config-manager vs scmproj, and that made me think of nested-trees vs scmproj19:12
bialixI have such comparison19:12
bialixbut it's incomplete19:12
LarstiQbialix: from talking to you, I know what I wanted to know19:13
bialixmay be I'm wrong about initial configuration in the nested trees. but I'm still don't read all sources19:14
LarstiQbialix: unfortunately, at work I've been switched to coding Java Server Faces (entirely seperate cient project), so I don't have as much opportunity to try scmproj on our regular work stuff19:14
bialixok, np19:15
bialixLarstiQ: I hope you still can share some knowledge about nested trees19:16
bialixnevertheless of java faces19:16
LarstiQbialix: of course, I just need to look everything up :)19:18
LarstiQbialix: I'm interested to hear what abentley is planning19:18
LarstiQbialix: what do you mean with 'the initial configuration'?19:18
bialixLarstiQ: this is related to my lack of understanding of nested by ref. How user can recreate nested project from standalone branches?19:20
bialixif these brances hosted on the central server, for example19:20
LarstiQbialix: Right19:20
LarstiQbialix: there are still open questions here I think19:21
bialixbefore bzr I've used CVS very heavily. And we're used CVS modules too19:21
bialixso my project.cfg in some sense used my knowledge about CVS modules. May be this knowledge prevent my understanding of some nested ideas19:22
bialixin the end I'm just reinventing the wheel19:23
KintaroHoeHi everyone19:23
KintaroHoeI've a question I need to install a bzr server in the office I work for19:24
KintaroHoeThey use windows and I'm unable to find a documentation that explain how to do all of this :/19:24
bialixI'm windows guy19:24
KintaroHoeI'm trying to play with bzr init-repo... but unable to do checkouts19:24
bialixwhat's the problem actually?19:24
KintaroHoebialix: Well I want to install a server to host the office projects and I don't know how to do this :/19:25
bialixyou need local only server?19:25
KintaroHoea LAN server19:25
bialixit will not be visible outside the local network?19:25
KintaroHoebialix: indeed19:26
bialixso you need to install bzr as usual from any of official installer19:26
MattCampbellI want to use bzr and bzr-svn to manage my modifications to an open-source package that uses SVN for its version control, with the intention of contributing at least some of these changes back upstream.  Is there a recommended workflow for doing this?19:26
KintaroHoebialix: yes I have it19:26
bialixthen select where you want to keep your branches19:27
KintaroHoebialix: okay and then ?19:27
bialixthen you need just adding to auto-start section the command: bzr serve --allow-writes19:28
bialixand specify working directory for this command to the location where you want to keep your branches19:28
bialixthat's basically all19:28
KintaroHoebialix: what auto-start sectiopn ?19:28
bialixStart -> Programs -> Auto-...19:29
KintaroHoeah yeah ok19:29
KintaroHoebialix: but now how ti initialize branches in server side ?19:29
bialixsorry, I'm using Russian Windows, I don't remember how it named in English19:29
KintaroHoebecause I do: mkdir dir and then bzr init dir19:30
KintaroHoebut when I checkout it says not a branch19:30
bialixyou need to work with your server with bzr:// url19:30
KintaroHoeI don't understand this19:30
MattCampbellbialix: I think you mean Start -> Programs -> Startup19:30
KintaroHoeI get it for the autostart19:30
bialixyes, I think it is19:30
KintaroHoebut now I don't know how to create my projects and project branches in server side19:30
bialixlet's say your server has name SERVER or IP:
MattCampbellKintaroHoe: Since I came in late to this conversation, can you explain what you're trying to do?19:31
KintaroHoeMattCampbell: all I want is hosting projects in bazaar for the office I work for19:31
bialixyou can execute from any other machine (or locally): bzr init bzr://SERVER/branch-name19:31
KintaroHoethey uses windows19:31
KintaroHoebialix: ah ok19:32
bialixeverything as local work, but you should use bzr:// urls19:32
KintaroHoebialix: ok19:32
MattCampbellKintaroHoe: It would probably be easier if you used Linux on the server.19:32
MattCampbellThen you can just use sftp or bzr+ssh with regular Unix accounts.19:33
CaMasonhi guys.. for some reason, a load of bzr_log.random files have started appearing in my working copy19:33
bialixKintaroHoe: one note about startup19:33
KintaroHoeMattCampbell: I can't my boss doesn't want a linux that(s the issue19:33
bialixwindows works just fine!19:34
KintaroHoewindows sux but I'm forced to use it19:34
* bialix shuts up19:34
MattCampbellI'm not bashing Windows in general; it's a fine desktop OS.19:34
MattCampbellKintaroHoe: What version of Windows is the server running?19:35
* LarstiQ looks up19:35
KintaroHoeMattCampbell: XP19:35
KintaroHoeMattCampbell: is there a document that explains how to set up a bazaar server for projects ?19:35
MattCampbellI'm looking; I don't need it myself, but now I'm curious.19:36
LarstiQKintaroHoe: what bialix said I'd say19:36
LarstiQKintaroHoe: you mention you can't checkout, could you please give more context (pastebin full command plus output)?19:36
LarstiQKintaroHoe: with the information at hand it is hard to tell what is going on.19:37
MattCampbellThe only problem with putting the server in the Startup group is that then the server will only be available while someone is logged into the Windows box.19:37
bialixMattCampbell: I'm running it as servicwe19:37
MattCampbellbialix: How do you do that?  Do you use servany or something similar, or is there a special bzr executable for that purpose?19:38
bialixso it works just fine19:38
MattCampbellOops, I did misspell that.19:38
bialixhere instructions: http://groups.google.com/group/ru_bzr/web/bzr-serve---windows-2k-xp19:38
bialixthey're in Russina19:38
bialixuse babelfish or google translate service19:39
MattCampbellI've used srvany before.  What user should the service run as? (e.g. System, LocalService, NetworkService)19:39
LarstiQMattCampbell: you don't perchance have commit access to the upstream svn?19:40
bialixI don't remember. My server at work, and now I'm home19:40
MattCampbellLarstiQ: No; that's why I want to use bzr and bzr-svn, because SVN vendor branches seem like an ugly hack.19:40
MattCampbellSo I would be sending patches of some kind back upstream.19:41
LarstiQMattCampbell: right19:41
LarstiQMattCampbell: so then the most important part is probably how upstream likes to work19:41
LarstiQMattCampbell: I didn't test against svn, but you could use `bzr send`19:42
MattCampbellbialix: Your Windows bzr server requires authentication and is used by multiple developers, right?  I wonder how you manage user accounts for the bzr server in that setup.19:43
LarstiQMattCampbell: large chance that's not exactly what upstream wants though19:43
bialixbuiltin bzr server does not provide ACL support19:44
bialixwe have very small dev group19:44
bialixso I should not be paranoid about other people19:44
bialixand I always has backups if something will going wrong19:45
MattCampbellLarstiQ: I suppose most projects want plain diffs, often attached to bug tracker entries, from non-committers.19:45
bialixthough I'd like to have some sort of ACL there19:46
LarstiQMattCampbell: that, or mailing lists, yes.19:46
LarstiQMattCampbell: but do they want one big rollup patch? Or one patch per bzr commit? Or rebased into logical units?19:46
LarstiQMattCampbell: bzr-rebase might also be of use to you19:47
MattCampbellFWIW, the specific project is TightVNC.  I haven't even started making my changes yet, but I want to make sure my workflow is right from the start.19:49
MattCampbellI haven't even had any contact with that project yet; I'm just starting out.19:50
MattCampbellSo I guess I start with "bzr branch http://vnc-tight.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/vnc-tight/trunk/ tightvnc", then make my changes, committing to my local branch after each change is done.19:50
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MattCampbellThen I can think about how to give them back.19:50
* LarstiQ nods at MattCampbell 19:51
MattCampbellIs bzr-svn meant to use this way, i.e. to contribute back to a project that uses an SVN repository in which you're not a committer?19:52
LarstiQMattCampbell: I don't think it's the original use-case, but it's certainly valid.19:53
bialixKintaroHoe: I think you should start using bzr without any server. Any shared folder on your server is fine19:53
MattCampbellSo the original use case is a project that wants to migrate from svn to bzr?19:53
bialixhe's left.19:54
MattCampbellI suppose Windows file sharing is the most natural solution in a Windows-only office where everyone is on the same LAN.19:54
bialixme too19:55
MattCampbellI was going to suggest using an SSH or SFTP server, such as VShell (commercial) or Cygwin sshd.19:55
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MattCampbellLarstiQ: Thanks for at least re-assuring me that I was on the right track.  My biggest fear when using version control is always that I'll start out doing things the wrong way.19:56
LarstiQMattCampbell: I'd guess the original use case is using bzr to commit to an svn repo where others still use svn.19:57
* svn-up just realized he might get kicked because of his nickname19:58
LarstiQsvn-up: nah, that won't happen19:59
MattCampbellI didn't think this crowd was that antagonistic toward svn.20:03
LarstiQwe're not.20:03
LarstiQI might at times lament some of it's shortcomings that make my life difficult, but that's all :)20:03
* bialix waves bye20:06
MattCampbellNow I just have to learn how to set up bzr-svn under Windows.  I'd prefer to just use my Ubuntu VM (yes, Windows is the host), but I'm going to be working on a Windows program.20:08
LarstiQMattCampbell: bzr-svn is included with the windows installer20:09
LarstiQat least the standalone .exe one20:09
MattCampbellLarstiQ: Cool, thanks.20:10
MattCampbelldownloading version 1.11-1 of that now.20:10
MattCampbellI'm curious about the state of IDE integration for Bazaar.  In other words, is Bazaar yet as "code monkey" friendly as Subversion?20:14
LarstiQMattCampbell: I'll wager a 'no' to that.20:15
LarstiQMattCampbell: I believe the Eclipse support is most advanced.20:15
LarstiQMattCampbell: http://bazaar-vcs.org/IDEIntegration20:16
visik7nothing about Xcode :(20:17
LarstiQhttp://bazaar-vcs.org/Integrating_with_Bazaar for those willing to work on support for their favorite environment :)20:18
* LarstiQ is a vim user himself20:19
MattCampbellMind you, I don't use an IDE, even on Windows; currently I use vim plus command-line tools.  But I might soon be working with people who are used to an IDE.20:19
LarstiQalthough I've had to start using netbeans since last week20:20
LarstiQMattCampbell: right, which one?20:20
LarstiQMattCampbell: there is Tortoise, which builds on Qbzr20:20
MattCampbellProbably Visual Studio.20:20
MattCampbellThen again, a lot of the software I've written for my employer (I'm currently the lone programmer) is in dynamic languages such as Python, Lua, and PHP.20:22
MattCampbellSo I don't really know what IDE would be a good fit.20:22
MattCampbellbut that's off-topic here.20:22
MattCampbellHmm, I was thinking ActiveState Komodo would be a good choice; now I see it has built-in Bazaar support20:28
LarstiQdoes it? cool :)20:30
MattCampbellWell, at least the IDEIntegration page says so.20:31
LarstiQIt's in the 5.0 release notes too20:31
MattCampbellTo my shame, my company is just starting to use version control.  Our new project manager wants to use SVN, and I've been debating whether to persuade him (and the CEO) of Bazaar's benefits or just use SVN.20:33
MattCampbellI think we should at least use bzr to manage modifications to open-source packages that we use.20:33
LarstiQMattCampbell: you said you were the lone coder, does that hold true for this situation?20:35
MattCampbellI won't be the lone coder much longer.20:35
MattCampbell(So I have a lot of work to do to transition from lone coder to team.)20:36
MattCampbellBut I may very well be the only one making modifications to upstream open-source projects, at least for a while.20:37
LarstiQMattCampbell: ah ok20:37
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MattCampbellI gather that the bzr Windows installer doesn't include bzr-rebase.21:13
LarstiQMattCampbell: probably not21:21
CaMason__Guys, any idea what these log files are? bzr_log.number~22:42
mrooneyIs there any easy way to delete a branch on LP, I typo'd in my push23:25
mrooneyor is that a #launchpad question?23:25
jelmerI think there is a  bin icon you can click23:26
jelmerbut in general this sort of question is more appropriate for #launchpad23:26
mrooneyjelmer: okay, thanks :)23:28

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